The Reason Why There Will Be a Second American Civil War: “American Citizens are Soon to Become an Endangered Species”

by | May 1, 2014 | Headline News | 400 comments

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      1. The way things are, civil war sounds like a good idea. It’s time to cull the herd.

        • I believe the government knows the economy is tanking and there is rising tension and frustration among American citizens.

          Did the government buy all that ammo to prevent citizens from having it and to create shortages?
          This is another example of government waste. Our tax dollars at work.

          GAO Report: The Pentagon plans to destroy $1.2 billion in ammunition amid widespread ammo shortages for private citizens.

          “According to a Government Accountability Office (GAO) report acquired by USA Today, the ammunition is being destroyed because the Pentagon does not know what ammunition is new and viable and what is not.”

          • KY Mom

            “According to a Government Accountability Office (GAO) report acquired by USA Today, the ammunition is being destroyed because the Pentagon does not know what ammunition is new and viable and what is not.”

            This is a smoke screen. The ammo manufacturer puts a production code on every box. They can tell the government how old each box is. This is about increasing the cost of ammo for the gun owner.
            In addition to that they’ll replace whatever they destroy costing the tax payer another $1.2 billion and continuing the high demand for ammo.

            • Do you , Ken Tuck Hee , have a clue as to the shelf life of ammunition??

              It is not like apples or potatoes.

              Please give us a link.

              • DocLRRP,

                I have been told ammunition has a very LONG shelf life. Maybe you could tell the folks at the Government Accountability Office.

                The correct spelling is Kentucky.

                • The American Citizen is not only endangered, they are very nearly extinct. Most have evolved into US citizens and have all been imprisoned in a commercial fraud by the banksters.

                  The biggest problem is that 99% of the people are afraid to escape the zoo. They are waiting for the cages to be opened rather than busting open the gates.

                  • Bryce is that you? GC

                  • Bust out like a untamed gorilla!!

                • Ken Tuck Hee from Last of the Mohicans. Don’t think he was being rude.

                  Just saying

                • @KY Mom- I believe Ken Tuck Hee, was the original Indian name for the land that is now the state of Kentucky.

              • Doc

                Ammo stored properly has a looooong shelf life.
                Use GI ammo cans with good seals. Add silica gel moisture absorber packets. Store in a cool, dark place with an even temperature. 50 to 60 year old stuff still works just fine if it has been properly stored.

                Know whether you have corrosive or non-corosive primers and clean bores and actions accordingly.

                New Ordnance knows something about old ordnance as well.
                Another tip from

                • P.S.

                  Stack it high.
                  Stack it deep.

                  No such thing as too much.

                  • aim high aim low and those SOB’S wearing bullet proof
                    will fall

                  • Kent State.

                  • P.P.S.

                    Correction for those who are new to this.

                    Don’t stack too deep before acquiring proper training.
                    Quality training is infinitely more important than deep stacks.

                    Acquisition of hardware without training is a disaster waiting to happen and a lethal menace to yourself and those around you.

                    Training is just another skill-set. Mature children can handle it. The best way to gun-proof kids IMO.

                  • To sharpen your skills and expend some of that ordnance in the Eastern U.S.

                    Check out Max Velocity, author of “Patriot Dawn: The Resistance Rises” as advertised over in the right sidebar.

                    He has a facility in WV. Never been there but he comes highly recommended by some people whose opinion I trust.

                • @All; Having spent almost 4 decades in the military, and I have no love for the gubment at large BTW, the way the military works is that they have their OWN CODES, irrespective of the mfgers codes, they don’t care. When they have no data on the munitions (whether lost through paperwork, inaccuracies or incompetence), they destroy them. This has been std procedure for decades, if not centuries. We blew up thousands of WW II “pineapple” grenades in South Vietnam, just cuz they were old. Pulled the pins and threw them in the brown water. Watched it. You have to remember they are destroying munitions in “thousands” of locations, all over the world, and as much as I hate to say this, a Billion dollars is (in context) not much money in the grand scheme of things. A 100 rounds here 1000 rounds there, 4 grenades here 10 grenades there and so on….a lost mortar round here 3 mortar rounds there and on and on. THATS JUST THE WAY IT IS. No conspiracy here. How about the TENS of billions of equipment destroyed in theater because it costs too much to bring home. You worried about ONE BILLION….and not tens of billions??? What happens if it prevents ONE maimed or killed GI due to “out of spec” ammo components. We still pay for that, too. Be well.

                  • Yeah, I saw in the past where bushaburton was just burning up trucks in Iraq if there was any repair needed. Easier for them just to order a whole new military vehicle than to fix it. It was disgusting.

              • Doc,
                We are still shooting ammo from world war two!! YUP this is a smoke screen, they know what is coming and lots of guns are worthless without AMMO !!
                WE need to get these scumbags out of office!! they will have us in a fema camp or six feet under if we wait much longer, we MUST PURGE the WHOLE corrupt whitehouse!!!

              • Ammunition manufacturers seal primers and case mouths from moisture for government contract ammo. I can’t give you an exact time for expiration but I’ve have fired many milsurp rounds that are over 60 years old without problems or loss of velocity.

                • I Recall: a story in a Guns & Ammo Magaz issue or some Such gun magazine. They Verrified it too that some guy cleaned out a dead uncles closet, found a Locked/Cocked us army issue .45 1911, With full magaz of ammo inside gun sitting in closet since uncle returned home with it from WWII…..He test fired it just to see what will happen with a gun and ammo so old….BAMO! Fired soon as he dropped safty and squeezed trigger.

                  maybe ammo has no real expire date if kept dry etc?

                • PO’d

                  Absolutely. Good milsurp ammo almost never dies. The combloc stuck with corrosive primers for so long because of
                  excellent storage characteristics.

                  Can’t say the same for Pak and Indian ammo because of storage and manufacturing issues in those hot and humid countries.

                  If the brass is green and corroded, I would be careful
                  with it. YMMV.

              • Air tight and absorbent mats. will extend greatly. I have some over 10 yrs and works fine. It is stored in air-tight plastic containers and no signs of any problems…

              • In my opinion ammunition stored properly has an indefinite shelf life (with one exception that I know of). The only ammunition that I’ve run across that “expired” was some British .303 ammunition made in India when India was controlled by the Brits. This rifle ammunition used cordite “strips” instead of traditional powder for propellant. Over time these cordite strips turned into a type of glue inside the case and solidified. I’ve opened several of these and what is inside looks like a solid, dried out glue. But…it still fired. We called this ammunition “Click, Bang” because once you pulled the trigger you could count about two seconds before it would fire. But it ALWAYS fired.
                I have some traditional powder fueled ammunition from 1900, 1917, 1938, 1944, 1955, 1956, 1957, 1958 and more from 1970 through the 1980’s that all works flawlessly.

                So, in my opinion ammunition will last forever if stored properly.

                Carry on!

              • Actually, Doc, I have some 30-06 ammo from WW II that runs fine in my M-1 Garand. I’ve had a few duds, but the percentage was tiny.

            • Will Americans fire on their own brothers and sisters? It all depends on the circumstances. A whacked out martial law because of economic collapse by BO and his puppet masters? I don’t think so. There is however a nightmare where the military WOULD absolutely fire on fellow Amnericans. Let me draw this nightmare out where it would happen.

              You get a very contagious pathogen going, maybe something like smallpox, MERS, new type of Ebola, something deadly. The government says that anyone that goes out of a certain zone, they will call it a containment area, is going to spread the disease even further. They call it ringing zones. This can be a real virus that is spreading like crazy, or a virus that is contained on purpose. An U.S. soldier will absolutely want to keep the germ within these rings and from spreading and will use any method to stop someone that is or COULD BE contagious. After all they will be following orders and in their minds they will think that they are protecting other fellow Americans. This is evil, but it would work too well.

              To a soldier if they feel that they are protecting the country and fellow Americans, then they will shoot those that they are told are threats to others. A contagious deadly virus, real or not would fill this parameter. It is one thing to attack an American that is no threat to anyone but the tyrannical government and someone that is a threat to fellow Americans. It is that serious. There are sicko ideas out there in which the government could convince most soldiers that firing on Americans is for preserving the country and the safety of other Americans.

              This is why I feel that any martial law will have the excuse behind it that it is for preserving the country and for the protection of the population. This could also occur in a mass terrorist incident(s). Where hundreds of terrorists shoot up many locations around the country and BO declares for the safety of fellow Americans that ALL firearms with a certain magazine capacity are immediatley turned in. Maybe only limiting anyone to single shot firearms. Then he would put some 10-20 year prison sentence for anyone possessing “illegal” firearms. many won’t turn them in, many will out of fear of being thrown in prison.

              I really believe that it will be manipulation to the hill before BO delcares martial law and tries to trash the Constitution. I don’t like being cynical, but 95-99% of the population will believe anything that government says doing a “frightening” attack or other calamities. People just don’t think straight when fear overruns logical and rational thinking. This is what I would look for if Russia and China don’t first start WW3 first.

              Sorry for the pessimism, but when 99% of the population is too naive and heads stuck in the sand to prepare for basic ongoing emergencies that occur often in the country, I don’t have much faith in those 99% seeing a true false flag or some prefabricated fear attack. Most sheeple will only see BO as president when times become too frightening to use any thought process. The main thing is to remain the 1% that sees the truth for what it is.

              • “An U.S. soldier will absolutely want to keep the germ within these rings ”

                Great point BI… and this WILL SURLY be used and exploited…it’s disgraceful …

                AND beforehand…these genocide leaning psychopaths need to be dealt with extreme prejudice…no mercy…

                Would they be merciful with you? I think not…

              • BI, good evening my friend, and I must agree once again, especially about the 99%. I’ll still be in that “minority” that knows the truth even if it by miracle gets above 1%. I’m going to stand up and fight and just let the chips fall where they may.

                • @ braveheart. Wouldn’t it be nice if the people preparing did get way above that 1% mark. An enlightment of people waking up. Nice dream.

              • Be Informed:

                Please refer back to the Holder post about banks and guns. I have left a post to you under your Muslim issue post. I left some questions there that I sure would hope you would answer.

                Looking forward to your comment. I will go back to see what your answers are. Thanks

                • @ Pissed off Granny. I sent a message to your request at the end of the last article as to not bunch this article up with explanations to your questions. I have been trying to figure out the recent earthquakes and where the next major quake is going to hit. The last one SE of Easter Island points to ONLY the Australian, Nazca, Cocos plate, and the Arabian plate. Especially Central America and Japan. The others still point to Alaska to Mexico as dangerous until the middle part of May.

                  I am aware of the elitists and their plan to wipe out most of the population of the world. However I don’t think that any particular religion is the centerpiece of this. I think they are a conglomerate of evil. As I mentioned in this comment I next that Jewish people, most of them are just regular folks trying to live their lives the best they can. I don’t think that most Jewish people are affiliated with some grand scheme. I don’t think that most muslims are associated with terrorist orgnaizations, funding them, etc. I do think that the islam cult makes muslims mean and sadistic as hell to everything around them.

                  As I stated in the other response, you don’t see any other religion, Jewish, Christian, or even atheists going out and rioting and getting hundreds killed because of a cartoon. You don’t see any other religion than islam cheering while someone saws off the head of another person with a kitchen knife. Other than some headhunters from some south Pacific Island. You don’t see any other religion other than muslims acting like blood thirsty chimpanzees. You don’t see any religion gunning down children all the time, like what the muslims do, especially to the Costic Christians. These are regular muslims, millions of them that gather together and bring death and suffering to all infidels. They can’t even have peace between the shiites and sunnis. Islam is pure evil for the regular person that foolows this cult. The proof of this midevil barbarism is all over the internet. Just look at the wild eyes of these muslims. Sharks or crocodiles before they eat something don’t even have this amount of hate in them.

                  • Thanks for your reply:

                    Of interest to you might be the free pdf book Under the Sign of the Scorpion by Juri Lina.

                    To date, I believe NO ONE has tortured and killed more Chritian men, women, and children than the Bolsheviks did in Russia. Millions, BI. The government hoodlums were not muslims, they were jews, financed by jew money in America via the Rothschilds “City of London’ the banking system that still controls and finances the world and both sides of all wars.

                    You seem to give a pass to the “good jews”. Where are those good jews at who are defending the American Constitution, defending free speech, defending my right to worship my Lord Jesus Christ and my Christian faith, asking that God not be erased from everything in America. I am not talking about G-D, BI, I am talking about the God and Jesus Christ. Where are they, BI.

                    If you would bother to research who is behind all the organizations that are stomping on our freedoms and removing Christianity from America, by digging deep BI, you will not find it to be muslim led. Brhind the scenes you will find a jew leading the parade.

                    You do not want to lump all jews in one heap, yet you are quite vocal in lumping all muslims together.

                    I can prove that the evil people who are at the top of the heap destroying our nation, destroying Christianity, controlling sll the evil legislation coming out of congress, controlling the money power of the world sure as hell are not muslims, BI. They are jews.

                    You seemingly want to be a good upstanding Christian patriot posting on SHTF but your “blame it on the muslim bs” is parroting what the MSM and their controllers want America to believe. Why would you parrot their line BI?

                    How many muslims own the msm, how many muslims are members of aipac, how many control any vote coming out of congress, how many own the feral federal reserve, how many control the ‘City of London’ (look it up, it is a lesson you will not soon forget).

                    There are people all over the world of all races and religions who mistreat their people, their children, their cats, their dogs, BI. More pertinent than that is who is taking my God, Jesus Christ out of my beloved America and who is destroying the foundation of America and who is bent on owning the world and turning the rest of us into serfs, or worse. It aint the muslims, BI.

                    Ever see the commercial of the “poor” people in israelie begging Americans to send a care package to them? Those old people look mighty mistreated to me. Is that commercial a lie or is that the way old people in israelie treated?

                    You have bought into the msm propaganda BI, the msm you rail against. If there is any way the Zionist jews can ratchet up the anti-muslim rhetoric in America and cause ANOTHER false flag to be blamed on muslims, to get American moms and dads to send their beloved kids to die for their one world dominance, I can assure you, BI, they are working out the logistics, even as we post.

                    Zionists smile each time they read anything that says “its the muslims” because they know aomeone is promoting their agenda.

                    I am not smiling…..

                  • @ Pissed off Granny. I am not talking about those at the top of any Zionist hierarchy. I am talking about regular Jewish people that have no affiliation with those at the top that just go and prey each week. Those people are nothing like muslims. The muslim religion teaches abuse of women, children and animals and the shear hatred of anyone that is not muslim. You don’t see in modern day Jewish people beheading people, making women into subhuman slaves, children beaten to death if they go out with non muslims, animals tortured because of their frustrations.

                    This is the here and now. I don’t see any major religion acting like blood thirsty chimpanzees other than muslims. This is the people of any religion, not those at the top. That is what I have a problem with, the teachings of islam that say chop off the head of anyone not muslim. The Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhism, Sikkism, and all other religions teach mostly peace and God or just to be kind to one another. Islam teaches barbarism and suffering to your enemy, which is every non muslim.

                    Please realize that I am not parroting MSM to blame it on the muslims. I am forming my own opinion from what these islamic savages do to their very own people. What they do to their very own families, their pets. These muslims allow rape of children if the muslim man wants it. Animals, that have nothing to do with world politics, are unbelivably tortured for pleasure. NO, I form my opinions on islam based on what these demons do to individuals and are encouraged to do to establish authority of the islam religion in their homes, communities and beyond.

                  • @ Be Informed,

                    You have been here long enough to have seen documentation of the pervasive genocidal MasterRace teachings of Judaism and the historical AND CURRENT Judeo-Zionist terrorism, even against children.

                    Is beheading an adult really better than sniping a child for sport?

                    Your other interests indicate you are no fool, but you ARE in DEEP DENIAL.

                  • @ Be Informed

                    Judaism teaches “peace”???!!!

                    Chabad’s rabbis discuss Maimonides’ advice on killing Gentiles:
                    “…although our Sages declared, ‘Kill even the best of the gentiles,’ and that, as mentioned above, the Rambam [Maimonides] states in Hilchot Melachim 8:10 that any gentile who does not accept the seven universal laws commanded to Noah and his descendants should be slain. These directives, however. can be interpreted to apply only in a time of war or in a time when the Jews have control over the gentiles.”

                    The Complete Guide to Killing Non-Jews
                    Ma’ariv 09.11.09 (p. 2) by Roi Sharon
                    Here is a full translation of the article in the Maariv newspaper of Israel

                    As I said, you are in DEEP DENIAL.

                  • @ Be Informed

                    “I don’t see any major religion acting like blood thirsty chimpanzees other than muslims. ”

                    Maybe the Israeli snipers who shoot children for sport are not jumping up and down hooting like chimpanzees, but does being a cold calculating killer of children make Jews “better”?

                    “Two thirds of the 621 children (two thirds under 15 years) killed at checkpoints, in the street, on the way to school, in their homes, died from small arms fire, directed in over half of cases to the head, neck and chest—the sniper’s wound. Clearly, soldiers are routinely authorised to shoot to kill children in situations of minimal or no threat…” British Medical Journal, Palestine: the assault on health and other war crimes
                    Summerfield BMJ.2004; 329: 924

                    ….or does their history of enslaving children for sex make Jews “better”?

                    1797: Jews dominating child sex slavery

                    (more links follow)

                  • Be Informed-

                    You come across rather lamely, per your defense of judism as a religion of peace. Which is a joke in the extreme nowadays, as exemplified by the continuing ‘kosher’ slaughter of Palestinians & Syrians.

                    FYI, the training of all so called Syrian insurgents & a huge percentage of their funding/weapons & intel support comes from israel…and yeah, the israelies get reimbursed $$$ via the US-ZOG & the Saudis.

