Food Prices Continue To Soar With No End In Sight

by | May 16, 2022 | Headline News | 20 comments


Food prices are continuing to go up and there is no reprieve in sight. Food banks and store shelves are beginning to empty further as supplies dwindle and the costs soar.

Everything going wrong with the food supply. The mainstream media continues to put most of the blame on Russia’s “invasion” of Ukraine, however, anyone paying attention could see this coming long before that and may have even noticed their own grocery store shelves slowly having fewer items on them.  According to the New York Times, global forces such as supply chain disruptions, severe weather, energy costs, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have contributed to rising inflation rates that have spooked stock market investors and put President Biden’s administration on the defensive.

Of course, none of the inflation was the massive fiat money creation over the past two years in the name of “COVID stimulus,” most of which went to pad the pockets of the immensely wealthy elitists already calling the shots.

The pressure on the public is mounting. It is felt most directly by shoppers doing their weekly runs to grocery stores, where some items that used to be plentiful have been missing for months and where prices for produce, meat, and eggs remain stubbornly high. If things continue, we could see people in the United States rioting over an inability to feed their children.

Food Riots In Sri Lanka Turn Deadly As Protesters Beat Up Police, Burn Down Politicians’ Houses

Back in 2015, a problem with rising food costs was made clear:

Food Riots Are Coming As Cost Soars: “50 Million Americans Are Dealing With Food Insecurity”

But now, almost everyone is feeling the pinch. Prices for other necessities, such as toilet paper and personal hygiene products are also rising.

High fuel costs and a shortage of diesel fuel are also contributing to the rising cost of food. It will not take much for this entire food supply system to come crashing down.

Be ready. One small incident will completely destroy what’s left of the food supply. Make sure you are prepared by stockpiling non-perishable and nutrient-dense foods. Grow what you can and store it over the winter months.

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    1. JRS

      “Farming looks mighty easy when your plow is a pencil and you’re a thousand miles from the corn field.”

      The DC bureaucrats have no idea how food is grown or what affects the supply chain from the field to the store shelf. The Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack, is a lifelong politician that never ran a farm or took a course in agriculture. He went to law school and ran for office soon after. He told Obama he was going to step down as the Ag Sec because most days he said he had nothing to do. I imagine things are much the same for him under Biden.

      • JRS

        The quote is from Dwight D. Eisenhower.

    2. Exactly!!!

      Thank you very much for
      mentioning where most of
      that covid money really went.
      I have long been thinking
      the very same thing.

    3. True

      As usual of course, this will
      only impact the slaves – the
      elitist scum responsible
      won’t suffer in the least.

    4. Brockland A.T.

      Rampant Fed money printing is not causing inflation. Crashed supply chains are causing inflation.

      If anything, we need lower interest rates to help manufacturers and distributors navigate supply chain problems and encourage them to reinvest in the supply chain.

      Money that went to the rich stayed with the rich as financial instruments and did not directly enter the real economy.

      In the real economy, money sinks like market and crypto corrections and failed businesses destroyed dollars.

      Why are farmers plowing food into the ground? Because that’s safer than someone to take out a loan and repackage food meant for restaurants for supermarkets.

      • Anonymous

        You’re a plant.

      • Frank Thoughts

        You are 100% correct. What is needed is massive stimulus but this time it has to be bottom-up stimulus; not top-down. When you print money and give it to the rich and connected, they do what they do best: they stuff it into housing, money laundering scams (crypto), the pockets of hookers (Jeff Epstein etc.), the military-industrial-spy complex.

        But, if there was something like a Support to Families Act, where if you can prove you are a settled family (mom, pop, kids) or are intending to set up a family, you get mucho stimulus: preferential interest rates and terms for mortgages, educational allowances, discounted family holidays, clothing allowances etc. That would stimulate the f##k out of the economy. And just to keep AOC sweet (and we soooo like to keep AOC sweet) you made sure that the houses eligible are LEED certified, the university campuses have to be going green, only fair trade, sustainable clothing manufacturers etc. are eligible, that would make the Green New Deal a Real Deal.

