Survival Guide: Four Tips to Escape From a FEMA Camp

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    This guide was originally published by Jeremiah Johnson at Tess Pennington’s Ready

    fema-camp-escape2 fema-camp-escape

    ReadyNutrition Readers, this is the final installment on our Escape from the Stalag/Gulag series, in which we present a few uncovered finer points and tie it all in together.  You have read about the importance of the will to win, and about adaptability.  You have been introduced to the things you should do when first captured and interred.  You also read about what things you need to do before you “exit” the Gulag, and pointers to help keep you free.  All of these items are subordinate to one concept that will mean either success or failure for you:

    You must not merely believe that you can do it, you must know you can do it.

    4 Tips to Use When Escaping From a FEMA Camp

    1. You Will Need to Overcome Certain Factors 

    Now, another step in your escape is this concept: You must be willing to do what you normally would not even consider. The concept engendered here is that of risk: of putting your trust in yourself and taking a roll of the dice.  You have to take a chance.  Your job is to make that chance as greatly calculated as possible to what-if and war game every scenario in your mind.  Here are some of the things you must resolve yourself to do, if the need arises:

    • *Silence a guard: either by incapacitating or by killing
    • *Stealing equipment/weapons/food: being as “opportunistic a forager” as possible
    • *When you have decided the time is right, you may have to leave when others do not wish to: this can be very difficult, as the social aspect of human beings is sometimes so strong as to negate
    • *The weather may be terrible, but you have your only “open window” to act (in a fierce snowstorm…JJ’s personal favorite…or in pouring rain)
    • *The overall situation may not be good: a tremendous amount of prisoners executed/tortured, and other assorted horrors

    *Your physical condition may be extremely deteriorated (malnutrition, sickness, abuse, or a combination thereof).

    2. Your Mind is Your Greatest Tool

    There are many factors that have just been listed that you will have to overcome.  I wish to recommend a good tool that will help you to accomplish your task of physical and mental preparation.  The tool is meditation.  You will (as a diverse audience) undoubtedly have many religious and social practices in which you have learned in your lifetime to draw strength from.

    Without meaning to sound didactic, follow whatever course you normally do, and seek a method of meditation that does not conflict with your beliefs/practices.

    You need to learn to focus and clear your mind, and to do deep breathing exercises to control your heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, and alleviate stress.  This is key now, because you will rely on this in your debilitated state as a prisoner.  Trust me, it will make a great deal of difference and will be a balancing factor that will help you to make it through your troubles.  A form of discipline, meditation can place structure into a life that is turned upside down because of the captivity.  It falls in line with the “Small Victories” concept I outlined for your earlier.

    By clearing your mind and learning to relax and adjust the way your body responds to stressors, you give yourself an advantage.  This will arise in the way that you see things and plan your actions.

    Observe, observe, and observe.  Your situational analysis will never cease, and although most of your confinement will seem as if it is drudgery, there are fine details to analyze that may make the difference in your success for escaping.

    3. You Must Know Your Enemies (captors) Better Than They Know Themselves!

    Watch what they do.  Watch their actions and habits.  They will “telegraph” their weaknesses and shortcomings, just as a prize fighter telegraphs an opening every time he responds to your jab by dropping his left hand.  The guards are human beings, and in their stressful positions oftentimes the guards will neglect a self-analysis that would have caught the error that you, the captive must capitalize upon.

    Do your guards like to drink?  Do they appear to be lecherous towards the prisoners?  Do they fall asleep on their shift?  You must find their weaknesses and exploit them.  In this manner you will do more than merely find an opening: you will create the opening that you need.  Does this sound extreme?  It is, and guess what?

    Being captured and interred as a prisoner is also extreme.

    4. One other thought: a mule laden with gold will find its way through the gates of the most heavily-guarded fortress.

    You must preposition some valuables, such as gold, silver, jewelry, gems, antiques, artwork, etc.  Follow JJ’s advice, and do this in 3 different locations/caches.  You will then have a means of bargaining with collateral for your own release.  You must be very careful, because you must assess whether or not they will make a deal with you or if they will kill you and take your stuff.

    The plan can also be used to enable them to take you out of the camp.  Once you’re out, you may be able to “deal” with them more effectively and on terms you can create.  In route to the “cache” location, arrange to pass by a spot where a weapon can be stashed, and you may be able to turn the tables.  All of this will take a lot of planning and coordination.  It will take a lot of mental discipline on your part to envision all of these things transpiring and how you will deal with them.

    If you have these tips and a format down in your mind, you will increase your chances of being able to escape exponentially.  You will have no choice at that time: you must win with the weapons that you have.  The best of these is your mind, if you prepare it beforehand.  May it be that you follow JJ’s number one rule in dealing with being a prisoner:

    Do not allow yourself or your family to be taken…ever.

