Ukraine Failed Attempt to ‘Break Russia’? Kissinger Warns U.S. “Stop Backing Kiev At All Costs”

by | Aug 22, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 236 comments

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    The handling of the Ukrainian conflict, and the second-rate attempt to antagonize Vladimir Putin and paint him as an aggressor has failed, if the terse opinion of one of America’s oldest diplomats is any indication.

    Henry Kissinger, now 92 years old, remains one of the staunchest insiders in the smoky room, always a move ahead in the game for New World Order dominance.

    During the Nixon administration, it was Secretary of State Henry Kissinger who “opened up” Communist China to American diplomacy.

    With escalating tensions between the U.S. and Russia, Kissinger blasted the American handling of the Ukraine situation for “backing Kiev at any cost” and basically antagonizing Putin without keeping focus of “long term order” and instead acting recklessly for short-term interests.

    Make no mistake, Kissinger – a top envoy for such shadowy globalist organizations as Bilderberg and an advocate of real politik – plays the long game. Long term world order is part of his calculus. Ultimately, Kissinger now suggests, Ukraine will remain a buffer or middle ground between U.S. interests in Europe (via NATO) and the traditional Russian sphere of influence.

    RT reported on his lengthy statements, and their significance for the bungled effort in Ukraine:

    Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has hit out at American and European Ukraine policy, saying it ignores Russia’s relationship with its neighbor, and has called for cooperation between the White House and the Kremlin on the issue.

    “Breaking Russia has become an objective [for US officials] the long-range purpose should be to integrate it,” the 92-year-old told The National Interest in a lengthy interview…


    “The relationship between Ukraine and Russia will always have a special character in the Russian mind. It can never be limited to a relationship of two traditional sovereign states, not from the Russian point of view, maybe not even from Ukraine’s. So, what happens in Ukraine cannot be put into a simple formula of applying principles that worked in Western Europe.”

    What this means is that American leaders under the Obama regime have been clumsy, and handled Russia far too simply. The negotiations are three dimensional, not two dimensional.

    Despite the brazen attempt to insert a puppet in Kiev via Poroshenko, use false flags and agitation in Ukraine and lure Putin into direct confrontation by using conflict over natural gas, oil and energy – they have simply miscalculated.

    After all, total global integration is the long term goal, and even Kissinger wouldn’t dream of going too far with Russia, particularly at the expense of a working global order.

    Clearly, Kissinger is suggesting a much different and more accommodating tact with Putin, and tacitly acknowledging the all out failure to secure Ukraine for the West:

    With the armed conflict in Ukraine still showing no signs of resolution, Kissinger repeated his previous proposal for Ukraine to become a buffer, or mediator state between Russia and the West.

    “We should explore the possibilities of a status of nonmilitary grouping on the territory between Russia and the existing frontiers of NATO,” Kissinger stated.

    “The West hesitates to take on the economic recovery of Greece; it’s surely not going to take on Ukraine as a unilateral project. So one should at least examine the possibility of some cooperation between the West and Russia in a militarily nonaligned Ukraine.”

    Kissinger … called for the West to stop backing Kiev at all costs, even as the victims of the conflict pile up. “The Ukraine crisis is turning into a tragedy because it is confusing the long-range interests of global order with the immediate need of restoring Ukrainian identity.”

    Obama officials deflected Kissinger’s criticisms.

    Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia until 2014 when he resigned, Michael McFaul claimed the tensions arose when Putin “rejected” U.S. terms to “reset relations.” (A hostile Twitter crowd countered McFaul, suggesting that the “deal” was always on U.S. terms for NATO interests/dominance.)

    Someone as long in the tooth and as deep seated in secrecy and intrigue as Dr. Kissinger understands the fine art of a poking a bear in ways that this administration does not.

    Moreover, with the inside track, Kissinger often signifies the official word of the secret establishment – deals that often go over the head of the president and his cabinet officials.

    Deep behind the scenes, Putin and Kissinger are working towards the same global government, and Russia won’t be so easily cut out of its construction. Such vehicles as the BRICS development bank reveal a new chapter that is not marked by American hegemony and U.S. imperialism alone. Instead, a basket of world powers will hammer out the new world together.

    Welcome to the new world order. It is coming, but Kissinger won’t live to see his dark promise land.


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      1. No one wins war with Russia PERIOD

        • That may be but obama has told Ukraine to not even try but to give up. That makes me think obama believes Americans will do that when he declares martial law. And look for that coming VERY soon. He thinks Americans will roll over and give up. He has no clue as to who Americans are what we will do when backed against the wall.

          • ^^^^ MALWARE WARNING!

            • That should read… ANTISEMITE WARNING! Now let the bile flow.

              • TROLL WARNING! That’s where the bile comes from.

              • No one ever calls the tribe “anti-humanity”.

              • Not antisemite warning which has no need for warning but much more important disinfo psyop warning which is you anon.

                • H’mm, something tells me Anonymous is really Benjamin Netanyahu!

                  It’s his favorite saying to others “anti-semite” when he feels cornered and is unable to defend himself no longer.

                  • You clown.

                    • It looks to me like the NWO shadow govt has decided that pushing Russia too far, will not meet their needs.

                      This article sounds like it now wants us to believe that it is not the Western bankster hegemony that wishes to usher in the NWO, but some secret dance between Russia and the same shadow govt.

                      This is really just a very sneaky and underhanded way of claiming that it’s all Russia’s fault…again.

                      That it is RUSSIA that’s trying to bring in the NWO, only as a participant instead of a victim. It makes it sound now, like the United States is the victim which will need to be defeated.

                      It’s a nice twist, but a ridiculous one.

                      EXCEPT, that Russia does not own the globalist banking system that has the current strangle hold over much of the world. Russia does not own the major global corporations that seek to control the food and water and resources of the entire planet.

                      Of course, there are other issues that beg to differ with the idea, that Russia has some secret deal with the NWO—to the detriment of the U.S. I’m sure you can name a few.

                      No. I do not believe a word of this BS article. The facts simply do not bear this explanation out.

                      The best answer is, the NWO globalist decided that it would not be in their best interests to preside over a planet which was annihilated by a nuclear war.

                      Who want to rule the ashes of a dead planet?

                      THAT, AND ONLY THAT, is why the globalist have changed their tact. I don’t buy anything Kissinger is selling.

            • What everyone fails to understand in this calculus between Russia and America; is that it is not defined by East and West. It is defined by Principalities and Powers.

              Think Gog and Magog. Think FOUR dimensions, not two or even three. 🙂

              • Agreed DK. Those behind all the machinations have no borders or allegiance to any country.

                It’s about the money, power and their personal agendas.

                • Mac: Yes, but I was referring to the SPIRITUAL element here; thus the Fourth Dimension. Everything that happens in this world, happens for three reasons.

                  First, by the Forbearance of God as he allows human beings with Free Will to manifest their actions and intents. Second, things happen according to His Will as part of His Plan for Creation. And third, things happen by His Grace as he answers our prayers.

                  I have no doubt that one or more of those principles were manifesting in France where those pesky Americans interrupted a massacre of enormous potential, by acting “instinctively”. 🙂

                • I agree with Mac,… Thats why they seek a One New World Order. And “They” Want to be in charge if it. DK, if you like spirituality, Putin has greatly enhanced the Christian Faith again in Russia. And demoted the Tribe out the door. Thats why “They” seek to demonize Russia, cause Putin has seen the destruction that the tribe has done to America. “They” are using us (The US) as their platform since we are a world superpower. They cant do it alone to defeat and make every other Country their slaves. Exonomically, Food, and Military.

                  I just cannot understand what is the point of the Tribe? How much can you own in this world? It is sadistic and very evil, cruel, unhumane.

                  Prep and prep more for uncertainty. Its pretty hoaxy everything comes in 3’s. The earths oceans are 1/3rd. And oh there’s Morning Noon and Night? Yeah you have a point. Ha.


                  • WWHTI: Yes Putin HAS enhanced the Orthodox Christian Faith in Russia, while the Rebels in Eastern Ukraine lob artillery shells on their Orthodox Brothers and Sisters at Putin’s behest and with his military support.

                    Go figure.

                    What the tribe wants is power and like any drug addiction the more you have the more you want: the more you NEED to feel that feeling again. More than that, the Lust for Power, like the Lust for Money, is a spiritual disease fostered and magnified by spiritual forces; all of which are not benign.

                    We need to remember the spiritual dimension of life at its roots, in all of its manifestations, to understand what is really happening and why as these events in the End Times unfold.

                    Thankfully, we know how the story ends. 🙂

          • MK, the African virus doesn’t know white people like he thinks he does. He’s biting off way more than he could ever chew.

            • Obama is just a puppet marching to the orders he was served. Follow the orders, or end up like JFK…. which about sums it up. The American people need to be frightened out of their decades long stupor, rise up and slaughter the parasitic cockroaches that infected our Country and Government.. Our current Foreign Policy is written like a suicide note. Makes zero sense and certainly does not make our people safer or free’er. Obama creates more enemies than he can kill them with his coward drones. Just wait, Obama will use these same drones on the American People who protest or resist his tyranny.


