Trajectory Unclear: Feb 2013 Asteroid Will Be Within Thousands of Miles of Earth; Impact Would Be As Big As Siberian Tunguska Event; 1000 Times More Powerful Than Hiroshima

by | Mar 4, 2012 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 169 comments

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    In the history of the solar system, and even in human history, there are clear records of extraordinary and devastating catastrophes… On the landscapes of other planets, where the records of the past are better preserved, there is abundant evidence of major catastrophes. It’s all a matter of time scales. An event which is improbable in a hundred years, may be inevitable in a hundred million years. Even on the Earth in this century there have been bizarre natural events.

    Carl Sagan 
    Cosmos – A Personal Voyage (1980) [video]

    On June 30, 1908 an incoming meteor exploded approximately 5 miles above Siberia. The force of the air burst explosion, estimated at between 15 and 30 megatons, or about 1000 times bigger than the atomic bomb that destroyed Hiroshima, was so powerful that it annihilated everything in an 830 square mile area, and reports suggest that that explosion was heard up to 1000 miles away. Because of the remoteness of the impact zone, the Tunguska Event over Siberia had very little effect on the human population in the region, but the destruction of some 80 million trees in the area shows just how powerful a blast was created.

    Should a Tunguska type event occur on our planet today, especially over a populated metropolitan area, millions would be killed instantly, with many millions more being affected by the social and economic reverberations that may result from the catastrophe.

    According to NASA, there is a distinct possibility that an asteroid recently identified by star gazers in Spain could hit Earth around February 15, 2013. Based on its size and trajectory, it’s estimated that the 60 to 100 meter wide asteroid, dubbed 2012 DA14, could be similar in scope and devastation to Tunguska should it enter our atmosphere.

    Scientists aren’t exactly sure where on Earth the impact would occur, but they are sounding proximity warnings now:

    The asteroid, known as DA14, will pass by our planet in February 2013 at a distance of under 27,000 km (16,700 miles). This is closer than the geosynchronous orbit of some satellites.

    There is a possibility the asteroid will collide with Earth, but further calculation is required to estimate the potential threat and work out how to avert possible disaster, NASA expert Dr. David Dunham told students at Russia’s University of Electronics and Mathematics.

    “The Earth’s gravitational field will alter the asteroid’s path significantly. Further scrupulous calculation is required to estimate the threat of collision,” said Dr. Dunham, as transcribed by Russia’s Izvestia. “The asteroid may break into dozens of small pieces, or several large lumps may split from it and burn up in the atmosphere. The type of the asteroid and its mineral structure can be determined by spectral analysis. This will help predict its behavior in the atmosphere and what should be done to prevent the potential threat,” said Dr. Dunham.

    In the event of a collision, scientists have calculated that the energy released would equate to the destructive power of a thermo-nuclear bomb.

    Source: RT

    How close is it? In 2005, scientists warned of the potentially hazardous asteroid named YU55, which passed within 200,000 miles of earth. In space distance terms, 2012 DA14 which will be within 20,000 miles of earth, is just a stones throw away.

    It’s close, as demonstrated by the following orbit diagram from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory:

    Asteroid impacts are certainly a low probability event – well, at least when we look at them in terms of human time scales. But history is replete with evidence that asteroid impacts have been responsible for massive earth changes, and that they happen fairly regularly when considered in times scales of tens of millions of years.

    While the chances of earth being hit by a ‘global killer’ during our lifetime is remote, the Tunguska event and DA14’s near-earth passing next year is strong evidence that smaller impacts do happen quite regularly – perhaps at least once a century. DA14 may not be a global killer, but it is certainly large enough to destroy an entire city or region, an event that could lead to destabilization and systemic, cascading collapse in other parts of our intertwined modern day economic, financial and political systems.

    We’re not suggesting that we should all panic because of DA14’s near earth passing, or even potential impact, because if this asteroid is meant to hit us there’s nothing that we as individuals on the ground here on earth can do about it. However, the US government is and has been Preparing For Unlikely Events Like War, Catastrophic Collapse of Society, and Even Asteroids, so you can feel confident knowing that you’re not a lunatic to at least consider the possibility of an asteroid impact adversely affecting life as we know it.

    Take a page out of the the government’s SHTF plan. Far-from-equilibrium events do happen and as unlikely or improbable as they may be, include wide-spread natural disasters like mega Tsunamis, mega quakes, super volcanoes and asteroid impacts.

    For Your Entertainment: A scene from one of our favorite doomsday movies of all time:

    President: “What kind of damage [are we talking about]?”

    Dan Truman: “Damage? Total, sir. It’s what we call a global killer. the end of mankind. It doesn’t matter where it hits, nothing will survive. Not even bacteria.”


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      1. Very interesting. This is still a very long way from earth, however this is just a model. I wonder if we will be able to see this as it passes by.

        • Do you all stay awake at night dreaming up bullshit to become paranoid about?
          Maybe add a meteorite shelter to your “preps”

          Yeah…. that’s the ticket.

          • @mike

            denial Yeah…that’s the ticket.

            golden horde charter member Yeah…that’s the ticket.

            40 and still living with mommy……priceless.

