Total U.S. Monkeypox Cases: 21

by | Jun 4, 2022 | Headline News | 19 comments

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    According to the mainstream media, the total number of monkeypox cases in the United States is at 21. That’s a pretty low number for the constant fear-mongering coverage the media and ruling class is giving to this one.

    This is shaping up to be COVID 2.0, Nothing is really out of the ordinary other than the panic and fear returning to those who glue their eyes to their television.  Government officials (the masters) expect the cases to keep rising among the slaves too, according to a report by The New York Times. 

    Of 17 patients for whom the agency has detailed information, all but one were among men who had sex with men; 14 had traveled to other countries in the three weeks before their symptoms began. Three patients were immunocompromised. –The New York Times

    U.S. Ruling Class Data: Fully “Vaccinated” Are Developing AIDS

    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention researchers have not been able to identify how one patient in an unnamed state acquired the virus. That suggests there is ongoing community transmission at least in that state and possibly others, Dr. Jennifer McQuiston of the CDC told reporters. “We want to really increase our surveillance efforts,” she said.

    Because of the limited number of cases, the response from the rulers is obviously more injections. The United States is among the few countries to have stockpiled millions of doses of vaccines and drugs for smallpox as a precaution against its return. Monkeypox is closely related to smallpox, and the vaccines and drugs are expected to be about as effective.

    The New York Times is even admitting that the smallpox vaccine comes with the side effect of death:

    The older of the two vaccine options was used to eradicate smallpox and can cause harsh side effects, including heart problems and death. Most doses have been in storage for decades and may have lost their effectiveness.

    The second vaccine option, made by the Danish company Bavarian Nordic, was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 2019 to prevent smallpox and monkeypox. Called Jynneos in the United States, it is safer than earlier vaccines, but supplies are even more limited. –The New York Times

    In Switzerland, the World Health Organization has about 2.4 million doses of the vaccine used to eradicate smallpox, and it has stockpiled another 31 million doses in five donor countries that could be released to countries in need.

    WHO: Monkeypox Has Been “Spreading Undetected” Globally

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      1. Monkeypox is a pretty visible disease, with all the sores and stuff out in the open for all to see.

        It isn’t contagious until it manifests itself and this should make it easily avoidable (as in not having sex with anyone, but particularly gay sex between men, that has the sores and rashes that announce it.

        Just ban the places where homo’s congregate to have all sorts of anonymous sexual partners and there should be little problem containing it.

        Expect the government to take a different approach though.

        • So let’s start by banning Washington DC!

      2. The older of the two vaccine options was used to eradicate smallpox and can cause harsh side effects, including heart problems and death.

        Now I’m convinced.
        Sign me up!!!

      3. Isn’t it absolutely amazing
        how quickly they know who
        had sex with whom, who
        traveled where, & how many
        were immunocompromised?
        Why, it’s almost as if all of
        this fear mongering garbage
        is scripted – isn’t it ?

        • Or, and I know this is a stretch, maybe they just asked the patients with whom they had sex, where they traveled, and if they were immunocompromised ?

          I realize that actually trying to find the truth is completely foreign to you idiots, but luckily there are others in society willing to ask questions, do research, and learn.

          Btw, the entirety of life is NOT a conspiracy…

      4. Darwin has Ben a busy bee!

        • Your second grade teacher called. She would like for you to come back in and sit for an English lesson or two. Dumbass.

        • Mr Darwin makes the count 22! And she thought covid was bad lol…

      5. I have a hankering for bush meat & a ?.

        • I have a hankerin for a ribeye and some bourbon 😛

      6. “Don’t F*ck Strange Men Bareback at a Rave”
        There is your PSA on monkeypox. The US government couldn’t tell them that 40 years ago on AIDS and won’t tell the same crowd that now. We get to change our behaviors because giving the good advice is discrimination.

      7. Many people have basically wised up about covid. The covid “pandemic” has been fully exposed and debunked. The ground work is being laid for the next epidemic/pandemic (whether it’s real or not). It could be labeled monkey pox, it could be anything, maybe something we haven’t even heard about yet. No matter, the type of disease is not the point, it is the purpose it serves. The new pandemic will be labeled the most contagious and lethal disease ever, after covid was labeled the most contagious and lethal disease ever.
        At least half or more of the population will still line up to be mass vaccinated for whatever. They will support more lockdowns. They will believe whatever the gov’t says. They will gleefully surrender their rights. They will be cheerleaders for the State. They will accept gov’t handouts and think they’re virtuous for it. They will be part of the army of useful idiots that want you and your family to submit to all of this too. The truth is they hate freedom and they hate individuals who act in a free way.
        And just keep prepping, but you may find out who you can trust, who is really your friend. You may even find out someone could be occasionally watching you. Someone may make a point of remembering they saw you carrying boxes of food out of a Costco, or stocking up on stuff at a dollar store, or filling up a collection of gas cans, or see you have a garden.Shortages are coming, or at the very least, extremely high prices for everything.

        • Pathetic isn’t it….

      8. moneypox

      9. Mac sure likes to talk about diseases and stuff. I think HE’S the one spreading this shit! Mac Slavo is trying to kill us!

      10. I did that!

      11. Variola vaccine conferred immunity against monkey pox.

        “Before smallpox was eradicated, it was mainly spread by direct and fairly prolonged face-to-face contact between people. Smallpox patients became contagious once the first sores appeared in their mouth and throat (early rash stage).”

        “These scabs and the fluid found in the patient’s sores also contained the variola virus. The virus can spread through these materials or through the objects contaminated by them, such as bedding or clothing.”

        Monkeypox patient zero said he had 10 new sexual partners, in a week. Ask yourself how it spread to humans and between humans.

        Usually, once sores have appeared. The more open and more weeping, the more contagious.

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