These People Were Prepared During Snow Storm Jonas, But They Died Because of This Mistake

by | Jan 27, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 133 comments

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    Lessons from the massive snow storm Jonas, where at least 48 people have been reported killed, are important to take away here for future prepping in our quickly declining and increasingly vulnerable society.

    The use of martial law to shut down travel, including air traffic and highways, is now standard issue for major cities – like those on the East Coast that were hit hard by record snow levels.

    The storm itself caused less damage than responders and authorities expected to deal with, but the media delivered a stern warning coupled with significant fear. This snow storm was forecast to be the worst in history, and most people hunkered down as they were instructed.

    Grocery shelves were quickly emptied, and people started a last minute hoarding days ahead in accordance with the weather reportage.

    And the power went out for hundreds of thousands of residents…

    Tens of thousands of customers are still without power but service has been restored to many hit hard by the storm.

    In the Carolinas, utilities reported about 50,000 customers without power… 20,000 are still without power in New Jersey, down from about 58,000 on Saturday night.

    Most service was back on in Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia, where more than 50,000 had lost power. In Georgia, about 600 customers were still waiting for service — down from more than 125,000.

    But the power outage itself was to be expected. Most of the service was restored relatively quickly after a day or two. Pretty routine, but it definitely could have been worse. If Washington or New York had been without power for several days, there would be instant rioting and looting. This much is understood.

    In this case, the power outages didn’t cause much damage directly, but indirectly it caused the death of one elderly couple.

    And they made a mistake you’d do well to learn from, because it is a scenario many preppers could find themselves in during a winter crisis without being aware of it.

    They were prepared for such an event, and had a generator ready to restore power. Such a solution works well during short term situations like this one.

    But it wasn’t properly ventilated. Officials DON’T THINK the Bell family neglected to do so, but think the opened garage door was forced shut after it was set-up. The result was carbon monoxide poisoning.

    Even though they had the supplies for the crisis, they fell victim to a failure in the set-up of the equipment.

    via ABC News:

    An elderly couple has been found dead in their Greenville home due to carbon monoxide poisoning. Authorities say 87-year-old Robert Bell and his 86-year-old wife Ruby had lost power during the storm on Friday night and set up a generator in their garage.

    Authorities say the propped open garage door somehow closed and the house filled with carbon monoxide.

    Several other people died from carbon monoxide poisoning as well while being stuck in their running cars.

    Authorities say a Pennsylvania man died after a passing snowplow trapped him inside his running car.

    Officials say Perrotto was apparently trying to dig out his car. Investigators believe he was either in the car to take a break or trying to pull out of the space when the plow came by and buried the car, blocking the exhaust and preventing him from getting out.


    A 23-year-old New Jersey mom and her year-old son have died of carbon monoxide poisoning while sitting in a running car with its tailpipe covered in snow.

    The problem isn’t as deep a worry as martial law or widespread civil unrest, or gun confiscation during a crisis.

    But it is a real life danger that you are even more likely to face during the next disaster – particularly in a weather emergency. If you don’t prepare to avoid this ahead of time, you might not think this one through in a stressful situation.

    But it is a basic mistake that cost the lives of people during the first wave a major emergency. It is best to stay off the road and avoid travel anyway in weather like this.

    Avoid these scenarios and include alternatives in your plan for a winter outage or dangerous travel during heavy snow conditions.

    Prepper Tom of the North gives this warning about carbon monoxide poisoning and asphyxiation dangers:

    While fire is a common cause, there are other causes of asphyxiation worth your consideration:

    Carbon monoxide poisoning is usually from a combustion source in the home. This has also occurred in vehicles stranded in snowstorms. Vehicles were run for heat. Accumulating snow shrouded the tailpipe resulting in vehicle exhaust entering the passenger compartment.

    Other poisonous fumes [could come from] tanker trucks, rail cars and chemical & other industrial plants often have hazardous materials that, in an emergency situation, could cause you grave bodily harm if exposed.

    Smothering- confined space entrapment, such as a building collapse (snow or volcanic ash loads on roofs, earthquakes, etc). Consider also avalanches, landslides and mudslides.

    Drowning: consider also flash floods; tsunami; the aforementioned breaking ice; catastrophic dam failure; bridge failure while crossing. Flash floods are relatively common and often deadly. [..]

