U.S. Ruling Class Does Not Want To Contain The Coming Food Crisis

by | Apr 6, 2022 | Headline News | 10 comments

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    Anyone who has purchased anything from a grocery store in the past year has noticed that prices are increasing at a rapid rate as supplies dwindle. The rulers of the United States have no desire to diminish the food crisis, but rather expand and compound it.

    Even though this food crisis obviously started and was noticeable several months before Russia “invaded” Ukraine, the masters and their mainstream media puppets are blaming the “conflict.”

    According to a report by Politico, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy told the U.N. Security Council Tuesday that Moscow has provoked “a global food crisis that could lead to famine in Africa, Asia and other [regions] and large scale political chaos in many countries.”

    Russia’s military is pushing further into Ukraine’s wheat fields, which could jeopardize millions of tons of grain set to be harvested in July — threatening sustained shortages in countries across Africa and the Middle East that rely on Ukraine as a major source of their grain and sunflower oil to feed millions of people. The crisis has also contributed to sky-rocketing grain prices, which has made it harder for humanitarian organizations like the United Nations’ World Food Program, to respond; the agency says it needs an additional $16 billion to feed a record 137 million people for the rest of the year. –Politico

    The crisis we all face is not just in supply, even though we have seen food supply dwindling. The inflation, that’s now bordering on hyperinflation is going to hit most Americans’ wallets rather abruptly and hard. We could very well see food riots by the end of summer if prices continue. But this is shaping up to be a “goal” of the rulers: control people through food.

    The mainstream media did admit that the higher demand for wheat, corn, and other food supplies is also hitting at a time when farmers across the world are under immense financial pressure from high costs for fuel, fertilizer, seed, and other agricultural inputs.



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      1. It’s not just today’s food. I just got back from the big box garden & hardware and the price for plants, (I think) has doubled from last year. On average $4.90 a plant.

        • Ain’t fiat dog sheet grand? Print into oblivion until it’s literally toilet paper!

      2. Maybe when Americans are starving the cowards will finally FIGHT!

        • Blow a goat……up.

      3. Maybe when Americans are starving the cowards will finally FIGHT! We certainly cannot vote them out….

      4. Build Back Bolshevik Better, when it all goes down and it’s no longer feasible to even show up to work anymore I will gladly sit back and watch Rome burn. Because I don’t give two Fuks anymore! Careful what you wish for pinko commies because when civilization collapses you will lose control and even TPTB do not know how it will end when this thing gets going.

      5. I remember back during the Eisenhower years when the government took barges full of wheat and such out into the ocean and dumped them to keep prices up in the face of excessively large farm production.

        We just had too much and our farmers were facing serious financial problems from low prices as a result,

        Why are we in this problem now if we could produce so much all those decades ago?

      6. You only need to know ONE thing about our ruling elite: they despise us, see us as useless eaters, and believe that our planet would be far better off if over 90% of the world’s population died.
        They have no qualms engineering catastrophic events/wars where 90% of us do perish through famine, disease, violence, drugs, “vaccines”, GMO’s, thirst, open borders, etc.

        If you think that Trump is coming back in 2024 and will “save us”, you are sadly deluded; if you think that once the Republicans take back the House, you are deluded.
        BOTH Democrats and Republicans are pitching for the same team, they merely take opposing view points publicly.

      7. Two goals need to be accomplished: 1) we need to slim up the US population. Americans are fat and lazy. The savings to be had from getting America ?? thin again would easily help pay ? for higher food prices.

        2) the turd ? world ? need to learn how to grow their own food sustainably. If they did that, they would stop over populating the planet and ironically their living standards would rise.

        • If they learned how to grow food they would be healthier and spew out even more kids. Thats why I never donate to those “save the kids in africa” etc. scams. It just enables them to have more kids and make life even worse. Now if they had a org. that siad “help us sterilize the starving people in africa” I might donate. That would solve 90% of their problems. You can either enable them or you can help them…

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