This One Picture Shows Why You Absolutely Must Own a Gun: ‘He Was Allowed to Drive Away Alive’

by | Sep 22, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 199 comments

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    Screen Shot 2016-09-22 at 11.39.25 AM

    ‘He was allowed to drive away alive’ Image taken by Heather Head, Twitter

    If you still had any doubts as to why the 2nd Amendment must be protected, and why self defense must be respected as the priority that it is, then just take a look at what happened during the already insane riots taking place in Charlotte.

    Despite large cadres of riot cops on scene and North Carolina’s Gov. McCrory declaring of a state of emergency and calling in the National Guard, no one was able to protect the dozens of innocent bystanders who were beaten, attacked, intimidated and knocked over just because of the color of their skin or the fact that they ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Numerous individuals and several journalists were targeted for physical attacks after the protest devolved into riots. At least one white man was dragged into a parking garage and beaten. One of the protesters was shot. Rocks and other objects were thrown, and the entire thing got out of control.

    There’s little doubt that the authorities wanted to maintain order, but it wasn’t possible. And people got hurt.

    But one person who wasn’t hurt by the violent and temporarily insane mob in downtown Charlotte was this guy:

    While it is true that he brandished the weapon illegally according to North Carolina laws, when it came down to a confrontation with the mob, this guy got respect where others caught up in the scene did not.

    Despite being angry at the world and lashing out at just about everyone, these protesters respected only those who were prepared to defend themselves.

    Here is what North Carolina law stipulates:

    • You may not carry a weapon at a parade, funeral procession, picket line, or other demonstration, except for guns carried on a rack in a pickup truck. (N.C. Gen. Stat. Ann. § 14-277.2.)
    • You may not carry a weapon during civil disorder, riot, or other disturbance involving three or more people. (N.C. Gen. Stat. Ann. § 14-288.20.)

    No one messed with him. He was concerned with his safety while driving through the chaotic demonstration, and there was no guarantee that he would pass through without harm or interference.

    via the Daily Mail:

    A video of the alarming moment was posted on social media by writer Heather Head in the midst of the chaos.

    ‘White dude drives into crowd of peaceful protesters, draws gun, allowed to drive away alive. With my own eyes. #CharlotteProtest,’ she wrote alongside the shocking clip.

    People begin swearing and shouting ‘he’s got a gun’ as the car sounds its horn.

    The man was reportedly allowed to drive away from the scene.


    ‘I’m so confused by the people saying he wasn’t [white]. I mean, I didn’t take a DNA sample or anything but I saw a lot more of him than a close-up of his arm, and he looked pretty white bread to me. His pals in the car too,’ Ms Head added when people questioned the man’s race.

    In point of fact, the question of the man’s race isn’t settled…

    But that isn’t the point, or at least it shouldn’t be.

    Once someone shouted ‘He has a gun,’ more people gathered around for a potential confrontation. The man opened the door and started to get out, but a police officer appears to convince him to get back inside and move on (the video is not entirely clear).

    Ultimately, they decided to make way.

    This was a bad situation, and it is unfortunate that so much harm was done last night.

    Video of the protester being shot:

    This protest crossed the line, with members of the crowd randomly attacking journalists and several white passersby, so the racial motivation was clearly in play, whether or not it was a factor in the incident with the man in the car:

    Read more:


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      1. “Brandishing a weapon at a peaceful protest”

        Now that is funny!

        They were rioting, looting, beating people and trying to set them on fire!!!

        • It’s time to give them there war they want…. take it to there neighborhoods…..

          • Only the Native Indians are entitled to be here.
            The others, including the british, chinese, french, german, italian, japanese, russians, thai, etc, etc, get the hell outa here!

            • I agree Geronimo – but … whats been done … has been done … none of us here had taken part in the dirty deeds the previous Government had partaken in.

              That being said … my ancestors … who moved here from England/Ireland in 1613 … and my Great Grandmother who was Crow Indian …. I myself a hater of Government control … has a right to be here.

              I side with you and other like you … most of us want to be left alone … and have limited Government. Power back to the people … instead of power to the Government.

              I’m English blood … with and half of Irish and and dash of Crow Indian … but I’ve got a temper that nobody wants to fuck with … this I make very much public to those around me.

              I can be the nicest guy around … or … your worst enemy.

              I leave that choice up to those who encounter me.

              Be well my friend.

              • STFU. You are no ones worst enemy, just someone’s bitch.

              • Indians are from SOUTH America. The first people here were
                the Vikings !

                • How did they get to SOUTH America from Asia and points west? They came across the Bering straight (actually a land bridge during the ice age 20,000 years ago) down the West coast of NORTH America, and south thru Central America.

                  The Vikings weren’t in North America 20,000 years ago.

                • Greeks were probably here first.

            • You forgot the Spanish

            • Indians are immigrants too, never forget that, they are about as native to America as I am.

            • Sorry but screw this talk about only Native Americans have a right to be here. Native Americans were slaughtering each other for centuries before Europeans arrived. We just did it better. It’s called technology. The European culture is a superior culture for a myriad of reasons including the invention of the folllowing: the rule of law, higher education, hospitals, electricity, advanced mathematics and physics, medicine that works (antibiotics, anesthesia), the constitution… and the hits just keep coming. You don’t get to claim something as yours if you can’t hold on to it.

            • Hey Geronimo,
              What about the white people who were here before the Indians? Ever hear of Kenewik Man? We were here first but, unlike you, we believe everyone is welcome. So feel free to stay.

            • Really??? Only Native Americans??? What, did they grow up from the soil??? Maybe fell from the sky???


              No, they MIGRATED from another continent to North America… Pretty much like every other culture… They were a nomadic people… As far as taking what was THEIRS??? They should have had a better plan to keep what they claimed was theirs… They didn’t… They lost it.

              no·mad (nō′măd′) n.

              1. A member of a group of people who have no fixed home and move according to the seasons from place to place in search of food, water, and grazing land.
              2. A person with no fixed residence who roams about; a wanderer.

              Anyway… It’s always a pleasure reading the uneducated comments section here on SHTF… Makes my cat look more and more intelligent by the day!

            • You are correct. The founding fathers never expected more than a few more States, like Ohio and Kentucky to be included with the original 13. The USA was not supposed to have much of a standing army, the security of the States to be guaranteed by their respective militias. It was the failure those two suppositions that led to the infamous Indian Wars and the loss of our Constitutional Republic of Sovereign States.

          • Americans are a race of slobs, obese, transgendered, addicted to all sorts of prescribed medications, OTC medicines and synthetic vitamins, extremely gullible and unable to think for themselves (trained not to think critically).

            These undesirables are the offspring of failed generations that were allowed to keep breeding due to non-stringent sterilization regulations carried out by the states involved in eugenics during the early decades of the 20th Century – and worst of all, the chances that their descendants’ DNA carrying a more complex sequence of these failed genes are 100% guaranteed.

            • Shouldn’t talk about your mother like that … how fk’n disrespectful of you …. your mom must hate you with a vengence!

              • FTW, this same guy posts the same thing on almost every one of Mac’s story’s, he, she, or it is nothing but a troll.

            • Ralph, speaking of eppe, I wrote a similar story about how eppe will deal with thugs knocking at his door with No weapons. Mac did not print my story a few weeks back. However here is a similar story in eppe’s home country area. Except eppe has no weapons to protect himself unlike these folks in the story below to read and took action. The article below is in the same County were eppe lives.

              Homeowner In Gwinnett County Georgia Shoots 3 Home Invaders

              Details are still being gathered on the attempted robbery/home invasion that has led to the death of one man and left two others injured late Monday night at the Valencia apartments in Peachtree Corners. The two injured men are now in the custody of the Gwinnett County Sheriffs Department, being held in connection to the investigation.

              Officials haven’t yet found out why the family who lives in the apartment were targeted, but the woman who lives there has spoken with CBS 46, and has told them that she is grateful she and her family got out unharmed.

