The Election Is A Ticking Time Bomb: “Chaos Will Erupt In Less Than 100 Days”

by | Sep 1, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 88 comments

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    It might be history’s weirdest U.S. election cycle. Every moment has been a scandal, and an upset.

    Each day closer to the election, a rise in tensions and an upping of the stakes.

    Mike Adams of argues:

    Whether Trump or Hillary Clinton is in the White House, there will be no reason to hold back.

    Has America been pushed to the brink of violence through the unprecedented series of protests and dissent against both political candidates, the police state and the system of debt that engulfs all of us?

    Consider the vitriol of pro-immigration protesters outsides Trump rallies. Consider the outrage from shafted-Bernie supporters, pro-2nd amendment groups and the decades of cultured-Clinton opposition at large. People giving into their passions may be losing their composure.

    Could any election outcome result in sprawling episodes of violence and dissent?

    If Mike Adams is correct, the election is only bringing us closer to all-out period of chaos in America:

    The clock is ticking for America. There are 70 days remaining until the presidential election, and after the results are counted, America will be a tinderbox ready to explode no matter who wins.


    As I’ve publicly predicted numerous times over the last year, if Donald Trump wins, the radical extreme leftists go on a violent rampage that leads to the rest of us begging for martial law. After half a dozen cities burn with riots and looting, Trump invokes a national emergency, deploying National Guard troops across the most devastated urban areas, and the radical left finds itself in a shooting war with the government.

    If Hillary Clinton wins, all the Trump supporters who have been violently assaulted, spat upon and physically attacked by the radical left un-holster their concealed weapons and start shooting back. This quickly escalates into open warfare between lunatic leftist Hillary supporters and armed Trump “Second Amendment” people who basically figure they’ve got nothing left to lose anyway, so why not fight to save America?

    While no one can say what will happen next, it is worth considering the possibility that the elections could be a turning point from which things will never be the same.

    Whatever happens after this Presidential election, it will have been unleashed by the corporate elites and their servants in the media and elsewhere. They will be responsible for blood in the streets… And many will cheer it.

    What the author is saying is, essentially, America is quite likely just 70 days away from the start of the next revolution… or even events that could escalate into Civil War.

    America may not be recognizable under the next president – and martial law, at last, could repress the entire American experiment, leaving behind only the rubble and ruins of the survivors who would make up the serf class.

    As Mike Adams concludes:

    I can’t overstate this point: Things are at a breaking point in America, and the only thing holding back a mass revolt right now is the looming election, which presents at least a glimmer of hope to the people of America that they might beat back tyranny and government oppression with a Trump victory. If that possibility is taken from them — either by the election being stolen at the ballot box or already pre-stolen by outrageously biased media deceptions — many of them will conclude that they really have no remaining option other than “refreshing the Tree of Liberty with the blood of patriots and tyrants”, to quote Jefferson.

    America has nearly reached the fulcrum of rebellion

    “We Are at a Point Where the Encroachment of Government Power Has Historically Resulted in Rebellion,” explains this article at The Daily Sheeple (originally from ZeroHedge).

    The fact of the matter is that things are coming to a head in the larger picture where the American empire is being challenged on the grand chessboard, and beat back. Where the dollar is dying, and where the bubble is bound to burst any time now.

    A serious economic downturn is about to rain down upon us, and the elite would love to have everyone turn on one another on the basis of skin color, political party or other shallow affiliation. They would love to have each sector divided against the next, so that no larger resistance can be formed.

    They want immunity and escape from the mess they have created. They are worried about uprisings and the destruction of the middle class – because of the possibility that it could come back around on them.

    Wallis said, “Getaway cars the airstrips in New Zealand and all that sort of thing, so basically a way to get off. If they can get off, onto another planet, some of them would.”

    That’s panic.

    “I think the rich are worried and they should be worried. I mean inequality, why does it matter?” Wallis continued.

    “Most people have heard the Oxfam statistics that now we’ve got 80, the 80 richest people in the world, having more wealth that the bottom three-point-five billion, and very soon we’ll get a situation where that one percent, one percent of the richest people have more wealth than everybody else, the 99.”

    Nevertheless, the elite have, meanwhile, been sowing the seeds of chaos, and hoping that the flames catch, then spread. They are concerned about avoiding the mess their kind has made.

    Be careful that you stay clear of the mess as well.

    Election night will be a reminder to everyone of how broken this country has become, and how little choice we have been given.

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      1. The die is cast.