            • What is it with certain groups that they hate their parents? Most of the world live with their family because they LOVE their family. Unlike, some groups, many people don’t believe in letting their parents rot in nursing homes. There is a difference between living off your parents and living with your parents.

            • @ big BADASSAMERICAN—

              here is another for ya…WITH LYRICS>…. your theme song..


            • @Mike: touch a nerve–truth hurt–neener neener–lol

          • I think Mike is right, why waste time dwelling on things you can do nothing about, why the thumbs down all the time because someone dishes out facts?.

          • Someone has shelter envy!

          • Mike: I would guess we all a bit paranoid. That is why each of us keep coming to these kinds of sites, buy bulk items, or build retreats.
            I can agree from a personal stand point that I don’t worry about things like a super volcano or meteor strike. But there are guys on here that don’t think hyper inflation can happen either and I talk to people all the time that tell me guns will never be banned or martial law declared. We all have our own disaster chosen and have decided that it was important enough to spend a good bit of money and alot of time. What are you preparing for?

            Just because I don’t have an underground shelter built for a nuclear holocast or a meteor strike does not mean I don’t want to know that one is coming.

            I think to chastise anyone for how or what they are prepping for says alot about your character. Not one of us knows the future.

            • 1. The Govts will not likely have time to warn or evac anyone in a blast zone which could be in the millions. The moment they do, you will have grid-lock and people will die in their cars, not on their sofas.

              2. They will not tell the populations until the last minute if there is a problem.

              3. They will make sure they themselves are a safe – COG.
              They may not know exactly where it will impact until the last minute – too late to evac many in time.

              4. Land impacts would require you to consider a min of 200 miles from impact zone & watch for debris re-entry in the atmosphere heating up the surrounding areas to unlivable temps.

              5. Ocean impact tsunami’s will travel many miles inland.

              6. Heat Flash – blast wave – tsunami/sub-orbital debris
              initially. Dust clouds will take a few years to clear.

              I dont know what the differential velocity would be in a scenario like this but if its low order, we might get lucky, but 300ft object travelling a delta of 10-15miles a sec has alot of kinetic energy…


          • Thanks for sticking up for me Mike.

          • The Communist regime killed about 62 million people maybe more, give or take. Within that group were a lot of people who were thinking like you Mike, and within that group I am sure that some were thinking and quoting the Mongols and the death and destruction that followed them. The paranoid folk immigrated. They went to safer places, maybe they didn’t fit in. Hence white people in Mexico, Central and South America, Or anywhere else in the world where one of these don’t fit in. But their paranoid ancestors gave them a chance to live. They are still here.

        • The possibility is rated at 99.998% that the thing misses.

          On the other hand, seeing software companies promising “five nines” of reliability go down on occasion? Err, yeah.

          In all likelihood though, the thing will miss entirely.

          You might get a chance to see it, under two conditions – that you have a strong enough telescope (it’s pretty small), and that you happen to be on the right side of the planet as it passes by.

          • If I had my choice of where it would hit it would be Washington D.C.

            • Like we could get so lucky.

            • Maybe it will split and hit DC AND Wall Street. IF there were a caring god …

          • …and of course our bought-and-paid for space agency, NASA would never *EVER* lie to us.

            Do you think they’d tell us if it was REALLY going to hit?

            Like Ben Bernanke, “We will not monetize the debt.”

            Like Kenyan Obama, “I will close Quantanamo Bay.”

            Like NASA, “It has less that 2/1000ths of a percent of an actual collision.”

            Really? *REALLY*? Anyone that believes these people has to be so incredbily gullible after the multiple times that have lied to you.

            So, the only think you can use the criminal bastard thieves for is a warning. You cannot believe statistics. They will use them for their profit and power. Any other use is foolish.

            The only reason we’ve even been told about it is because somewhere, somehow someone made the news or made money or it was actually their job to tell the truth. Now, the funny business starts and you must sort the information and decide which is true and which is not based on your experience and intuition.

            Information in today’s environment is heavily manipulated for profit and power. Accept it at face value at your own peril.

            There are multiple places this could hit and improve the planet. New York City when the UN is in full session. Washington DC when congress is in full session. You can probably think of other advantageous landing points that are also gathering points for liars, thieves and con artists.

            • Yet another place I would like to see this thing hit is anywhere my MIL is at the time.

            • You go Net, you always tell it like it is , or should be!

          • Where did you see that probability? The table linked above starts in 2020, not 2013.

          • This is the smartest comment I’ve ever read on this video, thank you for not being a paranoid idiot that believes everything he hears on the internet

        • The moon is 235000 miles away so this is very close. And you will see it. At 16000 miles is not that far the Earths circumference is longer.

      2. P.S. First bitches!

        • Wrong again Homer-boy.

        • Whose the Bitch, I can count. One post ha, ha, ha, Two Posts ha, ha, ha. My three old can count thanks to her parents and Sesame street, better then you. I can not help you with parents but Sesame Street is on PBS 10 am every day!

          • For “anonymous” So glad Sesame Street has taken the time to instruct your child on the finer points in “counting” May I suggest, that you ask you child to take a couple of seconds, to give your posts a quick wee read to make sure you haven’t left any words out. ; )
            (My three old …… My three old what anonymous? Goldfish?)

