Scarlet Fever Outbreak In England Leaves Researchers Confused: ‘We’re Concerned’

by | Nov 28, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 15 comments

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    Scarlet fever cases are now at 50-year-high sparking concerns for researchers, as they are baffled as to how “Victorian-era” diseases are making a comeback. The disease has been on the rise since 2014, and researchers are failing to find the cause.

    Scarlet fever hit its highest level in England for 50 years, with more than 17,000 cases reported in 2016 according to research in the Lancet. The infection is most common in children under the age of 10 and although highly contagious (being spread easily with a cough) is easily cured with a round of antibiotics. But that, in and of itself, raises concerns of the disease becoming resistant to antibiotics, creating a global pandemic.

    Doctors are urging the public to be aware of symptoms, which include a rosy rash, and seek help from their doctor. Data for 2017 suggests the rate of infection may be falling, but experts remain cautious, saying it is “too early to tell.” Normally, first world nations have a better chance of handling an outbreak such as this, but England is on the verge of losing control over this scarlet fever outbreak.

    A joint investigation by public health authorities from across England and Wales found that the incidence of scarlet fever tripled between 2013 and 2014, rising from 4,700 cases to 15,637 cases. In 2016, there were 19,206 reported cases, the highest level since 1967. The majority of the outbreaks were in England.

    “We are concerned – it’s quite a dramatic rise,” said Dr. Theresa Lamagni, head of streptococcal surveillance at Public Health England, who led the study. “We’ve always seen cases of scarlet fever – it’s just the scale in the past has been much lower than the last few years.” Dr. Lamagni described the soaring number of cases of scarlet fever as “baffling”, adding that no underlying causes had been identified. She stressed that the individual cases of the disease are “not any more serious than previously – it’s just a question of scale.”


    Scarlet fever was a common cause of death in the Victorian era but had largely been in decline since the introduction of antibiotics. As with any bacterial infection, prompt treatment remains essential to prevent both the spread of the disease and the risk of further complications such as pneumonia and liver damage. Anyone diagnosed with scarlet fever is advised to stay at home until at least 24 hours after the start of treatment to avoid passing on the infection.

    There is no vaccine against the disease and all cases must be reported by doctors to the local health authority. Molecular genetic testing has ruled out a newly emerged strain of the infection. Additionally, there has not been any suggestion that the disease has become resistant to the penicillin normally used to treat it – yet.


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      1. Isn’t it obvious to these geniuses that the muslim trash are bring it there from their respective hell hole homelands.

          • …and shoot them and burn them and bury them.

        • I can’t believe secretly they know it, but so politically incorrect to say it.

        • Yep: the population of people from the third world has exploded in the past 15 years alone. Ask anyone working in hospitals in the cities and they will tell you pretty well all the new births and people turning up, are from developing countries. Flights come in from Africa every day and dump people on hospitals near airports for free healthcare. There are no border controls and the government has no clue who is coming or going. No surprise third world and ‘Victorian’ diseases are making a come-back. London has many filthy ghettos filled to the brim with people from the third world living in squalor.

        • Let’s get this right – scarlet fever, hepatitis, flesh-eating bacteria, 40,000 to die from the cold and God only knows what else. Hmmm, you think they might have a muzzie immigrant problem? Add in a declining birth-rate and Brexit… what else could go wrong? Russian drive-bys by their navy? Air-flybys? But not to worry, Prince Harry has landed a cutie Canadian to wed. Looking at the lass I’d dare say he’s got more than a stiff upper lip. All’s well. Chive on. And good luck Harry – I hope the old-hag Queen doesn’t show her true colors and spurn the soon-to-be wifey of your’s. Don’t let the old scow intimidate ya.

      2. Besides deliberately overburdening your infrastructure, you are then subjecting WASP’s to Victorian living standards.

      3. Leaves Researchers Confused????
        Who STUPIOD are they. Bring in more from the middle east and you will see a hell of a lot more the Scarlet Fever.


      4. Among other serious diseases. The same is happening on our southern border.

      5. I agree the dirty unsanitary third worlders are bringing in unwanted diseases. they also have brought lice and bed bugs scabies and a host of parasites.

        • And include HIV/AIDS. HIV/AIDS was under control and dropping quickly as the gays were practicing safer sex, and then London’s African population exploded post-2000, and HIV rates are growing again. Add also TB, Hepatitis etc.

      6. I have lived in the same town, for almost 35ys. I have seen how demographic displacement progresses, until whites are conspicuous minorities.

        I know what is the conservative thing to say.

        When the subsidies flowed in a slightly different direction, it was like seeing a river reverse it’s course. There was a sea change.

        Then, angry brown people were replaced with angry white people, at roughly the same IQ / decorum / level of the social foodchain. They wash in and out, with the political currents, like flotsam and jetsam.

        In case of over-reproduction, nature does not assume that all will be successful. Nature, itself, imposes a Malthusian check, when far too many, undeserving people are comfortable. Extinction doesn’t mind about skin color or partisan affiliation, and I think it could be spontaneous, automatic, accidental.

        If everyone if lured into this amoral, lukewarm, mediocre, second world sense of being, there is no further need for a conspiracy.

        • Beaumont, I understand what you are saying all too well. I’ve seen the same thing where I live. I’m ready to move elsewhere.

      7. They also have government run healthcare. Drug choices are limited as is medical testing and treatment. Plus you often must wait in line.

        When we were in Austraila my wife got a bladder infection. They couldn’t give the antibiotic she knew worked for her, it just wasn’t available. The clinic prescribed what government healthcare guidelines required….. It at least slowed the infection from getting worse though did not cure it. She had to wait to get back to the US, be properly tested and get an antibiotic that was actually effective. Australian guidelines that require using the wrong antibiotic is exactly how you create a superbug that no antibiotic works on.

        We in America are spoiled, even lousy healthcare in the US is light years ahead of the best healthcare in the rest of the world. Obamacare was designed to put America on track for third world healthcare.

        If anyone has a nagging healthcare issue, my advice, stop avoiding the doctor or dentist and get it fixed. In a SHTF it could become debilitating or even life threatening. In a SHTF scenario US healthcare could become third world or just unaffordable overnight.

      8. No the reasearchers are political stupid and not saying what damn well all knows sorry but its fucking trash your letting in come the fuck on baffled you cock sucking shit sucking excuse for scientist and worthless human by actions

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