Something Big Is Underway On All Fronts: “Within The Next Few Weeks The Future Of The United States Will Be Decided”

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    As of this writing, the increased U.S. troop presence in Eastern Europe includes a battalion-sized element of American troops being emplaced in the Suwalki Gap, Polish territory that borders Lithuania in a 60-mile stretch of corridor.  The Russian Defense Ministry announced that 600 Russian and Belarussian airborne troops conducted training exercises in Brest, on the Belorussian-Polish border only a few miles from where the U.S. forces are deploying in Poland.  This on the heels of Britain deploying 800 men, tanks, and jets to Estonia, along with pledges of Challenger 2 tanks, APC’s (Armored Personnel Carriers), and drones.  Two companies of French and Danish Soldiers will join the British in the deployment to Estonia.

    For the first time since 1945, Norway has violated its treaty with Russia (then the Soviet Union) not to station foreign troops on its soil.  A company of U.S. Marines will soon be stationed for a 6-month deployment in Norway.  The situation is heating up in Ukraine, according to a report on entitled Ukraine Moves Massive Force up to Lugansk Frontline, published October 28, 2016The report reveals the Ukrainian Army is deploying 3,500 soldiers and 200 armored vehicles of the 15th Motorized Infantry Brigade to Krasny Oktyabr in the district of Lugansk in Eastern Ukraine.  For the first time in history, Romanian airspace is being patrolled by the RAF (Royal Air Force) of Britain.

    In addition, the Ukrainian National Guard is deploying a tactical company equipped with 82 mm mortars and AGS-17 auto grenade launchers, along with APC’s and missile launchers.  A separate reconnaissance battalion named the “Night Shades,” a nationalist volunteer battalion will be deploying to Lugansk as well.  No doubt they will receive a “warm” reception, as the fighting has been ongoing in the region for more than two years.  The area is a severe flashpoint, as the separatists are ethnic Russians of Ukrainian nationality who wish to secede in the manner that Crimea did…Russia annexed them after the popular vote to leave Ukraine.  Now (since December 2015) the Congress gave the green light to send weapons and munitions to Ukraine; the “holdup” is due to Obama not wanting to jeopardize the election of Hillary Clinton, as the Russians have stated weapons to Ukraine means war with the U.S. and NATO.

    Meanwhile the Varshankya-class stealth subs are deploying into the Black Sea as the Russian fleet is moving toward Syria.  The Russian and Syrian armies continue to bomb and attack the al-Nusra/Jabhat Fatah ash-Sham fighters emplaced in the city of Aleppo.  The mainstream media, meanwhile, is faltering in its attempt to create a “sacred U.S.-coalition crusade” to “free the city of Mosul,” as the offensive is not working quite as planned.  There are also reports that the U.S. government has plans to “navigate” Islamic terrorists from Mosul into Syria, to cause more problems for Assad and the Russians; the mainstream media is notoriously silent on the collateral damages being caused by the U.S.-led Mosul attacks, in which U.S. aircraft are supporting with bombing missions.

    Let’s be clear on this: The U.S. is beefing up conventional forces of American troops into Eastern Europe and convincing NATO countries to augment these deployments with soldiers and equipment.  The Russians have been responding with opposing counter-deployments to offset the U.S.-NATO movements.  The aggressive stance is being taken by the U.S.-NATO-IMF hegemony in its military buildup in Eastern Europe and the Baltic States, the very “backyard” of Russia.

    The bottom line: the stage is being set to start WWIII on the slightest provocation.

    The domestic perspective yields that just a few weeks after the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) transfer from U.S. control to (basically) the UN on October 1, 2016, the U.S. has had a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack from hackers on October 21, 2016 affecting the east and west coast of the U.S. as well as Texas and part of Europe.  Just one week before, on OCtobr 13, 2016 Obama signed an Executive Order for Space Weather anomalies just “in case” some “space weather anomaly” were to cripple the power grid and electrical infrastructure of the United States.

    Something even worse that happened may really tie into this.

    Last week it was reported by the U.S. Army that Major General John Rossi had committed suicide.  Rossi had been slated to take over as the Commander of U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command, and the Army Forces Strategic Command.  General Rossi was about to complete 33 years of service and was only 55 years old.  He was “found” at Redstone Arsenal, and the Army just ruled it a suicide.  The Daily Mail on reported that a U.S. government official told USA Today: “It seemed that Rossi was overwhelmed by his responsibilities” as a potential reason for his suicide.

    The problem is, he committed suicide on July 31, 2016…and it’s taken two months for the Army to rule it as being a suicide?

    With the command assignment, Rossi would have been privy to every procedure and protocol to defend the United States against an ICBM (intercontinental ballistic missile) attack or an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack or event.  He would know everything from the “top” down: that is, the Commander-in-Chief (Obama) would have to foster a one-on-one relationship with the man who would hold the key post to defending against a foreign missile attack.

    Maybe this time the missile would not have been foreign, or if it was?  It may not have been the leader of a foreign country to direct it against the United States.

    It is almost impossible to believe that a Major General of the United States Army just receiving a top command post, a 55-year-old soldier…a general officer…with 33 years of service, a wife, and a loving family would “off” himself because of being “overwhelmed by responsibility.”  Men such as Rossi (the highest-ranking member of the military to do such a thing) do not shirk responsibility: they meet it, head on.  The whole thing stinks of a purge, in the manner that the entire military of the United States has been purged of hundreds of senior General Staff officers, Admiralty, and Senior Noncommissioned Officers…replaced by “yes” men over the course of Obama’s term.

    The whole thing stinks of an assassination: no suicide note, no real press coverage, and nothing from his friends, family, or fellow soldiers.  This occurs, and then Obama signs his Executive Order to “protect” us from the dreaded space anomaly that will take down our infrastructure.  Could this have possibly been a suicide?  Think of all of the heartache and grief his family is going through with his loss.  What about the benefits and retirement that his family would lose with such an act?  If he really committed suicide, then it was probably because he found out about something so heinous, so vile that would occur to the U.S. that he couldn’t live with it and probably couldn’t stop it.

    Bottom line: Was he terminated when he wouldn’t go along with a false flag EMP-plan conceived by Obama to take down our grid, cripple our response time, and set the stage for martial law and the suspension of all rights under the Constitution of the United States?

    As I have mentioned in the past, I repeat once again:

    The next war will be initiated by an EMP device detonated above the continental United States followed by a limited nuclear exchange and then conventional warfare.

    I never said that it wouldn’t be Obama who initiated the EMP device, and in all probability if he doesn’t initiate it…he’ll either provoke it, allow it, or request it.  We haven’t even mentioned the voting (early voting) taking place where fraud is occurring in Maryland, Virginia, Illinois, and Florida, among others.  The illusion of the vote: the joke of the year, but the joke is on us.

    And Obama is the joker, setting the stage for the transfer of power.  That transfer is not going to occur with the losing candidate (in either case) going gently into that good night.  The stage is set for a war to begin.  The stage is set for a false flag operation to take down our grid.  The stage is set to steal the election for Clinton or declare it null and void.  Within the next few weeks, the future of the United States will be decided…with or without the consent of the governed.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

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      1. Practice “Head Shot” and save ammo.

        • Oh My Gosh!! Jeremiah Johnson, you have succeeded wildly in scaring me.

          The thought of a sitting U.S. President being complicit in an EMP attack against America, resulting in the deaths of millions of America, so that he (and others) can rule indefinitely is truly horrifying.

          Good lord, may it just be a wild conspiracy theory. But the “suicide” of General Rossi JUST DOES NOT MAKE SENSE!

          Thanks for the post JJ.

          • JJ spent his Military Career working for this MOB, SO yeah he should know.

            ~WWTI… So many just follow orders for a paycheck. Sad.

            • WWTI, I’ve also been skeptical of some of JJ’s articles myself on occasion, but for now I believe anything can happen. BTW, I just arrived at the BOL a few hours ago, so I’m out of harms’ way in Memfrica. When it blows up on election night, I’m not there for the apes to get, haha!

              • Damn that’s an ugly thought.
                Why am I not surprised?

              • Good for you BH. Enjoy your new Digs. Set up security and watch your flanks and chokepoints. Practice taking a 24/7 rotating watch.


                • WWTI, we already have a setup you would envy and I’ll leave it at that {OPSEC}.

                  • No Problem BH. Do what you need to do.


                    • When we all get up tomorrow we can yell, “Four More Days”. Instead of four more years.

                      Hillary to Lawyer, How many years did you say?

                      Lawyer, Twenty years.

                      Hillary in a high shrill voice, Twen-ty Years?

                      Zombie Staff in hallway, Twen-ty years, Twen-ty years.

                      oooooh Boy.

              • Braveheart1776, I am relieved to read you decided to steer clear of Mempho (from now THROUGH the Election Fright). Splendid weather and far less concentration of “porch monkeys” (or better trained down this way)? 🙂

                I feel everyone should book a motel out of all large towns, or at least those with the foresight to see it through and clearly. It’s remarkable how many folks are coming out of the woodwork as of the last five days or so.

                • Equorial, I’ll be here for the next month that I know of. Just waiting to see how things go. I stated on a previous thread that before 9/11 I didn’t believe certain things were possible. 9/11 and what the POS GWB and his neocons did changed my view on that forever. In the meantime, having some fun at the BOL. It’s a real relief to be here.

                  • Should be very beautiful fall colors where you’re at.

                    Enjoy the peace and quiet while you can.

                    There may less and less of it as time goes along.

                    • Grandee and Braveheart1776, yes indeed the leaves are “hot” colors but fast to die and fall as we are ‘droughty’ this time of year. Things stay wet enough yet rain is long overdue and needed.

                      New England had a ‘blow out’ this Fall according to my sisters.

                      Yeah Braveheart, that BOL is waaaaaay frigging better than being in “The Hub” (or that’s it was called when I was there). Damn man, you realize of course that you may well be at your BOL forever? Should anything happen the last “run” you wanna make is back to Mempho, I don’t care the reason. Should that happen I can help you make up some of the slack you’d hit. To get your bearings, I can be in Blairsville, GA (NorthWest Edge, mountains) in less than an hour or with bad traffic one hour. That has to be within your ‘large’ AO?

                    • Grandee, it is beautiful over here. Just playing everything by ear. That’s all any of us can do. If trouble comes to my area, the family and I know how to handle it.

                  • That didn’t come out right Braveheart1776. Restated, the LAST thing you would want to do is attempt a trip back if the SHTF as so many feel will, and in such an instance we can ‘brace you up’ easily, unless you turn out to be 5 hours down the mountain (yet your IN the mountains of North Georgia right)? Sorry, you’ve said once but I can’t remember shit. 🙂

                    Hey, DO enjoy this weather. Last year at this time we were running our smaller heaters at night. Cheers.

              • Braveheart, you are from Memfrica too? Ha me too!! Small world huh ? Lol

            • “So many just follow orders for a paycheck. Sad.”

              and somehow you don’t? You’re just that wealthy are ya? Didn’t think so.

              Now I know why you whine about whoever it was trolling you. You say stupid stuff JUST that much

              • Hey NumbrainBlindness, Uh… I’ve been self employed for 23+ years. And everything I have is paid for and I am no Slave to the Grid. How about you?

                crickets.. as usual. Even as a Troll you are a sad troll with no substance.