              She stated that she didn’t know the men, but said on the night in occurred she could only watch in horror with baby in arm, as her husband killed the one man, shot the other and wounded a third.

              The husband told officers that he was sitting on his balcony sometime near 11 p.m. when he was approached by three to five men. After a few minutes he began to feel uncomfortable and went inside to retrieve his gun. He said that just minutes later there was a knock on his door, and standing outside was the men, one of which was holding a bat. He told investigators that they asked to come inside, and when he declined, they forced their way inside. He said he had no alternative but to start shooting, as he was afraid for his and his family’s lives.

              CBS46 News

              “After our uniformed officers got here they saw a trail of blood from the victim’s apartment,” claimed Corporal Michelle Pihera of the Gwinnett County Police Department. “They followed that trail of blood to another apartment here at the Valencia apartments.”

              Although the officers found no one at the apartment, they did find evidence of the attempted robbery inside. Police also received word that a gunshot victim had shown up at Gwinnett Medical Center, later identified as 32 year-old John Bush. He along with 33 year-old Saveion Bush were both immediately arrested on charges of home invasion, aggravated assault and felony murder.

              The other man collapsed on the sidewalk outside the apartment with a fatal wound to the chest, and was later pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. His name has not been released yet, and officers believe there may be other suspects still on the run.

              “I heard two shots,” claimed upstairs neighbor Jeriel Perez. He said he’s lived in the complex for three years and never felt unsafe before, but all that is now changed.

              “I’m scared. I think when I moved here,” said Perez trailing off. “It’s dangerous. I have two kids. I worry about that.”

              Although there are times when home invasions go bad in the other direction, it is typically from lack of training or experience. Guns can save lives, when they are in the proper hands. Safe, responsible gun ownership is the most important aspect of owning and firing firearms. I encourage everyone to at the very least, learn as much as you can about them and try a day at the range. Ignorance is bliss… education can stack the deck in your favor.

              *You either have weapons to protect yourself and your family or you are a Friggin Failure Dope. You can’t fake prepping.


            • What’s if feel like to be so stupid?

              • I believe that you have the concept of being stupid understood by personal experience.

            • We are still better than you Ralphy boy !

            • Agree w/FTW; Americans not resp. what ancestors did, to incl placing orphans (late 1800’s on) in factories working 14 hrs a day (white children), slave trading, running off native Americans incl killing many, useless wars, on and on. Anyone not pro constitution needs to move to China or EU, live under socialism. Muslims want world shiria law, will kill infidels, and we are being invaded like the EU which has already turned into a third world garbage pit not fit for vermin. Can Trump fix this? or anyone? Why the H would anyone want job as Prez? Why doesn’t Trump leave this country and head for Belize or Panama, etc.? If he wins, may end up like JFK if he is “on our side”. This country is over and done with.

              • laura ann –

                Care to share what you are angry about me & my post (obviously the one I replied back to Geronimo)?

                • FTW: Not angry, I agreed w/you( your post @ @ 7:58pm) and just pointed out same thing you did. that we are not responsible for our ancestors acts. And that America is trashed (being invaded w/ Muslims).

              • Let’s not forget the Irish on the whole silvery thing. England exported WHITE Irish to America in droves as slaves! Goggle it, it’s there to see.

            • Ralph,
              You just described the vast majority of the people in the world. And odds are probably yourself too. So why just pick on the ones in America?
              That’s one reason why Jesus said that if the days had not been shortened no flesh would have been saved. It’s going to get a whole lot worse.
              Repent from your idols and turn to the living God before it’s too late.

            • Well let’s see! I’m an American, 6 foot 8 inches tall, weight 198 lbs. I run an average of 40 to 60 miles per week time permitting. I work out in the gym an average of 4 to 6 hours a day, five days a week, time permitted. I also participate in national & international martial arts competition. Care to ever get in my face and call me a slob or obese. By the way, I’m also married with two grown kids and have grand-children. Both kids are college grads as myself and hold professional positions within fortune 500 companies. So your entire statement is just so much crap.

          • Man on the inside I agree if the NIGGERS not blacks want a war then we should give them one

        • This was no different than a black person family reunion.

          • How can you have a family reunion when most don’t know who their father is and the fathers don’t care either!

          • John Stiner. I have a liberal female in my family that is anti-gun. Has no idea why people need so many guns. She said the Constitution is outdated and needs to be changed. The usual uninformed talking points of dumb liberals. So I said well, if you think the constitution needs to be changed, I said how about we repeal the Woman’s right to vote, The 19th Amendment? There is no reason a woman needs the right to vote is there?

            All I heard after that, was Crickets…


        • Illegally brandishing a weapon? L fucking OL. Fuck their laws when it comes to living or dying.

          • If and when I come into contact with COPS, which is all Country Deps and Sheriffs out here in the boonies, it is on a friendly basis 99.99% of the time, I let them know I support them, and that I also have their backs, if it ever needed, being a concealed carry permit holder myself. I also wave to the County Sherriff as we pass buy on the back country roads. It is a gesture we support them, and they wave back. And to let them know my vehicle has a Friendly person inside. They need to know there are people out here in the country who can see clear of this BS, and that we are like minded, both wanting to keep our communities safe.

            Now back in the cities, I would just try to stay clear of the City cops, that’s a whole other twisted program of A-holes, power hungry, racist, control freak-out thugs that enjoy raising revenue for their bosses, off the backs whoever you are. Cops in the cities have a hard time with normal conversation, as all they are used to doing is chasing thugs with knives, guns etc. You can see by just looking a them they are all stressed, and wound up ready to pounce on somebody. Real skittish.


        • The idiot woman who posted “Peaceful Protest” will be one of the first to die. This Kardashian wannabe is a milk-toast fool who knows nothing of the “Law of the Jungle”. How’s that Hope and Change doing idiot?

          • Thanks FTW

            • You bet Mac —

              Never know if this is something more than what it is … but … thought this article had hit a pretty good “ponder the moment” sting and it just made more sense than none at all.

              • Should not be any surprise to those already awake … but check this out!

                Obama: America Must Surrender Sovereignty, Embrace One World Government

                Published: September 22, 2016

                Source: Kurt Nimmo, Blacklisted News Exclusive

                Earlier this week Barack Obama delivered his final United Nations speech.

                In addition to praising the bankster loan shark operations run out of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, Obama called for “global integration,” code for a one-world government.

                “I believe that at this moment we all face a choice. We can choose to press forward with a better model of cooperation and integration. Or we can retreat into a world sharply divided, and ultimately in conflict, along age-old lines of nation and tribe and race and religion,” he said.

                In short, Obama has renewed the call to end national sovereignty.


                • And whon Wrote Hobammys UN speech eh?

                  AIPAC? Danial Pearl? Wolfawitz maybe? or just some run of the mill NY times jewspaper editor perhaps?

                  This is what Matters most. Not which us prez ‘actor” recites a speech.

                  Same for every antigun fed law ever since 1968 gun/crime control act and atf involvment etc. Every single fed antigun law on the law books was wrote by and sponcered by and passed by ziojewry members of us reps and or us senate members. All were tribe period.

                  Same for americas #2 Major problem Fed Law of 1965 immigration law changes done. Two NY jewdeoleftist Dems did it.

                  Same for invention/creation of/funding of/ and running of, the NAACP Org…plus aprox 300-More similar orgs all originated by and run by and funded by jewdeokommie dems.

                  Same for every usa major MSM TV news and newspaper and magazine, and every major Publsihing House, Ad companies, Bill Boards, and overall sources of Infos folks must rely upon to know whats going on within america and the world at large.

                  Same for every EU nation State govnt and MSM etc as is done here in usa by same bad actor tribe.

                  so..What exactly do folks Not Yet get eh?

                  • TG, the bleeding-heart libturd sheeple will NEVER ‘get it’. You’re right about the MAIN gun grabbers being members of that disgusting ‘tribe’. Bullets will work on them just like anyone else.

          • FTW – Did you even read the article you posted the link to??

