David Icke To LEOs & Military: “Look Your Children In The Eye” & Tell Them YOU Enforced Tyranny

by | Apr 21, 2020 | Headline News | 16 comments

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    David Icke has been censored and all but banned from speaking, however, London Real’s Brian Rose isn’t backing down on free speech. In a new video with Rose, Icke tells the military and law enforcement officers who are imposing the governments’ will and enslavement on the public to “look your children in the eye” and tell them you enforced this tyranny.

    No one wants to look deeper, but Icke has the solution to humanity’s enslavement. Simply stop acquiescing to power.

    No one wants to wake up to the fact that unless there are “enforcers” willing to shove the government’s agenda of enslavement down our throats, no one would comply and willingly enslave themselves.  The fact that there is a gigantic police state funded by the very people the government is trying to enslave right now is one huge concern that Icke has the guts to bring to light.

    Icke doesn’t care about feelings in this video.  He does care about humanity and our future.  It takes courage to stand up right now and speak truth not only to power but those allowing the psychopaths to remain in power.

    Icke says of the enforcers of tyranny:

    “Your children and your grandchildren are going to have to live in the world you are enforcing. Same with the military…you’re enforcing laws not to protect the public, but to protect and enforce the will of a cult that makes psychopaths look like Mother Teresa.

    What are you doing? Look your children in the eye, look your grandchildren in the eye and tell me you’re going to go on enforcing a fascist tyranny that is going to ensnare those kids as much as anyone else’s. Take your uniform off! Leave the force. Now tell me how you feel about what you did before. Now YOU are subject to what you were doing before.”

    Icke says sitting and doing nothing is the worst thing we can do.  What have people got to lose at this point? Most people have lost everything under the boot of tyranny anyway.

    “You know what’s happened as a result of this lockdown? Humanity has nowhere to run anymore. So, what are you gonna do now? Are you just gonna take it? You gonna let the tiny few do this to you?

    “I’ll tell you what I do. I go whenever I like; whenever I frickin’ choose.…it’s not about health. It’s about control.”

    People are finally waking up to this fact in droves.  It took the advent of total and complete tyranny for people to realize they were slaves shackling themselves, but now, they are figuring it out. People all over the world are waking up and we have the power to stop obeying and enslaving ourselves and others.  What’s the answer and the solution?

    Stop bowing to the illusion of power. A handful of tyrants have claimed power over the lives of 8 billion people.  Stop believing others have the right to rule you.

    “We got into the fricken’ mess through acquiescence to power. Most of that power; all of that power is simply our perception that it has power. So if we got into this mess by acquiescing to the illusion of power, what’s the frickin’ answer? Ceasing to do so. And then we’ll see where the real power is and it is not with the few.

    This could be the turning point when humanity got off it’s frickin’ knees.”



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      1. I highly recommend David Icke’s website, davidicke.com. He’s always right on the money. With the protests against the lockdowns right now, don’t be surprised if they turn into mass civil disobedience. I took my stand the day I saw the Branch Davidians being burned up alive by the FBI at Waco on national TV. How will cops and military respond to Icke? Would be interesting to see.

        • Whether Mr. Icke is right or not in this, most will pay no attention because he has established himself as a nutter. While he may want his name on one thing or another, it just discredits it. He needs to stay behind the scenes so the ideas may stand or fall on their own merits.

          Now, for a word from the sponsor. First, shape shift into a lizard so one can sell car insurance.

          • lol
            Yes, that’s how remember him too. Did the Annunaki ever land? Are they still battling in the underground tunnels?

            Him and the other one, Benjamin Fulford I think, that kept saying mass arrests around the world were imminent about ten years ago. Both had a following back then. Funny how he pops up again today.

