The Importance Of Prepping: Alaskans Turn To Government For Food Amid Recession

by | Jan 29, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Experts, Headline News | 81 comments

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    Tens of thousands of people have turned to the government for healthcare and food amid Alaska’s recession, prompting questions from state lawmakers about the sustainability of those “safety-net” programs. Simple state-wide recessions such as Alaska’s highlight the importance of being prepared.

    According to Alaskan Governor Bill Walker’s administration, the estimates are 240,000 people will be enrolled in the Medicaid health-care program next year, up from 163,000 in 2015. And 101,000 Alaskans were receiving food stamps in September, up from 72,000 a year earlier, according to preliminary federal data. Although the federal government covers most of the cost of Alaska’s food stamp program, Medicaid is supported by both the state and federal governments and is one of the biggest line-items in Alaska’s budget, at about $700 million. And some conservative lawmakers say they’re worried about the growth in enrollment.

    Anti-hunger advocates want to see adequate budgets for their government programs rather than rely on the free market. They also oppose making it more difficult for people to qualify for assistance programs given how many Alaskans are struggling, said Sarra Khlifi, program manager at the Alaska Food Coalition.

    Khlifi said her members — social service organizations focused on fighting hunger and its causes — have been noticing more consistent demand, instead of in the past when clients arrived at the end of the month after using up their food stamps.

    But higher taxes to fund government programs only force those living paycheck to paycheck to also enter into these very programs, which were supposed to be designed to eliminate hunger. It’s the vicious cycle of a government attempt to fix a problem they started. But simply storing canned foods can be a good start to prepare for a recession.

    Due to the overwhelming nature of preparedness, it can be difficult to simply begin the journey. But as we all know, anything can happen, and when it does, we could benefit from having extra food on hand.


    Recessions, such as the one Alaskans are experiencing, dictate the importance of a backup plan. Being prepared to the best of your ability rather than relying on the dwindling funds from government programs will give someone the best chance at survival without putting yourself at the mercy of the state. Great references exist to help anyone prepare for any situation.


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      1. Well there goes my plans to move to Alaska

        • With all the fish and game in Alaska no one should be hungry. They must be lazy. 🙂

          • Richard Pryor used to say, “How can a bitch with a p—y be broke?”

            • I don’t know about that…. I’ve seen some dollar store pussy and I’ve seen some Louis Vuitton pussy and everything in between.

            • What an absolute piece of propaganda…. on Business Insider no less.

              • Very true

          • It is all the Eskimos. They are the blacks of Alaska.

            • There’s getting to be a romantic view of Alaska among preppers, much thanks to all the reality shows on the History channel these days.

              I’m sure there’s many Eskimos on food stamps, but that would be a pittance compared to the CRP/Farm Bill money handed to stateside farmers to not plant crops. Many of these are ‘conservative’ land owners,they’ll still take the money and run, while swallowing their ethics. That’s in the billions.

              Any Alaskan will tell you though that much of the move-in population are there mainly for the generous welfare.

              We see that in the restless populations moving from one ghetto to another state to make a ghetto there.

              It’s like a fellow hard-working prepper friend said to me once that he lived near a bunch of welfare populace and knew he’d have to flee if the SHTF.

          • durangokidd said; With all the fish and game in Alaska no one should be hungry. They must be lazy.
            It is very obvious this person has NO clue about life in Alaska. As for this article is very slanted and doesn’t take into account many demographics of what is happening in Alaska. For many years Alaska had been a “Young” state but now many of the people who still live here are aging and Obama’s changes in Medicare have changed the demographics of the state.
            Also, unlike what everyone thinks not all streams hold fish up here and there isn’t a moose behind every tree. There are laws on what moose you can harvest and on what type of fish, fishing gear and location and time of where you can fish.

        • Trump is a Vietnam draft dodger
          Alaska is a very RED state on welfare
          All the contractors that hire illegals is Texas align with RED ideology
          No Hope Fools

          • Shut the fuck up.

