Shocking Graphic Report: Swedish Girl Gang-Raped And Tortured, MSM Remains SILENT

by | Dec 18, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 74 comments

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    A disturbing tweet about this event, which is hardly even back page news, is almost all there is for media coverage. A 17-year-old girl in Sweden has reportedly  been gang-raped and brutally tortured in the city of Malmo.

    The Swedish online newspaper, Sydsvenskan, reported that this horrific act of brutality occurred at a park. “We urge the public to contact us with the smallest request, or tips,” said Kim Hild, a police officer at the management center.

    The vicious attack took place at around 3:00 am local time. Exactly what the woman has been exposed to is currently unclear. But she had injuries requiring ambulance care and she was taken to the hospital.

    There are conflicting reports, as the media says it’s “unknown” what this young woman was subjected to, but the tweet claims that lighter fluid was used to create an injury to her vagina. So far, the Swedish police are declaring the crime a “gross rape.” There are some inconsistencies and conflicts in the reports of the injuries sustained.

    The crime scene where the assault took place was blocked for a “technical investigation.” The police hope to find possible DNA tracks that can be used as evidence. A search dog from another part of the country who is specially trained to find traces of sperm has searched through the site. “I do not know the results of the technical survey,” says Fredrik Bratt.


    Malmö has been losing its small Jewish population, and the Simon Wiesenthal Center issued a travel warning due to threats and attacks on Jews from Muslim immigrants. Authorities are also urging women to not be outside alone after dark. Sweden’s official statistics do show increases in “lethal violence” (which includes murder, manslaughter and other deadly assaults) and sexual offenses over the past ten years. Between 2006 and 2015 the incidence of “lethal violence” does fluctuate, but there is a sharp 65 percent spike from 2012 to 2015. In the same period, there was also an almost 49 percent increase in sexual offenses (a category including, among other offenses, rape).

    Looking at rape by itself, from 2006-2015 there was a 40 percent increase in the number of reported rapes. It is true that the number of rapes declined from 2014 to 2015, from a high of 6,697 to a still-high 5,918; but, even so, the overall upward trend is clear.

    In 1975, the Swedish parliament unanimously decided to change the former homogeneous Sweden into a multicultural country. Forty years later the dramatic consequences of this experiment emerge: violent crime has increased by 300%.

    If one looks at the number of rapes, however, the increase is even worse. In 1975, 421 rapes were reported to the police; in 2014, it was 6,620. That is an increase of 1,472%.

    Sweden is now number two on the global list of rape countries. According to a survey from 2010, Sweden, with 53.2 rapes per 100,000 inhabitants, is surpassed only by tiny Lesotho in Southern Africa, with 91.6 rapes per 100,000 inhabitants. –Gatestone Institute International Policy Council

    According to FrontPageMag, the epidemic is much worse than the mainstream media portrays.

    The general public is unaware of the epidemic of Swedish rapes because there has been an orchestrated effort by mainstream media and the Swedish government to deliberately mischaracterize offenders and downplay the number of incidents. The significant increase in rapes are the direct result of Sweden’s open door refugee policy and denial of Muslim culture. FrontPageMag

    While the MSM actively tries to hide things that make liberals and the elites uncomfortable, it’s the regular everyday humans who end up suffering. It begs the question: why isn’t the mainstream media being upfront about what’s happening in Sweden?


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      1. sweden is now a warzone & looks more like beirut as far as violent crime is concerned & its all down to refugee criminals flooding into europe!

        • Although the article is about one of many incidents that have happened in Sweden, this applies both there and here.

          What would our Ancestors have done during Colonial Times if the government allowed someone to commit such violent acts against The People?
          Would they have allowed a corrupt government run by a pathetic bunch of corrupt politicians to continue to commit crimes against The People?

          Oh, HELL NO!

          More likely they would have already reached the point where they DEMANDED under penalty of revolt that the government and the crooks running it correct these problems immediately or that corrupt government and those crooked politicians would be violently removed and replaced.

