“The Media Told Us That Everything’s Going to Be Fine” – War Survivor On Why He Missed The Best Time To Bug Out

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    Editor’s Note: If you’ve done any research into worst-case scenarios and how to prepare for them then you have likely run across the work of Selco. During the Balkan war of the 1990’s he survived in what he calls One Year In Hell, which is also the name of his online survival course at his SHTF School web site. Selco often shares his perspective on the events he witnessed, the brutality of humanity, and survival strategies for making it through far-from-equilibrium situations.

    But had Selco made one particular decision back in the 90’s there’s a strong possibility that we wouldn’t know who he is today – at least not insofar as his expertise on survival is concerned.

    Ahead of the conflict that eventually led to a complete lock-down of the city in which he lived there were signs that something just wasn’t right. He, like many of his friends and neighbors living in a stable modern society, assumed that whatever was happening would either pass quickly or not affect him or his family directly. Admittedly, he was wrong and he says not heeding the warnings was one of his key mistakes. 

    It’s certainly easy to judge the events of the day in hindsight, but going through them in real time and having to make quick decisions like relocating your entire family from your home to an unknown destination is not exactly an easy thing to do. This is the dilemma many will be faced with should a local, regional or national emergency strike our nation. As always, Selco has some interesting insights and discussions that may make that difficult decision a bit easier to execute. 

    Bugging out: Why I missed best time to bug out
    By Selco

    Best way to survive is not being close to any problems. Like I describe in my survival course about my experience in Balkan war I missed my chance to bug out in time. I ended up surrounded by enemy army and trapped in city for a year without power and regular resources. Everyone fighting for the little what was left and being shot at by snipers and artillery from enemies did not make experience any better.

    There are many reasons why people fail to bug out. Last week Jay (guy I run this website with) left Bangkok because of military coup. He first did not want to leave right away but then common sense won and he left. You can read about what happened in our forum. Nothing bad happened after he left, but it could have.

    There can be many reasons like failure to recognize that S. gonna hit the fan, blocked streets on the way out of the city, problems convincing everyone to leave or just some special events you want to stay for.

    I mention many times why I failed to leave city before everything became blocked. So I said that simply I did not see signs, or even if I saw something that looked serious to me, I assure myself that everything gonna be OK in short.

    And of course media was there to told us that everything gonna be fine, nothing gonna escalate etc. and all of this above is true, it was like that, but as the time goes by I am able to see one more mistake that I have done that contributed to the my choice of staying.

    Actually it was not really choice, I failed to see that I had big choice to make back then. We humans like to go with the flow and that is what I did. There was no choice, just years later and when your freedom is taken you realize you failed to make right choice.

    So the big mistake I also made was the fact that I was simply thrilled and excited how events are unfolding in front of my own eyes, it was kinda mesmerizing.

    You know that feeling that you are going to be part of something big, something that it is gonna be part of history books?

    I had that feeling on some subconscious level I guess.

    It was like being part of event that goes like this:

    • Day 1: Today we lost ability to phone outside town, sporadic shots were fired whole day, on the TV there is no news from our city, which is weird…
    • Day 2: I just saw tank on the street, went to check is there anything left in the store to buy or take, but actually there is no store anymore, tank was slowly rumbling over the street, guy who was standing next to me said „they gonna ruin the asphalt with that beast“ like that is important, but that guy still thought in old terms, like we all did. I think he thought that it is temporary, and tomorrow city gonna need to repair that street because tank ruined it, and we all pay that through our taxes, and so on, and so on.
    • Day 3: Our first neighbor shows up with rifle and said „I ll gonna shoot those mother……s „ I ask him „who?“ he said „anyone who approaches my house.“

    At the beginning it was like being in a movie, but pretty soon we all were like “f..k, people get killed for real here”.

    One day after another day, events simple unfolding, more dramatic after dramatic. It is a bit like slow collapse that we experience now, changes come step by step, even in short time but it is all exciting until one point and then it can be too late.

    This is what happened, one day it was simply too late to leave.

    Now you need to understand me that this was not the only reason why I stayed in the city, it was not even most important, I speak about everything in detail in my course. But still it was the one of the reasons and one of the reasons that can be easily overlooked.

    It is important to be mentioned here, simply because I can see and read in many places that lots of people still make similar mistakes. It is simply interesting for them to stay and see what is going to happen.

    For those of you who were part of some SHTF event, whatever it was, some natural disaster or similar, you may understand what I am trying to say. Arrah who lost almost everything in devastating hurricane Haiyan in Philippines writes about this too.

    It is the fact that timing of events is not going to wait for you, it is going to unfold on its own, and at the end it is simply gonna overrun you if you are in its path.

    You will be left behind to sit through consequences or destroyed.

    People often act like world is spinning around them, and like nothing bad is going to happen to them, while in reality you (and me) are nobody in the bigger picture. When you get more experience as survivalist and prepper you maybe even become arrogant and think you know what you deal with and can stay and wait.

    I was young then, and my blood reacted different on gunshots, screams, or hearing about attacks or defense, or pride and similar, so I can blame that too. But still, it is easy to fall into the thinking of “staying to see events”.

    Oh it was interesting for sure, especially in the beginning, before I realized fact that people died in great numbers, and that there is a huge possibility that I could be killed too, and it would not be some big event and very soon it is over.

    Later it was all about trying to survive, something like a constant running for your life. You become a very humble man if you almost lose all control over things around you.

    And remember the saying: “May you live in interesting times”, but also remember that it is as much curse as it can bring you excitment in good times. So if you see that “interesting times” are coming to your neighborhood, just leave the area, it is much better to be “bored” but alive somewhere else.

    Did you draw clear line for yourself when you bug out or bug in? Discuss in our forum or in the comments below.

    You can follow Selco’s story at SHTF School and learn how he survived one year in hell


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      1. The very last people to listen to, the media….

        • It appears many countries have their own version of a “Baghdad Bob” reporting the news. Be prepared and listen to your gut instincts when you sense something is wrong.


