Two Shootings In ‘Gun-Free’ London: 17-Year-Old Fatally Shot In Tottenham

by | Apr 3, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 43 comments

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    “Gun-free” London in the United Kingdom just experienced two shooting incidents in less than 24 hours.  One of those shot was a 17-year-old girl and she succumbed to her wounds.

    According to the BBC, the teenage girl was found with a gunshot wound in Tottenham on Monday night and pronounced dead at the scene. A police cordon remains in place in Chalgrove Road, near Northumberland Park, in Tottenham where the girl was pronounced dead. A separate boy was also found gunshot wounds in Walthamstow earlier, and another boy who was 15-years-old was found with stab injuries.  The boy who was stabbed was not expected to pass away due to his stab wounds.

    The shootings come amid concerns over rising violent crime in the capital city. London’s murders have now outpaced those in New York City. Police are not treating the shootings as linked, but there are concerns since guns have been largely illegal in the United Kingdom for over 20 years. Citizens have been banned from defending themselves with any kind of effective tool by their own government and are now nothing more than soft targets for criminals.

    Stella Creasy, Metropolitan Police for Walthamstow, said the 16-year-old boy, who was shot on Markhouse Road and taken to a hospital in east London, is still in “intensive care.”

    Reports and witnesses claim the mother of the fatally shot teenager could be heard screaming in agony over the loss of her daughter.  A local resident claimed to hear many gunshots which she described as a “bomb exploding,” reported the BBC. She also said: “It’s not nice. I’ve lived here for 40 years, and in the last two or three years, it’s become not a nice place. There are so many drugs, stabbings, and killings.”

    David Lammy, MP for Tottenham, said he is “deeply worried” about London’s rise in violent crime; particularly in his area. “There is no single cause, but there has been a big spike in both gun crime and knife crime across London,” he said. “Certainly my constituency finds itself at the epicenter of that. There are real issues about a lack of resources.” Not to mention the issue of good citizens being defenseless and at the whims of psychopaths, thanks to laws the government promised would protect them.

    There have been no arrests in either shooting.  Residents in Tottenham say that violence is a regular occurrence, as stabbings and shootings are sharply and quickly rising.



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      1. I smell rotten muslims.

        • I smell muslims too, and i have no pity for London when they have banned guns. What? And knives now?? No pity.

      2. On the 2nd Amendment hangs our freedom…

        • Hell’s Bells Vet1, I just want one of those pretty blue bins in my front yard with the sign reading ‘Firearm Surrender Bin’. What a way to build up a gun cache!!! Any bets whether people in areas where those ‘get a life, bin that knife’ bins are go cutlery scavenging? The time to save our rights is now. That’s what we own the firearms for is it not?

          • Is that knife bin for real? Or they really banning knives??
            They are totally insane and totally controlled. NO pity!!

      3. I feel for them< BUT when you give up the right and the means to protect yourself. You get what you ask for!!!!!!


        • The gun control laws in the UK started decades before I was born and finished before I was an adult,
          so how exactly did I “give up the right and the means to protect” myself.

          • Your parents or their parents gave up your rights for you, just like what you do today will impact your future decedent’s rights.

            • Sigh, it was a rhetorical question. I’m well aware of how it happened, which doesn’t change the fact that I didn’t give them up.

              • Zona,gun control started with the Firearms Act of 1920. The U.K. was weary of war and hoped to stop violence with it. After that,it went all down hill. Check out the history of gun control in Great Britain on Breitbart. Sorry,the land of Magna Carta is no more.

                • You obviously missed the bit where I said “I’m well aware of how it happened”. My point was that just because I was born in the UK does not mean that I chose to give up the right to to own guns.

                  • The understanding/concept of irony/self awareness is totally alien to Americans – as long as you keep things simple, such as white is right, black is bad they may eventually get your message, may being the operative word. Don’t overcomplicate your case. Remember KISSA – keep it simple for stupid Americans.

                    They’re happy to run every country into the dirt but please don’t say anything nasty about America otherwise a girly hissy fit will ensue.

                    • ARDS,
                      Good joke but from a clueless f#*kturd.

                  • What are you doing to gain your rights back?

                    • Crackerjack

                      I don’t know if you noticed but even on Brexit the UK was very split, & most people in the UK are brainwashed to be anti-gun, I see it all the time, its a visceral reaction guns = bad. So the likely hood of reinstating gun rights over here is nonexistent, at lest until a large percentage of the population come to their senses.

          • The U.K. Gun laws are always on recycle.

            When WW1 hit, the British had already disarmed the citizenry. The British asked and tens of thousands of Americans gave guns to the British who used some as battle weapons, some for training weapons and still others to arm a citizen militia to protect England.

            After WW1 the British rounded up all those weapons and destroyed them.

            WW2 hit, again the British asked and American Citizens donated tens of thousands of weapons to the British. Again some were used in combat, some for training and again a civilian militia was trained and armed.

            After the war the British rounded up all the weapons again disarming the Britich people.

            The British just keep returning to their vomit like a dog. I have little sympathy for this much stupid.

            • Plan twice, prep once

              If I was you I’d be keeping my eyes on my own side of the pond, the same brainwashing & feels not thoughts reactions on guns is becoming more prevalent over there.

              • sorry feelings not feels

            • I’m sorry, but they deserve what they get. No pity.

              • here here

      4. This just shows it’s the people, not the guns, that are the problem.

        Dump lots of Muslim migrant minorities into a formerly law abiding population and you will get violence as a result when it was peaceful before.

