Has Humanity Won? Almost…Here’s The Next Step

by | Feb 12, 2022 | Headline News | 40 comments

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    It would be too soon to call the truckers’ convoy for freedom an ultimate success. The truth is, even if the vaccine mandates are lifted worldwide, as long as some can steal the fruits of others’ labors, there are still masters and there are still slaves.

    It is time for this article. After the COVID nonsense ramped up to ridiculous levels back in April of 2020, we wrote of the time when people would begin to see what’s really going on: that we have always lived on a slave planet and were never free. That illusion of freedom is gone now.

    After Brainwashing People For Decades, MSM and Governments Are Losing Control of People

    Mass civil disobedience, where people are going to cease to obey the manmade laws that control them is already happening. Governors who locked people in their homes and barked commands that some close their businesses will lose the power to dictate once enough people disobey, and that day is coming.  This horrific cycle of violence and slavery is ending and it’s panicking those who have had control of us for so long. You can read it in their headlines. “Fear the second wave.” “Anti-government extremists.” “We can’t reopen or people will die.” Well, guess what? You don’t own us. And your fear-mongering is falling on deaf ears. –Mac Slavo, SHTFPlan, April 2020

    We can take the courage and bravery of these truckers and expand upon it. It will take all, or most of us to stand up to these people who think they have any right to rule us. That means, we withdraw ALL consent to be governed. We withdraw ALL consent to be controlled. We withdraw ALL consent to be their slaves any longer.

    In order to finally, once and for all, beat this beast system, we need to stop complying and stop feeding it. It’s going to take us standing up and refusing to be stolen from. Refusing to vote in what we know is a rigged system set up to manufacture our compliance to be enslaved to it. It is now time to be courageous, get off our knees for good and start realizing we are being manipulated.

    The truckers have started something incredible that is spreading worldwide. But unless we strike the roots, this massive weed that’s destroying us and enslaving us will continue to do so.

    How do we do that? What’s the solution? Courage and bravery to stand up to your master. If you are a cop or in the military, start saying no. Do not enforce anything. Better yet, quit and stand on the side of true freedom. Stop keeping these tyrants in power by obeying their commands or go down in history similarly as the Nazi SS did. We will not commit acts of violence against our fellow humans. Can you say the same? If you cannot, you have chosen the side of slavery:

    To Military & LEOs: “Look Your Children In The Eye” & Tell Them YOU Enforced Tyranny”

    Government is slavery and all those who accept payment in exchange for keeping them in power and all those who vote to keep a ruling class in place consent to be slaves. Sugarcoating is no longer necessary. You either know this or you are their slave. The illusion of freedom is now gone. If you still support those who punish at the request of your master, you are neither awake nor free. –SHTFPlan

    Stop financing the very system that is enslaving you. Taxation is theft, and the number one tool masters use to control the slaves, under the guise that your “tax dollars” are actually doing good. Your stolen money does nothing other than fund the people keeping you in chains and the people to punish you for daring to want those chains removed.

    Back when this whole COVID scamdemic surfaced, it was noted that the ruling class decided to push the slaves too hard too fast and were going to spur a “great awakening” of what is really going on. It’s now time to ask the hard questions of yourself. We have two choices. We will come out of this as slaves to a different system or we can reject the system in its entirety and come out as free human beings not controlled or governed by anyone but ourselves.

    CENSORSHIP RAMPS UP: Facebook Removes Page Of DC Freedom Convoy

    Do you have the right to vote for a master to rule over others? Do you have a right to take what another earns? Do you have a right to end someone’s life or kidnap them for refusing to be stolen from or refusing to harm another human? Do you have the right to extort others for not wearing the muzzle of their master?

    Mike Adams of Natural News stated something that should resonate:

    What I’m trying to explain here is that this is about much more than covid vaccines or lockdowns. This is about humanity rising up against the very idea of centralized government, corporations, media and tech giants. The era of centralization has come to an end, and the free people of the world have begun the process of dismantling it by simply withdrawing their consent.Natural News

    We have started. But it isn’t over yet.  Larken Rose said it well too:

     “It never hurts to have the ideas of self-ownership and non-aggression put into these situations. Because a lot of people there are upset with the current authoritarian regime, and the current agenda of those in power, but they’ve never really thought it through to realize that as long as there is a throne there, this sort of thing is gonna happen. The problem is not the clown on the throne…he isn’t actually the problem and if he wasn’t there, some other psycho would be there. Which is why the crappy idea of statism is what has to go.” -Larken Rose

    Whatever you may think about Adams, Rose, or myself is irrelevant. Feel free to slander with ad hominem attacks or call us “shills.” The bottom line is, we don’t care. We want you to be free. Free to live your life the way you see fit, not beholden to any other human or group of humans who think they can continue to enslave you. Abolishing slavery means starving the master until it becomes impossible for it to “govern” its slaves.  There are more of us than there are of them. Withdraw your consent to be ruled and live as a free human being.

