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The United States Is Pre-Positioning “Enemy Assets” In Preparation For A Rigged Election

Jeremiah Johnson
October 31st, 2016
Comments (93)


There are a number of excellent pieces circulating that hypothesize on what will happen before, during, and after the election.  Mike Adams of Natural News and Dave Hodges of The Common Sense Show have both dug deeply, examining the overall situation with outstanding insights as to the possibilities.  Mike’s piece listed the scenarios that can happen regarding either outcome, and government actions that can be triggered by the result.  Dave’s videos and telephone conversations expose the fact that the government is indeed preparing to have plans ready and in place with drills and exercises that can turn into an actual operation immediately.

You can watch Dave Hodge’s full report with Paul Martin below:

That being mentioned, an article came out the other day written by Deb Riechmann of the Associated Press, October 26 entitled US Official: Russia Might Shoot Down US Aircraft in Syria.  The article highlights dialogue from a Charlie Rose interview via CBS at the Council of Foreign Relations in New York that was conducted with National Intelligence Director James ClapperThe answers that Clapper gave to the questions gives two “insights” into the Obama administration’s mindset.  This comment came regarding the potential for the US and Russia engaging one another militarily:

“I wouldn’t put it past them to shoot down an American aircraft if they felt that [it] was threatening to their forces on the ground.  Russia has deployed a very advanced and capable air defense system in Syria and would not have done that if it [Russia] wouldn’t use it.”

James Clapper

Then Clapper was questioned about North Korea, and he had this to say:

“…the U.S. policy of trying to persuade Pyongyang to give up its nuclear weapons is probably futile.  Perhaps the only thing the U.S. could get would be limitations on North Korea’s nuclear capabilities.  I think the notion of getting the North Koreans to denuclearize is probably a lost cause.  They are under siege and they are very paranoid, so the notion of giving up their nuclear capability, whatever it is, is a nonstarter with them.”

All of this sounds very lackadaisical, coming from the Director of National Intelligence.  That is because it is: Obama is pursuing a laissez-faire policy regarding “threats,” either from Russia or North Korea.  The reason?  He created them to use later.  Clapper’s next responses are very interesting regarding the questions of whether or not Russia has been tampering with the election process and the recent threat by Vice President Joe Biden that the U.S. will respond to the (alleged) tampering with a Cyberattack designed “to embarrass and humiliate” the Kremlin.  Here is an excerpt of that interview:

“Clapper also was asked about the Obama administration’s claim that recent hacking of political sites was orchestrated by top Russian officials.  The U.S. response might not come in the form of a reciprocal cyberattack on Russia, Clapper said.

Pressed on the subject, Rose, the interviewer, noted that there is a sense that the Russians were not paying any price for the hacking.

“Maybe not yet,” Clapper replied.

“Maybe after the election?” Rose asked.

“I’m not going to pre-empt,” Clapper said.”

There we have it, in the absence of verbal commitment, no matter how nebulous the answer may seem.  Just because it is nebulous, however, does not belie the nefarious nature of the answer, and it is obvious: The Obama administration is setting the Russians up for the time of the election to blame any deviance or hacks on them.

It is no secret that election fraud is being committed now, even with the early voting that is occurring in several states.  The Cyberattacks conducted on Friday, October 21st were a Beta-test for what is to come: full-blown election fraud and an attack on the infrastructure of the U.S., to be blamed on Russia or North Korea and used as justification to either suspend the elections or declare them null and void.

On October 25, an article was released entitled DMV Computer Outage Raises Fear of Election-Day Cyber Attacksas presented on losangeles.cbslocal.com.  Apparently 100 DMV offices in California had a gigantic computer malfunction that was not attributed to hacking.  The article interviewed a USC professor who had the following to say:

“Election day may be a different story.  Government computer systems are vulnerable to cyber attacks.  I think there will certainly be some sort of cyber security issue in some location.”