    Here’s wishing you success in all you do, and that you will develop the resolve to formulate a plan and then to execute it when the time and need arise.  Take care of one another and keep fighting the good fight!

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne). Mr. Johnson was a Special Forces Medic, EMT and ACLS-certified, with comprehensive training in wilderness survival, rescue, and patient-extraction. Mr. Johnson is an ardent advocate for preparedness, self-sufficiency, and long-term disaster sustainability for families. He and his wife survived Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. Cross-trained as a Special Forces Engineer, he is an expert in supply, logistics, transport, and long-term storage of perishable materials, having incorporated many of these techniques plus some unique innovations in his own homestead.

    This article first appeared at Tess Pennington’s Ready

    The Prepper's Blueprint

    Tess Pennington is the author of The Prepper’s Blueprint, a comprehensive guide that uses real-life scenarios to help you prepare for any disaster. Because a crisis rarely stops with a triggering event the aftermath can spiral, having the capacity to cripple our normal ways of life. The well-rounded, multi-layered approach outlined in the Blueprint helps you make sense of a wide array of preparedness concepts through easily digestible action items and supply lists.

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    Visit her web site at for an extensive compilation of free information on preparedness, homesteading, and healthy living.

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      1. Priority number one, DON’T GET CAPTURED in the first place. It’s hard to face certain death, knowing your family may be left without you, but if it allows them escape, it may be your best choice…YMMVAL think on your feet, allow no grass to grow between your toes….

        • I say this with all respect Mr. Johnson.

          With all that’s going on in this world escaping a FEMA camp is the last thing on my mind. Moronic and senseless article.


          • Anne Frank’s Diary Gains ‘Co-Author’ in Copyright Move
            The New York Times

            When Otto Frank first published his daughter’s red-checked diary and notebooks, he wrote a prologue assuring readers that the book mostly contained her words, written while hiding from the Nazis in a secret annex of a factory in Amsterdam. But now the Swiss foundation that holds the copyright to “The Diary of Anne Frank” is alerting publishers that her father is not only the editor but also legally the co-author of the celebrated book … Foundation officials “should think very carefully about the consequences,” said Agnès Tricoire, a lawyer in Paris who specializes in intellectual property rights in France, where critics have been the most vociferous and are organizing a challenge. “If you follow their arguments, it means that they have lied for years about the fact that it was only written by Anne Frank.”

            • So now you’re flushing out world changing conspiracies involving Anne Frank? This is a new low, even for YOU. So what does it really matter if her father helped write the book, how many people had a hand in writing the Bible, that’s right, nobody knows, but it’s taken as the story of God, no matter how many hands wrote the story. You’re getting pitiful now, scraping the bottom of your favorite hate barrel.

              • The god of the Bible is a murderous psychopath, wiped out the whole world in a flood because men decided to marry women. Read your Bible. Pure fiction, but also pure evil.

                • Puhleeze do not confuse the God of the Bible with satan whose murderous psychopathy has brought us toxic vaccinations, genetically modified food, FEMA camps, and much, much more.

                  You don’t know your Bible.

                  You don’t know your God.

                  But He wants to know you, because He loves you.

                  • Yeah and he wants your money.

                  • True Lone Ranger.
                    And if I was ” klad”, I would be very careful what he says about God.

                  • Klad knows his god all right but he sure doesn’t know my GOD.

                    • The thing to remember here are those who are atheists attack and degrade us that believe in God and his Son, they never participate in discussions by presenting rational arguments on their view. It is always attack, belittle and demonize you for your belief. Typical progressive socialist (communist)tactic, no rhyme, no reason, just attack your belief system that does no support their totalitarian agenda.

                • More like because men decided to marry other men…much like today.


                • Klad, you obviously don’t know your bible.
                  Those were not regular men. And most of the people on earth then did not care about God. Everything he does, there is a good reason for it.
                  Just as the one coming up soon. Evil will be done away with.
                  And those in hiding, he says that will do no good either. I do have faith in that.
                  Not very many know what the bible actually teaches because men ( preachers or priests) have lied to you about it.

                • KLAD,
                  You’ll find out the truth when you breathe your last. Can’t come soon enough.

                • You’re not only a sick puppy, you’re wrong!

                • Idiot

            • Being legally a co-author and an actual co-author are two different things. Regardless, a co-author can extend a 50-year copyright, whereas Anne Frank cannot. The family has used much of the royalties from their daughters diary to support charitable foundations, and they want to continue doing that. The book still sells thousands of copies a year, is performed in theaters around the world, sells thousands of DVDs and other film media, and will be televised or even remade as a new film more than once in the future.