          • Leary you’re a sodomite ?

      2. but but but cant everyone just “bug out” and “live off the land”..??

        • yes we CAN!……for a MINUTE…… or two…..

        • Eskimos have been living off the land for thousands of years. They did not need food stamps until recently.

          There must be a decline in the native food source? or they discovered socialism.

          • The Tree hugging bunny kissing liberals have restricted their hunting and gathering activities.

            • So true. It’s the leftists from the lower 48 that have changed things which keep people from (for the most part) living off the land.

              Send the Californicators back home.

              Son of Liberty

          • “…or they discovered socialism….”

            thats my point 😉

        • This is a Johnny Rebel song about Federal Aid. For those that don’t know, Johnny Rebel was a pseudonym used by a singer in the 1960s civil rights battles where the singer sang a number of anti-black songs that played on the radio in Louisiana.

          This is the one song that he sang that was not about race.

      3. There are too many people trying to live a contiguous 48 lifestyle in a territory that is unsuited to such numbers – Alaska. To thrive there requires a completely different way of living and what is accepted as normal. Those who cannot live as Alaskans need to get out. That really is the problem most everywhere. Too many think that the way they wish to live is proper for the environment they have chosen; rather than, living properly in the region they find themselves and choosing what works best for that place.

      4. Years ago I had three job offers.
        One in Alaska, one in Hawaii, and one in
        Florida. They all paid about the same.
        I passed on Alaska as it is nearly impossible to
        own land there. Feds and “Indigenous”
        people own it all. Hard to hunt land that is off
        limits. Hard to park a boat in a marina that a
        Federal judge has declared illegal.
        Hawaii isn’t much better, but it is certainly
        Flordia had too many American Black culture people.
        Guess where I ended up.
        Aloha Bra.

        • I would not live in FL or HI, for obvious reasons and especially since HI hates guns with a passion. The U.S. is a very slow version of the Titanic my friends. corporate America and the Gov’t have utterly ruined the U.S. I work in the wonderful Corporate America. I had my annual review, our “great” raise is so sad and down right Insulting and I had a good performance review as a side note: 1.5% GTFOOH!!!! Blow me you greedy ham-hocks, sons of no good bitches. Burn Corp America to the ground.

        • The problem with Hawaii is that its way over fished. Its an isolated set of island, thousands of miles away frim any mainland. When the grid crashes, so will the arrival of ships or planes which means millions will die of hunger, looting and no tourism means their economy totally crashes. But hey enjoy the sunshine and tradewinds. My County in FL is 98% White people. Get out of the cities and southern FL and you will be fine. Nature abound and fresh water everwhere. So what does Hawaii do with all their garbage? LMFAO!!

          • TSB,
            One thing I left out is I practically lived in Sarasota for a few years, while being on a contract management team.
            I’m very well acquainted with Siesta Key.
            That is middle FLA for you Yankees.
            FLA has TOO many Black people!!!!!!!!!!!!
            Half of Tampa is a “no-go” zone.

            Hawaii may very well get cut off from the rest of the world if
            SHTF. I’m prepared for that. We have very bad guns laws, everybody ignores them and we don’t have enough cops that want to enforce them.
            But I stand by my decision to locate here in Hawaii. My wife would have shot me if I had selected Alaska. I would have had her on an island an hour or so from the Juneau Costco.
            Nice thing about Alaska is you can step outside the office and go fishing during your lunch hour.
            Not too many fish in Hawaii, but then our 40 fathom line is less than 400 meters off shore in most places.

        • You ever see them filming Hawaii 5-O there?

          • No I’m on a different island.
            I did see them filming planet of the Apes.

      5. America is on Life-Support folks. This nation will FAIL! There is not a single doubt in my mind. Corporate GREED has done us in folks……..And the worthless, impotent, incompetent Gov’t is right there with them, hand in hand.