            • Hey Watch and Wait. Maybe you should listen to your own advice. You left an “r” out of your rant when you told Anonymous to ask their child to proof their post. Just saying. Don’t cast stones without being 100% about what you say.

          • My three *year* old. If you’re hanging crap on someone for being unable to count please try to make you sentences coherent.

            • Says the guy who typed “try to make you sentences coherent”. I believe the word you’re looking for is “your”.

        • LOL

      3. no way!

          • Thanks for the link HF. I only read a bit of it, but it looks interesting and I got it bookmarked for later. My ‘no way’ was actually about the possibility of being first. We’re kinda like a bunch of kids on the playground. Everybody wants the good swing! (you know, the one with no bird poop on the seat!)

            • 🙂

          • Now that is actually very well written… dont know when it was done but interesting. Reminds me of “The Road” which was pretty chilling.

            Thanks for posting the link.


      4. I swear the alternative media always finds the good stuff before main stream media does. thanks for these articles I like to read them daily.

      5. OK,

        If the end of times is 12/21/2012, why should I care about an event that is so close – 16,700 miles away.

        Hell. it will take me three months to get over the hangover from 12/21/2012.

        Great, now I gotta start over again for Feb. 2013 and I have enough preps to smile through it all.

        Y’all Bewere! Jokes on me.

      6. Whether DA14 makes a direct hit or merely passes by, the likelihood of such apocalyptic even happening to earth at some point is not out of the question. Will it happen in 2013 or 3013 or even 5013? Your guess is as good as mine. The best we can do as residents of planet Earth is prepare for the less cataclysmic events and moreover, to embrace each day as if it was the last.

        In my case, just reading about DA14 makes me want to hug my loved ones and step back from my personal pursuits so that I can spend quality time with people I care about.


      7. If the end of the world event does not work out in December of 2012.., the 2012 DA14 will give the media something to talk about and get some people worried about it.

        I was wondering what the next event will be. Now I know. 😉

      8. Time for Earth ending Panic Sex

        Who is bringing the Hookers & Blow ?

        • I don’t have time for that. I have a whole list of people who have earned a b&*%h slap and it’s payday.

          • Damn right. Where did I put my brass knuckles?

          • ..payload.. just sayin’ …lol.

          • Lol..I hear that!

      9. This one will require a little less prep than the others. Would be hard to ride this one out depending on where it hits (if it does).

        Be prepared anyway. ; )

      10. I’m going to get me some.

        • The two that downed me are fags!

          • In England, a fag is a cigarette.

            • This is very true, and a rubber removes lead pencil marks lol

        • Make that three faggots!

          • Make that six.

            • I’m surrounded by faggots.

            • R U trying to tell us U R in love with 9+ other boyz?

            • You are surrounded by “yourself”.

              You are surrounded by your “fear”.

              You are surounded by your lack of wit,

              Surround yourself with chips and beer !!!

              ….lololololol….Just messin’ wit ya….

      11. Place Obamas ego between it and us and we will all be safe.

        • Or his wife’s fat ass. That booty would be proof against a dinosaur-killing rock!

          • “That booty would be proof against a dinosaur-killing rock!”

            Now that’s freaking funny! Moon, you and Tom are invited to stay at my compound when tshtf! In addition to prepping, it’s all about a positive attitude and a sense of humor – and both of you got it!

            P.S. I was at Cabelas earlier this PM, and there were two smokin’ hotties staring at all the merchandise behind the glass at the gun counter. Made me want to draft a letter to “Dear Penthouse” on the spot!

            • Maybe they need a .45 to protect their 38s.

            • Why are we worried about DA14?
              I’d Biach slap that thing back to the hood it came from

          • RAWR!!

      12. If I knew for sure when and where it would impact, I would move. Otherwise, there is nothing I can do differently that would help me survive this low probability event, so I am going to take a nap.

        • Could this be Wormwood?

          • Wormwood was Chernobyl… In Ukrainian, ‘Chernobyl’ means “the place where mugwort [i.e., artemisia vulgaris, or common wormwood – Ukrainian chornobylnik] grows.


          • Might it be part of that thing called planet X?I seen you tube stuff about it,not sure how “true it all is….
            Might BE the Wormwood of Revelation,or might not.Looks like ALOT of other stuff mentioned there and at Matt 24 is coming around…
            “Just as in the days of Noah,so will the coming of the Son of Man be.They will be buying and selling,eating and drinking,marrying and being given in marriage,and they took no note.Until that day arrived and they were all swept away”….
            Sounds like THE CHANGE could be here sooner than later.
            Best to All


      13. Would matter if the gov DID tell us where and when it might hit? Supposedly they couldn’t tell us where and when the 2 satellite were coming down last summer, or even where the russian one hit after the fact. Do you really want to prep based on any of their info? It would probably put you in the middle of the strike zone lol

        • …they cant even get tommorrows weather report right….

      14. Okay my fellow preppers, just in case we get hit by big space debris, I need advise on a quality pressure cooker.

        Any and all suggestions will be appreciated; my many thanks in advance (xxx ooo).

        …be safe….stay the course….B.

