Unannounced Shooter Drill Terrifies Students: “I Thought He Was Going to Shoot Me”

by | Nov 17, 2014 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 95 comments

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    “So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself—nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.”

    These words from FDR, dating back to his 1933 inaugural address at the height of the Great Depression-era of desperation, are quite famous enough, but take on new significance in a post-9/11 and post-Sandy Hook-era of undue panic and fear of death and killing around every corner.

    As usual, everything is blown completely out of all proportion.

    Instead, the shock of response from authorities themselves has become an equal or even greater concern than the relatively rare acts of terrorists and school shooters.

    Is our sense so lost that we can never find it again?

    Take a look at what happened at a middle school in Winter Haven, Florida just days ago:

    The disturbing event happened early in the school day at Jewett Middle Academy on Thursday, November 13th, 2014.  Without explanation, the principal announced at 9:00 a.m. that the school was being put into lockdown.

    Moments later, police officers swept through the school, classroom-by-classroom, with weapons drawn.  The bewildered children and teachers actually thought they were in real danger.

    “We actually thought that someone was going to come in there and kill us,”  said 7th grader Lauren Marionneaux to FOX affiliate WTVT.

    The event was an “active shooter drill,” which are becoming commonplace in America’s public schools, with varying degrees of realism and notification.  Ostensibly promoted as a way to thwart school shootings, the controversial and dangerous drills also subtly shape the perspectives of young, impressionable minds.


    The teams of officers were not carrying prop firearms.  The weapons were real and they were loaded with real ammunition, police confirmed to the Washington Post.

    Frightened children began to send text messages to their parents, sending them into a panic.  No parent had been notified that the dramatic event was going to occur, nor asked permission, nor granted consent.  The first official explanation came in an email, on the day after the drill. [emphasis added]

    One student at this overly-realistic shooter drill told the press: “I’m panicking because I’m thinking that it’s a legitimate shooter is coming, that something bad is happening at the school.”

    There is no doubt these impressionable school children, like thousands of others across the country, are being conditioned with fear. The students and teachers alike were not even warned that a drill would take place.

    Police and school officials defended the move to keep the drill secret and burst into classrooms and hallways with the school unaware, ultimately claiming: “It really is to protect the children.”

    “It’s very important that, when you do your drill, you do it without everyone knowing that it’s a drill,” Winter Haven Police Chief Charlie Bird said.

    Apparently, practicing like you play is a good enough reason to scare the living crap out of everyone.

    The Real Terrorists: Who Watches the Watchers?

    But is this really for the greater good? Ancient wisdom says we must always ask the question: Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? or Who Watches the Watchers?

    Today, we must also question whether the drills and training for catastrophic– but ultimately rare – events such as terrorist attacks and school shootings are helping police, responders and the public to prepare for the worst; or instead, whether we now face a problem of ipso facto, where the thing itself (the response) is a greater threat than the original problem as a source of fear and terror across the land.

    The fear of terrorism during the Bush Administration – in the wake of 9/11 – was all too palpable. And, for anyone paying attention, it was also clearly goaded on by deliberate fearmongers benefitting from bumps in the polls and profiting from contracts for more war, more counterterrorism infrastructure and training, and for a while, some pretty sensational life-like television drama.

    Yet, years after the fog of terrorism, it emerged that nearly every terrorist plot in the United States since 9/11 was literally provoked by an FBI informant. The very terrorists that made headlines were entrapped by the feds and often given money and weaponry to carry out their attack. Project Censored reported in 2012:

    The agency has developed a network of nearly 15,000 spies to infiltrate various communities in an attempt to uncover terrorist plots. However, these moles are actually assisting and encouraging people to commit crimes. Many informants receive cash rewards of up to $100,000 per case.

    Did you ever see director Terry Gilliam’s absurd but prophetic 1985 film Brazil? The movie depicts a scenario in a total nightmare police state, during which the government lost track of whether terrorist bombings were even being carried out by actual terrorists, or instead were set up by counter terrorism informants posing as terrorists (see clip). Sound familiar?