        • Citizen, nailed it. Ruination abounds!

      6. Decline in oil & gas revenues is part of the problem since it is a major driving force in the economy. Alaska will be raising its taxes if it hasn’t done it already.

      7. Of all places in the US, you would think that least the people of Alaska would prep. So even Alaska has its share of sheeple morons. If you don’t prep you’re inept.

        • They so close to the North Pole, they think Santa Claus gonna rescue they ass.

        • I have a brother in AK.
          They have more food stashed away than
          you can imagine.
          Caribou from Fairbanks, Moose from Taku,
          Salmon from everywhere.
          He always insists on catch and release fishing.
          His freezer is full to the gunnel’s.
          I cried when I had to release the 21 inch
          Dolly Varden I caught in Echo cove.
          Mostly it is “Indigenous” people that
          have problems in Alaska.

      8. I needs one of them cards. Chicken, waffles, greens, blackeyed peas, koanbwead.
        Wash it down wit sum malt likka. Guvmint preppin’ fo the brothas.
        Y’all ain’t gotta send me to Alaska. Im’a get mines.

        • MY son asked me if God was white or black. I told him God was white. I said that God said to Moses, “I am who I am” not “I is who I is”

      9. Kinda hard to grow food when you got snow clean up to your “jungle bridge”.

      10. Is Alaska in a bind because fukashima radiation has ruined its fishing industry?

      11. Sadly sheeple are everywhere and unprepared for the slightest hiccup in their life.Being prepared is the only responsible thing to do as best as you can afford. Over time with not a lot of expense, you can build up quit a stockpile of necessary items. P

        • A recent article I read said that 70% of Americans don’t have $400 for an emergency.

      12. You have to at least be upper middle class or close to it, in order to be able to properly prep there in AK. Food is extremely expensive, as most food and non-food products have to be shipped in. They also have so many laws, “Can’t fish here”, “Can’t hunt here.”

        Anyone under upper middle class status has no more than 2-3 weeks worth of food stashed because most people there can barely afford weekly groceries. And eating out is not cheap either.

      13. this is the second time I’ve heard of an “Alaskan Recession” today. Never before today.. neither article where I read the term listed any reason for there being a recession in Alaska.. anyone know why they are having one ? Until this, I have only heard praise for how wonderful the economy is in the US now..

        • Every winter there is an Alaskan recession because it is too cold outside to go outside and work.

      14. Same question, oUCH – have not heard of a recession until today! Possible loss of oil revenue, maybe dwindling use of the pipeline? Less tax revenue collected?

        And I also agree with Heartless – too many people moving to Alaska that have no idea how to actually live there. It’s a tough environment. And typical reaction when times get tough – stick the hand out and ask for help (translated – freebies).

      15. You people, what the fucl are you prepping for? A colonoscopy. There isn’t going to be any major war on US soil or monetary collapse. And you look pretty stupid in your fear and your Los Paranoias.

        • Piss off,Bert!!

        • Do you buy house insurance?

          Do you buy car insurance?

          Why not have food and survival insurance?

        • Clearly you’re a pervert

      16. Tell the writer we are not currently in any recession.

        • tell it to the 40% of americans that don’t have a JOB…..

          • Trump says this is the lowest black unemployment rate in history since the Civil War.

            • Times were great before the civil war, all the blacks had jobs.

          • 40% of Americans aren’t looking for a job.

            • MANY WOULD be looking, if it wasn’t for all the FREE shit handouts….and i dint say they WERE lookin’?

      17. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD,. Can someone please tell me how do you live in a place like Alaska and not have some sence of independence. FFS.
        Hunt fish and remember when your hungry spotted owl …. Tastes like chicken.
        Enough fire wood to burn enough game to hunt. Maybe they outta just flood into Canada what the hell, at least most are white.

        • Most Alaskans are liberal environmentalists, not like the homesteaders you see on TV.