              This is not the great conspiracy you seem to be claiming, it’s just a very common business procedure. Dig your long-lost great-great-uncle’s diary of his Civil War service up and publish it. If you don’t name yourself as the co-author, in 50 years your family loses all rights and royalties.

              • The “diary” was written in ball point pen. Ball point pens, as even Wikipedia admits, were not generally available until AFTER World War 2. The “co-author” question becomes even more important in noticing that the “diary” is in multiple handwriting styles.

                If it was just a matter of “common business procedure,” why did it need to be misrepresented for decades?

                Answer: the faked diary stands alongside faked photos and faked eyewitnesses and… a completely faked narrative about what happened to those declared internal enemies incarcerated in work camps.

                Plenty more evidence on my website at the thread titled “HOLOCAUST”—THE TRUTH WILL MAKE YOU FREE.”

                • Yeah, it was all fake, none of it ever happened. What really surprises me is you and your idiot ” Camraden”, them guys, hunter, and a couple more oddballs really think you can convince people of your sick and twisted little fantasies by posting bullshit stories from your Nazi websites and pawning them off as ” facts” when they’re nothing but fantasy tales retold by the loser Nazi’s. You’ve wasted your life by believing nonsense like the ” Turner Diaries”. Now all of you look like pathetic children, every one of you cries like a little girl about being censored, you guys are now no more than a comedy act, and not a very funny one either.

                • ” Evidence”. So THAT is what’s passing for evidence these days. Whackjobs who read nutcases who write books about how they have ” discovered” the real truth themselves. Sure, it’s easy, just make up your own stories, write a book, and claim is it’s the REAL truth. Then have somebody else endorse how ” true” it all is, and bingo, your own version of the ” truth”. To think that anybody could actually believe that what happened in Europe during the Nazi regime was all ” faked” by the Jews has serious mental health issues, and then call himself a ” good” Catholic. You’re sick jqp, someday maybe soon your hate will consume you, it can’t happen to quickly.

                  • You winters and smoky are paid government propagandists and we all know it .

                    • Lone, you and your Nazi buddies, but especially yourself, are stupider then you’ll ever know.

            • Everything about the Holohoax is a lie. Lying, cheating and stealing is in the Satanic Jew’s DNA!

              • Your sick Mike, it’s that simple. Go back to and sing the horst wessel song.

          • +1 BB
            Got more pressing things to deal with for sure

          • BigB

            I don’t think it is a bad article. We have been around the block more than others. We have not got into the solid stuff yet. We will later, if we can.

            I am not going to be a prisoner or go to any camp. It would be a Death Sentence. Older Prepper’s know this.

            • Slingshot, any article by JJ is a good article, period. But it is best to avoid capture at all costs. I’m not going to be anyone’s prisoner, either. I’ll be laying dead somewhere with a weapon and a shitload of mags and spent brass laying around my corpse.

              • I come here for two reasons – Jeremiah Johnson’s articles and to read the comments. IMO, the comments make the web site.

            • I’m not going to a camp. I wouldn’t last long anyways. I have one medicine that I have to take or die. It can be made if you know how to. But, in a bad situation like that, I’d rather die. My intentions would be to provoke them enough for them to put a bullet between my eyes. End of story.
              I have no family so to speak and I have nothing to lose.

              • Cinderella – Sadly, same here.

                I have a very specific type of lung damage from 9/11. Many others (also non-smokers) who were also nearby the Towers suffer with the identical symptoms and we’ve all been diagnosed with the same lung disorder. Without the one medication I take I am dead. I also have no family left.

                I do have an adult daughter nearby, skilled in certain survival techniques but lost her yrs ago to a cult-family that she (mistakenly) married into. All the survival techniques in the world can’t get her out of that. Local LE made a bad situation worse and didn’t help us at all.

                A friend told me if worse comes to worse, instead of suffocating, or suffering through a long, drawn out death when there is zero hope, put myself in the center, meaning right in harm’s way of flying bullets, and go quickly, instead of enduring long, drawn out suffering.

                So, even though I am well prepped, that’s my Plan B. thought I’d share that, FWIW.

                • Thank you. and sorry about your daughter, for now. Hope you will still be there if she ever escapes.

                • Join local church or help guide a youngster , not dead till you are cc

          • Wheres your written article to help others? I see no little b articles around,there’s a saying, “It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.”

          • The recent muslim attacks in Paris are often looked at as a distraction from the objective, the controlling of the worlds’ population by the eleite few. This is a tactic of the plan, fear(again), pushes the masses to move to safety and unfortunately dependence upon the goverments that move to control them. This article is as relevant as it ever was, perhaps more so. Keep your eye on the goal, yours and theirs.

