Trump Says He Will ‘100%’ Release The FISA Memo In ‘Hot Mic’ Moment

by | Jan 31, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 27 comments

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    As president Donald Trump left last night’s State of the Union address, he was caught on a hot mic moment that should send shivers down the spines of leftists and the deep state.  The president said he would 100% release the FISA memo.

    Representative Jeff Duncan (R-S.C.) approached Trump as he exited the House chamber following the State the Union address, and asked him to “release the memo.” Trump responded. “Don’t worry, 100 percent,” the president said with a wave of his hand.

    The exchange was caught by television cameras filming the president after he delivered the address. The president’s comments also come as Congress awaits his decision on whether he will allow members to release the memo to the public, a question that has sharply divided lawmakers along party lines.

    Speculation as to when the White House will release the memo following a vote to make it public by GOP lawmakers on Monday night.  Many are suggesting that Trump wants the news cycle to focus on his speech until at least Thursday before there is any movement on the release of the memo.

    The five-day deadline in which the memo has to be released ends on Saturday night. According to Info Wars,  the classified Department of Justice memo is suspected to contain evidence of illegal FBI and DOJ spying on the Trump campaign, possibly at the behest of Hillary Clinton. According to journalist Sara Carter, the memo is so “explosive” that it could lead to “the end of Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel investigation into President Trump and his associates.”

    According to the Washington Post, a White House spokesman confirmed early Wednesday that the administration’s official position is now that Trump will release the memo to the public. The simple fact that the Democrats and the FBI want this memo kept secret certainly makes everyone want to see it more.

    The memo is said to suggest that British ex-spy Christopher  Steele, the author of a now-famous dossier alleging Trump has ties to Russian officials, provided bad information to the FBI.  Steele’s dossier work was paid for by the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign, and Trump has denied the allegations in it.

    The very basic fact is that the left desperately wants this memo to remain a secret.  That means, it should be released so the people can see for themselves that the mainstream media and Democrats have been lying to them to manipulate public opinion.


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      1. They’ll probably release a blacked-out version of the memo, hiding anything that implicates the Hildabeast.

      2. When I voted for Trump I hoped to knock the powers that be apart. Even I had no idea how corrupt they are. Trump played into a stacked deck and won. It is as if we all woke at once. I think Almighty God put his hand on us.

        • Beowulf yes there is divine intervention and KARMA occurring.

      3. If he does that will be one of the best B day gifts I could get today.
        I just hope and pray it leads to Hitlery and Bill going to jail. Bill to the women’s prison, and Hitlery to the mans jail. LOL.

        • That would be a vacation for Slick Willy…send him to Guantanamo instead.

        • Sgt. Dale –

          It won’t happen – Bill & Hillary will not be punished.

          Trump said: “I like the Clinton’s, and wants nothing bad to happen to them … they are good people.”

          That in itself says it all about the political circus show that we all are forced to observe.

          • YEP you are right!!

            • they BETTER go to prison….

      4. Trumps score, 5 out of 100. He hasn’t accomplished much of anything due to DC resistance. I wish him well but the illegal aliens are still here and moooching more than ever. The US military is still fighting overseas. The FED RES is still unaudited. Nothing has been done to eliminate entitlements and corporate subsidies. US is still backing educational loans, housing loans, automotive subprime loans. IMHO the fed should stay out of subsidizing and backing, and stick to the original purpose of the Constitution. And end all taxation and fees levied against the legal citizens of the USA. AMEN

        • That’s a good list of additional Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, Bert, that should be added to the Bill of Rights!

      5. Obama scored a -100 due to his unconstitutional governing and his anti-white straight male, anti-law stance. Bush -100, 911 and his illegal wars. Clinton -100, I can’t name a single positive thing he ever did. Bush I, -100 for the NWO. Reagan -50, he debt-spent his way to “prosperity,” he is the starting point on the national debt chart where the debt started going out of control. None of these Nancy’s were conservative enough, so we are $22 trillion debt and double of the US population since 1980, all due to immigration as the birth/death replacement rate in the USA isn’t high enough to raise the population. Addios Chicanos Guatemalan Shit. Just what we need is another 40 million immigrants that have an average IQ of 75 in the next 17 years.

        • maybe those 40 million will help keep the AMERICAN’S average IQ up close to 75……it’s BOUND to help the averages…..if only we could take away their(DUMB)phones.

      6. He better be really careful around all those nail guns magically laying around. Or not take a hike in the woods near any puddles. Or etc etc etc Killary

      7. Trump Says He Will ‘100%’ Release The FISA Memo In ‘Hot Mic’ Moment

        Only after it has been severely redacted – it will be no different than the JFK Files … redact … redact … redact … nothing to see here.

