The Six Laws of Survival: Strategies For Beating the Worst Case Scenario

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    This guide was originally published by Jeremiah Johnson at Tess Pennington’s



    We just finished a series on how to escape from Bill Ayers’ Summer Reeducation Camp (or Gulag 17, depending on the situation).  Now we will cover one of the most important elements of all: How to stay out of the “Happy” Camp.  Best thing of all: do not go in.  Easier said than done, however, there are some things you can do beforehand that will increase your chances of staying out of the Gulag.

    These things are not complicated, however, they will require both willpower and action.  They will not be things that happen on their own.  In order to stay out of a camp, you must do something very important:

    You must do things that others do not do, and you must not do what others do.

    Let us run with this concept in a scenario:

    You’re in bed…it’s a Saturday morning, and you don’t have to go to any of your 3 jobs today until noon.  Your battery-powered clock seems to have stopped at 5:15 am.  Puzzled you hear the drone of jet engines, and all of a sudden the house seems as if it is shaking.  You jump up and run to the front door and as you walk onto the front porch, all hell is breaking loose.

     Your mind is playing, “For Whom the Bell Tolls” by Metallica as you look up and see dozens of aircraft flying West to East, disgorging sesame seeds that sprout parachutes by the thousands, all coming down into your neighborhood.  “Red Dawn” isn’t playing: it is happening, and you’re in it.  Your neighbors didn’t bother to come wake you up; however, they’re working on starting their cars, with no success.  The paratroopers are landing, and a large crowd of people is running down Main Street to the tune of automatic gunfire in the distance.  Yep, you guessed it!  America has been invaded, and chances are you are not going to be handing out a Slurpee this afternoon.

    Now what?  You must fall upon the six laws of survival or else all could be lost.

    The Six Laws of Survival

    In a survival scenario all bets are off and the following laws will keep you alive. These laws are rigid, but necessary. Harsh, but true. Keep your cards close and always have a plan.

    Law 1: Wherever that crowd is running, do not join them.

    This is not to say that they aren’t (initially) running in the right direction.  But what of it?  They are bound to be either captured en masse or worse (bombed, strafed, or shot).  For the horror of the IHM (the Incredible Human Mob), look no further than “War of the Worlds” with Tom Cruise where he and his family are driving the passenger van…right up and into the mob.  Look what happened there.  You can’t defeat their numbers, and you will be captive to them…another steer in the herd.

    Strike out on your own, you and your family, avoiding the main thoroughfares at all cost, and avoiding the IHM.

    Law 2: You have to have a place (and places) to go.

    This is where thinking outside of the general herd will pay off.  We’re going to instruct by running through a checklist…. this will be a “handy-dandy” checklist that you can print out or run over in your mind to be able to follow rule #2.

    • Did you preposition assets (food, weapons, money, etc.) at an initial safe location?
    • Is that location within walking distance for you and your family?
    • Once there, are you and your family secure for at least a 24 – 48-hour period?
    • Safe from enemy troops/government “peacekeepers” on the hunt?
    • Safe from fallout and/or NBC agents?
    • Does it have a food and water supply to sustain all of you for 7 days?
    •  If your initial safe location has been compromised, is a duplicate location nearby?
    • Do you have a farther (more remote) location that you can reach on foot in 3 days?
    • A secure, sustainable location with supplies for at least a month?
    • Do you and your family have a handheld method of communication for each member?
    • Have you formulated short-term (initial contact, 48 hours, 7 days) plans?
    • Have you made long-term (1 month and month-by-month; 6 months and 6-month continuous analysis; 1 year) plans?

    Guys and gals, these are just basics.  You must have these things in place in order to give you and your family a fighting chance.  Whether or not it is a foreign invasion or a domestic communist takeover of the United States, you must leave your home in suburbia or you will be rounded up, bringing us forward:

    Law 3: You will be leaving your home, permanently or for a long time.

    This is survival.  The majority of readers are not living in the mountains or in a remote location.  If you follow these steps and practice them on a dry-run on a regular basis…it will give you the advantage that most people will not have.  You must innovate: come up with ideas that others will not think of.  Do you know of an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of town?  Chances are that 90% of others will think the same thing in a grid-down/Red Dawn survival scenario.  You need to find the places that are off the beaten path.  And if there are none?  It may mean that you have to create a place.

    How?  By caching your supplies within the walking distances described for each part of the “safe” area.  By finding tunnels, caves, or other sub-structures that can protect you from the elements and at least afford partial protection from radiation.  By being who it is you imagine yourself to be: a prepper…a survivalist…or a survivor.  When you enter any contest, do you enter it to lose?  Do you strive for just “second place” or “second best” in this arena?  Chances are the answer is “no,” but you have to arrive on that conclusion on your own.  All of this is a challenge, and this underlines everything for you if it needs clarification:

    Law 4: In survival, there is no silver medal: “second place” means death.

    Forget that phrase in “The Hunger Games,” because if you are taken…the odds are not ever in your favor.  We went through a 4-article series on how to escape from the Gulag where I reiterated how important it is for you to stay out of it.  I stand by this concept.  If you are taken captive, the odds aren’t in your favor of getting out…for the duration of it.

    And then guess what?  The Germans during WWII as the allies approached began to hide their transgressions by liquidating the camps…basically killing everyone that could bear any type of witness to the atrocities.  Do not think for an instant that it will not happen again.  Look at Holodomor in Ukraine and the starvation tactics the USSR used to follow after the Malthusian model.  Our enemies have very little regard for human life, and the lives they value are of their own people.  If the Chinese communists would run over their own people with tanks and sell their internal organs while they’re still alive, what will they do with us?

    Which brings us to the “Malcolm X” rule:

    Law 5: You must stay out and survive by any and all means necessary.

    Some of you may think “JJ is a little harsh.”  I would rather be hard and harsh now, and enable you, my countrymen, to have some tools at your disposal and a “sharp tack” under the figurative buttocks of your mind to give you the impetus to do something about the situation prior to its occurrence.  The country is “long in the tooth,” and you have to grasp these concepts and act upon them now…not burn off the pages and save them in the survival archives…but use them to inculcate your own, individual plan of action now.

    Rule #5 means resolving yourself to do what you must in order to protect yourself from the ravages (and not just possible, but probable death) inside of one of these camps.  These are all basic, “generic” things to begin as a base for your preparations.  This is a form of guerilla warfare!  Avoid the occupiers/oppressors at all cost!  These things will work for you…if you resolve yourself (ves) to do them.  I’ll close with a note on OPSEC (operational security): you better build off of these basics and keep all of them to yourself.

    JJ is giving you the basics that you need, without revealing everything of his own plans.  Why?  Because I earned them by paying for them with years of experience and suffering, and it means my family’s survival.  Such measures would run you a lot of money and imagination; such measures come from years of practical experience and the willingness to take chances.  This thought brings us to our final rule, the failure of which means compromise leading to death:

    Law 6:  Do not tip your hand or reveal your plans to anyone.

    Next installment we will talk about life under occupation, be that by foreign invaders or by totalitarian state that has morphed out of a democracy.  In the meantime, prepare and plan, and when you are reasonably sure, execute a dry run.  The practice does make perfect and affords you a time and trials to iron out all of the glitches in your operations.  Until next time be good to one another and keep up the fight!

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne). Mr. Johnson was a Special Forces Medic, EMT and ACLS-certified, with comprehensive training in wilderness survival, rescue, and patient-extraction. Mr. Johnson is an ardent advocate for preparedness, self-sufficiency, and long-term disaster sustainability for families. He and his wife survived Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. Cross-trained as a Special Forces Engineer, he is an expert in supply, logistics, transport, and long-term storage of perishable materials, having incorporated many of these techniques plus some unique innovations in his own homestead.

    This article first appeared at Tess Pennington’s Ready

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    Tess Pennington is the author of The Prepper’s Blueprint, a comprehensive guide that uses real-life scenarios to help you prepare for any disaster. Because a crisis rarely stops with a triggering event the aftermath can spiral, having the capacity to cripple our normal ways of life. The well-rounded, multi-layered approach outlined in the Blueprint helps you make sense of a wide array of preparedness concepts through easily digestible action items and supply lists.

    Tess is also the author of the highly rated Prepper’s Cookbook, which helps you to create a plan for stocking, organizing and maintaining a proper emergency food supply and includes over 300 recipes for nutritious, delicious, life-saving meals. 

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      1. 7th law

        Be armed and ready 24-7

        • JJ,

          Keep these articles coming. I can identify with all your points, having been there on a number of occasions, including Katrina. Keep up the good work. I have also always been a fan of Tess and her site.

          Happy New Year to all! It promises to be a rough and tumble year! May God bless and keep everyone who is reading this. We are going to need it.

          Louisiana Eagle, flying low

          • I wonder how many people out there have bug out locations?

            I don’t. My house is paid for, so I am not going to be home insecure. If i do have to leave because my house burns down i will go to a relatives house.

            I learned a lesson from hurricane Rita. In Rita in 2005 two million people evacuated Houston driving up Hwy 59 to East Texas. For 7 days people were stranded in traffic and without gas. These people never made it to their destination.

