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This Is How Quickly Society Will Break Down: “If You Don’t Have Food Yet I Feel Sorry For You”

Mac Slavo
January 22nd, 2016
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Record breaking winter snow storms… they might be extreme, but should they really be crippling cities across the country?

The Drudge Report is splashed with warnings to “shelter in place,” while reporting that food is running out, and grocery stores shelves have been wiped out. The East Coast is on the brink.

But should they be?

Here is a live exercise reminder that the system can and will break down in an instant. The population is simply not ready for a major emergency. Hopefully you are; but they just aren’t.

This is just a blizzard – it may be a worst-in-history snow storm driven by media frenzy– but it IS expected to pass through after a day or two. Aside from a few power outages and street repairs, things will hopefully be back to normal. It could get worse, but that remains to be seen.

Nonetheless, if these pictures of store shelves are any evidence, society is not equipped for even the most basic crisis:

Right now, the worst panic shopping is sweeping the D.C. area, but it is evident that this could happen in any major city along the East Coast, or indeed, across the country in the right set of unfortunate circumstances. Adan Salazar of Infowars, who rounded up these photos from Twitter, reported:

Concerned shoppers worried about spending days snowed indoors have hit grocery stores hard leaving empty shelves in their wake, hours before a massive snowstorm is due for the northeastern United States. A few inches of snow have already piled up in places like Washington DC causing havoc, but forecasters predict Winter Storm Jonas could be a “historic storm” that will bring 50 to 60mph winds and more than two feet of snow.

Best of all, Salazar included this helpful tip on making the most of your fridge to keep food cold for an extended short-term period in the event of an outage.

The USDA has tips to keep your food at optimal temperatures in case your fridge breaks down:

All it takes is a bad storm not only shuts down the supply chain, and empties store shelves, but it brings panic with people under-supplied and ready for almost nothing. People are already on their knees, and the situation hasn’t even counted to “3” yet.

As this Twitter use pointed out, we haven’t reached the point of the end of the world here, but some people are acting like it.

Of course, we’re not talking about preppers who have stocked up well in advance, and made plans for such disasters. We’re talking about the short sighted, panicky general public, whose madness threats to unravel us all if things went much further than a snow storm.

How much worse would things get if a major weather event were coupled with political unrest, or riots.

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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: January 22nd, 2016
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. tuesdayissoylentgreenday says:

    All you little people, don’t worry Democrats are for the little people… I am sure the Democrats are loading trucks of food and water and will come to your door shortly… Thanks and Vote Democrat…

    (Sarcasm Btn on)

    • Acid Etch says:


      • Braveheart1776 says:

        Acid, that’s only one reason why we prep. I thought you were a prepper also.

        • Hi Braveheart!
          Yup, I was out in the middle of hurricane force winds checking on my girls, had to batten down a tarp… grabbed a couple eggs, went back in the house and made some eibs, while smiling at all the idiots fighting over a loaf of bread…
          There is prepping, and then there is ‘life style’…
          as compared to existing in a cubicle and fighting over dregs…

          • javelin says:

            yep–had to refill the heated water bowls for the hens…test ran the generators 2 days ago and that was the extent of my added prep for this storm. Now I will hunker down for the next 2 to 3 days and catch up on some reading.

            • Guy Wry says:

              Don’t forget that sex therapists can be helpful:

              An Arizona couple, both well into their 80’s, go to a Sex Therapist’s office.

              The doctor asks, ‘What can I do for you?’

              The man says, ‘Will you watch us have sexual intercourse?’

              The doctor raises both eyebrows, but he is so amazed that such an elderly couple is asking for sexual advice that he agrees.

              When the couple finishes, the doctor says, ‘There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the way you have intercourse..’

              He thanks them for coming, he wishes them good luck,
              he charges them $50 and he says good bye.

              The next week, the same couple returns and asks the sex therapist to watch again. The sex therapist is a bit puzzled, but agrees.

              This happens several weeks in a row. The couple makes an appointment, has intercourse with no problems, pays the doctor, then leave.

              Finally, after 3 months of this routine, the doctor says, ‘I’m sorry, but I have to ask. Just what are you trying to find out?’

              The man says, ‘We’re not trying to find out anything.
              She’s married; so we can’t go to her house. I’m married;
              and we can’t go to my house. The Holiday Inn charges $98.
              The Hilton charges $139. We do it here for $50, and best of all….

              Medicare pays $43 of it.

          • Braveheart1776 says:

            PM, I take prepping over lifestyle any day. You can’t eat a lifestyle.

            • Orion... says:

              Preppers…. And just what pray tell do you “preppers” do when your preps run out… Scavenge like the rest of the worthless hoards, that’s what… Or worse… Your little stockpile is discovered and your overrun… All that pretty little prep… All gone!

              In all reality, you’d be better off spending your time figuring out how to defend your “stash” rather than gloating over it… Those that will take far out number those who will give.

              And to think you revel in the art of hoarding and then telegraph your plans to the general public no less… How unintelligent for the self proclaimed intelligent few that supposedly had the common sense to plan ahead.

              Prepping for a natural disaster… Common sense… Prepping for the end of the world is a waste of resources, time and energy… And a cop out…

              Instead of being proactive in regard to the world you live in and trying to make it a better place, you chose to hide in a spider hole and “wait it out”… Then what… Back to football and piss lite beer? LOL…

              “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face”

              ~Mike Tyson

              Preppers…. A curious lot.

              • laeagle says:


                My favorite Constellation! The Hunter!

                Sustainability is the issue! The Zombie hordes have arrived in Europe and promise to overrun that region of the world. The hordes keep growing and soon the citzens will be joining those hordes. They keep pushing across the open borders to the south of us as well. If a mighty nation such as the U.S. can’t stop the hordes, who can?

                Eventually,it will come down to who can sustain the production of food and supplies and at the same time protect the citizens of the nation, made up of city states and their resources. Community, long term vision, planning, and prepping for the long haul may be the only viable option. Joseph of old had the foresight to prepare during the seven abundant years to help a region to survive during the seven lean years. Who and where are those leaders who have that vision? We are victims of the status quo, of prosperity, of complacency, of normalcy bias, and of tunnel vision.

                Can civilization be saved? Perhaps not the one we know and have come to love. Individualism, capitalism, fascism, socialism, communism, which ism are you going to pick? The prepping needs to be carried out at an EPIC LEVEL! How can it be done without infringing on the rights of the individual? Don’t everyone speak out at once!

                Is the northwestern Redoubt the only place left? The American way would be to engage and involve the whole populatin in this most noble of endeavors. Surely we can unite for the sake of survival? What is the threat, the real threat? Some think it is global warming, others the zombie apocalypse which has already begun with epic economic and societal collapse around the world, yet others see the threat of disease, pestilence, contagion, pollution, and radiation, partly spread by the effects of war and the resulting turmoil.

                Orion the hunter, your point is well taken.

                Louisiana Eagle

                • Orion and laeagle,

                  I guess it could be any one or more of those things. Keep in mind that “work” is not done by more than a small percentage of people, so surely there are nearly enough to make a shift. Not so terrible, what if a full 320 million had to be on board?

                • laeagle says:


                  An engaging thought. Unfortunately most posters have moved on to the next postings. Can this nation be saved? Can a unity of purpose unite this divided and diverse country for the purpose of warding off an existential threat? Unfortunately most people are unable and unwilling to see what is coming down the pike!

                  Louisiana Eagle

            • Nubmaeme says:

              Brave & Orion – there’s a lot more to prepping than just stockpiling stuff. If you are really serious about it, you also take it upon yourself to learn how to garden including amending the soil and saving seed for the next planting, hunt, process game, make clothes, churn butter, bake bread, repair anything and everything, etc. Prepping is also a lifestyle. They go hand in hand and truly cannot be separated.

        • Hunter says:


          Would like a contact address, digital or otherwise, sir!

          Want a bit of stealth for such?

          ..contact the former matriarch-babe of this site…she’s the only one I (& any should) trust.


          Word of advice bro’…..save up & buy something capable of long-distance rough-touching!!!!

          Talk hard w/ the ‘Sarge’…he’s got his shit together!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        They will be fine. Although watching other people in pain is pretty funny…..I guess.

        • Paul Patriot says:

          Watching other people in pain is pretty funny???????

          Please pursue the Lord Jesus Christ while you still have time….and get right with God and please repent of this cancerous worldview

    • k9base says:


      • WhoKnewIt.. says:

        The Central Banks may be out of Ammo, and I am Flush with Ammo.

        2nd Pres John Adam’s said there are 2 ways to conquer a nation. By the Sword or by Debt. The US is strapping Americans with excessive taxes, to pay for their swords to benefit the few and connected.


        • eppe says:

          Wwti, how is the bol doing?
          Hope you are doing well.

          All be well…

          • WhoKnewIt.. says:

            Eppster.. BOL has it’s challenges. Temps down to 24 last NT. The Solar pannels run real effecient in the cooler temps and blew a controller. Too many Sun Amps generated. Upgrading to an Outback 80 controller. About $550 boom. These systems need to be tweeked out. Runs small fridge, all lights powertools, and a wall AC in the summer. After learning the real costs, a person could build this system for about $3K plus mounts. One day I will list my components out so everybody could put one together. Also good to have a prof solar electrical tech wire it.

            Ben Franklin invented the Franklin Stove, and refused to patent the design. He was more interested in getting Americans up to speed and keep them warm. Those are the real hero’s that built this country. Read the Amazing Benjamin Franklin book. You think any of these greedy corporations would develops a product to help people instead of profits first?

            There are so many patent inventions locked on the shelf at the US Patent office. They need to release all patents shelved and not used in the last 5 years and make them all public domain product. You want to see this country go back to work? That is one great way to do it with a vote and signature.

            Btw- Propane tanks rock. Stock up heavy on them.

            Stay warm preppers..


  2. bowleggedcowboy says:

    That’s why we prep.
    Most people don’t realize how fast store shelves can empty

    • Acid Etch says:


      • Anonymous says:

        Laughing with you! We were out of power a few years ago for 2 weeks. I watched people huddling by candles, fighting over gas at the only station with a generator etc. Awesome. Meanwhile I watched satellite TV while my Christmas tree lights flashed in the window saying “f#€k you” over and over to the people that gave me crap over prepping. Let God sort ’em out, cause I don’t care anymore.

      • Hunter says:


        -(notice I didn’t say/type “wretch”)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        SO……how did the spiritual epiphany work out???


        Honestly, I hope/wish in a Christian way..you’ve been salvaged/saved.

        That said, I don’t follow this site much anymore…maybe 15-20 minutes per week, as I can’t get much comms thru the KGB/Mac-stasi org.com gatekeepers nowadays.

        ..hence, I’m not up to speed..per your current “condition”…I did read last week or so, where you more or less repented & sought redemption/forgiveness…

        If sincere & honest…then good for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


        As an addendum, let me add, you owe an apology to Rebecca & us old-timers…’cuz if your epiphany is legit, you’ll realize we’re all on the same script, for the most part…excepting minor deviations.

    • apache54 says:

      the big city slickers and some smaller areas have become complacent to living from day to day with NO food reserves I have seen people in a small community where i live ( i am 50 miles away ) and sometimes go to store TWO times a day just buy what they need for that meal! gonna be the ones who riot and will ill for food! hard tough times are coming and seem to be coming stronger every day!

      • apache54 says:

        KILL not ill,for food, spell checker error!

      • Plan twice, prep once says:

        That unfortunately is the lifestyle of living and working in big cities.

        People each day make plans to meet friends for dinner and eat here or there. They eat out at restaurants, get take-out for many meals, or just stop and buy groceries for one meal on the way home. Working in the city blurs the lines between work and personal time since meeting customers or coworkers can turn into a meal and a night on the town.

        Real estate is a premium so city grocery stores are small and easily cleaned out when a storm like this hits and people who don’t normally cook know they will be snowed in, hit the stores in force. This is the environment that is producing the photos of bare store shelves.

        I’m an hour drive from the big city, and my normal grocery store was fine. Perhaps a little light on bread, milk and eggs, but no shortages here. Luckily it’s a weekend storm and most people already had enough food in the house for the family.

        The killer is a weekday snow storm where school is closed, kids will be home from school unexpectedly, and parents must run out for bread and milk for the family to eat unplanned for meals.

        A storm like this does clearly display how fragile our food supply lines are.

        This looks like it’s lining up to be a nasty snow storm, I’ll likely have to clear the snow twice, once mid storm, since the total will be way over the top of my snowblower that’s 18″ tall in the front. This much snow is also hard on the snowblower, good thing I have extra shear pins. I tested the snow blower yesterday, and it started on the first pull.

        When I’m fully retired, I want to move someplace where I don’t need to own a snow blower!

    • Lurker says:

      No bread, milk or eggs on the shelves…

      That just makes me want to go make some french toast

    • JustMe says:

      Nine meals to anarchy…

      • Eagle 71 says:

        Wonder if the liquor aisles are just as depleted. Just spitballing here, but I’m guessing they are, as you get closer to the low-income areas.
        That said, a question – can food stamps be used to purchase alcoholic beverages? I’ve never had to use food stamps, so I honestly don’t know.

        • sixpack says:

          No. Not unless they trade for it, or do something else illegal. There’s a way around almost everything.

          When you put an EBT card in the slot, it automatically separates the food items from the non-food stuff and returns two balances, just in case there was something buried in the over-full cart that was missed by the checker…they expect cash for the other stuff. This cannot be overridden by the manager.

          Maybe some day the democrats will pass a law that makes booze a food because it was made from corn, fruit or whatever, and consider tobacco a vegetable because it is a dried plant, but not today.

          • Patriot One says:

            Actually the EBT card has a cash element and can be used for booze, smokes and cash at the strip club.

            • sixpack says:

              Yes, I have that one because I’m om disability. You can draw out the cash and then go spend it on whatever.

            • Nubmaeme says:

              I was a cashier in Wal-Monster until I retired last year. If someone using EBT hit cash instead of food after sliding their card, it would reject. Although that may have been something that WM’s programmers did to keep people from purchasing tobacco and alcohol on their EBTs.

              Speaking of EBT, my son has one. At the end of the month, if he has anything left, he’ll buy beans, rice, anything that will keep long term. He has done quite well like that. Not all people squander their allotment. He doesn’t eat a lot of junk food and cooks from scratch or near-scratch. When he moved in with me, all that came with him. Quite a windfall in the preps. I see his card as a return on my taxes.

            • sixpack says:

              Not all EBT cards are good for cash. The EBT cards they give to homeless adults who are not disabled, is the no-cash card. NONE OF IT can be withdrawn as cash. Food items only.

              The card they usually give to the welfare mommas with the gaggle of kids is the non-cash card, NONE OF IT can be withdrawn as cash. Food items only.

              I had one of those for one month before my Social Security Disability benefits kicked in. I couldn’t even buy toilet paper, soap or toothpaste. You can’t buy vitamins either.

              The only reason I got the cash card (here in Oregon) was because I had the work history to get early Soc Sec under disability. There are doctor’s tests you must go to, to prove your disability.

              EBT comes from your state, not the feds.

          • Braveheart1776 says:

            Sixpack, our tax dollars at work. That’s the free shit army for you. There’s a liquor store right next door to where I work at and their business was booming over the past 2 days.

            • sixpack says:

              We have one small liquor & tobacco store in this whole area.

              • WhoKnewIt.. says:

                I want to see President Trump cut off all welfare, EBT Scam, Single patent subsidies, All disability, and make all these free shit army crews reapply under new standards. No more Free Shit for doing nothing, or cause of their bad choices in life. Oh your back hurtys? Then work the phones deadbeat. A days work for 1 day food card. No more Cash Scam to buy booze or smokes. We created a lazy monster reward for failure. Get off your A-holes and get working.


                • slingshot says:


                  Lots of people would die of shock. Hahahaha!

                • Slingshot, as we lose tens of thousand of jobs every year and they get replaced with low paying service jobs, with ten people per job, exactly how are the lazies supposed to find a job? The 62 just love divide and conquer talk cuz no one is looking at them. What about Alberta losing 500,000 jobs all at once? Most of those unemployed will go wherever home is or flood your state for the next job. I have moved to a different state for a job and lemme tell ya the locals don’t like it so much… even though they did not have the quals. That is how I ended in the mountains of New Mexico… it is getting rougher all the time. Perhaps coming here will be the saving of me or it might be the death of me.

                • It took my then 19 year old son almost 1 year to find a job last year.
                  Here in SoCal, most of the fast food jobs are taken mostly by illegal and legal aliens.

                • slingshot says:


                  You will do fine. Mountains of NM. Learn from the land. That is a tough environment. You could be in Camden, N.J.

