Hunger Ravaged Starving Hordes Gather In Syria: “The Devastation is Unbelievable”

by | Feb 26, 2014 | Headline News | 476 comments

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    For most Americans the crisis is over. For the people of Syria, war rages on and the fight for survival continues.

    According to The Daily Mail, over 120,000 people are without food, water, medicine and essential services in Syria’s capital city of Damascus. Many are starving to death. Humanitarian aid has been slow to come amid complications with Syrian leadership, continued fighting in the country and the sheer size of the population requiring assistance.

    This is what it looks like when a country’s entire infrastructure is completely destroyed and its safety nets fall apart.

    People searching for resources as far as the eye can see…

    (Pictured: Tens of thousands of people gather on a bombed-out street in the hopes of finding food)

    Hundreds of men, women and children fight to get to the front of the queue as a refugee camp in Damascus receives food parcels after being cut off for months.

    Today the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) called on rebel forces and Al-Assad’s troops alike to allow ‘safe and unhindered humanitarian access’ to thousands of civilians in Yarmouk, a Palestinian district in the Syrian capital.

    Yarmouk has seen some of the worst fighting in the capital, leading to severe food shortages and widespread hunger.

    ‘The images are at once epic and personal. Row upon row of gaunt faces, serried ranks of grimy, raged figures; the delicate, hunger-ravaged features of children waiting in line for an UNRWA food parcel; the face of a mother creased in grief for a deceased child; tears of joy as a father is reunited with a long-lost daughter.

    ‘These are the vignettes of inhumanity that have become the regular fare of nightly news bulletins. They are UNRWA’s daily reality.’

    Video: “The Devastation is Unbelievable”

    The people coming from within Yarmouk appear suddenly near this distribution point. It’s like the appearance of ghosts.

    These are people that have been trapped in a situation not only without food, medicines, clean water, all the basics… but also probably completely subjected to fear because there was fierce fighting going all along.

    The devastation is unbelievable.

    We’ve often discussed what James Rawles refers to as the golden horde – a mass gathering and/or exodus of people searching for resources in the aftermath of a mega-disaster.

    The people of Syria have seen everything from supply lines to utility access completely cut. Some have lost their homes as a result of bombings.

    While we certainly can’t prepare contingency plans for every possible scenario, a well developed preparedness plan can go a long way. It should include everything from supply stockpiling and self defense, to evacuation plans and secondary living arrangements.

    As we’ve seen with disasters here in the United States, within 72 hours of an emergency event the majority of people will run out of food. The Federal Emergency Management Agency is often overwhelmed in limited-scope disasters like hurricanes. Can you imagine the severity of the crisis if it was a region- or nation-wide collapse of infrastructure?

    It would be absolutely horrific for the non-prepper.


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      1. And I know it is a far off land and can never happen over here in the western world. right? God bless and keep vigilante. My prayers go out to those who suffer over there.


        • @Mike,
          Between this article, the articles about Ukraine and the possible coming food shortages due to drought, I’d say it can happen here.
          About 100 years ago my grandpa had an experience in Estonia. People were always lining up at the bakery to buy bread. A certain religious group that always seemed to have money to buy their bread would be able to go in, buy their bread, and then leave through the back door, thus avoiding hungry crowds gathered in front of the bakery. This group also hired a group of Cossack’s to protect them. One day the Cossack’s turned on their employers and slaughtered them. They had had enough of seeing their countrymen go hungry while this group always had money for bread. Point of the story, prepare now and don’t rely on your money or others to provide protection or your daily bread.

          • “Humanitarian aid has been slow to come amid complications with Syrian leadership”, I think the word is corruption not complication.

            Look no further than the pictures of how lavishly the former president of Ukraine was living, or the Obama’s with their lavish vacations to see this nonsense goes on everywhere. The citizens are the ones who suffer the consequences.

            • “This is what it looks like when a country’s entire infrastructure is completely destroyed and its safety nets fall apart.”

              The situation in Syria has nothing to do with “safety nets”. They are not a lefty socialist country. As I understand it, they don’t even have “welfare” as we think of it, there.

              This country has been devastated by the U.S. led war and rebel murders. They’ve had their food looted from them and then, blocked supplies from coming into the country by U.S. “sanctions”.

              These people are NOT welfare zombie gimmedats, and I am offended for them. This is absolutely nothing like what we’ll face here, if “safety nets” fail.

              Syrians only WISH the had ever had a “safety net”.

              • OMG these pictures/article is sobering to say the least.

                • I lived for a time there about 10 years ago. It wasent much different than being in any large American city today. The people were kind and helpful and full of curiosity about me and the states.
                  It is a shame of what has happened there for the profit and ambitions of a few.

                  • If the MSM would broadcast these catastrophes
                    from abroad as well as what’s happening here,
                    and the perpetrators that are responsible for
                    them (the West), the people in this country
                    might finally wake up.

                  • You want to know someone you can depend on and will be there for you when you need them? Take a look in the mirror.

                    99% of the people don’t prepare. Think about that number. Go into a regular mall on an average day and you might have a few thousand people, say 3000. Out of all those people in the mall including yourself, there are 30 preppers/survivalists amoungst all those people. Now try to envision a truck with food on it that would be enough for 200 people or so trying to divide those scraps of food with 2970 getting mouse scraps. Think about all those people that would not be satisified with the amount they got. Imagine all those people that COULD HAVE prepared. 30 people out of 3000, that’s the average.

                    Better yet go to a baseball game with 50000 people there, that is a real crowd. 500 people have prepared out of those hoardes of individuals. Those other people will be hungry, thirsty, in need of basic necessities and violent and desperate. When you see these lines of people miles long waiting for FEMA ‘Goodies”, this is often the size of a baseball game. Now imagine all those people without anything to wait in line for. Eating and drinking anything because their bodies have begun to shut down.

                    You look at the common person and you say to yourself WTF. These people can put away something, yet they live day to day. Many people have more than enough money to forego a weekend of entertainment to have something for their families in reserve. Do they? Of course not they live for the moment, and will die that moment stops supplying them with what they need.

                    The more people density the worse it is going to be because of basic competetion. Why people in urban areas are not storing up is beyond rational reason. It is the people in rural areas that have the stockpiles. Rural areas can absorp a lot of the shock of losing society providing the basics because there is usually a surplus of natural needs outside their front doors. In an urban area necessities are scarce and the amount of people competing for those is massive. Yet the urban person is way under that 1% of those that prepare. Is it just me or are people stuck in the retard gear?

                    What is so frustrating is people see what happens everyday to others, and their neighbors. Yet they continue to belief BO and all those in the government that convince them that no matter what the government and the food will always be there. It is a wonder if human beings will make it to 2050. At least 1% have a good chance of this.

                  • “Pictured: Tens of thousands of people gather on a bombed-out street in the hopes of finding food.”

                    You can’t be serious. This image is photoshopped.

                    More USG propaganda… this time via SHTFplan!!!

                    WTF Mac???

                  • This picture is photo shopped. The new world order – climate change crowd wants billions of humans dead to “save the planet we are on” and our resources for themselves. The people running the planet might pretend they care about these people but they don’t. They want us all dead.

                  • At one time up until 1967 Beirut was the Paris of the Middle East. Now it looks like Detroit or Newark. The King George Hotel was awesome as was the rest of the city. Civil war destroyed it like it has in Bosnia, Damascus, Libya, Yugoslavia keep going too many to name. All those making jokes about wanting a civil war better get a clue.

                • When seeing a picture like this. It show we really don’t have it that bad here.

                  Not say I like the way things are going. But it has been a few years since I have had to run for cover from artillery or a fighter bomber.

                  We may get there but let make sure the landscape is litter with the invaders and we turn their artillery on them.

                  Kill them all and while we are at it we can cull the heard. Only so many are will to step up and survive.

                  Survive Its Death Then Come Out Fighting.

                  • When I see a picture like this it reminds me of what Jesus told his disciples in Matthew Chapter 24 about the “Last Days”.

                  • Mac,

                    since you insist on keeping this style that makes it damn near impossible to go back and find posts without spending ALL your time doing it….could you at least put a search option on here. Something you can enter a posters name and hit search adn it takes you straight to their posts?? For the love of God please?

                  • @BJ

                    If you using internet explorer, press CNTL F and enter the info. I press control F and type indy to find my posts. Hope this helps

                  • @Indy Colts,
                    I pressed CNTRL F and Sister Mary rapped my knuckles with a ruler!!!!!!!

                  • @Indy Colts
                    I use Mozilla Firefox

                    but thanks anyway

                    Macs old style posting was much better / easier. The latest post was at the bottom, period!

                  • BJ–If I want to save a post I made, I click the ‘star’ on my upper right task bar, click ‘add to favorites’, when the little window box appears, use the bar above the word favorites to number my posts, and then click add under favorites.
                    Then when you return to this site, click the star, look for favorites and our saved posts are numbered.


                  • Thanks Indy–I never used ctrl F before–only draw back is if someone replies and uses JayJay, that is displayed also–but nice way to find your post.
                    Thanks…JayJay 🙂

                  • Macs old style posting was much better / easier. The latest post was at the bottom, period!

                    BJ–the latest post are still at the bottom of the page for me.
                    I have Windows 7. On all sites I visit, the posts are on the bottom.

                  • JayJay,
                    Not sure how that works for you? I have an older version of IE at work and the latest version of Mozilla FF at homoe and it appears the same way on both computers. Due to the “reply” button with no “quote” instead, posts can be made up in the line of posts making it a nightmare once you get above 100 posts to an article to go back and see what’s been added to the conversation. Once there are more 3-400…..fuck it, it’s a nightmare and huge expense of time.

                  • Man, I think ima gonna need more ammo…..

                  • Re:yourmotherwaswrong is so right, & all the thumbs down, come on people if you
                    Really we’re hungry & the place that they were supposably handing out food was by the
                    Exact spot that bombs were being sent, would you go to that spot & wait in a huge line? Look at the way the people get blurred pretty close up, so fake. I just think we all the people of the world have got to quit believing everything we see & hear, and really be critical thinkers, we must, we have been LIED TO way too often, like all the hypocrit gun toting video, & song lyrics, Hollywood fakes have said after Sandy Crook “ENOUGH”

                    This pic is photoshopped!

                  • For Mozilla Firefox users like me— I find what I need in the “edit” drop-down menu. The last choice is “FIND”. It opens a tool bar on the bottom of the page where you can type in what you want to find. Keep hitting the “NEXT” button to keep going down the page.

                    Every browser that I know of can do this, you just have to get familiar with your own browser.

                • Think about this: One thing they do not have is an underclass that has been told from birth that the Gov is supposed to take care of them and they have the RIGHT to everything. Suppose that could cause trouble? HUMMMM

                  • kinda reminds me of obummer’s current residence, as well as that of pretty much every other leader/president in the entire world.

                    What’s your point? Every country has leaders who live better than the people they govern, regardless of how “free” the country might think it is.

                • I just have one thing to say today. God Bless the United States of America and God Bless Ted Nugent.

                  • Some on here like Ted and some don’t. Only thing I can say is, Ted knows a Mongrel when he see’s one. Trekker Out.

                  • Ryback,

                    Thumbs up for you!

                    I saw his interview on CNN as he destroyed that brainless woman talking head. In a word: Ted Nugent Rocks! (…pun intended.)

                    But, as the interview progressed and miss political correctness said, “…he was duly and democratically elected…” (referring to BHO and the “fraudlection”, something came over me and I burst out into a tyrade of screaming swear words at the computer screen and the youtube player.

                    It used to be the “mainstream” then it was the “lamestream” but not its the RETARDstream. Its as if all the intelligence has been sucked out of some people. They are, litterally, the walking dead, or more technically correct, the walking brain-dead.

                  • Ted voices a sugar coated version of what I’m thinking on the subject of O.

              • Syria had a severe drought before the civil war, which made a hundred thousand or so people – mostly Kurds – move from northeastern Syria’s farmland to Damaskus. Damaskus already had a hundred thousand refugees from Iraq, and was overwhelmed. There were no jobs and no food for all of them.

                Iraqi refugees and Kurd refugees made up the vast majority of early protesters, not Syrians. And so the civil war started.

                Food for thought.

                • My mistake, the refugees gathered in the city were a lot more. 2006-2010, extreme drought. 2001-2011, sixty “dust storms” that had swept away the top soil. 2-3 million of Syria’s 10 million people were reduced to “extreme poverty”. What happens when twenty percent of Americans – actual Americans and newly arrived immigrants – are reduced to the same conditions?


                  Four years of devastating drought beginning in 2006 caused at least 800,000 farmers to lose their entire livelihood and about 200,000 simply abandoned their lands

                  In some areas, all agriculture ceased. In others, crop failures reached 75 percent. And generally as much as 85 percent of livestock died of thirst or hunger. Hundreds of thousands of Syria’s farmers gave up, abandoned their farms, and fled to the cities and towns in search of almost non-existent jobs and severely short food supplies.

                  Syria was already a refuge for a quarter of a million Palestinians and about 100,000 Iraqis who had fled the war and occupation.

                  Huge numbers of poor foreigners, together with newly empoverished natives – that’s what started the war. And again, many of those moving to Damaskus from the northeast were Kurds. Not at all loyal to the Syrian state. (Fun fact: Syrians are not actually Arabs. Though by now they have been mixed with Arabs a great deal, which they don’t like to admit. But this means that Arab Iraqis, Arab Palestinians, and Kurds, were all ethnically different from the Syrians.)

                  • There are flood warnings for Friday and this weekend in San Diego county. We shall see but up North is getting a good hosing and it looks like it might last for a while. It would be funny if it goes from drought to floods. Drive the global warming imbeciles crazy. Get the Pineapple Express to hang around for a couple of days and the amount of water can be impressive. In 2010 San Diego received ten inches in one day. A lot of women wait all their lives and never get ten inches.

                  • You mean diversity and multi culturalism has a hand in this?

              • SIXPACK: You could change the words Syria to Palestinians, and what you wrote will fit to a T perfectly as to whats been happening to palestinians for over 65 yrs!….Except of course usa don’t need send “Rebel alquedas” into it since israel has its Own mossad and IDF killer squads. USA Taxes stll fund that also though.

                • You’re right TG. No matter how you slice it, NWO banksters, jew or not, are devastating the globe for their own ends. And we are all in the cross-hairs too.

              • I feel sorry for those people; it is always the women and children and elderly who are left to starve, while the so called “leaders” are fat and safe. It is only a matter of time before it happens here.

              • The Muslim Brotherhood is a proxy army, followers of a false prophet… funded and directed by Jewish globalist financiers, just like Sodom Hussein Obama and the Salafist terrorists opposing Assad in Syria…

                If Assad Pest Control Service is spraying for Salafist cóckroaches, he is doing the world a favor.

                I certainly won’t be fighting a war for the Jews…

              • This is also lets not forget when men and women try to control other people!!

              • Don’t worry. The president will import them all as muslim asylum seekers so they can destroy us from within.

            • After reading the article and most of the comments below I think the UN is getting off easy. They are not doing much, if anything, to really get in and provide relief. What did you say? That’s not one of their roles???? OH, my bad.

              • The UN is waiting for marching orders from their NWO handlers. Research it. The UN was not created to serve anyone but their bankster masters.

                UN: Created by banksters, for banksters, to execute their orders.

            • Who will humanitarian aid come from if it is US that is in dire need? Do not fool yourselves liberals.

            • This picture is so photoshopped, look at the blur, so fake people believe anything

              • Was it really presented as FACT or just as an ILLUSTRATION? I didn’t see anywhere where it claimed that this pic was indeed authentic. It merely gives a visual REPRESENTATION of the subject matter of the article.

                Good grief, doesn’t anybody know anything about presenting and publishing an article? I think some people get a simple opinion piece confused with the crap the LSM tries to present as fact, fake pics and all.

                That isn’t what’s going on here.

          • I saw a sign at sams club today that said: Due to current market conditions , we have no 80% ground beef .
            Take notice .
            For those of you that dont have beef in your backyard, it may be a good time to put some extra in the freezer.

            Not really sure , but the prices looked awful high on what they did have, but i dont watch to closely at beef prices in the grocery stores.

            • Wife shopped locally this morning and found 85% organic raised beef but wow…it was EXPENSIVE! I haven’t been to Sam’s in a few weeks but the last time I was there all the red meat was pricey. IIRC the 80/20 ground beef was $3.98 a pound. That’s high. We have switched to eating a lot of chicken lately and pork because red meat has gone sky high.

              • I have a meat grinder and for general cooking we’ll grind up chicken in place of beef. It works just fine and I’ve gotten quite use to it. When I find beef and pork on sale I’ll buy 20 or 30 pounds and grind it all up for sausage, I’ll set a little aside in the freezer just to remember what a homemade ground beef BBQ hamburger taste like. Other times I’ll buy the on sale beef and can it. We haven’t bought from a store any ground meat in a long time.

                • We also have a meat grinder. We grind up deer and add a little pork makes good deer burger. We do the same thing with goat or beef. Those pot belly pigs make very good sausage.

              • ground turkey substitutes for ground beef better in some situations. I love it in tacos. TW says she dont like the smell/taste of beef any more b/c she says she can taste the hormones/chemicals.