            So even if you have a place to go, extra fuel to get there, supplies and everything else, you would likely get stuck in traffic with the other millions of people leaving too.

            Why evacuate?
            1) if your house burns down.
            2) if you live along the ocean and storm surge in a hurricane will be likely.

            There is truly no other reason to evacuate.

            The lesson is: Don’t evacuate over bullshit hype.

            Nuclear fallout will make all other places inhabitable also.

            • eruption of yellowstone will cause millions to evacuate their homes forever…or die. asteroid hits near you, nuke plant blows up, breaching of a levy, flooding an area hundreds of square miles, nuclear war and a bomb hits your town, drought dries up water supplies….should i go on?

                • didn’t read far enough down, sorry for the duplicate website referal peeps.

                • There are two points in that article I disagree with.

                  1) China has roughly the same debt to GDP about as the US, but the have 5 times the population. So they have a long way to go before they have similar debt to population ratio.

                  2) The system will collapse when the US can no longer pay the minimum credit card payment. Which is about 500 billion a year now.

                  What makes the credit card so expensive? Interest rates of course. Why has the interest rates been ZERO for the last six years? So the minimum payments will be lessened.

                  Real interest rates should be about 6 to 8 percent.

                  The minimum credit card payment at that rate would be about 1.5 trillion a year. Our yearly income for the US is 3 trillion.

                  Rates will never go up. All this bullshit about the FEDS raising rates and they went up from ZERO to 0.25%.

                  What a joke.

                  Inflation is what will kill us. Cheap money causes inflation. The only way to control inflation is to raise interest rates, and they can not do that.

                  • As I read this excellent article, I kept hearing “Jump You Fkers” in my head… Thanks JJ.

                  • Inflation will not kill us. Money will not mean nothing then if it goes real bad.
                    Not having the essential things you need WILL.
                    Don’t let them take your stuff away, or you just might starve.
                    Food, water, shelter..and then other things.
                    Water being real important because you need it more.
                    Ever been stuck out in the sun without any protection? Bake your brains out fast and get a headache that will feel like your head Is going to bust. Been there…once.
                    Or the cold. Freeze your butt off if you dont have shelter and a fire going.
                    Know what is edible in your area. You can buy books on things like that.
                    Every place I have lived, I find out what is edible or medicinal. Plants and animals.
                    BTW, rattlesnake does taste good. 😉

                    By now you should know the system will most likely fail. So do not count on it.
                    I think even gold and metals will not mean much before long. It was different a long time ago. This time , it feels even more a bad way.

              • Sure, Mother-in-law wants to move in.

                • charlie manson moves in next door?…you can move to a good location now,….with most of your stuff….or run out the back door when you see the golden horde coming at yer front door….with not much more than your underwear….

                  • Golden Horde will be coming in at all doors and windows, all at once. Immediately before that, they’ll have flash-bombed you. Your juice (water, gas, etc.) will have been turned off. If they don’t just bomb you an get it done that way, you will be flanked by them on all your fronts. There are your keys to what you can do….

            • John,
              you have psyched yourself out of survival! You give only two specific reasons to bug-in and they are so small in scope to be given serious consideration. The shear odds of others vying for the same survival commodities, as food and water, you have doomed yourself by staying put. I don’t know your specifics, but you are certainly limiting your survivability by not considering other ideas.

              • Just listen to Laura M. bitch, moan, and complain. The taxpayers picked up the tab for her moving around the country as she calls it, and she’s still not satisfied. Typical government employees, put in 20 years doing nothing, live in a free home provide by the taxpayers, and she can’t get enough energy to even get ready to bugout. You think you got it bad sister malcontent, then try working a half century or longer out here in the civilian world and get nothing out of it but ropeburn and social security.

                • Moving while in the military is not doing nothing for 20 years. Living on military pay and not having the ability to settle down over 20 years puts you at a distinct disadvantage in paying off a mortgage by retirement age. Buying your first house in your 40’s is not fun. Been there did that.

                • Taxdn2pov: You are an idiot if you didn’t plan an IRA or a 401k. Enlisted men get a lousy pension after 20 yrs, then retrain for a job like HVAC, aircraft mech, etc. at age of 38. By the way, the wives have to do most of the cleaning and packing boxes in any move. Yes,most military are doing make work jobs so they have to retrain when they get discharged for a decent job. It is a WPA program esp. now with no draft. If you don’t know what the WPA is, then you’re stupid. Read John S. 3d post below, about leaving your stuff and bugging out, I totally agree w/him. when you got all your preps and gear, why run to the woods or pitch a tent with bears, coyotes. and mt. lions, snakes, etc. when you can bug in instead. If you want to run to the woods no nowhere, go for it. You need to get a life, and quit stupid nit picking about what others plan to do.

              • The only reason I would bug out is fire. If my house burned down.

                Why would i leave all my preps, all my gear, all my self sustainable food and water sources, all my security and all my network to go to the mountains and go camping?

                Collapse will be a very long term ordeal, not a two week vacation in the woods.

                I have argued this a lot. SHTF people put WAY too much emphasis on bugging out.

                Try it for a week or even a week end, then decide if you could extend that bug out to 6 months.

                I am in a good position because I have 2 other family members, each with their own houses, that are also preppers. We all prep for a total of three families as a redundancy. So I do have alternatives, don;t get me wrong.

                If things get so bad you have to flee to the lake house, someone will probably already be there and it will turn into a gun fight.

                • I can’t afford to have a BOL, but I do have similar-minded friends within an hour’s walk (for me) who does.

                  Note to self: I’ve got to find a cheap older clunker to drive.

                • I agree. I’m living in my BOL, with an RV as a possible get the hell out of dodge option. I hope it doesn’t come to walking out or, well, I’m not feeling like we could make it. There is just a lot of possibilities and planning for all of them is just about impossible. That being said, we will continue to work towards being prepared for every possibility.

                  Bugging in is ideal because we have water, garden, farm animals, and food at the ready. Having friends and neighbors close by, there are options to bug out there as well. All our preps are pretty heavy or non-portable though and I can’t imagine waking 20 miles, with young children, at night, and $2,000 in long term food supplies.

                  It’s difficult to imagine bugging out on foot with 3 days of food and water. After the supplies run out, then what? You die from starvation in the middle of nowhere?

                  I know there’s going to be done nasty comments like: get ready to die! But, I just don’t see how it’s possible to plan for every possibility. Try as we might, and we are doing all we can.

                • I agree to staying put. I live in the country. Got stocks, and stock dry dog food, well, and hand pump, low tech like candles, oil lamps, extra corn for the duks, etc. I have 3 dogs and absolutely cannot bug out with them. I stay and die with my dogs. Where to go anyway? If you live in a city try making a safe room is all i can think of. Maybe in the cellar? Put preps in there. Have someone always guarding the upper door with your – you know – i call em pea shooters, but you know what i mean. Oh, i live in cold NY and have woodstove and extra wood, but need more. Have small forest behind house…..

            • Couldn’t agree more. Many incl me have learned from former hurricanes from Camille in ’68 to the present. I will stand my ground at home. Hubby refuses to evac. or get a small camper to pull to the woods or on friends property. We worked and paid for this house and are sick and tired of moving. I moved five times by age 18, and multiple times in his 20 yr military, then several times since the age of forty, now retired. I’m done tramping around the country. I live in a hurricane area also, and people evac. Fla several years back, to no where in the traffic grid stranded on I 95 and I-75. Ditto for Hurr.Katrina that flooded New O. and Miss. areas. folks trapped on the road. Buses wouldn’t start- water damage. Nuclear fallout will kill everyone.

              • Hi Laura- Hardly anyone remembers Camille anymore! Wow. We were refugees from down below New Orleans after that one and lived in Houma for awhile. I was about 13…. my sisters and I slept on a cast off mattress on the floor then. Good times.

              • My family was at Keesler in Camille. I do remember sheltering in the fallout bunkers then the devastation. The smell the mud and venomous snakes, the heat and bugs. And it was the end for many unprepared. Normalcy bias gotthem killed. Life afterwards was misery for many years too. Mom became a prepper as a result even before the name was invented, learned it from her and here I am. Thanks for bringing this back

              • nuclear fallout will kill everyone?…haven’t heard of fukushima….yup, it killed a bunch of people….and it’s slowly killing TENS OF MILLIONS more… wonder what would have happened if they LEFT when they heard the BOOM that was heard round the world(figgeratively speakin’, of course).if I lived there, i WOULD want to move….ANYwhere….boggles my mind how closed-minded people can be….speaking of which, there’s been reports in i think it’s st. louis of nuclear waste killing a lot over the last few years. why DO we waste good ink on these pages?

                • The animal die off going on is unbelievable. Especially sea life. Massive numbers of cattle died recently in the freak blizzard in Texas.

              • I think it’s a discernment issue. In the past, we’ve made the decision to shelter in place for Hurricanes when we lived in Florida. We happened to be away from home staying with relatives up North when Hurricane Ivan hit. Had we decided to “shelter in place” we would have been in huge trouble. The Hurricane landed very close to our subdivision, “unexpectedly” and completely wiped every house in our subdivision off the concrete slab.

