Shock Footage: Warrantless House-To-House Raids In Boston: “Do What We Say!”

by | Apr 21, 2013 | Headline News | 554 comments

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    The events of the last week were unprecedented in the history of the United States.

    After Islamic terrorists detonated two improvised explosive devices at a highly populated public venue, Americans bore witness to something they’d never seen before – a complete lock down of an entire American metropolitan area that can only be described as a de facto state of martial law.

    Stores were closed. Train stations weren’t running. Armored vehicles patrolled neighborhood streets. Military helicopters circled overhead. All the while police and national guard troops performed sweeps across cookie cutter homes in suburban America.

    The government and local law enforcement would have us believe that all of this was executed in full compliance of the law.

    While that may be true, one can’t help but ask… under which laws, exactly, were the Department of Homeland Security, FBI, and local police operating?

    Despite arguments to the contrary, the shocking footage below, recorded by a resident in Watertown, Massachusetts, highlights the fact that our domestic law enforcement agencies were no longer operating in a Constitutionally protected America. Rather, what you’ll see is a fully militarized, combat-ready detachment of police who are executing their orders in a war zone.

    What you won’t see, however, is a warrant in the hands of law enforcement officials as they surround neighborhood homes and then force their innocent residents out at gunpoint.

    In the video below we see what a police state looks like. Cops looking for a 19-year old supposed terrorist raid a house and force citizens out at gunpoint with their hands over the heads. If not for the distinctly American houses in the video, this could be Iraq or Afghanistan.

    Via Infowars

    Pay attention, because this is now precedent. Under the Patriot Act and the National Defense Authorization Act, anyone deemed to be acting in a manner that seeks to subvert the laws of the United States can be declared a terrorist. So, the next time a criminal is on the loose in your town, you, too, may end up getting the same treatment as the peaceful residents of Boston.


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      1. Katrina revisited.

        • Pull the shades, turn off the lights and TV, lock the doors, don’t answer the door.

          • I’ve read of unanswered doors being kicked in and the house searched anyway.

            • Then you should have linked to the source.

              • Address of the house in the video:

                14 Oak Street
                Watertown, MA

              • Not “raid”, searches. What if this vile monster was holding a Family hostage, how are they going to help them, by just waiting to see if a bomb goes off? We are dealing with terrorists on our home soil, if the terrorist was in my neighborhood then I would welcome a cop at my door. You people want it your way or the highway, that’s not how it works in a civilized society.

                You actually have a certain amount of freedom because of the authorities, sure they are not all good but they do have a purpose in a society where crime is abundant.

                The administration is worse than the criminals, they are the ones who take away our freedom on a daily basis. The cops did their job and now the messed up judicial system will make sure it is covered up, lied about and distorted. My beef is with the government, not the cops.

                In the end, they got the guy and he is not dead the way so many here said it would go down. Looks like you were wrong about that one, right?

                • Just like the Nazis, right?

                  “We were just following orders”.

                  Even the guys that dropped the gas cannisters into the showers used that excuse.

                  If those state and federal law dog bastards had any honor THEY WOULD QUIT THEIR JOB RATHER THAN STOMP ON THE CONSTITUTION!

                  • I really wish multituides of people would of just treated those entering their homes as the criminals they are and opened fire on them

                  • Most of them are 20-somethings and 30-somethings who haven’t the foggiest clue about the Constitution (or any sort of morality outside the PC garbage they were indoctrinated with in “school” and just love being Rambo.

                • I believe most of us here are capable of protecting ourselves should an armed intruder try to make entry to our homes. No need for militarized police doing unconstitutional searches…

                • @Swinging star:
                  While I agree with you on having beef with the government, I disagree with your view on police storming private property and homes as acceptable collateral.

                  Having a terrorist running around is never an ideal situation. However, all Americans must abide by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as set forth by our Founding Fathers. Under the 4th Amendment, I have a God-given right to be secure on my person and in my house, which only a search warrant signed by a judge are they given access.

                  The police force and national guard swore an oath to uphold the Constitution. They broke this oath. Therefore, my beef is not only with the government, but any law enforcement and military that turn into a bunch of thugs.

                  Stay frosty my friends.

                  Romans 13:4

                  • Just one comment on some trivia related to the Boston bombing —the 19 yr old was “naturalized” as an American citizen on 9-11-2012, THE SAME DAY AS THE BENGAZI INCIDENT.

                  • @Stay Frosty,
                    Ordinarily, I would agree with you however, the days of the 1st Amendment Rights are over. They ended when President Bush declared war on terror and ushered in the Patriot Act 1. Its rules set up guidelines that removed our rights on privacy on all fronts. Homeland Security is the domestic militarized arm of the government created to enforce compliance of the populace. There was no vote by the American people for this Act. Our so- called Congress ceased to represent the constitution when they voted for it. Most of this Act would have expired last year but President Obama extended it. The Police were indeed following orders based upon an unconstitutional Act which should never have existed. It would have been nice if the cops had refused to enforce it, but…what if the terrorist really was holding the residents hostage? I don’t believe that removing everyone’s constitutional rights is the best way to handle hostage taking. We need to be wiser with our elected officials. Those Congressmen and women should never have been re-elected…peace.

                • @ Swingin on a star, and also at the KOOKS here…. they lived almost on top of this spot. This is the way it SHOULD have gone down. If a terror suspect lived on YOUR street an they were searching houses, ON YOUR STREET and even nearby, that would be normal……..KOOKS.

                • 66 child molesters and baby rapists did not like your comment Star.

                  • Dr. House,

                    I was thinking the exact same thing. Simple minded people react without taking into account the ramifications.

                • A citizen found the suspect while violating the “shelter in place” order. These tactics played no part in his capture.
                  If they didn’t have a warrant or probable cause, its a clear violation of the 4th amendment.
                  -“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”
                  Did you want to live in a country with 4th amendment rights or not? It seems many Americans are ready to surrender their rights for a little perceived and very temporary security. I’ll take the risk and keep my rights thank you.

                  • They were practicing for the countrywide house to house gun confiscation. seeing how compliant people would be. There would be no way we would answer the door. When I see them on the corner, we’ll be out the back door. gear in hand. If you don’t have a bug out bag. make one now!

                • You need to take the time to research the the words of a cops swear in oath. Oh, never mind, here you go.

                  “On my honor,
                  I will never betray my badge1,
                  my integrity, my character,
                  or the public trust.
                  I will always have
                  the courage to hold myself
                  and others accountable for our actions.
                  I will always uphold the constitution2
                  my community3 and the agency I serve.”

                  Now did you notice that part about always upholding the constitution?

                  In order for you to claim that these guys were just doing their jobs, then they would have had to been actively refusing the orders to go door to door and violate the constitutional rights of those citizens.

                  These militarized cops are an equal portion of the main problem as the politicians who pass all of the constitutionally illegal laws and ordinances, so please get off the “their just doing their jobs” train.

                • Cops are the government. The level doesn’t matter and all of them have waaaaayyyyy too much power.

            • There are such searches but rarely used. In a house to house search, the police would knock and sometimes force entry. The forced entry would take place after talking to neighbors to see if the residents had been gone an extended time period. Depending on the continued interest, the police would then check the house for a sign of a break in. If they found something, they would in fact enter the house. This would be very rare but this case was also rare. I can’t link you to the stories but one was in Waldport Oregon about 2-3 years ago. A man later identified shot a cop on a traffic stop. He could only run two directions or go into the ocean or a bay. One area had several hundred houses mostly vacation homes.

              • Sounds like you condone such searches.

                • WARNING: kosher thought police at work

                  The fundamental problem with their claim of always being innocent victim and kindly humanitarians, never perpetrators…

                  QUESTION: “I don’t know too many religions that kill innocent people as their agenda to their “belief”.”

                  ANSWER: “…although our Sages declared, ‘Kill even the best of the gentiles,’ and that, as mentioned above, the Rambam [Maimonides] states in Hilchot Melachim 8:10 that any gentile who does not accept the seven universal laws commanded to Noah and his descendants should be slain. These directives, however. can be interpreted to apply only in a time of war or in a time when the Jews have control over the gentiles.”

                  Scroll down to the Commentary on Halacha 1:

            • I can tell you that what mc says is the most likely answer.

              If they’re looking for someone, a house that looks empty will more likely be kicked in than one with people in it.

              With people in the home, cops (at least for now) have to be careful to not touch off any lawsuits.

              My best guess in such a situation is entirely dependent on a few factors –

              * how far gone civilized society is (which determines whether to do as you’re asked, whether you stand there and peacefully resist, demanding a warrant the whole time –even if you’re at gunpoint– or whether you start shooting back.)

              * what your odds are of successfully litigating any damages incurred (which heavily depends on that first bit up there.)

              * why they’re doing it in the first place (if it’s to seek a fugitive, a forced evacuation for some reason, etc)

              It’s a tough call as to what to do…

              In a forced evacuation, just pretend no one is home, hide extremely well for the first and second wave of sweeps, and they’ll probably just go on to the next house (because time is of the essence, etc).

              In a crackdown or other (actual) fascist action, the hiding routine may work, but you’d better hide real damned well, and hope they don’t decide to torch the neighborhood afterwards.

              If you have any kind of forewarning, maybe your best bet is to get out of dodge, so you don’t have to worry about what to do?

              post-collapse? Whole different ballgame. Your best bet in such a time is to band together and just plain fight back, because they ain’t coming for you (unless you have a pretty wife or daughter, perhaps) – they’re coming for your stuff.

              • Something occurred to me, watching this video that had perhaps only flitted around in the back of my mind before:

                Does the federal government really care about 4th Amendment lawsuits anymore?

                With the average ‘Mericun attention span equaling that of a gnat, caring who got voted off Dancing with the Stars more than the erosion of their liberties, does anyone think the Federal Government cares about a few million they might have to pay out for a handful of cases brought against it for violations?

                Especially since the Fed just prints money out of thin air, they would just run the printing press a few more seconds after the normal batch run each day.

                “What’s the payoff today for civil liberties violations? $100 million? Ok, give us a minute, we’ll get that printed up for ya.”

                I know they have to keep up the visage, put on a concerned face, and spew out “we’ll get to the bottom of this” rhetoric to keep the herd believing that they, the wolves, have their best interests at heart. Keep them docile, soothe their anger, let them “win” a court case here and there and allow it to be trumpeted in the news as a “victory” for the peasants.

                Meanwhile, behind the curtain, it’s business as usual.

              • How sick can one get, now they are going to come after your wife or daughter? Are you for real, my God some of you sound like psychopaths, you do want to protect the terrorist the way I see it. Are you one of the little fans of this home grown terrorist? Your advise is ridiculous and something you would see in a very bad movie. Why don’t you move out to the boonies somewhere and play war games with your illiterate red neck buddies.

                People with your mind set are not going to be the ones who save this country, it will take intelligence, integrity, education and honesty. You don’t want to save this country, you want to hoard, make ignorant statements, insight riots, hide, shoot your mouths off and then run for the hills to the safety of your bunkers.

                Yep, shoot em up bubba cause they aint gonna take away my freedom to kill em, eeeehaw, I just got me one before he done took my wife and daughter, only the dear lord knows what he woulda done wit dem. I guess we aint gonna ever know cause he is nothin but pig feed now. We is gonna save America bubba, one kill at a time.

                • Swinging on a star,

                  Who is protecting the terrorists exactly? It isn’t enough that the U.S. Government sent over 2,000 battle rifles to the Mexican drug cartels under Operation Fast and Furious, and an unknown number of weapons to Central America from Tampa under Operation Castaway during the same period? And that’s just what we know about thanks to whistle-blowers!

                  While we’re at it, explain to me why after shutting down the national airspace system and grounding all commercial flights on September 11, 2001, the ONLY non-military flights give authorization to fly were a series of charter flights to round up Saudi Arabian nationals to fly them out of the U.S.? To this day the F.A.A. refuses to divulge the names of these passengers.

                  Maybe you can tell me why the U.S. government was actively aiding Al-Qaeda in Libya to take down Qaddafi when he posed no threat to us.


                  You have no argument.

                  • YH,

                    Bla, bla bla bla bla bla bla. Same old crap different day. You have no argument but you do have a vivid imagination. Besides, you are referring to things that I did not write. Read before you go on a rant. I was referring to the fact that a terrorist can move amongst the population while people like you will protect them because YOU DO NOT WANT THE COPS TO FIND HIM EVEN IF HE IS HOLDING YOUR FAMILY HOSTAGE, SINCE THAT MIGHT MEAN ENTERING YOUR HOME WITHOUT A NOTE STATING; CAN I PLEASE ENTER JONNYS HOUSE BECAUSE THERE IS A TERRORIST LOSE AND HE WAS LAST SEEN NEAR JONNYS HOUSE!

                    I am well aware of what the government is capable of and if you read my first hidden comment then you would see how stupid your argument is against me.

                  • Star, I did a very close read of your post. And now for some analysis.

                    First, you obviously you fancy yourself to be quite hi-larious, but I recommend you take your own advice and get an education so you don’t shame yourself with your blathering dumbassery.

                    I am not sure whay you attacked OQ, but he was referencing a post-collapse society with the wives and daughters comment; to understand what is meant by collapse, you can begin your research with Zimbabwe and the outer reachers of South Africa, both of which have demonstrated varied and sundry festivities for the Boer farmer and his family, embroidered with lovely beliefs in witchcraft and the AIDS-curative powers of assaulting very young children. You can then move on to texts focusing on Argentina (google Ferfal), the Bosnian War (google Selco) and Mexico.

                    Finally, take a look at the average demographic in the US. Integrity? Educated? Honest? You really think you can apply these words to the meth-addled tweakers that would come pouring out of our trailer courts and crack-addled hordes that would come pouring out of Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia in a collapse scenario? You’ve obviously never had the privilege of being subjected to the depraved animalistic atrocities that pass for news headlines in these areas. They have already collapsed, but they are currently being contained, kinda.

                    Finally, I generally don’t get the red pen out, but I find it to be very revealing that you accuse someone who would wipe the floor with you intellectually of being “illiterate” while mispelling “incite” and “advice.” Derp.

                  • Mama Bear,

                    This is America not Zimbabwe, go can some crap and take care of your children like a real Mother should. I welcome red thumbs because that means people are reading a bit of common sense whether they agree or not. The collapse mentality is getting old but hey, if someone can make a buck off of your paranoia then keep the garbage flowing. I can’t count how many times I have read that it’s close now, stock up, get ready for the SHTF, fast forward a year, same crap, fast forward another year, same crap, on and on and on. Who is ignorant?

                  • Mama Bear,

                    You refer to my spelling; did you know that Albert Einstein was a terrible speller? You may want to proof read your posts as well, there are a few grammatical mistakes. Actually if you want to be honest, Odd Questioner also has made some grammatical mistakes, uh, Derp?

                  • Please don’t tell me you are now equating yourself with Einstein? Other than the part where everyone thinks you’re an idiot?

                    Plus, what am I supposed to CAN in freaking APRIL??? HINT: a) most things don’t grow through the winter, except leeks and parnsips which don’t need to be canned, so b)that is why we plant seeds in April. Even my 7 year old knows that, because I am raising her to be intelligent. I am very sorry that your own mother did not bother, but it’s not my fault so don’t take it out on me.

                    Now on a more serious note, of COURSE Zimbabwe is not the US, as they actually had people there capable of farming (it was the civilized bread basket of Africa before collapse) and living a traditional agrarian lifestyle, as opposed to sucking off the EBT teat. The US is worse. We are already in partial collapse as a nation. It doesn’t mean we will necessarily face full collapse, but it is highly reasonable to make some preparations and learn some skills.

                    Since you are sticking your nose into my spending habits, I suppose I could have continued to buy Coach bags ($500 each) or a huge flat screen ($2000) rather than beautiful American-crafted firearms that will be passed down to our great-grandchildren. Or I can scratch my butt and watch the tee-vees rather than putting our cable subscription towards canning jars and brewer’s supplies. it may not prepare me much for total collapse, which is unlikely to ever occur, but it does make me a better person.

                    I recommend that you work on improving yourself as well. Read some books, learn some skills, and don’t demand that the sheepdogs become sheep such as yourself.

                  • Swinging on a star,

                    Bla, bla bla bla bla bla bla? Is that your brilliant answer? What, are you having a 5th grade flash back?

                    There is a reason we have a 4th Amendment. I am not willing to throw it under the bus so you can sleep peacefully while your next door neighbors are being terrorized by SWAT. Oh, it’s only happening to my neighbors, it can’t affect me. That seems to be your argument.

                    You have not refuted any of the facts I’ve put forth in my previous post. I rest my case.

                • Swinging,
                  Do not throw us all into that category. Although there are some, but we know about who they are and some of them get red thumbs too.
                  Collapse? Maybe, it is a definite possibility, but only as far as the money powers allow it to progress… chaos is their tool of control. Then they will ‘save’ all of us with a new global ‘money’, and things will get better, if you go along with the Power, and sell your soul.
                  But, you don’t believe in a soul, do you? You are not a troll, you are government shill, a DGI of the highest order, one who has a science experiment in the fridge and a can of beans in the cabinet, no gun, and depends on the Beast for your entire sustenance.

                  Good luck, and red thumbs for your arrogance.

                  • Piper Michael,

                    Actually, I do have a soul, I am not a government shill, I do not have a science experiment in my fridge and I eat quite well, incidentally I do not like beans, never have.

                    I am well equipped as far as weapons are concerned and I provide my own sustenance. Anything else I can clarify for you?

                  • So what’s your f* beef?

                • More like “Swinging on a bloody tampon string”, you feeble minded twit. What’s the pay for an average employee of anyway? Yeah, it’s around eight rags of federal paper per hour. Your moronic statements are a shining example of utter stupidity. This country is going down the road of the Fourth Reich and you are a collaborator to tyranny; whether by being a willing shill or not, you are aiding traitors and usurpers. The only acronym I have left for you is FOAD!

              • The trouble is that martial law is a gray area where the apocalypse is concerned. You can’t start defending your property outright because the SWAT team still has a judicial system behind it, and they’re also likely to be infringing on 2nd and 4th amendment rights in the chaos.

                How do you know exactly when the world ends?

              • Someday they will use something like this as the pretense for getting people out of their homes only instead of being let back in they will be directed to buses for their one way ride to the camps. What really pisses me off is them patting down innocent people and treating them like suspects knowing full well who they were looking for. Like the TSA which is a waste of time and effort.

            • Just post a little sign. “This door is locked for your safety not mine.” You can call me at “…” otherwise contact my attorney at “…” If you have a warrant call the number above. To check on my well being call number above. Have a nice day.

              • bout a year mabey year an a half swat team raids wrong house a lady in her 70’s starts blastin cops an got off hate to admit it but read it on fox web site

                • Why do all you douche bags have a problem with FOX news? You prefer the three major govt. affiliated propaganda networks? make up your fuc-ing minds as to where you stand.

          • I remember a similar scenario in Seattle during the 60’s riots

          • They kicked in the doors and searched anyway. Do you think they’d pull out all the stops and then not check certain houses when there’s no answer? The suspect could have had a family at gunpoint in a basement, or entered a home when the family wasn’t there, or a boat as we learned. They barged in everywhere.

            • The suspect could have grown wings and flown away.

            • So knocking on the door or kicking the door saves this supposed family how. Tactically stupid especially know what had already happened. This guy was not going to be taken alive and damn sure would have taken more with him if he had not been so weak from bleeding out. No it is not ok to treat me like a criminal just because your looking for one. That kind of behavior only gets you home grown reactions which would not bode well for LEO’s. At ever point in the bombing, Homeland Security, the FBI, State Police and locals all dropped the ball. That is not a reason to “Tread On Me”!!!!!!!!!!!!

            • They only caught these guys because the perps were morons. It took all this effort and man power to catch two numbnuts. Think they have a chance againt a team of twenty that knows what it is doing? These cops will not be so arrogant after that plays out. Most likely the civilians they so despise will have to rescue them.

          • jasmine you sound like a smart person unlike that dipshit
            piper hes a traitor

            • Careful careful swampie, you’re new here. People here who know me, know better than to start out here with accusing long time members. You will gain the moniker of ‘agent’.
              I don’t know what I said that got under your skin so terribly, but, I’ll be glad to discuss it like gentleman. But if you want to behave like ncjoe or eisenass, then … you truly are an agent provocateur.

              Remember folks, this guy wants you to run out your door with a handgun to face a platoon of tanks in the streets…

                DOWN TO THEM. remember people i served in the military
                ARMY RANGERS seen people die to keep worthless ass people like PIPER free are goverment is corupt and the military is getting that way soif you would rather converse with piper who sounds more like a obama spy go for it no harm here

                • Where did I say ‘bowing down to them’?
                  Quit the all caps, my ears hurt.
                  You have not been around here long enough to make such an opinionated post based on what? your misinterpretation of a single post?…
                  I will acknowledge your service, if you will acknowledge mine. I am a Vietnam vet, and an REMF feeding intelligence to you guys. But at least I tell the truth about my service, which was mild compared to what some guys went through.
                  Don’t call me a traitor, and I won’t call you a loud mouthed idiot.

          • “This comment has been banned under the CISPA Bill.”

            Thank you for your cooperation, now move along. Nothing to see here.

          • THEN they will simply kick the door in… this is what I saw in one video where a Vet lived. They “suspected him of selling marijuana” and kicked his door in and filled him with about 100 rounds of bullets. He hadn’t even pulled the trigger back on his gun when they did this to him.

          • They will kick it in and find there way throught your home anyways. And if they find you in that home, you will be treated just like the boy they were looking for.

          • Oh I wouldn’t try that.

            I’ve seen someone try that before with a scumbag slumlord landlord. Trust me, that ends poorly. As in, this wouldn’t be the first time I’ve seen something very similar to this video.

            Y’all got any guns that aren’t Fenstein approved I strongly recommend burying them. Try to imagine what would happen if these people had an AR-15 in there jsut like in the closet or something.

            Point is… nice to have it? Yeah… but you won’t be needing it right at present. Maybe later. So bury that shit.

          • they’d kick the door in!

          • And when they kick in the door, die, comrade.

          • You forgot one thing.
            “Lock and Load”

            Illegal Police State tactics should be resisted at all costs.

        • The footage is from Infowars which tells me it has limited value. The activity by the SWAT members is focused on one house. They are not going from door to door. Come on Mac, check the source.

        • They are patting down people that are clearly not the suspect! How the hell is this legal?

          • It is perfectly legal to do a “cursory” search of everybody coming out of a house in which SWAT has hit, which is what this video is. It’s called “officer safety”… you’ll notice there not exactly doing body cavity searches….

          • Last I looked, a big gal with long blonde hair isn’t anywhere near what they were looking for to start with…

          • We are from the .gov….

            We’d like to look around…

            Got any donuts?

        • NO NO NO NO….this is worse than Katrina..
          By a quantum leap…one of the most outrageous things I have ever seen… If these people where or this house was know to harbor some kind of…whatever… there is absolutely no justification. period!!!!

          How many houses did they do this to? all of them?

          • Do a You Tube search for “So this is how liberty dies, with thunderous applause!” We are living that movie. After this, there is no limit to the oppression. The flock will beg for it. The barbed wire on the FEMA camps is pointing the wrong way. The flock will demand to be let in, so they are “safe”.


            • I think you are right on this swampratt.

              I insinuated in earlier posts, after the bombing, that radical muslims were behind this. We now see the picture being drawn that it definitely was. How can i say that? Just look at the administration scrambling around trying to cover up muslim involvement. Well, why would they do that? Because it means they had prior knowledge and involvement; just like 9-11, and they (TPTB) used it as an “exercise”.

              They used it as an “exercise” and “test”, to see how far the sheeples would let them go. How far they would let them (TPTB), go into stripping away their Constitutional Rights in order to get to their “Agenda”.
              You know, their NWO “Agenda”.

              The Saudi leaders are in on the whole thing. Either blindly or by compromise, they are helping TPTB achieve the NWO. It is all evil.

              If anyone believes the Feds had not been watching the elder brother bomber, then they are delusional. The Feds knew every move he and his little brother were making except the one where they shot the MIT cop and robbed the 7-11.

              The whole thing stinks to high heaven. Why would Michelle Obama, a muslim sympathizer, go to the hospital and visit the Saudi?

              How did these bombers have You Tube Channels that distributed links and comments towards Radical Islam and the Feds not know about it? Especially after being warned by the Russians that they (the bombers) were involved with Muslim Terrorists.

              Sadly, I think this is just the beginning. Sadly, I think this was just a test. The more casualities of innocent Americans, the more the “ignorant” will allow freedoms to be taken away in the name of “protection/security”.

              They cry peace, (protection and security); yet, there will be none!

              • Look I hate to say this (really) but this is reality here. You wanna blame someone, blame Nixon, that’s how all this shit with the Saudi’s started.

                I just watched that Glen Beck thing.

                Let us suppose you’re in the .gov. And you catch this guy. And it turns out that he’s somehow a “special person” to the Saudi royal family. And they call you up and say “gimme back mah boy or no oil for you”.

                Bigger pciture here.

                What are you going to do?

                I mean, it’s horrible. Yes. But the only winning move i this scenario was not to play, and we burned that bridge in the early 70’s.

                So, on the one hand you can commit a constitutionally criminal act and deport him per “orders”.