        Keep enjoying the shameful Political Theatrics!

        • y’all aint figgered out this guy’s DIFFERENT? this aint checkers, this is CHESS, and trump is a smart man….

      8. Trump……… do it. Unredacted and let the chips fall where they may. Just quit stalling and make it happen. This country as you so proudly stated belongs to the people; not, the government. Those bastards work supposedly for us. Not one damned thing are they better able to decide on or know about than any of us.


        Sure he will. None of those people are going to jail. FACT OF LIFE HERE PEOPLE. How many of these place have been shut down. NONE.

        I know bullshit when I hear it. Patriots arrested at the Keystone pipeline, still in jail. Bundies, still in jail. Wake up people.


      10. Re: “Trump Says He Will ‘100%’ Release The FISA Memo In ‘Hot Mic’ Moment”

        QUESTION: WHEN? SOTU is over, what’s the hold up?!
        JUST DO IT!

      11. Trump Will be to busy granting Amnesty to 1.8 Million Illegals. MAGA, MAGA.

      12. Like the public is waiting with baited breath. Have to protect the us vs them mentality. The whole shit show rides on it.

      13. Redacted my a$$……force the underlings to roll on Hillary and Obama

      14. what I’d be doing if Trump – have my WH guys continue to go over the Memo and devise the strategy ….

        in the meantime be reaming the EVER living hell out of the DOJ Deputy Director’s azzhole – the experts on the Intel Committee spent months going over The Memo checking for possible release problems …

        some jackazz lawyer glances at it and knows better??????

        out the door with the crooked DNC & FBI jerks ….

      15. Well looney tunes hicks states nobody will go to jail. That makes me believe there will be plenty of those traitors rounded up and sent to GITMO. the liberal judges and stupid jurys and crooked lawyers are not revelant when you face a military Tribunal. That’s what is different this time. Trump is the military’s puppet. and they are going to take care of him and remove his enemies. It will not be long before everyone finds out. That our government is a military dictatorship.

        • If it were possible, I’d be happy to bet you $100, that NOTHING happens. Even if this “memo” is released, it will be called “lies”. MSM is already calling the memo’s author “a Russian agent”. None of the cretins will ever face justice, and the decline will continue.

      16. If there had been any evidence of “collusion” with Russia–to reveal Hillary Clinton’s potential shady doings to the American electorate (something that Clinton’s Democrats only got the idea for when Trump–tongue-in-cheek–expressed hope that Russia might reveal more of their surveillance of Clinton’s apparent attempt to, by foul play, subvert Trump being elected by the American people)– that evidence would have been found many times over and in copious amounts by now. The “Mueller investigation” is nothing but a Democrat hobgoblin tale used to artificially haunt Trump’s Presidency with made-up innuendo-proffered-as-“fact”. This Memo, on the other hand, could reveal what Mueller’s “investigation” has been so busy trying to distract Americans from knowing about Clinton’s Democrats’: their own suspected collusion to dupe the American public–and their involuntarily tax-paid subsidy-addicted masses–into throwing their votes away with the already illegal immigrant vote-stuffed ballot boxes to “elect” the likes of Hillary Clinton or any other Democrat to continue and increase that socialist prison of a society and the deep state that prevents anyone from exposing or eradicating it.

      17. The Democrats colluding with that British “ex”-spy (is any spy ever and “ex”-spy?) is itself collusion with a foreigner (if not with the always-Labour-ruled, even if nominally “Conservative” British Government)–by the Clinton Democrats. By that collusion, the Democrats subverted the U.S. Presidential election to dupe the American electorate into voting for Hillary Clinton. They psychologically “have” to vote for her since she would further the pandering of involuntarily-paid tax subsidy to the masses of gullibly-enslaved dependents who are psychologically hooked on that subsidy. That’s the “election-proofing” that the Democrats build into their government platform–total subsidy-addiction of their mass electorate (or, stuffing the ballot boxes with whatever “disparaged” group’s votes, even illegal “immigrants'” votes, who’s cause the Democrat Party claims to champion) to artificially make only Democrats “win” “elections”. Why is there no Republican investigation of the Clinton Democrat collusion with their foreign British “ex”-spy to subvert the U.S. Presidential election?

      18. the crybullies can claim whatever they want, i don’t give a shit….off to prison they go!!!!!!!!! ANYthing less, is a vote for lawlessness. NOBODY is above the law forever.

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