                Likewise, when we lived in California we had to evacuate twice because of fast-moving wildfires stoked by the Santa Ana winds. One it was later discovered was set by illegal migrants, and was so ferocious it jumped the firebreaks. We learned to have one car always fully fueled, with the trunk filled with supplies. You can’t shelter in place for some forces of nature, fire being one of them. If civil unrest kicks off badly enough, innocent homeowners will still have to deal with the reality of a mob choosing to burn them out of their homes. It makes sense to always have a plan and a place to go to if things reach that tipping point, no matter what the underlying cause.

                But yes, sheltering in place for most of the disruptions is the most logical solution for the majority of people, the majority of the time.

                Here’s some worthwhile tips about low cost, low key ways to begin the journey of increasing your home security if you choose to shelter in place (it’s actually an ongoing series, there are 3 posts so far).

                Stay well and stay alert.

                • I think sheltering in place and fighting off the zombie hoards would be doable. Plenty of traps and security measures one could take against looters. Also ways to make it look like a place has already been ransacked and the goods are gone. If it looks like a place isn’t profitable the hoard will ease on down the road.

            • You have absolutely no idea of how to think outside the box. The first thing Mr. Nomdeplume told you is not to do what everyone else is doing. In the military you are what we called a sexual intellectual (fucking idiot). Rita is not teotwawki. Services and personnel still worked and sooner or later everyone returned home. Why the hell am I wasting my time with you, I honestly don’t know, so when your house burns just mosey on over to a relative’s home, and while you are there maybe they can patch up the 698 bullet holes you have in your body, sew your wife’s vagina back in place, which will be very used due to the rape culture of teotwawki, and when you really get down and out then start eating your children, dipstick. By the way, have you read what happen to the women on NYE in the German cities.

              • Taxdn2pov: You ridicule anyone that wants to bug in at home, stupid troll, your types are the reason (trolls and idiots) is why I never sign up for emails on any site. I have quit reading other sites because of more trolls posting than general comments. John S. is saying that he has all his stuff, other family near, why run to the woods and camp out and leave your stuff you need? You are an idiot, get lost jerk. I’ll bet you have zero preps and will pillage and steal from others.

                • I’ve already had my plan in place since April 2013 to bugout to a BOL with one of my relatives in north GA. I’ve made numerous trips there since that time hauling preps and placing them into a storage building on her 30-acre tract. There’s a very deep well on the land and a year-round creek bordering on one side as another water source. The place already has a solar system for backup and can become primary whenever we lose the grid. There is a woodstove for heat. 8 cords of firewood already stacked and a lifetime supply of same all around. all my relatives live within a ten-square-mile area of each other. Where they live a 4WD is a MUST and they all own 4WDs. No “golden horde” can get within 2 miles of the family without some advance notice first, IF a “golden horde” makes it into those mountains. Anyone who gets within 1000ft. of their homesteads would be cut down and never know what hit them.

                  • Good job, Braveheart. Sounds like Paradise to me.

            • J Stiner,
              I have multiple relatives within one tank of gas, in three compass directions, and I keep extra cans of gasoline on hand, and we have a standing agreement.

              If I must evacuate I will stack the car with supplies, and can be out in a half hour. The goodies are all lined up. They won’t need to feed me. In fact I’ll likely arrive with more supplies than they have.

              I don’t want to be a refugee. I want a destination, even if it isn’t a cabin in the woods.

              The single biggest threat right now is an economic collapse due to the debt bubble. I can’t fix a debt bubble, so I need to survive it. It will likely hit slow motion. Think fifteen years duration. There will be no big enemy to wage war with. There will be lots of desperate people doing what desperate people do.

              Fifteen years is along time, you’ll need to grow food, you’ll need your own security, you’ll likely need a job. When things collapse and kidnapping becomes a way of life for some and you have a job, an AR-15 can’t be fired from the drivers seat of your car while commuting. Due to government regs you may not be allowed to carry a gun even if you have a CCP today. A very concealable gun is best. Ammo may not be available for years. A couple Bowie knives are a good idea. Some self defense training is golden. Can you disarm a man with a knife or gun, do you know the 21 foot rule?

              Disasters that happen with no warning are incredibly rare. Knowing when to get out of dodge, golden. In an economic crash, the whole country goes to shiit in days, everywhere becomes the place you don’t want to be.

              • Plan twice,etc: I agree about an econ. collapse. People are fortunate to have friends and family near to stash supplies, but houses not occupied will be ransacked, robbed and pillaged. There is no way most of us can fit our stuff in the car on one trip,or even several trips. Idea: rent a storage unit for those who have no family near, then get stuff as needed from it. Some storage facilities may be locked down by owner, or even raided by those looking for guns, etc. No guarantee what we plan will work, but this is just an idea some may want to pursue. The bubble seems to last years, but an Jihadist coord. attack in cities w/martial law is another issue for another post.

            • I evacuated with that Hurricane, I lived very near the beach near Galveston. I figured that since Houston is a traffic disaster on an average Tuesday, in a crisis the roads there are death traps. I drove South instead. Got out into rural areas and avoided big highways that were crowded. Then after heading south I headed west. I had a few hours to clear the coast and knew that if I drove thru the empty coastal zones there would be no traffic jams. I found empty roads and went the opposite direction of where the authorities funneled the masses into and thru an urban choke point. Then I had an easy couple days of watching the disaster on the TV in a nice hotel we stayed at where there were no lines or crowds.

            • You are spot on. I am in the same position as you. My home is paid for and we have everything we need right here. We are prepared to shelter in place and will stay in our home until it becomes impossible. Leaving your home opens you up to a myriad of it other problems. If you have what you need where you are, the best advice is STAY THERE!

          • Dear L.E.,

            Thank you very much for the support and the comments. I think you’re right, that it will be a very rough year. Stay frosty, though, and keep your eyes on the horizon. Happy New Year, and may God bless you and your family.


            • Sorry JJ, but I call it BS. Red Dawn was done here in Casper Wyo. And it is just barely possible someone outside the US could land an airborn division. But that’s the end of it. Logistics indicate it would live for perhaps a week, in the summer. Yes, they would be better trained than us locals, but their supply line would be so long theyed fail badly, 15.000 Max, troopers VS 30,000 deer rifles. Yes, we would lose, but they would gain nothing. The rest of the country, same way. You need 5-15 supply people for each combat soldier away from home. USSR couldn’t hold Afganestan and it’s tiny.

              Local invasion: Well Mexico and Canada won’t do it. The US, get real, Total US forces are outnumbered by the NRA 5 to 1. No possibility they would drop in; just drive, and with fewer than a million troops total?; Ya, they could take over a few places; overall, nothing, they are outnumbered by the cops and the cops cannot control their own towns. One of the problems We preppers have is people think we are wackos Well prepping for significant outside air drops is wacko. Better prep for all those Bigfeet? massing in the forests to come and get us.
              Problems are comming, but prep for real ones, They will be bad enough.

              • what if there were a few “tactical nukes?…neutron bombs, if you will”?…would THAT change anything?…i know it’s impossible…just like it’s impossible for the banking system to collapse….just sayin’…

                • Not saying other things aren’t possible, but why waste time on the impossible? US has largest airborne forces in the world, and we only have 2 div, 82 & 101. Less than 25,000 combat people. No other country could possibly keep an air bridge here, and 25,000 couldn’t take and keep any significant city. That’s not what airborne is for; ask them. Or go back 150 years, as A. Lincoln said: “Not with the combined forces of all the armies of world can anyone take a Drink from the Ohio if we are united.” Well they still cannot. And the US gov cannot subdue the public if any significant portion of it decides to resist.

                  • you sound like barrage obomber’s advisers bar-rie, they’ll NEVER play the nuclear card, so yeah, just keep stickin’ that poker in putin’s eye…sooner or later SOMEbody pulls a trigger…and why shouldn’t they? fukushima proved to the world(at least a lot of people on THESE pages), that pouring nuclear waste 24/7 into the atmosphere for 4 years now has LITTLE consequences.

                    • Use of the Brain is required to survive any set of problems. The mouth–not so much. Japan is a problem; but if the world has ended, I’ve failed to notice. I prep for a lot, but not the impossible. Have better things to do.

                    • are you paranoid, or AINT yuh?

                    • Quit it buttcrack, yer skeerin me 🙁

                    • Depends; I’ve got a pattern to stamp out hundreds of Tinfoil hats at need; but I only keep a few on hand.

            • JJ,

              Thanks!I don’t understand the criticism coming from some quarters. I have full confidence in Mac and in the things you have written about. Events seem to be accelerating rather rapidly during this first week of the New Year, with danger signals flashing and ‘popping’ 360 degrees around the globe like the fireworks during the new year celebrations in our neighborhood last week. Stay safe, keep up the good work, don’t get discouraged with the naysayers!

              Louisiana Eagle

          • JJ, thanks for another outstanding article. I can identify with everything you wrote. I won’t be taken alive under any circumstances. I’m afraid this year will prove to be more “interesting” than anyone wants. MOLON LABE

        • Hey friends and foes.

          Just dropping by to drop a line of a message i just recently received. I am forging onward, and having a really good time in my relationship with my Creator and Saviour.

