Social Engineering: “The Goal Should Be To Make Masks A Social and Cultural Norm”

by | Oct 26, 2020 | Headline News | 23 comments

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    The ruling class is attempting to change the behavior of the public using social engineering. There’s an effort to get people symbolically muzzled by any means necessary with “the goal” of making masks a social and cultural norm.

    Many tyrants are calling for a face mask mandate. A former commissioner of the United States Food and Drug Administration says it may be time for a national mask mandate. In an op-ed for The Wall Street Journal, Dr. Scott Gottlieb wrote the mandate could be “limited and temporary.”

    Are Face Masks & COVID Rituals Occultist Symbols For Submission?

    “A mandate can be expressly limited to the next two months,” Gottlieb wrote, adding that it’s easier to wear a mask in the winter than the summer. “The inconvenience would allow the country to preserve health-care capacity and keep more schools and businesses open.”

    “States should be able to choose how to enforce a mandate, but the goal should be to make masks a social and cultural norm, not a political statement,” he wrote. “Mandating masks has become divisive only because it was framed that way by some politicians and commentators.” Gottlieb agrees with head medical tyrant Dr. Anthony Fauci that the ritualistic shame muzzle should be forced on everyone.

    Dr. Fauci Warns of Winter Once Again: “I Think We’re Facing a Whole Lot of Trouble”

    “If people are not wearing masks, then maybe we should be mandating it,” Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told CNN’s Erin Burnett on Friday.

    Brace yourselves for the possibility of another lockdown. “We’re at a dangerous tipping point right now,” Gottlieb told Margaret Brennan Sunday on CBS‘s ‘Face the Nation.’ “We’re entering what’s going to be the steep slope of the curve, of the epidemic curve.”

    The most alarming part of all of this is the attempts to engineer a massive disconnect that they want between families.  In Maryland, the governor said this week’s family gatherings were the No. 1 source of transmission in the state, followed by house parties. In North Carolina, health officials reported its highest daily case count Friday and said they continue to see clusters “from social and religious gatherings.”


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      1. No that should not be the goal. It is counter intuitive. Just more examples of Americans with sadistic personality disorder that literally enjoy psychologically, emotionally, cognitively, and physically torturing and terrorizing people and causing psychological, emotional, and physical injury and cognitive distress.

        They really must be thrown in prison. Sick as hell! Parasites that feed off of the sadistic pleasure injuring others through predation, crime, and corruption is the problem. Those people do not need masks, they need to be in prison!

        This is a society full of losers, obviously!

        Andrea Iravani

      2. We are seeing the radical switch of world wealth from the West to the East. Economics is blunt and brutal: either your economy makes goods and wealth to buy food, or you have to sell food to someone who is richer (China).

        Governments in the West are speedily getting people used to living on a lot less. Millions are being put on welfare; ignorant, lazy black and Muslim school children on free school meal schemes.

        The myth these communities bring wealth to the West is being shown bare. They are in fact useless communities that leach on welfare and can’t even manage their home budgets or feed their children simple, healthy meals (it really doesn’t take much).

        We are going into massive debt that will drag on the economy for decades to come. Combine that with the increasing flood of third world refugees, and the West is going to be very poor, violent, and only use as a source of food (from farms managed by China).

        What the West needs to do is repatriate the leach classes and focus efforts on educating the population that has been in the country for decades and who have the culture and behaviour that will restore wealth. And import smart Asians to replace the third world trash.

      3. Obviously evidence that the country is Mob Run.

        Andrea Iravani

      4. “In Maryland,the governor said family gatherings were the No. 1 source of transmission in the state”. Don’t these people ever stop with the fake numbers/stats? Here I was thinking the number one source of transmission was when all these governors/experts and tyrants got together in a room somewhere to plot their next draconian move on all of us.This nonsense needs to stop.They want to dehumanize us even more which is why they keep pushing the masks on us.Whenever you wear a mask,you are not only covering up your face,but,covering up your very soul.Our faces are such an important part of who we are and expressive of our very being.I cannot really comprehend how anyone can think that any of this is okay? I mean,with every little thing that is consented to-we lose more of our individual self-worth and freedom of expression.A “temporary” mask mandate?Yeah,the same way all that has transpired since this phony 19 b.s. began has been “temporary”. It is so disheartening/depressing seeing so many sheep covering up their lovely faces.Noone has the right to tell you or I to cover up our faces.Absolutely Noone!

      5. Aw, C’mon guys……masks are just masks in this case. We just want to contain human saliva containing virus particles. There is SO much that I totally agree with you on, but dammit, this is just ordinary medical common sense! It’s not “THE thing!”

        • Succinctly put……..

        • You are certainly free to wear one. It is your choice. Just as my choice is to NOT wear one.

        • Everything you just said is conspiracy theory from the left wanna-be tyrants.