        • The All American pressure canner is supposed to be the best made. The lid seals metal to metal without a rubber gasket to wear out. They make various sizes, depending on how many jars you want to process at once. It can be used as a regular pressure cooker also. They are expensive most places. The best prices I’ve seen are on their own site, www . allamericancanner . com. Also don’t forget Tattler lids from reusablecanninglids . com. They are reusable indefinitely. If one wears out, the company will replace it free.

          • They’ll replace the plastic lids but not the gaskets. Just an fyi. If you buy them buy extra gaskets too. They’re great once you get used to canning w them.

            • I have been metal detecting for about 10 years, I hunt at a lot of old homesteads and over the years have found about 50-60 of the old ceramic jar lids. I have cleaned them but never used any of them. I hear they sale for a good price but think I’ll just keep em and maybe buy some of the rubber gaskets.

        • BA, As long as You are just planning to use it for canning, the Aluminum ones at Wally World are just fine. Aluminum puts off highly toxic chemicals when heated to boiling. Ever wonder why so many of the elderly have Alziemers Disease? The toxins from aluminum are directly related. The baby boomers now reaching retirement are stricken with Alziemers and other diseases linked to years of cooking in aluminum pots and pans. It’s stainless steel, glass, and seasoned cast iron for us. We do use some stoneware and ceramic, but you have to be careful, even with coffee cups, a lot of that stuff comes from China and they use lead based paint/coatings. Any of our friends deep frying wings or a turkey in aluminum, for a get together; we had plans already.

        • Thx…got it…All American Pressure “Canner”…

          P.S. —I hear that all ‘roids are a pain in the arse…
          …..especially the ‘roids near Uranus…
          …just sayin’…

        • I purchased a Presto pressure cooker last year for about 90.00 from wal mart. I did ALOT of research on custommer reviews befor I bought it. I LOVE this thing. I was nervouse as I never canned before and this thing is great. ALOT of room and for a beginner I was able to put food up with no prob. ALOT of people said they bought expensive ones to only return them to get this. Look up the reviews. I LOVE this one and would use no other tha is just my opinion. Hope it helps

      15. one day before…..give chocolate to your sweetheart day…poetic

        • After…

        • Thanks, I needed that.

          He mentions that it will pass “well beneath some of our own orbiting satellites”, wonder if there is a chance they could get hit, and crash to earth?

          • I’m all for it taking out some of those satellites, as long as my tv service doesn’t get interrupted lol. Being only 150 feet wide, the odds are probably pretty slim of it hitting one, but it would most likely completely demolish the satellite if it did.

      16. Any ideas on how to prep for that event?

        Global killer..


        • sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll

      17. What are the chances it will land on washington?

        • I was thinking the same thing Bill. That would be justice.

        • Won’t it disrupt his basketball game?

      18. mooshell will rip off a big one pointed toward the in-bound way castrophe. all will be ok.

      19. NO BIG DEAL :

        The rock will likely miss us by 16,000 miles. If it does hit, it will break up in the upper atmosphere. The fragments will still pack a punch but only in a small area. The wind blast at 6 miles from impact would be in the 600 mph range. But 20 miles from impact the wind is about 100 mph (Cat 2 hurricane). Go out to 60 miles and the wind blast is only 20 mph. So like real estate it is all about Location Location Location.

        Statistically, there is a 71% chance that the rock would land in an ocean. If the rock landed in the ocean 60 miles off shore and you expected a tsunami, you would be disappointed. The wave would be 4 inches high.

        FYI: The assumptions used for the calculations was a 60 metre (198 feet) very dense rock (3 tons per cubic yard) . Moving at a speed of 30 miles per second, and hitting at a 45 degree angle. Don’t lose sleep over this one.

      20. The government is preparing???? How? By building an even more luxurious suite for themselves under some mountain? Imagine their dismay when they crawl out and there’s no one left to boss around or support them. All that ego and no ability, nor any servants. They’d go for each other’s throats immediately. Let the blood flow!

        • I’m going to find their underground bunkers and plug up the air vents.

          • I think it’d be lots more fun to just plug the exits using a few caterpillars—let them listen to their own lying partners in crime the last days.
            Hey, Gates?? How ya gonna get out of that one…yeah, weld the vents from outside. That should do it.
            What seeds??

          • It would be more fun to get a bunch of people together who have had nothing but beans to eat for a month and send them a methane cloud….

      21. The Tunguska explosion was caused by a meteorite composed entirely of ice. An asteroid would be composed of iron-nickel. It would do much more damage than ice vaporizing in the atmosphere.

        • Barn Cat:

          If it is iron-nickel as you say, it would make a difference. The dense rock ( 3000 kg per cubic metre) I used in my original calculations, is now 8,000 kg per cubic metre, in your example. Dense rock gives off about 100 Mega Tons of Energy. The Iron-Nickle gives of about 270 Megatons of energy.

          There now would be a crater. 1.6 Miles across and 1800 feet deep if it hit land. I used sedimentary rock at ground zero for the calculations.

          If you were 25 miles from the impact, There would be a bright flash, about 7.8 times brighter than sun-light. The peak wind force would be 55 mph. There would be an a earthquake event, breaking dishes, cracking plaster, but not damaging well built houses. All survivable.