          Government is an instrument of The People and is answerable to The People.
          Our founders recognized and understood this and incorporated legal means within our Nations most important documents that grants us the authority to take the corrective steps to FORCE any and all corrupt elements to recognize and respect the Will Of The People.

          Well, it’s about time we remember it and that we inform the government that we have reached our limit and it had better damned site change while the option to do so is still allowed by The People.

      2. Lol- well- what do yo uexpect when encourage MuzzScum to come to your country- You rape–errrr reap what you sew-

        • It’s misleading to say “it’s muslims” because the majority of these immigrants to Sweden are effing kneegrows who tend to be Muslims.
          Blacks rape no matter what religion they follow.
          It’s a “black” issue first and foremost, just like in the US where Caucasian women are raped by blacks.

      3. “why isn’t the mainstream media being upfront about what’s happening in Sweden?”.
        The MSM is infested with Democrats. If it doesn’t fit the Democrat narrative, it isn’t real. Maybe if massive numbers of Democrats are slaughtered they may begin to take notice, but I doubt it, as natural selection has selected them to die.
        Sweden will die. Oh well.

        • Fucking islamic savages need to die horribly.

          • the “child refugees” should be placed in democrat and liberal family homes with their children.

            • Actually they should be placed In the bottom of the ocean with a 100lb item around their legs, that is what should happen to these vile savage rats.

              • And around a place where there are millions of sharks.

          • “Horribly” is too mild a word. They need to be taught a lesson that will last for a 100 generations or more. And it is so simple. Castration/tubal ligation – take away the ability to breed, to want sexual relations for any and all who publish, speak, fight for the so-called ‘religion of peace’. Male and female. End their consanguineous genetic strain forever.

            • The only lasting solution is to eradicate the ideology of islam totally. Anything less will allow them to return later which they will do unless their ideology no longer exists.

        • Just another day in the death of Western Civilization.




        • Because the libs believe they are using the muslims to destroy conservatives after which they think they will control the muslime animals. What they fail to see is the muslimes hate the left more than they hate conservatives for the left condones behavior that muslimes find so repulsive they murder those who engage in it. The left is in for a REALLU rude awakening.

        • its not democrats at all
          its the fascist monopoly old money/power system that highjacked the political system
          and pretends to democrats
          since 60s all freedom activist movements where infiltrated by the alphabet agencies and got under control of the deep state
          the new world order fascists are the real threats!
          and they love to threaten people
          and every threat is welcome
          and every criminal activity obtaining money is welcome
          see the YT about Clintons and the 80s – contra – weapons/cocain deals
          its all NWO agenda

          drain the swamp
          get your country back!
          fence sitting is over

          and raping young men?
          jail them forever

          you have the FEMA camps
          detain them

          may the force be with you

      4. My Viking ancestors would be turning in their graves. however they where incenerated instead of buried. We can thank the UN for this sort of crap.

        • No, you can thank the people who really control the governments of the West, and the treasonous vermin who colluded with them to make this happen. The UN only takes advantage of the remains.

      5. of course MSM will not cover this – they are not allowed to – I love how all these european countries were forced to get multiculturism – which is another way of saying – no more whites…it has always been a disaster – I live in Canada and senior Trudeau introduced it in the 70’s…before that we were safe – little violence etc…now gangs, drugs etc over running all cities – other cultures simply do not integrate – but then again the leaders know this..all proceeding according to plan

      6. The Jews in Europe must learn from the last holocaust ….In 1930’s Germany, it started with rhetoric and escalated over time to persecution and violence. The Jewish populations are now facing the same thing all over. This time they need fight back NOW, or face another holocaust. Every time a Jew is persecuted or violated, they need make the perpetrator/s pay dearly. If the perpetrators are primarily Muslim, then so be it. Make those filthy ragheads suffer early on and that will put an end to it. Otherwise they will face the “final solution” to the Muslims grievances and hate. Mark my words. For those that don’t know history are condemned to repeat it.!!!!

