Food Riots Are Coming As Cost Soars: “50 Million Americans Are Dealing With Food Insecurity”

by | Oct 16, 2015 | Commodities, Emergency Preparedness | 218 comments

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      1. Get out there and fly that disgusting filthy vile evil American flag, representing the most criminal evil fascist shithole the world has ever known…get out there and wave that filthy American flag boot licking coward Zombie trash while you are waiting in the soup line, and dreaming of the fantasy and lies of the ignorantly called ‘land of the free, home of the brave’.

        • The feds have been stockpiling long term food storage and other supplies…for them.

          Years ago, the U.S. used to keep large surpluses of corn and other grain … just in case. But, that is not the case now.

          In 2008, US Grain Reserves Were Dangerously Low.
          2008 – “AAM fully supports the action and all humanitarian food relief. Our concern is that the U.S. has nothing else in our emergency food pantry.

          There is no cheese, no butter, no dry milk powder, no grains or anything else left in reserve.
          The only thing left in the entire CCC inventory will be 2.7 million bushels of wheat which is about enough wheat to make half a loaf of bread for each of the 300 million people in America.”

          2015 – The U.S. No Longer Has Any Strategic Grain Reserves At All
          “President Franklin D. Roosevelt created a grain reserve that helped rally the price of wheat and saved American farms during the Depression.

          In the inflationary 1970s, the USDA revamped FDR’s program into the Farmer-Owned Grain Reserve, which encouraged farmers to store grain in government facilities by offering low-cost and even no-interest loans and reimbursement to cover the storage costs.

          But over the next quarter of a century the dogma of deregulated global markets came to dominate American politics, and the 1996 Freedom to Farm Act abolished our national system of holding grain in reserve.

          As for all that wheat held in storage, it became part of the Bill Emerson Humanitarian Trust, a food bank and global charity under the authority of the secretary of Agriculture.

          The stores were gradually depleted until 2008, when the USDA decided to convert all of what was left into its dollar equivalent. And so the grain that once stabilized prices for farmers, bakers and American consumers ended up as a number on a spreadsheet in the Department of Agriculture.”

          “History is not on our side. Since the days Joseph ruled the granaries of Egypt, nations have relied on vast storage systems to safeguard against bad weather, bad luck and the occasional revolution.”

          Maybe this is why this E.O. was written. It gives the government access to grain and food stores and other resources.
          Executive Order 13603 – National Defense Resources Preparedness – 3/16/12
          This E.O. authorizes the gov. to SEIZE farms, food, processing plants, energy resources, transportation, and skilled laborers during a national emergency.

          Note: The U.S. has a large debt with China. China has agreements for large purchases of corn and wheat from the U.S. Should there be a poor harvest, will they get their bushels first?

          • Some things to consider when looking at data about hunger in America:
            There is a difference between those who use food programs as their primary source of food and have no discretionary spending and those who do have discretionary spending.

            1.If they have no extra spending then they rely on food programs to survive. They do have kids that go hungry and they are living on the edge and in fear and many are working.

            2. But in this nation there are many who get their food from food programs because it allows them to have more cash spending money for eating out, salon nails, the latest video gamer stuff and/ or alcohol or drugs.

            I work with lower income families and we often have day old bread in racks by the front door. Many families will declare to us that their kids will go hungry without our help but then walk away from the free bread rack saying “They don’t have our favorite brand”. There are 12 brands and many different types of bread but they don’t want even one bag. They are not hungry or fearful of lack of food, they just wanted food services to free up cash for other things.

            3. When looking at the number of food program users do they look at the illegals who use the programs? No they don’t. There are many illegals who work hard and need the programs to feed their family but there are more who have never worked and never intend to work. They came here for the welfare programs and will stay as long as they are not required to work.

            A very real part of the US food assistance problem is that it was never intended to feed the entire world. It was never intended to be the sole and permanent food source for families. It was intended to assist US families for temporary periods until the family can get into a better situation and take care of themselves. We are seeing ablebodied lifelong users who have no intention of leaving the system and the government is not encouraging them to take care of themselves. We are seeing floods of illegals from all over the world come into the US through Mexico courtesy of the Federal Government and our system was not developed to cope with this flood.

            Currently in the US every working American is supporting at least one household besides their own. And this is not counting social security or medicare.

            In the EU you can see videos of illegals streaming across Europe trying to get to the best welfare nation. They can quote all the figures of what each nation offers. More than 80% of the illegals who have been living in Europe for the last 10 years have never worked in Europe. Europes invasion is very visual. Ours has been quieter. And our media have been careful to not show or talk about the very large numbers of Chinese and middle eastern muslims that have come legally and illegally in the past 10 years. Yet the Federal government had water stations posted near the Mexican border with signs in Spanish, Arabic and Chinese. This will not stop until it crashes, until we all crash, until there is nothing left on the bones for the pickers.

        • yessss… give us your hate! It makes us stronger!

        • Hi Ron,

          If it will upset you that much, I’ll go ahead and fly the flag.

          • Of course you will fly the fascist flag representing the most evil destructive vile filthy disgusting criminal GENOCIDAL fascist government the world has ever known, because you are a boot licking coward pussy Zombie with a side of gutter swine filth. Of course you know your children will shit, spit, and piss on your grave for being such a boot licking coward pussy, who could give two shits about their future in the collapsing Orwellian Fascist Police State shithole of the world. Your children and their descendants will curse your name for being such a coward fascist supporter.

            • One flew over the kookoo’s nest.

              • rednek101 that describes the chemically altered coward pussy Zombie trash in the fascist shithole of America very well-the ones being fed a steady supply of Big Pharma poison after they have gobbled up all the GMO filled poisonous toxic FAKE FOOD the fat asses can stuff in their disease ridden toxic waste dump bodies of pure garbage.

            • We proudly display the ‘Stars and Stripes’ here in Louisiana. The Confederate battle flag is also displayed with pride in many parts of the state. Times are a-changing though and Mayor Landreau and his cronies (you can insert all the adjectives used above) are proposing bringing down many of the confederate monuments displayed throughout the city. This is what happens when you lose, the jackbooted thugs are going to revise history and put their brand/stamp on your behind.

              Louisiana Eagle

              • Fly that filthy vile fascist flag boot licker and lick the boots of your Corporatist fascist slavemasters…Do you like licking DHS boots the most, or do you just prefer to go right to their Corporatist fascist puppetmasters for a good boot licking you fascist supporting Zombie trash.

                • Ron, Thanks. I enjoyed that. You are now inducted into our clan. There are some folks that like the smell of boot polish. Some even use it for make up. A little hard to take off though. In my neck of the swamps folks really like the green, brown and black stuff. They smear it all over their faces but you can still see their pearly white teeth when they smile. Up Boston way, I heard some folks were well painted up and had a grand old time brewing tea in the harbor. If you like this kind of stuff you are most welcome to join us down here in the swamplands where we proudly fly our flags high. Eeeyaaah!

                  Louisiana Eagle, flying low!

            • Ron A. : Oh my, you seem to have a terrible case of “Potty-Mouth” on this fine Autumn day. What’s really bothering you?

              • Ron Ahrens almost makes acid look good. ALMOST.

              • Let me see Gregory, now what could possibly be bothering me in a collapsing Orwellian Stasi Fascist Police State shithole controlled by the most disgusting evil vile criminal genocidal psychopathic NWO Corporatist fascist monster filth the world has ever seen, where the population of insane dumbed down brain dead chemically altered fascist boot licking coward pussy Zombie trash still believe in the fantasies, lies, and propaganda of their Corporatist fascist slavemaster scum of the earth. Now of course none of this TRUTH would not bother a COWARD PUSSY ZOMBIE still living in the fantasy and lies of such insanity as ‘Murica is the greatest country on earth’ or the even more insane ‘land of the free, home of the brave’uttered by the insane coward Zombie trash of collapsing Murica.