            Here is part of the article:
            “While I can’t validate any of these claims (and therefore don’t endorse them), what rings true about the overall tone in such whispers is the idea that the globalists will stop at nothing to control the outcome of this election in any way possible.”

            OK, so NO credible info, or facts or proof, but historic events going to happen?? I would say paranoid to fear porn to a clever marketing ploy to sell more survival food.

            Get back to us FTW when you have some facts, or legit intel. Any moron can come out and say the world will blow up on Tuesday. Who is dumb enough to take the bait without any substantial proof of anything, but a hunch which they do not even endorse their own hunch. Read the disclaimer. LMFAO.

            ~WWTI… Know the difference between this kind of fear porn, and say like an actual gas pipeline break that will cause gas shortages or higher prices. Yes that is legit evidence to act on. If you are not prepped yet to handle most every situation by now, you are SOL anyway. Comfi at my remote BOL listening to the morning birds chirping, drinking delicious coffee.

            • WWTI –

              ‘Ya dude, I did read Mike Adams disclaimer – that does not mean that something of that magnitude could not happen – anything is possible right now with TPTB.

              Is it legit information? … NO it is not … it is a more of a heads up and focus on current events that are unfolding in front of us — that article does not constitute ‘fear porn as you say.

              If you would like to acknowledge the article as such, then so be it.

            • WWTI, I also read the article and I’m skeptical myself unless I’m proven to be wrong.

          • Saw the video and emailed Dave ref. the gravel trucks Mike mentioned and Q, and what I thought would be used covering w/gravel mass executed bodies, then covered with dirt and trees planted over mass grave to keep wild animals from area (bears, mt lions, buzzards, etc) and make it look like forest area. This was what Nazi’s did over mass graves so NATO troops couldn’t supposedly detect anything.

          • I’ll be back here in 7 days to call your hype what it is….


        • What is this complete BS where the crowd is clearly and actively breaking the law and there isn’t a police officer in site, but within 10 seconds of the citizen, who is simply trying to drive legally and peacefully on the public roads while avoiding being harassed or having his life and property threatened or damaged by the violent mob that is breaking the law and protesting in the street, pulling out and brandishing a fire arm (intentionally aimed at no one), there are 4 police officers on him like white on rice.

          Complete utter BS. Can’t keep the crowd from beating people and destroying people’s property, but Oh My Gawd, he has a gun and he is behaving in a way to signal he will use it to defend himself. Get that guy, nail him to the wall. Everything is completely upside down these days.

          • Being around events like these, they have a habit of spinning out of your control very fast, and if your waiting for the cops to come save you, you’ll be dead before you hang up the phone. I have to say that if i lived anywhere near where this is going on, i wouldn’t just be carrying a simple pistol. Seeing as how large those crowds are, I’d be carrying a short barreled AR15 pistol, with all the standard 30 round mags i could carry. Nothing changes a bad situation in you favor faster then superior fire power.

            • Well, if I lived anywhere near these events, I simply wouldn’t leave home. I would, however have plenty of loaded mags on my person and be prepared to defend what is mine against anyone who would seek to steal or destroy it. Hopefully the people of violence would, like with this guy, move on from me without trying to engage me because I would not be worth the risk. I have no interest in adding to the violence and hatred but am more than willing to repel it if it comes near me. These protesters/rioters may have some valid points about the current state of policing in this country but this does not give them the right to destroy property and attack innocent civilians. I will not be fodder for their cause.

              • Winston, i agree with you to avoid events like these as best you can. I, like you, have no desire to engage in violence, but seeing as violent events such as these riots are becoming more common place, we’ll all need to adapt. Also lets not forget that just last week we had 3 different terrorists attacks from the “religion of peace”. So i feel it’s only prudent we change our mind sets, and up armor with extra fire power during these dangerous times. YMMV

              • What America Needs is..Some very wealthy Whitey guy to copycat soros plans of funding things.

                And provide funds to pay for Bill Boards in high traveled areas etc where many will notice and Read the message.

                The message should begin with the exact quotations of the USA Const. Section/clauses that explain the Three Main Duties of the “Citizens Militias of the several States”.

                In a List like this:..#1 Duty of citizen Militia is to “Enforce Statues/Laws”…#2 “Duty to Stop Insurections, which IS what These Loot and Riots are really called!” and #3- “To Stop Invasions..which IS exactly what Illeagle immigrations are really called and about! Illeagle Invasions are an UNdeclared Act of WAR against the USA and its American citizenery!”

                Then for Next line have it state: “And being how todays Fed FBI’s and State/Local/County Cops are either all Unwilling to DO those three Listed duties, OR have been Ordered to Stand Down and allow illeagle acts and violations etc to continue to destroy american cities and private owned property etc…BE It KNOWN by ALL Looters and Rioters and Invaders, that…We whom funded These Bill Board signs so to Inform You of reality and usa constitutional Authority bestowed upon the Citizen Militais of each state….

                Are Next going to also Fund said citizen Armed Militias to Do the Job and Duties such fed/state/county/Local Cops won’t do! And be further on Notice that when such gets done it is all going to be 100% Totally Leagle and legit period. PER the US Constitution and Bill of Rights!”

                Have a very swell day all of you Looters and Rioters, for today just may be the final last day to so enjoy.

                The next Choice is YOUR’S!

                Plus a few Million paper flyers with same message to pass out everywheres BLM savage kommie blacks can be found at.

                Just ONE very rich white guy, or even a black guy concerned enough to do the right things…And proper fundings is all it will take now that so many whiteys are so awake and so fed up.

                It also will Force FBI and Cops nationwide to finally ACT and arrest or whack looter rioters etc.

                Because them cops and fbi do Not wish for citizen militias to do it I rekon eh.

                • That’s right. This is why the Army is “training” (not militia), but allegedly ‘special civilians’ of some sort to make up for ‘deplorable’ lack of trained, military Army personnel, Marines and others ‘on that end of the military spectrum.

                  Of course, this is being done in an effort to ‘wipe out’ the very idea of A Militia (and to locate and record the precise location of every firearm that may be used against TPTB …it’s just another trick to get the only remaining defense we have against the SOBs.

                  The media is making little to no mention of it, since two days ago, nor where it is supposedly taking place. I believe these people who are volunteering will be the first of “warm, dead bodies” to prevent the loss of a higher caliber of trained personnel, perhaps those who have agreed to fire upon Americans if or should they be ‘duped’ into believing those they are firing upon are the enemy posing as American Militia-men.

                  Out in the boonies we (now) never, ever see any LEOs (state or local), and the only Game Warden has been by in years (for fear of being shot and forgotten is the most accepted reason, and that’s fine with us). We don’t need any more badged-idiots trying to tell us what we need and how we need to do it and so forth.

                  There is nothing in any of the past five or so posts that I didn’t write about “being inbound” quite some time ago, long before any of the stuff that matters “took off” catching the greater majority by complete surprise.

                  It IS a fact that the nations of this earth, which are wanted wholly by Muslims, and under siege. (Europe, in totality and all of her surrounding nations who eventually left the Queen and made their own flags). Now it seems the SOBs are making an attempt to take the globe into their power, yet it will take for more than money to accomplish their agendas. It will take “rivers of blood” they are more than willing to shed, vaporize, sell-as-sextoys, steal (as in children of all ages) and all else that is considered evil or ‘sinister’ by anyone with one iota of self-respect and humanity within them.

                  With all the blacks do to each other, and anyone else if it suits them, denotes not much of a proper upbringing (and we all know few, if any, ever have a chance at such a thing, but that damn sure isn’t OUR fault and therefore there is nothing saying we have to put up with it, endure it nor ‘let it slide’.

                  The Constitution still stands, doesn’t matter WHO says it no longer exists as it shall still stand for those who stand behind it (and they will be invincible because of it). That’s the only ‘horror’ of TPTB, and is why ‘they’ waste no time in their efforts to convince others that it is outdated and all. Wrong! Now more than ever it stands most solidly, to include The 2nd Amendment (and all others down “to the letter” and IS THE LAW OF THIS LAND).