                • if you buy the turkeys, cut out the breasts, grind them yourself for burgers ect, they’re better for everything,. But if you buy ground turkey, then you’re getting garbage, not fit to eat unless you’re not fussy..
                  you can always cook the rest of the turkey and can or freeze it for soups, stews ect.

                  we used to buy the Hotel Style turkey breast and grind them all the time, now we seldom see any Hotel style turkey breasts.

              • Bought rib-eye at Costco for a valetine’s dinner for $5.98/lb. Had to buy the huge 20lb single piece to get that price. The package of 8 pre-cut rib-eye steaks was $8.99lb.

                After I cut the 20lbs into steaks, they looked to be even better quality than the pre-cut packaged steaks that were nearly twice the price.

                Just by the looks I got from other customers, it was easy to tell which ones can’t do math.

                • Picked up my 248lb hog form the butcher today 500.00 total, Hog 300.00, cut, cured, and wrapped, 200.00.
                  Sooo… 2.02/lb Roasts, chops, steaks, hams, bacon, sausage, ribs, hocks, soup bones. Lots of meals there at a good price. You have to be able to buy in bulk and store food or you will always pay the premium.
                  It takes some sacrifice in other areas, but otherwise you will ALWAYS be BROKE. It’s all about priorities.

                  • As an old meat cutter I can tell you, the majority aren’t as smart as you Mcdave. I tell as many people as I can to buy a roll of freezer paper, buy the large pacs, make small packages and save .80 cent a pound. Most won’t evan do that.
                    Personally what I like about farm kills is.. You know what and where it come from.

              • I don’t understand why more people do not hunt in the winter, deer, elk and so on. I butchered as a kid. Learned to prepare my kills. And with a dang good meat grinder, I prepare my own burger. I mix beef fat and bacon in the mix. Dang tasty!

                • Hunting like everything else is getting expensive as well. After jumping through the licensing hoops, finding a place to hunt, 3+ bux a gallon to and from, and NO guarantee of success a lot of people cant justify it. After moving from Idaho to Washington and then going out hunting, I was in shock. Crowded? I didn’t bring my own stump so I had no where to sit. Elk hunting in Washington? Fughetabotit. Success rate is pathetic, Might as well throw 50 clams in the shredder. As it is I have to drive 2 hours north to my “secret” spot that is not over run with orange vests to have any hope of getting a deer (bucks only 3 points or better here-any buck only there). So yes, I can see why more people don’t hunt, there are too many as is now. Also, i cut and wrap my own but for those that don’t, there is another expense. One thing that is a guarantee the hunting at Costco is pretty much a 100% success rate.

                  • Ditto on the hunting in WA state, it sucks ! It’s more about collecting fees than providing opportunity. There are literally no open seasons where the animals are in RUT, and Elk herds all over the state are expanding to the point where culling has been proposed (Of course not by regular hunters).

                    A few months ago I had a button buck slam into my jeep, breaking his neck – meat was fine but guess what, I’d have been a criminal if I’d taken it. Had to leave it for the coyotes.

                    I know where the elk are and if it get to that point, I will not hesitate to shoot one to feed the family – in OR out of season, same for waterfowl.

                  • .02

                    On the hunting side, most of the game has gone nocturnal. Florida has small deer for the most part. Plenty of hog and turkey. Lots of other critters you can kill and eat. I also process my own meat. Also some Hunting areas run dogs and then you have the still hunt sections. The game has been disturbed because of logging and the disruption by flooding of old game trails.
                    Add to this the trespassers and poachers. Gonna get Dicey!

                  • Yea ,I dont hunt @ costco anymore. Last time I went there was just me at first and some spectators, then a few police showed up… Next thing ya know about 10 sheriffs and a bunch of guys all in black, instead of camo.Who say’s you can’t hunt with an AR, they do.Anyway it wasn’t worth the time. I’m just gonna wait till tourist season!

                • Here in Oregon the season is closed in the winter.

                  Times are not bad enough to poach and if I found a poacher, I’d probably turn his ass in. If you can afford to drive your 4WD truck on the logging roads at night and spotlight deer to poach then you can afford to be legit.

                  • Hey rick, you ever have the salmon you catch tested for radiation?

                  • .02 no I don’t test them. I’ve been busy this year and I haven’t even bought a fishing license yet. When I do start fishing again I most likely wont test it. I don’t have the equipment and I’m not going to buy the equipment. A simple geiger counter isn’t sensitive enough. I will have to trust those in the local fishing community that have access to the equipment in their work place and at the universities to keep the rest of us informed. So far they’ve done a pretty good job of it and they are usually way ahead of the government and institutions.

                  • Poachers are poachers only because an arbitrary hunting season was invented.

              • Ground Sirloin in NW Ohio is $5.39 a pound, not on sale. I use it for soups and casseroles. Time to hope for sales and stock up. I think sirloin cans better than other grades of ground beef, although that’s a personal preference. Every shopping trip is a new price surprise. I heard there is an organic butcher not too far from us and his prices are reasonable if bought by the half beef. I can’t imagine how long it would take for me to can all of that.

            • I do watch beef prices at the food stores. I’ve noticed in the last few months the local Frys has been having a lot of sales on high end beef rib eye, new york strip steaks and stew beef. I only buy red meat when it is on sale and stock up, freeze it.
              A 1.2 lb rib eye steak at 10.00 a lb and that is at 50% off. I passed on those. In the last two months I did manage to get some new york strip steaks at a few cents over $5.00 a lb on sale. The $10.00 a lb rib eyes blew my mind.
              I’m thinking the the cattle farms are offing there beef cattle cause they can no longer afford to feed them plus the water shortage in California going on now. They are getting there money now while they can.
              I will hate to see what prices will be this mid to late summer for basic vegetable/fruits and that ole red meat. I’m not a gambling man but I’d be sure to bet we will be looking at double to triple increases compared to what we are seeing now.
              There will come a time where as I will no longer be able to afford/buy red meat. So I chew each bit of that good ole steak with the thought of, “Enjoy it now it may be the last”.

            • What part of the country is this? In Pittsburgh, ground beef is approx. $3.50 to $5.00 depending on what you buy.

              • I live in Greensburg Giant Eagle is expensive I paid 5:58lb for 90 10 the other day

              • Arizona, ground beef 96% fat free on sale $4.00 a lb.

              • I’m two hours west of philly (southern york county) and GOOD ground beef (90% or better) is $6.50 to $7.00lb. But he last time I bought some ground sirloin I was tempted to file a complaint. I made a meatloaf and typically theres next to NO grease and little shrinkage. But the last two times I made it, there was quite a bit of grease and it shrank more than I’m used to.

                I’m not wasting my money anymore. Like a lot of posters I use ground turkey for most of my dishes (spaghetti sauce, chili etc.) But it just doesn’t seem to work in meat loaf.

                • Pretend meat– found in the freezer section of groceries– tastes just like hamburger–only better! I made a chile recipe with this in it and my daughter loved it! she said, “I thought you didn’t eat meat!?” I said, ” I don’t; that’s not meat. It’s pretend hamburger”– forgot name but its found in freezer section.

                  (better for you too– no grizzle, blood, all the yukky stuff found in animals’ bodies).

                  • ANYTHING SOY WILL KILL YOU!!!
                    The absolute WORST thing you can put in your body.
                    1. The brain needs REAL protein, explains some peoples IQ
                    2. Soy is full of estrogen and hormones that will turn men into women.
                    Don’t believe me? take a good look at vegan men, also soy oil is used in fried fast food, look at all the men with MOOBS (man boobs)
                    Do not eat TVP/veggie burger, EVER!

                  • Its made from soybean. It will raise your estrogen and make you have man boobs. Also known in the gyms as Moobies.

            • Yellow Pages.
              Find a slaughter house. Call in your order.
              Non-GMO, grass fed cows??
              I paid $3.30 and saw ground beef $3 a lb. at Aldi’s.
              Which do I want? It’s in the freezer. 🙂

              • Exactly JayJay…

                Local beef farm here raises their own grass fed beef and hogs and has a butchering business.

                $2.80 hanging price for a half on order.

                I also buy all the beef hearts ($1 apiece) I can, and pickle them. They are getting scarce since the Mexicans found out about them.

                Usually, I get them to bone the front shoulder and instead of making burger, I cut it up and pressure can it. We usually have plenty of “mountain burger” already froze. I get the bones for soup (and Rover) and the kidneys for the dog.

                • Beef heart is very delicious. My wife cleans it and cuts it into strip to fry.

                  • boil it and make sandwich spread with onion and pickles chopped up in it. yum

                  • Try marinating deer heart in a vinegar hot sauce and grilling it for 3-5 minutes. Turned on a bunch of my hunter friends on this, now they do liver, kidneys, heart, etc. Amazing what a litle experiaminting will prove to others in terms of eating things “not normal”….

                  • Liver fried with onions, any other way ruins it.

                  • I’ve shot many deer in my day, and used to keep the liver. One day a friend shot a deer, and was going to leave the liver, I told him to take it. He said “if I’m taking that I might as well take the heart” which I never did. I got to say, the heart fried with onions and mushrooms was darn good. I said to him “I suppose now we might as well not even dress the animal out, take the whole thing” which we never did. Now with the diseases floating around the wolves and coyotes eat well.

                • Who in the world ever came up with this bogus BS about grass fed? It must have been the same ad agency that made Al Gore rich selling this crap about global warming. Grass fed, they can raise cattle cheaper and sell them higher and sell a lower grade of beef. Wow, talk about sheeple. If I were buying beef, make mine corn feed with some fat marbled through the lean. But since I eat antelope, deer and elk which is mostly grass fed, guess I shouldn’t talk. Trekker Out.Si vis pacem, para bellum!

                  • Agreed grass fed beef is bland tough & stringy. We usually butcher the milk cows calf. I milk only once per day in the evening. we let the calf run with the cow at nite. Pen it up during the day and feed it good quality hay, sweet grain & afalfa pellets. Killed at 6 months while still nursing @ weight at about 600 pounds. The baby beef is tender tasty & succulent. The only way to for shure have quality food is to raise & process it yourself.

                  • You got that right! We raise our own Angus cattle and finish them on grain to get the fat cover. We raise a grass fed one for my brother inaw cheap, it’s not as good people. Steers have 4 chambers in their stomachs. I laugh all the time at the grass fed propaganda. We just cut our herd in half , cause the price of feed is going up.

                  • @ Trekker,
                    I’ll keep it simple here.
                    Lean, healthy active cheerleader= yummy!
                    Fat, lethargic, sedentary cheerleader= NOT yummy

                    Which one do You want to eat?
                    Just sayin’

              • Jay-Jay

                🙂 My wife and I bought 1/4 of local grass fed about two weeks ago. Most of it get turned into burger. Worked out to about 3.25 a lb. 10 pounds of it is my special mix of 50/50. Beef/Bacon. It’s excellent but sure adds to the cost.

                In the freezer!

                • You got a good deal.
                  Gene and I bought a half beef 3 years ago–$900 and I lost most of it to a defective 10 month old freezer.
                  The freezer was replaced–but the contract in the back of the book says no reimbursement on contents.
                  So, now, we just get a box of out of date meat at Piggly-Wiggly for $20 which is a steal!

              • McDave posted that you need meat for brain power. That is ludicrous, just some crappy notion men have who are afraid of not being masculine enough. Perhaps you really are not masculine enough and need some help. However, eating meat will not help.

                The reality is that meat has TONS of cholesterol which is ACTUALLY QUITE BAD FOR YOUR BRAIN. If people want to better brain power they need to STOP eating meat! Fish (omega fatty acids) ARE GOOD FOR THE BRAIN, as are blueberries. Try that, Mcdave and see if it doesn’t help your brain (lets hope so!).. (It may even help with your masculinity problems as well!) ; )

            • Yeah I noticed that cattle futures are at an all time high. I agree that buying beef and putting it in the freezer for the next 9 months is a great idea. Planting some veggies this spring would also be a good idea because the drought in CA is going to cause all veggie prices to go way up this summer.

            • I normally order in bulk from zaycon. Not pushing them, not a stock holder or anything, just a customer. https://zayconfoods dot com/refer/zf265201They deliver to different areas and you pick up the order from their trucks.

            • Ranchers are liquidating their herds right now. Meat will be cheap while that is going on but after that price and supply will be affected. Better fill the freezer for the next four months. Cows don’t come out full grown.

              • Right – drought in the West has made it impossible to raise beef there at all, and Federal regs on water are going to keep it that way. Cali farmers already slaughtered a lot, and are selling out wholesale to Texas and Kansas, when they can find buyers. The ethanol mandate which has made grain for feedlots more expensive. Weather abd government, a killer combination. Meanwhile my Appalachian neighbor (who uses my pasture) raises beef cattle on grass and hay, and is going to be very well off.

                Me? I could care – I don’t eat beef anyway. Pork when it’s on sale, homegrown chicken with no hormones from a neighbor, and occasionally fish in season. Soy? Not me, unless it’s labeled Kikkoman.

              • Cow numbers today are lower than they where in 1951. Its not actually about ranchers liquidating. Its simply there are fewer cattle. that Translates to supply & demand. Im down to six head. The first week in april My bull and 4 cows will go to market. In keeping our jersey x angus milk cow. For a bull im planning on buying a holstien bucket calf and raising it on the milk cow. Or just purchasing a dairy feeder bull calf at the sale barn. keeping it till the cow is bred and eating it.

          • this is a MANMADE catastrophe. By the CIA, MI6, Mossad, and other western intelligence agencies for the benefit of ZIONISTs. Outrageously criminal. Let karma return to the perpetrators and quadruple.

        • How come they never show pictures of what is happen in rural areas where the population density is under 50 people per square mile? That is really what is relevant other than to just say don’t be like these people?

            • P.Pastor–Thank you for the article. This answers questions I had had from a previous Selco post. What the women do/or go through and how do they survive these situations. I doubt I would be out running through a hail of bullits to get supplies. This would also be emotionally draining to live thru. Prayer and faith in God’s grace and mercy to get you through……

            • Thanks PP , I see the Gates Foundation is at work .
              From the article :

              “Justine Greening, said: “Syria’s children are becoming a lost generation. While British children have been starting a new school year following a summer break, these Syrian children have often been through a living hell.”
              Why should british children feel guilty here?
              Why is ms greening suggesting an air of privilage?
              I really hate liberals.
              But i feel for those syrian kids more .

            • Pastor- the problems YOU face are a bunch of inbred, toothless meth heads taking your life and then everything you owned.

              WV is the cesspool of the world.

              • Spoken like a true liberal who has never been to WV except to jump off the New River bridge. Next time, don’t connect your bungees, please?

              • Trent,

                Over the years I have lived in a number of different states, due to my husband’s job. I have met good and bad people at every location.

                I still keep in touch with friends from different locations.

                Unfortunately, drug abuse and the resulting problems can be found in EVERY state. Meth, prescription drug abuse, etc. is a huge problem that is affecting many people.

                • KY- Yes, drugs are everywhere, but meth resides more in certain areas, and WV is one of the big ones. Besides WV having been found to be the worst state to be in for different reasons, about two years in a row now. That state is fucked. Been there. Would not go back. The inbred drug addicts, and the hatfields and mccoys there will NEVER accept outsiders, and if PP thinks that if the shit goes down, his wonderful neighbors won;t go against him if it comes to that, he is delusional. He is an outsider. Generations of them will take care of “their own” first. The meth heads make that place worse than NYC.
                  Pacific northwest is big on Meth also.
                  Meth makes for worse actions of addicts then any other drug.
                  The meth heads are completely shot.

                  • Isn’t WVA a monument to Sheets Bird?

          • Huh,who, what? When an area with 50 people per sq mile,(Which looks like a nearly empty spot) has half of them die, it looks more like an area with 25 people per sq mile. Which looks like a kind of empty spot, Empty spots look like empty spots. I’m from Wyoming, we got lots of empty spots. People rarely talk about what’s going on in them, because nothing goes on in them, They are empty spots. Could you explain your comment?,

        • Absolutely heart breaking. And with us being17.5 trillion in debt… trouble IS coming our way. Please for the sake of your loved ones do some prep and learn some skills. PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS.

        • it can happen here in four days, remember the family farms are gone, when the trucks stop rolling, the food supply is gone in two days, riots in the stores, falling out into the streets and so on.

          • “Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.”
            – Edmund Burke

            Some people still say, “It can’t happen here.”

            I remind them this country has already had a depression.

            • Obummer is about to proclaim the need for another big government stimulus he calls an investment. WHY?
              He knows it won’t pass congress. I believe he knows a crash is coming under his watch and he is doing a CYA or CHA in his case.

            • We’re in a depression, its just not as visible as the previous one.

              • I agree.

              • In the last depression i dont believe the national debt was as high, and i also dont think the social programs were as active,, now it pays better to be on the handouts than to take a basic job,,,
                Housing costs more, transportation costs more,
                People have these ridiculous visions of what they NEED to be keeping up with the Joneses,,,
                We can really only look out for ourselves and our families,,its nice to think we can make a difference for others but we need to make sure our own sustainability is job 1, and that we can keep ourselves and our families fed and safe,,,
                I see it all around, people running up the CCs, buying new cars, overpriced condos or new homes, and just not really cognisant of the big picture,,, then when things start going south they are all up in arms and its everyone els’ fault, and sombody has to do something,,,
                Try living a frugal lifestyle and living within your means!
                Interesting times

                • In the Great Depression the bread lines in the cities were a huge embarrassment to the politicians whose policies created the problems. Photographs of those bread lines testified to their inept policies and revealed their lies.

