The Planned Destruction Of America: “If They Can’t Collapse It Internally They’ll Attack The U.S. Externally”

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    From within and from without.  Before our very eyes, we are seeing actions taking place both within the U.S. domestically and outside of it.  The scripted plans were set into motion decades ago, and are seeing fruition now, with increases in activities leading toward the planned downfall of the U.S.  The architects follow a very “Orwellian” pattern: it isn’t important who takes the reins of power, if that power is used to promulgate the continually leftward-moving paradigm shift and the continuance of power.  These oligarchs are globalists who wish to remove the national boundaries except to use the governments in an administrative fashion to control the masses.

    Sound radical?  It is, as in “Rules for Radicals,” by Saul Alinsky, in a concept known as “organizing the organized.”  In such a fashion, the oligarchy will control the population through the captains…the “duly-elected” commander of the ship of fools.  The apparatus of the military and police being already in place in the nation, then it is just a matter of appropriating that apparatus to use it as a control mechanism and enforce the totalitarianism.  It is not a new story.  So why is this era different?

    Technology.  The technology to monitor hundreds of millions of human beings on CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television) cameras.  The technology to keep track of every person…every item purchased and the funds spent, as well as the balance in the bank account and the source of the income.

    “What is your source of income, citizen?  Where is this money here coming from? Oh, you claimed not to be able to pay your traffic ticket, but we have you right here at 10 pm on camera withdrawing $20 from the ATM next to your house.”

    Everyone carries around their personal monitors, the personal tracking device of the cellular telephone.  Almost everyone.  I was amazed the other day as a man showed some friends of mine how there’s an app on his cellular telephone that allows you to see a heat signature…yes, thermal imaging! of a person standing just 10 feet away from him.  I was amazed because this is on some average person’s cellular phone, now.

    These oligarchs and politicians who had their start as children weaned on the milk of the poisonous Frankfurt Economic School teachings…the creators of the Warburg’s and Rothschilds, who readily embrace Moore’s “Utopia,” while scoffing at the world’s billions whom they fully intend on destroying.  Utopias are expensive, with a cost in removal of undesirables.

    Technology will help propel the New World Order into existence.

    They’re working really, really hard on controlling all the cash and removing physical cash from the hands of the people.  Success in this endeavor brings with it a total loss of privacy, as all electronic funds can be monitored, and made to disappear with no recourse in the blink of an eye.  An Australian woman whose name I will not mention recently sent me an e-mail informing me that the Australian government is trying to place “chips” in $100 bills to “monitor the cash supply and prevent people from hoarding cash.”

    The days of cash everywhere are numbered, as once it is removed, they can do what they will to everyone’s funds.  It can be anything: a computer glitch, a solar flare, an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) attack, or a cyberattack to take it all to a “zero” balance.  Notice how the states are one by one beginning to become insolvent?  Notice how the narrowed eyes of the suit-swathed “gentlemen” are now on the IRA’s?  These are now being proposed as the means of closing the holes in the unfunded liabilities?

    The unfunded liabilities that were leveraged after NAFTA was created…the “shell game” of jobs and international trade…but in reality, to create more unfunded liabilities and derivatives ventures, as well as Credit Deferred Swaps (CDS) and fostered indebtedness in foreign nations.  The forced dependency of a “client state” as created by the IMF, shifting revenues and expenditures back and forth with plenty of fatback dripping from each transaction for bankers and host-nations’ warders alike.

    Europe is tottering akin to a group of drunken men in various stages of sodden decay.  European nations are caught between the need to maintain their national identity and the desire to join hands and sing “Kumbaya” in 50 different languages as they embrace the utopia.

    The forced integration of illegal aliens (termed “refugees” in Europe) will be the death-knell for those governments, as they absorb even greater expenses and burdens…self-inflicted, mind you…taking in a hostile population whose dogma demands the subversion and destruction of any foreign land they enter.