                • If you switch pussy and zombie gives new meaning. Kind of amusing too! ; D Oh yeah, sticks serve better as tinder than up the ass. Friendly advice for ya there, dude!

            • Now tell us how you REALLY feel Ron!


        • Kind of wondering which country you live in. Care to enlighten the folks?

        • It wasn’t always that way. But it’s the government employees that are doing this evil. The majority of the informed are sick of it . Could even our military stop them . Or is our top officers also pure evil . If anybody has any suggestions on how to stop millions of heavily armed totally evil government employees let us know.

      2. Prepping is prudent…I’ve been actively preparing for years now. However, please don’t lose sight of what’s truly important. If you’re mentality/approach to this impending storm is to bunker down deep, surround yourself with munitions so that you can destroy anyone who appears on the horizon, you’ve missed the entire point.

        The world has eschewed God and his providential protection in exchange for self-reliance. We’ve done so with an sinful, abberant spirit of defiance. God is only honoring our free will decisions and has allowed us to remove him from our lives. This storm (aka economic/societal collapse is nothing more than us reaping what we sow). Some might refer to it as a chastisement, but it truly is nothing short of a loving Father allowing us to fall flat on our faces so that we may once again turn back to him as the provider who sustains us.

        Sure, food preps are necessary…But not to hoard and defend to the death. God may be using you and your food to help others through this. Weapons and self-defense are also prudent as some folks might not come in peace, but holing up with an, “I’m gonna bury anyone who shows up” attitude indicates you’re off the beaten path.

        We’re all in this together as we are all God’s children. And keep in mind he died for each one of us so that we may have eternal life. He is the Good Shepherd that will not abandon ANYONE. Perhaps he has given you & me the GRACE of understanding what’s coming so that you can be a partner in his mission to rescue us from ourselves. Your knowledge, awareness, prudence to prepare and vision of the storm are tremendous assets that God can (and will) use if you allow him to.

        Or you can just strap some grenades to your belt, arm yourself with a few AK-47’s, and sit atop your prep pile in a bugout location and be nothing more than another part of the misery we’re all about to endure.

        Recognize God…Rely on him and be a beacon of hope to your fellow neighbor. Do those things and your prepping will not have been in vain.

        God Bless ALL of you!

        • Well said dad amen, we are blessed to be a blessing.
          Oh but what about all the thugs looking to do harm, just shower them with love?

          • yourdaddy,

            Well said! Great post!

            May bless you too!

            Keep prepping and praying.
            KY Mom

            • Bible thumpers everywhere.

              • Nothing wrong with Bible thumping. You got something against hope?

                • Hope is not a plan.

              • must really piss you off, all that prayer and people wishing blessings on you and fellow man.

                • Take your bible thumping to your closet unless the thread is about bible thumping and then I’ll go elsewhere.

                  This thread is about food riots.

                  To you wackos it doesn’t matter what the thread is you’ll instantly start your bible thumping.

                  • A measure of wheat for a penny. A days bread for a day’s pay . It’s all in that book and it seems to be coming true. We will be working for food. Like slaves… Maybe that s the plan . They want to keep labor costs down. Ron A. It also says in that book about the mystery Babylon. The great whore. That perverts the world . So you are saying the same thing as that book. And I think your right but only our government employees are the filthy whores . Not I think most Americans Or our flag.

          • Pray to your favorite spirit and join the rag heads.

            Feed three hundred million out of one loaf, but you gotta pray.

          • Even Jesus told his disciples to sell their cloak and buy a sword. So self-defense is Biblical.

            • Smooze: Kicking butt for Jebus! I just have one question and it must be biblically referenced, WWJK?

        • @yo’ daddy,
          Well said.

        • The way it is looking, I will be sitting on a pile of preps in a BOL or wherever and will dish out a little pain here and there along the way.
          I believe that the government will be responsible for what happens but the things that directly happen to us, like riots or crime, we will have to deal with it right then. Both Day and Night.
          Nothing going to stop the savages once they get going except a bullet.

          • Charity is necessary to keep ones sanity in hard times, but also remember that you can’t prep for everyone, and by not being prudent and wise in the days when you can prepare puts on unfair ‘christian’ obligation on those that are trying to keep their family alive by putting something away for a rainy day.

            If there isn’t enough lamp oil to go around to the unwise virgins, then they’re shit outta luck, because some things can’t be imparted. Even Joseph in Egypt was wise in the way he imparted of grain and supplies during the 7 years of drought and famine.

            • Charity is necessary and a Christian’s responsibility in good times. However, the Bible also says that he who does not provide for or care for his family is worse than an infidel. Those of us who are setting aside food for our family or group aren’t doing so with sharing in mind as harsh as that sounds. Whatever is given to someone outside of our family/group shortens the length of time your family/group stays alive. I’d be willing to barter, but not give outright. It also tells people outside your group that you HAVE food setting you up to be a target of raids or worse. Proverbs 22:3 A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.

              • Prepping comes down to a numbers game.

                Let’s assume two retired folk put up a years worth of food, for one person.

                Well there’s two so the food will only last 6 months.

                Let’s say your two adult children and their spouses come. For six people that years worth of food now lasts only 2 months.

                Now let’s say other friends, relatives and neighbors show up. Now you have a dozen people, and that one year supply of food lasts but 4 weeks.

                I have some food put up, but I did not spend my hard earned money to put up food for strangers, do the math. There’s no room in the inn.

                The article said the FEDs have put up 140 million meals, well America has 300 million people, so I can tell you that none of that food is for common Americans. It is all reserved for the government elite. Non emergency low level government workers won’t even be entitled to any of this food.

                The government while emptying the US Treasury, also already sold off the US Grain reserve. There is nothing left in reserve for the average American who does not make their own survival plans.

                Even squirrels are smart enough to save up seeds and nuts for winter. And we know a big winter is coming.

                • PTPO, well said. You’re only responsible for yourself and your loved ones and no one else. The consequences will be horrific for those that have refused to listen to us and prepare. also make sure you have means of self-defense for your family and your supplies.

              • agree totally Liza Jean!!! Those that say I’ll give away food, will likely get themselves killed and their family in a short time after shtf. If rich folks want to give during a collapse, they need to give thru a third party as rich guy James Rawles said on his site. Smart folks don’t go around blabbing their biz either. Your daddy (post) has lots to learn about human nature and trusting strangers, etc. Time teaches us lots of practical things, and how to think critically and make decisions under stress, and common sense actions in trying situations. Bartering is a must, no freebies.

              • Liza Jean: I’m always amazed at how deft many so-called Christians are at taking various passages of the Bible, which are almost always out of context, and melding them into a rational that will justify their actions. Religious folks are so smug in their belief that they occupy the “moral high-ground”, but anyone that can twist their sacred text to fit their needs is nothing more than a crass opportunist. I’m a non-believer in Devine rewards and punishments, but I would gladly go to half rations if it meant feeding a few hungry children just because it’s the right thing to do. Doing good is it’s own reward.

            • Charity can bite you in the ass.

              I had a Mexican kid, about 12 years old, come to my door and ask if he could have a chicken. I have about 15 yard chickens. The kid said he just got a rooster and wanted a hen too. He said he lived about 5 houses down from me but i had never seen him before. Anyway, I gave him one. I have plenty.

              About two weeks later he came back wanting another chicken. I had to tell him no and send him away.

              Two lessons from this experience.
              1) I live in town so people can see my animals, so this is a cause for concern when things get shitty.

              2) if you give once, they come back for more later.

              • John Stiner:

                I learned a similar lesson. Now, when someone needs a hand out, if I don’t flat out say no, I tell them that it is not a gift, it is given on credit they need to pay for it when things improve and it is a once only. Don’t ask again.

                Most of the time after that, they will avoid you. The ones who pay you back become better friends. The others aren’t even their own friend. And they, friends or family, will resent the time you said no, and forget the time you helped them. Such is life.