              • Equorial, I think I’m at best an hour out from Blairsville. Starting on election night and the rest of the week, we should have a good idea of where we’re headed. I only brought what I really needed the most from Memphis. What’s left is only junk. If that ends up missing, it won’t be any loss for me. WWTI is right about “so many follow orders for a paycheck”. I’ve never been anyone’s ‘mindless robot’ and never will be.

          • The Last 3 Times This Happened, The World Was Gripped By Financial Crisis – 11/2/16

            “If the S&P 500 ends the day lower today (11/2) , it will mark seven straight days of declines. This ‘event’ has only occurred three other times in the last 20 years…

            and each coincided with a major financial crisis…”

            ht tp://

            *The S&P 500 closed down yesterday.

              • KY MOM, you sure do like to follow the money, honey. 🙂 (sorry, couldn’t resist)! heheh…

                • Equorial,

                  I started following the money in 2008, when I realized there were major financial problems in our country and in other countries. Now, I read the financial news every day.

                  I have tried to share this information to encourage others to get prepared. Stock the pantry, grow a garden, etc.

                  We know the economy has not improved, but weakened considerably since then. Just look below the “manipulated numbers”. The Obama “recovery” has been just a sham.

                  Take care. Stay alert.
                  KY Mom

          • The death of one man is a tragedy, the death of millions is a statistic. Stalin

        • The list of scum is long. Federal pigs of all variety, scum muslim trash, scum illegals, the so called inbred elite. What a fucked up mess. I have a bullet for any that come into range. Mad as I’ve ever been in my life, but focused.

          • Menzo, same here for me. Bullets NEVER discriminate. LOL!

            • They always push their “GREEN” agendas on us, lets see how they love greentips.

              • Yeah BlackMoe, we’ve collected or made like greetips, whitetips, black and well, just the whole available rainbow of colors.

                For armor piercing, my favorite (most dependable) is a Nosler green tip (these are 168grain, an odd weight to me, as I’m used to 150’s or 180’s (Winchester).

                All those colors must be for “auto-fire-graffiti “creations””?

              • last I checked all my guns will work fine after the EMP

                • Yep, true except for the EOTechs and other electronic sights, which is why you should ensure your BUIS are sighted in as well.

          • It IS a mess because it was purposely intended to be one HELL of a mess, which is what someone might have done if they were infiltrating a nation in order to use their military and money for their own agendas and self-gain as well, with returning contenders running from The Law posing as presidential candidates.
            Soldiers numbering up to 100,000 or possibly more are within our borders and about to get their orders so we should “expect them shortly” (as it was first presented by an Iranian Military figure on FoxNews dot com yesterday), with a call to fight this morning (to all Lone Wolves). That was a warning shot to ‘be at the ready’ as apparently whatever they have planned is now in the final stages of preparation even as we patiently wait. (What else can be done)? Ah, recheck the zero on that AR…

        • God help us if the big guns have to come out.
          If if comes down to having to start fling rounds I’m aiming for above the knee to just below the waist. Lay them out, take a smoke break, then mop up with double taps.
          Call me a sick f*** if you must but No mercy, No quarter!
          May the Heavenly Father guide, protect and bless all of us fighting the GOOD fight!

        • Whatever we were all waiting for has just started. IRAN has announced it is sending their best “special forces” to both The USA and Europe, with billions in equipment being behind them in their intentions (which are not yet crystal clear, other than to incite a war, by all appearances and what has been said thus far).

          This would mean, as it was announced that they are “now on their way and will be arriving soon” (with no particular date or time being given).

          As I’ve said, don’t forget the #1 idea is to clean this country out of whites, Christians and all things NOT of Allah (which is about everything).

          Unless it is some sort of very strange “false-flagging”, we now have a problem that is going to rapidly devolve, and any chance of an Election just went out the window, thus all bets are off, and it’s now time to grab those BOBs and get your asses to your BOLs (as I don’t find it wiser to remain in harms way with a known enemy incoming and intent to inflict “something” very big (so it simply has to be a declaration of World Wide AND World War 3 – – you know the old saying, where there’s one there’s more, so they’ll be more anti-American troops showing up here and there, along with mercenaries from now until everything has passed and it’s over ….which will be a very long time from the time of this writing.

          There is NO WAY that We The People can be made to lose whatever they mean to inflict, but with billions of what used to be our money and firepower they certainly will have us outgunned, they will have night-vision (a big game-changer for us), they will use drones of all types more than they will use troops.

          The possibility of an EMP being deployed first is “radically” high, if not a certainty if you use a bit of logical thinking (being they would not be affected in the least and would use SatCom, and have probably already hacked our control of a “bird” out there meant to destroy it, but now such things are likely sabotaged (since all of it is happening as fast as I can type, it seems).

          This post may well be nothing, but SOMETHING has to come out of Iranian Commandos infiltrating both Europe and The US. Something just ain’t right, and whatever it is will prove to be an absolute “first time in history” – – which is what I believe is inbound, if ever, this would be an excellent time.

          • Equorial,
            IF they say there sending them here, THAT MEANS my friend that they are already here and have been and that is probably a coded message to start whatever it is that they are supposed to do here! some type of terrorist (mass public killings) at public locations, might be so Obuthead can declare martial law now that Hillary might be out!! whatever is coming will be nasty and quick, stay safe by being VERY careful !!! eyes open !! guns locked and loaded!!

            • apache54

              Open Boarders
              Yeah they are already here.

              • Let the sandapes come. I’ll help them find allah.

            • Yo Apache54, yeah blood, that’s exactly what we surmised and determined especially after “what’s his face” showed up on FoxNews this morning “pumping up the Islamic lone wolves” to get down and dirty …and obviously his words words are directed to those seeking martyrdom. (Islamic extremist have got to be the most braindead of enemies we’ve ever had to contend with). That’s a “double-shot” warning if there ever was one right bud?

              I also agree (wife too) that whatever is coming is going to be a serious ass-whoopin’ (for at least the onset we expect widespread terror and confusion – – “all the usual chaos associated with a “strike” is to be expected as nothing less than as you describe “nasty, quick” (so shut the fuck up, especially in dark hours …but you are aware of all these things.

              I am amazed at the numbers who we are just finding out haven’t any experience so venturing into the woods wouldn’t be such a grand idea (they’d be easy to track down and kill like a sick sport for Islamics). Anyway, those limitations confine a lot of blood to city and suburban areas, and it’s anyone’s guess yet it seems safe to assume that metros will be far more dangerous than the suburbs (which don’t even exist around here, so we’ll probably be overlooked on most maps). 🙂

              I agree with ya in that Hillary and Obama HAVE to be tied into this in (at least) ONE way or another, and in cahoots with each other (they do that much openly), yet it is looking like handwriting on the wall is going to smash up the road-to-the-WH for Hillary (something REALLY anti-American is about to be released regarding her corrupted ass …and I’ve heard it’s probably going to be such an exposure of Hillary as related to The State Department as related to “Pay To Play” (Clinton Foundation sham).

              Well, we were first led to believe that The Extremists, eventually led to be called ISIS/ISIL wanted lots of American heads and England “white Christians” (and land). There is nary a doubt “everyone” is quite likely already here, perhaps already in place (or as close as possible), and all hell will erupt with no warning – either during a rush hour (morning OR afternoon), or between 0300 and 0400hrs …and one would think it would have to occur before Election day, but not really. It could erupt a day or two later (in concert with whatever gets out of control after the Elections, as ‘internal conflicts’ are expected no matter who wins (what a bizarre Election-time conglomeration of events)!

              I’ve also been saying repeatedly that I expect Obama to use Hillary’s “political crash” to justify maintaining National Security, then illegally (it’s unConstitutional) calling up Martial Law and abusing everything, as martial law is “no law” at all, but a declaration the government is “busted” …so in reality martial law translates into “no law on the streets” (which is the most likely scenario to come, agreed amigo)?

              You might have caught one of my past posts where I disclosed I am a 21-yr Naval SEAL Team retiree, and I’ve asked MAC (if he saw it) to give my email to anyone who requests it). Feel free to do so that we can hopefully keep commo open to absolutely as many ppl as possible (using any and all forms of commo to “git’er done”). How’s your smoke-reading skills?

              You mentioned “mass killings” – damn, can you just see 100 or so of them cutting loose in a GUN-FREE-ZONE like a hospital would offer no resistance at all. Blood-baths galore just waiting to happen. Colleges. (At least one will take a major hit with ‘war crimes’ and needless deaths).

              As for us, we’ve got NO WORRIES (we are “everything proof” except for cosmic collisions). 🙂 Should you find yourself in Western North Carolina, or expect to, perhaps we should trade e-mails, or can it be done on this site?

              Final thought, as of this morning I am able to find little, unless you look in Euro sites and papers, except for FoxNews showing the Islamist FahWahWah or whatever he is heavily encouraging an all out “rivers of blood” attack on us. None are inbound to The USA by air, sea or land – so there’s our assurance that we’ve got a shitload of unwanted muslims swarming this country like enemy bees infesting a hive (or Trojan horses are everywhere), trains standing by with heavy equipment, we’ve got all those NATO HumVees so when does NATO arrive during all of this (and once it has started “they” will not permit an end until we are eradicated, which is all the more reason to weed them out quietly, quickly and using ‘grey-matter’ at every decision along the way, or past experience as it may be.

              I’m not at all fond of suspense…

              • does anybody know how to set up an old school dial-in BBS to use for info if the internet goes down?

                • WWIV (World War 4) BBS software is still out there! As a former BBSing junior high and highschool nerd I can say that is the easiest to use and install and can be operated from a DOS command prompt (or it used to be, but should still work in Windows Command prompt).


                  You will, however, need a dedicated phone line and modem for it (and make sure to turn of call waiting on that line or else every incoming call will disconnect the active connection… one user at a time! old school!)

                  • Looks like it is just as compatible, at the prompt, with Linux Debian, and we’ve got about four old-type modems with the Kermit HandShake and all that ancient days stuff.

          • Equatorial
            Where are you getting your “intel”? Got a link?

            • Was on drudge earlier. Google.

            • rednek101: Intel sources have been just FoxNews (yesterday) and whatever the link is (posted) to the UK ‘big’ site. And again in FoxNews, with a bit of a twist suggesting the “trained warriors” are already here (as if we didn’t have that much figured out three years ago).

        • ww3 is
          a rumor of war…it will be far far worse than ww3 when it really kicks off. it
          doesnt really get good until seals, trumpets are actually going off in full
          force. you will know for sure when the seals and trumpets are in full effect
          when a mountain is cast into the sea causing a
          huge amount of destruction(see seals 1-2 and trumpets 1-2)…it will wreck a
          good chunk of the world, its ships, ect and then you will see THE antichrist,
          not just another antichrist, appear and come in peacefully(during the 5th/6th
          seal/trumpet) saying he is trying to help the world from all this chaos even
          though he will be waging war world-wide he will say it is for the greater good
          of uniting the world and removing the people who would stop this new utopia.
          generally people will buy it like they buy the lies of politicians even now
          knowing our system is wholly corrupted.. he will appear to die and be risen
          copying Christ he will then go into the temple of God and declare himself to be
          God and make all worship him or his image and take the mark or be put to death.
          do not take the mark…then comes the vials just after Jesus removes the last of
          the remnant from the world as he did with enoch as he did with eli, just as the
          two witnesses are called up in front of the world too. once this happens and
          they who took the mark see Jesus coming they will hide themselves in the dens
          and caves to no avail. Jesus is the only

        • Practice “Head Shot” and save ammo.

