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The US Government Is Prepping For Unlikely Events Like War, Catastrophic Collapse of Society, and Even Asteroids – Are You?

Mac Slavo
October 26th, 2010
Comments (75)

Your run of the mill prepper is likely stocking up on food, water, SHTF gear, guns and ammo for any number of “doomsday” scenarios that may occur – be they natural disasters or man-made catastrophes. Often times, those who take emergency preparedness seriously – especially longer term preparedness – may be depicted in the media, and perhaps by neighbors, friends and family, as “a little out there.” If they’re not being told to do it through their normal information acquisition channels, chances are that those around you don’t believe it’s real or even possible, thus they take no action, other than to maybe vilify you for your thoughts on the matter.

But, while the majority of Americans may not believe in the very real possibility of the occurrence of far-from-equilibrium situations, the fact of the matter is that the US government has been preparing for SHTF and TEOTWAWKI for decades.

If one had to guess, due to a lack of statistical data, one might say that the single largest preparedness goods and services consumer in the world is the U.S. government. They plan for all sorts of disasters.

We know from reactions to questioning during Oliver North’s testimony over the Iran-Contra affair in the 1980’s that the US government has alternate systems of governance already in place – referred to by some as “the shadow government.” We may balk at the idea of a non-elected government standing by to take over, but from the standpoint of preparedness it only makes sense, doesn’t it?

We also know, for a fact, that the US government has built secure bunkers in the past to protect high value personnel like the President of the United States and other elected officials. This was confirmed prior to and during the September 11th attacks, when President Bush and Vice President Cheney were reportedly transferred to secure, undisclosed locations.

In 2006, the EU and other interested parties commissioned the building of a seed bank about 430 feet above sea level, deep inside a frozen mountain, with the hope being that if the Earth was ever threatened by a large scale catastrophe like climate change, nuclear war or an asteroid, the human population would retain access to the many varieties of fruits, vegetables, herbs and plants available in modern society. The so-called “Doomsday Vault” was built by the EU and other governments quickly and efficiently over a period of 18 months and houses millions of seeds from around the world. The rapid deployment of the vault has lead some to speculate that a global catastrophe is imminent.

In Conspiracy Theory 2012, with Jesse Ventura, we learned that the U.S. government is still engaged in the building of massive underground bunker systems. According to Ventura, one of the largest has been built under the new Denver airport. In fact, the US government is reportedly building so fast and so widespread, that private contractors in the bunker business are having a difficult time obtaining necessary equipment and supplies to continue their developments.

We even have an entire department, funded by taxpayers to the tune of $6 billion per year that is specifically tasked to deal with disaster scenarios. We normally only hear about the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) during hurricanes, floods, fires and earthquakes, but they are responsible for responding to all major emergencies across the country. According to some, but denied by many, FEMA has even built refugee camps to deal with millions of people who may be displaced in large scale emergencies or during a declaration of martial law.

Anecdotal reports over the years suggest that the largest buyer of freeze dried goods from major freeze dried food manufacturers is none other than the U.S. government. One of our recommended emergency preparedness partners indicates that they serve not only retail customers, but government entities as well, including the Transportation Security Administration, US State Department, and the Department of Homeland Security.

The government is and has been preparing for something, perhaps many things, for decades. The very existence of FEMA and Department of Homeland Security suggests that they are planning for wide a variety of possibilities. To be clear, the fact that they are planning for something doesn’t necessarily mean that it will happen – just that it’s a possibility.

And how far “out there” is the US government when it comes to disaster planning and gaming emergency scenarios?

Consider an October 25, 2010 report from AOL News discussing the potential threat from an incoming asteroid. It may be the stuff of science fiction movies for most, but for White House Office of Science and Technology Policy director John Holdren it’s a possibility that cannot be ignored. In a series of letters to Congress Holdren outlines a plan for “protecting the United States from a near-Earth object that is expected to collide with Earth; and implementing a deflection campaign, in consultation with international bodies, should one be necessary.” The plan includes collaborative efforts between governments and militaries around the world in the event that NASA spots an incoming asteroid.

If nothing else, this proves that there are agencies within the US government that dedicate time, money (lots of it) and resources to the study of scenarios that can be considered The End of The World As We Know It.

Those very same people – your neighbors, friends, and family members – who may consider your personal preparedness efforts a little over the top would likely agree that the government spending billions of dollars on emergency preparedness is worthwhile project given the many possibilities for calamity to occur.

The issue, however, is that the government may be spending billions, but they cannot possibly prepare for widescale, total collapse situations where tens of millions of lives are at risk. It is simply not possible.

Our government, even if they tried, would not be able to stock enough food and resources for the entire population of the United States. They can’t possibly respond to widespread catastrophes that may include simultaneous nuclear, biological or chemical attacks on multiple U.S. cities, or an electromagnetic pulse threat from a rogue nation, or even a solar flare that threatens our power grid infrastructure.

