“The 2nd Amendment Will Be Under Siege Before The Election” – New Supreme Court Nominee Supports Whatever Big Government Wants

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    As with most of Obama’s actions, his nomination of Merrick B. Garland as the replacement for recently-deceased Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is hardly unpredictable.  This article will outline Garland’s background.  Obama will “fast-track” this appointment, as if evidenced by Orrin Hatch already “jumping on the bandwagon” and agreeing with Obama’s choice.  Right out of the chute, here comes one “RINO” in the rodeo to “rope” in another liberal democrat to follow the herd of Obama-appointees.  First Sotomayor, then Kagan, and the third rodeo clown appears to be Garland.  Here’s the “punch line” for the clowns:

    Garland will be fast-tracked in, and the 2nd Amendment under siege before the election.

    So, this man grew up in Chicago, Illinois, attended Harvard, then subsequently Garland went to Harvard Law School for his JD.  He served under Judge Henry J. Friendly of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit (Friendly attended Harvard Law School), and then under William J. Brennan, a leading liberal Supreme Court Justice appointed by Eisenhower.  Brennan, let it be noted, also received his JD from Harvard Law School, and was a giant liberal who opposed the death penalty and was a staunch supporter of abortion and Roe vs. Wade.

    Just to give you an idea of Brennan’s mindset (as he was a mentor to Garland), guess what little gem he helped to set into the crown of our broken American society?  He wrote the rulings for Texas v. Johnson, and United States v. Eichman.  These rulings enabled the Court to uphold that desecration of the American Flag is protected under the First Amendment.

    In 1993, Garland worked for the Department of Justice under another Clinton appointee, Deputy Attorney General Jamie Gorelick, Garland’s mentor there who personally asked for him to serve as her principal deputy. Gorelick, let it be noted, also attended Harvard Law School, picking up her JD there. Gorelick later became Vice Chairman for Fannie Mae, and during her tenure from 1997-2003, Fannie Mae underwent a $10 billion accounting scandal.

    Garland was later appointed under Clinton in 1995 to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia.  He didn’t start until 1997, however, because his initial appointment was turned down, to consider whether or not the court needed him as a judge.  Clinton’s reelection in ’96 enabled him to slip through in ’97.  Now Obama is fast-tracking Garland into the Supreme Court.  Obama, let it be noted, also attended Harvard Law School.

    But wait…there’s more.  Back when Parker vs. District of Columbia (submitted 2003, the basis for Heller vs. D.C. ruling in 2008) came about, part of D.C.’s restrictive gun law was struck down as unconstitutional under the 2nd Amendment. The mayor at that time for D.C., Adrian Fenty and a squad of his liberal assistants brought a petition in April 2007 to the circuit court of D.C. to hear the case en banc, meaning with all of the justices on the appeals court voting.  That petition was struck down and denied on May 8, 2007, at a vote of 6-4.  Guess who was one of the dissenting 4 voters?  Yep, you guessed it…Judge Merrick Garland!

    This guy supports whatever big government wants.  With him in the vacant SCOTUS seat, it will just be a matter of time before the 2nd Amendment comes under attack.  We have seen what happened when Obamacare was voted in under the color of law with Roberts leading the way.  Now it won’t even need a (pseudo)conservative to break the deadlock.  Now Roberts can appear to be the “dissenter” …while Ginsburg, Sotomayor, Kagan, Kennedy, and (soon) Garland…vote to negate or cripple the 2nd Amendment.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at SHTFplan.com.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to www.SHTFplan.com.

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      1. Job Opening.
        “Only Harvard Law School graduates need apply.”

        • When they come for your Guns, Give them all your lead first. After we start shooting a few hundred of these gun grabber scabs, and the word get out, the rest will quit and find new employment. See how well that worked in Connecticut, even the Sheriffs refused to obey illegal laws.


          • what I wonder is where they are going to jail all of us millions of gun owners.

            • Bullet to the head, body thrown in a pit with a little dusting of lye.

          • We all knew this was coming. The rinos will cave before your garden is planted and they will fast track the gutting of the 2nd A. Decide your course of action now.

          • “Who” i hear what your saying, but the question that needs to be asked of all the readers of SHTF is this. What are YOU going to do when word gets out that the feds are in fact moving against gun owners?