          “For wisdom is protection just as money is protection.
          But the advantage of knowledge is that wisdom preserves the lives of its possessors.”
          Ecclesiastes 7: 12

          • I am reminded of a couple of things as I read this article. I am reminded of the pictures, video, and news reports during the Ukraine turmoil/Crimea secession. People standing around making videos, posing with Russian troops for pictures, and helping troops. Pretty much like a revolution/uprising is a spectator sport. In much the same way some of our ancestors treated the Battle of First Bull Run. They went out to watch the troops fight outside of DC, picnic baskets and all as they traveled by carriage, horseback, or on foot. Again, a spectator sport.

            As for how quickly things can go bad, look no further than the past few days and events unfolding in Iraq. Yawn, time for more golf is one naive persons response.

            • Everything must be fine, Obama flew to Palm Springs to play golf for the weekend.

              While our southern border is being overrun by illegals and Iraq burns… Obama jets to Palm Springs to play golf.

              Urged by local media (and news of Obamas promises), minors from Mexico and Central America are clogging Border Patrol stations.

              “Border Patrol officials struggling to keep up with the increasing number of minors illegally crossing the Mexican border are not turning away persons with known gang affiliations.”

              • Timing is everything. The more time anyone wastes that less chance you have before, during, and after a catastrophe. People should be on constant alert right now and in the future. Not to stress you out of your mind, but be ready to act. it is important to look for signs. I know it becomes old each month, but + or – 5 days within the New Moon, militaries are more likely to act.

                People need to be ready for something before it happens and sites like this one and a few other RELIABLE ones can give you a jump on a bad event ready to occur. Everey single catastrophes can be forecasted before it happens, someone knows something. The difficulty of this is weeding out the utter crazp that is out there in which people use fear mongering to get others to come to their web site. You ONLY want the truth about forecasting anything. Even an asteroid impact coming, someone knows about it. A war, even more so. Everything is predictable but some means. Finding this key to unlock the door to knowledge is what is hard to do. Expect the worse always, and prepare for it. When it is probably less than worse you will be better prepared for it.

                Families should be ready also and not ever put too much time and stock in those that are not preppers/survivalists. Non-preppers will drag those that prepare down and are a total drain on them as a person. This is rather cold, but non-preppers are leeches and anyone will see this all too well when their so called best friends start totally taking what someone has spent a life time accumulating for themselves and their families and friends that have chose to sacrifice entertainment and other worthless garabge to have what they need WHEN SHTF. Remember this, non-preppers are and will become vampires WHEN the red light hits mega emergency.

                • BI, very well said. thank you so much for your comments.

                • Many struggle with the idea of charity vs self preservation. Well charity is admirable but in an emergency situation you must consider it as if you are saving a drowning person, you throw them a preserver. You do not get too near or they will climb on top of you in their panic to survive.

                  Christians consider the examples we are given in the bible: Noah spent his life building the ark. He and his family told their town and neighbors what they were doing and they were laughed at. His ark was large enough to hold the entire town but when the rains came God had told him to put in his family and the animals and not the town who refused to worship God or listen to Noah.

                  In the story of the 10 virgins with lamps, 5 virgins did not have enough oil and had to leave to go get more oil. The asked the other 5 to share and were told “no”. Now wouldn’t it be “Christian” to share? So why did Gods’ story say the girls refused the others? It was to tell us that those who prepared are not required to sacrifice themselves for those who refuse to prepare.

                  The bible talks about allowing the poor to glean from the fields. It does not say the rich man sent workers into the fields to reharvest the grain and then gave it to the poor. The able bodied poor were allowed to glean to support themselves and the rich man was to leave that grain behind in the fields after the primary harvest so that the poor could glean. God expects us to try to do for ourselves if we can and to provide for those who can not. We are not required to provide for those who will not do for themselves.

                  When Jesus sent his apostles out into the nearby towns to preach, He told them that if the people refuse to hear their message they were to leave that place and shake the dust of it from their sandals. He was saying that the people have a right to hear the truth but they also have the right to refuse the truth. And what befalls them or their souls was their choice. We are called to support ourselves and our families, not those who refuse to hear or accept the truth.
                  It is a hard thing but it is there in so many places in the bible.

                  • Cara, you are correct! My stepsons girlfriend and her family refuse to prepare. They say, “God will take care of us”. While that’s true if you pray and pray hard while having true faith, God also tells us to prepare for these times. His girlfriends family is in denial about the events unfolding. They go to ‘church’, but yet they won’t acknowledge the ‘blood of Christ’! They think it’s occult or something. I have no idea what church they belong to or what bible they read from but they’re being lead to slaughter. I’ve told my stepson, when TSHTF, you have 24hrs to get home before everything goes psycho! Thank you cara for posting those examples for others to see.

                  • Cara, well said. 1 Samuel ch. 25 is another consideration to add to what you’re saying. Once you read it, I’m sure you’ll see the connection.

                    On another related note, and rather than cover the topic myself and write at length, here is a link to website that I strongly support when it comes to “Christians” defending themselves:



                    So many people have been indoctrinated to believe that Christians are suppose to be soft, spineless and defenseless / ready to become martyrs – and to do whatever their government tells them to do REGARDLESS! (Romans 13:1-5)

                    As I continue to point out to those I talk with, Romans gives us the DEFINATION of what a Godly form of government is – and if it doesn’t come up to standard established in Romans 13, then you have to ask: “what is it?” Simply put – it’s not (a Godly form of..)‘government’ – it is tyranny.

                    Obviously, our founding fathers saw it that way… otherwise, they would have simply kept putting up with ol Kind George…

                    On the note of being willing martyrs, I think not! In fact, I submit to one and all that Jesus doesn’t necessarily condone martyrism – for your consideration: Matthew 24:15-21. Jesus gives the warning signs to watch for and then He says “FLEE” / “RUN” / “GET OUT”… I don’t believe I read the words: “..hey, stick around, everything is going to be just fine…”, or “…hey, don’t run, I want you to ‘die’ for me….”.