    Similarly, the gun control lobby has been caught fudging statistics and funding media reports to exaggerate the danger of school shootings. While media coverage give the distinct impression that the level of violence and mass murder is steadily increasing, a sober look at the numbers reveals that the number of actual school shooting victims has remained fairly constant – at or around 45 deaths per year – since 1992.

    The real number of victims of false perception and irrational fear, however, is much greater. Media-driven fear casts a much wider net than any number of evil doers ever can.

    The statistical odds of dying in a terrorist attack are so ridiculously low that, not only does it not come even close to ranking among the most common causes, at 1-in-3,500,000 it is literally only slightly more likely than being struck by lightning. And those are conservative numbers.

    Yet, the odds of being preemptively screened at an airport on suspicion that you might be a terrorist are nearly 100% for any travelers not wealthy enough to arrange for a private plane. And the chances of being filmed by a surveillance camera or watched by teams of undercover spies hired by the federal government in the wake of 9/11 are great enough to approach inevitability.

    Likewise, the statistical odds of your child dying in school shooting, according to a Department of Education and Secret Service study, is less than 1-in-a-million.

    These deaths are still very much a tragedy, but we cannot let society shake us out of our senses and shake us down for more irrational spending on (false) security and increased government power.

    Of course, the definition of terrorism makes clear that it is the resulting effect of terrorizing which creates victims of fear and upset, whether or not the cause itself is justified:


    Uh huh.

    So, who are the real terrorists?



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      1. Strange, we seem to have terrorism here on this site too.
        Verbal terrorism. Later Guys and Gals…

        • “Strange, we seem to have terrorism here on this site too.”

          Seriously, Eppe? Who woulda thunk it?


          • Who is watching the watchers? Good question.
            The Feds are too busy watching us.


            40 different agencies

            Officers posing as students, business people, doctors, ministers

            More Federal Agencies Are Using Undercover Operations

            “The federal government has significantly expanded undercover operations in recent years, with officers from at least 40 agencies posing as business people, welfare recipients, political protesters and even doctors or ministers to ferret out wrongdoing, records and interviews show.

            At the Supreme Court, small teams of undercover officers dress as students at large demonstrations outside the courthouse and join the protests to look for suspicious activity, according to officials familiar with the practice.

            At the Internal Revenue Service, dozens of undercover agents chase suspected tax evaders worldwide, by posing as tax preparers, accountants drug dealers or yacht buyers and more, court records show.

            At the Agriculture Department, more than 100 undercover agents pose as food stamp recipients at thousands of neighborhood stores to spot suspicious vendors and fraud, officials said.”

            • Very informative KY Mom. Here’s another link I stumbled upon. Apparently, the early tests for ebola infection produce FALSE NEGATIVES. The friends of a Doctor who died from ebola found out, the hard way.


              • sixpack,

                Thank you for sharing this.

                The fact there is now an ADMITTED FALSE NEGATIVE Ebola result from the test should be a wake up call.

                That doctor (cared for Ebola patients) took the first test AFTER he started having symptoms. So, he was symptomatic.

                So, treatment for Ebola was delayed and he died.

          • I guess if you are really bored, and the fishing invention isn’t working out, a person can sit idle and wait all day refreshing his browser every minute, to be the first poster of every article. lol Sheesh how pathetic and sad at the same time.

        • That’s ok eppe, I don’t negotiate with terrorists.

        • Scare em young while they are pliable and impressionable.
          “Alright you little bastards, we’re what you get when
          you step out of line!” is the implication.

          • The parents of these kids need to get off their asses and get down to the school to voice outrage. Then head over to their lawyers office and file lawsuits. We need to get off our asses and flood the school, city and state offices with emails, phone calls and snail mail voicing our outrage. We need to come together and stand up for each other otherwise there will be another Bunkerville where the guns will not stay cold.

            • Doesn’t sound like many if any at the school knew about it. Sounds like the outrage and ass beatings should be directed at the violent gang in blue….some call them police, some cops…I prefer PIGS!

              • You’re right. The cops should know better, but they’re all wrapped up in their own importance that they fail to see how they scared their own kids half to death….maybe they still think it’s for the best.

                I wonder if there were any police officer’s kids in that school…hmmmm. Scare ’em, just don’t scare mine?