                • Slingshot,
                  if planning and taking steps toward sustainability is enough, I will do fine. I am pretty good at that kind of thing, and I keep adding skills. That is the fun part. Tomorrow I will finish painting my indoor garden, it will look pretty and grow food year round. I got the first shelves up but only have chives in there so far.

                  My main emphasis is sustainability. Can I pay once and keep it going. I have a good stock, and when you grow food it is best to have a 2 year supply just in case the weather takes your garden out. If it weren’t for the 62 I’d be in clover!

                  I don’t know Camden NJ. I will look it up.

                • Tinkerbell says:

                  So you are suggesting that the hearing impaired person with Multiple Sclerosis and Lyme disease and Hashimotos goes back to work, a day for a day is that it? No one would hire them. Or how about the young man with ALS? I suppose you think he should go back to work too huh?

                • WhoKnewIt.. says:

                  Rebecca, people need to create their own opportunities. Why go beg for a job. This country needs nore leaders not lazy sheep. Working is rewarding. Get out there and start talking with people and look for opportunities. Small jobs lead to better jobs when people see your work ethics. Seems a lot of sheep want something for nothing. Damn Socialist Comunists..

      • Max & Eric says:

        Nine meals to anarchy….

        Would it really take that long, I tell people that (Family) to help them understand how important Being prepared is. I think it should be 18 meals to cannibalism. three meals til I blow your freaking head off for knocking on my door and not backing off twenty feet. just saying

      • Philosopher says:

        Heya JM: I love that book! One of the best dystopic / prepper books out there. If you have not read it and are stuck in the snow load up the Kindle and start reading!

        • JustMe says:

          Did’nt read the book, but watched the documentary, pretty interesting…

          • Philosopher says:

            JM: a documentary? Never heard of it. You gotta link for that? Thanks!

            WOW I was checking my Kindle and there are a few NEW Nine Meals books! You can borrow them on Kindle Unlimited at no charge (allowed up to ten books at a time). They are written by Farrell Kingsley. He dedicates “The EMP” to all preppers 🙂 gotta love this guy! I had no idea there were two new books so this is a very happy surprise! I love reading an engaging story as a way to learn!

    • didndonuffin says:

      And this so called crisis will probably be over before next weekend.

    • laura m. says:

      Bowlegged: I sure do, as I live in a hurricane zone. The moron types go last minute instead of several days ahead, and even if the hurricane turns away, you still eat up the food. yada yada.

  3. God soldier says:

    I don’t feel sorry for them hell even a damn stupid tree rat squirrel has enough smarts to store nuts

    • maddog says:

      How many times do the clowns need to go though this before they wake up? I suppose some never will. They’ll just scream, “we need help, we’re dying here”. Then they’ll say those of us that prepared instead of buying toys, football tickets and drugs need to feed them. Fuck ’em, I’ll be stepping over the them.

      • Serenabit says:

        Not sure if I should be “stepping over them” or stacking them up at my property perimeter. (Could be an incentive for the rest to stay away.)I’m in Reno NV. … far close to Commiefornia.

      • Acid Etch says:

        Remember the Hurricane Sandy lady with Upchuck Schumer? You gonna get the trucks down here! Were gonna starve! Were gonna freeze! We got 90 year old people here!

        Fuck ’em.

      • Juliet6 says:

        BINGO Maddog! Exactly! Most sane people have a thing called a pantry and it stays stocked with usual items. Not even to the preps either, just some practical “life-logic”.

        Have not been in a grocery store since last Monday. I knew it would be a panic assault later in week. BUT…from the looks of the A$$ size of most of shoppers, there pants have enough fat stored inside to last until June.

        I love those Yoga tights the ladies wear. But, C’mon… some of the wearers need a license from the Dept of Agriculture to wear heifer sized pants. Yep, it looks as bad from the front too. Dang near lost my appetite and had to buy Pepto on my way out.

        Stay safe !

        • Jacknife says:

          That reminds me of this big fat ass woman I saw one time wearing stretch pants. As she was walking down the street I was watching her in utter amazement that she would actually have the nerve to wear those pants on that big fat ass in public. And once she passed by the most disgusting site was a big Kotex sticking out of her ass cheek. I couldn’t eat the rest of the day. I agree with what you say though there’s just too many people out there that make stupid decisions and they don’t save anything for an emergency and then expect everybody else to fix the problems that they cause for themselves, And some are just too lazy to work or do anything for themselves and they go on government assistance, which you and I pay for and have no choice in the matter, then those same people want to complain because somebody that has a job might have a little bit more than they do.

          • Juliet6 says:

            Jacknife: I couldn’t agree more. These fat heifer-hogs are EBT broodmares. Wife and work so long hours and it just makes smoke come out my ears when I see these pigs stock up of fat & caloric junk that WE ALL PAY FOR. Yet we are asked to pay more to help the needy.

            What was that King Putt said, “Spread the wealth, skin in the game…” well, I getting sick of paying for these mooschers…SICK !

        • didndonuffin says:

          There is something basically wrong with the idea of yoga pants in size 26. THAT cannot be unseen.

        • WhoKnewIt.. says:

          I want to see President Trump cut off all welfare, EBT Scam, Single patent subsidies, All disability, and make all these free shit army crews reapply under new standards. No more Free Shit for doing nothing, or cause of their bad choices in life. Oh your back hurts? Then work the phones deadbeat. A days work for 1 day food card. No more Cash Scam to buy booze or smokes. We created a lazy monster reward for failure. Get off your A-holes and get working.


        • ciero2003 says:

          So, what yer saying is that it wasn’t just camel toe, it was moose knuckle? 🙂

      • Anonymous says:

        You all assume none of the people have preps. Do you really think there were 120k people emptying the grocery stores in the area. Most people have up to a month of food and can store it outside when it’s cold. I know you all feel vindicated somehow but not all of the people in the storm are making fun of you. Relax and quit being giddy. Don’t worry about being made fun of and don’t worry about other people’s opinion. Seems like a lot of pent up anger here. Kind of like when your high school bully gets beat up.

    • PO'd Patriot says:

      I went into five stores t’day. The shelves didn’t look as bad as those pictured but they weren’t far from it. This was between 9am-12noon. I didn’t get much cause I didn’t need that much but it did give me a chance to listen in to the chatter as well as observe. Summery? There’s a lot of people who ain’t gonna make it unless its by God’s grace or just plain luck. Sometimes I scratch my head wonderin’ just what in the world is passin’ through their minds.

    • GS,
      The first time I realized that many people cannot recognize the fruit or pecans on the tree in their own backyard, in full fruit, I said that any species that cannot recognize its own food will not survive.

    • Tadbitangelny says:

      That is funnier than hell thanks for giving the BF and I a good hearty laugh. Too bad it is so true ROFLMAO.

    • WakeupAmerica says:

      Very good point!! If a damn dumb animal with a brain small that a nut can get their shit together, sorry gov’t and WTF is wrong with the majority of society anymore? I guess they think the gov’t and “curious george” will ah come and fetch them. hahahaha good luck with shit. . .

  4. slingshot says:

    I don’t feel sorry for them either.

    • WakeupAmerica says:

      Fuck them seriously!! If they are truly disabled that is one thing, but all these fake, lazy, worthless pieces of sit that do nothing but take, take and take some more need to go and oh over time, they will GO!! When the gov’s free $$$ disappear they are screwed! Tweet tweet EBT and the rest of it.

  5. God soldier says:

    Natural selection is past due

  6. Billy Hill says:

    Fuck ’em, I don’t feel sorry for them one bit.

    I don’t prep for EMPs or nuclear war, I prep for a few days without power due to floods, fires and earthquakes. You know… the things that I’ve ALREADY been through a dozen times in my short half-century on this rock.

  7. Enemy of the State says:

    Think Globally. Act locally.

    Have a list of the ‘Sons of Bitches’ who live in your neighborhood.

    Keep your powder dry …nuff said?

    • I live in a small town full of wanabe Rino Republicans.
      Very few are preppers. He had a bad snow storm about 5 years ago and people asked for help from the local Gov and all they could come up with was 25 MRE’s….
      In the last few years a lot of these people in the Gov have tried becoming friendly with me and some of my friends and asking questions about what we have. Im pretty sure they are taking notes. A friend told me that he went into the county office one day and there was a diagram on the chalk board showing certain peoples homes labeled ” Hoarders”.
      His brothers house was one of them and he is a prepper. I always say how poor I am and my chickens are for eggs to supplement out income. I dont buy any supplies locally or have a bank account in town.
      What im pretty sure of is that if something goes wrong my local government will pass some silly edict and go around seizing peoples food for the “Common Good”. All legal of course. So be careful guys and gals. It wouldnt surprise me if your town was just like mine.

      • Illini Warrior says:

        It’s always the Feds sending in the troops to confiscate – don’t worry about them – WORRY about your local gooberment – Who preps out of your local town hall? …. most likely not a single person …. add in the town board, power brokers, biz owners, school officials, and other district boards you have alot of hungry people that can organize confiscation teams organized under the local coppers ….

        If your OPSEC has been poor – expect a knock on the door ….

      • hammerhead says:

        I live rural ED , Everyone is dirt poor , but everyone can survive that way . With or without preps.
        Sometimes a lifestyle is more important than having Physical preps and related supplies .

      • Kulafarmer says:

        Thats why we have guns,,,
        My motto is “if i cant have it nobody can”
        They can sift through the ashes when they are bagging up all the bodies

      • WakeupAmerica says:

        God, it would not surprise me at all anymore! Best bet folks is to keep your mouths shut and don’t tell anyone about your personal business, right 🙂

    • Jim in Va. says:

      Send more dry powder….sob population here is overly large.

      • Equorial says:

        It is not fun to realize on a daily basis that I am a ‘white man’ …and the majority of troublemakers around the globe (beginning with our own federal government), seem hell-bent on assuring that ‘whites are annihilated’. The bs that Mitch McConnel (and his wench) are attempting to push through would give Obama ‘war powers’ over and above those that came out right after 9/11 …then Bush “fleeced America a good one” while setting more path stones for WWIII within the middle east. WMD were NEVER found at all. Since that time our federal gov’ment has been conducting one F-UP after another (trying like hell to get OUR AR’s while they are “gun running’ in Mexico and generally turning the world upside down with their ‘agendas’). Like Agenda 21 – Mastering The Human Domain – – or was that just to evenly distribute military equipment all over so that ‘anywhere’ would potentially have ‘big guns’ for the feds if they had ‘bad civilians’ giving them trouble? I’ve not heard if most military equipment is still sitting on their respective railroad cars or if it’s all been returned-to-base …something tells me enough was covertly left behind to get the job done ..nationwide. Week by week now we’ll be able to watch things ‘heating up’ so be well prepared to hear “pure propaganda (and nothing but) on all the major media outlets.
        Say ….WHICH online newspaper do ya think covers the news (that interests ppl such as us-on this site?) that is non-fictional but actually truthful? Thank you very much in advance…

  8. got out then says:

    Idiots on Facebook, posting lists of their “blizzard” supplies, this was his entire list.

    “dark chocolate brownie mix, bag of Reese’s cups, Asiago bagels and cream cheese, mushrooms, onion, red pepper, cat kibble, blackberry’s.”

    no water, nothing that might provide some warmth when the power goes out. Nothing that even looks like more than 3 days worth of food.

  9. Enemy of the State says:

    this story is nothing new, we’ve all seen this before

    if you haven’t “woke up to it” than there is nothing we can do for you

  10. sales associate says:

    Well today is Friday and my 10/20 is KY.

    We were ‘only’ expecting +/- 15″ of snow yesterday. So as you can imagine Thursday was a fustercluck at the big box. After about 10AM no salt, no snow shovels, no deicer, not much windshield wash fluid. You get the picture. No kerosene heaters, no kerosene, yada (damnation don’tcha hate that word).

    Management pissed at department managers for not ordering more stock; hell, where were we going to put it? Our store is a classic just in time operation. No ‘backroom’ to speak of. Customers pissed at sales associates because we didn’t have product. And the thing that pisses me off is people that bought a bunch of non- consumables will want to return them after the snow melts.

    Called in today. I was prepped. Whole damn frig full of beer.

    • KY Mom says:

      It has been snowing ALL DAY here in eastern Kentucky. There is over a foot of snow and it is still snowing. While that amount of snow might be common up north, that is unusual here.

      All area schools and many businesses were closed today.

      I don’t know the status of area stores, as we haven’t left our hill all day. Reading and staying warm in the family room near the wood burning stove.

      Hope this finds everyone safe, warm and fed.

      • Ohevi says:

        Mothers day, 1996, hamburg ny, 39″ in less then 24 hours…..

      • Rebel In Idaho says:

        When we get over a foot of snow here it doesn’t make the news. It happens several times most years and we have had continuous snow cover since Thanksgiving. Stores don’t run out, many people have their own plows, and you’re expected to go to work anyway. Shoot one day I was working a 12 hour day and I came out to 18″ on my car since parking it. Like everyone else here I just put on my gloves and took out the ice scraper, the ones with the really long handle and a brush on the back, and cleaned off the snow and drove home.

        Funny what you can get used to and what is considered just normal planning here is prepping elsewhere.

        • Rebel In Idaho says:

          On a funny note, it stays below freezing here for months, and that’s way safer than when it gets a little above freezing in the afternoon and then ices over after dark. Anyway we had just come back from sledding and it was a beautiful sunny day, 25 degrees and not windy, and our 5 yo asked if we could turn on the sprinklers and play in our bathing suits.

          Over a foot of snow on the ground and freezing and she wanted to play in the sprinklers! Amazing what you can get used to.

          • KY Mom says:

            Rebel in Idaho,

            It makes a big differerence what is considered normal for an area and what is unusual.

            I grew up in rural upstate New York, so remember long winters, sleigh riding, ice skating and riding snow mobiles in the fields. 🙂

            The climate is milder here in Kentucky. In the winter we get some snow, but it often all melts by the afternoon. Many people do not have snow tires. So, driving on snow covered roads can be at your risk.

            Have a great day!

          • KY Mom says:

            Just checked the weather forecast for Tuesday
            , mid 40’s and rain.

            If all this snow melts quickly, there will be flooding.

            Mid 40’s and rain also forecast for Washington, D.C. on Tuesday.

            • Yahooie says:

              Yep sometimes it’s nonstop fun here in metro DC.

              I got caught in the Wednesday evening commute from h*ll. There were no salt trucks out and the roads were not pretreated. It was nothing but slick ice. I grew up in MI so I know how to drive in such messes. I even passed SUVs stuck on hills (even having to change lanes!) with careful driving. But progress was so slow that after 3 hours on the road I stopped a hotel. I got home the safely and easily late the next morning because the roads were still jammed early in the morning with the leftovers of the evening traffic jams.

              Point here is that all that impossible traffic has me considering my wretched commute. I need to change a number of things so I’m not in this sort of position when things hit the fan. Time to retire and move to the country.

              • Yahooie,
                Escape if you can. I have endured 3 hour daily commutes and living in cities. I found property that was so inexpensive in comparison that I could retire. I have 5 acres and am much happier. I liquidated most of my stuff (not preps). I don’t even miss it. SHTF or not, this is so much nicer of a lifestyle. I wish you the best of luck no matter what you decide.

    • WakeupAmerica says:

      haha right on~!

  11. citizen says:

    I was checking out that basket.no real foodstuffs. Even when I lived in Vegas and the store was a block away, I had a two week supply of water. When we moved to AZ had 2 pickup loads of canned goods. Got serious since then.

    Maddog is right, gonna be stepping over them.

  12. scott says:

    I use to “stock pile”, until I realized that being self sufficient is better. I have chickens, raised beds, heirloom seeds of every kind, fruit galore, wheat grinder and enough wheat to last a LONG time. I still have my food stock pile but wish I had put more thought into it when I got started years ago. I split many of my supplies into 2-4 lb. sealed food saver packages so if I have to trade I can easily do so.

    I make my own bread, jams, jellies etc. which I think is the key to longer term sustainability. With the recent 7 day power outage we went through I can tell you we were really tested. I will tell you this, if you can GET a wood burning stove put in!!! WE froze during the outage because we didn’t have one. We have gas so our oven and burners worked but inside this NEW house it was freaking cold, and pushed us to the limits at times.

    be safe, be prepared and look out for one another!

    • gopher says:

      Scott, got a tried and true yummy wholegrain bread recipe to share? Mine is passable, but room to improve.

      • 123456 says:

        Add a 1/4 cup honey and a splash of apple cider vinegar to your regular recipe. Tastes great and the honey retards mould growth.