    All of these events are sudden, unexpected and leave you minutes or less to choose a course of action. Taking the proper action may save your life.

    Read more:

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    Survival Priorities: Tips On Avoiding Carbon Monoxide Deaths & Asphyxiation Risks in a Disaster


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      1. RIP Finicum

        • And back to the article.

          I find this so lame. Canada had an ice storm a few years back. It dwarfed this event and nothing much happened. People need to toughen up, and I’m sorry to say the weak fail in any event. That’s how nature works.

          There are so many worse ways to go than carbon monoxide. Getting tired, falling asleep, and passing is peaceful. I’d choose it over dying for a government’s agenda any day. True victims are people who die in false flag events such as 9/11, where the government uses their deaths to go on a killing spree. I can’t think of a worse legacy.

          • Canadians are far more accustomed to such extreme winter weather. Thus they are naturally much better prepared to handle them.

            I’m not making excuses for anyone, but let’s not confuse knowledge and preparation. You wouldn’t blame Eskimos for not being prepared for a meteor impact, would you?

      2. Whoops.

          • Is it any wonder why the average sheep think prepping is useless and preppers are a joke? I AM NOT AMUSED.

      3. Why did the feds execute Lavoy Finicum?
        Yall feeling all snug and safe now?
        These dangerous terrorists are off the street?
        Enjoy your little lives while you can, our response will dictate our level of enslavement going forth

        • He was in their way.

          I am very curious what happens next.

          • Not much out of OK, facebook is scrubbing content, is interesting

            • Figures (facebook). I don’t have an account so I don’t know what they’re not talking about.

              • I dont use mine other than to view content that needs an account, a couple pages that had videos and pictures from Or are either entire page gone or video or pictures just blank, “edited because it doesnt meet their content requirements” just find it interesting,

                • I figure anything FB is willing to show me does not need an account. They’ll black out anything else.

                  I’m surprised so many so-called patriots still play the FB game. They’re talking out of both sides of their faces. (Nothing personal Kula, just find it amusing people still use FB even though they know full well it’s not open, free or honest.)

                  • Yup,
                    Is a little like hanging your laundry on the sidewalk in front of your house,,,

                    • I was on my way to the meeting in John Day to hear Bundy and Finicum speak when I got word the meeting was canceled and Lavoy was dead. Things not looking good in Eastern Oregon. A lot of tension right now

                    • None of this is a surprise. They did the same in Bunkerville. People better wake up and start getting involved by showing up. This will come to everyone sooner or later.

                • Stop funding the enemies of our country…….close all FB accounts.

                • My wife and I both have FB accounts only to keep track of and communicate with our out of state kids. This is what bother me. Both accounts are completely separate, no identifying connections between us other than common friends. I don’t even stay logged into my account. I keep my email and all other accounts logged out unless I am using them. Every time I do a search on line for some item, it shows up on her FB page as an ad. The only assumption I can make is that they are running in the background even though they are logged out and track and share what ever you are searching for with all of the people in your friends list. Keep that in mind when you are doing internet searches. You are being watched.

                  Know your enemy and pick your fights accordingly!

                  • They are using your IP address to track you. It’s unique to the router that connects your computer(s) to the Internet.

                    It’s getting harder and harder to be anonymous on the Internet these days, but one of the remaining ways is to avoid services that track you. Social media is a money making game. Nobody does that amount of programming, sets up so many servers, and manages customer calls for nothing. In most cases, if it’s a free service you don’t want it. They’re making money off you somehow, and it too often involves selling information about YOU.

                    • Not only that, but Facebook runs scripts on the servers of many major retailers as a way for both Facebook (who sells the data) and the retailers to track certain metrics about the people who visit the site. One way to limit this is to run a locked down browser. Now I never used Facebook or intentionally put pictures of myself online, so I can’t say for certain my techniques would be 100% successful, but here is what I do to limit tracking. I run Firefox as my browser with a few key extensions. Number one is Noscript. It lets you choose which scripts run on the websites you visit. It is not as convenient as just letting them all run, but it will limit your exposure to tracking and certain types of malware. I also run Adblock. It stops the pop up ads in most cases and you can choose to allow advertising on sites you use regularly if you want to support them financially. Finally I run Better Privacy. This helps eliminate the “Super Cookies” that are prevalent even after you delete your cookies and search history. I also set Firefox to delete all data every time it closes. Doing this should help minimize the amount of data you put out there. You may have to allow Facebook through when using it, but can set it as an untrustworthy site so that all you have to do is close your browser and the permission is revoked.