The takeaway from understanding that the government is preparing for disasters is to acknowledge that, in an emergency, you and your family may be left floating up SHTF Creek without a paddle. The FEMA web site makes an effort to inform people that each individual should be preparing for emergencies themselves, though most Americans have ignored this, or are simply unaware that the recommendations exist.

In Food and Water in an Emergency (pdf) FEMA makes it clear that they may not be able to provide assistance. “If an earthquake, hurricane, winter storm, or other disaster strikes your community, you might not have access to food, water, and electricity for days or even weeks,” warns the report. The recommendations, similar to those we have made in our emergency preparedness reports over the last couple of years, suggest that everyone take responsibility for themselves, “by taking some time now to store emergency food and water supplies, you can provide for your entire family.”

The US government is preparing for large scale disasters. Are you?

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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: October 26th, 2010
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. Chris C. says:

    It always amuses (and saddens) me that most people think nothing of buying insurance via the paper system (ie. health/auto/house/life), but when it comes to simple every day disaster preparedness very few ever stop to consider picking up a generator, a spare can of gasoline, or a few extra cans of food. Just ignorance, or decades of public education indoctrination?

    • Old nam Vet says:

      The term for what people don’t do in preparation is called “normalcy bias”. In other words if it hasn’t happened before it won’t happen now. I saw this in some of the GI’s I fought with. The new GI’s consistently thought we were too strong a military and the Viets couldn’t hurt us. Did the Viets ever prove us wrong. They kicked our butts in the end…

  2. Bill says:

    Chris, don’t be sad that people are stupid.

  3. Tom says:

    I use to be sad that my friends were stupid.  Some of them were ex-military!

  4. alli says:

    The govt is prepping to save the elite “ruling class” & govt employees, elected officials, etc. through whatever catastrophe – but forget the masses – we will be left to fend for ourselves, right?

    I also heard they have a special warning system where govt employees get advance notice so they can get to the safe places, while the rest of us will have to figure it out on our own, so if you are not ready to feed and protect yourself and your family in an “event” then you are going to be SOL.

    They pillage the public treasury to finance their own safety – “women and children first”?  Not a chance!!

  5. GoneWithTheWind says:

    Generator?  What are you going to run and where will you get the fuel.  If the SHTF forget refrigerators and big screen TV’s.  A minimal 45W PV system to power a few lights in the evening and a radio for a few hours is a great idea.  A generator; not so much.  It would be fine prepping for a 7 day ice storm but not for any of the more serious scenarios.

  6. MadMarkie says:

    The elites and PTB will ALWAYS take care of themselves and their families FIRST, using our tax dollars and screw us
    “little people”. They consider us to be “useless eaters” that their world would be much better off without.

    Gee ……. I sure hope that they all make it to their assigned bunkers on time, before they close the doors, and don’t get abandoned up topside with the rest of us. Wouldn’t that be a bitch???

  7. Tom says:

    GWTW   You can buy a tri-fuel 1000 watt Honda that is super quiet that burns only .08 gal/hr on 50% load.  With one “large” propane tank you can run for years…… 

  8. Gods Creation says:


    I have three different ways o power my big screen TV, and hundreds of DVD’s of recorded TV and commercial free sitcoms I got through Amazon.  I AM TV LAND.

    And of course, some food to eat while I am watching it.

    The purpose of prepping is to maintain as much of your standard of living as possible without outside help.  If you like watching movies and stuff on TV, do what it takes so you can do that no matter what happens around you.

    Refrigeration is another thing entirely.  I can’t afford one yet, but a propane refrigerator may one day be worth its weight in gold.  If you can store enough propane to keep it running for six month to a year, if the crap aint over by then the living will envy the dead anyway. 

  9. Dave says:

    Proof that the feds do not want us to be slaves in some FEMA camps in in the fact that they are warning us to stock up on supplies.
    If they wanted us to get into slave labor camps, they would want us to be completely dependent upon them for our survival.
    My neighbors are all liberal attorney weenies who haven’t a clue about survival, guns, etc.
    They would be the first ones to write some legal documents declaring all of my provisions to be community property…
    That threat couldn’t be carried out without guns though!

  10. Tom says:

    Propane fridge/freezer is more expensive to operate than a chest SunDanzer fridge/freezer.  They run on 110 volt with 12/24 volt back up battery.  This freezer can run on a 1000 watt gen along with a tv & a couple of cfl light bulbs with out max out.  Very efficient fridge/freezer.  If it is full with meat with a radio shack battery temp sensor you can go many days with NO power if lid is never opened.
    My brother in-law is a shark also.  He has been clued in, but doesn’t have a clue.

