Sheriffs Call for Defying Unconstitutional Gun Control: Feds “The Greatest Threat We Face”

by | Apr 28, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 125 comments

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    As the federal government continues in its quest to restrict the rights of gun owners across the country, local law enforcement is stepping up their response.

    For many, it is one of a line in the sand against a bevy of agencies based in Washington, and partnering state agencies, who have violated the constitution.

    The still-growing Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA), headed by former Sheriff Richard Mack, is standing up to these infringements, and saying no.

    Of course, it has the attention of the indoctrinated Big Government folks, who are apt to see a group of law enforcement officials standing up for the rule of law as – what else, a potential threat.

    via the Washington Post:

    [A] group called the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association is intent on strictly enforcing their view of the U.S. Constitution … “its ambition is to encourage law enforcement officers to defy laws they decide themselves are illegal.” In essence, they are troubled by the overreach of the federal government in matters concerning guns, taxes and land management, and founder Richard Mack has described the federals as “the greatest threat we face today,” and his association as “the army to set our nation free.”

    […] At the association’s 2014 convention, dozens of sheriffs signed a declaration that they would not tolerate any federal agent who attempted to register firearms, arrest someone or seize property in their counties without their consent.

    At a recent training for local police, the CPI reported, Mack declared that “gun control is against the law” and that his goal was to sign up about one-fourth of the nation’s sheriffs to join the association… find a true constitutional sheriff who’ll tell the federal government, ‘You’re not going to abuse citizens anymore.’”

    Of course, it is his backbone and conviction that has the system worried – along with his ability to activate what is arguably the most powerful group in the nation at the ground level – the nation’s 3,000 or so sheriffs, who are elected and serve as the highest law enforcement official within the county unit.

    Richard Mack, who successfully staved off federal encroachment at the Supreme Court level back in the 90s, described his CSPOA association as “the army to set our nation free.”

    The media has been quick to demonize the fiery rhetoric for these constitutional-minded members of law enforcement. But the battle is grounded in sound ideology, and a principle that literally millions of Americans are prepared to fight for.

    Last year, a police chief from a tiny East Texas town went on a rant warning President Obama that further attempts to impose gun control would “cause a revolution in this country.” It is entirely possible that this is no exaggeration or bravado:

    “Now Mr. Obama, you need to understand what the 2nd Amendment is for. It is not for hunting. It is there for the American people to protect themselves against the criminal element, to protect themselves against terrorists and radical ideology, and it’s also there to protect us against a government that has overreached its power.”

    “You are not our potentate, sir. You are our servant. And you were elected to serve and protect us first. And I suggest, sir, since you’re a constitutional expert, that you better review your history on the Constitution and understand that we are a free people. And we are subject to no one other than the almighty God and Jesus Christ the King. And as such, sir, I strongly encourage you to trust the law-abiding American citizen, because we won’t fail you and we won’t let you down. But if you try to disarm us, sir, then you will cause a revolution in this country to occur. So please revise your thinking, because we are not your enemy, the law-abiding gun owner in this country.”

    Richard Mack’s case originated from his defiant stand when he was sheriff of Graham County in Arizona and an attempt was made to get local LEOs to perform background checks for the federal government under the Brady Bill. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia led the decision upholding the stand for the 2nd Amendment under the 10th Amendment – marking one of the most constitutionally-sound decisions in recent history.

    Mack struck a blow for states’ rights in the 1990s as a sheriff from Graham County, Arizona, when he and a sheriff from Montana challenged the Brady Bill’s interim requirement that local law enforcement agencies perform background checks on gun buyers. The Supreme Court ruled in Mack’s favor, with Justice Antonin Scalia writing the opinion affirming the states’ sovereignty under the 10th Amendment

    […]Mack said “the government was forcing me to participate in a gun control scheme that I knew was unconstitutional. When all law enforcement is forced into that position by state or federal legislators, which one do we side with? And I believe there is a proper way to conduct oneself in knowing the difference between enforcing stupid laws and enforcing the principles of the Constitution.”

    “[W]hen all the courts are against you, all the legislators are against you, where else do you go? I believe to the local county sheriff…and if that means standing against the federal government, then so damn be it.”

    Read more:

    Texas Police Chief Warns Obama That Gun Control Will “Cause A Revolution… You’re Not Our Potentate, Sir”

    Sheriff Blocks Feds From Harassing Raw Milk Farmer: “Stem the Tide of Federal Overreach”

    The Most Important Supreme Court Cases “Derailed” By Scalia’s Death: Amnesty, Obamacare & Guns

    “The 2nd Amendment Will Be Under Siege Before The Election” – New Supreme Court Nominee Supports Whatever Big Government Wants


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      1. Interesting bunch of comment today…

        Know thy gun…

        • Don’t forget your body armor. It pays to wear it routinely. Walk and run in it to make your body fit for it’s weight. The real war draws nigh.

          • The British Tried to disarm the Colonists back in the 1770’s. The Colonist formed Minutemen Teams, 4000 Men strong, which after the first shots were fired in Lexington, besides the Boston Massacre (one sided), the Minute men pushed and killed the British all the way back into Boston and surrounded them.

            Never be in fear of protecting your Liberty. When the Thug Tyrants try coming into your area to disarm you, get your Minute Men teams together and drive these tyrant scumbags to their graves.

            Your Local Sheriff has the power to deputize the citizenry to protect your community.


          • Armor…the chance to survive what can’t be evaded.

        • Just be well rounded in all that you prep.
          In my opinion, ammo is ONE of the most important things to stock up on.
          Even if things only get half bad, well you can go target / hunting for a while…

          Been a long ride…

          • ” …its ambition is to encourage law enforcement officers to defy laws they decide themselves are illegal.”

            Any law that INFRINGES upon the right of the American people to keep and bear arms, IS illegal.