                I wonder what would’ve happened if some prepared teacher (or two)had fought back and taken out one of the invading cops, since nobody knew it was only a drill…imagine the headlines then…

            • MadDog,

              I believe you’re correct. As much as I don’t like lawyers in general, I believe that a big lawsuit is necessary to stop this bullying madness from occurring elsewhere.

              What gets me is that taxpayers lose when the local government loses the lawsuit. They just have to increase the taxes to pay off the lawsuit damages.

              Also, if they had just told all the parents and kids that this was going to happen, then there wouldn’t be this outrage.

              But of course that would nullify the purpose of the drill.

              • No, I think they achieved the purpose of the drill. They scared everybody shitless, and proved their superiority over the sheeple.

            • Or,… people could just home-school.
              You know, cut out the middle man. A.k.a. the power broker.

              OutWest got the implication right but left off one result: children are conditioned like Pavlov’s dogs to get down and cower when they are barked at by so-called, “Authoratee”.

              It’s what happens when The People, the churches and everyone in-between whoreships the military, the cops and every boogie monster with a badge.

              • Tis true. More people have to homeschool.

            • Honestly…a lawsuit? You’ve got to be kidding me. Schools drill for earthquakes, tornadoes, fire and for active shooter/lockdown situations. By law schools have to drill. In truth, the students and teachers should have very little notice if any at all before a drill to make sure that people take it seriously. Kids and staff need to be drilled. If they think it is just practice, most of them don’t take it seriously. How do I know this? I am a teacher.

              IMO, the lawsuits should come if a situation were to happen and drills were never implemented.

              Come on people…we talk all the time on the site about the importance of preparation and practice and now a school practices in order to be prepared and you guys get up in arms over this? Seems like we are contradicting ourselves if we complain about this.

              • Bullshit, Terrifying kids using the asinine idea that hiding in a classroom while waiting for some swat team to comes to save them is giving them a false sense of security. A sign out front indicating the teachers are armed and will to whatever is required to protect the welfare of the children would prevent the terrorizing of the kids. Additionally the crap about not informing them of a drill is a bunch of shit. I’ve been around a long time military and private and at no time were drills conducted without the announcement “DING, DING, DING this is a drill – this is a drill” to prevent unnecessary injuries or the TERROR effects. The shit this school and others are doing is programming these kids into being terrified of guns and the government to insure the develop into good obedient unarmed sheeple.

                • Don’t feed them, they go looking for food elsewhere.

                • I’d like to see the following on a sign outside a school:

                  The entire faculty of this school is trained and armed to protect ourselves and our students against all attacks…CONDUCT YOURSELF ACCORDINGLY.

                  • footnote on sign: “Not responsible for personal injury or loss of property or life, due to visitor’s bad conduct on these premises”

                  • Or perhaps more simply:


              • Very dumb. You don’t know what you are talking about.

              • To my knowledge tornado and fire drills do not involve guns with active ammo being pointed at children

          • Seems to me the elites are attempting yet another mental coup over people’s opinions.

            Have cops burst into some classroom and some doosh cop all in black gets killed by some young person carrying concealed who thinks the cop is some nutbag shooter.


            Some doosh cop all in black kills some young person carrying concealed who thinks the cop is some nutbag shooter and draws on him. “My life was in danger, I just had to kill the guy”

            The dooshes should all be fired

        • The fact that the teachers were not in on it is very, very telling.

          Lucky for them no one with a spine was present, could have ended badly for those idiots.

          “CCW Teacher shoots cop after unannounced drill”

          • I’m sure the pigs checked to see if any school employees had a ccw, they don’t like when the playing field is level, freaks them the F out!

        • Same here eppe. Best of luck to you. Maybe someday we’ll meet up. If not, rest assured I’ll give it my best.

        • We had a freezing snap the last few days, and everybody I see out and about is wearing jeans, hoodies, and down jackets.

          If you have ever spent weeks at a stretch outdoors, you know the importance of having a complete shell layer; hooded jacket and pants.

          A shell needs to be uninsulated, completely waterproof, and drawstring sealed at the waist, collar, and cuffs.