          Although a “Head Shot” would be ideal for various reasons, a less-than-lethal shot would leave the target down and “Flailing”, attracting attention of fellow combatants trying to help and/or removing the injured from the combat zone. It has the effect of taking out 2-3 combatants versus one.
          At the very least, it makes these additional combatants targets as well.

          • or it can bring in a few more potential targets trying to render aid to the one wounded..bringing the number to the ones wounded to a higher level ..etc

        • Best combination shot is the groin shot.
          That allows the victim to bend over so you can get a TOP of the head shot.

        • I’ll break it down for you. Clinton=Nuclear War
          If Hillary Rotten Clinton STEALS and RIGS the current election with the HELP of the pro communist Anti American Television and other Media.
          THEN there will be a Nuclear War with Russia.
          Do you Understand that?

          Obama has already Purged the military command structure. Only “yes” men and war hawks are mostly left. Obama has done Everything possible to WEAKEN and compromise USA National Security. Obama is a TRAITOR.

          Trump is not a first choice. But only choice available.
          There is a small chance of Peace with Trump.
          So get out there and Vote Trump.
          And say your prayers. Trump will need help from God.

          Obama has destroyed National Security and World Peace. What a real mess.

      2. Well,seems all will be fine then.I mean,”limited nuclear war”,what could possibly go wrong?!

      3. Smells fishy. If the pressure was too much to bear, Rossi could have asked to be re-assigned to a less-responsible position, or even have just resigned.

        • There are how many dozens of two-star generals in the Army’s active units that could have been assigned to the duty?

          It’s not like he got ordered to Stalingrad to die for the Fuhrer and Fatherland, these positions are pretty much ‘offer and accept’ after the short list is made known to all concerned and discussions with potential commanders are done.

        • Yup,
          They threaten their families, if the guy wont do their bidding thats common, he may have felt it the only way to assure his family safe and he not having to do the bidding of trash

      4. No time to read the whole article– just copy it and take it home… but I did want to comment on this book I’m reading– “Lights Out” about EMP, etc. over the US. The author states..

        “…the greatest threat to the US infrastructure is in the hands of the Russians and Chinese… they likely would be constrained from launching a full scale attack on US power grid because of network of interlocking interests… However, could they do it? Yes. Would they do it? Only in the context of an “expanding crisis”.


        • All those EMP predictions will probably turn out about as accurate as all those Y2K predictions were.

          • I sure hope not… The Y2K predictions were in fact correct. Those of us who scrambled around and rewrote damn near everything to fix the issues know. It didn’t come to pass because we identified the issue and worked hard to prepare the critical software, databases, and machine code.
            No ones working hard to “fix” this problem…

            • EXACTLY!!

            • I dont think anyone wants it “fixed” lots of reasons all around

          • I worked on Y2K fixes as well.

            The company I worked for employed about 200 people and would have failed if I hadn’t rewritten some software entirely from scratch.

            The original software was completely hopeless. It was written back before DOS in the days of expensive memory and had dates encoded as ASCII character pairs. I had to figure out the software company’s secret code, as our company had already severed ties with them over their failure to update the software. It turns out that their software encoded dates based on the number of days since their company was founded.

            I never got sufficient credit for solving that puzzle and saving our company.

            • Archivis

              “I never got sufficient credit”

              If you said that you got a promotion and a raise I would have thought, “What a BS story” off the get go.

              We looked at Y2K issues in the Oil Refinery power plant and the controlling functions were not effected. We still were concerned about the public utility because we were phased into the grid and we exported some power and had some key diesel backup pumps in critical areas but they were not needed.

              Plan for the worst, hope for the best.

        • anonymous, would that be the same “Lights Out” that’s available to read free online? when I first discovered that years ago, I downloaded it and printed a hard copy. Very plausible scenario and definitely makes one think.

      5. The criminal enterprise of politicians and media façade need to come down. There is a holocaust happening with mind control technologies, directed energy weapons, and gang stalking. Innocent americans are being totured daily and this immoral, criminal behavior needs to end now. This is costing taxpayers billions to torture people for no reason. The NSA and military need to stop using their weapons on its own citizens for pharma, and cause destruction to keep their power and ruin people lives. Every day people are good and need to be left alone. Stop using these unseen weapons on your citizens.

        • UFO/alien have a religion nowadays as well. Greek gods, Buddha, Egyptian gods, Aztec, Myan, ect of this kind are Fallen angel worship. Aliens are fallen angels. Jewish religion was infiltrated long ago by Satanist/fallen angel worshippers. Islam was given to mohammed by satan himself in a cave by his account of the angel(fallen angel). After Christ established Christianity, and almost right after, it had began to be infiltrated by the same mystery Babylon people who infiltrated Judaism and were the fallen angels of ancient paganism. Many sects of Christianity have grown out of that first infiltration of Christianity via Roman Catholic church. The roman catholic church is now the whore in revelation and Judaism is mystery Babylon. Neither are Christian, only in name. They don’t actually follow the Torah or The Bible. They follow traditions passed down from the infiltrators. Talmud/NIV(types)/book of Mormon/jahovah witness, you know not the actual bible or torah but their version of it passed down from elders or “new prophets” who saw “angels” like mohammed did and then taught something in place of Christianity but kept the name Christian even though they are not and do not actually follow Jesus alone but their twisted satanic infiltrated version. When you actually read it, it really makes sense and you see how corrupted everything is and where this is headed. Religion right? Here is what God said pure religion is(not man’s religion but his). James 1:27 King James Version (KJV)27 Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world. That’s it. To be saved requires belief in Christ but our religion in its purity is James 1:27

          • What the Scripture is speaking of there is acts of selfless love; that’s the definition of the rebirth, selfless love for God and man. It also defines sin, i.e., the inability of the natural man to selflessly love in this way.

            I agree, there are no aliens, only fallen angels masquerading as aliens. But I take the Reformers’ view that Mystery Babylon and the Whore of Babylon are one and the same, i.e., man-centric, merit-based religion, superlatively Roman Catholicism but also Orthodoxy and all the apostate so-called Protestant sects. Modern Judaism should be called Talmudism and, like every other religion bar the one true faith, is utterly Satanic. As Jesus described it, it is the “synagogue of Satan”.

          • Odd you mention UFOs when just the other night, after over 45 years of never seeing anything (but when growing up UFOs were everywhere, not considered dangerous, and just a fact of life we mostly ignored).

            Now, (suddenly, ((to me)), it seems), they are back. Same type of lights. Same “nothing for an engine” eerie silence. Took pics yet they are next to worthless as only the lights are visible, no structure even if you screw with the exposure, etc.

            As for The Bible, The New Testament tells you how to get to Heaven. A man asks Christ directly, “How do I get to heaven?” The reply from Christ was “keep The Commandments.” So, if Christ said it, then you only need to keep The 10 Commandments, and dispense with all of the other rituals, such as baptism, exorcising demons and the other religious shams or non-canonical ‘books’ (only recently The Roman Catholic Church removed The Apocrypha from their ‘official’ Bible, saying none of it considered Canonical any longer). The Church routinely needs to “adjust” religion and the wordings or people would leave every religion behind in favor of new ones, as foolish as it sounds, most will “change horses” over foolish reasons.

            • “As for The Bible…” and following–you have a misunderstanding.

              There isn’t enough time or room to correct it here.

              Suffice it to say, go back and read the context in which Christ says to keep commandments (10). Matthew 19:16-22. Notice v.22

              Mt 19:22 But when the young man heard that saying, he went away sorrowful: for he had great possessions.

              We can’t keep the cmmandments-that’s the whole point of the exchange. Without Jesus we are doomed to hell.

              Jesus said~ John 14:15 ¶ If ye love Me, keep My commandments.

              Find out what His commandments are and you will see what it is to follow the Lord Jesus Christ. It’s in your Operations Manuel, the Holy Bible.

              • No worries Grandee, my “raising up” put me on the right road with the right understanding, or at least enough to get me there. 🙂 It is only I dislike “Bible Thumping” as related to prepping and especially how it’s used for political ‘bantering’.

                Wouldn’t the world be a wonderful place to live if every would just leave everybody else alone?

                It is also distressing …meaning the latest string of events, and I’ve just woke up and hardly dare have a look at the news.

                My respects Grandee.

                • Equorial

            • “As for The Bible, The New Testament tells you how to get to Heaven. A man asks Christ directly, “How do I get to heaven?” The reply from Christ was “keep The Commandments.””

              Really is that the only way? Cause as I recall he says different things to different people. Such as the rich man whom he told to give away all his possessions.

              Heaven is not a real place. Also please stop worshipping jesus he is not god. He never said he was and never will be.

              We are all lied to about the past. The truth is much more brutal than many want to believe. In present day (as in the past and as you will be in the future) you are just a piece of equipment to be used to make money for the government, religious organizations, medical community, etc.

              Our bodies and souls are a commodity that is traded day in and day out. We are willing participants to this game and it comes in many forms. Even the preppers on this board are participating in the game – though they would like to think otherwise.

              The ego is a real trickster and bitch. Not one of us can escape it.

      6. Nice, Real nice.

      7. “…The next war will be initiated by an EMP device detonated above the continental United States followed by a limited nuclear exchange and then conventional warfare. …”

        I have read this many times before. This theory has too many holes. Using EMPs or nukes will set off a chain reaction that destroys most of the planet. It is far easier to keep up mini-wars that feed war industries for big profits and boost politicians.

        Think about it like you were Putin. Why push the big button when our political class is destroying our country for them as they watch. All of the troop movement game is just a chess match to boost patriotism to mask the worlds collapsing economic’s.

        • don’t know what you been reading on EMP stuff as there has not been a large one used s of now, the real testing stages have been done and they can detonate one over the USA or anywhere else and pretty much just cover a certain area without world wide spread of fall out! so bottom line is they can do it!! and it is a distinct possibility!! don’t be fooled by reading crap from people who don’t have a clue!! yes and don’t ask how i know!! get the point!!

          • Apache54 We are saying the same thing. I said “….This theory has too many holes. …” The holes I was referring to are what EMPs can really do in warfare. The chain reaction is the nuclear side which we do know the implications of…

      8. Ha ha what’s next aliens. Somethings gonna happen people either way this turns out.

      9. On an interesting note; They’re All Freaks

        h ttps://

        • This video does not exist.

      10. And yet another bullshit article !!

        • I find it amazing how many people will believe whatever they’re being told without doing any of their own research. The participants here are a great example. They’ll say “don’t believe the MSM because they’re liars, they have an agenda”. And they’re right about that, but they’ll believe most authors on this site, just because they’re authors on this site. Not realizing they’re being misled, and in this particular case, by a guy who isn’t anything close to what he says he is. People are so redicously easily led. I’ve read several of this guys articles and quite a few were full of holes, and everyone of them have fear porn as a common denominator. I think this author was in the army but didn’t do what he claims, as a matter of fact, I know he didn’t do what he says he is/was. I think he’s an avid reader of current events and watches a whole lot of tv. I know a little about special ops, SOCOM and what you NEVER do is advertise, brag. I do not tell what I have, what I have done or what I can do. It’s a no-no.
          Stay quiet Be smart.

          • Jacknife.

            Well I have to go along with you on that point. What is the truth? The truth is a figment of our imagination.
            All you can believe in is what your own eyes see and ears here. Maybe. Like Riots or a Nuclear Blast.
            These next six days are going to be screwed up six ways to Sunday. If you are prepared you don’t have to worry.