                    As a counter to your warm-fuzzies defense of the average jew…


                    I’ve yet to see/hear of a Muslim who supports abortion.

                    I’ve yet to see/hear of a Muslim who owns/edits or runs a magazine/web-site/organization dedicated to homosexual pedophilia (see jew owned NAMBLA for details).

                    I’ve yet to see/hear of a Muslim cleric, advocate for and/or been arrested for (gentile)child organ-harvesting, so rich jews may benefit from the child’s murder. Which is practically official state policy in israel…(and New York / Jew Jersey).

                    Nor do I see/hear of Muslims owning/investing in companies that process aborted fetuses for financial gain, like the self-chosenites do.

                    Its not Muslin money($$$) that has financed everything anti-Christian, anti-family, anti-life and anti-US Constitution organizations…its jewish($$$) money.

                    Its not Muslims demanding the removal of Christian crosses on public property…its jews.

                    It wasn’t the Muslims who started/controlled and financed (& still do), the communistic/race baiting NAACP…its the jews.

                    It wasn’t the Muslims who started/financed WW-I, WW-II & soon WW-III…it was/is jews.

                    It wasn’t the Muslims who created the Federal Reserve scam & who own it still, to this day…it is/was jews.

                    It wasn’t Muslims who envisioned/designed/crafted/wrote and financed the passage of NAFTA/GATT/WTO/CAFTA etc, to the near-fatal detriment of the average American …it was jews.

                    Its not the Muslims who infiltrated manifold Christian religions & corrupted their doctrine from within…it was jews.

                    ..and most relevantly, it wasn’t the Muslims who were responsible & loudly advocated for the murder of Jesus Christ…it was jews!



                    For one who appears so intelligent, I cannot help but wonder if perhaps you’re ignorant of the one sin that GOD cannot forgive..

                    That being blaspheming of the Holy Spirit!

                    ..modern judism worships a singular g-d(their spelling, not mine) & denies the existence of the Holy Spirit.

                    ..Christians on the other hand believe in one GOD in three, (GOD the Father / GOD the Son & GOD the Holy Spirit).

                    Thus to say/write/believe in judeo-Christianity is blaspheme!!!!


                    John Q, Granny, Them Guys, Ahab and a slew of others have provided the truth w/ solid links. Its evident you’re either too damn lazy to research such or…you’ve cast your lot amongst them!

              • “When the troops begin to be withdrawn from Afghanistan, the American people should become very worried.”


                It should have been the headline.

                • Truly!

                  • @ John Q. Public. Many of these children shot in Israel have either been carrying explosives. The muslims often use children to carry explosives, if they are shot they can use these poor kids as martyrs. If they get their packages to the terrorists, mission accomplished. Not saying that the hatred for muslims doesn;t mean some of these snipers do target anything arab.

                    I might be in denial about Jewish people, but most everyone I ever knew personally was into money, but they did not have tie to some secret society or something. There were really just regular people. I even knew a few of them that were preppers/survivalists.

                    In all fairness, Israel is about the only country other than Switzerland that most people prepare and ready themselves for emergencies. Almost every Jewish person I met was quite intelligent. There are some good traits about Jewish people. NO I am not Jewish either. I just can’t stand the islamic cult that so many people suffer in the name of allah (satan). When I see these poor peaceful Coptic Christians and others that are extremely peaceful that don’t harm anyone targeted by muslims because they consider any non muslim as an infidel, it irritates me a lot.

                    Then this political correctness crap tried to censor our views about this savage religion. Pissed of Granny says that the government is trying to demonize muslims, yet this is the same government that is trying to censor descriptions of muslims like islamic radical, or muslim terrorist. I have always thought BO has some ties to muslims or at least is a sypathizer with them.

                  • @ Be informed

                    “Many of these children shot in Israel have either been carrying explosives.”

                    Says who??? Sorry, BI, gratuitous rubbish.

                    Without considering the thousands of children killed in Israeli bombings and other mass atrocities, consider circumstances of just the subset of sniper murders.

                    March 2, 2001, 9-year-old Palestinian boy shot to death in his home by Israeli Army
                    The boy, Obei Darraj, age nine, was killed on Friday March 2, 2001 in his family’s home, in El Bireh. The little boy was watching his father paint the wall of a brother’s bedroom when gunfire crashed through its window, and hit the child in the chest.The Israeli army took credit for the killing, saying: ” The gunfire came in retaliation to Palestinian shots aimed at the Psagot settlement” (Ha’aretz, March 4, 2001).

                    March 15, 2001, Israeli army targets Palestinian children in grenade attack on playground
                    Palestinian child, wounded in Israeli army grenade attack on his schoolyard, is carried to an ambulance
                    “In the Old City of Hebron, (March 15, 2001), Israeli soldiers lobbed a stun grenade into a schoolyard during an elementary students’ demonstration. The students were throwing stones at Israeli cars, Israeli officials said. Six students suffered moderate or light wounds, including burns, broken bones and blisters, Palestinian officials said. The Israelis said five Palestinian children had experienced ‘light impact injuries from the grenade.’
                    “The army sees the removal of children from the circle of violence as extremely important,” an Israeli army statement said. The army will “continue to act against anyone trying to compromise the security of Israeli citizens,” it said.
                    Source: N.Y. Times, March 16, 2001, p. A-10

                    “Six Palestinian children suffered burns on Thursday (March 15, 2001) when Israeli soldiers threw a stun grenade into a West Bank schoolyard in new violence after an Israeli pledge to ease its blockade on Palestinians. Doctors in Hebron said three of the six children sustained burns to the head, hands and back and the other three were suffering from blisters and shock.
                    “Why did they throw the grenade into the yard? This is only a provocation,’ said teacher Mohammed Hawaismah as parents carried children out of the school and into ambulances.
                    Source: Reuters, March 15, 2001

                    May 7, 2001, Israelis Kill Baby Girl and School-Teacher, Wound Ten other Children in Refugee Camp
                    KHAN YUNIS REFUGEE CAMP, Palestine– May 7, 2001– Israeli troops shelled homes in this Arab refugee camp today and fired large-caliber machine guns, killing a 4-month-old baby girl and wounding 24 civilians. Doctors said 10 Palestinian children were among the injured.
                    One Israeli cannon shell hit the shack of the Hijo family in the refugee camp, instantly killing 4-month-old Iman Hijo, with shrapnel tearing a hole into the infant’s back. The girl’s 19-year-old mother, as well as three brothers and sisters, were wounded, including 18-month-old Mahmoud Hijo, was in intensive care at Nasser Hospital with shrapnel wounds, doctors said.
                    The slain infant’s uncle, Wael Hijo, carried the girl’s body from the hospital’s autopsy room to the X-ray department. In the emergency room, Iman’s 7-year-old aunt, Dunya, sat on a bed with a dazed look on her face, her frilly white-and-green dress pulled up above scraped and bandaged legs. “They killed the baby,” Dunya said, then burst into tears.
                    Israeli troops also fired on the refugee camp’s Khaldieh School in the West Bank, killing a Palestinian school-teacher.

                  • Apparently the censors decided to censor the numerous instances that I attempted to post of cold-blooded Jewish killers targeting innocent children.

                    I have HUNDREDS of examples archived.

              • Obama’s Army will be Amped-up on heavy narcotics, to mask the pain as they commit Genocide on the American People. This is the same and similar tactics that are used today to drug the troops when they do this overseas. Then when they come home they cannot cope because they cannot get access to the same drugs they ate like candy in the War Zone. This is results in part of the high suicide rate and depression. Few will talk about this, but it is common practice. Anybody out there want to add to this, and give more details on drugging the troops to kill without pain or conscious.

              • Be informed I like your idea, but if Obama puts a 20 year sentence on us for having a gun or will be shot at that point I will defend myself from anyone at that point. If martial laws happens at that point its common sense and I will not stop for checkpoints, I will not do a damn thing they say. At that point its game on!! Dead serious. I will look after my neighbors and children and protect my neighborhood from all bad people. I will do the right thing and if all of us were like that we would win and we will win! Whats the worst you get shot in the head and lights go out, you will not feel anything. Its like getting hit in the back of the head and you go unconscious. Doing a prey for us all right now but Im going to be selfish and not prey honestly for you know who!!!

                • @ clint. This is you and about 1% of the people. The other 99% would probably comply during very tiring times like this. I remember someone telling me something really interesting about human nature. You have these barney fife type police in sticksville that will pull over 6 or more cars and all give them tickets for going a couple of miles over the speed limit. One cop cannot pull over more than one car. Yet when that siren goes on everyone pulls over to the side of the road no matter what. If everyone just kept going, the cop wouldn’t know what to do. It is this automatic obey authority that is engrained into most people’s minds whether that authority is right or wrong.

                  This is the whopping problem. You and most people here would tell some gun grabbers to shove it throughly up their rear ends. Yet most people have been so conditioned to obey authority that the second that the guv’ment said that everyone must turn in their firearms or face prison, they would. Authority tells them to jump they ask how high. IF this was not true there would be 10, 20, 30, or even 50% of the people in this country that would be stocking up on supplies. They would do what is right for their families and themselves. This is why I have little faith in more than 1% not complying with some firearm law or some other new martial law regualtions. People have become so conditioned that they would be waiting in line to get into a FEMA camp rather than trying to put as much distance as possible away from one. To them this is where the government will feed them and give them security.

                  Most people want authority and to be lead around and let someone else do their thinking for them. I know, very depressing. Just be happy that you and others you know are not in this category :).

                  • 1%? i think III% is a more accurate number.

                  • BI, there’s no correlation between people who would turn in their guns in the face of threats of prison, and people who don’t stock up on supplies. Sheeple mostly don’t have guns, and for the most part, preppers aren’t sheeple.

                    Any sane, rational person can be scared, and only a fool has NO fear.

                    The question is: What is our personal limit, and how will we respond when we reach it?

                • Right. Better to die in your own driveway or house than in a FEMA Camp, and you just might take a few with you.

              • Totally agreed! If the troops fear us sufficiently, they will fire upon us. No one understands bio hazards and the picture of shooting a rabid dog will be the scenario that turns them against us. We’re quite some distance from towns and cities and I am hoping that if we lay low, we can avoid the panic.
                I don’t know how long BO can keep these balls in the air, or how he intends to profit from the deaths of half the country, but I’m sure he has an evil plan.
                Ohio is a naively patriotic state and I doubt if you took a platoon of SE Ohio kids to southern Ohio or West Virginia and expected them to fire on those citizens, there would be true mutiny. If you transported them to New York, for instance, there would be less trouble. Transfer a bunch of Illinois and Wisconsin kids to any part of Appalachia, and there would be an effort on their part to destroy everyone, probably without much success and many casualties among the government troops.
                This isn’t going to be easy for BO to pull off and let’s hope he screws it up as badly as he has everything else.
                The most misguided strategy would be to make it a race war which I think would appeal to him. Do we get the Hispanics, or does he? Whichever, we will win that round, so I think he’s going to stick with germ warfare.

                • @ Vicky. In this country 50% of all pharmaceutical in the world is taken by the U.S, which makes up about 4 and 1/2 % of the whole population of the world. WHY? Because most people in this country automatically belief what dr. quack tells them, because dr. quack is someone that has much authority in the eyes of most people. Doesn’t matter all the dangerous side effects and chemical poisoning, most people do want they are told in the U.S. Just look at all the autism from the poisoning of over vaccinations that is so rampant. Parents automatically vaccinate their children from diseases that are even very remote that they would ever catch. Because they are told so.

                  The people that go against the grain are rare, again about that 1% level. Even if a parent just spread out the vaccinations over time rather than all at once the child would fare better. But dr. quack says it is okay, so it must be okay. These witch doctors are not going to be the ones sued when this pharm poison does its destruction. People automatically listen to authority because authority knows best.

                  This really is my sad point. The people in this country have lost any rebel in them, at least close to 99% of them. Most people want someone else to make their decisions for them. Even if the vaccination is far worse and more dangerous than the disease that they remotely have a chance of catching, authority tells them no risk of autism because authority says there is no link to autism and vaccinations. Authority knows best. BO or any dictator would not have that much of a problem with the right method of getting the sheep to follow them right to the slaughterhouse. Most people have lost their fight, will, rational and their common sense. This is what is scary about martial law being far easier to start than people realize.

                  • Agree.I dragged our kids vaccinations out over a nine-year period and they still don’t have ALL of them, so we home-schooled very successfully. I made sure they had tetanus shots and DPT shots spread over five years instead of four months. None have autism and I’m pretty sure they won’t contract tetanus. One “mother” attacked me in front of the public school principal saying I was endangering her children. I withdrew the kids that day and bought the appropriate curriculum and we never looked back. I’m a college graduate and my children are intelligent and have done well. Home school is intrusive in Ohio, but we managed to skate through the state checks, probably because the kids scores are so high. I think diptheria and whooping cough may make a come back after the shit hits the fan, so am considering having all of us get boosters, as well as another tetanus booster. We are probably some of the “1%” and it takes some doing, but it can be done. Keep spreading the word!

                    For the man who asked me where to buy tobacco plants, New Hope Seeds out of Bon Aqua, TN, 37025, has their crop ready for sale, including Golden Burley, my favorite. They will run out shortly, but it’s worth contacting them on line.
                    I’m not affiliated with them in any way, but I do like them. Good luck!

                  • @ Vicky. Conformists like this are scary aren’t they? Stupidity knows no boundaries. If the mother had vaccinated her kids then why would she attack you when her kids were supposed to immune? This shows true ignorance that the battle axe doesn’t even believe that vaccinations work anyway or hasn’t even given this much thought. She only wanted to attack you because you didn’t conform to the government. Your children are so much better off home schooled. There are so few teachers that actually teach kids to reason and think. All most “teach” is out of a textbook. Analytical thinking is something that is rarely taught in any school. Thinking outside the box in schools is something as rare as snow in June in the middle latitudes in the northern hempishere.

                  • Point of fact: Medical conditions are misdiagnosed on a regular basis. These are people using objective tests. Why does anybody believe dr. quack the psychiatrist is infallable when the “diagnosis” is strictly his/her opinion?

                  • In Anne Arundel County, Maryland last year, a seven year old boy was suspended for chewing his breakfast pastry into a gun shape and pointing it at a classmate. In a Washington Post article yesterday, the school principle said, “He has to learn to follow the rules.”

                    Does anyone see a problem with that attitude? Yah, that is precisely why > 97% of the public are authority obeying sheep. If kids learn nothing else in school, they learn to do what authority tells them to do.

                    Thursday, 1 May 2014 Washington Post, Metro section sorry I don’t have the online cite.

                  • Although I agree with the philosophy that most people are too lazy to think for themselves; I find it necessary to add that there are reasons why so many people are taking those medications and not all of it has to do with the doctor simply saying to take them. Look back to the industrial revolution in this country and the raping, pillaging, and mindless polluting of our environment- at least 100 years worth. Those pollutants, (as well as GMO foods and a water supply laden with pharmaceuticals that can’t be filtered out)may cause, can cause, and/or have caused all kind of health issues, including mental afflictions and in severe cases death. And since we are/were the richest nation on earth, we treated those conditions (minus death of course) with other chemicals, to make use feel better. This same thing will happen in the developing countries of today’s world (in the future), because they too are destroying their environment. Hence, why any investment in big and emerging pharma, and environmental is a solid long term win- minus TEOTWAWKI. Just putting that out there, to direct the blame where it rightfully belongs- on a ravenous and gluttonous society.

                  • Be Informed– as usual, I agree with you (not always but usually!)and I definetly agree with you about this! I’ve read a couple books about the pharmaceutical industry (A FOR PROFIT INDUSTRY), and they are extremely corrupt!

                    You can get free magazines on nutrition at Health Food Stores and that is the higher path to go– taking responsibility for your own health. If I step on a rusty nail, I may go to the doctor for a tetanus shot– otherwise, I avoid them like the plague! Seen too many people die, have all sorts problems after visiting doctors– like playing russian roulette.

                    Yes, they have their place–not all bad. but even a doctor said the best way to stay healthy is to not go to the doctor too much. (more people die when doctors are on duty as opposed to when they are off duty!)

              • Be Informed

                And to further this…any opposition is totally fragmented as well.. should anyone think there will be controlled opposition in our favor..

                Have been following the western rifle shooters,oathkeepers,militias sites and many more akin to them and they are already substantial infighting over the Bundy affair.

                There are those in the militia camps who are quite opposed to the Oath keepers org. as to their decisions and policies, and then there is the infiltration into all the afore mentioned groups combined by the feds to further disparage and fragment them..

                Should any type of unrest/collapse occur..I believe it will be every man/woman for themselves or, at best, well organized tight knit families and small groups..other than that..all bets are off for any national or regional groups aligning with one another.

                Surely there is a common ground amongst all of us here and elsewhere, but in the real world..there is always disagreement of policies and actions ..and there will always be the few who want control of each and every situation..that is the human condition.

                At least we have the advantage of what’s possible to come and the mindset of preparedness..

                That alone might assist us in survival..

                God’s speed to us all.


                • agreed posse MSM rarely said anything of bundy til his “racist” remarks surfaced and then it was all over the MSM. Proof of the pudding these bastards make me sick I have a feeling You guys may read of me and it wont be in the funny pages sooo fed up

            • Fifth_Disciple,

              I did not believe the GAO’S “official story”.

              I also do NOT believe they will DESTROY this ammo, just will MOVE it.

              This will give the government the EXCUSE to purchase even more ammo and to maintain widespread ammo shortages for private citizens.