    Cloward and Piven on overdrive, as they take us down with the destruction (to paraphrase Michael Savage) of borders, language, and culture.  The “Kumbaya” singers do not realize they will all be exterminated at the end of it by the oligarchy and the politicos who are of one mindset.

    First the U.S.  Any country that has a Constitution such as ours that recognizes the rights of its citizens to be armed…. oh, that country has to go.  They’re collapsing the economy, and shaping it to be more interdependent with Europe and the rest of the world.  The President is under attack from every angle, as the Marxists force him up against the ropes, never able to come forth with an attack of his own.  They are checkmating him at every angle.  In the meantime, the policies of Obama are still in place outside of the country.  We are still bolstering ISIS and trying to oust Assad in Syria.  The New Cold War is forming, and we have flashpoints in Syria, Ukraine, and North Korea that could lead to a war with the drop of a hat.

    If they can’t collapse it internally, they’ll attack the U.S. externally.

    Civil unrest, economic collapse, and an attack on the current administration are the vehicles used to promote the fall of the U.S. domestically.  Warfare (initiated by a foreign nation or by the U.S.) is used outside of the country.  Both use different approaches to work toward the goal of the United States coming to an end.  Read history, especially Solzhenitsyn to see how this occurs.  Before a nation comes to an end, its citizens are in denial that it truly has reached that point.  The United States is in its final days, now.  It will come to an end.  Whether it remains that way and is absorbed by the NWO, or has a new beginning will be up to us.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

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      1. Ain’t I been saying it

      2. Hey Jerry, what was going to happen with Jade Helm? oh yeah, nothing.

        • Wilson,

          I never wrote one article on Jade Helm. Dave Hodges wrote about it: talk to him.

        • Just because Jade Helm is presented as “being over” rest assured it is not, it is simply taking different forms, and in different locations.

        • Wilson gets 2 points for the bitch slap

          • I think this was a REALLY GOOD article! Thinking about copying it… some of you people suck.

          • Of course the oligarch plans to kill us off… they are already in the process of it– but its soft kill, so far. (Sneakily poisoning our food, etc). I was just thinking of this last night and addressed the mother f– on my cell phone (NSA) who were listening…




          • Eisen sucks!

            • Why does Eisen suck? Cause he tells it as he sees it? I don’t agree with some of his racial comments but he’s smart and I have yet to see anyone call him a liar. You suck

          • I KNEW my comment aobut Eisen would “go into moderation”! Ha, ha! WHENEVER I attempt to address Eisen-shit, my comments ALWAYS GO INTO MODERATION..

        • The execise named Jade Helm was completed successfully, all the wrinkles were ironed etc…

          • Well, of course, E…kreu– YOUR RACE causes crime. (You finally made a valid point!)

        • JJ is now going to have a water meter on his water well, after years of stealing the Indian’s water. Now that’s sum funny Sh!t there. Always research the property to know, who own what, before you buying any property. Do you own the mineral rights, how about the water rights, how about your property lines and what you can and cannot do on that property. Whining like a crybaby and calling every body Agenda 21 because you failed to do your research is pathetic. We call out liars on this board, no matter if they are including the Authors or not. Right JJ!!! LMFAO!!!

          • I think this article was a Christmas carol. Double check the first three sentences…..

            Before our very eyes
            we are seeing actions take place
            both within the U.S. domestically
            and in an outside place.

            The scripted plans were set into motion
            only decades ago,
            and are seeing fruition now
            with increases in activities below

            leading toward the planned downfall of the U.S.

          • you own the water and mineral right, you kill anyone who tries to stop you and they will give them to you. Caveat is that it has to be done nationally. The government does not have the right to own land.

          • I think he lives in a trailer. Who the hell lives in a cabin with 3 cats? No dog?


        • YOU are an IDIOT!

          • My Comment was directed at Wilson and crack some CRACK or go SMOKE SOME CRACK!

            • If you say the word, “Eisen” on this site, your comments automatically go into moderation… not allowed!!