                  EBT cards provide anonymity to those who are on them, which does help Obama’s victims save face. Too bad they also help Obama hide his failures.

                  If you took all the Americans on food stamps and lined them up, the line would go from NY to LA and would be five people wide. You’d be able to see it from the international space station.

              • the numbers of people on food stamps dwarf the numbers in the lines @ the soup kitchens of yesteryear.

                • Yea and most of those people with the EBT cards will and do stick their nose up at food banks or soup kitchens,,,
                  They are eating steaks and fresh organics over here,,,
                  Sorta disgusting if you ask me.

              • food stamps replaced the soup lines. Try and sell something on craigs list or elsewhere. Noone has any money. They all try and trade you some thing. I did sell some milk goats.

            • And it STILL is in a depression, although we don’t dare call it that.

          • Yep, it is a coming or is it here already? Everyone talking about the prices of meat and how to make do with what is normally considered secondary meats like beef hearts. Not that there is anything wrong with that it is just the point that we are in a period where we must out of necessity look for alternatives to a steak or hamburger. What’s next? Swapping recipes for marinated rat or aged pigeon?


          • Nonsense. Americans will always get to watch others’ suffering on TV, while shoveling chips into their faces and griping that they can’t pause the TV to take a bathroom break.

          • During the last depression there were still farms in New York City and the areas close by were all rural. Now there are housing and shopping malls where the farms were. It will be much harder to survive this time if SHTF happens. Right now Calif. is getting some real good rain fall which will help to make things less severe.

        • Isaiah 17

          New King James Version

          17 The burden against Damascus.

          “Behold, Damascus will cease from being a city,
          And it will be a ruinous heap.

          2 The cities of Aroer are forsaken;[a]
          They will be for flocks
          Which lie down, and no one will make them afraid.

          3 The fortress also will cease from Ephraim,
          The kingdom from Damascus,
          And the remnant of Syria;
          They will be as the glory of the children of Israel,”
          Says the Lord of hosts.

          4 “In that day it shall come to pass
          That the glory of Jacob will wane,
          And the fatness of his flesh grow lean.

          5 It shall be as when the harvester gathers the grain,
          And reaps the heads with his arm;
          It shall be as he who gathers heads of grain
          In the Valley of Rephaim.

          6 Yet gleaning grapes will be left in it,
          Like the shaking of an olive tree,
          Two or three olives at the top of the uppermost bough,
          Four or five in its most fruitful branches,”
          Says the Lord God of Israel.

          7 In that day a man will look to his Maker,
          And his eyes will have respect for the Holy One of Israel.

          8 He will not look to the altars,
          The work of his hands;
          He will not respect what his fingers have made,
          Nor the wooden images[b] nor the incense altars.

          9 In that day his strong cities will be as a forsaken bough[c]
          And an uppermost branch,[d]
          Which they left because of the children of Israel;
          And there will be desolation.

          10 Because you have forgotten the God of your salvation,
          And have not been mindful of the Rock of your stronghold,
          Therefore you will plant pleasant plants
          And set out foreign seedlings;

          11 In the day you will make your plant to grow,
          And in the morning you will make your seed to flourish;
          But the harvest will be a heap of ruins
          In the day of grief and desperate sorrow.

          12 Woe to the multitude of many people
          Who make a noise like the roar of the seas,
          And to the rushing of nations
          That make a rushing like the rushing of mighty waters!

          13 The nations will rush like the rushing of many waters;
          But God will rebuke them and they will flee far away,
          And be chased like the chaff of the mountains before the wind,
          Like a rolling thing before the whirlwind.

          14 Then behold, at eventide, trouble!
          And before the morning, he is no more.
          This is the portion of those who plunder us,
          And the lot of those who rob us.

          • But All that stuff was about when Ephraim aka chief tribe of the TEN Northern tribes who Kept the name of Israel, after they split apart from the Southern Kingdom of Judah and benjamin tribes.

            it did come to pass…Back n around 723 BC era(or close to that year)..Damascus ruined etc is also done back in same time frame era…after Ephraim aka all Ten Northern tribed Israel got attacked, killed and taken captive by Assyrians, Then aprox 145 yrs Later is when King Nebucadnzer from Babylonian empire attacked, and took captive “some” of Jeruselem City inhabitants. untill 70 yrs later, a small portion went back to begin building the 2nd temple….So basically none of it is meant for Todays times regards syria or damascus city.

            This issue was all covered extensivly at several articles here at shtf about a few months ago…Several posters posted fully the whole deal or story complete with proper biblical texts and verses to it all.

            just wanted to give fokks an FYI is all. Since Back few months ago many it seemed had a huge Misunderstanding of those bible prophecys being for Todays times.

            • Damascus has been conquered before but never in history has it been reduced to rubble. I suspect it’s true end will be the result of a chemical weapons exchange that will make the very soil toxic.

              The only reason Damascus can exist is, it sits on the banks of the Euphrates River. This is a desert city, and water is criticle. The Euphrates originates in the mountains of Turkey, who has diverted its water for their own use. Thus the Euphrates has all but dried up, making a way for the armies from the east, as well as making Damascus uninhabitable as a city.

              This is all so prophetic. What you think you know comes up short.

        • The people here where I recently moved, ALREADY look so downcast, poor, depressed its hard to imagine it getting worse!

          When people are desperate and have no food, young males will simply form gangs and take from everybody else. According to anthropologists, this is the usual scenario.


        • These people would give their left nut to have the pallet of beans I have in my basement

        • Americans will always get to watch others’ suffering on TV, right?

        • You interupted American Idol for THIS???

        • Americans will always get to watch others’ suffering on TV, because we are EXCEPTIONAL (and obese) USA!USA!

          Comeon! You interrupted wraslin for THIS? Hurry up! Jerry’s fix in ta start!

        • Look at that picture with the devastation and thousands of people totally destitute. That is what is planned for us. Hard to believe there are people that evil in the world.

      2. Have a feeling that when the SHTF in the good ole USA it will be bad If not worse than what we see going on in other countries. It’s just a matter of when & what will be the catalyst that sets things in motion.

        • It’ll be like the Walking Dead, except the zombies might have guns.

          • right, it will be a lot worse, people are fighting over I phones and big screen TVs now, just wait till they get hungry, most will kill for a slice of bread

            • Wow, that’s a sobering picture. I don’t care who you are, no one is stopping a hoard like that from devouring everything in sight.

              I have a question for people here that meantion Russia television. Is this something your cable provider has as a channel or do you watch online?

              • Indy russia television online is rt .com

              • I get it on Dish, Channel 280

              • Dish Network Satalite TV has RT russian news, China news, India news, AlJazera news. Maybe more too. definatly has ones I listed here.

                RT has alot of Leftists and occupy group types. Too many.

                But RT does show info and live scene tv news of places and issues you will Never see on Fox or CNN etc.

                A pretty good show on RT is Cross Fire. 1/2 hr long show a couple times per week. Has moderator guy with avg of three guests. They are not afraid to name aipac, or israel and to discuss or debate various related issues involving each.

                Its amazeing whats going on globally and here in usa that Fox and cnn never speaks of.

                Also Most reg news folks at RT are NOT russians per se. Most has a british accent(whats new for tv eh), some have an obvious russian accent.

                RT really does a swell job showing documentaries shows that are like Nat geo or discovery channel tv which shows many sections of russian life and many Rural, and even siberia areas. Russia is nothing like what we all been taught of it. really it looks quite same as america wilderness and alaska in much of russias lands.

                Russia Used to be best allies nation with usa before and during civil war era here. The Russian Czar/king got wind of a Coo plan by England, and banksters like rotschilds etc whom already Had armys staged waiting inside Mexico.

                It was about Five euro nations total in that Plot too! England, france, and three more I cant now recall names of.

                When russian czar heard of the Plot to send english/euro armys into the usa to Upset ballance of civil war, that Czar sent armed russian naval ships full of russian army to both east and west coast of america where his ships waited off shore. That czar gave 100% permission to Prez Lincoln to command and decide if and when russia soldiers were to come ashore if needed. They never did come ashore.

                That Brit & banksters Plot basically was to make sure south will win, then cause usa south states to join with mexico and parts of south america states, and totally split away from the union of usa states.

                But it wasn’t any type plot to Help southern folks. It was strickly a plot to split up usa, and allow england and its jewish banksters to control what they would have created with mexico and south amer states. One big Huge sugar and cotton plantation!…With NOTHING Good plotted for avg southern state folks to gain.

                If not for russias Czars efforts and his many ships full of armed men etc…Things may have devolved even far worser for end results of usa civil war era.

                • Thanks for the info. I’ll check that out.

            • Homeless people have killed one another for their blankets, shoes or tarps. It happens right here, right now, today.

              People kill over an expensive pair of Nike tennis shoes. right here, right now, today.

              People will kill you for your wallet, right here, right now, today.

              The only difference is, when TSHTF, we’ll be more inclined to fight back. It will no longer be “random violence”, it will become more common place than it is.

              • sixpack

                I’m really surprised we haven’t heard any reports
                yet of older people in those 20 acre parking lots
                that the mega stores have, getting knocked down
                and the groceries in their carts stolen.

                What is a 90 yr. old going to do about it? They
                would be lucky to get themselves back up from the
                ground. I expect before the year is out we will
                begin to hear of it.

                • Outwest: Its happening to Old folks. We just aint hearing it reported by msm tv news. Thats probobly due to vast majority of elderly folks are attacked by inner city Yoots, aka black ghetto thugs and knockout game’rs yoots.

                  For great articles and color photos of many such incidents happening everywheres across our nation, as well as in england, south africa, and france etc.

                  Check out www dot incogman dot net

                  He really tells it like it is. Beware though as most such color photos are Extreemly Vivid in greusome details of blood and guts gore. but afterall if one is to get the true facts out there and make a point to try and wake folks to reality….Thats what it takes I rekon…Color photos of really messed up whiteys, and even a few blacks that get attacked by said Yoots and ghetto rats.

                  Nothing else so wakes peole than seeing actual photos of a whiteman or women whos entire face is so smashed in by a huge Brick, and a gang of Yoots wielding those bricks, that even their Mother wont again recognize em. Thats why TV msm refuse to show it..If majority white usa folks ever saw that stuff?…Then we would see Hoards hitting streets…Only it be white Hoards hunting down every damn Yoot and banger they can locate…Now That would be shown on every TV news non stop for Months to come! but only if victims are non whiteys.

                  The worst photos and attacks of all happen in south africa where blacks have been on a mission to genocide every last white there…Whites that have been in africa as long as been in usa, over 400 yrs!…Soon Africa will go back to PRE 1600’s and back to darkest africa again once last whites get killed off.

                  Ironic that after they kill white farmers and ranchers etc, the african bunnies demolish and burn down all of what was there…Some are 10,000 acre farms!.

                  One would think africans be smart enough to realize its best to Keep farmhouses standing to Live in instead of burn down farmhouses then go Back to live in a Mud mixed with human shit dwelling eh. I rekon not alot differences from african blacks to detroit ones eh. Loot Demolish and Burn down whatever cannot be looted or destroyed! That will show them whiteys huh! Stupid, stupid.

                  • Them Guys

                    I suppose I should have figured that.
                    After all, we have one for a POTUS
                    that loves to play the knockout game
                    on whole countries, including ours.

                • OutWest

                  When I get to be 90 I’ll still be packing my 45. Some little puke try and steal my goodies I’ll pop a cap in his ass!

                  • My kinda man, wrong.
                    I don’t think we’re even close to seeing
                    the lows those scumbags can stoop to.

                    In case I should become too crippled up
                    with arthritis to jack the slide on my
                    old Colt slab sides, I keep my trusty
                    .357 wheelgun well oiled and close at
                    hand. Six for sure, as the say.

                  • Obamacare will have killed you off well before you even get close to ninety so quit worrying.

                • It will be a bad day for the bad guy if I witness that event.

            • I have hopes that those people fighting over TV’s will finish each other off or be so stupid they remain till to late. Our only hope is the stupid do each other.

            • right, it will be a lot worse, people are fighting over I phones and big screen TVs now, just wait till they get hungry, most will kill for a slice of bread.
              – For the idea that there MIGHT be a slice of bread, even if they know there really isn’t one.

            • The SNAP moochers already scream that they’re not given enough.

          • Funny thing in the walking dead, the people were more dangerous than the zombies.

      3. just imagine some of our cities with millions of people in them…

        • Imagine you’re on the interstate near the projects when an EMP goes off and the road becomes a parking lot. If that happens, gets out and run. It would only be a matter of minutes before the ghetto dwellers see all those white people trapped on the highway.

          • I was living in NYC (job requirement not by choice) in the Bronx in an area where whites were the exception, not the rule. When the power went out, it was a pretty non-event in our area.

            A lot of folks sitting around outside because it was too dark inside. No riots, no looting, nothing. No one mobbing the corner stores.

            The point of this is it’ll take time in a power out event before people realize that chaos can reign free so don’t panic and start running in all directions.

            Do react but do it calmly and with some forethought depending on the situation you’re in. Granted there are situations where you might need to make snap judgements, where _any_ response is better than _no_ response.

            But if you have the ability, find a wall to put your back to, assess the situation, try to acquire intel and then try to plan a few moves ahead.

            • …but don’t spook ’em before you make your escape?

            • It didn’t take time in the town I used to live in. The power would go off, and in a matter of minutes the police would be talking on the scanner about people from a certain part of town heading downtown to break into stores. I heard that happen a number of times.

            • The possibility of an EMP is why you should have a “go bag” in your vehicle. Pack what you might need yo get from point A to B. Weapons, clothing, map of the Metro area, etc. as I travel Houston TX regularly, I keep a Houston map with me. That way , wherever I get stranded, I can look at all my options, & figure the safest or most expedient way to get back home, or away from the hazard. We have all become very complacent with having GPS in our pocket…with smart phones. In an EMP or emergency, there is a good chance it will not work. Just think about where you travel….& what you would do if your car just stopped…..along with everything else.
              Standing by in
              Montgomery County Texas

            • The possibility of an EMP is why you should have a “go bag” in your vehicle. Pack what you might need yo get from point A to B. Weapons, clothing, map of the Metro area, etc. as I travel Houston TX regularly, I keep a Houston map with me. That way , wherever I get stranded, I can look at all my options, & figure the safest or most expedient way to get back home, or away from the hazard. We have all become very complacent with having GPS in our pocket…with smart phones. In an EMP or emergency, there is a good chance it will not work. Just think about where you travel….& what you would do if your car just stopped…..along with everything else.
              Standing by in
              Montgomery County Texas

          • That would be one reason I would love to have a black riffle with 4 30 rnd mags in the trunk. But as it is I don’t live or travel anywhere near any projects. Black folks in N Wash/Idaho are a small minority and if/when things go south, they will be used for target practice as there are a lot of white boys tired of the minority shit sandwich force fed them.

            • rifle too

            • That’s what I keep in my trunk (ok- actually 5+1 30rd mags) along with my BOB with supplies for up to 3 days. I commute 45 miles each way to work, and I could wind up with a 2 or 3 day walk. One way or another,2-3 days or a week, I WILL make it home.

            • .02

              What the hell is the matter with you? You advocate shooting people just because you may have an opportunity to get away with it?


              • I don’t advocate it, but you and I both know it is going to happen if we go worl.

                • and you think the blacks will be hanging around waiting for some red neck to shoot them, there are many blacks that have been in the military and had the same training as we have, probably just as well prepped too, they just don’t go on web sites and brag about their guns, grenades and plans so I wouldn’t get to trigger happy.

                  • Yea they turn their hand guns sideways and cant hit shit. The better steady ones who could shoot accurately & actually own something wouldn’t want to be around the undesirables . if they are left to fend for themselves they will mostly kill each other. They seen to go tribal in a instant.

              • uneducated pacific north westerner. Lol

            • One of the main reasons I relocated to where I now live is that less than 1/2 of 1% of the population is non white. That one person claims to be a cheorkee. If a black Chinese, Mexican ect. Bought and moved here they would immediately have their place burnt to the ground. We don’t need or want them here. Im proud to be a white of european decent and don’t mind if you call me a racist. there is nothing wrong with preferring your own kind. They built a chicken processing plant where I used to live. I sold out and left when I first heard about it before it was built. Now the Mexicans & illegals have taken over. property values have fallen. Over a thousand Stinky air polluting chicken growing houses everywhere. White flight is rampant amoung the better quality folks. The white welfare drawing gimmie fat obese wiggers are staying & breeding with those illegals. give them a anchor baby ?

        • I know…I live about an hour from Chicago…with it’s 2.71 million people. It won’t be pretty because I know they will spread out from that city after they destroy it looking for more food.

        • and then imagine them with no food or water after a few days.

          • Lake Michigan is right there. There are a number of rivers, streams, and canals in Chicago so there’s obviously water there.

            • Don’t think I’d wanna drink from the Detriot River.
              Just sayin’

            • if they can figure out a way to do so, they will even Burn down lake Michigan! NOTHING is Safe when they are nearby.

      4. Yikes! I’ve been trying to imagine my family in this position,(Nice job of bringing it to life, by the way)and I’m not sure that we’re sufficiently prepared, mentally. I have nearly everything I’m expecting we will need, but the emotional strength will be hard to come by. Unlike my husband, who was in the Air Force, I’ve never been shot at when going on an errand or across the street, etc. I’m working on having everything I think we will require already in the house, but when, say, should I make the final run for milk?

