The View Hosts Admit Trump Was Right About Brussels: “I Can’t Believe It, He Seems Reasonable”

by | Mar 23, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 84 comments

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    Is Donald Trump really the voice of reason the day after the attacks in Brussels?

    These left-leaning women from The View are besides themselves in having to admit that they agree with The Donald on his foreign policy and ISIS views.

    He apparently called months ago that something was going on in Belgium, and that new waves of terror attacks were forthcoming.

    As The Blaze reported:

    The co-hosts of ABC’s “The View” appeared to soften a little on GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump on Tuesday, admitting that his foreign policy positions don’t seem all that outrageous in the aftermath of the deadly terror attacks in Brussels.

    Joy Behar, an outspoken critic of Trump, pointed out that the Republican was “right” about the Iraq invasion being a “huge mistake” and everyone seemed to be in agreement that Trump accurately noted in January that “there’s something bad going on” in Brussels.

    “He was right, so his foreign policy isn’t so outrageous,” co-host Sunny Hostin said. She later added, “I can’t believe I’m feeling this way, but he seems reasonable today.”

    Watch this incredible clip as Joy Behar and some of the other co-hosts come to terms with their unlikely agreement with Trump:

    Is this any indication that Trump would really be a president to bridge the partisan divide and actually address the real problems going on, and deal with them in a strong way?

    That’s up for debate, but I’m sure this isn’t the last surprise defection in this election season. There have to be some very uncomfortable Democrats who see Hillary’s presidency as a greater threat than Trump’s.

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      1. I am glad more people are waking up

        • They want Trump to be the nominee because they believe Hillary can beat him , they are scared to death of Cruz.

          Disinformation , think about it …..

          • The issue that the masses will rally around is Free Trade. Trump is the only one calling for re-imposing tariffs. That issue is bread and butter to the middle class. That issue separates Trump from is competition. That issue is the grease on the treads to the White House.

            • Trump is ahead of the curve. He is smart. Smarter even than I had previously recognized, and he is plugged into the intelligence community even better than I had supposed.

              His foreign policy team is top notch with connections to other intel agencies; both foreign and domestic. That was clear from his AIPAC speech.

              I suspect his daily morning briefing now, is on par with the President’s; and he attends and reads his briefings, whereas, Obola obviously leaves that task to President Jarrett. 🙂

              • DK

                That will help him at the debates but I don’t think foreign affairs will be the issue. There are two groups. One, those that lost their jobs to Mexico / China already and those that fear it coming. Trump has them both.

                • There will not be any more debates. Nor should there be since every question that could be, should be asked, certainly could have been asked in 12 debates.

                  Bring on the Bitch of Benghazi and let’s vote !!! 🙂

              • There’s a quote from one of my favorite movies of all time. Warden Norton in Shawshank Redemption. “I’ll tell you what this is…this is a conspiracy. One BIG DAMN conspiracy…and EVERYONE is in on it…including her!” He throws a rock through the poster on the wall of Raquel Welch looking damn sexy and it reveals the tunnel. That’s all this is. Everyone is in on it. Of course Trump is smart…he’s on the side that’s going to get him paid! Just like Cruz and Hillary and good ‘ol Bern. Trump makes winning deals right! All of this…is the biggest reality show of all time being played right in front of us and the Amerikan people are eating it up! Don’t play their game. The right hand distracts while the left hand does mischief.


          • Bullshit. Cruz is main-street politician. These people are afraid of Trump and Sanders because they’re not in the club and they’ll go off in their own direction. TPTB cannot, will not, allow that.

            • Billy Hill, I agree that Trump could be stopped somehow. I won’t put it past TPTB to even try to have Trump knocked off. Those women at The View are still libturd morons as far as I’m concerned.

              • BH, if Trump wins the GOP nomination, TPTB will try to off him, possibly just before the election, otherwise after the election (assuming he wins that too) but before taking office. Either way, the Obola virus will then extend his occupation of the White House.