                  Ain’t our fault tptb can’t f’in read is it? It IS our fault that Obama has been allowed to get away with one illegal move after the next, to include the making of laws prohibited by The Constitution (meaning everything he’s declared a law is toothless and not a law in the least). Still …many have swallowed it hook, line and sinker. (And somehow Congress thinks they can just do nothing and not suffer for this at a later date)? Me thinks they’ll be among the first to be ‘taken out’ by “head-lopping’ infidels haters/killers. (I’d pay for tickets to watch THAT show …as it would be days and days long).

                  We believe that Putin will assist the American people in disallowing the NWO to plant their feet firmly, even if it does lead to ‘nukes’ or an EMP. We can survive it as best we can, and it would be far better than falling into an abyss with no way to climb out.

                  There no longer exist any GOOD ways of bringing any portion of these matters to an end without refreshing the tree of liberty with that of patriots and tyrants alike. So-be-it.

                  We are more than ready to do only the RIGHT thing(s), and with God we stand.

                • Troll, psyop, agent that you are.

            • AR’s are fine in most any situation, but for riots there is a reason that LEO’s prefer their ‘street sweepers’ (namely shotguns, preferably Mossbergs w/extended lowers).

              A shotgun will get you further “through” a crowd – or prevent the need to fire entirely. Time tested – inarguable, and can be easily used ‘one-armed’ by most men.

              Besides, I love the attention that is paid to anyone ‘racking’ a shotgun at such occasions. INSTANT COMPLIANCE! lol….

              • Equorial,a shot gun is a fine choice, but i would have to disagree with it’s use in this case. The reason i said to use an AR15 pistol, is you can easily maneuver it’s 7 inch barrel while seated in your car due to it’s short overall length. The next VERY important point about using an AR 15 pistol, you don’t have to get out of your car to deploy it, That in it’s self just might keep you out of harms way. In the case of a shot gun, even one with a pistol grip, it’s just a little to long to be maneuvered while seated in your car. Plus if you don’t already own a AR15 pistol, well here’s your chance to buy one. You can justify it to your wife as a riot control weapon for the car!!

                • Speaking from the point of view of a retired 21yr combat veteran, nothing special, just a SEAL, I was thinking more of a Mossberg (with a full bag of shells) anyway (but you dislike those as well, so we’ll never be on the same page).

                  We have AR-15’s, and AR-15 pistols (two each), and a host of other ‘toys’ gathered over years and years of collecting, restoring, etc. (We’ve also everything needed to make fresh ammo from new brass, or ‘collected brass’ (as it may be). And dozens of replacement parts along with a metal lathe that allows me to ‘cut’ a colt-lower in the event one goes bad on me.

                  Of course, I take your disagreement as a gentleman should, and to each their own, based upon their training, experience and what they are best at working with whatever happens to be in their hands for weaponry.

                  Being that you do not see military personnel being laden down with AR-15 ‘handguns’, that might offer you a reason I’ve not much use for them myself. None-the-less, we have them along with a PUNT GUN. (Google it and tell me it ain’t the ultimate, outlawed in umm, 1852 I think). In fact, here ya go:


                  Now, again tell me that your AR-15 pistol would ‘out-do’ this l’il ole shotgun… 🙂 Or would I have the entire street to myself in just one shot? Will YOUR AR pistol do that? lol… just ragging on ya man….just ragging.

                  To each their own. Fair ’nuff?

                  • Equorial, i must agree with you, were not on the same page. Different situations require different weapons and tactics. If you take the time to look at the photo of the car the mans sitting in in this story. Him being that close to the windshield, and driver side A pillor there’s no way you’ll be able to swing a shot gun left, and right while seated. That’s the reason i said to use a shot barreled AR 15 to give you maximum maneuverability while seated, along with ability to deliver 30 rounds without ever having to reload or “pump” the action.

                    Now if you were dismounted from the car a shot gun might offers options with crowd control, but it also has major liability too. First off you’ve got a very limited amount of ammo, plus it’s VERY SLOW to reload. Remember something else, your not going to have any over watch while your trying to reload like the military would. Next problem with dismounting into that crowd, you’d be giving up your ability to just mass the go peddle to get away from that crowd.

                    Oh one more thing, so while you were a Seal you use an metal lathe to cut Colt lowers???? Now I’ve seen a lot of old guys use a milling attachment on an engine lathe’s tool post to do some crazy shit. But I’ve got to tell you, i had no idea that the teams carried around their own 9 inch Southbend lathe as basic issue to allow them to ‘cut’ lowers. Anyway even if we don’t agree on what weapon or tactics would work best, you have a nice weekend, and stay safe. 73’S

                  • You people talking trash about weapons are just sockpuppets.

                    • Oh Robert you poor troll, I’m sure if you ask real nice, your queen boyfriend will let you play with his manly meat puppet.

        • To quote the twitter –
          “White dude drives into crowd of peaceful protesters, draws gun, allowed to drive away alive.”

          How does “allowed to drive away ALIVE” go with “peaceful protesters”?
          If they are peaceful, then why is it so shocking that he drove away alive?
          If the gun was the deciding factor in him driving away alive, then were the protesters “peaceful”???

          Seems someone is confused here, and I don’t think it’s the guy with the gun!

        • I agree, exactly where were the peaceful people? These were a bunch of violent thugs that should have been put down in their tracks. Until we start dealing with these things the way we should, we will have more of the same but worse…….. That way, the tyrant in chief will get to keep his job and declare martial law. Bring it on. I’m personally sick of this shit. And there is no need to mention the demographics of the people pulling this crap with absolutely ZERO repercussions. It is nothing more than an excuse for them to rob, beat, kill, steal, loot, destroy property, etc. All hell is going to break loose, and the average white male who works to support his family and live the kind of life we are supposed to be constitutionally guaranteed will have had enough sooner than later. Our dear leaders have let chaos take over, and condoned it. I will hate it for our children as I’m past half my life, but when it all goes down, I WILL protect my family and what I have worked for since I was a teenager. Dammit, enough is enough.

          • Now HERE is a man I like, CuzzinJim. SALUTE!

        • really does anybody work anymore, or do they sit on their ass and wait for something to come up and act stupid while other people in this world work for there income to do that

        • Say what you may but the only thing I would have different different was that he snould have stayed in his car; then if one of these punks tried in anyway to harm him then they deserve to be blown away. These protesters who riot, destroy, steal break windows will respect a gun and figure there is a soft victim to beat up. They have better things to do than get shot by this guy.

      2. Peaceful protest my ass.

      3. In case of SHTF, remember three rules:
        Rule # 1. Move out of the cities.
        Rule # 2. Move out of the cities.
        Rule # 3. Move out of the damn cities!

        • Stay away from crowds

        • No, move out of cities BEFORE SHTF, that way you’re not part of the encroaching horde. It’s very likely someone fleeing a shitty situation has NOTHING to offer a community they come across, and being nearly or completely empty-handed reads “USELESS EATER” in neon letters.

          Bug-out is the last option – only NBC evac, eminent enemy overrun by a superior force or forest fires should GOOD be implemented. The fast way to being a casualty is be hastily displaced and on the road to no-where….

      4. why would it matter if he’s white, these chimps would have beaten him for being “not black enough”…

      5. Several observations- this group of people are opportunists; they will go after what’s nearest. Guy wanted to get through and away from there on a public road. I don’t know what color he was, but he obviously felt threatened and did not want to be stuck in that mob. One thing that amazed me watching the coverage last night was the way people tried to provoke the police AND reporters. Plenty of idiots looked like they didn’t mind getting shot by the way they thronged the car. Safety in numbers, folks.

      6. Stupid law about having weapon at protest, etc.
        How the hell are you to know that you might be driving into a protest given the speed at which social media allows them to organize and form?? would be very hard to make charges stick given today’s racial protests and speed at which protests rapidly form.

        Would recommend to anyone else caught up in these violent protests to lock all doors and drive straight through – if there are no other choices and please don’t stop anywhere near protest once through.
        Go to police station. With a plethora of supportive articles about immediate danger and targeting of white people when caught up in the violent protests it would be difficult to fault someone scared for their life and trying to get out of danger.