                On the other hand you can watch your petrodollar hegemony collapse within 72 hours and your economy follow shortly thereafter.

                What we need is to develop thorium nuclear power and reverse this Nixon shit. Tell the Saudis to go eat their oil. But until we do develop thorium nuclear power, we’re beholden to a group of individuals that harbor people that don’t exactly like us.

                • Its not so much the oil. Its the fact that ALL oil is purchased with the dollar. When OPEC stops using the dollar as international currency for oil and allows other currencies from other nations to purchase oil. The dollar collapses immediatly. With the recent traties between other large economy nations, we are headed that way. OPEC can speed it up. Im ready.

              • 60,000,000 bommies’ commies voted for him, including all of MA, even romney, a repug commie.

            • I seem to the Bushites hacking into our phones without a warrant.

              • About as many repug commies as demon commies.

          • First they come for the Jews, then for the gypsies and outcasts, then they come for my neighbor, and then they came for me…

        • Seems a little common sense is called for pertaining to these searches. This is nothing like Katrina. This was a search for an active shooter. I suppose if the cops were at your door and the terriost was standing behind the door with a gun at your head, your thoughts would be you stinking pigs get away from my house. I don’t think so! But all they would really need to do, would be to ask you to step outside and ask if everything is alright in your house. Every situation is different, and has to be handled differently. Trekker Out. Start No Revolution Before It’s Nessacary!

          • And if I might say, if there’s one thing that I distrust more than the Government and the Cops. It’s one of these You Tube Videos. This looks more like a drug bust than a search for the Terriost. If they were looking for the terriost why would they be taking the time to bring them out, one at a time? Could be wrong, have been before. Trekker Out. CATI!

            • @Mountain Trekker,

              I would have believed that it was a drug bust as well. With every person having a cell phone I would think there has to be more videos out there.

              But if this is really a sample of them going door to door then there is some thing very – very wrong at work here. Why haven’t we heard the cry and hue of the people who were subjected to this? I know that even here in California people would be screaming at unwarranted house to house searches.

              Did the cops doing this take notes of what they saw in each house? To be checked on at a later time? That would be bull shit.


              • This whole Video is so bogus. It for sure took place, but it didn’t have anything to do with the terrorist. Just think if the terrorist had an AR with a HiCap Mag and would have been where this camera man was, he could have done some major damage. Or how about the house behind them, it only has about 30 or so windows, 10 or 12 just on one side. No one seems to worried about it, even if it had been searched. It seems to me that videos like this are just used to incite. Now I know many, on this site are ready to jump on every issue, and supposedly ready to go on the attack. But I think we had better stick to reality and prepare for what is really coming. We have enough coming at us through legislation of unconstitutional laws, over whelming debt and illegal immagration. Not to mention just plain old tratorist politicians. And were worring about false flags, the military and law enforement. I and my family, and many friends, are as right wing as you can get, without being radicals, and I haven’t yet heard of one that has been beat down by the cops. But then again we are law abiding citizens. Don’t take that to mean we won’t stand up for our Constitutional Rights. Trekker Out. Born Free, Die Free!

                • Well then so what was it?

                  I mean… what actors?

                  …not that that’s impossible…

                  Drug bust?

                  I mean, I agree, this screams “tactically stupid” on so many levels. Ambush potential. Armed guy inside that starts executing hostages to make a point and back them off… I mean yes, this is hardly efficient but… how am I not seeing what I’m seeing, despite that?

                • This was Boston. No guns, no balls. We have an insane govt. that is bound and determined to destroy the country with immigration. That is what the real issue is here. Do we really need to be bringing in people from places where gun fighting and revenge murder are traditions and almost mandatory with loyalty to clan beating all. We as a people are nucking futz and deserve everything that will be served up for us.

                • I was listening in on the Boston Police scanners and I can tell you 1st hand they were sending SWAT teams and “Assets” to houses where kids were peaking out windows, playing basketball in their backyard, a angry mother because her baby had no Milk. What the Media was reporting was NOT how they were going about it. They were throwing families down on the floor at gun point because their kids looked out the windows after being warned not too.
                  I am not saying it was all terror and that it was mass chaos, however yes, there were incidents that they went way overboard and violated citizens rights and they were allowed to do so.
                  Also on the scanner the Police had flashed banged and gassed the kid in the boat and had flood lights on him. DHS came in and said to turn off the lights and stand down for 15 mins, it 15 mins for the ATF breaching teams to get on site. Then they handed it over to DHS and then they changed over to 2ndry Military comms and the scanner was worthless…

        • Boys and Girls, We’re Phucked!

        • There will be a New World Order, either by consent or conquest.

          • The Good News: His Second Coming will eradicate the problems forever.

          • This is the commie new world order.


            Who be doin’ that, commies everywhere.

        • Sorry for wedging my comment in. I can not stress enough about how alot of us good Americans are trapped in these cities. I have been in the process of getting out of the city, but just got laid off after working for a company for 5 years. My family sees what’s going on and but they still don’t understand how dangerous this type of militarized activity is. I continue to tell them we only have most likely less than 10 years before we will be in
          a total lock down atmosphere in every city. Something big is coming, I think in the next three to 5 years that will result in foreign peace keepers to assist our military and law enforcement in this situation on a full scale. But in the time forward we will see more and more of this continued. I would hope one day groups of people would come together, buy land and homestead together. We need groups of 15-20 people all participating in saving money together in a community monitored process. It could be as simple as a group of 20 people putting $100-200, maybe even $300-400 a month all together while committing and learning the ways of self sufficient homesteading. If 20 people saved even $100 a month that’s $2000 a month, 12 months and that’s $24000 a year. Save as a group for two years and $48,000 will get you a good size pics of property in Tennessee, Virginia, and most of all western America. Learn to build small energy efficient houses.(it can be done without much cost if you really do your homework. I’m begging people to please start doing this. Form your communities and give up almost everything you have for two to three years to achieve this goal. I myself and others need to get out, we have to have peace, this is not peace.

        • Thats bad. Not for nothing but thats a lot of people living in one house.

        • Hey Facebook refuses to allow me to share this video. Says it’s too “spammy” what the heck is spammy about the truth. UNREAL! We are in for a major disaster folks and all those losers out there that can’t even work a 7-11 counter will be the ones knocking at your door and taking you away in the middle of the night. SAD SAD SAD!

      2. Let’s C! We have pushed God out of our schools and society and replaced him with people like Bush and Obama and his communist thugs. We R reaping what we have now sown! May God have mercy on us, even though we don’t deserve it!!!!

        • If your god can be pushed out, he is not much of a god. Oh yeah, god was used to justify this deed. You truly are an idiot.

          • it’s not a good idea to mock your Creator. He will get you for it……….

          • Our GOD didn’t create robots,he is a God of Love and he gives us the choice to except or reject Him. Just as he sends no one to hell, you make that choice on your own. And Allah may have been used to justify this deed, but don’t confuse Allah with the GOD of Christianity, for they are not one and the same. And just as (you) reject GOD, this country is doing the same thing, even though his patience is long suffering, He will hold us accountable. Trekker Out.

          • Hey “nards-crotch-joe”, see you are still spewing your atheistic ideology.

            The Biblical statement; “Their Rock, is not our Rock”, mean anything to you? Naw, I didn’t think so.

            It comes from a deeper understanding of God’s Written word. The “rock of Tyrus” is in reference to a “bad” place during the old days. God uses it as an analogy to the baddest of the bad, known as Satan.

            Our “Rock” is in reference to the “Rock”- of ages, the Cornerstone of Life, and the sturdy foundation that our(true Christians); faith,salvation, and God given freedoms are based upon. That Rock is our Lord and Saviour, Jesus H. Christ. Do you know him? Did you wake up prepped for whatever “their” rock throws at you today by having your faith in that Rock?

            If not; then you better get crackin’, cause the time is drawing nigh. Soon it will be too late and the Saviour will be here. Not to “rapture” all the believers away from tribulation; ( we are in tribulation now!), but to cause “every” knee to bow; the good, bad and the ugly.

            I can hardly wait to see all the atheist, when they no longer have a choice to turn away from God, and have to kneel before Him: Him as Christ in the Highest of Leaders. The King of kings and Lord of lords. More than that I want to see every muslim kneel before Him and acknowledge that He is the Saviour and Prophet of prophets, and not some thug called Mohammed.

            There is no doubt that Mohammed will be seen as he was while on earth, just an ordinary man, born of flesh and blood, and will face judgement the same as everyone. If it was he that made up the lie about the jihadist receiving an array of virgins as reward for their murders, than I see a terrible judgement coming upon him.

            Justice will be served! Which side of it will YOU be on?

        • Commies deserve it and most are commies.

      3. There is no doubt this was a terrorist attack. However, there are many unanswered questions that leaves one to think there is much more going on.

        For instance, if the two had the Mercedes in a shoot-out with police, and one dies, would not the Mercedes have more bullit holes in it than Bonnie and Clydes Studebaker? Must of have had bullit proof tires as well.

        The town completely shutdown in hours. Now we know what the future holds on how they will search each home for food, silver, water, and guns.

        Just do as Boston did.

        I’m glad the two were caught. Sad that they let the Saudi go. This story will leave many guilty out of prosecution.

        We are starting to live in the not so ‘Brave New World’ Order.

        • Ugly I was thinking along the same lines. There has to be more to it than a pot head teenage pressure cooker bomber and it could be anything from cops not liking frat houses to a terror cell in possession of something more powerful than a Mormon cooking appliance. What I think I may be observing is a situation of government preparedness run amuck, every agency came with their dancing shoes on and there was no music so they just decided to dance to their own tune.

          I would like to say that this is a great training video.

        • ugly are sure this was areal attack and not staged by

        • I am wondering if there are things missing from the homes after the search? I know it is fairly common for accident victims to be robbed by the emergency workers, expecially when a death occurs. This is seldom mentioned.

          • While I don’t approve of what went on my expectation is that most of these cops and NG people did the best they could and probably were not happy about the searches either. They keep screwing with the law abiding and lose their support then law enforcement is finished. Any smart cop knows you don’t try to irritate those who are on your side. They may save your life one day.

            • Bullshit. They are police state commies.

              • Probably but some might not be real happy with it. I expect we will be finding out in the next couple of years. The Stoopid Party losing the house should provide all of us with a new outlook on life such as it will be.

      4. Classic “guilty until proven innocent” Whatever happened to asking nicely and calmly? These citizens were treated as if they themselves had planted the bombs. (Nevermind, his ass was shot up wasn’t it.) Seriously though, this treatment would rile the hell out of me.

        • This stinks to high Heaven. Resolved waaaaay to easily. Next time, people won’t be “asked” if they want a search. I wouldn’t consider any compliance with any “request” made by a company of soldiers with close air support to be voluntary.

      5. Show me your papers!
        Another trial ballon gets a full pass and the media showers the police state with praises.

        • We all know if Bush were now president the howling from the media and others would be off the chart 24/7. We have had a coup but we still don’t get it.

      6. Kudos to the Patriot who made the video. I wonder what they would have done to him or her had they caught them making the video. The people being tossed from their home were frisked several times as the walked away from the house. At 5:50 into the video their is the sound of laughter from the cops/soldiers. I wonder what they found to be so funny?

      7. Boston was a false flag event and TPTB wanted to have a practice run at Martial Law to see how the citizenry would respond and the citizens were very compliant! The question is….what’s next?

        • Martial law was never declared .

          • JBT… was a “practice run”!

          • If martial forces had control a declaration doesn’t mean squat.

          • Never will be. They will follow Nike’s advise and “Just do it”

          • “Martial law was never declared”. ACTIONS speak much louder than “official declarations” that openly and visibly define the “activity”.

            I’ll ask again JBT, who do you work for?

            Violating the 4th amendment on a “city-wide basis”…if that isn’t “Martial Law” exactly what is it?

          • what the hell do you call SHELTER IN PLACE MANDATORY fancy way of sayin marshall law

            • my wife is from mass not to far from where this happened i visited an no offence to the people there but you could not get me to live there at gun point she can’t belive the toys we get to own in AR

              • @falloutboy
                DAMN straight!!! I escaped from that bluestate gulag several years ago, and I haven’t looked back since

            • its the way they call out martial law without saying martial law so they can say we never said martial law

        • JP
          thank you this was all staged for the up coming martial law people when this happens you will have two choices fight and maybe die or be a slave thoses are your options you choose

          • Such shallow thinking…
            I would prefer to wait it out in the country, to ‘go into the wilderness’, trim my wick, fill my lamp and hide in a back room. Then we can pick our time to fight, on our ground, in our own way. Never read Sun Tzu or the Bible I take it?

            But, you go attack them tanks with your peashooter, hear?

        • I have said repeatedly that this whole house to house search thing was a probe….and as was mentioned by another poster….a live-fire drill.

          And just exactly what did they accomplish? Did they catch the bad guy?

          Nope. The reality is, the bad guy was found by the guy that owned the boat……not the thousands of ninja goons that flooded the streets and violated the sanctity of people’s homes.

          All we saw here was a message from the police state that they are going to do whatever they want to do.

          I would also suggest that they were testing to see whether or not the use of a false-flag would put people into a state of mind to allow such a violation of the 4th amendment.

          Without minimizing the horror and tragedy of what took place in the bombing on Monday, as terrorist bombings go, this one was relatively mild. Not mild to the victims mind you….but there was not a high body count. What TPTB learned was that they can use a relatively minor event as an excuse to implement a heavy police action, with house to house searches, and the people will not resist it.

          Despite the argument of many that this was martial law, the fact is that just because they don’t declare it as such, does not mean that was not what it was. About the only thing further they would have to had done was shoot people on sight who were violating the order to stay inside their homes.

          I, and others here, were accused of being paranoid because we considered the actions of the authorities in Boston to be excessive and illegal. One need look no further than the above video to see that our concerns were not out of line.

          I would imagine we will see more videos in the future depicting similar actions. The guy who videoed the above clip is fortunate that they did not catch him doing it, as there is little doubt that he would have been arrested…..and he could have very easily been shot and they would have said they thought he had a gun.

          Personally, I think it’s a good idea for people to have a camera with them at all times just so we can document whenever these kinds of things take place. We have got to start resisting this tyranny or we are going to lose the Republic.

          • WALT
            these people that think were paranoid will be the ones that sell us out because their not prepared and when hunger sets in they will talk people that have everything ready should keep that to themselves the
            internet has eyes

            • Yes, the internet has eyes, and some of them are OURS.

              • SIXPACK could be piper he wants to hide in the woods
                until they take everything over hes my hero

                • You really ARE an idiot, aren’t you?
                  What plan of attack do you propose loudmouth?
                  Do you plan on shooting first or waiting for the Fedgov to draw First Blood?

                • PS:
                  THEY have already taken over in case you missed it…
                  I humbly ask, again;
                  1. Who are you gonna shoot?
                  2. What is your plan of attack?
                  3. Do you have any backup, any support, any troops?

                  WTF are you saying?

                  • what im saying piper is your still pissed because they conned you and thousands of others that the vc were going
                    invade so you went to vetnam did you really think they were going to loadup in their sanpans sail 11000 miles
                    climb on their water buffalos and storm the westcoast
                    they fucked you and your still pissed ididnt think you ever had your ass in the grass REMF tell everyone what
                    it means POGG

        • What’s next?
          Another blue-state commie city where 20 to 30,000 commie troops are pre-positioned, as they were in boston.

      8. 1. This video does not show the cops going house to house forcing their way in.
        3. The video does not show when the search took place or if it was even related to the terrorist search.
        3. This video does not show the context as to why this house was searched.

        • Just like many of us are critical of lame stream media, we need to be skeptics of much of the crap on these alternate media sites,
          No offense Mac
          But there is lots of mis info and staged info.

          • very true kulafarmer

            as the old saying goes pictures don’t lie but liars take pictures

            20 some years ago i had an art teacher tell me that with the invention of the video camera that we would one day see the time that Fake videos would be taken and used by people or govts to further there cause. and unless YOU were there and actually saw the event ( kind of hard ) that you should never believe any thing

            so this kind of Reporting !! is very suspect
            not to say its not possible

            Skittle shittin unicorn

      9. Gotta call BS on this particular video. This is a deliberate raid on a house for a particular reason, not part of the house to house search. In 20 years of kicking doors on search warrants, I’d say this is a textbook search of a determined target, definitely not a house to house search of a 20 block area for a terrorist.
        The perimeter guys are covering the windows of the target house, if this was a house to house action, the white house next door would be covered at this point as well.
        Now, I’m not saying all the searches were done with warrants or even lawfully, but this particular video is Alex Jones BS.
        For those of you that have done this kind of thing on the job, or in the sandbox, you know it’s exhausting, mentally and physically. There is no way that this was carried on house after house, with thecwhite one next, the brick two story after that, etc, etc. I am betting 99% of the searches were by consent.
        Like I mentioned, is everything going on with this gumdrops and rainbows ? Nope…..and hopefully we’ll find out everything that happened, cause some things about the past week are stinking real bad.

        • Yep…looks like a pot raid. Wonder if they found that joint? Buncha thugs…one and all, carrying out the masters orders because “we were told to and it’s the law.” Pffft

          • At Nueremburg, many were “Just following orders”. They still hung for their crimes.

            JUST A’SWINGIN’

            • Different animal entirely….having lived in Nuremberg, and visited Dachau, Treblinka, and Auschwitz, I can say you have no idea what your talking about.

              • Unlawful order, simple as that.

                Stalinist commies everywhere, including boston.

          • @JRS….Yea, kinda like ‘Knock knock….Who is it?…Dave!…Dave’s not HOME!!….Knock-knock!…Who is IT!??….Candy-Gramm!…..WHO?….Cops!…Come on let us in!!…..WHO?….Land sharks…COME ON OPEN UP or we’ll huff & pull and BLOW yer HOUSE DOWN!!! ~ mm

        • 11Bravo and JBT….I agree.

          This video is something else. Looks like around 14 adults in home, so probably a welfare/drug type issue. Maybe they were hiding a fugitive. This is not a house-to-house video as per related to Boston.

        • Good call 11 Bravo, I don’t have LE experience and wasn’t looking at through that lens.

        • 11Bravo, U keep on thinkin that. These folks were detained. Not under arrest. None of’em were cuffed nor beat down which is procedure for an arrest. Doesnt matter how many folks in the house. would you bet your life 99% were consent. The situation as such was not looking nor concerned bout anyones consent. PLEASE. Yes, there was a “determined” target, called the two terrorist or is that too harsh a lable for you as well. Course the sides and back are covered, you think they’re gonna let someone go out the back as they come in the front. As for exhausting.. are you kidding. So from the over 3,000 LEOs that coverged on Boston neighborhoods you think they only had one serch team. Dont know where you get that impression but real professonals will execute those “Invasions” relentlessly. Why so many LEOs on one house, I’m sure it was the same for all, Even the 90 yr old lady in a wheele chair. Its called an overwhelming force, which is its intent. I’m thinkin you’ll be one of those who roll over. Shame.

          Recipocate actions in kind. Semper Fi. III

        • @Bravo 11….

          I will take what you say at face value and take back my above post if you are proved to be correct.

          I have no problem with a door to door knock and welfare check. I do have a problem with people pulled out of their homes and having their homes and their own persons searched because of what happened on Monday.

          Will you concede that what we saw in the video was out of line however, if it is confirmed that it WAS in fact a part of the police action in Boston?

          • Walt,
            If that video was “standard procedure”….we are screwed….and I mean “we”, as those who stand for the constitution, and have been preppers for some time. God, I pray that the video is not what happened at every house. On the remote chance that it was, things are much worse than I believed…..but this is Boston…
            I believe in my job, and when I retire in 6 or so years, maybe sooner, I will do it proudly. When I read Panzer’s book, “Financial Armageddon”, in 2008, I was on board.
            There is a lot of anti-cop shit on this site, but I keep reading.
            My squad and I discuss this stuff EVERY shift, because we see what is coming.
            Now, I don’t think we are more aggressive, or anything like that, in fact, I would say that my group and I are more lenient then ever.
            The biggest change I have seen in 20 years is INFORMATION GATHERING. That, is unbelievable. It’s kinda scary. The amount of info that is taken in is staggering, and I am not talking “inter-departmental” standards, but things that are required by federal statute and law. I am sure I just see the tip of the iceberg.

            • Information gathering serves a couple of purposes. One is job justification. The next is to grow the size of Government and finally if they ever get around to it is use it against us. Not sure if the Gov. will have enough resources to read all the info or just pick out certain people that have red flags, kind of like the IRS.

            • I believe you to be one of the good guys Bravo.

              I’ve mentioned before that I have a son who is a LEO and I have friends in law enforcement. When one of my frieds sees the kind of stuff that’s been going on as of late, his response is to call them “effing Nazis”. I worked in a profession for 10 years where I had a lot of contact with law enforcement… I tend to see things from a pro-law enforcement point of view.

              That’s why, when I post things of a negative nature regarding what I see happen, it’s not done lightly or with some kind of agenda against cops. It comes from the perspective of having what I believe to be a firm grasp of the Constitution, and what the founders of this had in mind as to what the limitations of government should be.

              My beef has not been so much with local law enforcement per se… is mostly with what I see on a Federal level and the way their methods seem to be filtering down to the local level.

              I’m a little fuzzy on what you meant by “information gathering”. Can you elaborate on that a little for me?

            • The Fed’s have no authority to require state officials to report anything to them. Time for you and your Blue brothers to start pushing back.

        • They don’t let people walk out by themselves during a raid you moron.

        • I suspect that somehow or other this house and it’s occupants were already known as being affiliated with some questionable groups. Catholics, Amish, Christians the usual DHS suspects.

      10. This ordeal in Boston was definitely a test-run for martial law in the rest of the US. Another 911 or worse and it will be declared for the entire nation. When that happens, it will be game on. There’s no way I would have been one of those people being forced out of my home by any government thug. I wonder if anything went missing out of that home during the search for the suspect. The residents are people who are opposed to guns, self-defense, etc. This is only PART of the price they are paying for their position. They’re fortunate to get through it alive. It would be interesting to see what they have to say now in the aftermath of their ordeal. It’s also interesting that LE from other areas had to be called in to help lockdown Boston and all surrounding towns; all this for ONE SUSPECT. NOMI CATIMF Braveheart

        • What if you were counting the rent money fron 12 apartments when “asked” to leeave your home. Surely the stack of cash would be left unmolested.

          • They’d call it “potential drug proceeds” and confiscate it if/until the true owner can prove it wasn’t illegal. That’s how that works.

          • Yep, and one of my co-workers did a year in prison for the same thing.

        • BH I agree..I watched several Videos on Water town and it looked like Compliant Sheeple, No they did not do this on Free Will, Weapons are Pointed at the People and Houses, they forced their Hands Up Like Common Criminals, then entered the Homes, All they had to do was Knock and Ask if Everything was alright, this WAS a Dry run for Martial Law, and the Chance for the Police State to roll out all Their Toys..Fuking disgusting, The Latte Sipping Liberals deserve this Bull Shit They Elected their Officials, try this Shyte in a Red State and it won”t be a Camera Looking out the Window, It will be A Scoped Rifle!

          Semper Fi

        • I think the outcomes will be somewhat different if they try and use this example for executing martial law in other parts of the country. These sheep would line up to be sheared just by ringing a bell at the corner of their block…never mind at their door. But I do believe some good ole southern boys or rednecks will follow the rules a bit differently if they try this in other states…just sayin’.

          • You will never see it coming. It will be over before anyone has a clue.

        • Braveheart….I would be more concerned about what notes they took while inside the residence. Did they make up a list of people to put at the top of their list so they know where to start when TSHTF?

          I don’t consider the events in Boston to be a SHTF situation. It was minor event relatively speaking.

          Again…I don’t have a problem with them locking down the neighborhood and telling people to stay inside. This was not after all, a situation where a couple of guys just robbed a bank. I think this should have been handled with a larger police presence and intensified search efforts. The problem I have is the door to door searches. I think they crossed the line doing that. That took it into a whole different level.

      11. Can anyone here confirm that this was taken in Boston – last week – after the bombing – during the search for the perpetrators?

        All this shows is video of police entering a house. How do we know this is Boston? How do we know when it was taken?” How do we know this isn’t video of a legitimate search with a legitimate warrant at some other location at some other time? Just because the author posted it and says so?

        Until the videographer comes on camera identifying himself and PROVING that it was taken from his residence, I’m not going to outright believe this – I’ve fallen for it too many times.

        I want more proof.

        • Wow Chuck. IF you read the article, you would have known that this video was taken in Watertown Massachusetts. NOT Boston as the title originally suggested. I don’t know, perhaps your also deaf as you obviously didn’t hear the helicopters overhead. And perhaps your blind as well as you obviously didn’t see the massive military, opps, I MEAN police presence in that hood. You very much sound like an LEO as you also want the “videographer” to ID himself? SERIOUSLY??? And get a no knock raid at 2:00am tomorrow for doing so?? I hope this happens to you the next time a petty thief, bank robber, or some other “suspect” comments a crime in YOUR town. Perhaps then you’ll see this for what it is. Gezzz……..

        • I agree with wanting more proof, but the videographer would be nuts to identify himself.

        • It might be possible to screen shot the house and submit it to google. If the street is in gooeearhdrive by, it may show up. I can’t be for sure by worth a try.