      2. If Hillary loses expect riots. If Trump loses it will just be some grumbling.

        • Amen. Mike Adams is straight up fear mongering if he’s actually resorting to the old Leftist/Gun Grabber argument that conservatives and second amendment supporters have so little self control that they will start shooting when they don’t get their way.

          You nailed it: If Trump wins, Soros and his pet aquarium full of social justice zombies will be burning down their own neighborhoods. If Clinton wins, the right will put their heads down and go back to work Monday.

          Could be though, we on the right should consider another approach than simple silent acceptance. Just saying.

          • I have to disagree. Those who love life, freedom and everything The 2nd Amendment bestows upon us.

            I, for one out of millions, am NOT going to allow any of my “protections” to be illegally stripped away in-so-that my wife and I become sitting ducks ready for slaughter.

            Hillary has already made her quite clear on what she intends to do, yet all others before her have failed …but this time is (somehow) going to be far different, and when Hillary is done America will also be “done & all but gone” (as we now know it to be, which is far worse than even a year ago, or how about eight years ago)?

            I’m with the author on this one. No matter who wins there will be an uprising (mostly because that is what the government WANTS us to get into, and they’ll keep tossing matches everywhere there is trouble in an effort to ignite any and all situations. (Or are you one of those who believes the government is doing handstands to ensure we are happy, content and lead fulfilling lives with no worries about money, jobs, food, debtor’s prisons, etc)?

            • Equorial, same here. I still claim all of the natural God-given rights no matter what they come up with and I’m not giving up anything I have either.

            • It would be a HONOR to cover your SIX,need more Americans like you and your wife

          • If Hitlery wins, I’ll resign. I’m done working to pay taxes at gunpoint to reward corruption and socialism. Game over.

        • If Hillary loses, expect a lot of dead rioters; many of them the slugs and the parasites that should never have been part of the system in the first damn place.

          I plan to make a game out of it.

          It’ll be fun.

          • well, if you aren’t aware of the real situation, you need to go to Dmitry Orlov’s website and listen to his latest video where he is interviewed… there are 100’s of thousands of insurgents in different states in the US and recently they have decided to declare war on cops… according to Orlov, it never stops there– after cops, they turn to judges, military officers, politicians, etc. until the government is demolished….

            This is just the beginning.

            • Damn man, that sounds great!

              • Well…guess I won’t have to be in the fight after all. Most of, if not all of those guys on orlovs list are compromised on various levels of nefarious actions. But if the baby blue helmets roll in…then the real game begins.

                Live Free or Die…goo goo ga joob

          • mind if I join in on the one shot one kill plan ?

        • Nobody cares about these elections. The nigs are going to riot no matter what. They don’t care of some dumb white bitch looses, they just want their free check.

          You want to see a riot, shut down the Food Stamp Program.

          • Just read the book, “How do you kill a million people– why the truth matters more than you think”– book about Hitler… and the answer is… “you lie to them”. That is what the author said.

            Its a very moving book about what happened–not just to Jews; about 50% of the people who got exterminated were not Jews! I kept thinking, “where were the men? Why did none of the men stop them?” And the answer is– Hitler got the guns. It wasn’t just that the government constantly lied to the people (that is why the people went willingly along to the cattle carts and to the gas chambers) but also, when people finally started waking up, there seemed nothing they could do about it because they had given Hitler their guns!!!!

            • Anonymous . Watch . The greatest story never told . Or Hellstorm. Then have an opinion of WW2 . We helped the Bolshavik communists enslave half of Europe . Deny that? All the talk means nothing the outcome is the truth. Deny that?

            • When later asked why the Christians of Germany did not rise and and stop the Nazis Hitler commented that the pastors and vickers were more interested in keeping their menial jobs that rocking the boat.

              • All talk . Look of the outcome. Of ww2 . Look were we are now. The Bolshavik communist Jews have taken over our country. Deny that. And you spread the lies and help them. The NAZIs fought the people who have taken over and almost destroyed our country. Why can’t you people see that?

                • 95% of the Catholics in Germany supported Hitler against the Communists. Thats a fact. Look it up.


            • Anonymous,
              I read that book, but not recently. I believe it is 11 million people.
              Amazing read.

          • “I can’t overstate this point: Things are at a breaking point in America, and the only thing holding back a mass revolt right now is the looming election”…

            No, I WOULD SAY AT THIS POINT, NOTHING IS HOLDING IT BACK. Go check out Dmitry Orlov’s website… (latest interviews)… there are heavily armed insurgents in every state and they are declaring war, I believe… (and hope!! 🙂

            • If we know where these fuckers are, “heavily armed or not” (I too am ‘heavily armed’ as are many, many more …crazier than me)!