Clifford Neuman, Director, USC Center for Computer Systems Security

From a standpoint of greater simplicity, the government can simply collapse the power grid, and this can be blamed on an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) weapon from North Korea or Russia.  If this is not done, the government can use the Soros-provided voting machines and other nefarious measures (such as dead people’s names being used to vote, illegal aliens casting a ballot, or people voting in numerous states, to name a few) to steal the votes.  Then blame can be shifted to the Russians.

Keep in mind that the Cyberattack on October 21 was found to “not be done by a government’s actions through state actors,” as the Mainstream media termed it.  How true.  Not one concrete shred of justification that Russia has been conducting any Cyberattacks has been provided.  Certainly the Russian government has taken the time to investigate the source of the hacking on the U.S. systems.  They will certainly monitor the elections in some manner to protect themselves from any accusations of hacking and prove they do not hold any culpability when the Democrats skew the numbers of the election and steal it themselves.

This is why the federal government has warned Russia that simply to monitor the elections may warrant criminal charges being brought against the Russian government.

But it’s OK to have UN election monitors, which in itself is a violation of the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, right? 

The law doesn’t apply to the Democrats; the law only matters as long as they can inflict it upon you.  Soros just came out recently and cursed democracy in general: though toad like in appearance and mannerisms, this communist foreigner is responsible for the collapse and/or debilitation of almost a dozen governments.  In a previous article we covered how the voting machines in the early voting in Illinois did not register the original choice of the voter and “chose” the Democratic candidates.  This was labeled as a “calibration error,” so simply and innocently.  The communists masquerading as Democrats know the truth of the matter, that it is those who count the votes and not the voters who decide the elections.

In summary, the U.S. is prepositioning its “enemy-assets” to blame – on what the administration does – for a collapsed election labeled as “rigged” or the suspension of the election for any number of reasons, real or illusory, such as a genuine attack the U.S. provokes or an attack the U.S. carries out on itself.  Civil unrest and/or war are the escape hatches to bail out of the Constitution and to take control of the country…not letting either crisis go to waste.  With civil rest or a world war, the administration will be handed the country on a platter – indefinitely – and the election will be a moot point, whether it happened or not.

Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at SHTFplan.com or contact him here.

This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to www.SHTFplan.com.


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Author: Jeremiah Johnson
Date: October 31st, 2016
Website: https://www.shtfplan.com/

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  1. Robbie41 says:

    Take a close look at this. I got this link of an FBI agent talking to members of Anonymous about the depths of treason involved in the Clinton Foundation, the corruption of the Department of Justice, and their fear that this scandal could lead to a foreign attack once the true scope is understood.
    Look at the conversations that are highlighted especially. Just click to zoom…


  2. Anonymous says:

    Please watch & may I ask everyone to please forward this? IMHO, this is very Important:

    Homeless woman w/ Trump signs attacked by Hilary supporters

    Only 2:47 min. Of course, you NEVER saw this in the lamestream media, did you! Getting something as simple as this 2:47 minute video would do wonders if it reached the general public. Please consider copying this and forwarding on…


    • Jacknife says:

      Dave Hodge’s? Now there’s a credible source. I check his website occasionally, just to see the comments section, that’s how I determine whether a website is worth reading. He has between 1&3 comments per article. Back during jade helm it averaged 8 per article. More fear porn. Keep up the good work Geri.
      Stay quiet Be smart.

      • Anonymous says:

        “the democrats”??? Wasn’t it the Bush administration who started all this crap after the fake 9-11 attack? (A real attack but perpetrated by our government) to turn the US into a police state??!!

        I see very little difference between republipukes and democrats… I just VOTED FOR TRUMP but only because with Hitlery we would get WW3!! I can’t stand either of the gangs who head our country!! They are both equally corrupt!!!