                • You’re right. If people think they “owe” you, they will avoid you. so they don’t have to explain why they haven’t paid you. The honest people will do their best to make it right. If they fall short after even their best effort, I usually work with them.

                  That works most of the time, but there are a few with cast iron balls, who will expect you to keep adding to the tab. They eventually get into more debt than they know they can pay, THEN they turn nasty. Those are the ones who end up getting shot.

                  • JS, B from CA, and Sixpack, I have to agree. I made my decision years ago NOT to be charitable but the decision didn’t come easy for me. I’ve been through something similar to what JS mentioned. What made the decision tough for me was that it went against one part of my upbringing. On the other hand, I had to be realistic about the issue. It’s a damn shame that charity has turned out to be counter-productive, but it’s true. I’m only responsible for me and my own and no one else. The nonpreppers have been ridiculing us for so long I don’t even pay attention to them anymore. since they refuse to do anything for themselves, tough shit, f#$% them.

            • Im a very charitable person and I give a lot. However come SHTF there will be no more charity. Even giving today I see how it makes most people dependent then hateful of you when the charity ends. SHTF will be much worse and they will probably come back with others to raid my place.

              • This is all about separating the wheat from the Tares and burning the Tares . Not feeding them.

            • Beans, corn, rice, wheat and a 30-30. Not necessarily in that order.

              • “preventing it from being grown and harvested’ — VIA LOCAL REGULATIONS

                “by contaminating it and rendering it unfit for human consumption” — LIKE THE EPA MINE SPILL THAT POISONED AN ENTIRE RIVER?

                “The Feds Have Been Preparing for the Coming Food Shortages Since 2008” — BASICALLY, SINCE OTRAITOR WAS SELECTED.

          • Praying will stop the bullets, Sling. Make yourself invisible and pray.

            You go, bible thumpers.

            • Peace is cheap.

              If you say so.

            • Lots of prayer and many bullets go well together.

          • Slingshot, AMEN. Once the balloon goes up, we are on our own as individuals. We have to become our own first-responders.

          • Trouble is on it’s way, but right now, the single most common reason American children go hungry is that mom sold the food stamps. Most of the parasite crowd have better phones and more cash than the working stiffs carrying them.

        • I’m going to kill the motherfuckers that come to take anything from me. They think we won’t or can’t. They are gravely mistaken.

          • Give a man a fire and he’s warm for the day; set a man on fire and he’s warm for the rest of his life.

            Doesn’t seem to come across the same as the fish version…..

            • I like it though. We will give the set fire part to the NWO scum




          SO HOW THE FUCK






          • Acid:

            Let them fat-arsed slobs eat their numerous TATTOOS, EAR/NOSE/BODY RINGS and tell them to get their heads out of their bungs when they are not playing with some $800 iPad or electronic gizmo.

            These slobs had the $$ and time to prepare but CHOSE NOT TO.


            • Seasoned citizen, those lard-asses will be some very dangerous people once they start getting hungry. 2 bullets to the head will stop trouble before it can get started.

          • Did you ever see a fat ass starve to death? He may starve, but he won’t be fat when he does. Thats the point.

            • It’s a well-documented fact that chronic f-e-a-r can make one fat. People with regular access to good, healthy food and who don’t struggle/suffer from food insecurity are not usually fat. Also, I know people who once they got out of a long-term toxic marriage or long-term toxic relationship that was inspiring chronic fear/anxiety they finally lost the extra 20 lbs they were carrying – that’s how powerful these emotions are, if it isn’t short-term, it’s long-term and they lose all hope of getting out of their situation.

              Chronic fear + chronic anxiety causes stress-hormones (mostly adrenaline & cortisol) to be released, and as a (potential famine on the horizon) ‘Defense Mechanism’ it sends a message to the brain to slow down the body’s metabolism’ (and it slows down considerably) and the body holds onto the fat, instead of burning it up… in case of famine… can’t make this up, it’s true… and, not making up excuses for gluttons and fatso’s either, just stating the truth, the other side of the matter.

              That’s why you rarely ever see fat wealthy people or rich people who are obese (except for NJ Gov. Chris Christie).

              Hey, not sticking up for glutton pigs who pig-out. I am just saying there’s another side to the obesity epidemic; some fat people fill up on breads and sweets because that’s all they have for their one or two meals a day, and if they eat healthy salads, low-fat meals, etc, it won’t hold them over until their next meal, which could be a day away… and then combine that with ‘chronic fear slows down the metabolism’ and ‘chronic fear makes you fat’ and there you go.

          • Acid, damn good post about Sanders and the lard-asses.

            • Acid been doing good for a change!

              • Jim,yes he is but how long will it last?

              • Jim, on occasion he does make some sensible posts and offers some prep tips. If he would just be like that all the time, he would really earn my respect.

                • I second that Brave….

          • Well said sir

          • AE is right on this. “Poor” people constitute the fattest segment of the American population.

            Elton John was right. “Times are changin’ now the poor get fat”…

        • I guess I need to take down the sign on my front porch that says, “Praise the Lord, pass the ammunition.”

          • Heretic against heretic—the “humble” anti-Pope lost his self-control because of opposition from the opposition camp of heretics. The divorce heretics are fighting the “collegiality” heretics. The Novus Ordo is indeed “a house divided,” NOT CATHOLIC AT ALL:

        • Hey Dad, WOW that came from a different level Thank you for adding that to my day! I think others here would be very well advised to consider your words deeply.
          Thank you!

        • So god is trying to save us from ourselves? How exactly is he doing that?

          “He is the Good Shepherd that will not abandon ANYONE.” Unless you are Muslim, gay, do not believe in him, etc. Then you are on your own.

          • He abandoned the people of Sodom and Gomorah . And the people of Noah’s flood that buried the dionasaurs in silt and petrified their bones ..The million years old thing is a lie satans greatest weapon.O a professor would never lie . Yea right. Global warming . O no global climate change . The American people are handicapped by the inability to comprehend the level of evil on this planet. But it’s soon coming to an end. He’s going to do a Sodom andGomorah again.

        • I am with you on that.

        • Good writing! Truth is in the details and the heathen can’t handle the truth, so they call us “bible thumpers”, among other things.

        • I would do what I can to help others who are truly needy, but be wise, for Christ gave us a warning–He has sent us among sheep in wolves clothing.

        • Well said

        • Dad,

          I agree with you completely. You articulated my sentiments on this matter of prepping. Besides, you can’t take none of it with you when you’re gone. I have seen food and supplies multiply to meet the needs of the moment. The feeding of thousands from a few fish and loaves of bread still happen. Sharing is caring. You are always welcome in my neck of the swamps.

          Louisiana Eagle

      3. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I read that since the Irish potato famine of 1845-50 the only famines in the “western world” have been a direct result of war. Of course, we haven’t witnessed a complete systemic economic breakdown during that time, so we shall see what happens.

      4. millions of piglets died in the last few months. 68 million chickens and turkeys killed because of bird flu this year(so far), so eggs doubled in price(so far). no more water in cali, so farmers quit planting, consequently, higher prices for feed to keep the ranchers supplied. it’s obvious to all but the terminally nieve that food’s about to get VERY expensive.

        • I am expecting a turkey shortage come Thanksgiving.

          • No problem: here in America’s vast “fly-over” Midwest country, illegal hunting and poaching is at record levels.

            If I don’t hear between 6-12 shotgun slugs a night harvesting deer, it’s a rare night. This is in the official “off” season.

            The locals who have been fired, laid off, or down-sized say: “the country has become lawless from the top down–why should I give a sheet for game laws when I have a family to feed?”

            • I don’t get a sheet about game laws now nor in the past. “The fun stops when the hammer drops”.

              • PO’d Patriot, once the balloon goes up and we are in WROL, NOBODY will care about game laws. Everyone will be out in the woods with the same idea. Even game wardens will have families to feed so expect them to be out there also, but NOT to enforce any game laws. Even at the BOL, my cousin goes fishing without a license. All my family have been known to kill any and all game that wander onto their properties, off season or not. Their deep-freezers are always well-stocked.