              • Yes they will just move the ammo to an unknown location, just like the missing Malaysian Plane. Poof Gone until the right time for re-deployment.

            • Hmmm, yeah they “say” it’s being destroyed, but just consider that it might be perhaps another ammo windfall to go with the other 1.2 billion rounds to be used…when it is necessary.

              • Atty General Holder gave the Missing Ammo to the Mexican Drug Cartel, following the Fast and furious Gun running scam, like people he says, “Guns need to eat too.”

            • If they’re destroying it, I can only conclude that (as I suspected originally), they bought it in the first place for the sole purpose of denying it to citizens.

              Bummer of that plan? You create ridiculous levels of demand when you do that.

              People stockpile, manufacturers buy more equipment, etc. etc.

              This plan doesn’t really work out so well unless you shut down the manufacturers themselves.

              But then you get a black market in reloads…

              “One prong” of a “multi-pronged” attack doesn’t work so great without all them other prongs…

            • GAO are idiots. The military brass head stamp has the year of manufacture and who made it. LC= Lake City, 97=1997

            • Also properly stored ammunition will keep for a very long time, ammunition manufactured for World War 2 will fire now as good as the day it was made, this whole inventory crap is a smoke screen!

            • The ammunition will most likely find it’s way to some ally or group that wants to hide it’s receipt of funds, or military hardware. It may start a revealing political discussion if the true destination were known, so they just ‘take it off the books’. Possible destinations could be Israel, various ‘color revolts’ the CIA has been instigating throughout the mid east and Ukraine or just outright theft. The ammunition may already be gone from the storage bunkers and this is just a method to hide the theft.

            • I call BS on the “Out of date excuse” too. When I was just a tadpole in the Army in 1984 we were shooting up Viet Nam ammo. Small arms ammo lasts a very long time.

            • This is a complete bovine feces.

              We consistantly and without incident fired match .50 cal rounds manufactured in the 1950’s during deployment to AFG in 2012.

              We never once had an incident.

              This is yet another lie.

          • I suppose using it for training purposes is right out?

          • Ammo doesn’t wear out and will shoot for 50 years or more. This is total BS by the federal goons.

            • I concur. i have shot 12 gauge shotgun shells and 10 guage shotgun shells from the 60’s. works just fine, I have even got .22 I have shot from the 60’s. Just as accurate out of the same guns with current ammo. I can’t wait to breakout the 338 when the time comes.

          • KY MOM:
            The feds. are trying to pull a fast one on the American tax payer.
            I still have and still shot 30-06 ammo from the 1940’s out of my M1 military surplus rifle and it still holds a very tight group at 200 yrds. You could put a fifty cent piece over a 5 shot group if I do my parts. The bullet will penatrate a concrete block at that range also.
            All they are doing is stopping Joe citizen from getting ammo.
            It is a bunch od B.S.

            S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

          • Ammunition is good for twenty plus years. If nothing else it can be used for qualification practice. Clearing a misfire is good practice best learned when it is not critical. This is bullshit and a waste of money and there must be some other agenda at work here. Obama is reviled in the military and my guess is that when the SHTF the military will have no weapons or ammunition. Only Obamas private army will be armed.

          • “The first shots were fired just as the sun was rising at Lexington. The militia were outnumbered and fell back, and the regulars proceeded on to Concord, where they searched for the supplies. At the North Bridge in Concord, approximately 500 militiamen fought and defeated three companies of the King’s troops. The outnumbered regulars fell back from the minutemen after a pitched battle in open territory.”

            “More militiamen arrived soon thereafter and inflicted heavy damage on the regulars as they marched back towards Boston. Upon returning to Lexington, Smith’s expedition was rescued by reinforcements under Brigadier General Hugh Percy.”

            “The combined force, now of about 1,700 men, marched back to Boston under heavy fire in a tactical withdrawal and eventually reached the safety of Charlestown. The accumulated militias blockaded the narrow land accesses to Charlestown and Boston, starting the Siege of Boston.”

        • I would rather see our politicians get a backbone and start saying NO to people.

          No! You will not continue on welfare.
          No! The gov will NOT build you a stadium.
          No! You need to take care of your own children.

          Yes! The gov will foster economic growth.
          Yes! The gov will reduce some regulations.
          Yes! The gov will repeal ACA.
          Yes! The gov will raise tariffs and put Americans
          back to work.

          Will it ever happen? Probably not. 🙁

          • I agree with you in principal, however our Govt has so blundered the economy that viable good paying jobs are not available!

            Any “no” answer must accompany the opportunity to be a productive citizen and have the ability to earn a fair days pay!

            The Govt has screwed this up royally because they want dependent, obedient slaves.

        • Someone somewhere will have to take the first shot, then it will snowball….

          • Any American soldier that would fire

            on their own brother citizens are no

            soldier at all, they are just hired

            killers with a blood lust and are no

            brother to the cause of decency and

            the Constitution we uphold.

            • Lets not forget the Kent State shootings that occurred on May 4, 1970! Four unarmed students were killed with another nine unarmed students being wounded.

              The Guardsmen fired 67 rounds in a period of 13 seconds.

              Let’s hope that history doesn’t repeat itself!

              • note to self: NEED KEVLAR.

                • Kevlar will not stop rifle bullets.

                  Note to self: Need Rifle Plates.

                  AR500 steel plates are cheaper

                  Ceramic plates are lighter and more expensive

                  • Note, most kevlar will not stop ar-15 bullets or ak-47. Lets keep it simple for most on here. Level 3a is above. Level 4 will stop them but are over a grand. Ar-500 is heavy and i got a vest already setup with curved front and rear plates and side plates. Its like wearing a backpack with 3-4 good size college books in it. Approx again. you Can buy them uncolored (painted for about 150 bucks on ebay (and I tested them with the 90’s green tip and the 2000Year plus newer ones. Some of the newer batches do not have steel they are just lead cored. Be careful and test. i tested mine and they did stop them (both batches) lake city. a PLATE CARRIER

                  • We can’t all get our hands on such equipment, so I guess some of us will have to be content with getting enough to keep some jack-bat with a .22 from shooting us in the back.

                    Something is better than nothing, and I don’t intend to get in front of any tanks or heavy fire, if I can avoid it…

                  • “We can’t all get our hands on such equipment”

                    Try bulletproofme dot com

                  • I haven’t tried the Infidel Armor, but it looks pretty good. It is cheaper than MIL Spec stuff. Steel plates can take multiple shots, were ceramic will take the hit and shatter. I have worn both and operated in both. I’ll take steel plates. Yes they are heavy. My full load out weight without any day/assault pack or ruck sack was around 320 Lbs. Full load of ammo canteens weapon, helmet and body armor. I’m a pretty big guy already, so I did much sweating.

                    As for firing on civilians. It will be dictated by circumstance. I have had these discussion with, let’s just say folks who might get this mission, and the sentiment is mixed. Some who have command positions say “NO”, but I know that could change too. If it were me out there, I wouldn’t fire at anyone. Some building or trees would have extra holes, if I were ordered to shoot at unarmed demonstrators.

                    UNLESS they were actively shooting at me, then no deadly force can be justified. Any of us would shoot back then. This is how it could get way out of hand quickly. Like Lexington in the American Revolution. Who fired the first shot? Some say a farmer killing his pig. Even if that isn’t true, the point is two armed groups facing off, like in NV. Some knucklehead who wants to start the war, either because he’s a psycho or angry etc. He’s off in the bushes somewhere and takes the first shot.

                  • Note to Self: Stay away from crowds and stressful gatherings. Have a few friends over for dinner, but stay away from the public. Don’t go to the bad parts of town, even driving through, and find something to do with your family, alone. Become paranoid and scan the horizon. (Not meant to be a joke. I really believe this.)If you see a large clot of people, whether law enforcement, military or thugs, quickly move away and out of the area.

                  • Red Leader, you buying?

              • 67 rounds and they only hit four? Too bad. They should have shot them in 1967 and a lot of Vietnamese and our guys would be alive.

                • John W.,

                  There were quite a few troopers that aimed high and deliberately missed.

                  Now take your “Too bad” comment and stick it.

                  Y’all Beware! You’ll never know what it is like unless you were there!

              • The reason Kent State did not have the political impact the Boston Massacre had was because the victims were out of favor with the body politic. Government brutality used against the civil rights protestors did not gather support outside of that movement either. The difference today is that bad economic conditions which would be the cause of civil disorder would touch a far greater spectrum of the population. A much greater percentage of the population irrespective of age, race, or religion (or lack of) would feel personally touched if such an event happened.

              • That’s why a year later I joined the Marines to learn a skill-set to be one of those who shot back if there was ever a next time. Half my enlistment was as a marksmanship instructor. These comments sound on the mark. About 1% is right too. Nothing much changed there. That was generations ago and am glad to hear this one has it’s head on straight.

            • I don’t believe our military will turn on us UNLESS they fear us. There are more in the military that are FOR us than against us. They have to remain silent. Be more positive that our military will help us but there are crazy people who will resist them and they will cause the problems.

              • Grandma

                Don’t discount a false flag event to demonize the intended target.

          • I would propose if there is a “civil war” it will be certain states against the Federal govt. Individuals would not take on the US Army and technically that would be illegal. But states can and should uphold the Constitution and it’s protections of the citizens within their borders and states have the right to nullify or deny federal “laws” that are in conflict with the Constitution. Some states are starting to take actions to protect their citizens rights. Maybe if enough states get on board the Federal government can be brought back into check. This may be why the Feds have called back the Blackhawk helicopters from the states. Are any states buying munitions?

          • “Stand your ground; don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.”

        • Milgram’s experiment on “Obedience to Authority” is classic.

          “I was just following orders” was no escape from the hangman’s noose at Nuremberg.

          I suspect that it will be no defense at Nuremberg II.

          • Interestingly enough, Pres Obama refused to prosecute any if the CIA torturers by saying they were just following orders.

            • Its interesting that the, “I was just following orders” excuse was not an acceptable defense at the Nuremberg war crimes trials.

              The fact is that the victor can do no wrong and the vanquished cannot do anything right.

              • Check out the tavistock institute….the best kept secret
                the mind f#ck has been going on for years

                • Tavistock Institute ’tis a branch/franchise of the Frankfort School.

                  It was created & still managed by the self-chosen.

          • Interestingly enough, Pres Obama refused to prosecute any if the CIA torturers by saying they were just following orders.

          • You have to win to have a Nuremburg 2. Not placing any bets on that.

            • John W. says: “You have to win to have a Nuremburg 2”
              True. But you don’t have to win to have citizen’s courts administered in the field.

        • “Krazy” indeed that culling/killing is your priority.

          Some of us want a better world, not just different faces on the killers.


          Fools call for war and they know nothing of it.

          TPTB want to provoke another Fort Sumter and unleash the dogs of war among us.

          The battle now is for hearts and minds. All is lost if we lose the moral high ground.

          Hold steady. Prepare and build the Auxiliaries.

          Let them loose the first volleys. Then, “the devil take the hindmost.”

          • The nuance in and of your post will never be lost…

            It is a truism that is timeless…and I applaud you…

            And if I may dare say, also…

            Their are many who WILL, without hesitation, close ranks instinctively…

            Godspeed my friend…

          • There will be no “winning hearts and minds” because we can’t get past hating nearly every fucking person on the planet. We pretty much hate everyone who doesn’t think like WE think they should. It can be seen in a huge number of posts everywhere, not just here.

            Nobody is going to be receptive to a message that spews hate at them…nobody wants to hear the truth when it is attached to message of intolerance and profound hatred.

            Go ahead—thumb me down if you can’t face the truth.

            • Nobody wants to hear the truth, period…

            • Sixpack, I just gave you a green thumb. I know you speak the truth. I always enjoy your posts.

            • Sixpack,

              It’s hard for all of us to remain constructive while swimming in the negative soup of this planet.
              I struggle with this daily.

              I looked around and asked myself, why aren’t there more people in my tribe? I got my answer from an unexpected quarter.

              John Mosby is the nom de guerre of a hard-core ex Special Forces operator. John trains regular people in field tactics. He was repeatedly asked the same question from people in his classes, “Why aren’t there more of us?”

              Basically, what he said was “honey attracts more flies than vinegar”. Unexpectedly,considering his tough persona, John recommended three books that we should read to win more hearts and minds. His instructions were to buy the books,read, outline, underscore and study. Rinse and repeat until we live it.

              Don’t laugh when you hear the titles. It worked for me.

              1. Dale Carnegie’s, “How to Win Friends and Influence People”.

              2. “Zig Ziglar’s Secrets of Closing the Sale” by Zig Ziglar.

              3.”Tribal Leadership” by Dave Logan, John King and Halee Fischer-Wright.

              Gravity is hard to fight. But the levity I get from these books goes a long way.

              Old John Mosby knows his stuff.


              More treasures from RockymountainCornDOTcom

              • I’ve read Dale Carnegie’s book. I was an interesting read. Most of my opinion comes from a long experience in dealing with many people who were MUCH younger than I. I was always quite successful and getting a common understanding.

                People may not want to hear it, but on this front, I do know what I’m saying.

        • How do you know you won’t be one of the culled? Tough talk until you or a family member is deemed unworthy by one murderous groups that will surely rise in the event of a civil war.

          • ncjoe, I don’t believe I’ll be one of the culled because I have plenty of means for resistance. Yes, there will be most likely too many murderous groups who will rise up in the post-SHTF era. It’s possible I might not make it all the way thru it, but I will maintain resistance for as long as I’m alive and capable. If I die, at least I’ll die standing up. it’s not just tough talk on my part. it is fact.

        • Civil War is never a good idea, kk, but unfortunately, it’s usually not preventable.

          • I doubt very much that there will be a civil war. The average American cannot even get out to vote or even bother to know who their state reps. are let alone get off the couch and go fight with their fellow man. As long as the NFL or something has a game on TV all will be well. There will be riots where property is stolen and burned but nothing about resisting any tyranny no matter how extreme.

            • Yankee didn’t think so either in 1859.

              • US,
                This time around it will not be fought in organized lines on a defined Battle Phase line with rifled muzzle loaders. There will be no front lines , weapons of mass destruction will most likely be used on home soil. Civil war in the age of nuclear weapons is not something to be contemplated lightly. The rest of the world will not stand by when a nuclear armed country is tearing it self apart. This opens up a whole can of worm nobody can imagine or contemplate.

                There are two forms CW2 may manifest itself , one with 4th generation warfare of the low intensity kind ( I.E. northern Ireland during the “troubles” or a high intensity rapidly spinning out of control revolt with miltary units defecting to opposing sides along with a general chaos of the cohesiveness of society failing and resorting to the basest of human functions. There is a lot of anger to support the latter I do not know honestly how this can be prevented.

                All it will take is one dark night at 0:30 dark is a Raid on the wrong house and an innocent family is slaughtered , then it begins , it will develop a momentum of its own and will play out till either side is exhausted or destroyed.

                It will come suddenly with very little warning during a time of high tensions and mistrust.
                Know your neighbors, be situationally aware of your surroundings, get a feel of the general attitude around you not limited to how your local govt. is behaving .


                ACT ACCORDINGLY.

                do not be to attached to your property or possessions , have an evac kit and a plan , you can always return later , catch some of your supplies. Practice , train , form teams your life may depend on it. Get training now while it is available.
                Rather than repeat myself use the search function for my posts on a preparing an evacuation kit and how to evade OPFOR to get to a predetermined rondevouis point. This information was gleaned from 10 years of USMC recon operation training in hostile areas you do not have to be a super secret squirel Specwar operator to be able to do this just use common sense.

                Time is short use it wisely , this summer could be very interesting and challenging .
                It could very well turn kenetic. Prepare for this eventuality.


                Semper Fi 8541

                • Night Breaker;
                  I have a couple of questions regarding our AO. Could we message in private? I can have mac give you my email if you are interested.


              • @Unreconstructed Sourthron,
                Good Sir, I must beg to differ, but only slightly. There were those who had a sense that there would some day be a war. But since Mr Murphy was also a sgt once, he had the final say in the matter.
                1) when war was about to break out, both sides believed
                their own propaganda; Our side/boys are superior
                to the other side the war will be over in 6
                months/we’ll be home for Christmas.
                2) No battle plan survives contact with the enemy

                • I don’t know of any soldier that said it would be over in six months, but I do know they were right about being superior. They killed twice as many Yanks while being outnumbered 2-to-1 in almost every battle, with inferior weapons, clothing, food, and transportation.

        • Looking at Krazy’s comment and then looking at the thumbs up and down is a jaw-dropping example of the very Group Think the article mentioned!!

          As of my writing, 31 people up-thumbed his call to kill people- to “cull the herd”.

          Only 11 of us gave him a thumbs down for calling for wide spread death of their fellow Americans !!

          The experiments run at Yale showed a 60 to 66% rate of those who would kill their compatriots–we’re running around 75% with this crowd—scary stuff indeed.

          • javelin,

            …scary stuff indeed.
            The score is now 52 to 15.

            But, consider this. The population of commenters on this blog is not a random sample. They are self-selected with the predispositions that come with the territory at Mac’s site. Also, there is a bit of mob psychology at play here.
            I am not too concerned about the percentages because
            inherent bias skews the result.

            I don’t remember the sample selection protocols of Milgram’s study.It was an academic experiment so they had to at least go through the motions of scientific objectivity with random samples, double blinds etc.

            Going forward, I think our situation could play out in thirds:

            1/3 will be for the opposing force.
            1/3 will be in the middle going which way the wind blows.
            1/3 will support or sympathize with the free force.
            Maybe 3% will fight.

            That’s all it took in the Revolutionary War.

            The crowd takes on a life of it’s own and is easily manipulated by those who know the levers – even here.