            Death to the New World Order. Its totally Constitutional. Treason is a capitol crime. Indict. Convict. Execute. 🙂

            • Durango kid
              indite convict and execute for treason. Rule by law, by the Constitution, not by the New World Order. I am an American and do not want to be ruled at the convenience of globalists. I give up global mega corporations one by one. I have already given up the big banksters. Got 3 dozen glass canning jars free yesterday! The gal will call me when she gets a larger pressure cooker in… all I have to do is show up fast. Only a few people still can their own food. A good skill that can be done over a fire if need be.

              • The first time we jail some POS during a TRUMP ADMIN for un-American activities against the Constitution, the sooner America will become a nation of Constitutional Law again.

                Once we make an example out of a few of them, the rest of the cockroaches will run for the border !!! 🙂

            • I’d like to know why, when I brought up these precise topics about six weeks ago, that I was ‘soundly trounced’ for daring to say, “We should NOT obey any further unconstitutional laws, because to do so would be detrimental (at best).”

              Then a couple of statements indicating how stupid an idea it was, and that it wouldn’t work but just over-complicate matters, etc.

              Now that it is written in an article on this site ….ITS A GREAT IDEA!!!!!!!??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Or is it because Sheriff’s are doing it ….but they have been for many, many months. I knew of it. Didn’t anyone else? That’s WHY I posted what I did “way back when.” (Rant/false)

              Well …I declare.

              • Equorial

                I’ve been trounced more than once for saying things that were later taken up on this site. Torqued me at first, but I figure at least it is getting out there, which is more important that my ego. Please keep putting this stuff out there.

                • Yeah Becky …good choice of words “torqued” ….lol It is only that many just refuse (or ?) to listen until it is far too late, and then it is ALL YOUR FAULT (they THEY screwed up bigtime).

                  That is call ‘human’. And will never change. (So we are in big trouble).

            • “Everything Hitler did, was legal”…Martin Luther King

              • Dirk Diggler:

                “Everything Hitler did was legal.”

                Well. After years of being indoctrinated by the ZioMedia, you probably believe Hitler was the epitome of evil. I certainly did. Not until the last few months after seeing on you tube “Hitler, The Greatest Story Never Told. TV”, did I ever hear a single thing that would make me think otherwise. I highly recommend that you take the time to watch.

                Some facts.

                Jews declared war on Germany. Not the other way around.

                Hitler wanted these alien people out of his Country because they were destroying it thru Usury, decadence, and the monopoly on information (newspapers, publishing, movies).

                There was an agreement between Hitler and Isreal and Hitler upheld that Transfer Agreement which is why so many Israelis wanted to erect a statue of Hitler in Isreal.

                There was an epidemic of Typhus in Germany during the war. Cyclon B was used to exterminate fleas carrying the disease.

                Anyone who says that the Gasings of People were impossible, and that it was a lie started by Russians could be put in prison. Many have said this and many have been sent to prison. Why?

                The facts are too many to list. Hitler has been distorted. He was loved by the German people. His legacy is not one of hate for another race, he was simply protecting the German people who were under attack. 58,000 Germans were murdered in Poland and Checkoslovakia where they were a helpless minority. That is why he went to war with Poland and Cheeckoslovakia caved before he lifted a finger against them.

                Hitler did not start the war with England. Chamberlain declared war against Germany. Stupid. It was I believe because of pressure from the Banksters. Churchill was a shill for the Ziobanksters. “Germany is too strong. We must destroy her.” Churchill bombed German civilians, killing women and children deliberately. For three months Hitler held back while German babies were fried by the maniac Churchill. Hitler sent offer after offer of for peace with England. But Churchill kept bombing cities and houses were women and children were. Finally Hitler declared Germany would meet bomb with bomb. And the bombing of English cities commenced. At least they had shelters.

                Anyway. If we had remained neutral during the European wars, we wouldn’t have the problems we have now.

        • What’s sad is that I know what is coming. It is not something I want and not something I want to have to actually physically fight for. However, I also know that if I don’t fight when the time comes it will be lost forever, and with it, any hope of liberty for mankind in the future. I also lack trust in either of the two leading candidates to truly stand for freedom and the constitution as both are big government authoritarians. Will I vote? Certainly. I will vote fr the candidate that pays the best lip service to what I believe and hope he actually does what he says he will. However, I have little hope that he will once the election is done and he is actually in power. Either way, I think this next election cycle ends badly and a fight is all but inevitable.

        • The problem is this: If an agency (or local police department) is given enough money, they may very well acquiesce to the Fed.

          A few years ago, I was mad as heck about the new drivers license requirements (National ID card!) and confronted the local DMV officer about it, telling him that other states are REFUSING to go along with the new DMV requirements as its unconstitutional!!

          He seemed surprised that I would confront him (I told him what the DMV was doing was unconstitutional!!) He looked rather taken aback but replied, “well, the other states are now complying with the federal government— they’ve been given enough money to implement the programs.” (those were his exact words!!) In other words, they were PAID OFF!!!

          Later, I checked the Internet, and sure enough– the DMV in other states decided to go along with the Federal government. (After being paid off!!)

          • Of course, they won’t be able to pay off sheriff Mack and other honorable sheriffs… However, they may very well pay off other people to do their bidding so as to somehow come after the guns.

            I’m sure they will do this– that’s how the federal government operates: try to co-erce, offer a carrot, threaten and then bomb the hell out of something or assassinate… Basically, we can’t really depend on the local sheriffs.. hope and pray for the best but also have alternative methods on the burner just in case… first

      2. Come take it.

        Same shit, new day.


        • Yep, what u said.. S.S.D.D.
          Gimmee a freakin break..
          Still waiting for all hell ta break ready as can be. God help us all.

      3. When ever the government moves to restrict something, there is another motive. They are like a group of Magicians.
        Misdirection while they do something else.