                • …okay, at least ONE is on the right track of ‘reasonable deducement’. There will be NO election in 2016. There will be chaos and until that moment, the sheeple will continue to burying themelves neck-deep in political issues and arguments that are never coming ‘to bear’ (not this time). America is “in the early stages of FULL SIEGE and slated for destruction of her peoples. Who, in their right mind, would presume “they” would allow an election that could well ‘upset’ their apple-cart? Nobody …knock knock …anyone home?

            • Billy ,
              No polititian will be perfect , but Cruz aint the guy that the propaganda outlets that Trump feeds would have you believe , just sayin .
              Trump or Cruz , i am happy either way !

              • Cruz aint the guy that the propaganda outlets that Trump feeds would have you believe

                I completely agree with that statement, but I’ve been researching Cruz since BEFORE Trump threw his hair into the ring. He looks good on paper but he’s a full-blown establishment sleeper.

                Also, they’re pushing him as an outsider to the establishment so they can validate having a POTUS that is not a US citizen.

                • Cruzes wife works for Goldman Sachs , cruse and rubio where the politicians at the kock brothers fundraising party where they invested a record breaking ammount of money just shy of 1billion

          • Yea yea Cruz is a useless politician so I really don’t see your point

      2. Yeah,he seems more reasonable than Clinton. she wants to do the same ole same ole. She and her boss screwed up the middle East already. You really trust her to clean it up?

        • OMG NO! I do not trust the Witch to seal the borders. She will let em all in and there will be bombings in the U.S. mark my words! And then the liberals will say they bombed us becuz we offended their religion! UGH !!

          • Hillary is on record today saying that Trump’s speeches and ‘hate-filled rants’ are the reason for the Brussels attacks. You can’t make this stuff up.

            • Smokey, no surprise there. The hildebeast can go f#$% herself.

              • Braveheart,
                WELL SAID my friend!! clintons are murdering scum and I don’t trust Cruz, Trump is the only one who has shown some sense and he is NOT stupid!

                • Apache54, neither of the Clintons has a leg to stand on. Cruz doesn’t have a leg to stand on either since his wife used to work for Goldman-Sachs and is a member of the CFR. She’s an insider and you don’t get much more inside than that. Chelsea Clinton’s husband also has ties to Goldman-Sachs. The hildebeast herself is a member of CFR and has long had ties to Goldman-Sachs, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, etc. the hildebeast is one of the ultimate insiders.

            • Right because sucking their dick worked so well in Poland in 1938.

              Offend them and they bomb you more.

              Suck their dick they see you as weak and bomb you more.

              Hey guess what, no matter what you do they’re gonna bomb you more! Huh. Funny how that works.

              Any elementary school kid could tell you this is how this works.

        • They didn’t screw up the middle east. The end result was intentional. Destroy stable governments, have governments in power one small step away from losing power. If said governments decide to try Oil for Euros or Oil for Gold or in any way exert financial independence its out with the old government and in with the new. Terrorism is maintained to use against enemies of TPTB, frighten civilian populations into surrendering freedom and last but not least become the ostensible excuse for future military involvement if deemed necessary.

          They are very very slick.

      3. Even Cruz is trying to jump on the bandwagon, suggesting the ‘donut eaters’ need to ride thru Muslim neighborhoods to help stop some of them from ‘radicalizing’… if it would make one lick of difference.

        I’d fire whoever was stupid enough to give me that campaign advice.

        • I think that communities like Dearborn should be allowed to clean up their own neighborhoods .
          They can be Americans and assimilate or get the hell back to the land of the sand .
          Cruz knows better , cops cant do crap .
          Yes bad campaign advice

        • TnAndy, the sandniggers were radicalized before they ever came here. Cruz has some advisors smoking crack.

          • Are you kidding me? They, and this is recorded in history, have been at war for well over 1,000 years (and now we’ve been sucked into their bullshit) by a POTUS who hates The USA and her people, and fully intends to be the catalyst responsible for “setting up the needful things needed to bring her down hard.” (In fact, Obama has already realized his goals – he only needs to watch them play out now until Stage III is ready to be invoked …don’t worry, you’ll know when it hits.
            If you didn’t listen long ago, you are “in a pickle”. It doesn’t help to be told, “You should have started prepping years ago.” You should have master the art of fire years ago, survival, medical knowledge “in the field” usage of; battlefield-surgery on a sandy mountainside, by the light of flares (perfectly sterile conditions otherwise) and a great view of the night sky!

