Silicon Valley Survivalist Builds DIY “Extreme Weather TsunamiBall” To Ride Out Disaster

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Whenever seismic activity kicks up on the planet, earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis are triggered.

Just how big, and how devastating, depends upon chance, and the build-up of pressures within the earth.

But anyway you slice it, places like Southern California, and globally, the Ring of Fire, are in the danger zone. Many say that it’s just a matter of time.

With that in mind, survival-minded individuals and disaster preppers have been trying to get ready, and help others get ready, too.

That’s sort of what happened when Chris Robinson and his Silicon Valley friends and associates got into ‘sketching ideas for tsunami-proof shelters.’

He says his boss drove home the idea, and brought it up over and over, until he came up with any idea…

… And started building his own tsunami-proof shelter that he hoped could survive a storm of any size, and keep he and his family safe even if the vessel tumbled, or got knocked.

As a one-man crew, Robinson went to town with simple plywood, and a lot of patience, until he came up with this fantastic DIY survival vessel, dubbed the ‘Tsunamiball’, featured on one of the best off-grid sites on the web.

via Kirsten Dirksen:

A couple years ago Chris Robinson was a former Facebook and PayPal art director with no boat-building (nor sailing) experience. Then the Tsunami hit Japan (a place where he’d lived and met his wife). He happened to be working in a startup incubator at the time with some “very smart people”, including an astronaut, and everyone was sketching ideas for tsunami-proof shelters.

To be sure, Robinson’s house boat isn’t done, and frankly, wouldn’t survive a disaster of any magnitude in its current condition. It hasn’t even been tested on the water.

But he hopes to use his pet project to inspire others into thinking of better designs, and improving his along the way.

As Wired Magazine reported:

The former Facebook and PayPal art director used Adobe Illustrator to sketch his tsunamiball plan (he asked some engineers for help calculating whether it would float). “Very early in the project it became about building this interesting object,” Robinson says. “I’m not a survivalist. I don’t even have life jackets.” He does, however, have an emotional connection to Fukushima—he met his wife there in 1991, when he lived in Japan. “Half the places we went on dates are gone,” he says. Robinson plans to finish the outer shell by May, then ocean-test the vessel if he can find a crane and truck big enough to haul it over to the Pacific. And if the sphere doesn’t sink, he’ll use Airbnb to rent the tsunamiball for tidal wave-safe overnights in Palo Alto.

Whether it helps out in a disaster or not, the project is fascinating and breathtaking.

In principle, it is very similar to the ‘Survival Capsule’ that SHTF reported on a little while back:

In the wake of an extreme threat – such as a tsunami or earthquake – this capsule could be the best place to withstand the impact, no matter what.

It is water-tight. It is extremely durable. It floats, and it can withstand against the impact of super-strong winds, crashes, heat and many other factors.

As the London Guardian reports:

This capsule, which features two small porthole windows so the occupants can see what is going on around them, was created to give individual groups and families more control of their survival in emergency situation than traditional ‘safe houses.’

It is designed to float so it will never be inundated by water levels rising too high, as they do in tsunami situations.


The sphere is designed to withstand the initial impact of a natural disaster, as well as sharp object penetration, heat exposure, blunt object impact, and rapid deceleration.

How’s your plan for survival? It’s time to think one through if you don’t have one.

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    1. Apollo

      It would just be smarter to live in an area on higher ground. I moved a few years back from the City where my house was just 8 ft above sea level a block from the bay, to 45+ feet and inland FL. Moving to High ground now, is cheaper than fighting mother nature. She will win every time.

      Also what amazing me is, these people who claim to have invented this Tiny house. All cool looking with aesthetic arches and then the sticker price is like $70K. Like WTF. Just go buy a new portable shed for $7K to $10K and add $5K in upgrades. That’s what I did. Living on the cheap off the grid and enjoying life debt free.

      • Sam

        Hhahahahhaahhahahahahaaa really want to live as you are tumble fried!!!

    2. Apollo

      This has been tried before, with the dopes who put themselves in an barrel and go over the Niagra Falls. Most never make it out alive.

    3. Him

      How about a tsunami ball to protect us from the politicians.