    When we can all stand together and do this as humanity, we will begin to unite to take down the beast called “government” and actually be able to live freely without a master ruling over us.

    This disobedience will not require violence. You are not committing any act of aggression by refusing to be stolen from. Will those who currently work for the IRS also refuse to commit violence against you for disobeying? Probably. Especially if we all stand together:







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      1. It might be best to see how that truckers strike ends before making any new plans based on it.

        Remember January 6th.

      2. The fight has just began. Those tyrants aren’t giving up easy. Let’s all band together and fight the good fight. No more dictators, murderers and the rest of the evil globalists. Fuck Trudeau, Carney, Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, etc.

        • We did that.

          January 6th, 2021.

          Didn’t turn out too well.

        • NFL Superbowl Half Time Show a total Ghetto Degradation display of America. How low can you go? Gets worse every year. Rap crap is not even music. If people across the world watch this, they would feel sorry for America that our society has become this polluted. And snoop dog just recently paid off his underage child victims for his raping of them, instead of testifying against him in criminal court and the NFL put this doggie crap on display. The NFL has become satanic cult. And did you notice most of the Bengals bench never went to college, right out of High School to the NFL.

          • The NFL represents the highest moral standards and aspirations of the American people.

            If it didn’t it wouldn’t be the big deal it is, a virtual national holy day in its own right.

            • I’m hoping your comment
              was intended as sarcasm.

              • I wish it was.

          • You sure don’t know much about the NFL do ya?
            You CAN’T go straight out of high school into the NFL..
            The NFL requires that players be 3 years removed from high school in order to play in the NFL.
            If not 3 years removed from high school a player CAN’T be drafted or signed by an NFL team.
            This is common knowledge.
            It’s also common knowledge that many NFL players choose to give props in their player profile to their former high school or hometown instead of their college.
            That doesn’t mean they never went to college.
            Feel free to list just ONE player on the 52 man roster for the Bengals that went straight to the NFL from high school.
            You can’t because they don’t exist.

          • You are an idiot.

      3. The government/rulers steal
        our money and then use it
        against us ~ that’s rich!!

      4. Nothing good ever came
        from the government.

        The US government told us that the flu was a new disease. They renamed the flu, said it was a new disease, then shut down the entire society and the economy in ways that anyone with two brain cells to rub together could see would cause irreparable damage. They made everyone cover their mouths and coerced them into taking a dangerous gene therapy.

        The government doesn’t owe us anything, but don’t ever forget that we also don’t
        owe them anything.

        They that give up essential
        liberty to purchase a little
        temporary safety, deserve
        neither liberty or safety.
        ~ Benjamin Franklin


        “To learn who
        rules over you,
        simply find out
        who you are
        not allowed
        to criticize.”
        ~ Voltaire

      5. Stand up now otherwise
        you’ll be laying down forever.

      6. Want to know why the Canadian Truckers Protests are so peaceful and loving? They are all White people. lol The US used to be mostly white and civil. Then the dark people invasion started and the BS began.
        Like in Russia, the black population is like .00048% of the total Population. Russia has a population of 144 million people but only 70,000 of them are black. (2018 Census) They don’t deal this racist BS chaos over there. That’s why the Globalist try to divide America and Russia. They don’t want white dominant countries united.

        • correction. The Black Population in Russia is .99 Less than 1% of the total population.

          In the US its like 17%, yet the Black Population commits and are convicted for 75% of the crime in America. (FBI -DOJ Statistics)

          So if you want to stop crime in America, ban blacks not guns. That would be a 75% reduction in crime.

          Vote for me, I’ll show you how to run a country.

          • Make me your Vice Prez and we will clean house! Politicians, crackheads, niqqers, commies, the whole lot of em!