            • It is also much easier to click on a green thumb than to deliver an electric shock or fire on someone.

          • Quite a few that post here have mental and intelligence issues. Marginal would be being kind to them and sites like this attract them and their psychopathy.

            • Seems your here often John! Trekker out.

            • Sure.

              You for example are obsessed with pessimism and negativity.

              You use flawed arguments like “the average american…” as if wars are fought by average people.

              Basically just a troll with a big mouth.

        • Well some things you should know is: 1. Enlisted swear a oath to the constitution. 2.Officers swear a oath to the President. And 3. I found out being a Oathkeeper was ruled a fringe group by the military and I dropped my retirement papers that same day! I think most of the senior enlisted wont fire on americans. Most officers and lower ranking enlisted might. But everyone knows that the backbone of any branch is E7 and above so there is some hope! my 2 cents.

        • Let an EMP go off, it seems like a merciful way for America to go out rather than face decades more of degredation and corrosion from within. Who knows, maybe there will be enough of us who had foresight to repopulate the country. If that were the case, that would mean their children are ours to mold… MUHAHAHA!

          • Right now, I think that’s the best possible scenario. We can make it through an EMP just fine. Teaching our kids and grandkids will be stressful, but we will survive. All of our children and grandchildren are attractive and assuming there are other teens around, we can at least populate NW Ohio, with OUR genes. BUwhawhawha!

            • That is the funniest post here in awhile. I like your positive outlook no matter how irrational. fare well.

        • I do not want a war, because I will fight it. I do not want to huddle in a dark hospital basement for respite from the drones. I do not want to see a broken mother clutching her dead child with my ears still ringing from my IED. I do not want to be the orphanmaker. I do not want to know the smell of burning flesh. I do not want to fight the world’s largest and most well equipped military with stone knives and bear claws. I do not want my sons’ children to play in the dark green grass of the field where I hid the bodies of my countrymen. It will be a dirty fight, the innocent will suffer, and I am very likely to lose.

          • Eli’s,
            Did you spend time in the sandbox?
            What you described is how it is in an active AO.
            First hand experience , this is what it may be like.
            Your view is very enlightened and I guess from first hand experience of seeing the elephant up close and in first person.

            Unfortunately these thing never leave you when its happening you do not have time to contemplate what is going on around you , you are trying to stay alive in the confusion only going on by the training that has been done so many times you react without consense thought.
            Things like seeing you best friend who you ate breakfast with this morning being loaded covered with blood into a evac helo. The aftermath of a firefight men dying calling for their mothers.
            Pieces of what used to be human beings strewn about with the debris of war.
            Sleeping with your gear on being ready to snap into fighting mode instantly something thats hard to prevent years later-and when in the quiet times in the night it all comes back and overwhelms you And you cannot contain it anymore you just have to learn to live with it, it becomes part of you.
            You are transformed forever changed nothing is ever the same again.

            Those who have experienced war are very reluctant to bring it unless all other options fail.

            Semper Fi 8541

          • AMEN SISTER!

            Most of us who have seen war, don’t want anything to do with it. Me, I would rather live 30 more years writing posts here and no bloodshed. I’m a realist though and know that it’s a pipe dream. I’m reluctantly prepared to fight for my freedoms. Iraq was just a dress rehearsal.

          • With all due respect, who cares what you want?

            I don’t wanna work today but I’m doing it because it’s necessary.

            The easy way out is to bag a couple of the other side and check out.

            There’s no future anyway. You want to live in a world with no hope?

            There are mothers and children dying every day on the freeway but since their deaths are pointless you save your outrage. Let me guess…you don’t wanna, same as any 5 year old.

            There is nothing you have to do that you are not equipped by nature to do.

        • The issue I have with this article is I know many many enlisted and officered marines who will tell you different. They are preppers and they all tell me no way in hell will they fire on us. They will risk their lives and fight with us. So I say bring! I will be right there wih my military buddies aiming at the fed government. Not the other way around.

        • yea, not soon enough. Let’s just get it overwith and begin the rebuilding.
          A few things to add to the constitution afterwards
          1- Conviction for political corruption is automatic death penalty crime
          2- NO politican gets a raise without a public ballot referendum EVER!!
          3- Federal government cannot own or control land in any way. Land control is left to the County or State level at the highest- Why should people in NY get a say about what happens with land in Nevada or Utah or Maryland??
          4- Sending our tax dollars to other nations as a fomr of “Assistance” should be considered treason/political corrruption and a death penalty crime

          anything else???

        • RE: 1st Comment at the top by king krazy

          “The way things are, civil war sounds like a good idea. It’s time to cull the herd.”

          LOL folks. In looks like we have been inducted into another version of Milgram’s experiment by our up and down votes.

          Was this planned or serendipity?

          • New Ordinance;
            I gave him a thumbs up, as I took his post to be sarcasm. IMO


        • WE do NOT “need a revolution”.

          The actual revolution to change our legitimate government is coming from the domestic enemies and traitors to our nation.

          What we are doing, need, is to DEFEND OUR LEGITIMATE government from the domestic enemies and traitors to the USA, plus those dumbed down enough to “just follow orders” or “just do their jobs” hence committing treason and without whom this attack on the USA and us would not be able to happen.

          Who is assigned the duty to enforce the US Constitution and all state Constitution’s (not the rewritten ones online), the Laws of the Union – constitutional laws, and defend our nation from foreign and domestic enemies?

          The Militia of the several states are constitutionally assigned those duties:

          US Constitution, Article I, Section. 8, Clause 11: “To declare War, grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water”.

          The congress has the duty to grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal when they are needed to enforce the US Constitution, the laws, or defend the people and the nation. This is using private citizens in their own privately owned crafts to defend the USA and her people, this is using the Militia.

          Clause 12 specifies that there shall be no military beyond that of two years. The Militia of each state is charged with our nations defense here within the USA until and unless the congress has declared war and a “standing” military is raised:

          “To raise and support Armies, but no Appropriation of Money to that Use shall be for a longer Term than two Years”.

          * NOTE: The money that the congress has illegally spent beyond the lawfully allowed time of two years for the support of a “standing military” was/and still is a misappropriation of funds (misappropriation n. the intentional, illegal use of the property or funds of another person for one’s own use or other unauthorized purpose, particularly by a public official…), a felony, a crime against the American people.

          “To raise and support Armies, but no Appropriation of Money to that Use shall be for a longer Term than two Years” is really straightforward, and no “misunderstanding” of the words can be used as an excuse for disobeying that lawfully required duty. The members of congress can be, and should be, held personally responsible for that breach of trust. That is correct, they must pay back the funds used unlawfully out of their personal accounts.
          There can lawfully be no (NO!) standing army except in times of war, and ONLY the congress can lawfully declare war under the contract they get their duties and powers from.

          War must be declared by congress in order to be a lawful war that our US military are used to fight in, it must be in defense of our nation ONLY which is why so many lies were used as excuses to get us into wars. Since they were not, and are not, lawfully declared wars, ALL who died on all sides make that mass murder, etc that those who serve within our government had a hand in and MUST be fully prosecuted for.
          War cannot lawfully be “declared” against a tactic such as the “war against terror” or the “war against drugs”; both are not wars and not even the congress can declare a war against a tactic.

          War defined: ‘Open and declared conflict between the armed forces of two or more states or nations’.

          Clause 15: “To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel invasions.

          This clause is very straightforward also. The militia of each state is taxed with the defense of the USA and her people, not just with the defense of their state; and they are to be armed with weapons that can repel any invasions bearing modern weapons of war. Congress is required to provide those military grade weapons for the militias. The “suppress Insurrections” includes those who are our representatives who are working against the USA and her people.

          Clause 16 makes it very clear that the ARMING OF THE MILITIA OF EACH STATE is a LAWFUL duty assigned to the congress that they are REQUIRED to carry out: Clause 16: “To provide for organizing, ARMING, and disciplining, the Militia, and for governing such Part of them as may be employed in the Service of the United States, reserving to the States respectively, the Appointment of the Officers, and the Authority of training the Militia according to the discipline prescribed by Congress”.

          Thomas Jefferson, 1st inaugural, explained that: “a well-disciplined militia” is “our best reliance in peace and for the first moments of war, till regulars may relieve them” and also a guarantee of “the supremacy of the civil over the military authority; [and] economy in the public expense.”

          When the founders created the US Constitution they realized that we would never be able to count on state and federal representatives or agencies to protect our lives, property, and freedom. They decided to continue with what the people here had already been using, and the one proven throughout history to have the best needs of the people themselves always put first, the Militia of the several states. Who are the Militia? All able-bodied citizens or those legally allowed to be here between the ages of 18 – 60.

          “The militia is the dread of tyrants and the guard of freemen.” Gov. R. Lucas, former Major General of the Ohio Militia, 1832

          “The United States should get rid of its militias”. Joseph Stalin, 1933

          28 C.F.R. Section 0.85 Terrorism is defined as “the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives”.

          “”A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government.” – Edward Abbey

          “We, the people, are the rightful masters of both congress and the courts – not to overthrow the constitution, but to overthrow men who pervert the constitution. ” Abe Lincoln

          “A free people ought not only to be armed, but disciplined; to which end a uniform and well-digested plan is requisite; and their safety and interest require that they should promote such manufactories as tend to render them independent of others for essential, particularly military, supplies.” George Washington

        • We The People have allowed ourselves to repeat Germanys mistakes. We have Valerie Jarrett in our White House advising this administration on how best to kill Christians. Hitler had a muzlim advisor too! They’re known as a mufti. We are quickly headed towards being the next Syria!!

        • IT ISN’T “UNDER OUR PRESENT LEADER”… this all started with Bush and Cheney (REPUBLICANS), when they facilitated the 9-11 attack and the subsequent dissolution of the Constitution. Lets get the facts straight! THERE IS NO DEMOCRAT/REPUBLICAN PARTIES– ONLY FASCISM!!!

        • Hey…. funny thought.
          Armed repubs vs gun free dems.

          Any questions?

          If the economy collapses…

          I’ll just open up a brothel
          and hire women with MBAs. ha.
          That’s all the will be good for.

          • I like your style.

        • I find it interesting how no body is talking about the drone issue that makes up for the guys that stand down.

          Obama will “drone” just as quickly as hew will drone a middle east target. This is a rosy picture compared to the real deal.

      2. had the militia not showed up at Bundy’s ranch.. I feel he would have been dead by now all of his family, all the cows, and they would have burned his place to the ground.. a carbon copy of any Fed run show of force

        so will they fire on us?

        Yes!…they already have what more do you need for proof, they have American citizens blood on their hands , and have had for years

        take that knowledge and prep accordingly

        • The National Guard at Kent State got panicky.
          30.06 right into the student body.

          • We can expect “panic” again…after all, any excuse will do, when you are just following orders to save the world…

        • They seem to have a penchant for firing on small groups. As Bunkerville illustrated, when they do not have an overwhelming force they are less likely to unleash a volley.

          It seems the answer is to meet their force with an equal or greater force. The challenge will be to keep some itchy trigger finger on our side from firing the first shot.

          • AMEN…or drawing the first shot.

          • Or having some got’t troll planted on our side to take the first shot and blame the whole war on us!

            • Oops, gov’t.

        • “Will they fire on us?”
          9/11 and Iraq and Afghanistan
          Boston Marathon
          Kansas City Bombing
          Hurricane Katrina- unarming citizens at any cost
          Colorado Movie Theater shooting
          Sandy Hook
          Seik Temple shooting
          Just a few off the top of my head. Who else has some quick additions of government killing our citizens.

          • The Yankee government killed a quarter of a million of my people from 1861 to 1865.

            Of course we got half a million of them.

            Unfortunately they had ten times our number to give.

            • I had several great, great, great uncles imprisoned in yankee pow camps along with one who didn’t make it. They were starved, exposed to the elements and beate. All the South wanted was to be left alone. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? It wasn’t about “slavery” for those who lack historical knowledge read about the Corwin Amendment that Lincoln tried to sell to the South so that secession would not occur.

        • Imagine the Militia showing up during the Boston Martial Law rampage when they went on their pillage breaking into people’s homes without a warrant looking for one kid. That Folks, can happen anytime in any City USA. Just let them come up with another excuse. aka: False Flag.

      3. Oath Keepers are our last line if defense???

        We’ve already lost then.

        • They are the first line IMO. One is a fool to go up against the ego-pumped fed/state/local LEO’s. In the days ahead, the real victories will be the removal of the decision makers. The heads of the “authority” must be taken out. This will be done rather quietly. Not in a loud, obnoxious protest. Just as stated by Rage Against the Machine, “silence can be violent, just like a slit wrist.” If we could, right now, remove permanently about 600 motherfuckers from DC, most of our long term problems would be over. 300,000,000 million vs 600….they are fucked. All we have to do is win the hearts and minds of the youth in this country. Old folks like myself are not going to change and can remember a better America of the past. Now we just need to educate the next generation of the way shit is supposed to work in this country. Don’t give up. We will prevail at the end of the day.

          When shit starts going south, pick that person/celebrity-big-mouth/liberal asshole/politician/mayor/local chairman/asshole LEO that you feel would make the most contribution to be rid of and take your best, most influential shot.

          • In order to win the hearts and minds of anyone, we are going to have to speak to them on THEIR level—NOT OURS.

            We’ve got to learn to speak their language, and I don’t think that is possible. I tried it here to see what happened…

            I presented a comment that illustrated this. I appealed to “them” in their own language, in terms that they would relate to.

            What response did I get from YOU?

            …I got asked if I was a lesbian…

            The truth is—YOU PEOPLE CANNOT ADAPT AND OVERCOME…yourselves.

            • To all of those to whom this doesn’t apply, it wasn’t aimed at you, you are the exception…so don’t bother to blast me for criticizing you wrongfully.

              The real culprits know who I’m talking about.

            • I must have missed something!! I’ll have to go back and see what it was 6. Hahaha

              • Allow me to repost it for your convenience—

                “They are trying to change the focus from the illegal land grabs and the complicity of Nevada Senator Harry Reid, to a race war against a man for his not-very-articulate ponderings.

                SCREW HARRY REID. First he called us domestic terrorists, and when that didn’t get much traction, he found the race card. Harry Reid is a “POLITICAL TERRORIST”. He uses his authority as a U.S. Senator for profit and financial gains, stomping on the rights of his own constituents in the process of lining his own pockets. HARRY REID IS ILLEGALLY SELLING OUR PUBLIC LANDS TO CHINESE CORPORATIONS.

                THAT IS WHERE THE FOCUS NEEDS TO REMAIN. Don’t let them play us for fools.

                Do I need to remind everyone, including and ESPECIALLY Mr. Rand Paul, that THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY TRIED TO DO TO HIS FATHER. As soon as Ron Paul looked like a viable presidential candidate, they pulled the race card on him. They had to dig real deep and twist real hard, but they did it. When that didn’t work out as well as they had hoped, they busted out the family death threats, and Mr. Paul stepped down as a candidate. Mission accomplished.


                Every single gay, LBGT person in this country should be up in arms over this. They are trying to use a person’s own thoughts to take away his rights. You should remember all too well, the persecution of people with different views. They tried to deny you your freedom, using the contents of your own hearts — until you finally stopped apologizing for who you are and how you choose to live.

                As for African Americans — when are you going to say enough is enough? When they didn’t like rap music, especially “gangsta rap” they used your race against you. They tried to keep you from expressing yourselves through your music. Now they are trying to use your history as a tool, to take away the rights of others. THEY DON’T OWN HISTORY, AND THEY DON’T OWN YOU. So stop letting them use you when it fits their purpose.

                STOP LETTING THEM USE US AGAINST EACH OTHER when they feel like it…”

                • Are you a black lesbian?

                • @6- They’ll always use Divide and Conquer, because throughout human history- it’s almost always worked. I agree- I WISH there was a way to get through to “them”, but the cognitive dissonance is just too strong. I gave up. We’re more divided as a country now than in the 1859. I don’t see that changing any time soon.

                  • Are you a black lesbian?

                    I’m sure you’re right, CW. The ignorance is too great.

          • Math is our friend when we understand him. The U.S. is tied for the 3rd/4th largest country is land mass, just slightly smaller than China, and we are 3rd in population 330+ million. The number of gun owners is anywhere from 45-100 million, even the government doesn’t really know. There are 7.4 million Viet Nam Era vets and 5.4 million Gulf War(s) Era vets for a total of nearly 13 million. There are currently less than 3 million total active duty and reserve forces worldwide. There are around 1 million LEOs at the federal, state and local levels for a total of just under 4 million personnel that may, or may not follow orders. Of the 13 million vets, a large percentage are gun owners, along with at least 45+ million other gun owners is more than enough for thousands of small guerrilla groups that could easily defeat less than 4 million. Much smaller groups than that have chased out much bigger armies, just ask the Americans in Viet Nam or the British, the Russians, and soon the Americans, in Afghanistan. Hell, we could run any conflict in shifts with this many folks. TPTB know this and it scares the hell out of them, hence all the attempts at new gun and ammo laws.

        • George, why don’t you take them on and see what kind of day you have afterward.

        • We are our last line of defense. Expecting others to do our job is what got us here. When people finally wake up it may be impressive. Without going to the civil war mode that so mane seem to be hoping for. The dipshits on the bottom are not the problem.

      4. I know of two military personnel who stood down. “The man that saved the world”. That Russian guy who refused to fire the nuke in the 1980’s. And the Ukrainian tank military who refused to fire on the people back when Ukraine first separated from Russia. OTOH, we all saw the Chinese drive a tank over an innocent man in Tienanmen. and everyone knows about the children killed in Waco and other places by idiots who masquerade as public servants.