        • Address:

          14 Oak Street
          Watertown, MA

      12. Just because they had a successful test in Boston does not necessarily mean all other major cities will react so well. I think it’s safe to say none of the small towns in rural America would take kindly to any of these stunts. Those country boys will put up one helluva fight and rightly so. Any place where conservatives predominate will stand up and fight. Any place where liberals predominate…..we just witnessed it in Boston. NOMI CATIMF Braveheart

        • Hi Braveheart. I have a question non rhetorical or baiting in nature. I normally converse with Walt but he is not here now. This question is for everyone also. I would like to know the following.
          -If you know your rights and choose whether or not to exercise them (waive them), why do some consider a search similar to this as an intrusion? Let me explain. If a child were lost in my area and the police asked to search my house, shed, crawlspace etc. Why not waive your right one time and let the search take place?
          In the Boston case, allowing them to search your house or yard may reveal the suspect. Much as in this case, the home owner was unaware of the suspect in his boat until dealing with the tarp. The suspect could have been in a number of places the owner didn’t either check or consider.
          I am not challenging anyone. I really want to know reasons why someone would decline the search.
          The only thing that would give me pause, would be if I had something in the house I didn’t want them to see (illegal) The item(s) would have to be too big too hide (grow op). Most residents knew the search was coming for hours prior to the search.
          Like I said, not a challenge, I am interested in the reasons. Thanks.

          • How would the child enter your home? Would you not know if this “suspect” had forced entry into your home? If the guy was in the boat when the pigs were prowling around, doesn’t that fact expose their incompetence, since Mary homeowner found things they pigs didn’t (and she wasn’t searching for a “suspect”)?

            • I would know the child was not in my home. I would realize there is no way for the police to know what I do or do not know. I would expedite the search by letting them check and move on. That’s what I hope others would do.
              As far as knowing a person was in my house or not I agree I would be confident knowing one way or another. Consider the areas of some houses such as crawl space, sheds, or open windows etc. I again would let the police in so they could continue.
              I can also imagine an elderly, hard of hearing, blind etc not knowing. Cat burglars by definition enter houses when people are home. It is also possible not probable the suspect had a family member hostage telling me to make the cops leave. ( think bad movie).
              I would not have knowledge of the police missing someone in a search until and if they found him. The guy who found the suspect went to straighten a tarp. If I somehow had the information a search missed the person it would make no difference to me.
              Like I said, I am interested in reasons why a person would decline. I was not making a personal point. I was asking for a contrast. Additionally I would handle the situation the way I described. I am not a prepper. I am interested in people who are. My personal views do not match a lot of people who follow this blog. I was and will be upfront about my intention. If I were here to ridicule or taunt I would also admit it. I see the taunts as a waste of time. You feel strongly and there is no reason or way to change your mind.

              • The government jack-booters love you and your kind.. if you were here in 1776 I’m sure we would all be talking with accents and driving on the wrong side of the street. you are what you are..a sheep waiting to be shorn again..Are you relly interested in why someone would decline a search..a cop recently pulled over my friend and asked to search his vehicle..he was doing 42 in a 35 zone (ticket info). He declined and the cop asked if he had anything to friend answered “no”, but I have something to protect..the cop asked what that was , and my friend said it was his 4th ammendment rights he had to protect..the “cop” gave him his trumped-up ticket and was to chicken $$it to get the city sued….

              • The reason to decline is to resist this idiotic and dangerous expansion of militarized government. It is insane to spend the billions we do to arm people who are so jacked up or so scared that they pop off all over the neighborhood under the guise of keeping us “safe.” It would be far safer, and far less expensive to have an armed populace. When something like this happens you ask the citizens to grab their gun and get out and watch their neighborhood. You have a much better chance of finding the fugitive with everyone on the lookout. And if it is your house he comes into you have a much better chance of surviving if you can shoot him than you do having the fugitive shoot you and waiting around until the police get to kicking in your door and sending you off in an ambulance.

          • Con T, what if you had a gun safe and a reloading bench and a Governor that was pro gun control. For now you are legal but because of the search you are now on a list. What if you had a room full of food supplies and preps? would you want the government to know you had them? What if you had a garage full of tools and lumber. It may not bother you too much but it may bother those that believe that the EO that Obama signed that under a declared emergency the EO grants the power to government to confiscate your stores, tools and supplies and can force you into labor.

            If it saves one life it’s worth it………not

            It’s for the children……..not

            If you don’t have anything to hide then why should you care if you receive a tracking implant……..not

            • Thank you Rick. I think you have a valid point. If you are from Oregon do you recall the kyron case? This type of search took place during the investigation. I am not here to argue just to understand. Thanks again.

              • I do remember the Kyron case. Kyron went missing from his school during school hours. A search of the school property was in order, questioning of known pedophiles in the immediate area that didn’t have an alibi for the time frame is prudent. A house to house search in an expanding grid is out of the question. Nearby property search of items that would peak an adolescent boys curiosity is also prudent. Pulling people out of their home at gun point and then searching just because of geography and not because of probable cause it is not ok. I feel sorry for you if you think it is ok.

                • Let me add, I don’t consider a house to house knocking at the door and talking at the doors threshold to be a house to house search.

          • The problem with your position is as follows—

            1. If a child was missing, I’d tear all accessible parts of my own house apart looking to be sure they were not there—there is little possibility that a child could have gotten up into my crawl space without my knowledge or consent or help—for that reason, police forcing their way into my home would be an intrusion.

            2. There is no way an honest would citizen knowingly hide a stranger/fugitive, and police working on the assumption that they would is a red flag—innocent until proven guilty, again. If people were home at the time, they’d likely know if someone was hiding in their closet.

            The whole idea that citizens can’t be trusted is the issue, not the search. If I say there’s no one but me in my studio apartment, without any reason do doubt it, they just need to take my word for it and go on to the next. Forcing their way in to verify what I just said is the problem.

            In a hostage situation, there should be some articulable reason to believe something is amiss. What house-to-house searches do is treat everyone the same no matter what. That is a problem.

            Again, if I tell you there’s nobody but me home, and I’m NOT next door to the crime, get the hell off my porch unless you saw a broken lock or open window.

            Treating everybody like criminals without more, is what makes it an intrusion. Does my opinion help?

            • 4th Amendment. Read it to them. They may not be able to read. If you have to…. explain it to them.

          • @ Con T, my personal reasons for refusing entry without a warrant have to do with my children. My oldest is Austic, BiPolar, w/schizo affect and armed police coming in would provoke a meltdown that would escalate without reason and he would end up in handcuffs or the hospital because his “safe zone” was violated. He is high functioning but routine and regimented household is key for his success.
            In Nov 2012 our 11 year old passed away, but before that we limited the people who came into our home because of his disabilities. He was on a vent,O2, feeding tube, and had seizures. He was already colonized with psuedomonus, serratia, and MRSA and we had to become germ-o-phobes, and it worked. None of us in our house ever contracted any of these things but due to this he had a compromised immune system and exposure to unknown germs that would likely be present on the officers/military going house to house and through God knows what could introduce something that could kill him. Also, mobilizing him to exit the home was not just “grab n go”. All his equipment had to be transfered to his wheelchair, no small feat, and we could not just exit at a whim.
            Now that particular reason is no longer a factor, but it would be extremely traumatic for my 15 year old and as we have a concrete foundation, no basement, and no attic, there are really no hiding places here without us knowing who is here. Without a warrant they will have to take my word for it. I would be happy to wait on the warrant and then let them search all they want to find zilch.

            • Hello central. Thanks for the reply. Your reluctance to allow the search appears mainly due to pragmatic and heartbreaking reasons. The challenges you face would be insurmountable to most people including me. I don’t know where you live but if it is a larger city, consider contacting the police agency. Some not many have a program enabling you to have your house flagged giving officers the information about your children. The police officers would be informed of the circumstances if ever dispatched to your house.
              I could easily see the police being called due to either a neighbor or passerby being alarmed by something your child does. Also if you are in a city, make sure your neighbors know your circumstances. I am sure you have considered these ideas but just in case.
              Whenever I feel pathetic or sorry for myself, I will forever think of you. You are a strong person.
              Regardless, of your conviction about a warrant, I’m sure once you explain the issues there will never be a need for one.
              I am not a sappy person but you have touched me. God bless you and your family.

              • @ Con T, Thank you for your kind words. Our neighbors in Memphis (former residence) knew about the 15 yr olds issues and were wonderful about it. Since the move to TX, we have new neighbors and when I meet them I give a brief “heads up” about #1 son. He is not allowed outside alone and is always supervised. (Taking him to a store is an adventure to say the least-the stares I get) As for demanding a warrant, when #1 son can see something tangible & read it (like I said high functioning) he would accept they have permission (so to speak) to be there and he would handle it much better. He doesn’t do well with arbitrary. Although even if my children did not have those issues, my fundamental reason for refusal would be the violation of the constitution. That can be a very slippery slope paving the way for other rights to be swept aside. I have not ever been in this situation and as I am a law abiding citizen, I retain the right to determine who enters my home and who doesn’t. Whether I decide to let them in or not,depending on the circumstances, it still remains my choice given to me by the 4th amendment of the constitution. Now how the police/military respond to my polite refusal will set the tone for the encounter and hopfully they will respect my rights and not go all “I’m the law and you have to let me in…” I don’t know if they would do that, I would hope not, but the encounter would be recorded for my saftey and theirs. (no he said, she said) I appreciate your questioning and interest, I am always questioning things and don’t believe just because someone told me something. Always investigate on your own and make your own informed decision of what you believe. Based on what I have seen on various news sites(yes mainstream and conservative) I do feel something bad is coming down the road. When? Don’t have a clue but I am preparing for whatever may happen. Best case scenario, say hubby loses job and groceries are not a burden on the limited budget, worst case scenario -true SHTF and we don’t have to rely on the gov’t to “save us”. I just realized how long this was….sorry to go off on a tangent. Fingers got carried away.

            • Central Texas Mom- dang,not to go ErinBrokovich
              on you, But if you’ve been in this samehaus thru
              all these Illness’es(sp?)- then i am curious about
              environment Con-taminents……

              • @ TTC, #2 son was born with Spina Bifida, Hydrocephalus, Arnold Chiari Malformation II, Cerebral Palsy, Seizure Disorder, and a Neurogenic Bladder. Make no mistake, he was a happy active boy as his conditions allowed. The colonizations came from stays in the hospital. He was infected there and once the symptoms of the infection were gone, the bacteria levels stayed in the colonization range (no symptoms – but never rid of it, could infect others in certain circumstances but universal precautions generally took care of that risk). The fact that he never had a resurgence of symptoms to these bacteria is because we made sure our home was as germ free as you could make it. Hard yes, but we didn’t have to live in a bubble. Lots of hand washing, bleaching countertops and surfaces, if someone in the home was sick with a cold or something, you wore a mask and stayed away from him (for his protection and yours-those bugs are opportunistic, if your sick it’s easier for you to catch them), and vigilance on the filters for the HVAC. These actually are not what killed him, thank goodness because these would have been a drawn out miserable way to die. He went to sleep one night, had a stroke in his brain stem and never woke up. The good thing is the way he passed, he was able to be an organ donor (yes, even with those colonies – suprised me too). Thanks for the question, but short answer is not enviromental – well, maybe at the hospital, but good luck avoiding germs there. Those places are breeding grounds.

          • Basically I do not want people to know what supplies I may have at home. In this area, some of the police who did undercover work were found to be dealing drugs on the side. I do not believe that any of them left the force- they only faced drug counselling and a short suspension.
            Therefore I do not consider any military or police entering my home to be helpful to my well being. They will know from a search what type of home security that I have and what items I have at home and where they are placed. This is more information than any of my friends have about me, let alone any stranger.
            I would consider the kind of action taken in Boston to be equivalent to a home invasion. I do not have any illegal substances or anything to hide, I just value my privacy. I would also worry that some guy would get nervous and shoot my dog because of all the reports of dogs being shot in other locations. I have a very friendly dog but he does bark when strangers invade his territory.

            • Thanks and your reply is what I expected most would be. I admire your convictions. I am the opposite of you. I don’t take my privacy seriously at all. I would tell anyone what I paid for any item I own, show them my tax return, (joke). I really don’t care about the same issues. Do you have a personal experience or do you base your ideals on reading, media, or other source?

              • I base it on personal experience. I had an acquaintance who was a cop and he would brag about roughing up “suspects” or calling in a drug raid on people that upset him. A contractor friend had valuable equipment stolen by the police in the course of investigating a theft.
                I had over $30;000 equipment stolen from a secure storage area. The police refused to even file a report. I tracked the crook down and caught him in the act of selling items for scrap metal. The police took him in and let him go hours later. The scrap metal dealer is widely known to fence stolen goods but he has never been investigated. A friend had his mother’s diamond rings go missing after she died in a traffic accident. I could go for several pages.

        • You’re right that every part of the country wouldn’t be as compliant, but in a rural setting, forces can be more concentrated.

        • I want to see them try this in the hood. That might be worth a few laughs. easy to intimidate law abiding people who have families and alot to lose. You get real careful as to what actions you take when you have to pay your own legal bills and have property to lose.

      13. they are luck they didnt find some very unhappy well armed americans behind that door…protecting theirs.

      14. MC, anyone who forces their way into my humble abode will receive hot lead. It won’t end well for them. NOMI CATIMF Braveheart

        • What does CATIMF stand for. NOMI I figure is ” not one more inch”?

          • Come and Take It, Mother F%&^er.

            Welcome to the forum, Con T.

      15. So, what would YOU suggest be done? You have an acknowledged terrorist on the loose and good reason he has explosives? Just go about business as usual? Go about business as normal and expose more citizens to potential danger? Make potential hostages available for the taking? You truly are an idiot. If you hate the US as it is so much, please find another country to infect with your stupidity.

        • These two dorks locked down an entire town. Imagine what a well trained group of terrorists could do. Maybe if we were tough and united we could have sounded an alarm and got all the community militia to staging areas and commenced a hunt with the unfortunate and violent deaths of these two assholes. We have given up all control to a paramilitary force.

        • The govt should act within the law. Not above. This was overkill and they sucked at their jobs to boot. The boat was already searched by the “boys”. Luckily the homeowner called them back. The citizen provided the most important part of the mission. Overweight Feds chuckling their way through their jobs.

        • LMAO NC!!!! I hope you don’t leave, cuz you make me more confident that my family is doing the right thing every time you start typing.


        • I lived in Memphis, TN for 20+ years, relocated to TX within the last year. IT IS BUSINESS AS USUAL THERE. There are places in the city of Memphis run by thugs and gangs that if you go into, you know there is a very good chance of being collateral damage to drive by shootings, carjackings, and violent, armed muggings on a daily basis. This even goes on around LeBonhuer Children’s hospital frequently as well. I should know, I was always on heightened alert whenever I had to go there, which was many times due to special needs child. You suck it up, be alert and be prepared to respond with force if there is no escape route and you take your chances. Violent criminals have run of the city there and you could not pay me any amount of money to move back. Even if I was still there though, I in NO WAY want my right to refuse entry to ANYONE WITHOUT A WARRANT taken away. One step away from Ghestapo(sp?) and it is a very slippery slope.

        • well, well. if it’s a line of bullshit from the idiot assholejoe. obamas bitch and troll. where you from dumb shit? Cary NC {Containment area for Retarded Yankees. You my troll are truly maggot shit. so go find another site to infect with YOUR stupidity.


        • ncjoe, go shit and fall back in it.

        • ncjoe: Well joe, we have a little thing called the Constitution and it’s amendments that are suppose to protect us from sh*t like this is good times, and especially in bad times. If the law is obeyed only when it’s convenient then we’re all f*cked because a ‘fair-weather’ constitution isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. That’s why this storm-trooper behavior matters to those of us who still give a crap. Cowards like you would trade freedom for a little extra security deserve neither. there’s aother name for people like you-slave.

        • No, ncjoe, what they had was a SUSPECT on the loose. We have due process in this country, and it takes more than the msm to convict a person of a crime here…or it should.

          Finding one kid on the loose does not nullify our rights.

          If I tell you there’s no one but me in my studio apartment, get off my porch. The problem with police forcing their way into people’s homes, is that they are treating everybody like lying criminals, without any evidence to support that idea.


      16. Watching the video sent tingles up my spine, I guess we will just have wait and see if more legal warrants will be executed in the days, weeks and months to come. I’m sure there had to be something a lot could have been arrested for if not for having a legal search warrant????

      17. The authentic terrorists are in the US government, they support ALL TERRORISM around the world. Wake up american people, fight against the traitors installed in your government and the financial institutions!

        Best desires from Spain

      18. Liberty is the opposite of control. Control is the goal of this government. You cannot have liberty with big government. They are natural enemies. There is no happiness in Muddville. Mighty Liberty has struck out.

        • Shows how panicked .gov has become. A wounded or frightened beast is very dangerous.

      19. This is disgusting. I don’t even know what else to say.

        • Everybody seems to be missing the big picture. These ass-clowns locked down an entire town, went door-to-door, and still couldn’t find one wounded kid. It took hundres of cops a week to track down one rogue ex-cop in California and now thousands of them to track down a couple of dumb-ass kids. So these guys are the enforcers of the NWO/1984 tyranny everyone so affraid of. Are you all f*cking kidding me! Yeah, well it’s back to my regualarly scheduled programs. Let me know if something really important happens.

      20. I wonder what they would have done had they come across an armed homeowner. You know, someone who was protecting their property?

        Im glad everything turned out ok for those having to endure this search, but it could have all gone downhill pretty quickly if someone told them they weren’t searching their house and were armed.

        • If the weapon wasnt dropped immediately, it would not have gone well. Which proves my point, there were no reports of that, 99% of the searches were knock and consent.

          • And YOU were there 11B???? You sure are towing the LEO here, again. Seriously, if this happened in many other parts of the country, these illegal home invasions would NOT have gone down this well. Trust me.

            • Nope, wasnt there. But for the same reasons that you….and myself….believe that it wouldn’t have gone like you say in other parts of the country, is the reason that this part of the country would have been quicker to consent……
              We are on the same page, just a matter of wording.

              As far as an armed homeowner, if I’m confronted with that, I fire, and I have. My officers and I are Oath Keepers, and wouldn’t be in the house illegally to begin with, though we have no idea what is going on in this video.

              • You need to Change your Screen name to BRAVO SERRA !
                Come to My house with this kind of Thinking and your Day will be Forever Ruined!

                Semper Fi

          • 11 Bravo is obviously a JBT and is fine with police searches/raids at will as long as he is the one doing the raiding.

            • Nope. Just done legally. There is nothing in this video that says one way or the other.

              • 11 Bravo….

                Watching the video, I just have to wonder what would have happened had the guy who answered the front door, instead of coming out with his hands up had instead said, “No…we are fine here. You can’t come in and search my house.”…and then shut the door.

            • What’s a JBT ?

          • you are such a dounut eatin shill

        • No worries there CJ. You gotta remember that Mass. residents are effectively UNARMED. I think the reason this video may be real is the Mass. cops are mostly unafraid of coming across an armed homeowner, a rare breed in Mass these days.

          • This will be repeated in sheeptown, and we’ll all hear about how “reasonable” people have no problem with it, and “what are you hiding?”

          • Unarmed commies, just like in stalin’s ussr.

        • CrackerJack: Not in pussyfied Mass. They were neutered long ago.

      21. Pretty sure about 2 minutes in I saw one of those “cops” coming out of the house with a bag of donuts..

        Scarey shit. That’s for sure.

        I’m surprised the guy with the camera didn’t get arrested for some sort of B.S.

        • lol. that’s it im going to the store for some sweet sixteen powdered doughnuts and some milk, leave it near the front door and make my escape out the back.

      22. under which laws, exactly, were the Department of
        Homeland Security, FBI, and local police operating?

        anyone deemed to be acting in a
        manner that seeks to subvert the laws of the United
        States can be declared a terrorist. So, the next time
        a criminal is on the loose in your town, you, too,
        may end up getting the same treatment as the
        peaceful residents of Boston.

        Thats not the way of america. I wouldnt of opened my dopr place a sign say private property. With my kalashnikov and glock by my side….thats me exercising my 2nd….cant wait to hear what to say cuz this shit is the price law abiding citizens pay. Enought with all bs.

      23. Forcing American citizens as interested as everyone else in capturing a terrorist and they are treated like sympathizers. Welcome to the future people. Decades ago these thugs would have wanted the people to help or at least stay out of harm’s way. Now it is get out of our way or face the consequences in your own home. No wonder more and more people don’t trust the government. The people have become the enemy of the state, as proof positive of what happened this week. Martial law just like the past tyrannies that America fought against and liberated, and most of the masses are too stupid to see this. they just blindly accept it with stupid little grins on their faces. More reason to prep, because 99% of the population is stuck in the gear of shear ignorance and denial.

        • Keep reloading. Even if you don’t need ’em, someone will need your bullets.

        • 11Bravo doesn’t have a problem with them breaking the law Be informed. His comments are exactly what many here are concerned and talking about. Just give in, and no one gets hurt!!?? Disarm yourself or they’ll shoot you IN YOUR HOME?? NO WARRANT REQUIRED according to him. Yea, this is how many LEO officials feel now I guess. And we wonder how this is all going to turn out, unbelievable……….

          • Hmmm. Never said anything like that.

            • if confronted with an armed home owner I fire … realy 11 Bravo ? Thats a crap attitude . I and most I know here in Alaska carry full time so I guess we are all just targets for LEO’s such as yourself . You wouldnt make the grade up here where our Troopers know how to deal with an armed citizenry

          • Think I saw him commenting over at PoliceOne where the roid pumpers consider sovereign citizens to be “paper terrorists” in their own words.

            • Nope. Maybe a different 11Boo…..though I am accused at my department of being a member of one.

          • I might add that its surprising that they did’nt tell them to leave their belongings at the end boxcar. Being told we’re going to transport you to a secure area where there is food and a warm cot for you to sleep on. We’ll be separating families for your own protection, men over here, women over there, and the children will be taken to another sector for their safety.

            And as the train pulls away, one person notices the end boxcar was’nt hooked to the train, and their belongings were still in a pile on the ground.

            Wait a minute, Ive heard this was played out before in another place and time. And before this happened they did things like they did in Boston last week. Of course none of them cheered back then.

            Its coming.

      24. #1 islam and every asshole moslem needs wiped off the face of the earth
        #2 these fucking cops/politicians need to weigh whether their jobs are worth their lives.
        #3 if you are American(USA),you will have to chose between liberty or death.

        • A Mexican (an undocumented Democrat), a Black (a documented
          Democrat), a Muslim and a Redneck were walking together on a beach
          when the Black stumbled over a bottle in the sand. He picked up
          the bottle, rubbed the sand off it, and a Genie

          “I can only grant four wishes,” the Genie said. “Since there are four
          of you, you may have a wish apiece.” Pointing at the Black, he
          said, “Since you found the bottle, you may have the first

          The Black thought for a moment then said, “I wish for a fleet of ships
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          homeland, Africa .” Poof! It was done! Thousands of ships appeared
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          The Mexican said, “I weesh for enough Cheby peekups to take all my
          peoples back to our homeland, May-he-co!” Poof! It was done! Row
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          The Muslim said, “I wish for a hundred thousand camels to take all of
          my people away from this horrible country loaded with infidels so
          we can live in peace in Muslim countries and serve Allah.” Poof!
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          Turning to the Redneck, the Genie asked, “And what is your wish?”

          The Redneck watched as the loaded pickups began moving toward the
          border, then looked out to sea and watched the loaded ships
          sailing out into the sunset, then he looked at all of the Muslims
          getting on top of the camels and riding

          The Redneck said, “Just give me a Bud Lite. It doesn’t get any better than this!”

          (for you kk.)

          • “The Redneck said, “Just give me a Bud Lite. It doesn’t get any better than this!”


            Oh God!…GOUD ONE JayJay…Hhahahaaaaaa

            I have to go now…I can’t BREATHE…MY HEART!!!!….



      25. i dont see from this video , how the people in the house were treated poorly . or if the police asked to search the house first, or if they displayed a general search order. lets remember that the police are searching for a terroist, the police or family may not even know that he is hiding at the house,i dont trust the goverment either nor do i believe they are here to help . however lets try to keep this in perspective, i would have a big issue with them pointing guns at me or my kids if we arent suspects, i also didnt see that in this video. we sould also be considering what laws they are breaking to apply them after this is over.

        • @ Patrick. Let me ask you this. DID YOU WATCH THE VIDEO?? Because IF you did you would see them pointing AR-15’s at the homeowners, yelling at them like there criminals, forced to EVAC their OWN HOME and forced to take a hike to god knows where. All this because there MAY BE someone who’s wanted in there privite home?? Seriously?? Are you from Mass, CT, NY, RI, or NJ?? Thought so…….

          • Exactly, That is some shit, having a cocked/locked AR staring you down. As I said previously, this wouldn’t set well with me if it had been my family/house.

            • A while back the FBI shot a teenager in the face during one of their stop and search events. The guy moved and the FBI clown panicked and shot him. Of course he was found to have done the right thing. That is the problem with pointing guns at people especially innocent people. Shit happens.