        No one with evil intent anywhere in the world has any real problem obtaining a gun to carry out his intent if he has any determination to do it at all.

        • It’s the eastern europeans that smuggle the guns in which exacerbates the problem. Hence Brexit, but I fear it maybe too little too late.

          • “It’s the eastern europeans that smuggle the guns in”

            How would Brexit stop smuggling? Will it stop illegal drugs? Think those Islamics won’t smuggle in guns? Your hashish didn’t come from London.

            London has a tad less than 9 million people. 200 handguns (or long guns with hacksaw) is more than sufficient to supply the criminal element. There is no way that such a feat over a few months couldn’t be accomplished.

            • It use to be very hard to smuggle anything in to the UK, then the EU insisted on free movement of people, more people coming & going are harder to check. We get back control of our borders & it will be easier to police them, which will mean less smuggling. & yes eastern europeans are the worst culprits.

              • Cocaine and heroin are smuggled in daily and dogs can smell them. I think an unfired gun is difficult to smell. You have a fishing fleet and 25 or so miles to Europe. A buoy floating at a specific GPS coordinate; you can’t lock down the UK. If there is demand, supply will follow. Communists execute smugglers. Thats a deterrent. The civilized world is vulnerable to smuggling.

                • Kevin2

                  I did not say or mean that it would stop smuggling completely, nor is it the only reason for Brexit. & YES I wish they would execute smugglers (especially drug smugglers).

      5. They switched out poor whites who were patriotic and mostly disciplined for people from the third world to fill up urban ghettos. Culturally there are nasty rivalries with these groups and so they form gangs and fight over turf. Huge sums are spent on welfare to prop up these places. But that fails to mask the fact they do not know how to build wealth and civilisation in these places. It always gets worse when the weather warms up as they come away from playing video games and smoking weed in the winter months and head back to the streets to peddle drugs and chase booty.

        • Frank Thoughts

          The statistics from the Uniform Crime Reports in the US certainly support your thesis. Your far safer in a white trash trailer park than a black ghetto.

          • The death toll and crime stats tell the story. Black ghettos are violent places where ever they may be. It is the same in the U.K., France, Sweden, Germany etc.

            The violence means nobody wants to live there nor invest there. Is there a single black ghetto where people want to move to?

        • There it is…turning England into a Third World country!

          • They are turning ALL of Europe’s cities into third world s-holes. Brussels and Paris were the first to go this way. Now both cities are filthy holes mired in gang violence and unrest. You see homeless and shantytowns all over. Since 2000 this trend moved to the UK in a big way. You see the rise of the dip sh#ts in all these cities. Always either black or brown morons with gang clothing running around with knives and guns unchallenged.

            The gangs run the domestic economies of these cities as wealth and opportunity moved to the international realm. Hookers and drugs are the only things flourishing and they use social media to peddle it. Britain is going back to what it was like in the 1700s with modern gangs the new pirates running the brothals and taverns.

      6. Thank God for the Atlantic Ocean, whereas they just walked right into Europe like they owned it.

      7. Most of the European countries that the Muslims walked into are allied with the US, France, Germany, England and the Scandinavian areas plus others. This does not bode well for America’s future. Which is better, a lethal injection or a quick headchopping? Death is big business.

      8. To get to the real cause you must look deeper.

        What happened to Europe dates back to the loss of power from a system of Monarchy where Kings born of the blood of the people they ruled gave way to the bankers in their employ.

        The bankers loaned money to Kings, for war mostly. The Kings became so indebted to bankers that these foreign bankers had more power than Kings. The bankers gained more power by marrying mostly daughters to royalty and aristocracy. Thereby the clever bankers controlled Europe, where able to foment rivalries and wars keeping the people down, and eventually disarming them; then organizing invasions from hostile non-European enemies under false pretenses.

        None of this happened for no reason. It was all planned. The plans carried out with incredible efficiency, generation after generation.


        • And now the plan is to turn America into a Third World Nation too. Yes a Global NWO plan, and taking our guns away is next. Little by little until there is nothing left, and i hear now they are doing an ammunition back ground check? And only allowed 100 rounds?

      9. Zona Ware, I feel your pain. I revere the magnificent values of Western Civilization that came from the British Isles (Magna Carta, English language, a sense of right & wrong, etc.), but I also believe Americans have an obligation to learn from those choices that were bad. Our ancestors would not want citizens to place their heads in the mud (like manatees) and refuse to learn from mistakes.

        • cranerigger please don’t misunderstand, I’m not anti-gun & I do hope the Americans do learn from the mistakes the UK made. At this point it is probably the only good thing that can come out of this mess.

      10. Like most murders in the capital, these are black on black or Muslim on Muslim. Clearly “black lives” do not matter.

        They still bang on about the murder of a black man several decades ago by white men but not a demo or peep about these killings which happen every few days. It gives the wrong message: that murder is okay if you are black or Muslim.

        • If you kill a black or muslim or shitskin, it’s not murder, it’s just taking out the trash.

      11. Sheep pens draw wolves. Civilized Brits without guns are sheep. Take away their knives and you have bound their feet and make them ready to be butchered. Why not take away their umbrellas and cricket bats next?

        • Brian

          “Why not take away their umbrellas and cricket bats next?”, (plummy accent) I say what, thats sacrilege old chap. /sarc.

      12. Now that Trump has the right idea about using troops on our border, why not go the rest of the way and let them clean out the gangs from the border cities while they are at it.

      13. Brit, you have to take back your rights yourselves. We can’t do it for you. If you support the status quo, you deserve what you get.

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