Prepping For The Upcoming Government-Induced Food Shortages

by | May 5, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 12 comments

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    We have all likely seen the reports that food shortages are coming.  This seems to be the one thing that the mainstream media and alternative media can agree upon. A lot of reports are pushing Bill Gates’ fake meat, others are showing that these food shortages are being enforced by the government as a means to keep people afraid and under their control.

    Farmers are coming out saying they have been told to “quit farming,” are being forced to dump milk, and kill chickens, and turn vegetable crops under. Why? Isn’t it obvious? To scare the public into accepting dependency on the government so they will remain in a constant state of fear and enslavement. But there’s a way out. If food shortages are coming, there is a way to prepare.

    Governments are banking on us not figuring out what they are doing. But it’s too late.  We already know. And we can stop it if enough people open their eyes. 

    Ready Nutrition wrote an excellent article on how to prepare for food shortages.  The first advice offered is the best: become more self-sustainable, to any degree.

    You need to make the effort to become more reliant on yourself for your food regardless of what the media reports. No matter what happens, self-reliance is freedom. This is often seen as difficult in our minds, but it can be done! Any amount of improvement in the are of food self-sufficiency will go far when the grocery store’s shelves start to empty.

    Order seeds online. It only takes a small amount of research to figure out what kind of vegetables and/or fruit you can easily grow in your own yard or balcony. Ready Nutrition offers a “garden in a can” which is an excellent way to grab some seeds from the comfort of your own home. With over 5,000 seeds in the can, this is what you get in a Homestead Vegetable Garden-In-A-Can. –Ready Nutrition

    If you really can’t garden, there are some things you can pick up right now in bulk to get you through 3-6 months worth of empty grocery store shelves.

    1. Canned beans (don’t forget to keep a manual WORKING can opener on hand at all times! I have two backups just in case!)
    2. Canned fruits
    3. Canned vegetables
    4. Canned meats such as spam, tuna, sardines, or chicken
    5. Bulk dried beans
    6. Bulk rice
    7. Canned soups
    8. Cooking oil (healthy oils are advised, such as coconut oil or olive oil or avocado oil)
    9. Seasonings (salt, pepper, paprika, baking essentials like yeast, baking soda, baking powder, etc.)
    10. Dried vegetables (great snacks and additions to soups)
    11. Seeds and nuts (chia seeds, sunflower seeds, hemp seeds)
    12. Nut butters (peanut butter, almond butter)
    13. Frozen vegetables

    Another tip is to learn to forage for edible plants.  Wild food is FREE. The more you pick it, the more it grows. The book Free Food and Medicine Worldwide Edible Plant Guide by Markus Rothkranz is an excellent resource because it includes both medicinal and edible plants. My suggestion is to buy an actual hard copy of a book like this one (if you don’t like this book, there are several others you can choose from) and take it outside with you so that you can learn before things get dire.

    “Opium Lettuce”: Useful SHTF Plant Or Harmful Myth?

    Similar To Morphine: The Weed Every Prepper Should Know About

    Also, get your hands on Tess Pennington’s Prepper’s Cookbook: 300 Recipes to Turn Your Emergency Food into Nutritious, Delicious, Life-Saving Meals.


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      1. Think about this for a minute: according to news reports, over 30% the people that are slaughtering and preparing various major cuts of beef, chicken and pork AND HAMBURG AND GROUND CHICKEN AND GROUND TURKEY are positive for Kung Flu and shedding virus all over the products that they’re preparing for your consumption AND NO ONE IN THE PRESS OR THE MEDICAL PROFESSION OR .GOV IS SAYING BOO ABOUT IT.

        So you unpackage your pork chop or steak or chicken tit to throw it on the fire, then, absentmindedly, touch you face.


        • Really? If you’re that scared over this BULLSHIT virus scare, then stay in your basement or run for the hills and don’t look back. This is all a DEMpanic, not a pandemic.

        • first of all the corona virus hoax is nothing more than a weak seasonal flu. Expecting the virus to “fall” off the worker and contaminate your food demonstrates how naive and ignorant you are. And lastly you clearly are missing the political basis for all of this. There is no hope for those who shallowly think about things.

      2. Disturbing story, the fast food chain Wendy’s is reporting they are having trouble getting hamburger for their restaurant chain.

        Why do I see this as disturbing, because nationwide 80% of the restaurant industry is shut down. The commercial food distribution system is reportedly awash with food they can’t sell. And in this sea of unsold food, Wendy’s can’t get hamburger?

        I see commercial food distributors now making home deliveries in my neighborhood. They have the product. I gave the name of one to an in law 50 miles away, he got a stuff your freezer full delivery just today. It wasn’t cheap, but he has food.

        I also see stories about COSCO rationing customers to three packages of meat per family? This is nutty to me, because COSCO is more connected with the supposedly overflowing commercial market than the grocery store supply chain.

        So, uhhhh, where’s the beef? Is someone of huge means buying up all the meat, like they did all the PPE?

        The conflicting stories just don’t add up. Something is rotten in Denmark. Are we about to live the hunger games?

        My suggestion is to keep stacking, and have a generator. Even a small generator. They know people are filling their freezers. All they need is a couple day power failure in the summer heat, and all that stored food is spoiled. Then only the hard core preppers with generators, long term stored foods and people who planted gardens will be a threat to the powers that shouldn’t be.

        The rule until further notice, keep your pantry full, your eyes and ears open, and maintain opsec.

        • One more rock for America to swim with.