            The Press is bias.
            The Polls are bias.
            The Voting machines are under scrutiny.
            Plus other voter fraud.
            War on the horizon.

            What more can you ask for.

            • At this point there is not much truth anywhere out there,

          • Agrees with Jacknife.


        Iran is (right now) sending Commando-type, their best, troops to both America and Europe and by all appearances we are going to war gentlemen.

        I’m sure other’s will be able to follow this more closely and post as this develops.

        Get yourself in that “mindset” as it feels like it’s time to find out why every thing’s been so damned quiet.

        • How are they arriving?

          • Gotta go read how over at common sense show,,,, pfftt

            Someone else said this about something else, applies over a wide expanse, ill believe it when i see it

            • Sorry, had to leave the keyboard for another machine. This is being covered on ht tp:// just a few from the top (which is always Hillary).

              • Fox News s covering Iranian Commandos infiltrating the US?

                • Just read it, interesting.

                  It would be the very definition of futility for Iran to do such a thing. Their best fighters coming in undercover is a movie plot out of Red Dawn. It would however fan the flames and beat the war drums for TPTB to get public support to go after them in Iran and Syria.

                  The CIA and other Intelligence Agencies are well skilled at disinformation but this takes the cake.

                  • Want to listen to our New President?

                    Trump Rally today 11/2/16 in Miami.

                    Lots of great info, he discloses about Hillary Corruption. Makes your head spin.

                    Donald Trump Speech Today 11/02/16 in Miami, Florida
                    ht tps://


            • Hmm, Dave “I’ll publish any old tripe and fill it with horrific typos on the ugliest website ever” Hodges isn’t even remotely close to being a reliable source.

          • I’d imagine they are already here, and just trying to make it “appear” that they are en-route. (lol …of COURSE they are here, and have been for months and months). People hear then forget these days. That will prove to be their demise this time.

      12. The fate of America was decided when we passed the 16th and 17th Amendments. We then went on to elect Wilson, and FDR.
        The last nails will be Modern Democrat party, and progressives.

        • Will be like Atlas shrugged, the paralells between that book and what is happening in our society today is chilling, the reality my friend is not so much a problem with R or D but progressive, both sides are now progressives, both sides are working toward something but not anything that represents the USA you or I were born to

      13. Uhmmmm….So the game plan is to nuke/EMP ourselves then blame the Ruskies and attack them? Woof. Conspiracy theory at it’s best. Lot’s of crazy going on these days.

        The day before 9/11 Rumsfield comes out with the $6B loss of funds/unaccounted for. Nobody knows where it went. Then 9/11 and the issue is lost in the turmoil. Wonder what they’re trying to hide now?
        Conspiracy theory at it’s best!

        • redneck.. That’s why the Bushes afraid to be exposed in their part of the 9-11 plot and is supporting Hillary cause money talks.. Cover-up after cover-up. Trumps gonna drain the swamp on the Bush’s too .. Its the only way to save America from Traitors.

          ~WWTI… I want to know GH Bush’s part in the JFK assignation murder. The American people deserve the truth.

          • “Trumps gonna drain the swamp ”

            HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, quite possibly a new low for low info.

            • He better watch out for them Gators.

          • The Democrats will certainly shut every possible door, and bring in war, in every effort to denounce Trump and make it appear that Trump wrecked America, when it’s been pre-fucked by Obama and his Administration big time. Everything Trump will try will be stonewalled via political or “law-games” with even more corruption. I’m leading you into the idea or probable fact that we, as the REAL American people (and not our “fake federal governemnt”), have a dire need to get their illegal black asses to hell out of our White House and Congress and all other Federal Buildings, tearing it back down to The Constitution as we go.

            Without a revolution, it’s not going to happen, and if it doesn’t happen, then if Hillary doesn’t take us out another will in short order (because the entire planet want The USA destroyed thanks to the jerks who have been twisting and mutilating any semblance of stability on the planet.

            One fights fire with fire. Got a match bud?

      14. If you will read the fiction, “Discovery to Catastrophe” (Amazon, etc.), you will read that WWlll begins with an EMP as well. Whether from a foreign country, or a ‘false flag,’ it doesn’t matter. It’s still war waged on the American people. And, yes, I think it will come soon – very soon.


        Son of Liberty

        • We have three generators that all say “we believe you.” It leaves you with the nagging feeling that you never have enough fuel for them, no matter how much you get! 🙂

      15. It was a report that is hard to find now and I saw a story on beforeitsnews but unable to find and a web search doesn’t bring it up but if I remember it seems that they were intermix with airline passengers from Iran and/or refugees.

        For example, a plane load full of armed Iranians lands at several key US airports, sort of like a Red Dawn type scenario.

        Not sure about this but, I believe that already terror groups with some very lethal devices are presently in place in the states.

        • You don’t need to visually witness it to know something exists. As long as our Southern Border has been down, there’s just no telling how many Infidel-Haters have slipped through and with what? (Anything and everything they wanted to get through, I am sure, was done very carefully to avert yet another scam …yet the entire border is a scam on The American People by Obama. SOB…

          Given the layout, everything has the earmarks of Texas being the most likely first target, yet I believe there are going to be an incredible number of targets “in progress” at pre-determined times, if not all at once (for total chaos).

          As for an EMP, it would be rather sloppy work by an enemy to NOT use at least an EMP upon The USA prior to invading all or part of her. And, why give us the advantage of electricity when most would fall to 10% efficiency without power, while many would just die due to medical causes in the first hour. I don’t believe that anyone is concerned with what any “aftermaths” may turn out to be. We are dealing with insanity …all of it is insane.

      16. Molon Labe…everybody should have their antennas up. These gloating libtards think they are atop the food chain now. We shall see very soon who holds the power. Defcon 4 is fast approaching.

        • Cut off the Libtards EBT CARDS, welfare, baby momma free shit benefits reward for lazyness and force them in to work programs. Then only give them a days pay for a days work. No work no pay. No work, no food voucher card. Watch the poor birthrate decline to a halt. Stop rewarding failure. The war on poverty and the war of drugs. 2 more costly failures.


          • Oh theres plenty of wealthy libtards as well, EBT does not a liberal make, in fact i personally know more than a few who have net worth in the tens of millions, and also many many many who have homes, cars, good jobs etc etc,,,, its a thing, unfortunately it aint going away either

      17. rednek101

        False Flags by their very being need to get continually more devastating to achieve their goal of sufficiently frightening the public into accepting a governmental response that they would ordinarily not support. This being said what do you do to upstage 911?

        We’re somewhere between 1933 – 1938 Germany.

        • K2
          Some of the data we are seeing or being fed is way out there. Obviously not in the norm. I question everything especially when it doesn’t seem right or is highly abnormal. I will “beat up” on it until it either stands or falls.

          What you say stands to reason. Our society has been inundated with all forms of paranoia inducing “events” and propaganda in ever increasing volume and duration. Since 911 we’ve seen Anthrax to Ebola to the latest Zika. All forms of dirty bomb propaganda, IEDs, ISIS crossing the border into America, Sleeper cells, all forms of bombings, asteroid collisions, economic meltdown etc…. all trickled out to the public for consumption over time. The effects, as you are saying, induce fear and undermine rational thinking. Is the fear justified? Sure given the events we are seeing, whether fabricated(per our conspiracy theorists) or real, are a signaling mechanism that there are some very powerful movements in our society. We have forces trying their damnedest to alter our society. Given events in the EU, it is going on there as well. Bad things happen in times like these.

          The one thing for sure is that we are living in volatile times. Times when history is made. I’ve stated several times that the next Hitler is already among us. It will be interesting to find out who it turns out to be.

          • The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.
            ~ H. L. Mencken

            • Thanks…one of my favorite quotes.

              And a good one to keep in mind when reading articles like this.

      18. It would be mighty rough on Iran, the world leader in terrorism, to “not show up” for an announced arrival at both country’s, after all the hooplah I do believe we have witnessed the beginning, “whatever” has been staged, perhaps under false pretenses where the Russian armada met up with Iranian ships and ???? (we’ve never been told a word more about it have we)! Answer: No.

        I am assuming this is all going to cut loose on Friday, payday for many, TGIF, already the military bases are calling “all hands” back to their “stations”, so you may take this as seriously as the military is (both coasts and nearly all inland bases), which brings to mind that “someone” brought The National Guard out of sleep a short time ago, which barely made the papers. Perhaps we should be adding them into the equation since they don’t “go active” unnannounced, meaning this is NO DRILL but, and it’s always such a big BUT, if this the beginning then how far are we from seeing those NATO HumVees unloaded, manned, then sent off to FORCE US (perhaps), to abide by the latest NATO agreement the president signed, which is meant for us to turn over our weapons since we are supposed, IF ratified, to surrender our weapons and perhaps they plan on putting on some heat? Damned if I know anything more than what I’ve read, which ain’t much of nothing unless they’re suddenly upon us after turning off their transponders until their too close for us to respond to adequately.

        It would seem most likely the first strikes would be via air, quite massive and quite impressive in number (in order for them to insert “team after team” of THEIR “boots on the ground” without running into a major blowback – – – except the American civilians and their “toys” may just surprise a few (and just possibly a few toys can be collected in the coming days, but they’re not worth risk anything or dying for). Mostly, leave them be.

        At least it’s not appearing to be a conspiracy theory, but the real deal! Not great but at least SOMETHING is now moving.

        I have also heard stories that the federal gov is going to appear to go apeshit as Hillary has REALLY hit bottom (on the medias that will admit it), and “even she is surprised at the FBI’s new look into her emails” …she’s fucked and she knows it?

        Whatever. Y’all be careful.

        • “It would be mighty rough on Iran, the world leader in terrorism”

          Iran can’t hold a candle to the US on sponsoring terrorism. The US creates them, supplies them, funds them and then points them in the direction desired disavowing any connection to them and interestingly token bombs them for ostensible appeal.

          Who is arming ISIS? Is it the Russians? The Chinese? The Iranians? Thats three wrong doors to look behind. They’re getting those US made arms somewhere. What is ISIS doing? Who are they attacking? Where did they come from?

          All roads point back to the US. Its a bitter pill to swallow but it is factual.

          • Kevin is correct. Iran has not attacked another country in 250 yrs. Spouting off MSM propaganda demonizing Iran and Russia. The world leading terrorists is the US and Isreahell. More illegal invasions and false flag attacks drone bombings of innocent globally, than the rest of the world combined.

            Yeah the truth sucks and we know it. Go Vote to end the madness.


          • Kevin2: Dang it man, I was pointing out that it would not be in Iran’s best interest to make such an announcement and then not follow through with it.

            I’ve no argument with you about how much The USA has invested in terrorism, the destruction of entire countries. I have first-hand knowledge that America has all but totally armed ISIS, to include any ‘arms’ you can think of (American only, hell no!), but their sneakers, all missiles, all ammo in stunning amounts courtesy of Obama’s Team Mates and Administration.

            This “circle jerk” that we’ve been working on in The Middle East specifically intended to oust Assad. Along comes Russia and Putin saying “no fucking way Jose” and the house of cards starts tumbling down, just like that and it MUST “be big”, because within two weeks of THAT event, Islamic Extremists AND Iran are both announcing “TO ATTACK-RIVERS OF BLOOD-SHOW NO MERCY …propaganda from hell’s-mind that is never-ending, and sadly, it IS factual that America paid the bill, but it is ALSO factual that THIS IS NOT AMERICA REAL FUCKING GOVERNMENT – and therefore we are not going to take this fucking shit lying down, nor will I allow anyone, including yourself, to remotely try to slide the blame over onto “little ole me” since it was America. Fuck that shit! It was “scam artists”, America under Siege, whatever you want to call it, but the REAL America would never have done what THIS (Obama’s, Bush’s) America has had the brass to do, as they have nothing to lose (it ain’t their country and their money isn’t kept here either).