        • I didn’t see the Chinese drive a tank over anyone. “Tank Man” may still be in hiding.

      5. Of COURSE they’ll fire on us! anyone who believes otherwise is simply drinking the koolaid. And their (the gov) prepping has stepped up a notch. Between the aerial “visitations” by NON-CIVILIAN aircraft over my REMOTE neighborhood, to CERT holding “America’s PrepareAthon” for the next few days (my ex wife got CERT certified so that we could get advanced notice on what they’re up to). They’re stepping up the pace folks. Ignore at your own peril.

        • @ Mac-
          I’ll be forwarding you an email that my ex fwd’d to me that was sent to her by CERT. It essentially appears as though they’re using CERT volunteers to become active in recon/intelligence gathering of their “assigned” neighborhoods. You may have a more benevolent take on it than I do however.

          • Yep, OP-SEC…Live it, Love it!

          • Can you copy and paste the body of the email on here and leave the names and addresses out? I don’t doubt you I just want to see what it says.

            • I would, but the info of most interest is an attached .pdf, which is basically a template to be used for data collection per house. Interestingly, while my ex was in CERT training, they were specifically trained to NOT be concerned with rescuing pets, however on the form it specifically asks them to note type, number and location (outdoor kennel areas, etc.) of pets. And we all know that it seems to be the latest craze with the LEO’s to shoot peoples dogs, really just “cuz”, as soon as they roll up to someones door. So, they don’t want to rescue them, but they DO want to know how many, type and where. Hmmmm…

        • There is an idea for you, infiltrate THEIR ranks!

          • About half of the people in that CERT class were there for the same reason as my ex. And there were several Oath Keepers in the group as well.

        • They will fire on us because they will be lied to. They will soon figure out that someone is also firing on their family and friends. That will be the wake up call.

        • I think the More important Question is Will We Ever Fire on Them? I have counted more than One First Shots on their Side!!

          Semper Fi

      6. Dave Hodges,

        You obviously have never served in the military. From day one you are taught to observe orders. FROM DAY TWO you are taught that you have an obligation to DISOBEY illegal orders. This is a fundamental precept of all military training!!!!!

        I suggest you stop writing about things you have no knowledge about!!!


        My guess is that like those in the experiment mentioned, some will shoot and some won’t. It’s the breakdown between the two that will determine the outcome..

        • My concern is if the military, in the future, start recruiting sociopaths who salivate to torture and kill. That’s what made up most of the Nazi army. Could happen again…hopefully after I have died of old age!

          • The mood alterers would be steroids increasing aggression. The motivators are false flag events demonizing the intended group. The rewards include rape and theft “officially” forbidden but not enforced.

            Given the right or better said wrong conditions your own protectors can very easily join the long list of evil that has appeared throughout history. No nation or people regardless of their supposed ideals can honestly believe, “It can’t happen here”.

          • On September 20, 2011 the Obama administration opened up the military to those who will “salivate to torture and kill” any Americans who cling to traditional values. Examples of their intolerance of those who fail to embrace and accept them are easily found. Evidently tolerance is a one way street, and there are things that should not be tolerated.

            • Wild goose, the libturds with their PC agenda already do certain things I won’t tolerate and this goes back way, way, way before Obama. The Obama “civilian national security force” will be full of people ‘salivate to torture and kill” anyone who resists them, especially if they’re white. Let the Obama supporters bring it and we’ll see what they’re made of.

          • There are a lot of people on this site who are salivating to torture and kill.

            • Not torture, just kill. Swiftly and humanely. It will happen, just give it time.

            • ncjoe, go f@#$ yourself! You’re a f#$%ing liar with that remark. I dare you to meet any of us on a public street and say that face-to-face. Try it with me and I’ll make ground beef out of your sorry ass. F#$% you!

              • He probably is right now, RB.

                • You know how feds are.

            • C’mon NCjoe, just because you have to live in your mother’s basement for the rest of your days doesn’t mean you have to be so surly. Buck up boy and wipe those cheetoe crumbs off that shed that droops over your keyboard.
              Yes, that minimum wage government check should have reached your mailbox today. However, in between blogging comments for the government and video games plus the frequent nagging mom syndrome it’s tough to get out of that damn chair. No woman in you life, other than those monthly subscriptions to peek sites, 1-900-dirtyleg and of course mother. Oh my, such a conundrum what are you to do? Run..I mean waddle out to that mailbox and cash that check because Alas, poor NCjoe we know you well.

            • NCjoe You ain’t that far from North Georgia, so come on down, me and Cuz Braveheart could sure have some fun with you.

        • Icarus,

          Amen brother. Only fools that have never been there call for war.

          Hold steady, prepare and don’t get caught up in all the cheap and easy incendiary talk.

          Play our game – not their game.

          • @ new ordnance,so,are you saying that only those who have actually been to war are wise enough to never go to war and that only those who have never been to war are foolish enough to go?

            • Not at all.

              I guess fools are foolish regardless of whether they have been to war or not.

              Sometimes we all say foolish things and later have regrets.

              Maybe perpetual fools are a special catagory.

              What was the scripture about “setting aside foolish things…”? – not a rhetorical question, I don’t remember without looking it up.

        • sorry ex military here….not obeying illegal order…never had that training…sorry

        • Icarus, welcome aboard, and my thought process is similar to yours. There are supposedly factions in the military and LE who are either for or against the people. I don’t think we’ll know how the percentages will turn out until we’re well into the conflict. I also disagree with Dave Hodges saying ALL of the military and LEOs will act against us. I just can’t picture that.

          • Brave,
            I was senior enlisted and I can tell you I have seen with my own two eyes there are. Alot of Masions “mostly black” “I have no problem with black people just obseving here”. Are zealots for Obama and they hold a huge amount of power in the military. It is really scary.

        • Check out the 29 Palms Survey, done in March 1995, by Lt.Cmdr. Guy Cunningham…

          • They were giving that survey as early as 1993.

        • Read what happened at My Lai where an American helicopter crew saw what was going on landed between the Vietnamese civilians and the US Army and told them that either stopped the killing or the helo crew would do all it could including firing on them to stop the killing. Those who fire on American citizens will in turn be shot by the other soldiers who will not go along with it. Have some faith.

      7. To the Leo’s , soldiers, and all.

        Bring it on.

        • TURN:
          You really don’t want to do that. Not all Leo’s and Military are bad.
          Don’t play their games, stand fast and stay the coarse let them make the first move.
          Don’t try to push them into a fight by egging them on.
          You will lose if you stand alone.
          Hold your ground stay safe, we need all the Patriots we can get for the many fight and the rebuild.
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

          • They can make the first move. I’m not trying to egg them on, just letting them know,that it won’t be easy for them.
            As far as losing if I stand alone…..Probably. My life.
            But while I’m living, alone, or in a group,I’m not giving up my rights, beliefs, or antything else they are trying to take away.

            I’ll gladly die with a smile. I bow to no-one.

            • TURN:
              Your comments are the reason I told you to stay the coarse we will need men like you when it comes to rebuilding. I like the way you think.
              S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

        • Turn:
          Like I have said a million times all LEO’s are not going to follow the orders to fire on the PEOPLE.
          I for will not. I will fright any LEO that will fire on the PEOPLE. Nobody in this are want to piss with me because I am one of the best shots with a hand gun in the area. Not brag but fact. I’m also one of the snipers in the area. Again not brag FACT!
          Never go heads up against LEO’s or Military. You will loose! You don’t have Tanks, Drones ECT.

          • Never go heads up against anyone! Ambush them. Use crossfire!

          • Hey, Sgt. Dale,
            I haven’t seen your posts in a while. Are you okay?

      8. I don’t think the military will fire on us. They have families just like the rest of us, and their neighbor’s know who they are.

        • The thing is, most of the military assigned to “control” certain places won’t be locals. Thus, the “neighbor” mind-set won’t work. I can see an Illinois thug gladly shooting, say, a Georgian, simply because he thinks the man from the south is sub-human.

          In reference to brainwashing, consider how Jay Carney can get up in front of the media every day and spout the lies he gives.

          In every civilization, the public has died in great numbers and often in great pain. The ancient Britons felt the same way we will feel when the advancing Roman troops slaughtered them. Deaths today won’t be any more wide-spread or horrible than they were then. Anytime you’re being hunted and know you will be murdered is terrible. Dying by an ax is possibly even more ghastly than being shot by a rifle. The fact that you are being killed is always the same amount of fear, loathing and terror.

          I just hope the top of the government pyramid dies as well, and not quickly.

        • what does history teach us ???

          Hitler, Stalin,PolPot and others didn’t do the dirty work
          they got people like you and me to do it willingly

          plenty of “good Germans” to go around

          and for those who like to read history
          try this little tome

          just a little bit of evidence
          of how very evil
          “average” people can be

          virtually all of this evil
          was committed under cover of law

          same as in Hitler’s Germany
          and Stalin’s Russia

        • You’re dreaming.

        • Thats what the Greeks, and the Romans, and the British, and the French, and the Mexicans, and the Germans, and the Chinese, and the Cubans, and the [insert your country here]….. said.

      9. Civilian National Security Force: “just as strong, just as well funded”. Are we learning yet?

        • Km, those Obama supporters won’t be hard to defeat. they’ll never stand a chance against us.

          • How can you be so sure. Pride goeth before destruction and all that.

            • ncjoe, the Obama supporters lack self-discipline, self-respect, integrity, i.e. they don’t have any of the values, etc. needed to make it thru life. They’ll be going up against veterans, retired cops, etc. people who have the necessary skills and knowledge to deal with them, not to mention the 100,00,000 gun owners in this country who won’t take their crap. they might have a lot of pride, but that doesn’t stop bullets.

            • It’s pretty elementary, NCJoKe: any one stupid enough to vote for Barry Soetoro is too stupid to know which way to point a weapon.

          • being killed by dead aim, a lucky shot or a ricochet is still being just as dead…

      10. IMHO, you will have soldiers comply with what their superiors say, but I know from experience that their are many who will not. Like everything, their are insiders everywhere that will be for or against. It’s the nature of law.
        America is filled with weak easily manipulated souls, but there is also a great many self thinking Americans that have morals and values, to which they understand where things are going in this country and the world.
        You have so many that think everyone will just roll over an throw in the towel? I feel it will not be so easy, but then it’s just me and my thinking. Yes, society has been dumbed down, but society has also been awaken.
        I am sure their are many people that really did not see what was happening 2 to 3 years ago, but now they have open up their eyes and found their way to sites similar to this one. Light bulbs turning on with each and every new day.
        It’s a messed up world, but you have to keep true to who you are and never let yourself be manipulated. Think, study, and learn what is and what isn’t.

      11. There are many folks out there with an opinion but I do not trust anything Dave Hodges has to say.

        • Yes, Hodges is likely an agent provocateur.

          Your first clue? His breathless condemnations of Muslims while he NEVER names the tribe that is command and control for most of our real agonies.

          • So why don’t you name the Tribe punk. You Jew haters are so infantile. It was not the Jews that started the fighting and continue. Jordan made the Palestinians outcasts when the tried to overthrow King Hussein of Jordan. Stop with the lying. It is not Jews that blow up innocent people in SBARROS piazza restaurants. Are you even smart enough to tie your own shoes?

            • Just another paid backtalker? Considering what the jew Bolsheviks did in Russia I dont think, to date, anything can top that.

              However, next in their sights is America. Their last prize. They need to insure a bloodbath of epic proportions.

              I am counting on Jesus Christ who says they will not win.

        • Having been sucked-in a few times, I have come around to your point of view. Tired of being provocateured.

      12. It breaks my heart to think this article might be correct, but after two or three generations of public education (indoctrination), mass killings on a daily dose of video games, and pschotropic drugs, I’m afraid that only those kids that were home schooled or at least had parents with a rudimentary education in American history will refuse the order when it comes. OK’s are a great idea, but the blue wall of solidarity is firmly entrenched. I trust very few uniforms, anymore. Too bad. I’m old enough to remember when cops were respected. Now they are to be feared, or at least held in suspicion.

      13. Once again, lets look at the numbers. There are approximately 1.5 million active members of the military. Many of these are stationed around the globe in Germany, the Philippines, etc. There are another 5 million state and local law enforcement officers across the country. You throw in DHS, ATF, BP, FBI. etc. and you may get another million.
        If the government called in all available hands they may get around 5-6 million. A certain percentage of these won’t show up. They’ll be more concerned about their families. There are 80 million gun owners in America and they own 200+ million firearms.
        If they herd, let’s say, 100+ million into FEMA camps someone has to guard and feed them. If you do this you can be sure all production, including food will come to a halt. It’s pretty well known that the distribution system has less than a weeks supply of food in the pipeline at any one time.
        If you have that many in detention they can’t work. No work no tax revenues (you know, that deduction they take out of every pay check). They could try to print money but that will cause inflation to spike and quickly collapse what little economy there may be left.
        In short, the government knows all this. If they can bully you into compliance without declaring martial law they have the best of both worlds.
        I believe the best solution is a financial boycott. You have to buy groceries, gas, electricity, etc. but you don’t have to buy a new TV, eat out, go to the movies, buy a new car, buy new clothes and on and on. If you reduce your monthly expenditures and leave this money in the bank you play into their hand. Take that money and pay down your home, car, credit cards etc. If every family in the country lowered their budget an average of $300 per month you would take $360 billion out of the economy. True if you pay off credit they will have that money on hand. But if we aren’t buying where are they going to put it? In the stock market? No matter where they put it the increased demand for that investment will drive the cost of that investment up for them and when the bubble bursts and the investment goes down they will lose.
        If you look at the contributions most politicians receive, the lions share comes from corporations. If the economy softens and they start to lose money they share their concerns with their congressman. If the congressman can’t deliver their contributions dry up. No contributions the more difficult to get re-elected.
        They fly in the ointment is the voter. Most are too lazy or too selfish to undergo any hardship. After all they promised the kids they’d go to Disneyland this year. We can worry about government over reach and the economy next year or the year after.
        As my father used to tell me, “If you aren’t getting out of life what you want, you’re getting what you deserve.

        • “If you aren’t getting out of life what you want, you’re getting what you deserve.”

          What an awesome quote!

          I agree, the money is the weapon, and we need to start starving the beast(s).

        • Great response! I agree with you totally, and except for clothing for the grandchildren, we haven’t bought anything new for ourselves in several years and are woefully out of style. My car is 17 years old and in good condition, my husband’s pick-up is 11 years old and we have a 2005 Jeep for snow and ice. No credit card debt and the house in almost paid for, assuming we can get it done. I don’t trust banks and think we’re one of the few couples in our area who actually pay our house note. Don’t know that the bank will let us go. We should have a “windfall” coming in as my husband’s company disbanded their pension system in 2004, and let us know this spring. We have just enough coming in as a “settlement” is due us, about 15 cents on the dollar, and is subject to income tax as income earned, not at the lower rate we would pay if it were retirement income. I really hate the government. This is our chance to pay off our property, but we lose almost fifty per cent of the total for Federal and State taxes. Suppose we could “roll it over” if I trusted any financial institution, but at least the house and acreage will be paid for and we’ll hope we can keep up with the ever increasing property taxes. In case you’re wondering why we took on a mortgage at our age, we were given an involuntary transfer and bought this house for the pond and acreage since we both felt things were getting strange. This was in 1998 and knowing what I know now, I’d say “screw it” and rent until we reached retirement age, then move. But, at least we have a well, (until BLM takes it over)an orchard and a garden. Best wishes to all and keep on prepping!

          • My wife and I are in the same position as you. Our ‘new car” is an ’04 and the old one is a ’98. We were very careful to buy 10+ acres because in our state we can file an Agriculture Exemption and reduce our property taxes. For that I have 3 cows, and few goats and several llamas (the wife’s babies).
            My property taxes are about $700 per year and I have even filed a 65+ homestead exemption yet. If your husband over 59 1/2 you actually pay a lower tax rate on the settlement.

            • Our ‘new car” is an ’04 and the old one is a ’98.

              What are the odds??
              Mazda Tribute and Ranger. 🙂

              • JayJay, I’m in a company truck and don’t even have my own wheels, which I’m saving up for now.

              • Mazda’s last forever. I have an 02, but figure it still has at least half it’s life left.

            • As messed up as California may be they do not tax social security benefits and if you are a senior you can defer paying property taxes.

            • Our property taxes run $4,100 for 13 acres, but we get a “senior” rebate of about 45%, called a “rollback” and yes, we’re over 59 1/2. I just don’t see why this retirement “settlement” is taxed at regular rates. We didn’t get a tax break as it wasn’t an IRA. Overall, Ohio is a high tax state, although food is not taxed, nor are prescriptions. Neither my husband nor I have any tattoos nor do we use a tanning bed, but both are highly taxed here. ???

      14. Author–do your homework.
        The following are a “short” list of Oath keeper Orders.

        1. We will NOT obey orders to disarm the American people.

        2. We will NOT obey orders to conduct warrant-less searches of the American people

        3. We will NOT obey orders to detain American citizens as “unlawful enemy combatants” or to subject them to military tribunal.

        4. We will NOT obey orders to impose martial law or a “state of emergency” on a state.

        5. We will NOT obey orders to invade and subjugate any state that asserts its sovereignty.

        6. We will NOT obey any order to blockade American cities, thus turning them into giant concentration camps.

        7. We will NOT obey any order to force American citizens into any form of detention camps under any pretext.

        8. We will NOT obey orders to assist or support the use of any foreign troops on U.S. soil against the American people to “keep the peace” or to “maintain control.”

        9. We will NOT obey any orders to confiscate the property of the American people, including food and other essential supplies.