                  • “””My wife and I both have FB accounts only to keep track of and communicate with our out of state kids”””

                    What happened to email????

                    • What happened to simply calling them and using a phone?

                  • JAS,
                    you might not know that FB was started with CIA funding, does that tell you anything!

                    • The CIA isn’t as dumb as it looks? Never underestimate the narcissism of the average man. It will usually be his undoing.

                    • Facebook is owned by a Rockfeller grandson ‘Zuckenberg’ I think his Christian name might be Mark. One of the ‘Elite’.

                • Why would any adult join a website that tells YOU ‘something doesn’t meet ‘their’ content requirements”

                  but not yours??

                • It’s not difficult to save web pages as .pdf files via the “print” command. Just a reminder.

          • The interesting thing is that the law that they arrested them on dosent even pertain to the situation.
            The law that they are trying to use against these guys is a civil rights law and it requires injury to be part of the crime.
            18 U.S. Code § 372 It is derived from the KKK act of 1871.
            For it to be a lawful offense, the Feds would have had to have tried to evict them thru the courts first. A officer just telling you to leave and you dont is not good enough unless of course they attacked the officer. Anyone who has a rental knows the process of evicting someone. Without it the cops wont do a thing.
            So it looks like the FEDs killed people unlawfully for a law that dosent even pertain to this situation.

            • As a former manager myself, I dealt with tenants who didn’t want to leave, as well as people who squatted and had to legal right to occupy the unit. In either situation it requires a court order to remove them by force.

              I’m not sure how ORS Chapter 90, “Landlord Tenant Act” applies to a govt wildlife refuge, where occupancy is never considered “residential” by any stretch of the imagination.

              They wouldn’t need to go to a judge to dislodge people from, say, a public restroom – which is another govt controlled place that the public is allowed to use. Same with a city park or public pool. People using those places are not ‘tenants’, nor do they have a specific contract to occupy those areas.

              I agree with what they were trying to do there, but it was doomed to fail from the beginning, mainly because the majority of residents in that area work for the govt and wanted them to leave. I believe in fighting for the weak, but not when they’re also trying to stab me in the back for helping them.

              You can help the helpless, but not the stupid.

              • I meant “had NO legal right to occupy the unit”

        • Yessir , the whole live on your knees as a slave thing just isn’t going to work out for meow my family or my neighbors or my friends

          Basically tough shit for them!!!!

          • Haha meow

            ME OR is how it should have been written

            • aw, shucks, I was going to purr back at you. LOL

          • Yea, not a breath of this on media outlets,
            The feds say to shut up and go to work to pay your taxes to fund their operations, after all isnt that what we people are for? To work to fund the fedgov and all other government?
            My heart shrank by 2-2 my minds resolve it grew and grew…..
            Time is short IMHO

            • FED’s were apparently hoping the protestors would shoot back. They didn’t.

              Word is FBI pumped over a 150 rounds into their cars, when Lavoy stepped out with his hands up the FBI shot him in the head, he fell and they fired three more times into his back.

              There’s lessons in this, the world has changed.

              • Where did this word come from? Witness or internet speculation?

                • The word is = I listened to a recorded statement by one of the women in the truck with Levoy who saw him shot.

        • Really….. This should have been Macs next article, not some snowpocalypse bullshit.

          • My condolences go out to the Finicum family,
            This man was a good God fearing man and was guilty of nothing but standing up against the establishment,

            • I had a great one on one with Lavoy last week. He was one of the most genuine salt of the earth people I’ve ever met. The corporate US doesn’t even feign the facade of war at this point. This was an outright frontal assault on the American people.

              • I grew up around men like LaVoy, its sad the state of affairs in our country,
                Whats worse is the fact that most people dont care, for whatever reason,
                I have a sick feeling in my stomach this morning, and it isnt from my dinner last night.
                I imagine the tension is going to build after this,
                Where is this going to lead?
                The Lord is my shepard……

          • Amen, Charley.

        • Hands UP-Don’t Shoot. White Lives Don’t Matter.