            • Paris just made me dig my heels in deeper and plan even harder.

          • Could this not be adapted as some kind of E&E for kids stuck in a SHTF school lockdown?

          • Moronic and senseless,how so,Big B? A little info. on your reasoning would help.

            • Old Nam, Have you seen a FEMA camp? Me neither, not saying they wont appear. But not a real clear and present danger to me at this point. That’s the senseless part. Moronic part is people who write fear porn. What’s next, escape from a viper pit?

              You know what really bugs me about Mr. Johnson? I been around a little bit around for a little while. Mr. Johnson’s resume has a smell to it that I just can’t identify. You wouldn’t be using the handle Old Nam if you didn’t know what I am saying.


              • I’d rather deal with a viper pit than FEMA camp guards…at least the real snakes are predictable and not motivated by irrationality and hate.

          • Shhhhhh just relax and let yourself go back to sleep.

            Its all the “stuff” going on in the world that makes this important. The Natzis and others did not spend millions building camps to leave them empty….

            Hillary already said she wants to send people to “re-education” camps just like the Soviets. The only thing you learn there is that you and your family is not ever going home.

            FEMA camps exist as well as other detention centers. These are the ones we know about and I strongly suspect that there are active hidden centers like the one found in Chicago.

            So getting ideas on how to get out of one is very on-topic and while I agree there could be moronic and senselessness here, it has nothing to do with the above article….

          • Are those the FEMA camps that are/were suppose to be located under all those Walmarts in Texas? Yeah, real threat here-NOT!!

          • Then you get what you deserve, you will die inside or outside. One way as a free man, the other as a slave with starvation or worse in your future.

        • I’ll be more focused upon killing the people that are trying to put me in a camp.

          • Menzo, I’m with you on that.

      2. Soon the entire country becomes a large FEMA camp if not already. Do we need to scape and if scape where to GO?

      3. Rule no. 1: Never ever go into a FEMA camp under any circumstance. No matter how bad things are, they will be worse there. If things go south, a FEMA camp will make the Superdome during Katrina look like the Ritz-Carlton.

        Rule no. 2: See rule number 1 above.

        • when travel out of this country is suspended or completely stopped , the entire country will be one big FEMA camp( it already resembles one at this very moment).. so worrying about being “put in one” will be out of the question,, the mere fact that you stand on this soil will be the FEMA camp all have spoke of

          its past time to to fight

          • yes, i know this concept will be hard for some to understand or swallow .. but doubt it, at your own peril

          • Wait till these CIA trained extremist pull off an event here in the states and the self riteous govt declares martial law and wants all our guns,,,
            Thats gonna be fun,
            Cinderella up above said “got nothing to lose”
            Thats going to be the understatement if what a few of us feel is coming goes down,
            Freeforall is all I can say, and it wont end well for anyone

            • yep, they can declare ML all they want,, they wont get my arms the easy way

              when the call for the guns comes , so will the call for Revolution and his head on a pike

              • Your not alone, everyone i know who owns guns here says the same thing, thats a lot of resistance even by my shitty math

              • Not only that one head, but the heads of all complicit, ISIS will have nothing on what takes place in the states,
                100 heads

          • It really is Enemy, it really is.


      4. Number 5: After a successful escape, formulate a plain to bust everyone else outta that dump

        • What about the one’s that went there willingly?

          • You can’t fix stupid.

      5. Agreed JAS. I refuse to allow anyone to abuse my gift of life while I am on this earth. They may speed up my departure, but not without a fight.

      6. NADA…..if you find yourself in a FEMA camp, you’ve already lost the war. The article needs to concentrate on eliminating such a totalitarian threat before it happens. Nothing or nobody is going to drag me off to a FEMA camp or any other place without a fight. Furthermore, they are not going to order me to “shelter-in-place” like they did in Boston….or a forced evacuation from my property. Try to infringe on my rights with an illegitimate order, and i will KILL the enforcers, no matter what uniform they wear.!!!!

        • J, I’m with you all the way.

        • I’m with you J! The best defense is a damnd good offense. F with me and they will have more than they bargained for. I have told all of my police buddies to steer clear of my place when the shtf!

      7. If you allow a fascist boot licking shit stain of pure filth in the cowardly US military, or the even more cowardly Police Forces of collapsing America, to take you or your family to a FEMA Camp in the first place, then you are nothing but a worthless low life coward pussy Zombie trash, whose children will curse your name and spit, shit, and piss on your cowardly scum grave.

        • Ron, I just love your way with words.

          • LOL. Ron does, doesn’t he? Love it.