          • Americans, on the whole, are fat, lazy, dumbed down to the point of no return and blinded by 100 years of BS that says they are “The Indispensible Nation”.
            They will be EASILY defeated by either their own megalomaniac government, or, by an invading foreign force that has had enough of being pushed around.
            If the American people have any remaining sense left in them (doubtful), they will welcome such an invading force as saviours and liberators.

            • The American people are unable to find out ANYTHING about any of this, and it’s the fault of the producers of “Dancing with the Stars” for failing to inform them. Too, Lady GaGa and Kanye West have yet to sing any songs about it, and make them available to iPod users. Kim Kardashian NEVER has any messages about this tattooed onto her massive, blubbery ass, the boys playing with their balls every Sunday, never use half-time to address our nation and it’s dark future. Americans are forced to rely on their Facebook pages for all of this news, and apparently that, too, is falling down on the job…

            • If the invading force goes after the rulers of this country they might be our saviors. But a large invading force will likely come after the people invited in by the rulers of this country.

            • I will have to agree in part,”Americans,dumbed down” but not to the point of no return. Our education systems are so busy filling out government forms for all their students and trying to hold onto their funding, they have neglected to educate American children. If you add all the time to teach them about being politically correct, sex, birth control and so on, something has got to be dropped! Cursive hand writing is a good example. If you can not read cursive, you will never be able to read the original Declaration of Indepence. How said is that? As far as your last sentence, Thank goodness Amercian’s didn’t think Japan was their saviours and liberators.

              • America was a different nation back then……it had integrity.
                The America of today, sadly, is the blight and curse of the people’s of this world.
                That’s the difference.
                Also……I find Japanese people, on the whole, to be honourable, patient and with good manners.
                After the 2011 tsunami, the actually lined up for rations of water and food, allowing the elderly and infirm first go at was was coming in.
                Contrast that to Americans at the Black Friday retails sales…..a cesspool of human filth stepping over each other to purchase crap $99 TVs.
                When the collapse comes, I think American society will last about 16 hrs before it turns on itself completely.
                Karma……..such a simple and beautiful thing.

        • @Captain Crunch: How correct you are. Eight of every ten people killed in WW2 died in the mileage between the cities of Berlin and Moscow, and the Russians still won, rebuilt, regrouped, re-entered the world stage, tore themselves apart fifty years later, and now seventy years later are back, bigger and better than ever. What does it take to get across to Western Leaders that you don’t antagonize a country that covers eleven time zones? What does it take? Stalin once said, after being chastised by Churchill for the horrific casualties the Red Army was taking on the Eastern Front, “Russians do not fear death, death fears us.” Again, what does it take? Leave Russia alone!

          • Don’t forget they beat Napoleon in that same space too. Fighting a land war in Ukraine against Russia is pure madness. Though if we hurry we could get there just in time for winter . . .

            • What do the MasterRace banksters care about how many of us they sacrifice? After all, we are just cannon fodder and tax donkeys to serve them. We are not even human.

              • speak for yourself.

            • @Rebel in Idaho: Amen, but let us not laugh, because someone in the Pentagon may have the very idea that if we hurry we could get there before winter. Thanks

          • The Russians only won in WW2 because certain fifth columnists in the Roosevelt administration fed billions and billions of $ worth of war materiel to Uncle Joe, denying it to our guys fighting in the Pacific in 1943 and 1944. In retrospect, German hegemony in Europe would probably have turned benign after a while, while Russian hegemony only became more virulent.

            Gad, I sound like Pat Buchanan.

            • The Old Coach

              The 50,000 T34 Tanks weren’t built in Motor City.

              The USSR fought the NAZI’s like savages loosing 20 million people in the process.

              • But they were built using American machine tools.

                • Russia destroyed 200 nazi divisions using “foreign aid”.


                  • the high octane fuel used to fuel aircraft in the 1940s required additives that the Russians did not have nor produce on their own. We provided it via the “Murmansk Run”. W/out it there would have been no Soviet Air Force. W also provided hundreds of jeeps, trucks, transport lorries ect. If we let Russia do it all on their own things might have ended differently

                    • That additive was TEL or Tecta Ethyl Lead. it was made by DuPont. It wasn’t a secret nor difficult to make as the technology for it had been well known since the 1920s. Actually I seen it made in the 1970s. Bad stuff.

                  • Yes, really.

                • The Old Coach

                  I can’t find validation that T34s were built with US tooling. I did find out that the USSR made 84K of them or roughly x2 the production of Sherman Tanks. Russia is not to be trifled with in what they perceive (and any reasonable person would agree) as their security zone. We wouldn’t tolerate it over here for valid justification either.

                  I’m no fan or Putin. Hell he is a tyrant. I’m also no fan of causing trouble that can easily escalate.

                  • You won’t either. The Communists have tried to conceal it. I only know about the machine tools because I learned in the ’70s that the Bullard company shipped over 100 VTLs to Uncle Joe. I was in the machine tool business then, when some of the Bullard people who saw that first-hand were still alive. Heald was said to have sent special grinders for making bearings, and Pratt & Whitney sent gun drills (for boring rifle barrels). I was in New England – what was sent by companies in other parts of the country I never heard.

                    We also shipped them 2+ million tons of steel, and millions of pounds copper, some of which must have ended up in those tanks.

                    Russia then had no internal source of cobalt, which is a key element for making tool steel for cutting edges. (Before WW2 almost all the world cobalt supply came from the copper mines in the Congo, so we didn’t either, but we had much freer use of the high seas to go get it.)

                    And we shipped five million tons of food, which kept their armies alive. They had lost most of their cropland to Germany. Without our aid, their armies would have starved to death. There’s a great book called “Feeding the Bear” that gives all the details. I lent my copy, and of course never got it back.

                    At the end of the war 75% of their trucks were American, almost all Studebakers and Dodges. Trucks were absolutely essential. No supplies moved on any battlefield without them. We also sent them 2000 locomotives. They had no facility to build their own once Hitler had over-run western Russia.

                    No, without huge amounts of aid from the USA, Britain, and Canada, the USSR would have folded completely in 1943 or early in 1944.

                    • Egad, I just looked up Feeding the Bear on Amazon, thinking to replace my lost copy. They want $102 for it!

                    • I don’t think the USSR would’ve failed or quit without help from us “exceptionals”—they just would’ve suffered even more casualties before it was all over. They would’ve kept coming until there were none left to advance. Besides, there were other countries in that war, not just us and the soviets. We stupid Americans ALWAYS over-advertise our worth. We always believe we’re more special than the rest and the world would die without US.

              • Kevin2, I’m curious about how you chose your nickname. I don’t remember ever seeing your name until I started using The Mighty Kevin 2. No accusations here, just wondering!

                • I been on this BB for 5 years buddy.

                  • Oh before me there was a Kevin1 who complained when I used that title, hence the creation of Kevin2.


            • You are correct, however. No one stops to consider that America was already sold out by the time FDR was installed, and the sellers planned to align with the soviet union. Nor does anyone stop to consider what the world would be like today, had Germany fallen to the communists, as it was so very close to doing, in the early 1930’s.

              “WW2”, was just a big battle, in a very long war. America won the big battle, but is being bled to death by a thousand cuts. The people bleeding her are still communists.

              • For unmagnified optics I have preferred Trijicon’s dual-illuminated optics (tritium + fiberoptic), but this new Trijicon MRO shows great promise:


                If only they would branch out from their BDC reticles and moa adjustments to include some mil-based reticles and adjustments.

                • JQP. Ever look at EOtech? Lower profile, submersible and capabilities to work with night vision. And you can add a 3.25 x magnifier. Yeah you’ll spend over $1000 for it all but dead on and built tough. I just see Trij as big and bulky. But cheaper. Anywho.


                  • I agree with you that EOTech makes excellent gear, explaining why we see so many of them in competition and in the field. Beyond their HWS dot sights, I think their thermal imaging systems like the L3 Insight EOTech LWTS are superior to FLIR’s comparable offerings (not that you could go wrong with a FLIR T70 or 75). That said, FLIR hit a home run with their “low” price Thermosight R Series, models that were announced after this article was published:

                    I took a liking to Trijicon with their first generation ACOG. The BDC reticle was fast and “close enough” for a non-precision rifle and no batteries. Of course, the tritium decays (approx T 1/2 of 12.3 years), but far more slowly than batteries are depleted. The newer generation ACOGs have less tritium, so are not nearly as bright as the first gen ACOGs. Unlike the first generation ACOGs, however, the newer models can be re-lamped after a couple of tritium half-lives (approx 12.3 years).

                    Lots of pros and cons to consider, especially with the prices involved.

            • It’s a good thing we sent all that equipment to Russia during WWII. The Russians and Germans fought the largest ever land battles in history over the biggest area ever fought over!!.
              We think D Day, the Battles of the Bulge, Okinawa, Iwo Jima and GuadalCanal were big!! Those battles were small potatoes. Maybe if you put them all together, they’d equal some of the big Russian Battles.