      2. In the Jew World Order, if you wish to participate, 2% of the population wants to determine the fates of the other 98% of the population. Never forget, that all of them were elected to nothing! Gates, Zuckerberg, Bezos, Powell, Mnuchin, Kushner, and Lea Gabrielle, all elected by nobody! An argument which is absurd, vaccinating seven billion people with a digital ID that can be hacked, but then the yahtzees who have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to collectively suffer from extreme paranoia to the point of surveilling the world, as well as extreme control fantasies, believing that they are uniquely entitled to enslave and determine the mobility of the entire global population over a virus as contagious and fatal as the common seasonal flu shows that they are even more extreme than Adolf Hitler! 

        Yahtzee Schmucks!!!


        There is no reason not to be anti-sametic now, just as there was no reason not to be anti-Nazi during Adolf Hitler!

        • When you really think about it, the same group, though the names were different, are an explanation for Hitler. Especially if you know the real history and connections, not the propaganda taught in the schools.

          • Admitedly, I know nothing of the catalyst that set off the anti-semitism in Germany, I am focussing on the here and now, and will not be side tracked into runnning down a rabbit hole arguing over history while the present is falling apart.

            • Do not ignore history. Past is prologue. The anti semitism arose as a result of the treachery and sellouts that bright down the Empire. The arrangement of the Balfour Declaration, for example, and the reasons behind it. The general strike by socialists, in wartime, which weakened the army’s ability to fight. The miseries during the inflation and shortages which occurred, and the gouging by the merchants in the cities. This is all very complex, and I’ll not take the space here; you can research if interested. The point is, while I don’t condone what happened, there were reasons the anti semitism occurred. For those who want to say it always was there, how come Jewish people were high in the War Dept (deputy minister), and the Kaiser’s personal banker. No, the anti semitism was earned, as it always is.

      3. Explanation of shadow banned posts here:
        this site Fed data collection honeypot?
        redirected to cop shop?
        banning by china ccp hackers?
        russian owned was rumor?
        just plain old control freak censorship?
        who knows? not I?
        remember. the internet was created by DARPA.

        we live in interesting times.
        will get much worse before it gets better.
        what about those bill of rights?
        right to earn a living for your family?
        right to worship with fellow believers?
        right to freely associate?
        ALL it took was a fearmongering media and liar politician control freaks. Not a shot fired.
        And all you sheep just rolled over.

        BTW: who cares about David Icke’s opinion, theory, etc. He makes a living off of fleecing gullible people.

      4. I was trying to listen to David Icke on Ground Zero last night and someone kept interfering with the raio signals so in a stationary radio. I tried battery operated and plug in radios. The psychopaths do not want his message of 5G and Gates vaccines being broadcast to the public and have hacked into the frequency to prevent his message from being heard. They will go to any lengths to prevent the truth from being disclosed en masse.

        Obviously, we cannot possibly trust the theives that got us into this mess to get us out of it, anymore than we can trust the foxes to guard the hen houses.

        The only things that they are interested in doing are stealing, destroying, and enslaving. It will only get worse, unfortunately! That is the nature of the beasts. They will only become more barbaric. Their logic will become more and more convoluted. It is not logic at all. Their own statements defy their own statements all of the time.

        They are heathens that have dedicated their lives to being evil. They are sadistic and enjoy watching others suffer. It is probably the only thing that gives them pleasure. It makes them feel powerful. They are sick as hell. They are sub-human.

      5. Since I have been isolating since 2017, since my house was broken into every time that I would leave, and the hacking started then too, including my smart meter, and appliances, and car, many people that I knew wanted me to believe that these things were happenning to me because it was my fault. Many people also started illegally spying on me, and using DEWs on me after my phone was hacked in June of 2017. Well, the nationwide lockdown, nationwide surveillance, and nationwide insane level of fascist control certainly proved them to be wrong. It is not just me that they treat this way. It is everyone. They tried to convince me that it was for various political, philosophical, religious, material, or social reasons, however, I kept seeing people of the same opinions that wernot
        banned from twitter, or hacked.