  11. laura m. says:

    Dave and others:  Don’t tell anyone about your preps, food, guns, etc.  If you have a small trusted group of close patriot friends, best not to give them details, other than you have “barter items”..People you trust may turn on others if they see fit.  My neighbors know nothing either, and won’t get any help from me unless it’s for bartering/swapping items of equal value.  Don’t even trust fellow church goers, co workers, etc.  The head of the house is responsible for his family; not the parents or inlaws, siblings, etc.   A man said his adult kids won’t prepare..if not, too bad for them. Adults are responsible for their immediate families only.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Laura M

    you couldnt be more right..Dont inform neighbors friends etc,.. of your planning or what you do or dont have..
    if they are too stupid to see the writing on the wall, tuff.
    by you letting them know you are a prepper..guess where they will come crying to..or set you up for a hit from way too many people.
    I dont even think my own family knows what i have

  13. Tom says:

    Wheat commodities up almost 3% today.  Can you imagine if it went up every day, just 1%! 

  14. Anonymous says:

    Laura M
    spot on!
    never give up what you have or what your doing..good news travels fast and in bad times what you have will become good news to those that didnt prep, and they wont have any quams about busing down your door at 2 am to take it..or tell others in blind communication not knowig months days, or years later who might remember when the S hits the F.
    My own family doesnt even know to what extent i am prepped..
    and some of it i have hidden , because you just never know

  15. VRF says:

    Laura M
    spot on!
    never give up what you have or what your doing..good news travels fast and in bad times what you have will become good news to those that didnt prep, and they wont have any quams about busing down your door at 2 am to take it..or tell others in blind communication not knowig months days, or years later who might remember when the S hits the F.
    My own family doesnt even know to what extent i am prepped..
    and some of it i have hidden , because you just never know

  16. Dave says:

    LAURA, you’re right, I never tell anyone about prepping, stored items, etc.
    My point was that if these know nothings ever found out about my stash, they would attempt to apply their “old world” methods of confiscations via legal plunder with little success.

  17. MadMarkie says:

    @ laura m.

    Greetings. You are 100% correct in your representations that you should NEVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES share your business or the fact that you are prepping, what you have put away, etc. with ANYONE who doesn’t have an absolute, legitimate NEED TO KNOW!!! Not even members of your own immediate family. If they aren’t on board with you and aren’t actively prepping and working with you ….. then they don’t have a need to know.
    Everyone here should remember that “it’s the nail that sticks up that get’s hit in the head with a hammer”!!!!! Always strive to maintain the lowest profile possible and fly under the radar.
    Just my perception ….. please do as you see fit.

  18. Tom says:

    I’m ready for asteroids.  Look out after the election or the stop of UE bennies.

  19. mushroom says:

    most of you miss the point. it is essential for the survival of american principles of freedom and prosperity that the elected intellectual elite be provided with the means of survival in the face of a huge disaster. we should all be glad to fund this type of project whatever it costs. 

    some choices in life are difficult. but we must man up and put our best efforts into the survival of the best part of our species.

    • Kent Perry, Az says:

      Mushroom, that is the biggest load of crap I have ever seen. First, if this is about catastrophic event that lays waste to everything and most everyone, THEIR IS ONLY ONE LAW AND ONE GOVERNING BODY, MINE! You comment suggests they have forewarning and you are asking DEAD PEOPLE to care about the survival of a bloodline of elite’s I don’t give a rats ass about and neither will you when YOU’RE DEAD!

      So spare me the mundane platitudes about the virtues of a shadow government including the “scientific elite” when most of them are Godless knowitalls who are more likely than not, behind much of the science used in our demise from the theft of our economy via agw, climate change, cap and trade to the soft kill methods used in Chem-trails and various inoculations, radiation etc,.

      The point YOU don’t seem to understand, is when FEMA and Blackwater were making it impossible to get food water and blankets to the Katrina victims, people thought it was incompetence and ineptitude. It wasn’t. It was an operation to protect GOVERNMENT and ONLY Government at the People’s expense. It is bad enough they continue to have so many double standards with laws oppressing us stripping away our rights but when they are so “important” as to no apply to them, we are seeing a Government setting us up to be put in death camps.

      Step by step laws are being passed using vague names and titles for anyone they deem a terrorist and notice those they are putting on the list are the very same people they know, they will be pissing off the most. We are being tested to accept actions taken by a tyrannical Kenyan Illegal alien about ideas incomprehensible just five years ago,. Killing Anwar al-waki wasn’t about terrorism, it was about checking Americans resolve using their own hatred of Muslims conflated with ten years of programming that is synonymous with terrorism and Islamic extremist. Then when Christians and atheists start getting whacked screaming “but I’m not a terrorist, I’m NOT MUSLIM!” That is when people like you will finally get it and finally wake up to the fact the terrorists don’t hate us for our freedom.