        • Vicky,

          I understand where you are coming from and feel the same way too. We have been working hard for several years to be prepared.

          My husband was also in the Air Force. But, I have no military background.

          I pray I/we will know when that ‘line’ has been crossed and it is time to stay at home.

          All I can do is just try to keep informed on what is going on and take one day at a time.

          I try to remember…
          God did not take Noah and his family OUT of the flood. He took them THROUGH it.

          Keep praying and prepping!
          KY Mom

          • My wife likes to watch that show “Snapped or Snap” its about murder cases. The one we watched last night the killer was caught by 2 things that suprised me:

            1. The ammo purchase at walmart (winchester 12 turkey load) I’m still scratching my head on that one because the cop said it was hunting season. Wouldn’t their be a lot of ammo purchases? I don’t know of any serial number or lot# on the actual shell. Opinions?

            2. The killed called the detactive and said he was going to kill himself and hung up. He had just realized the gig was up. They tracked his location by the cell phone GPS given to LEO by the phone carrier.

            Just a little food for thought I figured I would share. I always like to get opinions from people who actually know whats going. I’m surrounded by sheeple.

            • pay cash, wear sunglasses and ball cap at wally world, they watch everything

            • I suggest you turn off the TV.

              • Lol mine as well 6. But in the off chance it is not a total lie the 1. The ammo purchase at walmart (winchester 12 turkey load) I’m still scratching my head on that one because the cop said it was hunting season. Wouldn’t their be a lot of ammo purchases? I don’t know of any serial number or lot# on the actual shell. Opinions?

                Maybe there was cameras and the detectives combed through all the people that purchased the turkey loads or probably most likely the guy was a fvkin idiot and bought the ammo with a card. That is really easy to trace.

                • @.02

                  The detectives did show the video of the man buying the ammo the day before the murder happened. I guess they researched the background on each purchase. Just seems like a lot of people to check but thinking back on it now, I think it was a small town.

          • Thank you, Honey. You are always so comforting and have something to offer to make it easier to bear, or to feel, or to accomplish. Thanks!

        • The closer you get to the end the more dangerous it will be. At some point hungry people will go into Wal-Mart, fill up their carts and head for the exits without paying. Then the stores will close. Or people will get robbed of their groceries when they get to the parking lot.

          If I was going to make one final grocery store run I’d get up early and be there by 5 AM. I’d consider 3 AM – 5 AM to be the safest times because so few people will be awake.

          • @Barncat

            I believe the 5-7 window would be best. A lot of the drug heads are still going strong at 3-5 I used to be a late night guy and I seen less people on the roads and at stores in the 5-7 window.

            • Maybe it would be a good idea to start scoping out the store now. Maybe, popping in/by at different times of day and night to see what level of activity there is, and when it is the most quiet. Get the jump on it and stop guessing.

              • No, sixpack–the best thing to do RIGHT NOW is to be stocked and NOT need to leave the house…are you people here even paying f**king attention to what MAC is sharing for us to read??
                You can’t fix stupid??
                Get what you need now===Geeze!!!

                I don’t need one damn thing–NOT ONE!

                • @Jayjay

                  It’s not that I’m unprepared. It’s just human nature to try to get one last score to boost what you have before the full blown SHTF happens.

                  It might actually be fun to crack a couple skulls if I run into the EBT crowd.

                  • Oh, yeah–one gallon of milk vs. broken car windows, slashed tires, raped and robbed in the parking lot??
                    Say what??

                    NO–NO–NO!!!If you are a true prepper—your stores DO NOT need boosting!!!

                  • Or get your skull cracked…

                • JayJay, A true prepper’s stores ALWAYS need boosting, right up until it actually hits the fan. Me, I’ll sniff the air and test the ground ahead of me, and if I feel it’s still okay, I MIGHT go for that last run…if not, I’ll be able to make do with that I have, no prob.

                  Part of the info I’ll be using to make my decision, will be my knowledge of my surroundings, including the condition and habits of the local grocery store, and the route to it.

                  We don’t need to live in fear, just exercise extreme caution.

            • I think if you go in heavily armed with wife and kids/ friends sporting pump shotguns and explain it is for your protection and not to rob, you will be fine.

              • LOL 02 , youll get shot to hell . lmao
                wife and kids with shotguns? hillarious picture.

                • damn hammer, I gotsta HAVE all the coffee that is left. I don’t care about food, butt wipe, condoms.. I have to have all the coffee. all of it.. Oh sure, I have a shed and basement full now but I don’t know if it will last me 502 years so I am not taking any chances. I/we are going in under full armament to secure valuable resources.

                  • valuable resourses = pixie sticks ,gotta have that.
                    And while i am lootin i am gonna smash the damn
                    “claw” machine at the entrance and get my little girl the stuffed cat she has been tryin to get for two years.
                    I own it anyway (fifty bucks in quarters).
                    I’M ENTITLED !

                  • WE LAUGH NOW , thats OK.
                    Lets just hope it never happens .
                    Too damn scary, REALITY SUCKS

                  • .02,

                    Speaking of coffee – the price is going UP.

                    Coffee is on sale this week at Walmart. So, if you can stock up now.

                    Why Coffee Prices Are Exploding

                    “January was the hottest month on record for parts of Brazil, and the drought was said to be the worst in 50 years. One estimate said 30% of the coffee crop may have been lost.”
                    -Business Insider

                  • Damn right you are. Those claw machines look so easy but the damn things don’t have the grappling power of spaghetti.

                  • KY Mom, sorry I don’t do WalMart. I loath that outfit with a passion. Costco has bigger cans (metal!!) and better prices. I quit anything wally world the day those bastards got caught insuring the old guys they hire for greeters. Of all the lowlife things the kids have done since dad died,(Sam Walton) and the list is deep and wide, that was so low I cant force myself close to one. When/if walmart goes titsup and closes every store world wide is the day I know for sure and certain there really is a God.

                  • Hey, .02–when getting that coffee, add lots of coffee filters and you got butt wipe and condoms—well, maybe not condoms. 🙁

                  • .02,

                    I understand your feeling about Walmart.

                    Many have limited choices (stores) in rural areas and limited funds.

                    Just trying to offer a money saving tip. I have found most larger stores will match an advertised sales price from another store.

                  • Coffee filters? Are you kidding me? A French Press is the only way to prepare coffee.. filters sheesh *rolls eyes*

                  • hammer and .02

                    A couple years ago I read somewhere that some kid climbed up the shoot on one of those damn things and was literally inside the machine. Must have wanted the purple monkey pretty damn bad.

                    Pixie sticks are delicious. I like to do a few lines of those once in awhile too.. Use to be .02 each back in the day.

            • It will not be a pretty sight when three weeks into a collapse all the legal and illegal opiates start to run out. The come down is going to be epic.

              • There is about 48 hours or so of “pre-detox” after their last hit that you’ll have to worry about. It is when they are the most desperate to “get well”.

                After that, they will be puking out one end and shitting out of the other. Their bodies will be cramping and weak. Most can’t even make it to the toilet to puke…again. Delirium will set in about the same time. Most can’t eat or drink anything and keep it down.

                In this state, they can’t even stand up, much less be a danger to you. Of course there could always be exceptions, but I’ve never seen any. Dehydration is pretty universal.

                Severe opium detox is life-threatening. Many people have died, having to detox cold turkey. Having worked in corrections for just a short time, I’ve seen enough to know that I wouldn’t want any part of it.

                I’d rather suffer the pain.

                • One more thing to remember—the street opium has a much shorter detox time than say, methadone or Rx opiates. The detox off of methadone is more than TWICE as long and hard, as it has a longer half life.

        • Stay home! Stock up on powdered milk or milk substitutes now while you can. Powdered milk will last a very long time and longer if you vacuum seal it. You definitely do not want to go out when the curtain falls. You should have enough food, water and other supplies on hand for several months without having to venture outside. When the shooting starts you will most likely end up being very stoic and become a leader or…not. Be brave and keep the faith.

        • Vicky dont make the final run for milk. Stock a supply of dried milk to cover a year or more. Milk aint worth putting yourself in harms way.

          • I very seldom drink any milk,, Just don’t do it for me.We don’t stock it in the house except some canned for TW’s baking.

            • So what do you dunk your Oreo’s in?

              • Hot Tea

        • Vicky,
          It depends on how “the end” plays out. I have a “Last Minute Items” list. The more I’m seeing images of violent hoards the less likely I am to try and fill that list.

          I will ONLY tempt fate if total chaos has not broken out. Agree with the other posters, this is WHY we prep! One last gallon of milk is not worth risking your life!

          • …or getting robbed of whatever you did have…

          • It’s just going to spoil anyway when the power is shut off. Might be wise to get milk in can or powder form instead and keep some on hand. The irradiated might be worth a shot and it tastes like the real thing. Milk might be one of the lesser things to worry about.

        • when, say, should I make the final run for milk?

          You don’t–your stocks are lacking if you don’t have evaporated milk, Gossner’s milk, and powdered.
          Nuff said.

        • Do not make the final run for milk. How much do you expect to get on that run? That’s when everyone is going to be there; all you might get is two loaves of bread, a gallon of milk, and a few items. Hoping you don’t get shot. That last run isn’t important. The run that counts is the one you can take your time, get what you want and get home safely. That’s NOW. You have been to the store thousands of times. You think the last one is important? Stay home. Sugar is $.60 per lb-+-. Go buy 50-100 lb and that “Last Run” is gone. Do the same for dry milk when you get the money. Keep at it until your; Last Run is somewhere no one else is going like the boot store.

          • Aldi’s just had sugar for $1.79!! 4 lbs.
            And for those stocking coffee–we heard this two/three years ago and I stocked coffee.
            LOts of 32 oz. for $6 and then it was $5 and then $4.50–same darn brand. Ticked me off big time.
            I just saw the brand I bought for $5…on sale.

            • Me too Jayjay. I have 6 five gallon buckets full of coffee. Sounds like .02 won’t be able to live without Starbucks!!

              • I never buy 5 dollar coffee. I make it all myself.

              • Damn–you have a caffeine problem?? 🙂

                • you cant imagine. nothing like a true full blown addiction.

        • Vicky
          Your gut (your intuition) will tell you.
          If you wait until you are 100% sure it will be too late. At that point, stay home and mix the instant in the box with the bottled water and go to full defensive mode.

        • Own a cow or stock up on dried and evaporated…

          • Baby–Gossner Foods has a packaged quart for $1 from Dollar Tree.
            I have some I bought 18 months ago and it is still good and tastes like fresh milk when opened.
            Shelf life is stated as 7 months, but I have no problem keeping it for 18 months in the cool, dark storage room.

      5. My father calls me Rambo. He always askes why I have 2 backpacks full of survival gear which include +1 weeks of food just for myself, along with ammo to supplement hunting. This article right here is why. My friends ask me why I have an Ar-15, a .22, glock 19 and a S&W .357 and I say ” Why don’t you?” Prepping is not a chore as some people might think. It takes a while yo gather gear. I have been prepping for the last year and still find things tjat I don’t have. When shtf I will at least be able to fend for myself… that reminds me, I’m going hunting this weekend for small game. 2 squirrels can provide enough food for yourself for 12 hours.

        Good luck

        • You shoot one of these fat bastard rock chucks here and you can feed 2 people for 2 days.

        • So you have been prepping for the last year and still find things you don’t have? Good Lord I’ve been prepping for the last 50 years and still find stuff I need. Mostly, I need 30-40 thousand sq ft of underground storage, with a well, so I can put the junk I have; and the stuff I’d like, and about 5 Million to buy it all. AH Well. Get with it people. We are all nuts; we maybe right, but we are still nuts, and most of us will never have all we would like.

          • I don’t have what I’d LIKE–but by the grace of God, I have what I need.

          • I need a 20 year old body with my 58 year old mind.

            • If the 20 year shows up, she will likely kill you.

              • No Paranoid, I want a head/brain transplant onto a 20 yo body. Not a lover.. TW prolly not go for the 20 yo hottie.

                • Yea, that whole scenario sounds dangerous.

      6. Hell, let’s send Obama over there and see if they’ll vote for him.

        • I doubt it…they see us as the majority of their problems to begin with…maybe they’ll hang him for us.

      7. And the NWO military arm, the United States of America pushes relentlessly for total world domination, while a small portion of its citizen’s prepare to face the inevitable onslaught, while the majority go about their business believing things are hunky dory and the future is bright and is’nt this country great. Long live the USA.

        • USA, USA, USA (pumping fist in the air)…sarcasm off.

        • aljamo-

          ..your post speaks volumes of the success, of those in control of our media, our government, our education system and our money supply!

          -thumbs up to ya-

      8. yes these are the same people who sing “death to America!” yet where will these fuckers go when there is war in their country? yup, You guessed, Merica…

      9. What I shudder at, when imagining this occurring here, is that the construction of our buildings is so different. A good portion of the overseas countries you have seen where war has taken place include at least a majority of cement buildings….we just DO NOT have that here. A good majority of the buildings are wood. The conflagration would be horrific.

        • NinaO

          That is Kick Ass!

        • hate to say it but my pooter wont let thru to ur sight due to cookies

          • blocked by cookies ???

            my apologies for that

            i’ll look into that immediately and clean them out

            it’s still a new site and i’m working out the bugs

            thank you for the heads up sincerely


        • I’m in…at least I think I am…

          lmao…for a brief moment, I thought about using ‘Cocoa Puff Crackhead’ as a pw but then it dawned on me…there was/is only one…

          “don’t go down without one helluva fight” lms.

      10. Should make Americans and their Jewish handlers proud. What is this, fourth, fifth or even sixth country they have destroyed since the Mossad blew up the three skyscrapers.

        • Woah Bert, the truth rings out and the government shills start down arrowing as fast as possible. This is a bad sign of just who is reading/commenting on this site.. Very troubling. To Bert’s down arrowing dipshits, you KNOW damn well 9/11 was a false flag or you evidently cant think/read.

          • We know the truth. You hate the Jews and see them behind everything. Another case where people believe what they want to believe, no matter how stupid it makes them look.

            • Jews have been kicked out of nearly every country on earth at one time or another, have you ever asked yourself why? Everyone knows who owned the towers, everyone knows who had insurance policies out on them, everyone knows who was told not to go into work that day, everyone knows who ran the security, everyone knows who fucked up on the T.V. and said ‘pull-it’ and everyone knows who benefitted.

              • double plus good on that one Datsun

            • That is bs BC…So I guess what your saying is that all Jews are just the salt of the earth.

              Just stay in that narrow little tunnel. Sounds like you can’t handle the truth.

            • @bc … you are such a ma’roon .


            • Here we go again..Antisemitic claptrap even tho they got caught with explosives heading for the tunnel, dancing as the towers fell and said they were not the enemy but just there to film the event. Netanyahu says 9/11 terror attacks good for Israel. PLUS you don’t even know who the Jews really are as who you think they are is false. The Mossad and Israelis being operated by whom the bible terms are “those who say they are Jews and are not”. Look it up, do the research and stop with the hating Jew tripe. The children in Christ are the Jews NOT some hypothetical Khazarian Jewish diaspora.

              Blindness is sometime fatal and incurable.

            • Barn Cat-

              Keep defending/adoring the “synagogue of satan types”…one day you’ll get your comeuppance, when the LORD rebukes you…personally!

              ..for siding w/ his enemies.

        • That Neocon: PNAC (project for a new american century) Plan was for AIPAC ruled polititions and usa militaries to destroy Seven Nations in 10 yrs(?) or Less.

          One of top PNAC honchos is the Husband of that usa state dept women Nuland(jewish.zionists) whos currently running the dog and pnoy show of Ukraine protesters, and of course shes also Funding it.

          Real Gaols of it all in Mid east areas is: Use usa troops to Kill off as many arab type folks as possible, then cause all survivors to FLEE as Refugees.

          Flee as refugees INTO EVERY white nation of europe, usa, canada, aussies, nations. This serves TWO purpouses.

          #1 it will totally Clear out 350+ Million NON jews from entire mid east regions, so israel can then greatly Expand its now very small bandit stolen state of plaestine.

          And, #2- Send enough NON whites into white nations like usa and england and france etc, to fully finish off the destruction of whites and their formerly white run nations. By adding way More non whites, Non christians, and basically 3rd worlders who never are going to assimilate nor think or act like a white person.

          a good yutube video eplaining this stuff is avail by a zionist jewish women in Sweeden, name is Barbara Spector.

          If you can stand watching her for 20 minits(she makes finestien or babs boxer seem really nice and friendly!) You will see her describe the Forced Immigrations of NON whites into european EU nations, and I think she mentiones same for usa too.

          She even has the aduacity to state that she and her zionist pals Knows this is going to create massive antisemtisim across the board in every such nation once folks realize Who is behind it all!…Then she says its all worth it as it IS their zionist Plans and whites in euro states and usa need NOT bother to try stopping it as its already a planned done deal etc.

          If you watch her video Hide the guns or you will be tempted to fire rounds at the screen!..Yes shes That horrid!…Barbara Spector look it up, dont take my word for it, view and Hear it direct From her zio mouth!

          And they wonder why they got booted from every nation to ever Host her tribe?…Go view her and tell me you aint considering which heavey Boots to wear to Boot her sorry ass out! Her Ilk Deserves a Free Ride on the TIMBERLAND BOOT Express!