        10.We will NOT obey any orders which infringe on the right of the people to free speech, to peaceably assemble, and to petition their government for a redress of grievances

        • mammabear….

          Really? What reality you living in? Every one is violated DAILY… oath takers……..yawn.

          • then do something about it, instead of sleeping..yawn…

        • Sounds like orders that EVERY gov’t employee should have to go by.

      15. Hope I am not too early…. Shoot, I bet a redneck takes the first shot to start the civil war….

        Never, never underestimate a Redneck!!

        His name was Bubba, he was from Mississippi … And he needed a loan,
        So… He walked into a bank in New York City and asked for the loan
        Officer. He told the loan officer that he was going to Paris for an
        International redneck festival for two weeks and needed to borrow
        $5,000; and that he was not a depositor of the bank.

        The bank officer told him that the bank would need some form of
        security for the loan, so the Redneck handed over the keys to a new
        Ferrari. The car was parked on the street in front of the bank. The
        Redneck produced the title and everything checked out. The loan
        officer agreed to hold the car as collateral for the loan and
        apologized for having to charge 12% interest.

        Later, the bank’s president and its officers all enjoyed a good laugh
        at the Redneck from the South for using a $250,000 Ferrari as
        collateral for a $5,000 loan.
        An employee of the bank then drove the Ferrari into the bank’s private
        underground garage and parked it.

        Two weeks later, the Redneck returned, repaid the $5,000 and the
        interest of $23.07. The loan officer said, “Sir, we are very happy to
        have had your business, and this transaction has worked out very
        nicely, but we are a little puzzled. While you were away, we checked
        you out on Dunn & Bradstreet and found that you are a Distinguished
        Alumni from Ole Miss University , a highly sophisticated investor and
        Multi-Millionaire with real estate and financial interests all over
        the world. Your investments include a large number of wind turbines
        around Sweetwater , Texas .

        What puzzles us is, why would you bother to borrow $5,000?”

        The good ‘ole boy replied, “Where else in New York City can I park my
        car for two weeks for only $23.07 and expect it to be there when I

        His name was BUBBA….

        Keep an eye on those southern boys!

        Just because we talk funny does not mean we are stupid.

        • Eppe;
          That was a good one.
          You need to keep and eye on those southern boys and those redneckes, God bless them all.
          I’m Proud to be 1/2 Hillbilly and 1/2 Redneck, and 100% American!!!!!

          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

          • Shame what has happened to Virginia and North Carolina. Full of left wing Yankee a-holes. More illegals in North Carolina than So.Cal.

        • Eppe, I’ll say it again, you ARE the king of comedy at, no questions about it.

      16. This ain’t going to be a civil war it will be a Revolution.
        The first Civil war was the North against the South. Over states rights. This will be a Revolt against the Government. Because they are becoming too tyrannical.
        This will be the change to the USA that will see area not coming back into the Union.
        When it starts you will see China and Russia take advantage of it. Things are going to be bloody and nasty to say the least.
        God be with us all.

        • Sarge-

          I think that between you & NB…you guys have the best understanding of how ‘severe’ things/events could devolve into, here at home.

          Bloody & nasty are mild terms, imo!

          • Hunter:
            If I could tell you what I have seen in the last 30 years on this job you might BARF.
            And we haven’t had TSHTF yet.
            See the movie the ROAD, and then multiply this by 10 and you will have an idea as how bad it will get. Only the strong and smart will survive. It will come to kill or be killed, then eaten. When the food runs out there will be Zombies. Thank God you don’t have to shot them in the head to kill them.

            • @ sgt. prepper
              if you liked the movie “the road”, you should really read the book. there is a lot in the book that they either wouldn’t or just couldn’t put into movie format.

        • Sgt.
          You know how I feel about this, I don’t believe it will be a cival war it will be a fight for freedom much like the revolutioary war but we will not be fight against Great Britian.
          There will be no North vs. South. or even East vs. West,
          But freedom loving Patriots fighting against a Totalitarian government.
          There will be places that nothing happens at all and there will be hell breaking out in others.
          There will be fighting within all branches of the military, and the same with Leo’s.
          Some will be fighting to defend the Constitution, and some will be fighting for a government.
          There will be riots and chaos in the streets when the governments take away all the entitlements because they are broke.
          Big cities will burn and the gangbangers that survive the melt down in the cities will work there way in to the country side to rape,rob and pillage. They won’t get to far. They will be a problem.
          People are get tired of being lied to and cheated out of there rights.
          All Hell is about to break lose, not only here but all over the world.
          We are not hear much about the problems China and Russia are having with the financal problems, why do you thing they are rattling the sabers, War means money.
          The world is about to plung into so very hard times.
          So brothers and sisters please, please get ready for the sh!+ to hit the fan very some. If we don’t see something big happen in the next 4 to 6 month ( I pray I’m dead wrong) it will suprize the he!! out of me.
          God Bless All Of You.
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. NS. N.REB

          • Howdy, NR, and your analysis sounds just like mine. My prepping is continuing.

            • BREVEHEART;
              How are you doing.
              I see alot of stuff going down and it is starting to scare the he!! out of me. Not that I’m scared for myself and my wife were getting old. In worried about my kids and grandkids.
              S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

        • No successful Revolution will happen.We are too divided. It will not be patriots versus corrupt government. It will quickly become race war & ethnic cleansing. And guess who will lose/ the white guys will lose because the corrupt government will fund supply & support anyone who is against whitey. The UN plan is divide & counker and repeat until we all kill each other. and yea I misspell counker.

          • White Genocide, the end game. No one will face that hard cold brutal truth, even in the end.

          • Nah don’t think so, we’re smarter and more violent. We will inflict terror they will never forget.

        • Hammer… Meet nail

        • In this next engagement there won’t be any defining geographical lines as there were during the war between the North and the South.

        • don’t care save and share f the tptb argghh

      17. Kent state?
        Ruby Ridge?
        Any of this ring any bells?
        I don’t often post anymore, because we, are our worst enemy, but this is a perfect post. Dave doesn’t allow me to post on his site, because he disagrees with my ‘religion’. That, we listen to Preacher men, admonishing us to ‘submit to Godly AUTHORITY’. While the pharisees collect their 30 pieces of tax free silver, and preach true blasphemy… giving us ‘doctrines of devils’ to listen to that keep us in apathy and complacency awaiting an event that may not come in our lives.
        While also ignoring other scriptures that tells us that WE are the hands of God’s Justice. And justice is what He desires above all.
        ‘They’, admonish me as a ‘devil worshiper’ and sorcerer, a ‘Luciferian’ because why? Because I think Rome, in their original Vulgate, and King James, who translated from that work, have set up an abomination in the true temple of God, our minds. It has caused us to become divided, like iron and clay, upon the two legs of the statue of nebuchadnezzar, the left and right ideologies, under a breast of beleivers who work for a head of Gold that rules the world through the Rule of Gold, that; He who has the Gold makes the Rules?

        Yet, I am a devil worshiper?
        I think many do not understand what the term ‘anti’ Christ means. Or that their doctrines justify and support their true worship of their true idol god; Mammon. Materialism. The origin documents, that were kicked out of the Canon, clearly spell out that the battle of the world, is material vs spiritual. And divided doctrines, keeping the people of God divided and in confusion, as ‘the sea and the waves roar’, through their minds and hearts, as iron and clay, are the true Anti-Christ message. The Church of Rome, is AntiChrist, because they created this mass of confusion, the rest of us, protestants included, use their work product, and are victims of Rome.

        We cannot blame the evil ones for doing evil, for that is what they are. We can only blame the good guys for our predicament, because, as the prophet Hosea said; We are are destroyed by our lack of Knowledge. And Jude said; From the beginning, Evil crept in unawares. This was no better said than from Edmund Burke;

        “All it takes for evil to thrive, is good men to do nothing.”

        The English crown, was more scared of something called; The Black Robe Regiment, than they ever were of G. Washington’s pathetic little army. The Preachers back then knew about God’s Justice, and Liberty. Today, we don’t even teach it anymore. We teach materialism, and giving out free passes to heaven. The Lord did not teach this, did He? No. Men do.

        As long as we love our comforts, above truth, we are lost. Thus, the truth of the statement; to sell your coat and buy a sword. Coats are for comfort, and double edge swords cut both ways, the definition of truth. Many in the patriot community see and speak much truth, and then lose it on the altar of stupidity and their own normalcy bias. Like Glenn Beck, he cannot see that Gandhi, if facing the Nazi’s, would have ended up in an unmarked grave as a footnote in history. And what we face is the ultimate evil, 1984 like, nonideological, based in one thing; Power and control. That was the message of 1984…

        Power and control, the Goal of The Beast, this is the battle of those OF the world, against those IN the world. The seeds of cain, vs the seeds of seth, the animal vs the spiritual, but do not allow the false spirit to take your mind. All you know about the world is a deception. Ideology, and doctrines, of fear and loathing, are merely designed to divide you, set you against each other, while ignoring The Babylon System of Elites. Elites who wish to convert our two legged system, into a Beast system. A black hearted system, into a pale-green system. They have divided Christians into camps, denominations, this will get worse as political correctness, and Green worship becomes a defining paradigm.

        If you stand up against them, as Christian, you will provoke The Beast. You were given instructions not to provoke, but to go into the wilderness, to leave the System, to be passive and nonthreatening as doves with the heart of lions. To turn the cheek, is the sign of a warrior that shows his superior strength of character, but, a warrior knows when it is time to stand up to true evil, to sell the coat and buy the sword. Give up your comfort, and buy into the Truth of your world.

        As Bundy demonstrated, the meek can inherit the Earth, but only if they stand meekly, as power under control, passive and nonthreatening, with ‘niceness’ put in your pockets, and a full understanding of Liberty and what has been taken from us by “sweet words on the tongue, that grow bitter in the belly”… To see the evil, and stand as ONE, and cry havoc, with our guns on our backs and our middle fingers pointing to the sky, shouting;

        Fuck Off And Die.

        • Piper Michael, good to hear from you again. Excellent post. nothing in it I can dispute. I’m going to repeat something I posted in the last thread. I am independent-minded. I never get on eggshells for or bow down to anyone, I don’t care who you are. I’ll treat you the same way I do everyone else, no problem with that. I don’t accept brainwashing on any subject from any source. I’ve had a combination of homeschooling and public schooling to defeat the propaganda. I do get defiant over any and all acts of injustice. I don’t bend with the wind. I’ve never had what it takes to be a good little Nazi, good little Commie, etc. I believe in liberty and am opposed to tyranny in all forms. Let anyone come to my place with evil intentions toward me and things won’t end well for them. If they want to live, then just stay away from my home, that simple. I’m going to stand up and take part in the fight to take back this country. If I don’t make it all the way thru, then so be it. At least I’ll die standing up. MOLON LABE SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS ASMS braveheart

          • Hello again old friend…

            Yes, it is one thing to be meek, yet another to be weak…

            One day, I hope to meet you face to face, and can grasp the arm of a brother… I hope it is in victory. The short game is already lost, but we are in it for the long game.

            Semper Fi.

        • Psalm 144:1

          Blessed be the Lord, my rock, who trains my hands for WAR, and my fingers for battle.

          Ecclesiastes 3:8

          A time to love, and a time to hate; a time for war, and a time for peace.

          And one more
          Proverbs 21:15

          When justice is done, it is a joy to the righteous but terror to the evildoers.

          I am a servint to god, and I know what time it is.

      18. It’s going to be a long hot summer. Bundy’s situation may have started the wake-up call,but the “American Spring” in the middle of the month may tell a different tale.

        • Bundy is a freeloader.

          • I could wax eloquently about why you’re wrong, and do it quite convincingly, but without the satisfaction of saying what came to mind at first, which is quite simply “FUCK YOU GEORGE”. Even that is more letters than you’re worth.

          • May be true possibly, but does that require 200 snipers to come to your door if you owe back taxes? If that’s the way the government operates count me out. I know excessive force when I see it.

          • George Gefferson, go f#$% yourself!

          • Durango is that you under that mask?

            • awesome! looks like we pissed of some gubmint trolls! anymore, I consider a red thumb around here like a badge of pride! come on around my place you trolls…I’ll be happy to give you something to give me a thumbs-down about!

            • @ PA farmer
              I thought the same thing, but no, Durango would have said deadbeat, not freeloader.

          • GG,
            You only listen to the MSM, eh?
            The BLM demands a contract from the ranchers that forces them out of business. By not allowing them to graze enough cattle to make it worth staying in business. But, I suppose you would say thats ‘just greedy’? Unh huh. How about the fact that ALL the other ranchers in that area have been run out of business by the Feds?

            Bundy stood strong, raised his middle finger in the air and said FOAD!
            Along with a bunch of other brave folks.

            The Feds are putting the ranchers and farmers out of business just like the small business people… when they’re done, we’ll all suffer for it.

            I agree with braveheart… FOAD.

        • Confederate,

          You might like this piece on “The Dangerous Summer”:

          “Invisible Republic”


          “The revolution occurred in the hearts and minds of the people and in pulpits throughout the colonies long before a shot was fired.”

          …more at RockyMountainCornDOTcom

          • That’s probably why the government doesn’t allow preachers to talk about politics in church.

            • Unless it is an all-black church.

          • Thanks, I’ll check it out.

      19. Soon the USA Government will bring back the gladiator arena with Christians thrown to lions, bread (food stamps) tossed into the blood-thirsty crowds…along with free cell phones and condoms of course.

      20. for those who may not know about the “Veterans Bonus March in l932 to Washington D.C.” demanding to get paid the bonus they were promised by Congress for their service during WWI, you can just google that title and see a video on it.. Here is the website I watched: The veterans were there by the thousands and for weeks…their demands were not met, and the military under MacArthur was ordered by the President to “disperse” the veterans…of interest, was that Dwight Eisenhower and General Patton were alongside MacArthur… so watch this video or one of the others (many listed), and you will “maybe” get the answer as to what side the U.S. Military will be on if ordered….against fellow americans… I thought these 3 generals were considered great heroes…in history… was very surprised to see another side of them..

        • Sunshine, welcome aboard, and I’m familiar with that incident. I lost a relative in that atrocity. BTW, Omar Bradley was supposedly there along with Eisenhower, Patton, and Macarthur. funny how that incident was all forgotten about and they became heros in WW2.

          • BH, what was your relative’s name?

        • And after Mc Arthur Ran the Bonus army out of Washington. He remarked this isn’t the first city ive rid of enemy occupation. And the National guard kicked in doors disarmed people and looted during Katrina. So the answer is yes the military will fire upon and try to disarm the citizens.

        • Sunshine, that is why we must win them over to our side instead of yelling at them and talking down to them.

        • General Patton was there, but, in the end, he was assassinated for standing up to tptb, for which he had killed…

      21. was it not in 1942 that Mac Auther had soldiers fire in veterns that were protesting because the government did pay them what they sai8d they. If you think todays soldiers will not fire on us , you are in for a hell of a surprise.

        • FRee:
          No! better reread you history go back to after WW1
          We were fighting in WW2 in 1942.
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

      22. As an active duty military member I felt divided after reading this post. I personally know of several Officers and MANY NCO/Warrent/Sernior Enlisted personel (myself included) that will NOT obey any order to shoot/capture/sieze ect. any American. The problem, unfortunaltey is the upcoming generation. Both in the enlisted/officer core the newer members are those brainwashed by the MSM/facebook/social media that WILL blindly follow those orders.

        HOWEVER: Although Dave Hodges explains the milgram experiemnet, he doesn’t talk about the psychological effect shooting your own people will have on the soldiers– yes, initially there will be many who do go along with those orders, but once the individual has time to think about what they’ve done, THAT’s where you’ll have massive uprisings within the ranks! True there are some heartless being who simply don’t care, or may even enjoy it, but the majority of people aren’t like that. Once the gravity of thier actions reaches them, they will hate themselves, and thier “superiors” for “making them” do what they did and they will rebel.

        Be prepared, have a plan and keep good opsec, that’s about all we really can do these days.

        • G19:
          Very well put and I agree with you sir.
          Keep up the good fight, And a heart felt thanks for your service.
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

          • N.REB, Thanks!

        • i talk to soldiers often….whenever i meet a new one i usually ASK what they will do when TSHTF. when asked to shoot americans, will you SHOOT US, or turn your guns on your captors?……..a VERY FEW of them know what’s going to happen. the ones that are clueless will say..”what do you mean?”…like they’ve never even given it a thought before that moment….THAT’S how I KNOW a LOT of them will fall in line and start shootin’….just my 2 cents.

          • Not my personal experience. The soldiers I knew were sneaky. Poker faced when something unjust started to happen, but then “accidents” started to happen until the leadership was removed. At the time I was an innocent.

        • You nailed it G19TMBRWLF! Here’s hoping we meet in the now or the thereafter!

        • He doesnt talk about the further psychological effect of having your own people fire back with extreme malice when they are fired on by men or women who took an oath to uphold and protect the constitution, we are NOT push overs and WILL react violently if we are treated as though we are slaves or just refuse.
          The time to pick a side is coming, look at what is happening in Ukraine, We The People are not unarmed.

      23. I wish I could be a great leader. I am so disappointed with the way everything is shaking down. I am 33 and I would gladly give my life if it meant future generations could live free. This is not the country in which I grew. Alas, I am but a poor white suburbanite who isn’t very popular and only above-average intelligence. I let my parents talk me out of joining the military after my public high school education. I study strategy and tactics and I will never give up trying to win people over to our side. I just hope someone of whom I idolize will appear and lead us to victory. I pray to God not to allow our great nation to fall.