              • Palm Springs turned gay a long time ago. Lots of golf there but still not the coolest place for straight people.

            • This shows one more reason to own a free & clear bug out location or at least have provisions stored near someone who is expecting you. Those without that option are more likely to hang around longer than they should just like Selco did. It’s not fancy, but building my little cabin on a few acres in a secluded neighborhood is the best $10,000 I ever spent.

            • Naïve? If you believe that then you are the one who is not only naïve but outright stupid. he is a Sunni and staying out of the way of ISIS which is also Sunni. get a clue. He works for the Saudis who created him while also buying the US govt..

          • KY Mom have been watching this site for some time.
            You have seem to have a goo head on your shoulders.
            I am in a local government position and am growing concerned about what is transpiring around me. Little things I hope MAc would contatc me about.
            Thanks, Take Care.

        • People won’t bug out until they realize there
          are things more important than the big money
          that is to be made in the cities.

          Big money fever is the enticing bait that will
          allow a trap net to be drawn around them like a
          school of sardines.

          • International Sardine Festival, October 10, 2014, Aberdeen, NC.

          • Greed will get a lot of people killed. Many just can’t bare to leave their favorite belongings behind or their homes when they need to. Then soon find out everything they own is just an anchor for mobility. During the Florida Hurricanes, as the storm approaches, people pick up their pace to get prepared. The usual, Food, Water, Gas up the vehicles, Plywood to cover the windows, gather important papers,remove any and all flying objects outside. Put the furniture on blocks, get the weather radios, batteries, multiple food cooking sources together, etc. When there is a mass exodus those dependent on their GPS will force all of those folks on to the exact same road routs out of town. Get your Paper maps and your local County maps ow with all the fine details of alternative routes out of town. Gas stations will run out of gas, and if there is no electric, their gas pumps won’t work, and cash is king, or barter. Plan on many stop and go traffic jams, so make sure you have extra cans of gas. Then some knucklehead will dump boxes of nails on the road, so have your multiple flats. So make sure you have a set of needle nose pliers, and several quick tire plug kits and cigarette lighter air pump compressor ready to go. Have your shotgun handy, concealed carry, ammo, and water in the front seat. Then have your bug out bag ready, in case you need to abandon your vehicle in a jam, and head out on your bike or on foot. Run all of these situations through your head and think and plan now. Have a bugout check list, since you will be in a panic. Have a few burial tubes to put valuables and bury them in your back yard, if you believe you will be coming back. Hide your assets, travel smart and if you are lucky you already have a prearranged place to go and hide out when you bugout. The more you are prepared than others, and can leave early, your chances for survival greatly increases.

            • WWTI, AMEN. I handled hurricanes exactly that way when I lived in south FL.

            • I have watched several evacuations where four lane and larger roads were used and have been amazed that only one side of the highway was used. It’s an emergency with no one going the other way towards danger. Use the whole fu-king road morons.

          • The Fed, banks, numerous government agencies, police forces, the military, etc. are all busy preparing (long term food storage, guns, massive amounts of ammo and other supplies) while the mainstream media reassures the population that everything is going to be fine.

            I wonder what they KNOW, that we don’t.

            Fed Prepares For Bond-Fund Runs, Looking At Imposing “Exit Fee” Gates

            “With this unprecedented step, the Fed is sending a very clear message: it may be next year, or next month, or next week, but quite soon you, dear retail bond-fund investor, will be gated and will be unable to pull your money…. So wouldn’t you rather just keep said money in the “safety” of stock funds, none of which will ever, ever be gated, pinky swear…. Unless the market crashes one final time of course, at which point the Fed will be on the first flight out to non-extradition countries.”


          • Hey Defiant!!!

            Did I ever tell you that obama sucks dick? (for real)

            Couldn’t remember……


            • Yeah Wrong — The National enquirer said he
              could suck the chrome right off a trailer hitch.

              • I read that article but I thought they were talking about mooshell….

                My bad.

        • The “experts” told everyone to stay in the buildings (Twin Towers) on 9/11

        • @eppe, especially THIS media that has been hell bent on feeding us all what is upside down as right side up. They are carrier Pigeons for the administration and will sell our soles to the devil to keep this normalcy crappp going…..

          • They can sell my sole as long as the rest of my shoes is left alone.

        • Everybody says “it’s only a little thing” as they chip away at our rights,but remember a tiger trap starts with a shovel full of dirt.

        • yea If the media is saying “all is well” Run for the freaking hills !!!!

        • I look all around me in my upscale, well-manicured, Texas suburban planned community here south of Houston….full of beautiful people, golf courses, swimming pools, purebred pets and garages empty of tool….

          And all I see are future dead people.

        • I look all around me in my upscale, well-manicured, Texas suburban planned community here south of Houston….full of beautiful people, golf courses, swimming pools, purebred pets and garages empty of tool….

          And all I see are future dead people.

        • Has anyone ever successfully “bugged” to the middle of the ocean?

          Pretty obvious idea. The area alone is astronomically huge. You will not be dealing with anyone trying to hurt you for any reason.

          Problem is, I’m not entirely sure it’s survivable.

          • You will want to look for a remote island with no people. Just floating out on the open water, is very risky unless you are in a very large ship. 20 to 30 ft waves is not uncommon.

            • Read island of the Blue Dolphin. Based on people who lived on islands just off California.

            • Let’s all form a prepper community on a giant oil tanker like in Water World HAHA.

            • Ok, almost as good. Your solution. I know where I would go in a boat.

              Now I need to get a boat is the problem… 9_9…

              The solution works well for me though. Instead of having to get out of LA (near impossible even during “normal” times, takes hours and hours… to say nothing of how bad it would be if sh*t went south)…

              All I gotta do is get to the Marina.