              We didn’t win World War 2. Russia did! Just look at the area we secured compared to the area Russia secured.

              • Cede

                The Battle Of Kursk was the largest battle of armored forces in history.

                I asked a friends wife from Belarus if anyone in her family was killed in WWII. The look on her face she gave me was of utter surprise. It was like asking if you breathe air ;She said, “Yes of course”. She then started naming Uncles, Grandparents and Cousins that were killed or pretty grievously wounded. I have no doubt that WWII psychology changed the Russian people. The post US Civil War southern mentality in the area of Georgia that Sherman cut a swath through is a very watered down comparison.

            • Pat Buchanan has always been a straight shooter in my book.

            • Comment sums up the type of hubris, ignorance, etc, spewed by Americans. Missed the first world war, late for the second world war but will be on time for the third.

            • And Russia has a central bank and Putin surrounds himself with the tribe. Nothing is as it seems.

            • You don’t know the soul of a Nazi if you think the German government would have become benign. They would have instituted the NWO under the antichrist. Their philosophy held no contradiction to ever bring a downfall. Russian communism, on the other hand, had a beneficial philosophy but a totalitarian, brutal government. That kind of contradiction brings a change to something that could become benign.

            • Old Coach, you are correct on your observations concerning the Eastern Front. But the end game strategy is that we could not let the war end in Europe before we were certain the Bomb would work. The war ended in May and in July we had the bomb. That is the only reason Uncle Joe did not continue his march across Europe. But Pat Buchanan…Naw!

          • And they have the hottest white women out there to boot! The Russians are tough, smart and steally. You f#ck with them at your peril.

            I think we are walking into a trap: the Russians have become more agile, capitalist and hardened since the fall of Communism. They may just start biting back.

        • Jacob Shiff and his tribe targeted Czarist Russia. Tribal Capitalists funded tribal Communists to control Gentile Russia because the Romanovs had successfully prevented a “central” (read “tribal”) bank. Even though the psychopathic predators killed over 60 million Christians, the Russian people struggled from the very beginning and eventually made great strides in throwing off the joke of the Master Race murderers and looters. 60 years of tribal crimes against humanity could not completely extinguish Christianity in Russia, “the Third Rome.”

          The tribal “oligarchs” tried to regain control. Despite 200 years of Master Race plotting, looting, murdering, and playing “victim” (see the English summaries of Solzhenitsyn’s Two Hundred Years Together), Russia is regaining its Christianity and the Russian people still struggle against the synagogue of Satan—and the Master Race is ENRAGED at the resistance.

          The Master Race will stop at nothing to destroy uppity Gentiles who do not accept the genocidal “universal humanitarianism” of Judaism and its predatory “secular” culture-destroying and soul-destroying offshoots: the slave trade, pornography, abortion, perversion, “free market” capitalism, communism, and zionism.

          THAT is the impetus for all the tribe’s efforts to turn the Ukraine into a golem against the Russian Gentiles, even if they have to collude AGAIN with Nazis to do it. THAT is the impetus for all the tribe’s efforts to turn Syria into another slave colony. Certainly the synagogue will fight until the last American to achieve their Master Race hegemony.

          • typo: should be “yoke,” not “joke”

          • He’s B-a-a-a-ck. And will you just look at that stunning new tinfoil hat !

            • What’s so tinfoil about it? It’s been proven time and time again.

              Google is your friend.

              • Oh, yeah, Google. “Every breath you take, every move you make, they’ll be watching you”. No thanks. I’ll get my learning the old fashioned way – real books, written by real authors who don’t hide behind anonymous web sites.

                • While you pat yourself on the back for all your “books” and “learning,” I observe that in more than a year of your one-liners, you have neither cited your books nor refuted any of the factual references I have posted.

                  • You got it right John Q. I love it when someone like you tells some truth about the tribe. It causes the psyop agents here to jump right up and expose what they are.

                    • Thank you, Mr. King.

                      It is both amusing and sad to see so many people who insist that they are awake about media and government lies, but whose neurolinguistic programming about “holocaust” and “antisemitism” is hard-wired so deeply that it is resistant to the mountains of evidence available. It is sad to see so many gentiles operating at spinal, not cortical, levels—products of talmudvision, H✡llyw✡✡d, and the public fool system.

                      Cue the late Roddy Piper’s 1988 movie They Live.

                  • There isn’t room here to list my whole ibrary. I think it may be over a thousand by now, although over half are novels or technical books of some sort. And I quite often cite books that I’d like people to read. Just a little way above here I cited “Feeding the Bear” in the discussion of Lend-Lease aid to Uncle Joe during WW2.

                • @Old Coach….

                  Why don’t you start with “Tragedy and Hope”, by Carroll Quigley?

                  You might learn something.

                  • Anon5, damn good recommendation. That book along with Gary Allen’s “None Dare Call It Conspiracy” were the 2 books that woke me up back in the 70s and both of them can be found for FREE online. Download and print hard copies of both of them. You’ll learn something if you really want to.

                  • OK, I’ll read it. Will I learn that the whole world is dominated by a universal secret conspiracy? I doubt it. Systems like that always fragment when the conspirators start competing with each other they break up into factions and start fighting each other. The only way to hold one together is for it to have a command structure welded to a stromg political dictatorship, as in the USSR or Mao’s China.

                    And the apparent fact that only the Alex Jones/Lew Rockwell set still takes him seriously doesn’t bode well. But I’ll get a copy if it’s still in print.

                    BTW I did start The Naked Capitalist a while ago, but couldn’t finish it. It needed a stronger ability to suspend disbelief than I am able to manage.

                    • “Tinfoil” Coach reminds me of a phrase that David Icke (who does have some whacky ideas) coined: “coincidence theorist.”

                      It is an apt phrase and we should use it lots.

                    • The other way to hold it together is for all of the important members to be inbred family. Inbreeding is a fact in the demonic NWO family. The conspiracy is all “relative”.

            • I never left. I was just bored by the re-mixed filler and regurgitated drivel of Shemitah Boy Snyder, Controlled Opposition Jones, and Agent Hodges.

            • Well said John Q Public. On the money with your post!! couldnt have said it better!!! I’d say the Old Coach is the one with the tin foil hat!!

            • Sadly, The poster boy for Catholicism has reared his ugly anti-Semitic head to tell us all the truth, and nothing but the truth, so help him mother Mary.
              I wonder where his old sidekick p o grannie pee pockets went to.

              As a reader of this site for over three years, I was happy to see Mac put the squeeze on the never ending joo hate speech. Hopefully, he won’t let it continue again.

              As Americans are mostly on this site, there is not one darn thing we can do about the ZOG or the NWO. The continual bashing of Israel has nothing to do with prepping or end times preparations. To be honest, I have more fear of Islamic terrorists within America, than some zog government. Yes, I agree it exists, but continual ranting will not change one thing. Identifying and keeping surveillance on muslims in America is more fitting. The insiders have claimed that Islamic extremists have infiltrated every church in America, and are awaiting the signal to strike on a given day.

            • Yea it looks like the poster boy of the church of mary has raised his ugly anti-semitic head, and told everyone who the enemy is, again.
              wonder where his old sidekick po’d granny pee pockets is.

              The new tin-foil hat looks a little crooked.

              • I love how “truth” is called anti-semitic! Bizarre and upside down world we live in!

                • It’s no different than disagreeing with a Black person on an issue. It automatically becomes ‘racist’ to disagree.

                  Black Card
                  Jew Card

                  Makes no difference

                  Where’s my White Card?

                  ‘Oh, never mind, I forget. I’m classified as “privileged” in a politically correct world.

                • “I love how anti-semitic claptrap is called truth”.

                  There – fixed it for ya.

                • typo: should be “Excellent points”

          • JQP – Spot on Sir. Putan is NOT looking for any seat at any ZOG NWO table for any One World Gonvt. Period. This article at that point in the last few paragraphs is factally flawed.


          • JQP, I have heard that the brain is like a computer in that what is programmed into it is the only truth possible until it is reprogrammed. We have all been victims of our indoctrination which is, to this very hour, ongoing and began even before the first grade of school! The countless billions spent destroying the collective ability of the American mind to think has worked wonders for the Tribe that has all but destroyed the American Republic and so it must be said that it was a hell of a deal for the Tribe, since the billions were in actuality, nothing, NO THING! You, JQP, possess the very rare gene of oppositional thought! This is in the DNA of so few of us although we always seem to recognize our fellow travelers. Looking at the markets, I suspect that soon we will be united in death, but let us go out loud and complaining!!!!!

        • What’s wrong wit a war with Russia?

          At least as long as we keep it in Europe.

          Lotta benefits to it that way, for both us and Russia.

          • Cos you’ll get your dumbasses kicked dickhead.

          • I agree…a little war in Europe, give their population a nice haircut. Also a little Nuke war between Pakistan and India to sell newspapers and help control the population over there. Why not a land war in Europe? Kids these days….