          • Tyrone. Mason : of course I watched the video tell m how you can tell. This house is Boston? How can you tell the police didn’t ask to get into the house first? How can you tell this was a drug bust from the video? I don’t believe everything I see that’s posted on the Internet. a wise man would consider that and not give into fear

        • Patrick, are you just another liberal Jacka$$ that believes the constitution is just a doormat to wipe your feet on. Sorry dude, but my family fought for that piece of paper and I’ll do whatever it takes to see that it’s upheld. I don’t care what gender, what clothes they’re wearing, what language they’re speaking, or what position they hold. They will pay.

        • They are searching for a kid they claim is a terrorist, based on about as much ‘proof’ as you see lacking in this video. So far as we can tell, there is no video footage or pictures of the brothers carrying or placing any backpacks at the race. In fact, IS THERE any video of either of these two guys carrying a big backpack at the race? Any at all? There is an asian guy with a white hat and a backpack, but none I’ve seen of either of the two brothers.

          • …now I’ve gotta go look at the photos again…

            • okay, I see they had backpacks. Not very big or stuffed full, but they had them, I stand corrected.

        • shut your man pleaser troll

          • well, it COULD be a woman pleaser too…

      26. Ncjoe, How would you react if anyone came to your home and at gunpoint forced you and your family out of your home? I’d be most interested in hearing your response. Braveheart

        • @ braveheart. NC joker could very well be the next problem with attacks on the 2nd. Amendment as someone recuits this loser to be a “hero” for the anti-gun radicals. They are desperately looking for another joker to do another massacre. It is sickening to think about how these anti-self defense appauld when a bunch of innocent people get nailed, because it means less public support for gun rights. I hope I am wrong, but it sure seems time for another nut to go ballasitic after the anti-gun nuts throughly lost last week. ncjoker is likely high on their list as the next hopeless loser maniac to do this evil act.

      27. OK, woaaaaa. I need a few minutes to digest this. I am starting with outrage and anger does not seem to grasp what I am feeling.

        This is America. It is time to be Americans.

        Pulling innocent people out of their home at gunpoint, including children, who answered the door to the GESTAPO thinking they were doing the right thing. Is about as wrong as it gets.

        It is time to march on Washington DC. I for one, am putting my money where my mouth is. If I have to be a one man protest so be it. I am going there and I am going to camp on the steps of Congress and demand the Constitution be restored, and those who have and are violating it held accountable.

        Do not misunderstand me, I am not talking about violence. I am talking about the freedom of speech. I will be heard. I may be a lone voice, I do not care. I will at least have a clear conscience knowing I tried.

        FAP out


        Molan labe

      28. My question is: Did the people in the house consent? If so, this is absolutely no big deal.

        • consent or get shot

          • All I mean is this. If they come to your door and say, “We need to search your house,” and you say “Okay” … and then that all starts — that’s your fault.

            If they show up and say, “We need to search your house,” and you say “Not without a warrant, sorry,” but then they say “OPEN THE DOOR NOW PUT YOUR HANDS ON YOUR HEAD” … then yes, big problem.

        • I always consent to things with my hands over my head.

          • yea, and a M4 pointed at their head.

        • All I’ve got to say is that it took a civilian to find the kid after the cops did their search. So here goes: BAD COP, NO DONUT !!!

      29. This does not appear to be “house to house”. This appears to be ONE house in particular. In Tempe Arizona many years ago, a little girl went missing at an apartment complex and the parents noticed it right away and called the police.

        The police went door to door in the complex asking residents if they had seen her and asked to search the apartment. No one had. They even had the maintenance mand with them to unlock vacant apartments or those apts where no was was home.

        The complex search lasted for many hours and then the cops fanned out into the neighborhood believing that she may have wandered away. The cops searched everywhere and eventually came to believe that someone had taken her out of the area.

        The cops searched everywhere except the apartment of the maintenance man who was working with them. When the body was finally found a few days later in a dumpster at the apartment complex, rolled up in an old rug, the autopsy disclosed that she had been raped repeatedly before being strangled, and had only been dead a few hours….

        What if that little girl was the apple of YOUR eye?

        • DK….that story was very sad, but what does it have to do with the video and what happened in Boston?

          • jp: Time is of the essence in a search when lives are at stake. WE don’t know whether or not there was or wasn’t a warrant in this search. It definitely wasn’t a “house to house” search.

            Fugitives often take captives. Captives are often killed. Its amazing that the driver of the SUV wasn’t killed after he was carjacked.

            While I think there are many questions to be asked and answered of the PTB about this bombing, I am in favor of police breaking down the door of the right house in this case (the bombing). They had better make sure, however, they don’t try this tactic in Indiana.

            The life they save (at the risk of their own) may be your own, or one of your loved ones. There is a difference, I think, in passing laws that erode OUR rights, or genuine police brutality (for example), and a frantic quest for a potential mass murderer; and the decisions an officer must make on the spot to end the threat.

            My hat is off to these brave cops.

            • Sorry DK, you and I will have to disagree on this one.

              • And that’s OK. 🙂

                • FWIW, DK I didn’t thumb you down.

            • I agree: This video is just a peep hole of what went on. My God: Talk about jump to conclusions.

              • High Noon: And that is the problem all too often. People forming opinions without the evidence or facts. That “tin foil hat, the government is always wrong, jump the gun mentality”, is like the little boy who cried wolf once too often.

                It reminds me of La Raza, or Al Sharpton, or The JDL screaming “Racism!” when there is no racism. This “government is always wrong no matter what they do” mentality does not serve the Liberty Movement very well.

                There are enough instances of their incompetence or overreaching that justify OUR complaints, but lets pick and choose OUR fights intelligently, so as to not lose OUR credibility.


            • The Durrango Kidd from North Scottsdale just loves Big Government and the Police State…but only if it’s controlled by Conservative/Republican/Collectivists.

              “My hat is off to these brave cops.”

              DK you make me SICK!

              I’d bet you got a hard-on watching the video.

              • Nothing pleases me more! 🙂

            • DK….I understand your point of view and time is usually of the essence when lives are at stake. From my view, it just seemed as though there was just a massive amount of law enforcement, like police from what…10 states… all looking for a 19 year-old…..that’s “if” he & his brother actually created the bombs & the event that took place! Also, they were “forcing” people out of that house in the video at gunpoint in no uncertain terms!
              I’m not sure that I’m buying this whole scenario of disgruntled brothers taking their vengeance out on Boston marathoners. My gut is saying something else and that something else is not a good or comforting thought.

              • One of my main points through out this whole discussion has been that unless you search every nook and cranny of a residence…attic, cellar, EVERY closet, every out building, flip over every piece of plywood and every tarp…..and do this at every single house or building…THEN….


                The way this whole thing turned out just proves my point. The bad guy was found by a homeowner at a place that had already been searched.

                So then, we have to ask ourselves the question..


                And again I say, that it was designed more as, 1. a probe (to determine how much resistance they would encounter) and 2. an opportunity to gather intel on the population to see who might give them trouble later.

                I will guarantee you that people who are preppers (who had pantries with a lot of food, stocks of supplies, ammo, weapons, etc) ended up on a list.

                Heck….I’ll even play devil’s advocate here. If the cops entered these homes and DIDN’T take note of these things, then they screwed up big time. Because if I were them (the tyrants), that’s EXACTLY what I would do.

        • The maintenence man has no authority to let cops search an occupied apartment just because ther renter is not home. Those searches were illegal. Are you contending that every time a child is missing, every home in the area may be searched ?

          • Bob, Yes that is correct. They were illegal searches. I was just relating what happened. While I am staunch supporter of OUR constitutional rights, I would gladly let the cops search my home without a warrant if they came to my door with a photo of a missing child, asking if I had seen her.

            Do as you wish.

            Most folks would give permission to search for a missing little girl, I think, if asked. If you review the tape for this particular incident, it appears to me that the cops either requested permission to come in, or showed a warrant.

            They didn’t break the door in and barge in. The door was opened to them. The video isn’t clear and the particular circumstances are unclear with respect to this particular house. But what IS clear is that this wasn’t a “house to house search”.

            In the Tempe case I would rather have had an illegal entry than a dead little girl. Thats my perspective.

            • I would prefer to search my own house if I thought a child or fugitive had wandered in. But then, I have sensible family members to help me. And I have animals that are an excellent warning system if something is amiss. I guess, if someone feels too helpless to take care of themselves and their property, I can understand asking for police help. However, in my experience, police help has usually been an oxymoron.

            • So if a crime has been committed, everyone on the area is a suspect and subject to search/detention? How wide an area is fair game?

              No potential for abuse here!

            • In that case, you would’ve gotten both.

            • DK…your “ends justifies the means” view of this is EXACTLY why we are in the danger we are in when it comes to our freedoms.

              And that is the situation we had in Boston. “There’s a terrorist on the loose…THEREFORE….the Constitution no longer applies.”

              • No Walt, you are wrong. The reason OUR freedoms are in danger is because the American people have been complacent about their freedoms, not because cops are making illegal searches (if the example shown is illegal) after a Islamic Terrorist attack.

                When the POTUS, GB’s and Congress conspired to strip the American people of their wealth under NAFTA and Free Trade, did Americans take to the streets demanding their jobs back?

                When the Left and Congress conspired to encourage the Illegal Invasion of the USA, did Americans take to the street and demand that Illegals Go Home! or vote Congress out of office?

                When the POTUS, and Congress made the GB’s whole after they had run their businesses into bankruptcy at the expense of the American taxpayer, did Americans take to the streets to demand that if the debt of the GB’s was going to be nationalized, that the equity in the banks belonged to the American people?

                When the Congress offshored the counting of American ballots by a private company in Spain, did the American people flood the streets of their nation demanding a just and equitable vote counting process in America?

                When the Congress outsourced the hub of the American telecommunications network to the Israelis, so that the Government could covertly spy on Americans, did the American people take to the streets?

                When the POTUS and Congress enacted the Patriot Act just days after the 911 False Flag attack on the WTC, did the American people take to the streets to demand transparency rather than receive a cover up?

                When Congress passed NDAA and/or Cripsa, did the American people occupy the offices of their Senators and Representatives?

                When Senator Frankenstein, Rep Schumer and other communist jews conspired to rip OUR Constitutional right to keep and bear arms from US, did any American feel compelled enough to shoot them?

                Walt, when O’Bummer was re-elected, only 129 million votes were cast in the United States. There are 100 million American gun owners. Gun owners could control the elections in this country and place into power real Patriots to restore America;

                And you are worried about a dozen cops maybe busting into
                a single house in search of Islamic terrorists who set a pack pack of explosives down next to an eight year old kid?

                I think your perspective is a bit skewed. You cannot see the forest for the trees! LMFAO! 🙂

                • You nailed it. We have allowed this to happen by not being concerned enough to get involved. Know why a small group like the gays have so much influence? Because they send in large amouts of money and as a result the congress takes their concerns as if they are their own. All we do is bitch on an internet site that no one even knows about.

            • Durango Kidd says:

              “I would gladly let the cops search my home without a warrant.”

              And you call yourself a Patriot???

              No…Government bootlickers are not patriots.

              Submit to GOVERNMENT…

              Lick the boot…

              Search my home without a warrent…

              I Love Government…

              Engage = Lean Forward = Collectivism = Slavery.

              When they come to your door DK…for your guns…

              you will roll over like a well trained DOG and give them up!

              I’d bet on it.

              Cause YOU LOVE GOVERNMENT.

              • No, I do not love government, but I recognize that good government is necessary for a free, fair, and just society. Good government requires an active citizenry.

                WE must have constitutional rules and regulations as guidelines for common, acceptable behaviors by both employers and employees alike.

                You have made my point for me perfectly by not distinguishing between my willingness to cooperate with my employees in the search and investigation of a missing child; and the potential unconstitutional threat of confiscating guns. Apples and oranges.

                Thanks! You are a fucking genius!!! Engage. 🙂

                • DK I don’t care for the Jew part and the profanity. But I agree 100% tell it like it is. This is still the greatest country on earth. And we have had government and military and police for 200 years. However we are on a down hill slide. So hang on! Trekker Out. CATI!

                  • MT: I am not a jew hater or baiter as some here, but I do recognize that the Jewish community in America has an input into American life far beyond their numbers; not unlike the gay and lesbian community, and both groups push their Agenda upon the rest of US.

                    The ORGANIZED squeaky wheel gets the grease.

                    Those who do not want to live under the Constitution and the rules and regulations that the vast majority want, should leave.

                    Engage your employees or have your door knocked down and your town locked down by them. The PTB will stop at nothing if they are not met by a very stiff and very vocal resistance.








        • Eisen,

          You young punks don’t have a monopoly on libertarian thought. So shove it up your a**.

          Eisen is right as far as saying the Founding Fathers objected to a Standing Army. A citizen militia was their ideal. Free people don’t need a huge military but empire does. Question for apologists for a huge military: Switzerland has very few full-time and a
          mostly part time military. MIniscule air force. No navy. They have been free for 700 years. War as we practice it is for profit. The Swiss make their profit in commerce.

          And “law enforcement?” A small fraction of law protects an individual’s life, liberty or private property. Most law is the power elite writing themselves license to loot and oppress us, and hiring tax fed thugs to sic on us when we resist.

          If you applaud that it’s because you’re a statist too.

          Boston if it did nothing else was to suppress our criticisms of the police state. “We were all in such grave danger. Our noble heroes saved us. Don’t you dare object to their excesses.” The End.

          If you catch the difference between a “peace officer” and “law enforcement” what is your problem with his comment?

          If as many of you say, free people can defend themselves, why do you suck up to statism in defending our huge military and LE establishments?

          Don’t you get that all too soon the state’s hired thugs are going to be coming after us?

      31. Comments about how they would opened the door armed or fought the cops if this was there home LOL. You would have been brought out in a body bag and for what ? I once told a guy to go back inside because a man was firing his 30-30 out in the street . The homeowner told me this was his yard I said OK can I have a number to call a family member when we find you dead in your yard . If you want walk out in the street and get shot or blown up have at it. I will put what’s left of you in a bag .

        • It is my right to stand in my yard, my consequences to face, my responsibility or irresponsibility, MINE. Quit making me safe.

        • protecting and serving the SHIT OUT OF US. f**k off and die asswipe, I do what I want on MY PROPERTY.

      32. BI, good evening, and once again you’re right on target. The attitude of today’s breed of law enforcement has no legitimate basis to it whatsoever. The “old school” cops were totally different from what we have today. They were people who had a much more sensible approach to dealing with the public and could really be trusted for the most part. Corruption in most departments in those days wasn’t tolerated at all. Nowadays, “it’s no big deal” according to today’s breed; they even laugh about it. Since 911 and the creation of DHS, all local and state agencies have been forced to change their curriculums in the academies to comply with the federal guidelines concerning the grants they get from DHS. they now have the same old federal curriculum that’s been in use going back for over a century, even before the FBI was created. The feds have always been full of contempt and hostility toward the people so they had to make sure in the post-911 era that all local and state agencies get brainwashed with the same “us vs. them” mentality. The only way LE can ever win back the trust of the people is go back to what they used to be pre-911. All federal agencies, including DHS, should be abolished. Get rid of the fatigues, military weapons, APCs, etc. You’re in America, not some third-world hellhole. Stop trying to make enemies of the people. One day, you’ll wake up and discover that you’ve succeeded and it won’t end well for you. Braveheart

        • I would say you are dead on. It’s the difference between the 10+ years on the job, and the ten and under. Of the Oath Keepers I work with, none of us has under 12-15 years on the job.
          I would say the difference is the pre 9/11 and the post 9/11 cops.

          • 11 Bravo….

            Your comments are appreciated….at least by me.

            • Walt,
              I’m gonna defend my brothers when there is no other evidence to do otherwise. I am at a large department, and us “old timers” discuss the same issues that are on this site. We are counting the days till polyester never touches our skin again, and we have seen the changes over the years.
              We are preppers, and we are Oath Keepers.

          • all cops suck

      33. Anon, all these actions took place in Massachusetts. They’re California’s east coast cousins. No surprise there. braveheart

      34. If this was part of the house to house search then it is very chilling. If it is one house with ties to the suspects then it might be easier to take. But if conspiracy theories are correct and this was a test please remember this was Boston…suggest authorities use different methods out West or in the South. This behaviour would not fly here.

        • can I get an AMEN??

        • FCG (IF) and it did have to happen, which is terrible. Boston would be first choice and San Francisco would be a close second.WASP

      35. Eisen, why do you want to keep calling everyone here “old”? If you would pay attention, you could benefit from the knowledge we “old people” have acquired over the years. We didn’t get to where we are by being foolish. I’ve also been opposed to evey stupid war we’ve been in going back to Vietnam. It’s possible to support the troops and at the same time be against any lost cause they’re being forced to take part in. I, for one, would love to see us have militias again and the way things are going, that may very well happen. I know you’re not a troll and we do have some common ground on certain issues. I’m only asking that you stop insulting everyone here, PLUS do something about your caps lock. You’d be surprised what you can learn here if you would just pay more attention and have a more open mind. braveheart

        • You’re talking to a brick wall their Braveheart……..a certifiable fool.

          As I said in another post on another thread…..One day Eisencrap’s mouth will write a check his ass can’t cash.

          We’ll probably know it has happened when one day we realize that we haven’t heard from him in a while.

          I personally plan to pour a Maker’s and light up a fine cigar when that happens.

      36. Good evening, Former Cal Girl, and you’re right on target. let them try those tactics ANYWHERE in the South or West and it won’t end well for them at all. braveheart

      37. this is sad don’t thank I would be hear right now if some one came to my house like that!

      38. John Lennon “nobody told me there would be days like these”
        the lyrics so fit the situation today. Have a listen if it has been awhile since you heard the tune.

      39. The officers were too focused on the one house for this to have been Boston. If they were looking for an escaped armed suspect, they would not be nonchalantly standing around. They would be watching there backs.

        • That may all depend on their level of training tntransplant.

      40. Central TX Mom, good evening, and I don’t blame you at all for leaving Memphis. Everything you said is, sad to say, true about this concrete jungle. I would be out of here also if it wasn’t for my credit situation. I do have a backup plan to bug out to relatives in north GA when TSHTF, provided that an EMP doesn’t fry the computer on my truck. There are certain parts of this city that I do avoid at all costs. The section I live in is not the worst or the best; just right in between. I’ve been through TX many times. Great state and people; just can’t handle the humidity there. braveheart

        • @ Braveheart, good evening too. Yea, I was sooooo happy to get out of there. Hope you are able to soon as well. Good thing you have a back up plan for SHTF. Do you happen to have a bicycle? If the truck fries with an EMP, a bicycle would still beat hoofin’ it to GA. I have a toddler trailer for a single child that attaches to the back of mine and it would hold some supplies to help you in that instance. It was only about 89 bucks or so. We had to save up for it but the 3 yr old loves it and it may come in handy for other reasons too. Stay alert and keep preppin’.

        • tuck fexas

          • for those of you that gave me a thumb down this a rival between U of A where i live vs the texas longhorns that sticker come out during the games here in fay,AR its meant in no disrespect just old school rivalery

            • I have discovered in the short time I’ve lived here that football is a MAJOR religon taken very seriously,(and I promise that’s the truth) My FIL is an Aggie, and we live in the area of the Longhorns. I don’t know who to root for, lol.

              • It’s easy, you root for the Oregon Ducks 🙂

      41. Are any of these Bostonians going to filing a law suit ?

      42. It would be the same thing where I live. They could have been a little nicer but firm. That would scare young children to death. Guess no time for warrants. Oh well, too bad if you were in the tub.

      43. I was taught very early that unless you plan to possibly shoot something, you don’t aim your firearms at something. What the hell are these refuges from some law enforcement training camp pointing their firearms at some elderly person that has absolutely nothing to to do with the terrorist? Thuggery is rampant here. These are people’s homes from people that have paid taxes so these thugs get a paycheck. This could happen anywhere, on a mass scale depending on the situation. You know something else, firearms do rarely discharge by accident. Hey, while you are pointing one at grandma.

        Could you imagine what life would be like if there was a couple hundred terrorists, or several hundred troops from another country. These jacked up “military police” would act exactly like in a riot, ask questions later. These suckers are given the right by that crap executive order and other laws that state the Constitution means NOTHING, and if you get in the way even accidentally of “law enforcement” it is just too bad. That is the whopping problem, the people, all people, are in the way.

        • BI I could not agree more or said that better. I have been teaching my wife about fire arm safety and showing her how to properly use a pistol. My exact words to her are you do not pull your weapon until you are ready to use it, do not think of it as a deterrent, it is a line of defense when in a life or death situation.

          If these assholes had any respect for the lives of those TAX PAYING CITIZENS they would not be pointing loaded weapons at innocents. I am so disgusted with every aspect of these events I don’t know what to do. Out for now, I think it’s best if I have a drink and enjoy the sunset.

      44. This is NOT the America I grew up in any more .
        Police State this has become .
        I am praying our Republic stands as one .
        For we must all stand together .

        I am just one old woman .
        But I am one .
        And I urge all to pause and think deep .
        Our children and their children’s future is at stake .
        Freedom is just a word for nothing left to lose .
        God bless our Republic . And us all .

        What a nightmare this has became .

        • Possible Repost…

          Howdy 22Mission,

          Bravo!…A Brilliant sentiment M’am…Immaculately expressed!!

          On occaision, here, I see in the post of others, an uncommon clarity…a sudden light spring forth which illuminates that which underlies what is in ALL our Minds…your post above is onesuch. My Thanks therefor, for it is for exactly THAT that I come here…

          … “Well-Met!”, Indeed Friend! 🙂


      45. First, the video indicated a search, not legal without warrant even under NDAA (NO confirmation of terrist). The occupants failed to meet force with force, just standing in the doorway with a weapon could cease the search. Yes this take’s guts, yet on the otherhand, could have ment exchange of fire due to you having a weapon? Each circumstance requires immediate reaction on your end, train and train live. This is the only way you can prepare for what may occure in the future.

      46. What ever happened to the America I remember as a kid back in the 70s-80s!!

        Seems we are all living lately in a roach motel society..

        Just Makes me sick..

      47. Does anyone here know the location of this house or who the occupants are? I would like to contact them.
        The video is odd. If the police were concerned enough to approach the house in a aggressive manner, yet stand outside in exposed areas and stand directly in front where they could be easily shot this is sloppily done at best. This looks like a hybrid between a warrant and knock and talk. Regardless the positions don’t make sense.
        The way I imagined the search would be knocking on a door and asking to come in. The police seemed directed at the house while ignoring other threats. There is something about the residents that caused concern yet handled poorly.
        I know they did not approach every house this way. Who or what is inside? There is more to this specific house.
        Did they think the suspect was inside for a reason? Akin to me telling the police the bomber was in Walt’s house and then watching Walt getting treated harshly. Just kidding Walt. This is not how they approached every house and this leads to further questions.

        • Yeah…..if I find out that this video is a scam, I’m going to be p.o.’d.

          There ARE times when dynamic entries and heavy tactics are necessary. In the video above….context is EVERYTHING. But if that WAS Boston…..then I stand by my initial post in this thread.

          And you are exactly right….their tactics suck. Either they were badly trained, or weren’t really concerned that there was someone in the house with a weapon. Very sloppy.

          • See the comment I made to brave heart. Thanks for your time and have a good week. You and others have been not only interesting but also entertaining. You and I are not in the least alike. I do not have a lot of contact with people like you. I think we could have a fine time drinking a beer and discussing our views. That is until you beat me senseless. Ha. Take care Internet friend.

      48. Mac,
        You doing the Internet black out tomorrow that’s being put on by Anonymous??

      49. Most agree the police state tactics under Obama are repressive. The answer has to be more than just offering opinions on situations we are keenly aware of that threaten our future survival. If the people remain passive under obvious tyranny, then the future looks bleak. People must unite and protest publicly and peacefully. I don’t understand why current events have not lit the fuse to a redress of grievences. It’s the only way we stop the onslaught of government run amok.

      50. A little off subject, but did you guys see where Gove Christie (aka Ding Dong) is passing more gun laws inc. a recommendation to ban the .50 Cal BMG. Now how many murders and street crimes are commited with this particular weapon? This is as obvious as can be. The govt does not want us to be able to mount any competition towards them. They would be fine with allowing us to own a single shot registered sling shot.

        • Probably feels like someone might use it(.50) on his elephant ass.

        • .50 Barrett is probably the only currently legal civilian weapon that is capable of disabling those FEMA armored vehicles.

          I’m just sayin’…..

          • bottle, rag and g

          • 20mm ironhorn make .50 look like 22 still civy legal

            • sorry i mean 20mm anzio my bad look at it on youtube they were goin for bout 8/9 grand

      51. coming soon to a neighborhood near you. ha ha.

      52. Knock knock, knock knock, it’s the police open the door. Do you have a warrant? Well no. Okay it’s just my wife and I and the two dogs, we are well trained and armed and we don’t need your assistance, but thanks for checking on us. Most of the neighbors are untrained and unarmed so they may need your assistance, have a nice day.

        If you open the door they will start barking orders and use force if necessary. If you consent to the search it not illegal. If you do not consent and don’t open the door and they don’t have a warrant they will have to violate your rights.

        We need to start acting like liberals and sue government for the violation of our rights. The liberals have been successfully sueing for 50 years it time to turn the tables and hey, you might even get rich too.

        So what’s uo with Beck tomorrow???

        • Unfortunately what’s up with Beck will be another big letdown to millions of us who have been hoping for something to stick the the Teflon Don in the Whitehouse. Whatever it is, the MSM will make damn sure it rolls off Obama’s back like water off a duck.