              15 minutes. And 15 minutes later, no gang members or assorted nasties trying to do their worst to me.

          • Consult with Tom Hanks, and his buddy Wilson, in Cast Away.

            • Wilson drowned…
              His nephew VOIT took the spot.


              • Jon Voit?

              • @VOIT,
                LOL, thanks.

          • I have had the same thought; especially if there were biological weapons being used on us by our rulers. Of course there are many dangers and the odds of making it to a deserted island are extremely long but the alternative would be far worse IMHO. Islands are a really difficult survival challenge; especially tropical ones because of disease and lack of drinking water. However, the only thing that I believe will save oneself when biological weapons are used (and they undoubtedly will) is lots of distance and isolation from others who could be infected.

          • Bugging to the middle of the ocean is certainly survivable, but, for how long is dependent on how skilled you are and how much stuff you take with you. Certainly fresh water is a key, so, if you’ve got a sun still that you can use to get enough water and so some other desalination machinery, and you can keep relatively cool (or warm) temps, you’re probably good.

            I was thinking the other day that one could create an air conditioner for a boat easily. You could drop a pickup tube down as far as practical into the ocean. A small 3/8 or 1/2 inch line could be lowered several hundred feet into the deep where the water (in some cases) is very cold. A small electric pump could circulate water through a type of radiator with a fan to blow the air through it. One could design the system to collect the condensation and use that for fresh water, as well. Refrigeration? No problem. Same deal.

            I don’t know how deep you have to go, maybe several thousand feet, but, the water as some point in the deep is 32 degrees F. The beauty of it is, regardless of how deep you have to go, it would take very little of a pump to circulate it since you’re not “sucking it up” from down there and opposing gravity. As such, a little 12v fountain pump would do the trick.

            The one thing you would have to worry about is pirates. While there are very few people out there, the people that are out there know that there is no help coming. Someone on here in the last or some previous article mentioned a quarantine flag. Another then mentioned some body bags. Hehehe. Take some of your refuse or whatever and stuff some body bags and fly a quarantine flag. Leave those body bags out there on the main deck of the boat where they can be seen by the pirate. Some makeup and such on yourself for some fake lesions, and, well,you’d have some pretty convincing camouflage. A “We Are Sick: Please Help Us” banner would really drive away the pirates! When they see the quarantine stuff and a Help Us banner, they’d sail the other way.

        • The only way I’d bug out is if my immediate vicinity was literally unlivable.
          Here at home I have everything – fireplace & wood, tools, food & ammo stockpiles, etc. etc.

          Most of all I have dependable neighbors. We can watch each others’ backs and supplement each others’ stockpiles.

          I have a BOL, but I hope it doesn’t come to that.

          • So if you were in an urban or suburban area and needed to leave – but curfew/martial law was in effect, how would you slip away unseen?

            • Railway would be a good way. If you could find a coal car or an empty coal car; one could bury themselves and their family under a layer of coal or some blankets in the bottom of an empty. Trains spend a lot of a time in sidings waiting for other trains to pass so there is opportunity to get off further down the line without having to leave a moving train.

              However, I suspect that if there was martial law, it would be harder to gain access to the railyard and there would probably be soldiers searching outbound cars so the hiding spot would have to be extremely well done to avoid detection by thermal and night vision devices.

              • Oh there will be plenty of trains to jump on but u DONT wanna ride to the “final destination” end up in some camp and soon you’ll BE the coal…

              • That train is going to the local FEMA CAMP. All Aboard…

          • If I can get out at the right time, I’ve got a relative’s BOL to go to. It’s more than a tank of gas to get there so I have extra gas stored in some cans in my shed. Half of my supplies are already there and I’m making another trip there in July with some more supplies.

        • Did anyone read “Lucifer’s Hammer” by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle?
          It’s a survivalism novel about a comet striking earth. One of the characters owns a remote BOL and after much hardship finally arrives there – only to find that it’s been commandeered by others who refuse him entry.

          • great read.

      2. you will never win

        if you never begin

        • Update on the economy…

          American IT workers forced to train ‘guest workers’ hired to replace them!

          “about 220 IT jobs have been lost to offshore outsourcing over the last year… initially, there was little knowledge among fellow employees about H-1B visa holders and how they are used.”

          “The IT workers at this firm first learned of the offshore outsourcing threat through rumors. Later, the IT staff was called into an auditorium and heard directly from the CIO about the plan to replace them. It would take months for the transition to be completed, in part because of some new system installations.”


          • KY Mom- Sadly, this is nothing new or isolated. It’s been going on sine the dot com bubble burst in 2K. Several years ago I had to train my Indian replacement. The term they use for that process is “Knowledge Transfer”. Very common in IT. Like most every other kind of visa- the H1B visa is a total sham. They’re only getting these foreigners here to lower wages- they’re simply NOT needed for any other reason. And by and large- they SUCK at what they do.

            • GW Bush said outsourcing was a good thing. Did anybody ask him for whom?

              • What was it oblahblah said, “so people could free themselves from unwanted jobs” (paraphrasing)…

          • My Mom went through that and she isn’t even in IT. She works for SEARS in their finance department. When you had a problem with your bill or a question, you used to talk to her. Then they flew in her replacements and she had to train them all or lose her retirement savings. Since then, they realized their mistake and hired her back but that ship has pretty much sailed, SEARS/K-Mart are done.

            • Agreed on Sears and K-Mart, but they sowed those seeds themselves. The secret to being forced to train your enemy is to leave out vital pieces of information. (Yes, I had the same thing happen to me twenty-some years ago.) Most companies won’t care that they suck for a long time and that mistakes are running rampant, but eventually the bottom line will be impacted. Whatever you can do to sabotage the system will pay off later.

            • Paleface, this ‘outsourcing’ began in the late 60s wit the TPTB giving away our TV industry to Japan. In 1970, my mother along with 150 other people were laid off from the RCA TV factory in Memphis. In those days we still had a superior manufacturing base, our economy was No. 1 in the world, “Made In USA” was a source of great pride, and if you needed a job you didn’t have to look far. In fact, in those days, if you didn’t go to work, you didn’t eat. That’s how things were back then. That’s what they need to go back to.