            • Don’t get me wrong I want to deport them all.How ever the sikes picot boundaries had a lot to do with their wars the Middle East democracy hasn’t helped either.europeans have been at war since the days of Greece?The Vikings spread war as well I believe.This is not a mishap it’s a plan

      4. I watched it on TV. The Bette Midler “look a like” Joy something or other was doing her damn best to knock Trump down. The other three shocked the hell out of me supporting him. I think Woopie was, “conveniently ill”.

        Trump is in essence a grassroots cancer to TPTB. Chemo, Radiation, nothing is working and he is spreading. Only an “Act Of God”, criminal activity against him, or Trumps own mouth can derail him at this point.

        If Trump get the Republican nomination he will mop the floor with Hillary. Her record is indefensible and the more she try’s to defend it the deeper a hole she will dig. The “Establishment” knows it too.

        I sure hope Trump is for real.

        • “I sure hope Trump is for real”… problem is, he’s not.

          He presents his false self, a false image that I see many here have bought into — a wolf in sheepskin. And, the fact that he predicted this horrific event is even scarier.

          While Hillary would cause more damage than Trump, he’s not fooling me. He’s still as corrupt as the rest of them. You’ll find out when it too late, if he is elected / selected… about 6-12 months later.

          • CommonCents

            Have any viable alternatives?

            • K2 – No. Unfortunately they’re all trash.

              Voting for ‘the lesser of the two evils’ still means that I would be voting for evil.

        • Whether Trump is real or not, the way I see it he’s the only card left to play…

          There’ll be plenty of time for civil war and civil disorder if he ends up being a pretender…

          • A sure indication is when he paints over his “Trump” logo on his personal aircraft, if he is a pretender.

            • The greatest indicator is who will be his VP. Trump is not stupid. He realizes TPTB exist. JFK got LBJ one of the most crooked SOBs to occupy the WH. The VP is one heart beat away from occupying the Oval Office. Picking one in the pocket of TPTB is very unwise. He probably won’t for political reasons, but his safest choice would be Rand Paul. “You get to me, and you get him”.

              • Trump is not looking at the problem through the same eyes of a politician.

          • Vet1, YOU are correct, we know what the clintons are and MAYBE jus maybe Trump will be the one who can pull us out, so i would vote for him any other vote is just same ole same ole! ans IF he turns on us then civil war it is!

          • A few days ago, on here, most everyone was saying that “no matter who is elected we shall have a civil war.” What happened to that? Gone the “way of Y2K?

            • It will probably never happen

            • Equorial – No, it hasn’t gone the way of Y2K… it is still a reality. We’re just on overload.

        • Hillarys record may be indefensible , but who knows about it?
          We are in a sound chamber , the MSM wont let our voices or the truth out .
          When has Matt Lauer ever talked about Hillarys record ?
          You wont hear anything on the MSM outlets where most get their news.
          The MSM IS the left .
          They believe socialism will be/ is good for business , pushing propaganda pays well these days.

          • hammerhead – It’s not so much about being Left or Right… as it is psychopaths/sociopaths protect each other.

            They have a pack mentality and tend to protect one another, but are also known to turn on each other (no honor among thieves) and in the blink of an eye.

            Lauer, Hellary/Bill, MSM, all psychopaths/sociopaths,imo.

            • There are two sides to the same coin , left and right.

              Aint stuck in in , believe me , lol
              The Cruz “goldman sacks” crap is Trump propaganda.
              like i said above Trump or Cruz , i dont care.

              Cruz is a constitutionalist end of story , Trump is a strong arm thug , we may need a thug right now , i dunno .