              • Eisen is a jerk.

        • Did you not commit theft, get into a fistfight, or vandalize, where exercises were taking place? Why not.

      3. Whatever. Bring it on cause I ain’t aging backwards.

        • Menzo, I don’t think it matters so much HOW they do it. Whatever happens will happen. I’ll still be fighting anyway. I’m not getting younger either.

          • BH They are playing the long game and who knows how long its gonna take.

          • I agree. I am 72 years old. I have a combat vest with 3 days supplies. If they don’t kill me in that time I’ll have to go lay down and rest.

            • Eisen

      4. Globalism is a Eurocentric concept and will not include the US. They will wipe the US off the face of the earth, they’ll have to.

      5. JJ, another good article.

        Added a few books to my reading collection this past week. Three are non-fiction, one is fiction. The non-ficiton books I am reading are, “Muslim Mafia,” “Raising a Jihadi,” and “The Strange Death of Europe.” Thanks much to John B. Wells for interviewing the author of “Muslim Mafia” on episode 771. Same for Hagmann and Hagmann report.

        Can’t say enough about Matt Bracken’s new book, “The Red Cliffs of Zerhoun.”

        • JJ, another good article.

          Added a few books to my reading collection this past week. Three are non-fiction, one is fiction. The non-ficiton books I am reading are, “Muslim Mafia,” “Raising a Jihadi,” and “The Strange Death of Europe.” Thanks much to John B. Wells for interviewing the author of “Muslim Mafia” on http :// episode 771. Same for Hagmann and Hagmann report.

          Can’t say enough about Matt Bracken’s new book, “The Red Cliffs of Zerhoun.”

      6. Duh..common sense is for people to save their money outside the banking system, who on God’s green Earth trusts the banks to not confiscate their funds, not many would be my guess. Banks think once deposited it belongs to them. Somehow I can’t get past thinking that the armed population is no problem for the establishment to achieve the final desired result. Make money completely worthless? Who really knows what killing technology is hidden to wipe out the people?

        • yes but war is the great variable, who thought one slave from capua would bring the roman empire to its knees.

        • When the banks take everyones money yours under your matress will be worthless also…. what you think your going down to store past all the people to buy food from a place that is burning to the ground? Lol when most people have no money or food you wont be going anywhere wake up

      7. There will be a lot of targets to put holes into!!!!



          WHAT IS LEFT TO DO??????


          • Elsen: Amen. This country is such a huge cluster-fuck. Everyone is fine and being treated well except for the White man. Everyone pisses on the white man at every turn and it is disgusting. All you hear about is blacks, spics, faggots, he-she’s, muslims and all of the rest of the pond scum trash.

          • The guy above me is full of you know what… (Can’t say his name– comments go into moderation if you say his name).

            • Just say jerkoff

        • The “Kumbaya” singers do not realize they will all be exterminated at the end of it by the oligarchy and the politicos who are of one mindset.

          That’s one GOOD thing 🙂

          • Sarge, Had a great time over the last few months you know, wheesky, tannerite, got my 1-600 range setup and used. New load for the .06 and all dialed in. Set off a 5 gallon bucket full of tanner in a dry reservoir ha ha ha. Every party ended with blowing shit up! I’m getting good at judging wind as my 3-600 yd, range usually has a pretty decent crosswind. I found that humidity has a significant effect at 4-600 and dialed that in too. I wanted to go to 800 but the terrain is hilly and it would be hard. Did ya find a good property yet?

            • Genius, good to see you back. Sounds like you’ve really been having fun

              • I forgot to put a period on the last sentence in that post. Genius, you might want to save that tannerite for the ‘party’ that’s coming up.

            • “G”
              Got a couple leads, but that is all. Now looking at 15 ac. near Wartrace.

              Just missed one by 5 minutes about two weeks ago. We had our agent calling to make a bid and when she got ahold of them they told her she was 5 minutes late.

