Shock Report: Secret Law Will Give FBI Full Access To Your Email Without A Warrant: “Massive Expansion of Government Surveillance Authority”

by | May 31, 2016 | Headline News | 59 comments

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    You probably haven’t heard too much about a new law making its way through the U.S. Senate. The reason, of course, is because all discussions on this new provision are being debated in secrecy.

    Once passed, however, it will open a massive doorway for the FBI and other domestic law enforcement organizations to read every single email sent across internet lines in the continental United States without a warrant or probable cause.

    The new “law” is a gross violation of the fourth Amendment which provides for Americans the right to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizure.

    Apparently, since the Founding Fathers made no mention of email, Congress believes they can have free reign on your personal conversations.

    A provision snuck into the still-secret text of the Senate’s annual intelligence authorization would give the FBI the ability to demand individuals’ email data and possibly web-surfing history from their service providers without a warrant and in complete secrecy.

    If passed, the change would expand the reach of the FBI’s already highly controversial national security letters. The FBI is currently allowed to get certain types of information with NSLs — most commonly, information about the name, address, and call data associated with a phone number or details about a bank account.

    Since a 2008 Justice Department legal opinion, the FBI has not been allowed to use NSLs to demand “electronic communication transactional records,” such as email subject lines and other metadata, or URLs visited.

    The spy bill passed the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday, with the provision in it. The lone no vote came from Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., who wrote in a statement that one of the bill’s provisions “would allow any FBI field office to demand email records without a court order, a major expansion of federal surveillance powers.”

    Wyden did not disclose exactly what the provision would allow, but his spokesperson suggested it might go beyond email records to things like web-surfing histories and other information about online behavior.

    Full report at The Intercept

    When we wrote five years ago, to the disagreement of many a government sheeple, that everything Americans do is being monitored this is exactly what we meant.

    They’ve been watching us for a long time – recording every call, cataloging every email, aggregating every purchase.

    Now they’re making it legal.

    And if the provisions extend, as Senator Ron Wyden warns, outside of just standard emails and encompasses all electronic communication or activity, then you can be assured that the government is now legalizing a full surveillance society, meaning that not just your text messages and emails will be monitored, but even the conversations you have in the privacy of your own home.

    If your phone, computer or smart TV has a microphone and/or camera, they will give themselves the legal authority to capture this information, too.

    Perhaps, as Jeremiah Johnson noted in a prior post, it is time to mourn the death of the United States of America as we once knew her.


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      1. I have nothing to fear, my email is boring, All l get is updates on Newsletters ,Videos and to reply to comments

        Just another day of staying inform as to what is happening and what people are talking about..

        I do get email from Government officials asking for money… LOL Which l find a bit disgusting

        • Dusty Fae

          “I have nothing to fear, my email is boring”

          While the latter might be true the former isn’t. Someone representing your interests, individually or collectively has the potential to be compromised. Maybe a pro Second Amendment Judge sitting on the US Supreme Court has a sexual quirk that although legal might be quite embarrassing if exposed. Said Judge has a “change of heart” and in a surprising decision and 5 to 4 vote there goes the cornerstone in the Bill Of Rights. This is only one scenario, maybe its a political group forming that might desire adherence to the Constitution and Bill Of Rights as written. Maybe a deciding vote on an Appropriations Bill that in effect confiscates your savings.

          Its ramifications are bigger than just you.

          • It would not surprise me if they knew the identity of every commenter-prepper on the World Wide Web either.

            It’s never been convincing to me that people who strive for self-sufficiency should be considered domestic terrorists. Liberal fascism is the despicable enemy.

            • It would surprise me if they didn’t.

          • have covered uprisings and revolutions around the globe—the insurgencies in Central America in the 1980s, two Palestinian uprisings, the revolutions in 1989 in East Germany, Czechoslovakia and Romania, the street demonstrations that brought down Slobodan Milosevic in Serbia. Luxemburg’s understanding of the autonomous nature of revolt is correct. A central committee, like Lenin’s Bolsheviks, because it is ruthless, secretive and highly disciplined, is capable of carrying out a counterrevolution to take control of and crush the democratic aspirations of the workers. But such organizations are not the primary engine of revolution. The messiness of democracy, with all its paralysis and reverses, keeps revolution alive and vibrant. It protects the population from the abuse of centralized power.