          • Because we’d loose. And it wouldn’t be contained in Europe.
            A Russian sub sitting off the West Coast and one on the East Coast could flatten most of the coastal U.S. Cities in 10 minutes flat. We’re looking at 10 million dead Americans on the first day and 50 million in the following days and weeks. Probably more.

            What’s wrong with a war with Russia you ask?

            Imagine how many New Yorkers would be incinerated with just ONE multiple warhead ICBM?
            Forget an EMP attack. That just makes me feel all warm and fluffy cause I’m set up to survive and an EMP really isn’t going to be a challenge. However, dozens of actual hits on cities, port infrastructures and farming areas denying us food resources, millions dead, millions more sick and dying. And that’s just our country!!

            What’s wrong with a war with Russia? Do you really have to think about that one?

          • Only an ignorant fool would think that major war would remain in Europe. Russia has a well equipped and extensive missile force that the US has no defence against. You won’t watching the war on the TV while sitting on you fat arse. It will be real and coming to you.

        • You are right, nobody wins a war against Russia. Simply because Russia is willing to kill every single citizen they have to win.

          In WWII Russia lost 15% of it’s population killed by war, not including the millions Stalin killed himself.

          Obama, however, has handeled this crisis perfectly. Obama wants to reshape and ruin America and what better way than to let the Russians steam roll us.

          Remember when George Bush refused to remove the missile defense shield in eastern Europe? Obama gave it away for nothing, and now Obama has removed the missile defense shield from Turkey.

          Europe fucked. America is fucked. What really pisses me off is that when this all comes to a head my boys will be of war age.

          I am not going to sacrifice my boys for this piece of shit. There will be a second revolution before that happens.

          • JS, over half of all Russian casualties in WW2 were prisoners from the gulags. Stalin had no choice but to turn to them for manpower. their only choices were between German bullets and Russian bullets. they were doomed either way.

            • Sounds like you too have read “Bloodlands”. Ought to be required reading as a prerequisite to posting anything about Ukraine.

              • “Bloodlands” Thanks Coach. Think I’ll read that one.

                • Hope you have a strong stomach. What happened there is beyond brutal.

          • And Israel is willing to sacrafice every US Soldier to die for their corrupt NWO Slavery Policy. Wann die young? Join the US Military. .

            It aint abot freedom for Americans. Ever listen to Country Music? All this pro flag, freedoms, Hero BS propaganda. Id like to slap the cowboy hats off these clueless musical moron dumfcks, spewing that BS to the more gullible.

            You want to join the US Military, then first go visit a VA Hospital and see the carnage before you sign up. And its all for what? Absolutely nothing.


            • Though the site likes to hide the names, has many exposés on the music industry. Country music? Oy veh!

        • This statememt is total BS.

          “Deep behind the scenes, Putin and Kissinger are working towards the same global government,.” Bullsheit!!!!!.
          Putan hates the Zionist Zog NWO and the Bankster Cabal.  Putin is not begging any ZOG for a seat at their table. Show proof of that Mr Author. Kissenger is a scumbag. Traitor to our Country. He is right about the FUBAR Ukraine fiasco though.


          • Yup.

            Putting it quite simply. Putin wants to restore the old Soviet Union. Period.

            The western NWO banksters (IMF/Fed Reserve/BIS) want more “customers” which they can oppress from now till the end of time (customers being the countries of the former soviet Union).

            Putin doesn’t want to be part of the NWO. He has been oppressed by those organizations for years…..i.e. requiring him to keep gas/oil prices at a discount for Europe in return for IMF funding.

            • WHEN PUTIN WAS ELECTED PRESIDENT of Russia in 2000, Russia was bankrupt. The nation owed $16.6 billion to the Rothschild-run International Monetary Fund while its foreign debt to the Rothschild-controlled Paris & London Club Of Creditors was over 36 billion dollars.

              But Putin took advantage of the current boom in world oil prices by redirecting a portion of the profits of Russia’s largest oil producer Gazprom so as to pay off the country’s debt. The continual surge in oil prices greatly accelerated Russia’s capacity to restore financial sovereignty.

              By 2006 Putin had paid off Russia’s debt to the Rothschilds. Russia’s financial dependence on the Mafia financiers was now over. That, in and of itself is a reason for the NWO banksters to hate Russia.

              Russia IS “The One That Got Away”.

              I only wish the U.S. was that smart.


                This country couldn’t do that to save our souls.

                If nothing else, you’ve got to tip your hat to that.

              • That is the real reason for all the Russia hate. Saw it first hand myself: Putin turned the place around quick-smart. He has been the best leader they have had, period. By 2005, Russia chicks had the best clothes, the latest i-everything and were looking super hot and tasty. They were real rich as opposed to in-debt and fat, which is what American women are.

      2. “It is coming, but Kissinger won’t live to see his dark promise land.”

        Don’t tease.

      3. It is coming, but Kissinger won’t live to see his dark promise land.

        Don’t tease.

      4. Thanks for putting this Article out MAC!

        Though, there is a lot more information that could be added to this crisis and story. The information here should be enough to those who think Russia has been the aggressor, and pull away from what the MSM narrative that they have been falsely reporting on.

        As much as I despise Kissinger, in a way I have to applaud him here, … but then again … what is his motive and angle?

        Since the overthrow of the legit and duly elected Officials in Ukraine, Russia has been demonized from that day onward.

        Russia did not annex Crimea, those people removed themselves from the illegitimate Ukrainian Puppet Regime.
        Crimean’s voted to join Russia, Putin kindly accepted them in.

        Russia did not shoot down MH17, there is no evidence to support the allegation. All evidence gathered points back to the bogus Ukrainian Government for the wrong doing, whether it was an accident or not. The US/NATO backed Ukrainian Government is fully responsible – period!

        ….the list goes on and on, and it’s practically endless.

        If the US and other Western Journalism keeps habitually demonizing Russia. This is when a rational person should immediately stop listening to the propaganda and figure out why and what is the motive(s) for doing so.

        Research – ask yourself what does Russia Benefit from any or all of these allegations. The answer is ….. they don’t. There is absolutely nothing for them to gain from it.

        BRICS is a threat to the Western Banking Cartel(s).
        Follow the money, you’ll find your problem.

        • Researchers have found pieces of a BUK missile in the debris field of MH17.

          Russia COLONIZED Ukraine, same as the Dutch and British colonized South Africa and Rhodesia. That’s the only reason there’s so many ethnic Russians in the eastern part of it.

          Russia gains plenty from absorbing Ukraine. It is a transport route for Russian and Azheri gas and oil to western Europe, for one. And it has a huge area of good farmland, almost equal to Iowa, which Russia wants. Only little problem is the darned Ukrainians. They failed to wipe ’em out in 1938, (google Holodomor), and they’d like another chance.

          Those “legit” officials that were overthrown…..were selling out the country to Russian oil oligarchs, (the same who are behind Putin BTW). Knowing how Russian domination worked out for them in 1938, I’d have overthrown them, too.

          • Oh look, another stooge buying into the anti Russian propaganda brought to you by the lame stream media.

            Just pushing for more war as the economy goes into the toilet.

            Keep buying it.

            • Oh, look, another Russian troll working the night shift in a basement near the Kremlin.

              • Old Coach, I agree about Russians. I’ve met a couple in my time and weren’t impressed with either one of them. I could FEEL treachery and hatred coming from them.

                • As opposed to those pillars of integrity the banksters?

            • Mr. Anon, how’s the weather in Moscow?

              • Any rooskie comes to my BOL will get a plate full of hot lead from my ventilation team!

            • John Steiner. Putin did not Take Crimea. Russia had a 40 year lease to the port in Crimea which they have a military base of naval ships. The US backed by the tribe threatened that lease with the overthrow coup in Ukraine, who happened to be democratically elected and Russia friendly. The US conned by the Tribe are guilty of the overthrow to install their west puppet. Its all a sham Governmemt in Ukraine. Putin was just protecting his assets from the Tribal Tyrants who march the earth committing Genocide for the Cabal. The US is seeded with a deep rooted Cancer right now, unable to find or fund its way out of a shit bag. Will any US election change things? Hell no, until the campaign money rollers and ZOG Suppreme Court who rubber stamped Money as the ruler, is removed from our Republic’s election cycle. As if your Vote counts for anything. American elections are a big Fraud. Puppets on the left and puppets on the right. You see how Ron Paul was treated by the sham electorial. Its outright frightening.


              • You can’t tell some of these people nothing. They’ll NEVER see through their programming. They’d rather DIE than admit that they’re not the exceptional ones, the few, the privileged.

                It will take the full-on boot of the NWO to shake loose the cobwebs, but by then, it will be too late.

          • Old coach. To clarify. I put out this info out several times. MH-17 was shot down by an Israeli air to air Python missil. Preliminary report. Final report due in OCT 2015. Russia does not use the ZOG Python missils. So guess who shot it down??? You get One Guess.


            • Soooo, Mossad cleverly snuck parts of a BUK into the airplane so it would be found later by Belgian engineers?

              • no, the lore likely stole a BUK missile. Damn, some people are thick.

                • I meant “they more likely stole”


              Here is one of many articals and reports that an Israeli Python air to air missil brought down MH-17.

