There Are Magically Enough COVID Shots For Everyone, But Not Enough Other Drugs

by | Nov 7, 2021 | Headline News | 6 comments

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    The supply chain shortages are seeming to affect every single sector of the economy, except the COVID-19 “vaccines.” Does anyone else find that strange at all?

    Especially now, considering supply chain disturbances are affecting prescription drugs now. Getting your prescriptions filled for ADHD, diabetes, and asthma medications is already reported to take longer than normal in North Alabama. The supply chain issue causing the delays can be downright terrifying for some people who are dependent on Big Pharma for their drugs, according to WAAY31, an ABC News affiliate. 

    So there aren’t enough supplies for anything other than the COVID shots, of which we are told there are enough to inject every human on earth with TWICE. And we are not supposed to be asking this question.

    Axios is even reporting on the “healthcare” industry is now “plagued by new supply chain shortages.” Not all “healthcare” though, if you can call the COVID-19 vaccine that. Certain things are in ample supply and the rulers are making sure we know it. Hundreds of drugs are in shortage at hospital pharmacies, including the anti-inflammatory drug tocilizumab, which is given to both cancer and COVID-19 patients,  CBS News reported.

    A pharmacy in Michigan said inhalers are one of the most difficult items to get, ABC 12 News reported. A South Carolina pharmacy said there are a few blood pressure medications they can’t get in stock, News 19 reported. A Nashville pharmacy said they were even having trouble getting prescription vials to put the medication in, News Channel 5 Nashville reported.

    But there are billions of syringes and needles and juice available to make the COVID shots. There also doesn’t appear to be a problem supplying the compliant sheep with boosters either. But this is not mentioned in one single mainstream media article that I could find. No one seems to notice, and no one seems to care.

    ERs Are OVERRUN With People Suffering From “Sudden Cardiac Arrest”

    So what’s really going on? We knew these supply chain issues would be induced last year. It’s a part of the goal to “starve” people out and force the shots on them.  They desperately need these shots to go into the bodies of every human being on Earth and it’s become more than painfully obvious. There is a reason, and yet, we still don’t know exactly what the reason could be. In the meantime, protect yourself the best you can, prepare, be aware, and continue to hone your critical thinking skills.

    This was written in May of 2020:

    Prepping For The Upcoming Government-Induced Food Shortages


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      1. Before election time Republicans need to make sure their candidates are NOT RINOs.

        Then, we need to start pushing back, perhaps starting with the neo-Nazi World Economic Forum.

        This is a lot Deeper than just Deep State.

        • Plenty of Globalist kill shots to take the population out. Never again, trust any medical hospital and never get put on a ventilator. Its guaranteed death for them to profit with. Better to just die at home munching on Ivermectin and home remedies like vitamins, Zinc, Vitamin D, C, E and B3 and drinking Green Tea.

          Its been reported many batches of over toxic vaccines were rejected in California, but then these batches were sent to RED States. Never give up your guns and never get on a bus, train or truck or surrender into any FEMA Camp. The Food supply will run out in 2022, so stock up with at least 2 years of food now while you can. Caned food is a easy way to stock up. They may require the mark of the beast to buy food.

      2. We should also take serious note of the fact that this entire “vaccination” program violates every single point of the Nuremberg Code. The atrocities committed by Nazi Germany were never to be repeated again. But here we are, and this time it’s not just limited to a small area of Europe. This time it’s worldwide genocide.?

      3. “vaccine” benefits?

        The New England Journal of Medicine has also reported that Covid vaccine protection among 19 000 healthcare workers in San Diego plummeted in just four months, essentially giving almost none of the alleged “protection” that these gene products salesmen had promised.

      4. I have a feeling most of those covid shots will be going to waste.

      5. Yes! This is particularly strange given that several of the “vaccines” require specialized refrigerated storage down to minus 70 degrees, yet there seems to be no shortages or distribution problems whatsoever.

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