      18. I have some relatives in Alaska. They squeak by on about 60K a year. Apparently that’s just enough to be part of the ‘working poor.’ In Oklahoma that income would probably make you….the governor! (dayum, Lester, I can buy 5 used Ford pickups and still have 55 thousand left)
        It’s quite expensive to live up there from what I’ve heard. But never mind that- when my sis-in-law sent me a picture of herself, standing in front of a bank sign thermometer showing -54 degrees, I said ‘If you and the nephews ever see me again you’re gonna have to trek south to okieville. Danged if I’d go somewhere that cold.’
        She just laughed, ‘Who said we ever wanted to see you again?’
        On an unrelated note- maybe y’all can help me. I got this old flip phone and it’s 3G capable but our network just upgraded to 4G. Where can I buy another G? Do I need to see Vanna White or Pat Sajak about this, or can you find ’em on the open market?
        Also my television screen is kinda fuzzy. My neighbor said I needed more pixels for higher resolution. I don’t know much about tv’s but I figure about a half pound or so of new pixels oughta do it. Where can I get them? Radio Shack?

        • whenever i got questions about a phone, i go to best buy, costco, or the verizon wireless store and ASK THEM. there’s a bunch of smart(well, not smart, but smart about cel-phones) young people working there. if that doesn’t give you some ideas, go talk to some high-schoolers/grandkids…..and if that don’t work, ebay may give some ideas…..and if that don’t work…, hell, you BETTER be able to figger it out by then!….howdy to you, smokin’!

          • Howdy bcod- Yeah, I actually am looking to buy a new phone. Half the kids/grandkids are saying ‘Be sure and get an iphone’. The other half keep saying make sure it’s an android and not an iphone. Maybe they’re just trying to keep me confused! Not difficult these days.
            If it’d work, I’d go back to the tin can on a string system.

            • i finally broke down and bought a android 2 years ago, because i needed a new camera anyway…..i LOVE my note 5, and the pics are awesome….apple has a lot of issues with the i-phone, and they aren’t politicly correct for ME….they are against a lot of what i am FOR….apple shit costs double, usually, and were just busted for intentionaly forcing people to buy a new battery, which has to be replaced by apple….mine’s still great, so i can’t speak to android’s batts. good to hear you’re still kickin’! oh, my phone MUST have a decent sized screen, so i can view pics better, which is one reason i like mine so much…the iphone was smaller screens than i’ve seen….just my 2c.

        • Now that was a knee slapper!

        • Ask you wife about the “G”. She knows just the spot for that.

          • I ask mine… seems that her alphabet stops at “B” for Bitc… well, you know.

      19. Read most Inuit esquimos? Are in the national guard for 150 per month? Dry slide lube. And seal fat keeps you warm from the inside. Given Garands and 22 pistols during WW2 was a effective policy? Hunt and gather? Dog sleds? Wondered if a two wheeled bicycle chariot with dog propulsion,would be an advantage?

      20. Better get some more Honey and Spam tomarrow

        • Honey to sugar equivalent is about 1 to 1, that is one cup sugar equals one cup honey for cooking recipes.

          Burns up a lot of honey real quick.

      21. I live in Alaska and felt the need to respond to various questions.

        1. Recession is due to oil down turn that started 2 years ago. Oil layoffs as the price dropped.

        2. Government (over) spending was tied to the price of oil. With the drop in the price, the government had layoffs.

        3. Alaska is an expensive state to live in. Even harder to make it if you don’t live by a budget.

        4. Anyone who does not prep in Alaska is foolish. Earthquakes, volcanoes, snow, roads washing out can leave you in your home with no where to go. Not having a secondary heat source that doesn’t need electricity is equally foolish.

        5. Our population dropped by 2600 people. Sorry but those who couldn’t make it here, well they are now your states problem.

        6. Alaska is a thought state to live in financial and for some, mentally as well. It’s cold and dark.

        • I have a friend who just went to Alaska. She is a traveling nurse and had to go there because there is a nurse shortage.