                • Most of society does not care about the penal laws, not just game laws.

                • Europeans and central Americans had same philosophy why there are no big animals there.

                • Braveheart.

                  If you are out in the woods and it is WROL. Should you hear a shot it would be better to move away from it.
                  Over the years being a member in a hunt club we have had trespasser’s,
                  thieves, poacher’s with plenty of vandalism.

                  Established hunting clubs will enact anti poaching procedures. Shoot, Shovel, Shut Up.

                  As of now with all the damage outsiders have done. There will be many killed when trespassing with a firearm in their procession.

                  • Slingshot,my family in GA already has such a policy for their properties. If anyone is caught on their land armed and they don’t know them, they get their stupid asses blown straight to hell. My relatives are NOT someone to be crossed.

          • I don’t think there will be a shortage, but you can bet your ass that they will be more expensive.
            I have read that a 20% increase is most likely.

          • That’s because so many of them are tied up in the debates.

        • butt – It’s already expensive… my food bill here on the East Coast has doubled from only 18 months ago… x2, that’s what I now pay, and others here have told me the same.

          • We have noticed a small increase in staple foods over the last year or so here in the southern Appalachians. The biggest increase has been on junk foods like chips and candy and such.
            The bag wt. goes down, while the price goes up. We don’t buy shit like lays and doritos anymore. overpriced.

            We, mostly i, value shop and compare prices at bulk rates. We sometimes go into the dollar general nearby to see what is on sell that can go into our medium term preps, like two years out date expiration.
            We call short term, anything that needs to be used to retain flavor and quality as those items one year or less.
            Medium term foods as two to five years out.
            Long term is five years or more shelf life.

            The dollar general nearby had, notice i said “had”, Dinty Moore Beef Stew- 20 oz. for $1.95. Dates were good till 2018. I cleaned them out after checking at Wallymarket where the price was $2.49 each. It is thick and chunky enough that we add a little water to balance out the high sodium, and make it like a hearty soup.

            Little things like that can add up. Three years ago, we found Luck’s pinto beans for 50 cents a can. We bought cases for weeks until they took the sale off. Now the cheapest we can find them is .79 on sale. We are still eating on the 50 cents cans. Little things add up over periods of time.

            • PWTW, Dinty Moore beef stew is part of my preps. Just finished a bowl of that earlier. YUM. YUM. YUM. But I have to admit my cousin’s HOMEMADE beef stew is better. Two more weeks and I’ll be back in GA on another supply trip.

              • yea, brave it is high in sodium but no preservatives. The Armour brand is even higher. We were buying Campbells sirloin burger 18 oz. cans for $1.50, which is good eating, but the DM brand stew, is better beef, we think, and has bigger chunks.

                Aside from growing your own and canning, which is way better, it is all a gamble with food canneries.

                But, a plate of soft cooked rice with hot beef stew over it is like a sore peter deal…it’s hard to beat.

                • y’all make sure you got rice, beans, macaroni to add to that stuff….will stretch a lot farther with those extra calories added.

                • PWTW, I also put a little water in mine to reduce the sodium. The Campbells meals are pretty good but I also like the beef chunks in DM better. Like I said the only thing better is HOMEMADE beef stew. I’ll be having that as soon as I get back to GA. AND chili, she also has some HOMEMADE chili that can’t be beaten by anyone. And now it’s the weather for chili.

                  • and chili-mac. got one of the easiest and best tasting recipes here from ‘grandee’.

                    We have a couple cases canned up, ready for the shtf.

              • Dinty Moore? PUKE. PUKE. PUKE. Talk about crap in a can, some people will eat shit if the price is right.

        • That’s odd. I have been getting American chicken thighs and legs for 59 cents a pound for two months now.

          • Can that chicken, 7 quarts a load. It has been averaging 95 cents a pound for thighs in my world. I put four thighs to the quart.

            Fill the storm cellar with canned meat. The cheap cuts get tender when you can them.

            Be sure to pressure can them (15 psi at my altitude for 90 minutes.)

          • So have we, $1/lb. I have been suspect of this meat esp since the price drop coincides with the massive “bird flu” die/kill off. Also the last two times I had drum sticks they tasted funny. Coulda been the way I cooked em but I try to avoid chicken right now.

            • smooze,

              The virus spreads quickly. The bird flu virus can kill nearly an entire infected flock within 48 hours.

              As of June…
              “Since December, more than 40 million birds in the United States have been infected or exposed to harmful bird flu viruses that typically cause severe illness or death in the animals.

              The outbreak has led authorities to kill millions of birds on poultry farms in the Midwest, in an effort to prevent the spread of the virus through the flocks on those farms.”

              Fox News

              According to the CDC, there is a low risk for human infection from US strains of bird flu.
              Cook the chicken thoroughly.

            • USDA inspectors who find one bird with the bird flu, all are killed and the whole lot is burned, not sold for consumption.

              I buy in bulk in 10 lb lots frozen, and the thighs/legs are the size of half a chicken. The store sells them at cost because it brings people in to buy other things.

          • But do you know how it was raised and fed? That’s what scares me……

          • SavaLOt in these parts has leg quarters 40¢ lb.

            • We got one too. We only buy their chicken meats for grilling these days. The beef has a strong smell and taste so we only use it in stew. The mum-in-law used to always buy her beef there for Sunday roasts. it tasted ok after she seasoned well, but we both always felt bad on Sunday evening and night. We stopped eating there on Sundays and the bad feelings went away.

              I suspect the meat comes from dairy cattle or substandard cattle markets. I know many times I have seen that the beef is imported. The filet mignon, beef tenderloin, tastes so bad we had to use it in pot stew.

          • @woogie…there’s nothing ODD about the 39 cents a lb chicken in the store right now in high desert. think about it. if you are a rancher, about to have your flock destroyed, wouldn’t you sell them for whatever you could get for them now, rather than take a total loss when ONE is detected with bird flu….you lose EVERYTHING. farmers are scared of losing their whole flocks, nuthin’ odd about THAT.

        • There is water in California. They restrict it. Send it off shore. And charge more than farmers make on the crops. It is a disincentive. It costs more to grow a vegetable garden. Trees only need water when young and during summer.

          I might plant olive trees. They require little. Live for thousands of years.

          • yes, we still have water in california….just a hell of a lot LESS of it…..have you BEEN here lately?

      5. Look around: you will see more people with children. They will often be new arrivals but they will have one, two three or more children. Go to the developing world, and the population is rising rapidly. But what is consistent is the lack of ability to support for or care for these children with current income from work. So, most of these families are on a long list of social supports to pay the bills.

        All of this is not sustainable with the current economy, where most wealth is either printed, taxed or fictioned into existence. The food system is entirely based on loans to keep it going. Farmers borrow to pay for seeds and machinery and storage. If the credit system seizes up, they will not be able to borrow; shops will not be able to pay providers; restaurants will not be able to pay their bills. It was always a fiction the world’s population could exponentially increase without the food system hitting tilt (just under 2 billion people when I was born; now over 7 billion today).

        • I have been to 9 different 3rd world countries. They live nothing like we do in the United States. The areas I saw people live in shanties and multiple family members live in the same house. Grandparents, parents and kids. They would have 10 to 15 people in the same household. Nothing like the US.

          • “Nothing like the US”

            Yet… oh its coming

            • If the US gravitates into chaos it will not be with the blessing of TPTB. They need to maintain sufficient political stability so that the military is not called home domestically. The US military is their chief enforcer. This doesn’t infer that the standard of living won’t decline as it will in their globalist endeavor.