          The definition of the Word is coming in like tidal waves.

          In reading the article above, i felt strongly about ….

          Law 4: In survival, there is no silver medal: “second place” means death.

          I think it should be #1.

          Last week, while taking a break from the studies and writing, I was channel surfing for a decent movie, and came across this program info title…”Bye Bye Foundation”. Well, it was just an infomercial trying to sell women’s makeup, but it struck me as a sign of what has happened to America and the World in general.

          The foundation to the survival of any “true” christian society, is based upon the truth of the Word of our Creator. The foundation of any house=christian based society, is held up and supported by a main cornerstone.

          In our case, that Cornerstone of our House/society/future, is our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

          The liberals/atheists and false preachers, which do make up the Intrafaithism crowd, has pulled out the main Cornerstone and covered it with mud and brush, whereby it can’t hold up anything, because it is not visible anymore and has been removed from the foundation.

          Now, without the Cornerstone, the foundations begin to crumble.
          This is where we are at people. The foundation is crumbling and will not be restored because of the crimes and sins allowed against humanity/innocents in the womb, and the support of muzzies(anti-christians) in our society.

          This is not a message of doom and gloom, but one of facing facts and putting forth the first line of defense that sets people apart from the people that will make up the masses explained in Law #4. The second place/silver medalists that will suffer and die, mainly because they have not the love of the truth and the protections provided by the Holy Spirit from their Creator and Saviour, which can only come with salvation.
          So, those that are already there, you know this message is coming from the heart and is truth.

          Those that mock and scoff, and say it has no place here, are just living in delusion, because; at the end of the day/age, that is what it all comes down to. That makes this a message of hope.

          Peace and safety all!

          • Proverbs 12:28 ” In the way of righteousness is life, and in it’s pathway THERE IS NO DEATH”. NKJV

            Good post, did it ever occur to you that many of the “Nazis” here are actually Muslim trolls?

            Islamo-Nazis I guess?

            • I can’t argue that my friend.

              However; i can truthfully say that one of said “nazis”, your words, not mine; was a good friend of mine, and not a muzzie troll, even as I was outed by her group. i thought she was a sister in Christ.

              When i made the case that we can’t truthfully make judgments about who the ‘fake’ -ews are, and that it is God’s business, i was touted as a big fan of Israel and put into a group that they call deceived christians. Well, we know them by their fruits, and yes, there are many facets to -udaism, and some may have the spirit of nazism/hitler, as their guide.
              The true enemy is Satan and he guides many. Trolls are just troublemakers under many different monikers and groups, and some are muzzies. But more importantly for us is to seek out, is the muzzie sympathizers, and to not play along with them.

              Anyone making the case for supporting a muzzie/lover of the quran, over a normal -ew/person living in Israel/USA, is a far worse enemy. The orthodox -ew will have their day, but God will save many in the end by removing their blinders.

              Just as Acid here on this site….salvation by grace is extended to, “whomsoever will”, make the transformation. Even Odrama, as ugly and bad as he is, has the opportunity up until he breathes his last breath. I don’t believe he will, but it is not my call, thank goodness.

              • Just so there is no mistake here about me calling someone a Nazi Troll…I have not said or otherwise inferred that anyone I know or have known is a nazi Troll.

                I hate people putting words into my mouth, so I make this statement for clarification to any and all persons that may be offended or otherwise care.

                “Please read carefully”, and do not make useless claims and accusations, when reading my posts. I have better things to do than chasing after figments of imagination, as some do.

              • Good post, PWTW. Incidentally, while we are told not to judge, the VERY next story Christ states that we should not cast our pearl before swine. Point is, judging is bad, discernment is good.

                Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Martin Niemoller came butt up against these realities. If you have time to read Eric Metaxes’ lengthy work on the subject, you won’t be disappointed. We are in the EXACT same state as the world was in 1937, complete with the homosexual Nazi Brownshirts and their judicial Kristallnachts.

            • Stars/bars: Merkel(witch) and other EU leaders are Marxist- Muslims but have yet to show up at a mosque and say a short prayer and formally convert. If they don’t soon when the EU falls under a caliphate, they will be executed. They are puppets of the globalists and open borders policy like Obozo and other traitors used by the elite. Merkel is a devoted Marxist, pro multicultural formerly a puppet of e. Germany’s control freak Honecker.

          • Your posts are valuable.

          • Passin,
            You are right. And many religions have misled man. Yet they will be held responsible for that.
            I think many will be surprised or shocked about the way things will end.

          • passinwiththewind,

            What a refreshing article. Honesty, Humility, Truth = Divine Wisdom.

            Prepare for the worst, but, most importantly, prepare for eternity.

            God’s grace be with you.

        • Jeremiah Johnson is a fraud. He recently added many more qualifications to his resume’. I spoke my opinion before and this guy threatened me, which leads me to believe that he’s afraid of being exposed. There aren’t any SOCOM units that teach any of these topics as survival skills/tools. I believe the johnsons military skills begin and end in the supply department, as revealed at the end of his military accomplishments. It’s easy to fool people who are trusting, do not know any better, nor ask for proof. I’m sorry for offending those who put stock in this guy.


          • Thanks Mac

            hope you and yours had a good holiday

          • U.S. special forces community that special operations assets have been moved into the area

            Military taking police action?

            Headline from Daily Mail:
            Stolen valor: The militiaman bodyguard of ranchers Cliven and Ammon Bundy is falsely posing as a US Marine who served in Afghanistan and Iraq

            Just like the Democrats, if you can’t attack the message, attack the messenger…..


          • Mac, I read that article earlier. I knew something smelled about that whole affair. Get ready for a serious shoe to drop in the aftermath.

            • Braveheart and all

              Militia’s and Oath keepers have stated that they will not put up with another Ruby Ridge regarding this. They have put out a warning to be ready to protect yourself and others.
              I don’t know where this is heading even though it was suspected that there were government plants at the Bundy ranch.
              I wish you and yours the best.

          • Thanks for that, Mac.

        • Why was there no immediate police presence at that compound?

          Cliven Bundy’s racist remarks did seem effected.

          Why wasn’t John Ritzheimer arrested for making death threats on youtube? Is he a fed plant?

          I don’t know what to believe these days. That’s the way they want it too.

      3. A Muslim Family Moves To Ireland

        8 year old Mohammad entered his classroom on the first day of school.

        “What’s your name?”, asked the teacher.

        “Mohammad,” he replied.

        “You’re in Ireland now,” replied the teacher, “So from now on you will be
        known as Mike”.

        Mohammad returned home after school.

        “How was your day, Mohammad?”, his mother asked.

        “My name is not Mohammad. I’m in Ireland and now my name is Mike”.

        “Are you ashamed of your name? Are you trying to dishonor your parents,
        your heritage, your religion? Shame on you!”
        And his mother beat the shit out of him.

        Then she called his father, who
        beat the shit out of him again.

        The next day Mohammad returned to school. The teacher saw all of his
        fresh bruises.

        “What happened to you, Mike?”, she asked.

        “Well shortly after becoming an Irishman, I was attacked by two fu-king

        • Infidel-2, ROTFLMFAO! One of the best I’ve ever heard.

        • Very funny!

          Mohammed, Ahmed and Tariq move to the new Islamic Caliphate from Europe. Overjoyed at arriving in the Muslim promised land, they decide to celebrate.

          Mohammed says “Dudes, let’s get a kebab and get laid. I hear the Caliphate has sex slaves.”

          Ahmed says “But should we not first pray to Allah the Merciful? You are only trying to slake your earthly appetites.”

          Tariq agrees.

          Mohammed, dejected, decides to go his own way and get the kebab and a sex slave alone. He wanders the streets of Raqqa famished and horny. All he sees are long lines everywhere and heads plopped on poles. No sex slaves and nothing that looks like a kebab shop. He decides to ask a member of ISIS if he knows where to get a kebab and a sex slave.

          ISIS member: “You want a kebab and a sex slave? So do I: I will take you there. ”

          Overjoyed again, Mohammed skips along behind the ISIS guy as they walk through the streets.

          ISIS member: “Here we are: please go in and you can order the kebab and sex slave: also get one for me as well: I need to take a piss.”

          Mohammed, with a big grin, enters the building. It is pitch black and he cannot even see his hand. He walks further in and shouts “Anyone here: sex slaves? Kebabs?” He blacks out and wakes up two hours later with something in his mouth and a jabbing sensation in his ass. He tries to focus on what it is: in shock he realizes it is a man’s penis in his mouth. Disgusted, he tries to spit it out but somebody his holding him down. It is Tariq: “You wanted a kebab, well, first you need to spit roast it. You wanted a sex slave? Well, bitch, you is it.”

          Squirming, Mohammed tries to free himself as Ahmed pounds away in his ass and the ISIS member oils up for his turn.

          Moral of the story? You may get to the Caliphate, but beware getting f#cked by your friends and everyone has their own interpretation of what a ‘kebab’ is.

          • DISGUSTING.

            Go somewhere else with that kind of stuff.

            • Mac should delete that one. It serves absolutely no purpose.

              • 9 out of 10 men prefer muslim sex dolls. They are much easier as they blow themselves up! 😛

        • Now that’s Funny !


