Sheriff “Faces Debtor’s Court After Being Fined $100K” For Brutality… And Refusing to Pay

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    Police Raid

    This article was written by Matt Agorist and originally published at The

    Editor’s Comment: The last several years of partisan divide and anger at the manufactured outrage of the Black Lives Matter and Soros-sponsored protests and riots have disguised many years where Americans of all color and background became quite indignant at the readiness to cover for and defend abusers among police officers. With a false climate of terrorism settled over the post-9/11 landscape, police assumed the role of reinforcing the federal government’s narrative and repressing dissent of all types among people. Abuse of the phony drug war, and a readiness to treat average Americans as deadly threats who should be dealt with on a shoot first, ask questions later basis and general regard with suspicion was all coming to a head. In some ways BLM vs. the thin blue line became a steam valve and diversion for that.

    But now under President Trump, the police and law enforcement have been granted executive authority to handle many situations.  such as immigration, with less-than-constitutional prowess, and with sometimes extrajudicious powers. Read Trump’s executive orders so far – with a mandate to come down hard on immigration, the president is also reigniting the war on drugs, redirecting the homeland guard against terror, and likely pursuing new wars abroad, though that hasn’t yet played out. Half of trump’s 12 executive orders so far prove that he is backing police and law enforcement big time. Why is that a problem? Obviously violence against police officers should be prevented, and the profession should be generally allowed to do their job. For the millions of people who supported the “liberty movement” or count themselves as civil libertarians, Trump’s outright on behalf of law enforcement, immigration and anti-terrorism efforts means a crackdown on rights, an expansion of surveillance, an increase of internal border checks, the introduction and requirement of biometrics, fingerprints and iris scans for all travelers in and out of the U.S.; it means shut rather than open borders, and a quash on free travel.

    While this case shows a rare example of bad behavior being held accountable, the tide is turning backwards. Be forewarned.

    Sheriff Must Pay $100K of Own His Money for Brutality Case or Head to Debtors Court

    by Matt Agorist

    As the Free Thought Project has reported extensively, police officers, even when found at fault for their abusive actions, are almost never held personally liable. It is the taxpayers who foot the bill. However, a new trend in accountability seems to be on the rise, and will be massively more effective at curbing police brutality than any system in place right now.

    The most recent case of a police officer being held personally liable comes out of Los Angeles, where former Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca must decide within a week whether to pay $100,000 in damages — stemming from a civil lawsuit involving an inmate abuse case — or face liens on his assets, an attorney for the inmate said Friday, according to the LA Times.

    The damages are from a 2013 judgment against Baca, three other deputies, and a captain. In that case, inmate Tyler Willis proved to a jury that he was punched and kicked repeatedly, shot with a Taser multiple times and struck “numerous times” in the ankle with a heavy metal flashlight, causing fractures and head injuries.

    After a brief trial, the jury returned a verdict in Willis’ favor and held Baca personally liable. However, Baca, with the power of the police union, fought the ruling for the last 4 years, calling the idea of a police officer being held personally liable a “huge mistake.”

    We disagree.

    When police officers actually fear the loss of their own money, they may think twice before savagely beating a handcuffed woman or breaking into the wrong house and killing the innocent owner.

    In spite of never winning an appeal, Baca has refused to pay and now Willis’ attorney is going one step further.

    “Baca has to pay up or we will proceed to collect in debtors court,” Samuel Paz, an attorney for Willis said. “If necessary we will go forward with proceedings to identify his assets and place liens to collect on the debt.”

    For those unfamiliar with the former sheriff, he was forced to resign in 2014 amid a massive scandal involving the horrendous abuse of inmates in his jail. While Baca quietly retired and skated out on punishment, more than two dozen of his underlings were convicted on criminal charges for their role in the abuse. Baca claims he had no idea that dozens of his employees were carrying out the abuse right under his nose for more than a decade.

    Baca wasn’t the only officer held personally responsible in the 2013 lawsuit either. Anthony Vasquez, Mark Farino and Pedro Guerrero, and Daniel Cruz were found to be “malicious, oppressive or [act] in reckless disregard” of Willis’ rights.