      53. their here

        • mountiancrapper, Been There Done That! Trekker Out.

      54. I enjoy coming here and reading. I like to read headlines as well as posts. Very informative. Especially when BI posts earthquake predicts. Great reads and very helpful. I think though that when people quote or use stuff from info wars and other alt media that I need to take what it says with a grain of salt. Alt media is useful but when you do not check and make sure what they are reporting is accurate then you can become a chicken little type citizen. I do hope that no one on here just reads and screams “look at what’s happening!” Without double checking. If so then are we not as bad as those that follow msm?
        I think what’s important to point out is that Boston was shut down, and with all the helicopters and swat teams and military personel, it only took one man, one American citizen to go out on his porch for a smoke, to catch the guys. Is this whole mess a false flag? I have no idea. It would not surprise me. Was this the government testing citizen reaction? Perhaps. But I cannot rely on just one simple alt media site. I can’t. For the sake if my family and friends I can’t.

        • @ Affirmative. You know what I have found, earthquakes are far easier to predict that human behavior. Isn’t that incredible? With all the psycho-babble out there and trying to figure out what people are thinking, that good old Mother Nature is more steadfast than anything in forecasting what is going to happen. I have no idea what is actually going on with all of this. I have said to myself it could just be shear stupidity to a false flag of epic proportion. I just don’t know, and I think the best course of action is try to keep an open mind for all possibilities.

          I do know one thing, the way innocent people were treated by the “law enforcement” was ugly. The worst came out in human nature as people that pay a lot of money in a state that taxes people like europe, were regarded as problems in their own homes. We are talking about someone that is forced to hunker down for X number of hours. Then someone that in no way is hiding anyone is treated like pure crap. The Constitution got another section of it burned off, as whatever happened to a warrant necessary to enter a home, especially a home where no one has done anything illegal. Reminds me of these dumb cops that get the wrong drug house, kick in the door, mess things up to the cost of several thousand dollars, stress everyone out, maybe give an innocent person a heart attack, find out it was a mistake and come back with some plywood to board up the door and windows.

          You know what else took a bite in the ass was responsibility for the government’s action and their
          “orders”. It did not matter what they did to any number of people and their property, just get the suspect. Compensation for law enforcement abuse will likely not come. It is frightening to see this because this crap could happen to any of us whereever we are. Due process is suppose to supercede everything unless absolute chaos makes this impossible. That failed miserably this week and will likely fail in the future as the U.S. decays into exactly the one thing it and the Founding Fathers swore to defend against, tyranny.

      55. Boston Globe Said there will be an explosion across from the Library?
        Where is the Library???? T-minus 1 min!
        Watch video here:

      56. This sucks.

      57. I watched this video three times. All of the license plates from vehicles in background are white with what appears as blue colored letterings.

        Thus, those are Mass. Plates. This video is probably legit.

        However, it is not house to house–if so, then why didn’t he film them (cops) coming to his house too and not just the green house? I wonder if the filmer didn’t think that the house was housing the terrorists and thus called the officials himself and then decided to film it for possible $$$, or for other reasons? He seemed to have his video ready with iphone or sorts.

        Oh well, who knows. If the filmer doesnt say, then we are only guessing.

        • If he had filmed the officers coming to HIS house, he would have likely lost his camera (or phone as the case may be), and might have been arrested. At the very least he would have been hassled, and they might have tossed his house just for kicks.

          For some reason…..some police have problem with people documenting what they do, even if it is done in plain sight in view of the general public.

          I wonder why that is?

          Is that because a camera is not a “his word against mine” device?

          The camera doesn’t have an opinion or an agenda. It just records what happens.

          • why is it you would wont to be like them to be like them you say it just records.where do you stop?

        • Why ? Because he happened to be across the street from the person with the smart phone, it’s “action” and it can be posted instantly. My phone is always with me, and I have grandkids. The younger generations are worse.

      58. From what I understood the police were not searching via a grid they were doing random house checks. There are multiple videos like this, I do not think this was a single event rather one of many searches that happened to be documented.

      59. Con T, welcome aboard, and I’ll be happy to answer your question. That house search in the video was not handled properly at all. The tactics used by the police are no different from what our troops were doing in Iraq and Afghanistan. You just don’t go pointing weapons at someone and expect them to be good to you. There were no warrants for these searches. whoever or whatever they were searching for is besides the point. If police knock on my door and ask in a CIVILIZED AND SENSIBLE MANNER if they could search my property for a lost child, then, yes, I can make an exception in that case. As long as they can show me it’s for a legitimate purpose, everything’s OK. As I stated in an earlier post, the police I grew up around in the 60s had much better heads on their shoulders and were never anti-public. They served with honesty and integrity, something that is lacking in too many, BUT NOT ALL, of today’s LEOs. That video is only one example of what our country has turned into and is only one reason why we’ve got to take this country back. Braveheart

        • Thanks for your reply. On a side note you are right about this era. The cause could be a chicken or egg argument. Cities were smaller and fewer in the 60’s. the police were more likely to know people which made it easier or forced them to treat people with respect. Small towns of today still have the closeness of police to the community.
          Several other aspects of larger cities are as you describe. The police live in the burbs, they go from call to call and even if they wanted to have the contact there is little time. Meanwhile communities have for good reason distanced themselves from law enforcement.
          I digressed but want to thank you for your time. I also realize trusting government reps is not in your DNA. I am mildly surprised by your statement regarding letting them check under certain circumstances. I look forward to listening to you and others.
          By the way, on a personal note. Don’t let eisenkruez distract you. He is not a genuine nor sincere person. And to everyone else who had the patience to read this, I enjoy this site. I have strong beliefs about other issues and appreciate you having the same. I hate hypocrites and so far few of you are anything but genuine. I have more respect for someone who leads his life how he/ she wants and expects others to do, than someone who has no conviction. I will be here mainly on weekends and see you soon. Thanks again and you people have been great.

        • Good points….but, we don’t know for sure if they weren’t presented with a warrant. Granted, they probably weren’t, but they are the only ones who know what went down and how / why they left the house. I can tell you that video is a funny thing when the microphones aren’t right there. I have seen video with a mike, and without, look like two totally different incidences ….sometimes good, sometimes bad.

          • 11Bravo,ou are a fool. The issue here was them screaming at inniocent people they just rousted out of their homes all the while pointing loaded and chambered weapons at them. They are punks and the fact that you have no problem with what went on makes you an ignorant fool. I forgot you are a Swat leader so we already know you are a thug with a badge. I hope someday when a new group of thugs is running things this happens to you and your family. God forbid that you have reproduced.

      60. H7N9 update
        101 cases

        • Assuming that they are telling the truth, it’s not overly alarming. It sounds like it’s not being transmitted easily. If it were, I would expect a far larger number of infected people.

          It would also appear that the death rate is hovering around 20%. That’s pretty scary…especially if the virus becomes really virulent and breaks out of the immediate area into the general population world-wide.

          Again….what we really have to be concerned about is if it becomes easily transmissible from person to person…especially if it transmitted by airborne means.

          The one thing about the hemorrhagic viruses like Ebola and Marburg is that they are only transmitted via direct contact with bodily fluids. If those viruses ever go airborne, the world is going to be in a really tough spot…because those viruses are up to 90% fatal. Those virues are slate-wipers.

          • @ Walt Kowalski. Marburg was weaponized by the Soviets and made air borne much like anthrax can be. Marburg is not as oxygen and sunlight sensitve as Ebola. Marburg is about 75-90% fatal and Ebola is 90% fatal. Talking about bodily fluids, the lungs and respiratory system are bodily fluids. I imagine that if they can change the genetic code a slight bit they could make the filo-viruses transmit to another host using the mucus rather than the blood and other lymphatic fluids.

            Thankfully most terrorists, like Merree said, like to see things go boom. As long as they don’t salt a nuke with cobalt or some other highly ionizing element, it is not going to be nationwide catasatrophe. The real terrorists that scare the hell out of me are what I call the “shadow terrorists” that only want to kill as many people as possible without the “attention” that an explosion creates. When you look at what these two a’holes did is absolutely nothing in comparison to what a single terrorist or some foreign agent could do with a highly contagious and deadly pathogen. It reminds me of that movie “12 Monkeys”, where that bio-scientist ended human civilization by travelling with this virus to several airports around the world within 7 days or so.

            This is something that people are getting extremely laxed about, the pin prick terrorism that makes the news for a few 24/7 coverage days and then all is back to “normal”. North Korea and probably a few other countries have smallpox. Practically no one is vaccinated that is 35-40 years old or younger and this plague would spread like hell on Earth around the planet. It is the morbidity rate of near 100% more than the fatality rate that is about 30-35%. One f’er could spread this over the incubation period of 10-14 days and totally collapse ALL the world’s economies when it broke out.

            Literally smallpox could destroy the way the human world functions for at least several months if not years and possibly decades. You could not vaccinate people fast enough. They say that people vaccinated before the 1970’s would not get the full blown effects of smallpox, but it would knock most people out for a few weeks. The economies are already in bad shape. One lousy North Korean or Iranian agent could do this to all of us.

            I see this again and again with terrorism and natural disasters, that 99% of the population KNOWS that everything will be recovered and fine within a couple of weeks. This head in the sand denial and/or ignorance of just what is capable of occurring is going to be the death of the majority of the people WHEN something happens.

            Yet people refuse to prepare, conditioned to just know that a solar EMP will never happen, world war will never break out, terrorism will always be on a tiny scale, the economy will be fine, martial law is for the movies, the major faults in the U.S. will “magically” never break, nature will never unleash a worldwide panademic, and on and on with the rosy colored glasses. I guess it is far easier for the 99% to be dumb and blind. Very sad and pitiful.

            • BI seems to be correct about things that go boom. More death & destruction would have been caused by somebody driving down the sidewalk during such an event.

            • yeah BI…I was referring to bodily fluids as more direct contact that was required from being close by the person infected. When I speak of airborne, I’m talking more about the way a common cold is transmitted…by someone sneezing across the room.

              They had one case where they believe Ebola DID go airborne, but it was a strain that infected only monkeys. That was in Reston, VA.

              If the Soviets were successful in weoponizing Marburg, and it ever gets into the wrong hands, then we are totally screwed.

              And if small pox were to affect the general population the way you describe, it’s likely that it would be TEOTWAWKI. Ever see the History Channel docudrama “After Armageddon”? An extended widespread pandemic would result in severe infrastructure problems…power…water..etc.

      61. Anytime they feel *froggy*…! 😉


      62. Aljamo, the only way to save this country is a 2nd American Revolution. The ballot box has failed, protests have failed, so now we are forced to turn to the cartridge box. Braveheart

        • Amen… sigh.
          braveheart, agree, but, we must somehow find a way to act as ONE. I have thought of several ways, but secession will probably be the only way to bring down this fedbeast, and only then when their ‘money’ fails and the sheep wake up full of anger.

          It is difficult in this land of lies and illusions, where an agent hides behind every bush and infiltrators troll in the light around decent people. It is impossible when our men have been transformed into women, afraid of their own shadows.

          We the Men of America, who have the Light of God within, must unite in purpose if not physically, and stand up to the evil ones. To regain liberty, justice, and the right to pursue happiness, is the meaning of the old words on paper, that should be seen now as almost holy writ, inspired by God for our time.

          But we are divided by fear and sweet words on the tongues of the collectivist demons of the Tower of Babel, words that now turn bitter in the belly. By 2015, we shall be united in vision if not purpose, for we shall all wake up to see the Agenda of Darkness, to take us into the Abyss.

          And we, as ONE, must raise the standard and declare,
          NOT ONE MORE INCH.

          PS: I just read ‘Dominatus’ by DW Ulsterman. It is not collapse I am concerned with, but; TAKE OVER.
          This is what it would be like when the USA becomes the New United Nations, with Grand Consul Obama at the helm. In one word, nazi.
          I will not reveal any more for those who wish to get it, at amazon. It will make your hair stand on end at the ultimate direction of Obamacare, and your heart sing for joy because there are still a few of us left.

        • Not going to happen. Time is running out. If/when the new amnesty goes through the nation will be dead in ten years.

      63. Walt, you’re probably right but it doesn’t hurt to try. I was being sarcastic to him to some degree. He does make some sensible posts on occasion and has some capacity to carry on a decent conversation, so I can’t really consider him to be a troll. No troll I ever encountered can carry on a decent conversation or even think for themselves. The only reason I’ve eased up on ncjoe was per a request from BI. As Daisy said in an article from earlier this year, we preppers are the only group of independent thinkers left in the US. Eisen does think for himself up to a point; I can feel it in his posts. I’m trying to get him to open his mind more and expand that capability for independent thinking, but he’s the one who has to make that decision for himself. Only time will tell. Braveheart

        • Eisencrap just needs to learn that by shutting himself off to people over 30 (which I would imagine is his definition of old), he is depriving himself of a lot of acquired wisdom.

          In my book….he’s a fool. A fool by definition is full of himself, disregards the advice of those older and wiser and is impervious to reason. A fool may be “smart”…but he’s not wise.

          I once heard it said that a smart man learns from his mistakes. A wise man learns from other people’s mistakes.

          Eisencrap seems to be incapable of doing that. Which means in a real SHTF situation, anything he learns will be based on his own mistakes. And that can be fatal. “On the job training” is fine for somethings….but not for SHTF.



            • Why have you given up on learning? I am a old wise Guy(person) who tries to learn something new every day. Today, I re-learned it sucks working for someone who thinks they know something that isn’t so. She wasted $25 of my labor over $7 of material to job correctly.

              Do you know the rule of 3 4 5? Ohm’s Law or even when you had your last Tetanus vaccine? Didn’t think so…

              Is everyone’s Tetanus vaccine up to date??????????


                BUT I LOVE YOU JUST THE SAME.

              • Very good Shootit.

                He should look into a rabies vaccine as well.

                • Howdy Doc,

                  Yes, the ‘frothing at the mouth’ is a telling, definitive symptom…isn’t it? 😉


                  • You two crack me up.

                    I think you may be hot on his trail. Symptoms besides ‘frothing at the mouth’, anxiety, insomnia, confusion, agitation, abnormal behavior, paranoia, terror, and hallucinations.

            • Holy shit Eisenkreuz….why are you always so angry and disrespectful to everyone? Occasionally, your posts contain good info, but for the most part, your posts are raging with anger and resentment! Take a pill or something…..

            • I rest my case.

      64. Hello. I’m a nattering necroposting Nazi nutjob, and I’ll be pissing my retarded racist comments all over this comments section just as soon as several more posts appear above it so that the troll patrol will be less likely to notice me. Just thought I ought to tell you all that.

        • See, I got sent to federal pound-me-in-the-ass prison when I was just graduating from the Hitlerjungen…

          • you liked it

      65. Shades of Things to Come.
        Remember you heard it here.
        I am sure they will have a good reason in future events such as, an on the loose terrerist bank robber, Pick Pocket person or the ever popular suspected criminal at large on the loose…

        • That was one of my points too Trailer Park Investor…..

          In Boston, they learned that they can use a relatively small event to put people into such a state of mind that they are willing to allow the police to do virtually ANYTHING.

          That is a scary thought.

      66. 102 cases
        cases have doubled in one week

        • This one is getting scary.

        • Well…if it maintains that rate, it will have infected close to half-million people within 3 months.

          From what I’ve read, there’s still no evidence of human to human transmission. So…there may be some localized means of transmission…Chickens?

          The fact (if it is a fact) that it has not been confirmed that transmission is person to person is encouraging.

          Of course…if it mutates….well, all bets are off.

          That 20% mortality rate is what’s scary.

      67. I look at so many people totally accepting the action of these cops acting like something you would see in Russia or some other country like North Korea, Iran, or Saudi Arabia. Getting the bad guy is paramount, but harassing and tormenting innocent homeowners that are already afraid is just plain rotten and shows the dangerous path this country has choosen to travel. Where it is accepted by the masses that totally blameless citizens are not even safe in their own homes from Gestapo storm trooper deviltry. Police are suppose to protect and serve, NOT intimidate and abuse.

      68. I’ve seen several people on this forum agree that this video shows no proof that this article is true , yet everybody just goes along with it and automatically discounts them .why? I served in the military during desert storm and Somalia during the black hawk down incident also know as operation restore hope. As a result of all of that I will never again just take what someone says as gospel until I can prove it myself.if you do take what anyone just post and not question it your no better than the steeple that wont.

        • Patrick thank you for your service. I agree with you 100%. The issue I have is that once you watch this video and realize it was not part of Boston it leaves me feeling had. The headline, video and locations stated do not add up. I come to this site for the truth. I don’t like getting played.

          • Why don”t you Google Earth the address/street given. There are very few parts of the country that have houses like those shown. They are mostly found in the North East. Big damn houses and not McMansions but older custom builts.

      69. This footage, I think is completely bogus. First of all the 1st person they pulled out was a cop. 2nd , 10 people 8 males 2 women no kids….hmmm. Looks like a crack house, not to mention the last woman they pulled out had a shep and she brought it out on a leash…never gonna happen. 3rd, they led them down for superficial pat downs. If they were really concerned they would have brought them straight outside face down on the street. And 4th…if they are supposedly looking for the bomber, their focus would not have been solely on this one home. It seems to me that this is leaked footage of a training exercise that was poorly done. Yet this should give us more worry than the proposed door to door searching. This means they are gearing up yet still have their heads stuck up their asses. There isn’t even any organization in their operation. You don’t touch the first person out the door and force them to raise their hands. So many mistakes I could probably pick this apart for hours, but only watched it twice just to count the # of people.

      70. It should be noted that: 1)The ‘house to house’ action took place in one section of Watertown, within a 20 block perimeter. 2)Residents were evacuated because the suspects had used more explosives that night, including another of the kind used at the marathon. 3) Residents of everywhere else were ADVISED to shelter in place, but it was not mandatory. Many people went outside anyways, with no interference from LE.

        You know how there’s that commonly used ‘ticking time bomb’ hypothetical used to depict an extreme scenario? Well, this was that scenario. I know that neighborhood – I know every corner you saw on every news story. I know many people in those parts. I don’t no a single one who felt as if the police were oppressing them, abusing their authority, etc. In fact, people feel that the police were professional, and in the end, they got their man.

        Take it as a given that my being at this site places me outside the boundaries of ‘conventional, msm, sheeple’ labels that the ‘alternative narrative’ crowd tosses about with excessive ease. My eyes are on the long range policy implications, and the history of US relations with militants in central Asia. There is a much bigger story here, and I doubt seriously that the Watertown cops – some of whom I know – have any understanding of it. See Sibel Edmonds’ site for excellent context.

        • @ OB,

          Thanks…THAT IS ‘good’ to know…the TRUTH, always…not the “speculaltion as fact” that oftimes comes after such. Still, the circumstance is troubling Friend for what it MIGHT become….


      71. Sgt: “We had 2 SWAT teams and a dozen guys from Homeland Security search the house…still couldn’t find the danged remote!”

        Cptn: “Did you look under the couch cushions?”

        Sgt: “Uh…no. We never thought of that!”

        Cptn: “That’s why you’re a sgt and I’m a Captain. Now, put in the dvd and let’s watch Gilligan’s Island.”

        • Now we know the truth… 😉

      72. Evening BI,

        Suprise, suprise..another GRB, at around 21:00 UTC today (16:00 CST)…the LC will not be posted for a bit, as usual.

        “Literally smallpox could destroy the way the human world functions for at least several months if not years and possibly decades. You could not vaccinate people fast enough.”

        Yep….THAT about sums it up, doesn’t it? In the greater scheme, after careful consideration that is what served as the FINAL straw in my mind with respect to the “Decision’ made…

        Exercise your imagination here folks for a minute or so. In the beginning, roughly the most destructive that a single individual could be would – via a stone-age, HIGH-tech option, ‘The Club’.. – kill one or two, or perhaps a couple more before the random chances associated with all such things caught up with him to end the spree, Yes?

        Thereafter Humankind realized the use of modern explosives – culminating in the efforts of Alfred Nobel, hence the “Nobel” Prize – and that process became vastly enhanced… till one could with a little ‘luck’ kill many dozens of one’s fellows…

        Thereafter, as Messr. Einstein’s insight’s became known, it became the case that it was actually possible for a single individual to do do no more than press a round, red button and effect the anihilation of literally millions of others across the face of the globe…

        Yet all the cases mentioned above are only the simple manifestations of mechanisms…complex mechanical things who have – in a action – but a single opportunity to destroy and omce so expended are gone and of no further effect in the ‘World that is’…

        On the other hand, with the advent of modern genetic engineeering, it becomes possible to create ‘machines’ – virus’s and bacteria – which having entered the environment at large, can thereafter continue thier own production without the neccesity for a ‘Mind’ to effort itself in that process…in fact, to not even have to ACT to further thier replication, thier growth as a population …a potential weapon which produces ITSELF, so lomg as it can host – in or on – another living organism.

        It is NOT inconceiveable that through the use of very advanced generic engineering that one could develop a multi-stable state of a virus or a lineage of bacteria that could alternate between several genetic iterations in a ‘stable’ sense…once so loosed, such as that could ‘poison’ the bio-sphere of this planet IRRETRIEVEABLY for Humankind…Think not? Any such as described above, as it underwent inevitable genetic drift would render any potential vaccine useless…think of the yearly efforts of the CDC to produce an effective counter-agent for the Influneza virus….at this stage the small hairs on the back of your neck shuld be rising and tingling… accompanied by a slightly eery ‘feeling’…

        No matter how powerful an explosive you develop, no matter how effective a nuclear device can be made to be, once it has acted it is DONE…it’s effects will wither and fade and something approximating Life wil return, No?

        In the case of a truly infernally crafted biologic weapon it might be the case that large stretches of this World are rendered unfit for life for VAST stretches of time…possibly Forever.

        THIS is NOW where Humankind is going…to a place from which it IS possible for a single Human being – regardless of thier motivation – to, by a single, simple action destroy the Earth itself in a very real sense.

        Fear this power…I do. Thus I have elected to do as I have, as you here are aware…to distance myself to as far a remove as can be achieved. To my thinking, only there can there be a ‘safety’.

        Let’s face a Truth here; Humankind is inverterately Stupid; People are smart yes,,,but in any group larger than a mere handful the invariant ‘race to the bottom’ of the barrel of insanity seems inevitable…does it not?

        In the final estimation I beleive that Humankind will eventually – via this path – expunge itself from existence via some such method.

        You might have asked yourself through this, “But what can I do?…” to which I’ll respond with only this…
        Think ‘Cold’…the “temperate” zones are NOT the place to be…

        “Think Thrice…ONLY then, ACT.”

        “Think for yourselves….do it NOW, times a’ wasting.”


        • @ JustOneGuy. One of my college teachers once said that as humans learn more they create weapons that are in proportion to that learning curve. Insidous to say the least. Just like genetically modified foods, when these mad individuals create all sorts of bio-genetically altered Frankenstein viruses, we are all in trouble of possibly becoming extinct. I have watched these science fiction movies and shows from all sorts of differnet time periods and the one nightmare that seems like the worst theme of any of them are the “biogenic wars”.

          Right now most people are so self centered on their own little lives that the slightest little deviation from this is a life threatening tragedy. All these drama queens talking about how they can’t continue after the bombings in Boston, and many were not even there at the race. They don’t even mention the police type state, only the event itself. They talk about the healing process, and I say to myself what the hell are they going to do WHEN a true hard core catastrophic event hits.

          I equate this to a trace of snowfall falling in Florida or California and the entire population panicking like it is the end of the world. Or the holocaust that will develop when the freeways were under weekend construction. Yeah, let the San Andreas snap from Mexico to Central california with 3+ minutes of shaking, magnitude 8.3. Then two or three thrust faults go off, magnitude 7-7.5. Then watch the out of control fires, and if it is during a Santa Ana conditions, well. They watch to see true SHTF.

          The population has become the biggest wimps and whiners that there is about the slightest inconvenience to them. They could not handle a moderate SHTF event without dying from fright. Growing up people had conviction and strength, now they are Pillsbury Doughboys or girls that aimlessly walk around walmart corralling their daily uptake of chinese junk and pure chemically poisoned “food”.

          I tell you, to anyone on this site that understands what SHTF means and prepares for it, what we talk about the potential of what could and will happen has impacts. To the rest of the population, they just won’t hear about it. They rather all gather around and blame those that still understand what freedom and having a mind is about for all the problems of the world, especially when some nut goes crazy with a firearm. The 99%, I never thought that such a high percentage could degrade to such a controlled level of thinking to stop personal prepping for emergencies. The bad guys might not need a biogenic weapon, nature might beat them to it. After all stupid people and stupid animals don’t live very long in nature.

          By the way check out the 5.9 in Mexico, a preview of what is to come, and the Rat Islands are going nuts with shaking as of a few minutes ago. One of these mornings we are going to wake up and another mega quake will have gonged the planet. Please keep a watch on the solar end of this and that will affect what is going on.

          • @Be Informed – Just want to say this comment has so much truth in it .
            I’m old school . My favorite quote from growing up on a sort farm was that I always thought we had money, our outhouse had two holes and our neighbors only had one .

            I grew up churning butter while watching Blue Bonnet commercials . I used to wonder why we could not just buy that.

            I grew up being ashamed of having so little store bought goods and living so country . We made do with so little . Extra money was made trapping furs or digging roots in the woods to sale .