        They also wanted me to believe that I was insane and imagined that these things were happenning to me. I am sane. They are beyond insane. They are diabolically evil!

      6. Only a half-witted fool would simply blame Trump and weapons manufacturers for wars. If the goal is to end war, which is a noble goal, that is different than maintaining the right to self-defense. Global bankers and foreign nations would love to rush in and take over America right now. 

        It is in fact the global bankers including Wall Street and central banks thoughout the world, tech companies, oil industry, mining companies, NATO countries, and Israel lobby that must be held accountable for these wars. The DNC and RNC in America are also guilty as hell, as well as universities which are actually propaganda and research wings of the DoD, and other political parties in other nations. 

        The majority of citizens have renounced war, but I do not want the Chinese to take over America, just as the Chinese do not want America to take over China.

        It is intellectually dishonest for journalists in other nations that have been participating in these wars and coups to place the blame strictly on America, particularly when it is political leaders in their own nations like Chrystia Freeland that have been the antithesis of Joan of Arc, riding a horse to lead troops, corporations, bankers, and investors, to support war and coups in foreign nations! 

        It is third rate propaganda! 

      7. Poll results from A.I. surveys:
        100% of Americans oppose the lockdown, oppose increased surveillance, and oppose forced vaccines.

        • You must have surveyed only conservatives because all the Democrats I know support those things.But then again maybe your statement is technically true since Democrats are not real “Americans.”

      8. Look your children in the eye and tell them: “I enforced the surveillance dictats of a coalition of Chinese state actors and a network of high-level government child sex traffickers. I am sorry but I had to it so that I could keep my pension provisions.”

        It’s like the BBC: how many of them happily sat around the dinner table and pretended they were great ‘family men’ and dedicated fathers after covering up for decades the sex crimes against children by Savillle? I am afraid they will do it. Yes, there will be the occasional whispered phone call: “Honey, can you look after the kids, I need to take this call?”

        “Look, Malcolm, I don’t care what you have to do just get the money from the MS13, put it into crypto, and make sure Mr Ping gets his cut. Now leave me to get back to Christmas dinner, will yah?!!”

      9. Philip Giraldi reported in his article today, “A Government Against the People” that the only small businesses that are receiving loans made available through the emergency relief are Israeli companies.

        Giraldi also said that the shake-up in the intelligence agencies continues, with loyalty to Trump and Israel being the only litmus tests, which was obvious to anyonne that has been reading various legislative acts that have handed national security over to Israel, lock, stock, and barrel. The only people left in the intelligence agencies will be either complete imbeciles, double-agents, or a combination of the two.

        Obviously, Israel and the Jews are panick stricken since they were guilty of the 9/11 attacks, and it is undeniable that the entire financial system, tech sector, and media are totally controlled by Jews, who have been 100% guilty of outright financial fraud, not limited to those in the financial sector, but the Jewish population at large who has disproprtionately benefited financially from an economy that has in fact been based on outright financial fraud that is defiant of all logic and math, which demonstrates that the goal and acheivement of the Jewish run financial and tech sectors has been to enrich the Jewish population at everyone else’s expense, even to the point of destroying the economy and country, and it was all done through the Jewish controlled media.

        Who are the real racists here? Follow the money! 70% of Jews in America are millionaires. Considering that there are many Jews that are not of working age, or have been in the job market for a very short period of time, I would have to say that that is extremely unbelieveable that it is not a direct result of racism that favors Jews at the expense of everyone else!

      10. Sputnik’s cointell-propagandists are claiming once again on circular logic that Trump’s decision to stop all immigration into America is a white supremist move.

        News flash to Sputnik! There are white people all throughout Europe and Russia that would be affected by this legislation as well!

        This may come as a shock to you, but unemployment is the highest that it has ever been in every Americans lifetime!

        Maybe CIA Kiriakou never really left America, and was just standing in front of an Oliver Stone back drop, like Ronald Reagan did!

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