      11. When you see crowds like that you have to wonder how much ammo is enough. I don’t live in a big city but there are might be as many as 200,000 people living within a 20 mile radius of where I live. Plus there’s a prison less than 20 miles down the road from where I live.

        Another thing is that there are a lot of people that know we’re prepping. Like friends, relatives, and in-laws. The most dangerous people might be the ones that think you owe them something.

        • opsec…

          • I tried to wake people up in the early days. Not any more.

            • Barncat

              I stopped trying to wake people up too. The problem with people now is no one is willing to stand up for anything. My new decision is to boycott the NFL.

              I have loved watching those games but after they rejected a commercial from Daniel Defense during the superbowl (didn’t even show a gun in the whole add) now they are saying the superbowl will be pulled from Arizona if they pass the new gay law.

              The NBA is the same way. Most all games are sponored by obutthole care and I tire of seeing commercials with pro athletes promoting this administrations agenda.

              I’m not going to change my name here because I’ve used it too long.

              • Yep even tho the Seattle Seaslugs won the Stuporblow, I am done with sports as well. When that faggot football player is getting standing ovations for coming out and going pro, IT IS OVER! EVERYTHING on talmudvision has an agenda.

                • .02

                  You are not kidding. They played that crap for like 2 weeks straight and are still talking about him. Isn’t it nice the first person that sends her congrats is michelle o tranny

                  • gag pukes. sodomites pack disease and what a lot of people think is food poisoning when they get sick eating out is really the Norovirus. The viruses are transmitted by fecally contaminated food or water; by person-to-person contact; and via aerosolization of the virus and subsequent contamination of surfaces. Noroviruses are the most common cause of viral gastroenteritis in humans, and affect people of all ages. So we have the fags busting each others asses and then serving us our food and bada bing bada boom we are sick as dogs. I don’t eat out and I don’t like fags. And when you get or hear of someone with a nasty 24 hour bug where they puke and shit like a volcano, you can now thank some fecal matter for the situation. Gross or what? And don’t get me started about the findings of Hepatitis C in fecal matter and how it too can be spread like the Norovirus. Sodomites were destroyed by God for a reason and I will not accept them no matter how many laws they pass. Fvkem.

                  • Agreed .02-

                    The only saving grace per faggotry is the fact they can’t reproduce naturally.

        • Unless you are willing to welcome them into your home in a SHTF scenario, why would you be so free with your prepping info?? You will have a lot of extra mouth to feed when it happens… It a lot of people to deal with….
          No one knows we prep. No one knows!! Our children don’t really know the extent of it. My kids just think mommy had a lot of food for them.

          • @monster
            more mouths to feed, but more bodies for guard duty, and other chores. Store extra food, you can’t store living people.

          • I owed it to my family to tell them what’s coming. When the time comes, I won’t be opening my door to any of them.

        • Barn Cat,

          Right now, tell all your friends, relatives, and in-laws that you have decided it’s futile to prep and you are not eating/using up all your preps in order to save the money for that world cruise you are planning.

          • I meant NOW eating up, I didn’t mean not eating up

        • You’ll have to make a choice…if they haven’t been on board and have been warned…it shouldn’t take you very long.

          When someone comes to our house for dinner, they ALWAYS bring something good and I never expect anything. It works the same way in reverse. I only go to businesses, places, etc. that are exactly like us. I have done my research and do not support the “other side.” EVER.

          Fuck. Listen to me “the other side”.

          I know people. I can read people. I know what good is. I know what bad is. God will steer me.

          I choose survival for those who have done me right. You get that same choice. Think about how you will make that choice…every damn day. Your family, friends and other “like-minded” people will depend on it.

          “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

        • Barn Cat: as the christian you say you are. Don’t Your bible have any advice from Jesus or the apostle writers on just how many people You need to Kill, rather than to act christian and offer help?

          Maybe a Move to Israel or at least NY or chicago is a good plan for you?…That way instead if killing em all, since you promote pro israel pro jewish concepts always, you can assist or Feed the folks in those areas…

          I need to Find that bible section that tells us christian folks to Help jews and israel state, but to Kill fellow usa neighbors and fellow christian folks…Maybe You can tell me which bible verses thats at? Thanks in advance if you can/do barn cat.

          • I have a right to defend myself. I can’t feed everybody. If God tells me to take people in, I will. Otherwise I won’t. We have a year’s supply of food for 4 people. If we only need 4 months worth of food we could feed 12 people. I have no idea today what God will have me do during that time. It would be nice if I don’t have to defend myself but I’m preparing for the worst.

            • Proverbs 21:20

              The wise store up choice food and olive oil, but fools gulp theirs down.

              • Prov 22:3

                A prudent man see’s danger and takes refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.

          • Them Guys: You may not believe it, but you are grafted in the Jewish tree by being Christian and expecting Jesus. I think you will find it in the Book of Romans; Sir.

            • Old Vet: No its Not a jewish tree, it is an ISRAEL as in all 12 tribes Tree. Huge difference from israel and its orig 12 tribes to jews. Christ Condemned their Talmudic judaisim religion. And even rabbis Today admit their talmud was invented first as Oral tradition, then about 400 AD wrote into series of books called talmud.

              They also admit their talmudic judaisim religion was an man made Invention by the orog Babylonian Pharisees 3500 yrs ago while IN babylon. So the tree we are grafted into has zero to do with what most call jews today.

              There is also the facts that most todays jews, like 98% decended from Khazars Turkiic ancestors that had converted to talmudic judaisim around 750 AD, then began to call selves jewish. They have zero DNA of any of 12 true israel tribes…

              I also recall Christ told the pharisee and talmudic jews of His day that “The Kingdom of God has been Taken from YOU and Given to Others” Others aka to Christrians who in Galatians book chapter 3 is it?…Says Gods promiced blessing to Abram while abram was still a gentile, in genisis,and abrams ‘seed” meant Christ was that SEED, and ALL who are true believers in Jesus Christ are who will recieve blessings God promiced to abram, whos name changed to abraHAM afterwards.

              Perhaps You Sir need do a bit more biblical study eh…or Just ask and I or John Q Public can likley assist you.

          • Them Guys,

            Just kind of guys are you? Must be a stupid one since Christ was a Jew and all you do is spout hate to Jews while claiming to be a Christian. You going to shoot him to? Nice to see trolls like you sent here to make this site look like a hangout for nut bars. You think stuff like you post is not being logged for future use against this site and those who post here?

            • Im not biased don’t much like jews or blacks, Mexicans ,japs ,gooks ect . I don’t descrimanate I simply prefer my own kind. I could care less what religious superstition they believe also. Im not a christan. I don’t want something for nothing. I never will accept or allow Christ to have died for my sins. I take full KARMIC credit for all of my bad deeds as well as my good ones. Im not planning on doing anything for or again anyone because of their race or religion. Ill evaluate their deeds & actions and do what is necessary to protect & benefit me and mine.

            • Christ was NOT a Jew he was a naszerene. So were all the apostles. Jew is not the same thing as OT Moses hebrew orig religion. by the time Jesus was born, at least two or more centuries of judah tribe southern kingdom folks were mixing racially with every type persons and races that migrated into their lands.

              Plus they already had a 500+ year headstart of a false religious beliefe they call Talmudisim. Christ Condemned that and Them!….John W You know so little of bible facts and real truth you are Pathetic!

        • BC, we’re in a very similar situation, complete with prison. Luckily, we’re still mostly under the radar. We’re moving to our permanent “retirement” home in the northern mountains soon. 7 people per square mile sounds really good.

      12. I keep hoping that the collapse happens in the fall. Then if we have a winter like this winter it will be a lot easier for us preppers. The last thing I want is a collapse in the spring or summer. I think young people will be the most dangerous.

        • Hungry people will be the most dangerous ANY time of year. like posse said , opsec

          • You should see winter in Wisconsin. A lot of people will have to choose between starving to death and freezing to death. If the power grid goes down on Thanksgiving or earlier I’d bet that 90% of the people in my area would be dead by April.

            • i am quite familiar with winter , i am on the east side of lake mich. , so i know what winter is.
              And ya , rural area and most are dependant on the next
              “minimum” delivery of propane .
              Hell , i just was sent to do an estimate for an insurance co. on repairs to a house where the folks letf because they ran outta propane , just left to stay with relatives.
              They left the well pump on and let the pipes burst.
              Water filled the finished basement for a week.
              How stupid is that ?

              • For those in winter climes, read up on snow blindness in case you ever have to di di mau. Then read up on how the Inuit solved the risk of snow blindness…as they say, knowledge is power.

              • Be interesting to hear what their insurance company said.

                We’ve had more wind and snow here too. It’s nonstop. I’m getting really sick of it. I can hear it blowing out there now. It’s laughing at me……

                • ya wrong , this is bad weather , cold , snow and wind.

                  Thought i had two years wood laid up , but now i am into next years already .
                  As cabin fever sets in……….

        • You and others should never hope a collapse happens. Because innocent people will suffer and die. People who can’t afford prepping will die. Just because it is easier for you doesn’t mean it’s good. I wish for others the same good that I wish for myself.

          Plus, none of us know what a collapse will look like here. Don’t rush.

          • Brahahahaha.

            Is it possible to stop the bullshit and avoid a collapse?

            We know who are the ones causing the trouble.

          • Finally someone who understands how important it is to remain decent in hard times!

            The eternal fate of our souls depends on that.

          • Very few are innocent.
            Everyone was born with a brain and the majority have sufficient function to actually use it if they so choose.

            Those the refused to see what it going on around them and refused to try do something about it are not innocent… They are complicit!

            Time will bleed dry those they that can see whats comming and weeken them unnecessarily. Let’s stop wasting time and get the party started.

            • If you died for any judgment error or mistake you have made, would you be alive today?

            • A hypothetical for you, Lurker.

              You, Lurker, forgot to lay away some vancomycin. You get a tiny cut, but it gets infected with vancomycin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and you are getting septic. You neighbor foresaw the need for vancomycin and so he stored some. You ask him for some to save your life, but he thinks you are an idiot for not planning ahead for the common antibiotic-resistant infections, so he tells you to buzz off.

              Do you think that your death in that hypothetical is any different from the needy friends and neighbors that you would let die?

              • I don’t plan to do it all myself. I plan to barter and trade for the items that I cannot layaway before hand. As hard as I try, I will never have everything I need for every circumstance.

                I don’t give away my extra produce to members of the FSA (that immediately go looking for more free stuff) but I willing share with those that have a similar mind set to myself and are willing to place a shoulder to the wheel.

                I see no point assisting someome who plans to undermine my future but I try to assist those around me that will help improve our collective futures.

                I am not getting any younger and I would like for my child to have a prosperous future. This should not be the childrens’ burden, so let’s get the party started so that our kids will have a future.

              • If it is vancomycin-resistant it would not do any good to use vancomycin. That is when you take your .999 silver and make some silver solution.
                But your meaning is still well-taken.

                • Yes, that was a really silly mistake on my part. Thank you for catching my error.

                  Re-writing the hypothetical:

                  You, Lurker, forgot to lay away some vancomycin. You get a tiny cut, but it gets infected with multidrug-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (sensitive only to vancomycin) and you are getting septic. …


          • I get it. However, there are millions and millions out there (in the USA) right now that “don’t give 1 fuck about whether you or I live or die.”

            As long as they get what they need…at our expense I will ad plus they have absolutely ZERO REMORSE.

            I have news for you…if the earth had its way, these users/abusers would already be gone. Instead, a handful of evil people aided by gub and politicians have intervened for power and control. It is always temporary.

            Better wake/toughen up and get real…or perish.

        • If a “collapse” happens more into winter, it would be lots of death very quick, and maybe less disease from rotting bodies… would have time to bury them proper.
          I feel sorry for all who would die, and LOTS of preppers would also be among them, because that is just how things happen.

          The cities would not be as bad as people think, and here is the reason: right afetr they would just burn it doen and loot it. None have the brains to leave ASAP. SO the die off there would be huge and if you get “gangs” leaving after 3 or more days, they will be so worn out and tired, they would pose little threat.

          Especially with one 40 cal Glock and a mag of ammo.

          No, the boonies may actually be worse. IN Argentina it played out that way.

        • Your correct all of the race riots happened in warm weather. squirt a rioting crowd with a fire hose in winter and they wont riot very long.

      13. It seems that all the indicators are pointing to WW3 very soon. We are stepping up our preps for food and are making lists of what foods we need/enjoy the most and how long they will last. Most of what we are going to buy is going to be canned and it will be stored in the cellar. With that being said we are going online to coupon sites and finding coupons for most of the canned foods we have on our lists. I never thought much about coupons until yesterday and was surprised at how much a coupon can lower the cost of food. There are literally dozens of websites for coupons and all are easily printed on your home printer. I get paid the end of the week and will try out my first shopping trip with printed coupons. From what I have printed so far (Hormel canned chili and SPAM) the total cost reduction is 20%. Not bad! If you haven’t tried coupons from online sites I suggest you do. It saves a lot of money.

        Keep Prepping!

        • I have shelves of Chili(for hot dogs only) and SPAM..but, even if I didn’t have these, gas used would eat up the 20% saved.
          20% of $1 can of Chili, and 20% of $2.80 spam??
          Nah..not worth it unless they let you have unlimited buys.
          Now that might work.
          Like Walgreens, I’m not wasting gas for an item that limits you to 2!!!

        • Fifty ways to cut your expenses
          “If you think outside the box, you can often find simple solutions to your money problems…”

          Useful sites with many tips to save money.
          Links to print coupons. Choose and print the coupons you want.

          One Hundred Dollars a Month – Mavis’ Weekly Highlights

          Walmart website – printable coupons

          Understanding Sale Cycles
          Use the sales cycle chart and save money when you shop.

          • Thanks KY mom you have such great links to good info

          • Only thing I find wrong with coupons is that they are always for stuff that is overpriced junk food to begin with. I just buy store brands, which in most places (Walmart excepted) are as good or at least good enough and are 30% to 50% cheaper. “Our Family” brands in my local small-chain market are good stuff and great value.

      14. Kinda curious to see how the drought/food shortage / price increases will be handled by those EBT/Snap card holders this summer. From what I read everything is getting ready to go up in price in the near future.

      15. in about a month you could ‘cut and paste’ that picture, and just change the headline from Syria to Ukraine.

        • db427

          Give it enough time and you will be able to cut and paste this to Detroit MI or Newark NJ.

          • @EduSin I am glad someone else picked up on that, the only reason I didn’t continue down that road is because I don’t know when.

      16. Obama has shut the water off to the farmers in California. 80% plus of our vegetables, fruits and nuts come from California.

        I have read that some of the California farmers are saying the reason the water is shut off is so a High Speed Rail can be built through the farming area. But regardless of the reason we are horribly dependant on that area for our food.

        In 2008 we were on the verge of a possible food shortage but food processors went into the world market and filled our needs at the expense of other nations.

        Crop failures and weather concerns have now spread across the globe causing food shortages world wide.

        I personally will be surprised if we don’t see major problems in our cities from low food supplies.

        Raise a garden, buy on sale and start canning now!

        Think Liberty Gardens for Freedom!

        • Filled my freezer with $300 of meat today. Praise God from who all blessings flow!

          • Good for you!

        • Obama is not stopping the water in California. We are in a true drought here. Take a look at the pictures of our prominant dams, such as Folsom. The water is so low that people are coming out in droves to look for gold. Any of the other posters here from that area can corroborate.

          The high speed rail has been and continues to be a thorn in the side of California. Where it starts out at, where it ends and what happens in between is a point of contention for many. I can assure you that if the government wants a farmer’s land, they will find a way to take it under eminent domain and they don’t need to use lack of water to justify it. In the past 20 years, the US Supreme Court has loosened the requirements for the justification for the taking of private lands for a public purpose. Water or no water, if the state wants the land, they will go through the appropriate procedural channels and take the land. The only way the lack of water MIGHT affect this process, is that without water, the land may be worth less. But it will not prevent a taking, merely a reduction in “just compensation” to the landowner for such taking. I know it’s not fair; I hear you on that.

          The state has been working for decades to create more water storage and undertake other actions to conserve water. The true people that are behind this stay low to the ground and do their job, committed to doing the best they can for the people of California. They don’t advertise or justify themselves. That leaves the windbag politicians who spin and lie for their own ends and the environmental groups who care more for a little tiny fish than people’s lives.

          • You are correct I should have took more time to explain my comment.
            I know you are in a drought I also know that farmers have been shut off from receiving any of the remaining water by the federal government.

            Obama is the current head of our federal government thus the reference to Obama.

            The comment on the High speed rail is something I read at another site. Some locals are blaming the High Speed rail project for the feds cutting off water to farmers.

        • When are the task forces that are offing the bankers gonna add some more necessary targets??
          You know who I’m talking about.

        • Obama’s minions are shutting off the water because the farmers are Republicans.

          • Psychobama is shutting off the water because Finestrain’s husband just got a contract for high-speed rail..
            Politician’s–best money can buy.


      17. I heard about something called planetary devastation. Somehow is a magnetic like ball that has unbelievable magnetic pull. It’s pretty scary if you ask me. Unbelievable. Imagine if a nation uses that.

        • Gonna put “some” in mine Saturday and pray for the ability to do more a couple weeks after. We had a pretty well stocked freezer with red and white meat but over the course of the past six or so months that has been depleted with the need to take care of “other” necessities.