        • “Alas, I am but a poor white suburbanite who isn’t very popular and only above-average intelligence”

          sounds like a facebook post or even a gubermint obituary of a mass-murderer. Not saying you are one, but that’s like, umm, red-flag city.

          I would say that the fact that you recognize what is going on and you endeavor to effect change is very important.

          Within each of us are the tools, talents and strengths we need to survive and be successful. Sometimes we are blind to our own gifts. Let go of the past…and consciously make each step you take in the present a step toward the future that you envision yourself the way you want to be as if it has already happened. I like to tell my clients to put their past in a trunk and put it in the attic. If you ever need it it’s there, but it’s keeping you in chains for now, so let it go.

          Be at peace.

          • You really thought that? Where did you come up with “gubermint obituary of a mass-murderer?” I was just telling the truth lol. I meant that I don’t have the charisma of a great leader that could unify all of us and I’m not a super-genius that could solve everything.

            • I understood what you meant, I’m just saying its the stereotype the govt tries to cast. And even if you aren’t a ‘super genius”–hell I don’t know any, you are trying to inform people. That’s a lot more than some do. that was the positive I was trying to get across. you just seemed a little down and out on yourself.

      24. G19

        Well spoken sir.

        Thank you for your perspective.

      25. Do You Want Civil Unrest or Not.

        Thumbs up for Yes.
        Thumbs down for No.

        • SLINGSHOT:
          I gave it a thumbs down I really don’t want to see civil unrest. I seen it in the 60’s.
          But down deep I know it is coming and I’m afraid very soon. STAY SAFE MY FRIEND.
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

          • Northern Reb.

            This is not to degrade anyone by any means. A simple yes/no answer is a way to get a feel how most Patriots see our debacle. Myself I also feel there has to be a Civil War to rid ourselves of the evil and with all the uncertainty who can answer a solid Yes to my question knowing the consequences.

            • The problem is it wouldn’t remain a civil war that is patriots against a corrupt government. It would very quickly morph into race war & ethnic cleansing. The fact is the country in spite of what the media would have you believe is very racist and religious bigots of every race are the most dangerous folks by far. So my answer is NO!

              • Old Guy.

                Good to see you are covering all the bases. I did mention something to that effect on the last thread.

              • Old guy you have a valid point about it turning into a race war, if its not bad enough with the Al Sharptons out there, you have Harry Reid on his soap box spewing his crap about the Redskins being racist. Reid makes road kill look good..

                • i would HOPE that people realize that there’s MUCH more to a person than the color of their skin(race). i know MANY black people, for example, that are good upstanding citizens, even some of them are preppers. i just HATE the idea of people talking about “race wars”….i just hope it’s not that way. yes, many blacks will die…many whites will die…many mexicans will die….but let’s not get “race” involved in this war. it will be the haves against the have-nots…or said another way, the “makers” against the “takers”. please, please, don’t judge by the color of skin.

              • Old Guy.

                Wanted to add these groups.

                MS 13.
                Latin Kings.
                Hells Angels
                Aryan Nation.
                Those who will try and take our supplies.

                Not a pretty picture.

            • SLING:
              I wish it did not have to come to SHTF to straighting out this mess we are in.
              I would be nice to just throw all those bumbs out of office and put some of these people on this site in there to run things.
              I would like to have the department of Fishing, Hunting and Goffing off.
              S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

              • I’d like to have the National Archives, Library of Congress, and Smithsonian. And maybe the Department of the Interior, because they have a good inexpensive cafeteria hidden in the basement. It’s directly behind the DAR on 18th Street.

                • Isn’t the BLM part of the Dept of Interior? Just sayin’…

                  • That’s in the back of the building. I’d send those people to the unemployment line for sure.

                    A comedian once wondered why the Department of the Interior was in charge of the outdoors.

                    They do have really nice elevators. Everyone should go see what your money has paid for. The elevators are paneled in walnut and look like executive offices.

        • As I read the news I feel fight or flight everyday, but there is nowhere to run so I feel cornered. As you have read they just past the law here in pa to search your vehicle, everyday its another baby step. I dont like the idea, but if it dosnt happen were gona soon be living in a 3rd world Communist country. Thumbs up..

        • I sure as hell dont want things to keep going as they have been!
          If the only way out is total chaos so be it

        • Slingshot:
          I would want a Revolution if only the bad guys get hurt. I don’t want to see the innocent get hurt. You know that when the shooting starts that there will be kids and the innocent get shot and killed. I don’t want to see that.
          I know that a Revolution is coming and I pray that only the bad die.

        • “The Survey Says,—-Ding!”

          With my vote for civil unrest the tally is 13 yes and 26 no. 14,494 views. 257 posts. I am not disappointed in the results. It is very similar to other surveys. To me it proves we don’t as a country have the resolved to do it, even in our community. Almost 15,000 hits and only 39 votes. Even if you take away half of the views as refresh hits, I mean 39 votes for a site that is well known in the prep and survival community. Don’t get me wrong. There are some good Patriots here, but at this time it does not look well for our side.
          To me is says, I am on my own. This is only a survey and not the Real Deal. Most will not get involved in the dirt work.

      26. This post is to all LE and Military that don’t like the way things are going.

        With extreme caution, document EVERYTHING you can that would be of value should we have martial law and a takeover.

        Should we move into a Thugacracy like under Kim Jung Un. Everyone is expendable. Even foolish followers of Obama will be thrown under the bus if they are suspected of being untrustworthy.

        Cautiously collect names and addresses of those at the top. Easier changing the leaderhship than fighting the military that has drone support.

      27. Do you want to sit down and watch a good movie? No foul language and very good acting based on historical fact….”The Book Thief” is an excellent movie that without trying, parallels what is taking place here today. It is about the early days of the rising Nazi party as seen through a Slavic child who was given up by her mother and raised by those who saw through the bullshit that Hitler sold to his people….much like what is being shoveled to us now.

        • By the way, will you as the Jews allowed to be done to them, loaded en masse, by a handful of armed drone soldiers?

        • just saw that this week

          great movie

      28. I want to see what happens on May 16 when OAS hits DC.
        They will be un armed, i would almost bet money that the feds make an example out of them after the loss of face at Bundy Ranch.
        They are sorely mistaken if they think there will be no backlash from that though, they rough up and injure folks from OAS and the next wave WILL be armed.
        And dont believe the MSM talking heads making the Virgin river troops out to be a rag tag group,,
        The MSM only gets what is fed to them.

        • and even that is unrecognizable, after they chew it up and spit it out to the public…

          • Yea, they sensationalize all sorts of details that mean nothing, the government handling of the Bundy situation is a perfect example,, harry greed calling ALL supporters domestic terrorist, etc etc,, but notice, no MSM reporting on greeds connection to chinese investors or water issues like as in him buying up land with water rights, or his buddys developing gentleman’s ranches.
            Total crap

            • Yep.

            • Harry Greed , how appropriate

      29. Anything is possible. However the plan and its advancing every day. Is to redistribute the USA Middle Class jobs and production to other places. And that is almost complete. The plan is to drive the working making producing former middle class broke & make land owners extinct. Tax everyone into debt & bankruptcy. The land owning middle class producers are no longer needed or wanted. We are being replaced by low paid producers from other countries. At home the middle class is being replaced by those who come from south of the border. Why are those brown skinned folks preferred? Because they make good serfs & peons. as soon as the Obama makes all the illegals citizens and able to vote . Then the parasite sheeple and their vote will also be of no value. The only hope is the ongoing clatyclisms being caused by the magnetic pole shift will cripple the UN NWO agenda 21 plan.

        • What obama is going to find out is, that mexicans only make good serfs as long as they are here illegally and need to watch their step. As soon as the govt legalizes them, THEN they will have a list of demands. We’ve already seen that they can be quite vicious in crowds, marching for their “rights.”

          Just wait. The govt has no idea what it is fixing to unleash on itself.

        • ENCOURAGED by the corrupt govt, in the pursuit of Agenda 21.

      30. Wrong question:

        No one wants civil unrest, war, turmoil, loss of family, property and freedoms.

        The question then must be:

        What are you willing to give up to regain your liberty, your children’s future and your soul.

        “If there be trouble let it be in my day so my child will know peace.” Thomas Paine

        • STEALTH:
          There is only one thing I am willing to give up.
          I will never freely give up any of my freedoms or liberties. So that leaves one thing so my childern and grandkids can live in peace. “MY LIFE”. I will fight to my last breath even if I have to fight alone, so my childern and grand childern have “FREEDOM”
          “SO HELP ME GOD”
          S.R.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

      31. Revolution cannot ever be sucessfull when you cant get to the target. Operational plan is as follows: The US gov is too powerfull to be taken by citizens with rifles. You people are delusional. This aint 1776 where the playing ground is equal.. How can u defeat people that will be lounging in facilities drinkin cocktails a half a mile deep while drones piloted by kill hungry socialpaths comb the country side cleaning up on insurents who are virtual sitting ducks. Comical all theses idiots that call for revolution. Isnt gonna happen. Keep talkig crap people because its all you have. Your only hope is when this thing collapses, and it will soon enough. Dont be fodder for the feast. Dissapper into the dark and come out when the coast is clear. that is your only hope.

        • Giant Pepper.

          You don’t think you will be hunted down or live in fear?

          • More words of wisdom. Do i think i will be hunted down? No I dont I know the strenghs and weaknesses of both sides. If I hang with organized militant types attmepting a red dawn type insurgancy then yes i will be hunted down. Im not one of those guys. Its a mute attempt and my life is worth more than being just a target .Fighting back aginst them would be like trying to use a bb gun to bring down Elephants… Useless…The smart people will survive, the people that seek vengence and miss-directed patriotism wont be around long. Sit back and wait. The big boys will tangle with the nukes. Its a sure thing and after their done all of us can fight amongst ourselfs again….lol

        • Your giving these ass hats wayyy too much credit,
          First problem will be lack of loyalty,
          Second problem is numbers
          Third, they ALL have family,,,,,

          • Kula-

            Well said, sir!

            • Thank you!

          • And those that dont have family , (because that does exist)

            will be too few to gather up and support each other..they will die with out so much as a notice, because they were loners

            I fight with this “Loner” badge a lot too (so I understand it)..Yes im married and have off spring..but Im the Man of the house and its my job to protect my family
            I dont have a large support group, I keep a very high opsec , so many of my friends dont really know too much about my personal views, and im not vocal to them about it
            I have no “team” and im not much of a joiner..i have trust issues..I hope they (the trust issues) are what will keep me from allowing infiltraitors within 20′ of me
            but as far as back up and many having my back or 6 as its said..I dont see much in the way of support

            Ive put myself in this position ..i hope its not a huge mistake, cant change who i am..too old for that now

        • GP-

          Depends on the critical thinking skills of those “citizens with rifles”.

          I suspect there will be many who’ll target the regime’s infrastructure & supply lines. DC / NYC etc, may find it difficult to obtain foodstuffs, fuel, medicines and even electricity. The list of necessities required to maintain the regime is a long one, indeed!

          Ever see what a 190gr SMK loaded in 300WinMag can do to the side of a diesel engine block(think semi-truck)?

          Ever consider that some of those “citizens with rifles” may know EXACTLY where the manifold underground pipelines out of Texas, run towards the North East and just happen to pass thru their area of operations?

          How about the needed chemicals for their water-treatment facilities and the facilities themselves or the rail-lines transporting such?

          Nah, sorry dude…I don’t buy into your defeatism attitude or your advocating of cowardice!

          • Plus, if they are in a bunker, it has an air intake and exhaust, plug those up.
            It may have water in, cut it off, exhaust for generators, plug it up, cameras, put a 300g berger through em, com lines or hidden antenna, destroy them, access point, this is my favorite, SEAL IT OFF WITH THEM IN THE BUNKER, NOBODY COMES OUT!

          • GP-

            ***addendum to above***

            Furthermore…should your anticipated revolution ever come to pass, know this:

            -(per future tense)-

            Quite a few folks posting and/or reading this thread-line, will have likely sacrificed much, to insure that you & those of your ilk…will be able to emerge from your dark hideouts unscathed, once the coast is clear!

            ..the only thing the brave require of you, is for you to tell the TRUTH, when your child / grandchild asks you:

            “What did you do in the revolution?”

            answer.> ..”Nothing”

          • Shoot and scoot !!!

        • Giant Pepper: The drones have to land to rearm and for maintenance, so there you have it; take them out on the ground.

          • Guess you never heard of aircraft carriers at sea. Or undergound facilites with launch bays located in the middle of deserts with 1000 of miles of wide open space where they can a buzzard coming from 100s of miles away.

        • Giant Pepper

          So what you are saying is that while people like myself are out there risking our lives to turn this country around and secure the rights we once used to enjoy you are going to be in hiding and when we’ve succeeded you will come out and enjoy the fruits of our sacrifice.

          There’s a word for this sir. That word is coward.

      32. Dave Hodges, fear monger extraordinaire………yawn. He takes fear mongering and conjecture to a whole ‘nother level……….yawn………

        Oath keepers…yawn………what oath? Lawyers oath? (Stu Rhodes is a lawyer)Cops oath?(treachery/treasonous), their oaths are the glue that keeps the system functioning and a boot in your ass….a hilarious joke….yawn……..
        They aint gonna bust a grape in a wine factory with iron boots………lol and yawn.

        • The reason “Yawn” is yawning is because he’s waiting for Obama’s dick. He has no substance, he’s a troll whose sexuality is in doubt. He/she needs to be pitied.

      33. I can’t believe anyone believed in this “change you can believe in” or those who bought and fell for the lies. The only change I could believe in would be a giant rock from space obliterating Washington, the District of Columbia, while all the tyrants are in session there.

      34. I have read the actual study that he speaks of with the ‘teachers’. It is what is called a benchmark study, and is referenced throughout psychology/psychiatric literature. It was done before ethics restricted the scope of studies.

        Kind of scary to see what people would do when there was more moral courage in this country than exists today. We’re—no scratch that—those without the means to defend themselves are going to be in REAL trouble.

      35. • Godwin’s Law

        There is a concept called ‘Godwin’s Law.’ It observes that virtually every online debate regarding politics, current events or public policy will ultimately degrade to evoking Hitler or Nazis as a means to reinforce a premise and/or to discredit the opposing view.

        “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches.” (Godwin’s Law)'s_law

        • Blenda,

          For some reason I can’t stop laughing. It’s late.

          I know you are serious so please no offence. I keep seeing that scene from the Hitler movie that must have a thousand different youtube parodies.

          Hitler is speaking German and there are voice-over subtitles spoofing every issue under the sun. Sooooooooo funny! It’s Hitler de jour deja-vu.

          Maybe it’s best to just laugh at the monsters.

      36. “Those that make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.”
        – JFK

        the Lone Ranger

      37. Heres something that will make your blood pressure go up

        Add the usual prefix

      38. @ MAC Slavo….I’ve finished that article on Hygiene in SHTF….please email me at [email protected] and I will email it back to you. It will need to be formatted to your site, but I’ve listed references. It’s not sexy but it may save someones life. Thanks.

      39. “and this will commence the darkest days in American, and perhaps, even world history.”

        It will be a “personal” thing. It will all depend on which “universe” one consciously chooses to participate in.

        The World Is as You Are.

        • EA-

          “The World Is as You Are.” (quote)

 which I would add:

          “You are, what you do, when it counts”

      40. Hi there. My opinion seems to run counter to the overall comments. I don’t think that the government is out to get us. I think they are terrified that radical, extremists, violent groups will get a toe hold in America and bombings and mass shootings will begin to occur here as they do in the Middle East. The USA military has shown itself to be vulnerable to asymmetric warfare. Our infrastructure is for the most part wide open and vulnerable. I think they act from fear and that is leading them into all kind of mistakes that are alienating cooperation at home and abroad. The current administration is just carrying forward the policies of the previous president. Actually, the Obama administration has made legal many of the extra legal Bush-era activities. They have access to data we will never see, but we can guess that our enemies are trying to strike within the USA. The government is paranoid about not allowing another 9/11 to occur.

        Yes, Wall Street’s greed nearly collapsed our economy. Then they demanded a bailout or they would torpedo the economy. It was extortion clear as day. The Federal Government was powerless to do anything about it at that point. The Bush admin was on the way out and the new admin was coming in so I wish Obama would have said you screw up; you loose, but his admin was only thinking short term and was held hostage by the Wall Street elites that demanded a bailout or else. He blinked. He did not dare find out what the “or else” would have been.

        Yes, I believe 401K is a lie. Through economic turn downs and inflation I don’t have much hope that my saving will be worth much by the time I’m retirement age so I don’t plan on retiring. I will work through the functional life of my body and then that’s it.

        Economically, the Federal government and state governments have been captured by the financial elites. I don’t see Americans getting off the couch to do anything about it and I hope that Americans don’t become violent, but seek democratic remedies to our problems. Run for office and change the system.

        I could go on, but blah, blah, blah who care what I think. Dinner is ready.

        • Gavin,
          Is that why we are now referred to as ‘domestic terrorists’?
          Why the FBI has place vets, and preppers, and raw milk advocates, and those who protest, on the same list?

          Is that why 70,000 factories were shut down and moved to China? And now, we borrow money from THEM, while they buy up our assets, and the .gov makes happy giggly sounds?

          Is that why they spy on us?
          Is that why the IRS attacks ‘conservative’ groups?
          Is that why the Black Caesar lies about Benghazi? While his people were running guns to Islamists?

          Is that why the man who thinks he is king, surrounds himself with marxists?

          Is that why Eric Holder now wants to shut down gun businesses by telling banks to stop doing business with them?