              • Actually, a coin does not have two sides at all, but if you wish to say it does, then make that ‘three’ sided (the edge). In reality, the coins’ shape denotes it is multi-sided, but in reality, if you were to draw a line across it, down over the edge, across the back, then back to whence you started, THAT proves the coin only has ONE side. It is the same with political figures. There are no sides. They are all from the same mould/mold and have the same agendas ‘slickly’ hidden. The very idea of The Mule and Elephant has been a misnomer for so long it long ceased to be amusing …over 80 years ago in fact.
                Politicians are masters of deceit, illusion and lies. “LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE” and yet opposites attract (at least in magnetism they do).
                I’m unsure of how YOU were raised, but I was taught that crazy people who WANTED to murder and destroy and DID murder and destroy belonged six-feet under, and that it was a waste to let them sit in jail for a lifetime at taxpayer expense.
                Given all the heinous ‘things’ that Bill & Hillary have done, it stuns me to hear anyone state they are voting for Hillary (cuz she’s the only one that could possible “save the nation.”
                Remember Walter Cronkite, CBS Evening News? He was an avid globalist/elite and delighted (all of his life) in feeding your parents (and you as a child, perhaps), misinformation. The ‘big’ media is no different than Big Pharma or “Big Brother” …all those words translate into “big loss of rights and freedoms” – – invoked by a “bunch of crazy people.” No, I won’t stand for it, will fight to my dying breath resisting/killing IT, and will kill those who promote “it” for “the good of the nation.”
                Besides, I took an Oath in ’73 that I would and did so. Nothing about that oath has changed other than that I am more committed to it than at any other time in my life. Our entire future rests upon, at best, fragile supports.
                Had a dream/nightmare last night. All hell broke loose yet all I remember is that EVERY ROAD in the nation had been rendered useless, and so it was “them and their flying machines” against the people …and towel-headed ground troops crawling out of the woodwork in every ‘smalltown, usa.” DRONE has “watch the hell out” written all over them. “Master” the art of shooting moving objects and learn where these damn things are most vulnerable (and collect as many parts as you can and deny any knowledge of anything about a drone …sitting there on that sack o’ seeds). jk

          • “Hillarys record may be indefensible , but who knows about it?”

            Everyone if Trump gets the nomination. Every debate it will be said several times. She will eventually reply, “Is that all you can say”? Trump will reply, “I don’t need anything more”. Its her Achilles Heel.

            Personally receiving $21 million from Goldman Sachs? Bill and her getting $153 million? Free Trade? These issues will gut her middle class support including many Democrats.

            Trumps Achilles Heel? His mouth.

        • Kevin2, I’d love to think Trump is the first chance we’ve had for peaceful change since Ron Paul, but I’m not holding my breath on it. All 4 of those women on The View are 4 of the biggest libturd morons around. Imagine the outrage if 4 white males with our way of thinking were to have a show like that and try to discuss the issues of the day. I can picture TPTB killing such a show before it could start just because of WHITE MALES ONLY being on that show. PC crap on steroids.

          • Braveheart1776

            Your correct regarding the show but even they, maybe grudgingly, sided with Trump. That tells me that he is resonating with a greater and wider group of people.

        • I nearly had to go take meds after watching that video. When the one lady is actually having a rational the Behar bitch is rambling on about how well the muslims in America have assimilated. I would use the C word for her but she is not worthy of it. I picked a bad decade to stop drinking.

          • a rational moment that should be above. Am I being moderated again because I was bad. Is it because I typed C word?

      5. Seriously… does a single thinking person give a flying rat’s derriere about what even ONE of the ignorant women think?

        • LMAO , NO !
          HAHAHA , Your right , but its still meant as disinfo .
          And it works on those that follow that crap .

        • We may not care about what they think but there are a few million women who do. Their votes count just as much as yours or mine.

      6. The show is called “the view” I’d like to know who’s view?…I watched the video and came away with the feeling these people are far to “scared to death I feel this way” and worried about Trump not knowing how or bothering to talk like a salesman…but telling the truth to 100% of his hearts belief…this scares them?and yet they feel comfortable with a smiling,soft spoken snake…you know who I mean…there is zero truth or honor in obama….Even many life long Democrats finally see this…Hopefully people
        like these on “the view” will one day not be scared to death of the truth when they hear it…God Bless America-God Bless our Constitution-God bless TRUMP..

        • ChrisG, it’s the libturds’ view.