      THE GOVERNMENT DOES! They are the enemy and they are the only ones taking our freedom from us. The Scientific elite are the biggest group of educated idiots on the planet. The Politicians are the most repugnant cabal or criminal minds now infecting all three branch’s of Government and is why NO ONE, seems to get indicted in these groups these day’s, they are all co-opted and they want YOU DEAD for no other more important a reason than they think they are better than you.

      Well I got news for them AND you,,

      They no longer govern at the consent of the Governed and have violated their oath. They only talk about the Constitution when it suits their agenda but the Country is no longer run according to it so there IS no more rule of law. The Government can NOT have it both ways.

      but apparently they can have you

      and have you they will,,

      for DINNER

  20. Comenius says:

    @alli .

    >The govt is prepping to save the elite “ruling class” & govt employees, elected officials, etc. through whatever catastrophe –

    One danger nobody seems to think about is that the government and the elite “ruling class” will slaughter anyone who didn’t go with them for whatever reasons.

    The book “One Second Later” has a very important defect. The arrival of the Federal Army at the end of that book is not the end of suffering. It would be the beginning of another story, as the Federales would slaughter the men and carry the women away.

    For all practical purposes, if one is not in the bunker, he or she is practically fxxked , one way or another.

  21. Tom says:

    No need to touch the screen for Harry Reid in NV.  It’s already selected!  Those paper ballots are too difficult to count anyway.  $ also.  I hear asteroids are valued more than gold!  Somebody turn the light on mush & over fertilize his litter box.

  22. Mike says:

    Maybe epicenter will be the Goldman Sachs building in New York.


  23. oneshotkill says:

    No one needs to worry about neighbors trying to take their food.
    I think the gubment be handin out mushroom stuffed ten dolla bills.

  24. Durango Kidd says:

    Mike: With any luck Mike, with any luck.  Jefferson believed that God is just and trembled for  his country. Maybe justice is coming quickly. The Chairman of AIG has cancer. Just saying.

    Folks, I have been buying lots of instant coffee and cinnamon applesauce from Wal-Mart for barter. They have a new supplier for their Great Value 100% percent A bean instant coffee and the 8 oz plastic jars are only about $3.50 while every other brand is about $8-9.00. Its a steal and really good coffee!

    Get yours!

  25. foldenrev says:

    Is Mushroom serious, or stupid on purpose?  If only politicians and bureaucrats survived the worlds best people would be gone and the most corrupt and immoral left. 

  26. 1diamondinvestor says:

    Hi, new to this  commenting thing.  I’ve been a fan of this  webpage for at least 6-9 months and have read alot of the comments after each article. I was wondering if there are sometime  government person(s) that monitors this website and others similar to it.  The comment(s) from the Mushroom guy makes me almost believe he is working for the gov and just toning down the painful truth.  You are right the government plans for all sorts of worst case scenario contingencies, but they are usually overwhelmed or under deliver in widespread SHTF scenarios. ie Katrina  The private sector usually will lend a helping hand, but not when they too are  paralyzed.  I am for one NOT waiting on FEMA or any other govt entity to save me or my family. Do you want your child to beg for food when starving and none is to be had? In a SHTF scenario the US gov. will do whatever it take to protect their own. Shoot first and ask questions later, food, shelter, and safety for them and left overs for the rest of us.  Check out the fuel shortages now in France. It will only get worst for that country if they cannot correct it.  No gas = no food to the stores=starvation for people who did not prep.
     Just my 2 cent! 

  27. mushroom says:

    the enormous secret bunker system under the denver airport is a wonderful idea. if there is some kind of gigantic disaster the dna line of our most intelligent population can be preserved for posterity. i’ll bet that our elected leaders like boehner, mcconnell, obama and biden, as well as other members of congress and their relatives and all their children can go into this complex and be safe for years.
    america lives on ! ! ! !

    • Kent Perry, Az says:

      Wow, you really don’t get it do you lunk head. Those in Government don’t love America and as for Americans, they couldn’t care less. Those congressman and senators names you were dropping, aren’t a pimple on my intellectual ass. You cast them as American Patriots when not one of them has ever loved this country.

      They love the country they are going to change ours into.

    • bloody rich says:

      uh, people, he is obviously being sarcastic! calm down…

  28. Dennis says:

    I’m telling ya, I can no longer even convince my own family how real this all is, and the need to at LEAST make basic preps for their own selves. It’s all just a bit ‘crazy’ to think that way. I’ve done what I can. I really have. And I really don’t know how they’ll come through this without a single bottle of water or food prep in the basement. None of them have it.