            What’s the plan, are you going to grab your bug out bag and head for the hills, hunker down and wait for the feds to show up at you door, or are you going to go on the offensive, and take the fight to them?? Or is this going to be a one or two man 4th Generation War of attrition against the government?????

            • I, and prolly every combat veteran out there, are going to “change modes” to S.E.R.E. standards of resistance …I will NOT obey anything they wish to publish that is unconstitutional (because if it is, then it is NOT a ‘real’ law that would hold water in any court). Neither will having an extra ‘man’ in the wings help Obama “erase” The 2nd Amendment. They’ll “LIE AND TRY” but nothing is available to The POTUS NOR ‘the new man’ to dispense (short of killing all gun owners, literally) with The 2nd Amendment, or any of the others for that matter.
              And, the above post is right. Where will all the people go who are arrested with “illegal laws”? Into a deep-wide-long hole either beheaded, or shot execution-style, or perhaps that’s the reason we now have an abundance of French Guillotines stashed somewhere. (Think “uncle sammy” has something up his sleeve)?
              *NOTICE: Find a nice, older combat-veteran (go to a VA-Domiciliary or ‘similar’) …or get with some of the boys just coming back from The Middle East in order to get the most important ‘pointers’ that you can …and study up on guerrilla warfare techniques (as this is the ‘type’ of combat you’ll want to be knowledgeable of, but only if you wish to survive). Download what available Military Manuals that are left, (while they are still available).

        • Don’t know if you know it, Mac, but I very seldom am able to get onto your site via the phone internet… no problem with other sites– just yours and zerohedge… especially your site! Also, just now was posting comment and got booted off…

          • Fuck satan he’s A big hot ass hole from hell.

      2. wish in one hand
        shit in the other
        see what hand fills up first , pricks

        W N C

        • We need a 2nd-Amendment Constitutionalist to take Scalia’s seat. First thing, reject this Obama nominee. Second thing, get a POTUS who will nominate a 2nd-Amendment Constitutionalist. Third, have the Senate confirm a 2A Constitutionalist to fill Scalia’s seat.

          Which of the remaining GOP candidates will be sure to nominate a 2A Constitutionalist? Vote for him.

          • Just what the Supreme Court needs… a fourth Commie Yid.

            Leave it to the “Muslim” in the White House.

          • What we really need is a 2nd Revolution…..

          • The gates of hell will be blowen up into vaper when god gets done with it.

      3. “Fast track” how ?

        The Senate leadership has already said anyone Obama sends up isn’t even going to get a hearing…they will wait until after the election. How does he ‘fast track’ around that ?

        Another BS, hysteria based article…..come on Mac….you can do better.

        • You obviously don’t know constitutional law. The POTUS can appoint anyone to the Supreme Court when congress is recessed… and that will happen before the election. Obama has done other recessed-appointments in the past.

          • Ochimpo calls them recess appointments even when no recess in effect.

          • Since when has Obama observed The Constitution in his ‘endeavors’?

        • How do they fast track around that?

          Easy, they just ignore what they said when they said they wouldn’t.

          Like the last budget deal when they gave Obama more than he wanted instead of resisting him the way they suggested they would.

        • TN Andy

          This guy’s main crime seems to be that he went to Harvard Law. How is it an absolute condemnation that he worked for famous jurists, but Trump is Jeebus Christ the Savior with his checkered past? Lord have mercy, folks. Just say Obama nanny nanny boo boo.

          • Rebecca,

            His “main crime” goes far beyond that.

            Read up on him and what he stands for, all the major liberal issues seem to be looked on favorably by him.

        • You must be dense. This is playing out exactly as the left would like: the GOP will end up looking like a bunch of obstructionists during an election year and either will cave to save face, or will keep their ground and get beat over the head with this. we all know they will fold.

        • do you really believe that ? I hope you are right ….for me …I would really be surprised if this was blocked …we have been sold out quite often ya know

      4. ht tp://www.thenewamerican.com/usnews/constitution/item/22773-finicum-shooting-was-bundy-driver-bodyguard-an-fbi-agent-provocateur

        • People’s nostril holes are put together like sewer pipes

      5. The Republicans control the Senate, which alone has the “advise and consent” responsibility. So how is Obama going to “ram through” Garland? Is it a huge surprise that Harvard alumni pack the SC? It’s the premier “ruling class” finishing school.