        • Ron, I have a feeling that the reason Brokeback Obama is allowing the Mexican border to remain open, and bringing in all of these muslims is that he’s already aware that no local state or federal LEO’s have the stomach for gun confiscation, and so the plan is to engage us in a war of attrition. The ISIS types are to serve as his proxy warriors against us, just as he uses them against Assad. They will kill us at random, blowing up shopping malls, Walmarts, schools, public gatherings of any kind. Once it starts, you can be sure guns and ammo will no longer be for sale to civilians. Many of us will engage the terrorists, using up our ammo on them. They’re willing to die, so you WILL have to use it. At some point, we will all run out of ammo, and when the shootouts or explosives have taken their toll on enough families, many will beg for help from Brokeback. The camps will seem safe. When the camps become overpopulated, a culling will occur…

          • I would upvote this a thousand times if I could.

      8. If you aren’t smart enough to stay out of it in the first place you aren’t smart enough to get out of it after you’re put in it (and stay out of it).

      9. man you have got a hole in your head. you are just making shit up to get an article on this site.

      10. I’m picturing Hogans Heroes but this won’t be a comedy. A bit off topic but when I read this it reminds me of a story I read recently. Somebody in government is trying to pass legislation that veterans receiving VA medical care will be mandated to receive vaccinations rather than just a choice offered to vets as is the present policy. I’ve refused all shots for twenty years and will never accept them. This will piss off a lot of veterans if pushed through. This is insane!

        • Alijamo:

          Vets are on the hit list of the ZioNWO safe cities UN controlled by Zionist Isreal and created for world domination, because of their knowledge and fighting ability. I know a little about flu shots and vaccinations. They contain squalor which caused Gulf War Syndrome. Mercury is in vaccines and Mercury is such a lethal poison that no amount is safe. I would, personally not recommending to others, but personally, I would take my chances without Medical care before getting a vaccine. Especially during this time of political upheaval where all the normal limits of acceptable behavior are being disregarded. We torture. We are not the America of our fathers. We are a people under foreign control. Israel controls the world. Wake up to reality. AIPAC

          • Another thing:

            Someone I love got a tattoo. This is so dangerous. Hepatitis, Aides, death. A needle can be contaminated intentionally or because of the incompetence of the “nurse” or tattoo artist. Recently someone was caught using dirty needles. How many are never caught. No needles, no vaccines, no tattoos; as if your life depends on it. Tell your kids. They think it’s cool because of the celebrities with tattoos. A lot of those tattoos are made with henna, a natural dye. They wear off in about six weeks and are repainted like hair dye or make up. Real tattoos are scars for life.

            • B from CA,
              I like my scar for life. Took me 3 nonstop hours. Loved every minute of It. And it still stands for the same reason I got it. Been 12 years now.
              I am picky on needles. I watched and made sure they were steralized coming out of packages.. Every one of them he used. The guy was a professional in tats, bikes and other award winning work.
              I have never regretted mine. Nor the symbolism it stands for. My design too. But a person cant really see it..most times.
              Things go crazy and go south…I may put someone’s head on a pike and hang the body upside down in a tree. Wanna make sure it leaves a clear message.
              And yes, I suppose I will take a few out, if they wanna come this way. But, the locals will probably get more..and they are already on the situation.
              I tend to gross a few out on the fun ways to do with some. My active imagination. 😉 All I get is, ” I wouldn’t wanna piss you off. ” I suppose it’s my NAI coming out. Ask passin..he knows.
              Maybe if they wanna Fk up my life…I might as well do theirs. Could get interesting.

      11. Just as a side note, I had an interesting experience this morning. I was sitting in my vehicle in town, waiting on my wife when I heard loud helicopters coming. I got out and tried to find them and when they finally came into sight, they were extremely low flying straight north from Orlando area. There was 7 very large grey, refuelable, helicopters with no visible signs of any markings flying in formation. I tried to video them with my cell phone, but the picture didn’t come out very good due to them being between me and the sun. I know there has been some reports down in the Miami area of unmarked helicopters, but this is the first time I have seen them up in my area.

      12. Great article, having done Ranger training as an infantry soldier J.J is spot on about your mind being the greatest weapon at your disposal. When your body says quit, your mind has to tell your body to shut the hell up. My participation in sports like wrestling and cross country running gave me the intestinal fortitude to make it through field exercises and schools that the U.S Army offered. “Embrace the suck” as we used to say. Take this info to heart readers. J.J Is trying to put another tool in your tool box. Keep your powder dry.

      13. Thank you for the article JJ. May be a bit premature to run senarios on your capture or escape right now though. I do agree with having a plan in your brain for when the shtf. What ever that shtf might be in your guys neighborhood. If I was in a camp like that I would be scroungeing up the 5c’s then 10 c’ of survivability. After that the plan is ‘What is my greatest or best opportunity to get out of Hell.