        • It is historically proven that the muslime animals do retreat when they are defeated mercilessly in battle, so your plan is sound. The question is are there enough Jews and others left with the courage to fight?

      7. We had a saying in work, “The solution to pollution is dilution”. The globalists social agenda is to blend the DNA of the human race. Its one part of their ultimate prize, One World Government. Regardless of the question, be it environment, war, economic, medicine, real or created, the official answer, usually supported by a “University Study” facilitates globalism. They got the Pope in the program.

      8. Destroy Israel and problems would be solved.

      9. where is the outrage? nobody seems to care which is why this is proliferating…

      10. Hey you Sweedees how do you like your daughters raped and you becoming grandparents to Hoccck-maad Junior? How’s that assimilation with the NEW-ONES working out for ya? Ready to give up your home for them? Its coming. Can’t have these camel jockeys living out in the cold.

        • What was she doing in the park at 3am?

          • “What was she doing in the park at 3am?” Exactly, We can’t have women strolling just any ol time they want. They must be kept in their place right?

          • Better question is
            Why isn’t her attacker already dead and hanging in the town square?

            A person should be able to move about freely at any day or time of day
            If not , are you truly free?
            Let’s not blame the clock
            Let’s blame the piece of trash that is asking to be exterminated
            My take, she should have been armed , and the rapist should be dead

        • PO’d, there ya are! Say, can I get your recipe for peach cobbler? I made muh first batch of corn stuff and ehhhh, it is better than sugarshine but still moonshiney. I am doing my patented oak charcoal process on a jar of it to see how it turns out. Can you throw in a good recipe for corn stuff too? Thanks my man 🙂

          • Sorry slow getting this too you, been busier than a cat trying to cover shit on a marble step. Peach cobbler ingredient’s:One Gallon of Welch’s White Grape Peach Juice. One cup of white sugar and one cup of Brown sugar, Two cans of sliced peaches(lite syrup), two teaspoons of ground cinnamon or three sticks, Peach Schnapps. Place the peaches in a stock pot along with the juice and heat till it come to a boil, cut the heat back and allow it to lightly simmer for 1/2 hour. I then add the brown and white sugar to dissolve, add the cinnamon sticks and one teaspoon of ground nutmeg. I also take a large stainless slotted spoon and mash the soft peaches up against the sides of the pot. The next step you can do two ways of clearing the peaches out. I use a handheld strainer to get the bulk of the peaches out of the pot. Or you can strain it all through cheese cloth peaches and all. I do use a large funnel lined with cheesecloth or you can use strainer bags to line the funnel. One thing I discovered too is that if you drop your cinnamon stick/ground while boiling or simmering, it can impart some bitterness. I usually wait till its done but still warm and drop them in and leave them in for a few hours. Add one cup of Peach Shnapps after it drops below 100 degrees along with your shine. If you can’t find any canned peaches in lite syrup, you can use the heavy syrup peaches, just cut back on the sugar some. They call for a fifth of shine but that varies.

            • Also sometimes that white-grape-peachjuice can be hard to find. Some stores here have it in their own signature brand and I found them to be just as good as Welches and cheaper too. They come in half gallon sizes.

              • Got it, Thanks! 🙂

        • PO’d, WTF did the Swedes and other morons in the EU expect when they opened the gates for all of these sandniggers and then the government treats them better than their own citizens? Time for sandniggers to be sent to allah.

        • Loving diversity!!

          Ain’t multiculturalism grand?

          Swedes are begging for more!

      11. The Swedes need to change their government,thats what their problem is. You can bet the word is getting around the country by word of mouth. by changing their govt. can they change policies that are strangling them. Its up to them,nobody else. Finland is changing and Norway has made the turn. Austria and eastern Europe is also.