          But Inside 10 miles from impact and its not good. The flash is 21 times brighter than the sun. Newspaper would catch fire. 2nd degree burns on humans. The blast force would be at 243 mph. Not survivable unless the person was under ground in a shelter.

      22. If it does hit the earth, let us hope the impact point is Washington, DC.

      23. would tin-foil wrapped around my house help with it’s impact? Is it better to be in the house or outside the house ?

      24. The Mayan’s end of the calender was Dec/2012…..many thinking this predicted the endof the world.

        A meteor hitting 2 months later would be a pretty small margin of error given they were working with a several thousand years….

        Just saying…..

        • My theory on the Mayan time clock is this: They used the stars,Sun and probably the moon to calculate time via alignments. When they laid out the wheel clock it would only allow enough room for just so many “rocks”. They ran out of room for more rocks. If they would have known they would be having a short lived civilization, they probably would have made it smaller than they did. LOL… Our world and this current civilation ain’t got that much longer when you compare it to the “Grand Scheme” of our time on Earth, in flesh bodies. God is still in control and it will end when he says it does. I truly believe we are in the last generation and the next “BIG” event we see that takes out billions of lives is what is predicted in Revelation. That’s the war that is centered around the river Euphrates,probably WWIII, in which a third of the earth’s population are killed. The majority of those casualities will be Islamic nations and possibly part of the Chinese Military. Just my belief. I wouldn’t get too bent, over what some scientist/astronomer says “may” happen. Hug your kids if you got ’em and pat momma on the butt and tell her how good she looks( even if she has lost that lovin’ feelin’) and don’t worry over things you can’t change or you can’t control.

        • A 190 foot rock is not going to end the world. It would cause very little damage outside of 25 miles from impact.

          The big one 65 Million years ago was Not 190 feet across, but 6.25 Miles across. Even that didn’t kill everything.

        • I thought the Mayans predicted the end of an ERA.

          • And the beginning of a new era (or calendar).

      25. Well there aint no prepping for that, I wonder if they can hurry up and get a HouseBill against this sort of natural disaster..? you know so they can hold who’s at fault as a terrorist..

      26. If it hit China would jobs come back to the US?

        Seriously this is serious. The distance is about 2/3 of the earths circumference or about the distance of London traveling east to California; that is pretty damn close.

        Well I guess we just put it on the list of things to concern us. I long for the old cold war when nuclear war was the only concern.

        • Doubt it, we would just give them billions in aid to re-tool up in India or Indonesia…

          If it did hit China, disrupting their manufacturing sites Walmart would go under, iPhones would ceast to exist for few years too.


      27. Considering that this thing is relatively small, could a nuke either move it out of the way or blast it into small enough pieces that it would vaporize in the atmosphere? If we can hit a satelite orbitting the earth that is way smaller, Im we could hit this thing. On the other hand, why would our government want to if this thing was going to hit someone else such as China or Russia? Sounds like a way to eliminate the competition and not pay back some federal debt.

      28. interesting! we are also at a high risk of solar flares in 2013. not good combo coming.

      29. Even an asteroid 10,000 times the size of this sucker wouldn’t do as much damage to nation’s economy as Obummernonics

      30. Anyone remember the TV show BattleStar Galactica, with Lorne Greene? He had been on the old western TV show Bonanza so long that when he started, he thought an asteroid was what one got from sitting in the saddle too long.

        • I thought those were ANDROIDS. I was wondering why people would be buying those.

      31. The Mayans were off by 2 months?

      32. Hmmm. With a 50% chance of re-election, I am much more concerned about the destruction caused by the asses in Wash. D.C. than the destruction due to the asteroid in space.

        One we cannot affect, the other we might. Four more years of Obama and we are toast rather than being vaporized in a nanosecond.

      33. If the person driving this asteroid is anything like the guy in the blue suv on I-80 this morning, then an impact is a REAL possibility. I’m gonna enlist a few hundred truckers to join me in blasting our air horns all day on Feb 15th, just to be on the safe side.

      34. lol, an atroid hitting us would definetly take care of the doo doo hitting the fan

      35. Dude, in just the last couple of weeks a couple of
        new asteroids were discovered, and I think both passed
        quite close to the earth. Moral of story, they seem to
        pop-up overnight, unexpectedly, all the time. So there’s
        not much we’ll be able to do when one hits.

        I got all excited about Elenin, and Honda…..I was SURE
        that they were gonna hit, or bust up and spew dust and
        meteors at Earth. Ya know what? Nothing happened!

        I made up my mind I wasn’t getta buy in to all the hype
        about the latest ‘asteroid’ to pop up.

        I am, however, a little leery about Yellowstone. I did
        ANOTHER comprehensive study last night. It could blow
        any day. I’d be more worried about that (I AM!)

        • Although it’s overdue to blow, my sources tell me there is little indication may do so during the next several dozen or hundren generations.

        • Well, Yellowstone is for you what New Madrid is for me.

          But, you can run from Yellowstone; I can’t run from New Madrid..especially during the night.

      36. Damn where’s Harry Stamper when you need him? I watched that movie for the first time in summer of 98 on mushrooms. Ahh youth. We’re shit out of luck this time. We dont even have a shuttle program anymore let alone two badass ones that has hi tech shit not invented yet! Nope if an asteroid of the Yellowstone supervolcano goes up There isnt a SHTF plan for 99.9% of us! Ill just make my peace with my maker and say it was a good life!