            “Without general elections, without freedom of the press, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, without the free battle of opinions, life in every public institution withers away, becomes a caricature of itself, and bureaucracy rises as the only deciding factor,” Luxemburg said.

            The consequences of not carrying out a revolution against corporatism are catastrophic. This makes Luxemburg vital. She warns us that in a crisis, the liberal elites become our enemy. She cautions against terror and gratuitous violence. She urges us to maintain open, democratic structures to ensure that power rests with the people. She keeps us focused on the ultimate savagery of capitalism. She understands the danger of imperialism. And she reminds us that those of us committed to socialism, to building a better world, especially for the oppressed, must hold fast to this moral imperative. If we compromise, she knew, we extinguish hope.

            • ” She keeps us focused on the ultimate savagery of capitalism.”

              You do mean “corporatism” yes… There is a difference.

              • oops… my bad… i forgot who you were quoting….

                She was wrong… saying capitalism is corporatism is saying freedom is slavery…

                I suppose it’s a matter of perspective…

                If you don’t know the difference why care so long as you have a phone, tv and a microwave.

            • Please give me a truly successful example of a Socialist government?

              All forms of government are perverted by “Man” in my experience.

          • A statement supposedly made by Cardinal Richelieu (1585 – 1642) says, “If you give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest of men, I will find something in them which will hang him.” The Cardinal was an evil bureaucrat of the seventeenth century when all they had was handwriting and the printing press. What can today’s evil bureaucrats do with emails taken out of context? THAT is the reason you don’t want government toads to have the ability to dissect your life without any recourse or control. Plus ca change, plus ca la meme chose (the more things change, the more they stay the same).

        • I use a Russian email account… and plan to trash my “smart” phone ASAP… gave up tv a long time ago..

          • A Russian email account? Can you educate us?

        • DustyFae,
          The problem is not that YOU are doing anything wrong, the problem IS that ( history proves this) when you give the governing body TOOOOO much authority it will ALWAYS come back to bite you on the DONKEY!! and of course YOU may not be aware but a COMMON side effect of brainwashing by a governing body is WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU!!! so don’t be fooled NEVER EVER GIVE UP ANY of the rights we have or HAD as the case may be!!
          I am not bashing you, just voicing how i see it!!

        • That’s what the Jews of Nazi Germany were saying: “I have nothing to fear, I have nothing to hide, I’ve done nothing wrong”….

          • Exactly. There are many examples throughout the history of the twentieth century (and earlier) of the brutal repression of people who caused no harm to anyone, but who made convenient scapegoats for the powerful. look also at Stalin’s purges, which killed even more people than Hitler’s “Final Solution”. Agents were purposefully tasked with finding any excuse to arrest people simply so that Stalin would have more slave labor for his various projects. Guilt was not important.

            As an interesting side note, this also included 15,000 Americans who had gone to the USSR during the depression as technical advisors for American companies. Many were there as employees of the Ford Motor Company and went to help set up the GAZ factory. But… that history is inconvenient and so it is not really discussed in American schools.

      2. Open borders for anyone to enter….
        Spy on every legal American….

      3. Check all of mine you turds. You will find when I bleed. I bleed Red, White, and Blue. You pricks!


        • “Perhaps, as Jeremiah Johnson noted in a prior post, it is time to mourn the death of the United States of America as we once knew her”.

          …or have a revolution!!

          Its a good idea to read books about courage.. (There’s an article at Chris Hedges’ website about “using your feet” to change things in which he mentions courageous people of the past… Also, think about organizing groups… and realize the mafia elite are drawing us close to WW3(our extinction).

          According to Hopi prophecy (which has a remarkable record of accuracy!), there will come a time when people of the earth will get together in groups and run their “leaders” off…

          • Anon, I say it’s time to have a revolution. If JJ won’t stand up for his country, well that’s on him. I will stand up and fight. I’m not marching to the NWO’s song.

