The Ukraine War Could Become A Nuclear Conflict

by | Aug 3, 2023 | Headline News | 0 comments

Unfortunately, the official narrative about the Ukraine war has already been crafted, and the rulers are going to make every attempt to turn the conflict into a third world war. If that happens, a nuclear war could commence and everyone on this planet will be affected in some way.

The conflict has not affected too many Americans just yet, other than putting Ukraine flags on their Facebook profile pictures because of the propaganda telling them to support Kyiv. News from the front has also frequently been reduced to a few sentences, and each new day’s reporting sounds like yesterday’s. There isn’t much different, other than the escalation continues, and eventually, something will snap.

As Western nations and NATO allies have gradually crossed every “red line” laid down by Russian President Vladimir Putin, Moscow’s repeated warnings about the possibility of nuclear weapons being used have ceased to elicit fear. Becasue there’s been no reaction by Russia, the West continues to think they can do whatever they want and push Russia’s limits.

There is still a possibility though of a nuclear war. Forbes recently constructed an article that claims there are five ways a nuclear war could break out from the Ukraine conflict.

Here are the five things that could cause a nuclear war:

  1. Russian conventional forces falter on the battlefield
  2. Ukraine threatens core Russian interests
  3. Moscow misreads military signals
  4. Central control of nuclear forces breaks down
  5. Putin deposed by extreme nationalists

None of these seem likely considering Ukraine has been on the losing side of this conflict, even with all of the weapons and money being sent by the West to keep the war going. However, anything is possible right now, so it’s important to be prepared, especially because the rulers are now claiming that a nuclear war wouldn’t be worse than “climate change.”

Ruling Class Class Claims Nuclear War Is No Worse Than Climate Change

Russia has been warning for some months now that Ukraine and the West plan to stage a nuclear incident and blame it on Russia, in order to escalate the war and the increase the chances of a nuclear attack.

Russia Says A Ukrainian Attack On Zaporizhzhia Facility With a ‘Dirty’ Nuclear Device Is Imminent

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