The Great Reset: We Have 8 Months

by | Apr 13, 2022 | Headline News | 20 comments

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    Dr Vernon Coleman - The PCR Test Can Kill You and Can Be Used to Vaccinate You | Hyprr

    In a new video, Dr. Vernon Coleman says that we have 8 months until the Great Reset is officially here. We are already living in the New World Order, and are in the “kill phase” of the Great Reset.

    Dr. Coleman has not been known for mincing words. He comes out and tells it like it is. The illusion of freedom is gone. We should all know by now that we are living on a slave planet and no one is coming to save us. We need to save ourselves, but the first step is the hardest. The first step is waking up and realizing we are not free, and taking steps to eliminate power and authority in all forms:

    For two years I’ve been warning you that we’re in a war against our own governments. Forget what’s been happening in Ukraine – that’s been deliberately orchestrated to speed us into the global recession which is the next step in the plan – the really important war is the war being fought against us by governments around the world. I reckon we’ve got at most eight months left before the war is lost.Dr. Vernon Coleman

    David Icke To LEOs & Military: “Look Your Children In The Eye” & Tell Them YOU Enforced Tyranny

    To watch Dr. Coleman’s entire video, please click here, or watch below:

    Everything they are doing is opposed to individuality, rights, and freedom. It’s vital to remember that these are not separate policies – they are different tentacles of an octopus which wants to suffocate us, crush the life and spirit out of us. The Germans have a word for it – schlimmbesserung – so-called improvements that make things worse. This is schlimmbesserung on steroids with added nuts and double whipped cream.

    If we want to survive we have to prepare for a permanent revolution, to fight hard to stop what is already happening and to reverse things that have happened, and to stop things that will happen. And, secondly, we have to start preparing now for how we will live in the new world without being part of it. If we don’t win by late autumn, all we will have left will be the second option. –Dr. Vernon Coleman

    Has Humanity Won? Almost…Here’s The Next Step


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      1. Ya I was kinda figuring the same thing. This next winter will be brutal. Solar stuff isn’t selling too well right now (odd) I guess no one has any money? The prices on solar equipment are going up and availability is going down. Last year people were buying like crazy.

        I have a number of cattle rancher friends That I can get meat from. Several local farmers markets here too. No debt etc. Plan A, B, and C in place. Not much else I can do.

        • I have zero knowledge of anything solar but I’ve been thinking lately of gettin something to at least charge my devices. Any advice?

          • What kind of devices? How many? Do you need usb or 120 volt or both? Without that info I would say for phones/laptops get a 100 watt solar panel, 35ah 12 volt utility battery, 30 amp charge controller with dual usb outlets, dual outlet 12 volt power plug, 300-500 watt pure sine inverter. You could fit everything but the panel in a large plastic battery box. It would cost you around 220 bux.

            • If you just want a solar usb charger you can get a small folding one with high capacity storage battery and 5 watts of panels that folds to the size of a large smartphone for about 30 bux on ebay. I have one and it works good but it won’t charge a laptop.

              • I just looked and the prices went up. Here is a similar one…
                ht tps://

                take out the space in the t’s

      2. When 8 months pass and none of this happens, will they take this down? Probably not, given all the previous doomsday prophecies on this site that have flopped.

        • LOL! My thoughts exactly. They’ll come up with some reason to move the goal posts again to fit their narrative. Like everything else on this site, you can guarantee that everything they think will happen is the opposite of reality. I cannot wait for the next Covid variant to wipe these fools out. Our society will be instantly livable again the moment they’re gone. Let’s Go Covid!

      3. Its really not a War because the People are too cowradly and stupid to FIGHT!!

        • And exactly what have you done big boy?

      4. Most serious people have solar generators by now. It is when the power goes out most will wish they had, and by then it will be too late.

        Losing and/or disabling most the 3x jabbed population is predicted by many doctors at the end of the year, so power will be on and off or gone. There may be no propane or gas deliveries, so I am stocking firewood.
        And if this all happens, be prepared for the worse case event, and God have mercy on us all.

      5. HA !

        people really think they are free ? try not paying your taxes or your property taxes, try getting medical care without insurance or getting medical care per your wants and not the medical system.

        if you want to live in a shack out in BFE and live on less than the poverty line and die when you get the first serious medical issue that cannot be resolved without serious medical care, then you are free. if you want to live in the usa as it is now and will be, they’ll own you.

        • I know I’m not free. Never have been either. But like everyone else I was born into this shit. I make the best of it I can. And I must say I have had a LOT of fun in my life. A lot of crap too but it is what it is. At least I am smart enough to avoid debt and have multiple plans and have decent privacy….

      6. The only time I have ever felt ‘free’ is when I would live in third world ? countries. Armed with the most powerful tool of persuasion – the US dollar ? – I could get whatever I wanted whenever I wanted.

        I either would stay in the best hotel in town, and do my business in the lobby, or I would rent a nice condo from one of the local elites. Once established and making deals, I would let the owner of the best restaurant know my tastes and he would shape the menu accordingly. Well fed, my appetites moved to what all men think about: women.

        With US dollars ? and a Western passport I could have the pick of the prettiest local lovelies.

        This tended to be good for a couple years. But like all third world ? countries, the crazy economics, coups, etc. started to repeat, and that’s when I would move to another country.

        If I needed healthcare I would just go to the best doctors in Switzerland ??. You can get excellent coverage for less than you would pay ? for crap cover in the US.

      7. COMMENTERS:
        Stop bragging about your friends with cattle and solar generators. Those things won’t last, and they’ll kill you and take it anyway. You will not be living peacefully “off the grid.” Think Walking Dead situation, except the zombies are far more desperate and have brains. The NWO isn’t playing games, and you’re dead fucking meat. The only survivors of this are the rich, the lucky, and the physically fit. If you’ve been vaxed, you’re already dead. Buckle up, boomercups.

      8. The “commenters” here make comments that help the rest of us prepare. You zombies will present a target-rich environment – remember the south 40 (acres) can always use more fertilizer. Independent NRG sources (like solar) allow a community to function – if you aren’t bright enough to set them up – try to get help. Nobody should give up without trying. Semper Fidelis.

      9. Buying a bunch of expensive solar toys that will be obsolete in a few years isn’t going to save you. Instead, get out of debt, as the indebted are dead meat. Also, how are you going to protect yourselves? INWO troops will be fully equipped, and you’ll need to prepare yourself to kill and be killed, including your family. How many of you can run a 5 miles right now? Get your bodies and minds right before you go out buying stupid shit and indebting yourselves. The way to survive this is to have lots of money saved, a valid passport, and connections across the globe so you can skip from place to place to avoid conflicts when it gets hot. Hunkering down on a farm with a Tesla generator sounds sexy, but in reality, appendixes burst, molars crack, bones break, and things like rabies, bubonic plague, and pestilence will run rampant. Now, of course guns and ammo are essential, even in non SHTF situations like right now. You can’t eat silver or bullets, but both of those have very special uses. Seeds can be bought cheaply and easily right now. They will be used as currency in that situation. Again, SAVE YOUR MONEY.

      10. I have a better idea; instead of having the Great reset in 8 months how about we Reset Klaus’s head from his neck. All those in favor say Hay!

        • Awesome! More fodder for your FBI file. I do believe your comment here serves as a threat. Keep it up, shithead.

          • So you admit you’re an FBI operative.


            • Nope, but I know the number for the anonymous tip line. ?

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