              Sounds great on the shooting. Did you find that out to 4 or 500 yards you start to see the bullets? Or at least the trails from them. Cool isn’t it.

              If you are going to 800 yards you might want to go to a 300 Win or 7mm mag. Out past 700+ the Great 30-06 just doesn’t have the muscle like the 300 Win mag. The way I have it set is the 308 and the 7.62X54R out to 500, 30-06 out to 600 and after that 300 Win Mag. The only problem I have is finding an ranges past 500. So with the 06 , 08, 7.62X54R and 300 Win mag I have Nikon BDC scope. 7.62X54 08, 06 are set at 100 yards and the scope takes care of the rest. The 300 Win is set at 200 yard and will go to 800 yards. For longer range I shoot 180/190 in the 06 and 300, In the 08 and 7.65 I shoot 165s/170s. They work great for me.

              Playing with Tannerite is a HOOT! I’ve blow large canning pots about 200 feet into the air. Damn near took down a plain. (JUST KIDDING!!!) Set a small jar under it and away it went. Placed two back to back infront of a Ground Hog hole. Made a bigger red colored hole. (HA-HA) Never did see a Ground Hog come out of the hole again. I wonder why????

              I have to agree with “Brave” you might want to save some of them for the pesty Ground Hogs two and four legged.

              Had Surgery on my left four finger and thumb last Wed. Everything is going good now. That was the reason I haven’t been on the sight for a while. Of all things I had TRIGGER FINGER in them. Me with Trigger Finger ??????


              • Sarge, glad yer ok. I always have my base stash of T for emergencies lol. I was using 180 gr. in the .06 and went to 150 matchkings with H414 and it is much faster and flatter now. The .300wm bucks the wind very well the .06 is ok and the .243 has a bit of a struggle with it. I can’t see a boolit trail because they are all doing 3k fps+. I noticed that in humid air I get about 5-6 inches drop at 500 over dry air. All in the black though with .06 and .300 and with the .243 in low wind. I get about a 5-6 inch group at 600 with the .06 and .300. For sure 800 will require the .300wm I love that rifle! I put SWFA SS scopes on all of them and they are great. Their is always wind on my 3-600 range but it’s the only place I can set it up. Makes for a good challenge though.

                • Oh and at every range (0 at 100) I measure the drop, write it down then adjust the turret for each range and write down the setting. Then I make ballistics cards for each rifle with drop and scope turret setting. I got me a leupold 1200 yd range finder and all I do is range it and adjust the setting according to the ballistics card and it works great every time. At 600 the .243 has 42 inches drop, the .06 has 58 inches and the .300 has 56 inches drop.

              • Good. Hope its permanently broken!!

      8. The ideal solution for THEM is to dose us with something that drives us outside to die so that the houses and buildings won’t be contaminated with decaying corpses.

        The vaccine or antidote would only be provided to the chosen designated survivors.

        If some of the masses on the kill list manage to bug out before the killing begins, that won’t really present THEM with a large problem.

        Some evil genius is probably already got this figured out or a pack of ’em is hard at work on it.


        • That may not be correct. Maybe they don’t really care about that. Have you heard of the “re-wilding of America”? They have already removed dams from streams and rivers all over the place – to “put it back the way it was”. They want all survivors to live in designated “cities” in 200 sq ft apts. As for the rest, it will sit and decay until overgrown, and in 100 years you will not even know that there were houses there.

          • Yohan Smythe:

            Patterns repeat, that’s what makes predictions easier to forsee.

            Read the Old Testament for its historical content.