              Why wait? Let’s go get their asses and feed them leaded foods.

              I haven’t seen that site yet (won’t come up), yet I’m curious if there is an estimated number “country-wide” for these ‘insurgents’ and all the intel I can manage. (What kind of weaponry? Vehicles? Where are they going to get their ammo as they need it? One man can only carry so much after donning 80-lbs of armor-plating right?

              We need to locate THOSE ‘hidey-holes’ SOON. (Because THOSE babys are among the first we should locate and lock down (and rig to blow “just in case” …otherwise, WE want “the toys.” (Like The Constitution says we should).

            • And who put us here anonymous . Are you going to blame this on Hitler too? The terrible NAZIs did this . Or the people who won WW2 ? Who is doing this now anonymous ? Read some book by some lieing rat and tell us who’s responsible for our situation now . Hitler? Or the ones who destroyed him and his people. Who’s left to blame anonymous ? Who’s left to blame?

              • Lone
                banksters and the 0.01 percent, aka TPTB. And it ain’t Hillary Clinton, a mere hired hand. Ditto Ted Cruz and Bush and Obama.


        • Totally agree with you. The left will freak out like pigeons with a cat thrown in their midst, but the Trumpers won’t do anything but complain, like most of us have done the last 8 years and look where we are now. I wish it weren’t so but I don’t think there are enough of us to really make a difference if she wins, sadly.

          • Watchergirl

            The last eight years has been Black Appeasement. Let them have their first Black President without causing trouble. I agree where has it got us?
            Obama had a chance to prove the Crackers wrong but blew it and the world is a more dangerous place.

            • Patriots have kept stirring the melting pot of water and oil and the the result is obvious. We are here such a short time, what a shame we have to end our lives fighting something we cant comprehend. War has been a part of the human animal since time began and will be until we end because there will always be greed and an appetite for dominance.

              • Well then JC I guess it’s settled! Bring on the rioters and loose the varmint hunters.

          • And so Watchergirl is just going to sit down and allow it all to happen to themselves, cause it just “seems like a lost cause.”

            I fully believe that with the estimated number of weapons in civilian hands along with around 50 million of them Combat-Trained Hands …we can do far better than just make a dent in it. The Feds do NOT RUN AMERICA. The People Do.


            • And so it shall be, WE THE PEOPLE, PATRIOT PEOPLE, will over- come the evil for we have right and GOD on our side.

              • We have thousands of dead patriots on our side as well!

            • Equorial,
              I have to agree with you on this one, but not because of the guns. No government can stand against the people. I repeat, no government can stand against the people. See Gandhi, South Africa, our own country. People have to quit agreeing to cooperate and it isn’t even illegal. US won the war with Britain because Englishmen quit cooperating… not because the British soldiers were beat by George Washington. Englishmen in England.
              Our government is pretending they don’t know we are sick of them. They know and they know why. It will get harsher then it will collapse. Pretty close to collapse.

            • That’s, they have to get out of their ‘iron’ machines sometime…..and they have family

        • Some of this article is BS. There is NOT any Pro 2nd Amendment people rioting. We dont need to riot. In fact we are sitting back stocking up on ammo and lubing our liberty battle rifles to shoot any tyrant who thinks they are going to grab them from us. We will let you come to us and try. And then kill ya. We dont need to riot like liberal pavement apes. Lets correct that FACT Mr. Author.


          • Insightful and as always…keeping it real wwti

          • Damned right soldier. At ease, until……………..

        • Yep, educated people don’t riot…..

        • if Hilary wins, expect martial law, fool

      3. I have to ask the obvious question: “and this a bad thing?”

        Yes, I ‘get it’ that life would change. Mine and all of ours’. Innocent people would suffer as well. All the things we hold dear would be altered……… forever. But? I append, “are all those outcomes not what we’re already going through?”

        I’ve never been one to pick a band-aid off slowly. Always the type of guy who just rips it off quick. Gets it over with. And goes on to the next thing that must be done.

      4. What election… even if trump wins theyll put in killary.. the dept of hillary sycophants will ensure that.. thats even if we get to november.. i dont know whats coming but its gonna be big nasty and scary even if you are prepared.. good luck all.

        • I will be shocked if Trumpet wins because he just ain’t got the demographics. He is working too hard at losing. He’ll go Breitbart and make money off his sycophants. Already bleeding off campaign ddonationsIinto his pocket.

      5. Kevin,if it appears especially with help of homeland insecurity election stolen from Trump I imagine a lot of folks will stop paying taxes and otherwise not participate in regime,this will lead to more troubles but perhaps overdue.