          • cowboy lives matter

        • nomorefakenews guy saying that land was connected to uranium deals Clinton made to Russia, giving them rights to a third of our uranium.

      4. The term “Marshal Law” is over used to cover anything the government does that people don’t like.

        Marshal law is suspending the writ of Habeas Corpus. That means arresting people without charging them with a crime.

        Closing roads or suspending air traffic during a blizzard is not marshal law.

        • WTF is ‘marshal law’?

          And what does LF have to do with CO poisoning?

          And to the OP, this is like smoking. At this point these lessons have been taught over and over and over and over and over ad nauseam. You smoke, you may get sick, you run fossil fuel engines, or burn fossil fuel, without some major ventilation you will most likely get very sick or more likely DIE.

          Tired of feeling sorry for people that have been on this Earth for awhile doing dumb things and paying for it. There’s way too much info out there on just about every subject and has been for DECADES. People need to learn what they’re doing.

          Stupid should hurt.

          • Yep, just culling the herd……

          • Thousands stranded on i75 during snowstorm, many with toddlers in their cars, saying they had no food or water during the 10-12 hours stranded.
            Why drive in a snowstorm with toddlers without food/water? Why are people so ignorant?

            • I agree. I live in an area where there are active volcanoes and earthquakes. Either a massive earthquake or a volcanic eruption would mean that bridges would collapse (yes, I was watching the the World Series on TV when there was that big earthquake in California) and that one highway pancaked.

              I keep boots, socks, a pack, a compass, a water filter, and a second set of layers in my car, in a pack. It could take me days to get back to my house if I had to walk 60 miles. Normally, in a car, that trip takes one hour. With bridges out and cars trapped that easy 1-hour tip would take days. Maybe I week. 10 miles a day through a disaster zone is good.

        • Please learn the difference between “marshal…” and martial.

        • Spot on mate! Thsi is not a matiral law scenario, this was absolutely a precautionary stance of which I fully agree with. If it’s one thing I learned in and out of the military, you cannot save people rom themselves!

          In this case, closing down everythign is a must do approach and with a a wait and see view is the safest possible stance you can take. This was no doubt a very troublesome storm and while I agree that the governmetn in many cases is fully encroaching on peoples rights, this was certainly not one of those instances.

          Martial law in its own context is a stop gap measure of last reseort in a civil societey when sh!t really does hit the fan. When we were trained for crowd control, we were told specifically if things got too far out of hand, simply fall back into the shadows and let people burn themselves out nad then we can work towards getting people back to a normal state of being.

          It is very important the message in this story be repeated repeated repeated adnauseum. The vast majority of people never even consider the consequences of their actions and especially when in a concerned or fearful state of mind.

          I agree with the premiss of this story completely, btu totally disagree with any notions of a martial law scenario. It is absolutely needful to create a pause on a large scale to get the herd back in doors and off the streets. People were dying in their cars, the young woman and hers boy, what a wasted set of lives and very sad indeed. If only…

        • 100% correct across the board – the article about the various winter hazards is needed & appreciated ….

          the numerous stroking of “martial law” was totally unneeded & misused … the approach by the various states is hardly comparable to the Boston Bombing bullcrap that occurred post bombing ….

        • Habeas Corpus isn’t followed anyway. It’s always suspended–especially when they just shoot and kill because they say “they feared for their lives”. What about the people’s lives?

      5. if all else fails
        when operating a generator
        its all right there in the little pamphlet

        life is hard and its harder when yer teh stoopid
        Darwin is always lurking around ready to drain the gene pool

        there was a case here years ago ,where someone was actually running a generator in their kitchen !

        another where they bought a gas grill into the living room

        in both cases you can guess the sad results

        I use gas logs quite a bit
        not only are there MULTIPLE smoke alarms in the house
        but there are CO2 detectors as well
        its a small amount of money for some peace of mind

        • I’ve also known of a case where the people brought the generator in their Living Room! Oh well. It was sad.

          • “where at least 48 people have been reported killed”

            where at least 48 people have died in storm related issues. There fixed it.

        • Never bring a generator indoors, put it out on the back patio and run it there. They have wheels on them to run it inside at night if you’re worried about theft. Just don’t use it inside. You don’t need power at night.

        • Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we should kill all the stupid people, just remove all the warning labels and let natural take it from there.