            _ The Special people have a plan. Joseph in Egypt. Starts out a slave and winds up controlling all the grain. He brings all his people to Egypt where they live off the Egyptians for free. But the Egyptians have to buy their own wheat from Joseph. Eventually Joseph dies but his people have multiplied like crazy (twelve kids each) 12x12x12x12… So, the Egyptians have been swindled by money manipulations and lending with interest. The money crashes and Egyptian people leave their farms and go to crowded dirty cities where they are lucky to survive. So Joseph’s rich descendants buy up all the farms for pennies on the dollar. Then they let the Egyptians return to their farms as share-croppers.
            The Pharoah tries to stop them from multiplying but that backfires. Now, the Egyptians are out for blood. So, The Special People sneak off in the middle of the night. The Egyptian Army is following so close but as cunning would have it, they wind up being lead to their deaths.

            Now, you may think these people are Special. But maybe they are just a little better at being con-artists. Gypsies, tramps, and thieves. They know how to tell their story so that you cheer as they rob and murder “their enemies (victims)”.

            When will Americans stop loving their tormentors? (((Globalists))) put on their pants one leg at a time, just like the rest of stinking humanity.


            • Yep that Moses was a smart guy. He used his superior intellect and what he learned from books to bamboozile both his followers and the Egyptians. The ultimate con man.

            • So now lets get the story correct…
              1. Joesph didnt bring anyone to egypt
              2. The people SOLD their farms because of a 7 year famine
              3. Pharaoh owned evrything
              4. They never bought up the farms as they left egypt
              5. They didnt sneak off in the night
              6. God put the army of pharaoh down in the red sea
              B of ca – your full of it

              You understand nothing if you think godly joesph is the same as the jews under the star of remphan….

              Do you even understand the nwo IS the one world kingdom in revelations….

      9. Just another horsepoop Alex Jones story. If they were going to do away with people, they would have done so long ago when there wasn’t so damn many people!

      10. As bad as things in the US are, who the hell is going to launch an invasion against us. Sure, someone can try an EMP or a huge cyber attack on us but the response back would likely be unimaginable destruction and death on them. Though China and Russia may not be our friends they are not our mortal enemies, and they are rational people. That leaves a few smaller shithole countries. One of those smaller countries may deliver a good Sunday punch, but that’s all they have. Some unduly alarmist and inaccurate articles have stated a single NK upper atmosphere nuke EMP would knock out all electrical/electronics over the entire North American continent – not true. It would take more than a few nukes to do that.
        JJ does have a point however. The most dangerous enemies are the homegrown ones, and they are doing their utmost damndest to bring about our demise. Based on numerous different published sources the globalists and their vast numbers of minions and useful idiots ultimately want to change our type of gov’t to dictatorial socialism, abolish the constitution, negate civil rights, turnover our customs, traditions and culture, destroy Christian heritage, and yes, eliminate and imprison millions of people that would not fit in or comply with their new order; even if it totally wrecks the country.
        By merely preserving those institutions ensures our survival and makes it difficult to make this country into something it is not. That’s why they hate and work against all things uniquely American. You can bet there are traitors working with our enemies even at this moment.
        Unfortunately,with some exceptions, young people are woefully uninformed, generally don’t care about the deterioration of the country, and are passive. All they want are their cell phones, not have their feelings hurt, and for the rest of us to supply everything they think they are entitled to. I speak to lots of them, most of them are really quite boring.

        • A famine with pestilences and americans fighting americans thats how…. damn you people think the enemy has red coats on or something…

      11. TPTB need an enforcer and that’s the USA. To keep this up they need to maintain enough political stability so as to not jeopardize it. Freedom won’t be taken but rather handed over for a measure of economic security. Each generation has traded one for the other quite willingly. Given a crisis or two as a catalyst and this trend will progress rapidly. Americans are not following this playbook regarding civilian armament. The greater the violent threat (which Europeans acquiesced) the more guns Americans buy and the more they demand carrying them. We’re a troublesome lot for them.

        • Those who would give up freedom to gain security, deserve neither, and will lose both.

      12. “he “Kumbaya” singers do not realize they will all be exterminated at the end of it by the oligarchy and the politicos who are of one mindset.’