            Yet now I feel so happy I know how to do so much .
            Canning? I started when I was able to stand on a kitchen chair to help .
            Gardening? My guess is eight children meant growing our food was survival .
            Trapping? I know plenty on tracking, setting traps, and reading sign .
            My grown children think I’m a dinosaur .
            But at least here on this site where I have been reading for many months, I feel a sense of many like minded people .
            Thanks to so many here for making this site what it is.
            Thank you BI. for your valued informative comments .
            And all the others here .
            This is a great community .

            • @ 22Mission,

              JOG here…Good Morning…BI has left the buliding – I think 😉 Truly, we don’t usually see that one in the early wee hours…I was suprised tonight myself to stumble onto.

              Your handle is new to me…are you new here? If so, “Be Welcome in this place”. By your description, your are RICH with skills Friend, likely the envy of many who know but little…Congratualtions, all such wil serve you well in time to Come. I won’t keep yo futher here..I was just departing for the night myself as well.

              Again, Be Welcome here…and Well-Met!


              • @JOG . Thanks much . I have only just started leaving a few scattered comments . But have been giving many green thumbs up to comments like yours and so many others that educate so many .
                I’m just happy to find this rich community containing folks who know the score .
                And hope I can help in any way possible .
                I feel like my primitive skills will help much in many ways when the rubber meets the road .

                Thanks much for the welcome .
                God bless you and yours .
                God bless us all in this continuing insanity .

                • Howdy 22,



            • 22Mission…ginseng roots? They used to be worth a lot of money.

              • Ginseng is still worth lots of money JRS . When you can find any .
                All told, there are many roots, bark,, and herbs worth money .
                My great aunt was a Creek Indian herbal doctor . I spent many a day digging things for her as a child . She used to point her walking stick at the woods and say there was a cure for anything ailling mankind in the woods . She lived just shy of her 99th birthday .
                Cooked on a woodstove .
                I guess she knew what she was talking about .
                I just wish I had learned more from her . She died when I was 13.
                Many many herbs are helpful to heal . And sale .
                Right here at the southern end of the Appalachians where I live .
                And elsewhere for that matter .
                Ginseng is just the one most have heard of .
                Take care friend .

            • 22Mission it is posters like you that have me returning to this site to learn from. Any info. You want to share is most welcome. And welcome.

              • @Former Cal Girl –
                Feel free to ask me questions and I will answer as best I can friend .
                I’m certainly not qualified to give any medical advice .
                But I sure do know good uses for many herbal remedies and can identify much .
                I don’t use any type of big pharma drugs and am disabled with several things .
                I avoid doctors .
                I believe mother earth is the biggest healer of all .
                And the man upstairs .
                It is not the end of the journey that matters .
                It’s the trip along the way .
                And helping your fellow man . Even if an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on is all you got .
                Take care!

              • I agree whole heartedly. This site has so many people with much information to learn.

                Thanks 22Mission

                • @Norse Prepper . Yes indeedy . That is what I have discovered .
                  And why I keep coming back for more .
                  Now if I could just say how much better life is without an idiot box or tv as most call it .
                  Stress goes down .
                  And walking, or bicycle riding instead of handing over $$ to oil companies .
                  Been without a car for over 2 years .
                  Been without an idiot box over 5 years .
                  And priceless to never worry about the latest price of gasoline .
                  You seem a good egg Norse Prepper .
                  Take care

      73. Website is total paranoid BS. You fear peddlers should be ashamed!

        • c’mon jones…we LOVE our doomer porn. If you’re OK with everything that is going on in this country than this site is not geared to you.

      74. Suprise!…Good Mornig BI!

        Little did I knnow that you would be ‘about’ so late as this Friend!

        “Whiner’s”…Yep, that would – I think – explain it all ‘in a word’. I caught the Mexican event previously… again it plays to your progostications directly…I am – as always – WELL immpressed with your talent where the ‘What is below’ is concerned, exquisitely so! I too, have begun to wonder to just what extent the plate loadings are at this point…to be sure, some of that was effectively realized in actuality with the activity we have obvvered the last several days…40+ 5.0+ or better, in so short a time! What will come now…?

        To be truthful, I am becoming VERY concerned that the situation in China might become ‘bad’…soon. It is nigh onto 100 years now, since the last time Mother Nature ‘suprised’ Humanity. What exists now on the Chinese mainland is – in terms of the evolutionary sense, where the virus is concerned – hundreds of thousands or millions of times more potent (dangerous) than at any point in the past. This is a known thing: That when you increase any poplation of animals – farm or otherwise – in a single geographic location past a certian level that the upswing in BOTH the transmissibility AND the rate of evolutionary change of any pathogenic vector does NOT go up with any linearity…it goes UP much faster…China is now – in my mind – TERRIFYING as it is currently populated. I ‘feel’ this is soon to go ‘South’, and that WHEN it does…I intend to be as FAR away as I can posssibly be…as FAR away from Humankind – broadly – as can be…..for me, now, 38 days and counting….

        As you well know Friend, my ‘talents’ are mathematical in Nature…and given that the propagation of any such is fundamentally mathematical and both WELL and LONG-modeled I TELL you this: Take HEED of what I stated above. IF there is ANY manifestation in either China or – worse India – of a sudden ‘turn of events’. The modeling involved suggest in no uncertain terms that in the world as we know it today that the concept of ‘containment’ is a PURE fiction…effectively, an impossibility….contagion will already be penetrant across international borders BEFORE it is ever recognized as such…and once thereby loosed then the only possible response would be the infamous 8080 option…do you remember that I once mentioned that?

        Even that has no certainty of success…the odds are..bad. As for the Solar thing I can tell you this: 11726 IS bwecoming ‘interesting’ now, it’s growth is ferocious at this point and if it continues for even another day I fully expect it will exceed the 1000 SM mark…also it is ‘complex’ magnetically, fully meriting the BGD (Beta-Gamma-Delta) clssification it now has been assigned…the one for which spots of any significant size can easily go ‘Boom.’ As a last thought here Friend,
        the seismic SHOULD ‘relax’ at this point (somewhat) per the reasoning I put forth a while least somehwat. none of the events which I reported here are of the LARGE variety so there is a fudge-factor in this, my estimation,…as well also that the last of the five mentioned has yet to post an LC to the Repository (Not uncommon on weekends) sooooo…

        Well, enough for one eve…my day today is long…will be so. A good evening Friend…


        • @ JustOneGuy. I too enjoy mathematics and statisitcs as this can definitely help to forecast accurately what is to come. I wish there was more of a record of very large earthquakes, but really there is only 100 years or so of records that have any real dependability. The last cycle of 8.3+ earthquakes began in 1950 in Tibet with a 8.6, and ended in 1965 in the Rat Islands at 8.7. It took 36 YEARS before another 8.3+ hit that was 8.4 near the coast of Peru. To think about this time period of 36 years without a 8.3 on the entire planet is incredible quiet period even in geological time.

          The current time frame we just don’t know how long it is going to last, IF it is going to stop for another rest period. I think there is much more complexity to just why from 1965 to 2001 there was not one 8.3+. I want to say maybe it had to do with space and the Sun’s output of energy. Then I think it might just be a type of locking up of the plates that goes on in which the plates are much less in motion anywhere. Then when there is breakdown of this locked up energy the plates are able to more freely move until this lock up begins once again. Another issue I thought about is what you mentioned before is the ridigity (stiffness) of the crust that would have to do with the inner core temperaturs and the magnetic influences.

          What I have always wondered is a crustal shift. I was once baking a pie and like an idiot I failed to put in enough corn starch to thicken the peaches and juice below the very thick crust I made on top. Naturally being quite spastic when cooking I took out the pie thinking it was done and the crust slipped off the pie and the insides went all over my hands the oven mitt and the oven door and floor. By the way if you ever get burned get your hands or whatever into cold water as quickly as possible, which I did without hesitation. It got me to thinking later after several minutes of swearing bad words and feeling stupid and inept without thinking. This is like the crust of the planet.

          In most places the crust is very thin in comparison to the rest of the inside of the planet. I could see with the rotation of planet around the sun and the spinning of the axis that like a top, you lose that equilibrium, you could have sliding of the crust to a new axis point. Any type of wobble adds to this instability. The equatorial bulge is a result of the planet being a lot more fluid, than solid, than people realize. I have even thought about the massive ice build up in the Antarctica could help in a deterioration of this axis in which the planet spins around. There is actually a building process of Antarctica ice that few people play attention to, especially in the center of the continent, as opposed to the melting of Arctic ice.

          Grant it there would probably not be some sort of polar shift like the 2012 movie, but I could see some shifting possible, especially if the magma pools up in one location such what is going on a very slow process under the area between New Zealand and Hawaii. IF Antarcica started to become VERY volcanic, I am almost positive that this would be the sign of some polar shift ready to happen. I concur about your concern over India and southern China as the Australian plate is going through some major fluxes, big time on its northern borders along the Himalaya mountain range. In the short term, Mexico to Chile is in trouble for a large quake coming.

          • Howdy BI!

            Still the issue you note, that,

            ” I wish there was more of a record of very large earthquakes, but really there is only 100 years or so of records that have any real dependability.”

            …Is even worse for the Solar side…less than 20 years of ‘Good’ records (going back to the mid-90’s… records based on sophisticated satellite-based sensors not subject to the vagaries of terretrial weather.

            As far as ‘crustal shift’ I am out of MY depth here Friend…there is simply too many things I DON’T know about the ‘Deep Earth’ that would play into any such: the exact, typical viscosity of the mantle (away from ‘Hot Spot’s) the effective ‘coupling’ of the crust to the mantle…the list goes on. Some of the MOST FASCINATING questions we might ask oursleves here with respect to such things are YET to be formally ‘treated’ by anyone, anywhere, No?

            I have long though that with sufficient ‘computational horsepower’ and the entirety of ALL Solar records, GRB records and Seismic records – ALL the planetray Databases of such – somesuch as Thee and Me could make a dent in things….alas, such is BEYOND my meager resources! 😉

            Without attempting to offend you here Friend…just as a ‘Gedanken’ (German for Thought-experiment, poplarized by Messr. Einstein’s works) refering back to that page that DK and you and I were inspecting a couple of months ago…’Washington’s Prophecy’ where there is MORE than just that, it is also the case that the Hopi say that ‘at the end the two Great Opposing Forces which reside at the Poles…a pair of “Brother’s, will abadon thier post thereat and allow the Earth to go into paroxysms of Siesmic activity”. They further go forth to describe such as you yourself speculate on here in your post.

            I have mentioned before that there ARE things that we niether KNOW nor UNDERSTAND in this World…whether THAT be onsesuch or no… I can not say, still it IS ‘intriguing’.

            As always, Thanks for the insight’s provoded into all that is Seismic…your particular knowledge IS invaluable to all those here Friend!!

            Umm, noting your comment on,

            “IF Antarcica started to become VERY volcanic, I am almost positive that this would be the sign of some polar shift ready to happen.”

            THIS IS ‘what’ I have been refering to about the GRB thing…IF, the net trend internally was a DECREASE in the TOTAL ‘Heat’ within the body of the Planet…what would HAPPEN? IF, as I have speculated here – and it is JUST that only..a speculation – that GRB’s were serving as a ‘prompt’, a ‘trigger’ for an increase in the TOTAL ‘heat’ manifest at any given moment thorugh an interction with that tiny ‘sub-core’ that is speculated to exist ( a BIG Nuclear Furnace) then seeing an increase in the seismocity in the Polar regions…or WORSE, seeing overt Volcanism manifest there…I WOULD begin to GET NERVOUS, No?

            Returning to the Hopi thing briefly…Friend take a bit and LOOK through what they say….MUCH there mimic’s what you yourself posit…predicted events that well- match your speculations here. WHAT the TRUTH of it is…who knows! I don’t…but it appears that someone, occaisionally does ‘hit it’…and I don’t think that it’s entirely an issue of ‘a blind hog finding an acorn now and then’ either…

            As said before, I EXPECT, now, a dimuinuation of siesmic for a bit…some few weeks based on we have discussed previously. As always…we will watch and wait,
            …and ‘see’

            Enough for Today I think Friend, till later then!


            • Way back when, I remember someone talking about Socrates talking about the ancient land of Atlantis and gave the shape of the continent back when it was around. If you take the ice away from the continent of Antarctica they said that this was Atlantis. I kind of think that Atlantis was either the Greek Island that was flattened by that volcano mega collapse in the Mediterrean, OR is somewhere off Bermuda to Florida. However it it interesting to think about IF Atlantis was Antarctica.

              IF this is true then the planet does some major polar shifts every once in awhile, probably rapidly. It would mean that Antarctica was more towards the tropical zone during the times of Atlantis. The real proof behind this would be to find some civilization under the 2-3 miles of ice. There would also be a scary proof of this rapid polar shift. IF someone could find plant material buried under the ice that would show it was sub tropical or tropical and NOT several millions years old, but several thousand, this would be huge. It would mean that the Antarctica that would have taken millions of years to drift to its present location, actually took much less time, as in flash time.

              As you said above, there is so much we don’t know what happens within the planet, and space only has good records of a couple of decades. Just know that the planet is likely not to play by the rules of the game that scientists have set up. IF it did, that 8.6/8.7 mega horizontal quake would not have happened last year. This really threw everyone for a loop as it was “NOT suppose to happen” and left many with questions on why some fault like this could release that much energy on a horizontal plane. They were speculating that it had not broken for 2000 years and this is why. I highly doubt that as the Austrailian plate has been so active for long that it would have broken centuries before this.

              There is just too much that we don’t know, and why those that are wise, the 1%, prepare for emergencies from mild to wild and out of control. Again pity the 99% that have choosen not to prep, most not even a little. Just in case all those idiots from the government and mass media that “tell” the public everything is fine and everything is recoverable from your “friend” FEMA and the government, is of course NOT.

              • Howdy BI,

                Gee…weve GOT to STOP meeting like this! (The wee hours!) 😉

                Not to be argumentative here, but,

                “IF this is true then the planet does some major polar shifts every once in awhile, probably rapidly. It would mean that Antarctica was more towards the tropical zone during the times of Atlantis.”

                Such as that is unlikely…allow me to explain.

                Was it perchance Hapgood (that name comes to mind here) who first positied the possibility of “Polar Shifts”? Dunno..memory does NOT serve this morning it seems. Well, continuing here…such was looked at rather closely with respect to Anartica some few decades back when that first came into ‘vogue’ as a theory. This is what was found: That Antarctica, is and HAS been wholly ice-covered for eons…some several million years at least. We know this by the following reasoning. The core samples taken therefrom are inherently ‘dated’…not by something as imprecise as Carbon-14 methods but instead by the examination of the deposition of the yearly layers of packed ‘sediment’ of snowfall.

                Much like tree-rings are a near-field (in time).. precise method of determining the age of something within the effective range of such then also it is the case that the samples taken via the Antartic coring expeditions are near equally precise at determining same.
                “Alles Klar hier?…Ja?….gut, gut…Ja, GUT!”

                Please to note that I am NOT ‘dis-sing’ the notion that it COULD happen…only asserting that we have STRONG evidence that such as that has not occured within the span of any Human history of which we are aware… still, there are Mysetry’s in the World though…

                One of those is this: Truly, I have been going back through the existent records of GRB’s for a bit..which extend in part all the way back to the 60’s…there are no periods such as we have seen over the last few months; periods wherein there is almost no such activity
                at all, it is common in the records to see onesuch occuring almost DAILY for many years…I dunno here, seems a bit strange, to say the least.

                Also, a thought occured to me after I had made my last post. Think about this, another ‘Gedanken’ here, Visualize a spinning shaft – perhaps a shaft of an engine say…then imagine – VERY lightly – ‘circling’ that with your hand…NOT applying ANY force of grip…Yes? S’OK..WHAT would happen IF you suddenly ‘bore down’ with your grip around somesuch…WHILE that engine was RUNNING, the SHAFT being driven by the engine?

                Methinks ‘twould be NOT GOOD…to say the LEAST!

                Rotate that through another dimesion (spherically) to become the case of the Earth…which has at it’s core a 800 mile wide Iron-Nickel core spinning rapidly…and suddenly – or slowly, either – it happened that a CONTRACTION of the mass/bulk of the mantle around the core occured? THAT would definitely transfer ENOUGH energy to cause a ‘bit ‘O mess’…ya think? Just sayin’ here….EEEeeekkk!

                JOG….GOIN Ta BED!!! 😉 See Y’All “Ein der Morgan!”

              • BI
                There is a thought that I have had and I wonder if I could throw it out here for feedback.

                A few years ago I studied acupuncture. We learned how the human body has meridians that energy flows through and special points on the body that can be manipulated to have effects on the entire organism. This is also true for animals.

                What if the entire planet is like this too? Would it be possible for the planet to have meridians that keep the planet balanced and key points where these meridians can be manipulated? Is it possible for the planet to have “acupuncture points”? And if it did, what would be the impact of the deep drilling that is going on in influencing the meridians?

                I’m not saying that this is something I consider true. It is just idle musing that I thought I would contribute and gather other people’s thoughts on.

                • @ JustOneGuy. I am aware of the ice core samplings of both Antarcica and Greenland, and why I said that I felt that the “mythical” land of Atlantis if it did exist it was probably towards Greece of Bermuda. It is interesting to note that there have been maps of Antarctica without the ice. Either someone very advanced technology knew what it looked like without the ice, or at one point there was no ice. What I have thought, thinking outside the box, is that Atlantis was A LOT older than a few thousand years. Perhaps when the people that lived there were faced with imminent destruction took off to somewhere else when the planet was going through some major upheaval.

                  I was watching that show about after human beings, and after about 10000 years almost all evidence of people would be gone, other than Mount Rushmore. If Atlantis was around, most evidence would be gone after severeal thousand years. Millions of years and forget about it.

                  I too look for raw evidence to everything to prove or disprove something and I would sure like to be able to see what is under that 2-3 miles of ice at the Antarctica. Polar shifts I imagine are quite possible with any planet that has a hot internal core and insides becaaue the crust RIDES on this hot very movable liquid rock. Lose whatever is holding that thin crust in place, and the crust could shift very rapidly. Think about this one, the core doesn’t have to rotate, just the crust to cause a type of polar shift that is ONLY surface level rather than a deep one. Evidence of such a rapid slide would be worn away within a few hundred thousand years.

                  By the way it was late last night. Some very nervous energy around me, more like jittery energy. Wonder if it has something to do with one of the faults ready to break or some volcanic energy building.

                  @ Merree. Meridian points must be considered with the planet as I have found when these junction points along plate boundary flare up, major earthquakes occur at various different spots. Since the planet has moved very little in the past 40 years, you can look up these spots and then see where the major earthquakes happened thereafter. It has proven almost flawless. I imagine asteroid impacts would be just like acupuncture, a huge deep one. In fact mass movement like the 9.1 in Indonesia actually speeds up or slows the rotation of the planet by a few microseconds. An asteroiud would have huge effects on the planet.

                  This is why with the build up of the ice on the Antarctica I have said to myself that this has a real effect on the way the planet moves around the sun and rotates. There is a wobble, called the Chandler Effect. I have speculated that when there is enough of a wobble that the plate movements is sped up as the planet tried to re-establish its balance. Much like the way a hurricane or torando is the climate’s way of seeking a temperature balance, a weight related balance must also be met with a movable object such as the Earth.

                  I can imagine that the temperature balance is something that drives these earthquakes and more or less rapid plate movements. I can see in my mind that there are vast eddies of cooler and hotter areas below us. This lack of uniformityof temperatures is likely what causes more pressure to build up at these meridian points you talk about. Too many of these “spastic” points and the body, biological or chemical and physical must seeks out a balance. The more severe it is, like a very low pressure hurricane, the more severe the results of getting this balance back to “normal” it will be. This is such as very tight isobars in low pressure areas, even high pressure areas around the Antarctica, that the winds howl. Merree, I truly like that analogy of the planet to a biological body with junction points of energy.

                  This is why I like coming to this site, the people such as yourselves think way out of the controlled conformity of the masses. It is a wonderful feeling to really think. I will take this anyday of the century to the meaningless ass monkey chatter about absolutely nothing on places like facebook.

                  • Possible Repost…

                    Howdy BI!

                    Whoo-Hoo!!!…there is much ‘food for thought’ here in your response!! 😉

                    As a habit I tend to ‘up-scroll’ from the BOTTOM of any ‘large’ forum, hence I came to Smokey’s post below your’s FIRsT and replied thereto forthwith. YOUR reply merits no SMALL amount of ‘thought’ in my corresponding, counter-reply…allow – for a bit – a brief pause here so as that I can attend to some other pressing business at hand, firstly…

                    I will thereafter respond – in detail – once I have composed my thoughts sufficiently to be included therein…I NEVER respond to you, here, flippantly – in an off-hand manner – Friend!! 🙂


                    PS: “Facebook”…there WILL come a day when ALL who have placed themselves THERE WILL regret that…in the most EXTREME sense….and Yes Friend, the dilaogues that we have HERE are a treasure to me…I will miss them more than I can say later, after I have exited…. 🙁

                    JOG *SAD…Sense of LOSS…*

                  • Howdy BI,

                    Your points are SO good i can only respond here piece-meal Friend,
                    the dollowing constitutes a first part…Also, the very last portion of
                    this is also directed at Satori, Daisy and DK.

                    Finally, THAT is done!…I presume that you are here refering to the
                    “Piri Reise’ mapping of Antarctica, Yes? Such IS utterly inexplicable…
                    cannot be explained in any wise, shape or form inlighht of out current,
                    “Standard Model” of what we THINK we know. Indeed, as said, a Mystery.

                    I wil here proffer another such for you; Again, I revert to the tales
                    of the Hopi Indians (of the American SouthWest). According to those there
                    have existed 4 distinct “Worlds” thus far which were the habitations of

                    The first of these was created by thier central God-Figure “Tai-o-wa”,
                    through his “nephew” Sotuknang, whom He created in the Beginning. This World
                    was named “Topkela” and was a ‘perfect place’, without flaw, in which all
                    lived in Harmony…the animals, Human Beings and also the Spirits. Tai-o-wa
                    then instructed – also – Sotuknang to create other Worlds, for a total of nine
                    altogether. the last of those is the residence of Tai-o-wa himself. Humans
                    now occupy the Fourth of those so created…three have previously been
                    occupied and after the People had become Wicked, were subsequently destroyed
                    by Divine Agency,

                    after a time Humankind strayed broadly from the directives and guidance
                    that Tai-o-wa had instructed the People in; they became perverse and
                    materialistic. It then came to pass that when Tai-o-wa saw the evil that
                    the People did that he ordered his nephew, Sotuknang to gather up the few
                    of the People that were yet worthy, to hide them within the Earth in Safety
                    and when Sotuknang had done so, then Tai-o-wa ordered Him to destroy the
                    World. The agency of the destruction of that First World was Fire, it was
                    ‘burned’ clean.

                    Those saved from th destrction of the First World, Topkela, were brought
                    into a second, less perfect World, “Topka”, which differed from the First
                    in several ways. To begin with, there was Death…something unknown in the
                    First World. Too ther were seasons of excess heat and cold and unlike the
                    first, it was needful for Men to grow food as opposed to it simply being
                    provided by the rich bounty of Nature which existed in the First World. Time
                    passed and once again the People grew Wicked in Tai-o-wa’s sight. A second
                    time he ordered Sotuknang to gather up those who were yet uncorrupt and to
                    shield them within the Earth. Again Tai-o-wa instructed his nephew to
                    cleanse the World. The manner of the destructioin of the second World
                    differed from that used to destroy Topkela, the First World. That second
                    time the World was destroyed by Ice…covering everything. In time, that
                    Ice age passed, and the People emerged into a Third world, “Kushkurrza”,
                    which – suprise, suprise – was not as well-appointed as had been the Second or
                    the First. Life was harder there that it had previously been, but the People
                    thrived and unfortunately soon took up thier wicked ways again, much more
                    rapidly than they had in either of the two preceding Worlds. In that, the
                    Third World the Pepole rapidly progressed toa Mastery of the Forces of
                    Nature and in the words of the Hopi Elders, “Had much that is seen even
                    today…even so, More than what is now seen in the World!” The allusiion
                    here to technology is relatively direct…

                    Proceeding with His Creator’s wishes, Sotuknang cleansed the World yet
                    again…this time with a Vast Flood in which all Life that was not shielded
                    perished utterly. By the description of the Hopi the carnage that resulted
                    was near to absolute. Thereafter, the People were allowed to come forth into
                    this, the Fourth World…which following the form of the preceding pattern
                    was not as hospitable as those preceding it. Life in the Fourth World was
                    difficult and harsh.

                    The Lord of this World is one the Hopi call “Skeleton Man’, whose formal
                    name is “Massaw” That one told the People, “You may live here…but you must
                    live a simple life; look at me I do not have much, my planting-stick and my
                    corn, also my seed-bag. If you do as I tell you all will be well, if not…
                    Massaw went on to tell the Hopi a wide variety of things abot Life in the
                    New world, giving them directions therefor. He also told them that IF they
                    strayed from the simple ways he instructed them to take, that He would
                    reclaim the World from them, “For I am the First here…and I will be the
                    Last. Massaw had angered Tai-o-wa as He had been the guardian of the
                    previous World, “Kushkurrza’ and had therefor failed in his guidance of
                    the People…to lead them into better ways…for that reason he was in the
                    Fourth World appointed to be the God of Death and would only be restored
                    to Tai-o-wa’s good graces if he did his work properly…in ALL wises.