    5. kamala whore hRRIS

      I LOVE JOE.

      • Spider25

        Did you eat paint chips as a kid?

    6. Anonymous

      Just learn to budget:

      50% of your income for taxes, 50% for housing, 50% for food and 50% for medical care.

      What’s left over is discretionary money, yours to spend freely on anything you want.

      Once you’ve mastered that you will do just fine.

    7. SlackMavo

      I had to yank right at a hundred plants that got stunted by the cold. no frost damage they just quit growing.

      I covered them with straw when cold weather moved back in after a warm up including two days that were nearly 90°…. weird

      not only did I lose all my labor but also the time …waiting to see if they were going to pull thru.

      oh well that’s nothing for a commercial grower but I don’t have crop insurance like them….
      not to mention they were a great looking bunch of starts between 5″- 6″ and very healthy.
      it’s discouraging.

      anyway here’s a few figures from the 5-16- 2022 USDA Crop report.

      corn planted at 49%, compared with 67% for the previous five-year average; 14% has emerged compared with 32% for the previous five-year average.

      Spring wheat planted was reported at 39% compared with 67% for the prior five-year average; 16% has emerged compared with 30% for the previous five-year average.

      Winter wheat headed came in at 48% vs. the 53% five-year average. Winter wheat condition was 27% good/excellent and 41% poor/very poor. This compares with the previous year average of 48% good/excellent and 19% poor/very poor. 

      a lot of that (if not all) 41% poor/ very poor is being used to feed livestock . . . it’s so bad.

      I’m not saying North Dakota is a wash …but North Dakota is a wash.

      North Dakota stands out like a sore thumb with only FOUR percent of its corn planted versus its average of 41 percent!!! There will obviously be a lot of “prevented plant” acres turned in to insurance in North Dakota this year and that will definitely cut into the national production total. : source rfd tv

      Minnesota is experiencing similar setbacks.

      what was I saying about a 100 measly plants?
      yeah me neither.

      maybe Central America will come thru this year to offset the deficits…provided they don’t send an equal number of eaters.

      • Genius

        Do you have a lot of chemtrails?

    8. Genius

      Being debt free is really nice. Especially on a fixed income. I can still afford to do repairs on the house and eat out once in a while. You would never know that grocery prices are stopping anyone as the supermarkets are packed and the shelves for the most part are full. I am paying a lot more for food but I have padding. My dog still gets boneless chicken breasts and jerkey and hot dogs. Beer hasn’t gone up that much. Solar stuff is a hard sell (people are morons). It’s good to be old right now (except for the pain!) The best thing is we have no kids to mooch from us. Carry on folks….

    9. Genius

      Update to my deck paint thread: If you live in a place that gets snow use a plastic snow shovel on anything wood! Steel shovels tear up your wood/coating.

      • Genius

        One more thing… to keep your steps slip resistant and help thaw snow/ice put down some black roll roofing on top. Use panhead screws to attach it. For wood protection underneath use the lightly tinted white solar paint I described. Put screws every 4 inches. It may not be the prettiest but it will sure save yer arse a lot of trouble. Paint the screw heads black before you install it. I am white and German so trust me lol.

    10. Tucker

      There is one aspect to the enormous increase in the price of food and of everything else that is seldom talked about.

      Once the manufacturers have jacked up their prices, using inflation as their excuse or using the gas prices as their excuse – if and when, the inflation level decreases or the gas prices slip back to what they were before these inflationary conditions were created – the manufacturers gamble that the public has gotten used to paying these higher prices for their products, and most will view the new, higher price – as the new ‘normal’.

      Meaning, the price hikes will not go away. They become the new profit margin expectation for the manufacturers.

    11. Spider25

      If your not stocking by now and have at least six months worth of food then you are not paying attention. How many globalists have said food shortages incoming? Too many too count! It’s control demolition for the great reset. The WEF needs to be disbanded and broken into a thousand pieces !

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