        The Second Amendment ratifies but does not confer our right to defend ourselves. The judiciary can nibble away at it in myriad ways but there are only two ways to amend it. It can’t be done by judicial fiat.

        Burning the flag is protected free speech even if the banksters’ hired guns don’t like it.

        • John_Allen

          Are you going all logical on us? 🙂

        • NO “nibbling” ….”Shall Not Be Infringed” requires no explanation nor apolgetics or disagreements. This is our Common Law and cannot be ‘frigged with’ …no matter in what manner may be attempted nothing can change “shall not be infringed” …anything stating something is going to change it is full of shit imho….

          • “And what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not warned from time to time that its people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to the facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure” Thomas Jefferson 1787

        • So, you’re saying that I can buy a machine gun, or grenade launcher and I can’t be stopped by judicial fiat? Ever heard of US vs Miller?

        • “You seem to consider the Judges as the ultimate arbiters of all Constitutional questions; a very dangerous doctrine indeed, and one which would place us under despotism of an oligarchy… The constitution has erected no such single tribunal” THOMAS JEFFERSON 1820

      6. Orrin Hatch, said this years ago! Totally differant event, You have taken this statement out of context for your story!

      7. Left out of this article is the fact that the nominee is Jewish. AIPAC controls our government, the treasury is headed by Yellen (just another in a long string of Jews) and now this liberal sob is being dished up to us.

        Does anyone get what has/is happening to our beloved USA. We have become Israels’ bitch. We will continue to send our kids and money to finance their scheme of a one world order and Obamas appointee will help fast track that scheme.

        Actually if we believe puppet Obama made this choice on his own we are beyond any hope.

        • Same old pissed off granny, some things never change, likely including her depends.

          • What is the common thread that runs through gun grabbing leftists Michael Bloomberg, Dianne Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Richard Blumenthal, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Charles Schumer?

            If you cannot observe the pattern, then you are either blind or biased. I wonder why someone would be biased in favor of these fifth columnists among us?

          • well hell, when you get older the mind starts ‘wandering’, and thus you forget such things (which is why God make us noses 60% less efficient by the time you hit around 60yrs-old (give or take).

            By the way, your NOSE is an EXTREMELY VALUABLE TOOL in the art of combat. DO NOT SMOKE as it totally ruins your ability to smell a damn thing. As soon as you stop, the sooner your sense of smell starts returning. It is NOT uncommon to know there is “trouble” nearby based upon the sheer fact that you can SMELL them …when nobody is thought to be in the area.

      8. Hillary, Garland and other evil people have the potential to quickly bring the pot to a boil. Absent such event, surely we Patriots (and liberty) are dead frogs.

        Honestly, if there is any chance that my children will live free, I must say ‘Bring it on.’

        • Diane D, spot on. It doesn’t matter which POS is placed into Scalia’s seat. I’m not following anything he or the other justices say. The 2A has been under siege ever since the chimp has been in the WH. I’m not giving up anything.

          • Braveheart,
            No offense dude, but Reagan dented the Second Amendment. Bush put in the Patriot Act, a Constitution Killer from word one.
            Two sides to one coin. Obama has not been half as effective as Bush at killing our rights, and he has done little but whine about the Second Amendment.

            • Brave,
              Every time Obama rattled that Second Amendment cage, his buddy Soros made bank.

              • Yeah and his employee Valerie Jarrett is Obama the Mullahs chief advisor. She the Iranian born handmaiden of Soros is giving the orders. As soon as there is enough ISIS who have infiltrated into this country the attack order will be given. Then we will all be in a shitstorm!

      9. And our elected republicans will only give lip service to stopping this appointment. We are at the point where leadership and action are needed.

        • Aint gonna get backbone or leadership from the GOP , STAN .
          Its just a matter of time before they cave and give Obama what he wants .

          • Hammerhead
            The Republicans will swap this Supreme Court Judge (which they have supported in the past) for some goody their handlers want enough to pay for it. Like the budget for the bankster $30 trillion upcoming bailout. They gave up whatever Obama wanted for that one. Later they traded off American oil for sale overseas for PP and other stuff. They never “give” Obama anything.

      10. The opposition is all fake, they will all fall in line to support what they think will support continued tyranny and therefore protect themselves.