      14. Menzo, your still posting on this site? Your Handle is a muslim name, and your not one of us, so stop trying to come on here posting like you fighting for Freedom, when you are a muslim jihadist or possbile Fusion center employee, agency ass clown troll. Get the hell of the site, and go elese where, your comments are not needed around here. If you think coming on here will make us posters say the wrong think to fuse data, your just kidding yourself. And besides i am in contact with the White Hats govenment intelligence sources, so don’t even bother to threaten me Punk. Its crap like you thats causing trouble and its obvious that your a troll, who has had many handles changed.



        Agency ass clown super moderator.

        • Look up the name dumbfuck. Muslim it ain’t

          • Menzoberranzan, the City of Spiders, is a fictional city-state in the world of the Forgotten Realms, a Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting. It is located in the Upper Northdark, about two miles below the Surbrin Vale, between the Moonwood and the Frost Hills. It is famed as the birthplace of Drizzt Do’Urden, the protagonist of several series of best-selling novels by noted fantasy author R. A. Salvatore.

            • Yes grandee. Very good books if you like fighting and suspense. Reading is a lost art today, it actually forces one to use their imagination.

        • Perhaps I will get to kill you white hat

      15. Call me crazy, but I’ve actually thought about the scenario of if you are captured and bargaining with a cache. My thought was, if you got caught on a supply run or something, and you have people back at your BOL who patrol, would it be advantageous to have a pre-planned route and “cache” location that sets up an ambush? You tell your captors that you have a cache and you can lead them to it, but you take a specific route to the cache, making your way passed a friendly sentry who radios back to the BOL that there is a hostage situation. That is the signal for the other armed people in your group to setup at the cache site to take out the captors. Seems safer than stashing a weapon somewhere and hoping you can get to it. Thoughts? It is all well and good to say “don’t get caught”, but I like to think that bad things will happen no matter how well you plan. I tend to try and figure all scenarios and what would save me if x, y, or Z happened.

      16. Good article, ignore the idiots whom imagine they will go out of this world in a blaze of glory instead of typhoid in a fema camp.the reality is, saying that flags you for a 3am visit. And yes they have the tech to know if you are awake. Look in to jade helm and see the plan. Every article has something to offer, this one does too

        • enki god of summer

          Just coming to this site could get you a 3 a.m. visit.

          • When they come here, they all die here horribly. Ready.

          • Good. I can hardly wait ss.

      17. They could use trickery (the psychopath’s favorite game) to get some people in FEMA Camps, especially among rioting, looting, fires, anarchy, etc., when people are fearful and restless, and if so, may not announce “You MUST come with us, you’re being taken to a FEMA Camp, like it or not.”

        Instead, they may look like regular, normal people just trying to be helpful and may say “You need to evacuate, it’s not safe here, come with us, we will get you to safety.”

      18. RR, that is a good plan. Another thing you can do is always carry a 1/2 oz. gold coin with you. Use it for bribing or say I know where there is more and get them to follow your plan.

        • And they will waterboard you, or if Arabic,(muslim brotherhood members hold high-ranking positions in DHS), beat the soles of your feet until you tell them where the gold is. You WILL tell them. Bad idea.

      19. Renee, you have a good point, its just that in a calapse or war, as in and invading army, those soldiers dont negioate with captured women. Best not to get captured especially if your and attractive woman. Lets say that they decided to listen to you, and you took them there, then what will happen next? Find a male friend or boyfriend who is trigger happy and will shoot attackers in a post calapse.

        I recomened a violent response to your attackers or captors, and try to get out of the situation. Just remember that nice average everyday men, over night become violent rapist and murderors after a calapse in just 3-4 days.

        As far as the BOL. After checking my preps recently, and saw the destruction of my bug out bag from water damage, i was scewed and not only was i not going to make it my BOL, i would have been dead and gone within 72 Hrs.



        • My thoughts weren’t really related to Fema situations, mostly if me or someone in my group was captured(would have to be an extreme situation for any of us to even leave the BOL), I would want one “Hail Mary” play to save them. I only live about 3 hours from the BOL and I have an EMP proof vehicle and stored gas. Nothing is foolproof, but I’m trying to cover all the bases. I can also take all back roads to the BOL, no large population centers between locations.

        • You got a big mouth gov stooge. I’d love to shut it for you, and I could. HCK

      20. 2 things come to mind (pre and after)
        1) I’ve instructed my children (when younger) that if you ever get into an evil doers vehicle: you’re dead.
        2) As an American fighting man, it is your responsibility to escape, by ANY means.