            • Dear Braveheart,

              Not only will I, but I am. After all of our comments to one another, why would you think I will operate immediately upon attack posture and contact. I’m doing a lot that can’t be mentioned: planning is key, or we’re just a bunch of patriots taking over a rest stop in a national forest, or something equally ineffective. I try to comment respectfully at all times. Rest assured, when the time is right, I’m a lot more “uncivilized” than my posts and articles reveal.

              Always like hearing from you. Knees in the breeze, and DX anything with a safety!


              • I lurk as well, my brother, waiting for our new Lexington.

                “Remember, everything that Hitler did was legal”-Martin Luther King

      4. Someone needs, POSTHASTE, to take this to the Supreme Court! Our Constitution/civil rights is being shredded piece by piece as we stand by watching. “Congress shall make no law abridging these rights….”

      5. PS:
        And what about a class action against Congress by those they are PAID with OUR MONEY to represent the interests of?

      6. Said it before and will say it again,
        Buncha sorry mofos if they get their jollies lokking over the emails from LLBean, Amazon or any of the other bullshit that makes up my email,,, go ahead, look all ya want,

        • In most all my personal emails I include a mix of,
          “bomb”, Kill democrats”, “poison water supply”,
          “ignore the gun laws”, “Molotov cocktail”,
          “Police family picnic”, et al. just to give
          them a BS file, that they are going to give up
          watching. The government is big, but they only have so
          many resources and any way I can legally overwhelm
          that particular system, I’m happy to do it.

      7. At this point a corona mass ejection from our Sun, causing a massive emp frying every government electronic chip is our best hope.
        I know what that means for OUR electronics, but IMO it’d be worth it.
        What other chance do freedom loving people have???
        (Iran was right. USA is the great satan)

        • Ketchup, if OUR electronics can be fried, so can THEIRS. Hell yes it would be worth it.

      8. Dear Sir or Madam Special agent of the so called FBI:

        As you read this email I must clearly state that your masters and the trainers in
        The Ho£ocau$t species syndicate will become a true believer that this time a worldwide cleansing will be real and no more imaginary numbers can be used by you sub genetic SOB’s to loot the world.

        BTW Before I forgot, FUCK YOU AS WELL. Keep abusing the people and soon you need a rat hole to hide.

      9. Interested in OUR emails but can’t seem to do a dam thing about all the illegal email crap HiLIARy’s been up to fo who knows how long

        What a bunch of messed up priorities

        • “What a bunch of messed up priorities”

          Such law not about justice, its about control.

      10. “Operation Echelon” and “Operation Carnivore”. Been around for over twenty years. Pick up all electronic transmissions. The warnings came much too late. The good news is they picked up too much info. The government is overwhelmed with useless data.

        • A few algorithms later and they’ll solve the prioritization problem making the useless instantly useful.

        • They closed down the east coast base of Echelon recently. The entire town of Sugar Grove Station, WV is for sale, starting bid of $1,000,000.

      11. I was under the presumption that the letter agencies already had such authorization.

        I assume, once the barriers are completely removed, any Law Enforcement shortly thereafter will have access as its unlikely that just a single agency would be granted exclusivity. If this is not blocked by the 4th Amendment then there is no block at all. From this perspective any governmental investigative arm, for whatever reason, or no reason at all, as a warrant is not required, can snoop.

        The possibilities of gross misuse starting with unintentional access and intentional political repression are not just possible, or even probable, but rather guaranteed. This is not the “camels nose under the tent” but rather the camel coming in uninvited and logging on.

      12. These people in DC are totally under the control of the Rothschilds who own ninety per cent of Isreal. The Rothschilds are the richest people in the world. They control George Soros. They made the Rockefellers and the Morgans. They are pushing agenda 21 climate change bs. There is no validity to the things they put forward as law. They are criminals of the worst kind because they do their criminal activity under the pretense of legality.