        • Republicans = Democrats

          The recent antics of the Republican establishment leadership should have by now made this obvious to everyone.

          There is no practical difference between them. They are all the same……the ruling class.

          The current bunch in D.C. no longer constitute a legitimate government.

          We need a repeat of the of the first three paragraphs of the Declaration of Independence….only this time….it is the tyranny of Washington D.C. that we need to throw off.

        • Washington D.C. is an orgy. They are all in bed together.

          • Didndonuffin
            Dang me I wish they were in bed together, if they were having a good time in bed they wouldn’t be so interested in what we are doing.

        • Now, there ya go. Short and sweet, and truth. There are too many ‘holes’ in everything that’s going on to assume NOTHING but that “This is all an act meant to dupe we, the people.”

      11. Republican Senators are announcing they are willing to meet with Garland.

        They wouldn’t be willing to meet with him if they weren’t willing to vote him in, it wouldn’t serve any purpose otherwise.

        And I imagine they will want to rush this through ahead of any chance that Trump may actually end up winning the next election if they can’t stop him from being nominated.

      12. EXCELLENT post. This whole key in this battle is **information dissemination** and education.

        The truth is, leftist ideas are old, fascist and just plain suck. They only win by lies, intimidation and mindless chant-ins. If we can communicate, like this article does, we will win.

        I am going to take the details from this article and pass on to everyone I know. Might I suggest you folks reading this do the same?

      13. NEVER give up our rights regardless what they pass or try to pull. We know we are being takeover and orders will be passed down to the police, ATF,FBI and homeland security to come and make us all felons eventually if we don’t do what they want for their “peaceful country.” Many will be made examples of and others will protest this unconstitutional BS crisis. Buy ar-500 steel sheet and make your own body armor to cover your chest and femur area for protection if attacked by unlawful orders. Use buckshot or even birdshot with a shotgun to the face to blind your attacker. If you try to match up with men fully plated with level 4 body armor your ar-15 will not penetrate. And when I served overseas we have seen men shot multiple times in chest with .223 or ar-15 rounds and still run away. Shot placement is so crucial and speed. You have less than a sec to make that shot or you will be dead. Wear earplugs if you can to help muffle some of the sound. All these little things in a sec or 2 can make or break your life.

        Cover your house with clutter so they can’t run in full speed and tackle you. I like running EYE bolt hooks in the hallways with thin but thick steel wire at waist level and feet and head staggered attacked to a carabeaner so they would have to duck, lift and move in a wavy motion. that can buy you time and other tactics with putting a block at the base of your door to stop from being caved in. It will get caved in but any time you can retrieve to prepare yourself will better your chances of your objective whatever that is.
        We all have our own opinions but you have to do what you think is right and we know our rights are being squashed and care about freedom and peace to all people. People who control and want total control on the system and companies to let them live prosperous lives are enemies to me. The day we all come together and demand change its over for them. Its just when we do.

        • Clint, AMEN to your comments.

        • Clinthospo,
          Good information. This would work for burglars too.

        • If you are fighting an assault on your home, you have already lost.

          Whether or not you agree with the guys in the northwest, they served up their own heads on a platter. Taking a fixed position against an enemy who can bring to bear unlimited resources is foolish. You will lose.

        • Clint is dreaming. At the first hint of booby traps or the like, they will drone your ass or use the grenade launchers they already have. “See what we had to do? They were terrorists!”

        • Very well then. With that, then it is about to done, as you have described.

      14. Civil war coming. Just sayin’…..

      15. Most Americans have no idea what freedom is anymore nor do they care. If they can sleep with whoever or whatever they want, murder the fruit of their lust, declare themselves to be whatever biological object they see themselves as, cuss on primetime TV, be free from hearing religious messages and soak the “rich” for free stuff they think they are part of the most amazing society ever. Just give them free useless college classes and they will sign away anything.

      16. The “rules” the elites are making up nowdays (and calling “laws”) are utterly ridiculous in many cases! (Please see the articles on the Injustice system at Paul Craig Roberts’ website, for example!)

        since the rules they make up (that is, write on paper and call, “laws”) are only for their benefit and are simply ways to screw us… it seems to me we should make up OUR laws..