      21. If you have people on the outside that could incarcerate some of the guards favorite people until you are released.

      22. Not liking the number of trolls on here, are they baiting us so we can be logged as extremists? Do they get paid per log?
        Another point worth mentioning is “the plan”. First (insert crisis here) then a pause (food runs out) then detain dissadents marked red or blue- eliminate or re-education, then anoint a new emperor with all it entails including ownership of whatever is deemed nessasary. Tyranny 101. We just need to think about when to run, when to hide and when to yell (and mean it) “glory to the empire!”

        • NSA. Recorded phone calls will hang many.

      23. “a tremendous amount of prisoners executed/tortured, and other assorted horrors”

        In a FEMA camp?!???!! Are you serious?!? This strikes me more as sensationalist bluster meant mote to scare than to inform

        • It’s happened many times before.

          • Yes, it has, unfortunately. And we like to think we are more progressed than that.

        “a tremendous amount of prisoners executed/tortured, and other assorted horrors”

        In a FEMA camp?!???!! Are you serious?!? This strikes me more as sensationalist bluster meant more to scare than to inform

        • What kind of scenario would prompt these mass round ups, checkpoints etc? The possibilities are endless at this stage of the game. People taken out in these camps is totally plausible. You think homeless don’t get disappeared?

          • Anon

            Think El Salvador.

            • Heck, think Portland Oregon. In the late 70’s and early 90’s, homeless people were frequently unwitting witnesses to Portland Police dumping not-so-lifeless bodies in the Willamette river, because of the natural proximity of their camps to the river bank.

              Not all homeless people spend all of their time stoned or drunk. Some are actually pretty alert.

              Part of Portland underground lore says many people have “gone missing” for reporting police misconduct, getting in the way of the local protected drug lord or just seeing/knowing something that you shouldn’t have.

              It’s amazing how some homeless people can be so invisible when they need to…

      25. I think the most important factor to consider first is how you have absolutely broken from reality because you think there are FEMA camps.

        • James P.

          Every NFL stadium can be turned into a FEMA camp within hours. Local High School and College also.

          Hide in plain sight.

          Fly them in. Bus them in. Train them in. Truck them in.

          They only have to round you all up.

      26. Mr. ‘Jeremiah Johnson’ – just a note to tell you that this article was one of your better ones. Good information, food for thought.

        On that last – I’ve a question in return. As I reread this essay I wondered several times ‘what does this guy know that he’s really trying to tell us?’. You obviously seem to think, to the point of a well-outlined and well-written article – that this information is necessary; perhaps, crucial. I suppose the tenor of the whole thing is what hit me. It wasn’t just some exercise in literary skill. It wasn’t just one more ‘how to can home-grown veggies’, ‘what’s the best knife or bug-out bag’ or ‘how to make a dead-fall trap’….. like so many prepper submissions. No, you seem to have some first-hand knowledge of something up and coming.

        And Sir – I really am going with my instincts on this. But, rarely have they failed me. So? What is it that you’ve learned? Like so many things anymore, it isn’t what one sees or reads, it is what they don’t that counts most. What I didn’t read is what I want to know.

        • Dear Heartless,

          Your comment was very interesting, and I feel that your words are sincere.

          All that I have written for this site I have attempted to be proactive and be a “facilitator of information” that people will need in the times to come.

          That being said, to answer your question, there is a key to surviving what is coming:
          the ability to see….to see beyond the superficial…to see into their plots and schemes…

          To see…that a paradigm shift has occurred, and the citizens have been conditioned to accept a soft form of socialism…to see that it will progress to full-blown tyranny.

          Hope this helped. Thank you for the comment.
          Respectfully Yours,


      27. Threatening to kill me Menzo. Oh you would love to shut me up eh. The russian spetsnaz who came up in my face at the Galleria in Houston, did not shut me up. You since that name is associated with muslims, spiders my ass, and your kind from that region, is none the less fact, it aint French and it ain’t Jewish. And since i am from a mixed simi, red neck Jewish bloodline, you can come and shut me up. I told that russian to get the phuck out of the store, and orderd his ass to leave the premises. Last time i checked i am still alive and still typing.
        i am sure the fusion center and russians that dispached him out to the store to confront me and my chick friend that he must have told them about my clothing apparel and how unfriendly i was dresses all decked out in red neck and cammo apparel.

        You are the one coming on here talking about you need to kill them all. I dont share your ideology muslim, so go phuck off and eat sh,…t.. Your only talking about kicking my ass because you must be new to the board. If you saw me in person, you would literally piss your pants publically, i dont get picked on buddy.

        I am a martial artist and i am punching, and kicking and get crap kicked out of me every week. So you aint sh….t around here.