              So basically Israel murdered over 280 people on this flight just as a false flag to accuse Russia. And these jackoffs hijacked our foreign policy. To condone this shit.

              Wake up America!! These murdering parasites need to be served their own death.


          • That’s right! And we spent 5 BILLION USD to destabilize Ukraine for democracy!

            Now, when the western powers, and especially the USgov, claims democracy, freedom, and liberty… that is code for… what?

            Now, do you think the USgov is pissed at Putin for being able to retain the Black Sea Fleet Naval Base… because of… dumbocracy… or, because the USgov didn’t get to port their vessels there? Thereby, controlling the Black Sea. And why would the USgov want to control the Black Sea? Mediterranean Sea? Caspian Sea? Persian Gulf? Red Sea?

            Get out a map. And try to THINK.

            • AMEN.

          • The Old Coach

            The US handed out candy bars and promoted democracy in Central America helping the poor masses giving them a better more prosperous life.

            Read “War Is A Racket” by 2x MOH Recipient Major General Smedley Butler.

            Russians aren’t in Mexico. The Ukraine is in there sphere of influence. The sane respect such things when dealing with a nuclear armed nation with global reach.

            Neither side wears a white hat.

      5. Russia shouldn’t trust this old criminal pig regardless of he said. These tribal pigs always back downs when they face real warriors but never trust them since they’ll always remain as pigs.

        • I sure wish more Americans would awake from their ZOG induced Comas. One thing about Respect is that is Earned, not demanded with a rifle barrel by psychopaths. I respect Pres Putin way more than our boot licking shoeshine boy. Putins thinking is way more American than our Commie thugs in office and our foreign policy hijacked by the Tribe. Maybe Putin can just drop the nuke on Washinton DC. And help return America for Americans. Maybe we need to welcome Russian soldiers on our soil for a Coup, to get the task done sooner than later. The 4th stage ZOG Cancer in DC, is beyond Chemo Therapy, And amputation is the only solution now, as I see it. What a friggin hellhole the Tribe has turned America into over the last 20 to 30 yrs. I cry 10 million tears for our people and once great nation.


          • ” Maybe we need to welcome Russian soldiers on our soil for a Coup, to get the task done sooner than later.” WWTI

            Don’t even suggest such a thing. Russian mercenaries are here to put us in FEMA camps and move into our homes. We need to welcome a military counter coup against the current government takeover, not ANY foreigners.

            • “Russian mercenaries are here to put us in FEMA camps and move into our homes.”

              I don’t buy that bullshit. Even a moron can see that doesn’t make any sense, and has no tactical advantage for Russia. WHY IN THE HELL WOULD RUSSIA ASSIST OUR GOVT?

              Oh, I know—-THE MSM SAID there was some secret handshake between Putin and oblunder…as if Putin has any reason to respect oblamer at all.

              Ostupid is the pigeon that knocks over all the chess pieces, shits on the board and struts around claiming he won the game.

              C’mon people—use your damned brain.

              • Maybe it don’t make sense to you,six, because you got goo goo eyes/blinders on, for Pukin.

                He has one goal and he laid it out in his college paper…manefesto deal. He will try to recompense his mother Russia for the bad deal they made when selling off Alaska.

                Just like any crook says when they make a bad deal and loose their ass….they stole it from me/us.

                That is his mindset and that is why He is orchestrating the collusion of military might with Iran/Persia to come against USSAG when our economy collapses and the cities are on fire, and mass earthquakes.

                Even though it isn’t popular teaching, the Gog/Magog of Ezekiel 38/39 will take place in….get ready….the House of Israel, not the Nation. In particular…..Alaska.

                The Obominator muzzeltoff, has helped set the stage, either willingly or unwillingly, it doesn’t matter.

                Only a handful of smart people know this will happen as prophesied. I just happen to have been taught the truth and can read the true meanings of the scripture for myself.
                When is the big question. The answer is; when the ussag has fallen down to a weakened state. Years of economic turmoil coupled with natural disasters could set the stage, or just one big EMP and about three months time.

                Armageddon is for the very end and it is in the Nation of Israel, but our Saviour is present for that. And, yes, there will be blood running like a stream covering up the horses bridles…..”When”, the horse’s bodies are lying down in the valley floor. I will end it there for now but the explanation is one in which almost all are not ready to accept, just yet.

                But, they soon will be.

                • You tell ’em cuz! Ain’t gonna be none left to make sport o’ you right quick now!

      6. Ukraine was part of Russia for centuries. Part of other empires for centuries before that. Its existence as a “sovereign nation” is relatively recent. In this context, it’s a farce.

        Many “Ukrainians” are ethnic Russians, whose nexus to Russian culture spans generations. They aren’t ethnic Amerikans or Britons.

        The demonization of Russia by the banksters and corporate warmongers, (how dare they compete with us as world hegemon, how dare they secede from the USD) is to brainwash a populace ignorant of history for the “necessity” of armed conflict.

        This is Vietnam all over again. Except this time we’re up against a nation that has demonstrated its military prowess for a thousand years, against strong opponents.
        They are a nuclear power with state of the art weaponry. They are not going to be pushed around.

        Hunderds of millions of people risk dying. The US/NATO aggression against Russia needs to stop now.

        • BRAVO!!! – Well said John Allen

        • Give it a rest. Ukraine was part of Russia the way Ireland was part of Great Britain. By conquest.

          • And I suppose you would like the US to get involved militarily?

            Good, send yourself, send your kids, and send your money. Don’t get everybody else involved in your psycho trip.

            • Well said Mr. A. WAR… What is it good for? Absolutely nothin’

              • It’s good for the NWO divide and conquer, and it’s good for the banksters who fund the wars.

          • ” By conquest.”

            Ask an American Indian the above as they were moved by force (Trail Of Tears, kinda like the US version of the Battan Death March) from land in the Carolinas with gold resources on it only to be settled on land out west with gold resources on it. Guess what happened? Moved again by force.

            Texas? Alamo? We fought o preserve slavery.

            Its always about control of wealth and strategic location. I understand it and have benefitted from it just as they have. I just don’t like poking someone with ICBMs in the ribs.

            Russians are not in Mexico.

            • Gee, I thought there were whole battalions of Russian troops wearing UN uniforms in training somewhere in (Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado…..) So which is it?

              Keep it up, idiots. My dissertation on aberrant psychology is almost done. All I need is another couple of months of raw data, gleaned from this forum.

              • In the end we’re pissing in Russia’s sandbox. They’re not in ours.

                • They’re not? They didn’t ship a factory to make AKs to Venezuela? Glory be ! We are all saved !

                  By your logic it would be perfectly OK to invade and annex Panama, because there’s a lot of American retirees there. Or Baja California.

                  • We overthrew a democratically elected government not in our hemisphere but in theirs. In the last few years its been Iraq, Libya for the ultimate transgression of deciding to sell their oil in something other than dollars.

                    Who cares where AK47s are made. There are 100 million of them around the world and the CIA has been very actively distributing them also. Hell Wachovia launders $300 $400 billion in dope money with no one prosecuted. Bet ya some of that cash was buying AKs. Wana bet?

                    Overthrow the Mexican government, replace it with one of Russian choosing, add in some special forces “advisors” and you have urinating in our sandbox.

      7. Kissinger, Jimmy Carter, Soros, Papa G. Bush and Bill Clinton should all get together on an island and party till they die and leave the rest of us alone

        Kissinger? I thought that asshole died.

        • It’s amazing … isn’t it?
          The World will be a better place, just knowing that the likes of Kissinger, Bush I &II, Clinton Gang, etc… are Dead!

          Unfortunately, when these monsters die – they already have replacements lined up to fill in and take over for them.

          • FTW

            Ever notice when something happens in the world the NEWS MEDIA resurrects these people to have on their broad cast to give the public some insider information that is going to cure the ills of the world.

            What wisdom can they bestow on us when it was them in the first place that fucked everything up.

            Damn people are STUPID.

            • Agreed, I would like to think it is a “laughing matter”…but it is anything short of a sick joke and I’m not laughing.

              As you say, “news media RESURRECT these people” when it is appropriate. Seriously, look how old this psycho’s are. Anybody who truly remembers them are either dead or in a nursing home with a severe case of dementia.

              Then there’s those who have the typical American “short term memory loss”. Some of these elitist such as Kissinger stay out of the Spotlight for a certain amount of time, hoping people have forgotten all the atrocities he was involved in.

              “Control Oil, and you control Nations. Control food, and you control the people.” — henry kissinger

              • “Anybody who truly remembers them are either dead or in a nursing home with a severe case of dementia.”

                I’ll have you know, Sonny, that I was here when an RCA radio was the only home entertainment (other than sex), to witness the advent of the first television, and to testify that NBC Nightly News was a once a day, 15 minute program…with only one commercial! So there! No nursing home for me. I can still pop the eye of a squirrel at a hundred yards AND still have enough energy at the end of the day to chase my wife around the bedroom.
                And another thing:
                ….or two….
                The following clusterfuck was Mr. Peanut Carter’s National Security Adviser, who is ALSO advising the current pResident of the Oval Office, Mr. “Not A Natural Born Citizen”.
                He hates Russia. He wants them to “bleed”.
                See where we are?
                Follow the pipeline routes. Follow the Petro Dollar. What former Middle East leaders are dead (shot, hanged, etc) because they tried to sell oil in something other than the official Approved Paper Currency.