      3. The big city! Thank God I don’t live in one. Well armed with I hope I have everything I need.
        When he knew there wasn’t anything in the store why didn’t he get out. Did he not have a BOL? Shame on him!
        There are more people in the big city so maybe they will take care of each other one way or another. It just means that there will be less for us to deal with.
        Good article to show someone why we PREP!!!
        Aim Small Miss Small

        • “When he knew there wasn’t anything in the store why didn’t he get out.”
          ANSWER: normalcy bias

      4. Just read that Russia turned off the gas to Ukraine…which would allegedly effect Europe’s supply as well. It’s about to get really interesting.

        • I heard the same thing! For failure to pay.

          And Russia is the one that threw Ukraine into the turmoil they are in.

          Sounds like a George Soros move.

          • I was at the gun shop Sat and this big cop with attitude comes in and tells the owner he was responding to a 911 call from his store. The owner looked at the cop puzzeled and said “maybe I fat fingered the phone”

            I noticed a sketchy guy trying to sell a gun when this happened so it made me think. I don’t usually shop there and the city this happened is known for their agressive police officers.

            With my awesome hearing I managed to hear the cop brag about his new full auto AR/M4 with a 11.5 barrel. Oh but the cops aren’t being militarized one bit are they.

            • he still probably hasent learned how to hit anything with it yet, so I’d say you were safe to call him a commie pig

              • I forgot to meantion how he was bragging about all the people he pulled over that morning running late to graduation.

                FYI: He said they always eat lunch around 11 am cause thats the “slow time”

                So your free to speed like a bat out of hell from 11-12 on his watch.

                • CiCi’s Pizza?

                  • lol

          • Oh no worry this was a play by design, The US Tax Payers will loan Ukraine Billions to buy our U.S. Nat Resource Gas sold by US Energy Co, then the U.S. Corps pocket all the money. Again another scam to transfer America’s wealth and resources to the few 1%. They have this play book down already. Remember Cheney’s Secret Energy Meetings where they greased each other palms and handed out the energy futures playbook.

            • @ WWTI- There’s no money to be made shipping Nat. gas to Ukraine from the U.S- it’ll cost as many BTU’s to get it there as it would provide once it’s used as it is not very BTU-dense. Be that as it may- I’m sure in some way we’ll pick up the tab, but we’ll probably just being paying Russia directly to get the Ukraine’s gas flowing again.

          • Russia did not throw Ukraine into any turmoil. The western-led and paid for coup did that…without any help from anyone else but the EU and NATO.

        • They’ve been interesting for a long time, and I’m ready for dull again.

      5. It’s very difficult to leave the “security” of what you know (that’s why we virtually never have a change in our elected officials). People will look for reasons to stay – and the media will offer it to them.

        Myself, I’ve got a list of everything we need to take with us to our bug out location – essential and non-replaceable/sentimental items.

        Once the Walmart looting & big city problems start, we’ll head out. If the media doesn’t tell us it’s happening, social media will (one of the few good reasons to be on social media).

        • New Middle Class Data Reveals True Story Of American Economy
          “Today, there are nearly 2 million fewer jobs in mid- and higher-wage industries than there were before the recession took hold, while there are 1.85 million more jobs in lower-wage industries…”

          “That means many of the people who fell out of the middle class during the recession won’t be getting back into it. What’s even more disturbing is that America’s middle class is worse off than those in many other countries.”

          Income gap widens as American factories shut down
          “A loss of manufacturing has contributed to the decline of the middle class…” “People who are displaced from high-paying manufacturing jobs spend a long time unemployed, and when they take other jobs, those jobs generally pay substantially less.”

          “Globalization, automation and recession destroyed nearly 6 million manufacturing jobs between 2000 and 2009.”

        • If an EMP hits, there may be no communication out there at all, besides word of mouth,horseback rider and your ham radio that you kept in your “Faraday Cage” metal trash can. You did do that right? lol Otherwise your only notification will be from the screams in your neighborhood after it is too late or the knock on your door.

          • WWTI, I have some shortwave radios with a shitload of batteries and some other electronic goodies inside a metal trash can {Home Depot, $25]. I use bubble packing for insulation which can be had at FedEx or the UPS Store.

          • I would like to know how to use carrier pigeons. Any literature on this?

        • Mr. Blutarsky, may I suggest transferring at least some of those essentials and sentimental items to your BOL early? Plus, make sure that BOL is as secure as possible. I’ve transferred a shitload of items in 3 trips to a barn on my cousin’s BOL property over the past year. I’m making another trip in July with another load. So afterwards, when my time comes to bugout, I’ll have no more than what I can put in the back of my truck and in the crewcab, plus the extra gas cans full of gas. When you and your family finally bugout, you don’t want to be loaded down with too much ‘stuff’. Take as much as possible and store it ahead of time. You’ll be very glad you did.

          • Thanks, we’ve done that, got the essentials there. I’m talking about photos, all remaining food here, medication we have here, etc. May as well move it.

            I’ve got the list so we can pack quickly and move out.

      6. “Ships are safe in their harbor – but that’s not why ships exist.” Sorry, couldn’t resist. I think I’m somewhere along Selco’s continuum. I know I should have left a decade ago but keep drawing yet another line in the sand. “when/if Hillary gets elected” … “When kids in elementary school are taught sexual perversion is ok” (already happened in CA). “When TV glorifies torture and depravity” (already see commercials for same during prime time while watching with my young children. sick society). etc…

        • So… 2016 (it is inevitable, face it)…

          And 2003.

          And 1985.

          Look. You know 2016 is a 100% guarantee, might as well just call it right now.

