Even MSM Is Warning Soaring Diesel Prices Will Lead To Rising Cost of Food

by | Jun 7, 2022 | Headline News | 15 comments

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    Even the mainstream media is picking up on how bad things could get if diesel prices continue to rise. If they get over $7 per gallon, you can realistically expect the masses to react by rioting over the cost of food and other goods.

    Truck drivers are already feeling the pain at the pump, and if it gets out of control, the flow of goods, such as food, will stop.  Most Americans are not prepared for this to be a reality. With the food supply already destroyed and at the precipice of collapse, feeding your family is going to get harder and more expensive.


    Data collected by the Associated Press shows that the price of diesel is roughly 70 percent higher than this time last year. According to AAA, the national average price is now $5.65 per gallon.

    Many truck companies say they cannot keep absorbing these costs. That will ultimately be reflected in the prices that the consumer pays and that’s part of the increase in the cost of food. -Fox News 34 Orlando

    Diesel Shortages are Now “Widespread”

    Diesel shortages and the finite economic law of supply and demand are pushing the prices to record levels.  The mainstream media, while admitting the prices are going higher, still places all of the blame of the Russian “invasion” of Ukraine.

    The only thing we can do is limit our reliance on the food supply chain as much as possible. Grow what you can. Learn to live with a little less, and stockpile foods that won’t go bad.

    25 Hardcore Healthy Foods You Need in Your Emergency Pantry

    Being as self-sufficient as possible is the best chance anyone has to beat the destroyed food supply chain.

    3 Tips: How To Start A Self-Sustaining Homestead

    A SHTFPlan Guide: A Few Easy (AND FUN!) Steps You Can Take Now Toward Self-Sufficiency

    Take whatever steps you can now, even if they are small. They will all pay off in the long run.


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      1. We need to do ad Nixon, a very misunderstood man, did and issue aa wage and price freeze.

        But Biden doesn’t have the sense to do that.

        • Shit stirring

      2. Famine Supply Alert:

        A1 Long Pig BBQ sauce is on sale now. Stock up for the lean, lean times ahead. I see they also have Pit Boss Kitty Boost BBQ Rub on sale.


        How to butcher the human carcass…plus a recipe for marinade.

      3. There are many indications of what the future holds, not all may see the same indicators. Some may see certain items, some may see other items. Some see more than others. Some don’t see anything at all. Sometimes, we see or feel a variety of things independently, but cannot see the picture these items collectively are showing us.
        Everyone has two minds, one is the conscious mind, the other is the subconscious mind. The conscious mind is the mind we use every day, it is the rational mind, it is stand alone, no can know it except yourself. Then there is the subconscious mind, it is irrational, it probably is not stand alone but somehow connected to other subconscious minds. The subconscious mind is magnitudes in order more powerful than the conscious mind.
        The conscience mind is fed from your senses, your learning, experience, application, etc. and functions concretely. The subconscious mind doesn’t know anything but is very expressive whether we realize it or not. The subconscious mind speaks to us in dreams, or intuition, etc. Often, dreams make no sense because the subconscious is irrational so it must speak to us in symbolism.
        Sometimes, when I am concentrating on a problem or need insight I sit down and try to tap into my subconscious mind to draw me the picture my conscious mind I cannot see. Anyone can do this.
        I am not superstitious, in fact, I hate superstition, it is for the ignorant. I do believe we can see things, some call them omens. Rationally, omens may make no sense, irrationally they may have meaning. When I say omens I mean concrete real events that one can see and then is able to add up their collective meaning. For example, fertilizers shortages mean more than just low crop yields. When you connect fertilizer shortages with other items it means more. The baby formula shortage is another, and there are many many others. When you can connect them you can see more than just that one thing, you begin to see a much bigger picture, or sense something. That is your subconscious mind telling you something isn’t right. Think about things, your subconscious mind will respond and help you.

      4. Central bank that goes brrrrrr; inflation, shortages and then hyperinflation. Welcome to Venezuela, turkey, Lebanon , Argentina and Afghanistan. But we are the world reserve currency in the USA and it couldn’t possibly happen here.

        The NWO wants order out of chaos and wants to destroy our current financial, cultural and societal paradigm.
        Not a lot you can do against a more powerful enemy that want you dead than prepare as best as you can. Food; supplies, silver, gold , and lead are the way.

        Ideally your own water source and a year of non-perishables for food. This is going to get ugly quick when the shots begin to go into overdrive lookout below. I think I just wrote a Snyder snippet omg.

        • Awesome post. Your comment regarding the NWO is perfect & true. This leads to the admonition that folks need to prep while they can – the TEOTWAWKI clock is nearing midnight.

          Higher fuel prices lead to more expensive everything. Somebody tell those snowflakes that getting rid of fossil fuels wil take us back to the Stone Age.

      5. Looks like the end of “free shipping”. Get it while you can folks. Soon you will be lucky to get anything. A major refinery getting ready to shut down now too. Coming at us at warp speed! Store fuel, it will be gold!

        • Think Im kidding? Oil is 120 right now and will be 200 mark my words. Gas rationing is coming. Without fuel you aint doin shit!

          • We need solar powered trucks, sunshine is free.

        • The poor are used to doing without.
          It’s those living above their means that will be up shit creek when poverty arrives.
          Its the majority of men that are married to a high maintenance wife and have spoiled rotten kids that will be up shit creek when poverty arrives.
          Might as well get yourself mentally prepared for when your high maintenance wife and spoiled rotten kids turn on you because they no longer have a cozy lifestyle to enjoy and brag about on social media.
          Feel for guys in that situation.
          It’s a great time to be single.

      6. I’ve got a truck load of magic beans!

      7. Wait until a hurricane shuts down the Gulf of Mexico drilling this year.

        • The prezzJB has put an official damper on new drilling. We may be lucky that’s all he’s done. I’ve read there are people in his admin. who want to halt all drilling. That’s right, not allow any drilling, zero drilling on US territory or territorial waters. And they’re not talking just oil, they also include natural gas. These people are either genuine morons, or so ideological they have have become completely irrational, or just so evil they don’t care about the consequences.
          Without fossil fuels there is no industry, no manufacturing, no transportation, no agriculture, no medical care, no military, no economy, and just in case they are too stupid too realize it, no functioning gov’t.

          • Lucky is the key word.

      8. Gee, who would have guessed that higher fuel costs would result in higher food (and everything else) costs? MSM must have nothing but geniuses on their staff.

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