      37. No need to worry folks. The government has a handle on it.
        Federal Government Response List For All Possible Calamities-

        Hyperinflation- Print more money

        Deflation- Print more money

        Terrorist threats at airports- Molest children and little old ladies

        Invasion of illegal aliens- give ’em amnesty

        Amish people selling raw milk- raid farms with gun-weilding FBI goons

        Alternate media promoting dissent- internet kill switch

        Total social/economic collapse- Hide in massive underground bunkers, leave gov goons up top to confiscate preppers supplies

        Emerging barter economies- send in gov goons to arrest people for not paying ‘taxes’ on the transactions

        Armed citizens who may assert their rights and resist gov- register all firearms, tax ammo astronomically, charge people with ANY crime then use it as an excuse to deny their right to own firearms

        A few of the sheeple actually waking up- use massive media/propaganda machine to label them as unstable kooks and a danger to society, enlist the sleeping sheeple to narc on their neighbors, tell them it’s their ‘civic duty’ to keep country safe from ‘terrorists’

        Possibility of asteroid impact- say nothing to the sheeple, hide in bunkers and watch Bugs Bunny cartoons and eat cheetos til it’s safe to come out, say you were on vacation in Hawaii

        • The politician playbook:
          When in trouble, pick one or more of the following:
          a) print money and give it to whoever caused the problem
          b) steal money and give it to whoever caused the problem
          c) attack another country
          d) blame terrorists
          e) blame another country
          f) go on vacation
          g) send in the drones/SWAT team/SEALS
          h) create a new regulation/government agency that eliminates any possible solution to the problem

          Then go on CNBC/FOX and tell the world what a spectaular job you are doing in such difficult times.

        • Hiya Smokin

          Has everyone changed their name whilst I’ve been on nights or have we gots lots of new posters?

          I refer to impact possibilities as cabin crew specials.

          Bend down, stick your head between your legs and kiss your arse goodbye…if a bloody great rock going at that kind of speed hits locally to you…well at least it will be quick and no amount of stored goodies will make a bit of difference.

          I prefer to prep for definite maybes, the probably not maybes will have to wait a while.

          Take care

          • Hi Burt! I think we just have lots of new folks here, and maybe a few who’ve gone under cover! 🙂

      38. Can’t speak to DA14, but high probability of a 9.1+ Earthquake for us on/around March 21st is one to keep on your radar.

        • Where ?

          • BluesClues-
            Impossible to predict where. The last 4, however were in the Pacific Basin (Chile, New Zealand, Fiji, Japan). Can’t draw definite conclusions, but based on 100% of the previous events taking place in the Ring of Fire, it seems apparent that the stresses exerted on our planet by the presence of this HMO manifest themselves in this area of the globe…This trend makes it difficult to believe the 5th event would occur anywhere else.

            • You reminded me about some “channeling” I read some time ago.
              The higher entity this person channeled advised to “watch the Ring of Fire” as part of upcoming Earth changes.

        • yourdaddy: Curious where you get your information? I have been interested in the New Madrid fault for a couple of years now. There was a guy on ATS that gave a historical analysis comparison between 1811 and last year and came within 10 days of predicting last years quake. Was really interesting how the weather patterns and flooding were so similar.

          • This has nothing to do with New-Madrid (or any fault-line for that matter)..

            We’ll be in near-side alignment with the HMO (Heavy Mass Object; aka possible Brown dwarf star) during those days…Specifically on March 21st, (but hard to get that exact when you’re dealing with objects 100’s of millions of miles apart). These Mega-quakes are on 188 day cycles as we orbit the Sun. When we are in far-side alignment (i.e the Sun is between us and the HMO), the Earthquakes are still significant (7.0-7.5) and in near side (i.e. when the Earth is between the two and being tugged on in opposite directions) are 9.0+ (Chile & Japan).

            In case you missed the details of these last 4 MEGA quakes:

            Feb 27, 2010:
            Chile 8.8 (HMO – Earth -Sun)

            Sept 3, 2010: (188 Days Later)
            Christchurch 7.1 (HMO – Sun – Earth)

            Mar 11, 2011: (189 Days Later)
            Japan 9.0 (HMO – Earth – Sun)

            Sept. 15, 2011: (187 Days Later)
            Fiji 7.3 (HMO -Sun – Earth)

            Mar 21, 2012: (188 Days Later)
            ????? ??? (HMO – Earth – Sun)

            A little background…This HMO has been theorized to be a Sister star to our sun. Since 80% of all stars in our galaxy are “Binary” this theory is actually less improbably then our current belief of our Sun being a stand-alone star. The orbital cycle of these binary stars is also theorized to be around 3600 years. Because this “star” is categorized as a Brown Dwarf, it is nearly impossible to detect without infared equipment and requires a “lensing” effect as it bends light trying to pass through it from many light years “behind” it.