          As for the article, well, don’t quite know how to put this so it isn’t misinterpreted but our Lord/God has and continues to open my mind/heart/soul to an awareness of the horror unfolding here and globally but mostly here. There is an aching in my being at what’s to come. As for prepping, I’ve been the “lone wolf” in the family since as far back as I can remember and know they will show up when it hits. I don’t really begrudge them their mind set for as my oldest daughter with three kids put it, “Dad, I know you are aware of what’s going on and you’ve tried to show us but it is too much for me to imagine when I look at my children.” I have not pushed it any more on them but I have made more my prepping a higher priority now… at least as much as I can. You can still get a pound of lentils for around a buck and they cook up quick. Pray, prep and protect for this hell we read about other places is not “coming here,” it is here and picking up speed. dj

          • **“Dad, I know you are aware of what’s going on and you’ve tried to show us but it is too much for me to imagine when I look at my children.” **

            I bet that’s what they all said to NOAH..
            Nuff said??

        • braahaahaa-

          I believe you have posted your tripe here on your “planetary devastation” link before and you are nothing more than a troll. Either contribute something useful or hit the road jack! And don’t ya come back no more, no more, no more.

          Or if you don’t understand that- as 1Braveheart often says- “Go F#$% yourself!”

          • Yeah. I say things like that to see if people will believe me and thumbs me up. And you know what, people here actually believe this planetary devastation thing lol. I never thought people here are stupid enough to blindly believe everything they here. This goes to show how many people here are actually stupid. Lol.

            Plus, I don’t have to listen to you. I have a first amendment right. I get it. So you people respect the constitution when it’s in your favor. But when it’s not in your favor, you mock people and get angry. Lol, your at war with your own mentality.

            • Same excuse you posted awhile back, which only proves you are 100% troll and you just proved that with your response. Remember the Eisencrap poster who used to be here? He was identified and dealt with and is no more.

              Users here are catching on to the trolls and infiltrators… and being pointed out to the admin. Remember that- and have a nice day!

              • I am not a troll. I make meaningful comments. Search up my comments in the past few articles too. Check them out than come back. Who said I can’t have some fun watching idiots believe everything they’re told. It should be a learning experience for the rest of you.

                When no one knew me, I made some weird comments about some planetary devastation thing. And many people believed me. This should be a wake up call. Than when people started seeing my screen name more, they believed this stuff less. What’s so bad about that? It’s not a crime. I am not cussing. I am simply testing the stupid meter.

            • hey Braaa , say what ya want , i dont care.
              But you mentioned the first amendment , just thought i would mention that when HERE , your in MACS place of business .
              As the owner he can pull our plug anytime, just like yahoo does all the time and reddit is terrible for censorship. just sayin…

              • Sure hammerhead, you are right.

                But how about we leave it up to Mac to decide on his own.

                I get tired of all the bellyaching from some about how their rights are being trampled by .gov but yet they think it’s quite alright to lobby Mac to get others banned when they don’t like what they say or they disagree with the poster.

                Can’t have it both ways.

        • Braahaahaa , Did you try the planetary devastation line in an earlier post. Stop trying to embarrass the folks on this site. It is a bit juvenile and unwelcomed.

          • Yea, that just weird, man

      18. My red-headed wife is the Pastor of a small Black Church. She told them last year that they should prepare for a reduction of Food Stamps (EBT) coupled with inflation. Most of them seemed to have slept through that part of her sermon then suddenly wake up when those very things happened. Since then she’s managed to get them to plant a fair-sized garden from which they were able to supplement meals for thirty-seven different families. They’re believers now and they’re getting ready to expand the garden!

        • Oldfart, that is excellent!! Good for your wife!!

        • That’s awesome!! Thanks for sharing that – good lesson for all!!

        • That is the kind of stuff that I want to hear!

          OF…from lastman to your wife to her flock…

          God bless you all, feed yourselves well, take control of your life and “don’t go down without one helluva fight!”

          We owe it to him.

      19. Isaiah 17
        King James Version (KJV)
        17 The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.

        Guess Allah aint cuttin it!

        • Syria has had a large Christian community since the beginning. As has Iran, even Saddam Hussein’s Iraq had Christians as part of his government. (I do think SH was evil, but persecuting Christians specifically for the religious beliefs wasn’t one of his many crimes against humanity).

          Palestinian Christians are thin on the ground nowadays, they’ve been pushed into extinction via genocide, or fled to the Lebanon mostly. When post war Is-ra-hell was born they were numerous.

          The Christian sects of the middle east, just like those of the newly resurrected Orthodox Churches of the former USSR still remember the now defunct (in the West) doctrine that Usery (Central Banking!) is forbidden to Christians. We forgot that.

          Is-ra-hell and the Zionist House of Saud make it hard for Christians. I’ve traveled across the Maghreb and prior to the Arab Spring NEVER once had a problem being a single female Christian. I can’t say I felt as safe when I visited the US, and I certainly didn’t feel safe living in Londistan.

          Do not confuse Zionist inspired fundamentalist wahabi lunatic fringe “Muslims” with the genuine Islam, just as you should not confuse the Zionist inspired TV evangelical zombie insane fools with the teachings of Christ. While I’m on a roll do not fall for the propaganda that leads you to believe ALL Jews are Zionists for many this is a total abomination to their faith (why many hebrew speaking african jews are currently being repatriated from Isreal, why Jews can also be part of the persecuted Palestinian minority, and why so many were murdered in the Holocaust).

          It is a global elite that have declared absolute war on humanity – whatever our skin colour, avowed creed or nationality. Zone, by zone we are all intended to either be exterminated or to accept total domination and slavery both in body and spirit.

          Do not assume that whites have the monopoly on morality. In Switzerland 20% of those dying at the euthanasia clinic have nothing clinically wrong with them, and in Belgium a law has just been passed allowing you to choose to euthanise your disabled or otherwise defective child up to the age of 18 years. (At 18 doctors can make this choice for you). 10 million Americans died of starvation during last century’s dustbowl depression – think a new cull is not planned?

          We have to stop being mindless repeaters of the racist propaganda we’ve been fed by the elite. They utilise the “divide and conquer” technique all too often to ensure we do their culling for them. This time round we have just one opportunity to refuse to continue to play this game, as we the prepping community opt out of their system to the best of our ability in all other areas of our lives.

          The elite are relying on a race war in the US to help them achieve their aims. This has been made clear all too often for those with eyes to see. From the pathetic offical story of twin towers and the mythical Osama Bin laden to the Treyvonn Martin tale. Do not give them the satisfaction of such a pathetically easy victory, even if bath house Barry does drive you crazy.

          • lonelonemum,

            Wahhabism predates political Zionism by at least a century:

            “… from the wahhabi movement of eighteenth-century Saudi Arabia …” ( Richard Bulliet, Islam, the view from the edge). Muhammad ibn Abd al- Wahhab (1703-1792), The Oxford History of Islam.

            In the late eighteenth century the tribes that became the House of Saud brought Arabia under their secular control. By agreement, they deferred to the House of Wahhab for sectarian issues.

            To say that the hyper-fundamentalist House of Saud is Zionist is looney tunes. That would be like saying an Orthodox Rabbi was a dedicated Waffen SS.

            Various Saudi princes have certainly been as hedonistic as their temporary host nations allowed. But when they got home they toed the Islamic line.

            One year in college I shared a suite with a Palestinian Saudi and two Israelis. They were all engineering students. There was classroom rivalry as well as good natured national pride. But their differences in outlook were serious.

          • The house of Saud is Zionist? Really? So the fact that they’re trying to kill every Israeli is just an internal disagreement?

            • There is plenty of evidence in Saudi of zionist influence. Used to wonder why certain strange and extremely unIslamic things were available in video and bookstores there, used to wonder about work situations and conditions and why there is such cooperation with the zionist US govt/military. Used to wonder about a lot of things…

              You have to be there to get the idea maybe, but yes, it seems very zionized. Why it is against the law to talk about the rumored jewish family lineage of the house of Saud (though through a man)? The growing relationship with China may be a sign that this influence is waning, who knows.

      20. I have been in places that would make the hair on your neck stand on end. Yet I am worried. Not so much about m
        yself, but wife & kids. If it gets crazy they will fold under the pressure.

        • It is up to you to whip them into shape…we all face the same scenario…some more, some less.

          Those that want to live will end up one of 2 ways…those who “fold” will only end up one way.

          There are no guarantees for any of us.

      21. All I see is a bunch of members of “The Religion of Peace” who sat by for decades while their leaders (The Assads) destroyed the only Christian country in the region (Lebanon) AND DID NOTHING!

        Aren’t these the same A-holes who cheered when 9/11 happened?

        Maybe Allah will help them, because we shouldn’t.

        • You have been watching too much H✡llyw✡✡d and talmudvision. Neither is a reliable source for history or current events.

          Apparently you missed the cheering Israeli “art students” who had set up to tape 9/11, protected by the FBI from questioning, and were then quickly spirited out of the USA.

          • Wow. There is proof that there was the cheering israelis who taped 9/11. People are thumbing you down for something in which there is proof. They either didn’t bother looking, or they knew that was true but they don’t want to admit it. Didn’t I tell people about the level of stupidity here? This is stupidity and extreme bias. This is why we have the current problems in this nation.

          • As we say of the keyboard commandos on the shooting web sites I frequent, “Pictures please, or it didn’t happen”.

          • JQP: Do you have a source or site for that?


            • Never mind…read the following posts….


        • I think you’re thinking Israeli. Syria had no part in 9/11.

        • The “cheered 9/11” video turned out to be an old video in which they actually celebrated peace talks between Palestinians and israel. The media purposely put that video to fuel the war and hatred. If you don’t believe me, go search it up before you thumbs me down. I can’t believe people still actually fall for that video. And you call yourselves “awake”. Yeah whatever.

          • Facts? As if thumbsdowners ever have facts to support their opinions??? Fat chance.

            • Facts? Facts? people all the time use Facts to prove things that are only half true!!! (quote by Homer Simpson)

          • I hadn’t heard that, but it doesn’t surprise me at all. I’ve always said that our real enemy is within.

        • What about the American people who stood by and watched their government bomb other nations (who didn’t attack the US) back to the stone age for no reason whatsoever for decades. The same thing can be said when governments in the Middle East were being overthrown and being replaced with dictators who kill their own people. Or is it that it doesn’t matter to you because they are not Americans?

          Americans aren’t doing anything towards their government. At least Muslims are standing up to Assad. What are you doing?

          Plus, if you ever studied history, which I am pretty sure you didn’t. You would know that Muslims tried to overthrow Assad’s father in 1982 and it resulted in 20,000 dead Muslims. So they tried before. I am pretty sure Americans don’t have the balls to fight like the Syrians. Probably that’s why Muslims are viewed as a threat to the new world order and Americans aren’t.

          Don’t get me wrong. I love the land of the US and I live in Florida. But don’t comment out of ignorance. I hate ignorance.

          • No Americans don’t fight like these animals who have lived in the desolation created by their religion so long that they think it’s totally normal to murder Christians just for being Christian, or to use little boys for “pleasure” when their wives are at that time of the month, or who recruit the mentally retarded to wear bombs into crowds so their handlers can blow them up by remote control. No, we don’t fight like that. Nor did Arabs invent expensive weapons technology specifically designed to avoid collateral damage in wartime. American did that so we would NOT have to bomb enemies back to the stone age. Fat lot of good it did us.

            • What utter BS. You are like the rest of the sheeple who believe everything the mainstream media says. Killing of christians rarely occurs. But you believe this BS because that’s what you want to believe to fuel your hatred. If the media tells you something about the government, you don’t believe them. If they report negative things about Muslims, you automatically believe everything. This is how biased you are.

              I can say something about the hundreds of thousands of innocent Muslims who were killed in Iraq because of the war lie and the 500,000 innocent Iraqis who died because of the sanctions imposed on them during the 1990s and your representative said that “it was worth it”. I don’t group all Americans. And you shouldn’t group Muslims with radicals either. Don’t be biased.

              No one uses little boys for pleasure. Where the F*** do you get this crap from. Do you honestly think that if someone molested a boy in one of the Middle Eastern countries, that it will actually be tolerated? What about the priests who molest little boys. Or is it you don’t want to count that in?

              You did bomb your so called enemies back to the stone age. After the decades of war, where the heck do you get you information from? Look how messed up Iraq and Afghanistan is. The infrastructure is unrecognizable and destroyed. Look how many people died. Didnt you see videos of how troops randomly bombed and machine gunned civilian houses in Iraq? All of them were killed so your prepping supplies, food, and the gas in your car can still be cheap.

              Bias, bigotry, and the idea that the US is always right is what is ruining this nation.

      22. The difference is
        NO ONE will be coming to our rescue when we go down.
        And we are going to go down HARD
        The rest of the world will blame us and wont have any resources to help, they can’t even help their own people so I ask who will help us?

        • The rest of the world will blame us, and with good reason. We have allowed our country to be occupied and used by the globalist elites, turned into an elite attack dog for the NWO.


          • Hilary For President.

            • Exactly, slingshot.
              ‘What difference, at this point, does it make?’

              • Jay Jay

                You get it. She is wrapped up in the United Nations and NWO.

                • The task force is suiciding the wrong people! 😉

            • Q: What’s the difference between Hillary Clinton and a catfish?

              A: One has whiskers and stinks…the other is a fish.

          • Our COUNTRY has not been occupied by the “NWO elites”, but our GOVERNMENT surely has been.

            • good catch OC. you are right, of course. my bad.

        • When we go down the world will already be down or right in front of us in the whirlpool. Without Amerikans buying China’s crap and exporting wheat to the world not one nation will be immune. When the US dollars is worthless and wont buy a loaf of bread, no fake fiat will buy a loaf. Right now the global economy is held together with rotten duct tape in a 80 mile per hour wind. This could well be the year she all fails.

        • Hey, Tractor, at least the only sanctions against us will cause a shortage in Toyotas!!

          • …and computer-related stuff, like those chips and circuitry in our newest weaponry and missile systems, subs and carriers, etc…

      23. Golden Hordes my butt. Those people stayed in the city despite it being ravaged.
        The inner city tribes in this country will not attempt to do anything for themselves. They will fight and kill locally and then wait for the government to give them something to eat for nothing. After the dust settles they will still be there with an even bigger chip on their shoulder.
        I sure as heck don’t want anything like this to happen but it ain’t looking too good right now.
        Peace all. Because war sucks.

        • ED: I agree with you. IE: do NOT want it to happen here. I do not understand all of these rambos wishing it to occure here. And happen asap NOW!…Either they read far too many Fiction Books on usa collapse and then a RE set event, that of course They are going to be in charge of(reset parts)…or they have a very selfish minded attitude. It seems they do not think of nor care about the millions of old folks, and even kids stuck with lousy parents etc…Or just reg avg type folks who have hard times due to jobs sent to mexico or china.

          I also do not comprehend what bible so many christians are reading?…As none of my bibles contains words of Christ or apostle writers who are advising christian folks to grab as much as possible, find a hiddy hole, seperate into 50 million seterpate entities, and…Wait till its time for that fabled RE set era to arrive mysteriously.

          As I recall it when early 1st century christians were being persecuted and Hunted down to kill by those Pharisee Talmudics, and the Roman soldiers brainwashed by pharisee agendas….The Apostles, as their Leaders told the christians to come together as ONE Body, ONE Church, and to gather all they had. Sell whats NOT needed or usefull, and pass out supplies etc to ALl of that entire “Body” group as needed.

          And when they did go Underground to hide, they all went as one group into catacombes. Catacombes is where the DEAD got burried.

          Why did the christians enter catacombes to reside there?…Because they Knew acording to Talmudic Pharisee judaisim, the talmudics were Forbidden to enter into any place dead were burried. Therefore the worst enemys early christians ever had, would avoid going into catacombs, and they were able to survive bad times.

          Nowheres have I seen verses with advice of go it alone, Kill neighbors who has Less than You do. Be stingy, Greedy, selfish….Seems the exact opposite is what worked well back then, and during the 2000 yrs of many various times of christian persecutions.

          Good thing all those christians never had websites to read, or christianity that would have acted as many christians here promote, would never have lasted 20 centuries eh. It would have folded totally in first 50 yrs!

      24. It looks bad but we live in a country that is large in scope and full of untapped resources! We have hundreds of major rivers and lakes, ocean and forest, field after fertile feid of rich black earth. You could never compare Syria to the vast American empire. Americans as a whole are smart and to prove it look at the number of us that are already prepped; it must be millions! So as long as we are even half way alive at least we have the resources with which to survive! PS get out of the city NOW!

      25. that pic for sure is photoshoped propaganda

      26. Yes food and basic services are being used a weapons. Its the WMD that’s been used for thousands of years. It’s okay though as long as the don’t use chemical weapons.

        Killing everyone is not at issue, it’s how you kill them that upsets the UN even though the leadership of the UN massacre they’re own people.

        We are living in a fucked up world lead by globalist and statist. Its going to get a lot worse folks. Think about this; we are cutting our conventional forces in the Army to under 500,000. If we get into it with Russia or China our only options will be surrender or nuke them.

        Our government is not doing what the Constitutions calls for it to do, defend the nation… The government is doing what is not supposed to be done under the Constitution with entitlements…

        • Seriously. People want spending cuts. Obama cuts the military. I think he should cut more spending and other things. But now people will be angry with him because he cut the military. The military costs are more than the next 13 nation’s military costs combined. Don’t complain. I mean, people want cuts. WTF kinds of spending should he cut?