        • Steven, there’ll be no misdirecting on my part when they come and try to take them. Hopefully I’ll be good enough of a magician to make them all disappear.

          • PO’D,
            I think that they call that STRAIGHT shooting!!
            YUP, times looking like there will be LOTS of types of civil unrest

            • Caught a part of a radio station interview today, and the general ‘gist’ of the entire one hour interview was to determine where we stand as a nation, economically. I don’t recall exact numbers but it was really, really bad AND …the people at the very top of the heap are now saying, as was announced today on that station (noon-primetime!), that very, very soon “things” are going to get very, very bad. I would tend to think with all the events that are taking place in The USA that are going un-noticed, except for the folks who live there and see it ‘go down’ …the media is starving the USA for NEEDED information …and doing a spectacular job working for The Feds as the media “leads us around by our noses”, like good sheeple do, and with every passing day the bullshit with the election gets dumber and stupider and more dangerous.
              It has already been determined that no matter WHO wins, we’ll have a Revolution …and if Trump gets it, then Hillary will be financing a large part of The Revolution herself …the Feds have never been this close to take America DOWN and are not about to let it slide out of their hands with only months left to go ….ain’t no way. That’s my 2 cents….

          • PO’d, who the guns or the ones that come to take them?

            • MT. I’m sure he meant the ones who come to take them.

              • Hey Brave have the Libs and the Blacks destroyed Forrest Park yet? heard they was going to remove his statue. Trekker Out. Never Forget NBF!

                • MT, the statue is still in place. I haven’t heard any more about it for awhile now, but as far as I know, they still plan on it.

                • Nathan Bedford Forrest was one bad dude. Read a book of his life by Robert M. Browning, Jr. “FORREST, The Confederacy’s Relentless Warrior”.

                  • The locals here have a Civil War re-enactment at his birth place every year. Really a fun thing to sit and watch. they sell shirts with the logo ‘God of War’ on them.

                    MTSU is trying to take down his name from one of their campus buildings.

                    one of the local H.S. is named after him.

                    • They’re mad about that statue of him sitting on the side of I65 on the South side of Nashville on the Northbound side of the highway. But since that is privately held, they can’t do much about it, except let the trees grow in front of it on the highway side of the fence. I know the old dude that owns it, he’s pretty cray old guy. He claims to be a descendant of NBF.

                    • Grandee, the park where Forrest’s statue is located is right within the UT Health And Sciences Center, our local medical school in Memphis. Some of the original complaints about the statue originated from there. No surprise since they’re libturd just like all the other colleges.

              • BH, definitely.

                • PO’d Patriot, yes he was one of our greatest fighters and he wasn’t even a soldier before the War for Southern Independence. He was so effective that one of the top Union generals, I think it was Sherman, put a bounty on his head.

                  • They say he was uncommonly strong and very short tempered and upon being angered, his face would get beet red.

                    • Ltn. Dan took care of my bubba gump money, and invested in some kinda fruit company, and I became a gazillionaire.
                      So I never had to work no more…

                    • Eppe, that’s how you get well ’rounded.

      4. When the Fed began collecting income tax in 1913, it was only one percent, it was for “our good” in helping with the “war effort”
        and it was suppose to be gone after the “much needed war” was over. Lies and lies and more lies was the reality of this creeping thief, a true nightmare. Lessons need to be learned. Something for our “good” needs to be initiated by us not by them. Are you an adult or a small child? This is the case today with gun “control” and gun “confiscation” for your own good. Give another inch and it is another nail in the coffin of you and yours.

      5. times look very dire! there appears to be LOTS of division within the ranks of the public, will be interesting to see how all this is going to play out! ( some will not be interesting )

      6. test

        • Test confirmed 🙂

          MM, use that same email address and your comments should start getting approved faster as soon as the automated system “recognizes” you.


          • MM, welcome to the plan.
            This is a radical place, so hang on, it will be quite a ride…

        • MM, welcome. You’ll love it here.

      7. Americans are living in a Post Constitutional Republic!

        The growth of Fascism/Dictatorial Rule has taken over!

        We are Governed by Laws, that they(feds,gov,hijackers) do not abide by themselves.

        The days of removing tyrannical Government by force is beyond us.
        Americans have dropped the ball and missed their window of opportunity to do so.

        Voting does not work – just look at the Candidates.

        Choices are: Hitlery, lying Ted born in Canada Cruz, John ‘da Queer Kaisch, Bernie “socialist” Sanders, and my favorite – the RINGER: Donald “tell America what they want to hear” Trump.

        These are choices?
        America can’t do better?
        Is this the best we can do?

        In 200 years will people remember us as traitors or hero’s? That is the question we must ask.

        BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, letter to Thomas Jefferson, Mar. 16, 1775

        • What we have here Today is a Self-Serving Government, Taxing us to death, including Death Taxes. The same reason the Colonist said the Kings Tax was unjust, because the colonist did not have representation to the Taxation. Colonist were required to buy and trade only with England for all their products, And banned any other imports like sugar and molasses from the Bahamas. England enforced this ban of imports with war ships on the coasts and ports. Really No different today. We pay taxes and they create more debt. Screw them. Stop feeding the beast and get off all of their Grid.

          When the Colonist were able to beat back all the Kings taxes, the King still insisted a tax stamp on English Tea, He sent 3 ships full of tea and the Colonist rejected the unloading of the ships. Instead the Beer Meeting at the Boston Tavern concluded that the Colonist would dress as Indians and board these tea ships, and dump the $100K cargo in the Boston Harbor. And it was yelled out “Does tea go with salt water” And this the Boston Tea Party.

          That was the clear message the Taxation would not be tolerated. So who is the Hero’s today?