        They can have their laws and we will have ours.. theirs are call “state laws” and ours are called, “the peoples’ laws”.

      17. (continue)… for example: they have the law in some states that prisoners can be sued by the prisons once they are released from prison… for room and board while in prison… as if the poor person chose to go to prison… or as if it was some luxery resort!!

        Also, you can go to prison for not paying a fine– whether you are too poor or not to pay it! (Debtors prisons).

        In the old days, they6 hung horse thieves, possibly because a horse was almost like an extension of ones’ self– difficult to survive without ones’ horse! Nowdays, the same thing is true as far as transportation goes— its real difficult to survive without ones’ car… and yet, the DMV TOGETHER WITH THE TOWING BASTARDS can get your vehicle and not give it back. Why not put up signs at night (when towing companies make their rounds to steal your car!!) warning them that its not OK to steal yur f— car!! “the Peoples’ law

      18. Sooner or later, this WILL come to pass… the one percent are just getting ridiculously out of hand… they actually think its ok to destroy us and we will accept it.. (Accept your serfdom!)… they will keep pushing and keep pushing… (power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely)… so sooner or later, we will have to take things into our own hands, make our own f— laws and we could just call them “the peoples’ laws”. They can have their laws and we will have ours… and our laws will have consequences as well.

        • As it has always been. The people forget in between, TPTB never forget because they are psychopaths. Add in their sociopath protectors, and you have a ruling class. Now come the robots that jackboot for them.

          Every psychopath you make excuses for, means you are the real problem. We outnumber the psychopaths, so why do we follow them to perdition? They are so sure of themselves! They promise what they cannot deliver! When they don’t deliver, they have scapegoats you can beat up and kill. Scapegoats have no power, that is why they are scapegoats, also known as whipping boy… they get whipped for massa’s sins. Massa always got him some whipping boy to take the blame.

      19. Their laws are not only ridiculous (like the idea of a released prisoner having to PAY BACK THE F… PRISON FOR THEIR “ROOM AND BOARD” WHILE IN PRISON!!) but also, their “rules/laws” are UNCONSTITUTIONAL!! Basically, they are trying to destroy us, like a bunch of parasites!!

      20. What should concern you all more than anything is that Garland was the lead investigator and prosecutor for the federal government in the Oklahoma City bombing of the Murrah building in 1995, an obvious false flag. Garland proved then he would protect the criminal cabal. Hillary LOVES him, too, which is why she jumped on the bandwagon so quickly. It was evidence that would implicate her and the Clinton/Bush crime families that was destroyed in that building. Now Garland is getting his ultimate paycheck. Lord, a man who lead the cover up of a major false flag is now going to join a court that already helped steal a presidential election in 2000. Consider yourselves warned.

      21. you can’t take a right away. when we are declared criminals
        then laws won’t matter.

        Pandoras box will be open.

        • Citizen, spot on. God help anyone who comes to harm me or whatever.

      22. Bill of rights just reaffirms natural born rights,hence,will not comply no matter what some fucking court says,and,if I am alone ,well,so be it.

      23. @ Aaron Ritchie

        You obviously don’t know constitutional law. The POTUS can appoint anyone to the Supreme Court when congress is recessed….

        Cite your source please.

        The U.S. Senate in 1960 passed a resolution prohibiting the president from making recess appointments to the U.S. Supreme Court.
        U.S. Supreme Court Justices: Historic Briefs & Footnotes, William P. Lucey, 6/28/2010 ht__tp://ww___w.wplucey___com/2010/06/us-supreme-court-justices-historic-briefs

        U.S. Constitution, Article II, Sec. 2, Cl. 2:
        The President shall have Power to fill up all Vacancies that may happen during the Recess of the Senate, by granting Commissions which shall expire at the End of their next Session.

        The chances of a recess appointment are low as a result of a U.S. Supreme Court decision in June 2014.

        The decision gave the Senate more control over when it recesses and how long the recesses last. National Labor Relations Board v. Canning struck down three Obama appointments to the NLRB that were made during a three-day break between pro forma sessions of the Senate. Could Obama make a recess appointment to the Supreme Court? Debra Cassens Weiss, Feb, 16, 2016 ABA Journal.

      24. That’s good anon..looks like the another agency ass clownry program is working well.. good job Mac..



        Anonymous, just another stupid as troll..