                    Please to note Bi, that the sequence embodied in the preceding is
                    destruction by Fire, then Ice, followed by Water…the next iteration of this
                    is to be something different yet, something Mysterious which even the Hopi do
                    not claim to grasp. Enough said on that point for now, I think. Perhaps it
                    begins to become plain from whence come my motivations come. For at the end
                    of this, the Hopi say that only those who go into the deep wilds will survive
                    what is to come and that here, in this World Humans will discover the ‘Code
                    of Life’ and bring forth a corruption in this World such as has never before
                    been seen in any of those that have went before it.

                    BI, Satori, and others…please note this One Final point above.


                  • Thanks,BI,
                    I also appreciate your insights. One of the things I enjoy about the site is the mixture of ideas and attitudes. I think the ancient Greek forums were places where people could meet and discuss ideas and forums like this are the modren equivalent.

              • One problem with that. Antarctica has been a mile deep in ice for longer than man has been man. It’s not possible for the Atlantis legend to have been a paleo-memory passed down for many generations to Socrates’ time.

                It’s believed the Atlantis legend grew out of a volcanic event near Crete about 15,000 years ago, or the filling of the Mediterranean basin when the last ice age ended about 10,000 years ago. There were certainly modern men living in the basin then.

                • Howdy Smokey,

                  Yes Sirree…it is thought that the Atlantis legend does come from the detonation of the volcanic structure which was, and is, today “Santorini’; thought to be the center of Ancient Minoan civilization. It happens that that event was somewhat ‘closer’ to us in time than some speculate, having occured only a couple of thousand years BC.

                  That said, the Island’s destruction was incredible …BI could likely explain this – in detail! – far better than I, but the result was simply ‘catastrophic’ for the entirety of the Meditteranean region; there is distinct evidence that a basin-wide Tsunami proceeded outward from that place which in impacting the coatlines thereabouts DEVASTATED the entirety of most cultures there resident…

                  ALSO!…it is the case that the ‘timming’ of this SEEMS – roughly, as “best” as can be determined – to corrresopnd quite closely with what we can infer was the occurance of the events described in the ‘Books of Moses’, specifically, the events surronding those things in the book of Exodus…the Ten Plagues of Egypt….food for thought perhaps.

                  As an aside here; Is it not amazing that we can KNOW of events – in detail -so long ago via the Sciences which are available to us now? I never cease to be amazed…


      75. Achtung, Achtung…

        An M-1.0 ‘spike’ type Solar Flare was just registered per the NOAA HOES-15 sensors as having occured 10:29 UTC (05:29 CST). Inasmuch as this Flare is of the ‘Spike’ type (ie, “impulsive”) it is unlikely that there would be any concommitant mass ejecta with which to be concerned. A later check on such will be made as I am able…


        • Additional Info, Post-Flare

          A close examination of the latest HMID(C) Magnetic imaging reveals that in the trailing components of the spot region there is now – on a north-south axis – a rather wide area where two seperate regions of highly opposing polarity are immediately adjacent to each other…in direct contact, with each other by all appearances.

          Those who follow such here will recognize this as the pre-cursor to additional flaring. Given the spot’s history at this point – noting the previous M-1.0 – it is possible that any such subsequent flaring could be larger..possibly in the Mid M-class range…

          More to follow, if and as warranted.


          • Thanks JOG. Much appreciated…

            God Bless,

      76. It seems to me this lockdown and martial law was more of a test to see how we would react than an actual attempt to catch a suspect. I don’t recall a manhunt in my life time that locked down an entire major city before. I do recall some issues in the 70’s and 80’s where there were “armed and dangerous” criminals on the run and having road blocks and check points but never martial law. And the lockdown proved useless for the suspect was found after police had cleared an area by another citizen. So, what was the true purpose of this over the top reaction?

        I think it was a test to see not only how effective they could be at deploying 9k men but also see how people would react.

        I think the next time we see a “lock down” will be after riots happen in the wake of a banking holiday…and with the run on gold, silver and bullets…It’s coming…the writing is on the wall.

        This was a test to see how fast they could lockdown a major city and the response of the people. And using a show of force they did indeed scare the folks of Boston and surrounding areas into compliance. My gut tells me this was a test for the banking collapse that is coming.

        • Maybe….just maybe, the H7N9 is a lysogenic virus that remained dormant within the humane genome until an environmental trigger signaled its re-emergence from within the nuclear genome. Sure, it may sound a little sci-fi but epigenetics is still something science is trying to fully understand and thus this could be possible.

          In lieu of that idea, there are other vectors out there that should be explored.

          • Brilliant REPSONSE kynase!

            ‘Tis NOT the average day when someone here blows something past me for which my OWN vocabulary seems ‘inadequate’!!! 😉

            JOG *Somewhat Mildly Initimdated*

            PS: KEEP THAT UP, and I’ll have to go back to school!…

      77. Massachusetts is a blissfully disarmed state, so of course warrantless raids would be a cakewalk. Anyone trying such a thing in my gun-laden town would be ventilated.

      78. BI you are the man! Earthquake in Mexico. Never doubt you but this was right on. Good job! Thanks for all you do for us! 🙂

      79. these acts are going to spead like the plague

        • spread…

      80. I did not look at the video but decided to take from your comments.

        As a test run to see what people would do is plausible but house to house on a wide scale would indicate they are in violation of the Constitution. Even probable cause would be at its limits. The people of the town felt it was not directed at them but to catch a terrorist. A MORE COMPLIANT NATURE.

        Agreed as one stated that the pointing of a weapon upon you is meant to destroy you. Things would change quickly after a few good neighbors are shot on you home street.

        The involvement of the National Guard is of concern for a Police Action to include Federals. But the guard is up and over in my book. Humvees and assorted equipment.
        More cooperation between Law Enforcement and Military?

        Learn what forces can be brought to bear. The have showed their hand on their tactics. Bigger than ever.

      81. 22Mission, please forgive me for my manners, but a late welcome to We’ll be glad to hear any info you have on any survival-related subjects and be happy to answer any questions you have. i’ve noticed your comments but had too many other things on my mind. once again, my sincere apologies. braveheart

        • @Braveheart –
          You seem a kindred spirit friend .
          Time is a relative thing .
          You can hurry through life or take your time .
          It’s all the same .
          Beautiful blue sky spring day here .
          And I got more spinach seeds coming up .
          I keep looking at what is already growing and grinning .
          Looks like a late spring but maybe a good harvest is coming .
          Can’t wait to hear reports on everybody’s gardens, whether they are in the ground or growing in containers like mine . And canning season will be here soon .
          Found some widemouth quarts for $10.50 a case of 12. Bought the two cases they had . My guess is the price will only get higher .
          Take care!

      82. Hey Mac.

        Article over at Drudge, saying Americans are snapping.
        Long read about depression and drugs.

      83. they turned it in to a gun grabbing drill. Remember this the presidents pen mightier then the gun.

        • An incident a week is all they need. The sheep will be begging to be oppressed just so they can feel safe. This ain’t the US anymore.

      84. Obamacare To Encourage Employers to Hire Immigrants Over Citizens

        “Actually, it’s a combination of Obamacare and the immigration reform bill that has been introduced into Congress.

        Under the terms of the immigration reform bill, nearly 11 million illegals will be granted a provisional legal status to live and work in the US. However, that legal status will mean that they will be considered to be the same as people classified as ‘not lawfully present’ under Obamacare.

        The significance of this is that provisionally legal immigrants (still illegal in my book), are not required under Obamacare to obtain health insurance nor are they eligible for Obamacare tax credits. Employers who hire them will not be required to provide health benefits for them and the employers will not be penalized for not providing health coverage.

        When you boil all of this down, employers will reap up to $3,000 in savings by hiring an illegal, oops, I mean a provisionally legal immigrant over hiring a US citizen…”

        Godfather Politics

        • KY Mom,

          This should give all Americans more incentives to keep working hard and harder and pay more taxes. We work hard, pay taxes, just so others don’t have to.

          If I cannot pay for my healthcare, then I lose my house. Others, they get it for free.

          The middleclass is poor because their monies are buying less. The poor are becoming middleclass because they get something for doing nothing. Free money.

          The system will collapse because nobody is fixing it. You can only rob Peter to pay Paul for so long. Then people will say ‘why’? Why should we work harder and pay more so others can have the benefits?

          America will never collect enough taxes to pay its debt. Confiscation is the only way. Thus, here it comes–little by little.

      85. The act of someone pointing a gun at you,including law enforcement and military.

        Bringing a weapon to bear upon you is to destroy you.
        Having a force come on to your property with the intent to take or rob you of your belongings or life to me is an act of WAR between me and the state or that person. Provided I did not break a Law outright. A newly enacted law which contradicts Constitutional law is not a law to me, therefore I would defend my life and property.
        A police search door to door for a missing child or to gain information on a crime committed in the area is fine but to actively engage in military tactics against you with weapons pointed at you for the pupose to disarm or take from you. Well, there’s a problem. Drawing your weapon aginst me may make me respond in the same manner.
        I do not go to the police station and point guns at them, I expect the same curtiscy. Yeah, poor example.
        So if and when they decide to confiscate guns Law Enforcement should be aware that not all of us are scared of drawn weapons.

        • now you know why they want all our weapons! Stand up American. Refuse to comply. Resist with any and all means available. The real terrorists are those in power in the USA and their “internal army” used against the Citizenship of America.


        • Well you better have an unknown weapon and observe good op sec. Even then what will you do if ten or so in a team show up. Get your family killed? Better have a plan.

      86. I dislike and distrust the government as much as anyone and consider myself to be a constitutionalist. Warrantless searches sidestep due process and should never occur in this country. However, with that said, I’m curious as to just what the government should have done. How should they have been tracked down? Let them go and hope that they made a mistake out in the open? Waited for their next attack and hope to catch them in the act? I read a lot of criticisms but no viable alternatives.

        • I will not give up one once of my freedom to FEEL safer!!!!!

      87. Remember one of the text of the younger brother that was released and said he couldn’t believe no one thought 9/11 was an inside job? In the sense that they knew something, I believe it was inside the way the sinking of the Lusitania was in order to get us into WWI and Pearl Harbor was in order to get us into WWII. I think the only surprise about the twin towers was the date. And now this?? And Michelle Obama didn’t let the door hit her butt b4 she’s making nice-nice at the hospital to see the Saudi young man. Did she visit other hospitals/families, the American ones, that is. Something smells to high Heaven about this whole exercise. And the C.I.A. is helping the F.B.I.? I’m sure they mean only on the international part?? Or not?? Remember how we got Homeland Security. Something else is in store for us courtesy of D.C.

      88. Sure hope things settledown some and we can get on to some other topics like……….canning and more prepping. Got some questions on canning I’ve been harboring.

        • Been a canner ever since I can remember Po’d Patriot .
          Love making jelly and jam too .
          Love even better rows of good food grown organically right outside my door, waiting for me to get out and open .
          A full pantry is the best form of security .
          Backed up with some lead and dry powder .
          Take care

      89. Beck lets it go on “The Blaze”.

        • Didn’t live up to the hype.

        • And what is the verdict? Is this a big deal or not?

          • The “verdict”, Beck doing what Beck does best. NOTHING of substance. The “Saudi connection” is decades old news.

            He is “pumping-n-dumping” the official narrative about the two “boys” whom as Olden indicates below, were already very well known to the FBI. And yet the FBI holds a “presstitute” conference displaying photos of these brothers asking for “public assistance” to I.D. individuals THEY ALREADY KNOW!

            If you heard the last segment of “beck’s “will change our world” bombshell (dud), then you know they crucified the Aunt of these two patsies for still insisting ‘they’ were setup.

            No discussion by Beck concerning the vast photo evidence of other more likely “contractor suspects” or the fact, as usual, The FBI says they have video of previously described “patsies” leaving these backpacks.

            Has anyone seen this elusive evidence. Gotta say Beck doesn’t disappoint…HYPED BS delivered as usual!

            • Sorry, meant to type oldman. No offense intended to you or your observation that is beyond relevant, but totally ignored.

            • Ahhhh…Such was what I suspected would happen.

              I mean to oofend none by my previous post…this is forming a pattern now Fols and if you would wnt to consider a thought look above to yental’s line about

              “…asking for “public assistance” to I.D. individuals THEY ALREADY KNOW!”

              but in a different context…to ‘flush out’ those on the various prepper sites in a further effort to IDENTIFY those here – and elsewhere by their REFLEXIVE responses to any such headlines as Beck created the other day…

              WATCH this post…IF IT gets an amazing number of ‘downt-humbs’ through the next few hours Y’all might start to get a little nervous….

              I SAID the other day to ‘watch your MOUTHS” here… did I not? 🙁


              • Apologies for the typo’s…long days…LOOOONNGG Nights.. 😉


      90. someone help out an old person please…why was le, fbi dhs ect holdin news conferences and begging for someone, anyone, to call the tip line and id these two bombers when they had too already know who they were because of past interactions with them…also why no info on following the money, they didn’t shit the money the needed so where in the hell did it come from!!!

      91. @ Swinging On A Star.

        If all the events within let’s say 3 years were compressed into 3 months, would there still be a stable nation? I also think people have no time to investigate what we read. Neither do they care when they live Payday to Payday. As to over 40 years in the making? It is all about having the vehicles in place to make a major change.
        Most think in days or weeks while those who have power think in years and decades. We can argue how many times a broken clock is right and that for any major event you have to be right only once.
        Would one consider to be luckyer being old now or being young? All relative.

      92. Salmon Confidential—How a Canadian Government Cover-Up Threatens Your Health, and the Entire Ecosystem

        “Lethal Salmon Virus Found in Every Region with Installed Salmon Farms”

        “ALL farm-raised fish – not just salmon — are fed a concoction of vitamins, antibiotics, and depending on the fish, synthetic pigments, to make up for the lack of natural flesh coloration due to the altered diet. Without it, the flesh of caged salmon, for example, would be an unappetizing, pale gray. The fish are also fed pesticides, along with compounds such as toxic copper sulfate, which is frequently used to keep nets free of algae.”

        “Buying Local Increases Food Safety and Food Security”

        mercola dot com

      93. Just One Guy,

        A friend sent me an email about meteor showers tonight.

        “Tonight, April 22, we will be able to see a meteor showers. It is predicted that we will be able to see around 25 meteors per hour, with possible surges of up to 100 per hour.”

        Should we be concerned?
        KY Mom

        • KY Mom.

          Here is some info on the meteor shower. It doesn’t appear that there is much to worry about, but I’m not JOG either…

          LYRID METEOR SHOWER: Earth is passing through a stream of debris from ancient Comet Thatcher, source of the annual Lyrid Meteor Shower. Usually the shower is mild (10-20 meteors per hour) but unmapped filaments of dust in the comet’s tail sometimes trigger outbursts ten times stronger. Forecasters say the best time to look is during the dark hours before local dawn on Monday, April 22nd. [photo gallery]

          God Bless,

          • Hah!, the “Lyrid”…I had forgotten that one!

            I ‘See’ that you are – in fact – “Upon it” Brother, Good Work! How goes it in your ‘neck ‘O the Woods’ Friend?


          • Norse Prepper,

            Thank you for the info!

            God bless and hope you have a great day!
            KY Mom

        • Repost

          Hi KY!

          Not this time I think, Hon. Yearly, there are identidied ‘showers’ that we see here on the Earth. Several are sufficiently regular that they have formal Names; such as the Perseid, the Geminid, the Leonid and etc. I beleive that the one which is imminent is likely the “Perseid”…I HAVE been out of the loop for several days…involved elsewhere and so have not checked…as yet. The geneisis of these things lies in the debris fields left behind by various of the cometary masses which pass through the space of the Solar system when diving into the Sun’s gravity well…mostly rather small bit’s and pieces are left behind on those journey’s…

          April IS about the time for the Perseid – If memory serves here!- and there is no concern about this occurance…if you are so inclined, you may watch these and simply enjoy the Beauty of His handiwork. This past Fall we had a ‘meteor’ party – to watch the Leoneid shower – here at my place; several Folk came for a big Bon-fire which lasted till the ‘wee’ hours…it WAS delightful…beautiful, cool weather…all were wearing juckets, warmed by the fire (about two ton of excess fire-wood disposed of) and , of course, a Marvel to Watch…

          Typically, it is spaceweather – dot-com which does the most ‘bang-up’ job of tracking such and keeping everyone notified as to the actual dates of importatnce ..I recommend using them as the focal point for your indexing of what is coming when, as it were. Thanks for the reminder KY…I appear to have let Life’s exigencies run amok over me again…thanks for bringing me back to a better notion! In the religion which is Buhhdism there is a central charcter called ‘Lord Maya’ who serves ONLY to contunuolsy distract us from the greater things of the World through distraction…appears I have been so ‘distracted’ here by such…Thanks again Hon!

          Go…Watch….and MARVEL at the Creation!… 😉


          Post-script…JUST as I was preparing to hit the ‘reply’ button I note NP’s post in below…t’would appear that OTHERS here are already ‘upon it’…Good Wotk NP!! 🙂

          • Just One Guy,

            Thank you for the info!

            God bless and hope you have a great day!

            KY Mom

        • KY, I tried but the snowflakes kept getting in my eyes. Trekker Out.

          • Mountain Trekker,

            I laughed when I read your response. 🙂

            Hope the weather warms up where you are soon!

            KY Mom

            • Thanks KY, But God knows we sure need the snow. And he sure has blessed us with a bunch of it in the last couple of weeks. Several feet at the higher elevations, many areas are now up to 100% which is great. To many forest fires last year, and we sure can use the runoff. I know Paranoid, down around Casper got a lot of good snows. Trekker Out.

        • Israeli director

      94. Hey guys and gals. Beforeitsnew(dot)com has an article that states that Beck’s information is to reveal that the Saudi to be deported is actually Osama Bin Laden’s son.

        All I can say is wow if that is true.

        Keep safe and God Bless,

        • Well the Ocean ought to be big enough for the pair of ’em. There’s a few ( ok, ok, a lot) on this side of the pond that I love to toss overboard too.

      95. Seven Mistakes in Food Storage:

        1. Variety- 95% of the people only stores the 4 basic items; wheat, milk, honey, and salt. This leads to appetite fatigue. Store less wheat and add a variety of other grains. Store a variety of beans, along with flavorings such as tomato, bouillon, cheese, and onion. Include a good supply of spices. Remember VARIETY.
        2. Extended Staples- store dehydrated and/or freeze dried foods as well as home canned and store bought canned goods. Make sure you add cooking oil, shortening, baking powder, soda, yeast and powdered eggs. You will need these to cook the most basic recipes.
        3. Vitamins- Vitamins are most important, especially if you have children. Remember a good multi-vitamin, and extra C, and D also.
        4. Quick and Easy and Psychological Foods- Quick and easy = freeze dried, M R E’s etc. Psychological are the goodies; Jell-O, pudding, candy, etc. Think children if nothing else.
        5. Balance- Keep your food storage well balance. Remember APPETITE FATIGUE.
        6. Containers- Always store in food storage containers. Remember the enemies to food storage; Moisture, Insects, and Rodents. Don’t stack to high (Earthquakes). Most trash can liners are treated with PESTICIDES, don’t use them for storage.
        7. Use Your Storage- A major problem is people do not eat what they store. It’s vital that you and your family become familiar with the things you are storing. You need to know how to prepare these foods. Your family needs to be used to eating these foods. A stressful period is not a good time to learn how to prepare and to totally change your diet!

        If you store only the 4 basics, there’s very little you can do with it. By adding even just a few things it greatly increases your options, and the prospect of your family surviving on it.
        Remember you can adjust to your liking.

        Keep the FAITH

        • Excellent post Watchman…..I’ve been working on the “variety” part for the last 2 months!

        • Vitamin C crystals have a better shelf life than Tang..I have both.
          An egg substitute can be made with unflavored gelatin and water for cooking and baking. I have powdered eggs, but lots of gelatin, too.
          I have had lots of 5 gallon buckets lined with garbage bags. No problem in more than 4 years. Am cooking pinto beans as we type from one of those buckets. Go figure!

          • I’ve been told that some trash bags are treated with pesticide.

        • Indeed, EXCELLENT POST Watchman! 🙂


      96. Al Qaeda is a western zionist creation!

        Bin Laden died of kidney failure in 2001!

        9/11 and Boston = INSIDE JOB

        WAKE UP



        Jews Lead Gun Control Charge – Brother Nathanael


      97. @Everyone ~ A terrorist attempt in Canada, Toronto

        • What I plan, I can also “thwart” at will…assuming that is the plan. Seems there may have been some “good ole USA FBI” involvement in this “victory”.

          Please correct me if I am wrong.

      98. New data to ‘rewrite economic history’

        “The government is about to wave a magic wand and add 3% to our GDP growth.”

        “The US economy will officially become 3 per cent bigger in July as part of a shake-up that will see government statistics take into account 21st century components such as film royalties and spending on research and development.”

        “We are carrying these major changes all the way back in time – which for us means to 1929 – so we are essentially rewriting economic history,” said Mr Moulton.

        “The changes will affect everything from the measured GDP of different US states to the stability of the inflation measure targeted by the Federal Reserve. They will force economists to revisit policy debates about everything from corporate profits to the causes of economic growth.”

        “It isn’t so much that the administration is goosing the numbers, it’s that their defenders won’t mention the changed measurements and use the increase as proof that Obama’s policies are “working.”

        The American Thinker

      99. You mean, if I chant “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” that STILL won’t protect me? How about if I claim I’m a mindless leftist and don’t want to be interrupted from watching Dancing with the Stars, or the latest Kim Kardoooshian, Lady Kaka, or Mahdoona schlock?

      100. Just be glad the bad guy didn’t try to take family HOSTAGE. Of course, in the politically correct, socialist HELL of Massachussets, I guess that wouldn’t happen, because people would have “Gun Free Zone” posted at their front yard.

        Leftists are the most incredibly ignorant people on earth.

      101. Good Night America, it was nice knowing you!

      102. Most of what I say here has been a lie. I am a jack boot shill and ask for forgiveness.

        • 11 Bravo,

          I do appreciate your Service as a Soldier and LEO to our Constitutional Republic. Many of these attacks directed toward you is misguided IMHO. The attackers should realize that any large organization will have some “bad fruits” and so they want to lambast against any and all in your organizations ranks. Even the outstanding ones suffer.

          I share, with some of them, concerns in regards to the attacks against the Bill of Rights of which I am sworn to defend and that I AM Romans13.

          It is my hope that those of us, that have reconcilable differences are; fit to restore the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America. And by the Lord’s good pleasure and blessings we will overcome the communists-progressives. All of us. Together. We should not be divided concerning something so fundamental, for our lives remaining and of posterity.


          The Lord is Righteous.
          Standing by in Texas.

      103. Had to change my name because my replies weren’t showing up. Not sure what the deal was.

      104. Does anyone know is this is where they two guys lived. That would be a little more understandable. But still not over the top.

      105. The sad reality of black run America ….

      106. Hey Mac, WHERE oh where is the great Glenn Beck revelation???

        I looked on the blaze, and all there is on there is a bunch of jibber jabber…

        nothing that will bring down the house, let alone the administration…

        • 😉 !!!

        • Yeah Im thinking the same thing, anyone heard anything from Beck? An awful bold statement on friday and not so much as a peep yet here going into almost tuesday?

      107. H7N9 update
        106 cases now

        • Howdy Satori,

          JOG IS *NERVOUS* here…


      108. OK, Walt, I give up on Eisen. He’s definitely one old dog that won’t learn any new tricks. Now I have t5o look at him the same way I look at the trolls. what a waste! Braveheart

      109. 22Mission, I have relatives in north GA I hope to go to when TSHTF. Braveheart

        • I saw that Braveheart . I was born here . It is not a bad place . Many here are patriots and know the score . Many preppers here too .
          Lots of deep springs from far under ground .
          Keep in touch .

      110. Wow. That is all I can say when reading some of these comments having an issue no search warrants were issued. I’m a big fan of the Constitution and I am against unlawful searches but I have to tell you guys we aren’t talking about a little weed here…or a perverts secret stash of kiddie porn. We are talking about evil people who want to kill you, me our children and our way of life. If it was my eight-year old son that was murdered by these cowards or my little daughter who had her leg ripped off by the explosive blast from the bombs these scumbags made I would expect my fellow citizens to want to – to desire to bring the cowards to justice so they don’t kill again. Under this type of circumstance I don’t have a problem with my home being cleared without a warrant. This is just the beginning with theses cowards. When I heard these guys were Chechens one word came to mind…Beslan.

        • Should be dying. Not my country is dieing. Not one to not pick but its kind of embarrassing. I am also not lieing.

        • I can understand your point, I definately want the terrorists caught. But don’t the terrorists win if we lose our Constitutional Rights in the process of catching them?

          • Howdy Citizen,

            I always Wanted to say that to someone!!!

            I agree with your notion; for IF we become what we are so against then what has been accomplished?

            “For what profiteth it a Man to gain the Whole World…and yet lose his Own Soul?”

            Such as that is what You and I both are getting towrds here, No? Diligence and Vigilance are so VERY warranted in this day and age.