        Being detained by protesters violent or peaceful on roadway may be able to bring unlawful detainment/kidnapping charges. If the police have the nads to press these charges.

        • The parade restriction does not apply if the driver with the gun was just passing through. This is why cities require protests to get parade licenses if streets are shut down.

          What this guy drove into, does not qualify as a parade or even a demonstration. These rioters unlawfully blocked a street and when they detained people by blocking their route committed the crime of unlawful detention, a form of kidnapping.

        • DRT, welcome, and those are damn good points. That guy did exactly what I would’ve done. Always knew there was SOMEONE out there who thinks exactly like I do.

        • Civil Protest … I agree … no guns.

          Violent Protest … well, that in itself is a different scenario.

          Best to have a gun if caught up in a violent protest … no gun … no big deal … your vehicle is just as much as an equalizer … hit the gas pedal and be prepared for the speed bumps that you create. ツ

          • That’s my feeling too FTW.
            Stop – look at rioters – floor it! When they hear the screeching tires and see that the car is not going to stop they will either quickly move out of the way or become speed bumps.

      7. How about “Before SHTF”, Move out of the Cities. Some read this Intel years ago, and immediately acted. And others never act, think its all fear porn?
        U Will B, SOL.


        • X2….bingo!!!!

      8. Just wanted to check in with everyone. It’s been a long while since I’ve been here. Sgt.Dale, Braveheart, and all the others I’ve missed.

        I’ve become a Dad and now I have a awesome 1 year old daughter. As many know we had issues having children so I’m very blessed. Been working 6-7 days a week to pay for that daycare. I haven’t been prepping as much because I don’t have the room to store a lot of stuff since my prep room became a baby room.

        Still have protection and some non perishables. Hope to be around more and hope everyone’s doing well.

        • Welcome back Indy! Congratulations on being a dad! I totally understand the storage issues you ran into there! Food buckets and water have been replaced with diapers and baby wipes!

          All the best to you and the family!

          • Indy, congrats. The wife and I have the opposite problem, the girls are grown and gone. Get used to the phone ringing and hearing, is MOM home? or Dad can you fix it? It comes later in life and is funny.

        • Good man!!!

          • Indy,congrats on newest addition to family.Now,more then ever you need to prep/attic space ect.,you are prepping for more then yourself,so keep at it while enjoying each day with your family.I would suggest one of those kids backpacks(that you wear)and take your daughter hiking,keeps you in shape and keeps her in the world of nature,again,congrats and hope it holds together for your and all families sake.

        • my kids got to where they were a lot of fun when they turned 4. no more diapers…then they turn 6….welcome back!

        • IndyColts, good to hear from you. Congratulations on becoming a father. Keep stacking and praying.

        • Congratulations, Indy. Haven’t been able to have kids myself. Dick’s too small.

          • Cuz atleast your honest sometime!

          • Haha, thanks guys. I’ve never been so busy in my life.

        • Indy colts: Just my view, not slamming anyone, I even asked friend why her dau. would want to bring kids into world today. Many “just don’t get it” and don’t see reality/dangers. Fostering and adoption would be my choice today (am retired no kids) as they are already born and/or helping/volunteering in group home. I have studied globalism since ’70’s and we chose to not raise kids. I encourage others to adopt or foster, young people today (short of miracles) will live in a hellish future.

        • Congrats! Great news.

      9. not only Move out of the citys. Don’t go into the citys. boycott the citys. let them have it all to themselves. The rural country side & farms can survive without the citys. The citys cannot survive on their own. Let those citys die. Don’t let the citys make a penny of revenue from you.

        • I’d call a Curfew on ALL Blacks. Any spook out past 7PM to 7AM gets a bullet. Cause you are all up to “No Good.” Just start shipping them back to their original homeland African tribes. Time to put the bunny back into the jungle. They cannot assimilate into American Culture.

          ~WWTI… The “War on Poverty” was another utter failure.

          • Can we get rid of stupid comments like this? “Spooks” really? Way to fit the stereotype asshole

            • My Comments stand. No more Political Correctness here, call it like it is. F-n sub-human animal spear chuckers that need to be dispatched into dust.


              • I have heard of several accounts of blacks going to africa to find their roots…

                They end up in a world of hurt because in the majority of those 3rd world countries, it is all about community and tribe… If someone has to ask if they are a member of a tribe, they are too naive to realize the answer is no.

                Afica is a brutal place that very few westeners understand. Equality is equivalent to weakness and weaker tribes are genocided or are made slaves.

                Basically, africa does not want then either.

            • SwissMiss: You are right. “Porch-Monkeys” is the most often used term anyway ….in the South. 🙂

              Yet, to you, it is well and good for them to call us every name under the sun?

              You have your priorities in total disorder and disarray as well…

          • Idiot

            • oh No! Another Coal Burner Mud Shark PC Troll perhaps?

      10. Protesters beat a man half to death.
        They set another man on fire.
        Peaceful? I think not.
        Don’t allow any thug to beat you or set you on fire.
        Have a gun and lots of ammo.
        If they intend to kill you, do what you are forced to do, aim small, miss small!

      11. This mans survival during a dangerous moment proves the old adage that “might is right”. If you are white and living in a predominantly black neighborhood, you are in constant danger whether you realize it or not. White’s need to go back to segregation. Each race needs their own separate States completely independent of one another.

        The truth is, we really don’t like each other. It’s a fact.

        The J*w news networks, J*w owned school system, J*w owned publishing have conspired to exacerbate the hostilities between the races for so long that our differences now are deadly.

        George Soros should be taken dead or alive and put on trial for his deliberate attempt to cause a war between black and white. He is guilty of inciting the blacks to murder. George Soros is one of the J*ws who need to be tried and executed.

        He is by far not the only J*w in this Country and around the world who needs a bounty on his head. People who dislike these extremist J*ws, do not care about their J*wishness, nor about their religious beliefs; the people who dislike J*ws dislike the criminal, vicious, horrible things J*ws have done to us nonJ*ws. There are conspiracies. The biggest conspiracy is the J*w conspiracy. The J*w conspiracy is an attempt to destroy all National Boundaries via immigration, cause a breakdown in society (demonstrated here), put in a Communist government that is global, reduce population (kill as much as 95% of all humans), leaving a small group of perhaps 3% of the present population as slaves eternally with the 1%J*ws as Masters of the World.


        • George Soros is a terrorist

        • B from CA; Very swell articulated eh! Nice to see another so awakened to what Henry Ford called “The International jew, The World’s Foremost problem” in his 1920 Book he wrote and which can be read free in full online at several websites.

      12. Crackers in da hood.

      13. I would say at this point the man was in fear of his life, it became appropriate to draw the weapon. He did not arrive with the weapon drawn, but only after people blocked his way and threatened him.

        If you block someone’s way of escape, in virtually all states it is a crime akin to kidnapping. Deadly force could be justified for that alone.

        It was common knowledge that protesters had attacked and committed grave bodily harm. An expectation of fearing for your life is reasonable. Thus he was lawfully defending himself and not brandishing. Further if during the course of your travels you are set on by a mob that the press describe as demonstrators, does not remove your right to lawfully carry.

        Only if it could be proven he intended to go to this spontaneous demonstration could his actions be questionable.

        • Blackman in Florida has concealed carry license. Is at a club where violence breaks out. Goes to his car, gets his gun then goes to look for his friends. He’s atttacked by a white guy who stated he intentionally attacked him. He shoots white guy, who lives, and he gets 25 yrs for shooting him.

          An here are you racist talk about arming yourselves and what’s right. You act like you can’t see the hipocracy but you do. You just don’t give a sh!t. But wonder why we call you racist.