          So your conditions have been met and then some…

      7. Q: Whats another way of the media saying “Trust us”?
        A:” (bleep) you”

        I wouldn’t trust the ministry of lies as far as I could throw them…

      8. Gear review: Columbia omni heat thermal reflective lining jacket.

        The metallic liner doesnt make this item any warmer than a regular jacket in my opinion. Its still a top quality product though.

        Warmest coat I own: LL Bean Duffle coat.

        Best raincoat: LL Bean Trail raincoat.

      9. I think one thing is to have a hair trigger. Have a trip wire event or events in your mind and once they trip – boogie and fast. You can always come back home and unpack but one you’re too late. SOL.

        Another thing is to read between the lines – the lying MSM will NEVER tell you the whole truth and neither will the GOV. You got to sense it and put the pieces together.

        • @ Jerry
          You hit the nail on the head. Over Memorial Day weekend there was a large amount of Black violence in a number of American Cities, yet unless you follow the “White Girl Bleed A lot” site, you would NEVER know it.

          FYI: This Thursday/June 19th is “Juneteenth” a day when there is a great deal of Black on White attacks, fore warned is fore armed.

          * June 19th is the date Lincoln set the Slaves free

          • Maybe Whites need to learn how to fight a little.

          • I have asked many black people about the Emancipation Proclamation, and not a single one knew what it said or what it was for. It was a punishment for the southern states that seceded. It didn’t free all of the slaves. If Lincoln had really cared about the slaves, he would have called for freedom for all of them.

            Here are the areas that were punished (as listed in the Emancipation Proclamation):

            “Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, (except the Parishes of St. Bernard, Plaquemines, Jefferson, St. John, St. Charles, St. James Ascension, Assumption, Terrebonne, Lafourche, St. Mary, St. Martin, and Orleans, including the City of New Orleans) Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia, (except the forty-eight counties designated as West Virginia, and also the counties of Berkley, Accomac, Northampton, Elizabeth City, York, Princess Ann, and Norfolk, including the cities of Norfolk and Portsmouth), and which excepted parts, are for the present, left precisely as if this proclamation were not issued.”

            In other words, Lincoln didn’t set the slaves free. He gave a punishment order to free some of the slaves.

      10. Can someone explain to me how the USA has lasted this long??

        • @ Ppod
          Like everything else, God’s Grace. My age is 2, too old, too fat, and too ugly. Those on this site like me will remember a very different Republic than the one we have now.

          Sure we have our problems, and there are better places to live maybe too.

          I was born an American, I’m proud to have been one and I most likely I’ll die one (soon) !

          • Live long and prosper! Once all of us are gone, the moronic younger generations will fold up and die. I want my kids to have a happy and successful life, but it’s not going to happen. They’re white and they’re Christian which makes them an outstanding target.

        • Ppod, we grew complacent, distracted, and self centered on top of an “I don’t give a shit” mentality.

      11. I would want to Thank Selco for all the Heads Up info.
        I for one had experiences that I wish I was forewarned. Lets call it Street Smarts. All of us are going to need a ton of it. Get your gear and stuff now at low prices so you don’t have to fight the crowds. You might die for small items in a fight with disparate people.

        If we ever go through this crap, you can bet we will never be the same people as before.

        • Slingshot, I also appreciate Selco’s site and info. I have Street Smarts also from growing up in Memphis. If you grow up in an urban area and DON’T have Street Smarts, YOU ARE SCREWED. It’s true we’ll all change and never be the same again. We’ll still be going through that crap; it’s only a question of when.

        • KY Mom……so far we are lucky we haven’t seen the Jihadist joining out police force and on state’s payroll. But you never know from this admin.

        • KY Mom

          He just got back from playing golf.
          Need to break his golf clubs.

          • He’d just spend our tax money on a new set…

      12. The MSM is practically dead, which is why our ever benevolent Government is giving over control and management of the NET, this will ultimately cause a problem that TPTB will gladly fix for us, but in the meantime information will slow to a trickle.

        • Most of us should’ve gained enough knowledge and common sense to make our own choices about what to believe by now. If we’re still swaying with the way the media wind blows, then we’re still in trouble. If all it takes to change public opinion is a few lines of biased rhetoric, we’re still in trouble. If the MSM can change our minds and hearts against what we know and believe, we’re still in trouble.

          My two rules of thumb stands whether the internet exists or not —(1) believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see. (2) The more the MSM pushes for something, the more I am against it. It doesn’t even matter what it is, or why.

          I don’t care if news must be delivered by drum-beating in the distance, my ROT remains the same.

          The more the MSM pushes for something, the more I am against it. It doesn’t even matter what it is, or why.

      13. Normalcy bias will kill alot of people…

        It can’t happen here, right?

        The public school educated folks may not even know about the Bonus Army, the internment of dissidents under Honest Abe, the internment of Japanese Americans, the incineration of women and children at Waco (cheered on by many evangelicals).

        And no one seems to know that McBama is funding the Muslim genocide of Sudanese, Assyrians, Chaldeans, Syrians and other groups.

        The average putz stuffs a hot dog into his hole, and laughs at you for being “paranoid.” He takes his family into those shiny malls while checking the scores on his iPhones. We will always have 500 channels of reality! And reality is 24×7 NBA, MLB, Food Network, MTV, VH1, Cops, NFL, WWE, World Cup, ESPN, YouPorn.

        • Boy, you hit that on the head. If you ask most people what normalcy bias is, they look at you like your from Mars. However though, they can tell you who the finalists are on the bachelorette or who won the game last night or ask you how their ass looks in these pants or tell you in detail how their bike ride went.
          But if you ask them anything about world events, their face draws a blank. Pitiful!

      14. I’ve posted this before, you never know what you’re going to do until it happens. Just do the best you can with what you have. If you’re in a heavily populated area, blend in, don’t draw attention to yourself. If your out in the sticks, your blessed.

      15. Whatever happens…just make sure you have good quality, comfortable shoes!

        • There are two things that you should always purchase in Good Quality: Shoes and your mattress, When you are not in one you are in the other.