        • Pretty much. You get to choose between voting for tyranny or tyranny. Sadly, in the internet age where everyone can have their own soapbox to the world, this is the dreck that has risen to the top.

        • Many our ready but most will wait to see if it is real. It is going to be done by the banks and it is to separate those who are living life while we wait,from those who are just living. I am one of many that does not want to spill blood. Blood is life and any who think the all mighty them,NWO,shadow government, banksters will not spill it just count the dead baby’s. They have been practicing for years. Please find a quiet spot to spend time every day,that will help keep a body grounded,and steady the nerves. One shoot one…….

      8. PO’d Patriot, BRAVO! It will be the same way in the area where the BOL and all my relatives are located. It will be like the “Roach Motel”. Roaches can check in but they WON’T be checking out. Our fire will NOT be misdirected.

      9. Shoot, shovel, shade-in, shut-up…
        It’s not hard, the govt. does it all the time, and without hesitation….

      10. Rough times are coming there is too much division among the people here in the states, including the Leo’s and the feds, the civil un-rest will vary from place to place, hope it gets over quick and the re-set starts to work! IF it happens at all!!

        • Look at how long Afganistan has been in upheaval, that will be the US, theres too many takers, many who will kill to keep their paychecks, many who dont have the sense of patriotism that was prevalent in the 60s, 70s and before, politicians who are totally disconnected from constituents and brainwashed to the big government mantra,
          Most people cant even agree on what tv show to watch let alone the future shape of our nation, i plan on being killed st some point by either government thugs or disgruntled gimmedats,,,
          Same smell as far as im concerned. Nothing good coming no matter what

          • Kulafarmer

            I do believe we will live longer than we expect.
            Longer than most. While others will freak out when SHTF, we will be doing the things that need to be done.

            We have prepared for the universe to rain down flaming rocks and energy pulses on us. Our planet to convulse in ways never recorded. Then wonder if we will all die by our own human hands by the instruments of war we have created.

            Taking our guns seems very small peanuts in comparison.

            • IMHO there is more of a chance of some catastrophic natural disaster than these wannabe tyrants getting the balls to try a confiscation. There could be some financial upheaval but that is pale in comparison to what mother nature has to toss at us. Most people are in complete ignorance of the realities of nature. Certainly most within the US anyway, far more concerned about the color of kim Ks panties this week than to look at perhaps puting back some supplies for an oops just in case. And it can happen fast, real fast.

              • Kula,
                Better look at the State laws about to be passed.
                Get sick and are incapacitated in the hospital, Hawaii will
                confiscate your guns(HB2632). Piss someone off here, at SHTF(HB625) authorizes gun confiscation. Want to but a gun? we have to get a permit to buy, if you apply for one, SB2954 and HB2629 puts you on a permanent annual background check eg. Federal registration.
                We are the canaries in the coal mine.
                I was reading today how the Russian black market for guns works,
                (, interesting concepts. Bitcoin is your friend.

                • Oh ive read them, government creep, this is why we need a huge tsunami that washes over our shores like a giant toilet bowl

                • A disassembled firearm in a box with an ashtray collection, or metal spice cannisters, etc. mailed USPS first class (no tracking) to Hawai’i sounds risky.

                  Perhaps many boxes of personal belongings and keepsakes with only ONE part in each box?

                  Sounds pretty far fetched. Yeah?

              • Kula,
                My grandad, took a once in a lifetime trip to Hawaii with his wife. They had a hotel high on the hill that overlooked this inlet. There was a footbridge accross the inlet, and when news of the coming Tsunami arrived, hundreds lined the footbridge to watch it come.

                They thought they were safe on the foot bridge because it was like 50 feet above the water. From his hotel room balcony my grandad smoked his pipe and watched as hundreds of people vanished in seconds. It shook him to his core for years. Grandma was
                as taking a nap and never saw it.

                Gods judgement comes this fast. The story stays with me. Years later I saw a video of exactly what Gramps saw, apparently someone filmed it. It made a lasting impression, never underestimate the folly of men, or the ferocity of nature, when prepping.

                • Tsunami is the biggest reason why i prep,,,
                  Were overdue

                  • visited my parents in Oahu (Makaha) in 2007.

                    mom told me the pacific ocean eats tourists.

                    • Natural disasters are just one of the many ‘possible’ aspects that may be coming down the road, and yet even as the ‘strife’ builds gradually yet steadily and, I guess, pretty much encompasses the entire ‘developed’ globe …it becomes a ‘mind-blower’.
                      Not only is civilization coming apart at the seams, but it seems the earth is about to put on a show unlike anything we’ve ever witnessed …and if it’s JellyStone National Park that would about end it right there, or so ‘they’ say. Me no know….

      11. While nice some in law enforcement agree gun ownership a birth right recognised in the 2nd they do enforce many bad unconstitutional laws.While strength in #’s if am left standing alone will still not give up me firearms voluntarily.

        • Warchild, same with me. I don’t give up anything voluntarily. “Every man dies. Not every man really lives.”

        • I’ll toss you one of my last mags, Warchild. Then it’s ” FIX BAYONETS!!!”

          • Watch,plenty of mags but thanks,run out then on to crossbow/compound,or,just relieve the dead of their ammo.We got to do a breakfast/lunch hit,can contact me thru Eppe’s e-mail connect system(or share info. on Genius’s chart room!),work gonna end soon and then a road trip(all summer?)in me future.

          • Overwatch,
            One key in the many state laws banning assault weapons is to ban rifles that will accept Bayonets.

            Preppers need to figure out how to legally possess the means to affix bayonets to rifles though such means may be illegal to actually perform.

            Scrap metal in bin X with part number 3, in junk drawer 5, with unrelated knife #3, that fits rifle Y that couldn’t possibly accept a bayonet is the way to go.

            A bayonet is not critical, until you run out of ammo and are face to face with another person that has no ammo, or is just a little slower than you!