          Go figure.

      22. A camel through the eye of a neddle? Maybe? Worth it? We’ll be here a short time , Then long gone?

      23. Alaska has the biggest Gulag this side of Siberia. It has a train going to it just like the concentration camps in Germany and Poland had in the 1940’s. What’s old is new again.

        The United Nations Police Force will be taking terrorists, dissidents, and trouble makers on a one-way trip. There will be no escape if/when the NWO disarms and starves people, and/or medicates mentally ill and, incarcerates them in this million acre FEMA CAMP.


        • time to get a check up at the lunatic asylum?

        • Ooh-Kayyy. Time to check your dosage dude.

      24. Over population everywhere makes prepping futile. By many estimates, if the SHTF tomorrow the United States would use up all the firewood in less than a year. How do you “prep” for that? Drop the world’s population by 9-tenths and prepping won’t be necessary.

        • Boy you got that right. But you never hear talk of the problem of overpopulation. Here in the us , roads and bridges are falling apart, water treatment systems need upgraded, too many cars and gridlock, and rent is out of sight everywhere. I have property that I can survive on but honestly if it’s true shtf it’s gonna be a nightmare regardless. I’d love to ask one of these liberals what’s the benefit of letting in millions more people a year. Makes no sense.

          • Wile e.coyote,we’ll never hear that overpopulation is the issue because that wouldn’t be “pc” to say,and since the majority of the public bow to “pc” the blame will always be cast at other issues.Life wasn’t meant for everybody to live in one location.Put too many fish in a small pond and watch what happens.Put too many chickens in a small coup and watch what happens.Same logic applies to humans.Whenever an area becomes overpopulated the entire area begins to deteriorate..Quantity will never surpass quality regardless of how much it is forced upon us.

          • There is no overpopulation.

            47% of America is unpopulated.

            ht tp://

            • JS, B.S.
              Sure, 47% sounds big but look at population centers.
              The Northeast for example. See something there?
              Most people have moved, um, a few generations ago, from farms to cities.
              Not many people want to live in the deserts of Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, nor in the frozen tundras of Alaska. Duh.

        • It all depends on exactly what flavor of SHTF arrives. If it continues to be a long, gradual decline, then humans will gnaw the planet bare. (For a preview, take a look at present-day Africa.)

          If it’s something sudden and catastrophic, such as a widespread failure of electric grids, or the escape of a weaponized pathogen….. well, there will be plenty of firewood to go around. And then, once the country’s (approx.) 125 nuclear plants exhaust the fuel in their backup generators, the continent will become a toxic wasteland and human needs will no longer exist.

      25. Most people in Alaska are lazy, addicted to drugs and are alcoholics. And those are the Native Alaskans, not us from the lower 48…

      26. Hey John, I live in that 47%. Lots of firewood,deer,elk, and cattle. But the world’s third largest caldera is just up the road about 60 miles belching steam and rattling us with periodic earthquakes so when we get that Nibiru flyby….don’t know if I will be able to get to my garage to get those buckets of extra food.

      27. Living in Alaska is very costly..things as a norm are approx 3 times higher. Wages are not so great and jobs comprise largely of tourist industry and fishing. Jobs have been on the decline for several years, combine this with a growing population, housing shortages and decline in oil industry and it had the makings for distater for years prior. Alaska is not the wild west, just because there is wild game available, doesnt mean people can simply go kill anything that has meat potential, they have laws, rules & regs & hunting seasons like everywhere else, in fact, more so. I am certain 90% of these statistics come from the highly dense urban areas, like Anchorage, which hold a large percent of Alaskas population, and not the off gridders and homesteaders spread throughout the state. Anchorage, is just like any other major city, all the crfime, all the homelessness, all the drugs, just because it is north of the rest of America, doesnt mean its not very reflective of the rest of America.

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