          • Hey Nitejizz you would find that the majority of people here support Blacks having lawful firearms and using them to defend themselves. You are attacking the wrong target.
            Direct your efforts against your “overseers & spokespeople ” who moved your people from slavery to enslavement in the Democratic party. Research history to see who the real enemy to Blacks actually has been and is. The real enemy to Blacks is themselves and the Dem overseers and those who still sell you and profit from your enslavement.
            stop the hate bro and direct your efforts against the real enemy.

          • Night jazz, he didn’t get the gun to go back and look for his friends, he did just what he set out to do. He got it to go back and shoot someone. That’s why he’s in prison. If he were white, he’d have gotten the same sentence cause contrary to what you say, he’s not a victim of the system, he’s a criminal that tries to play the victim. They call someone like that a psychopath. By the way, you’re the racist.
            Stay quiet Be smart

          • and then the CITIZENS(not just the black ones) surrounded the jail and demanded he be released, right?….yes, we give a shit….but only when you’re RIGHT.

          • NightlyJazz –

            ‘Ya Dude … I see what you mean by most here with their damn hypocrisy – how could they not see it?

            I mean … all they have to do is watch the live coverage on t.v. and see all kinds of White Folks blocking traffic, looting stores, breaking stuff and setting shit on fire … the worst of it all is … those damn pesky racist Whites attacking those Black Folks who are minding their business being onlookers and getting attacked by those racist White Devils!

            These White Devils are not only “deplorables” … but pure fk’n Savages – Obama needs to Drone Strike them now!

            [sarcasm – completely fk’n OFF]

          • Nightly Jazz,
            Concealed carry in a place that serves alcohol is illegal if you drink any alcohol. If he got into an altercation while under the influence, and shot someone, he’s screwed.

            Going to his car and returning to a dangerous situation with a weapon implies some kind of attempted vigilante action on his part, a concealed carry no no. It changed his intent to that of someone on the hunt rather than self defense. I believe anyone who leaves a bar brawl for the sole purpose of obtaining returning with a deadly weapon, licensed or not, could face prosecution if the weapon is used.

            Like I said in the my prior post, the guy that pulled a gun on the crowd that blocked his way, could be arrested if he drove through the area to sightsee, intentionally looking for rioters, looking for a conflict. If he was simply traveling through the area as part of normal travel he is justified..

            Know your states concealed carry laws if you carry.

            If you want to be a demonstrator, also know the law so you don’t create the impression you are threatening someone’s life who is freely traveling public streets, it could get you prison or killed.

          • It sounds like a complicated situation, but like the other posters have already stated, he showed intent according to the law. He also ran afoul of Florida’s 10-20-Life law (Ten years for having a gun at the time of committing a crime, 20 years if you fire it, life if you shoot someone-whether they die or not). Now, do I agree with the sentence? Well, to me it seems like it may be excessive as there may have been some mitigating circumstances. However, I do not know all of the facts of the case either such as if he was intoxicated at the time or why he thought it necessary to grab a gun and go back into the situation rather than just leave or grab his friends and leave the first time without getting a gun and going back.

            I will also add that it may be that he had the misfortune to need the public defender’s system to provide him with an attorney. Unfortunately, most of these attorneys are overworked with excessive case loads and do not have adequate time for pre-trial preparation, leading to the wrongful convictions of perhaps hundreds of thousands of low income defendants who otherwise would have been found not guilty. It is truly a travesty that this exists in our system, and is one of the major inequalities of our criminal justice system that desperately needs to be addressed. For all the money we spend on incarcerating people, wouldn’t it be prudent to provide defendants with good council so that we can prevent the innocent from being locked up? This is not only a burden on the wrongly convicted, but on society too. Being poor shouldn’t be a crime.

            • Winston,
              Excellent additions to the discussion.

      14. Never leave home unarmed now. I would rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6 and we live in dangerous times.

      15. When a police office shoots a black man, someone comes up with a version of events that are different from what the police have reported. Then it turns out to be wrong. These people who riot should just wait a little while to find out if what they have been told is actually true. Of course, they are anonymous so they have no shame or maybe they just want to loot.

        • important to remember….cops LIE….and it’s “LEGAL” for them to lie…they do it so much, they lie to U.S. too.

        • For the most part there are people who just want to make trouble who cause the looting etc,,,they dont care about facts or statistics,,,
          Personally i hope they just go apeshit, lets take the gloves off

      16. Quick question the summer sausage they sell at the store that doesnt require refrigeration how long would it be good for and if you keep it frozen in the freezer would that keep it longer like if i had it in the freezer for 3 years then shtf and the power went out for good it would stay good at room temp but would have to cook eat other meats. Just thinking of another alternative to canned meat or beef jerky cus you can get the big ones around the holidays cheap

        • GS, a deep freeze type freezer would be better. Frost free freezers heat up in cycles to keep frost away.
          I’ve heard 6 months max for foods in frost free freezers.

          • Yea I’ve heard that about pork but the beef summer sausage doesn’t need refrigerating so doing it to extend the life of it cus I know they are full of salt to preserve

            • I think it would last a long time.
              You’d probably know if it goes bad.
              Fruitcakes store forever, too. But I don’t have a single one in storage!

              • i have heard that they don’t even MAKE fruitcake anymore…they all get re-gifted the next year….nobody actually LIKES fruitcake…..i got one a few years ago that had an expiration date of nov. 2035….passed it on to my secretary the next year….i’ll probly get it back some day…….

                • buttcrack, I may be the only one around here that likes it, but I love claxton fruitcake. I buy a couple of pounds every november. I have it all eaten by spring.

                  • Yeah, in a true SHTF situation, a fruitcake would be morale boost. Sugar and fruit and nuts mat be out of reach in a world gone dark.
                    I’d rather have a few in that case.
                    No need to worry about keeping them cold. And, (bonus) they’d be better than Twinkies!

                    • Ketchup, I caught your reply on yesterdays post. I feel I must defend mushrooms. I have taken shrooms at least 100 times and never had a seriously bad experience. I did laugh so hard once that I sheet my pants (but thats another story). The people who have bad experiences (just like with lsd) are people who do not like themselves or have some mental issue. Psycadelics bring issues out and for some people that is really bad. I love shrooms because it gives me deep thought and connection with the universal intelligence. I like myself and therefore it is never a problem. It shows me the coolest things creation, fibernace sequencing, in depth looks into structure, etc. It is not for the weak minded or mentally fooked up people, it is for a killer learning experience and a lot of fun. Ya it pumps your heart rate up but only real bad if you have some sort of fear attack because of some issue. A gram or 2 won’t hurt the average no issue person at all, in fact it helps in many ways. Thats my testimony and I’m stickin’ to it 🙂

                    • buttcrack,

                      This old goat likes those cakes as well. I agree that it would be a great source of energy and a great morale booster. There is a company in Texas that makes the moistest fruitcake chock full of nuts and candied fruit but I have forgotten the name of the bakery. Someone use to send it to my mother who was born in Beaumont, Tx. Great stuff, I can never get enough!

                      Old Goats love fruit cakes

                  • YES! Claxton Fruitcake is Good stuff

                    • Ketchup,better then Twinkies?!I tell you what,I get any fruit cakes will trade to ya’s for Twinkies,got a geographic issue to deal with but we can figure it out!I need a junk food morale booster give me a motherfucking Twinkie!

      17. all those inner city people are nothing more than pawns or useful idiots being used to help continue the militarized build up of le into an UN army that is an aggressive and hostile fighting force towards the American people to help usher in the NWO fundamental transformation of the USA

        wouldn’t be surprised if the shooting in Tulsa was a deliberate false flag in order to cause chaos

      18. Can cheese? ???

      19. YAHOO hacking

        it was previously announced that 200 million accounts had been hacked

        now its 500 million

        change your password and disable or change your security questions

        • How many fricken’ people have an account with Yahoo? 500 million?
          not here, thankfully.

      20. Shoot one, the rest will get the message.

        • Wojo,how will shooting someone with a yahoo account solve the hack issues?!

          • Warchild –

            Wojo wasn’t replying to the “yahoo” thread.
            He was referring to the black plague that are violently ‘potessin out in the streets.