        Ted is one of the few who is standing up Conservative values. Trump has a history of supporting Hillary, Schumer, and “buying” every Politian in New York!

        Cruze was raised in Texas (Confederate State) Donnie the Comb over King is a dam rotten Yankee!

        • Cruze should be swinging from the same rope all these traitors should be swinging from

          he is a politician .. is he not?

          I rest my case

          • He is also ineligible per the 13th amendment to the Constitution (original) as he is an attorney

            and that my friends would clean out the mess we have in DC in short order

        • Dow is Down 425 right now. 16,420. All markets are red. Gold/silver up.

        • Cruz voted for TPP along with all the others, sold us down the jobs river just the same. His wife works for Goldman Sachs. Think he is that much diff than his wife? Point is, they all suck. There will be no savior. Shits gonna get real at some point, and already has for some in this country.

        • I agree. Cruz is not perfect, but by far the best choice we have. I just sent him some money, in fact, and will do so again.

          And read sentence one again. He is NOT perfect. When you find th perfect candidate, let me know. Or vote for Hilary and see how much worse you just made it.

          • I haven’t voted since Ron Paul ran as it’s pointless, though I’m tempted to go vote for Hillary and just get this over with.

            • Sorry Rebel, but she isn’t operating for the real Commander in this operation of chastisement against a world that has rejected Messiah.

              She may or may not be a player that He allows to bring about some of His chastisement, but He is still on the Throne and conducting this war on His own time table.

              It is, after all, a battle between good and evil. Time to take sides, folks.

              • Passin, so your saying those who don’t fall for your jesus are evil? Non believers choose the side of evil? Pick a side? I pick truth and justice not my nose like some here….

                • His name is Yeshua.

                  • Yahushua

                    • The entity you need to worry about is Shiva, she can be a real bitch!

            • Excellent idea Rebel. And when you and your family – despite all your preparations you have undoubtedly made – finally fail.. and they WiLL, just like they did for so many Germans, with respect, I submit you will be part of the CYNICAL crew that ushered in disaster.

              Yeah, vote for no one until the 100% perfect candidate comes along. Unbelievable.

        • You misspelled “Cruze” It is Cruz.

      5. Could not agree with you more SW, we “Southerners” need to stay close and stick together.

        I’m sure a bunch of Dimocrat/Muslim trolls will attack your post.

        The South will be the only part of the former U.S. not under Muslim control in 25 years!……..rebel yell!

        • JJ, We are lucky, we have several escape routes to the bugout either by 4 wheelers or foot. Bugout bags good for 2 weeks travel. From the retreat we have numerous other options as we have scouted areas all around it for water and shelter and have many people in the area on radio comms. But winter is a bitch and no fun for traveling. It also makes you easy to track. Make sure you have good clothes! Been topping off the preps with small useful items and have an alcohol stove (no smoke or smell or big flames) nice and compact and free fuel. Another good thing about alcohol is it is also a cleaner and disinfectant and fire starter and motor fuel. You can make a perimeter secure with black thread(tripwire) a clothespin (contact switch) a Dcell battery and small buzzer (the alert). Very compact and not all the false alarms as with a motion sensor. Fishing line is a good tripwire too just don’t get the flourescent stuff. Spiderwire brand is strong and not as visible. 🙂

          • Personally, I keep the expensive spiderwire on my fishing pole with a spare roll in my bag. I use the cheap 10 lb test stuff for tripwire. Despite it’s name, tripwire is usually not used to actually trip a person, but a device. It doesn’t need to be strong or expensive. JMO

            • sixpack, The reason for spider wire line is that it doesn’t stretch like regular line and isn’t as visible. If you ever stretch out mono fishing line for any distance you will see that the wind blows it all over the place. Spiderwire will stay more taught and have less tangles and doesnt stretch so bad. It is not for tripping people it is to set off the buzzer when they walk into it. You could also use colored fine wire.

              • I just like it when the damned fish wraps it around a log on the bottom – I just pull the log up too.

      6. HCKS. Did the scientists say any thing about s america cus im thinking last ditch effort jack a boat in gulf coast region and make way south argentina ect where its some what fertal ground like here and weather good also how big a boat needed for sea travel any one know.

        • South Argentina this time of year will be tough, the Ocean is very turbulent this time of year and the swells are even worse. Even a large sized yacht will have issues … you’ll need to think bigger!

          No country will be safe … but … if curiosity has the best of you, then check out Guyana …for one … it’s the only country that English is the preferred choice to use.

          Anybody choosing to take up residency in South America.
          Unlike here in the States, Foreigners are frowned upon if you take a job that they are more than capable of doing themselves. Some will not hire you, unless you have a strong skill set in that field of work.

          Have a skill set, something they need, or be able to offer them something that makes you useful, and there shouldn’t be any issues.

          • FTW & GS.,
            Most countries these days do not like foreigners, especially from the usa. A lot of them hate our guts. (even though it’s not really our fault.)
            Think…south america…they have come up here with what? They brought other diseases and things we dont usually have, least not that high in numbers. Their country is in a bad condition too, or most would have preferred to stay in their own country. Many countries are that way. They prefer to stay, unless something bad is making them want to leave.
            Americans are targets to them. They think we have momey and americans will most likely be the first they rob or kill.
            They know their own country better. Where to go, where to live or not… expats don’t.

            I have been noticing a strange thing lately. For a third world country, many homes there
            are even higher in a lot of places here in this country. Unless maybe you prefer a shack. (
            same for other countries too. )
            Main thought is..there really isn’t another country to run to. You will always be a
            foreigner. Times are different now.

            If you really want to leave by boat, find someone who has the skills to run and maintain a
            boat. I have lived on a sailboat for a little over six years. There is a lot to learn on
            maintenance, living on one to get to a place ( also, living in tight quarters) Is a experience in itself. Most cannot do it, especially a woman, many cases they end up wanting a
            divorce. Seriously. St. Petersburg is a well know area for that. (But im different. 😉 , a safe
            place to dock or anchor.
            And yes, there STILL are pirates today. Be careful, know the laws of that area. And in some cases, you can and will be boarded. Sometimes it may go smoothly, sometimes not. Bribes may get you somewhere…or in jail. There is a lot to contemplate when leaving
            by boat.
            I have also heard they keep a eye on you. And your passports. A lot goes on out there that regular people have no clue about. It can be very dangerous.

            And yes, the storms and high rollers ( waves) are not too much fun. 😉
            Just my two cents on what I have learned and heard along the way.
            I would stay in this country myself.

            • I agree. We seriously considered moving to Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia, Costa Rica, and Argentina instead of Idaho. I have lived abroad for 3 years and was an exchange student to France as a child and spoke fluent French, though am a little rusty now. Additionally my Spanish is excellent and I practice it daily at work. I have several advanced degrees in medical and scientific fields so work opportunities are there for me in most countries depending on licensing requirements and reciprocity.

              All that being said, we still felt the American Redoubt was a better choice for relocation for many of the same reasons as above. Highly educated professionals that become fluent in the native language are pretty much accepted in most parts of the world in normal times but when TSHTF you will be seen as an outsider and a target, especially if they think you are wealthy.

              There are many pros to moving here and for most the biggest con will be job/income. While we miss our beloved Dixie in some ways, and it’s tough sometimes being so far from family, I am glad we moved to rural Idaho and will never move back.

            • We have a better chance here at home than our secondary location, a rural farm 5 hours from here. Too much road between here and there. Roads will become impassable very quickly after people panic. They won’t even know where they are going… they will just get on the road if they can. We located here with this in mind, and I think our strategy is sound.
              Those deer that keep knocking over my fruit tree caged may end up being welcome guests:)

              • …and welcomed guests always get the place of honor at the dinner table, right?

                • Lol, sixpack-

              • 2isone,
                We have several deer families that we have fed year after year. We help them out in the winter when times get rough for them. I can get six feet away from them. But I dont really want them too familiar with people. They will probably becomes someomes food one day. I feel bad in some ways, feeding them because I am afraid their food also has gmo’s in it too. Same as for chicken feed and other farm feed. Most people don’t think about that, but is is true.
                Just when you think you are eating healthy raised food, ” they ” have already thought about that years ago. What they tell you on the packages are mostly lies..if you know food manufacturing at plants, you know they can change the packaging overnight if they have to, but not the food..that takes a lot longer. Know your food source.
                But it doesn’t really matter because our food has been messed with years ago. It just stayed quiet. If that doesn’t get you, the chemtrail crap falling down your foods ( day or night) will also. Greenhouses are a better way I guess to grow things if a
                person can. And you can in the winter too as long as you have heat and lights.
                One canadian used xmas lights ( for heat ) and said it was enough. I haven’t tried it
                myself so I don’t know.
                People up here go turkey, deer, elk and any other thing every year. Deer jerky Is good to have sometimes. It tastes good. Least what I’ve made does. Buffalo and elk tastes good too. As well as quail, dove, squirrel. But I can be a vegetarian again if I have to. I don’t need meat, but it is tasty! 😉
                The locals don’t really have to go
                to a range to stay good for their practice because they hunt already. 😉 a lot.
                In the spot I am, I worry about both sides. Yes the locals worry me. Sometimes ( like now) we can hear some plinking. And occasionally have a guy going off after midnight. Lol. Long as he knows where to point it, I don’t care. They can get crazy around here…and they do know if you belong. Or not. Me, I don’t care. I have had a few try to really intimidate me..which doesn’t faze me in the least. And have had buckshot rain down on my head. I let them know quickly..
                There are tons of roads and backroads, I have been all around this area. Looking at all the other areas, I just don’t even know where a good place is. Therefore are a lot of pros and cons to many areas. But my hubby is not going to move anywhere. Period. I feel like a duck on the water.
                I am finding that old saying, ” it is what it is” not as annoying these days. 😉

                Sorry for going a little off topic here.