        The last hotshot that talked crap up into my face at the gym 2 yrs ago, nearly sh…t his pants when i entered the aerobic room in front of the entire Gym, when i started do high kicks, into and iron support bar, kicking and punching the crap out of it, since it had no cussioning, then walked back onto the floor to confront the dred lock punk. He started the shake and tremble in front of people, so dont talk sh…t to me you little boy.

        You are nothing more than a coward and a jihadist pussy. Don’t think that us here at shtf will let you come onto this site and destroy what Mac has built risking his life just from the sites mere existence and its contents was enough, much less you coming on here threatening people. You are not going to get accepted on this site, a few people have come on here and have talked crap and i had to clear them of troll status. Expericence has taught us posters to recognize trouble when we see it and you have problems. If you are legit and are tring to get accepted into this community, then change your tone, and prove yourself. Then i will lift you of agency ass clownry. I will give you a chance to see if you qualify. If your not reporting on real threats, and keep attacking David Hodges, Quayle and other ligitimate posters and ligitimate sources that have informed the masses, then i will know that your and agency ass clown troll. Prove your self.



        Agency ass clown super moderator.

        • The jews and the rednecks are in cahoots? I knew it! I already knew that the spetznaz and the blacklivesmatter folks were in cahoots, but damn dude.

        • Really HCKS, really? Menzo got his name from a Fantasy novle series by R.A. Salvatore. Oh btw your Olanzapine refill is ready.

      28. Once you are taken to ‘the second location’ it’s pretty much curtains. The first location is entering the vehicle used to transport you to the second location.

      29. FEMA camps will become a everyday sight if BHO gets his way.

        • Or if hillary gets a chance.

          • Got word awhile back she’s been bought by the ruskies. Wouldn’t surprise me.
            Bet she will be the next prez.

            • Putin ain’t her type – she likes them young and mkultra’ed out of their mind…

      30. Good article to get one thinking,thanks JJ.It does not have to be a fema camp,could be makeshift jail/evil ones in neighbourhood rounding up folks,a slew of options that this article still relates to,I like the ending,don’t allow yourself to get captured.I doubt I would before death but then,things happen.While enjoying life day to day giving some thought to these scenarios may be the ticket of freedom.

      31. I havnt commented on an article here in quite some time.but this one piqued my interest.reguarding fema camps,everyone here should know what zone you are in,by be proactive.visit the area of said camp,and if at all possible,trek the land surrounding it(posing as a lost hunter,for example)and throw down a cache on at least two locations,while the “camp” is “not operational”.so if this senario ever occurs,you may just have a backup in place.i may overthink things,but try my damndest to be prepared for what could happen.-out

        • That is not a bad idea. dont get caught trespassing though.

        • This is how a true prepper thinks. Cache to support an escape from a FEMA camp.

          If you think it through fully you will focus on a few critical elements to add to the initial cache. I would stage the caches with one on opposite sides of the camp (i.e. east and west of camp) then a line of them every 15-25 miles with basics you would need right then. i.e. pure energy bars, water, first aid in first “close-in” caches. No shelter, no fire only things to nourish and help you run. Old pair of shoes? Perhaps a trap for hounds you can set at a bottleneck. Don’t need to kill the hound(s), just hurt it badly enough to slow it. You don’t have time to make traps so you need them ready so you can set them quickly and leave.

          I would strongly consider stashing an old bike covered in plastic or a tarp wrapped and well hidden within 5 miles. They will throw up perimeters assuming your on foot. If scared and motivated you can hold 15+ miles per hour on a bike. They will concentrate close by initially so the faster you add distance the better.

          If you escape with many others get away from them and add distance, the bike will help but being a single target vs in a group of 40 makes you a lower priority. This buys you time and even if it buys only 30 mins if you are on a bike that could de a ten mile head start with you outside of the first perimeter…

          Add fire, first aid, bike repair, food, shelter, weapons et cetera in later caches as needed.

          If you can get away faster than they set up perimeters you have a good chance of escaping. The bike is crucial to this… fixer-upper bike on craigslist or backpage is $25, $50 if you want a mountain bike. Cheap for such a huge advantage in survival.

          Also if your bug out location is within 150 miles you can likely bike this in 1-5 days depending on conditions so your needs / costs for caches should be minimal.

      32. The “Elite-devil-worshipping mother truckers with their morals of a billy goat think their going to eliminate millions if not billions of us and while hiding in their golden underground palace pits, and then get their NWO, they think they are going to rule for another thousand years, well, there’s a Power Above that’s going to squash these demonic Bztrd*s and put them way down in their place!

      33. Their employees are the real enemy.

      34. Good article brother


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