            So, put that in your pipe and smoke it and remember. We are in a position of needing very badly to “physically oust if not kill by hanging”, every damned politician who has stood against America, The 2nd Amendment and all others, and we need to kill off those who wish us to ratify the damned U.N. Treaty so that they can claim we no longer have any right to our weapons, and would, like stupid-brain-trained-idiots, hand over the only items that are keeping our asses alive right now.

            A REAL American Government would have the entirety of this mess cleaned up and past history WITH RESPECT in a short period of time.

            Nothing personal Kev2, just saying…

            • Equorial, I’ve also heard some rumors in the last few days about the military quietly going on ‘full alert’ and the National Guard being ‘quietly’ activated. The hildebeast is backed into a corner now. Don’t count her out just yet. She started out with blood on her hands and she’ll most likely go out the same way. When someone is backed into a corner, that’s when they are the most dangerous.

            • I don’t trust the source. Is that guy on CIA payroll? The media reports a lot of make believe. Things don’t add up. This just makes Iran a convenient scapegoat. TPTB want Syria for that gas pipeline and are having a tough sell of it to the public. Iran sending over a few terrorists and announcing it to the world? I don’t buy it. It’s counterproductive for them. It does play into the narrative that TBTB want.

              I look at things in reverse when I read / see the news. I go in reverse.
              1. What did this accomplish?
              2. Who gained?
              3. Who loses?
              4. Could this be fabricated?
              5. Who has the ability to fabricate it?
              6. Are there other actions that validate or invalidate its credibility?

              Iran would be shooting themselves in the foot. I don’t buy it. It works too good for TPTB agenda.

              No offense taken and none sent.

        • “It would be mighty rough on Iran, the world leader in terrorism”

          Iran can’t hold a candle to the US on sponsoring terrorism. The US creates them, supplies them, funds them and then points them in the direction desired disavowing any connection to them and interestingly token bombs them for ostensible appeal.

          Who is arming ISIS? Is it the Russians? The Chinese? The Iranians? Thats three wrong doors to look behindy come from?

          All roads point back to the US. Its a bitter pill to swallow but it is factual. . They’re getting those US made arms somewhere. What is ISIS doing? Who are they attacking? Where did the

      19. A Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to Hilary’s Corruption, Scandals, and Lies – I can post the source links if anyone requests, or you can just google each story

        Leaked emails show the Clinton camp was plotting its takeover of the inept DNC early on and discussed replacing then-chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz. The Associated Press reports
        Interim DNC Chair Donna Brazile is being called out for her lies about leaking CNN debate and forum questions to the Clinton campaign during the Democrat primary. The Washington Post’s Fact Checker reports

        The Justice Department official now overseeing Clinton’s email investigation has close ties to her campaign chairman John Podesta and past Clinton scandals. Fox News reports

        Justice Official allegedly gave Clinton campaign chairman a “heads up” on congressional hearing and litigation over her private email server. Bloomberg reports

        New emails released under court order show Hillary Clinton’s unsecure private server was subject to ten hacking attempts over a two day period in 2010. The Washington Times reports

        Top Clinton aide Huma Abedin is facing questions about whether she perjured herself given that these newly uncovered emails appear to contradict a legally-binding declaration she signed attesting she turned over all of her government records to the State Department when she left the agency. The Associated Press reports

        ‘They wanted to get away with it.’ According to leaked emails, the co-chair of Hillary Clinton’s transition team said she ‘wanted to get away with’ her unauthorized private email server. The Washington Examiner reports

        Clinton aide talked of needing to “clean up Obama’s comments on email server Politico reports

        In emails, aide stressed need to ‘clean up’ Obama’s comments on Clinton’s email The Hill reports

        The political organization of longtime Clinton insider and Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe gave nearly $500,000 to the State Senate campaign of Jill McCabe, the wife of a senior FBI official who helped oversee the criminal probe into Clinton’s email server. The Wall Street Journal reports

        A former State Department IT staffer plead the Fifth ninety times yesterday in a court-ordered deposition regarding Hillary Clinton’s email server. The Washington Examiner reports

        Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman may have violated White House ethics rules. The Washington Free Beacon reports
        New emails show Hillary Clinton “was at the center of negotiating a $12 million commitment from King Mohammed VI of Morocco” to the Clinton Foundation. Fox News reports

        A top Clinton Foundation official said he could name “500 different examples” of conflicts of interest. Bloomberg News reports

        Though she has denied it on the campaign trail, new emails show Hillary Clinton’s advisers believe her position on TPP is a “huge flip-flop.” The Wall Street Journal reports

        Career FOIA and Department of Justice officials are casting doubt on Patrick Kennedy’s dubious explanation for why he appeared in an FBI report negotiating a “quid pro quo” deal with an agent trying to change the classification of a Hillary Clinton email. Foreign Policy Magazine reports

        New emails are casting doubt on Hillary Clinton’s sworn testimony that she did not discuss her private server with her IT staffer Bryan Pagliano. The Washington Examiner reports

        The Clinton campaign “plotted to raise a bundle of campaign cash but then use the government to attack opponents for trying to do the same thing.” The Wall Street Journal editorializes

        In a court ordered written deposition, 21 times Hillary Clinton said she could not recall key details about her illicit email server setup. The Associated Press reports

        Newly released emails show Hillary Clinton’s top spokesman urging a false blanket denial that she never sent classified material, “else it could be said she mishandled classified info.” Bloomberg News reports

        Clinton’s team had New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman “tee up stories for us before and have never been disappointed.” Fox News Politics reports

        Newly leaked emails show “the gap between her private and public remarks helps explain the relatively high levels of distrust that voters, including some of her own supporters, have expressed about the former secretary of state.” The Associated Press reports

        Religious groups are slamming Hillary Clinton’s campaign over bigoted anti-Catholic comments made by her top aides. CNN reports

        Clinton’s advocacy behind closed doors for “open trade and open borders” has enraged both sides of the political spectrum. ABC News reports

        Hillary Clinton’s State Department “repeatedly gave special attention” to Clinton Foundation benefactors operating in Haiti following the devastating 2010 earthquake. ABC News reports

        Leaked emails show the Clinton campaign was in contact with the Obama Justice Department during the height of her email scandal. Fox News reports

        Newly released State Department emails show “fresh evidence … of the pains Clinton’s staff took to accommodate her husband’s paid speeches and her family’s foundation.” The Washington Examiner reports

        There is mounting evidence the FBI and the Obama Justice Department gave Hillary Clinton and her aides special political treatment. The Wall Street Journal editorializes

        Hillary Clinton helped to arrange Pentagon and State Department consulting contracts for a close family friend according to newly released State Department emails. The Washington Free Beacon reports

        Newly released emails show “Hillary Clinton frequently offered warm and at times sympathetic words for Wall Street during her paid speeches before some of the biggest financial powerhouses as the nation was still recovering from the 2008 crisis.” Politico reports

        Newly released emails show “Democratic Party officials offering Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign detailed advice on how to trick ‘self-righteous’ supporters of Sen. Bernard Sanders into thinking they won concessions from the party establishment.” The Washington Times reports

        Newly released emails show Clinton’s campaign knew she lied on national TV about a bankruptcy bill she supported over the objections of Elizabeth Warren. The Huffington Post reports
        Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign poll tested President Obama’s ties to Islam. The New York Post reports
        Democrats are #CrookedTogether and Hillary Clinton is the worst offender.

      20. Oh shit. Israel is threatening shit with American made cruise missles upon Iran, which is underway as I type, and Iran is just as ready to detonate Israel along with stern warning to The USA from both RUSSIA and CHINA (to The USA), warning IF Iran is attacked by American “arms” then a nuclear war will “be on” with no further discussion.

        So, I guess it is welcome to World War III. Here’s where I read it last:

        ht tp://

      21. Curious on that foreign page there is a pic of a nuke going off with a “Star of David” in the hottest part of the explosion …so even they know who is making the damned wheels turn – or at least, who is trying to keep a grip on their monies! lol…

        • Equo,were have you heard about military getting ready to wheels up as it were?I have friends near a in state gaurd base and basically dead(usually only busy during the “2 weeks a year),family in military,nary a word and they would at least call and say just be a little more ready ect.

          • The National Guard you mean? Yeah, normally they’d better advised and would be staffed and operational (in whole or in part), yet since this government is NOT OUR GOVERNMENT, but people who are indeed running The USA to deceive, corrupt, gain power and steal monies from as many as will take the bait, and with what I’ll post, it just gets “dirtier”. Kind of amazing what you can find out in newspapers, big ones, outside of The USA. (Bastards).
            “Iran is the subject of the vast majority of our discussions right now,” said Mitchell Silber, director of intelligence analysis for the NYPD. “This, right now, is a front-burner issue. I hesitate to say it’s No. 1, because we don’t want to ignore the other threats, but right now, it’s essentially No. 1.”

            Silber took his message to the pages of The Wall Street Jounral on Tuesday.

            “Iran’s next target could well be on American soil,” he warned, and then tied in the discredited plot supposedly concocted by Iran to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in the United States. “Given the alleged plot against a foreign diplomat in Washington, Iran’s increasingly bellicose rhetoric and its long history of sponsoring terror attacks abroad, the NYPD must remain vigilant in attempting to detect and disrupt any attack by Iran or its proxies. Anything less would be abdicating our duty to protect New York City and its residents.”

            In late January, Obama’s Director of National Intelligence James Clapper told the Senate Intelligence Committee Iran is likely to launch terrorists attacks inside the United States. He also cited the discredited plot against the Saudi diplomat.

            Clapper said the unlikely plot “shows that some Iranian officials – probably including Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei – have changed their calculus and are now more willing to conduct an attack in the United States in response to real or perceived U.S. actions that threaten the regime.”

            That’s from the same site, different headline easily ‘picked out’.

            What I’m saying is that Obama is NOT about to let anyone have advanced warning if there is a way he can restrain it from happening. Right now, being so new, it’s hard to say if it is for real or BS. Sadly, it appears to be more real than I’d like to reading about. I’m allergic to nuclear things and hate to glow any more than I already do at night. (From all the “bug juice” we used to sometimes drink if on a carrier going somewhere). 🙂 Tasted like jet fuel, any ‘flat-top’ served jetfuel.

            B from A —> You say you saw vids of them “streaming in” from our Canadian side. Isn’t it just as likely that a huge number of ‘crossers’ could come down through Maine (getting across is a joke in that area), and I suppose several transport vehicles could be waiting to ‘truck them in’ to somewhere (I’ve no idea where’d Uncle Sam would go about hiding such an influx of people ….and at the same time I have visions of the night raids being practiced on inner city-like targets, just a short time ago (and didn’t those exercises just stop)? Wow, since that video was months ago one can only imagine how many have crossed unfettered and purposely, and what did they bring along, (at our tax dollar), and what is “The Big Surprise” going to be? ISIS guaranteed us this much, and to suddenly learn they are as big as the article suggests is just a tad more than disturbing, it’s outrageous and also fully means NATO is willing to fight us “tooth and nail” to ratify that treaty (making us turn over our guns). heheh… wish in one hand and sh*t in the other and see which fills first pal. heheh…

        • Got it – thanks.