            • Swords are still legal.

              They are much easier to wield than a rifle with a knife at the muzzle.

              They hang by your side in a scabbard nicely, when not needed.

              It will be interesting to show up at the community blockade during SHTF sporting a civil war era sword, hanging on opposite side of drop down holstered G17, just below a huge Ken Richardson bowie knife in buckskin/beaded sheath, resting comfortably against the bottom of a muticam plate carrier loaded down with mags for a LMT CQB MRP, and a horizontally mounted G19.

              I cannot quite understand a bunch of gun grabbing libtards, and/or illegal aliens picking a fight with 100 million, pissed off and pissed on, gun owners.

              But I will not hesitate to honor an oath I took to defend the constitution a long time ago, that I appreciate more now, than I did then.

              • The rifle is your primary weapon. If you expect to face superior numbers, you could just need a magazine change, or run out of ammo, or have a misfire and need time to clear it. If someone decides to rush you, a bayonet means your rifle is still a force multiplier.

                I live in a state that bans rifles with bayonet lugs. An alternate approach that does not violate ANY state laws is worth figuring out.

                Been watching zombie movies for years. Sorry but if I was writing the script, the first two things I’d do I is add a silencer and a 6 inch bayonet to my rifle, but zombie movies are just fiction!

        • Hark, Do I hear a Harley approaching? No, tis the beans we had for dinner. How I wish you would hurry and get here Warchild, I could use the help cutting wood with my carbide chain! Should the enemies stand at the gate I shall fight with you till the end (mostly theirs). Head west man, head west!

          • Oh and we have a constitutional sheriff here 🙂

          • Eh,me Stihl 610 with 3′ bar would make short work of cord wood,perhaps a bit over kill!Would need to bring the lumber guide,could build a few houses for folks to crash at during the final deck bash!

            • Yes that would be overkill. In fact last year we sold the old Stihl magnum 36 inch saw because we had no use for it. A 20 inch bar on the MS310 works great. What folks crashing out are you refering too?

              • Dude,you have a party all night folks need a place to crash/sleep it off before you send em out into the brave new world!

              • How about a very, very old Diston. About 44lbs, fueled up and a modified Oregon bar (and chain) on her. Old yes, but powerful and keeps running after ?? 50 years or so (couple of rebuild MAYBE) …it was handed down with no history.

            • Stihl,,,
              Those are Amature toys,,,
              Husky 395xp with 42″ sandvik bar running 404 full skip square cut chain,,,

              • I’m old enough to appreciate a long bar that keeps me upright more of the time. Really repays the small extra weight.

                • I appreciate a long bar too as long as the bartender can keep up. Longer bar seats more ladies.

              • Kula, I’m sure glad I’m not your back lol.

              • After WW2 my dad and my uncle went into logging in Oregon. Their saw was a 2-man Mall with a 6′ bar. One of them handled the engine while the other held onto the “stinger.”

                Once they worked a piece of land that had some BIG trees and they drove to Portland and bought a 12′ bar and chain. They were each making about $100 a day – which was a lot of money back then! Everything went well until the wind pushed a tree over backwards and bent their new bar. Dad brought it home and heated it in a wood fire until he could pound it straight again and they were able to go back to work.

                Being able to shoot fast and straight will be a useful skill but being able to fix things broken or bent will be even more valuable. We have lots of ways to learn to shoot but very few to teach how to even think of ways to fix stuff. I remember shop classes in high school. Sadly, for the most part, they’re just a memory for us old farts.

                Think about it: What would you do if your rifle barrel became bent? It can be fixed. I know how though I’m not sure I have the strength in my hands to do it anymore.

                That’s how we will lose the war for civilization. We few who know the old ways will die off without passing on the knowledge. In the meantime, in a cave in Pakistan, an old man is showing his son how to build an AK47.

      12. The civil unrest everyone expects won’t happen because the moron sheeple are too enamored with their smart phones and texting, or watching mindless shit on the TalmudVision to give a shit about LIBERTY and FREEDOM.

        the only know “LIBATIONS” and “FREE DUMB” in this gulag now, and they love their debt slavery to the khazarian mafia.

        revolt? the U.S. is already REVOLTING but it’s not in revolution or ever will it be.

        though O’Bozo Soetoro was the best thing ever to sell guns with his gun grabbing hoaxes like Sandy Hoax and all of the other FEMA DRILLS the jews staged for gun grabbing, most of those guns are in the hands of people who are ‘zombified’ and unable to know who and when to use them against.

        it’s over here. Technically it was over in November of 1963 when the CIAMOSSAD killed JFK. it’s all been a huge massive joke and lie since then.

        and the sheeple bleat on, and on, and on, and on.

      13. Mack and I feel the same way. There is nothing that the Feds can do that would make me take the guns away from anyone.

        If I’m the only one standing when they come for me, and my guns. I hope I can face them with an M.4’s fully loaded in each hand.


      14. this is all very encouraging,we must fight for our God given Rights or we will be prisoners and subjects to all kinds of abuse…i believe that most will not stand for this. we will fight and protect what is ours!!

      15. every sheriff should.

        Understand what I mean as how I write it.

        If gun owners were a racial minority, it would be considered racism as how we are treated and ridiculed over our color. Some of our guns are black, some are brown, some are tan, heck, some even are pink. But we are just as good as anyone else.

        Had to throw that out. Wasn’t even part of my comment. Came on me all of a sudden.

        All of you here know or you do not know what Obama said in England Obama: Britain Should Stay in the EU Because … Sovereignty Is Outdated.

        Ticked them off but do you see the point. How many times do we read about Americans being made to take down their flags or as posted, not allowed to sing the National Anthem at the site of one of our most tragic events.

        FTW SAID IT WELL: Americans are living in a Post Constitutional Republic!