      21. Yellen to Trump: The Fed is Above the President

        September 22, 2016

        By James Corbett

        Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. After Rate Hike Fake Out, Yellen Responds To Trump and Clinton Tells Trump to Shut Up on Federal Reserve. Plus other stories like the crackdown in little neighborhood libraries.

      22. #1 rule after you kill a thug……

        DRIVE AWAY

        • John,as you drive away drive over the offender,you saw him starting to get back up/you were fearful and panicked,don’t care why,drive over the sob!

          • Agreed … but take it a step further.
            I always like to do a job right … the first time.
            That being said…….

            Like what Warchild Dammit said … “drive over the offender” … but … put that gear in reverse and do it again.

            Repeat process if necessary … just to make sure … “offender” is no longer a threat.

            Peace be with you.

      23. actually, the number ONE rule is DOUBLETAP….watch zombieland, there’s a LOT of education in that one.

        • Unfortunately
          The triggers on my ARs are so touchy a double tap is pretty much asdured

          • That sucks dude … so … for a head shot … you need to aim first at the upper chest area on a target … squeeze the trigger and the second follow up shot hits the face/head?

            Works for me! ツ

            • Mozambique… two to the body one to the head.

              • Triple Tap … like the way you think WOJO!!!

                • two thumbs up to ALL you muhfugguhs!

      24. The Most Powerful Video About the Struggle Of Law Enforcement and the Black Community You Will Ever See

        h tp://

      25. God’s grace & wise use of self defense is important.

      26. At 71 years old and have worked in Detroit most of my life I know this problem all to well. Long before this was on the national scene Detroit had mini riots and blow outs that the press would hardly mention. Many of the older blacks I worked with were just as upset as whites that the youths wanted to riot. I heard “…there just ain’t no dam jobs for these kids. How we suppose to make them ‘upstanding’ when they got no hope in life. When you got no hope in life this is what happens…”. So I never leave home with my carry…

      27. Now if he would have rolled out of that car with an AK or an M4 now that’s a gun. That little pea shooter he had was nothing like what I carry all the time.



        • Sbr

        • Sgt Dale

          You have a badge that is generally the accepted Master Card regarding weapon possession.A cop, even off duty and outside of his jurisdiction gets a lot more leeway than a common citizen carry permit or not.

        • Sgt: You really don’t need much of a hand gun, it’s only ten feet to the trunk

      28. Doesn’t anyone else see the police officer with the bicycle talking to the driver at 0:25 mark? You can clearly see the front tire of his bike and the word police in white letters on the back of his shirt. That’s why he was “allowed” to drive through.

      29. Police Say Video Shows Keith Lamont Scott Had Gun in Hand

        h tps://–abc-news-topstories.html

      30. “For the record, concealed carry is legal in NC. Brandishing a weapon at a peaceful protest is not.”
        Also for the record Heather Head, it is illegal to be menacing people in the middle of the damn road.

        • Well then Mr. Apple he would have been good to go ’cause that protest has been anything BUT peaceful. Like Sgt. Dale notes above, I wouldn’t have relied on showing something with a magazine with less than 20-30 rounds. With them knuckleheads, many the times you don’t have to “read them from the Book” but only have to show them the pictures.

      31. shoot looters on site. that will stop this niggery

        • What this fine Patriot said —

          shoot looters on site. that will stop this niggery

          Will this solve the problem … or create more of a problem?

          If it solves it … +1 on the goal … if it creates more of a problem … keep shooting until you reach that +1 mark.

          … and God Bless The United States Of America ツ

        • A few hand grenades, phosgene gas, flame throwers, chlorine gas,snipers, nerve gas, napalm bombs, flachettes, predator drones ….. Ghetto control is easily achieved.

          • Zap –

            Nice collection of dirty weapons.
            Need to add – White Phosphorous

            US Government appears to have a large stash of these nasty incendiaries that they like to distribute to Saudi Arabia & elsewhere.

      32. From what I see in the video, there is plenty of open space BEHIND the car – and mob congestion ahead. Further, it looks like he just went through an intersection and into the congestion!

        Then he pulls out a gun – and holds it outside and below the level of the window? A quick rush and he could not raise it and aim. Plus it’s guaranteed to bring the cop over for a chat.

      33. Stupid people believe the laws will keep peace. Police can’t keep the peace. Almost everyone has a gun and if they know they are going to this kind of event they will have it with them. Lets have this civil war eventually people will get sick of fighting and peace will come back for a bit rinse repeat.

      34. I love watching riots. Who’s team you on. Me I’m for the cops.

        • Thanks for the laugh!

      35. Hitler Comedy Time!!!

        ***Warning*** Subtitles are fast on this one … ***

        Hitler’s Rant on Connecticut Gun Registration

        Duration: 3:38

      36. Where is all the rioting? No stones being thrown. No tear gas or pepper spray. No jumping around like idiots or acting stupid. No Looting. Screaming and yelling too.

        I’m disappointed in BLM. :0(

      37. One can take heed to avoid bad neighborhoods even in non confrontational times. I’ll drive far out of my way to avoid them. I’ll apologize for a presumed indiscretion even if its really unwarranted to defuse a situation; thank you, your welcome, excuse me and I’m sorry are commonly used. As was said in the 70s TV series with David Caradine, “A wise man walks with his head bowed low”. This being said President Theodore Roosevelt’s statement is also true, “Walk softly but carry a big stick”.

        I sense some on this BB are looking for a violent solution to problems when it can and should be avoided. A large ego is a very dangerous thing because it occupies space that should be reserved for thinking.

        • Kevin2

          The simple fact in this day and age is that we can not live together. Only a violent solution will bring a TEMPORARY Solution. Only to fester up later on. It has got out of control.

          Whatever the outcome I just want it done. I am tired of hearing and talking about it. Walking on eggshells.

          Hell, Black cops shoots black man and they still blame white people.

          • “Hell, Black cops shoots black man and they still blame white people.”

            That’s right dude … those damn White Devils riding upon their majestic White Steeds in their shinning armor with Swastikas on their arms are the reason why “Black Folks” are pissed off at the world … Give these poor black folks a check … and send on home to their mother land … problem solved!

            [sarcasm off] — lol

          • I can live together. Back families live around us. I worked with black guys and was friendly with a black educated woman at work, dark skinned as ebony, that had zero slang and married a white guy. She was conservative. Got herself a Red Seal in Stationary Engineering, I taught the course.

            I rest my case. You want trouble.

          • anon

            I have black neighbors. Worked with 20% blacks. No problem. The root cause of a lot of this is……drum roll please……..The damn Free Trade Agreements that eviscerated worthwhile jobs along with manufacturing. Idle time is the devils play. What made the black guys in the Oil Refinery completely different from these thugs? It was the now three generational good employment they’re in. Camden 1955 and Camden today. Detroit 1955 and Detroit today. Allentown Pa 1955 and Allentown today.

            I rest my case.

        • K2, good post.The bowed head thing,nah,that ain’t gonna happen,but I am polite.
          When young I liked the rough bars,would fight at the drop of a hat!Than got older,now I can walk away,I know what I’m capable of!Figured out the only person you have to prove anything to,is yourself!
          Maniac — out

      38. Come midnight it will get interesting cus thats when the curfew starts and i suppose thats what the national guard is there for and the peoples will prob disreguard the curfew in mass just to see what they will do. So what do they do with 500 people they take into custody? I suppose they will take them and process them at some makeshift detention facility. Oh yea people call them a fema camp but ya gotta test one out to see how smooth the process will work before you have to use nation wide ya gotta establish policy and procedure and a protocol. This is a test and only a test cus in furgeson they diddent have national guard cus they were testing the waters this time they are taking it to the next level. Trial and error to perfect it.

        • If they got the “Kent State” Treatment … I wouldn’t be upset or concerned … shit happens.

          • Bet you this. A government Kent State Treatment might start with them but it will end with you. Just wait for the bullshit globalist deck of cards to come tumbling down. Think your anything other than a Useless Eater in their eyes?