        Steer clear of the mess,eh,perhaps our last personal chance anyhow to make a difference!

        • Funny about taxes. I have been using cash to make most of my purchases. With cash, you can by pass paying taxes, except for regular retain chains.

        • This election is close so the ability to cover improprieties is easy and plausible. Working Americans lost their 401K / IRA and many their job due to Free Trade and they just struggle on. The underclass will kill for $5. Thats just the way it is and its one reason they’re the underclass.

      6. 7.1 Earth quake just hit new Zealand. ..No nibru??? WAIT TILL THEY START GETTING BIG ONES HERE.

        • The only Nibru disastrous encounter with a large planetary object will be Hillary’s gigantic fat ass.

          • Im very skeptical of the Nibiru myth. I actually wish it was real. It would be preferable to what is eventually going to occur.

      7. So… I am making a mental note to myself right now. If the election cycle goes through without causing a civil war, and we don’t see a war or crash by March, I will abstain from fear porn for at least 6 months (while maintaining today’s prep levels).

        Today’s projects… clearing the dock of water lilies. Getting bids for a water feature installation. Sifting out the upsell from what is actually practical. My husband and I are in the middle of our summer swim peak, swimming 20-40 Olympic laps daily. Time to smell the roses while we still have them.

        • 2isone

          Same here. Nothing happens I will stand down. Maintain equipment and rotate food stock.

      8. These Eliets and “TPTB” are What and How America arrived at This Precice Moment in Americans History of 2016.

        1954: ADL attorney Leonard Schroeter, is instrumental in preparing desegregation
        briefs for the NAACP for hearings before the U.S. Supreme court. He said “The ADL
        was working throughout the South to make integration possible as quickly as possible.”
        (Oregon Journal, December 9, 1954).

        1957: New Jersey Region of the American Jewish Congress urges the legislature to
        defeat a bill that would allow prayer in the schools. (American Examiner, Sep. 26,

        1957: American Jewish Congress brought suit to have a nativity scene of Christ
        removed from public school property in Ossining, N.Y. The Jews obtained an injunction
        and planned to take the case before the U.S. Supreme Court. (Jewish Voice, Dec. 20,

        Have you ever thought about it: if the Jews god is the same one as the Christian’s God,
        then why do they object to prayer to God in the schools? The answer is given in a 1960
        Court Case by a Jewess Lois N. Milman, if Christians would only listen and observe!

        1960: Jewish pupil objects to prayer in schools. Jewess Lois N. Milman, objected to
        discussing God in the Miami schools because the talk was about “A God that is not my
        god.” (How true this is] In a court suit she also objected to “having to listen to
        Christmas carols in the schools.” (L.A. Times, July 20, 1960).

        1962: The American Jewish Congress has called the Philadelphia decision against Bible
        reading in the public schools a “major victory for freedom. A special three judge federal
        court in Philadelphia voided as unconstitutional Pennsylvania’s law requiring the
        reading of ten verses of the Bible in public schools each day. [Remember the Jews
        claim that the first five books of the Bible is also their Bible. Do you begin to see what
        liars they are?]. The Bible was read without comment and objectors were excused upon
        request from parents. ..The Jewish Congress is a major force in supporting challenges to
        traditional [Christian] practices in the public schools.” (Los Angeles Times, Feb. 2,

        1963: Jews Bernard Roseman and Bernard Copley arrested smuggling in a large
        quantity of LSD-25 from Israel. The drug was manufactured at the Wiseman Institute in
        Israel. [Do you see now why the government cannot stop the drug traffic?] Jews repay
        Christian Americans for their hospitality and aid by making drug addicts out of their
        children. [Los Angeles Times, April 4, 1963).

        1972: The American Jewish Congress filed a formal protest with the U.S. Post Office
        Department about a stamp to be issued representing Christianity. [But the Jews just
        recently clandestinely put a so-called star of David on a stamp issued by the Post
        Office.] The P.O. Department withdrew the stamp design to please the Jews. (Jewish
        Post & Opinion. August 17, 1972).

        1972: The Jewish Committee Against Religious Encroachment in Schools filed in
        Federal Court to have the Yule Pageant in Westfield, N.J. banned. The suit charged,
        “the pageant favor belief in religion over non-religion and favors the Christian Religion
        over others [Jews].” (New York Daily News, Nov. 15, 1972).

        1973: Jewish State Senator Anthony Beilenson (representing Beverly Hills) brought
        pressure on state officials and had the nativity scene removed from the Capitol grounds
        because it offended the Jews from his district. (Sacramento Union, December 22, 1973).