          • Angry Old…
            labels are to protect corporate profits not stupid consumers. They don’t protect the stupid people anyway. Just sayin.

            • Talking to yourself again? Not surprised.

      6. Its a shame but people have to give thought to things before they act always think what if and most defiantly question then what. It may sound cold of me but this article is just an example of the natural selection process. Now bring forth the haters and trolls toss me in the shredder and please spell check my post cus im just stating the truth and if you do not like it boo hoo suck it up cupcake

        • Should be no haters or trolls, you speak the fact of life.

          Cupcake…. I love it! 🙂

        • Having read the exchange between Godsoldier and Charlie yesterday, Charlie wiped up the floor with Godsoldier who simply ran away from the conversation once he was backed into a corner about his credibility. Showing up the next day puffing your chest up after running away is stupidity, as well as cowardly.

          • Troll entertainment more troll entertainment thats not tossing me into the shredder thats alot like thoes little ankle nippin bastard dogs that you kick away and keep on walking


      7. Mac- you need an update to the Oregon situation. The goddam feds executed an unarmed man in cold blood. 120+ shots fired.

        Game on

        • Game on? Really?

          So are you grabbing YOUR AR and going out to the desert to confront the FBI and local cops?

          No, you’re not and neither is anyone else.

          These guys will die like the kids in Waco and Ruby Ridge did and NO ONE will do anything but bitch about it.


          And of course, the cops will go home nice and safe, maybe a paid vacation on taxpayer money before the local or Fed DA decides they were just doing their jobs.

          • Paid vacation hell 6 months or a year or so the police involved are now going to suffer from ptsd from being shot at and the officer that killed the guy he will never have to work again just go once a week and talk to the shrink and take his meds political correctness of feelings will get them payed and here i thought only hostess made cupcakes

          • Sadly you may be right,,,
            We all in our hearts want to believe we can effect change, serious change,
            Im just as guilty, but then our brains work overtime and cause us to consider our family, our lives, etc etc,,,
            My hats off to guys like Ammon and LaVoy, at least they stood up,
            Maybe we will get our opportunity,
            Maybe not,
            Maybe our hands will be forced, where we are not offered a choice but to act,
            Or perhaps will just put our heads down and get back to the grind like good little servants of the machine.

            • Yes they stood up. And what happened to them?

              The same thing’s going to happen to any of you fools that decide it’s ‘game on’ (LMFAO! you sounded so stupid when you said that)

              .gov will quietly kill off any fools that poke their head too high up out of the sand.

              The only thing that will cause Americans to raise up against .gov is an attempt at confiscation and they won’t have to play that card at all because they’ve got several other cards that work just as well to suppress US.

              Game on indeed, you idiot.

              • I know you aint talking to me,,,,
                Its going to be interesting to see what the backlash is,
                People are nuts t seems, we aint in Mayberry anymore.

                • Backlash? What backlash? Billy Hill is right, there will never be a ” game on”, only so much keyboard claptrap. It’s been demonstrated time and again that when it gets ” real”, all the tough talk disappears like a fart in the wind and the white flags go up before to long once the shooting starts. What were those idiots thinking, that it wasn’t going to end like this eventually? That they would become ” heroes” that went down fighting for their beliefs? This is the end result that occurs when push comes to shove, it’s not big talk in cyberspace any longer, it’s real and some get killed. The ones still alive quickly surrender so they don’t join the list of fatalities, and the true spirit behind all the ” game on” bullshit becomes crystal clear for all to see, when the shit starts flying it becomes ” game off”. The truth hurts but that doesn’t make it any less true, wait until the next time another incident like this crops up and see how it ends, that’s right, it will be exactly like this one, the feds aren’t going to wait forever before they force the issue, these guys thought different and you can see where they are now.

                  • Behind bars! Or dead,,,,

                • No, Kula, my bad. I was talking to “Really”. I replied to the wrong thread.

              • Yep, tallest blade of grass is the first to get chopped. Be smart, be a gray man.

              • Unfortunately, Mr Hill is absolutely right. As the old saying goes, “the nail that sticks up gets hammered down”.

                Living in the USA nowadays is very much like living in a communist country: surveillance everywhere; every move you make tracked and recorded from cradle to grave; militarized police; too many laws for anyone to even attempt to obey, conveniently making EVERYBODY guilty of SOMETHING; Watch Lists compiled by faceless bureaucrats using fuzzy criteria and accountable to no one; draconian repercussions even for innocent mistakes…

                –and, like all the rest of those who live under such conditions, the best that the average person can do is to stay informed and prepared and to keep his head down and avoid unwanted attention. Gray man mode.