      • DevilMayCry says:

        Individuals acting as role players needed to participate in a training exercise with your local National Guard. Role players will be rescued, triaged and put through a decontamination process and other exciting tasks. With your help, we will make this exercise as realistic as possible. See what it feels like working next to your National Guard. Compensation will be $100 for the day. The date of the exercise will be November 5, 2016 in Orangeburg South Carolina. Requirements: Must be 18 years or older with a valid drivers license. We will be hiring 20 role players. Interested parties contact Bob Jones @ (770)841-8335.
        Principals only. Recruiters, please don’t contact this job poster.
        do NOT contact us with unsolicited services or……

        Everyone call that number and whisper into the phone

        something cryptic like “Its raining in florida. What is the capital in peru?” followed by silence and a hang up.
        G*d damn disaster drills being used as cia propaganda. Lets troll em.

    • Anonymous:

      I watched that tape several times. This woman fell and then laid on the sidewalk for several minutes. She was being surrounded and verbally confronted about her many Trump home made signs. Though one agitated heavy set looks to be Mexican young man was physically too close and in her space, he nor anyone else ever hit or “attacked” her.

      There are cases of people being hit, kicked, and really hurt. This is NOT one of those cases.


      • TEST says:

        You are telling me this was a peaceful interchange????

        IF this were on a US campus, and this were a minority, you would be prosecuted for violating the person’s safe space, and this video would go around the world a thousand times showing how H8TE-filled the other side was.

        Here? Meh, not so much. Was she hit? No. Was she threatened to the level she fell trying to get away? Darn right. But I guess that’s OK, though, that he just threatened her, right?

        And then there is the whole irony of people attacking a poor Trump supporter.

        Sorry, Bfrom CA, you wiffed on this one. Maybe been watching the Cubs too much against Kluber. The suggestion remains

    • TEST says:

      Verbally attacked and threatened makes it A-OK?

      Don’t think so. Imagine if this was a gay or minority??

      • Test:

        No, I’m not saying this was a friendly exchange of ideas. These punks harassed and intimidated the woman. They tore up her sign. Their behavior was frightening. But she was not beaten that I could see. I saw one person getting into her clothes in her basket and throwing them on the ground. It was deplorable. When he got in her face she fell and laid on the ground for a long time. Why??

        Many Trump people get beaten badly. Why make this the case to go viral. I would pick one where the person is really hurt, that is all.

        These punks are deplorable. No one has the right to abuse someone like that.


    • Anonymous says:

      Off the subject… this is about eppe…

      I had this little note on my desk for the longest of time..it was something about living a balanced life. It talked about the importance of balanced living and it said it just might save your life. I don’t know why I liked it so much. (It had a little happy face under it). But I lost it a couple of times– I could have just re-written it on another little paper– but for some reason I wanted THAT one.. And so I frantically searched for my little inspiring paper that made me so happy to look at!!

      A few days ago I lost it and realized I wouldn’t be able to find it again… but I thought to myself: “I’m happy I had it for the time that I did!” Yesterday, when I got home I remembered– the little passage was written by eppe.. his name was written at the bottom…;(

    • Dave says:

      I watched that; Anonymous. DISGUSTING Beyond Belief. When I saw that; I wanted to stick my right hand through my laptop and punch that fat fuck wetback in his coconut head 4 – 5 times. Maybe 6 for good measure.

  3. Kevin2 says:

    “From a standpoint of greater simplicity, the government can simply collapse the power grid, and this can be blamed on an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) weapon from North Korea or Russia.”

    The US government would have to use a US EMP weapon to obtain the effects of a foreign EMP weapon. They can’t push a magic button and destroy the grid as the interlock protection is hard wired.

    • Bill says:

      Good way for the government to control population.
      NOT good for us but what the heck do they care? We are just Sheepol.

    • 2Dogs says:

      That is how the cyber attack will work

    • Bill says:

      It would just be easier for our Gubberment to Nuke selected areas (depending on what party is in power at that time and wants to remain forever in power) to simplify their control over us. (NOT U.S.!) – – but I guess the difference between us and U.S. is just a matter of semantics at this point.