        1976: Jewish owned movie studios in Hollywood produce two anti-Christian movies.
        “THE PASSOVER PLOT” which portrays Christ as a revolutionary who uses drugs to
        trick people into thinking he was crucified. “THE SEX LIFE OF JESUS,” Christ is
        portrayed in a series of sexual encounters including homosexual [Think about it — time
        after time the Jews make movies portraying our Lord Jesus Christ as a Queer.

        How can
        ANY thinking Christian possibly believe these are God’s People HOW STUPID CAN
        CHRISTIANS BE?] “ACTS THE MANY FACES OF JESUS” is built around the same
        theme. [Other movies made since 1976 with that same theme, that Jesus Christ was a
        drug addict and Queer are “JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR,” “LAST TEMPTATION
        OF CHRIST,” “HEAVEN ON EARTH — this one was not about Christ but about a
        fallen woman angel,” “OH GOD-1” and “OH GOD-2” — while these did not portray
        Jesus as a Queer they did portray Almighty God as a stupid mortal man – and these are
        only a few of the many] (Tribune Review, November 16, 1976).

        Where the hell are our so-called Christian Ministers? That’s right in their pulpits, on
        television and radio crying out for more money and letting these antichrist perverts go
        on blaspheming Almighty God and the Lord Jesus Christ, while they suck up after these
        Satanic creeps!

        “Do Not try to Use Fact’s, because my Mind is already Made Up! and Fact’s will never cause Me to Change My Mind!” Spoken by too many deluded libs and Fanatical evangels to list here eh.

        • Them Guys:

          “Time-after time, the J*ws make movies portraying ‘Jesus’ Christ as a queer.”

          How about a sequel portraying Myer Amshel deRothschilds as a pedophile sodomizing his five sons.

          What’s good for the goose…

          One is anti-Christ and the other is anti-Satanic


          • Them guys, What are you doing asking fools to actually look into their belief system lol. FACTS! AAAKKK don’t bother them with FACTS it will disturb their sense of peace. The chosenites have told them they are the chosen ones, if you want to know who rules you just look into who you are not allowed to critisize. Fookin morons the whole lot of them but then, most people are too stupid to even be aware that they are stupid and lazy and will not lift 1 finger to change it.

        • Them Guys:

          “Time-after time, J*ws portray ‘Jesus’ Christ as a queer.”

          How about a sequel portraying Myer Amshel deRothschilds as a pedophile, sodomizing his five sons.

          What’s good for the goose…

          One is Anti-Christ and the other is Anti-Satan

          To all those who accuse you of being anti-Semitic, answer as follows: I am not against Palistinians who are Semitic, I am anti-Satanists.

          Good Post Them Guys.
          I went to Brother Nathaniels site and was overwhelmed by the magnitude of information. I found he has the book “The Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion” in whole. I am reading it now. It more than anything else tells how we Americans wound up in the shithole spot we Americans are now in. It proves the real origins of Globalism to be nothing short of a J*w Conspiracy. No wonder they, the J*ws, label everything Conspiracy like it’s a dirty word. They are engaged in the greatest Conspiracy against all mankind in the history of the world. Thanks for all your work in bringing us this valuable information.


          • B from CA: I thank You very much. Not very often nor very many folks that ever actually tell me what I posted up info on has so elightened them B/ca. I have been constantly working to wake folks since I was about 20 yrs old. I am now close to 64 yrs old. And in all honesty I cannot say that I have had any more than maybe half dozen persons return at later date to inform me they have researched my info etc and that they are glad they did as they now feel very wized up awakened.

            This is a very very bad poor record as fas I think of it all….it should number in the several Hundreds at minimum! For I have spoken to and with, be it groups or individuals at least a couple Thousands of persons.

            Maybe even more yet. And barley half dozen have told me this stuff. Sure a few more likley also awakened from my info talks etc…I will never know for certain as most I never seen again. I have mainly Lost all family and former friends due to the issues at hand I speak out so much about.

            But oh well eh! I cannot contain these factual truths within and not relate it to as many others as humanly possible..Just wish I could get my very own daily 5 days week Talk Radio show like Rush has…I can speak the entire Three hrs straight withot a break and never run outta good info to relate or discuss.

            I also would never slam phone reciever down to hang up on any calls about jewry or israel affairs like Rush always does and as every radio talk show host as soon as a caller mentions either entity.