                • Hi Cinderella- I hear what you are saying about neighbors. We actually live on the fringe of a national forest so we hear all the shots fired during hunting season on the parcels that are near to the house. That’s when you see a lot of bucks cross over into the subdivision. We have does and fawns all the time, so thick you have to be careful not to hit them with your car.

                  If I had my druthers, we would have more land around us as we live in a relatively “normal” house dense subdivision. There are good and bad parts about that… like you said. The advantage for us with our location is that we could walk out of our gate and be in the forest in less than five minutes if we needed to. And we know our way around back in there, and could hide or stash stuff that we needed under a tarp and leaves. We are so back in the subdivision that we would hear gunfire from the sections up near the front way before anybody ever got back here. People are pretty like minded here… we live near the death penalty capitol of the world and people here are not afraid of firearms… not for hunting or the occasional escapee. It really is a good location for us far enough away from the city- there are long stretches of territory for the horde to slug it out before they could get to us… and it’s questionable that they could even get past a certain bottleneck on a major highway if some enterprising trucker did something creative.

        • 35 foot sail boat.

      7. Dow down 318 at 1pm some can see what the china curcuit breaks comming off will do

        • Stock market gonna be singing tom petty free falling song

          • See-sawing right along as i predicted. Most likely be back at 17,500 by next week.

            Anyways, it’s a long ways off from the 30% plus, losses, needed to be confirmed as a crash.

            I don’t think they are quite ready to pull the plug just yet.

      8. I would have to add business skills. The reality is more likely things will just decay and become more like Detroit. If you look at many countries, they mostly just rot and fester. In such an environment, going ‘bushwhacker’ too early may mean you are missing out on great opportunities to thrive.

        As things decay, the soft jobs out there will disappear: the office workers, the social media gal, the web graphic designer, poodle shampoo parlour assistant, perfume sales woman, telemarketing, etc. Instead, things orient to a new social structure and economy: government becomes more about circling the wagons and protecting the leader and his family. Everyone outside the gates can go to hell. The economy becomes a survival economy: people need food, shelter, booze/drugs and sex. Anyone who can get them that, will be the new millionaires.

        The social structure becomes utterly brutal. Old and weak and poor? You are toast. Young and strong but dumb: you have a chance at being the muscle for the local business king pins. Young, strong and smart: you have a chance at rivaling the leader for his job (something that offers you a very low success rate and a very high death rate).

        Young woman and pretty? You either go into the sex trade or you are so clever, you wrap some powerful dude around your finger and become a Lady Macbeth. Middle aged, dumpy and plain: you better keep quiet and get some business smarts: learn to run a kiosk. Kind of ugly but have a great bod? Sex trade though charge less than the pretty girls. Fat, ugly? There will be no place for fat and ugly: this is shtf.

        The population will look very different: a thinning out occurs. Beauty will thrive, ironically. And there will be no obese people. Men will be basically muscle-bound thugs or razor-sharp business guys.

        • Frank, dang-it-all! I was hope’n fur a Poodle Shampoo assistant job, now ya’ll went a ruined it fur me.

          Oh well, guess I’ll just have to remain a Whiskey taster.

        • True to form, Frank. My hat is off to you.

        • You’ve been reading to many hcks comments lol

        • You watch too much Hollyweird.
          People are already creating alternate communities where they grow food and in many cases are creating forward thinking technology. They are reclaiming trashed or marginal land and making water reservoirs for their small communities. All off grid. All growing livestock, mostly small. Yes they are armed. This is a huge worldwide movement. Each group starts small and grows no larger than about 300 people. They are mainly quite democratic. It reminds me a bit of Jewish farm communities, but not communistic. They bake bread, make cheese, grow things, trade with each other and outsiders. My bet is on cooperation and communities. My website gets a lot of hits from these communities because of my 5 acre food forest. It is a skillset. You need to be looking at allies, not just shooting everyone in sight. It is also why my son wants to create a family compound in the mountains. Armed of course. I don’t believe in denigrating everyone because they are creating a different solution to our problems. In fact, if you worry about the toxic corporate food supply, these folks are the future, their numbers increase daily.

          • I am a realist and have seen first-hand what happens in many places. I do, however, hope our future is in the hands of people like you; I like your spirit and decency. The world needs more like you!

            • Thank you, that is kind. There are monsters now and there will be more, I am not denying that. I am not now nor have I ever been a thug’s cheap woman. Now I am 61 they would no longer have interest… a young woman’s game.

              My rose colored glasses got lost a couple decades ago. I am seeing a massive groundswell of decent people casting this corrupt system off their backs and going their way. I visit back and forth with them every day of the week. Quiet people who are going about their little lives in a new way that excludes corporate-owned media and government to a large extent. As I do. They hook us into the game. I am unhooking in an orderly manner so far. Freedom is not possible if you need the corrupt machine for survival.

          • Rebecca

            I love your post and find them wise and helpful. I thank you for that. I think attitude about how neighbors and others will be treated after a shtf event has a lot to do with your neighborhood.
            I have grown up in a small community where we help each other in times of need. If there is sickness or death in families others show up with food. You always end up with way more than you can eat.
            In my community most are all country people who cut wood, garden, and farm. Not all but enough where most will have valuable skills. If they are not preppers they still can hunt or grow food. Will there be trouble in a shtf situation. I am sure with some and they will be dealt with harshly. I think most will band together for mutual aid and support. Having cows, pigs, and chickens in the area will be a great asset. It is just taught from our youth to help those who are in need.

            In a true shtf event I hope the whole community goes back to the way things were a 100 years ago. Helping your neighbor and loving your neighbor.

            • Reb, I hope they all band together when the BLM comes a knockin’. Remember… shoot, shovel, shut up 🙂 Imma try some riceshine soon, it might be pretty good. Hows the wine doin?

              • Hey Genius!
                My wine is in it’s second jar now. I tasted it, thought it was good. I am keeping it in my bedroom at a good temperature. I have 3 pounds of pears I plan to start tomorrow. I have a zillion pounds of rice… rice wine would be good. I use it when I stir fry Chinese food… then I would not have to buy it. I need bottles.

                • Reb, good deal! I ask people to save me theyre old bottles with caps and clean them out good.Mason jars work too. An easy way to sterilize your bottles is in the oven at 200 degrees for 20-30 minutes and just boil the caps in a pan. Be sure to add some campden tabs or sodium metabisuphate to kill the yeast before bottling or you might have a big boom and a mess. Good luck and happy brewing!

                  • I have Mason jars galore. I can use those until I scrounge bottles. Will use camp den tablets to stop fermentation. This is fun.

            • Mike in VA,
              That is the kind of area I grew up in. Everybody just pitched in. People acted decent. If not, well, the men seemed to get it handled. I am a long way from home. It is good that you have people nearby, especially with your son’s disability. Hanging together is best. I think it was the best way to grow up and the best way to live.
              Take care.

          • Rebecca ~ Can you please post a link to your site? I would be interested in learning more about the ‘food forest’ concept…. thanks!

            • Hi Scott
              my site is treeseeddreaming dot com. I bought 5 acres of not farmland and am turning it into a food forest using mostly native edibles. One person called it guerilla gardening because it is the best opsec garden possible. I also have some regular gardens around my house. It also attracts extra wildlife for possible meat. My BOL. Secondary… I need a 3030 or something to search for a cave at the top of my hill, they are common in the area. I am chicken to climb up there since I have bear and puma. One of these days. Sure would make a good BOL though! My site gets hits from over 70 countries and I am astonished at how extensive this interest is. I have only been seriously blogging since September so I am little beans!

              • Thanks Rebecca! I’ll check out the site!

                Keep in mind that many mammals, reptiles, and birds have probably been in those caves, and that their droppings can harbor a host of pathogens. Be very cognizant of disease risk when exploring or developing a place like this. Best Wishes ~ Karl V. (not Scott)

                • Sorry Karl, do we even have a Scott on here?
                  I would like a cave, on the small side, though. I know that the filth could do me in. My bear is around so much could have a sleepy bear, too. In any case, it will have to wait until I have a 3030 because I am just wishful thinking at the moment.