                I think that perhaps the McCarthy era of the 1950s must have been a lot like this. I sure hope that the 1960s roll around again soon…

                • Karl: spot on. I consider the USSA to be run by oligarchs and apparatchiks.

                  I have adopted that gray man mode. Sad.

          • Ain’t nobody got time for that…..

        • Apparently on a lonely road out in the middle of nowhere.

          No witnesses.

          • Plenty of witnesses, the five or six others arrested and the Oregon State Patrol.

            • so there are witnesses? Then why aren’t the witnesses publishing the names of the shooters/murderers on any social network?
              Heck, email and send would work.

            • he said/he said

              Were the hands up or down.

              hands up, don’t shoot/cowboy life matters too

      8. The author wrote, “If Washington or New York had been without power for several days, there would be instant rioting and looting. This much is understood.”

        With respect, I’ve lived in the D.C. area for 12 years now. In the 2009-10 “Snowmageddon” event (we do not use the silly Weather Channel snow storm names we called this one, “Snowzilla”) we had 50 inches of snow in my driveway. The power was out for 7 days at my home. No rioting. In 2011 during the Deracho, the power was out for 10 days. No rioting.

        I’m all for preparedness. Always have been. But that assertion – it wasn’t even an assumption, but an assertion, is baseless and silly.

        That said, carbon monoxide poisoning is real and deadly. Keep those exhaust vents, pipes, and ports, uncovered!

      9. Carbon monoxide poisoning: The silent killer. Something most people don’t think about and as they expire have no idea what is occurring. Tragic.


        Did you all see this on

        If they just did that, and are massing chinese soldiers, russians, jihadist and others in my state of Texas and all over the country, then i know what it means. This is far a the worst thing that i have ever seen happen. Is this war now, with chinese, russian, jihadist, Nato? and united nations of islam, via the blue helmets.

        Milita man murdered, women shot and killed,Ryan Bundy, and others. I did a post on this yesterday, last night and it post just dissapeared. Lets try it again, here it it. Either Mac’s site is being hacked and my commnents are being taken down, and it does not supprise me when since i have been telling the public what is about to happen this year. Is the the Lexington Concord Event that triggers the Revolutioinary war. ?



        • The Lexington Concord Event – THIS WASN’T IT.

      11. Carbon monoxide is really insidious. The best choice for a generator is either a solar/battery system or a generator that runs on natural gas, propane, or diesel, which produce far less CO. The logical choice for a generator is the fuel you use to heat your house with since it’s usually stored fresh in large quantities. A gasoline powered generator makes the most CO.

        I have a gasoline generator and when I needed it for a ten day outage, I had it well away from the house, with a tarp tented over the top and down the two sides toward the house to keep off the rain, but fully open on three sides away from the house for ventilation.

        On about the 8th day of the outage the wind shifted and blew the exhaust at the house. A CO detector in the unoccupied area of the house closest to the generator went off, garage and laundry room. The two CO detectors in the occupied area did not register. We improved ventilation and the problem stopped.

        I chose the location of the generator because it was shielded from the house, plus the garage and laundry room provided an air lock, but still there was a problem. CO detectors are a must if you ever intend to use a generator.

        • PTPO: thanks for the real-life experience. I have not been around generators since I was active duty.

          CO detectors are a must. They are not optional.

      12. People have to ask themselves the magical question of then what prior to any decisions or actions they make in life that in its self falls under self accountability alot of people are victim of themselves when working for the state i would have to adress offender greivences if they made it to a higher level than the facility and my question to the offender was always what did you really think prison would be like

      13. Look it’s when they want do anything and where they will do it. If we let them set the time and place they will always win the little engagements. Would love to see how they would react to a encounter in a time and place not of their choosing. Time to knock them off balance and not let them get ready, in other words take it to them now while they are patting one another on the back.