      • BlackMoe

        Let’s stuff that POS Jeff Merkley, along with Obola, Polosi, Holder, Waters, and as many other libertrash as possible into that tsunamiball and drop it in the middle of the Pacific for sea trials.

        • Kfilly

          Why you want to give those traitors a floatation device? Drop them in the middle of the Pacific, point them the way to Fukhishma, and then tell them to swim for it.

          • A Distant Voice

            Locking them in the “ball” should be a given.
            During sea trials, something usually all ways shows up to be repaired. In this case there would be no leak repairs. They would only float for awhile.

      • Gandhi

        Geeze, did he forget about “termites?” Do I have to think of everything. He said no guns too. Smart

      • Gandhi

        So basically it is a fancy FEMA coffin

      • Gandhi

        This article is a good reminder to prepers to lay in a huge stock of glue and epoxies. Just think, the right glue would have rescued all those poor people stranded on Gillian’s island.

        • BlackMoe

          I wouldn’t mind being stranded with Ginger and MaryAnn.

          • Gandhi

            True, but I would not want Giligan to give me a reach-around.

          • Someone in the Back Room

            Especially Mary-Ann, she’s a beauty and she can cook!
            Looks and skills, that’s a keeper!

            • Gandhi

              She had a sweet pair of coconuts ?

      • D3790-794


        Navarro also stated in the courtroom that no one is guaranteed their first amendment rights or their second amendment rights. Additionally, she told everyone that there is Never a time when anyone is allowed to defend themselves against a Law Enforcement Officer, even if they caught him breaking into their home. If he even sees a gun near them, they are guilty of assaulting him.

        ht tp://

      • Wonderin'

        What will protect YOU from this type of JUSTICE?

        1) 50 ft of rope
        2) A (xxx) caliber cartridge
        3) “Extreme Weather TsunamiBall”

        (xxx) = your choice of size

    4. Warchild Dammit!

      I like it,even if not functional the guy is thinking/working on ideas that could become doable/functional.On a side note,nothing happens would make a great library in the garden with all the shelf space.

      • buttcrackofdoom

        hey, warchild, i can finish yesterday’s statement you started, but neglected to finish…give a man a fish, and he eats for a day. give a man fishnet stockings, and he will always be able to find someone to feed him.

        • Warchild Dammit!

          Hmmmm….,my ending was teach a man to fish,and watch him die of mercury poisoning.I think mercury a better path then the fishnet,though,did wear em one Halloween,a long story!

        • Gandhi

          Give a man a fish and he eats for a day but give a man something that smells like fish and he eats till he gets divorced.

    5. Heartless

      Chris, the lessons you’ve learned can be applied to most any problem. The best is learning by doing; not, talking about doing. You got it down pat.

    6. Nailbanger

      The dude has some mad laminating skills, excellent work,
      Cover that with carbon fiber and epoxy and it will be cool,,,
      Needs some sort of keel though so it self rights

    7. Brian

      A helicopter would be better. If you get enough warning to get into a boat, you have enough time to fly to safety. Does this remind anyone else of Noah?

    8. Enemy of the State

      Sep 29, 2014

      dam cant find anything new?

      • Sean

        “Silicon Valley Survivalist Builds DIY “Extreme Weather TsunamiBall” To Ride Out Disaster”

        “I’m not a survivalist.”

        too funny.

        • Gandhi

          Yes, the dude said it was worthless and I agree.

    9. Faux Liberte'

      What would marketing call that thing? Hmmm.


      What theme music would they use to advertise it?

      “Roll with it baby.”
      “Bust a Move.”

    10. waiting

      Speaking of Noah, it would be a good idea to use his boat building plans, he did survive 40 days on the water. Of course you might want to scale it down a bit. I believe the Bible does go into details about what kind of wood and sealers were used by Noah. God did promise not to destroy the world again by water. The world, evil people, will be destroyed next time by fire and sulfur, also know as fire and brimstone. I think my present location is safe from rising sea waters.

    11. Whatever works

      This is not new. Some early prepper/conspiracy theorist , more than 30 years ago now thought of this idea . He wanted to tie his survival “balls” to fixtures all over the city so people could escape it when ” it ” started.

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