    On the issue of refrigeration, no electricity necessary! Start digging a nice 1-2ft. square hole, and line it, Create a secure lid for it, and cover it with natural brush. Hell, put a Coleman cooler in there! The ground will continue to maintain a nice, healthy 50 degrees in even the warmest of climates. I’d have that done now.

    For cooking, I happen to design some of the nicest solar ovens available anywhere. Even in hand-painted camo! Check them when you can, and feel free to email me from the site if you have any questions. They are available for delivery worldwide.

    Good luck everyone!

  29. Durango Kidd says:

    Reason enough, Mushroom, for everyone to go to the polls and vote incumbants OUT!

  30. sittinguy says:

    Mushroom, your an Idiot. Go to an Obama forum, Idiot.

  31. sittinguy says:

    Mushhead, just because they are lifetime politicians DOES NOT MAKE THEM THE BRIGHTEST!!!

    If you had a choice to save a master electrician or a yale educated lawyer, who would you pick?

    Mushroom, fresh from cow patty.

  32. Sketch says:

    @ Sittinguy

    First – its “You’re an idiot” or “You are an idiot”. It is a contraction of ‘you are’. If you are going to call somone an ‘idiot’, please do so in a grammatically correct way. The irony of your statement is glaring.

    Second – Mushy writes in sarcasm or satire. That is why his handle is “mushroom”. Even if it isn’t, treat it as it is, and you may see the humor in it, kind of like watching ‘Airplane!’, or a Monty Python skit.

  33. REB says:

    I hope all the so-called elites do make it into their bunkers…..then after we fix the mess we can weld the doors shut and bury them under a pile of earth and rock,then just for insurance, pour gasoline down any air vent or shaft and seal er up….

  34. Tom says:

    Dennis      I got you beat on the solar stove:

  35. eugend66 says:

    Mushroom, go take your pills … NOW !

  36. eugend66 says:

    Comments…..Dude, do your homework, be nice, cut the crap,
    smile to others (not at your mirror reflection).
    Of course it`s all about the retarded MUSHROOM.

  37. MadMarkie says:

    @ 1diamondinvestor –

    1. Yes, the ‘Shroom’ is enjoying himself/herself ‘choking-their-chicken’ while they piss as many folks as possible. Becoming upset online with him/her feeds right into their intent and only serves to provoke them to greater heights of BS. I doubt that they are a government agent; he/she seems smarter than the average employee of the US federal govt.

    2. Does the govt. monitor this and other sites like it? YOU BET THEY DO!!! Just like Santa, they are making a list and checking it twice. Folks who post with threats of violence will for sure make it onto one of these lists. So always think and review your comment before you hit the Submit Comment Button.
    God Bless & good luck to all; I have the feeling that we are going to need it in the very near guture.

  38. sittinguy says:

    I have read some of Mushrooms other posts, and it does not seem like he is being sarcastic or humorous. 

    Mushroom, if that really is you intention, then you suck at it!.

    Sketch sorry I’m my grammatic as you.  If the economy collapses I hope your high fullutin grammer skills come in handy.

  39. dave says:

    So what happends if the nuclear bomb or an asteroid hits the Doomsday Vault? we’re screwed anyway

  40. Armed and prepping says:

    This was actually a decent PDF file from FEMA; I’ve downloaded and will read it over. I also suggest you guys print, read, and keep this PDF: /uploads/FM21-76_SurvivalManual.pdf

    (it’s 233 pages long, and I’m in the early pages but it’s good reading)

    Don’t tell others, and DO research on how to prep more effectively. Preppers.info is the Google for preppers. Equipped.org is valuable as well.

    Food, water, energy; clothes for harsh weather; means to cook, to generate fire; water filtration/purification; first aid; tools; knives, firearms, ammunition, gold, silver. Have plenty of ALL this and then some – and this from someone who is new at the game (but at least got started.).

  41. Cynical Optimist says:

    Don’t worry children’s… we can all just hang out over at camp FEMA and roast hot dogs over the open fire.  I’ll bring the marshmellows if you guys bring the gram crackers and hersheys bars so we can make smores.

    Seriously though… it’s hard being the only one who see’s what is going on and no one else you know cares to believe it.  For those who will flock to FEMA camps I say send me a post card… I ain’t gonna go.  Just imagine to recent haiti cholera outbreak on a national scale.  I work in microbiology so I’m pretty familiar with bacteria and microbes.  They will become a sespool of infectious diseases such as tuberculosis… H1N1… Rotavirus & chlostridium difficile just to name a few.  If you’re not familiar with the afore mentioned I highly suggest you do a search engine search and study of on infectious disease as part of your survival… a.k.a. prepper arsenal.  I also suggest adding some medical grade personal protective equipment to your stocks as well.  You never know when you might have to dispose of dead bodies after the proverbial fecal matter spatters upon the fan blades.