        Reminds me of the vile, disgusting Che Guevara, who said “I know the campesinos (peasants) support us now. But when we (communists) come to power, they, too, will have to be liquidated.” All these PC types will be the first ones marched off… a little like communists Trotsky, Lavrentiy Beria or Gen. Arnaldo Ochoa (if you don’t know who they are, google them. You will get a real education)

      13. If I understand it right, when you deposit your money in a bank it becomes the bank’s money. They owe you the money.

      14. Trump needs to stop these foreign hordes from invading. Muslims invading Christian Countries. That is War. This is Jihad. If the people start fighting with violence, (((globalists))) will either high tail it to Is real hell, or wind up facing a Citizens tribunal.


      15. I grow old and worry that I will not be around to see the great s-it storm that we have coming to America. Most of America has been dumbed down too much to even know that it is on its way. When it really bites then in the rear will the first time they wake up and I hope that’s not going to be too late.

      16. As much as we want it Loose Cannon President Trump cant stop or change a significant amount of the myrad of problems that are present. This has been going on for over a hundred years. And one man cant fix them if he had a 100 years. And Trump at most will only have 8 years. Face the Fact this Republic has fatal wounds. Hellery would have finished it off. Trump is just keeping it on life support. There isn’t now and never will be any viable political or ballot box solution. Until a great culling happens and the situation of too many takers and too few makers is rectified we will always be a nation in decline.

      17. Ah yes. “Jerimiah Johnson” fomenting his weekly dose of paranoid fever among the tin hats. You go there “Jerimiah.”

        • Ah yes. Blame-e and his usual whining. Here’ an idea – just DONT READ IT if you don’t like it. You go there, Blame. As in “go away.”

        • And who are you? What do you contribute to any of this, except bashing somebody else’s opinion? Pussies such as you don’t have the nuts to say yer shit to someone’s face. Cause you’d get your ass beaten, plain and simple.

          If all you faggots don’t like reading this, then go to another site and screw with them. Don’t like this? Leave yer address, and I’ll be more than happy to meet ya!

          • Oh so now your all tough online too I see….

        • And who are you? What do you contribute to any of this, except bashing somebody else’s opinion? Pussies such as you don’t have the nuts to say yer shit to someone’s face. Cause you’d get your ass beaten, plain and simple.

          If all you faggots don’t like reading this, then go to another site and screw with them. Don’t like this? Leave yer address, and I’ll be more than happy to meet ya!

      18. The country will be distracted by internal events.

        David Wilkerson wrote in his vision of seeing missile strikes from the west coast and gulf of Mexico. No doubt from the east coast and perhaps from the arctic area since the Russians are building a base.

        He wrote about seeing 1,000 fires in New York City.

        Another issue was the lack of response from US Defenses. Probably from a cyber attack or sabotage of defense systems.

        We all probably know that our government has been infiltrated to include key defense positions by sympathizers or agents of evil.

        In regard to cash, eventually only a chipped card will accepted and cash will be as alcohol was during Prohibition. That is how according to scripture, the anti-christ will control buying and selling.

        • The antichrist doesnt use a chipped card or chip of any kind,if you look the word MARK (greek) is how the image IS applied and this is through scarification and Not a chip, the bible says it is for sealing those who take it fate in the lake of fire and Not for tracking people….

      19. Make no mistake the shadow is waging a cultural war on Americans. The complicity is on display daily in DC. The UNIPARTY, is Unified, and their little bolshie are well funded.
        Soros groups, MSM, Dept of ED. … are all united against the American people. This includes locally elected and unelected boards etc.

        OPEN YOUR EYES and STUDY UP!!! Just compare with what happened in UKRAINE and whats happening now in the US.

        I know its wikipedia but its easy read and verifiable.

      20. It must be hard to write these articles every week to seem new and urgent, despite having no evidence or even reliable rumors upon which to rely.
        JJ does well when he sticks to what he knows, but when he starts telling me about vague, amorphous conspiracies it just gets tedious.