          It seems China has increased US meat purchases by 300%. They are buying up all of yeast years left over frozen meat, Chicken, Pork and Beef. I said there are deep pockets making meat vanish!

          Democrats are pushing US meat producers to cut production to 25 to 50% to “Protect Workers”. I’m thinking it’s no small chance that 30% of meat packers in the “middle of no where USA” suddenly come down with Coronavirus.

          Why is this thing coming out of nowhere to infect Navy ships, meat packing plants, farm workers.

          Note: it doesn’t really spread among the homeless on the street, but it ravages farm workers who work in the open air? I’m not buying this fiction. Somebody is taking the lungs of dead old people from retirement homes, grinding them up and spraying the goo where it will hurt America the most. I smell the deep state.

          • Yes, why haven’t we heard about it ravaging the homeless in NY and LA? They live closer together than animals in a stockyard but no major problems for them. I agree, somethings not quite right with this picture.

        • hope you are doing well, plan. please be advised COSCO: C.hina O.cean S.hipping C.ompany ………..COSTCO: a members-only warehouse chain based in amur’ca… of my petpeeves…. this website seems to no longer be “friendly” to me…..but i am doing ok, in process to get the h ll out of calipornia, over to kingman az… a place, off-grid…..what a great state arizona is…’s what freedom looks like.

      3. WARNING: Weekly Rant. Read at the risk of critical thinking.
        * Isolation is used by cults and governments to BrainWash and Control.
        * Mass Media is a propaganda tool. Nothing but LIES. “Tell a Lie Repeat the Lie. Sheeple will believe the Lie.”
        * Fear is a weapon used by Tyrants.
        * Famine is a weapon used by COMMUNIST Tyrants throughout history. Globalist Leftist COMMUNIST are behind this current HOAX. (There are no shortage’s of livestock. Just no competition monopoly control of processing. Solution: Buy your livestock direct from a rancher and process it yourself.)

        If Trump allows processing plant shutdowns, THEN he should be Impeached.

        Here is an article for you to look up. Here is a Patriotic American Hero.
        “Dallas salon owner jailed for reopening in violation of court order”
        Shelley Luther defied local and state orders and a judge’s restraining order in operating her business during the coronavirus pandemic.

        God Bless Shelley Luther.
        Gov Abbott, you have lost my vote. Tyrants, Bullies, must be removed from office.
        Gov. Abbott also stated he would “fusion center” anyone who was against the ILLEGAL Foriegn Invasion of our borders.

        It is real simple. Let me help you soon to be former Gov. Abbott, and other tyrants after they Loose election. I’ll help you understand:
        1. “Come through the front door. Otherwise you are a Illegal CRIMINAL Trespasser.” There are immigration laws. There are countries. There are borders.
        2. Abbott and other TYRANT politicians, You are not God. “I will worship in the house of the true God Jesus Christ with fellow believers. NO, I don’t need your permission or a note, or a travel pass, or papers, or a vaccine microchip from Bill Gates.
        3. Shelley Luther dared to stand up to control freak TYRANTS. Will you?

        Or will you cower in your homes listening to Media Lies and propaganda.

        All you need to know:
        “Live Free or Die”- New Hampshire
        “Enough is Enough and enough is too much”.-Popeye

        Censor that Big Tech Tyrants.

        • Fortunately we have a President who is a problem solver. Should the globalists continue to close down packing houses, the President can Executive Ordeer waiving FDA requirements for processing and allow local producers the ability to market their cattle through the LOCAL slaughter houses. Currently in my rural area, we have several slaughter houses – beef, pork and poultry. They have all opted out of FDA certification because Clinton, BUSH and OBUMMER purposefully make it near impossible for small operations to function under current oppressive FDA rules for certification. Unlike small poultry producers who can legally sell 1000 FDA noncertified broilers, cattle producers can only “gift”. There’s no reason for the stiff FDA regulations only to make sure the two major slaughter houses operated by Democrat donors (Hormel and Tyson) and two Chinese CCP owned slaughterhouses (Smithfield and Kentucky Legend) do not run into competition.

      4. “Read at the risk of critical thinking”? You MUST be joking, right?

        “Gov. Abbott also stated he would “fusion center”” WTF does that even mean? Fusion Centers are where federal, state and local law enforcement come together and share info/resources. And if Gov Abbott has really lost your vote, then you obviously never voted for him before. He is a true Conservative. Honestly- people like you who are brain dead and rant about jack shit SHOULDN’T be allowed to vote.

      5. This summer I planted staple foods like corn, potatoes, carrots, onions and cabbage just to learn to be independent when shtf. Also I bought quails for protein source. Now I am prepared. Feels good, yeah.

      6. These folks say to buy canned food. I am here to assure you that canned food will not keep you alive; you just don’t know that yet. The only exception may be canned fish and meats, high in protein. I spent an entire winter in a high desert, alone. No access to a grocery store for 4.5 months and no way to grow food except sprouts. I brought 7 coolers of food into the outback with me. Canned food does not have ‘life force’ and will make you tired and weak over time. You don’t notice now because your diet is probably very mixed; but you will notice when that’s all you’re eating. Dried food and root vegetables, properly prepared, WILL sustain you. Camping stoves that require liquid camp fuel (especially the dual fuel variety) are very efficient and versatile and will serve you well. Stock up on camp fuel and buy yourself a stove. I found that just one gallon of fuel PER MONTH enabled me to cook for 5 hours a day, on average, on a small backpacking stove.

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