        • So your talking ambush 1 officer on patrol or Oklahoma tim McVeigh rememer the magic question then what and take into consideration how it panned out for McVeigh and that Muslim who walked up to the cop car not too long ago and shot the cop 3 times in arm

          • Godsoldier: We are talking about gorilla war-fare here that is the battles we must fight now. Look the two events you mentioned where set up by the Fed’s. My own brother worked at the prison where McVeigh was put to death in Terre Haute, IN., he drove the van with McVeigh in it to the airfield and watched as they loaded him up on the plane and he was very much STILL ALIVE. You cannot let them dictate the rules because they will stack the deck each and every time.

            • The question is how high do we let it get?

            • I know and McVeigh was also genaral Swartz coffs body guard durring gulf war so did cia recruit him probably

              • Yea, give em a choice, you can run black ops or be dead, either way your ours

      14. Really you treasonous fascist boot licking globalist genocide supporting assholes this is what you put up.

        • Ronald Ahrens,
          You are complicit in that man’s death.

          • Reb, you are a boot licking lib. Used to bending over and getting in in the rear much?

        • Ron please be a soldier and not a mauder its all about timing

        • you forgot to use shitstain, Ron. Shame.

      15. The only hope in hell for your plan would be a tipping event that would disrupt or stop modern society functionality or in other words shtf event economic collaps yellow stone eruption emp foreign invasion russia china ect.

      16. I went through 7 days without power in November. Colder indoors than out so I learned much during this little test. Be aware, when entire sectors of the city are without power it gets dark which makes it easier for gangs with bad intentions to move about. We were lucky in that there wasn’t an increase in crime, nor police presence 🙂

        Have hand warmers in your preps, 3 of these under the blankets adds additional warmth. Understand how to light the pilot light in your oven if you have gas. If you do not have wood as a source of heat at least get a couple of those propane heaters from your local hunting store. I personally like a kerosene heater over propane but some folks don’t. Winter is over now so maybe its a better opportunity to get your supplies. Look at craigslist as I get MANY of my killer supplies dirt cheap there.

        be safe!

        • The page update on the right says “Also arrested was Jon Ritzheimer, but he was taken to a different lock-up facility”

          From my experiences, they usually separate the informant out like this. Just saying.

          • Sixpack, could be, they like to divide and conquer. Still, those guys were all over the internet. Finicum said he’d rather die than go to prison… and he did. Perhaps not surprising that he was the example. You take care.

      17. Even then you would not need too because people are their own worst enemy and they end up destroying themselves

      18. If the entire usa has an event such as storm jonas or hurricane sandy that lasts for over 2 weeks, the amount of dead will be shocking; even the dead preppers will be shocking for one thing: water.

        unless you’ve stored water to drink and keep yourself clean with; you are not living long; i do not care how much food you have stored.

        • Lena, truer words never spoken. I had water too far down my prep list, it should be number one. I am good for 2 weeks now, more if it rains. I am working on it. I thank shtfplan folks for good information.

          • we have water everywhere around us and it’s nice to not have a concern about that. Creek on the property, creeks around these hills everywhere..with big shrimp in them, too.
            But, about those lists..
            did the “authorities” detain “Be Informed”, “Ready Down Under” “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress” and others that have gone unheard from??
            Well, put me on already, I’m calling Obama a muslim traitorous fraud. Freedom of speech, you know.

        • A great way to store thousands of gallons of water without raising suspicion would be a swimming pool. The water is usually very clean and sterilized with chlorine. After a few days without running the filter the chlorine level would dissipate and it could easily be consumed with nothing more than a Life Straw (or it’s equivalent). Add to it a rain water catchment system whose overflow could be routed into the pool and you would have an excellent water storage system.

      19. All of you on here are aware that just comming to this site puts you on their list and every word opinion thought and veiw that you post is scrutinized and dissected by an agency psychological expert whose opinion classifies wheather or not you are a threat reguarding domestic terrorism nsa cia the big boys have our number they know who you are where you work every aspect of your current and past life (NOT REINCARNATION crap) your dogs name and even your size underwear would not surprise me technology is a bad thing

        • And i should be worried because??????

          • Control of the masses gotta keep the surfs in line

        • OH Goodie!

        • Godsoldier,
          Already on those lists as a political activist. Too bad for their spies that I am a boring grammy. Yawn.

          • Not surprised to learn you are a liberal hacktivist. Witch.

        • “…your dogs name and even your size underwear would not surprise me…”

          That would be Zahanah and size 14.