                Dementia my ass.

                • You still got it goin’ on, pops!

            • It is the problem of thinking that doing the same thing over and over will usher in different results. The people they run to are the ones that caused the problem. The solutions they attempt are the same thing that didn’t work before. Humans are so incredibly stupid I cant function in society anymore. And it is not just America, Europe in all honesty is worse. Socialism has failed repeatedly but the thought is if we just do it this way this time it will work. The most we are allowed is a new twist to the same failed method.

          • The political elite, bunch of psychopaths

        • Slingshot, Carter just recently revealed he has cancer. With any luck, he’ll buy the farm soon. One less commie breathing. I will celebrate.

          • Jimmy Carter was a charter member of the Trilateral Commission. Low and behold he is plucked out of the obscure position of governor of Georgia to the Presidency.

            Will wonders never cease.

            • I think they’ll pluck out another governor for the presidency in 2016 as well. Wait and see. They’re lining it up as we speak.

            • Let’s not forget, oblunder was an obscure senator who got plucked.

              • “Presidents aren’t elected they’re selected”.

                Franklin Delano Roosevelt

      8. When is our government going to start defending America? The power grid is vulnerable to an EMP attack,which is how I believe WW3 starts. Our borders are wide open for attack. We should be putting high tariffs on imports so our economy can compete with the cheap labor from China and Mexico. Like Trump says, they are beating us but that’s because we are letting them. Our government thinks cheap labor is the answer from illegal immigrants but its not. What happens is they take the jobs,lower the wages,raise our taxes, education and health care while putting legitimate businesses out of business because they can’t compete with the businesses here that hire them. The people who collect welfare that can work should be doing the lesser jobs or they don’t get welfare Period. Just a thought.

        • “When is our government going to start defending America?”

          ANSWER: They have no intentions of doing so.

          The things you just mentioned, is all the proof in the world to someone that this Government does not care about the well being of it’s Citizens.

          • Why is it so hard to believe:

            Obama has fundamentally switched sides.

            He has courted our enemies and abandoned our allies.

        • The solution to protecting the grid is a very easy fix and will only cost a few million. Yet they would rather spend billions on useless wars and sending foreign aid to other countries.

        • Thor, they don’t want someone like Trump in the white house, because they couldn’t run him with bribery or blackmail or threats, they’d have to assassinate him, and that makes for messy publicity.

          I wonder how many good people need to be murdered, before the average sheeple starts looking around at what’s going on…..

      9. It is all about votes and power.

        Hard to believe we have any country left. Consider all these politicians. Kennedy, Rockefeller, Bush,
        Biden, Clinton, Reid, McCain, Boxer, Fienstien, Paul. Many had family before them and others on the rise in politics. Firmly embedded and that is why we will never see term limits in Congress.

        So the time between getting some one to fix the problems and ending up in a world war is short.

        By the way. Have not seen Carl Rove lately. Did he run for the hills? Hahahahaha!

        • yeah, even chelsea clinton is starting to flap her wings into politics.
          Biden may run..I’ve read that he has had TWO brain aneurisms. Think the mainstream news will dare mention that one?
          Talk about unfit for command. No wonder he puts his foot in mouth when he talks.

          • ketchupondemand, biden had 2 aneurisms? Interesting. I thought you had to have a brain first before you could have an aneurism.

            • So they run Biden for Prexy and Moochelle for Veep. See where I’m going?

              God, I’m not gonna sleep a wink tonight worrying about that one.

      10. Kissinger still serves the NWO interests. His comments are nothing more than a chess move. He is telling the powers antagonizing Russia to back off, for the time being. Give up Ukraine, lose the battle, live to fight another day. Putin is too smart to be taken in by such a move. I believe TPTB think that if they back off Russia will then have more time to prepare and get stronger, which is correct. So, unfortunately the world will be taken to war…..perhaps the war to end all wars and the world.

        • …or they’re hoping to get rid of Putin and they have a puppet-in-waiting already groomed. Whatever their plan is, they don’t want to rule over a scorched planet.

      11. Didn’t the people of Ukraine vote to go back to Russia not to long ago? I thought they did, but I have been wrong before,
        And I just want to get in the face of Obama and scream “don’t poke the freaking bear”!!!!
        This isn’t some third world country tptb are messing with here.

        • The people of the Crimean Peninsula(Crimea) voted to return back to Russia. The Separatist of Ukraine would like nothing more than to be a part of Russia.

          Petro Poroshenko (current US/NATO Puppet) will not allow any part of Ukraine go back to Russia. Instead, he will continue to bomb them into submission.

          “don’t poke the freaking bear”

          This trend is what world powers do, when their nation is in dire financial trouble. They rather instigate war, so they don’t have to explain to the American people that they have failed them, financially, and economically.

          To them, this is good business.

          • Wonder what the outcome of the refferendum of the Donbas region will be, my bet is majority for joining back with Russia,

            • “my bet is majority for joining back with Russia”

              Absolutely, the majority of people in Ukraine want nothing to do with TPTB in Kiev. I’m sure for the most part, these people were happy and content, until their elected government was overthrown.

              If things can not return to the way it was before, it leaves these people no other choice but to embrace Russia.

              • Take a look at the geography and the distribution of ethnic groups in Ukraine. Most Ukraine is not ethnic Russian, only the very eastern part. As I keep pointing out, ethic Ukrainians are not Russians, not even related to Russians. The core ethnicity going back to the end of the middle ages is……(wait for it)…..Scandinavians. They were trading up and down the rivers from the Baltic to the Middle East for centuries. (This probably explains why they’ve got so many hot looking blonde girls there.) This was all happening before there even was a Russia. BTW the name Russia derives from the name of a Scandinavian people who called themselves Rus. Toward the end of the Hansa period, steppe peoples came in and drove the Scandinavians who had settled along the rivers down into what is now Ukraine. (Don’t try finding that bit of history on the Innertubes. It’s been wiped out by modern Russians to the point that you can only find it in books published prior to the Communist takeover.)

                • If you don’t count the protesters who snuck in for the maidan protests, and all of the various foreign military in hiding, THE REST indeed IS mostly Russian.

      12. If you were a Muslim in Christian clothes and president of the most powerful country of infidels in the world would it not make sense to start a war that where the infidels destroy them selves? Them you and your headhunters basically just walk up and take the throne of the world. Game over!

      13. Kissinger longs to return to the Cold War days when he was a real power in the land.

        • And he is not alone. Putin wishes a return to The Glorious Soviet Union.

          Good comment.

        • Henry K was David Rockefeller’s man in the Nixon administration… tariffs???you gotta be kidding. THAT’S what got Nixon axed from the presidency… he went off the rails proposing tariffs. David Rockefeller threw a fit…Remember, NAFTA, TPP, ALL of these gems are to enrich the globalist billionaire’s in their NWO . Never forget that point…

          • Excellent point.

            How, where, and why did humanity start???

            • Why do Jehovah Witness do not do Halloween?

              They do not like strange people knocking on their door….

              • LOL!

            • “How, where, and why did humanity start???”

              That is actually an excellent question, and I highly doubt there is a logical answer for it, it shall remain a mystery.

              So, onto the subject of Creation and no, I am not stirring the pot here…but.. it is a thought, and something to ponder on.

              WHO CREATED GOD?

              It is now up to the Christian to answer the question: Who created God? “Surely, nothing as complex and intricate as a supernatural intelligence can be the result of mere “chance.” Therefore, there must be a super-designer who designed God. But a super-designer [God 1] would require a super-super designer [God 2], and so on ad infinitum … If an orderly universe requires an explanation, the positing of a god does not provide it.”

              “The reply that God is self-caused (somehow) … raises the rebuttal: If something can be self-caused, why can’t the universe as a whole be the thing that is self-caused?”

              I’ve asked this question many times over the years and yet, all I would get is a runaround incomplete theory.

              If anyone has a logical, complete answer.
              I’m willing to listen.

              • FTW, killer answer.
                I only ask that since no one knows the ‘true truth’…
                I question everything…

                May all prosper and be well here…

              • I would say God was created when man became self aware.
                We know it is “us” in a reflection. It was a level of intelligence that was reached otherwise we would only have instinct. If he is the Alpha and Omega then he is all intelligence, hence God.

                Now I’m going to hear it.

                • well you appear smarter than most, i give you that, where you use intelligence i use the term consciousness, for consciousness is the substance from which all things are created, it is the ground of all being, it is every where and in everything, in an atom the size of a football field, the nucleus would be the size of a baseball and the space around it would be consciousness. Consciousness arose with the first sentient life form that appeared, that leaves us with the question of how that first life form appeared, but i’m not going to ascribe it to some fictitious god that never existed

              • I guess you will have to wait until you go before Him, for that answer. He will straighten you out on many questions.