    Right now I have some food stock… a couple hundred dollars in survival silver… and shopping ebay for a nice alice pack with frame to start assembling a bug out bag so I can hike it 30 miles to my aunts some what rural house on a small private lake if necessary to bug out.  Some of us just going to have to make due with what we can and find our way through the abyss.

  42. GoneWithTheWind says:

    Tom:  With all due respect that Honda generator costs about $700.  Do you have any idea how much rice, at $7.25 for 25 lbs, I can buy for $700?
    Gods creation:  I think you are pulling my leg but I’ll bite.  The purpose of prepping is NOT to “maintain as much of your standard of living as possible without outside help”.  In fact I would argue that the failure to cut costs and reduce your standard of living when trouble hits is exactly why most people and most countries go bankrupt. 

  43. TEKROANIN says:

    1st – mushroom is a cia plant… an a traitor to his country and the real american spirit of the original settlers and by their covenant he’d be hanged for what he is!

    2nd – mush is wrong obama and the rest of the bung hole poppers who hide out under the denver internationa airport – will be more interested in the steam room boy talk than procreating with women. OBUMA is a homo just like barney frank and most of the white house staff boys!

    3RD – BEWARE YOUR NEIGHBORS! Just as in germany during hitlers reign and russia during stalins and moe’s china revolution those near by will save them and theirs, and look to you more as a threat or resource to be taken… IN THE END IT’S EVERY PREPPER FOR THEMSELVES! HEAD INTO THE WOODS AND DIG A DUG OUT! NO MATTER HOW HOT OR COLD BELOW 5 FEET IT’LL BE VERY COMFORTABLE WITH A SMALL FIRE and do your cooking and food storage away from the dug out.

    IT’S JUST HUMAN NATURE! in the end it will SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST! buy some BBQ sauce there will by plenty of LONG PORK available in the end!

    TO ALL YOU GRUNTS as I am one of you… if it does kick off – REVOLUTION!

    In REGARDS TO THE GOVERNMENT AND LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT who are there to punish, repress and enslave you!

    “You get to keep what you KILL!



    in an emergency situation your government will kill you without blinking an eye!

    arm up stock up!


  44. TEKROANIN says:

    1st – mushroom is a cia plant… an a traitor to his country and the real american spirit of the original settlers and by their covenant he’d be hanged for what he is! 2nd – mush is wrong obama and the rest of the bung hole poppers who hide out under the denver internationa airport – will be more interested in the steam room boy talk than procreating with women. OBUMA is a homo just like barney frank and most of the white house staff boys!3RD – BEWARE YOUR NEIGHBORS! Just as in germany during hitlers reign and russia during stalins and moe’s china revolution those near by will save them and theirs, and look to you more as a threat or resource to be taken… IN THE END IT’S EVERY PREPPER FOR THEMSELVES! HEAD INTO THE WOODS AND DIG A DUG OUT! NO MATTER HOW HOT OR COLD BELOW 5 FEET IT’LL BE VERY COMFORTABLE WITH A SMALL FIRE and do your cooking and food storage away from the dug out.IT’S JUST HUMAN NATURE! in the end it will SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST! buy some BBQ sauce there will by plenty of LONG PORK available in the end! TO ALL YOU GRUNTS as I am one of you… if it does kick off – REVOLUTION! In REGARDS TO THE GOVERNMENT AND LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT who are there to punish, repress and enslave you! “You get to keep what you KILL! AND don’t be naive folks… EUGENIC’S IS ALREADY HERE… CANCER IS MAN MADE… THE FLU SHOTS ARE MEANT TO KILL YOU! THEY CONTROL YOUR POPULATIONS THROUGH POISONING YOU FOLKS! in an emergency situation your government will kill you without blinking an eye! arm up stock up! THE GOVERNMENT SPENT ALOT OF TIME AND MONEY TO TRAIN US TO BE AS WE ARE… IT WILL SOON BE TIME TO PAY THEM BACK!  

  45. Tom says:

    GWTW,     I know, (respectfully) quality/quiet/efficiency/tri-power (gas, ng, propane) & pure invert power, cost money.  Buy a cheap loud gen and you will have more knocks at the door and they will not last as long as a $99 cheap mower.  These gen are so quiet you can carry on a normal conversation while standing next to one.  My neighbors can’t figure it out in the past how we have electricity when they don’t hear a generator!  The tri-fuel & “kits” (if you already have one) are sold at generatorsales.com.  I’ve done business with the company & they have great customer support.  I have found that the 3KW Honda is best for powering up small tv/fridge/(deep freezer or portable a/c) & cfl lights while running half load which is most fuel efficient & longest life for gen.  I have a larger gen but but don’t use it unless we need 240 volts.