        • Reader1
          Conspiracy became a worn out and overused word quite some time ago. Frequently, it is used by those who either fail to study evidenciary facts to arrive at a reasonable conclusion or by those who simply fail to possess Critical Thinking skills.
          Critical Thinking skills would be from the generation who in school were provided word problems to solve while at an elementary level. That method has been gone decades ago. Modernized is the Marxist PC term. Critical Thinking was taught in the form known as a Classical Education which teaches Western Civilization Ideology.
          Therefore, in your case based upon your comment one could conclude that you are SOL in SHTF!
          Smart folks admit short comings and correct them. The brain is muscle; exercise it, too. You might surprise yourself and the readers of your comments.

          FYI: This site is for those who also do their own research and share intelligent information and among the general users is respected.

      21. Hi Sgt Dale:

        I note that the noted author Joel Skousen ranks the upper Cumberland Plateau of TN as a darn good area. There are areas around and within the Big South Fork Park that may be available. One issue is the shallow and rocky topsoil on much of the plateau. I suggest you contact realtors in Blount County TN, part of which lies within The Great Smoky Mountains National Park. RE west of Chilhowee Mt. has great farmland and not too expensive. There are great views along US 411 to US 441.

        Century 21 865-984-2121
        Caldwell Banker Nelson 865-982-0500
        Dogwood Realty 865-448-9999 (specializes in the Townsend area)

        Blount County has a very good and competent Sheriff’s Department which wholly supports the 2nd. Maryville has John Deere and Kubota dealers, Tractor Supply Store, and a farmer’s Co-op store. East of Maryville, not much row cropping, mostly hayfields, blueberry and strawberry farms.

        best regards

        [email protected]

      22. America has been dealt a serious blow. Our demographics, currency, employment opportunities, over regulation, etc. The old gray mule, ain’t what she used to be. There are pockets of old America still left, but that’s about it. 20 more years and you won’t be able to find a nice safe place. Maybe Bristol, Tennessee.

        • Yup! The only reason they are dragging this on is waiting for enough of the older generations to die off. Then they will have a FULLY Complacent Population willing to accept their own Enslavement!
          It will serve all of them rightly so.

      23. Creepy Canadian app gives citizens points for making government approved choices.


      24. The psychopaths are not going to collapse anything for a while-they are having too much fun watching all the pain, suffering, mass delusion, and DENIAL of the New Babylonian American cowards, and the children they care nothing about, being slowly poisoned to death in the American Holocaust and Chemical Culling. The psychopaths controlling the criminal treasonous United States Corporation Government are really getting off now the way you would expect Luciferian demon worshiping genocidal murderous psychopaths to get off when they are able to watch an ENTIRE POPULATION of dumbed down, disease ridden cowards do the following: poison, dumb down, and enslave their doomed children for booze, Big Pharma, mindless entertainment, consumption of useless garbage including the addicting fake GMO toxic food, and all the other goodies they have for the New Babylonian toxic dump cowards, in the “Fallen Angel Freak Show” of damned and doomed Police State hell on earth New Babylon America.

      25. Wow… Just wow! Attack a good man giving pats a heads up. Trolls will end up where Trolls a cave a.k.a yer mommas basement. JJ doesn’t need to save yer butt…hell, he can live his life without this crap attack. The good man is just trying his best to help you knotheads! Go ahead, attack the messenger,to your demise. Dopes

      26. Eisenshit

      27. I urge Jeremiah Johnson and all others to whom this message comes to write Defense Secretary Mattis and ask him to give his personal attention to a research collaboration proposal dated 4 July 2017 and sent 14 July 2017. The active participation by true patriots in this collaboration, if accepted, will be welcome.
        Treason within has materially aided in setting up the United States for an external attack, sooner rather than later.
        The postal address for Defense Secretary Mattis follows:
        Hon. James Norman Mattis, Secretary of Defense
        1000 Defense Pentagon
        Washington, DC 20301-1000

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