      39. Declaired a state of emergency? ? Why they are doing the same thing they did in furgeson only i dont think as bad or so media shows. Like i said i think they are progressive advancing their procedure for the big country wide event in the future and how best to deal with and control the population.

        • Also desinsitizing us to these kind of events.

          • De-sensitization? Oh, we’ve long been under those conditions via the radio, tv, social media, posts, speeches, music etc. “Conditioning” at all levels has had a tremendous impact upon society as a whole (globally, as every nation practices it upon their populace to varying degrees – and The USA has pumped it up “to the max” when it comes to ‘laced news’ (meaning: it is rare that one cannot find “subliminals” within every minute of (especially) politically oriented discussions (to include the commercials of course).

            Subliminals were made illegal by the gov in the ’50s, and then shortly (early ’70’s?) after, it was decided to ‘drop that law’ in favor of USING them …and then the government started with “them”, and have not ceased at all levels of influencing human thinking (with billions being spent on what does what, and how, and why, and what ‘trips’ more triggers than others). Holy Moly; it is a science unto itself, and the people who are working within (inside and creating) are OF THE GOVERNMENT (of course), with no good-intent within any of their “wars for your minds.” Alex Jones uses that as his ‘logo’ (of a sort) doesn’t he?

            True story: A man in New York started a radio station but couldn’t quite get it off the ground (could not get enough of an audience to make ends meet). One night he had an idea, and within a month, and to this day, it remains within the most popular stations in NYC.

            What did he do? Taped his wife and himself having sex and then ‘looped’ the tape so that it was being played, sub-audible but still there (except in times of ‘dead air’) …and that’s all it took to make his radio station #1.

      40. Hicks where the hell are you??? Stop throwing this hissy fit and get back on here!!!

        • HCKS probably wont come back … I’m pretty positive it is almost a good 95% the reason is because of me.

          Dude cant handle a disagreement / nor can handle a discussion … what HCKS says … is what 100% factual … no debate with him … instead .. pulls out the Democrat Card … and anyone who disagrees with him is a Troll and there for “banned” from SHTFplan …

          Sad thing is … I’ve been banned twice from him … and I’ve been able to continue to post … only schizo/Bi-polar people believe that they can do such magical stuff on boards that they have no control over.

          • yes Hicks is gone. He was acid etch first then Hicks and he will come back as someone else. Frigging nut case.

            • Yea hes outer limits plausable but still plausabe at least the aliens he spoke of were foriegn and not green so he wasn’t totaly gone and the moderator complex is just control issues from when he was down and out so thats understandable one thing for sure he was verry respectful towards women. .and hes got balls in the meaning of standing up for what he thinks until he takes his marbles and leaves the playground haveing a hissy fit

      41. Alright! The protestors are trying to stop traffic on the interstate.

        I knew they had it in them. ;0) My confidence restored.

        • Anon,you need a relaxing hobby!Might I suggest fly tieing.

          • WD

            Good Morning.
            On the prep side. I was in a Good Will store and found some medical tape used for making casts on broken bones. Reading the instructions you drop in in water to start a chemical reaction to harden the clear paste. I opened one and wrapped it around a piece of PVC About ten minutes later it was hard a fiberglass.
            4in X 4 yards in a roll for 50 cents each. Ten to the box. Wear medical gloves per instruction.
            First time I have seen this stuff and it is an item for the expanded medical kit.

            Broken bones. How many think about that emergency when the reset happens. Read up on that subject cause it can go real bad in resetting fractures without X-Rays and anesthesia.

            • anon, great find. I found some cast iron the last time I stopped at one. I working on my first aid as well, hopefully I’ll come across some good deals as well

            • I have practiced with gauze and plaster of paris that is available every where but a one piece solution sounds much easier,brand name?My only issue is setting bones properly to mend,can study but,well,volunteers with broken limbs hard to find!

              Enjoy your weekend and for that matter all here enjoy,ah….,the life of the recently(voluntarily)unemployed!Time for a multi state road trip to see some folks and get in some r&r!

              • There is a great many GOOD things to be found extremely useful for preppers, and invariably these things seem to (most often) come from Belgium (such as “stick-on sutures”, or vented/unvented Chest Pads for Entry/Exit bullet (or whatever) wounds, blood-clotting Combat Gauze (green-mylar-pouches), AllaQuix hemostatic pads (to stop bleeding (for like when a large vein is opened a tad (or fully) – with instructions on how to ‘tend’ to it.

                LOTS of stuff on broken-bones (the worst of course being Compound-Fractures with a ‘jut of bone’ sticking out below the knee, above the elbow, or a rib ‘just hanging around and down’ (outside enjoying the sunshine).

                Inspiration Medical Technology (St.Paul, MN) distributes the stuff we chose to stock up on, though if we ended up needing all that we have I’d be forever 200lbs heavier (lead-lined too I suppose, and quite dead). ht tp:// (good start here). Their coagulation tech is Chitosan (a product of China), but it works even on those who are “bleeders” and ( lol…) has been cleared for use by the military by the FDA. Hemophilia Treatment Centers (about anywhere in the USA, use these as well).

                Even still, Garlic and Pine Pitch are both natural antibiotic or antiseptic (natures own). I believe most everyone knows that garlic was used to ‘pack wounds’ for the soldiers being sent back to the states to prevent infections before arrival. (Very few of them had problems with ‘sepsis’ or forms of stuff ending in ‘itis’, as garlic is hard-hitting and splendidly effective.

                Pine-pitch is also helpful in starting fires in ridiculous conditions that tend to hamper your efforts, and it is easy to forage for and gather (for immediate use) or stored into a zip-lock (double-zip locks are way better), and can be frozen or not (it doesn’t care). It can also be used like a ‘sticky suture’ to close wounds in the absence of needles and cat-gut, nylon suturing thread, etc). (Helps to use the pine needles to ‘press into the pitch’ at a 90-degree angle to the cut or jagged-wound, to assist it in staying closed as tightly as possible).

                Birch-tree bark and lots of pine-pitch to bind it together makes for an excellent “cast” (add straight sticks for additional strength if you wish). Indians made canoes with it. Certainly you can figure out how to build a cast with it right? 🙂

                Hardened pitch from a Spruce can be chewed, and after turning all powdery and yukky-like-snails, it forms a ‘gum’ that is ‘different’ but keeps your mouth busy, and harmless afaik (barring allergies). It can be heated and poured into a dental wound, where it hardens over the pine pitch ‘antiseptic’ – and won’t melt away like pine-pitch will.

      42. He was just saying, I’m not a victim. Lol

      43. Back to politics.

      44. “For the record, concealed carry is legal in NC. Brandishing a weapon at a peaceful protest is not”

        peaceful whaaaat????

        oh and concealed carry and or open carry is legal in every state, missy…even if the folks there don’t believe it…second amendment says so…and since it is one of the first (and only) ten amendments then it is one the allowed ratification of the the entire constitution…change that and the entire constitution is rendered null and void…

      45. Seems in that situation . A glock 9 in each hand with 30 round mags. Might be your best bet. And good hollow points.

      46. Night Rider

      47. BLM is converting White people to KKKLANSMEN

      48. Don’t look to me like they want a race war. Only if the liberal cracker don’t have a gun. then they’ll trying to burn you.

      49. what are “weapons” as mentioned in the North Carolina law? i would consider what the man had in his hand as his private property. equivocation is the principle in all of man’s so-called law, which is not the law to govern men, but to govern persons, and i’m not a legal fiction. this is not technical double speak, this is the truth! the only law to govern men is God’s law, plain and simple, and in the late 1700’s and early 1800’s most people in America (not the United States) knew this. we can go back to this law (common law) if more men were educated.

      50. This is the militia in action! There is no way in hell that the standing army known as the National Guard should be there.

        They are Federally controlled troops.
        The standing army that we were warned about.

        Bring back the organized militia, just like the Constitution demands.

      51. Vikings were here before Native American’s.Let the truth be told.Aryan stick together brother’s.The rest has what’s coming.

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