          If down gets wet the insulating properties are gone. If wool gets wet it will freeze stiff as a board.

          The best insulator is caribou fur, but they lie and tell you it is duck down to obviate you from shooting the furries. After all, people shouldn’t be allowed to have guns.

          • Yep good tip acid and also important that your outer shell breathes letting out moisture and sweat from within. I’ve done a lot of snow skiing and sometimes just take the jacket off and let your body steam roll out till it feels cool and dryer.

        • It ain’t right to do this to kids. Pigs, politicians, and banksters can burn in hell.

      2. Seems be a lack of common sence , once again.
        What do these people think will hapen when they terrorise these kids ?
        They will be scared of police .
        Are they attempting to teach that police are superior or do they just wanna create fear.
        Whatta pack of butt pirates .

        • Hammer….you hit it….Condition the youth from the early stages so they don’t resist later. As far as adult I guess they are planning something different and more decisive.

          • I’ll bet unannounced drills would stop, if a few cops started getting crowned with chairs from beside the door, tripped, disarmed or even come face-to-face with an armed teacher who means business.

            As long as nobody resists, bullies will continue to be bullies.

        • This is Obamas national military and theyre here to terrorise and strong arm. He said he wanted a national military so hes built one. He got it from all the weapons and MRAPS they needed, gave them extra money from uncle Sugar and gave them the go ahead.

          We got drills now but lets call it what it is, a first step toward warfare against American citizens. Its starting on the city streets and at the schools. The g-man thinks we will get used to it. The g=man thinks we can be conditioned to go our way and mind our own business while drills or war go on all around us. Whats to prevent the average gun carrying citizen from defending himself thinking hes under attack? In an unannounced school situation, what keeps every person, teacher, and kid in total submission? Its complacency.

          Christ are the sheep stupid.All I can do is hold in my rage and give thanks to God and my own family for having the sense to get all the kids out of the govt schools. There aint one single advantage to govt schools.

          Kids dont get a regular lunch now, learn too much sex in school, get a dumbed down common core bunch of bs, find an easy avenue of drug peddling, and now schools are a hot zone. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY?

          Obama did it. He pushed it over the edge. He fundamnentally changed America.

          • As always, Calgagus, well-written and cogent. This is exactly as leftist Antonio Gramsci advocated 40 years ago – take over the culture, not fight the West militarily, as well as the vile, despicable Saul Alinsky. It is as Charleton Heston wrote: “Modern media fills the cultural airwaves with a mist of anesthesia, so that principles and values are slowly desensitized to the coming onslaught. The new culture arrives on the heels of this propaganda. It simply moves in and takes over, like slipping a fine new glove over a numbed hand. The outcome of the war is just as devastating, but without bombs bursting , twisted bodies to bury, or rubble to rebuild. A new class, a different culture, simply takes over.”

            Might I add, however, that he has not fundamentally changed many of us, as witnessed by the last election. He has also not fundamentally changed human nature – and insofar as socialism and communism grossly misunderstand human nature, the fascist left cannot see its faux solutions work (cf. what happened to the Soviet Union). As writer Os Guiness has noted, while all philosophies might be arguable, all are not LIVABLE.

            Finally, there is the law of unintended consequences. Yes, the fascist left (and I use “fascist” intentionally – cf to the planks adopted by the Nazis Munich, Feb. 1920, or cf Mussolini’s definition) has ascendancy now. But we have just witnessed how their arrogance and ignorance has led to an electoral rout. Just as the USSR found out, there is more to come.

            Neither truth nor God is dead.

            • I’d give you a big green thumb if I could…know that you’ve earned a few with this comment.

              • @Calagus and Test;
                excellent posts. Thumbs up all around.


            • “Neither truth nor God is dead.”
              My friend, that is going on the wall today.

              And yes fascists abound. We are witnessing a rise of fascism here in the USSA. They are the wicked but we have not all turned, nor will we. We still have deniers and those who aint paying attention. But we also have those who woke up and those who will give it their all to change this countrys course into Hell. For the wicked ones, those who are part of this regime change, the day will come when they try to salvage their own souls whether they be standing before family or God. Damnation is forever.