      16. Displace Low and Hook it.

        If you hear gun shots and the “Zzzziiip” of bullets flying near you… hit the dirt and displace on hands and knees away from the threat … flee away / leave by a low angle path that puts solid mass between you and the gunner(s).

        If you do decide to investigate gun fire or nearby perceived threats , do not approach it directly on , approach it by hooking / swinging wide and low to either side that offers the most quiet approach , cover and concealment. only expose what is necessary to the threat and use a hand mirror to see around corners.

        good luck .


        • You are correct but unfortunately the only time I’m going to go toward gunfire I’ll have to go pretty much straight toward it. (Cause the only way I’m going toward it, is if it’s all around me.)

        • Rodger’s rules still apply, without a doubt.

      17. Foiled FBI Terror Plots Curiously Quiet During Surge of Mass Shootings

      18. Guess I’m blessed many times over got my preps, garden is up, & I live in the sticks. I’ve talked to a few people about the current going on’s and their answer is “why worry it isn’t here just over there” when you “say going on where”, their answer is “you know over there”. Crazy damm people they are not even sure of who, what, when, & where
        and they expect to live through SHTF not going to happen, as my Mother often said “to dumb to come in out of the rain”. I have had a breakthrough on the home front I sure I have mentioned that I was really sad my daughter was not preparing and thought I was losing it because I was, well don’t know how or why but she is now on the bandwagon and canning, getting chickens hitting the can goods sale and stocking up. Of course she wants a five minute course on canning (not going to happen), and now she bought a food dryer because, “you know Mom the power might go off and ruin all your frozen stuff” Something is going to happen this is way to good to be happening.

      19. “…Of strategic importance to the U.S.” means of strategic interest to the ELITES, the .01% or fewer. We, the people, the 99.99% or more, are then relegated by the .01% or fewer to be “terrorists”. It’s not coincidental that they use the term “contagion” to describe the people’s natural reaction against being obviously corralled into a global “big company-and-government-town” closed economy and police state. “Contagion” is exactly how, and what they’ll term why, they will lock us down (“quarantine” us) in their family-separating internment camps–for our “safety” and, by Affordable (irrefusable and mandatory) “Healthcare”, to “treat” our “mental health” problem (that of desiring our normal lives that can only be secured by our self-defended, self-employed and self-governing individual liberty). It will become that ANY demand by government towards any individual will be responded to by the people as an act of war.

      20. Sort of off topic, but I bet those headless guys in Iraq wish that they had bugged out.

        I have come to the conclusion that to be a Muslim, you have to be infected by Rabies, as only a rabid animal would do some of the crap that the members of “The Religion of Peace” are known for.

        As the Christian Crusaders said when they took Jerusalem, “Kill them all, let God sort them out”.

      21. “The MSM Today”- Well Iraq is in a Crisis, and Obama gathered all of his smart people together and they are weighing their options. It may take Billions more to stop this threat.

        “The Real Truth Media.” Obama F-Upd, and no longer has any options what-so-ever and is in hiding. And the Military is now against him since they sacrificed 13 years of their time and sweat, Trillions of Dollars, and 5000 lives to all get wasted in one week.

        So do you want the good news or the bad news first?

      22. Learn … S L W F M Fp

        List of factors that could influence whether or not to bug out.

        Situation – does it make sense to bug out?

        Location – where are you? Where do you want to go?

        Weather – is it feasible to leave your present location?

        Fitness Level – can you drive , bike or are you on foot?

        Medical Condition


        How prepared are you to bug out?

        a.Bug Out Bag w/ 3 day supplies.

        b.Personal Defense mace, blade, pistol/ammo, walking stick.

        c.Water and filters.

        The key is to figure out what the risk is if you stay or leave.

        Better to leave to soon than to late.

        *remember most modern homes are intentionally fragile “fire traps” by design and building code. it is safer to be outside your home laying flat in a low lying ditch or dry culvert away from the threat, than in your home.


      23. Obama sending his Biggest and Brightest to Guatemala. Yes VP Biden is making a trip to Guatemala to convince their Government to advertise Pricelinen dot com website more, so their citizen travelers coming to America have an available hotel room when they get here. Biden is convinced that is the solution, since the Boarder Patrol Intake is getting kind of crowded these days, and we are running out of Military Installations beds for them to sleep.

      24. Selco,
        Thanks so much for your info and your website. You transpose the theoretical into the actual, which allows your subscribers to be more mentally prepared than they otherwise would be.
        Hope you see this.

        • why don’tcha go take a look at the story on HIS site, and look at the comments there too….better yet, read EVERY BIT of shtfschool, and git ejucaded? in MY opinion, his info is PRICELESS, maybe even MORE expensive!

      25. Funny… I just emailed someone yesterday, saying how hard it was to focus and take more positive steps because I was so mezmerized by the show.

      26. My thoughts same as always,”Live for today,prepare for tomorrow”,well,that and you can still start prepping(at least for now!)the smalls add up!

      27. The USA is too strong to fall apart. Everything’s gonna be fine.

        • @Graham
          Dude, that is the funniest post I’ve seen here in a looong time! Hehehe,…..”Everything’s gonna be be fine”…dam, I can’t stop laughing!

          • The funniest thing I saw today was Sen Lindsay Graham crawling on his knees begging Iran to help with the collapse in Iraq. He followed up with. And don’t try to take any Iraqi land. LoL
            Last week he demanded Iran be Nuked. Talk about war mongering psychopaths running this Govnt.