    Last week, all four of the officers agreed to pay $65,000 — their portion of the $165,000 lawsuit. However, Baca has continued to refuse.

    It seems that Baca, who is currently drawing a $328,000 annual pension for the rest of his life — in spite of being a terrible cop — is holding out for the county to use taxpayer money.

    However, in court documents, the county has noted that they have no intention of paying for Baca’s abuse.

    This is the second such case in only weeks, in which cops are being forced to come out of pocket after being found at fault in a lawsuit. Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Deputy Adam Lin’s case was a bit more extreme than Baca’s, however.

    In 2013, Lin spotted 19-year-old Dontrell Stephens in a “high-crime area” — the man’s own low-income neighborhood — riding a bicycle in a manner the deputy found suspicious.


    Lin stopped the youth, who dismounted the bike with a cell phone in his hand and slowly approached the officer. Just outside the range of dash cam video, the officer shot Stephens four times — claiming he was in fear for his life — but footage and evidence clearly showed the claim to be baseless.

    Three of the bullets remain lodged in Stephens’ body, according to the Sun Sentinel — two in his arm and one in his spine, which left him paralyzed and dependent on a wheelchair for mobility.

    Stephens won a massive $22.4 million settlement and U.S. Magistrate Judge Barry Seltzer ruled that Lin should foot at least a portion of the bill. Last month, nearly everything this officer owned was seized to pay back Stephens — including everything from his furniture to his clothing.

    Lin will most assuredly think twice before shooting another unarmed teen.

    As for Baca, however, it appears he has yet to learn his lesson and will have to be forced by the court to pay.

    Imagine, for a moment, the result of all police officers being held personally liable for their actions. In nearly every other profession on the planet, if someone hurts someone else while on the job, they are held liable — personally. Why can’t cops carry personal liability insurance just like doctors?

    As instances of police brutality and police killings continue to be exposed, there is no doubt that the US is in dire need of reform. The simple requirement for police to be insured for personal liability is an easy fix — especially to remove repeat offenders from the force.

    All too often, when a tragic death such as Tamir Rice occurs, months later we find out that the officer should have never been given a badge and a gun in the first place because of their past. However, insurance companies, who can’t fleece the taxpayers to pay for problem cops, would have to come out of pocket to pay for them and would make sure that these officers are uninsurable.

    If the officer becomes uninsurable, the officer becomes unhirable — simple as that.

    There are likely many cops out there right now who would be denied insurance coverage by any company, due to their track records. A requirement for personal liability insurance would, quite literally, weed out problem officers — almost overnight.

    This article was written by Matt Agorist and originally published at The


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      1. $328,000 annual pension…

        J.. C…

        unbelievable amount of pension money for someone who should himself, be in jail.

        • “$328,000 annual pension…”

          For a public servant? No thats a servant public.

          • That’s ridiculous.

            • The public paying a $328,000 annual pension is the servant of that former official.

              Your correct $328,000 pension is ridiculous.

              • That’s more than the President gets. They only get $200k per year for life. And Each and every single member of congress gets about $120k per year *FOR LIFE*.

                $100k for life for gubmint jobs… Is INSANE. $328k is flat out highway robbery. But that’s what Unions are good for… Robbing people blind.

                • Not true. Congress and all other federal employees are handled under the Federal Employees Retirement system, and any pension is based upon years served and “high-3” avg pay.

          • serpent….it’s public SERPENT….there, i fixed it for you.

            • Part of the reason Kalifonica is bankrupt.

              • wutchewtalkinboutwillis??….our guvnuh just last week said we got plenty of money, if we want out of the divided states of america, we can afford it….america better watch out, ’cause we are an economic POWERHOUSE!…..of coarse, a couple days later he was at the federal trough….beggin’ for money from the feds…..go figger.

                • I seriously doubt if more than 6 legislators in Kawleefornya realize they are insolvent and have been for at least 2 decades. And that would likely be the 6 Reps or independents. Fine with me if it does fall into the ocean

              • Bankrupt morally, intellectually and financially.