          • Entitlements, HHS, HUD, EPA, DOJ, DOE, DHS, NSA, NEA. Any other questions?

            • PATRIOT- Military spending accounts for more than 50% of “budget”, with entitlement spending coming in at FIFTEEN PER CENT. 15%.

              Entitlement spending is clearly not the biggest problem.

              Unless you are a moron.

              Which I believe there is a very high probability of, after reading your posts.

              • Think you go that backwards, maroon.

              • Its usually the moron liberal that resorts to name calling. Thanks for identifying yourself. Did you know there is discretionary spending, nondiscretionary and off budget spending?? Look around what I listed is sucking the life out of the country. Oh lets also forget about the Constitution while we are at it. I don’t recall anything in the Constitution on entitlements. But I’m sure you will say general welfare!!!!

                Maybe you should go back and read Col. Davey Crockett’s letter on the Georgetown fire. I think that may be the first documented misappropriation of funds.

                • How many trillions of our dollars go to prop up foreign dictator puppets? How about black ops to install those puppets? I hear that maintaining those dictators is quite expensive. We still don’t know how much of our bailout money went to grease the CEOs of foreign banks. How much have we already spent on military boots (ours) on the ground in those far away lands? Is it even possible to put a true number on it?

                  Nobody even KNOWS how much is squandered on those agendas alone…no one knows the bottom line…no one.

                  Helping the poor is the least of our expenses, but at least we CAN put a number on that.

            • Cut homeland security first. They raided a local chain of smoke shops in Asheville, nc . A combined effort of DHS, FBI, ICE, and local law enforcement. What does a local smoke shop have to do with terrorism? The only thing found was that K2 contained a drug that was not listed in the ingredients on the package. They did not get the distributors or the manufacturers but busted the minimum wage clerks working in the store. Then confiscated the American owners assets. Hardly what I consider a blow on terrorism.

              • Those agencies need to be completely disbanded, but as JFK found out, that isn’t going to happen…it’s much too late.

      27. Off Topic…

        Obama seeks to EXPAND NSA DATABASE

        Obama Asks Court To Make NSA Database Even Bigger


        • This Obama guy just loves to poke us with a stick don’t he? One of these days Barry, one of these days “boom zoom.”

          • 02: Just remember if life in usa resembles african jungles, it is NOT monkys or apes or baboonys that are called the KING of the Jungle eh!

            So My advice for Whiteys if things get that way…Think and ACT like a White LION!…Because somebody Must still maintain a sense of Rulership. And like in african jungles you never see any monkys apes or baboonys attck a den of Lions eh.

            That may be reason hard core harley Biker types never get troubles from blacks…Because with their usually Long Hair, Thick long Beards, them whitey biker guys probobly look alot more like a LION to the average ghetto apes or baboonys huh?….At least it worked that way in detroit.

            No other whites could go about daily life, even inside those bad ghetto zones, without any troubles but the biker type guys. For some reason blacks never atatcked. robbed, nor Bike Jacked any bikers harelys, like they did with Cars car jacked alot.

            • They didn’t know how to ride them.

            • Truth is throughout history the white guys wrote the book on brutality. If/when things get back to the most ruthless animals take all, whitey will be sitting on top the pile of bones picking his teeth with needles saying “next.”

              • 02 SHAME ON YOU! You told them, lucky for us they won’t believe it. Let them go back to sleep, keeps them nice and fat for the slaughter. I don’t know why anyone is afraid of these people, We have indeed done it befor and we will do it again.

            • Them Guys ? Am I missing something,why are most of the people still worried about the lowlife puppets instead of the (tribe) puppet masters?


              • THINKER: no you aint missing nothing. Its due to they just cannot handle real facts and true truth if it involves those they were taught to believe are always victims, innocnet always, and chozens.

                Its a lifetime brainwashing by Dispensationalists promoter preachers. They refuse to admit that most everything spoken of in old testement that was promices to the 12 israel tribes(israel 12 tribes, NOT jews!) were most All but for a small few issues, dependant upom the israel 12 tribes OBEDIENCE to God and their Mutual made covenant at Siani Mt. with Moses.

                Most that was prophecied of old testememt was not just dependant on Obeying God etc, but it was written Before God finally told jeramaih that he needs go tell his people, the southern kingdom of Judah, that they are worse offenders by three times worse than the other 10 Northern tribes of Israel. And that judah was NO longer Gods chozen folks and he is no longer Their God…Because They rejected the covenant and failed too often to Obey God….

                Therefore much that was written to happen later, even Much later in time, can NOT ever happen now since they have NO covenant, hence NO chozen status, hence One Chance still exists for the Tribe for their salvation.

                Thats to quit pharisee talmudisim, and convert to True christians. But the fools You speak of Thinker refuse to accept this Fact. They cling to a falsehood as taught them that they can Ignore all those bible chapters, ignore 75% of entire bible! And still believe all that stuff is soon to happen, cause 1948 israel a state was the Trigger event of all events for all of prophecy.

                None will consider nor believe that it cannot be possible for khazar frauds to to be anything other than “jewish” and to the fools jewish or jew is always interchangable with word israel…As if Both jew and israel means the exact same thing!…It don’t, They aint, and the fools are taken for a Big Ride by khazar frauds and zionists Lunatics!

                Nothing is going to convince most thinker.. They rely on Emotional based decisions as to what is Truth…That will never equal Logic based methods eh.

            • Then why are the handle bars called Ape Hangers?

              • Ape hangers cause bikers never hang fuzzy dice!

                • No. but look close and you will see a tiny bell low on the frame.

                  • Yeah some has a Tiny Bell supposedly to ward off some type evil spirits ?…I aint got no tiny bells on my harley as I do not play that Pagan crap belief stuff.

                    Plus my straight pipes would drown out any size bells ringing sounds.

            • It ain’t because of their hair, TG, it’s because they are pretty well armed, don’t give a shit about no jungle bunnies and they have no problem getting together to make it a group purge event.

              Bikers will make it not worth the effort.

      28. I cannot get my spouse to see that the crap is going to hit very soon. I have tried for many years…he is a hard worker and a good provider but concerning this, he just is as blind as can be. I don’t know we’re going to do…I would love to buy some land and put up something simple that would keep us warm. We can afford this. He just ignores me and thinks I’m nuts. He just doesn’t understand the gravity of the situation. I told his boss (who is fairly prepped as one can be) that we will probably die in this house and the boss told me no…we could go to his lake place. But my husband told me we won’t go to his lake place. My husband does get what his boss has said, yet he doesn’t get it. He is in denial. Hard for a woman to have the man be the one in denial.

        • fever, put up some beans and rice anyway. He doesn’t have to know. They are cheap and could well be a life saver. If you have your own money to do as you please then by all and any means get some staples. The 5 B’s

          • Vodka? But it is only 10:00am…
            Tequila? for Aurelius below….

            • Orange juice and gin makes a great breakfast drink.

              • Right after the Yukon Jack and coffee that is.

          • cabinfever–come to my house.
            Housewife Reasoning 101.
            I’ll give you the speed course.

        • cabinfever.

          You are on the right track. Hope you have some defensive weapons.

          People who deny what is happening around them will have their, Come to Jesus Moment. Actually I have had a couple. It is extreme and eye opening and removes all doubt. When it happens his mental cogs will sync up with yours and your off to the races.

      29. Surely, I shouldn’t be posting today as I’m damn near drunk as hell! I will though, as I think I have a better picture of the situation than most of my poor American countrymen. I wish you to know, that first and foremost, I love you dumb bastards because you are the very best that this planet has ever produced and that I’m proud of you, even though you are allowing the destruction of America but only because of the unbelievable power of the Jewish media which you probably aren’t even aware of. So many Americans have died, thousands during WW1 and then WW2 AND then Israel should at the very least should consider the old Gospel song ,ONWARD CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS, as their National Anth4em
        , housandsT s during WW1 and then WW2

        • Aurelius: Thats correct that most have zero clues of who controls the MSM medias, TV(talmudvision) and Hollywood movies.

          But what else Most do not understand due to so much brainwashings by same msm’s and hollywood movies. And also definatly due to Most of todays phony jewdeo christian zionists Preachermen, teaching them a slew of Falsehoods on State of Israel issues etc.

          Is that if one can See with Eyes to see and conects those proverbial Dots, and follows that never ending Cash Trail.

          Then can one discern and See that we are in middle of a Bad situation where we have NuttyYahoo controlling Israel as its Prez, and hes in turn controled and Advised by those Black Too small wide brim Hat Pharisee Rabbis in israel. Thats important to understand because, last figure I read stated that as many as 97% or more of said israel rabbis do NOT ever work a “job” or any “labor”.

          They all are Paid monthly paychecks to do just One major thing…Sit inside various yheshevas or whatever they call it, and study Talmud..

          Then after they study Talmud, they advise israel leaders, its Prez, kineset parliments etc. And besides advice to the State, israels main constitution and all Laws are Based on the Talmudic laws. With aipac as their main agents Here in usa to likewise control Our Prez, congress, senate and supreme court.

          Now reason thats Bad for us folks and entire worlds peoples that are Goyim gentiles, is from most all I have read about them and what they believe..

          They have a way different idea of Heaven on earth than we do…They do NOT believe any Jesus or any Other “Man” is going to come to earth as its King ruler. They plan to supply their Own “Man” as a decendant of King david of old testement lore and fame etc.( or they will “Claim” hes a davidic decendant with a right to sit as King of earth!)

          Their idea or concepts of a “Messianic Era” is that Only once international world jewry gets full Total control of entire world, aka a NWO we can call it, and also OWN it like in Title and DEEDED property outright.

          Only Then can world jewry usher in their, not ours, but Their Times of the Messiah era to Last for 10,000 yrs.

          And a very Key component of it all is that they believe they MUST, rebuild a 3rd jewish Temple in order to Renew the practices of Animal Sacrafices. Also called a “Burnt Offering” since after animals are Killed, they Burn it to ash.

          Thats what They believe IS the ONLY true accepted method to Rid world of its many Sins as a whole. To make the world Clean and proper again for that Messiahic era that they, global world jewry is going to Create on their Own.

          I do Not think it a streach at all to think that since they consider, believe us to be, and Call us gentiles, “Goyims” which is yiddish for “Animals” mainly of the Herd varity like Cattle…

          That when one combines That attitude, with their centuries old vile Hate for christians especially, but also for ALL Goyin gentiles.

          That just perhaps this time around, instead of butchering and Burning Tens of thousands of actual Animals as they did in Past eras(before 2nd temple got destroyed in 70 AD).

          That they plan to substitue Real cattle or goats etc animals, and use us Goyims as their sacraficial burnt offerings and killings.(did I write that correct? I meant use goyin folks instead of real animals).

          When one considers how much mass killings have been occureing lately. Not just during Past 20th cent russia bolshevik jewdeo kommie killings and genocides of christians and goyims…But Now today and Ever since Israel Mossad engineered the Twin Towers attacks and collapses. All we have seen since is one War after another, without a stop. They aint even waiting to win a war before starting Another War!

          Many Millions so far have been killed due to that agenda.

          Maybe some folks think that sounds too way out there?…But those who Understand the mentality and beliefs, especially master race beliefs, and Talmudic teachings from Birth that, “Yes it is good for jews to Kill even the Best of goyim gentiles!”

          Well I say That has Played a huge role in why we have seen for Past 20 yrs so many school shooters, batman movie shooter guy, arizona us rep giffords shooter, and most of rest of such shooters in past two decades or more were also…Jewish shooters.

          And if its easy to shoot and Kill goyim gentiles that way based on lifetime teachings to kill gentiles, even Best of them…I say it is NOT a streach at all to think maybe that same mental mind set is instilled in minds of their Pharise rabbis, that NEW re constituted Sanhedrin now being Trained(sanhedrin were the 72 rabbis in charge of what we call us supreme court judges, who decide guilt and sentence folks to Death). Along with Rabid desires for that 3rd temple rebuild…

          When one who is Wized Up to the mind and beliefs of the international jew….And ADD’S it All Up, like I tried to outline Here in this posting….Well IMHO, this has merit for consideration of potential near future troubles and Tribulations yet to come eh…

          Whats Your opinion on all this Aurelius?…one More issue, are you yet aware of the “Noahide laws” signed into FED US Code laws by Prez bush I, back in 1991?

          If you are, that too would tie into it all I’d rekon eh?…IF You aint aware of Noahide fed laws yet? I can provide you a great Link from former retired US Rep, Kalif whos website outlines every aspect of it, how it got passed by swindle same as fed Reserve act did etc…Just ask if you need it.

          • “They plan to supply their Own “Man” as a decendant of King david of old testement lore and fame”

            And I’m guessing that it won’t be some halfrican muslim, as many think.

        • Why do all you people keep worrying who controls the media? The Muppet show was the best show on TV for yeas. I love Lucy most popular for Decades, Anyone that thinks The TV is useful for anything past MINDLESS ENTERTAINMENT HAS LOST THIER MIND ANYWAY. THE SHEEPLE DON’T READ AND CAN’T THNK, SO WHAT DIFFERANCE DOES IT MAKE.

          • Are You serious?!! Who controls media and Tv especially, controls what 99% of folks in usa Think and believe. And You wonder why so many are so stupid? Why so many vote like they do for clowns like hobammy and most corrupt pols?

            just What do You think things would be like Today, if say we can wave a magic wand to change it all from say 1920 and ONLY Honest American Non dual citizens is who controled Tv and newspapers etc and reported truthfully as it should have been done?

            Dont You think That would make a massive huge difference in what folks today think?…What did YOU base Your opinions of usa affairs, foriegn policy issues, on Before You discovered the Internet?

            I cannot believe you asked that! Your posts usually are more intelligent.

      30. ??? I clicked on the daily mail and looked at all the pictures and read the article. It states,”look at the gaunt faces”. I don’t see a single gaunt face in any of the pictures. Also how is it their clothes are all perfectly clean and good shape if all around them is destruction?

        • I think it another photoshop job, like the “dead bodies” after the so-called “gas attack” a few months ago. Daily Mail falls for this stuff a lot, but they don’t care, it sells papers and brings in the clicks on the web site.

      31. As I said earlier, my wife is a Pastor. Since her Church is quite small, she doesn’t make much $$$ from it and has a second job at a local athletic club. The members of that club are generally fairly well off but even they are noticing some ominous changes. One member lost his position at a car dealership and started a handyman business. We’ve had him over to cut some trees that I’m too old to work on and another person (I don’t know his name,) also a club member, has hired him to build a “bunker” behind his house.
        Then, just a few minutes ago, my wife called to tell me about a businesslady who lives fairly near us who is also a prepper. She wants us to come up to her place sometime soon and discuss some way to combine our efforts.
        Maybe, just maybe, things will work out better than we can do by ourselves.

        • Be glad you are finding like minded people, like a desert around me, hate to say it, but we are a special breed… The ability to see forward and prep for the worst, while hoping for the best….

      32. It is so sad when hatred rules the world. So much could be done if we could put hate aside but it seems to be so much apart of so many people. This sight which I depend on to keep up with what is going on in the world also has its share of frustrated people who show hate for others due to nationality, religion, politics etc. When I start having these feelings I have to look inward & see how I can fix my attitude. We have learned over a long time that the only way you can change people is to get to know them & love them. It is easy to hate the unknown but when you really get to know someone & try to understand where they are coming from it is much harder to hate them. One can hate the action but should try to love the person. Some of the trolls on this site anger many but maybe they are just crying out for attention & recognition that they so badly need. Lets all try to love them by meeting their needs for recognition. The same should be done to understand foreigners with different values or those among us who choose to be helpless.

        Love you all for your advise & info. Keep prepping so we can build a better world if it should collapse for any reason.

      33. ” AmeriKa , FUCK YEAH ! ”


        n.o. ;0p

      34. From the reloading bench , to the pantry

      35. The hoardes are what we have to look forward to in the cities for sure, we can also be quite sure our illustrious leaders will bomb the shit out of areas they see as Patriot strongholds, be they rural or urban, thats what they are doing overseas, surgical strikes my ass, like doing oral surgery with a 42″ bar husky 395,,,
        The US government will gladly take your tax dollars to build a domestic security force to watch over the homeland,,,
        Oh wait, thats EXACTLY what they are doing, all the while screwing over the makers to give to the takers and the corporate snd ruling elite,,,
        Never in a million years did i think things would feel so dark.

      36. I am a Chevy-GMC man, but yall might like this one….

        I bought a new Ford F250 Tri-Flex Fuel Truck.

        Go figure– it runs on either hydrogen, gasoline, or E85.
        I returned it to the dealer yesterday because I couldn’t get the
        radio to work. The service technician explained that the radio was voice activated.

        ” Nelson “, the technician said to the radio.

        The radio replied, “Ricky or Willie?”

        “Willie!” he continued and “On The Road Again” came from the speakers.

        Then he said, “Ray Charles!”, and in an instant “Georgia On
        My Mind” replaced Willie Nelson.

        I drove away happy, and for the next few days, every time I’d say,
        “Beethoven”, I’d get beautiful classical music, and if I said,
        “Beatles”, I’d get one of their awesome songs.

        Yesterday, some guy ran a red light and nearly creamed my new truck, but I swerved in time to avoid him.

        I yelled, “Ass Hole!”