        • How about all of you fucking Americans let us control our countries in Europe. You MFers have caused enough problem for everyone. We call you the white chubby Pigs in Europe.

          • History shows the effect of European “self control”. Besides the fact its your responsibility for infesting the world with the banking mafia. But don’t worry, you are being weaned from sucking Uncle Sugar’s hind tit. And in my experience, one chubby redneck wal mart shopper is worth 10 euroweenies in a firefight…..but you are disarmed so it doesn’t matter. Enjoy your call to prayer because Europe is finished.

          • Anonymous: And we call you the mentally retarded Liberals from Europe that seem fine with rat muslims ass fucking their mothers and daughters and NOTHING in return is done by your band of skurred, lil bitches.

            • Thank you that seems to sum up the European fucktards.

          • Typical liberal. Ignore the problem by attacking the person who points out the problem. No wonder W. Europe is collapsing from its own ignorance.

        • Swedes are enslaved at birth. Few of them will stand up. They are more worried about being ostracized than raped and murdered.

          • cant dolph lundgren save them?

      12. The multicultural agenda was imposed on all so called white nation states by deliberate design.

      13. This gets my blood boiling. When I was young, if you were fortunate to be with a young woman, and if you even spoke of it afterwards, you got your a$$ kicked. If I had seen, or even known this woman, I would track you down to the gates of hell, you criminal bastard$. Try it here. I will find you. I will find your family. I will find your Mother. You will be the last to go.

      14. Europe is being subjected to policy’s that will tear their citizenry apart. Its incremental; as they say a conservative is a liberal who got mugged. Their MSM can show off the occasional lunatic that has been attacked and is forgiving. The reality is that there is no way that the common European agrees with this nonsense. They’ll at some point have an event(s) that galvanizes public opinion despite the government/MSM. The blowback will be severe.

      15. Yes, it is of concern and shocking that Swedish girls are being targeted by Muslims. However, rape is rape regardless of whichever nationality/belief system perpetrates it:

        Now, before fingers are pointed and I’m accused of being a “libtard” by the more rabid knee jerk commentators here, there have been numerous misogynistic comments posted on this site which, taken in context, could be construed as, if not an actual incitement to rape, then a visceral hatred of women.

        If it is on any relevance at all, I am Norwegian and object to ill informed Americans whose knowledge of the world comes from a third world education system, and whose use of their own native language can be somewhat tenuous at best, and whose government’s primary objective is, not to rape a girl, but to systematically and consistently gang rape the whole world using overwhelming threats of violence.

      16. Jews brought all these savages to our white countries. We need to get all of them out, and oust the Jews.

      17. Woooo Hoooo! Western civilization vs. Muzzy trash! I’m ready, GIT ER’ DONE!

      18. What a bunch of pussies Swedish man are. Why aren’t you men killing these mother fuckers?

      19. The Cult if Allah the Pedo must be cleansed from this earth.
        Every last one, man,women and child!!

      20. “Deus vult!”

        It is time.

      21. No men left in Sweden. Sad really… You might hate America but at least we protect and cherish our women!

      22. Kevin2,I believe the common European does not want to know what the reality is. Too disturbing. Europe as I knew it while stationed there in the eighties,is gone. Then,in Germany,the police would beat the crap out of Turkish workers who looked at a German woman crooked. Now,German women are raped and the police ignore it. Why? I don’t know.German men have become pussified.

      23. The might be some unexplained deaths, if that was one of the women in my life.

      24. I had the “pleasure” of being the Captain of a tow boat on the Upper Mississippi River that delivered petroleum products from Koch Refinery in Rosemount MN. up to the Twin Cities.This was a 12hr a night job and off Saturday and all day Sunday until 1800.I did this run for several years.During this time I lived with some very lovely Swedish girls (early seventies to late nineties). One in particular that I had a rather long relationship with had four very pretty sisters two of which had black Africa lovers.I kept telling my girl that those relationship will end badly,of course I was labeled a Southern Racist being from FL.One sister ended up beaten so bad she was in the Hospital for a week and the other was put on the street in Minneapolis as a hooker for the lazy piece of crap to buy his dope.I told her that the situation will only get worse in this city the more of the African trash they bring in,now look what is going on in Minneapolis.These people are the same people that inhabit Sweden and they are letting their state be invaded just like Sweden is.Thankfully I took a job with a company out of New Orleans and left her and Minnesota.