        • Now that’s the scenario that I have seen play out first hand in South America and I believe is the most likely for the west.
          I’m quiet over the bogeyman fear tactics because every time I look into it I find the truth is different.
          Russia has nothing to gain invading Murica- it doesn’t need to! Scarey old Russia has the same problems of aging population, shrinking economy as us, it has a smaller population, WHY WOULD IT RISK DEFEAT.
          All Russia and China have to do to become the next hegemon is to avoid conflict with the west and then watch our corrupt society burn.
          Every time I see the news I see a new provocation from our desperate military to provoke Russia or China into war and we are told they are the aggressors? That they will invade?
          Why would they bother? All they have to do is pull the banking system and watch as we destroy our selves.
          Rant finished.
          MOVE out of the cities, NOW, not later when you will have to face well armed locals as refugees. Look at them Europe, regardless of how you plan, stash guns and food, luck plays a large part in SHTF situations- fix the odds in somewhere rural with a large garden and friends.

        • Frank

          Does this mean my dream of opening up a male stripper business is not a good prepper plan lol.
          I have already tried it a little. I offered to do it for a penny a shot to the girls at the drug store to pay for prescriptions. As of yet no takers. lol
          I was hoping in bad times they might reconsider. lol

          • So, are you going to add Magic to your first name then?

        • SP,

          That reminds me of a song I heard as a child about this family where they would sing “You’re always welcome to our house, at anytime of the day. You’re always welcome to our house, and we hope you will stay.” I believe it was a group called, ‘The Hootnanny and the Highwaymen’.

          Stay safe, healthy, ‘live long and prosper’!

          Louisiana Eagle

      9. Look!
        I found a list of Hillarys accomplishments

        thats it

        • oh , I forgot, the one


      10. Hillary’s disappearing resume!

        • tread lightly hcks im watching you.

        • HCKS, be careful, angry beaver has his browneye on you lol.

      11. Remember this about your BOL; if your not already there and wait for the SHTF, the moment you step out your home’s door you are now a refugee at the mercy of others. Think hard about not waiting for the SHTF event before leaving your home. You have to get to your BOL and I’ll guarantee that you will not be alone on the roads and caught up in the mad rush. JUST THINK!!

        • “I”2
          I/We have put a three day window on when we aqreed to gather together and then to move to BOL. This time frame is what we are going on. have a better idea or time frame?

        • With all due respect I2, recall that most of us have JOBS, elderly parents, mentally handicapped siblings, ill spouses (or all of the above), no pensions and no inheritances coming. So, going to a BOL is not an option ahead of time. Nor, as Ferfal points out, is that a sure thing. In fact, in Argentina (admittedly not an EMP type event) he clearly says those rural bug out locations were hit the most often and hardest by gangs of sick marauders. People went to BOL locations prior to Y2K and lost everything. Mel Tappan, the famed survivalist, DIED at his BOL as he had a heart attack and no help nearby.

          Point is, a BOL is not a bad idea. Just that not everyone can afford it, or do it. I do, in fact, have a property in Nova Scotia (look at a map – you will notice it is the ONLY area outside of Alaska/Hawaii that you could reach by car, boat, or plane, yet with typical EMP effect maps, would be totally unaffected. And no, there are NO restrictions from Americans buying there, and no, it not that cold. Pretty close to Boston temps in winter, and absolutely wonderful summers. And no, no golden hordes are going to be heading there in a meltdown – they’ll all be heading south. Yet, the land is fertile, well watered, and during good times Halifax has two universities, an int’l airport and everything a decent sized city offers.

          I appreciate your post, but no one knows for sure what will happen, or when. I ***do**** know every year I get older, and will need to prepare for that, so I have to work.

          It’s just that simple.

          • Nova Scotia is nice.

      12. As General James Mattis (USMC) says, “Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everyone you meet.”

      13. JJ
        Thanks Sir for the advise. All duly noted.

        My house/area is where the family by Shitcago/Chiraq is coming to. The families in our group, in my general location is coming to my house in three days we will move to BOL#1 Which is already set up and has everything thing we need, along with a large group of Patriots. They will move to a set location to meet our group. They know to move to another location if we run into trouble to assist. We will do everything we can to make allies of the people we meet up with that have decided to Bug In. Trade and Barter will be used a lot after TSHTF.

        Command structure is in place. We will move to our planned route, (with secondary and third route also set) Communications have all ready been tested (not one several if needed)

        With the Grace of God we will get there with out a hitch. I feel this because of our number and that too many people will have know idea what is going on until it is too late.

        Again JJ thanks for the info and insight.


        • I am the BOL
          Everyone that is on my pick 7 except for one that is too far away ,is to arrive here , than after team up OP’s(btw I was able to pick wayyyy more than 7, plus a support group•)
          After we are ready

          We move again Plan b moves to the next level
          It stays fluid
          At least that’s the groups stance at this point
          Everything has to be able to adapt and move


        As asked before, what will the left do when the radical Muslims come marching in to meet the radical gays in San Francisco?

        – German mayor of Cologne tells women it is their fault for not keeping would-be rapists at arms-length in recent Muslim sexual assault rampage in Germany (and yes… feminists are the SAME place they were for all those women Bill Clinton molested, while “bimbo eruption” leader Hilary tore strips off the female victims.
        – Next disease from the illegal immigrants? The Zika virus, a rare tropical disease that’s causing a panic in Brazil — because it may lead to babies being born with abnormally small heads — has now made its way to Puerto Rico. And experts fear the United States could be next. Until last year, the Zika virus, which is spread by mosquitoes, was mainly confined to Africa and Asia. But in 2015 the disease made the leap to the Western Hemisphere, affecting more than a million people in Brazil. It’s since spread to Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, and nine other countries. Last week, the first confirmed case in Puerto Rico was reported. But don’t worry! The Learjet leftists and limousine liberals, along with the Hollyweird hypocrites, will all be protected in their gated communities!
        – A letter from a San Diego congressman to the Department of Homeland Security says that several dozen Pakistani and Afghan men have come into the United States through a Tijuana since September, and two of those men have ties to terrorist activity, the San Diego Reader first reported.

        But again, don’t worry! While YOU, dear reader, are being disarmed, the Learjet leftists all have their armed bodyguards. Besides, as the infamous Leona Helmsley once told us serfs here in flyover country, “Laws are for little people.” Hey, just ask sexual assaulters and perjurers Hilary and Bill!

        • I just recently read where it is NOT the so-called ZIKA Virus that is causing babies to be born with “Smaller Brains”….! It is the MMR vaccine purposely given to pregnant women for this very reason…. I believe it!!

      15. Slingshot:
        Last thread was getting crowded. Answer to your query sir.
        I have work with goofy Newfies everyday they make up 1/4 of Alberta’s force. Nothing these folks won’t do for you. They are physically mentally tough as nails and work hArd . Drink like fish? That’s an understatement lol These folks make what they call screech essentially good old fashioned shine. I.myself don’t drink anymore. I am Canadian so yes I drink beer and watch hockey lol as to marching while drunk well yes actually I have lol my high school guided us into what was then a program for shit disturbing punks called princess Patricia youth militia this is not as glorious as it sounds. It was army cadets that gained us 3 weeks training at CFB Suffield along side the regular forces ppli princess Patricia’s light infantry. Rode around in troop carriers marched alot. No combat training of any kind but did get a day on their firing range with .22 lol
        Then After high school you could join our regular forces with rank. I never did.
        I have herd of the vessel you mentioned but must admit I’d have to look it up to even know what it was lol. Hope that covers it.

      16. J.J. great article. Keep the info coming. The one common thread I see so many times is to have extra gas and drive to your BOL. Under the situation as you outlined it, if you hit the road in a vehicle and I mean any road, you are going to be spotted from the air and either captured or taken out. Our initial plans for any emergency is to stay at home, but under this situation, we would head out on foot and go into hiding locally. The closer you are to some of these hides, the better off you will be. I have scouted out many places within a few miles of home, where we can get out of sight and detection. These are the places we will head to, at least in the short term until we can figure out just how bad things are. From there, we will observe and see if we can or should move further away.

      17. In the above article…. Could someone please post the link to the “Escaping from the Gulag” article.

      18. this is way off topic
        but if you have an idiot in your family
        up against this woman they will look like a rocket scientist

        $188M Powerball winner has risked fortune bailing out ex-con boyfriend

        ht tp://…boyfriend.html

        • But she loves him. It take all kinds to make the world go around.

          What is or was her boyfriend in for. Domestic Battery?


      19. Here are my tips:

        1. Crack open a beer, bottle of wine or whatever of your choosing.
        2. Make yourself a sandwich.
        3. Open a bag of chips.
        4. Curse yourself for not having cake or something equally as delicious in the house.
        5. Curl up on the couch or in your most comfiest chair.
        6. Read a good book.

      20. This scenario is a fear of mine. I have a son with cerebral palsy that makes it almost impossible to go for long walks. I do have options but I will be at a disadvantage in this situation. I cannot explain my options for obvious reasons. Since I live in the country hopefully we don’t have to bug out. The options would be the worst case scenario.
        Can you imagine trying to get a wheel chair through the woods or carrying a 130 pound human everywhere you go.
        Life is rough at times. I will just do what I have to do no matter what.
        I will not leave my boy no matter what. He is the happiest young man you will ever meet. He loves hunting and being one of the guys. I killed a deer this year with him right beside me. It was recorded as his first deer. I have never heard him scream so loud. All the guys showed up and we had a big celebration for him while we skinned his deer.
        If all on here had his toughness and determination we would win in every situation in life.
        God is great all the time.