      • Plan twice, prep once says:

        A secret for whole wheat bread, buy a small bag of gluten. Whole wheat flour is often low in gluten, so add a a couple teaspoons to start. Experiment for the optimum amount that the yeast can digest for you and end up with perfect bread.

        Check out a few “No knead” bread recipes on line. They use smaller amounts of yeast and lots of time for the yeast to predigest the whole wheat flour four you. Yeast is a critter and this is a symbiotic relationship.

        I use a small kitchen scale from Harbor Freight to make bread (p/n 95364). Flour is approx 115 grams per cup and water 230 grams per cup. Flour does not need to be sifted for bread making, except to accurately measure it by volume. By using weight I can be more accurate and 115 grams of wheat berries plus a tad for loss in the grinder, makes 1 cup of flour.

        If the house is chilly, run the oven on low for a couple minutes to preheat, then turn off the oven and just turn on its light. The lights heat is often more than enough to promote good yeast growth.

        I also use a bread machine. I use it for both just making dough, and making finished bread. You can find bread machines cheap at garage sales of people who bought one and never used it. They are wonderful and work well. Mine is rated at only 600 watts max when it’s baking, and works well off my generator.

        I also use a Dutch oven to bake bread. A Dutch oven will let you bake over a fire or in a gas grill. A handy tool is an infrared non contact thermometer for monitoring temperature. Another item Harbor Freight does well for cheap.

        • Plan Twice, Prep Once,

          When I make whole wheat bread (by hand) I let it rise in the bowl while it is soft and moist. After that, I add flour until it is the right texture. Changes in humidity cane how much flour is needed. I sometimes use gluten, but might add 1 cup of Better for Bread flour.

        • KY Mom says:

          Plan twice, prep once,

          Great post!

          An easy bread recipe that is delicious and has only 4 ingredients.

          No Knead To Worry Bread
          3 c. unbleached or whole wheat flour
          ◾1/4 tsp. yeast
          ◾1 tsp. salt
          ◾1 1/2 c. warm water (110 degrees F)

          Directions at Ready Nutrition dot com

            • Plan twice, prep once says:

              My no knead Parmesan & herb bread

              3 cups (339 grams) bread flour
              1/4 tsp yeast
              3/4 tblsp kosher salt
              1 1/2 cups (355 grams) warm water
              1/2 cup shredded parm cheese
              1/2 tsp oregano
              1/2 tsp onion powder
              1/2 tsp garlic powder

              Mix all ingredients, leave in a wam place covered with plastic wrap for about 16 hours.
              Dump dough onto floured surface dust and fold it on itself a couple times. Put it on a well floured paper towel and then back in the bowl, on its towel, seam side down, to rise two more hours.
              With 30 to 40 minutes left, put your Dutch oven in your oven to preheat to 450 deg F.
              Lift the dough by the paper towel and dump the dough into the hot Dutch oven, discard the paper towel. Put it in the oven for 30 min, remove Dutch oven cover and bake for 15 to 20 minutes more, until golden brown. Let the bread cool on a wire rack.

              Note: I normally use iodized salt for all things, except bread making. Yeast doesn’t grow well if the salt is iodized, so use Kosher or iodine free sea salt.

              • Plan Twice,
                Thanks for the recipe, it looks delicious and will give me a chance to try out a Dutch oven, which I have never used before.

                • Plan twice, prep once says:

                  I love this recipe, I start it after dinner and dishes the night before. Then I do nothing until two hours before it goes in the oven, and then it takes only about five minutes.

                  When company comes the bread needs very little attention, and it tastes great. For a flavor change up, add fresh ground course peppercorn.

                  I bought an extra inexpensive large toaster oven that my Dutch oven just fits, so now my home made bread doesn’t even need to compete for oven space at a family feast.

          • buttcrackofdoom says:

            great recipe ky, i think it was YOU i got it from a couple 3 years ago…my son asked me for it a week or two ago, and i can’t find it in my emails…only on paper, so now i will add to it and print and send it to him.
            a couple of things
            it can be made only around 3 hours before you need it…maybe less.
            you can add oregano to it and it’s a whole different taste
            you can add dried onion to it for great onion bread…haven’t tried onion AND oregano yet
            i leave in mixing bowl for an hour or two, then put in dutch oven inside the oven for another hour or two(it can be overnite too, but i haven’t tried that), when it’s time, just turn on the oven to 350, and in 40 minutes you’ve got bread.
            don’t buy the dutch oven from harbor freight if it can be helped, just find an OLD one at a yard sale for less money, and it will have a smoother surface inside, easier to clean….and if you need to clean it after something’s burnt up in it, just throw it in the fire for a few minutes and reseason it….carefull about which oil you season it with.

        • Yahooie says:

          Plan twice prep once, the problem with wheat in making bread is that hard wheat has lots of gluten and soft wheat has much less. I don’t know which variety is which without hunting through a seed catalog. However, a sure-fire way to know which is which in the store is the flour labeled for bread will be from hard wheat and the flour labeled for pastry will be from soft wheat. I have never had to add gluten to hard wheat flour in order to produce a great loaf of bread.

          For people purchasing wheatberries to grind flour on their own, ask which kind of wheat it is and you know what to expect it to do.

          • Plan twice, prep once says:

            I’ve been using Anna Napoletana flour imported from Italy, it’s non GMO, no enzymes, no additives, and available from a local grocery store. It’s a soft wheat, so great bread needs about a table spoon of gluten per loaf.

            Learning to make bread started out as a prep skill, now it’s just yummy, fun and healthier than bread from the store. Multiple ways to cook it leaves doors open for many possibilities. Buckets of wheat berries are cheap.

            • Plan Twice, Prep Once,

              Where do you get wheat berries? I buy several things from Italy because GMO Is banned there. EU Environmental Council has accepted a proposal that opens Europe up to Monsanto GMO crops. They will be voting soon.

              I love home baked bread, have been making wheat bread with my own hard cider and it is good. Genius has got me making hooch have these days.

              I sure would like to buy wheat berries locally but do not want GMO. I would think shipping is high.

              • Nubmaeme says:

                I buy mine at BePrepared.com – comes in 40-pound buckets, nitrogen flushed and packed with oxygen absorber. Current price in January catalog is $52.95 for Hard White, $54.95 for Soft White and $52.95 for Hard Red. They also have spelt, oat groats, pearled barley and a whole lot of other wonderful stuff. I’ve done business with the for years. Great people.

              • Plan twice, prep once says:

                Last time I bought buckets of wheat berries packaged for long term storage, I checked several survival sites, and surprise found the best price on Amazon. I like to shop just around harvest time when suppliers want to unload last years at a good price, to make room for the incoming. Good prep supply houses are sensitive about the date packaged stamped on product.

                Sealed in a bucket with O2 absorbers it has about a 15 year shelf life. It can also be sprouted and the sprouts eaten in a salad.

                If you intend to eat it in the next year, you can buy 40 pound bags cheaper (no special packaging), but buy a small metal trash can with a tight lid, to store the bag in that is impervious to rodents.

              • Plan twice, prep once says:

                Afterthought, I think it’s really important to look for Organically Grown wheat.

                I understand that commercial harvest protocols now call for wheat fields to be sprayed with roundup one week before harvest. This forces straggling wheat plants to wilt and dry for harvest. It improves harvest yield slightly, but it means all wheat, flour, and commercial bread has significant levels of roundup, a known carcinogen and endocrine disrupter.

                • Plan Twice, Prep Once,

                  I have used Bob’s Red Mill flour out of Oregon for years, but have not found it in the 25 pound bags here in New Mexico. 2 pounds, sure. I went online and it was $60-120 to ship one bag. I emailed them to see if they could piggyback some on one of their vendors out here. I am down to about 50 pounds of wheat flour and 25 pounds of wheat berries. Seriously, I think “wheat belly” is GMO/Roundup belly.

                  I was just online looking for wheat grown in NM and found Sangre de Cristo coop. If they are growing wheat in the mountains north of me, makes me wonder if I could grow wheat. I have read about a perennial wheat for several years, but I don’t think it is available.

                • Plan Twice, I love home baked bread… it had taken me three years to run down to 575 epounds of flour/wheat berries! Heck, I could drive to Dallas and pick up a load for those shipping charges.

            • Plan twice, prep once says:


              I’ve read that people with celiac disease can eat bread with no affect when it is made from heritage wheat varieties and the Yeast is wild yeast, not the stuff mass produced.

              I believe it took thousands of years for humans and wheat to evolve to a successful symbiotic relationship. Humans may eat it, but we also insure the survival of the wheat species. In just a hundred years people have bred, hybridized, and modified wheat tremendously. Modern commercially grown wheat is a freak plant created through radiation induced mutation. What farms mass produce many humans can’t eat. Then on top of the Frankenstein wheat they dump roundup, what could possibly go wrong?

              I tried to grow wheat, after several years of draught I figured I try something that would love long hot dry summers! Yup, that year it rained like crazy, and destroyed my wheat plants.

              I bought my wheat seed here. sustainableseedco.com
              This company is dedicated to seed for organic farmers, they have trouble keeping it in stock, it seems high end bakers for the rich and famous keep buying them out to make bread for them.

              • Plan Twice Prep Once,

                My son has celiac. I started baking bread for him. I just ordered Spelt seeds, it is a very old type. I used a sourdough starter at the time but lost it during a move. I can make another one, you have to set it out to catch the yeast. I will go online and check out that site. TPTB do not eat Monsanto swill. Since Monsanto is buying up the heritage seed companies, I need to get started on grains. Wheat is grass… should grow here.

              • Plan Twice,
                I just went online to place an order. I even bought buckwheat. They were already running out of things.
                That’s about it, with my other order. I am now set up to experiment with grains. Barley is easy, played with it once from an accidental volunteer in the vegetables.
                Thank you!

    • Scott, yay! That is how I am living… more so every day.

    • got out then says:

      Scott, Start unplugging from the grid. Solar panels have come down to $1 a watt. We went completely off grid 3 years ago and haven’t looked back. We went 2 years on 800 watts, added to our system now its up to 1500 watts. Wood stove is our primary heat, we also have a secondary propane heater as well. Freedom is not having to worry about a power outage.

    • Redoubt Renee says:

      That the NW wind storm? North Idaho here. I’m with you on switching my perspective from stock pile to sustainable food production. I still hope to get to a 1-2 years of stock pile, but I’ve got three Nigerian goats I’m going to get bred this Spring for milk and chickens come this Spring too. New Zealand rabbits for the Fall. That will give me milk, cheese, eggs and meat. Store grains and grow veggies and I’m sitting pretty!

      • scott says:

        Yes that was the one Redoubt Renee!

      • Babycatcher55 says:

        Are Nigerians very big? What is their size in relation to say, a Boer or Saanen? Thanks…I’ve never seen one, so don’t know.

        • Anonymous says:

          I have Nigerians like Renee and they are not big. 1/2 the size of a big goat – Pigmy goat sized but they are more proportioned like dairy goats. They are true dairy goats and have very delicious rich milk that is excellent for making cheese.

          Country Girl

        • I’m guessing mine are full grown at this point, the twins were born in May, the other in June. The twins are half Nigerian, 1/4 Lamancha, 1/4 Oberhasli. They are bigger than the 100% Nigerian, but not by much. They don’t pass my knee at shoulder height and I’m 5’7″. They are all smaller than a full grown Labrador dog, not sure what breed they would be close to. I like the smaller livestock for manageability and easy transport if I need to bug out. I’m looking to get a gutted travel trailer to convert into a goat house/chicken coop for quick transport and instant housing at my BOL.

          I have some photos here:


  13. Observer says:

    They had to wait. Can’t buy food until you’re sure the storm will hit. EBT card is for serious stuff like drugs and gambling at the boat or casino.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not just the EBT crowd. Plenty of people living in Mcmansions are in the same boat. Too busy keeping up with the herd let alone thinking about what is unfolding on many fronts right now.

      • Philosopher says:

        ANON: spot on. There are plenty of people that have no skills including cooking. Many people only know how to warm up prepared meals and never really cook anything. They expect that the servants at the local grocery store will magically fill up the shelves while they are doing real work. Sure. Until that system fails.

        • Yahooie says:

          That’s is so true about life skills around here in Washington DC land. I think they only know how to pump their own gas because that’s the only way to get it now. Ordinary things to me like repairing my own clothes or fixing my own house (except for big things like roofing) seem to be lost knowledge to most.

          If there wasn’t all sorts of services around here, most wouldn’t be able to survive without these especially regarding meals. I noticed most people way overshopping for supplies to last a few days. Seems they don’t even have a concept of how much food to buy or what is actually needed. Glad I only needed a couple of last minute fresh food items but I could easily have gotten by without if the items were sold out.

  14. 10mm says:

    This is why urban areas are a no go.

  15. Sara says:

    You know, do we need the “fuck ’em” attitude? Remember folks, there was a time for many, if not most, of us that we didn’t realize what could be either. There was probably a time just before our eyes were opened that we wanted to believe it wont happen.

    These people are still people, they have been manipulated and used.

    I for one HOPE and pray I will have the fortitude to HELP others and not be a cowardly, selfish, hording, inhuman POS when food is gone from stores and I have a morsel I can still share.

    I pray to GOD that I will be brave, kind and truly Christian. Let me die with love in my heart, AND my actions, even if that means no food in my belly. In Jesus’ name, AMEN.

    • PO'd Patriot says:

      It’s with sincere hope that works out for you. Don’t wait up for me.

    • Archivist says:

      They have also been told by us over and over again.

      Remember, God shut the door on Noah’s ark.

      • grandee says:

        That is correct. God did do that.

        Yet as a CHRISTian, He asks me to help, not shut doors.

        So, I too will help where I can, until He shuts the door.

        Noah preached. Until God shut the door.

        • USMC1982 says:


          Well said…

        • PWYPreach says:

          To decide what you would do: You would have to compare the apples-to-apples and oranges-to-oranges Bible stories = a famine situation, but I don’t think the Noah tale is it.

          It could be like Joseph and the 7 years of plenty and 7 years of famine; however, in Egypt, where Joseph dwelled, because he was one with God and prepared, they did not go hungry, although other lands did. The people of all the Earth came to buy grain from Joseph. HOWEVER, Joseph had ALL the Pharoah’s armies to prevent the warehouses from being looted. Will you have the same?

          Now combine that famine scenario with our world’s current lack of morals and a world war. Famine meets Gomorrah meets Armageddon. Is there a comparable Bible story?…or do they just call that Revelation.

        • AGENT SKINHEAD says:

          grandee… You’ve blessed me no end. Thank you.

      • Nemesis says:

        You can try all you want to help people, but they just don’t listen.. And, You can’t help people that won’t help themselves..

      • didndonuffin says:

        Noah didn’t wait until it started raining to start building the Ark.

        • WhoKnewIt.. says:

          So one guy named Noah Sailed a boat full of a billion animals that poop and pee, plus feed for them and drinking water. And how did he keep the lions and tigers from eating the gazels and bunny rabbits when he was sailing the boat??. Sounds like a lot of hocus pocus big fat lie, duping stooped sheep kinda story fib.

          Get real people, fantasy will get you killed faster.


      • Yahooie says:

        What I find odd is that these same unprepared people who revere everything government can also ignore that this same government recommends basic preps on a website (ready.gov). The government says there that people will be on their own in some emergency situations such as major storms when normal services can be disrupted.

        When this big snow storm was coming, all news outlets were telling area residents to get supplies and be ready to be stranded for days while the storm passes and after while crews clean-up the roads. The news is saying main roads are barely passable and even ambulances are being followed or escorted by heavier equipment but they can only go so far. Secondary and neighborhood roads have not had any snow plow attention unless by a private contractor (a rarity). Anyone who thinks they can go anywhere is not thinking clearly or has an incredible vehicle for traveling in this kind of weather.

        Local governments are hoping to open secondary roads somewhat tomorrow and more roads on Monday. One problem is what to do with all the snow.

        In 2010, it took a good while before driving to work was possible. Even then, it was quite strange because the usual landmarks you use as guides were not to be seen. It was like driving in foreign territory. Even most street signs were buried for weeks so it was easy to get lost if you didn’t know where you were heading.

        Okay, enough rambling from under my snowbank. 😀

    • Billy Hill says:

      Ya know what? Yeah….

      We actually DO need the “fuck ’em” attitude.

      They’re people all right, I won’t deny that. But they’re also the main reason we’re in the shit storm we’re in.

      And it’s NOT ignorance. It’s stupidity.

      Stupidity can (and should) be painful. For some it will be fatal. I’ve suffered pain from stupidity but I learn. It makes me stronger. It prompts me to be ready for shit like this.