          And don’t be callin’ me Fat, Acid.

        • Goodie goodie gumdrops. You just got a Genius Award.

      20. Where is Obama?

        • Golfing in Hawaii just down the road from kulafarmer

          • Wrong island.

      21. Also, buy a monitor for your home and put it low. The single, ceiling based monitor is flat out bad science.

        • Especially since carbon monoxide is heavy,,,,

      22. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf says:…you talked about Chinese troops at the border.

        I’ve posted on this board about my cousins son who spent a year at the University of Bejing in 2013 . He speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese . He recently graduated from Ranger school and is working in intel at this time .

        When he got accept to the University of Bejing I was stumped…how does an ROTC college student get to go to a Chinese University ?

        I’ve asked his mom who is my 1st cousin about it ( she’s a big time anti-gooberment ) she hasn’t gotten a straight answer yet .

        So maybe he’s part of the larger plan here in the USA ?

        • I remember that line from an article I recently read. It was about a U.S. SPY working in China. I’ll check my history for the link.

      23. Maybe people will be better prepped next time. There is always some that have that epiphany and join the crowd that preps for these events. It may be snow,hurricane,tornado or any other event that makes them decide to evade the next weather event by prepping.

      24. “Jonas”. There WAS no winter storm named “Jonas”. Not officially. Even though many media outlets carried that ball. The ONLY entity that may officially issue weather warnings and name storms is The National Weather Service. The NWS has confronted the culprit in this debacle a number of times. That culprit is The Weather Channel. The Weather Channel carries NO legal authority to name a storm. Yet ever since NBC bought and destroyed TWC, they only care about MARKETING. There is a storm, so “name it” (actually it is affixing a hashtag) that can then open the door wide for massive amounts of marketing dollars. People search for #Jonas. They wind up crossing the adverts and are exposed to the companies that in turn, shove money into the pockets of TWC and NBC. Look at “Sandy”. Sandy was a major hurricane WHEN IT WAS OVER THE OCEAN. By the time it reached the mainland, it became a hybrid, cold-core storm system. And while those can be every bit as devastating as a hurricane (such as “The Perfect Storm”), the fact is that by the time “Sandy reached land it was NO LONGER a named storm.

        Now this is why people should object (just as the NWS has). If you are a homeowner, you have insurance. That covers, among other things, storm damages. A strong storm damages your house, insurance covers it. HOWEVER, if it is damaged as a result of AN ORGANIZED AND NAMED SYSTEM and if that NAMED AND ORGANIZED system causes widespread damages and insurance company losses over a large area, well then ask the people in Florida what happens. After the storms in 2005 and 2006, those who did not lose their coverage outright, had to pay much higher premiums.

        THAT is something the average citizen should care about and that obviously TWC and NBC does NOT. To them it is marketing over science. Anyone that does not accept that, just look at the personnel NBC purged from TWC and what they replaced them with. You can Google ONE notable example. One of TWC staff that NBC got rid of was an active Air Force Reserve Officer AND part of the Air Force’s Hurricane Hunters.

        But they don’t need MILITARY and SCIENCE personnel on their staff. Just yuppie giddy social media-spewing marketing puppets.

        They do have SOME weather related programming. Of course, that is often usurped by fat guys in the woods and bleeping trucker shows.

        This also explains why about the ONLY weather they emphasize is the east coast population areas. They did get a bunch of snow but far from crippling. We all heard them grind on about D.C. and NYC. Meanwhile hardly a word said about West Virginia – where 40+ inches fell from that storm. I guess there isn’t as much to be made from advertisers where smaller communities are concerned. I did enjoy TWC – back when it was all about THE WEATHER.

        • BX: appreciate the clarification. The original owner and creator of the Weather Channel sold it and was thrown under the bus for his point of view. Not surprised to hear your comment.

        • I was with you up til you said the storm for DC was not crippling. I live in that area and can tell you it was unpleasant. True there were few power outages (amazingly) but for a couple of days no one moved anywhere unless you were plowing snow. I’ve never had to shove my door against snow to open it and been in this place for 30 years. Government was shut down for two days because roads were so bad. Oh, interstates remained more or less passable but that was it. Because of high density housing, most people have no recourse but to wait to be dug out.

          I dislike defending DC but my job is in the area so here I must stay for a while. Hope to change that soon but it will take time.

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