        • All the time, Mike.

        • Hubby’s brother has cerebral palsy. He lives in a big city with no plans to move out. He has been prepping and has a good supply of needs stored.

          But…he will not last long. He will be easily taken down and his preps stolen.

          How we wish he would come out here near us.

          • grandee

            I hope he gets enough heads up that he can come out before anything happens.
            My prayers are with you and him.

        • Mike that certainly is a hard situation of course no one would leave a child behind. You said you lived in a rural area? I assume you have some land. You could think about going deep under ground just on your propery. Scorch your land and house when you go down to make it look like its been hit and everyone rounded up stay quiet if you have to leave your underground shelter your still in no worse shSpe . Just a thought

          • Angry Beaver

            Thanks for being helpful. I have some options but just cannot do the bug out thing for a long distance. If we had enough warning I have a friend who has bought a cabin out in the middle of nowhere. It would take about a four hour drive. Regarding my place I cannot talk about the options for obvious reasons but I really want to thank you for trying to help.

            Life is what it is. The good lord has always been good to me and my son is such a blessing. I think we will be alright. If we have to bug out through the woods then we are in trouble. That will not happen.

            • You could use a wheelbarrow if you ever had to take your son some distance in the woods. Some padding would make it more comfortable for him.

        • M in V – YOU DON’T ABANDON THE ONES YOU LOVE. That’s one rule I adhere to. It’s called ‘love’ or ‘loyalty’ or ‘decency’ or all of the above. I salute you Sir.

      21. Someone mentioned JJ is a fraud,something I doubt,but for sake of thinking lets say he is.His writings get folks to think/be low key/concealed/prepared ect.,so,even if a fraud regarding background the writing and articles he produces are valid points to consider/put into action,so thanks whatever your background and will go with what you state regarding your background unless proof comes out that it is a lie and you are actually a women who is a beautician who just has a solid head for survival!

        • Warchild

          I realize anyone can say anything including JJ. The articles he writes to me prove he is not a fake. You can tell by the way a person writes and what they say. I don’t know how else to explain it. If you know you just know.
          The person that stated he is a fake needs to prove it. What information do they have to back it up other than there keyboard.

          Hope you are doing great and just my two cents.

          • Mike and Warchild, I agree that JJ is the real deal. My family in GA reads his articles and the vets in the family can verify everything he says. The moron who says he’s fake can’t prove shit about JJ.

            • Regardless of who he is, his message is sound. It may not be right for everyone, but it facilitates THINKING about such scenarios.

              He would simply be following the most stringent OPSEC there is, IF he as an old woman in a beauty shop with a head like a hard core survivalist.

              That being said – THERE IS NO RESUME OF QUALIFICATIONS for bugging out in SHTF. Most of us have never done it before, not really. As for the military, whether one ends up in logistics and supply or infantry, we all crawl through the same mud at boot camp. WE all used our heads to make it through. We all proved we had what it took to go the distance. Period.

              Anyone saying JJ is a “fraud” because he didn’t violate his own OPSEC where his training is concerned, IS EITHER JUST A DAMNED TROLL, OR SOME GOVT SPY on a FISHING EXPEDITION.

              Some things are on a ‘NEED TO KNOW’ basis, and WE don’t need to know.

            • BTW, Jacknife was the moron who said JJ is fake. He can either prove it or STFU.

      22. I live in a sub-division 35 miles out of Atlanta. Closer to Rural than City and I plan on riding it out on my 3/4 acre land and home. or I may sell it and buy a house a little farther out with more land. Havent decided yet…

        • IMO, you want whichever is the most difficult for someone else to take from you, either legally or by brute force.

      23. Why would our country be invaded? I’d have to know what allowed this to happen to understand the situation.

        If our country was overrun by foreign invaders, the country must had gone to hell in a disaster already before they came with NO military to defend us. So I would think the invasion would be after 90% of our population has died, possibly EMP events all over the US or a deadly virus. I’d already be gone to my BO camp by the time the invaders came, and probably won’t find me because I already disappeared into thousands of square miles of wilderness out my back door.

        • Scenario:
          A spark is all it will take most agree a shooting war at this point is in avoidable.
          Once that starts some one will come in and secure the nukes USA has the most advanced nuclear weaponry on the planet you will have the UN in there to secure these sites by your own governments invitation.
          Scenario .2)
          Same thing oy china andbir Russia will come on over.
          They will conquer and take Canada although we will fight they will wade through us no other country could help as Russian navy would blockade our shores they will come in off Alaska through our NWT and into Hudson’s bay. Now once they have taken our air and land bases do you think maybe there’s enough if a manufacturing base here minimal supply lines get it
          3.) The Muslims are already there and more in the way
          Once they out number us whites and with how many millions of guns in your country? Army is in place feed and armed
          There are 3 very plausible scenarios.

          • The first 2 are BS when you think about it from a logical perspective, devoid of any neocon rantings.

            I doubt that the US elites would allow the UN to come in and secure anything – “secure” also means control. The US will have no part of that kind of exposure. The shadow govt cannot allow anyone to know any truth about what we have.

            Despite what the MSM war hawks tell you, neither China nor Russia has any interest in taking over the US. THEY JUST WANT US TO GET THE HELL OUT OF THEIR BUSINESS AND LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE. PERIOD. Russia might want Alaska back, because it is within spitting distance of their far eastern boundaries, which is the only reason the US stole it in the first place. But Russia will not ‘invade us’ over that patch of ice, they already have plenty of ice between us.

            However, I do see evidence every day that #3 is working rather nicely. THAT invasion IS ongoing as we speak.

      24. Besides relative’s houses and possibly some close friend’s houses, it is nearly impossible to locate safe areas that you can control, and stash more than a 3 day supply in. If you do not have those then it is far easier to build your preps around the ability to quickly bug out in your car – but taking the back roads that you already scouted out. The quick is important – and you might bug out a few times for nothing – but if you are faced with a situation where many thousands or millions are leaving an area – it might not be a good idea to stay in the area on foot. The problem for most of us would be not scouting the routes, not leaving soon enough, and not having ‘car bug out preps’ ready to go.

        • NorseMan- Agreed. Knowing the back roads within100-200 miles of where you live is critical. We went on a 100 miler today, and we passed someroads that were not marked on GPS. Those are my favorites:)

      25. Thanks for an excellent piece. The very first tip, head in the opposite direction of the crowd is important. It’s also important to practice alternative routes NOW before you need to use them in an emergency situation. I often take the “alternative” routes if I can afford to (time-wise) when traveling to visit relatives, etc. It’s been very helpful for situtional awareness, and we’ve made note of various resources that we could use if needed in a true emergency situation.

        Look forward to reading more of your articles!

      26. There’s a new USA network series called “Colony”. It is about an occupation by an alien force. The people are fighting to survive. There springs up a group of collaborators who wish to not just survive, but live like the rich, they form their own police force and receive backing from a robot drone force the aliens control. Then of course a resistance movement starts up.

        One of the directors grew up in a S. American country that was taken over by a dictator, he is said to be bringing his real world experience of a murderous police state to the show.

        Anyway the preview makes is seem like it would be a great thought provoking experience for anyone who seeks to be prepared.

        First show is Jan 14th.

      27. We have another place, with food, water, everything…but in another State….so walking won’t get us there. May need a Plan B closer by?

        • My son in law crossed the US on a bicycle. A year or two ago my daughter and her husband biked from Cape Kenedy area to Key West. They averaged 30 to 40 miles per day. A good bike is a cool tool, and let me add, ahh to be young!

          Nevertheless I don’t worry about them living on the edge of a big city, if there was an EMP or similar disaster, and nothing could move, I’d expect them at the house for dinner.

          • Funny… another Rebecca online here. I had not noticed before.
            i wanted to bicycle down highway 101 for always. When I was in Seattle I gave up and drove 101 all the way to California. Stopped to look at a cute little house up for auction. I am afraid I will never do that bike trip… motorcycle would be fun, I saw tons of them. Ah well, still haven’t gone to Machu Picchu. My son sez we are going to Ireland around September for my Christmas present. I am supposed to be running marathons by then so I can see all there is to see… gotta love your kids… no rocking chairs for me. Maybe we’ll drum up some cousins. If I had to get clear across the country after SHTF I would stay off roads altogether. Use a compass… and pick up a big dog along the way, walking stick and walk. If I walk I can eat off the land except winter. Water is the worst.

      28. Interesting read

      29. While I completely agree with having a BOP, I am low income and one of my family is wheelchair bound. I can’t afford another place. I have skills to offer as a prior army medic, hunting, cattle and sheep experience and other such skills. But no idea how to make friends with preppers willing to work with us. I have a disturbing feeling that this year may be the one and haven’t a clue how to prepare on my income. We have a bit of food and water stockpiled. Not a lot. Probably a couple weeks. To be frank, while I have the skills to help my family survive, I don’t have a safe place to do so. Any ideas?

      30. Really great article! Thanks for all the info 🙂 If you guys want to learn more about survival you can go grab your free survival ebook copy at 🙂

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