      What’s the pain doing to these worthless eaters? It’s making that more stupid, that’s what. Every time they get hammered their politicians say they’ll take care of them and they never do. Then the useless eaters vote for people like Obama and Clinton and Bush and Kerry again and again and they have no issue giving away YOUR freedom for a small, false sense of safety and security that, surprise, isn’t there when you really need it.

      You know what makes ME safe and secure? Not associating with people that are beyond help. Beyond ignorant.

      Newp. Don’t feel sorry for those people one bit. If they’re more than 10 years old they KNOW what mother nature is capable of and need to plan accordingly. And I don’t mean 10 years old as in as smart as a 10 year old, I mean 10 years old as in that’s how long it’s been since the last attention-grabbing natural disaster that should have opened their FUCKING eyes.


    • laughing at the lemmings says:

      God Bless you, Sara.

    • Anonymous says:

      Those poor souls that someone helps may come back again or tell others and it could escalate quick with you on the losing side like permanently. I am a believer but I am not going to put myself at risk. And nobody better try to take it or they will get more than they bargained for. It’s simple really. Ask God to reveal who you should and should not help. He calls us to be wise and not walk into a trap. Believe me traps are being set as I speak. Oh and I’m female but a madman coming at me will soon be a dead man.

    • Carl W. Livingston says:

      DI you ever read the parable about the 10 virgins? The ones who squandered their lamp oil were left out in the cold, while, the ones who were prudent went to the wedding.

      Where I live, there have been several events where their was either no power for more than a week or a bad snow/ice storm that shut everything down for several days.

      With each event, I hear the same stories – there was no food, there was no heat, we had to do without!

      I’ve attempted to convince those types to put food up – even if it was only a can or two of —SOMETHING— each time they went shopping. To date, it’s been a futile effort. Even the eople who claim to be awake don’t put food & water up for that unexpected emergency!

      So hear is the deal… I’ve made my effort to help others by warning them and attempting to educate them on the dangers that could befall each of us. Well, there was a saying when I was growing up “When you’re born stupid, you die stupid!”

      You simply can’t help people who won’t help themselves. And while it seems cruel, letting these people who simply refuse to help themselves starve, it was their decision.

      I have a saying… “You can avoid reality, for a while. But you can’t avoid the consequences of reality!”

      I will feed a minor, because they truly know no better. But I WILL NOT accommodate adults who had the means to protect themselves from calamity (natural or otherwise) and suddenly demand my help when, time and time again, they ignored my warning and advice!

      When an major event strikes, it would be better for all of us, if ALL those people who’s IQ is less than their shoe size left the Gene pool!!!

      • fumblebuck_savant says:

        Those who are prepared for the first crisis that befalls them tend to be prepared for every subsequent crisis. Those who are unprepared for the first tend to remain so for the rest.
        I don’t understand it either. By warning them you fulfilled your ethical duty. You can’t be expected to do more.

        I agree with your take on it. Eventually it is necessary for people to experience the consequences of their choices. Waaaa waaaaahhh, we demand a do-over at other peoples’ expense … is not right.

    • The Spartan says:

      @Sara: Please read how Abner died. King David’s words, “Oh Abner, you died as a fool.” Abner died after being tricked by Joab, his new best friend, believing Joab needed his assistance. Be wise, my friend.

    • TPSnodgrass says:

      I truly love my fellow preppers and my family. I feel zero empathy for those who so willingly and callously fail to have an ounce of self-preservation in their haids, and who seem to feel so strongly they are entitled to being constantly bailed out.( be they too big to fail institutions or EBT Entitlement Brigade members.)

      I won’t turn away a hungry child, but its spawners, I have zero issues in turning away from our preparations.
      Even the Bible speaks of being both spiritually and physically prepared, (re: Parable of the Bridegroom and Ten Virgins). People would do well to remember that the Bible served us very well prior to the insertion of the Political Correctness Atheism now in place.

    • Kulafarmer says:

      Nope, all my life i have known you at the very least have to have supplies put back, money not as important as extra food, fuel, guns, ammo, firewood, candles,,,,,
      Was what my folks did, its what i do,,,

    • laeagle says:


      I am thinking the same thing. I have often heard it said down here that, “What goes around, comes around!” There is no joy in seeing a brother or sister, a child or an elderly suffer. We will be praying for all of the folks up north and hope that every one will get through this calamity. We are all in need of God’s grace and mercy.

      I was in Philadelphia during the great blizzard of 1997. I remember getting picked up by the National Guard to take me to my work place. Our car was buried under a heavy blanket of snow. Fortunately we had enough food for the duration of the storm and we were able to keep warm. It is a time for neighbors looking after each other. We need each other in times like these.

      May God bless and keep each one of you and all who are in harms way. Hopefully this is a wake up call for all of us whether we are in the path of the storm or not.

      Louisiana Eagle, hunkering down for the night.

      • Sara says:

        Amen. God Bless you and strengthen you in faith and service to our Lord and King, Jesus Christ.

        • laeagle says:


          Thanks! You too!

          More than ever, we will need each other as we go into the times that will truly try our souls. All the bravado, all the preps, all the training, and all the false confidence will pale in significance when that fearful “Day of the Lord” befalls humankind. It has been spoken of by many since ancient times and it is only a matter of time and it will soon be upon us. The timer has been set, but only one knows that time. The Lord of the Dance is setting the beat, the music and the rhythm are getting stronger, louder and louder every day, will we be found prepared and ready when we are called by the Great Fiddler to step on to the floor and join the dance?

          May each and everyone receive the favor of God today and in the days to come.

          Louisiana Eagle

    • Cellar Spider says:


      One of the toughest things about preparedness is determining who really needs help and who are those who expect to be helped. The former I’ll break my back for. The latter I’ll shoot.

      Spider Out.

      • Yahooie says:

        Spider, I’m with you. I can’t see helping those who have chosen helplessness over my family.

        Why would I jeopardize my loved ones? And for someone who would not care what harm they cause to you or yours. In a true SHTF situation, each person has a contribution and sacrificing yourself may hurt your family/groups chances at surviving well.

        Even someone who has tried to prepare and perhaps fell a bit short would be willing to trade some goods or skills for a needed item vice just having it handed over because they want it.

        • Sara says:

          Spoiler alert! We ALL die. (not really, but I’m thinkin’ pretttty much all of us will die before Christ returns)

          But, why do you guys think the unprepared have all chosen “helplessness”?

          I, personally, spent time outside of the US and had no idea the things that were really happening.

          Now, after trying to get things together once I DID figure it out, I have to MOVE across an ocean again. Anything I have CANT GO, I’ve got to use it, or dump it before flight.

          So, I get to start from naught on arrival to destination AND, should we last that long, start from naught AGAIN when I return!

          HOW does this make others like me those “choosing helplessness”? And there are hundreds if not thousands of families in this same boat. Ones that CAN’T dig in and really prep and many of whom are uninformed and sheltered from reality. YES, I was “sheltered” from reality because I was in a place where nothing was familiar and everything had to be learned new so I was distracted and sheltered from my nations true distress for many, many years.

          For those who say you “told everyone” well, NO ONE “told” me. My eyes were opened when I got to a place to SEE what was happening around our nation, no body said you better prepare for the SHTF, it’s a comin’.

          I don’t overspend, I have used furniture and used clothes, I don’t do handbags and all that poo either. I DO try to buy organics and whole food to feed my family, but even that is less than 50% because that stuff is expensive. Would LOVE to grow it, but by the time you get the “okay” to plant and work and learn the ground you gotta go!

          I had NO CREDIT DEBT (ZERO) & my auto is PIF. BUT I had and have NO savings either! I’m on a 7 year old laptop and I DO NOT have a “smart” phone, not even sure mine is of average intelligence, it is just a phone. I used credit to buy water and such for SHTF and haven’t been able to get back to 0 since.

          HOW, tell me, does one not be seen as just some chosen parasite to some of you people? I’ll tell you, it’ll be more dangerous to come across some of you people than those human hordes or whatever. (yes, yes, you’ll laugh and confirm this is so, you’re so clever.)

          Are you concerned that all you’ve done is turn yourselves into worse monsters than those you claim you will be keeping out?

          You guys go ahead and trust in your stock-pile and remember what Jesus said about “the least of these” you might save your body for a time but at the cost of ones soul is a price too high for me.

          • Sara, in a climate of fear, people feel safer if they think others are in trouble because they made bad decisions and it is their own fault. It gives them hope that if they make good decisions they won’t go down. It is true to an extent, but not true enough to save people from harm or death. It’s a bit like whistling in the dark. In your situation, PM might be an idea. Portable and can be converted back to important items. Have you considered long term storage? Would it be feasible? In any event, good luck on your move.

  16. Woogie says:

    I wonder if anyone in the big cities have heard of the Darwin Awards? They must have, because they are all trying for the first place slot.

  17. bowleggedcowboy says:

    As the old saying goes you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.

  18. slingshot says:

    How many people going to die from the storm is the big question. That is above what happens each day.

  19. KY Mom says:

    This Is What The Death Of A Nation Looks Like: Venezuela Prepares For 720% Hyperinflation

    “A lack of hard currency has led to scarcity of intermediate goods and to widespread shortages of essential goods — including food — exacting a tragic toll,” Werner said. “Prices continue to spiral out of control.”


  20. smokey says:

    I’m not bothered in the least by this, it’s called prepping, folks. Just common sense to pick up an extra gallon of milk and a couple loaves of bread before the storm.

    The nickel is going to drop for some of these folks, and they are going to start filling the pantry year-round.

    Nothing wrong with any of this.

    Now, if the local public works and power companies can’t clear the roads and downed lines in a few days so shelves can be restocked, that is where the concern should lie. We pay them to do this work, they should do it right.

    • TPSnodgrass says:

      Hey, maybe our philanthropic do-gooder Georgie Soros will kick in with HIS billions and help these poor pitiful people out?
      Nah, I forgot he was very successful in rounding up his fellow Jews during WWII, so he’s still “empathetic” to the plight of the average person, right?
      Not a chance in Hell.

      • smokey says:

        OK, tell us all how going to the store before the storm hits is any different than someone on this forum going to the gun shop and buying ammo before the next civil disturbance, or buying a case of MREs before the Zombie Apocalypse?

        Half the folks on this forum are falling all over themselves telling the other half about their latest prepping frenzy before the system crashes next Tuesday, but when someone else goes to the grocery and stocks up before the snowstorm hits, you can’t wait to call them all a bunch of idiots.

        Remind me not to fill the gas tank on my car when it’s low, or someone will think only the sheeple do that.

        • slingshot says:


          Half the folks on this forum are falling all over themselves telling the other half about their latest prepping frenzy before the system crashes next Tuesday, but when someone else goes to the grocery and stocks up before the snowstorm hits, you can’t wait to call them all a bunch of idiots.
          It is the idea of it being a short term fix. They can get away with it most of the time but the chances they will have a major problem sometime and it won’t be there for them.
          We hope they could better prepare like we do.

        • Archivist says:

          When we go to get supplies, it’s just to top off what we already have plenty of. The sheeple are starting with zero.

          • Warchild Dammit! says:

            Smokey,agree to a point,some folks just stocking up on perishables,hope they have a cooler to fill with snow if power goes out and no genny.Some folks though just buying up food for the week so they DONT RUN OUT!These are the folks that I laugh at a bit.Same with folks with genny’s that run out of gas in a day or two because they kept it going 27-7 to watch cable ect. instead of running a few times a day to keep heat up/quick shower and cook ect.

            I get that some folks live in places that can’t have solar/trenches/small farm ect.,anyplace though can have plenty of food/water/basic first aid and defense tools as a start.

            Folks can still do this till the time runs out completely,and,as a wise man said,”The smalls add up!”.Sorry about me prepper phrase,but has been awhile!

  21. CuzzinJim says:

    Hell, I would be good on the food part, but if I ran out of whiskey, there would be a problem….

  22. mallardhen says:

    I had a phone call from a family member on the east coast last night, her question was, “are you guys OK? heard you had snow and ice.” my answer was “sure, why not?” and so the conversation went on, some of her questions were downright silly ending with I guess I had better go out and pick up some things in the morning as I haven’t a thing in the house to eat and I’m sure everything (as in restaurants) will be closed by tomorrow night.

    People like that need to kick-off they haven’t enough sense to live.

    • Woogie says:

      Sounds like all her potato chips are gone.

    • sixpack says:

      I have a friend who is almost 90 years old. She is constantly expecting people to run to the store for her, because she is “out of everything.” It really sounds like she is one meal short of starvation most of the time. She’s always remarking negatively on a show she watches about “Hoarders.”

      I learned a lesson about making assumptions in December 2015.

      We had about 10 days of snow and ice here, which is unusual for us. So naturally, people from the church and Senior Center all flocked to her, to make sure she was okay and had what she needed.

      What we found was stunning.

      We found out that she had a backup generator, over $10,000 worth, professionally installed. She never lost power for a second. The generator is designed to start automatically and be self-sufficient for years, meaning it does not rely on external power to start up or run.

      After they all left, I learned that when she says she’s “out of everything” what she really means is, she’s out of her favorite, easy to grab when she’s lazy foods. Her pantry, freezer and fridge were all stuffed. Her cupboards were anything but bare. She was warm, fed, watching TV comfortably.

      She had been playing it smart, keeping everyone running for her needs, while keeping her backups refreshed just in case. No one, even me had suspected she was so well prepped. There are only 5 houses out where she is, on a hard-to-find street off the main road.

      Not bad for a German socialist who survived the WW2, huh?

      • Philosopher says:

        Dang Sixpack that sounds like one helluva generator set up! Guess that is how she survived Nazi Germany. No one knows what I have in my garage. It looks like it is filled with junk. Mostly it is just empty boxes. Built in shelves keep MREs at a stable temperature. If you can find it I have 100 pounds of silver, too. Where is it? No idea. Fell outta my boat.

        • sixpack says:

          The gennie she has is about twice the size of a heat pump, and is hard-wired into her home, which she owns. She does nothing, it is automatic…for more than ten grand, IMO, it better make my breakfast and whistle Dixie while it works!!!

      • didndonuffin says:

        She probably lost power for about 8 seconds. That’s about how long a power blip has to last before most standby generators start. Sounds like she has an automatic transfer switch.

        • 2isone says:

          We have one. It self tests every Wednesday and is hooked up to our natural gas. Out where we live, many people have them because of the abundance of trees. The power lines are only buried within the subdivision but the periphery is vulnerable to falling trees and limbs. The longest it ran so far was for 4 straight days.

      • Anonymous says:

        When I read she was 90 I couldn’t believe she was a just in time person. I’m German and I am thrifty and like being prepared. I know many people don’t have a clue. It does have something to do with your DNA.

  23. Equorial says:

    How about “turning it around” a bit, and view it from a different angle? How about the reason for 99% of people not being ready (literally, for anything), is due to the outstanding work of “The Brainwashers” (the same ones who claimed to have the power to save ‘us’ from anything …then along came Katrina (FEMA’s first attempts at “assisting civilians” was to disarm them AND THEY HAD ORDERS TO KILL ON SIGHT (if deemed necessary). That bs was followed by a storm closer to DC and those folks have yet to receive anything (for rebuilding anything of value) from FEMA or any form of government (that is to say: “that I am aware of”).
    Kids these days are being taught on a daily basis NOT to interact with their parents, but to discuss matters with teachers and other school “officials” to “prevent you from forming YOUR PARENTS opinions …because we WANT YOU TO BE INDEPENDENT! YAY!!!!!! Sounds awesome so they do it. Prepping isn’t IN their dictionaries. (Cooking With Human prolly is). The next generation has already been dumbed-down beyond OUR abilities to even ‘grasp’ how ‘they’ think (especially towards and about us). Want to see hate? For many families, look no further than their older children ….and it seems to not matter how good of a parent raised them …the children “played along” (just like school told them to), and everything ‘went down’ just as school taught them it would. How disgusting, loathsome, self-seeking ‘people who would sell their mother’s'(if there was a profit) ever got themselves into “Common Core” or (in some places MVP I believe) confounds a sane mind …or I’ve lost it and they’re fine? That’s the worst school curriculum I’ve ever seen in my 59 yrs. Lordy!
    Yeah …we’ll be stepping over a great many near, around and within any and most all cities. Rural residents fully realize these are dangerous times coming down and most all I know have always been ready – for decades! Amazing…

    • slingshot says:



    • Yahooie says:

      I’ve seen examples of Common Core in my grandkid’s textbooks. Remember all the people we were taught that were important in the Revolutionary War? Yeah, barely a mention. It was like seeing all the minor actors and bit players all up in lights on the marquee and the main players hardly mentioned in the program.