        • There is a serious mud shark epidemic in Minnesota.
          Reminds me of a joke I heard.
          White woman meets a black dude in a bar and tells him, “I always wanted to find out if what
          they say about you black guys is true.”
          So they went to the motel.
          He beat her up and took her purse.

        • Minnesota wants to be Kalifornia. It s just another Liberal breeding ground.

        • Blacks are NOT a different Race than Whites, Oriental and Indians.
          Blacks are actually a totally different Species.

      25. Sweden a country of Muslims and RFID chipped in the hand Swedes who have turned their backs on God.

      26. Savages. There’s a special place in Hell reserved for this monster. Sounds like they were trying to sterilize the girl with the lighter fluid. When they find the bastards that did this, I have no problem if summary “Street Justice” were applied. In fact give the bastards a taste of their own medicine as a warning to others. Ghastly and despicable.

        • Wrong.
          They were trying to “cleanse” her of evidence.
          The savages here in NA do that as well, by pouring bleach into the victim.
          Sub-animal filth are incompatible with advanced societies and bringing them in is asking for reversion into the 4th and 5th century dark ages.

      27. USA will be Bosnia on steroids. It’s just waiting for a spark, and will blow up at least as quickly.

      28. Celebrate diversity!!

      29. These immigrants came from countries where rape and violent crimes are higher than in Sweden. The women’s movements in those countries are always talking about a lack of justice for crimes against women. I agree! They were walking around with lighter fluid at 3:00 in the morning with the intention of burning someone.

      30. So Allah and his pack of filthy, vile Muslims strike again!!

      31. You are placing all the blame on irresponsible people, unable to think for themselves. But, you are capable of planning and foresight.

        This means that the burden is on you; they can’t help how they act.

      32. It’s misleading to say “it’s muslims” because the majority of these immigrants to Sweden are effing kneegrows who tend to be Muslims.
        Blacks rape no matter what religion they follow.
        It’s a “black” issue first and foremost, just like in the US where Caucasian women are raped by blacks.

      33. Have all the Warriors in Europe been castrated?

      34. They need to put out more ” please don’t rape me ” buttons .

      35. Perhaps the men of Sweden need to step up and start vigilante gangs and get a few of these Bastards. Make the Muslims afraid to go out at night.
        But, like the rest of Europe. The European men (for the most part) have become more like women. This only encourages muslim migrants to take spoil; because they view everyone else as Infidels ripe for conquest, slavery and slaughter.

      36. And your politicians sleep well at night, knowing YOU will have to deal with this evil…not THEM! When your politicians begin not coming home at night, then and only then will it change…”Moomy where is daddy? Oh he is visiting his evil buddies Jr. he likes it so don’t worry”

      37. The jew psychos that control Sweden don’t care…

      38. Who’s worse , these scumbags doing the raping / torturing , or the people letting it all happen , or … better yet … setting it all up ?!?

        They are quite efficient at giving girls abortions in Swedenstan , maybe they shouls fork some of that gratuitous cruelty over to muzzi sleaze !!!

      39. It is time for the women in Sweden to tell their government to go f##k themselves AND arm themselves since the government refuses and won’t protect them. So when first “child refugee” comes barking at her, she can defend herself and shoot him!

      40. I happen to live in south africa. Lesotho is so sparesly populated that I very much doubt that rape statistic. But the rest of south africa? Yes. The numbers are real. The ‘colonial’ population is being sytematically raped and murdered. Its genocide and nobody gives a sh#t.

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