      7. Those P.C. TEACHERS … being paid day after day to TRAIN women across the country how to be “acceptable” and subservient to the NWO.

      8. My opinion Trump is still a part of the dog and pony show. however What if I am out to lunch and he is the genuine article? And he gets elected president? He cant fix the debt? He will not have a majority backing him in congress. He would be a lame duck from the very start. There isnt any viable political or ballott box solution. I cant get excited about any cantidate.

        • 20 trillion bucks of national debt is not going to be fixed overnight, or in one or two presidential terms. Not possible. Just cutting the budget enough to stop adding to the debt will take nearly a 50% cut in the federal budget. If you think anyone is going to be able to do that, before you will support them, you are living in a fantasy bubble.

          Not having a majority behind him in Congress may be a good thing.

          There is no such thing as a lame duck president. If we elected Trump to the presidency, it’s because We the People want some things done. If Congress obstructs him, and what he wants done is popular, Congress will be voted out in two years, and they know it.

      9. Duh

      10. Fuck the View and every other television talk show.

        Mac, why are you wasting our time with this soap-opera bullshit? I’ve got better things to do, like change the air in my tires.

        The View. Indeed! /holdsupmiddlefinger/

        • Those pathetic liberals on the View can all go suck it.

          • Billy Hill and Nobama, I agree. It’s nothing but the libturds’ view anyway.

        • If the air in your tires needs changed, go do it, while the rest of us try to convene a sensible dialogue on the days issues…. So sick of trolls…

          • If you jump real high and reach your arm up as far as you can you might get the point. Or you might not.

      11. Hey gang, Canada’s Trump, Rob Ford lost his battle with cancer yesterday. Ford like Trump was born rich, but never forgot the little guy and got into politics to make a difference. Ford was always self funded and didn’t even use the allowed budget given to city council members. Because he championed fiscal responsibility he was attacked from all sides as many saw that the “gravy train” was coming to a stop. Ford had his demons, but so do many of us.
        R.I.P. Rob Ford. See you on the grid iron.

        • Now you’ve got the planets’ oldest 5-year old in charge, it’s unbelieveable he wants to print money to fund gov’t day care.

          Canada’s national debt is about equivalent to ours, on a per capita basis. Factor in the value of the CDN dollar and you may be even worse off.

          • Hard to believe they’ll print money for government day care? Why? It is SOOOOOOO important that they “brain-train” YOUR children into THEIR ways of thinking that it not really an option, but a requirement. Just as Common Core will destroy what’s left of American education, their tactics will arrive at the same end – – stupid, subservient ‘followers of anything’.

      12. hmmm
        the establishment hand picked candidate,Jeb Bush
        has endorsed Ted Cruz

        wonder what I should make of that ???

        • Satori, Bush endorsed Cruz? One neocon endorsing another neocon. No surprised there. They do stick together.

          • What I find interesting is that the Republicans, for the most part can’t see that they are losing, or have lost their base. They pull out Bush and Romney. The body politic looks at them as being the problem, not the solution. They’re not leaving the board room and multi thousand a plate fund raiser. Bush endorsing Cruz? Thats worth one vote, Bush’s.

      13. I think it is a matter of Bush saying but not saying out loud, “If I can’t be President I’ll do everything in my power so Trump won’t be either” Don’t think his endorsement matters much. We the people have had enough of the Bush’s in the WH, even his Mother made a statement along those lines earlier in the campaign.

      14. I read an article talking about Trumps possible cabinet picks if he becomes president stating Sarah Palin is his Secretary of State pick. That’s weird is all I can say. Maybe it was meant to be funny.

        • Aljamo, SARAH PALIN as Secretary of State? ROTFLMAO! She is anything BUT a diplomat.

          • BH1776

            Palin as Sec of State. She did have to deal with the Russians. They are her neighbor. Hmmmmm.

            • HAHA the lady from Iron Sky as Secretary of State. Awesome.

              You know what why the heck not. How could anyone do a worse job than Hillary did?

        • You should read better articles, that one is completely bogus.