            That right there, the always hang up phone on all callers in to radio show if they dare mention jewry or israel state?…Should be a HUGE Red Flg to listeners that Rush and Hannity et all every such talk radio show is Fixed and every such talk show Host are no more than a Gate Keeper for jery and israel zios period.

            Its reason I stopped tuning in to such shows a long time ago and just Read and Read and Read! I Love reading almost as much as I Love truths!

            So again I really do Thaank You B/CA and really do mean that sincerally…Too bad you are so far away from me eh…If a bit closer I could come over to get you and we could then go cruize in my Vette Z-06 and both spread truths far and wide to even more folks eh.

            PS Check out the Several Other Today reply postings I did at a Few prior articles before this one…Mac posted every one up very fast today!

            Each post I did is chock filled with top Rate truth info on, what else? Bolsheviks and 1917 russia etc! and of course roll played always by zios! Enjoy those also eh.

            Them Guys

            • Them Guys, I too love your truth and intelectual facts. The masses that won’t hear of such things are the reason I hate humanity so much. Fookin truth dodgers and small minded imbiciles everywhere!

        • yeah? fact. You can’t find a single sentence in The Holy Bible that states (in any fashion) that J$ws are God’s Chosen People (but you were probably raised to believe it, since most ppl are).

          In brief, you won’t find nary a one. Not a single verse. So poo on j$ws

        • TG, you mean the tribe was involved in the desegregation of my beloved southland? That’s a new one on me but no surprise considering the nature of them.

      9. Chaos???? WTF??? Are they cancelling football or cutting off the Big Pharma and booze supply to the American drunken bum toxic dumps???

      10. Was Sen Joseph McCarthy Correct with his Un american Activities hearings end results as stated by him?

        Heres a Speech McCarthy gave just six months before he was permanantly silenced. About what Cornwallis the Red Coat Brit stated to usa gen George Washington upon surrender of cornwallis etc!

        “Given by Senator Joseph McCarthy, six months before his mouth was closed forever:
        George Washington’s surrender: ‘And many of the people of the land became Jews.’
        (Esther 9:17). The confession of General Cornwallis to General Washington at
        Yorktown has been well hidden by historians. History books and text books have taught
        for years that when Cornwallis surrendered his army to General Washington that
        American independence came, and we lived happily ever after until the tribulations of
        the twentieth century.

        Jonathan Williams recorded in his Legions of Satan, 1781, that Cornwallis revealed to
        Washington that ‘a holy war will now begin in America, and when it is ended America
        will be supposedly the citadel of freedom, but her millions will unknowingly be loyal
        subjects to the Crown.’ Cornwallis went on to explain what would seem to be a self
        contradiction: ‘Your churches will be used to teach the Jew’s religion and in less than
        two hundred years the whole nation will be working for divine world government. That
        government they believe to be divine will be the British Empire [under the control of
        the Jews]. All religions will be permeated with Judaism without even being noticed by
        the masses, and they will all be under the invisible all-seeing eye of the Grand Architect
        of Freemasonry [Lucifer – as Albert Pike disclosed in Morals and Dogma].’ And indeed
        George Washington was a Mason, and he gave back through a false religion what he
        had won with his army.”

        Cornwallis well knew that his military defeat was only the beginning of World
        Catastrophe that would be universal and that unrest would continue until mind control
        could be accomplished through a false religion. What he predicted has come to pass! ! !
        Of that, there is no longer any doubt. A brief study of American religious history will
        show that Masonry and Judaism has infused into every church in America their veiled
        Phallic Religion. Darby and the Plymouth Brethren brought a Jewish Christianity to
        America. Masons Rutherford and Russell [both Jews] started Jehovah Witnesses’ in
        order to spread Judaism throughout the world under the guise of Christianity.

        50 Years Later, and just like every kkk or so called ‘racist whitey” back then also proclaimed about usa future in fifty short years unless americans awaken to freemasonery-communism-and judaism as the main Combo to wreck and ruin america….It appears Joe McCarthy too was as 100% correct as all those Others were eh.

      11. Burn it down, burn it all down.

        The black guy in the picture is having a, “IT’S MILLER TIME” moment.

      12. A few breakouts if Trump wins. If Hill steals it, maybe a false flag where she commissions some white dude to make racial slurs before mowing down some blacks at McDonalds.

        Otherwise smooth sailing.

        When the election draws to a conclusion and it looks like one side or the other will win, I will stay close to home. Shopping for food, etc. will not be that great an idea just in case one runs into disgruntled losers.


      13. Tick tock, tick tock.
        What you have is what you got.

      14. ” if Donald Trump wins, the radical extreme leftists go on a violent rampage that leads to the rest of us begging for martial law.”
        The rest of us….Speak for yourself. Life will go on without cities.