  46. Durango Kidd says:

    It’s a good question. What IS the purpose of prepping? Like beauty and sex appeal, I suppose it’s all in the eye of the beholder. The obvious answer is survival. That is an innate human characteristic.

    How you prep is determined by your ability to prep and for what you think you need to prepare. SHTF America defines three threat levels. Local, regional, or national/global.

    Prepare for the worst according to a SHTF Plan (need the link? lol) and the little things will take care of themselves.

  47. GoneWithTheWind says:

    I’m certainly not dis’ing the honda generator I do know it’s qualities including it’s quietness.  I have a 2.2kWh generator in my motorhome (my bugout vehicle ;>)  but rarely use it.  I have a 45 watt solar panel and one Walmart deep cycle battery that will run my computer or TV for about two hours if the day was sunny.  I certainly have considered the Honda generator.  But in the context of an actual SHTF situation what am I going to need it for?  I certainly don’t think I can run a generator powered  refrigerator for the next 5-10 years after the government collapses (or whatever form SHTF takes).  I think anyone who intends to run a generator for anything greater then a week or two power outage is kidding themselves.    So if your generator is  only for power outages then I agree with you and the Honda is the way to go.  But if we are still talking SHTF what, exactly are you going to use it for and how long will your fuel last?  Is it worth it? 

  48. Chuck says:

    I have a 4kw and a 5 kw gen.
    I do plan to use them long term in tshtf but my situation would be unique like everyone else’s.
    Say I only have 20 gallons of gas, that will provide battery charging (batteries for indoor lighting)
    and to utilize the water pump 2 or 3 times a week for months.
    I have more that 20 gal it was just an idea.

    I do have 2 old 5h power washer motors I plan to make in to small portable gas powered battery chargers.

  49. Looks like quite a few of the folks here are prepped fairly well, if some are new to the prepping field or anyone else and have any questions along those lines then please feel free to check out my site and or contact me, I am not selling anything and enjoying helping people out. I have many many years experience in this area keep everything confidential. I work full time as a police officer and do this in an effort to help people get ready so they are not part of the problem during any type of a local/national/global/ SHTF event. More info here; http://everything-survival.blogspot.com/

  50. IndianaJohn says:

    Comments…..I am prepared for an asteroid strike, but for little else.
    A government by and for the people will protect me from bad people who ever they are. Huh? What’s that, you say that the government is bad people?

  51. Rickky says:

    Back in the 1960’s the government had many civil defense shelters around, There were many building where the basement were stocked with the necessary food, water, beds and equipment. They also had a lot  of rock quarries that could hold hundreds if not thousands of people. But then our government decided to save money and started the get out of Dodge plan, where they would instruct people to leave an area if there was and immediate threat. I found one of these abandoned rock quarries while me and my son were 4-wheeling, it was huge and probably 100 feet under rock, it even had so old abandoned trucks in it. Now they just tell you to leave, The best though is to be prepared so you don’t have to be at the government’s mercy. I have prepared somewhat but at one time I was thinking of harding a part of my basement that could withstand the rest of the house collapsing on it, and I didn’t think that would be to hard to do. But I have decided that I will never become a government refugee. I am new to this site so I am wondering if any one else ever thought of doing this.

  52. When I was a federal contractor, part of my job entailed planning for scenarios in which Naval ships would be left without support in case of war, global natural disaster, and so on, particularly those that would be using what was then the as-yet unimplemented AEGIS system. That was in 2001-02, so such planning has been going on for at least that long.

  53. onefeather says:

    It does not hurt to have some food stored, if you never need it than eat it, but at least have some put away.
    There is: PRI FUEL STABILIZER you can buy[21.00] you add a little to stored fuel and it keeps it stable and that way the fuel will not deteriorate. it is on a web site called. ineed2prepare.com
    we never know what this government will do and I don’t think it is going to care about the average person.

  54. MJB1129 says:

    If you own you own well, start looking into a solar powered pump or a hand pump.

  55. Joe in JT says:

    The seed bank buried deep in a frozen mountain is not really for nuclear war or an asteroid. It’s actually an insurance plan for the very real possibility that Monsanto’s terminator seed technology spreads throughout the world making nearly all seeds and plants sterile. But who cares right! American Idol is on tonight and that’s more important.