              • Kevin2:

                I believe the enforcers will be U.N. Foreigners. Say violent African genocidal maniacs with machetes. The Americans working with them will be carefully selected to be sure they take and pass on genocidal orders without rational thought. They could go into areas systematically or just pull a chrystalnock. You won’t know until you hear them banging on the door and breaking windows.
                Forget the golden hoards, worry about the fascist/communist U.N. police/Strong Cities.

                • I believe you are correct!

                • Consider buying a ham radio rig, it requires no license to listen, only to transmit. To listen doesn’t give your location away, and the only way the government can control it, is to jam it.

                  If you listen in on Ham radio frequencies a few times a week, you’ll know it the day they start jamming it. If it’s being jammed watch you back!

                  If you want to pursue a ham license, then you can transmit and join in conversations, but you will be registered with the government.

                • Too messy. I think they’ll just use Dial a Nuke Range adjustable Nuetron bombs. They know the areas were most of the people who would resist them live. And the areas in the cities they want depopulated . Dial a nuke Nutron bombs are perfect Let the bodies hit the floor. The surviving slaves scoop them up for fertilizer . Win win situation. Bumper crops. Sure they’ll be some stragglers holding on to that out dated unsustainable environmentally damaging personal freedom philosophy . But they won’t be able to hold out long. Well just wait them out until they come crawling on their knees begging for food.Just like we did in Russia . stupid Cristian’s how dare they call us The children of satan.

                  • ✡?

        • Explaining different economic systems using ‘two cows’ as a metaphor…

          Socialism: You have two cows. The government gives one to your neighbor. (*I changed this one, slightly)

          Communism: You have two cows. The government takes both and gives you some milk.

          Fascism: You have two cows. The government takes both and shoots you.

          Capitalism: You have two cows. Sell one and buy a bull.

          Updated for 2015…
          US government: You have 330 million cows. You milk them down to the last drop, tell them that they’re the freest cows in the world, then train them to be afraid of men in caves.

          Federal Reserve: You have two cows. You give them to the banks for free. The banks slaughter them and eat all the meat. You conjure money out of thin air and buy them two more cows.

          Wall Street: You don’t actually have any cows. But you rake in billions from selling out your own customers and illegally manipulating the price of milk. The government gives you a slap on the wrist.

          Silicon Valley: You have two cows. They don’t produce any milk, and your operation loses $500 million per year. Top VC firms invest in your cows, valuing your company at $25 billion.

          US small business: You have two cows. You cannot sell the milk without a permit. You cannot drink the raw milk that comes from your own cows. The government fines you $10,000 for failing to file form BS-01519.

          US big business: You have two cows. You hire the former head of the FDA to be your corporate ‘advisor’. You get a huge government contract. Now you have two million cows.


      6. best advice right now is to watch sale ads for things you haven’t seen that cheap in a while, and pick them up while you still can….and get canned food with high moisture content, for us living in the desert….and put some fruit away…very little in the dollar stores that is a good deal, but i usually find SOMETHING there, like pears 28 ounce for a dollar…apricots 28 ounce for a dollar….keep yer heads low, peeps!

        • I have been complaining about the apricots. There are none to be found in our stores in East Texas. The two week window this summer where H.E.B. has some they were $4 a pound. I wanted some to make jam, but the costs were just too high.

          What store did you see that apricots at?

          • Apricots? we’ve got ’em coming out of our wazoo here in the Midwest. fresh, canned, sun-dried, whatever. figure….

            mebbe they come from China and they are half-poisoned. who knows?

          • those were canned and got them at the 99c store(so cal)….and apricots are waaaay past being in season now.

        • Bcod… You are so right. Twice in the last two months a couple local grocery stores in the area had double packed boston butts on sale for .99 a pound. We picked up 2 packs from each store both times. Cooked one and canned all the rest. These stores always seem to have the good sales the third week of the month after all the EBT “gimme free shit” cards are empty and a week before they are recharged. Hmmm… Imagine that… I wonder why?

      7. My immigrant ancestors would laugh at these hard times. My Dad like most Italians ate “Pasta Fazoo” (bean and pasta stew/soup) several times a week. Broccoli Rabe (wild broccoli) was a staple too. They might have ate meat 3 days a week maximum.

        When I see lawns becoming gardens, and I expect I will, I’ll worry.

        • I’ll believe most folks at the food bank can’t afford to buy food when they’re not standing in line comparing their tattoos and cellphones.

          It’s not all of them, that’s certain, but a large percentage.

          • They are Obamaphones and tattoos purchased with the EBT cards.

          • This tat and piercing phenomenon we are witnessing is a direct result in the moral decay of our societies.

            Many that have them will defend them till the death and curse many like me that see it for what it really is. One of our own, Ms Daisy Luther scolded me for speaking negatively about tats years ago, when she was a regular. If I remember correctly she said her’s was on or near her butt and it was something to do with celebrating the memory of her mom, (forgive me if i don’t remember exactly, as DK says, it’s in the archives),but, my point is, does it really make any sense?

            All these sleeves on men and women is like…’look at me, i’m cool”.

            The first thing i think of when i see sleeves coupled with facial piercings……trashy and self-worshiping, and then low self esteem looking for acceptance as something special in a world of ‘who gives a shit’.

            I really don’t care personally what a person does with their body, but i believe there will come a day when they will have to answer for defiling their body that way. Piercing of the skin is like blood letting, and it is frowned upon by the One that Created that body, and yes, He does own you and your soul.

            • I’m His Creation; not His Creature……, and “ownership” is a human creation.

              It is a rare Christian that comprehends that “free will”, a “gift” from the Creator, negates His direct intervention.

              • Only because you are using the rules of the created, not the creator. If you think that God cannot work within the confines of his creation, you must have an awful small opinion of God. My God has no paradox, no contradictions, because he made the rules that run the system. God can, and does intervene, we are just too limited to understand.

                God Bless.

        • all i see are fat people, even the guy with the homeless and hungry sign that i see daily looks like he should loose a few pounds

          • Robert Paulson:

            Fat people are generally poor. In America educated affluent people can afford to buy food that is not laden with pesticides, heavy metals, high fructose corn syrup, etc. As we move into complete starvation you will see imaciated skin and bones just prior to death. But most fat people will die fat and malnourished. They are already dying. Diabetis and Cancer are diseases of malnutrition.

          • They’re fat, not always because they eat too much, but from a variety of illnesses, including kidney failure and general inflammation from the massive amounts of GMO wheat gluten they eat in virtually everything they stick into their faces…the same stuff they feed… livestock….. to fatten them up… hmmmmm.

            • Not to mention the chemicals that are spewed across the world every hour from the chem trails. One of the chemicals sprayed all over creation has been determined to cause male lab rats to turn bi sexual and the females to start exhibiting male characteristics. Some of the males even started having shrinking testicles and were showing preferences of humping the males over females. No shit.

              What a twisted and sick mind we have in peoples that run the show. Demonically possessed is about right.

            • sixpack

              Its calorie intake for sure and a lack of exercise. The kidney failure, high blood pressure and diabetes are all symptoms. Too many today have no idea how to make a relatively nutritious meal. Even if the meal had too much saturated fat its the overall calories that get one fat.

              Twenty percent of US draftees in WWII showed signs of malnutrition when they entered the service.

              The US has the fattest poor people on the planet.

        • I just finished eating some “Italian Salad” made of cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions, olives, cheese (I was out of mozzerella so I had to use feta), olive oil, balsamic, fresh homegrown basil and oregano 🙂 I’ll have to make the bean-n-pasta stew/soup you mentioned—sounds very tasty! (I never thought of that combination, but sounds great.)

          • Luke Warm:

            Pass the salad, please. Just what the doctor ordered.

          • Sounds to me it would taste like ASS.

          • Its basically ham & bean soup with pasta.

            Ham stock
            Chicken broth
            Tomato paste
            garlic (lots)
            celery junk (leaf chopped)
            cantalli beans

            The above powered Rocky Marcanio and Joe Di Magio

          • My salad patch of kale, mustard and turnip greens is just about ready to start picking from. We will have fresh greens right up past Thanksgiving. Cooked in water,drained, and then quick fried with a little bacon trimmings, along with cornbread from stone ground meal, and pintos w/ a ham hock, that have slow cooked all day on the wood stove; lip smacking good, no matter how you wash it down.