      Common Core History all upside down. They mention one person of every minority and a few females and others who were major influences at the time seem to only have a sentence or so of mention. Math is just as weird. How is all this going to bring our education up to world class standards?

      • Yep that's me says:

        That is why I home school my child… They are very self sufficient to the point of being able to forage for food… We do weekly lessons on what is edible or medicinal and if edible we harvest prepare and eat if it’s medicinal we learn the uses/ dosages and possibly prepare said medicinal for stock also learning as true of history as we can ( family was in camps during holocaust) which barley gets mentioned in history anymore

  24. samspade says:

    Dam Sounds like Eastern Oregon in the Winter Time. Yeash WHERE Are the Adults. Arrggg Cuss.

  25. Satori says:

    Gas Shortages Reported in DC Area Ahead of Blizzard

    ht tp://www.nbcwashington.com/news/local/Gas-Shortages-Reported-in-DC-Area-Ahead-of-Blizzard-366206501.html

  26. scott says:

    Almost forgot – Crisco needs to be in everyone’s pantry. Even makes roadkill go down easier and it will last a lifetime.

  27. Satori says:

    off topic
    but I saw the movie 13 Hours:The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, this afternoon

    and that’s a big if
    the movie is an accurate portrayal of what happened
    then the government’s response sets a new standard for incompetence

    and if you hated Hillary before
    your really REALLY gonna hate that bitch now

    • Southern Gal says:

      I want to see it and I don’t want to see it, you know? If I do, I know that I will be pi$$ed off beyond belief and I really don’t want to run up the blood pressure…

      God help us…this nation is circling the drain

      • Kulafarmer says:

        I know exactly what you mean,,, even with the blood pressure thing

        • 123456 says:

          HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE? ????

          take L – Arginine. ….dilates blood vessels and lowers BP. (Add in Lysine if you are prone to cold sores)
          It works. …do your research. … 1 – 2 grams should do the trick!

          Y’all keep preppin

          • Kulafarmer says:

            Thanks for the tip

          • Philosopher says:

            Hey, thanks, I take Atenolol and hate it! The VA started me on BP meds when there was no fricken reason for me to be on BP meds. (My BP was 120 over 80 and they started me on BP meds because they said my BP was out of range. Looking back that was complete BS and those numbers were mostly age related and perfectly normal.) That was back in the days when I did not question doctors. It is the only med I take and I cannot stand it! When they start telling me I need to take cholesterol medication I will say “no thank you.” Take that BS medical treatment and shove it. Nothing but propaganda and sales.

            • Philosopher,

              For high cholesterol, eat one raw carrot every day. It will bring it down and mainstain. Chew ghoroughly.

            • Anonymous says:

              Read about Linus Pauling and his cure for those with heart issues.

            • Babycatcher55 says:

              Since you have normal BP, why not stop taking the drug! 120/80 is normal!

              • Philosopher says:

                Baby55: I know! When I started the BP medication, on the advice of a VA Doctor, about ten years ago, I now realize that it was complete BS for them to start me on anything! The thing is, if I stop taking it now my blood pressure really is TOO HIGH, 180ish over 90 to 100 which does mean that NOW my BP is too fricken high. There was one drug they gave my which caused me to feel like I was having a heart attack.

                Now, even on BP medication, my BP is 150 /100. I think the medication gave me a BP problem. Ten years ago I actually trusted doctors. Those days are over.

              • Philosopher says:

                Baby55: You answered my question. Why would the VA doctors put someone with normal BP on a BP medication? It has been about 10 years now and if I discontinue the stuff my BP goes through the roof. Basically the VA took what used to be normal BP and made it very abnormal and also turned me into a drug addict. I cannot tell you how furious this makes me.

                Ten years ago I believed what the doctors said. They were experts, right? They were professionals in health care, right? They were the ones with degrees, right? Looking back I could kick myself for every thinking any of those things. It makes me beyond furious to realize that taking those BP meds have caused me more harm than good.

                Can I sue the VA for malpractice? Of course not.

                Anyhow I do eat high-quality food that I prepare at home and am able to afford supplements. I am going to stock up at the supplement shop next time I go. My goal is to just dump the drug and do my best to manage my BP on my own. Obviously the VA doctors and the drugs they have given me have been ineffective and, of course, now I have what is known as an iatrogenic problem. The treatment made the problem worse, not better. At least I am still alive.

          • areyouready? says:

            Turmeric does wonders for any BP related issues.

          • Rebel In Idaho says:

            Even better if you find your BP rising due to these types of stories and movies is to pour about 4 oz of Glenfiddich 12 (over ice if you prefer) and to take inventory of your preps. Calms me down every time.

            • Nubmaeme says:

              We have a locally-made single-malt here (Western NC) called Defiant. It has won awards in Scotland! It’s better than anything we’ve ever tried and we’re single-malt people. We did try Glenfiddich 12. It tasted like bourbon to us. Then we discovered that they use old Jim Beam casks to age their scotch in. So in essence, it’s Scottish bourbon! I’ll use my bottle for bottle for barter. Can’t stand the taste of bourbon.

  28. Archivist says:

    I went to a grocery store here in eastern NC early this morning trying to take advantage of a sale. They were pretty well stocked with bread, eggs, and most other items, except for milk.

    We got a gallon of whole milk, leaving only one gallon. There was plenty of low-fat and non-fat left. I guess people only want whole milk in an emergency.

    The only thing they were completely out of was the sale price chicken that we wanted. They didn’t have it yesterday either. So maybe they’ll restock by Monday.

    It turns out that we never got anything more than a few spritzes of sleet and a few drops of rain. But it appears from the radar that we’ll be getting a good bit of rain soon. It’s not supposed to get anywhere near freezing until Saturday night. Maybe we’ll get a snow flurry then.

    • Nubmaeme says:

      I’m in the mountains. We’ve had sleet, snow, more sleet, followed by more snow. It’s not supposed to stop until Saturday night.

      Don’t have anywhere to go, which is really nice. I can sit back and enjoy it all. Don’t know how the stores were here, though I can guess they were pretty busy. When you’re already prepared, you don’t have to worry about stuff at the last minute which is kind of a liberating feeling.

      When I was still working and a snow was due in, people would be coming in for last minute items and sometimes they would be in a near panic. They would ask if I was ready for the coming storm and I would calmly answer that when you stay ready, you don’t have to worry. Some would look at me like I had suddenly grown two heads but all would quickly grab their purchases and get away from me as fast as they could, like I had the plague or something. Funny how being calm in the face of a possible calamity scares people.

      • Archivist says:

        I stay ready for storms, and have done so for many years.

        I just went out this morning because a local store was supposed to have chicken leg quarters for 38 cents a pound. I was going to buy 100 pounds, package them up, and freeze them. They were out, so I helped empty the whole milk shelf, leaving the low-fat and non-fat colored water behind for others. BTW, they were also out of large eggs, but had plenty of medium eggs.

        I don’t plan on even stepping outside the house for the next couple of days.

        It’s 44 degrees and raining right now.

        Perhaps it will snow Saturday night.

        • PO'd Patriot says:

          Damn, that is a sale!

          • Archivist says:

            The sale end Tuesday evening, so I’ll try again on Monday. If they don’t have any then, I’ll ask for a rain check and get some at the sale price when they get more.

            38 cents is less than half the usual sale price around here of 79 cents a pound.

            Just got the propane topped off. It was just $1.50 a gallon. The delivery guy said it was the lowest he had seen this time of year since the 1990s.

            • Yep that's me says:

              Careful that it’s not from China where it’s loaded with heavy metals and other toxins

              • Yep that’s me
                Definitely be cautious about food from China. Their rice may have heavy arsenic accumulation, as does some of our southern grown rice. China has also been caught extruding toxic plastics into faux rice and selling it… can cause liver failure. If you get a bag of rice that still has crunch after cooking, it may contain plastics. Turn it in so we can get these people out of business. If your own land is toxic, there are plant remediation ways to clean it up.
                Food? Grown your own.

  29. Jim in Va. says:

    I spent 30 years working for a food chain and every winter it was the same thing. We no sooner got slammed for Xmas the snow came. It would take a whole month to get back to normal. My chain was smart,if a storm was forcast they would ship extra skids of milk,bread and eggs out ahead of time. Same thing during the holidays. we rarely ran out of anything. People have to suffer before they open their eyes. Our parents back in the 1930s never had that problem.

    • Nubmaeme says:

      People in our parents’ time were far more self-sufficient than we are today. Back then, they didn’t have social security or food stamps or any of the other government hand-outs of today. They took care of themselves and helped their neighbors.

      As for people suffering before opening their eyes, some people never learn. Some want to blame the government for not helping them when they wouldn’t lift a finger to help themselves. They will be the first ones to go when the SHTF.

      • Genius says:

        Not prepping is a fairly NEW thing. My parents and back all had pantries with just in case things and canned foods. The non prepping mentality is pretty much just the last 40 years or so.

        • Genius
          Absolute truth. Only since corporations said they would take care of us, and most bought in, have people not produced most of their own food and have not kept at least a year of food on hand. A couple generations and folks act like it is too hard and don’t wanna. I have always had gardens and preserved foods the “modern” way by freezing and canning. I started dehydrating food and love it. Now trying lacto-fermentation and that is great. The old ways were not energy intense. My mom and grandma both grew and preserved food. Piling up cans of GMO junk isn’t my idea of survival.
          The other thing that has been lost is that you might have to protect your garden from “critters” that steal. Our ancestors protected their fields with that 2nd Amendment gun when needed. I forgot that part myself!

  30. swinging richard says:

    It was nice to know that there was no need to prep up for the snow storm. Now we will sit by the warm fire and wait for the melt.

  31. Kulafarmer says:

    So what if the storm is worse than predicted and lasts longer?
    I dont understand people who need to run to the store last minute,
    Just makes no sense.

    • Nubmaeme says:

      I once heard someone say that they shop every day because they do not know what they will be hungry for tomorrow so why buy or store unwanted food. It didn’t make any sense then and it still doesn’t today. Personally, I would want to know that I have something to fall back on in case I couldn’t get to a store every day. Besides, I don’t like shopping and definitely don’t want to do it every day.

      • Babycatcher55 says:

        I’m finding the older I get, the less I like to get stuck in a store, for any reason. This stuff of running to the store to get stuff is insane! Even when the kids were small, and we were poor I had extra food and goods in the house to hunker down in bad weather. The kids remembered those times. I think even if they aren’t preppers themselves, they do have some goods set by, and both kids who live away have container gardens and want to control their food more.

    • rellik says:

      In our part of the world, a threat of a dock strike will empty the stores of toilet paper and diapers. Must be a different culture.

      • Kulafarmer says:

        Yea, we lived Hamakua about six miles from the highway through the cane fields when i was a kid, we ALWAYS had at the verry least canned foods, bags of rice, freezer full of meat, garden, fuel, guns etc etc,,, it was just the way it was, now days people have gone full retard

        • rellik says:

          It is the urban people that are in trouble. Hamakua is NOT urban. Once I get a mule and my solar up, I won’t need much fuel. Got everything else. I think the county bought your old place, looking to farm it. It has water, but I don’t know if it can survive the Anti GMO crowd.

          • Kulafarmer says:

            most was bought by part of the Deluze family, that was a real nice place at one time, is all different now, when we lived there it was like we had stepped into a different world and time,
            Really miss those days.

    • Rebel In Idaho says:

      IKR getting ready for snow? It’s called freaking winter and it comes every year, don’t worry it also ends every year during that time called spring when the snow melts.

      We did get surprised by snow once when we were camping in Yellowstone, in our defense it was because it was July.

  32. grandee says:

    40 miles north of us in Nashville–a huge mess.

    Family north of there. They prepared some for this storm, but have not prepared for the long term.

    I can use this storm to remind them to stock up for a bigger or long term event.

    And….I will 🙂

    • ChuckInBama says:

      About 60 miles SOUTH of you, we got next to nothing (just a dusting), but the media is stoking the fear-porn machine. Wife wanted to go to grocery store, but we need nothing. She’s still defaulting to the programming; I got to work on that.

    • Babycatcher55 says:

      My daughter lives there ( Clarksville) and she has food, fuel, etc, I talked to her today to make sure they were ok. They were, even tho my granddaughter had to walk both to and from work. She was bundled up, so did fine.

  33. The weatherman said we may get ice.
    My wife said to me “should we go to the store to get anything”?
    I said “no of course not”.
    Gotta love it when a plan comes together.

  34. Pa Mountain Man says:

    When this stuff happens I head to the grocery store simply for the entertainment value. We have more than a year plus of food stored, not including what I grow and preserve every year. I’m talking just freeze dried foods, at least a year for my whole family. Plus our pantry is always stocked with ‘regular food’ that we eat every day. Never had to go out just before a storm to panic buy anything. I really can’t believe how many people have less than 3 days of food in their homes. As I said, I go to the store in times like this just for the entertainment value, and while everyone else is fighting over milk, bread and eggs, me and the kids are in the snack aisles just so we have some ‘fun stuff’ to eat. Really people, this current storm is only supposed to last a couple days tops, and perhaps a day or two to clean up. You don’t have food in your home to cover you for that short amount of time? Wow. And why do they always run out of snow shovels just before every storm? Do snow shovels have an expiration date that I’m not aware of 🙂

  35. Ronald Ahrens says:

    It is all coming down around you, the revolution has began whether you like it or not, so be a good patriot and get out in the streets in protest of the fascist globalist genocidal criminal NWO monsters driving us straight to hell, while you still have a chance to save what is left of your children’s health and future….Do you think some of you can muster up the courage to at least do that???

    • Ketchupondemand says:

      Ron Ahrens, fill us in on the story, briefly and objectively, please, about the Hammonds lighting the fire on government land.
      Was it flat prairie land or forested?
      How much damage did it do?
      How many acres did they burn?
      That’s the reason for this shitstorm, right?
      Somehow, this doesn’t seem to be the right fight. Not yet, anyway.

      • sixpack says:

        First of all, the Hammonds did not light a fire on govt land. Here is a couple of links that should help – remove the underscore in https the first link



      • Ronald Ahrens says:

        I would love to fill you in, but I really do not have time to detail all I know, and I would not put most of it out anyway. Just understand this is much bigger than the uranium all under Burns Oregon and the surrounding areas that the Russian Government owned Corporation called Uranium One has collateral on for all the debt we owe them, and the rest of the oligarchs around the world. If you are not going to pay attention to things like all the State Legislators visiting the patriots, and the fact that the patriots leave the refuge all the time to travel to other states and hold meetings with unknown people in high places, you really have absolutely NO CLUE how big this is and how this will soon affect the entire country as we move toward revolution against this criminal globalist fascist genocidal evil monster controlled US Government of pure shit stain filth. There will be no 2016 election, I can assure you of that fact, the revolt will be in full swing by then.

        • Kulafarmer says:

          None of the a$$hats running awe worth a copper slug anyway,
          When our stupid local gov tries to crack down they will all of a sudden find they are all alone and the people want their heads on poles like the Hawaiians used to do,,,,

        • Makemyday says:

          For a few more sources of what is happening with the BLM, Hammonds, and the “stand-off”:

          Daily Astorian dot com local news Farm Bureau calls out feds on burn policy ….. read the comments

          Also…Sen. Jennifer Fields @ mt. gov
          Americalandscouncil dot org Why the Oregon Uprising?

          Just in case any of you are interested in what kind of property the Hammonds “damaged” it was mostly sagebrush and wild grass lands. Had nothing to do with ‘pristine forest’ land. The BLM damages millions of acres of lands annually with fires they set, with no recourse from anyone affected!

      • Ketchupondemand,
        The Hammonds lit the fire on their own land with the wind blowing toward federal land. They burned federal forest, admitted to it, and were sent to prison. Anyone who has done controlled burns knows better. Malice aforethought.

      • You do know that in BOTH CASES the FedGov has admitted that the ‘Federal Land’ that was burned inadvertantly by the Hammonds WAS WORTH MORE AFTER THE BURN CLEARED THE BRUSH!!! Damage!?! They increased the property value! Is that ‘terrorism’? Does that deserve Jail Time? NO! #DUH

    • 123456 says:

      The headlines read….Storm brewing – Life and Death Implications.

      The first thing that comes to mind is….
      Hammond – Bundy standoff.

      Wake up Washington!

      We’re praying Ron.