        • You would “BEG” for Martial Law knowing that the first ‘move’ would be to disarm everyone wanting such a thing? (And as soon as you hand them over in totality, they’ll use them to blow your fool head off)!

          But, this is still a relatively free country. Turn yourself on by all means.

      15. My suspicion is that, as much as I think Adams is great, that we will not see any greater social (and socialist) chaos than we have now. But that doesn’t mean I won’t prepare, just like I when I suspect we might have a mild winter, I STILL prepare for a harsh one.

        And now did we get here to begin with? Can you say vile Saul Alinsky? Obungler? the fascist left – y’know, the same people that MURDERED 100 MILLION people last century, per the Black Book of Communism, Oxford Univ. Press. And make no mistake, these leftists are just rhinestone communists. And yes, they indeed ARE like the National Socialists, aka the Nazis (why did they fight the USSR then, you ask? Simple: why did the Soviets and Red China fight a border war around 1967 or so at the Ussuri river? Why did China and Vietnam have a war in the late 1970s, after Ho Chi Minh was in power??? Hint: internecine warfare is always the worst kind… which the left are trying to brew here. Our job remains to COMMUNICATE and INFORM, not revert to violence. The left’s ideas SUCK, and they know it. All we have to do is communicate, and we will – altho it will take time – win.

      16. mac, i couldn’t say it better myself, and now i have a page to send to all friends to say EXACTLY how I feel. thank you for printing it….war IS coming. no way to avoid it. God DAMN the sons o BITCHES that brought it on U.S.

        • How many have toyed with the thought that Obama is clearing out GITMO so that “somebody” has a place to ‘stage’ (prepare) for an attack?

          I mean really. I can’t find any other reason for letting those sobs go HOME (and rejoin the very things we are allegedly fighting against), so there must be a hidden agenda behind The Closing Of Gitmo.

          • hadn’t heard THAT one….hmmmm

      17. Egor, welcome to the board, You phucked comment just landed you a spot on SHTF.


        Agency ass clown super moderator..

      18. It might be interesting to see how the uprising is handled.

      19. We can only hope the left takes to the streets in the event of Trump winning the Presidency. They’d last about a week, and Trump would still be the President.

        • @ smokey: Amen. One shot, one kill, one 30 rd/mag, move repeat, that’s how Republics are born, or RESTORED…….

          • I agree and have learned it firsthand! STAY OFF THE DAMNED “X”!!!

      20. It seems that in a total SHTF situation the police and gov. employees would have to move their families to protected housing. Maybe FEMA camps with playgrounds for the kids? Maybe everything out side a FEMA camp will be prison? They will leave in the mourning in there MRABS . To shoot looters . Which will be everyone that didn’t store food. In the end the country will be populated by government leaches and a few preppers. Or better known as slaves. How many slaves will each government employee require? And of course there financial backers. If these people had their way we would all be wearing shock collars. Then again shock collars for the Bolshavik commie liberals . No that wouldn’t be politically correct . Let’s just declare them the domestic enemy and deport them. But what country would take them ? I bet the Africans would love fresh stupid liberal meat. And welcome them with open arms. With machetes.

      21. There must be a point were so many of the domestic enemy are disappearing at the same time. That there aren’t enough cops to investigate them all. But we all have to chip in. No hoarding ammo. No my back hurts I can’t dig. Tie a cider block around them and find a lake. No excuses . I think one a day minimum. Unless you have a handicap sticker.

      22. So, it’s the day after Election Day, and let’s say Hillary’s won. Everyone (you, me, the rest of the nation) will get up, go to work, drink their coffee, come home, play video games, watch Netflix, take care of the kids, eat and then go to bed. No one’s going to go nuts, throw a revolution, get all crazy, except, perhaps, for the radical black community, which, being sponsored by Soros, is going to do that anyway, no matter who wins.

        Let’s say Trump won the election: same thing: work, home, play, bed. It won’t be any different than it is today, except, in this case, some radical Lefties (again, Soros-sponsored) might do this, that or the other, but nothing to brag about—the radical Left doesn’t go violent unless Trump is present; so where he is, yeah, you can expect to see some disturbance.

        The facts seem to be quite clear: America is not at all hot and bothered by the idea of Clinton or Trump winning. Some people are, but very, very few comparatively speaking. Are you going to go all revolutionary? is the family next door to you going to do so? are the people who work at your local grocery store? what about at the local restaurant? No.