                • go before (him)? you have no idea how stupid this idea is

                • An estimated 17,000 children die each day of starvation, most notably in the continent of Africa.

                  I wonder what answers God has for them for their suffering?

                  • Most likely something about how dumb your mothers and fathers were.

                    People that live where there is no food, should be able to figure out that children will starve. That is not God’s fault.
                    You people that blame God are setting yourselves up for some bad times.

                    A lady friend of mine has a daughter that was smart, pretty, and had the whole world ahead of her to become anything she wanted. She made straight A’s and excelled in sports.
                    She let herself, in her innocence of youth, at fourteen, get seduced into sex and drugs by a boy of seventeen. Her mother tried to convince her that she was going to screw up her education and life if she wasn’t careful. As teenagers most times do, she told her mother to live her own life. The boy broke it off with her after a couple years, and later went to Iraq. After a year when he was coming home he began calling her and talking her up that they would always be together and such. She broke off a relationship with a decent guy. She had got her life back on track, but fell for his lies and soon after getting sex for a couple weeks, he dumped her again. Her old boyfriend would not take her back cause he had moved on.

                    She went around for two weeks crying and blaming God for messing up her life. Her mother was confiding in me about what to do. I told her that her daughter was now 20 and their was not much to do, because it was all between her and God. Her daughter refused to accept that God did not cause her poor decision making. For the past six years her life has been nothing but turmoil and continual strife and let downs. Until she accepts responsibility for her actions and asks for forgiveness, her life will continue to spiral downwards.
                    That is just the way it is. Blaming God never brings any peace or prosperity from him. Any false prosperity comes from Satan.

                    • Pissin,

                      WE thought you said you were going to take the weekend off, not resurface using your alias. Then you probably getting tired of getting your ass kicked all last week to, and it’s safer to use your other handle.

                    • Cant fix stupid

                    • Interesting.

                      Why did God create us in the first place. Was he lonely? Needed more that the angels could give him.
                      Might he had a need for trillions of pets. Good dog, bad dog. I too was brought up Catholic and could recite the High Mass in Latin. Can recite plenty of it now with someone to cue me. That is how it was driven into me.
                      Going to praise God. Try it in Latin.
                      If from the time of Adam and Eve, all of us have been given a soul. Why does he need/want so many souls. I don’t get it. All this war and stuff.

                      Oh I get it now. He wants us to work for it. Hmmmmmm.

                    • Here, here, little wwti. come here little puppy.

                      yea, turd, swamp rat, come on up to my area in the Smokies near Cherokee. You ain’t all that far. I’ll give you directions and call cuz and have him come on up and we can show you my neck of the woods. Cuz might not care to see your stinking ass, but I sure would love to look you in the eye and see how big of an ole boy you are. I got some elk trails I’d like to show you. Maybe you won’t be so friendly when you get to God’s country and get away from all that swamp gas in FL.

                      Hey, let’s call eppe, so he can meet “eppe’s snail” in person. One big happy reunion. OH btw bring charles with you, you may need a back up.

                    • Pissin, if anybody had doubted you were not oicu812 before, you’ve removed ANY doubt. You need professional help asap.

                    • Well,well. I see the puke faces have been busy here,cuz.

                      wwti made the statement that I got my ass kicked all last week, but what he fails to realize is that I am the rope bearer…as in give ’em enough and they will hang themselves.

                      All last week, wwti and his little den of piss ants grabbed all that rope i offered up, which was spiritual warfare rope, and they took hold, hook,line, and sinker. They are binding that spiritual rope around themselves to get held for a spiritual gourd thumping.

                      You don’t go around mocking God with saying the Disciples and Jesus are faggots and making brags about hanging Christ back on the Cross, without paying a heavy price. wwti has been egging the other atheists on so he has a big lump a coming.

                      Did you hear that, AnonAnon/charles/wwti? The reckoning is coming and the swamp will soon be rising. Less rope will be needed to reach the big limbs that way.

                      My suggestion to you, dumbass, is to get your mangy ass out of that swamp, forget about what your lunatic sister said about God, and seek a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Otherwise, don’t say i didn’t warn you.

                    • Pissin, you never left last week. Everybody knows your little game of switching handles, I’m sure God ” told” you nobody would ever know the difference, fruitcake.

                  • You blame God for the actions of Man? Fallen man, the ones who have chosen to follow their own will to run things their way instead of simply obeying God’s laws?

                    A rather foolish thing to do, don’t you think? To do something and blame it on the one you defy while doing it?

                    In any event, the answer God has is summarized in Revelations, the final separation of the wheat and the tares in the parable that explains why it is allowed to continue till today.

                    Do you choose to be the wheat or the tares as the time comes upon us?

                  • “All of creation groans and travails in pain, waiting on the adoption.” You or anyone else got a problem with the suffering of the human race, then talk to Adam and Eve, they are the ones that screwed the whole thing up, not God. Oh, but I forgot, you are the one that is going to put “little buddy Jesus back on the cross where He belongs.” Well, if you have that kind of power to put the Son of God back in His rightful place, then why don’t you just take charge and fix Africa yourself? Well, what are you waiting for?

                • I don’t think we ever really get to “go before Him” in the sense people think. I think we’re all just sorted in the elevator and pushed out when we get to our floor.

                  At least, that’s what it seemed like to me.

              • @FTW: “It is now up to the Christian to answer the question.” Wrong again, just as the 10, you might be a fundamentalist Christian if…that you put on here a few days ago. Each and every one of your 10 was/were answered. How quickly you change the subject to another braindead question. A doctor that diagnoses himself has a fool for a patient. Your mind feeds upon itself FTW, and it is severely malnourished. Another thing, yesterday, you said if you ever meet Jesus you would say come here little buddy and I’ll put you back on the cross where you belong. Well, FTW when the sun rose today, it placed you one day closer to meeting Him and getting your wish. We’ll see just how close you come to putting Him anywhere. I’m not your run of the mill Believer. I do not pray for you, I could care less about people that habitually, continually, redundantly, purposefully let their mouth overload their ass. You are a dead meat at the resurrection, lest you repent and make amends. But frankly, I could care less. It’s your soul, so deliver it wherever you want, in any condition whatsoever you choose. Again, Best of luck on putting Him back on the Cross.

                • “Best of luck on putting Him back on the Cross.”

                  Yea, you’re right about one thing.
                  I’m sure when Jesus shows back up, there is going to be a huge line in front of me to hoist Jesus back up on the cross.

                  Guess I’ll just be an observer, instead of the doer.

                  • Oh FTW–every knee will bow to Him

                    including yours

                    would it not be better if you bowed the knee in love

                    Think, man think !

                    Don’t let past religion ruin a relationship with the Lord.

                  • Well, yesterday you were the doer, now you are the observer! Reference another trap you put yourself into: The forgotten dead you mentioned are forgotten by future generations, not God, the angels or Christ. All of us will sleep in the dust, all of us will be remembered by Him and resurrected by Him. Shame and contempt vs. glory and honor. It will be an honor for me to watch you and those that agree with you shame yourselves by attempting to put Christ back on the cross. Go for it!

              • Zeus is still the real God. I have an 8000 year old coin that clearly says “In Zeus we Trust.” on it… So there you go…


      14. Well, my two cents worth here.

        1. The entire world system is imploding/collapsing into chaos it seems.

        2. Everything that has been posted on this site regarding the collapse, is about to happen it seems.

        Suddenly, does everybody see the need to pick up more prepping items(especially ammo)?

        • YES! Working as fast as we can…

        • Getting a few last things in order.

      15. I would lay in a pit of rattlers long before I would trust Kissenger. Must be something in it for him,I remember him from the Nixon days and Nixon you were a crook!!!

      16. “The illegal we do immediately. The unconstitutional takes a little longer.”
        – Kissinger

        • I think that pretty much sums it up.

      17. Russia please the Cold War again can’t this shit just die or do we have to kill them all. I feel the U.S. Can win against them but they are a worthy adversary. It would be ugly for both sides and the world would suffer a huge blow. So in essence it’s not worth it. A good leader would be able to point this out to the Russians. Putin is not stupid to jeopordize the gains Russia has made. I’m worried our corrupt govs don’t join ideologies to control the world seems the best for both sides. Seems socialism has taken hold here in the U.S. The USSA just like the USSR see the Soviet Union never died. It’s stronger than before and taking over the world.

        • IT’S NOT THE RUSSIANS YOU NEED TO CONVINCE. Haven’t you been paying attention at all?

      18. Where is the America first, major party antiwar candidate for president? Or did they meet the same fate as the dinosaurs? All of the declared candidates are hardcore ruthless warmongers. All sane people need not apply.

      19. I’ve said it before on here and I’m going to say it again, off topic or not. Look for the gov’t/elite to retreat to their bunkers and let the world burn. When they feel enough have died they will emerge and begin to exert their will upon the remaining masses. They will force those remaining to take the mark for food. Seals1-4 will see 1/4 of the world die. Seal 5 begins the reign of the anti-christ and the full fledged hunting of believers.