  36. southside says:

    I just bought over $350 worth of SHTF preps. Still need more,and these people don’t even stock up a day in advance. Sorry for them? Hell no

  37. Lapsed Altruist says:

    I’m by no stretch a prepper however the real news concerns me. To that end I have stashed 200lbs of wheat berries (they keep for a looong time), 100lbs sugar and 150lbs pure salt. I’m in Canada so I’ll not talk about defensive measures. You just never know. As the old saying goes, expect the worst and hope for the best.

    • Philosopher says:

      LA: smart. Salt has been traded for gold in the past it was considered to be that valuable. People often overlook the value of bulk salt. Dry beans, rice, and cornmeal grits are good to have as well.

    • Nubmaeme says:

      Sounds like you’ve got a good start on prepping with what you’ve stored. Do you have a good grain grinder for the those wheat berries? It’s kind of hard to make flour without one. I can’t imagine trying to boil them up and eating them although I suppose it can be done. With the moose and other large game up there, you’ve got one of the best meat markets-on-the-hoof available to you. Moose is, in my opinion, the best wild meat there is. It’s lean, sweet and not gamey. You’ve got a start on prepping. Now you need to take the next step and learn what to do with your items. After all, they won’t do you any good without knowing how to use them.

      • Philosopher says:

        OMG Nub you made me hungry! The best steaks I have ever eaten in my life were moose steaks! Just absolutely perfect. I am a big fan of venison heart and liver too. Nothing like fresh organ meat grilled over a wood fire. Add some salt, pepper, and your favorite oil and that is fine dining in my humble opinion. (I actually cook, at home, on a daily basis so absolutely respect fresh, wild ingredients as the best ingredients in the world.)

      • Nubmaeme,
        Now you made me hungry for moose. It is the best game, and they are Big.

        • Kulafarmer says:

          Moose cooked quick on the grill with a nice port and balsamic vinegar reduction with some fresh thyme and rosemarry, and sauteed portabello mushroom slices with some mashed potatoes or a wild rice side

          • Kulafarmer,
            That made my saliva start. Oh man, I lived in heaven once upon a time ago. We ate GOOD in the backwoods of Alaska.

          • Wild rice side. One thin slice of sweet cream butter, unsalted.

            • Nubmaeme says:

              Wish I could get some moose but where I live now, the largest thing we have is black bear. I miss Alaska. Lived up there for 3 short years until the Air Force forced us to go to Wash DC. Talk about culture shock! Anyway, I too miss the good stuff. Even though I’ll eat deer, I really don’t like it very much.

              • Nubmaeme,
                We left Alaska when the pipeline did not go through. Halliburton transferred my dad to Puerto Rico, but we lived in Houston. Total culture shock from the Pacific Northwest/Alaska to Houston. I thought beef tasted… flat. I grew up on wild game. Now I like beef, but haven’t had moose in a long time. DC would probably put me under.

    • DAMed in NY says:

      regarding 200 lbs of wheat berries – If you only make two small loaves a week using the nice cast iron pans, you will go through about 2 lbs per week. That is doing nothing else with the wheat. Also, make sure you have a wheat grinder and then practice making your bread. It took me close to a year to perfect one bread recipe. There were many that were OK, but we wanted awesome. Then you try alternative baking so you know how to cook in a Dutch oven, or on a grill. Get some practice in.

      • Philosopher says:

        DA: what type of grinder do you use? Is it electric? Are there cast iron loaf pans or are you talking about baking in a regular cast iron frying pan / skillet? Lastly, where is Your perfected recipe? Thanks in advance!

      • TnAndy says:

        We keep about a ton of wheat in stock all the time, replacing as used. It will last pretty much forever in berry form, as long as you keep it dry/sealed up.

        For a grinder, I like a Vita Mix blender/juicer. Turn 2 cups of berries into ultra fine flour in under a minute.

        For hand cranking, we have a County Living Mill.

      • Lapsed Altruist says:

        Thanks. I’ve been doing my own breads for several years. All naturally leavened. As for grinding those berries I lucked in to a couple of stones that serve me well. Another big thing for me is my ferments and that’s where the salt comes in. I pretty much have had a lifelong thing about getting things done without machines. The old way. Bread that keeps for days and transformed from flour water and salt into a nutritional powerhouse and vegetables that become better for you than fresh. That’s alchemy, as if you didn’t know. If worse becomes worse I’ll at least have a shitload of practical machine free skills to offer. I’m not just about the food either. The useless will fall rapidly. Hallelujah.

        • Lapsed Atruist,
          Sounds intriguing. I have an electric machine to make my bread flour and have been looking at mechanical grinders. What kinds of stones do you use? How does that work? Is it a mortar and pestle? I appreciate the information.

  38. Refounding Father says:

    Two years ago, a four pack of spam went for 6 bucks at BJ’s. Today it was 14.83. Macaroni was 6.00 for 6 lbs and still is. Both last a Looong time. Rice is still reasonable in 20 pound bags. tuna is getting costly but chicken cans ore about the same as a couple of years ago.


    • slingshot says:

      Refounding Father

      That is some high Priced Spam. The Bacon and Jalapeno is pretty good. Not much to say about the turkey.

      • Refounding Father says:

        Slingshot, I haven’t had to buy spam ( or macaroni) for two years. Its like I doubled my money. Spam used to be the red-headed stepchild of the meat family.


        • slingshot says:

          Refounding Father

          I am a Spam eating Machine. Also I have opened a can from 2013 and fried it up. Still good.

          I also like Hormel Corn beef, Sausage and Roast beef Hash. Onions and Jalapeno peppers to the mix.

          • hillbilly SC says:


            Last weekend, the one I opened had a best by date of 2007.
            Fried up nice. 🙂

            Just some notes on dates.

            Still working on the Y2K coffee. Most are dated from 1998-99 I’m no coffee connoisseur, still have to have cream and sugar. 🙂 but the Folgers still has a strong smell when opened. The Maxwell house is weak smelling when opened. Both still taste ok to us.

            The campbells chunky soups with a best by date of 2005 are starting to pick up a metallic taste to them. 🙁
            Not so bad at this point that I won’t eat it, I just notice it now.

            The can beef (Hormel stew beef type) has a very strong metallic taste and has dates around 2005. Almost not worth eating. The can chicken from that time is still great.

            I finished the last of the Dinty Moore stew from 1998 last year and it had started to get the metallic taste.

            I had pasta that was vac packed in food saver bags from 10 years ago that were good. But the Jasime rice had picked up a “stale flavor”.

            Live and continue to learn. 🙂

            Now we do Mylar and O2. I’ll have to check back in, in a few “years” and let y’all know how that goes. 😉

            I did “dry can” some saltine crackers a Lil’ over 2 years ago that are still crunchy and fresh tasting. We now have several trials in mylar with the O2 for the crackers.

            Y’all play nice now.

  39. PretzelLogix says:

    Coming to you live from Toms River, NJ…
    Amazing how people panic even with ample warning this storm is making its way here. Supermarkets have been stripped as if they were descended upon by locusts. Milk, eggs, bread… Two of which require refrigeration.
    Does everyone make French toast when it storms??
    It feels good not to have to prep at all when crap like this happens. The most I will do when I go home is to fill up some Igloo coolers with water in case the mains break or the water gets contaminated.

    Feels nice to say ‘I’ve got everything I need’.

    • Philosopher says:

      PL: Fill up your bathtub and even a large garbage can. You can always use the water in the garbage can to flush the toilet.

    • Archivist says:

      The milk is for snow cream. The bread is for sandwiches. I think some people actually put eggs in their snow cream, but all my family ever used was milk, sugar, and a little vanilla extract. I’m in the South, and you have to make snow cream at every opportunity, which usually comes only once every few years.

      And it’s cold outside, so you don’t need refrigeration.

    • sixpack says:

      We always had a big stainless steel box outside, where we kept our freezer stuff during the winter when the power was off.

  40. Old Guy says:

    We haven’t been to the grocery store since the third Thursday in December. My social security check arrives on the third Wednesday. There is sleet snow & ice at present. We stayed put. plenty of food, fuel and animal feed. probably wont go grocery shopping until the middle of February. And when push comes to shove I will not willingly share. Fuck em let them starve. The world doesn’t have a shortage of useless eaters.

  41. Ketchupondemand says:

    Only about 84 degrees here today. This storm system has sent some nice big waves our way and the surfing has been great.
    But we’re in a grocery store crisis…they’ve been out of half and half all week. Sucks not having it for the morning espresso. But thanks to one poster here (cookin’ Mom?), I bought a box of those little half and half mini cups..no refrigeration needed. Search for Mini Moos on line and, also, it’s a Costco office products item.
    Also scored the last 4 half pints of heavy cream and one quart of regular milk, mixed them 50-50 and voila, coffee creamer. A little heavy but beats condensed milk.

    When you’re already prepped, only the small stuff matters!

    • Philosopher says:

      Heya K: I agree! I hate it when I run out of half-and-half! I keep some powdered stuff in the pantry along with small tins of evaporated milk but it just doesn’t taste the same. I keep MREs in some cabinets in my garage and the one item I really like in MREs are the coffee mixes!

      • Archivist says:

        How about those “oatmeal cookies” that look and feel like sections of Corian countertop?

        • sixpack says:

          I like the chili mac – tastes just like what momma never made…LOL

        • Philosopher says:

          Arch: I don’t have any oatmeal cookies in my MREs 🙁 By the way, MREs are horrible. When I served we ate C-rations which were canned but some of them were okay but no one ate the canned eggs with ham and if they did they lied about it!

          The cooks prepped B-rations which were dehydrated and pretty bad. Dehydrated canned porkchops and dehydrated eggs. It was food, yes. But awful. The best rations I have ever eaten were K rations. OMG! They were good! I am guessing the military scrapped them because they were too expensive. Anyhow my favorite part of the old C-rations were the canned cheese and crackers, and the cocoa powder mixed with instant coffee.

          The MREs have crackers but they seem mushy to me compared to the canned crackers (which stayed fresher).

          Also the M&Ms in MREs can get a bit funky. The pure chocolate ones taste okay but the ones with peanuts can end up tasting off. My guess is the oil in the peanut M&Ms goes rancid, thus, the off taste.

          • areyouready? says:

            If storing crackers…must oven can, vacuum seal in mason jars and then only good for 12 months.
            Vacuum sealing alone doesn’t work due to oils in crackers.

            • Areyouready,
              crackers are very easy to make, just like bread and biscuits.
              A large part of my diet is fresh food, raw or cooked, and I feel a health difference even from omitting nutrient dense wild foods in the winter so I dry some of them to add to my hot teas.
              MRE are inedible really. Unless hiking out in dead of winter, I don’t understand why people have them. What am I missing here?

              • Philosopher says:

                I have them in case of an absolute emergency. How pathetic is it that the military provides field rations that probably have less nutritional value (and taste) than fodder fed to cattle at a feed lot?

                I keep MREs just in case. They can be heated up with no fire or power and could mean the difference between starving and not starving.

                I am still working on a BOL or a secondary property where I can eventually be more self-reliant.

              • Yer not missin’ nuthin.

                Most preppers think salt loaded buckets of GMO crap is good survival food.

                They don’t believe in sustainability. They believe the SHWHTF and then things will go back to the American Dream.

                They will starve.

                • JRS,
                  It would seem so for most. Truth is if it really blows, the only survival is to be able to sustainably feed yourself, including water and shelter. Shelter needs to be small here in the mountains to keep it warm. How many cords of wood do you want to chop when an axe is all there is? If there is a 90 percent reduction in population it would not go back to normal. You would have to learn how to save 2 years worth of seeds, not two years of packets. And so on. Not to mention the disease from massive death. Not sure why anyone is looking forward to any of that. How many bodies can you physically bury for sanitation? 10? 100? 1000? Anyway, I do think about these things. Anyone who survived an apocalypse like that might be crazy before all is said and done.

                • Yep that's me says:

                  Use the bodies and feed them to the pigs to feed the hogs

  42. Warchild Dammit! says:

    This is crazy,even folks with minimum funds could be stocked up ready,did I earlier in week get a few goodies no longer available if it hits the fan,hell yes,as I do weekly.The crazy thing is,there were days of warning about this snow storm,I mean really!

    As for articles end which wonders what will happen if storm combined with riots ect.,well I tell you what will happen!

    Warchild will light a smoke,have a few shots off of the emergency bottle of Jack(I have a few),and yell out the famous line from the beginning of Diamond Dogs.

    “This ain’t rock”n”roll,this is genocide!”,enter opening guitar riffs here!

  43. PA farmer says:

    I don’t see the problem here. I make my own bread, I will gather eggs in the morning and my milk comes from a half mile over the hill all I can use. And stored diesel & gas.
    I’m starting to have some # food guilt, cause I can keep this up for a year, give or take. Na I’m ok now.

  44. Equorial says:

    Anyone in Amish country? What have they been doing …as if I need 2 ask?

    • PA farmer says:

      I’m in Amish country. You don’t see much movement right now, but tending animals, cleaning manure out of the barns and getting the feilds plowed. The kids are back in school, which makes me think how much cheaper it is to send their kids to school, learn two languages English and German being their frist. And I would say from what I see of the kids nowadays they are better at spelling and most can do math in their head.

  45. KY Mom,

    That is how I sat out our storm at the end of December, peaceful at home. It is nice too be preparex.

  46. Asshat says:

    You people down south aren’t prepared to deal with deep snow. Around here everyone has a plow or a loader to move snow. Last year we kept getting whacked storm after storm snow was 3 ft everywhere and drifts were double or more. There were piles of snow easily 40 or 50 ft high. Loaders and 10 wheelers would come in and pile it up. People use quads and snow mobiles. If you don’t have 4 wheel drive you weren’t getting far for a few days. Funny thing is it’s gonna miss us mostly in southern New England. Whenever I traveled down south I’ve never seen snow plows. I’m sure town hi way dept has a few but not enough. After the snow hits 18 inches your not moving it with a highway truck. Make friends with someone who owns a tractor with bucket or someone with a snowmobile so you can get to hospital if needed. In two days we would have everything cleared out. You don’t need long term supplies for an event like this get a $10 shovel and a 20lb bag of salt and some beer. Enjoy a sore back ha ha ha .

    • Archivist says:

      Why would a town in the South have a special snow plow for a big snow that only comes once in a few years? Sitting idle year after year can’t be good for the plow.

      If we do get snow, we’ll just stay home until it’s gone.

    • WhoKnewIt.. says:

      Smart people in the South live here cause we don’t have snow. Idiots continue to live in the North snow country where they freeze their asses off annually and spend half their lives just dealing with winter and the elements. I got better things to do with my time. I grew up in Wisc and left when I became an adult and smarter. Life is full of choices. People up north just can’t drive their golf carts in the winter. They Just couldn’t handle it. It was 85 degs here in FL New Years Day. Life is full of choices, choose wisely. Spring break starts in a few weeks when all the college chicks show up in bikinis. And we go to Da’Beach.

      – WWTI..

  47. no whiny minos says:

    Being an apartment dweller with no control over my heating situation and not allowed any wood heat options, I devised this plan, I bought several rubber hot water bottles, a half gallon of denatured alcohol, a small indoor alcohol burner and a turkey baster. I can use the baster to draw up the exact amount of fuel I need to heat a certain measured amount of water, then fill all the bottles and place them under my feet, at my back and on my neck. They stay very warm for half an hour, and the amount of clean safe fuel needed is very little.

    • No whiny,
      For a smaller space you can burn alcohol gel fuel. You can buy a fancy faux fireplace or use a small simple holder. They burn 2-3 hours and take the chill off a small room.

    • Philosopher says:

      My maternal family is from Arroostoock County, Maine. There was no indoor plumbing. The bedrooms were unheated. They used quilts and my aunt and mother slept together in the same bed as they were 2 years apart. They also had an outhouse and used chamberpots if you had to go in the middle of the night (only for number one you were expected to go to the outhouse, even in winter, for number two).

      Layers of quilts or modern sleeping bags can save you and keep you warm. Best time to shop is at yard sales in the spring and summer. Go to the fancy neighborhoods with garages and ask them if they have any quilts or oversized sleeping bags for sale. Most of them won’t put that stuff out for sale but if you ask you never know! I keep my house at around 67 degrees which seems too hot to me most of the time.

      A modern home is a dank dark cave without electricity and indoor plumbing.

  48. eppe says:

    ’72, NE Atl, Jawga, ice storm, watched transformer in front explode, purple balls, 130 hours no power.
    Lived on a 60* slope driveway, great sledding for neighbors.
    Wood stove heat and cooking.
    Early foray in prepping at 12 years old.
    Had a [email protected] ball…

    Be well all…

    • eppe says:

      Anyone watching History channel’s drunk, stoned, brilliant, dead???