      15. Even Piers Morgan is agreeing with Trump on Brussels.

      16. This is how things will play out:

        Short-term: More and more Muslims will flood into Europe, with substantial numbers of trained terrorists poised to strike. The quality of life that was so excellent in Europe will crater, as the European economy is ripped apart and tourists stop coming.

        Medium-term: Muslims will become more belligerent and violent and refuse to accommodate to Europe. Many millions more flood into Europe, turning many cities majority Islamic (as is already the case in Brussels, London and soon Paris). They will overwhelm social systems and balloon welfare roles. More and more Europeans will come to the obvious conclusion this beautiful thing of a united European civilization that the EU was supposed to be about, has been completely wrecked by Muslims.

        Long-term: Impoverished and wracked by civil war and civil unrest, no longer the world’s top tourist destination, and majority Muslim in all its cities, Europeans finally wake up to the fact it was Muslims who ruined their living standards and civilization. But they will be too fractured to do much about it. Whilst in America, the horror of watching what has happened has finally woken up the American body politic. Internment camps are established around the world for Muslims and their migration to North and South America blocked. Asia also has taken measures to block further Islamic population growth, led by China and Japan. Nostalgia books become a popular genre in Asia, books such as The Little English Gentleman, featuring a David Nivenesque character who feeds a nostalgia for a white civility long gone from Europe.

        • They had better realize who let them in and deal with them

        • Yeah …that’s been the NWO Agenda for several decades now coming into nearly ‘full fruition’. Let everyone get themselves “in order” and the hammer will then fall …and the world will hear it.
          Will the world’s populace entertain the thought of everyone but Muslims being wiped out is going to result in the death of every last Muslim in existence (so “whoever started this one” will be marked for millenia for THIS ‘wrong’).
          The EU was only formed as a front-runner to ‘stage’ ISIS (on THAT side of ‘the pond’). Had to make it all ‘look good’ right? The Muslims truly are “going to go for it” …so get your asses ready already. Ain’t like ya ain’t been warned anyway…

      17. Meanwhile Foxnews floated a disingenuous poll that showed Gov. Kasich was the only republican able to beat Hillary or Sanders. Trump does the worst against those two in the poll.

        I checked the internals and found very few details. The pollsters phone-called a little over 1000 registered voters and not likely voters. They provided no data on male, female, black, white, democrats, republicans, independents, or otherwise. They didn’t post the area codes for those answering the poll.

        Given the results, which Fox breathlessly reported, most of those answering must have come from the Washington – New York corridor and they surveyed primarily democrats. Otherwise, how could Kasich do so well? The other possibility is they didn’t do a survey, they faked it.

        Why would Fox skew or fake a poll? If Trump somehow wins, a lot of folks will stand to lose tons of money. Fox news is not one of Trump’s favorites.

      18. Since when does anybody care what a gaggle of babbling bitches in a libtard TV show think?! Turn off the boobtube, get off the couch, and do something useful.

        Besides, religous types already know women belong in the kitchen, cleaning the home, servicing their male provider, and caring for babies – its in the bible, so it must be true! 🙂

        …Ah yes, another fiction peddled to the masses from a time when slaves and women shared the same standing = religion…now get in that kitchen and make me a sammitch, woman! LMAO 🙂 🙂

      19. Muslims aren’t big readers apart from the Koran and mobile phone porn, but let’s imagine European book best seller lists in five years’ time:

        1)I F#cked, I Came, I Conquered: The story of an illegal refugee
        2) Things to do with a Kebab
        3) Infidels: You Can’t Live With Them, You Can’t Live Without Them: Owning a slave in London
        4) A P#ssy in Every Bed: I Got a Hot Blonde Euro-Wife for Under 100 Euros and So Can You by Mohammed Ahmed
        5) Cover That Sh#t Up!! A White Woman Tells Her Fellow Sisters ‘Enough on Whore-Wear!’by Jane Williams

      20. I forsee an entirely different future.

        After smuggling arms into countries that were previously disarmed, white Europeans take control of the government, the banks, and the invaders are expelled. All of them. Europe is back to being the ideal societies that they once were, and America is not only Europes greatest cheer leader, America is once again a Republic of the Prople and for the people.

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