                • Ain’t that a fact! But the queeers will be the best off when TSHTF because they already have their shit packed lol.

                  • LMAO!

          • Is Amerika whacked or what ? Paying these people to commit crimes for the rest of their lives. Amerikans have become some sick and weak bithez to put up with this shit !

        • If that is his pension what was his paycheck?
          Those are usually lower than the pension.

          • His County Sheriff salary is probably WELL ABOVE $500,000 in Southern California.

            The new Chief of Police in Prescott AZ, a small town of maybe 50,000 +, was reported to received $130,000 a year for taking the oath of office, as I remember.

            All the more reason that INDIVIDUALS need to be held accountable for their actions. The INDIVIDUAL cops should pay for committing the crimes.

            The Sheriff, unless PERSONALLY involved in the attack, should be insured by the country as a county employee and the county should pay his portion of the fine. 🙂

        • Castile soap is indistinguishable from other kinds of soap and it works for everything. Laundry, dishes, wash your hands, shampoo, body wash. Anything.

          Everything is three times more expensive when it has to be imported. Growing your own food isnt practice here. Its necessity. Electricity is a luxury. I use the battery lantern only to save electricity. Ham radio is a useful tool but isnt a necessity if you have satellite phone and internet.

          • So you have no power in Haiti?

          • Good tip, thanks.

      2. Look, when you don’t do right by the police (and I’m speaking about good courageous police officers, not corrupt ones), then you get a taste of the bloody anarchy that erupted in a part of Brazil last week.

        People WANTED the police to come back and restore Law and Order.

        • Difference is – We have the right to gun ownership – most there do not, their gun laws are very strict, and most do not have that for self defense.

          If the roles were reversed – I would have confidence that the American people would not let an all out chaotic purge and looting take place in their areas.

          As it is said – “an armed populace … is a polite populace.”

          • I was just gonna say that lol.

            • I hope that piece of shit loses everything he owns and then some. Then vigilante justice served nice and cold. Wake up call for others like him too. If convicted of intentional abuse they should lose their pension also. That would change things a bit eh.

              • if there was any GOOD cops, there wouldn’t BE any bad cops….present company excepted, sgt dale.


                  • Ha ha ha ha ha.

                  • Exactly… until the tide is turned…
                    You don’t see US with nice shiny targets on our chests.. do ya?
                    Carry On,

              • No shit and it is actually a good idea for certain crimes or acts committed while in duty and service. I like that idea a lot and will pass it on.

                As an example some police have been found to have been involved in drug trafficking for may years while in service and used said service to commit their crimes. Bingo, it fits like a puzzle piece !

        • FS, it’s not enough for the public to do right by police. THEY ALSO HAVE TO DO RIGHT BY THE PUBLIC. THAT’S A TWO-WAY STREET, NOT A ONE-WAY STREET WITH A DEAD END. When good, honest cops are engaged in legitimate police work, even I have always supported that. What I refuse to tolerate is that ‘us vs. them’ attitude the feds have brainwashed them with, using excessive force on people, and STEALING from people under the guise of ‘civil asset forfeiture’. That’s right, I said ‘POLICE THEFT’. All that the forfeiture has really achieved is open the door to more corruption in law enforcement and even the judiciary. Not only cops, but even judges and prosecutors have been caught enriching themselves personally from those proceeds. And there’s no due process for getting your property back. The two biggest reasons don’t trust LE is civil asset forfeiture and excessive force. When some cops came claim their budget depends in large part on asset forfeiture we all need to be alarmed. It’s only used against GOOD PEOPLE, NOT REAL CRIMINALS. The victims in these cases never even face any kind of charges. Civil asset forfeiture and excessive force are two parts of ‘police work’ that don’t have any legitimate basis. I, for one, will never hand over anything to any cops under the excuse of asset forfeiture. If it turns into a fight, so be it. Don’t use your badge and authority to commit crimes against people.

      3. Opposed to debtors prison for anyone. A huge reason for the Revolutionary War!

        Many white bond slaves were sent here due to debt.
        Bond slaves, Indentured Servitude, NO!

        Old school folks know about this.