      Pretty good…

    • Babycatcher55 says:

      We lived in Greensboro NC at the time, and we were out of school for an entire week! Six months earlier we had moved there from CT, so I was astounded to see they had few plows! They blocked off one road that was a long hill, put burn barrels top and bottom, and that was the sledding hill. We went out every night til 1 am or later! I was 16 and it was one of the best times I had as a teen!

  49. TEST says:

    “Winter Storm Jonas could be a “historic storm” that will bring 50 to 60mph winds and more than two feet of snow.”

    … or what we used to call in Canada “beach weather.”

  50. Patriot One says:

    Since I was a Boy Scout the late 60’s I’ve always had a few cans of food in a back pack. Even today I keep 12 LRP rations in my bag. Down here in Florida we have all kinds of weather related disasters so we are almost always ready for the next storm. Most people I talk to about being prepared say they don’t have the money to prepare, but most of us know that’s just BS. That fact is if you buy one extra item every time you go to the store, things will pile up quickly. With that said when the hurricane is coming the stores here look like the ones in DC.

    All through this comment thread I see “9 meals to anarchy” in America I think it will only take 1 meal for 13 to 15% of the population to turn violent. After missing 3 meals 50% could be violent nut jobs.

  51. Asshat says:

    i hope Washington, D.C. Gets so much snow the roofs cave in. have fun assholes.

  52. Buckeye_mama says:

    I live in a rural area right in the middle of “Snowmaggedon.” We have about 8″ now and still accumulating… Not uncommon here. But the local grocery stores look just like those pictures from what I’ve seen on social media. My pantry stays stocked but I went earlier in the week for goodies for the kids. I’m shocked that people around here (country folks) were flocking to the stores yesterday and today for milk, bread, eggs and, yes, booze. I’m on the volunteer fire dept and we had people calling today wanting food, gas, our generator, a ride to town and their driveways plowed . Give me a freaking break!

    • slingshot says:

      Buckeye mamma

      Awhile back during a flood warning. One of our Congressional Representatives wanted the city crew to come out and sandbag her home. I guess for free! May have received Free sandbags but had to pay for delivery.

      Maybe they can come and sandbag my home. Hahahaha! For a small charge. Hahaha!

  53. greasemonkoid says:

    I wonder if EBT cards actually got used for food this weekend.

  54. HBOMB says:

    Wimps. I survived the Blizzard of 77

    • Godsoldier says:

      Survive hell it was a blast 2 wk off school had a snow drift in front of the house that went up to the gutter underneath it was dads truck was sledding from the roof never worried about anything had a wood stove insert we heated with

    • Buckeye_mama says:

      I’m not old enough to have that badge of honor but it hit this area hard. The people who went through it certainly haven’t forgot! I can’t imagine…

  55. A Reminder says:

    On a larger picture, we are entering the time period of the following being fulfilled:

    1 Behold, the Lord maketh the earth empty, and maketh it waste, and turneth it upside down, and scattereth abroad the inhabitants thereof.

    2 And it shall be, as with the people, so with the priest; as with the servant, so with his master; as with the maid, so with her mistress; as with the buyer, so with the seller; as with the lender, so with the borrower; as with the taker of usury, so with the giver of usury to him.

    3 The land shall be utterly emptied, and utterly spoiled: for the Lord hath spoken this word.

    4 The earth mourneth and fadeth away, the world languisheth and fadeth away, the haughty people of the earth do languish.

    5 The earth also is defiled under the inhabitants thereof; because they have transgressed the laws, changed the ordinance, broken the everlasting covenant.

    6 Therefore hath the curse devoured the earth, and they that dwell therein are desolate: therefore the inhabitants of the earth are burned, and few men left.(Isaiah 24:1-6)

    God loves everyone and he proved this by sending his son Jesus to die on the cross for our sins. God provided a way for repentance and redemption from sin for everyone through Jesus Christ. However men loved darkness rather than light because their deeds were evil. People choose to stay in their sins and as a result they reap what they’ve sown. We see this being said in John chapter 3.

    The world is being judged by God. Remember eternity awaits us all. Choose life which is in Jesus Christ.

    • laeagle says:


      Thanks for the good reminder and message of hope.

      It was raining and cold down here for the past 2 days but the skies are clear now and I got achance to go check out the alignment of the planets. Jupitor and Venus are bright but Mars and Saturn and Mercury are not. Mars is the other reddish star not far from the heart of Scorpio (Antares) and Saturn can be seen even closer to just north of the constellation. I have a harder time seeing Mercury just above the southeastern horizon as dawn breaks. Enjoy all of God’s creation.

      Louisiana Eagle

      • Archivist says:

        I will wait until February when the alignment will be visible after sunset.

        • laeagle says:


          I am usually up at the crack of dawn around 5 AM, get the coffee pot going and feed the animals. It is still dark at that time in the morning and the planets can be seen from about 2 O’clock to about 10 O’clock all in a row. Mercury is close to the sun so you have to wait until dawn begins to break and it will be the very dim point of light you see ahead of the sun before it rises. Later both Mercury and Venus will appear in the Western horizon, but I have not been successful in finding Mercury in the evening sky. If you have a clear sky, the full moon will be tomorrow night, It should be beautiful!

          Good luck, stay warm, stay safe and most of all enjoy the beauty that surrounds us all the time!

  56. straight shooter says:

    You all will like this one.

    I will be o.k. for a while but I continue to tell my better half

    that we need more preps.

    She says we have ever gone without food.

    I say o.k. I will like to keep it that way.

    She said GOD will take care of us.

    I say O.K. can you shoot a rifle shotgun, and a bow ?

    Field dress game, eat eatable plants get a fire going, treat

    water, know where to find field meds , build a shelter ?


    And she has 3 native american tribes in her…………..

  57. Satori says:

    interesting survival scenario playing out on a major highway in Kentucky
    thousands ? of drivers stuck in their cars overnight

    I wonder how many people fill up when their tank gets half empty ?
    how many have the common sense to keep the exhaust pipe from getting blocked by snow so the vehicle occupants dont die from carbon monoxide poisoning cause their running the engine to keep from freezing to death

    I wonder how many had food and water for 72 hours?

    and I really wonder why how did they get themselves into that situation in the first place?

    it wasn’t like they didnt have plenty of warning

    • Kulafarmer says:

      A good set of snowshoes and cross country skis plus a BOB equipped for below zero would be on my list if i lived there,
      In our area i never get farther than what i could walk in 4-5 hours at the most anyway, one benefit of island living

    • laeagle says:


      I just read where a good samaritan was shot and killed while trying to help a stranded traveler on the road. How sad! Reminds me of the medical student who was trying to help a damsel in distress who was shot in the stomach. The assailent came up to him to finish him off and the gun misfired twice and he decided to run away. Apparently the stranded motorist did the same to the good Samaritan but emptied his gun into the injured man,killing him. Be extra careful and alert out there. It is not worth risking your life if someone is hostile and refuses help.

      Louisiana Eagle

      • laeagle says:


        I can’t help but grieve and mourn for the young man who was killed so needlessly and uselessly. Pray for his family, friends and relatives. We are not in Syria or northern Iraq. Things like this should not be happening! Why, why, why?

        Weeping Louisiana Eagle

    • gardenbird says:

      Same here in Pa. Turnpike shut down and hundreds upon hundreds of vehicles stranded…national guard has been called out but they’re having trouble even getting there.

  58. Infidel-2 says:

    CHOIR: It has arrived, keep your Powder Dry and as the Sgt. would say Aim Small-Miss Small!

    We The Few!!

  59. Asshat says:

    Anyone with sympathy for the useless eaters needs their head examined. These bums go to grocery store with ebt and buy filet mignon lobster shrimp while your eating out of cans. These same bums are taking a free bus ride to the beach while your at work busting your Ass. They go to doctor for free courtesy of Obummer care you paid for in your taxes while you pay for your own medical insurance which is a significant amount weekly. They live in free housing with heating paid for and you struggle to keep a roof over your heads. They sell dope for tax free $ and buy expensive cars while your struggling to keep an old vehicle running. People want to talk about injustice or fairness and equality don’t know what they are talking about. I have no cares for useless eaters or their kids. When the tables turn in the right direction again these bums will get what they deserve. If they think they are gonna come and take what I got they better be prepared to meet their maker. As much as I hate greedy rich people I hate useless bums more.

    • Anonymous says:

      The useless bums have not gotten us into this mess. When will people stop blaming the low hanging fruit. It is wrong to be a useless freeloader but the cause is at the top of the food chain so to speak.

    • Kevin2 says:

      Many, countless number were industrial workers that thanks to Free Trade lost their jobs. The greatest amount of EBT card recipients are the working poor that don’t make enough to feed their families thanks to the trade agreements I previously mentioned.

      The banksters facilitated a rip off of epic proportions and were rewarded with bail outs. That money was not watched and a huge amount of “bonuses” were handed out with it. We’re talking about a trillion that is pretty much unaccounted for.

      Be angry at the cause not the symptom.

      • Kevin2 says:

        Oh I have known a few mothers raising kids on public assistance and they’re buying substance food to make ends meet.

      • WhoKnewIt.. says:

        I have Zero empathy for assholes that keep having kids and cannot feed them. As a tax payer I am not responsible for your wreckless sex lives. But the assholes keep buying into the Communist Hildabeast Village Idiot running for President philosophy. If you cannot aford kids or feed them stop having more usless eaters. We need a huge culling of the space wasters, slobs breeding like rats, useless POS Commies who rape the rest of us productive people with their poor choices in life. Raise your own rugrats and stop opening up your legs for sperm insertion. You want childcare benefits, get your tubes tied or you get Zero benefits. Take care of your own cockroaches.

        – WWTI..

    • Kevin2 says:

      I suggest everyone seeing the movie, The Big Short.

  60. Infidel-2 says:

    To all those in the Great State of Kentucky: Time you start a recall to get rid of the traitor McConnell. He’s the poster boy for the RINO’S, and nothing more than Obama’s Senate Lap Dog.

    We The Few!! Keep your powder dry.

  61. 2isone says:

    I am afraid this will all be over before they go through their second bag of chips at home. Those folks will learn nothing. The folks on the road might have an epiphany though. 17 hours in the heat (in my family’s case) to get to the Woodlands from Clear Lake in Houston… usually an hour’s drive at that point in time. Made a lasting impression.

  62. Clive says:

    Here’s the Syrian phone book, why not ring someone up and tell them hard you’ve got it?


    • 2isone says:

      Hey bleeding heart Clive- that’s the point. The people who post here don’t have it “bad” because they took the time to get their supplies ready and have a place to go to in the time of emergency that will help them not become dependent. You have so much time to project your moral guilt on others, I doubt you are doing much for Syria either.

  63. slingshot says:

    Hope people are thinking about the pipes freezing.

    Stuck in a traffic jam under bad weather conditions.

    The people who live in the area pretty much know the seasonal weather conditions.

    Those that travel the roads with their POV can have a emergency travel bag with the goodies they need.

    What about those who rent a vehicles on business. Traveling an unknown road. What happens if Gavin/Tom Tom? and cell phones go down.

    Getting stuck in an airport is no fun either. You can check the weather out for trips you take but it is the storms that spring up unexpectantly that can bit you.

    • 2isone says:

      Mylar blankets, hand warmer packets,power bars bottled water, small shovel- I have a little oven that plugs into the lighter in the car which will heat up soup, etc. Used it on a ski trip to cut down on stops. Wouldn’t want to be stuck on a freeway right now.

  64. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf says:


    I think that the so called horizon will commense in the October November time frame. Canceling the elections.. I may be wrong but I am certain of it.

    We sht-effers are not as screwed as most…something serious is going take place around the March April time frame..with the economy….even I am getting concerned because lately no one has any money to pay on any thing and it’s already affecting my business and I have noticed a slow down..kind of reminds me of The 2010-2012 time frame when everything started going to sh…t..even in Houston the hones are not selling as fast but the rental properties are going fast..why?… people are moving from other areas of the country coming to Houston for jobs and now we are having lot of layoffs..i will not be signing another lease with my place by the end of the summer and am moving closer to my BOL area..we ate meeting up with my scientists friend asap, since he is going to get into more of the same SHTF events since he told us this.. if you have talked to you family and friends telling then to prep and they refused to listen, that 2016 is the year that they will believe you. A that by October 2016, no one will even make fun of you or laugh because by that time frequent runs on the grocery store will be cleaning them out every week and very quickly people will start to keep noticing the problem. And then the new preppers start to clean them out regularly and then frequent runs will take place.. new prepers who are visiting us on this site if you have money problems, start getting and extra can if this or that weekly when you have the money…you need to start now..99% of the women in my city has no more than 2 days maximum…especially the one that have kids and live without men.
    These women are really in trouble and this is not even funny, because we know he their faith..and its not looking good..it’s not russia or China that’s doing this it’s the United nations of Islam that’s behind starving out the American people so that they can get the opportunity to surround the major cities of the county with the military to close in on tb people and this current administration is 100% behind reaching that goal. See deagle.com…250 million. that’s a lot of killing..it they plan that can you imagine what they are telling the foreign armies that they have brought into the country.. a literary hell on earth awaits us.. I am not sure if I will survive it and ma in the same boat like everyone on this site..All we can do is prep.



    We are in a lot of trouble.

  65. eagle eye says:

    Make sure you have plenty of toilet paper folks.

  66. Mensa141 says:

    A few of those photos show that the shoppers aren’t civilized – yet.

  67. Napoleon Dynamite says:

    It’s a piece of crap, it doesn’t work.

  68. Godsoldier says:

    Net ranger. Not yet

  69. Frank Thoughts says:

    How long until it falls apart? It can take just hours: just look at the UK, the migrant rape gangs have now busted through police lines and are occupying a ferry, trying to force their way into the UK. Once they do that, they will flood into London and run riot. It isn’t about finding a better life, it is about running wild, raping and looting – a sacking and razing of Rome (the West). History has seen this pattern before, but not for hundreds of years in the West, but Muslims will take us back hundreds of years, before the enlightenment.

    It really is a decisive point in history: do we defend civilization or do we let barbarity run wild and take us into anarchy and chaos?

  70. aljamo says:

    If you are unfamiliar with US corporations Nazi Fascist World War II background an excellent lengthy article is: Shadow of the Swastika, The Real Reason the government won’t debate medical cannabis and industrial hemp relegalization. Documented Evidence of a Secret Business and Political Alliance Between the US “Establishment” and the Nazis-Before, During and After World War II- Up to the Present. Hint: It’s the Republicans who supported the Nazis and in fact the US government have been fascist nazis going back to the 1920’s.

    • Aljamo,
      The corporate Boyz were heavily Nazis, like Bush’s grandfather made a lot of money supporting them in WWII. There was an ongoing investigation when Bush got into office, and he pulled the plug on it to cover for the family. Roosevelt got crossways with them once we were in the war because he was afraid we’d lose. That is supposedly why they pushed the Japanese over oil, to get us in the war on the “right” side. Roosevelt thought it was short sighted to have a superpower like Germany controlling all Europe… Germany, Russia, China. He did not think the oceans would save us.

      The NWO is just the Nazi 1000 year reign revisited.

      Add in the Georgia Guide Stones genocide and the 10% population reboot. I don’t believe I am on the “keep” list, do you? If we were, no one would be telling us they plan to confiscate guns.

      • Kevin2 says:


        Read, “Trading With The Enemy”. If you tell people that Standard Oil was indicted and pled No Contest to trading with NAZI Germany during the way and paid a $50,000 fine, no person charged people would accuse you of fabricating the story. Harry Truman wanted to charge them with treason but the President was concerned that the oil industry would create disruptions in supply. They were that powerful back then. Is there any reasonable person that honestly believes that their power has reduced since then?

        This fascist oligarchy has been going on for a long time.

        • Kevin2 says:

          the way should be the war.

          Truman was a US Senator at the time above and not yet the VP.

        • Kevin2,
          Imagine what the US would be like if the Boyz had their Nazi way in WWII. There used to besome reigning in of that. We don’t have that now and I see no one of the horizon. They have been writing our laws for 40 years. We are boxed in prettytight. I oppose socialism because it throws people a bone, it is the enabler of keeping oligarchy in place. Like… take everything but leave us a crust.

  71. TEST says:

    Just some good news.

    Last week, an Indiana policeman stopped a speeder, who had just found out his daughter was seriously ill with cancer. When he found out, he offered to pray for the man, rather than ticket him. One story here: http://abcnews.go.com/US/indiana-cop-brings-speeding-driver-tears-prayer-ticket/story?id=36142627

    Here’s a police officer, responding to complaints about loud kids playing basketball in the street. You will be heartened to see what happens. https://gma.yahoo.com/police-officer-surprising-response-complaint-kids-disrupting-neighbors-174943007–abc-news-lifestyle.html

    I have a good friend, a former senior IL. state trooper, just retired, who is a strong conservative, Constitutionalist, committed Christian and a good man. Another friend who is a city cop, also just retired, same thing. And then we see Sgt Dale here

    We won’t become a police state if there are more men like this out there… and those that are in the force TRAIN the young cops to be true peace officers.