        Immediately the radio responded with, “Ladies and gentlemen, the
        President of the United States.”

        Damn, I love my Ford truck….

      37. This is what Obama wanted, as well as the “Bush” before him.

      38. Look at this. Frankenstein kerry is warning Russia to leave the Ukraine alone and calling Putin a hyprocrite for massing troops. Also this idiot is encouraging Georgia to join NATO. Yeah right, on Russia’s southern border NATO forces. That f’en kerry is the biggest hypocrite on the planet about a soveiegn country making its own decisions. IF this was China or Russia having Venezuela, Panama, or some other Central American nation to join their militry the Monroe Doctrine would immediately be called on. Much more drastic if Cuba or someother Caribbean country starting to arm themselves in the name of some Chinese/Russian alliance.–politics.html

        It is really becoming quite clear because of the economic debacle of the U.S., especially the rocketing debt, that BO and his puppet masters, like every other empire, are looking for war to bail everyhting out.

        • Have you noticed the pipelines through Ukraine?? 😉

          • Ah, somebody else sees the whole truth. Roosian NWO oligarchs hijacked Ukraine for their personal profit, and the people revolted. Case closed.

        • So, why haven’t we thrown the Chavistas out of Venezuela then?

          And if Obama wants war as a distraction, why the big cuts to the military budget? Unless he wants us to lose. . . Oh, right.

        • Thanks eppe!

          I did see a couple of others there as well, The SOMA water filter is made of natural materials and makes water pure and clean, but does not filter down to the virus level- only filters I have ssen that accomplish that are the Sawyer filters.

          People need to be aware of ‘filtered’ ‘pure’ and ‘clean’ designations. They are not interchangeable. The Sawyer filters make water filtered, clean and pure…removing even virus contaminations which are smaller than bacteria.

          From their website:
          Water Purifier viral Sawyer Point ZeroTWO ™ offers the same level of protection against bacteria and protozoa, and is the first portable filtration device that removes the virus mechanically. It has a removal rate of 0.02 micron absolute with a record rate of 5.5 log (99.9997%), the highest level of filtration available today.

          This small and light kit filter can provide up to 170 liters of drinking water per day for hospital, camp, etc.. The assembly kit includes: drill bit hole, water purifier point Sawyer 0.02 micron absolute ZeroTWO ™ hose adapter to tap syringe to backwash and detailed instruction book.

      39. This is an awful thing to say, but when the crisis hits and we have to leave the cities, a lot of people will simply have to run for their lives and leave loved ones who refuse to leave. The agonizing choice will be to save yourself or stay with your loved ones and risk certain torture or death. It will be a terrible situation, but I think we should prepare ourselves for the possibility of that happening, because it will.

        • Be there to get there. You will not be able to exit the cities when the SHTF. 🙁

          • About as precisely said is it ever can be, DK.

          • By eliminating escape (from cities)they will be maximizing elimination.

            Depopulation…part of their plan.

      40. “If a man is righteous …

        Ezekiel 18:5-9

        and does what is just and right— if he does not eat upon the mountains or lift up his eyes to the idols of the house of Israel, does not defile his neighbor’s wife or approach a woman in her time of menstrual impurity, does not oppress anyone, but restores to the debtor his pledge, commits no robbery, gives his bread to the hungry and covers the naked with a garment, does not lend at interest or take any profit, withholds his hand from injustice, executes true justice between man and man, walks in my statutes, and keeps my rules by acting faithfully—he is righteous; he shall surely live, declares the Lord God.


        n.o. ;0p

        • even God abandoned the zio-jeeews 2000 years ago

          i wonder why ???


          guess he knew even back then they worked for …

          “SATAN” !!!


          • Hey Nina..if you can find it, watch the Harold Rosenthal (interview) video!

            ..old Harold was the right-hand man to former(jew) Sen. Jacob Javits.
            During said interview, he states plainly that..satan is the GOD of the modern-day Talmud worshiping/following jew.

            • @Hunter … Respect.

              on it

              thank you Sir.

              n.o. ;0p

            • HUNTER: Heres the Link to READ the whole interview of rosenthal that sen jacob javitz’s aide…Sen Javitz is the Main sponcer and guy who got passed that 1965 Open Imigration law changes that led to todays hoards 3rd worlders etc!…He was a dem sen from NY.

              www dot iamthewitness dot com/news/2009 dot 04 dot 14-Rosenthal dot html

              NINA-O! read it and It shall supply You with the Next six months worth of Info ammo! Outstanding expose admitions by that senators top leagle aide!….A Long read interview but well worth it!

              Rosentahl exposes it ALl. not just in 1965 imigrant policy stuff, but ALl main talmudic issues. Like peering deep into the mind of a true talmudic. Read it!

              • @Hunter … Respect.

                thank you

                i’m on it like a pitbull worrying a bone ;0p


      41. Gotta love(sic) the picture of the hordes..

        Multiply this by tens of millions and we get a sense of our prior histories with Pol Pot,Cambodia,Vietnam,Laos,segue-way to Iraq,Africa,WW1 WW2,Korea and on and on and on we go..


        What a fucked up world we live in..never ends..ever!

        All we do is bitch about it now…and it continues un abated…

        It is obvious that evil rules..til the bitter end.


      42. Tip: Why dehydrate in late winter?
        1. Stored potatoes begin to go bad after temperatures warm, sprouting begins, and the potato starch begins to convert to sugar.
        2.Potatoes loose moisture in storage, so drying time will be less in late winter compared to dehydrating soon after harvest.
        3. Dehydrating potatoes during cool weather can add some heat to your home.

        Good points, but I dehydrate when they are on sale!!:-)

      43. I feel for the poor folks in the city, that had to go to a camp. Just like our future FEMA camps you will starve, you will not have any water, so on and so forth.
        Looking at this isn’t enough to get you prepping I don’t know what will.
        What I’m more afraid of is that people here will fight over T.V. ECT. what will they do for a piece of meat. Don’t forget they will be armed to. So be fast and better shots than they are.
        Keep Praying and Prepping, because by the grace of God go I/We!

      44. “No free government, nor the blessings of
        liberty, can be preserved to any people, but by…a
        frequent recurrence to fundamental principles.”
        — George Mason, 1776

        download the …

        The Declaration of Independence

      45. For most americans the crisis is over ??? Well residing in Michigan hasn’t been a picnic for a long time before this shit became recognized as a recession. What I’m seeing is a slow painful decline with homeless people begging that you didn’t see in 2007 it hasn’t been until lthe last year or two.

      46. I would like to congratulate Mac on having this site up since Oct. 10 2008, look at how many comments and readers then compared to now…. I just copied and posted, so it does look funny, but it sure has been a great 5.5 years of placing info in front of us, and having the ability to comment and bounce things off each other. I myself have learned alot and I hope I have spread some laughter and info to some….

        Mac, Thanks again, this IS my first and favorite site to go to, even if some do not seem to want to play well in the sandbox, sling sand, and everyone goes off crying. I know I have been reading here for most all this time, just took a long time to post my first comment, and maybe piss off a few people, but hopefully I made some laugh…

        It’s Just Time – Martin Armstrong
        Mac Slavo
        October 10th, 2008
        Comments (3)
        Read by 2,941 people
        The object of this treatise is to demonstrate that there is substance behind the old adage that “history repeats.” Everything in nature has in recent times been discovered to function mathematically conforming to what fractal geometry, created by Bernoit Mandelbrot, can reveal.

        *It’s Just Time – Martin Armstrong
        Please Spread The Word And Share This Post

        Author: Mac Slavo
        Views: Read by 2,941 people
        Date: October 10th, 2008

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        peteropolis says:
        Comment ID: 637816
        July 17, 2012 at 10:55 am

        First! Ha ha ha ha!

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        peteropolis says:
        Comment ID: 637817
        July 17, 2012 at 10:55 am

        Oh, crap, I’m a bit late..

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        peteropolis says:
        Comment ID: 637819
        July 17, 2012 at 10:56 am

        Where is every one? Hmmmm….

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        • @ eppe. I have also looked back at the beginning of this site and I always say to myself, poor Mac. It must have been really rough back then and took a lot of faith in himself to know that the site was going to be successful. I am really glad that it has become one of the top survival related sites. This shows many that you can be successful from starting with little. Thanks for showing everyone this, it is uplifting for me and many others.

      47. I will embrace the NWO and do their data mining for them and go live on a yacht.

        How do ya like them apples?

        I am becoming one of the 1%.

        Any questions?

        You must all turn in your guns now.
        Eat frankenfoods.
        Live in a stack em and pack em high rise apartment with the inner city folks.
        You will just love them and your daughters will get pregnant by them.
        You will also not have a car, must take mass transit and only lease a bike.
        There is no bbq and no grass.

        Any questions my slaves?

        I’ll be living deep in the green country in a mansion and fly to the coast in a private jet and spend time on my private yacht(s).

        I will have many servants and eat lobster and feed my dogs steak.

        There… see what getting up very early in the morning does for ya.

        You all never planned to OWN anything and you all listened to the “team building” exercise crap and lost your sense of critical thinking…as “it was somebody elses job”.


        I love this collapse…so many desperate women ready to “bob for apples” with the hope and promise of a better life.

        Yeah…it’s good to be the 1% and be a player.

        Thumbs down all you want.

        Your asses are mine to own.
        You only think you are free.

        • “bob for peanuts”

          There I fixed it.

          I guess the women would have to be desperate.

        • Oh, I wish I was an Oscar Meyer weiner
          That is what I’d truly like to be
          Cuz I was an Oscar Meyer weiner
          Everybody’d be in love with me.

          Sorry, guys, for my above rant, but I suffer from seriously low self-esteem.
          I have a seriously tiny dick.
          And so I fantasize about having power and actually mattering to somebody.
          Did I mention I have a really tiny dick?
          SOOOO tiny that it is an inny instead of an outey?
          i AM the 1% with a tiny dick.

          [Yo, Balls cheep…it’s not gonna be that hard to pretend to be you after the SHTF and set yo ass up to TPTB…remember that, signed IIC}

          • “my bologna has a first name its o-s-c-a-r
            my bologna has a second name its ma-y-e-r
            I love to eat it every day and if you ask me why I’ll
            say —Oscar Mayer has a way with

          • Cuz I was an Oscar Meyer weiner
            Everyone would take a bite of me…

      48. You make the Devil your friend you get the Devils reward. Muslum = no Jesus = no divine protection. Hate to say it. But its biblical.

      49. Vern works hard at the Phone Company but spends two nights each week bowling, and plays golf every Saturday.

        His wife thinks he’s pushing himself too hard, so for his birthday she takes him to a local Strip club.

        The doorman at the club greets them and says,
        “Hey, Vern! How ya doin?”

        His wife is puzzled and asks if he’s been to this club before.

        “Oh no,” says Vern.” He’s in my bowling league .”

        When they are seated, a waitress asks Vern if he’d like his usual and brings over a Budweiser.

        His wife is becoming increasingly uncomfortable and says, “How did she know that you drink Budweiser?”

        “I recognize her, she’s the waitress from the golf club.
        I always have a Bud at the end of the 1st nine, honey.”

        A stripper then comes over to their table, throws her arms around Vern, starts to rub herself all over him and says…
        “Hi Vern. Want your usual table dance, big boy?”

        Vern’s wife, now furious,
        Grabs her purse and storms out of the club.

        Vern follows and spots her getting into a cab.
        Before she can slam the door, he jumps in beside her.

        Vern tries desperately to explain how the stripper must have mistaken him for someone else, but his wife is having none of it

        She is screaming at him at the top of her lungs, calling him every 4 letter word in the book..

        The Cabby Turns Around And Says, ‘Geez Vern, You Picked Up A Real Bitch This Time.’


        Vern works hard at the Phone Company but spends two nights each week bowling, and plays golf every Saturday.

        His wife thinks he’s pushing himself too hard, so for his birthday she takes him to a local Strip club.
        The doorman at the club greets them and says,
        “Hey, Vern! How ya doin?”

        His wife is puzzled and asks if he’s been to this club before.

        “Oh no,” says Vern.” He’s in my bowling league .”

        When they are seated, a waitress asks Vern if he’d like his usual and brings over a Budweiser.
        His wife is becoming increasingly uncomfortable and says, “How did she know that you drink Budweiser?”

        “I recognize her, she’s the waitress from the golf club.
        I always have a Bud at the end of the 1st nine, honey.”

        A stripper then comes over to their table, throws her arms around Vern, starts to rub herself all over him and says…
        “Hi Vern. Want your usual table dance, big boy?”
        Vern’s wife, now furious,
        Grabs her purse and storms out of the club.

        Vern follows and spots her getting into a cab.
        Before she can slam the door, he jumps in beside her.

        Vern tries desperately to explain how the stripper must have mistaken him for someone else, but his wife is having none of it

        She is screaming at him at the top of her lungs, calling him every 4 letter word in the book..

        The Cabby Turns Around And Says,

        ‘Geez Vern, You Picked Up A Real Bitch This Time.’



      50. GEEZ! Balls deep – maybe you should switch to decaf.

        I can’t speak for the other folks here, but if you
        came at me in a back alley talking like that, I can
        assure you I would have my gun to your head in an
        instant and you would be on your knees with my balls
        deep hanging from your chin. FACT!!

        Not everyone on this site will be your piss-boy. SAVVY!!

        • Does kinda sound like Sybil E.???

      51. The Secret Constitution and Banker Wars

        Vatican , Rome, Italy: The Roman Catholic Church – Vatican Black Pope and the Jesuits Order literally own ZOG Amerika.

        black pope , roman catholic jesuits , knights of malta , freemasons , bank of england and pirate gold

        n.o. ;0p

        • Pocket change compared to what Solyndra and the dozen others got before they declared bankruptcy and left the country with the money. I got a few more, but your head would explode.

        • @ Satori. This is not a major earthquake like this area is overdue for. The Aleutians are capable of a super mega earthquake, one of aboput 5 locations in thew world with a reasonable chance of something as large as the 9.5 in Chile in 1960 or larger. Much recent precursor earthquake activity points to this region as one of the top hot spots for a major earthquake 6.5+, but is more likely for something 7.2+. Anything over about a 8.9 is going to produce a terrible tsunami in the Pacific that will effect places like California. An area to watch closely.

        • Yeah, we know about it. Them Guys, John Q. Public, NinaO, etc. All part of the noise.

          • In over 1 year, Old Coach, I have not seen you offer evidence even once.

            Your name-calling, illogic, and unsupported opinions get no traction.

            • John Q Public: old coach cannot Handle truth! And yes You are correct hes NEVER posted ANY factual counter evidence that refutes what We post of…He has None, He cannot.

              So like a little spoiled child in the car back seat whineing and complaining is all hes capable of.

        Well, you can’t impeach someone that isn’t legally the president–the office was stolen twice by compromised elector process which has probably been happening since computer ballots.

        • I don’t know enough about his political views to say I’d vote for him, but I’m gonna be sure I get a copy of all of his movies, for my home collection.

      53. I’m sure the weather warfare folks are doing what they can to prevent it from raining. This would deny any access to any kind of “fresh” water.

        • …and force a lot of farmers to sell their farms…

      54. Well I didn’t mind them stealing my bread. To feed the mouths of the decadents. But I won’t feed on the powerless. When my cup’s already overfilled.

        The blood is on their table. Massa’s fire is cooking. And they’re farming babies. The slaves are all working. But I’m staying hungry. So hungry. Yeah.

        No more couch and cable. When young mouths are starving. Gotta keep on prepping. Cause their day is coming. And I’m growing angry. So angry. Yeah.

      55. Well, folks…I too am bidding you an adieu…that other person had a valid point. Mac’s articles are amazing, but its getting too hard to weed through the response junk to try to separate the wheat from the chaff. And I am not one to ignore evil, so I will leave all that to your capable hands.

        See ya on the other side!

        • Eh! No D D Mao round eye hunter. What U do to arms? Y U no stay for deer harvest? Stop pull trigger game. I bring U Rolling Rock!

      56. Good opinion piece linked from Rawles Survivalblog today (feb 27) under odds n Sods, last link.

        article at USA Today called Americans rising up against government

      57. Harry Ried gets up in front of Congress and states that the Horror stories of Obama Care are All Untrue.

        He just call the American public LIARS.

        On Fox.

      58. I’ve been using my war of words on the crooks at the top since returning from Vietnam in early 1972. Angry letters to editors, they actually published them back then, now not a chance. I was a letterpress printer and cranked out anti system bumper stickers and such, now you will be pulled over by cops for the exact same messages. I always wanted to have a business printing any message to be plastered on a bumper. Forget that idea. The brainwashing of the masses is extensive and longstanding. In 1991 I hand made a poster filled with two words, IMPEACH BUSH, holding it on the side of the road preparing for the nazi to pass right in front of me. The lovers of said nazi yelled to me from the corner where he would turn, “what does the sign say”, I flashed it their way a block away. They decended upon me, a small horde and demanded I put down the sign. Then they tore it out of my hands. I was forced to go to the edge of the road and give the fuhrer thumbs down. Freedom of speech, dead on arrival. Try posting a thought in public today.

      59. BJ–try Indy’s way, if your PC will do it.
        control + F

      60. Close examination reveals that the accompaning photo is a photoshopped amalgam of several photographs. I don’t despute the disruption of infrastructure and the resulting disasters it inflicts upon the population but keep the propaganda materials out.

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