        The purpose is to have a World wide central government. That is why the borders are so open. That is why Europe is imploding.

        • W and W, BLACK GUNS MATTER! Especially my 590A1. LOL!

      16. I worked real hard to get a guy like this elected in my county.
        Everybody should pay more attention to these elections because it DOES make a difference.

        • This is America. Even BEAUTY Pageant’s are ‘rigged’ …and the same goes for Elections.

          This election, if it happens, has already turned in a ‘goat f*ck’, (or makes Hogan’s goat look like a precision movement).

          As many are saying. It would not matter if Trump, Hillary or Obama takes the next four years or more …we are going to have a Revolution no matter WHO wins …and that is what keeps me loading, practicing, building, purchasing “needful things” as fast as possible but gee, after many years there isn’t too terrible much you are lacking for, yet for the first time in my life I feel that what has been set aside for a bad time is going to come in damned handy.

          If this all ‘goes down’ as viciously as the indicators are saying, this twill be a very, very long and arduous fight with no ‘clear goal’ set …lessening our chances even more.

          Okay, thanks for the soapbox y’all. I am relieved the sheriffs have ‘rattled peoples cages’ to help wake them up as to OUR GOVERNMENT IS OUR BIGGEST DAMNED ENEMY!!!!!!!!!!! (So why in hell is everyone complying with everything they order you to do)? You drunk? Stoned? High? Nutty? Schitzo?

          And could anyone tell me who in hell would actually vote for Hillary? Seriously…

      17. We have been going down this road for a long time. It’s the choices that we have made as a country that has led us to this.

        No president will make a difference in the heading right now. It would take a political revolution to right the ship and even if we were able to install the right people in Government, we are 19 Trillion in debt, we have 1/2 or better of the US that is dependent one way or another in Government.

        We have serious race issues, that could explode any day. And the media stokes that flame every chance they get.

        With Scaliea gone, they are already ramping up for a 2nd amendment fight.

        Support your local Sheriff and buy more guns!

        • You’re entire post is spot on except for the last part. There are many sheriffs dept’s that operate with the same mentality and tactics as the rest of LE agencies from the locals to the fed level. I don’t put much stock in any of them. Stay quiet Be smart.

        • SEMPER-FI MAC !

      18. If everyone’s on board with standing against anti gun legislation why don’t someone from the NRA organize a protest out in front of all the state capitols. Like an armed protest. Just go stand around with guns. No violence just making your voice heard. I’m not a organizer but some people are great organizers. National day of protest against anti gunners agenda. We could make it a we the people national day. So one day of the year our lawmakers will be reminded who the work for. It might be good to do other times when they are over reaching with legislation. If thousands of people descended on every state capital armed I guarantee it would make a difference. The gun industry is too coward to arrange this but there to complain. if our gun rights are under such threat how cum this hasn’t been done. How cum the left can organize protests and be affective but constitutional folks can’t.

        • The NRA is lame,,, they have negotiated their way to every single piece of gun legislation to come from DC,,,
          Reality says there should have never been any compromise on our rights period.

          • Kulafarmer
            I joined the NRA in 1972. I gave up on them, they will give away our constitutional rights,

        • Don’t expect more than a little local media coverage. What little you do get will be negative.

        • Constitutional folks are being smart, shutting up and laying low until they no longer have a choice. Then, all hell WILL break loose. Until then, the smarter ones are not going to give away ONE IOTA of a thing (prepping) they are doing (reloading every night with thousands of rounds per weapon ‘already-at-the-ready’).

      19. The pro federals beat the con federals in the 1860s. The civil war was an attempt to stop what they knew would happen with a large federal government . Now we see who was right?

        • That’s what veterans of the C.S. Army tried to inform people of after the war. But, history was written by the conquerors. Therefore, it was “all about slavery”. Slavery wasn’t abolished by the War Between the States. It was only extended to include the enslavement of the states that were beaten by their new master, the so-called “Federal” (Imperial) “government”. Confederate agents could have accomplished what their service was not able to do as wasted manpower on futile open battlefields, given what the voluntarily-enslaved Northerners made for their masters to bludgeon the South with.

      20. This gutsy Sheriff gives me HOPE that CHANGE for the better in America is possible.

        As for the founding fathers, their heroism is unquestionable. I only pray that we preserve the Constitution for ten thousand years and then some.

      21. I hope it’s enough…

      22. I don’t need a sanctioning body like the NRA to protect my god given rights to firearms. Just saying they claim to be advocates for the second then compromise. I could never understand why anyone would join the NRA.

        • I joined NRA …and then realized I was paying them for a God-given right, and that’s the last payment they will ever receive. They also lie, like rugs.

      23. On a brighter note: there’s a half dozen magazines for my favorite .223 rifle arriving any day, along with a couple for my old reliable Ruger 10-22. I bought those when Hillary began her cross Connecticut attack on guns as my way of saying “Hillary, shut up you stupid hag”!

        Still trying to decide about a semi auto .308. Was looking at an M1A Scout. Oh, but then I was drooling over the very pricey FN Scar 17. Can anyone rescue me from my dilemma? I find politicians threatening “Gun Control” to be a powerful force against procrastination! Procrastination is perhaps one of preppings greatest enemies? I really want something that accepts good optics.

        • LWRC REPR
          Way better and your shoulder will thank you, mine will shoot sub MOA all day long

          • OK now you are just teasing me. I saw one of those at the local gun store that was a special order for a State Police unit. It had so many bells and whistles, I thought I was hearing West minster Chimes. The salesman was kind enough to show it to me.

            I have a few weapons that broke the bank, yes I like Sig Sauer.

            I have a few inexpensive, but very functional, accurate, and reliable weapons.

            For the moment this will be my last big buy for a while. It will round out my personal defense goals. Beyond this will be better optics, but that is about it. I like superior optics, they are great force multipliers in low light, or long distance situations.