      4. FreeSlave

        Did you miss the part about shooting the unarmed or beating someone after they are handcuffed? Maybe shooting the wrong person entirely. This isn’t asset forfeiture. This is done after conviction which is far better than what the common citizen gets for due process. There is no reason why the taxpayer should foot the bill.

        No one is questioning the lawful valid use of force by Law Enforcement. Repeating that just clouds the issue.

        • Feed him to the naggers!

        • “Did you miss the part about shooting the unarmed or beating someone after they are handcuffed?

          That’s why I said I wasn’t talking about corrupt cops.

          Also, if there is menacing unarmed guy who doesn’t stop when a police officer tells him to stop, or if there is a group of unarmed guys who don’t stop when a police officer tells them to stop…

          and the police officer shoots, well, if I was on the jury, I would most likely vote “Not Guilty.”

          If Mike Tyson in his prime kept coming, and even though he’s unarmed, then it’s BLAM! when he doesn’t obey lawful commands to stop.

          I’m not saying that all cops are good, far from it, but we got to stop putting handcuffs on cops. Otherwise, we’re not going to have cops to be the line to protect and defend and serve the sheep from the wolves.

          • i agree, freeslave…..leave all the GOOD cops in america ALONE……BOTH of ’em….

          • Free Slave

            “that’s why I said I wasn’t talking about corrupt cops.”

            The article addressed police officers convicted in criminal court and then sanctioned with a civil fine that most certainly the taxpayer shouldn’t pay.

            “I’m not saying that all cops are good, far from it, but we got to stop putting handcuffs on cops. ”

            I can’t see the handcuffs. This article was post conviction in criminal court and yes cops can and do commit crimes but of a corrupt and sadistic nature. Interestingly in the city Of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, back to back narcotics strike forces were found to be in the employ of the narcotics traffickers. This is not isolated its the norm. Books about it have been written as have numerous movies with Serpico being the most famous. If there wasn’t police corruption dope wouldn’t be available. Prohibition filed for the same reason.

            • The war on drugs is nothing but a bad joke.

              • And an extreme waste of money and ramping up of the police state!

              • Wait a minute. Are you suggesting that there’s some inconsistency in the U.S. controlling Afghanistan for 14 years and, by all accounts, heroin production in Afghanistan skyrocketing during that period resulting in an epidemic of heroin use by young people in the U.S. all while we supposedly are engaged in a “war” on drugs?!

                • “Are you suggesting that there’s some inconsistency”

                  Actually no its very consistent as its just deja vu Air America in Laos, Wachovia laundering $378 billion in dope money. It would be inconsistent if “The Law” obeyed “The Law”, very inconsistent.

                • Nah, that is consistent. Like the cocaine being flown in daily on CIA planes to Arkansas. Y a know, I have never in my life heard of someone on pot shooting up a place or killing people on the road. Same for heroin or coke. All this bullshit doesn’t keep one fuckin gram out of the hands of users. It does however funnel illegal money into the hands of the shadow govt. Besides the whole fuckin thing is unconstitutional!

          • @ Free..
            Bullshit… You are fkn brainwashed.

            They have NO INTENTION of HELPING YOU or any other AMERICAN. EVER… Got it?

            Cops are PUBLIC ENEMY #1 and I am glad they put a nice, shiny TARGET right where I want it!

            You are dismissed as a fool or some hick in a town of 125 where the “Sheriff” is your BROTHER IN LAW or COUSIN!.

            (But most of US live in cities or suburbs with TENS of THOUSANDS of animals surrounding us and the “cops” stand around eating doughnuts and writing tickets! – Just like at the BERKLEY and UW Riots)

            America has become very similar to the TV show “The Walking Dead”..
            Millions of Erratic, Nasty, Angry, Hungry ZOMBIES!
            MILLIONS OF THEM!

            E-7 Ret.

          • FS, NEWSFLASH: According to certain federal and state supreme court rulings, ‘protecting citizens’ is NOT part of a cop’s job description. THEY SERVE GOVERNMENT, NOT THE PUBLIC. They don’t have any obligation to the public. When I get into a situation with some POS, I already know that I’m on my own, I have to fend for myself, I have to become MY OWN FIRST RESPONDER. AND I DON’T CALL 911. I use my own discretion about how to handle problems.