      28. longish article
        but well worth your time



        ““In retrospect, the spark might seem as ominous as a financial crash, as ordinary as a national election, or as trivial as a Tea Party. The catalyst will unfold according to a basic Crisis dynamic that underlies all of these scenarios: An initial spark will trigger a chain reaction of unyielding responses and further emergencies. The core elements of these scenarios (debt, civic decay, global disorder) will matter more than the details, which the catalyst will juxtapose and connect in some unknowable way. If foreign societies are also entering a Fourth Turning, this could accelerate the chain reaction. At home and abroad, these events will reflect the tearing of the civic fabric at points of extreme vulnerability –problem areas where America will have neglected, denied, or delayed needed action.” – The Fourth Turning – Strauss & Howe – 1997”

      29. @ everyone…Neil Cavoto had a fellow on from the CME today. His advice was if the ragheads get to Bagdad expext oil to spike anywhere fron $117.00 to $170.00 a barrel. Keep an eye out on this imo.

        • Darn, Neil should know better….. The ragheads are on Oil Companies payroll. Maybe this is new way of maximizing profit by these oil cartels.

      30. The IRS said it cannot locate “many” of Lois Lerner’s emails prior to 2011 because her computer crashed during the summer of that year.

        The missing emails are ones to and from the “White House, Treasury, Department of Justice, FEC, or Democrat offices.”

        Fox News

      31. Investigative Reporter: Lerner’s Missing Emails CAN Be Retrieved

        “Award-winning investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson says former IRS official Lois Lerner’s missing emails can be found and sources have contacted her to say they could help retrieve them.

        “If they’ve been able to wipe something clean from the face of the earth . . . they’ve been able to accomplish something that criminals who try to do it on purpose haven’t been able to do…”

        “I’ve had many people contact me . . . who say they think they could get that material and that it’s not that difficult.”

        “There are also mandates requiring the material . . . to be protected, and it’s put on SERVERS. It’s not held in a single place that could be crashed,” she said Monday.

        “The agency blamed a computer crash, an excuse about which House Republicans are skeptical. The emails are key to Lerner’s potential knowledge of the scandal because she has refused to testify.

        Attkisson also doesn’t buy the excuse.”

        “It’s interesting that seven months into the request from Congress, when the [IRS] commissioner [John Koskinen] testified in March, he didn’t give any hints that the emails had been involved in some sort of irrevocable crash…”

        Newsmax dot com

      32. According to my research, once the Antichrist declares himself, we in the U.S. will have to bug out to refuge places which John Leary describes at http://www.johnleary.com, in FAQ about the refuges.

        I suggest you all read it.

        Because what could happen WILL happen.

        Forewarned, forearmed.

        – the Lone Ranger

      33. Off topic, but saw on FOX today Wise Foods advertisement for long term food storage. First time I have seen this. Prepping going mainstream?

        • You can see more of the survival food advertising on the BYU channel. I know it’s Mormon, but they have some good music and Chef Brad’s Fusion Grain Cooking. Chef Brad is fun to watch.

        • Wise food sucks. Like 300 times the daily salt intake recommended. I call Wise food the heart attack meal in a bag.

      34. I hope those 50 Marines the DOD is sending to Baghdad to shore up defending our embassy aren’t the last 50 Marines to die for nothing in Iraq. I hope two weeks from now CNN isn’t showing us their dishonored corpses. Either send the firepower to defend that place properly or get ALL of our people the hell out of there.

      35. Very good advice. I too have that feeling of being a part of something momentous, but being bored somewhere else safe but alive is better than being caught in a sh-tty situation.

      36. I’ve done and learned much from Selco’s course… it helped me formulate a plan for me and mine for the times that are coming… imho though, I’m not seeing an over-night escalation to hard violence but rather a slower descent into the abyss of mayhem and confusion… the banksters and pols still have much to drain from “Average Joe” before he collapses from loss of his life’s blood… but I prepare as though it could turn tonight…

        pray for the best while prepping for the worst

        PP III

      37. Events as they unfolded for him would be a little bit different here in America. Americans aren’t used to tanks on city streets. I would like to think that the presence of tanks would be a huge signal to anyone that something is wrong. In third world countries, it seems that they are a bit more familiar with such sitings and events because of their economic, cultural and position within the world political arena.

        In order to make a parallel analysis, I asked myself how things might unfold in America such that normal, everyday citizens would get a hint of the calamity to come – what signs should we look for? What hints should we heed? Of course, many fictional and historical books and movies exist on this subject. However, I look to Germany and how the people were the frog boiled in the pot slowly. But there were signs – confiscation/outlawing of guns, limits on free speech (and then total crackdown on free speech such that none was allowed), curfews, confiscation of personal property held by groups deemed “unfit” to hold such personal property. That was then in the 1930’s and 1940’s. How similar or dissimilar would the events be, keeping in mind America’s sophisticated propaganda machine and their hold on the minds of the uneducated (or ignorant) through all forms of media communications.

        The simple answer is – I just don’t know. Maybe one of you has a better response.

      38. ZOG repeatedly tells us “Diversity is our Strength”, and they’re right. It’s THEIR strength (against us), but it’s NOT OURS. That’s why they don’t say “Diversity is YOUR Strength”.


        When I was a kid, “Chinese Junk” referred to a particular kind of sailing boat. Now it’s everything in the shops.


        Be careful what you say about your bug-out plans. Remember zog knows who we are and who our relatives are. If they start to take an interest in any one of us, that BOL may well become worthless, or a death trap (think ambush).

        Plan for the worst while hoping for the best, and to me that means forgetting about electronic gadgets and communication devices. If zog survives, all frequencies will be monitored, and in a real TEOTWAWKI situation, there probably won’t be anyone listening, at least on your frequency. The secret to surviving is to remain invisible, so concentrate on keeping your head down for as long as necessary rather than risk trying to contact other groups. Some of these groups may well be hostile.

        In the event of nuclear war, I’d expect it to be “Mad Max” for about two years before the marauding gangs either die out or start farming.

        Whatever you do, NEVER take a mobile ‘phone (or other trackable device like a kindle) anywhere near your BOL.


        MiVidaLoca – It’s already happened here in the sewer that was once England (and will be again), everything except the confiscation of property, but that could happen at any time. Only certain groups have rights, and that DOESN’T include the indigenous population.

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