        • HCKS, Watched your posts for a while.
          Wish you the best. And everyone else here.
          What is posted at the site you listed may very well be true? I don’t know?

          Industry I worked in, it is NOT unusual for Russia-China to buy up grains.
          Winter is coming.
          They do it every year. They have been doing it for Many Many Many years.
          Especially China. Giant underground facilities filled with grain.

          America has about 60 grain supply. This is INSANE. Farm boys know that crops fail often. Bugs-drought-wrong time rain-too much rain-early frost-floods-hail
          US government Policy is INSANE. We need two year minimum supply.

          Even if there is a crises. Be cool.
          You will be OK. Most people on this site will be OK.
          At least as OK as is possible in a storm Hurricane.
          History has Always been filled with Hurricanes.
          We are ALL still here. That means that our ancestors made it through.
          They made it. So will will you. Just another day in a Hurricane. No big whoop.
          Be cool. Be calm. Be Frosty. It will All work out.

          ……… That being said. Think I’ll go buy some more cases of soup. I like soup.
          You guys keep buying ammo. I’ll stick with soup and booze. I like to eat and drink. I’m done shooting. Never again. Time for a beer.

        • How about a quick summary and then folks can watch if interested,24 minute video drivel is not cutting it when a single page can more then lay out the general idea,then,we can if interested dig deeper.

          Hell,the 2nd American Revolution video less then 5 minutes!

        • Yea,,, Hodges is a bit out there, so far NOTHING that he puts on his blog pans out,
          With all this stuff theres a lot of grey areas,

          • Dave Hodges is a clown. The guy has been spewing boat loads of doom and gloom for so long, and like Naibanger says, nothing this guy has ever predicted has ever panned out.

            I used to read some of his stuff just for entertainment, but I’ve even lost my appetite for that at this stage of the game. Today, I see his name on an article – and I immediately go elsewhere.

            I wonder if ZOG sends the guy a paycheck to shovel the kind of fear porn that he engages in? He has to be on their payroll, because his primary mission seems to be to try his best to keep everyone shitting their pants and chewing their fingernails down to the bone.

            • Tucker, I agree about Hodges. I also avoid,, and, just to name a few bogus sites. Wonder if they’re getting checks from the tribe also? HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

            • Dave Hodges is a straight up zionist shill, all those clowns he has under him. Bobble head lisa haven, lyn leahz, obvious ex stripper sluts. He is running cover for the jews just like Alex Jewnes, trying to preplace blame for failure by avoiding any possible mention of jews being the architect of all these disastrous policies. They should hang just like every other traitor

          • I watched the Video, Its all hearsay, with no substance or credibility. Some low IQ caller, calls in to Hodges show, and says some other low ranking guy on leave from the National Guard said this and that. Its like here say passing from 2 to 3 unknown sources with no equivalence of authority or credibility.

            Like I said my Palm Reader says his Shrink said that his garbage man says less trash is being picked up so there must be a shortage of food and food packaging. I guess the Russians and Chinese are stealing all of our food. Yeah that’s it, Blame the Russians. LMFAO!!!

            ~WWTI… Beware everybody, Nut Jobs are crawling out of their holes again spewing Fear BS.

        • Keep in Mind, Putin has banned GMO’s, so they won’t be buying any GMO food, So Plenty left for you dumb dumb.

          Russia and China have been buying food from the US for a century. Nothing changes, all the same as usual.

          I did hear that the French are buying up all the French fries though, so stock up.

          ~WWTI… BTW/ Dave Hodges??? Oh there’s a credible source who never exaggerates does he?

      22. They would never take the grid down, if they did 100+ nuke plants would melt down and the whole world would dead..not going to happen so I call BS on this.

        • Grego – you’d be surprised to hear that in reality if an EMP were used all of the Nuke Plants have their own, very longer term power supplies AND each has a 2nd Backup – and more fuel than would be needed for double to time needed for a safe shut-down.

          We could easily avoid a reactor event if EMP’ed. But, if NYC got nuked I can’t even imagine what would occur with those big-assed nukes sitting on Long Island. Holy Hannah…

          • just watch out for tsunamis and earthquakes, which seems to be the choice locations for many.

      23. I don’t know about all this, but I have seen video, months ago, of Muslims streaming into the United States, from Canada. But don’t worry. They are all just children.


      24. Hmmm, as you get further into that ‘supplied’ page you realize just how deeply Obama has his frigging hands into this entire worldly mess, almost as if he’s got all of the keys to make or break any and all parts of “IT” (IT being all of the totally insane ‘shit’ that is taking place ‘hourly’ on a global basis, namely first and second world countries with much to gain, with both Russia and China standing over “sacred ground” (that they WOULD nuke in behalf of since they are allies that go way back), and as the article states, Obama may have been holding back to avert screwing up Hillary winning, which is now rapidly becoming a “very unlikely to happen” event (assuming everything being reported is correct and not “loaded” just to sell newspapers). I don’t know, as what I’ve found thus far is all that has been printed, and still waiting on AP (who isn’t owned by anyone, so I trust them to get the straight talk and accurate reports over all others…eventually and if they aren’t taken down).

      25. The shit just hit the fan, my link won’t post for some reason.. see to see the hodges link.. Mac please post this link, our food supply just got cut off. Martial law already declared I have not hear from my scientist friends yet but I believe it because of this audio and article..see link Russia an China Buying Up All out food supply out of Louisiana.. they are getting the entire food supply no more food will be going to the stores this is it..after next week.
        Like I said I don’t know how try it is yet but it’s believeable..


        • Well,here is link: ht tp:// ,that said not too sure about articles truth,or for that matter any of steves or daves stuff for most part,but,in a semi- free country you be the judge folks.Hcks,ya’s owe me one!

          • OK folks,sorry for posting that,tis some 24 minute video,a one page writeup fine and then if interested can dig deeper but will not waste 24 minutes for what can be laid out generally in a page.

            Ona side not,this site loading very slow today,but,seems just this site at least for me.

            • Your attitude is why I’m about to delete thecommonsenseshow from my ‘favorites’.
              I’ve even commented that I will NOT listen on his comments site.
              How many other viewers is he losing??
              To some, videos are great—I WANT TO READ AT MY LEISURE….and yes, I can read in half the time what is on these videos.

              • On a side note, this site shtfplan, is not compatable with my computer, windows 7, and I always have trouble navigating here.

                • JayJay, my good wife uses Win7 (sometimes) and has no problems with this site, using a 64-bit Dual Processor Dell, Win7 and mostly open-source programs. Such as she uses FireFox instead of Chrome, I use Firefox ESR (and scrambled) using a Linux “mix” that’s been up for longer than I can believe. (It’s amazing how infrequently you need to reboot or just logout then log back in, when using Linux Debian (even on relatively old computers). Any 386 ‘box’ can and will perform great using any kind of Linux, assuming you “know the program” and not just (let’s say), Linux Debian. You’d be great with Linux Debian but a dunce with any other “brand” of Linux (except all of the programming languages and coding is absolutely the same, and being open source stuff like viruses and malware, et al., just do not exist. (You hit a lot of sites that have a lot of nasties, but they are all set up for what hits them the most, and that’s Windows 10 now).

                  What’s this about other countries buying up such things? I’m calling BS before even reading more about it. (And it is unlikely we would catch wind of another company ‘posing’ in order to buy what, a shipload?, of long-term storage food for another country? Nope. It just ain’t that easy, and I’m not so sure either Russia or China would have any pressing needs to starve us out …other than China would love to see The US “observe” their damned U.N. Gun Treaty (as in no guns so hand them over THEN we will invade you).

                  I’ll close with that I am still convinced that little has happened yet because we ARE ARMED AND DANGEROUS and each of us REAL Americans (you know what I mean) are not about to ‘give up the ship’ without putting up one long and arduous fight-from-hell-unloosed-on-earth. (There’s no reason to be nice about it, believe me …you’ll see soon enough, maybe).

      26. Just saw that it went up.


      27. ht tp://

        This DICK ACT OF 1902 is a wonderful thing that our media has been trying to keep from finding our attention.

        I kinda like it alot.

      28. Yo there HCKS. All overseas (trustworthy) sites are a repeat of what FoxNews has released, but I’m sure with everything that’s behind this that it will be the leading news within 24hrs or less. This is whatever everyone “feels is coming” …after all, a whole bunch of soldiers coming to The USA is astounding. It ain’t like you can just drive right in, land, and baggage comes out to assist as they offload soldiers fully armed. TSA would never notice a thing since it’s on the wrong side of the building, it must be okay.

        You have anything on these sob’s coming to America? Certainly was “short notice” wasn’t it?

      29. Hicks, I remember reading that the bot prediction (computer predicted future events via internet info) that in november of this year we would be hit with massive inflation period untill i think feb march or something now if they are preparing for war or natural disaster nibaru thats possable and who knows the rest of the world and ptb may know the US will take the blunt of it and is hopelessly toast so in turn our gov and tptb would allow the buy up to occur

        • So yea if they are buying up the food any thing left will cost a fortune and that would be massive inflation . wEb bot predictions also listed alot of other things

          • Give them all the damned K-RATS they’ll take. WE DON’T WANNUM!!

      30. “General Rossi was about to complete 33 years of service and was only 55 years old”

        Masonic “33” hoax code and 33+55=88…

        • 55 years old with 33 years service = 55-33=22

      31. Hard to get the SHTF site to come up and to post comments

        • Sure is

      32. Yep,slow,but seems for me at least only site with slowdown.

        • War, aye sir, same here with Linux. She’s not only slow, but hangs for up to five minutes before either timing out or returning to a previous time and page. That never happened prior to ICAAN getting hauled out of The USA. Let’s blame it on them.

      33. This article is irresponsible conspiracy bullshit based on wild speculation for a narrative that the authors of these types of articles only wish to be true so they can live their dream of battling an evil dictator. Obama will leave the presidency this January, just as every president in US history has done at the end of their elected term.

        • Very good point. I remember the same people saying the same nonsense about how Bush would never leave. It belies a gross ignorance of government and executive power and only crackers would believe this garbage.

          Obama will leave and I am sure make a fortune on the rubber chicken circuit and investing in various Silicon Valley businesses.

          With grey hair, he will give a series of interviews from his Palm Springs estate. He will discuss his life post Michael, being gay in the Valley, and how he enjoys advising the UN and African leaders on reaching Alpha. He will say “My great pain, as you can imagine, is the inability of the black community, black folks, to rejoice my achievements. Is it homophobia or something else?”

        • Chris, I am the poster who posted exactly what FoxNews dot com posted about Iranian Troops “expect them soon” (they were non-specific about the arrival time because they are already here, and have been here for, most likely, several months in order to get the lay of the land, get measurements, set up everything. There are no intelligence reports that refute what was reported, and today on FoxNews you find the leader calling out to all Lone Wolves to attack and make blood run like rivers. That’s no accident, but a “warning call” that D-Day must certainly be “dead ahead”, or we are being seriously duped by the main medias now.

          What would you think? With all of the movement that Hillary and those around here, and used to be, are doing, is there any chance of Hillary sticking around much longer? You don’t wish you owned a cave? 🙂

          Just funning with ya …and I dearly hope you are right, yet all the earmarks and with the entire earth, and every nation, positioned such as they are, we are indeed truly at a parallax of “do or die”, and it appears that the many shall “do” – – so here we go (hang on, we’ve heard it gets bumpy).