        They want us to fear them so much that we stop communicating. Realize that they are monsters and that they will kill you any way. Feel free to say and do as you like. The world is your oyster. Don’t let these scum bags intimidate you. The Rothschilds are not as powerful as they once were because now we have the ability to inform one another as to their evil via the Internet.

        • If everything was going good no one would complain about the people in power? But war after war. Economies collapsing. Are these people in power powerless to stop this . Or do they want to destroy things so they can buy the land up cheap. They’ll destroy everything to get the land cheap. They can always rebuild old buildings. It’s all about land.

      13. LOL !!!

        North Korea just “endorsed” Trump

        WTF ???

        are they more afraid of Hitlery ???

        • Trump stated that he would have a dialog with them. Apparently North Korea considers that advantageous. I have this vision of Dennis Rodman being part of this being he has some relationship with their leader. Trump is a “results count” type of guy that would I believe ignore protocol for outcome. If nothing else his Presidency will be entertaining.

          • Dennis Rodman US Ambassador to North Korea.

            • With David Duke as VP and Louie Da Farakahn as Ambassador to Israel!!!!!

      14. I wonder if you included a lot of gibberish in your emails and postings, would it cause the computers to waste a lot of time trying to decode it. Or would it just flag you as a trouble-maker?

        f0 913h 0293 h09243 f0988 j209j9 34q34 3-h9 09f8h 093qh 9hf98w q3h9 f834h 908h4 93pq9h9 8h89w0 489h4 3qh98 q34-9 uf whh= -[aw0jp oisjf q33890fj 9p43aq jf-[0-qh 890y9y3 4tp39a p84jfq.

      15. Go ahead! If I have nothing to hide, I have nothing to fear.
        Only those that are planning something evil or wicked to destroy this country or create unrest, need worry about it.
        I have no problems with any of that.

      16. The Zionists control the entire US government lock stock and barrel, all paid off by US taxpayers dollars. How are you going to reverse that situation? Get rid of all electronic devices and build people networks comprised of neighbors and neighborhoods, the old fashioned way people actually built like minded groups. There will always be snitches and spies in every group. The problem is monumental. Regardless the spark needs to be set for any chance of survival. Then again, try to get two people to agree on anything, compound that with provoked mayhem, the people slept through prime time as if everything was and is fine. At least some are willing to put their life on the line, just not enough.

      17. I was going to comment on this article, but since they already know what I am thinking, via the radio waves emitted from the tin foil hat they make me wear, I guess I don’t need to….

        • We knew you would say that

      18. To protect yourself, emails should be considered in the public domain. Like Hillary’s email. The problem I see is that going after emails is now leading to more invasive monitoring of the proletariat.

        “U.S. court says no warrant needed for cellphone location data”
        ht tp://

        I set up my cell to use Googles device manager. It can pinpoint your cellphone in a few seconds. DM can be used to find a lost or stolen cellphone and can be set up to erase the data if you like. Once you request the app to locate your cellphone, it plops down the location of your cellphone on Google maps within X meters. Even knowing that the cellphone could be used to track your movements I was still pretty amused by the tech side of things. Then I read the attached article and it does bring home the point that cellphones are pretty much easy to compromise and monitor.

        Based on the article, law enforcement has to request tracking data from a cell carrier which is given freely without a warrant. There’s a lot of abuse that could stem from this practice.
        Given cellphones are transmitting on a network, how long before “law enforcement” can legally monitor your cellphone on the network directly without a warrant? We live in dangerous times when technology has skipped so far ahead of legal, moral and ethical boundaries. There is a vast gray area that needs to be addressed.
        Criminals often use loopholes in the law to achieve their objectives and do so without application of ethical boundaries.

      19. James Comey is an asshole, and most of the FBI are nothing more than communist loving bastards.

        Comey and his band of FBI punks won’t touch Hillary with a 10 foot pole, but they love to surveil and break as many of the Bill of Rights as they can when it comes to the American citizens. The FBI has no excuse for not arresting Hillary. They are showing their true colors.

        Fuck you Comey. When this thing goes hot, there will not be a hiding spot on this earth for treasonous ass to hide.