    • Actually, YES, yes they can. As evidenced by the attack on the Ukraine power grid in December 2015, that’s exactly what happened: they used the compromised access to the power company’s supervisory data acquisition and control systems to simply start flipping breakers. They then combined that with attacks on support, call centers, emergency services and media to keep things confusing. The software used for the critical part of the attack called “blackenergy”. Booz-Allen-Hamilton just released a comprehensive review on the incident. If you’re interested, google “ics_ukarine_report” (with underscores) for other groups analysis

      • Kevin2 says:


        They can shut things down but not destroy them in the process. The protective relays are hard wired. Interlocks in the generation end are rare wired too. As long as vital equipment isn’t damaged power comes back relatively quick.

    • WhoWTFKnows... says:

      I concur with Kevin2. Obama crashes the grid before election day suspending the election. Throwing America into Chaose. Who looses? Unarmed lefty liberals. Who wins? Armed Republicans.

      -WWTI… OBAMA is then forcibly removed by the military and Trump is inaugurated with 75% of the vote.

      • Kevin2 says:


        They actually don’t have the means to crash the grid nationally. Even if they did the protective relays prevent damage. This is why a lightening strike doesn’t cascade from Ohio to Georgia.

        An EMP? Well that is an entire different story and one that is frightening. A war of EMP, Neutron Bombs and Bio is a 1960s Star Trek episode or the movie, The Omega Man. Why destroy all of the good stuff? Selective H Bombs for hardened targets and the above pesticide to remove the “Carbon Unit Infestation”.

        UGLY UGLY FUGLY………

      • Ice Doc says:

        Go away you demon scum WWTI or whatever you call yourself. You are a sociopath. You attacked eppe and SHAME on YOU!

      • Ice Doc says:

        Meaningless RUBBISH from the WWTI, the LOSER who NEEDS spelling AND GRAMMAR for at least 50 years at this rate, to be even marginally proficient. PERIOD.

    • Saiga1 says:

      Hey Kevin2, we’ve had the technology to “push a magic button” for years from my past employer, Boeing. Precise, pinpoint accuracy.


  4. Sgt. Dale says:

    As of right now I haven’t seen any movement in my area. Saying this it doesn’t mean there won’t be. For some of you I live near a national guard ground that would be the staging area for such a move.

    If or when something happens I will let all of you know. As of now nothing going on.


    • Warchild Dammit! says:

      Sarge,have a friend near National Gaurd large staging camp for them here in N.H.,they will give me word on a sudden rush.I also have a friend in Mass. near the state emergency center and she to will let me know if things looking a lot more active,will if told let know here and other sites if net still up.

      • Sgt. Dale says:

        Guys like you and I will be like the Paul Revere of the 21St century.

        What I’m looking for is MORE PAULS & PAULETTS to let us know when they see something. If there is enough of us at least one will get though, and that is all it will take!


      • jon grumby says:

        Remember the old dial-in BBS boards? They still exist — could anybody here set one up to use for news if the internet itself goes down?

    • Nothing unusual at WPAFB. They were jumping around the time of the RNC in Cleveland, so no fear they will show movement if something hits. Major transportation point, among other things.

    • Mossberg says:

      I have a national guard base about 1 Mile from my house. I keep tabs on its movements a few days a week (I pass it on the way to work). So far, nothing suspicious. Will update everyone if that changes.

  5. soulson says:

    if it appears that the election has been stolen by some funny business, people should go out into the streets and not go to work, especially you truckers. Let the grocery stores go empty.
    Just say no.

    • On the Path says:

      soulson- Exactly what I was thinking last night. There is power in mass strikes – We will not comply! (Not sure you convince people, but it would grind things to a halt – employers would have to participate.)

      In the meantime, boycott the system as much as possible, be wise, alert, & in prayer.

  6. If the grid goes down for false flag or for any reason, the most important consideration is clean drinking water. You can buy water bottles at Walmart. There are many stores that sell water or products such as juice that contain water. Homemade broth is so much healthier than store bought, but prepackaged also contains water.

    Do you have a decent can opener. Your cheap China crap is better than nothing. Order one made in America on line.