      5. I haven’t any use for cops. lawyers judges & courts. They are all parasites.


        TRUMP TOLD NOT TO TALK ABOUT NIBIRU. Guys, I am getting this verified, another source looked at this and told me that it happened possibly, and confirmed to me that its real, so we are getting a meeting ready. Something is up and I intend to get more info from my scientist friend.


        • HCKS, ya know if niburu is real I don’t want to know about it. How do you prep for the end of all things? I’d rather be surprised and just die instantly. Much better than having your ass ground into the dirt slowly by the mechanisms of whats going on as we speak!

          • Nibiru isn’t a extinction level event. Its an end of an age earth change. Not everyone will die. Those who move inland and are at high elevations will survive. Where I moved from the highest point on the county was 750 feet. Our place there was about 325 feet at the front of our land and 400 feet at the rear. The 11 point river crested one time at 329 feet. And We experienced 4 of those so called 100 year floods in 10 years. I wanted to move where the population was smaller and folks didn’t have big city ideas. I love the rock and mountians where we now live. Less than 9 people per square mile. less than 1/2 of one percent a race other than white. My surname is one of the ten most common in the county. Any road the Ozark Plateau is supposed to be a safe zone. Many retired military folks have relocated to the Ozarks.

            • @ Old Guy…You are a fool..
              The last time Nibiru passed was at the time of the Hebrew Exodus..(+/-1550BC)
              Egypt was the preeminent power in the muddle east, they wrote down everything they ever did, grew, collected etc..Though the Egyptians did not design nor build the “pyramids, they are pre-Flood constructs.)

              After the exodus(Nibiru) the “Egyptians” did not write down one word or glyph for 800 years..
              And THOSE PEOPLE ALL knew how to grow food, live without electricity..etc.

              Better re-think your “long-term plans”..
              If you just happen to survive the pole shift, you will be dead in 10 days max, regardless where you settle.
              Nibiru IS an ELE for “Modern Society”.

              Carry On,

      7. This kind of obscene pension it whats totaly wrong with this country. Who in there right mind would ok this.This is a travesty.



        You jihadist fucks ain’t seen shit yet, invade us, attack our country, come here, get your ass kicked. Any questions.


        • I have a question….invade us, attack our country, come here, get your ass kicked. So the shoe is on the other foot now?

      9. Forced to resign means terminated same thing . Pension should be nothing per month end of story . Every cop I see is a blubber bellied POS that thinks he’s a movie star . No wonder the bastards are hated by so many !

      10. My youngest son has an opinion that all cops are bad. His reasoning is that the bad cops are protected by the good cops, because they do not speak out against them for fear of losing their jobs; therefore the good cops become bad cops. My #3 and #4 sons have both worked in law enforcement; #3 making a career out of it and #4 stayed only 9 months because he could not tolerate the dishonesty he saw. #3 son does not like what he sees, never the less he tries to do his job with honesty. So I guess it’s all in how you view it. I worked in law enforcement for one year. I remember being asked once “who did you make mad?” I asked what do you mean? I was told then the post I was at is where thy put you when you make someone mad. Then it dawned on me that about two weeks earlier that I had told a lieutenant to kiss my ass over a particular incident. I had wondered why I wasn’t written up for insubordination, but had thought the Lt. didn’t really want the Chief to know of the incident. I too am not going to do something that is wrong. I quit on my on several months later, not my calling. If you do something wrong you must pay the price, so fork over the 100,000 dollars. It’s his responsibility not the tax payers.

        • Your YOUNGEST SON is the smartest of the BUNCH!

        • Waiting, I have 3 cousins who left law enforcement for the same reasons you just mentioned. I can also add asset forfeiture and the militarization; those were their 2 biggest reasons for leaving. They said they became cops to HELP people, NOT TO BE BULLIES OR COMMIT CRIMES AGAINST THEM. Honesty and integrity are definitely AWOL in today’s breed of cops.