        • Kevin2

          That’s some amazing food for hard times: excellent flavor and high on the health scale.
          I live in the North End of Boston……Italian section, and those are two of my fav’s., when I can get them.
          I own out-right a BOL but in an EMP all bets are off.
          Needless to say lots of stored variety of canned sauces, pasta and canned fish.
          Still, the 1st sign we’re in some serious trouble I’m going straight to BOL.
          Be safe all and may the Lord keep you.

      8. Born in the late 50’s, I remember our basement was a fallout shelter stocked with ample supply of canned food. Cold war sentiment was the norm. Today you would be considered a fringe group prepper. WTF

      9. The gov’t is going to use food as a weapon for disarming America. To them its all about preserving the gov,t at all costs. I have been trying to have extra for others just in case. The kids and seniors are always ones that will be neglected in a crisis situation. I’m staying as far away from the libtards as I can. But in that case the opposite is true. You can use food as a weapon also for converting those who will be caught in the middle of this great mess. Take care everyone. Stay safe

        • You are right about the extras. I have three households in my extended family. Each one of our households has one year’s worth of food for all three households. That way if we have to evacuate to another family members residence we will still be food secure.

        • Definitely a good argument for stocking a few extra buckets of white rice, salt and assorted beans.

      10. This article amounts to little more than fear porn. It is full of misjoined facts and misleading statements. First, the Baltic Dry Index has little to do with lack of food in the US. 1/3 of all food imports in the US come from Canada and Mexico (source USDA), that is, they are shipped by land.
        Second, the fact that it may be hard to get financing to ship more Chinese crap to Walmart or to ship raw materials to China to make that crap, does not say anything about getting financing to ship food.
        Third, a large portion of the remaining food imports into the US, (USDA dollar values) consist of wine, tea, coffee, chocolate, ethnic speciality items and other non-essentials, not food staples.
        Fourth, the fact that grocery stores are 3 days away from empty shelves is the result of “just in time” shipping practices not a lack of food.
        Fifth, “a full 79 percent of the people that use food banks purchase typically buy cheap, unhealthy food and still just have enough to feed their children.” That is a half-truth. Unhealthy food is more expensive than healthy food. Don’t believe me? Price a bag of potato chips versus a bag of potatoes. Price a bag of candy versus vegetables. And if you don’t think that those things are what the EBT card users are purchasing, you don’t do much shopping.
        Yes, food shortages are always a risk. Yes, food can be used as a weapon. Yes, the government lies about food price inflation. And finally, yes, we should stock up and prepare. But that does not mean that people should be deliberately misled.

        • I’m sorry I’ve seen several fights in Walmart over the last package of someone’s favorite food already this year.

          Tell me how is it fear porn to discuss this reality?

          When the big storm blew out the power by me for 12 days, I was fine, but there were only two houses in a hundred in my neighborhood that were fine. The local grocery store lost power too, the health department condemned and shut it down. It took two additional weeks to open and wasn’t fully stocked for another two weeks after that.

          My point, a small 12 day power interruption resulted in zero available food in our town for almost 4 weeks. Imagine it it was regional and there was no food or gas available within a one tank drive from where you live, and not just the food stores were condemned, but also the regional distribution warehouses?

          This is not fear porn, it is reality. It is why every household should have a minimum of one month of food in their pantry.

          • Thanks for the reply.
            1. Walmart food fights: Being out of a favorite food is not the same thing as being out of food. To equate the two is fear porn.
            2. Power outage for 12 days. “Imagine if it…” The key is imagine. It was not. So again no actual food shortage.

            My point is that the article was clearly implying that it was happening now. I don’t disagree that it could happen and that we should prepare. I argued that the article was deliberately misleading. And I equate deliberately misleading with fear porn, you don’t.

        • tea, coffee and chocolate are essentials to me! 🙂

          • Sixpack, those are also part of my preps. You’re a person after my own heart.

            • Life just wouldn’t be the same without a good, strong cup of coffee…

              • Sixpack, to me coffee is like blood. gotta have it to survive.

          • I know that you are being funny and I readily admit that I have a 6 month supply of coffee and tea, not so much chocolate. But I could go Mormon if I had too, after all I didn’t drink coffee for the first 18 years of my life.

      11. Wheat sells in my area for $360 a ton or $10 for 50 lbs. 350 lbs fills a 55gal drum. A heavy hand grinder at flea market $20. This will make a a lot of bread, you can also sprout it for chickens and rabbit feed (amongst other critters). My favorite thing is to soak for 12 hrs an then rinse twice a day for two more days until sprouted. Drain and ad cinnamon milk an honey in that order and you will have a super nutritious breakfast cereal that is easily stored in massive amounts. Check out the nutrition in sprouted grains if you’re interested. …and good luck to you guys!

        • I sprout it in a couple mason jars with screens on top, small scale but enough for us

      12. Food is cheap if a person is not lazy and cooks from scratch. Stop putting colorful boxes/cans/bags in the shopping cart, put down the television remote, pry your butt off the couch, waddle into the kitchen–and cook a damned meal.

        • Luke Warm:

          The problem is you have a generation of young mothers who were raised by working moms who let their kids watch television while they put together dinner. These mothers think fruit loops cereal is a healthy breakfast. It is sugar laden death in a box, especially if consumed in place of real nutrition. The mothers don’t know how to cook. Most of them don’t know how to read and follow a recipe.

          My granddaughter’s school taught nutrition and meal planning and preparation in grammar school. This is part of science and chemistry. All schools should provide similar programs. Parents should bring children into the kitchen to learn.

          That said, I agree whole heartedly.

          • And to add, there’s no shortage of good shows and videos that can teach one to cook prperly. I wasn’t taught to cook; my kids made fun of me when they grew up( they didn’t dare do that when still under my roof) about my learning to can, freeze, make bread( wasn’t successful with that til about 2 months ago) make wine and ferment foods. Next is sausage making. But now they are healthy and all normal weight with no health problems cuz they ate good stuff growing up…..and when they visit, they ask for samples to take home! Lol. One of them is even starting to prep!

          • You said that right.

            I hate to keep beating a dead horse, but it is the truth…my first wife..the huzzy whore. We had a daughter together, the one that graduated Summa cum laude. When baby was two and up, my dumb ass bitch of a wife would feed her mac & cheese and damned cereal for supper every damn day. she got a pop tart for breakfast and who knows what at daycare. The child was sickly all the time and scrawny. I was partially at fault because i allowed my selfish wife to handle all the grocery shopping and cooking. her mother was a darned good cook and i expected close to the same….wrong.

            This same scenario goes on in millions of households around the country.

        • Amen, amen, amen. I can cook a meal for 2 for $2/3 and not leave the table hungry.
          We are fortunate here to have a piggly-wiggly that sells frozen ‘out of date’ meat in a box usually with 13 pieces for $20. The price just went to $25 but the man went to the meat dept. and picked up all fresh meat–never any groiund beef–steaks, stew meat, roasts.
          I had a $21 roast for 3 days making different dishes.

          Cheapest meal??? Pasta salad, warm or cold.
          Pasta, green/black olives, tomato, green pepper, cucumber, onion, and Italian dressing.
          Calculated at less than $1 per serving/big plate.
          We oldies know how and need to teach the youngies.
          Oh, AFTER they get their asses out of their Iphones.

      13. Quote from article; “There is historical evidence that food vulnerability may have been planned for a long time by elements of the U.S. government.”

        I think that includes the CA drought, as I believe ‘they’ TPTB Psychopaths are behind it. A big part of psychopathy (and those in power are mostly psychopaths) is that they don’t want others to have what they want and need. They hate when people have what they want and need. They enjoy getting us to part with our money and will do whatever it takes to make that happen. They love withholding and controlling. The more we spend on food the less money we have.