      34. Everything from all reputable sources on the web, (AP still has said nothing), surely do strongly support this extremely insightful report. NICE ONE JEREMIAH!

        What you have presented is precisely as we expect the gist of everything to eventually reach or come to.

        I’m sure you noticed and took hold of today’s event where Iranian “commandos” are supposedly en-route to both US and England, are to be expected “shortly” and will “what is stated is impossible to quote as it reads rather meaningless, like a bad translation I think.”

        Nailing us with an “all-encompassing” EMP just friggin’ prior to a swarming ground assault and just imagine the “F”-ing mess eh? An EMP impact by itself would be devastation ‘coast-to-coast’. An EMP followed (nearly) by a “swarming invasion” would, in many places, become overwhelming and decidedly they’d win (but for how long knowing resistance would be a forever reality)? I guess since they’ve been at it 6,000+ years this is just going to be a mild adjustment. But not as THEY are thinking. (We pray). Sobeit.

        Hey, at least their weaponry will be everything that we can make instant use of. It came from our armories at some distant and past date. (And even counting whatever they have, there’s tons of HE that will forever remain unaccounted for).

        • Free guns and ammo sweet…just be sure they die screaming cus they will deserve it and it will be more rewarding for us.

          • Not only free guns and ammo, but calibers of American sizes (since they are all from our arsenals). That’s poetically sweet.

      35. Your fate has already been decided in Revelation 13:11 onward. The USA is the second/land beast that will team up with the first/sea beast (the Vatican/papacy) to usher in the final last-day events and go into perdition.

        The USA will repudiate its Constitution and unite church & state, becoming the enforcer of the papacy, and restore the papacy to global power. Why do you think things are becoming so totalitarian in the USA? The USA will soon be just like the papacy, the USA is making an image to the papacy.

        The pope just signed a unity agreement in Sweden with the Lutheran Church. Shame, Lutherans. The one-world church is not far off. Be prepared.

        • Sorry, annemarie, but your “belief” is very flawed…as in, it will never happen. PLEASE talk to your priest cause your “predictions” are WHACKED.

          • Really Feisty? I do recall reading a great many posts and articles about the Pontiff’s total support for a new ‘one world religion’, and it would not surprise me in the least when it comes out first in our public schooling systems. Islam disguised is what I’m hinting at. (California is already sneaking it into private schools, almost openly without opposition. Now THAT is asking for it big time. Your kids will find you to be an infidel and cut your throats while you slumber away). E Cris!

            A One World Order (Government AND people …it would be one MEAN government) would have to control religion too, and so of course The Pontiff would strive to remain on top. Wouldn’t anyone? And since he’s the most popular anyway, why not win him over and bring a large part of the world with him.

            One problem. I thought the idea was to have a One World Religion, so it is obviously NOT going to be a “new” religion, but a “new” religion to a great many people who practice another religion. Muslim/Islamic faith and Sharia Law are what is in store. And, it’s in tune with everyone save Russia, who isn’t playing in the game anyway and China, who can’t be budged from their religion(s).

            So, with one religion being Islam, then we cannot expect a single infidel in this ‘new’ world or religion. Infidels must die, God (Allah) says so very clearly, even though many Muslims say they practice a peaceful religion, well hell, they are not pushing back against the muslim extremists hell-bent on eradicating The USA (or at the very least they’ve announced it to the world a few times via TV right)?

            Where in hell in The USA are the ‘scores’ of these damned soldiers and mercenaries holding up? Where the hell is the Heavy Duty stuff is where they’ll be.

            You just can’t hide something so massive, and as they gather, it will suddenly become obvious where they are, at the same moment it’s almost too late. They may get a jump on us but at least we’re not exactly at Parade Rest. More like DefCon 4 around here…

      36. Disquis banned me
        I dont even know why
        and I dont care
        just thought I’d mention it

        There are allot of holes in darn near all the prophetic guesses out there, as to whats going to happen next?

        who the heck knows

        so we must prepare for the worst and hope for the best

        My friends mother used to tell us:
        Hope in one hand and crap in the other and see which one gets full first…

        Hope got us obama
        an hand full of crap

        I’m done with hope…

        I put my faith in guns and ammo

        and gravity

        hey Gravity works!

        the Watcher

        Hey Mac
        How ya doin

        take care

      37. I am so freakin sick of hearing about the clintons, bushes, obummer and all their bullshit, these people suck,,,just plain suck,,, im cool with an exchange between nations that turns everything to dust, at least i wouldnt have to hear one more peep about any of this crap

        • Nailbanger- if you’re “freakin sick” of hearing about the Clintons et al why condemn innocents to the evils of war?

          If you don’t like the way the world is going do something about it rather than bleating like one of the sheeples you abhor.

          You sound like a pathetic, tired old wind bag who has not achieved anything at all with his life. No family, no real friends, no future. If you want to end it all, well, you know the solution, but do not include me, mine and the rest of the world in your deranged imaginings.

          Do something positive rather than your low level whining. I’ve known teenage druggie dropouts with more positivity than you have ever had!

          Oh woe is me! The world is a nasty place ergo destroy everything! What a nihillistic, pathetic excuse of humanity you come across as.

          • You just proved my point,,,,,

            • Nailbanger – and what was your point that I proved? That you’re a whining old has been with a death wish? Yes, you’ve just proven my point.

              Stick on your God forsaken volcanic rock – it will either blow soon or be consumed by a tidal wave. You will not be missed.

              • Whatever looser

          • Especially the part about turning everything to ash,
            Gotta break some eggs to make an omelet

            • Nailbanger – Your use of mixed metaphors shows your muddled, mindless, thinking.

              And yes, you can make an omelette without breaking eggs. Work that one out. Just proves that you’re a typical thinker within the box! A sheeple by another name is still a redundant nail banger.

              • Yup, just a nailbanger,,, now beat it boinker

                • Nailbanger – is that it? The high point of your intellectual rebuttal? “Now beat it boinker”. And to think that you’ve actually got the right to vote. WOW, scarey thought!

                  Sheesh! Sounds like I’ve really overstretched your limited IQ quotient.

      38. Anthony Weiner has supposedly entered a sex addiction treatment clinic. My question is why? His addiction is part and parcel of his personality disorder. There is NO CURE for a personality disorder.

        • im thinking he’s not really in a rehab.. hes in protective custody

          they just said rehab to make Hillarys kill team look in all the rehabs for him

      39. The only thing that sparked my interest in JJs article is the Purge aspect, it really makes sense if you put it into the context of other senior military being outed, fired, reassigned, and killed. it makes it look like we’re having a top down coup instead of a bottom up one.

      40. Anyone who wishes to survive will take notice of Francis Marion…the Swamp Fox. No One will be able to defend their space for an extended amount of time…you will have marauders and the gov’t…both of whom WANT TO STEAL EVERYTHING YOU HAVE. Being mobile is key and the knowledge you have in your head is worth far more than gold. Those laughing at “old folks” will be those who laugh LAST

        • Feisty Old Broad.

          Well, I am not going nowhere. Will stack more stone and sandbags should the riots begin on a large scale. While others will be running around and wasting time. I will be executing my defensive plan.
          Whoever it was with the idea of filling a trashcan with water. I will take your idea and use it.
          There are many things to do but I will follow my checklist which I have already reviewed.

          Will the next Five Days be event free? Or get a False Flag.
          Who knows?

          • I have a great many “water stoppers” around the property. You can prove it to yourself by simply shooting downward, but give a bit of distance now, and firing into a pool, even a swimming pool. Your bullet, no matter the caliber, will penetrate the surface then fizz-out and sink almost instantly.

            Having plastic bags in those water pails helps slow any potential leaks should they get shot up (or a dab of silicone will fix that problem in seconds).

            • Equorial

              55 gal. drum plastic liners. Oh Yeah. ;0)

              • What goes good with 6 mil. plastic sheeting. A good staple gun with plenty of staples.

                Multi usage.

          • Be careful stacking stones etc for ballistic protection, the chunks flying when hit by a bullet can be just as deadly as the bullet, eyes,, eyes, eyes, wear eye protection always! More eye injuries than anything else in combat, from chunks of this or that, hot shell casings, dirt, powder burns,,,
            If doing sand bags, make sure its sand or dirt but not gravel,,, the gravel can be deadly

            • Nailbanger

              Here is the trick.

              Stack the stone or sand bags between two pieces of plywood. They can shoot the stone out below but it goes nowhere. Plywood held together with through bolts. Then paint the outside facing side the same color as you house. My home is block with T111 sides in some places.
              Perfect Camo.

              With crap flying from bullet penetration I have said a good set of goggles and a helmet is nice to have. Even a simple bike or motorcycle helmet can keep you head and face from being cut from flying debris.

              I do appreciate the warning. Thanks.

      41. Hitlery isn’t gonna go away without throwing a slew of people under the bus. I agree with kev 2 s comment how do you upstage 911. Only a war or a nuke attack. I’d say from here on out we need to be ready for anything. they said on fox they are thinking it may get ugly at the polls. Who knows. There will be a lot of breaking news over these 6 days. There might even be a false flag event. I just don’t think she’s gonna go away peacefully. If she goes down she’s taking us all with her.

      42. Never turn your back on or disrespect an old warrior. There is a damn good reason, they are still alive and raising hell.

      43. Forget nukes or EMP’s, just wait for the BLM chimpout when Trump takes office!

      44. I had a dream that Joe Biden showed up at my door and wanted to get me out behind my house and “whip my butt”. Will martial law come to this? (I won)

      45. Mac…good job with what you’ve done. To all the patriots…I salute you. Time is just about up for most of us. What you were destined to be you will be.

      46. Hitlery needs an event to happen to get press off her criminal activity. Wait for it today. Something big enough to get media off election.

      47. Murder ????

        If it looks like murder, and walks like murder, ect.,
        it is murder.

        MURDER execution assassination MURDER

        A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

        It smells like M U R D E R…

      48. It concerns me that I will not have my family prepared, both mentally and stocked goods…..But I work at it everyday!!!

        • You may not have to worry about your preps. If their planning is as loose as the manner they run IRAN then you’ve got many more months before they can shut down the trucks and supply lines.

          It’s not our government and they’re not exactly the brightest bulbs in the closet ya know?

      49. Well,it just keeps getting better!In Britain,a court has ruled out a quick Brexit,will of the people again being ignored by those who supposedly know better.Farage may have to put off his well earned as this goes before the parliament.

        To our folks across the pond,the fight is only beginning,best of luck to ya’s!

        • Same in Colombia. People in a referendeum voted NO for the Peace process as per the proposals, now the president intends to overrun it too.

      50. What I like about all this is that real soon the rubber meets the road. If you do not have what you need, Tough Shit, Chew Harder. Also if you are capable of doing what you have professed to do. All the crying which will ensue, is going to fall on deaf ears.
        Oh a few killings here and there but didn’t we try to warn you. You will be a damn fool if you let one of the careless whine and cry their way into your stores.
        Simple. They didn’t care then and I don’t care now.

        Five Days! I love it.

        • Most likely the lawyers will finish it

      51. yep A grid down false flag event.
        as soon as the extreme cold weather hits.

        • I believe the time element is going to ‘trump’ the cold weather one, yet again anything is always possible. So why not?

      52. Tip of the day

        Recharge your battery packs and those tools that use them. Rechargeable flashlights. Some use is better than no use because you failed to charge them up.