    • Warchild Dammit! says:

      B,would say also fill up old milk containers/coffee containers ect while you can,and any tempted spare me the bullshit about the plastics poisoning,you need water long term down the road effects are not a worry.Check your area now,any natural waters/have pool shock for disinfecting ect.,no,get some now.

      • De Oppresso Liber says:

        Those new aluminum beer cans with screw on caps work really well for reuse for water.

      • SumItUp says:

        Plastic milk containers are not recommended because:

        1) of the particulate residue from milk.
        This means that milk residue could remain in the container and contaminate the water. Particulates, pulp, or similar is not something one wants in the drinking water.

        2) long term, the plastic degrades.
        It will only last 6 months to 1 year (conservatively).
        More durable plastic containers include: vinegar, bleach and some juice (non-pulp) and soft drink bottles.

        Use the plastic milk containers for cleaning water ONLY.

  7. smokey says:

    No one with a brain believes this crap about the Russians and the election. Do you believe the Russians are so good at their jobs that they managed to hack the Clinton emails, then place them on Weiner’s own personal laptop in his home? Or that all those Democratic Party members on video discussing election fraud and stuffing ballot boxes are KGB agents?

    The Russians don’t have to be involved for there to be any doubt about a rigged election. This is just a smoke screen to provide cover for violent disturbances when Hillary loses in a landslide next Tuesday.

    Even the Chicago Tribune is turning against her today, telling her to drop out of the race.

    • I read the Tribune piece, it was quite good. The guy got the liberal lemmings in the comments section pretty frothed up. Amazing, they still follow her right to the cliff…

      • smokey says:

        The lemmings will run at full tilt over the abyss, no doubt about that. The Democrats who are still able to think for themselves are the ones who will remain silent and probably stay home next Tuesday.

        A neighbor up the street pulled their Hillary/Kaine sign this morning.

  8. God Bless the US of America and the Awaken Americans.

    Fuck the US Government and the American Sheeple and at its heart the AIPAC tribe.

  9. moonlitemike says:

    Remember we do not create reality, they do,
    All of this is elaborate play, all a show.
    Nothing will happen that isnt planned, its all
    To make us feel the system worked one more time.

  10. Warchild Dammit! says:

    All I will say to that tis”Fuck That Noise”!I am not saying won’t happen but with all that has come out/recently coming out you will have full blown revolt.Sure,higher ups think they are immune and will toss aside their puppet warriors lives but this will be more then they bargained for I believe.

    I obviously hope does not happen but may be inevitable and necessary,if so,a final few drinks/listen to some Jethro Tull,and,time to go to work.In that case great talking with you all and exchanging ideas ect. and best of luck.A persons determination/courage holds a little luck may see em through!

  11. Jim in Va. says:

    There is a lot of crap going on behind the scenes that we are not privy to. We are being taken for a ride. The Clinton machine will cheat any way they can to win,even blaming it on the republicans,russians and anybody else they can think of.. gear up and stock up.

  12. Frank Thoughts says:

    Lots to talk about: first, notice no major terrorist attacks for a long time? Did the government just get good at stopping them?, or are those who orchestrate them from the shadows either too busy with other preps, or have been told to hold off until after the election?

    Finally Europeans are fighting back against the invasion. Apparently patrols are underway in Bulgaria at the border to stop illegal migrants.

    The French police are also sweeping up the crap in Paris and clearing out migrant camps.

  13. WhoWTFKnows... says:

    Id Volunteer with a Gattling gun on the Southern Border. Anything that moves within 100 yards of the border gets a body full of lead.


  14. Houston/Cypress/katy/Shtf says:

    Yep, something bad is going to happen. They are not going to let us live a good life. If they allow Trump to win, the people will have a conscious shift and will feel empowered, this will make people spend money and build back the economy after Trump take out the enemies and the cabal.


    • rednek101 says:


      Spot on sir! Who would invest in an economy governed by criminals.

    • smokey says:

      We know the mood change in this country would be very positive when Trump wins. Even the die-hard liberals will have to admit the improvement when thousands and thousands of illegal alien gangbangers are gone.