        Psychopaths want people broke and broken. The only people who will tear apart families or cause families to be separated are psychopaths. A normal person doesn’t want families in distress and torn apart or split-up — it’s heartbreaking and disturbing to them.

        The people in charge and who are running the show and making critical decisions for us normal folks are mostly psychopathic. If they weren’t ‘with power to abuse’ we’d be living in a much better, safer, saner world. But, the way it is ‘the fox is in charge of the hen-house.’

        • Common Cents:

          They are communists under a different name. Read about who the communists in Russia really were and why they murdered 30,000,000 (thirty million) Christians and murdered not only the Czar but his wife and I believe it was seven children. They shot this royal family. They starved the millions of Christians.

          Now they plan to starve 300 million Americans. It is just to terrible to fathom because as you said, they think like psychopaths and we like normal. Until normal people think like psychos and psychos start thinking normally, we are all in for hell on earth, just like the Russian Christians.

          Sorry to be the barer of bad news. I hope the psychos stop following their psycho leadership. Remember, insanity is contagious. It is also curable.

          • The bolsaviks were of the group that carpenter called The children of satan.So you can imagine what they think of the followers of that guy. So naturally The children of satans solution would be to exterminate them .and their children by whatever means. Do you think The children of satan are done exterminating. No no their just getting started. Read what Washington,Jefferson ,and Franklin said about The children of satan. Don’t believe a lowly carpenter.

          • That’s very true B from CA… but scientific studies have proven that the brains of normal people vs. psychos are hard-wired very differently. We can’t think like them.

            In fMRI scans, the part of the brain that controls empathy, impulse & reasoning doesn’t light up, like it does in normal people’s brains. Brain scientists don’t know for sure (and disagree) if it’s damaged, inactivated, or that tiny piece of the brain is missing altogether. Either way, there’s no treatment/cure for psychopathy.

            Psychopathy also has nothing to do with IQ — different region of the brain. Some psychos are dumb as a doorknob and others are brilliant, evil geniuses. Either way, they lack common sense and empathy, that’s for certain… which is why we notice that many of our leaders & politicians clearly lack common sense and empathy … they are psychopaths, regardless of their political affiliation.

            If one lacks empathy, compassion and common sense, and is a greedy pos who loves money more than people/humanity, then that’s the real definition of a psychopath, even if they never murdered, raped or stole from others.

      14. Jerry has no worries, he has lossa canned stuff and goldfish crackers to munch on when shtf. Jerry gonna be just fine when shtf.

      15. Sorry but Thomas Jefferson said it first…”those who control the food control the people.”…wise words from a man 200 years ago.

      16. Reading the article it is evident that the crooks were firmly in control in 1975 when Nixon was forced out. Poppy Bush headed the CIA. Ford became president having never been elected, having replaced the criminal Agnew as VP. Ford, a member of the Warren Commission chosen to keep the truth of JFK’s murder hidden with the Bush run CIA. All scumbag traitors dating way back. History books are all lies. The criminals still run the show and the people are complete numbskulls. Now is the time to strike back using free speech publicly. That’s how movements grow until their demands are met. Has America been put to sleep?

        • aljamo

          Unlike many politicians, including Bill Clinton that did more to further Financial Corruption than any previously (with the exception of Wilson) or post, the Bush family has been up to their ears in this since Prescott. I think unlike most, GH Bush was well past a puppet and into the advisory capacity of the globalists.

          A massive voting out of insiders in the political primaries of both party’s replacing them with non politicians or business/finance.

        • You can always rely on the fact that historic events were NEVER like what we are told. This history will be no different. They’ll think hillary was a good american patriot, obama was the black messiah who united the masses, and the u.s. battled evil to bring freedom and democracy to the world…[cue it up]

          • Sixpack, damn good points. I remember this BS called ‘We Are The World’ all too well. It was allegedly for famine relief in Ethiopia. At the time they were ruled by a communist regime and were killing as many of their opponents and dissidents as possible. ALL of that aid went straight to the communist regime. Not a dime of it ever reached the people. Perfect example of the Hollyweird crowd being Lenin’s ‘useful idiots’.

              • Sixpack, BTW, I refused to click on the video because I didn’t want to get sick AGAIN.

                  • Sixpack, when I first saw that video on TV, I was having a snack my it turned my stomach [the video more than the snack]. I turned off the TV only AFTER throwing up.

      17. I see plenty of Soylent Green on the foot .Gonna be a lot of long pig out there to eat.

      18. yup, but of course that’s not counted by the BLS, only oil, and they found a way to drop it like a rock, and just in time to calculate the annual COLA, which is 0.

        • what crap . boxes smaller price the same . I see 20 percent increases in some items . canned tomatoes one brand went to 14 oz from 1lb cans . no inflation ? ten percent by making the package smaller
          shadow stats says 4 percent . at least 4 percent .
          agree with real food cheaper than junk or fast food .
          have friends now diabetic addicted to soda pop love their corn syrup.

      19. nothing new here, it’s the same story printed every two months for the past ten yrs.

      20. Look around and tell me Americans aren’t getting enough to eat! We are the most obese, fat, unhealthy people in the history of the world!

        • O’Reilly is looking for a hungry person in America

        • Anon, those cows get all out of breath just going to the mailbox and back. if they tried to walk a quarter-mile they’d have a heart attack.

      21. Look around and tell me that Americans aren’t getting enough to eat or have food scarcity issues! This is the most obese, morbidly fat country in the history of the world!

        • Mostly from refined sugar, corn fructose, and fat.

        • Agree: I see no evidence people aren’t getting enough to eat; most are getting FAR too much to eat. I also have not seen the population look more obese and out of shape in my life. I look at most people’s faces on the street – just heaps of fat and burned out. No vitality or health to them. Clearly they just eat junk food all day long and never exercise. To be frank, a food crisis or two would do them a world of good: probably would see Type 2 diabetes eliminated along with most diseases associated with lifestyle and diet. Let the f#ckers fight it out a little for some calories: half the population would start looking like Hugh Jackman: lean and mean.

      22. I will say Last year I could buy a pound of black eyed peas for 99 cens I saw it last week same store same bag 1.89

        It was a reality check. Usualy we hear about how prices are rising but then when you see it first hand it has a whole lot more meaning.

        • I get sticker shock every time i go to the store

      23. How to lose weight quickly. Eat all meat and eggs for one week. As much as you want. With no sugars (carbohydrates) your body is forced to burn fat. On week two eat only meat and eggs (meat includes fish and poultry). On the third week add some greens to your diet. Continue eating like this until you have burned off excess fat. Then add fresh fruit to your diet but not too much. Also add sweet potatoes. After a couple of months add small amount of ancient organic grains. If grains are added one at a time you will know if you have reaction to gluten as some people are not able to eat certain foods. Adding one at a time gives you a way to check for adverse reactions.
        Eat at least three times a day.
        Obesity is more than just how much you eat. It is also what you eat.

        Unless you are starving, avoid all packaged foods. Grow your own or buy organic from farmers market for best local and nutritious.
        I do know what I’m talking about.

        If the SHTF you don’t want your fat ass to give you away. This is one way to look like you are starving and still have a full stomach. Lean, mean, fighting machine.
        Good hunting amigos.

        • For what it’s worth, I read a great article on long term FOOD storage for home

          To sum it up REAL quickly though:

          Here is a list of foods with very long shelf lives:

          White rice: can last up to 30 years if stored properly in an air tight container
          Sugar and Honey
          Alcoholic beverages such as vodka, whisky, rum etc.
          Coffee, dried milk and cocoa powder – these help to lift morale.
          Buckwheat, corn, spelt, millet, wheat. Excellent sources of carbohydrates – All of these can be stored for 10-12 years.
          Barley, quinoa and oats can be consumed for up to 8 years provided they are sealed without oxygen.
          Beans and lentils – 8 years if sealed properly
          Spices and herbs (dried)
          Wheat and all purpose flour, pasta, cornmeal – from 5 to 8 years.
          Coconut oil and ghee (clarified butter)
          Ready to eat meals – highly reliable, used in the military. Expensive but worth it.