          Is that why Eric Holder was running guns to criminal cartels?
          Is that why the Milk Toast Caesar told the Russians he would have more ‘flexibility’ after the election?

          Is that why the .gov lies through their teeth about the economic statistics, unemployment, the GDP, etc?

          Is that why hundreds of senior military officers have been shuffled out of the way? False charges for entire squadrons?

          Is that why they need BILLIONS of rounds of ammo?

          Is that why they need a ‘civilian security force’, that’s just as well funded as the military… as the military is cut, and the DHS is given their equipment? Who they gonna fight, a bunch of fooking raghead shit for brains, or, a dedicated, brave, smart, loyal, army of liberty lovers?

          Need I go on?
          Pay attention sir.
          Look past the illusion.
          Its not about party, its about power. Read 1984. Understand.
          Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
          Full Spectrum Global Dominance.

          God Bless, grow up.
          The III,
          We are everywhere.

        • Gavin you are mistaken.. Unfortunely Our US government Has been hijacked and Taken over By the UN NWO and Agenda 21 supporters. And they have declared war on the Blue collar Making Producing Land owning middle class. There goal is to make the middle class extinct. They only want the super rich elite and the very poor serfs & peons.

      41. could be some group think at work here on this site.

      42. ******* ********

        **Can we get along?**

        ******* ********

        • yup, put down your knife first or I’ll have to shoot you.

      43. History repeats itself and tyranny has always been defeated.

        Need to read about the 2nd American Revolution in a novel I read ( ). It’s a powerful, underground novel going around about a recent event that shows how it’s going to happen. I recommend it.

        It’s WE the PEOPLE….not you the government.

      44. It is the war of the flea. One is nothing, all is deadly.

      45. There is all sorts of news coming out of Ukraine that the Ukraine army is trying to retake Slovyansk. A couple of helicopters have been shot down. A mass attack on Russians here could be coming. Russia has warned about this, and sending their armed forces in. This could be the start of everything.

      46. I can list for you about a trillion reasons why, in a hypothetical scenario, the active duty military would fire on citizens:

        1. They will be deployed to a different State far from their home, all full of “those” people (whoever “those” people happen to be by the soldiers’ demographic prejudices)

        2. Military knows where all its soldiers wives and kids are. A huge amount of the time, this would be ON BASE in military housing. It would be a shame if they “disappeared” due to some soldier’s “treason”

        3. Group think as postulated

        4. Historical precedent. Remember the 1600 American people Patton and his troops mowed down in DC back in ’38?

        5. It’s really nice to be able to eat. See #2.

        6. It’s really nice not to have the shit beaten out of you or to be stood up against a wall. See #2.

        7. Much like the psychology of a bank run. Some citizens will see this coming down the pike when the troops get brought out. They’ll reason 1-6 above, and will come to the conclusion that since they are severely out-gunned, and since these guys are not going to go away or accept peaceful.. whatever… the best shot they got is to shoot first. Which they (the citizens) will promptly do. Painting the soldiers “on the fence” about the whole thing into a nice little “prisoner’s dilemma” corner.

        I’m sure there’s about a billion more where that came from.

        • Stay Away From CROWDS!!!!

      47. the government is our friend , plain simple and fact.LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT BOY….. NOW PUT THAT IN YOUR PIPE AND SMOKE IT!!!!!!!

        • Whoever this impostor is, f@#$ you! how dare you post under someone else’s name. Are you such a stupid troll that you can’t come up with your own name?

      48. I think the government is starting something they won’t be around to finish , don’t think they thought this thru with any intelligence
        But than why would they look into their actions and what it’s producing as a society
        When the free for all starts , you can almost bet they will be some of the first removed.
        We’ve been acted against for so long most will blame them for every wrong in the world and they will feel the wrath , your millions or billions will not save you
        And even if they do save you there will be nothing left for you to spend it on

        • spot on,,,
          I think their arrogance and overconfidence has rendered them a whole nother kinda stupid,,,
          they picked up on the strength of years and men gone by and are standing there like that little punk kid in a hoodie with his desert eagle 50 talking smack to the Viet Nam vet who had to fight his way out of VC held territory to save his hide.
          So now they are writing checks with their mouth that their ass wont be able to cash and when everything comes unglued they will be standing there with their MRAPS saying stop in the name of the US government as they get shot full of holes,,,
          training targets dont shoot back, and when you kick a dog enough it will bite you.

          • Yep!
            Words of truth

      49. Citizens place a freedom czar in the White House , all previous players are removed during the revolution
        Once completed the czar is also removed
        Back to our regularly scheduled Republic
        Could take a decade or two

      50. An alternate theory: Everyone seems to believe that the Feds will go on offense when SHTF. I believe their preps could as easily be for defensive reasons. More and more alphabet agencies are forming their own “police” force. This could be to defend all the federal buildings and installations. The ammo purchases? Same thing. There are not enough FEMA camps to imprison the populace, but there might be enough to house the families of the federal workforce.
        Why would the military need to fire on the people? When the SHTF most of the infrastructure for food supply and medical services will be disrupted. Starvation will soon follow for those who are unprepared (experts predict up to 80% die-off in 60-90 days).
        The feds have the NSA to keep tabs on us. Do we have a database of federal employees? Just asking…

        • The big worry with the feds and many who water from the public trough is Continuity of Government. There afraid of what will happen to their helpless parasitic asses. So they are trying to have contingency plans for just about everything. My opinion the world elite know we are in for Mega Clatyclisms that are imminent because of the ongoing Magnetic pole shift. The UN NWO and Agenda 21 folks want to maintain their parasitic positions. so they only want the educated elete and ilitterate peons & serfs. The So called middle class and dependent parasite sheeple are of no value to the powers that be. Those bunker city,s like MT Weather need to become their toombs.

          • Their parasitic asses are going to be targets under 4GWF
            Eliminate the idiots who caused the problems!

        • @SilentNoMore

          The underlying question in your post is repeated several times.

          WHY? This is ‘why’.

          The government KNOWS that they are out of line and their reign is coming to an end.

          The ‘Elites’ KNOW that people are waking up and are sick of them and their evil ways.

          The Bankers KNOW that they have fleeced, stolen and robbed practically everyone on the planet. Guilty.

          The Corporations KNOW that they have undermined and destroyed American manufacturing and economic capabilities.

          The three letter agencies KNOW that what they do is illegal…and they simply don’t care.

          The politicians KNOW that they only represent themselves and special interests… not the people.

          The current administration KNOWS that they are destroying what’s left of America…and they keep on doing it all the same.

          With ALL of these people and agencies who KNOW what they are doing (and have done) is WRONG, their is only one explanation. They are doing it on purpose, this is no accident. But turnabout is fair play, and SOON the very people that they have murdered stolen from, lied to and oppressed will have their day.

          THAT is what they are afraid of…losing the grip of control!

          • Great post.

      51. Anyone that would like to see just how fast life can change from a tsunami, this little 2 minute video is worth seeing:

        This WILL be many different sea side communities or cities WHEN the Cascadia fault breaks. Or WHEN the eastern and northern portion of the Caribbean plate finally goes, that will affect Florida and other Atlantic Ocean states. This will be what it will be like WHEN the Aleutian Islands unleased a 9+ mega quake one day. If it is a super mega quake like in Chile in 1960 this could be from British Columbia down to California and northern Mexico. Water is frightening when it moves like this, so quickly and anything in its path is in big trouble.

        • Yea,,, yet there are idiots who will go down to the waters edge to “watch the tsunami”
          Had one such genius here on the news a few years ago when we had a tsunami warning and evacuation, the idiot actually took his kids and dog down to the beach to “watch the tsunami”
          People were offended and i got banned from commenting on the local newspaper forum when i said it would have been better if it had been a big event, better to cleanse the gene pool of such stupid people!

      52. Interesting to see so much talk about what people think the government is doing when the subject of the article was about the contention, on the basis of a set of studies, that the military will, in the majority, fire on citizens.

        I studied the cited experiments many years ago and believe that the logic that they apply to the military is flawed for the following reasons: 1)The subjects in the experiments (Teachers) were isolated from any influence other than the person with the clipboard. Our military have contact, most importantly with each other, that could very well serve as a mitigating factor; 2)The Learner was a disembodied voice in another room, not someone that the Teacher could actually see. As a result, the Teacher could not have a full appreciation for what his/her actions were doing to another human being; 3)There was no context for the actions taken by the Teacher other than it being an experiment. The members of our military have views relating to the state of affairs in our country and the experiments do not account for that in any way.

        On a separate note, comparing the current situation to Kent State is a red herring. Anyone living at that time should know that there was a deep divide between the movement at colleges and the mindset that anyone remotely associated with the military had about that. Those National Guard troops fired not because they were pressured. They actually looked at the protestors as enemies to their worldview.

      53. And what happens when the FEMA Camps get full? They make room just like the NAZI’s did back in WWII, they eliminate people to make MORE room.
        A great excuse to eliminate radicals, Republican’s, Independents, Baptists etc. Gotta make more room, we got 100,000 more prisoners coming in next week, gotta make MORE ROOM, MORE ROOM.
        And JUST like the NAZI’s did they are gonna make MORE ROOM.

      54. Today’s History Lesson

        the torture Presidents

        Three Presidents Who Ordered the Mass Torture of Prisoners (And Two Who Failed to Stop Torture)

        Presidents’ Body Counts: The Twelve Worst and Four Best American Presidents Based on How Many Lived or Died Because of Their Actions

        funny how water boarding was always thought of as torture
        until recently

        how not to make it torture ???

        easy peezy

        just change the definition of the word
        oh I don’t know ?

        “enhanced interrogation” maybe ???

        the DANGER of words !!!

        a “terrorist” used to be someone who used violence to achieve a political end

        now a “terrorist” is someone who stores MountainHouse and extra flashlight batteries !!!

      55. The question whether the military will shoot on theyr own people will not arise once there are 100 million people on the street. They will just fold and run for theyr lives or support you. Ofc in the US there is always the threat of a drone strike, so maybe you are screwed. Sooner or later we will find out.

        Anyways it is time to stand up and tell your goverment what you really are thinking of them and a few thousand people will not suffice.

        Same goes for the EU, China and all other suppressive gov´s.

      56. “Anyone knows, who has half of an eye open, that American citizens are soon to become an endangered species under our present lunatic President”
        The sky isn’t falling.. I don’t know.
        It was rather wordy from that presumption, so I skipped it.
        Mac, like Mies VanDerhoe says “less is more”

        • oops.. this was written by Dave Hodges, not Mac.. sorry Mac.

        • RS-

          Thank you for the gut-busting laughs!

          Kudos for the most original posting handle ever & ^^^ thumbs to ya! (for real)!


          **(hushed whisper)**

          …I’d recommend you ditch that handle on the “dating site scenes”

          ..might be a bit counter-productive if you catch my drift?

      57. The military takes an oath to uphold the Constitution and to follow LAWFUL Orders. The majority of military will follow the Constitution and will defend with thier lives. Soldiers are NOT dumb knuckel dragging idiots as potrayed by obama. The military you have to look out for is Chairman of Joint Chief of Staff and Chief of Staff for each service. These are the a$$ kissers that will do anything for obama but the line troops will die for the American people. Fear the DHS, FBI, BATF and so on plus some of your state, county and city police.

      58. This is WW3 in the beginning stages of development:

        This is of course right on the new, as of 2004, NATO borders of the ex-Soviet Baltic states. Russia is of course doing this within their own country, but the U.S. ONLY sees that it is across the border of NATO. U.S. imperialism is going to get the human civilization abruptly ended. Like the Alex Jones show, you keep pushing to Russia’s borders and they will attack.

      59. The numbers are out. 288,000 new hires last month. Unemployment down to 6.3%. Now the bad news. 1 million people fell of the unemployment rolls. Workplace participation rate slips even lower. The same number of people working in 1978 are working today. The problem is the population of the US is about 80 million more people today. The intentional destruction of a perfectly good country by both major parties. Is it time yet?

      60. SO, let me just clear the air, ive been in the army for a few years now, and ive been around.
        1. i dont agree that even a quarter of our soldiers in the army would fire or imprision US citizens, especially on our own soil. you have to realize, behind every soldier he came from a family who is also being imprisioned or shot at, so moral would be incredibly low, and most soldiers would not follow an unconstitutional order.
        2. for the remaining soldiers who WOULD follow mindlessly, your talking less than 150K.
        against, 300 million. no way. most army SOP is we only do riot or crowd control when we have 3-1 odds or incredible advantage. this would be suicide.

      61. Have any of you read about the bill in Mo that says all missourians are to ignore all federal laws about guns & ammo? It has passed both houses in MO and is getting cleaned up wordwise then off TO the Gov. desk for signing. Hope it really is all they say it is, haven’t read it as of yet only heard about it but maybe, just maybe someone is getting their ducks in a row. Wouldn’t that be grand.

        • Reminds me of what Georgia did. Since the right to bear arms cannot legally be infringed, its so strange so much is being done to infringe upon these rights. I guess the founders of the Constitution should have included significant PERSONAL penalties for any government official found to willingly and knowingly have broken the constitution. E.g. full loss of wealth. That would definitely stop a lot of the illegal activities.

      62. And that bus he was on went through several counties where people that were exposed, got off and went home to friends and families….There are a lot of potential victims in between O’Hare and Indiana and the hospital he is now in….

      63. in the news today…first case of MERS in the US;

        Infected person flew from Saudi Arabia to London/heathrow then flew to Chicago/ohare. At arrival boarded bus to northern Indiana. currently hospitalized in Munster, In.

        Middle eastern respiratory syndrome

        25-50% mortality rate.

      64. Here’s my new song, to the tune of “The 12 Days of Christmas.” Let’s just skip to the final verse, shall we?

        The 12 Days of Martial Law:

        On the 12th day of martial law, obama sent for me,

        Twelve Hellfire Missiles,
        Eleven Sidewinders,
        Ten Bunker Busters,
        Nine ADSs,
        Eight F-35s,
        Seven EA-6s,
        Six bouncing Betties,

        Five I-C-B-Ms…

        Four Tomahawks,
        Three MRAPS,
        Two SWAT teams,

        An armed drone in my back yard.

      65. I see alot of posts on ammo storage life, so I will add my 2 cents for what its worth. As a life long hunter, gun collector, & reloader I can second all those who posted that ammo has a long shelve life. It has been my experience that if your talking about brass cased, copper-jacketed ammo, if it is stored in boxes(preferably sealed ammo boxes) and kept in a dry place, its shelf life could be indefinite.In my K98s,Moisins,M1,& FN49, I am presently shooting military surplus ammo from the 1930s,1940s, & early 1950s withno issues. The only problem is that some of the ammo is corrosive so you have to be diligent in your gun cleaning. I beleive it was the mid 1950s before most ammo manufacturers went totally non-corrosive, although some eastern bloc European & Chinese mfcs produced corrosive ammo into the 1970s.I am by no means an expert, this is just an opinion based on my experiences.

      66. I think that this is actually going to happen. The police are going to turn into the gestapo, and all the gun owning American’s that still believe in the 2nd amendment will stand up to them. We should not let corrupt politicians, and the president run the country like an absolute monarchy. THE REVOLUTION IS GOING TO HAPPEN!

      67. I disagree with this article. We must contest this tyranny. An unarmed march on DC with the intent of demanding them leave office is the last non violent means to the end we need. They are illegally, intentionally destroying our nation with the intent of creating a new world government to enrich themselves at our cost. They are stealing the wealth of the makers this very second. We have no choice in this matter if non violence had a chance, which it doesn’t. They will not leave. They are going to act upon the citizenry one of these days, likely with a false flag. In the mean time, our numbers are growing, and it’s much larger than one percent. The sheeple, the illegals, the liberals, do make up a percentage of our society. but who cares. They are fodder, useful idiots….

        My guess is the number of true understanding people is in the double digits, with many more on the cusp and will transition to our side when things go hot. Plus, our dedicated patriot base is much better able to fight then the other idiots. Plus, our dedicated freedom loving American’s have a solid base of vets and hunters redneck type men who can shoot straight and do have the support of family and friends.

        All we can do is educate others, prepare wisely now (an army runs on it’s stomach), network with those who have eye’s to see, and unite when the tyranny spills into the streets.

        God, guns n grub, guys n gals. The new relevant 5G network.

        Come Lord Jesus! We are at the end of the age and things are going to get horrible. A great tribulation will soon engulf the world.

        Educate others.
        Prepare wisely.
        Network with like minded folks. Strength in numbers.
        Unite and never surrender.

        Meet God face to face. To die is to gain.

      68. I would agree with a lot of what the artical says, however after being in the U.S. Army for 15 plus years I have to disagree with the notion that I and many like me have been brain washed. I and every soldier I know and have talked to would never turn on our fellow Americans. We as soldiers are supposed to follow orders but we are also told that we are only to follow lawful orders. Lawful orders are orders that do NOT conflict with our Constitution and the amendments and are NOT morally wrong. If you would like to find out if I am wrong, look it up. It is in the uniform code of military justice.

        • I hope you are right my Brother ! SEMPER-FI !

      69. You should have a glance to these eye-opening news/articles too (if you haven’t already) –

      70. Keep in mind…..there are at least 30 million pissed off
        Veterans. That’s about 30 to 1 ratio. “They” don’t stand a
        chance in Hell !

      71. When the SHFT hits and food is rationed how many sheepeople would trade their guns for Groceries. Those unemployed and potential roving hungry will have a place in a FEMA camp. The Fed goons will call them vermin. Anyway we know some about what “Martial Law” will look like. The best jobs will be in security and the best able bodied will be drafted. The plan is all ready written. Oh and hording will be outlawed too. Good luck preppers, plan to be searched.

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