            • Yes G, You will be the enforcer. Go git em’!!!

              • You both missed the point of this article. “We will come out of this as slaves to a different system or we can reject the system in its entirety and come out as free human beings not controlled or governed by anyone but ourselves.” You still think you have the right to rule over others, which you don’t.

                • @ Lex Rex, well said ?

      7. The IRS is only 24 million returns behind from 2020 alone. If you owe money, do them a favor and file a paper return to protest these tyrannical Covid Vaccine mandates!

      8. If Hitler had won the war we wouldn’t have all these problems. The problems would have “disappeared”.

        • If we let Russia destroy the Afghan Taliban in the 1980’s we would have never had 9-11 or Bin laden. America is always on the wrong side of the wars supporting terrorists.

          The controllers and banksters like to keep the world in full on chaos and conflict.

          • It wasn’t Bin Laden – he was framed for 911. It was israhell under orders of the rothchild International banking cabal….and factions in the u.s. govt. at the highest levels of control that did 911.

      9. Are the government/ rulers
        a sickness?

        Will you trust them to continue handling all of your affairs, making your laws, needlessly destroying Gods’ creation, torturing animals, murdering millions of innocents, choosing your violent, perverse and morbid entertainment, creating, controlling and valuing your currency, taxing, poisoning and deceiving you and yours in every manner conceivable while telling you what you can or cannot eat, drink, use, shoot, drive or do in nearly every regard? Will you allow them to continue IMPOSING their evil sickness upon you?

      10. Humanity hasn’t almost won shit! Were losing like a mutherfooker. Humanity is a bunch of yes man order followers (don’t believe me? Why do cops/military do everything they’re told?) Why do so many millions/billions of idiots never question anything and run out to get the “vax”? Why do millions of people NOT own guns? Why is it ok to look the other way when govt./tv/media bulldozes their vile sick shit right down your throat? Why are there so many govt. agencies filled with yes men (not men) that would just love to take you down? The vast majority of asshoole sheep on this planet will sell you out for a sandwich! Better make a serious adjustment in your thinking before your the next victim of this crap. It isn’t going to stop, EVER! Make your plan and do what you gotta do…

        • If your going to fight a Tiger (a gigantic one at that) you better gawd damm know what a Tiger even is!

          • Don’t worry, Jeezus will save you!

            • Jesus would even save your dumb ass!

      11. The NWO will not give up easily and they are the backers of ALL of this insanity.
        If you can have property TAKEN from you AFTER you have purchased it, then you have NEVER really owned it and you have been lied to again.
        There are now LAWS on the books many of which the scumbag Obama did that also allow for ANYTHING you have on your place from food to whatever can be legally confiscated and given to others. We live in a communist country now, not a free country!

        • The ONLY reason the Globalist have any power at all is because we let them, and too many puppet shills around them are sellouts and take their bribe money and obey their illegal orders and wishes. For the sake of humanity, learn to say “NO” JackA$$es.

      12. The NWO/Ancient ones ancestors are winning because they have turned enough people into SHEEPLE who are not only dumbed down but ball-less as well, once a rigid stand-up group of citizens to be respected are NOW the laughing stock of the world. The really sad part is they don’t even KNOW or CARE!

      13. Genius has geniusly stated correctly, end of the age is upon us, “brother will fight brother” beedeet bedeet that’s all folks. Deal with it deniers.

      14. Very soon there will be
        hundreds of health
        officials saying “It was
        your choice, no one
        made you take it”.
        ~ Dr. Robert Malone

      15. Dude, this article is AWESOME! We need more messages like this. More need to know that rather than arguing over what type of authoritarianism we should have, or who would make a better slavemaster, we need to have ZERO authoritarianism and NO slavemasters at all.

        • @ Steven Quinn.
          You are exactly right.
          Why do any of us need
          to be ruled by anyone?
          Very good article.

      16. I’m thinking about converting all of my Ukraine currency.

      17. Unlike me however, the government doesn’t give what they steal from you to
        the poor. One guess where
        it really goes.

      18. The writer might like to correct the sentence: “There are more of us than three are of them.”

      19. It wasn’t Bin Laden – he was framed for 911. It was israhell under orders of the rothschild International banking cabal….and factions in the u.s. govt. at the highest levels of control that did 911.

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