            In any event, as this HMO gets closer to perihelion position to our Sun (closest orbital point), her speed and arc will become more dramatic as will the electro magnetic trough “connecting” them. As the Earth passes directly between our Sun & this HMO, our planet is put under tremendous strain in opposite directions as we become influenced by the gravity trough of both the Sun & the HMO. The last two times this has happened, we endured Chile & Fukishima Japan (see above). As the Earth passes in direct alignment on the far side of the Sun, we are still influenced by the combined efforts of these 2 stars, but they are exerting their pressure on our planet in the same direction. Thus, their “tug” while still significant, isn’t set in opposition of each other. The last two times we’ve had this specific alignment we endured New Zealand & Fiji (See above).

            The significance of such repetitive patterns in both size of quakes and days between them is more than compelling. You’ll notice that in addition to being able to set your watch to these mega-events the magnitudes of these “pairs” has increased by exactly 0.2 points with each respective quake. This can be attributed to the rapidly closing distance of this HMO (binary star). As this HMO gets closer, the electro-magnetic troughs between our Earth and both these stars will become more compressed and energized.

            So, with all of that said…

            Allow me to take a stab at the predictive nature and sound the bell that on or around March 21st, the Earth will endure another Earthquake in the 9.0+ range.
            16 days to see if there is anything to this…

            We’ll see.

            • That is very interesting, and I won’t pretend to understand all of it.
              It reminds me that we are alot like surfers. We can get better at riding the wave, but we will never be able to control it.

            • Your daddy: The last time you made a prediction (last summer), you were off by six whole hours (my time)!

              Just saying. 🙂

            • Very good analysis and explanation, yourdaddy, thank you.

      39. Could we really be so lucky as to have this rock to land on D.C.? I do fear the “big one” however, be it the San Andreas or New Madrid.

      40. How about a big magnet under DC?

      41. Lucifer’s Hammer ?

      42. You ought to try it up here. We’re dependant on Russian transportation, but the vodka and the view is a plus.

        • Are you talking about the The View tv show?

      43. They didn’t give it a name, only a number, that alone tells me nothing will happen.

      44. OMG! Another stupid media release about a rock in space and people are starting to panic already. Asteroids, terrorists, rouge planets, pandemics, the Muslim horde, the Chinese Mongol horde, Iranians, Crazy North Koreans, the TSA, CIA, WHO, IMF, Hugo Chevez, Dr No and Borat. The PTB must be peeing themselves stupid at scaring people stupid about something else that nobody can do anything about. More fear for nothing. People really do need to stop letting themselves be held hostage by the Govt, PTB and media.
        At the end of the day if you believe in the Myan calander, you have about 9 months left, so stop worrying about a space rock. You won’t be here for it.
        Heres my prediction …… By 2099 ……all of you who read this will be dead. You will have died of cancer, a vehicle crash, drowning or something explainable. If you died of being rounded up and exterminated in a FEMA camp or your State or country gets hit by an asteroid …… Why worry? There’s nothing you can do to stop the one garunteed event that WILL happen to YOUR life. Good or bad!! So stop worrying about dying ….. Worry about living, and remind yourself to spend what’s left of your life doing what you want. Release yourself from your present slavery and get living!!

      45. this will work to our advantage cause even the maggot people will come out to rubberneck the situation…

        • Someone said years ago that if you won the PowerBall, you should duck immediately – the odds of a meteorite hitting you are something like 1:20,000 vs 1:175million for Lotto…


      46. Does this mean the hill can promise Miss Fluke a lifetime supply of libtard gold coin condoms?

      47. Is this bullish for gold?

        • Do your research Satori. Here are the Tsunami stats for a 66 Yard wide rock:

          10 miles from impact : 36 to 160 feet high

          20 miles from impact : 5 to 84 feet high

          30 miles from impact : 2 feet to 56 feet

          50 miles from impact : 30 feet

          100 miles from impact : 16 feet

          150 miles from impact: 10 feet

          The link you provided talks about a 1,200 Yard wide rock that may hit earth in 880 years from now.

      48. Time to plan! Mebbe I’ll go by myself a new domain called

      49. Should I cancel my trip to Aspen feb 12-20 ?

        • NO ! Have a great trip.

        • No, don’t cancel the trip. Just remember to pack your surfboard and an unbrella. Oh, and maybe an extra pair of underwear! You never know…

          Snowball/Flying Pig 2012

      50. I’m on submarine duty in the Swedish Navy. Food is our only problem while underway. We can ping them to the surface. We have women too!

        • Funny! Obama is such a dumb ass……. He’s been surrounded by idiots all his life. What can we expect? Obama’s Mary Poppins gone bad..

      51. I don’t understand the reasoning behind “the US government is and has been Preparing For Unlikely Events Like War, Catastrophic Collapse of Society, and Even Asteroids, so you can feel confident knowing that you’re not a lunatic”.

        I’d be willing to argue that the people in government are far more loony than the average citizen.