            God and his morals have been removed, that is the only answer there is Calgagus. The only way TEOTWAWKI does not happen is to return to him. This I can guarantee a 99.999% chance does not happen.

            • You are correct. One thing though: As GK Chesterton has noted, three times in history, the “catholic” (here meaning universal church, as per the Nicene Creed, not the Catholic church, as in the denomination) has gone to the dogs, and each time it was the DOG that died.

              Billy Graham just said that the US is a wicked as Sodom & Gomorrah ever were. And you are right, Calgagus, it may be that we go into a new Dark Age (thank so much, Kim Kardooshian, Lady Kaka, Smily Cyslease, Mahdoona and Hefner!); we may indeed be forced to lonely outposts like Skellig Michael a thousand years ago, keeping knowledge (sorry, Common Core doesn’t count as knowledge) and ethics alive. We may return to where the Anglosphere was in the 1700s (and it was as arguably as bad as today) before George Whitfield and Wesley. I don’t know. What I do know is that, as John 1:1 states, “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”

              I will continue to soldier on in my 100% non-violent attempt to waken people through the pen – educating and informing. Let us hope and pray that we – all of us doing this – are successful

          • 2nd that.

            they get schools used to cowering in fear, then they can move on to the people.

            i can see moving this to retail next and then they can pluck out any person they see fit, never to be seen again and the locals will accept there were terrorists.

            going exactly as planned, i’d say.

            • “i can see moving this to retail next and then they can pluck out any person they see fit, never to be seen again and the locals will accept there were terrorists.”

              Wife and I purchased our level 3 armor at the big Reno Gun Show this weekend for this reason and many more. Won’t be going without a fight.

              • Maddog, how much was your level 3 armor? Just curious.

                • I purchased both 2 carriers and 2 sets level 3 plates for $240.00 for everything. Carriers are Hawk. Great deal I thought. Night vision is next, hopefully FLAIR.

                  • Wow. That IS a great deal. Would I be able to purchase what you did at that price?

                    • I can check for you FreeSlave. I’ll need your contact info. You can post something if you like or maybe Mac can forward your info. Just let me know.

                    • Mad Dog, my e – mail is [email protected]. Much thanks.

          • Get ready for the Big show down in Ferguson.Take It as Training films of tactics used when they roll out Martial Law Nationwide. Its going to happen.

      3. drills are most certainly needed. however, some notice should have been given to the teachers at the very least due to the fact an armed teacher could have shot some idiot cop in the face.

        • The only “drill” that is NEEDED, is practicing how to stop the attacker in their tracks…not how to cower in a corner, like what’s being practiced in these supposed “drills”.

      4. “The police acted stupidly”

        Wheres THAT guy ?
        Seems to have an opinion on all other domestic police matters . HMMMM

        • You mean me? IMO they didn’t act stupidly, that would suggest a lack of judgement. The pig bastards in this country are way past lack of judgement. They are drunk with false perceived authority and power. They are the countries largest and most violent gang.

          If you mean sarge, he will be along shortly to say how he disagrees with this and his dept would never do this and it’s all the feds fault blah blah blah!

        • You know the FDA raided 3 NFL Locker rooms for illegal substances an pain drugs with out prescriptions. The FDA should raid Police Stations and Gyms where Cops work out all pumped up on Steroids. It is very common use to quickly bulk up in size and it affects thought and judgement as the adrenelin is flowing.

      5. They are simply desensitizing the young-uns into a submissive mindset. This is the new “normal” and should never be questioned.

      6. This will continue until laws are passed legitimizing the killing of cops who point guns at innocent people such as was DONE IN INDIANNA RECENTLY.

      7. Every time I go on a road trip with other people and I am forced to stop for fast food I envision a fat man taking a shit on a bun and me eating it. Chemical-laden, sperm-killing, fat-inducing, brain cell-reducing mystery meat. God only knows what is inside a chicken nugget. Thank God more and more people are waking up and even WalMart has been forced by public pressure to get an organic aisle.

        • The MacD’s chicken nugget is reconstructed chicken pressed together parts of unknown sections and other chemicals to hold it together. I refuse to eat any of that crap anymore. Its not even food.