            • The thing i like about that piece is i can see my hits, took off the flash supressor and installed a large body JP compensator on it, barely moves when you fire it, quick connect on optics, switch between my vortex or an eotek, or can leave em off and use the flip ups, price went way up on them though, think you could get 3 PTRs for the price of one REPR

        • DPMS (LR-.308). Also chambers 7.62x51mm’s so you can have the best of both worlds. I love mine and even being a semi-auto, the accuracy is incredible (especially if you dabble with your reloads and set your bullets .10″ back from the Lands. (or .20″ depending on your choice of bullet – – I use AMAX (redtips). Put a high-dollar Millet scope (some electronics in it but not needed if they fried). Purchased it, put a super HD barrel on her 20″, new ‘recommended’ trigger assembly and some machining throughout.
          She’ll reach out and touch you easily at 1000. 🙂

          • DPMS is known for making one of the best AR-10’s available.

            An AR-10 is very attractive platform especially since there are numerous kits with 80% receivers and scads of aftermarket parts. Lots of stuff at gun shows, the rule is go DPMS on all parts sets.

            You know one of these is on my wish list, but I’m trying to spend wisely. Firearms are a hobby as I do love to shoot. Fifteen years ago I was all about hunting and target firearms. After several natural disasters and a new world order knocking at the door, I’m all about personal and home defense.

            I’m cognizant that if an economic collapse happens, food is primary, if I spend a grand on another gun, I know a grand buys a six month supply of high quality long term stored food.

            I want my able family members armed as needed, with weapons each can handle, in multiple defensive rolls if possible. Beyond that I want stored food. Column A or column B? Stored food always is the priority.

      24. Many if not most sheriffs, however, are on the take from the Feds. They take foreign aid from the Feds to enforce Federal law–even in states like CO and WA, where Fed laws like that against marijuana have been nullified by those states’ peoples (yes, STATES are nations, to use the spoon-fed parlance the mainstream media use to brainwash U.S. Americans into thinking the Fed government is “their” “national” government, instead of its proper role as a mere continental alliance of “free and independent states” as declared by the thirteen original United States). Sheriffs like those won’t enforce their peoples’ laws but, are mesmerized by Fed foreign aid to only enforce Fed laws (treaties between the states)–even if they’ve been nullified by and for their people.

        • Police all across the US have been bought by unconstitutional forfeiture laws that let them feather their nests.

          Bonuses are paid to those that bring in the cash that buys military equipment and a NWO mentality.

      25. My, how the times change. Awhile back people were saying bayonets were a waste of money or impractical.

        Attachable bayonet lugs can be purchased. On the Mini 14, mini 30 you have to replace the front sight assembly. Its is also a compensator/flash suppresser. You might need a larger roll pin due to a slight difference in the drilled holes. Shotguns like the Win model 97 WW1 trench gun have barrel shields with bayonet lugs. Might be able to adapt them. SKS, Mosin Nagant and M1 Garrand are good battle rifles.

        Also available for interchangeable choke shotguns are compensators with improved cylinder or modified choke tubes.
        Go back to wooden stocks if you have plastic on your rifles. Might want to consider metal butt plates.

      26. Braveheart1776

        Your 590 should have a bayonet lug. M7 bayonet with scabboard is about $50 average. Watch out for the knock offs/china crap.

      27. Save time money hassle just get some metal hose clamps and a big kitchen knife then you can put a bayonet on anything single shot shotgun or even the red Ryder BB gun I’ve decided to accept the neighbor dog crapping on my lawn as a God send purpose so I’m gonna use the crappings to fertilize tomato plants then juice the tomatoes and can them so when shtf and I have to eat the horse size dog I can make veggie soup it’s a win win for me

        • soldier, don’t do that! dog poo is full of bad stuff and it will get on your tomatoes and you will get SICK as a dog!!!!

          really! seriously! dog poo should never enter a food garden!

          • Grander and God’s soldier
            You can compost dog poop safely in a worm bin.
            I have some reservations about how unsafe the stuff is just as a biologist and naturalist. Realistically, meat eaters have been defecating on the ground for millenia and it has all composted just fine. A large cconcentration of any type of feces will cause trouble. I dig disposal holes around trees for my dog’s feces. I assurance you that the soil has the necessary biota to deal with it. Beware of the endless nonsense promulgated, when you look closer, it is usually something like something bad happened through careless once… no kidding… some herbs have formal health warnings because one person had a reaction. Our society has gone nuts. Human waste has been used directly in rice paddies and gardens for millenia… I guess the Chinese should be extinct by now. Can something happen? Sure. What are the odds? Slim to none. Just bury the dog poop and let it decompose without making a huge pile in any given location.

            • By the way, herbs get warnings for little reason, but pharmaceuticals can kill thousands with little concern for their safety. Pesticides and neurotoxins are deadly and are approved as safe. Don’t put too much credence into what the Bigs say about anything. There is money to be made from pet feces and its “safe” disposal.
              I am seeing health warnings against the use of herbs grown in your garden… and touting safety of those herbs if purchased commercially. Our society is 95% nonsense.

            • Animals and manure. China has been the global breeding center for influenza for centuries. On very small plots of land the Chinese raise ducks, chickens and pigs together. Then they use their combined manure to fertilize veggies for human food. The pigs share their varieties of influenza with the birds and when they get a new mutation that spreads birds to pigs to humans and if it is airborne, a new pandemic is borne. Then passing migratory birds spread it worldwide.

              Dog manure can be used, but requires more than one degree of separation from human food.

              We can eat food grown in the composted waste of herbivores like cows. Dog manure could be used to feed worms that feed chickens that we eat. To be safe you need two or more biological layers of separation, without that mass mixing of multiple animal species, their manure and food crops that small peasant farmers in China commonly incorporated.