      11. And… the preamble is left-wing loon. ~_~

      12. $300,000 PER PENSION? For a COP?
        Cops are Public Enemy #1.
        They neither STOP CRIME, nor SOLVE THEM.
        They collect PENSIONS = $300,000 per year, write reports, enforce illegal CIVIL ASSET FORFEITURE (ever hear ONE COP say “not on my watch/not against US citizens”? Neither have I.. Point Made!) and Arrest/Harass Innocent CITIZENS HOURLY!
        Of course I live on the west coast, it may be different in nowheresville, USA.. But Seattle USED to BE “Nowheresville, USA” when I was a kid!

        When the SHTF, Cops and their shiny badges placed at JUST THE RIGHT SPOT.. along with every LIBRAT I encounter 20+ blocks from my AO (home) will be Priority Target #1.

        Nuff Said.
        Carry On,
        E-7 Ret.

      13. I will tell you a short story about cops.. THEY ARE AFRAID!
        This happened one week ago.
        I finally got tired of our “IMMIGRANT” neighbors dog terrorizing the area around our home that we have lived in for 35 years as we have a strict leash law in Snohomish County, Wa… So instead of euthanizing it myself with a .22 to the head, I called the cops..
        Less than 10 minutes went by before 3 Bothell Police SUV’s showed up with 6 COPS… 6 COPS..
        While only ONE of them took my statement, the other 5 watched the surrounding area like USMC trained sentries.
        It was then that it dawned on me that the cops were afraid of being ambushed, in my middle-class, suburb of Seattle.
        Granted, my area is no longer the WHITE, Hard-working, Farm community it was in the 60’s, Bothell, Wa. is mow known as “Little Rajneeshpuram” with all the dots and muzzies working for Microsoft, Google and Yahoo.

        But the fact is… the COPS were scared to death.. ALL 6 of them strapping kids.

        Just some insight.
        Be Well,

        • BTW… ALL SIX COPS were in FULL BODY ARMOR and never took their hands off their sidearms…
          The good news is, my IMMIGRANT neighbors dog has not been seen outside their messy yard since.

          BTW…Islamics are the real enemy guys… One day very soon, they will have their “DAY OF WRATH” and 1000’s of Islamics will attack our schools, shopping malls and highways nationwide in a coordinated attack.

          I read Arabic almost fluently, they have been planning it for 18 months or longer, and it is on every Arabic/Mosque website nationwide, they just think that NONE OF US ARE READING IT.
          Someday soon… Mark my words.
          Good Luck,

          • Thanks for the heads up GH. Head on a swivel……

      14. You R right Gunny: There are Jihad training camps, radical cells and ‘lone wolves’ all over the country. Trumps immigration policies won’t stop what is coming. They are already here by the millions, legally. Once the signal is given, your going to see a week of slaughter in the west, and America. Schools, malls, synagogues, etc…will be attacked, leaving 10’s of thousands dead. Paris, London, Berlin, Amsterdam, NYC, LA, Chicago…etc. It will be official declaration of War by Islam on the West; the 3rd Jihad will have begun. Someday soon…mark my words.!!!

        • Honestly… our only hope is that all the DOTS(Indian Hindus) will join US and FIGHT.
          They HATE Islamics with a passion,and I am sure FEW of you know that over 80 MILLION Indian Hindus were killed by Islamics just over 125 years ago when Islam invaded and conquered India.
          In any case, the USA we knew, is D.O.A.
          Carry On,

          • GunnyHiway, I would still be wary of those Hindus since they really don’t care for us either. But sandniggers are my biggest concern.

        • EVERY “Mosque” nationwide is a TERRORIST TRAINING CENTER. Islam by definition is a TERRORIST THEOLOGY.
          IMAMS are the ROOT of the problem.
          Time to eliminate EVERY IMAM nationwide with impunity, Burn EVERY “mosque” to the ground and send EVERY seracen to meet their 72 virgin goats.

        • J, I know it’s coming and I have plenty of bullets with sandniggers’ names on them. I’ll help them find allah.

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