      8. “Public Safety”

        Just another catch phrase to take more of your liberties away and suck up more FRNs for Costumed Clowns who never arrive until AFTER the incident.

        11 million dollars, most of it OT, for the capture of Eric Frein. As if they would go to those lengths for you or me.

      9. Fuck the Keystone Pipeline. We need $7 gas in this country to get you old bastards to buy locally and buy high quality instead of sending all of our wealth overseas to enlarge the Red Army and give them the capability nuke us in the name of buying cheap shit from China that breaks after a few months. This will stimulate the national economy and GIVE US FUCKING GOOD JOBS AT LIVING WAGES.

        Even if global warming isn’t real that is no excuse to destroy the Earth and pollute everything.





      10. Off topic, but for those of you struggling with having to go on ObunglerUnCare, I had a serious bike accident in June, complete with concussion, ER visit, ambulance, etc. I am using Liberty Health Share (there are several other health share companies out there), and I must tell you, I am **exceptionally** pleased. $300/month for late 50s man and wife, with $1k deductible? You call and get a LIVE human, no interminable phone menus, voice msgs, etc. Service is **excellent**. As noted, there are other companies doing this (Samaritan Health Share, Christian HealthShare, some others I don’t remember), so check it out. It is **cheaper and better service** as far as I’m concerned. There are restrictions about smoking, drugs, and heavy drinking, of course, which is how they keep costs down.

        Hope this helps someone here…

        Awaiting grand jury decision in Mike Brown trail

        Missouri National Guard activated.

        Obama Quietly Met With Activists: ‘Stay on Course’…
        Note: “The Ferguson protesters have looted over 100 businesses in the St. Louis area.”
        (The New York Times hid this in the 21st paragraph of their report.)

        Ferguson Protest Group Releases List of Targets…
        Including: Anheuser Busch, Boeing, Emerson Electric, Airport

        “The Ferguson Mike Brown protesters are NOT ruling out violence or looting.”

        • Thx KY Mom. This will indeed spill over into many cities. Stay alert and be packing heat. This Gimmie tribe is just looking for a reason to loot. In mass how can you stop or identify who is who. They loot you shoot. Just say your life was threatened.

        • The protesters aint ruling out violence and looting because some of them are intentional agitators. The agitators got bussed in to provoke and incite riots or worse. Dont matter what the grand jury decides, Ferguson is going into battle.

          Just came out that Obama was there a few weeks ago to make sure this goes according to plans. Obamas in the hot seat. W/ all the media heat over the exec order on illegals plus the Gruber and his remarks about Obamacare and stupid Americans Obama needs a huge distraction.

      12. “I’m panicking because I’m thinking that it’s a legitimate shooter.”

        Control the language and you control the debate.
        The war for gun rights has already been lost.
        The next generation will be the last generation of gun owners.
        R.I.P. 2A

        • The current generation will be the last gun owners.

      13. “I’m panicking because I’m thinking that it’s a legitimate shooter.”

        Control the language and you control the debate.
        The war for gun rights has already been lost.
        The next generation will be the last generation of gun owners.
        R.I.P. 2A

      14. From the Heritage Foundation… a 10-step plan for the executive branch–one that upholds the rule of law, faithfully enforces current law and is the right first step to fix the U.S. immigration system.

        The 10-step plan Obama SHOULD follow to IMPROVE the U.S. immigration system

        1. Override and remove existing Executive Actions that ignore or contradict existing law.

        2. Allow immigration agencies to enforce and apply the law.

        3. Fully equip agents with technologies and infrastructure on the border.

        4. Remove and return unlawful immigrants to home countries.

        5. Engage with international partners and commit to security and democratic governance in the western hemisphere.

        6. Increase enforcement against businesses that knowingly employ unlawful labor.

        7. Make U.S. citizenship and immigration services efficient and effective.

        8. Be transparent and report accurate immigration data to Congress and the American people in a truthful, consistent and complete manner.