              Most amazing thing, I think I’ve said it before, meal worms can actually eat styrofoam and then the worms fed to Chickens. I can’t recall how much of that stuff I’ve tossed in the trash.

              Another route for dog and cat waste is to compost it, and use it exclusively on separate ground to grow ornamental cash crops like flowers. The manure smell may be good at keeping deer out of the flower patch.

              • If anything, and if it came to it I may kill a kitty or doggie for food …but in no way am I using their scat when there is far better to be had (and THAT stuff can be ‘flung’).

                I have my best luck with horse dung, dried out about three years AND mixed with loam (loom?) that I’ve mixed leaves and all manner of stuff into for years, in between ‘rotational crops’ (nothing big in the least). Garden for two is 20×40 tops ….and I could prolly get the same amount of growth from less room (but I’m naturally lazy and it never gets done).

                Hey, in NC plants go into the ground next month, so we have the seeds under lights and are looking for new plant life any day here (nows the time to get those gardens started)!

                • Horse manure has become toxic waste. There is a parasite medication called vermicides they commonly and regularly give horses that horses subsequently pass in their manure.

                  Vermicides are long lived in soil and are toxic to humans.

                  Horse manure is considered unfit for organic farming.

                  • Plan Twice
                    I live in a horsey area, folks advertise free horse manure, come and get it. I pass. Everything is toxic these days.

                    • God, who knew there’d be a day when even horse manure would be useless?

      28. AMEN SHERIFF MACK !…………..Semper-Fi !

      29. Hmmm. Our Founders went to war against the then most powerful military in history over a petty tax on a nonessential beverage – tea.

        Yet, with barely a whimper, we are taxed and regulated past the point where Atlas Shrugged.

      30. I’m old enough to remember when we could buy guns through the mail without background checks or 4473 forms, even non-violent felons could buy guns, yet crime was low.

        Crime was low because we had a checks and balance in our society between the good people and the bad guys.

        In Places like Chicago the gangs and thugs run wild because the good people those with no desire to commit a crime aren’t allowed to own guns.

        To have sheriffs say ignore federal law is BIG!!!

        • FreeIllinois, yeah, that’s the first thing that hit me. Now, are they for real? Or could this be another misleading part of the overall “plan?” (Yeah …it sure as hell could be, and THE BASTARDS have just enough smarts to think of it and suck us into it).

          I maintain that sheriffs are NOT CONSTITUTIONAL within themselves (not a lick).

          If The Organized Militia doesn’t “fall into place” and just start “doing our thing” (and I am sure few, if any, have forgotten a damn thing about what it’s like to be ‘engaged in a firefight’ with only one possible ending.

          As with all who come here, I too have taken The Oath and will abide and cling to it until all life has left my body. (Up until then I’m going to kick serious ass and take no damned names).

          I am PRAYING that at least 25% of America is at least 1/2 as pissed off as I am. IF THAT IS TRUE – – we just might stand a chance against these sons-a-bitches who feel they can just step into a country and freaking take it away, and using “bent” versions of our laws to do it with. Then, create zillions of “money games” …none of which would work, and they knew it, but everyone fell for it, banks went wild for it, and why not since they had ‘zero’ risk knowing they would be bailed out by taxpayer money.

          America is STILL printing a LOT of frigging money, and like Argentina it costs us more to print the money than the frigging thing is worth (if it is a dollar bill). Now, I wasn’t ready to hear that one, but I guess it is true, or will be sooner than we realize.

          For pete’s sake …thanks again, gonna do a 180 and get back after my reloading stuff ….(I’ve got an awesome “man corner” in The Master Suite. All 14×13 of it! lol….

      31. Hi all! Remember “The Dick Act” study it,the second amendment-all of their “laws” are null and void”. To find truth in history-study “Judge Anna” from Big Lake,Alaska everything we thought we knew! Everyone knows things are FUBAR. What happened? When? and How! Also,scannedretinadotcom- How have these vermin gotten away with turning this country upside down? Learn the difference between admiralty law and common law. Read the letter Judge Anna wrote to Sheriff Ward in Burns,Oregon- educate yourself and “Get-R-Done”!!

      32. The negro has no business or authority up there and that is why you are having so much trouble with him.

        Congress who put the kenyan negro in has not bothered to remove him.

        • Beano, yes you have that right, no doubt. But, making $180k+ annually with MAJOR bonuses (in the 100’s of thousands) and with all the payoffs that are being made to their ‘coffers’, why in hell would anyone up there stand in his way. THEY could care less about this country or what happens to it. They’ve received their hush money and sold your ass out from under you, without batting an eye.

          These are our leaders. I wonder if there is a one of them that does NOT deserve to be swinging on the end of a rope until dead, in the town square. Man, we’d HAVE to use Hemp rope …it just seems ‘right’ ….know what I mean?

      33. Its simple Freemen have access to arms serfs to not Serfs are things owned by the lords. In Feudal Japan at one time all men owned swords. Then they really did institute sword control. All swords were turned in to fight crime. They really said they swords would beocme plows The people became property owned by the lords who had the swords In China the people ate with knives but the Emporeer stated that he did not trust the people with knives so they could not own them. He said use sticks to eat hench chop sticks. People became things. In6 Russia all weapon6s includign6 swords had to be turned in after the revolution Lennin did not trust the people after all look what they had just done. Millions died of starvation. Did you ever hear of the Russian American war of 1920 in history class? American army divisions fought the Reds in Russia. Now our leaders dont trust you with guns. Why would that be. Trust us to protect you they say because we are so nice and sweet. They want to be beautiful gods to whom you must bow people will be property of the state no longer citizens. They will tell you what to thin6k and to do. History will begin6 with them. Objection6 will not b5e allowed and punished severely.

      34. Agree totally!

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