        Time used wisely may save your life and that is going to become important as to how you use it.

      53. You can tell something really big is coming when the Cubs win the World Series! I’m running out and buying a lotto ticket! And more ammo.

      54. Now Hear THIS!

        Fort Lauderdale, Florida seems an unlikely place to launch an attack on civilians, but that’s where Granny chose to roll out the Gatling gun. To wit: “…you know, I am sick and tired of the negative, dark, divisive, dangerous vision and behavior of people who support Donald Trump,” Mrs. Clinton fumed.

        Read more:

        And what have you exactly done in this world? Fuck you Bit@h.

        I say. Clinton, Be afraid. Be very afraid.

        “I hear the train a coming.
        It’s coming round the bend.
        And I ain’t seen the Sunshine
        Since I don’t know when.”

        Johnny Cash.

      55. On 11/8/16 I’m on my way to BOL#2 not to bug out but to deer hunt. I now believe that Trump will win the ELECTION. The reason. If the Cubs can win a World Series then Trump can win the election.

        The problem will be that the turds in St. Louis will go nuts. (be in the area around 2100hrs.) So I will have watch what I’m doing and be ready. Hunting with my LAR8 and My Rock 6.8 taking extra mags and ammo just incase. I’m carrying my 45 and will have my little S&W 469 between the seats.

        Now with all the troop movement not only in Europe but in India something is very close to happening. What it is I can’t say but it is close. Scary times, but I am not going to stop living. My biggest fear is some type of false flag. Keep prepping and maintaining your preps.

        Side note. I keep hoping that I see EPPE on here with him telling us that it was a cruel joke being played by someone. Man I miss him!


        • Sarge,good luck on the hunt.

          Alas,not a cruel joke,Eppe’s service was last Sunday,I signed condolence book but would not link the obit here without family permission.You are on the “super secret e-mail list”Eppe made up,e-mail and will give you obit link.

          Remember folks,Friday is the flood a post with jokes in memoriam of Eppe!I say we start late in day on Friday,this will get also all the weekend visitors who would like to take part in it.Grab a few good jokes,whether a Eppe classic or one of your own!

          • War
            This is the first time in my life at age 62 I have ever shed a tear over someone I never met in person. When I read that he passed my wife asked my why I was crying? I told her that my FRIEND on SHTF had died. She asked me who? I told her EPPE. She said the guy that calls you late at night. I told her YEP MY FRIED IS DEAD. She said OMG you where planning on going to his place next year when he had his shout out thing. She said what happened. I told her I don’t yet but I think he had a Heart Attack? He was the guy with the great kids, wasn’t he? I told her yes and I feel so sorry for the kids and his wife. I then went upstairs a said a prayer for him and his family.

            EPPE R.I.P.
            Love Sgt.

        • Sgt.

          I miss Eppe too! He was a good man, funny and entertaining, and very informative. He had a great family and children to make any man proud. I wish some folks had been kinder to him but I think he knows that we all loved him and appreciated what he brought to this site. RIP my friend away from the strife and turmoil that is getting set to begin.

          Louisiana Eagle

        • Good luck on the hunt sarge,,,
          Hope you get back ok, dont think eppster would do that to us,

        • Sarge, good luck on that trip and hope you make it back OK. I arrived in GA last night and will be here for the rest of this month that I know of.

          • To the above.
            It is win, win for me.
            If I’m there and hunting (even if I don’t get one or two) I will be where I want to be.
            If TSHTF I will be in a very good place. The only down side is that I would be leaving about 90% of my preps at the house and BOL#1.

            • Uh Sarge,seems I lost the addresses to your home and bol 1,could you please resend!Thanks.

      56. Cubs win, vile, lying, corrupt, disgusting, evil Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit loses in a week.

        Life is good

      57. We are just going to stay off grid, run on minimum power (but not rock bottom), and brace for impact with no second thoughts if nothing at all happens. (Which is doubtful, but always possible). Being so far off the beaten path the chances of us seeing anything is astronomical. Most we’d see is perhaps a loss of power. Temp or long term, we don’t care as we’ll have it either way. (It’s just that one way is far easier). 🙂

        So I’ll take out the garbage tonight and get hauled away by Islamic Green Men in a UFO from Nibiru with Assault Laser Cellphones…

        • Dont forget they will take you to the FeMa CAmP
          So you can get yer implanted cHiP with a Side of FlUshOt


        Answer is yes. This would be the ultimate corrupt crony Clinton move, wouldn’t it! Remember the clarion call from the left when Bill was in power doing this thing with Monica: “Ethics don’t matter” – that was the phrase in vogue by the left then, as the economy was OK Story at

        The other phrase the fascist left used back then about Bill/Monica, Gennifer, etc. was “It’s only sex.” Of course, when it comes to Trump’s words (not actions) the fascist left is shocked – SHOCKED – to find anything sexually inappropriate, even if only words. The left is just one big ball of lies, corruption, avarice and stupidity.

        “I was surprised that he used personal email account if he is at State.”
        —Hillary Clinton, responding to a 2011 e-mail sent by senior aides about a dispatch from John Godfrey, a State Department employee.

      59. OK SO only about 50% of my posts are getting posted. Back to Nazi Germany folks. No freedom of speech here. Delays, Moderation, then not even getting posted. WTF? Then a few of my posts several days ago just disappeared. SixPack complained of that same problem her post just being deleted. So unless you kiss ass here, you don’t get your shit posted.


        • Sixpack’s posts have not been deleted.

          Your posts have been. You know why. I am sure you’ve seen the response from the rest of the community and I agree. While I often value your opinions and insights, the attacks on other users of the forums have, quite frankly, gotten old.

          As I have noted before, 99.9% of comments that are auto-moderated by our system are eventually approved.

          With freedom of speech comes responsibility. If you can’t respect other users in your comments then they are going to be outright deleted. Perhaps pay attention to how the community has responded to your recent posts and you’ll understand why they have been deleted.

          Again, I really enjoy reading some of your posts, but you’ll notice that folks have been getting along fairly well lately… the reason is that we have been deleting trolling comments and those intended to specifically disparage others, especially if it is essentially the same comment over and over in different forms.


          • Oh Yeah Mac, Some of Six Packs posts were surely deleted. She complained cause she took actual screen shots of her posts, then came back later and they were deleted. And even stated that.. It was last year. I am sure she is fed up with this moderation BS. If you want to run your site with a bunch of suck asses then you can wear that reputation badge of honor, of protecting your sacred cows who contribute little to nothing. Then I get some trolls on here that attack me like from 101st in the last few days, and you let that shit go. Calling me chicken fucker, then I post a response and you hold me back to defend my self.

            All I have done is call out flat ass liars when I see it. SO I guess this is a big digital Fuck you to me then huh? Your puppet 3rd grader jokester was a friggin space waster, posted nothing about prepping but sucked your dick every chance he could, and you obliged and that POS can rot in his grave, and yes he was the weak link. So you have little credibility. Who gives a fuck.


            • 101 had valid reasons/responses to your BS,yah,he got a bit hot under the collar but can understand with what you were saying.Face it w,you purposefully pissed off a lot of people and are now surprised?!What ever info you offered is not worth the price of your comments,by by!

              • warchild punk another troll

        • My Posts are also Not Allowed.
          ” Must stay on message,” don’t you know.

          I posted IMPORTANT info concerning this article and PRIOR events tied to it.
          But you Readers are Not Allowed to see that info.
          –just STFU and “but gold”. Right?

          I have been in several countries when it All Fell down.
          Gold was not a priority in ANY of them.

          Food-Clean Water-Ammo-Soap-Band Aids-Smokes-Lighters. That is what people traded for and sought. Oh yeah….. and more Food. Food. Food. Food.

          From the article:
          “With the command assignment, Rossi would have been privy to every procedure and protocol to defend the United States against an ICBM (intercontinental ballistic missile) attack or an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack or event. He would know everything from the “top” down: that is, the Commander-in-Chief (Obama) would have to foster a one-on-one relationship with the man who would hold the key post to defending against a foreign missile attack.”

          Note: Rossi was MURDERED. He would NOT Suicide. Was a likely a Hit.

      60. Just a what-if y’all. While the msm and alt news throws something new at us each day to process and digest- what if there is always a third story in there somewhere? Perfect example is the Rossi “suicide”. There’s a reason we didn’t find out about that until now. I can’t shake the feeling that Weiner was passing on info to NOT our enemies…. but our “friends”. If anything like that is in the background, sexual escapades will be pushed to the forefront to try and contain that mess… diverting attention away. Yep, there are many layers to this onion.

      61. Thumbs up Mac…….

      62. The totally, absolutely unthinkable has just happened. I just on FoxNews that Hillary is “buried under her own evidence” so badly her chances are “nil to nothing”, Trump is now ahead in the greatest majority of states, and if you go off-site to other news outlets, including AP, the world is coming apart at the seams regarding this unexpected news five days from Election Day.

        Here’s the link if it still works (they change danged fast):

        ht tp://

        That crap is burying the other news (that counts). This is like a “wild ball” on the court of a basket-ball game, with only one team likely to take that ball and score the big one. The question is, what precisely are we about to get hit with, being that “not so suddenly” Hillary is on the serious side of stepping down or out (unconfirmed but definitely in print as one consideration of her DNC), with lots of speculation about if she were to win, would she pardon herself. I can’t believe a Professional News Agency would have the stupidity to place that on their front page. (Of course the POTUS has the power to create NO law, and therefore a president cannot ‘forgive’ themselves. But since they are not allowed to “make” laws, what gives a POTUS the power to grant pardons (which is ‘law creation’). No matter.

        That’s the latest. England news is eerie quiet as if they think if they don’t mention it they won’t attack in their country. Europe has always ‘spooked’ easily, but this time they fail to see they are being purposely overrun then over-wrought then “thrown out of power.”

        That would leave China and Russia. (imho I seriously doubt they’ll progress, if anything at all, inside The USA. I do NOT doubt that it’s about time for “the big surprise” we were promised back in early Spring …so we know that they are essentially “right on schedule”.

        I’ve work to attend to, y’all have a safe one.

      63. Having served in the HQ USAF Casualty office for six years, I can tell you with certainty that the surviving family loses zero benefits in cases of suicide. Exception is when the service member has committed serious crime in the beforehand such as armed robbery or perhaps murder. What a tragedy to lose a General and very chilling indeed if not truly a suicide…

      64. Russia has a nuclear weapon that is like several times stronger than a average nuke with multiple warhead capability.
        I do not think the average U.S. citizen does not realize what can happen with a lot of these war weapons.
        God help us all.

        • The magic man in the sky will be no help.

      65. What’s with this ‘limited nuclear exchange’. The revised Russian military doctrine envisages an overwhelming response. It will be real and in your face in the US.

      66. It’s possible the “space anomaly” Obama refers to is the supposed approach of the planet Nibiru which as is said, enters our solar system every 3500 years out of it’s other system of the star “Nemesis” which is also said to be our dying binary star sister. This planet which has been estimated to be four or five times the size of our own planet, swings around our sun on it’s elliptical journey back to the nemesis system but in so doing passes by our own planet disrupting our polar magnetic fields and even tilting the earth off it’s present axis, causing massive flooding, “E M P’s” electrical storms, fires, tectonic disruption with land mass movement etc. etc. I have read that the “elite” and top military and government officials are aware of this and already have plans to retreat to various underground refuge facilities throughout the country. Most of the rest of us perish. 🙂

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