        9. Solicit the assistance of states to enforce immigration laws.

        10. Verify the success of these actions through honest and accurate Census data.


      15. I’m sure that these drills will help a lot. They will help people curl into a ball much more quickly and be easily killed, rather than learn how to take the threat out. So tired of the agenda to disarm us through schooling our kids this way. I’m schooling mine at home, on how to really deal with a threat.

      16. That Chief of Police, quoted in this article and the Principal are both too stupid to have jobs in the public sector. They have abysmal “judgment”. It’s time for the parents to engage in a joint class action against BOTH the school district, the City employing the Chief of Police, and both the Principal and the Chief of Police.
        What a bunch of freaking morons. The Chief sounds like a frustrated wanna-be-tacticool-dipsh*t. I feel sorry for the officers and deputies who are forced to work both for him and with his agency. The Principal needs a good old fashioned ass-paddling.

      17. Us grown ups are scared too….

      18. Good grief! If I had kids, I would have yanked them out of that stupid school and considered moving somewhere else.

        Actually, for a number of years, I’ve thought that if I had kids, I would home school them instead of sending them to be taught by morons. (And sadly, at one point in time, I went back to school to become a high school literature teacher. Never finished that second degree though.)

        • Guaranteed, I’d be in jail.

        • “Never finished that second degree though.”

          Too bad the kids need people with your life views more than ever.

          • Yeah, I hated to stop going to classes, but I had a full-time job, too. I started falling asleep in clas. There just weren’t enough hours to spare for all of the required reading.

            I may still sneak into teaching by the back door, so to speak. Substitute teachers don’t always have to currently hold a teaching degree in some states, as long as they work toward getting said degree.

      19. Seems we still have immature joke clowns on this site too getting in their digs, Childish digital space wasters, thin skinned Pansys. Oh my, what will they do when confronted with real terror??

        Now back to that actual article and stating something of substance as related to the subject matter; The Police in the story above, thought they would have fun terrorizing little children and indoctrinating them into their fold “US against Them mentality.” I feel very sorry for parents these days, afraid to send their kids to schools for their daily NWO brain washing or assault, or a church of religion, in fear they will be raped by the priest if not monitored. We live in a sick society, with many sick individuals. I guess for now, we must have to wander back for distant memories in time, when kids could get on their bicycles and ride all over town all day with their friends, play with other kids in the neighborhood or go off to the local park and play ball for fun and parents did not have any fear other then hoping their kid did not fall down or skin a knee. I know as long as we were back home before dinner, or the street lights came on, we did not get any scolding. When kids could carry a pocket knife and wittle a stick, or intertube down a river and take a pole off to a fishing hole without even needing a fishing license. Or even camp out with other kids in a back yard tent telling scary stories and laying in the grass looking up at the clouds wondering what direction they were moving. Ahhhh distant dreams and memories, kids today will never know. Its sad and true. I bet all of you have a few good ol’ stories from your past childhoods that bring back good memories of what freedom was really like. Before our oppressive and intrusive Government ruined it for everybody. And when there was such a thing as Officer Friendly, who served and protected us. Something we can only recall or dream of.

      20. This is lockstep with the ‘accidental’ use of live pepper spray in Wales recently whereby 5-6 yr olds got ‘peppered’ for real. Of course they said it was an accident.

        The big problem with suing these any of these asshats is that damages awarded, (if any) come out of OUR tax dollars! Damned if you do, double-damned if you don’t!

        Yet another reason to homeschool…while you can.

      21. Using children as Guiney pigs for training exercises is on the same level as using children as a human shield in battle.

        Where do they get the authority to perform this type of action/training? If any of us did this it would be life behind bars in the corporate slammer.

        Did the principle give LE permission to bring firearms on school property, if not they should be facing federal prosecution. Better yet, let the parents dictate the punishment.

        A chicken in every pot (and)
        A gun in every hand

      22. I just read about a real coming terror. There’s going to be a shortage of chocolate because of drought and disease. The article said to stock up.

        ht tp://theweek.com/speedreads/index/272087/speedreads-manufacturers-warn-that-the-world-may-soon-run-out-of-chocolate

        I must go buy more Hershey bars. I finished my Y2K supply a few months ago.