      24. We should do all we can to get ready. The Bible is clear about diversification of wealth and being prepared. My plan will be to help all I can and the gifts will be given in the name of Jesus. The rest I will leave to God, that is where the faith comes in, without it you are lost.

        And yes, I do believe we should keep guns and ammo, There may be a time when defending our people is the right thing to do.

        • USMC,I also will help others in need(and probably die for it!),but,could not hide in a hole while watching atrocities/folks starve ect.That said,guess I am lost,as plan on going to the rock in hell when I die,does not scare me,as,well….,almost married Julie!I do not plan on being there long,just want to watch the assholes who deserve it being taken to task!Then,on to the next step in life,not sure what it holds for me but not interested in the heaven most religions talk about.That said,those that are interested hope it is what you want/have faith in,just not for me.I have no idea what the gods have in miond for me in next life,have a erie feeling though as I went to great lengths to not have kids will dump orphans on me when the rat fuck begins,sigh…………

        • Here is a game we can play and the winner gets a date with Ron Ahrens, the classy poster:

          How many times can Ron Ahrens say “fascist”, ” shit”, pussy” before he implodes?

      25. The gov. Is probably manipulating the weather to keep fukashima contaminated rain from contaminating the food producing land in California forever.What else can they do. But we’re are they redirecting this radioactive rain. Mexico? A lot of our food comes from Mexico .Mostly the cheap stuff the regular people eat then get cancer .And hand over their life’s savings to the Med, Pharma. Industry for the cure that never comes What you think their gonna let you keep all the money you saved . Free mammograms that’s like a free brake inspection . The American people are handicapped by the inability to comprehend the level of evil on this planet. We just can’t believe that people who have billions would butcher children to have a little more. They just can’t get enough of that yellow stuff.

      26. This guy writes such useless and contrived articles. The Baltic Dry Index has nothing to do with credit. It is an assessment of the price of moving major raw materials by sea. If it does flag anything it may indicate a reduction in the physical movement of raw materials and a slow down in economic activity. A reduction in shipping activity can be due to a number of causes that may also include rationalization of the shipping industry due to over capacity.

        The real danger to the US and its people would come from a collapse in the value of the Dollar. A massive devaluation of 80% would immediately push up the price of basis staples inside the US and also probably accelerate inflation.

        Who are these ‘socialists’ in the US? The US is a proto-facist state where corporations OWN and manipulate the State and its resources for their purposes. There’s not a socialist amongst them.

        The bible would be useful for helping to start fires I guess

      27. Some people are such fat gluttons that they could skip meals and if they die we can make bacon out of them. Last thing I would do is feed the animals they will come back for more. They may get angry if you don’t throw them a bone. It’s gonna be a sad day when people are killing others for a can of beans. I would hide anything that’s edible in those circumstances. Keep the animals inside the garage or basement if you gotta. I see a lot of fat people that are out of shape. It doesn’t mean they are immobile though. Some fat people can run short distances quickly especially if it’s for food.

      28. If the free shit clan would stop selling their ebt for $ they would be well fed. They sell the free food and their kids go hungry cause of it. But once again we should feel sorry for them right. Come to my door during shtf looking for food and get double tapped for it. I got enough people to feed as it stands. Not giving a crumb away. They can eat bugs and mice.

      29. My father had a lady in the grocery line ask if she could pay for his groceries and then he could give her cash. He felt sorrow for her so he said OK. It was $40 in groceries.

        I told him he blew it. HE was supposed to pay .50 cents on the dollar, not the whole amount.

        • John Stiner:

          So it’s OK as long as you profit.
          Did it ever occur to you that she needed money for rent, utilities, gas.
          It is not the recipients of food stamps that are guilty. It is a system that is corrupt. Just because somebody has nice clothes, a nice car, and a cell phone, doesn’t make them guilty. Most people who get food stamps were working at good jobs and got laid off. They worked hard for what they have. Most people will find work and will be back paying taxes as soon as they find another job.

          It is just a crime that our schools and our media do not promote the practice of frugality and saving and being prepared for the lean times, instead of promoting superficiality; looking rich instead of how to actually become self sustaining.

          Prepare friends. You have heard it here. Those who have the goods don’t plan on sharing; some because they don’t have enough, some because they hold you in contempt.

          • B from Ca.

            Not sharing nothing. Maybe you can earn it. But I will tell you. I would most enjoy those who will come and try to take it.

          • Its funny they way folks will try and justify wrong doing? To me its black & white. Two wrongs never make a right.

      30. If food actually comes into short supply -it won’t, it’ll just get expensive at worst- you’ll be allowed to trade in your guns and ammunition at official collection points for food.

      31. OK folks,for regulars sorry,a repeat,for folks new to site/prepping check this article out,feed 4 for a year for 300 bucks:ht tp:// ,space in http to avoid “moderation game”,folks,you can stock up cheap,may be bland/not nutritionally perfect but will keep you alive.You can add to this stash to round out when time/funds permit,but,you will not starve to death,plenty of other ways to die in a rat fuck!

      32. Oh boo-hoo you bunch of commies and socialists. This is nothing more than free market capitalism at work. If you do not like, move to some socialist welfare state or improve yourself so you can get a better paying job. Lazy assholes.


      33. About a year ago China bought the biggest pork supplier in the US. Not long after an asian hog disease swept Amreican hog farms. coincidence? As a kid I saw the Cuban missile crisis and in a few hours the grocery stores were empty and old friendships did not mean anythin6g when it came to food sharing. It was too bad sucker I got mine There is only enough food in the country for 6% of the population to store enough food for a year. Think about it

        • Rockmanr, I was 5 years old at the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis. I helped my older brother and Dad build a bomb shelter in our basement and stock it with food, water, medical supplies, etc. That was my very first contact with what we know as prepping today. I’d forgotten all about it until I met the woman who would later become my wife. She sold me on the idea of prepping and I’ve never deviated from it. Never regretted it for one minute. I don’t have one bit of sympathy for those who have ridiculed us over the years and refuse to prepare. Those are the ones who are just SOL, plain and simple. I’m not giving up shit.

      34. . If you’re mentality/approach to this impending storm is to bunker down deep, surround yourself with munitions so that you can destroy anyone who appears on the horizon, you’ve missed the entire point. That’s the biggest bull I ever heard. Tell me did Noah lower the gang plank when the flood started? Of course not. Tell you what. I will take care of me and mine. And all others need to take care of them & theirs. If parents cant provide for their offspring I consider it all part of gods plan. Part of the separating the wheat from the chaff idea.

        • Dude you sound confused.

        • Wheat and chaff/gods plan? You need some schooling. God is compassion and mercy. You are a venomous fool.

          • Anonymous sounds like he’s confused. I doubt if schooling would help him.

          • Venomous maybe. However im not foolish enough to give the fruits of my labors away to those whohad ought naught to do with me earning them. fools thinking that being stupid will buy their way into heaven.

          • Compassion and mercy? He killed everyone in sodom and Gomorrah He killed everyone with Noah’s flood. And this time he says he will destroy the world with fire . Let the wheat and tares grow together . Separate them in the endtimes and burn the Tares. Compassion and mercy who’s the venomous fool?

          • Anonymous is really nuts. And I should know? I spent enough time in mental institions to know! just Kidding!

      35. Wise Food Storage is behind by nearly a month on any new orders and possibly further. People are getting the message! But, the majority will not until it’s too late.

      36. Fifty cents for a lemon the size of a golf ball.Don’t have to tell me somethings wrong

        • Southside:

          Plant a tree.

          Eat for free.

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