        • The “language” used on his ‘proof text’ was ‘twisted’ purposely. The POTUS needs more than just that for the making of appointments (to the best of my knowledge …no proof provided, or needed).

      25. TNAndy: Obama will do whatever the heck he wants. Already their are Republicans defecting from their so-called ‘wall’. The only thing that will happen is the price of guns will go up and become scarce…again. The price of ammo will go through the stratosphere. Again. I fear the worst. I fear a long hot summer.Literally and figurately. (shit) Piss on these people

      26. Remember in Spartacus when Sura said it so clearly, KILL THEM ALL!

      27. You people are so childish, you seem to give the impression that you have fear of death. Embrace death my fellow gun owners, for it shall surely embrace us. Long live the kiss of death: May the sweet taste linger upon our lips as we fall on the last day of freedom in this country.

      28. President Obama shaved his head and later was walking down the street, hand in hand with Michelle. They walked by a gun owner and he/she says, “Hey look, Michelle shaved her pussy!”

      29. All the Senate needs to do is hold a few days of hearings and vote him down, he’s not qualified, send another nominee. They can run this out through the election.

        Turn the politics back on the Democrats, we want another Scalia, not another Sotomayer. We expect the SCOTUS to protect all the Bill of Rights, including the 2nd Amendment. Prosecute hate speech? Jail climate change deniers? Let Obama explain to the American people why he wants a Justice that will approve those things his administration proposes.

        • …about everything that was done via an EO from Obama is/was his way of ‘skirting the Constitutional issues’. NONE of his EO’s were remotely Constitutional, and that’s why every last one of them that were written Donald intends to ‘erase’ if elected (that tells you right there that NONE of them truly affected The Constitution. POTUS nor SCOTUS can change a damn thing about The Constitution or Bill of Rights. They are carved into stone and the ‘base’ for all Common Law. Everyone delights in procrastinating how “they” seek to tear it all down. (It’s not so much the constitution they want torn asunder, but rather, they want all of our guns (one way or the other …and every one of us know it will be “the other’). THEN they would have total control over us as in: Comply or Die. “COMPLY OR DIE” (should be Hillary’s new Campaign Slogan for those “in the know”).

      30. They can’t have mine. They fell into a hole. The ones I do have when I run out of AMMO then they can have them.

        • I lost all mine in a terrible boating accident.

          • If they were registered (dealer sale) I hope you reported their loss to the police.

            Especially if you live in a universal background check and/or mandatory lost/stolen reporting area.

            Otherwise, better hope none of them ever show up somewhere, particularly in your possession or some criminal’s possession.

          • Yeah, I heard how your boat fell into that bottomless sinkhole of Sargent Dale’s. What a pity.

      31. I don’t care what laws come out against the 2nd amendment, I will not comply with any more bs. The second amendment doesn’t say unless politicians say you can have arms. It does say shall not be infringed (that means at all). The ATF is illegal,HMS is illegal, BLM is illegal. Need I say more?

      32. The Supreme Court does not have the power to change or modify the Constitution no matter how badly it wants to do so. Neither can the President or Congress. The only way to change the Constitution is through the amendment processes spelled out in Article V. thereof.

        Passing of laws, Supreme Court rulings, opinions and interpretations, presidential executive orders, whatever cannot be used to change the Constitution in any way, now or in the future, as a result of some other action to take place months or years down the road that, as a consequence, will in effect result in some action that will attempt to change the Constitution. NOPE, still unconstitutional because it was not done in accordance with Article V.

        States do not have to obey actions taken in Washington that are determined to be unconstitutional. They can use a process called nullification to ignore dictates that attempt to change the Constitution illegally.

        Make sure your state uses nullification every time Obama, or whichever President happens to be in office at the time, steps over the line and tries to be king or some other type of tyrant.

        We can clearly see the nasty One World Government agenda coming into play. Take a look at the news concerning the new head of the Department of Education. This guy took his lessons from Hitler and now he is in control of education policy. He wants all education controlled from Washington with parents and states having no say what so ever about education, information gathering on children, taking some children away from parents to be kept in government owned facilities and controlled by the government. There is so much more about this guy that will turn your stomach.