        • I believe Al Gore has that market cornered to… just like the BIG GREEN MONEY carbon scare, in which he and his fellow greenies have scored beaucoup bucks.

        • Omg….teotwawki!!!! Someone needs to let Jay Jay know!!!

        • Oh crap!?!?!?! A chocolate shortage. I gotta get busy. Hershey’s Chocolate…. It’s my own personal brand of heroin!

      23. One more point. School shootings? 99% of this is due to putting kids on psychotropic drugs. The widespread, continuous prozacking and ritalining of America is truly vile. Yes, it may be needed on odd occasions. But not the % we see today – not even close

      24. This is fucked up beyond belief. One of these days someone will start shooting back. Shame on all involved.

      25. Let me put this out there and you can do with it what you will.

        The very hot second you think you got it all figured out you’re going to be in for a world of hurt. I Love to study sociology, psychology, military strategy, and history and do you know what they all have in common? I’ll tell you. They always exhibit identical, or near identical patterns of behavior. That is to say, that eventually, unless something changes, it’ll repeat itself.

        We see this time and time again all throighout world history, the only difference is is that we became so damned complacent that we believed it could never happen hear. We became apathetic about our place as individuals that we allowed it to supplant our national pride and identity. We are Americans, yet we don’t act like it.

        Now, we act just like Europe and we have the attitude to go with it. Nothing’s going to change or be put right again because too many people are stuck on

        themselves and what they can get right now, as they are conditioned to do from childhood on. And it’s the lack of parenting that allows this to happen.

      26. You go into a school and use guns to terrorize young children you are a terrorist, no other way to spin it.

      27. I think Jay Jay is another person that has left this site. Its a shame the good preppers are leaving.

      28. For what it is worth, for those of you that would like a comprehensive summary of facts, quotes and links on the gun control issue. As you can imagine, this is extremely pro-2nd Amendment and in support of right to bear arms.

        Please download and feel free to copy and use anything you find useful. There is a LOT in there! https://www.scribd.com/doc/134074309/Gun-Control-Fact-and-Fantasy-April-1

      29. Preppers leaving? or just another part of the evolution of preppin?. Some people claimed they have been prepped for 10 yrs. And now cyber squat and just take away from the conversation of those really looking for tips and legitimate info. They need to respect the purpose here and avoid self indulgence for attention.

      30. Contact your legislative representatives in DC and state capitols. Tell them we want the following words and all that corresponds to them, banned from these 50 States—“lock down; in lock down; under lock down; we felt threatened; he felt threatened; they felt threatened; she felt threatened; common people do not carry this much currency; it’s a righteous shoot; civil asset forfeiture; 72 hours to turn in report (instead of 2 to 8 hours in shooting); flash bang grenade; anal drug probe; no knock raid; the lighting was poor; it was a pit bull (when it was otherwise); cleared by internal affairs; cleared by grand jury; and any obviously asinine statements like “I’ve been in this area for six years and never saw you around till now!”

      31. To anyone who remembers, according to my tests, I AM CANCER FREE…just as long as it’s not inaccurate, like the early test for ebola, that is…

        again, here’s the link


        • @Sixpack
          Thats good news indeed. Now its full steam ahead.

          • @sixpack;
            Glad to hear that. You have been in my prayers. I lost my grandmother over the weekend to cancer. It is a brutal disease.

            Stay well and keep prepping.


        • sixpack,

          Wonderful news! 🙂

      32. public and private schools are crap! the primary purpose for the requiring of someone else’s kids to go to school for like 16 years, is to condition them to follow “government” scum orders without question. Most of what kids need to learn, reading, writing, arithmetic, can be learned in 1 to 3 years. It’s like daylight savings time, doesn’t save energy or money, it’s main purpose is to condition the general population to follow “government” edicts.

      33. Mean while at the CLEVER HOME.

        Hey Beaver anything happen exciting at school today.

        Yes Mom we had our MONTHLY FIRE DRILL.

        Everyone was out of the building in less then 30 seconds.

        The principle said it was a new SCHOOL RECORD.

        Whitie and I were the official door openers.

        We got a extra Cheese Burger at lunch time because we were so fast.

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