Tensions Rise As North Korea Mocks Trump’s Tweet: ‘Spasm Of A Lunatic’

by | Jan 16, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 30 comments

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    North Korea and the United States seem to be reigniting the heated rhetoric that caused tensions between the two nations to tighten immensely. After president Donald Trump tweeted about the size of his nuclear button, North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un, had a reply of his own.

    North Korean state media called President Trump’s boast of having a bigger nuclear button than its leader Kim Jong Un the “spasm of a lunatic” Tuesday. North Korean propaganda has also dubbed Trump as a “loser” and a “psychopath” after the US president tweeted that his nuclear button is larger than Kim Jong-un’s and it actually functions.


    North Korea’s official news agency (aka, state propaganda) described Trump’s tweet as the “the spasm of a lunatic,” according to AP. “Trump’s bluff is regarded by the DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) as just a spasm of a lunatic frightened by the might of Juche Korea and a bark of a rabid dog,” said the report which summarized a commentary in the ruling party newspaper Rodong Sinmun. Juche is the official North Korean state ideology, often translated as “self-reliance.”

    The spasm of Trump in the new year reflects the desperate mental state of a loser who failed to check the vigorous advance of the army and people of the [Democratic People’s Republic of Korea] … He is making [a] bluff only to be diagnosed as a psychopath,” it added.

    Trump’s tweet came a day after Kim said in a speech: “The United States should know that the button for nuclear weapons is on my table,” according to the Associated Press. Kim claimed the weapons were capable of reaching the entire U.S. mainland. It followed an escalating war of words between Trump and Kim, amid global concerns that nuclear war could break out.  As we wrote in a previous report, the US military is already preparing for a war with North Korea, albeit silently.

    According to the Washington Post, in their Tuesday responses to the tweet, North Korean media also appeared to address speculations over President Trump’s mental health which were raised in the controversial “Fire and Fury” book. Trump has rejected the claims made in the book, and has boasted about being “like, really smart” and a “very stable genius” in response.


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      1. Tensions Rise As North Korea Mocks Trump’s Tweet: ‘Spasm Of A Lunatic’

        These two children (Dotard & Rocket Man) need to enter a boxing ring together to sort out their differences.

        • FTW

          I agree. While this is a very adult situation the players are school kids.

        • I’d do a pay-for-view to watch Un’s wife, Ri Sol-ju, and Melania go at it in a Jello-filled tub. That would at least be entertaining and not so disgusting as watching 2 fat guys tripping over their own guts hanging out.

      2. So this is how consensus for war is built. So freaking retarded.

      3. Old news ……

      4. You guys got it wrong. Trump is playing rocketman like a fiddle. Wait and watch. Rocketman has no room to negotiate. He will come to the table in a totally compromised position. Essentially bent over. Trump has the upper hand in every respect. the only card rocketman had to play was the terrorist card. “take me seriously, as if i was a world stage player, because i might be able to deliver a nuclear weapon, if we can ever get a rocket to work.” well, that card has been compromised by trump so kim has the bluff hand. at this point kim is just trying to work up the idiots here who get all flustered when trump mocks kim. But trump isn’t really concerned with the ramblings of the local idiots either, so kim has no traction at all. he is finished. just a matter of time.

        • We are a huge debtor nation to China. The debtor holds all the power. A loan shark never kills a debtor, if they do, they never get paid, Trump knows this. FU China.

          China controls N. Korea, they are minor pawns.

      5. Wun Hung Lo (Kim) would do well to keep his mouth shut and leave well enough alone.

      6. What if NK is a trojan horse? What if they are the distraction. Kim seems more than willing, even eager to start a war. Why? China and Russia both said they would come to NKs defense. Are they trying to start WWIII?

        While we have all our military assets busy in NK, Russia and China hit us at home.

        Think about this. Both Russia and China believe there will be a war with the U.S. Both have been testing our defenses with parking nuclear subs off our east and west coasts. Along with fly overs. How close can they get, they test. Apparently very close as both Russian and Chinese subs were within an incredibly dangerous range, and undetected. They didn’t realize (supposedly) that a Russian sub was parked on the east coast until it surfaced in Cuba. It is believed China launched a test missile off the California coast a few years ago. A warning.

        Consider this also. Both Russia and China are in prophesy at the end, the U.S. is not.

        • Dave
          That would be Russia and Chinas big mistake. Yes they would be able to get a foot hold here in the states, but then they would have to fight the true blue Patriot to the death. This fight would last for 50 years +. It would only take about 3% of us to fight and it would be bloody and brutal. They will have to fight folks from 15 years old to 70 years old and older.

          There is an old Star Trek program were this happened. Were they predicting the future?


          • I found it. Eps. #23 03/01/1968 Omega Glory.

            • Sarge, I posted a Q for you on the shiff thread, thanks 🙂

          • I don’t think this would be a ground war. Both countries think a nuclear war is survivable. And many hundreds of above ground tests over a few decades does nothing to dissuade them.

            Remember the events just prior to the election, where russia was practicing nationwide shelter drills. And putin held press conferences stressing the seriousness of the times. Admonishing the press for ignoring the seriousness! Seems to me they are tired of the constant war mongering. And being surrounded by military assets. It’s the we’re numero uno and untouchable attitude that is most dangerous. The big kid on the playground that gets his but handed to him.