        Late July the Lord told me “August comes the knives” and regarding the coming months “First the stumble, then the fall”.

        Take it for what it’s worth. Prepare accordingly…..or not.

      20. Kissinger is a pedophile.

        • At his age, anything under 50 should be pedophilia.

      21. I’m just wondering if those high dollar bunkers have a lot of radon gas in them? Don’t worry folks! One way or the other, the “elite” will get theirs.

      22. The USA under the control of zionist bankers is so keen for the world to have peace that it is bombing the crap out of the world.

        Russia knows that the on going investigation into the shooting down of flight mh17 loos like it will be pointing the finger at Kiev and this is why the USA tried to start a new investigation into the incident and Russia was forced to use its veto at the UN to stop the current investigation getting the Chilcot treatment.

        Dutch people need to thank the USA for backing Nazi’s in kiev and killing so many of it’s people.

        Yes, and i know all military hardware in use in the Ukraine was made in Russia but the BBC would have people think that all kiev weapons were made in the USA as they try to fool people into thinking it twas russia that done it.

        >>>>>>>>>> YANKS GO HOME, LEAVE EUROPE ALONE <<<<<<

      23. This Economic Collapse Will Push The US Into A 3rd World Country: Bill Holter

        ht tps://

        the crash of 2008 is gonna be kid’s stuff compared to what is coming

      24. America always has to have an enemy. If it’s not Iraq it’s Afghanistan, if it’s not Iran it’s Russia, if it’s not North Korea it’s the entire muslim population, if it’s not conspiracy truthers it’s the American terrorist people. All false enemies. People are waking up knowing the real enemy to be feared is the new world order. The same criminals who slaughtered millions in WW2, we are all living in the military arm of that beast. It continues to expand with building trillions of dollars of weapons for mass destruction. Do you see anybody doing anything to stop it? Their power is all controlling. The people wait for the next step. Whatever happened to citizen power to make our own decisions? It was stripped away by threats.

      25. 812 I’ve seen countless lives ruined by drugs and alcohol. I was no angel as a youth I tried to get away with all the shit I could and pushed the limits with what I could get away with but there were certain lines I didn’t cross I didn’t do hardcore drugs. Just smoked pot and drank some. When my so called friends moved on to prescription drugs and opiates then designer drugs. I was able to come back to reality and give up the nonsense. It is hard for young people to find true friendships that don’t consist of people doing drugs. It is sad most young kids get sucked in. I agree there is nothing you can do about it but just tell them it will ruin their life. After all they are grown men and women after 18 yrs although they still have a child like mind in a lot of cases just because they haven’t really worked long enough to understand the world. Got a young fella in my men’s group at church and he is exited about a job he’s at. His attitude will change eventually mine did. I don’t have that wide eyed view and all that optimism of advancement in the world of careers anymore. Young people are easy to victimize just because they are fickle and believe the system has their back. Shame on those who take advantage of this for their own gain or to ruin young lives. God will deal with them. I try to teach my kids the hard truth I want them to make it after I’m dead and gone. A lot of folks on their death bed aren’t so sure of this for their kids. I don’t wanna be them. Die with no peace.

      26. Kissinger needs another enema.

      27. So ……….. Have the norks nuked the ROKs yet??

        I got shît to do , let’s get this party started!!!!!!!

        • CC
          Its coming,

      28. Too damn serious lately…
        play a game with your kids…
        take a walk with your dog’s…
        Enjoy a quiet day with a good book..
        make some time with the spouse…

        That way you have some good times to remember when things are so bad you want to quit..
        laugh,love and live.

      29. Over an hour ago there was an explosion at a US military base in Japan. Why is it that RT (Russia Today) is reporting this and no one in America has. Not CNN-FOX-CBS-NOBODY. If we aren’t filtered and spoonfed…

      30. Any speculation on what tomorrow will bring?
        Might be a real interesting week, good time for TPTB to test their kill switches to stem any panic selling etc,
        “We had a glitch”
        Yea right

      31. Kula – there’s already talk of more QE being put into play, which shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody. It’s just talk, and anyways pushing more monies back into a failed system is not going to cure the problem.

        The interesting thing here is. What is going to be the excuse the Government makes up for the Markets behavior.

        Whatever it is, it will just be more lies an propaganda, hell maybe they’ll blame Russia and China for the downfall.
        Government always pushes “blame” onto others, but never accepts blame for their own failures.

        It’s the Traditional American Way Of Politics.

        America can do no wrong.
        Oddly enough, Israel says the same thing too!

      32. I just heard some really bad news yesterday but first I f think everyone if the preppers on this site need to go to the new post with Bob Fletcher, talking about Plenty X, Nibiru mad Jade Helm 15, go to the 1 hour. Mark so that you can listen to him get to the point. Jade helm is her to start a gun battle between the military and the people to allow a safe exist of the elite to DUMBS. They do not want anything stopping them from getting to them. So the soldiers will be busy shooting and killing people everywhere while they escape, according to him. Martial law will be Declared once they start the war, go make sure that no one will be able to start questioning what going on on the planetx the environmental destruction etc, then we will be hit by a false flag to declare martial before years end, this will allow Jade Helm 15, to be used as the buffer to alow escape of the elites. This may explain why the entrances of these DUMBS Are so heavily fortified.

        What I have heard is matching up to what Fletcher is saying from my scientist friend. Now for more bad, bad, horrific news. Their was over 150,000 layoffs in the oil business and my oil company source is a very good source. He even mentioned that you noticed that this has not been mentioned in the news at all. I said yes we noticed that. All oil company projects all over the US is basically shutting down.. and that employees are scrambling to find new jobs and their are non, employees are leaving the middle east and all the workers are literally in the move as I type. We are shifting from and oil base economy to a free energy economy. For prices will sky rocket through the ass in October and the stock market will crash by the end of September..nothing new here, we know that already. That the dollar is not going to crash the way are thinking it’s going to crash, we won’t see its effects until late November 2015..the oil company people who make over 1,000,000 a year are all buying up land outside the cities and have already begun clearing out of town because of calapse, that the economy will be calapsing, that it’s a done deal, no way out if it. Once your work for and oil company, you will NOT BE GETTING A JOB IN THE OIL INDUSTRY EVER AGAIN, YOUR FU…..ED.

        My scientist friend Said that anyone who can leave now, needs to leave while they can..i am not even going respond it the agency azz clown attacks on this site anymore and will just ignore them. Nothing that they say or do will mean anything from this point on. I am taking a break from posting let what is about to happen. it will Have its effects, I am getting ready and I an done taking for now. I will let your all know what I hear next..the agency clowns who post on here will get and embarrassing outcome as they will be proven wrong..becauee the oil business is now in full total calapse. Brazil is hurting really bad right now..rhey have halted all of their projects because the Russian and chinese have not budged because if internal banking problems, Brazil just calapsed yet this is not even in the alternative media yet I heard the facts. What happens to Venezuela will happen in Brazil in September next month.. it will then happen to us in November if this year..the Saudis are only using dollars because it the only thing keeping them afloat, is oil exports to the US and other dollar counties. Me personally will sit back and watch the show, it’s not like I will be caught off guard and hang out under a freeway with homeless people, I have advanced way beyond that in the past business is always crashing just like what I saw happen before October 2008, except I don’t know what caused it, now I know who and what is behind it, and I have prepared. It now like I can eat my computer and filed in my office for food, so I an not worried. I will be in the 3-5, 000,000% shtf-effers.. good luck to everyone that have been reading my post, prepare a d get ready for the Extinction level event.

        Yours truly,




        • Good post HCKS –

          I came across an article earlier this morning about Peru.
          Since you had mentioned some South American countries, Peru was not on your list.

          Word is, and I don’t have actual confirmation, but it is said that about 3,000 US Troops are going to be entering Peru. Did not mention why ….


          • If if didn’t mention the why, you can bet it’s for a private party, like to secure a resource for some corporate interest with big pockets and high level contacts.

      33. “What this means is that American leaders under the Obama regime have been clumsy, and handled Russia far too simply. The negotiations are three dimensional, not two dimensional.”

        That’s because community organizing is one dimensional… Us against them

        • FW Guy

          Its black and white right?

          • Not what I meant. I wasn’t even aware that there was a black and white dimension to what Kissinger was talking about.

            But I suppose that is the way libs always try to paint things.

            • Actually was making funny with no real political connection.

      34. hcks, we wish you had not leaked out the stuff about extinction so soon. We were hoping to make billions selling anti Niburu rings and coffee mugs, but now you’ve blown that sale completely. Yes folks, it’s all true, hcks, us, all of you here, we’ll all be going to be toast real soon now, the only left to do is break out the cream chipped beef and pour it on ourselves.

        • Well, at least I’ll be in some good company.

      35. F….k off you piece of sh…t. You have no idea who I am and what I am.



        • Now THAT;S the hcks we all know!

          Agency Azz Clowns

          Exposing hcks mental illnesses one brain cell at a time

          Don’t you just love it

          wtf shtfers?

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