        • Your opinion is not based on facts, but emotionally conditioned factors. Trying to stop COVID19 virus particles with a cloth face mask is like trying to stop a dust storm with a chain link fence. Seriously? And consider this: ALL the women in Islamic countries are ALWAYS “masked up” yet that has done NOTHING to stop the spread in those countries. Still think wearing a face covering muzzle is going to protect you? Okay…consider this also: COVID19 is so dangerous that researchers work in BIOHAZARD level 4 to prevent infection including positive air placement full body suits, sealed rooms, and decon antechambers for exit. All that and researchers still got the virus. Yet, you think wearing a cloth mask is going to protect? What about your eyes? Dr. Li Wenliang knew in Jan 2019 that covid can infect through the eyes. Why are people not wearing goggles, then?

          This face mask stuff has NOTHING TO DO WITH A VIRUS.
          You will not ‘save granny’ by being a conditioned sheeple blindly doing whatever arbitrary nonsense they come up with.

          • Do you have any idea what “viral load” means and how it works?

        • To DRC – The holes in an average mask being worn are way too small to be seen, they are microscopic. Even so, the holes are still more than 4,000 times larger than the virus. How are the masks going to stop the viruses? The experts you apparently implicitly trust know this too. This being so, why are you so eager to comply anyway? The more you comply, the more you will required to comply with more edicts.

      6. Destroying social cohesion and solidarity as well as all types of human bonds is an essential part of the NWO agenda in order to dehumanize humans. Conditioning and programming humans to be robots with no initiative, no independence, no empathy. Just look at the sheeple right now. So far, they are willfully enabling the agenda and are just as willfully embracing their chains. They will not wake up, or too few might/will to make a difference and, in the end, there is little doubt that total control and enslavement will be achieved as planned. The only way to stop this social engineered catastrophe and future genocide is either massive civil disobedience everywhere or massive armed revolution everywhere. Neither will happen. A small minority will manage to survive as best as it can. That’s it.

        • You’re right and the education system has done a good job. The last couple generations have been educated to be social zombies. The American culture, attitude and patriotism has been successfully educated out of them and soon they will be the ones (politicians) making the critical decisions directing the future destruction of the country, and they don’t even know why!

      7. DRAIN THE SWAMP & Flush it Good.

        Jim Jones style Kool-Aid drinkers that want mandatory masks as a federal mandate are ignorant. Each state should deal with the issue in the manner required for their region. In my area masks are required in stores & medical offices, but not in the open air environment in which many of us spend our time. Lazy thinkers want to use Tyranny to subject the entire population to their ideas of safety needs. I’ve got news for them – they aren’t that bright and draconian mandates breed resentment & scoffing at any “rules”.

      8. Add a pair of sunglasses to go with your mask and the mandate goes away.

        why do you see so few doing this?

        hint: baaaaaaahhhh

      9. so what happened to the original owner of this site?
        this place censors more than Xi.

      10. There are folk who have gotten respiratory disease from wearing masks. Aren’t you aware of how filthy the human mouth is? A human bite is worse than a dog bite. IT’S NOT JUST CORONAVIRUS YOU BREATHE OUT YOU MORONS.

        There is 10 x 31st power of virus in our soil, air and seawater; with those numbers a cheap a$$ mask is completely useless. You’ve been punked into believing the FLU is “The Satan Bug”; figure it out.

        For instance, prior to 2020, if you got the flu, then died of pneumonia, it was a PNEUMONIA DEATH. 78k pneumonia deaths counted as Covid – there’s your sign.

        • Wow, the medical profession must have a high turn over rate due to disease/virus illnesses and death that you describe! And what about all those poor hazardous waste workers at all our labs. I had no idea these poor people were suffering so….

      11. Just more proof that masks don’t work. Just another Chinese control system. We survived SARS, we survived China Virus-19, ( for when it was released) .

      12. The masks are highly sexual in nature and symbolism. In Venice they were used for sex parties by the forerunners of our current financialised economy.

        In Islam they are used to submit women and keep them under control.

        I have noticed women flirt a lot more with them on. We could see our society becoming like Venice of old, where women anonymously offer themselves under the guise of the mask.

        • One of the desired outcomes of the mask by the authorities is the elimination of white men. White men are likely to comply with mask wearing and social distancing thus procreation becomes difficult. The geo-bio- engineers will effectively dispense of white men quicker with the advent of these aspects concerning cv 19.

      13. I just watched OBAMA pontificating in Orlando, Florida. He’s on the stump for Joe Biden (in his basement) & Kamala Harris (studying the 25th amendment). Obama thinks voters have short memories and don’t remember the Obama IRS scandal (wherein conservatives were punished), Obama’s FAST & FURIOUS (as firearms were sold to criminals), Obama’s Benghazi as the USA lost an Ambasador and 3 other patriots, and Obama’s Clinton & Biden INFLUENCE PEDDLING COVERUP. No, Barack Hussein we do NOT have short memories. Your recommendation to waste a vote on Biden means nothing.

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