        • If I’m correct the FBI presents the evidence, the Attorney General, District Attorney, US Attorney signs the arrest warrant.

          The Clintons like Jon Corzine and a host of others are untouchable, above the law. Thats the bad news. The good news is once upon a time this wasn’t flaunted in front of the public but it is now. Its analogous to, “Let them eat cake” as its believed, in the elite circles, that their control is so omnipotent, that they can do anything. A political groundswell is occurring. Trump and Sanders are just symptoms, not causes. Its not going away. I suspect a turnover in Congress coming. Watch Congressmen, in number, attempt to portray themselves as grassroots supported. Watch bogus grassroots organizations rise to derail the body politic. One thing for sure, all of this is going to get very interesting.

      20. I hope we are not paying the FBI to read my e-mails.

      21. They can plant anything they want . In your car ,your house , your computer. Sprinkle something on your door mat and your hole family dies of cancer. Think that will make the front page ? They own the front page. Only a higher power can save us from the children of satan . You get it? Fill your lamps.

      22. This is how the suppression of political dissent begins.

        • At aprox 5 yrs after 1917 bolshevik jewdeo kommies revolt started….Lennins very First state law went into effect.

          That law was a total Ban on All percieved antisemitic speech or activity.

          At first it mandated just a small cash fine like parking ticket…Then graduated to larger cash fines with Jail terms!…

          Very soon after it was again changed to now become more like “ALL Suspected antisemites will get a Bullet to back of head”….with zero court zero trials zero defense attny, zero any chance of remain alive if Anybody at all declared You a “suspect” of antisemitism period.

          And mainly what got called antisemitic speak or activity was if a person simply stated in public AND in Private conversations and in homes with family…Stated for example the truth that communism is an invention of jews.

          That statement got entire family shot in back of head dead.

          Then the CHEKA aka secret police, all but 2 or 3 of total of aprox 300 cheka members were also jewish, sent in a jew family to now Occupy that former goyims home and take possession of all they owned.

          See how easy and Fast a group can get filthy rich? Just overrun a white prosperous nation, kill off a full 1/2 of gen population, take possession of homes, lands and goods etc and whalla! Whites die and tribe gains filthy lucer wealth.

      23. Always assume EMail is not secure.

        I’ve always told people if you put it in an email, or text, expect to see it on “60 Minutes”!

        There are applications available that can encrypt messages. It may be time for all Americans to switch to secure messaging when email or text family.

        • I am very interested in learning how to maintain my family’s privacy. Perhaps an article on this site recommending specific steps to setting up a secure email account, using Tor (or similar system), encrypting messages with the best possible codes, etc. ~ ?

          If anyone would care to share tips or links for these things, I (and probably others) would be grateful!

          • Agreed. I’ve heard of things like Hide My A$$ but don’t know how it works.. have assumed it’s for people with Ashley Madison accounts. Clarification would be appreciated.

      24. Shoot what do you think this site is run by THE BOY SCOUTS ?
        They got a file on me that they got to build a place for me special.

        Oh the phone is ringing.
        Oh there is no one there.
        Oh there is a knock at the door.
        OH ! OH ! OH !

        OH what are you doing TO ME ? I am no threat !
        OH I am a senior citizen I can hardly walk I can not hear well…….

        What are you doing to me ? for what ?

      25. There was a time in which we believed, whether based upon facts or propaganda, that the FBI protected The Constitution and We The People and our God given Rights. But, no more. In one generation the FBI collapsed into just another government’s secret police used against the People to support the government.

      26. SHOCK REPORT: The treasonous Corporatist fascist coward criminal filth in the US Government alphabet agencies of the most vile evil disgusting scumbag shit stains the world has ever seen already has all your e-mails, and everything else you say and do in the collapsing vile Police State hell on earth.

      27. I couldn’t figure out why this situation was so different and a friend came up with what I believe is a brainstorm. Currently the NSA for “National Security” is collecting this data. The FBI is Law Enforcement. Now they want to expand this for simple crime.

      28. Yawn. I run my own email server ( Hillary eat your heart out ! ) Something about instant memory loss ?

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