            Religiously there is a country that no country can war with. A lot of people think that is the U.S. mystery Babylon, which is consumed by fire in one hour. We think we are awesome and righteous, but look what we have let happen to this country. Satan moved in and found no resistance. We say we are a Christian nation, but what Christian nation would be flying rainbows in solidarity? What Christian nation would be exporting its filth to the world (tv, movies, music, internet, porn)? What Christian nation would be killing its unborn in the millions? We have demon trannies teaching toddlers in public libraries, and lgbtq teaching children in grade school! I don’t think we can look to God to help us. He judges those who have fallen away the worst. Just ask Israel. I don’t see why God would MAGA right before the trib. And I believe something huge and catastrophic happens to lead the world into it. What would be scarier than that? The removal of the country keeping things at bay. Or are we? That’s a lot of doom and gloom, and I think there is a low percentage of things going this way. At least that is what I hope.

            • I believe America was once, not to long ago, the good kid on the playground. I believe we are now the bully. From 9/11 forward (actually long before, 9/11 is when it accelerated), I believe we are the NWO henchmen, and world leaders know this. It would explain a lot. And explain a lot with the odd behavior of NK. The deep state, elitists, illuminati, CFR, trilaterals, etc. want world government, “a new world order” (father bush) and I believe we are fighting the resistors.

              • I also believe this is why we have all the craziness in washington and across the country with regard to Trump. He is a major road block to the plans they have. Albeit a temporary road block, but a road block none the less.

                Hillary would have been tuned in to their plans and willing to do whatever it takes to get there. We would have open borders, and fema zones by now. Gun confiscation would probably be in high gear, and the removal of the red list, as well. By the end of her second term, there would no longer be a United States, and we would be known as the NAU, and part of the ten trade zones as planned by the WTO, CFR, and trilateral commission.

                Don’t forget that bush jr. planned the NAU starting with the SPP. Met with and planned with the three leaders of north America. It was actually the fullfilment of a WTO, CFR, and trilateral commission plan. All the documentation was easy to find, even on wikipedia.

                The Donald is in the way of all this.

                • Dave… If that’s the case why is Trump serving Israels cause in the push to control the middle east and the world? Arming the Saudis, siding with that nation to conquer Iran, responsible for 9-11 and the death of JFK and on and on crimes against America, calling the American people cattle, controlling the banks, dual citizenship takeover of all American legislative bodies. The Donald is in on all of this.

                  • Hint, Israel isn’t the enemy.

                    Islam is the religion of the antiChrist.

                    So many are looking in the wrong direction.

                    Hang the Jews, while the Muslims hunt Christians. Whom do you serve?

      7. Dave is right. China is NK’s closest ally and trading partner. NK can’t even FART without Chinese permission. The US are the ones being played.

        • You know TDBh – I’ve wondered if what you say and Dave above said above has some merit. It wouldn’t take a lot to take this nation down and have the blame fall on the wrong party. A Q-ship flying …. Iranian, Pakistani, Indian, Qatari…. colors loaded with the latest of Russian or Chinese EMP warheads as close as they could get by your ‘tests’ of our boundary zones would do the trick. Might actually be a NK vessel for that matter sailing with the protection umbrella of one of the more major players. Say a NK sub as an undersea shadow of a larger ship overhead. Just saying you guys might very well have some good points.

      8. Pretty soon they’ll meet and then they’ll take pecker measurements. Just wait and see. It’ll be in the middle of the night but I believe that little fraggot, “Whimsey Graham” will have “eyes” on the Whole Thang.

        • Yup, just buy his dvd of it for only 29.99 plus shipping! With bonus footage of his own micro penis! I think it’s time for sum peach cobbler, it’s the only way to cope with this garbage….

        • trailblazer, Thanks for the link.

          BTW, OFF TOPIC here; Control freak Chris Christie is also working behind the scenes with crazy man Jeff Sessions to cross-check medical marijuana patients with those who are listed in their respective state’s firearms registry as gun owners to get them to surrender their guns.

          They both believe that if you need medical marijuana or have been arrested in the past for a weed-related offense, then you’re not mentally equipped to own a gun. But you can be an opioid addict or an alcoholic and own a gun.

          Medical marijuana patients are going to confiscate their guns if they don’t surrender them. Most people on medical marijuana don’t want to go back to the discomfort or suffering of not having it to relieve their symptoms, and can’t just give it up. They shouldn’t be forced to choose.

          Trump is on board with all of this and knew Sessions was anti-legalizing marijuana, a staunch opponent of it.

          Trump is also well aware that AG Sessions is working with Chris Christie (who is no longer NJ Governor as of today) to enforce the system they are putting in place in every state where medical marijuana patients cannot own guns and are required to turn them in. As far as growing your own, that is soon going to be against the law in all or most states.

        • Curious to know how many limp wristed pussies will actually do it. But then it’s NJ, bunch of fookin commie fraggot statists….

        • Christie is the perfect textbook example of a RINO. But also remember, even idiot Bloomberg was a fake Republican some years ago. McCain is another one. And the list goes on.

      9. bump stick out of a wooden dowel and piece of wood. Check you tube. You could hang it on the wall for a coat hanger to disguise it. Just a thought. My 13 yr old can make one in wood shop class without revealing what he is really making and get a grade for it too. Things aren’t always as they seem.

      10. Many people don’t realize the Korean War ,we were fighting the Chinese. Now we have helped them go hi tech. We better have some secret weapon?

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