        • Point of fact: The pigs did not find the guy. Some schmuck going outside to smoke did. Your comment implies that you think you have authority to surrender MY rights because a crime touched YOUR life. This whole operation was a joke and an exercise in intimidation. I saw no systematic search. One cop walked by large trash cans sitting at the curb and flipped open the lids (prudent), but I saw another walk right by the same type of cans without giving them a second look. The house searches, probably with permission (hard to say no to a squad of guys with automatic rifles), appeared random, and I think I even heard some of the talking head pigs use that term. Hardly a good way to conduct a sweep for the guy. Using the argument that he may be holding people hostage, or DK’s missing child excuse, get ready for warrantless searches any time a crime is committed or someone says a child is missing (about 1MM children go missing every year, almost always at the hands of a parent).

        • Due process is due process whether it’s searching for terrorists or your local pot-head.

          You don’t get to pick and choose when you give up your freedom. When you give it up…it’s gone!

        • Half the country communists, the other half cowards.

          Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn said it best, “A man will do anything to live one more minute.”

      111. I love it when some wannabe tough guy says, “I woukd have opened fire on them.” or “Let them try that with me.” or blah bllah blah. you guys would have done the same thing those people did and came out with your hands up. Period.

        • @Anonymous.
          You make a very poor assumption that many would just lay down their weapons. Many come here, like myself, to find answers to the questions of doing the right thing in an event, that may be perpetrated upon us, who wish to deprive us of our Freedoms. It is a constant battle to resolve this as to be within the law while standing tall against oppression. When someone says I will lay down my arms I assume they will too. But to a greater degree I know you will, and I doubt that you know for sure, I will follow your actions.

        • I haven’t heard any such thing. Suicide is not in my game plan. I would not open the door or give permission for a search. Make them force their way in and do the search illegally. Any armed resistance would get you killed, and the U.S. kangaroo courts would believe whatever the pigs said. NEVER show any weapon.

      112. This article, headline, and video are misleading. At first glance looks like the police were clearing houses, all houses in Boston this way. Read the article it says Watertown and for all I know the residents needed their asses kicked. Then later it implies Boston. I am disappointed and do not like vetting articles on this site.

      113. The more I think about this video the more irritated I get. I come to this site in search of truth. This video stinks of an agenda. If this is the way the Boston police searched neighborhoods for the terrorist suspects, The city would still be on lockdown and the police would stil be searching. Notice how all the activity is centered around a single house, notice all the police standing around facing the house. Shame on SHTF Plan, Shame on Mac Slavo for allowing this sham. I expect much better or I will go elsewhere. Respectfully, grossyi

        • @ grossyi. IF you don’t believe the way the police and national guard and other “law enforcement” can behave ask the people that lived through Hurricane Katrina. Ask someone that went through the LA riots. Why that would be me. I was lucky enough to not be at ground zero of those riots, but I had some friends that were. Most of the police were within the boundaries of the law, but many were not and got away with thuggery abuse because of the situation of a near war zone. I knew someone that was abused and NOTHING was done, swept under the carpet. Oh well right?

          During crazy times, people act nuts, and law enforcement gets away with acting like Gestapo storm troopers. Again, if you don’t believe this ask the people that still bare the scars of having their heads bashed in by some cop swinging at everything that moves during past riots that were totally innocent. Ask the countless people about the way their homes are broken into by “law enforcement” that, “oops we got the wrong house”. Then ask about how difficult it is to get the city to fix and repair the goon squad’s “mistakes”.

          The police acted within the Constitution in Boston. Come on, give me a break. From the past experiences, this hardly holds true then, and will not in the future.

          • I absolutely believe that the police acted well outside the bounds of the Constitution in Boston and after Katrina. I make no excuses for their behavior. I do take exception to the video posted as an example of the house to house searches that occurred recently in Boston. Were house to house searches done, yes, were they constitutional, not if they entered without a warrant. The Constitution makes no exceptions, neither do I, which is not to say that this video is an example of the house to house searches in Boston. Respectfully

      114. Let’s hear it for Eisenkreuz: HEIL EISENKREUZ! SIEG HEIL! SIEG HEIL! SIEG HEIL! [heels clicking] [sarcasm definitely intended]

      115. “Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the

        government take care of him —

        better take a closer look at the

        American Indian.” …Henry Ford

        Keep the FAITH

      116. Ok – so if this house was so important to be searched so thoroughly, what about the ones on both sides of it? How about the one across the street and down a couple with that suspicious lookin’ fella videotaping out the window? Seems like a profiled search to me…

      117. Dutch Oven Cooking:

        If you are going to cook outside, start your wood 30-45 mins before
        you want to cook so there will be coals. Apply the coals in a
        checkerboard pattern to as to not create hot spots top or bottom.
        Lift and rotate the dutch oven every 10-15 mins a 1/4 turn and then
        rotate the lid 1/4 turn the opposite direction.

        8″ oven size
        325F add 10 coals top and 5 coals bottom
        350F add 11 coals top and 5 coals bottom
        375F add 11 coals top and 6 coals bottom
        400F add 12 coals top and 6 coals bottom
        425F add 13 coals top and 6 coals bottom
        450F add 14 coals top and 6 coals bottom

        10″ oven size
        325F add 13 coals top and 6 coals bottom
        350F add 14 coals top and 7 coals bottom
        375F add 16 coals top and 7 coals bottom
        400F add 17 coals top and 8 coals bottom
        425F add 18 coals top and 9 coals bottom
        450F add 19 coals top and 10 coals bottom

        12″ oven size
        325F add 16 coals top and 7 coals bottom
        350F add 17 coals top and 8 coals bottom
        375F add 18 coals top and 9 coals bottom
        400F add 19 coals top and 10 coals bottom
        425F add 21 coals top and 10 coals bottom
        450F add 22 coals top and 11 coals bottom

        14″ oven size
        325F add 20 coals top and 10 coals bottom
        350F add 21 coals top and 11 coals bottom
        375F add 22 coals top and 12 coals bottom
        400F add 24 coals top and 12 coals bottom
        425F add 25 coals top and 13 coals bottom
        450F add 26 coals top and 14 coals bottom

        Baking temps from regular cookbooks sometimes refer to temperatures
        as Slow, Moderate, Hot, very Hot ovens.
        Slow = 250-350F
        Moderate = 350-400F
        Hot = 400-450F
        Very Hot = 450-500F

        Servings per Dutch oven
        8″ = 2 quarts = 1-2 people
        10″ = 4 quarts = 4-7 people
        12″ = 6 quarts = 12-14 people
        12″ deep = 8 quarts = 16-20 people
        14″ = 8 quarts = 16-20 people
        14″ deep = 10 quarts = 22-28 people
        16″= 12 quarts = 24-30 people

        Keep the FAITH

        • Howdy Watchman,

          ‘Lawd hab Mer-cee’…but you ARE on a roll today Brother!!

          Multiple great posts…fine WORK!



          • JOG: What happened and is happening are crazy, but I believe it is the sign of the times at hand. I think it is time to get back to preparing ideas. Share the wealth if you will.

            A big thank you for your SUN updates, Mother Nature is stronger than man.

            Keep the FAITH

        • Watchman, thanks for this info. That’s a lot for me to write but that is what I’m looking for to have for if it becomes necessary in times of no electricity. All my cookware even in my home is cast iron. Most of this info is out there, just not in one list like you have here. Thanks.

        • When we go camping we make something called Hoboloaf in a poor mans dutch oven and it’s good.

          In a doubled up sheet of heavy aluminum foil put an individual serving size chunk of seasoned ground meat shaped in a loaf. Surround it sliced potatoes, green beans, onions, mushrooms, pour some bbq sauce on it and seal it up in the foil. To cook it, bury it completely in the fire pit coals and let it cook for 40 mins. Unbury it and blow off the ashes, open and eat.

          We make these up a few days before we go camping and put them in the freezer. Because they’re frozen they don’t have to be cooked the first night.

          • When the kids were little, during the winter we would make some up and cook it in the fire place and let the kids “Camp” in the living room, smoores and all. Oh yeah, for smoores try using reeses peanut butter cups instead of chocolate.

      118. The decline of a people’s culture is always the result of race mixing and a decline in racial quality…


      119. This will only stop if we elect politicians who believe in Liberty above all else to office. But we will have to accept more responsibility for our situation.

      120. @Ohio Reader ~ I too listened to the Michael Savage show
        when he was speaking with Walid Shoebat. Thank you for
        posting the link, it can lead everyone right to it.
        I posted the same thing, but just listed Walids website I believe that was one of the top 5 of
        Savages interviews. W. Shoebat spoke with an assertive
        and insightful way of what took place in Boston and what is happening within this country. Many people are not stupid or blind, and with a radio show like Savage had, the blind and stupid are finally waking up. The interview
        was powerful and left quite an impression on me, of what
        people are up against.

      121. I am amazed that you dare come out at this point and say what you said…¨two islamic terrorists¨. Where have you been to lead even more people down a gullible path? They are not gullible and you better do some more homework because there is evidence out that PROVES that they DID NOT DO IT! PHOTOS of after the bomb going off and the suspects that are accusing still have their backpacks on their backs but the other Blackwater guys are running away WITHOUT theirs!!! Doesn´t that seem suspicious! Of course it does, but then lets just cover it all up like all the rest of the BAD GUYS who are making out to look like the GOOD GUYS…BUT ARE NOT!!! You take the cake!

      122. TEPOSTED…

        Solar Report,

        NOAA 11726 continues to grow, steadily and rapidly. now estimates the size of that to be over 700 SM, whilst NOAA regards same as being only 550 SM.

        The spot group continues rotating towards the western limb at this time but will remin visible (within the Terrestrial LOD) for – easily – another 72 hours.

        The latest HMID(S) imaging – both ‘movie’ and ‘stills’ show a sharply defimed infiltration of opposing polarity into the largest section of the trailing region. Should this advance, the probability of further flaring will increase. For the first time in a long while, the listed probability’s for an X-Class event – as listed by NOAA – are non-trivial, being listed this evening as at or above 15%…as well it is the casse that the estimation they give for the probability of an M-Class event are now at or above 40%

        My most recent vieweing of the state of the GOES platform’s figures for electron flux clearly show an abrupt decrease in the measured flux, as well as the magnetometers of same showing a significant deflection from true concurrently.

        Though it is not something which is ‘Academically, formally’ noted to my knowledge, it is the case that by way of long obsevation of these quantitites, that – similar to the current flow in the ground preceding a terrestrial lighning strike – that it is not uncommon for deviations such as we are witnessing now to precede Solar Flaring for much the same reasons.

        Updates to follow, when and as warranted…


      123. The “American” gentile are getting tought to obey their Jewish masters…
        Welcome in the land of Zion!

      124. This is the home of the brave, land of the free? hahahaha

      125. Man, This article has been up for a long time. Hope all is well at the Slavo house.

      126. Notes how to make Alcohol

        5 gal water to 15 lbs. of corn sugar use boiled or sterile water you don’t want something else growing. Cain sugar will work just as well, just has a vinegar flavor result.

        Use 1/2 teaspoon of mineral supplement for every 5 gal of water.

        1 packet of yeast (typical used with grapes to make Champaign) most aggressive yeast or enzyme.

        Produce’s about 18% alcohol solution.

        This takes about 7 days. Take hydrometer reading and if 3 days pass and no change
        then it is done. leaves about 3-4 inches for it to foam up.

        Notes: ————-

        Grain malt (dissolved sugar) can be made by water sitting in grain for 90 min, then straining off the water. You’ll need some barley or wheat to get other grains started.

        Hydrometer goes down as alcohol is made and dissolved solid content goes down.

        The yeast goes to the bottom and can use it to start other batches up to about 3 times. You can use a small amount of the bottom stuff after the first run to start a small batch that can seed a bigger batch.

        May make you go blind, I don’t know. (Never made it)

        Keep the FAITH

      127. If someone unloaded on these criminals in black uniforms and lived to tell about it… I’d vote to acquit.

        Now, back to your regularly scheduled earthquake, solar flare, dutch oven, food storage comments.

        • EXCELLENT LINK Satori!! Be forewarned that some of the look “here” links within the article are gruesome, but Club orlov has a “slam-dunk” here.

          Absolutely no doubt…Tsarnaev brothers ARE PATSIES.

          Copy to hard-drive, not sure this article will exist long.

        • Howdy Satori…I’ve said it before..I’ll say it again, here,
          I LOVE your Moniker…

          I’m sure you already have, but I’ll ask anyway…but have you SEEN ‘Kunstler’s’ latest?..his ‘take’ on the Boston thing?

          …Talk about a FINE ‘Upstanding figure of a’ RANT … he should get that ‘Bronzed’…Yep, I think so…


        • Satori I have come to depend on you for vital current info.. Thank you for the research, sure saved me time. And without a lot of commentary I can form my own opinion on the articles. Keep up the good work!;-)

        • @ Satori –
          That article is a must read for one and all .
          Sums up the whole mess nicely .
          Thanks much for all you do to keep us out here informed!
          Take care

      128. Well he admits (?) to learning how to make the bomb on the internet. How do you say so long internet.

        Keep the FAITH

      129. Is this a sign?

        They didnt kill the SUV driver in the car jacking of the Mercedes SUV..because of his nationality, he was of chinese decent.

        so if he were to have been a white guy possibly christian,(definetly not muslim) he would have been shot to death or blown up?

        This is significant, and it should tell us what kind of war we are into on our own soil..

        you dam sure better get your ass ready, they are here and this is the adgenda, and this admin. didnt stop them and has no intent to do so.

        how this situation went down, is just like dialing 911, they come to draw the chalk lines and cover the bodies, its up to you to protect you and yours againt them,Never disarm, there will be no back up or support from this government

      130. “The Pew Research Center estimates that there are 2.75 million Muslims living in the United States, and that 63 percent were born outside of the country.”
        Let’s take this opportunity to thank Ted Kennedy for the Immigration and Nationalities Act of 1965, which opened the United States to the Third World.

      131. Observations on having common mint and uses for it .
        These are my opinions and personal uses .
        Mint works great as a border grown where you don’t want ants .
        However, be aware mint spreads and those long roots are hard to remove from where you do not want it .
        Rubbing fresh mint sprigs deters both roaches and ants inside kitchen cabinets .
        Also slows down mosquitoes from biting . Won’t stop them all though .
        Mint tea rids one of internal parasites . I use three or so leaves to a cup of hot water and add some fresh lemon juice .
        Rubbing fresh crushed mint leaves on pets seems to repel fleas . My cat hates it though .
        Rubbing mint on pants legs repels ticks. fairly well . Better for you than Deet, but does not work as well .

        Just my two cents .
        If this information helps one out there I am happy .
        Take care

        • Thank you Mission that is very helpful. Just the kind of info. I come here to retrieve.

        • TThank you Mission that is very helpful. Just the kind of info. I come here to retrieve.

          • You are quite welcome Cal Girl . And encouraging .
            Take care

      132. Mayor of Boston says these two brothers acted alone. No one is asking where they received money to live the life style they came to enjoy. Where did the money come from to pay the rent, provide for their food, allow for trips to Russia and back, college expenses, clothes, transportation, cars, health and auto insurance, etc.? They were unemployed. Their father is a simple mechanic living in Russia. There is no evidence he ever sent them money. So, the question remains, where did the money come from? Acted alone? Cant and wont buy they say down south…”That dog wont hunt”

        • How can ANYONE determine at this point that these guys acted alone?

          To come out with such a ridiculous statement means that the person making it is saying that they know ALL of the facts regarding the incident….that they know EVERYTHING about the two suspects…where they’ve been and who their associations were for the last 10 years.

          A moronic statement that will be believed by morons….which unfortunately these days is about 90% of the population.

          • I hear ya Walt,
            yet many are missing the financial backing end of do you exist in this country for almost a decade with no jobs, and no known financial support?

            and than come up with the money for guns and explosives?

            travel, cars, insurance , bills paid, rent..etc…

      133. Not mine, but I like it, so im posting it

        This isn’t about our attitudes toward Muslims, it’s about their attitudes toward us.

        Every time there is a Muslim attack against Americans, here or abroad, it unleashes another session of sensitivity training. It started Friday night when the president told us not to judge groups of people, and when the television anchors asked in wide-eyed bewilderment what the possible motive for last week’s terrorist attack could be.

        Well, if they don’t know, they’re the only ones.

        Some will pretend otherwise, but they will only be pretending.

        We don’t need another interfaith service with a prayer by an imam. We don’t need more condescension on the subject of the “religion of peace.”

        We don’t need to be treated like we’re the problem.

        We, as you may recall, didn’t attack anybody.

        We did not plant those bombs.

        They did.

        And acknowledging that does not make you a bigot, it makes you a realist.

        Unfortunately, they blow us up and we’re the ones who get treated like we’re cavemen.

        So let me set the record straight: You can recognize and fight the reality of global Islamic terrorism without thinking ill of your Muslim neighbor. The average American – contrary to what the liberal elites think – has the mental capacity to see Muslim terrorism without thinking that all Muslims are terrorists.

        And yet it is only a matter of days until the editorials and op-eds begin, telling us how great Islam is, and how persecuted Muslims are.

        And we, being nice people with a new-found need to apologize, will bend over backwards to show how nice we are. If April 15 is anything like September 11, we will mark the one-year anniversary with Muslim-culture seminars.

        The folks who run the evening news – and the White House – will see in all this a need for us to understand and respect the culture of Islam.

        Which is crap.

        What we need is for the culture of Islam to stop spawning terrorists.

        And we need to stop pretending that Islam doesn’t spawn terrorists.

        Certainly, the imam at the mosque down the street tells us that Islam is a religion of peace, and any number of his followers will tell the TV cameras that terrorists aren’t real Muslims. But there seems to be come confusion about what constitutes a “real” Muslim.

        Though, to some many tens of millions of Muslims in the Middle East – and wherever Chechnya is – there isn’t any confusion. They’re the ones who cheer, fund and commit unrelenting acts of terrorism.

        That is a fact.

        A fact that in our worship of political correctness we must ignore. Instead, we will be instructed to look at our own cultural and religious intolerances.

        Somehow, it’s our fault they blow us up.

        I’m not sure whose fault it is when they blow themselves and each other up.

        So let’s find the honest middle ground.

        Islam is losing a war with itself over its future. There is a wonderful, civilized streak of Islam. Hopefully, that’s the part of Islam your neighbor’s from.

        But that’s not all of Islam, and it might not even be the majority of Islam. There is a dramatic, dynamic streak of Islam that, like some vestige of a thousand years ago, wants to rise as Islam has risen in the past – at the edge of the sword.

        For example, the older of the two Boston terrorists. His father named him Tamerlan. That’s a name that should ring a bell. The original Tamerlan called himself “The Sword of Islam,” and spread his power and his religion as far across Europe, Asia and Africa as he could. Along the way, he killed some 17 million people, roughly 5 percent of the entire human population at the time. It was a policy of “convert or die.”

        That’s who the older terrorist was named after.

        Which is kind of odd.

        It’s sort of like a modern German naming his kid Adolph.

        Though the Obama administration has banned the phrase “War on Terrorism,” Muslim terrorism exists, and is one of the dominant themes of our world. It shapes the present world situation, and may determine the future world situation.

        And though we may not fight it, it is going to fight us, until Boston – and the rest of America – looks like Baghdad.

        We can recognize that, while also respecting the social and constitutional rights of Americans who happen to be Muslims. We are not idiots or savages. We don’t think every Muslim is a terrorist. We don’t suspect every Muslim. We don’t disrespect or discriminate against them.

        But we do recognize the truth.

        And it’s too bad the president and the TV anchors don’t do the same.


        99.5% of illegals approved for legal status…

        Drudge Report

        • KY Mom.

          That is good. Bring them all in and lets get a boat line from the USA to South Africa. When this nation is filled with all sorts of trash then let the PTB be handle it. Look out Canada! Coming your way.

      135. Excellent article.

        Copy and paste the following into your browser.

      136. stage 3 commenced (trying] killing americans in america suspected of terrorism even without identifing suspect

      137. How I get rid of human scent when I go out to the swamp and woods .
        Wash the clothes I wear in plain borax . Hang them on clothesline before rain . Let them get rained on then dry .
        Shower my body washing with plain baking soda . Use no deodorant but dry baking soda . Rub some scent from raccoon glands on outside of pant legs and shirt . Scent glands from raccoons are located beside anus . Small and dark . Try to get them by cutting around the sides under the skin at base of tail .
        Rub mud on outside of boots . Mine are old leather coated in mink oil .
        Stay downwind of wildlife .
        Learn to sit still or lie prone on ground .
        I do hundreds of photo’s of wildlife, especially birds . Smelling like a coon blends right in .. You can try this .
        Works quite well for me . Adding mint by rubbing on the legs of pants and outside of shirt sleeves and collar deters most bugs .
        Been doing this personally for years .
        Take care

        • Howdy 22Mission,

          Another item – in addition to the good point you make on the baking soda is this; ‘Borax’ is long known to be a supremely effective ‘lauudry booster’. the mode of action for such lays in the chemical’s ability to bind with calcites, thus effectively de-ionizing them and therefor allowing the detergeant being used to further and more effectively ionoize itself; no matter how much soap you add to ‘hard water’ it is the case that IF it cannot ‘ionize’ thenm it can NOT act as a detergeant… it’s a part of the process.

          In addition thereto it is also the case that compounds of Boron have many, truly UNIQUE properties, amongst those are;

          1) it is almost completely fungicidal..ask any grower of Roses about treating ‘blights’, which are funguses.

          2) it is an extraordinary fire retardent, both for an active fire and as a method of ‘fire-proofing’ any material that is capable of absorbing it en masse. It IS also one of only two substances which is rated for the dousing of fire’s involving nuclear material’s; Uranium fires and the like. IT IS also one of those materials that effectively ‘moderates’ neutrons in a nuclear reactor…slows down the velocity of neutrons.

          3) Has the ability to cause almost any medium in which it exists in quantity to take on the property that bacteria can not succesfully ‘replicate’ themselves… that is, cannot succeed in undergoing cell division… called bacterio-stasis…as opposed to bacterio-cidal; something which ‘kills’ such.

          The list of practical applications for compounds of such is HUGE…I will not even attempt an exhaustive enumeration thereof here for it would occupy the enttire forum…completely! Though I will add this one last point; in a SHTF scenario the only realistic way available for the full cleaning of fabrics (from feces) is through the use of Borax…Ladies, THIS was how your Grand-Mother’s USED to clean diapers, years and years ago…

          For the discusssion here, it is the case that ANYTHING which further assists inn removal of lipid-based substances (at which Borax is SUPREMELY effective) further serves to diminish the ‘odor’ of Humans from same since our ‘sweat’ is ‘oily’, No?

          Lastly, do you remeber “Boraxo”..the pre-cursor to Go-Jo? If you ever used it and wondered why it was so ‘gritty’….BORAX, was a major component of it! You can make your own “Boraxo” by the simple expediant of mixing any liquid detergent and an appreciable amout of Borax well…then use!


          • @JOG –
            Earth sciences undergrad here .
            Took lots of. chemistry classes .
            Borax is a tetra carbate .
            Makes it useful for a zillion things .
            Useful in tanning raw hides .
            Washing walls and floors to kill bacteria and sour smells .
            I make a go -jo type soap of my own cooking it with washing soda and a grated bar of laundry soap . Have to cook it outside on my propane gas stove .
            Chemistry is a fave of mine, applied at water level .
            Spent a season doing water samples up in labrador as a student intern .
            Right close to the Arctic Circle .
            Borax is a handy thing to have stacked up in your preps .
            Another thing for long term storage I need to add some more of .
            Sigh .
            Take care friend


        “Under the tutelage of a friend known to the Tsarnaev family only as Misha, Tamerlan gave up boxing and stopped studying music, his family said. He began opposing the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. He turned to websites and literature claiming that the CIA was behind the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, and Jews controlled the world.”

        …”Tamerlan took an interest in Infowars, a conspiracy theory website. Khozhugov said Tamerlan was interested in finding a copy of the book “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” the classic anti-Semitic hoax, first published in Russia in 1903, that claims a Jewish plot to take over the world.”

      139. They will invade our homes when they want and what R we going to do about it? Who will help U stop them? The best plan is to have your weapons hidden just N case some communist agent decides to enter your home. They won’t B there just to take U out, but to scope out everything U have N your home! Beware!!

      140. You thought that Frankenstein will remain in Iraq / Afghanistan where it was unleashed by GWB and sustained by BHO? The voices there were American too, barking similar orders at the natives. Now look what you have created and Frank has returned home. This is not a movie anymore you watch on CNN. It’s real life … deal with it.

      141. THIS is absolutely outrageous and disgusting! It is the very reason we the people need to be well armed… with assault rifles and high capacity magazines! I would never allow any police agency to force me out of my home at gunpoint, with no warrant or probable cause. Not ever! Some of them and I would die first! And I am 100% serious in that commitment! Every American needs to see this and be firmly dedicated to stopping such gross abuse of power!

      142. What is that like a Frat house with 6-7 guys? If they did this at every house, big problem with the way the Country appears to be heading towards Marshall Law. I knew a pack of terrorist cell guys in the US well before 9/11, of course I didn’t know that this is what they were until later, and they were like a pack of dogs, about 15 of them, brothers, cousins, etc., so I don’t know if the video above is justified or not.

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