    We haven’t lost the battle to leftist fascism yet. Yes, times are dark, but when Frodo told Gandalf: “I wish none of this had happened.” Gandalf replied: “So do all who live to see such times, but that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.”

    There are a LOT of good police out there. And it is today’s young who will become tomorrow’s police. Let’s make sure the young are educated in liberty, freedom and the Constitution

  72. TEST says:

    As a dual US/Canadian citizen, in Canada refer to the “snowpocalypse” written about here as “beach weather.”

    Really, guys. Get a snow shovel, a few tins of sardines, and you’ll be fine.

  73. Enemy of the State says:

    Way more to that wild life refuge deal

    Clinton foundation is involved

    It’s a land grab for resources , so this crooked bunch in DC can seek OUR natural resources to other countries
    You think we the people would get a cut , right?
    No, that’s how all these bastards are getting filthy rich and don’t care about our economy
    They are getting theirs

    Check out a story about it on intelihub

  74. Asshat says:

    They said 4to6 inches there is 10 and it’s still snowing. I already went out and shoveled it’s light stuff. The news is saying some without power. I laugh about that they probably go out and break a rotted pole so they can say it happened due to act of God and file a claim with insurance. They will replace the pole for free. My buddies old man hit a pole cocked once and snapped it in half they made him pay to replace it cost $2000 for the pole. That was oh about 20 years ago or so.

  75. Godsoldier says:

    Just read on beforeitsnews about straw bale gardening good easy way only i think putting cardboard on outside of bale then wrap to hold together with chicken wire and zip ties would last longer and cut out some of the center and fill with potting soil

    • Godsoldier,

      Strabane gardening is sweet. I recommend Ruth Stout’s No Work Gardening book. She used straw as a deep mulch. I used that system in Texas. Here in the mountains I am using hugelkultur. Both are no plow no weeding systems. Yep… my kind of gardening. They both make the soil beautiful.

  76. On an impulse I just image searched for ‘blizzard store shelves’ for images posted in the past week.

    I didn’t have any doubt that keeping a supply of food and stuff *on* *hand* was a good idea, but the images of all the empty store shelves did confirm it.

    If you aren’t ready beforehand, you are well and truly screwed if something bad happens.

  77. Slingshot,

    I just looked up Camden NJ. Shriek. I have been thanking God daily for 3 years because I bought this property in Santa Fe County for little money. Camden has 77000 people and we have 77 per square mile. My neighborhood is less than that. Their crime rate is 2566 per 100,000 and mine is 1 violent crime per 100,000 and 22 property crimes per 100,000. Boys howdy, I am sitting fine. I think there are a lot of preppers here, but I am keeping a low profile.

    The weather is pretty harsh, but I can manage growing food and such. Especially retired. I am painting my indoor garden room, will finish tomorrow.

      • Slingshot,

        Camden has some nice old buildings though. I fixed up older Craftsman homes in Dallas and loved them. Camden has amazing properties. Bet they are expensive.

        • Kevin2 says:


          Camden was so bad that Camden Cops, since disbanded didn’t go into some Camden neighborhoods and the NJ State Police had to temporarily take over. Camden Police are now incorporated into a Camden County Police Department. The county its located in, Democrat controlled, was known for excessive vote fraud and corruption and actually stood out for it in corrupt NJ.

          About 1960 started the industrial decline. NY Shipyard, the largest employer in the city and the maker of many of our WWII vessels started to cut back. RCA and Campbell Soup were at the core too but also closed or fled. The predominately Polish and Italian ethnic neighborhoods moved to the suburbs. The city then became predominately black and Porto Rican without employment. In essence it has become the third world living off of the proceeds to public assistance, illegal narcotics and prostitution. The population there is a symptom as the manufacturing decline was the cause.

          Camden got a jump on the industrialization trend beating Allentown or Billy Joel fame by two decades. In that respect its ahead of its time.

          • Kevin2,
            Thanks for the background. I was born and raised in the west. I see the beautiful buildings and wonder why people don’t put effort into saving them. I worked on houses that were white flight in Dallas, the neighborhood was gorgeous and close to my job downtown. The banks refused loans. After they were not allowed to do that, the whole area revitalized
            I admit that I dislike cities and huge masses of people on a day to day basis. I grew up more solitary. We have 77 people per square mile and it seems high density to me! Even after I lived in the inner city of Dallas all those years.

            • Kevin2 says:

              “I see the beautiful buildings and wonder why people don’t put effort into saving them.”

              If you went a few blocks from the Philadelphia Zoo you would see homes built around 1900, possibly a bit before that were stunning. That area, North Phila is like Camden West. Same causes, same people, same country, sadly repeated in large known cities and smaller unknown.

              • Kevin2,
                Imagine the craftsmen who built those homes. In the Dallas area you can get those old homes and have them moved to your property, very inexpensive because most of them were pier and beam… so easy to pick up. Plus someone was building a McMansion to replace them. My building in the country was brought in like that, a giveaway and I only paid for moving and setup, $5000.. I think all those houses back east have basements. Boy I sure would be wanting to tart one up if I lived there.

    • Philosopher says:

      Reb: a few words and these will be my last to you.

      Growing healthy plants indoors is not possible without grow lights. It is one thing to start seeds, inside, but for those seedlings to not end up leggy and straggly they have to be set out into some type of soil and exposed to sunlight and hardened to the weather. This is the second time I have posted this to you and my comment is based on real life experience. Since you are in New Mexico I fail to understand why you are seemingly obsessed with growing plants indoors. Certainly marijuana farmers have perfected growing plants to maturity indoors but there is no reason to grow plants for food, indoors, given the area in which you live. A greenhouse is easy enough to build and more appropriate. Nonetheless, good luck with your project. Live and learn. If you want to learn the hard way, go for it.

      Furthermore, I am here on this site because I am willing to not only teach but to learn as well. Acting like a know-it-all on the thread has shown me that you are excellent at self promotion. Okay. Even the folks in Alaska don’t try to grow stuff indoors.

      Anyhow I have had a bellyful of your sniping and insults so please don’t bother responding. We are each here for our own reasons and obviously, as a know it all, you are not interested in learning anything. Met your type before in other places on the internet. I don’t understand the attitude but whatever. I am done with you. Go play your one-upsmanship games with other people. Not me.

      • Philosopher,
        I apologize for insulting you in any form.
        I am afraid that I don’t consider facts as insults, and I learn from others when they put forth facts. What you may not have noticed is my dead silence in many areas like ham radio, guns, self-defense, and so on. It is because I am uneducated in those areas and just pay attention. I have no facts to add.
        As for gardening indoors, how many do not have tropical plants in their homes? I just expanded that to tomatoes, for example, which are tropical perennials. I am not clear how my tomato pot is so darned offensive to anyone. Of course I am putting grow lights. I live at 7500 ft and have 7 month winters. I don’t have my greenhouse i built yet, I have to build the home I will attach it to, first. I am pretty good at the plant thingie because I was raised in the woods by a gardener. I majored in plant science, aka botany. I love gardening.
        As for me being a know it all… I gave up TV about 40 years ago when my son was I’ll and need full attention. I researched and studied for my job. I do it all the time for 40 years. Why should I not contribute? I took up simple wine making because of Genius.
        Again, I know you wanted to slather a little hate on me and wanted me to stand at attention in mournful silence.

  78. Mountain says:

    I shouldn’t laugh about this, but I grew up in Alaska and lived in Fairbanks for 13 years. Shelter in place? WHAT is that?

    • Mountain,
      Fairbanks gets 80 below, son. We were caribou hunting and our power steering was freezing up while we were driving. My mom told dad that if he got out to shoot a caribou she was gonna drive off and leave him with his kill. He turned around and headed back to Fairbanks. It was 80 below and notably warmer. Long time ago… glad dad passed on that adventure, he didn’t pass on many.

  79. aljamo says:

    Rebecca… keep list, well no, far from it. I’ve been onto these crooks game since the mid 60’s before I was sent to Vietnam in early 1971. The Kennedy murders set my hatred in stone. I still rage against this murdering government to whoever will listen. Not many can be bothered.

    • Aljamo, what did you think about Carter, he kept us out of war. Our government is a serious murder machine. They haven’t genocided us before, but I feel uncomfortable that they are considering it now… no matter R or D. Of course 2 independents are running, but how independent?

    • Kulafarmer says:

      Its amazing how many people are under the illusion that this government is somehow beneficial to us, stupid fucking sheep is all i have to describe these people, im glad i am so defyant, my time will be cut short, let those who were nay sayers live on through the shit storm that will engulf them all

  80. aljamo says:

    Rebecca… In keeping with the reality that the government is a serious murder machine as you correctly state, the government and big pharma are close to mandating that all veterans receiving VA medical care must take every vaccination put forth by the establishment. The veterans are again the guinea pigs to be wiped out. Big pharma has immunity from consequences of their dangerous vaccine ingredients. This is almost a done deal as there are no objections from elected representatives. This seems a piecemeal step to require mandatory vaccinations for all American’s. This madness must be stopped. I urge all veterans and citizens to fight this evil stupidity.

    • Aljamo, The veterans are the ones joining Oathkeepers. Anathema to power mad nut jobs who want to destroy the Constitution. I wasn’t aware of this fight, I will join. The abuses are so many that it takes your breath away. Every area of life is affected.

  81. Asshat says:

    That’s funny shelter in place. I don’t go anywhere anyhow. Mountain they call it a travel ban. No going anywhere that means stay home. It’s an over reaction by gov officials and use to hype up the storm to epic proportions. I live between nyc and Boston and it’s part of the pussifying program to create gov dependantcy. Staying in is just common sense but people don’t have it no more. I see people with gym shorts on temps are 18 degrees. This is how stupid people are. I’m wearing layers boots hat gloves. Got the real tree coveralls in the car too. See people often don’t dress appropriately for winter weather because everything is close together you can drive 5 mins from home and be at the gym or wherever. I wanna move myself where it’s colder because people with brown skin don’t like those places. Go to Florida you will see huge populations of homeless living in wooded areas near tourist areas. The police and tourist industry try to hide the fact of this and crime is high. I will bet you know who your neighbors are in Alaska.

    • Yahooie says:

      I see people dressing less than appropriately even at my office where the parking lot is so large that it takes 10 minutes to walk in from the far corners. Still, people forget coats, hats, gloves and are surprised when it gets colder after dark. Yes, even the program manager for the program I work in. I do not understand how people can be so smart on their job but so lacking in other major areas like dressing themselves appropriately for the weather.

      • Mountain Trekker says:

        Yahooie some peoples stupidity is amazing. I live in the Rocky Mountains and my Stepdaughter who lives 80 miles away stopped in a couple of winters ago with my teenage Granddaughter and a friend of her’s, they had been to a basketball game 80 miles from here and the temp was in the low 20’s and they were only wearing short sleeve shirts, and as they were leaving I told them they had better put on a coat, and they said they didn’t bring one. So they were traveling 160 miles with nothing but tee shirts, and out here it might be 20 miles between houses and I have driven this route at night and not see more than 2 cars in 80 miles and a temp. difference of 40 degrees. Break down and your in serious trouble or dead. Trekker Out.

      • Philosopher says:

        Y: Apparently at least two people died in this big blizzard from hypothermia. People were surprised that they were stuck in their vehicles for 24 hours. I have been watching Survivorman for years and there were repeats of his 2-episode show in Norway. That is one of my favorites because he shows you what can happen and how quickly things can go wrong. I am guessing the people that died from hypothermia in the storm were not watching Survivorman.

  82. KY Mom says:

    Norway’s biggest bank demands cash ban


  83. thomas says:

    I left Hedgesville WV at 2:30pm today, 40″ of snow. Got to D.C. at 5:30pm, 20″ of snow. No issues in WV but D.C. is closed tomorrow. Go Figure.

  84. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf says:

    Yes Sling, we can only go so far with preparing, it’s not like we are Phucking kazilionaires, they get all the good sh….t as long as none of them are on the surface I guess they are safe because if they get caught they are phucked..

    Hey buttcrack, what a handle to choose on this site, your name is in line as to where we heading, which is straight to hell..


    We literally walking the edge of the buttcrackofdoom.

  85. Mike says:

    35 inches of snow here in VA. I have a lawn tractor with a plow. Went out frequently during storm.
    . Did final clearing of my large driveway. Two nieghbors across the road struggling with shoveling
    . Next door neighbor puts finishing touches on his with brand new snowblower then parks the machine smack in the middle of his driveway and then lights up a cigar and just leans on the wall and smiles at our guys across the road . As soon as I finished mine I waded through four feet of snow as the little tractor couldn’t make it over and helped the dudes across the street . No man is an island. Help people if your able to and remember, you may be desperately in need of help someday.

  86. Asshat says:

    When the media says the storm could cost 800 million in damages they mean lost sales production not caved in roofs. They can’t lose sales that never happened and people who don’t show up for work don’t get paid. Because they forecasted profits before they were made this is considered damages. People need to wake up. Stop pissing your hard earned $ away you should only be focused on making $ not spending it. If people would do this and trade stuff or sell to each other they would be doing the right thing. Forget shopping at retailers. They are corporate scum trying to rob you blind with shit products that are broken when you buy them. When you donate stuff to second hand stores like savers they resell it. They got it for nothing and made a profit on it. Don’t give them shit they are a corporation making profits off the generosity of the public.

  87. mark2856 says:

    been there done that. that is the best way to understand a shitty situation. i was only in the army for 7 years but holly heck i experienced alot. nothing i have seen on the news has made me think “oh those pore people”. i’ve been there. i was at scholfield barics hawaii and the roof blew off the building and landed in the courtward showering sparks as it hit. thought it was cool. we spent the next week cleaning up. two people died during the cleanup! damn those fucking trees.

  88. Frank Thoughts says:

    Europeans have already lost control of their borders and streets to an illegal Muslim invasion. While it is beyond credible to actually believe the security services and the military did not see this coming (with all their mass surveillance), it does present some fascinating business opportunities for technology companies outside the Western sphere of influence.

    If you run a tech company in China, Japan or Russia, then consider this: you are sitting on an outstanding opportunity. This opportunity would be to collate and track the illegals flooding Europe, the low IQs, and the race inferior populations and then sell to Europeans security products that not only protect them, but protect their culture and livelihoods. To develop ‘passive’ methods using the latest in science and technology to remove these threats from the population (mind shaping, DNA shredding, sterilization, etc.). Also to sell to border services a means to block these individuals when they try to travel on their new passports.

    Also consider this: millions and millions of wealthy Asians and Chinese will continue to want to buy property, businesses in Europe and North America. But the last thing they want is for their wives and daughters to be molested or raped by men from the ME or Africa. These people will want protection and they can pay for it. See opportunity where governments are failing!

  89. slingshot says:

    The Future’s at Bloomberg are in the red. Big headline at Drudge is the Quarterbacks going to the Super Bowl.

    Blah, Blah, Blah.

  90. Asshat says:

    Failing leadership that why everyone needs to get their shit together go through your things take inventory. They will leave you holding the bag. Don’t be a victim.

  91. guido says:

    I respect the author’s point, but these pics of empty shelves are sort of misleading. I took pics last night at my grocery store showing empty shelves, but if you zoomed the camera out, you would see only certain items missing, i.e. eggs. No deliveries in 3 days means the eggs are going to be gone, but the shelves on either side were still full of other items. Bread was limited, but the organic artisan spendy types were available. The milk was in short supply, unless you wanted the lactose-free or the cheaper bulk jugs. There certainly wasn’t a run on soy milk or almond milk. The condensed and parmalat shelf-stable milk was also untouched, but it was in another aisle near the baking goods. Certain cuts of meat and bacon and Kraft cheese were also gone, but still lots of other items. The aisles were mostly full, overall, and I only heard about shortages at gas stations and stores. I never saw them.

    The power out guidance was also sort of silly. If you lose power for some reason during the winter storm, and you’re afraid your food in the fridge will go bad, open your door and use the giant freezer located everywhere outside to store your food. It’s not like it’s in any danger of thawing any time soon. If you don’t have a porch or other personal space outside, just stick it in your car trunk and it will probably be colder than it was in your fridge til’ the power comes back. At that point, you’re probably more concerned with staying warm than keeping your food cool. Just my .02.