        I’ll be looking to private stargazers to get their opinions…

      52. Just left the Obama rally in Salt Lake City, and WOW! What a show! 600 screaming zombies all chanting “Yes we can’t! Yes we can’t!” Plus a half-drunk street urchin who was slightly out of sinc- “No we can! No we can!”
        It was an incredible circus atmosphere. They had jugglers and people walking on stilts, or I thought so. Turned out to be a couple players from the Utah Jazz. (did you ever see that movie- ‘Nephalim Can’t Jump?)
        Two college age girls with green hair offered me an Obama bumper sticker. I tried to trade ’em for one of my Snowball/Flying Pig stickers but they backed away, making the sign of the cross. Guess they weren’t Mormons, huh?
        A middle-aged woman, obviously a tea party infiltrator, was circulating a petition to raise the Utah drinking age to 45. The security guards found her and tossed her out. I know the security was off duty TSA agents because they still had on the blue gloves from their night job of frisking girl scouts and doing body cavity searches on octagenarians. (careful, boys, you don’t know where that glove has been)
        The best part of the whole show was when the Bomster finally made his speech. It was priceless! The sound system was shorting out and the loudspeakers only carried a few words at a time. I got a transcript of the speech just to clarify a few points. The words in parentheses are the words nobody heard. Maybe that explains the riot breaking out!

        Obama Speech Transcript:
        (It’s great to be here) IN UTAH TODAY! I WANT TO THANK GIOVANI’S ITALIAN RESTAURANT (where we just had lunch.)
        I’M SO FULL OF SHIT(ake mushrooms) FROM THAT PIZZA (it was great) AND THE REST (of the meal) WAS IN(cr)EDIBLE.
        NOW, MY FELLOW (americans, and our distinguished guests, the delegation of) KENYANS, LET ME BE PERFECTLY FRANK WITH YOU. OUR ECONOMY IS (on the mend, far better that when I took over and everything was) SINKING LIKE A ROCK. MY PROMISE TO YOU IS TO ENSURE THAT IT STAYS THAT WAY!
        …right about here is where the crowd went from stunned to angry and the cops moved in with the tear gas….

        • Was Mrs. Bomster standing next to her man?

      53. If it popped in on Iran it’d do us all a big favor and lots of people would be thanking God again. Then again if it pops in on the US ….. God loses a lot of followers.

      54. This sounds just like the lead up to the comet elenin bullshit …..its one non doom event after the next

      55. As an engineer, with the present data, I understand the difficulty of predicting IF it will hit the Earth. But I bet they know (but won’t publish) within 15 minutes of WHEN it would hit which pretty well determines the Earth’s longitude of impact within a degree or two.

        • Hi Bill

          Sure are a lot of us around. My dad was an engineer. My son is too. Small world. Brains skipped a generation maybe… I’m a hellofashot though.


      56. hmmmmm march 8th or march 21 or march 2013 or march 2080. Its crazy man think I’ll just enjoy some life while i do so prepping, After all just what the hell could I do to stop any of this..


        PS It may be a fine day to have a BBQ and a party

      57. DA14? Sounds like a Pentax lens to me than a meteor.

      58. Cool I hope we all die. I mean do any of us really want to be around for another obummer term?

      59. I dont think this has been mentioned but any orbital calculations are just a series of points determined by observations – the more observations done over as a long period as possible, the better your accuracy.

        So the operational word here is “ACCURACY” and I am thinking just 1 decimal wrong on 4th place would eat this 16,700mile separation in a heartbeat. In astronomical terms 16,700 miles is beyond “WAY TOO CLOSE” as its a trivial distance for a planet 7920 miles in diam.

        Orbital mechanics and determinations are a science BUT the are always error factors and unreliable data – some observations are thrown out.

        The orbit simms we are shown have the object approach and get in front of Earth which is traveling slightly faster and so comes up behind it. Gravitational perturbations in the time prior to Opposition can mess up orbital calcs.

        Its going to be interesting to see if the Govts actually let us know if they mount counter-measures like lasers or nukes if they think its going to impact…

        If it lands in any ocean, we are in for a whole heap of hurt. Landmass is not that much better long term, and disasterous over any populated area.


      60. I’ll keep a eye to the sky.I can only hope it fly’s by.But if it hit’s it will knock some people a wake for sure.Ha Ha ha just a little fun.Thank you for the head’s up.

      61. Maybe it will happen, maybe not…..

        Either way we all must take a ride on this train.

        I have noticed that Dire predictions and threat warnings a very good for BUSINESSES that want to profit from your fears. Remember Y2K…The Computer / Survival industries made Huge profits.

        Me, I will not hide under my bed nor hold my teddy-bear and cry in the dark. We can do nothing about Natural Disasters , before they happen.

      62. Did the Myans take leap year into account? If not, by mycalculations, we should’ve been SMOKED 7 months ago…ooops !


        • Satellite?

          200-300ft in diam is not an orbiting satellite, for Godsake! Neither do “satellites”, weighting a few 1000 tons, travel at 10’s of miles per second. Mass is a real bitch to slow down!

          IF this thing hits it will be felt around the world, the people that wont give a damned will be within a 20mile radius as the heatflash &or shockwave in the 1st 30secs will have fried or pulverised them. Further out & hearing damage will probably be permanent.

          Ever been to Winslow AZ? I have & theres a piece of that meteorite in my display case. Google or check out below:-

          2012-DA14 is double the size.

          All joking aside – this little rock is very serious.

          ps. Meanwhile, we have an X5 flare arriving soon as of 0028GMT this evening.

      64. Nothing will happen.  It’ll bounce out of the atmosphere. 

      65. Well, that sucks! Hope I get to go to a VanHalen concert again before all that shit hit’s the fan.

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