  56. sheran says:

    It has started the final phase of economic and governmental collapse. It’s going to get downright nasty now. The government will take care of itself and we will have to take care of ourselves. The states are going to have to individually look out for themselves. When the money making was turned over to the Federal reserve that was it. This business with the States printing coupons that can be used like money within their towns or even states printing their own money is not any worse than them turning it over to the Federal Reserve. People need to prepare themselves. Most people are living in their little dream worlds and have no clue as to what is ahead of them. Wyoming seems to be the only state thus far that is looking at the big picture. Any rate, we just found this site which is pretty informative and helpful. I was wondering if anyone has any strategic advice as to the best area to relocate to? We have been preparing in other ways, but we think maybe a less populated area may be better for what is surely inevitable. Thanks

  57. bubbs says:

    I think the people in the city are going to be the ones that get hit hard im out in the country with other people that know the sh*$ will hit the fan so we will be prepared

  58. Solo Scriptura says:

    I don’t know if this will post or not, nor even if anyone will hear this in time. The bible does say christ will return when you think not as a thief in the night, when you would least expect it? Wouldn’t the people who scoff and say ” it can’t happen on 12/21/12. It’s just an obscure date passed down for thousands of years. Just business as usual, no man knows the hour or day. ” Would it be safe to assume that most of the population of the united states would take that stance of dis-belief, and least expect christ to return on one of these well known dates that have been passed down for thousands of years! I truly believe Our Heavenly Father would use that method of catching people unaware. I’d be a fool if I didn’t expect that occurance on one of those dates. Solo Scriptura!

  59. Wheelchair guy says:

    Oh,though people of Babylon repent!Our collective bad karma is rapidly coming with a super-vengeance!If a real disaster were to actually occur,the chaos would be far beyond most peoples ability to imagine.From a survivalists standpoint,I am in the position of being in the bottom of the toilet-bowl looking upwards!I am paraplegic.On parole.This means no guns,bows,hunting knives,etc,and they DO come to my house and check.I cannot even survive a camping trip in my own back yard when it is colder than 60 degrees F.My body just does not produce enough heat.
    All this being said,I have made some basic preparations in buying lots of food,stocking lots of firewood for the fire-place,and things like candles,soap,gardening supplies,etc.Why prep if I’m so bad off?Because the disaster might not be total,and the firewood at least has already literally saved my life when the power failed for THREE days a few years ago!Also,therte is the often ignored fact that many otherwise seemingly un-prepped people will suddenly try to cooperate if things get bad,and I would gladly trade a stake in my personal stash with honest people that would certainly come forward to help in a group survival effort.This is constantly seen in every disaster,yet commonly suppressed by media.Why?Calamities tend to bring out the best in people,and while I tend to get annoyed at people asking if I need help when I’m doing just fine,there is always someone there if I really do need help.Wheelchair karma?Who knows?All I do know is that preppers need to be a little more open-minded as to the fact that people’s ingrained sense of govt-dependence would quickly fall-away in any disaster,and return to a more community-based out-look of mutual support.
    So keep your guns if you still have them,but don’t let your yahoo,trigger-happy attitude blind you to better solutions to what could in all actuality become a golden opportunity to really live WITHOUT big-brother’s ‘civilization’….My email is:[email protected] for those that care to further talk of better-solutions!Thanks for reading my posting!John

  60. Brian says:

    I hope someone reads this, but the government has not been preparing for a possible catastrophe…. They’ve been prepping for the arrival of Nibiru (aka “planet x”) and the worldwide catastrophes said to take place around this summer! Every time I tell someone about this I either get laughed at or criticized. The fact of the matter is that it’s in everyone’s face and no one wants to believe it! You can see it every single day. On a clear day in high altitude areas you’ll see “2 suns” in the sky. It’s not Venus. The government has put out manuals and training excercises to military all the way to local police that state and emphasize, and I quote, “civil unrest” and “NO WARNING SHOT WILL BE TAKEN.” They have bought 1.2 billion worth of hollow point ammo and still purchasing more as I type… I am ex military and know even in war it’s against the Geneva convention laws that you can NOT use hollow point ammo!! Homeland security moved to Denver Colorado. CIA head quarters moved to Denver. All of Washington is moving to Denver! They’re bringing MRAPs (heavily armored trucks used in Iraq and Afghanistan) into America! Why the need for all of this?? because they know of the world wide catastrophe! The worlds over populated and the “Elite” want to thin out the herd and make the survivors left “more easily controllable.” Check out http://www.yowusa.com for the truth from an astronomer. And, every person working on this that was going to make it public has mysteriously “died”. You believe what you want. I’m trying to help. If anyone is interested in surviving or see anything suspicious going on in Washington, please email me at bast0573 @ yahoo . com ( [email protected]). Tell everyone. I’d rather look and sound crazy and survive than die an idiot.

  61. Suburban mom says:

    I am a new prepper and have been scouring blogs and websites for valuable information. It is so sad that many of these sites are like this one. People ranting and being rude to each other. Thanks for the help and advice (NOT)You totally defeat the purpose of your site with the craziness. I seriously hope you are not in my neighborhood when things get ugly. PS. your site is only one of many that I am writing this to. No wonder all the sheep think you all are crazy.