        We, as a nation, are no more motivated to anything about anything than we were a year ago. For that matter, the media has kept silence about so much of what’s going on that even what little slips out, the average American is still “Meh!” I mean, for crying out loud: Hillary is still running for president, after all the crimes she’s committed, and has the corruption of our own government agencies to help her get in. No one’s doing anything about that! Why should that change the day after she wins?

        Nope, it will only be when the real hell hits, when hunger sets in. That’s when you’ll see people do something. Unfortunately, it will be too late by then.

        • So YOU are suggesting there is no call for alarm, and no cause for concern that there are ‘warriors’ in most every state (reportedly) WAITING FOR THE SIGNAL?

          I’m afraid I don’t ‘follow you’ and your thinking(s). Have you been around Earth much during 2016, especially on it’s surface?

      23. you got 100 days. What happens to your credibility then, when no stock market crash, no riots, no nuclear war, no police invasions. no fema camps? no movement whatsoever. Just some silly TV show called the presidential election. Its more exciting than The Super Bowl. Maybe. Unless the Steelers are in it. But regardless, its not real, none of it. And you just play along almost if your a part of it.

      24. Snake. We are just trying to scare people into preparing so you don’t end up on our door step apologizing for not listening to the warnings and begging us for food to feed your family. Regardless of hurricane earthquake tornado economic WW3 . Don’t come knocking . Through out history . The people that put away for a rainy day or a civil war or what ever. Survive. And the idiots are culled . And that’s probably the way it should be.

      25. Snake . You did it in escape from LA. You triggered the EMP. You shut down the whole planet. Now you say it can’t happen? Are you the real Snake Pliskin?

        • Its a movie dude!
          I like Snake Plisken because of his attitude. Snake is the shit that hits your fan. They call him cuz no body else has the balls. Both films! You think he cares about your redundant scare tactics,. You think he might he might know a thing or two about survival, combat, hardship. Snake doesn’t give a fuck about you or your cause. You see, for him the shit already hit the fan. and laughs at those who preparing for something that has already happened. Being in New York or LA is just like another day for him. To me its more Zombies, but for him its a lifestyle.
          EMPS are science fiction, like those movies. Its a novel idea. Everything was controlled anyway, and the world was on the verge of another war. I don’t remember, Maybe I’ll bootleg it off the internet. But he stopped all that, pulled the plug on everyone, ha-ha. Set them free. It job security for him. Scary ending for such a cheesy movie. New York is way better. All I gotta say is, other than if your gonna start comparing what happens in movies to real life we’re done here, and if there are people like Snake Plisken in this world then they are the real survivors of any post apocalyptic scenario you can shake your tin foil hat at. Because they are already in it. Living in it. Surviving, Hell, Snake was thrown into it and fricken’ escaped! Twice!
          And the only reason I use that name is and why I like him so much was the fact he was able to escape. Get it? Escape… Its fiction though, really.
          By the way, The name is Plisken.

      26. Nothing big will occur no matter who is elected. The outcome of the election will not be a catalyst. now when the power grid goes down. That is the signal to lock & load prepare yourself. No electric will create a ripple of shortages of everything. No media to entertain the sheeple. No food , no heat, no water no help from the government. No law enforcement. Everyone will be on their own. They might use a false flag excuse like a EMP or Russian EMP Bomb and Simply just turn the citizens power off on purpose. But nothing big will happen in the USA until the lights go out. probably when it gets cold. DINDUS are easier to manage when its cold winter weather. Man I hope HICK,s Nibiru is real? But I think Not?

      27. Having a new puppet won’t change a thing and educated people will know that the Obummer puppet needs permission from Congres before he can even take a pee.

        Bankers from Israel own Congress so nothing will change unless you grow a pair and deal with the traitors using the law of treason against them for taking bribes, selling you all down the road and doing 9/11

      28. So let me get this straight.

        Because Trump looses, then people will feel they have not other options?

      29. My guess is no matter who wins the election, all Hell is going to break loose. How far it goes is anyone’s guess.
        White male Republicans are not known for riots, burning cop cars, stealing anything in sight during a riot and protesting everything but I do think they have reached their limit. If Trump wins, all bets are off as to what will take place then.The only thing we know for sure is, Whoopi and other Hollyweird freaks will NOT be leaving the USA.

      30. I respectfully disagree. As I understand it, a crash before the election would hurt Hillary. As such, they will find every rope, twine & wire to hold it together, or at least maintain the illusion of such until after the election. Then watch out!

      31. If someone feels compelled to shoot, don’t just shoot random innocents, go after high value targets, the historical problem makers at the very top of the political food chain.

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