        Seven GOP senators, all elected to stop Obama, joined forces with Democrats on Monday to confirm the deeply unpopular pro-Common Core nominee for U.S. education secretary, extremist John King. This fact alone shows just how far the Establishment has run amok of the Constitution. They are ignoring us and our country to exact a UN controlled One World Government on us whether we want it or not.

        The only way we can stop them without using the 2nd Amendment rights the Framers gave us is to refuse to reelect anyone that is currently in office and to continue to reelect anyone after that. If we hold everyone to one term corruption and croni-capitalizm will go away and the Constitution will be returned to as the foundation of our System of Laws and our freedom and liberty to live as we choose.

        PLEASE, for God’s sake, DO NOT REELECT ANYONE NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU LIKE THEM. EVERYONE MUST BE PURGED FROM WASHINGTON SO WE CAN STAY FREE. The plan is already underway to make the World totally sustainable, and people as well. There are some very horrible consequences in store for Americans and all peoples of the World over the next 15 years as a result of UN Agenda 2030 and all the bad things come under sustainability. What could be bad about that? Millions/Billions of people being murdered to reduce the World’s populations to a sustainable number, for one. Sustainability of the World’s youth for another. Then, there is food, medicine, health, transportation. Agenda 2030 has 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and 169 milestones to be met along the road to reaching the SDGs. So some research. We have a long hard fight ahead of us to remain free and in control of our country and of our lives. I hope your up to the task.

        Oh, we can save ourselves a lot of grief if we can force the House to bring H.R. 1205, American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2015. This bill, when it becomes law, will get the U.S. out of the U.N. in every way and it will get the U.N. out of the U.S. completely. WE must make this happen people, our lives depend on it. Call your member of the House of Representatives over and over and over again and keep demanding that they sponsor H.R. 1205 and have it brought to the floor of the House for a counting of the yays and nays (no amendments or filibustering) vote. Make sure you tell them to get enough votes to override a veto.


      33. The gang in DC will NEVER stop. They will have to BE stopped.

      34. Joseph D. Hollinger,

        I do, in fact, agree with you. I have a few questions and concerns about leaving the a United Nations, as a practical matter, because I wish we had never joined.

        The Bible talks about the nation’s banding together to destroy Babylon. Russia has already “outed” us as a rogue nation. Since the US has veto power over IN decisions, leaving the UN leaves that group of nations unregulated altogether. If we face the fact that much of the evil promulgated by the UN is pushed by the US itself, then all that evil comes home to roost. Biblical prophecy in this is common srnse, once we are declared rogue, even economic sanctions can bring us down. This is still a wealthy country, every dollar we produce is mostly going to the Oligarchy. We are slaves to the few. We have squandered our world power on overthrowing legitimate governments, peacekeeping missions, and defending banking and corporate hegemony around the world. TPP is the next phase of giving our power to corporate interests, not to the UN.

        How do we back out of veto power in the UN Security Council without giving control to Russia or China?

        • The same way you deal with Enemies – – foreign or domestic?

      35. Joseph D. Hollinger

        We were part of the Allies in WWII, opposed to the Axis powers. Russia just cut a pipeline deal with China and they have economic interest in making it work. That already isolates us to a great extent because we have always counted on their enmity toward each other. Can we afford to be the US opposed to the UN? If the UN says X, Y, or Z, much of that is coming from our leaders anyway.

      36. Supreme court justices can b5e impeached folks Why are only Catholics an6d Jews on the Supreme Court? How did we get two lesbian6 jews on the court? Far as gun control tyrants Molon Labe as they say. At some point a Concord Lexington moment will happen. Concord Lexinton was about gun control the Brits were out to take away guns. they misjudged the situation and there was hell to pay for the error. It will happen again the brits had the best army in the world and felt they had little to fear from some farmers and small shop owners. Wrong they got their ass kicked. They can never take all the guns like they only got 1/3 of the gold coins when they declared them illegal under FDR How can they be so damn stupid as to so misjudge the situation? War is the only possible result of attacking the 2nd amendment in the long run

        • Rockmanr

          two lesbian jews… wtf?

      37. Don´t you people see the pattern? Merrick Garland is a jew. Just like Ginsburg, Kagan, Sotomayor and Breyer. Now 5 out of 9 judges of the Supreme Court are jews… Read “The Protocols of the learned elders of Zion” and you will understand what is going on…

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