      • Frank Thoughts says:

        Good point: they are not needed for the economy nor for demographic needs. Any analysis of costs and benefits would show that. If the government was serious about getting an economic boost from migrants, then they would be bringing more people in from Asia since that – apart from Europeans – is the other group that does well when they migrate to the West.

        But Muslims caught up in a centuries-old shia/sunni religious war and Africans with bad habits and low IQS, that does not add value.

    • Ice Doc says:

      Just the fact that he’s STILL POSTING makes my SKIN CRAWL. I’d ONLY need a MICROSECOND to KNOCK his ass out.

  15. Citizen31 says:

    I’ve read JJ’s articles going back several months now. I’m curious as to why nothing has happened? To read his writings all hell was supposed to break loose already, or did I miss the big event? If you know of something that for shit sure it going to happen then by all means, disclose and warn. Seems like fearpon and ominous speculation at best since no predictions have been correct. Or, none that I can see and say oh yeah he was right, look at that.. The reality is that regardless of who wins we will be in for 4 years of bad governance in all aspects. The candidates are a joke. 5 time deferment trump who as a senior citizen now “loves” the troops, or bill clintons wife who is equally laughable. Also, why the pseudonym? Lots of candidates have been thru sere, and then went on to join ODA’s and have written books and articles without a pseudonym. But anyways. And always. To make free the oppressed

  16. PrepperPete says:

    Just an idea to bounce off the prepper community.

    Since it’s going to be rigged, preppers should vote clinton, then they’ll flip the votes to Trump!

    If that doesn’t work, she’ll win in a landslide 99% vs. 1% and preppers won’t believe it!

    It’s a win-win for the prepper voting community and prepper marketplace!

  17. Tennessean says:

    District of Corruption officials have often warned of a cyber attack taking down the grid. And yes, there are ways to selectively shut down parts of the grid. EE folks at MIT studied the grid in Poland (more public information) and concluded that there were thousands of potential events which would collapse the grid if at the same instant TWO things failed. Those of us who were on the left coast in August 1994 know full well how difficult it was to get real time info on what was happening. The ham bands were full of actual real time information. A battery powered s/w SSB radio is essential. I like the TecSun PLL 660 as it will run off the 1.2 VDC rechargeable batteries and will focus on only the main band and the better side band to improve reception, a very fine feature to have.

    I fear that most folks would believe a grid down was caused by an EMP attack when it actually was not. Everyone needs to buy and read Dr. Bradley’s “Disaster Preparedness for EMP Attacks and Solar Storms. I’m about to seal up a 20 gallon steel garbage can Faraday cage with spare electronics in antistatic bags (www.mouser.com) placed in ziploc bags in the can per his instructions. When done, a strip of AL duct tape around the lid seam will be put on. Dr. Bradley showed by his own experiments this will reduce any EMP signal by >50 db up to 1 gigaHertz.

    I very much appreciate you nice folks keeping your eyes and ears open for actual intel. Where we live we are not likely to see anything of real importance.

  18. the Lone Ranger says:

    My deepest deepest condolences on the loss of Eppe.

    Many a time I laughed at his humor which could just not be topped.

    Just a reminder, my good friends: get right with God each and every day and each and every evening.

    Only God knows the length of our years, our months, our days, our hours, our seconds…ammo is no protection against cancer and other diseases.

    May Eppe’s soul and the souls of all the faithfully departed rest in peace, Amen. God bless you, Eppe, I will miss you terribly.

    God bless you all.

    – the Lone Ranger

  19. Quebrantahuesos says:

    The article is fine, most of its predictions most likely, yet calling the Dems or Soros “Communists” is too far reaching, and by mischaracterizing them the possibility to accurately name them gets lost.

  20. Election “results” now available. Go NOW, copy and distribute B4 it is no longer available!

    and http://ftpcontent2.worldnow.com/wrcb/elections/elections.html

    clinton 42%
    trump 40%

    take screen shot you can paste to new email, then copy that image to documents file [will playback in a viewer]