Sweden Warns “An Armed Attack” By Russia Cannot “Be Ruled Out”

by | Jun 19, 2023 | Headline News

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    A Swedish public broadcaster, SVT said on Sunday that “an armed attack” by Russia cannot be ruled out. “An armed attack against Sweden cannot be ruled out,” the broadcaster said citing a report prepared by the country’s parliamentary defense committee.

    “Russia has also further lowered its threshold for the use of military force and exhibits a high political and military risk appetite,” the document stated, according to SVT. “Russia’s ability to carry out operations with air forces, naval forces, long-range weapons or nuclear weapons against Sweden remains intact.”

    The report is due to be presented to the public on Monday. SVT cited an unnamed person who worked on the document as saying that officials intend to send “a clear signal to Russia,” according to a report by RT.  

    Last year, Sweden walked away from its long-standing policy of non-alignment and applied to join NATO, citing Russia’s ongoing military operation in Ukraine.

    The application process has since stalled, as Hungary and Türkiye have so far refused to approve the Nordic country’s bid.

    Sweden announced plans to drastically increase its defense budget earlier this year, and, in April and May, held its largest military exercise in over 25 decades. Stockholm has supplied Kyiv with heavy weapons and pledged to deliver its German-made Leopard 2 tanks and Archer mobile artillery guns. –RT.

    Russia has repeatedly said that military aid to Ukraine makes Western countries de facto direct parties to the conflict. Moscow also stressed that the continuing expansion of NATO would lead to additional escalation, and promised to adopt “countermeasures.”

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    The changes of all-out global conflict continue to increase, as nations continue to arm Ukraine against Russia. This is certainly going to ratchet up already sky-high tensions.

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