“Shrinkflation” Has Become Obvious

by | Jun 9, 2022 | Headline News | 7 comments

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    Shrinkflation is the practice of putting a product in a smaller container but selling it for the same price as the previous product in a larger container. It’s happening all over the world right now and becoming more and more obvious by the day.

    Globally, manufacturers have been shrinking their products lately without lowering prices. Shrinkflation is accelerating worldwide, The Associated Press reported Wednesday. One example, in the United States, a small box of Kleenex now has 60 tissues while a few months ago it had 65. The size of yogurts has also shrunk. In Britain, Nestle reduced its Nescafe Azera Americano coffee tins from 100 grams to 90 grams. In India, a bar of Vim dish soap has shrunk from 155 grams to 135 grams.

    “It comes in waves. We happen to be in a tidal wave at the moment because of inflation,” consumer advocate and former assistant attorney general in Massachusetts Edgar Dworsky told AP. He has documented shrinkflation on his Consumer World website for decades.

    Food Prices Continue To Soar With No End In Sight

    Some companies have been straightforward about the changes, blaming a sharp rise in the cost of raw materials. In Japan, snack maker Calbee announced a 10% weight reduction and a 10% price increase for many of its products in May, including veggie chips and crispy edamame.

    The cost to deliver these food-like items or paper products is also rising as the cost of diesel continues to skyrocket. Even the mainstream media has decided to alert the public to the issues that could lead to food riots.

    Even MSM Is Warning Soaring Diesel Prices Will Lead To Rising Cost of Food

    It is only a matter of time before the entire food supply system, which relies on diesel, crumbles and we all are staring at starvation right in the face.


    This is one of the most pressing issues to prepare for. People, especially in first-world countries have no idea how to cut back, fast, or eat less because the grocery store always has plenty of calorie-rich nutrient-deficient foods for them to consume. That is changing quickly, so make any last-minute preparations now.



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      1. Been going on for a long time, people have noticed it but just never thought of it as inflation.

      2. The water was cold but the headlights were on.

      3. This is what FJB means when he says “The best economic recovery.” He isn’t talking to us, he is talking to his rulers, who planned the continuation of this but were stymied by Trump for a little bit.
        I don’t think Trump was our savior-I think he brought out the American spirit and we were responsible for the gains we made during his administration. Something about Trump + Americans was the opportunity we needed. They brought him down, and us, with the manufactured Covid crisis.
        So this “recovery” Biden claims, is a recovery of the plan for our destruction.
        What are we going to do about it?

      4. That’s why I’ve stopped buying a lot of things. I see what’s really happening.

      5. I’ve noticed this for a long time, even my wife would say something about it when she was still alive, she mentioned it more than once

        • You “had” a wife?

      6. Here in WA the packages are getting smaller but they cost more than the larger ones did, not the same.

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