Russia Hosts Iran, As Rulers Say “Genocide” Is Occurring In Gaza

by | Dec 8, 2023 | Headline News | 0 comments

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    The ruling classes are all doing their best to expand the Israel/Hamas war further. Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi has said that Israel is committing “genocide” in Gaza as he meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    Some analysts have said the Gaza conflict has benefitted Russia by distracting world attention from the war in Ukraine and enabling Moscow to align itself with other developing countries in solidarity with the Palestinians.

    On Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin made a rare one-day lightning tour to the Middle East during which he visited Saudi Arabia after a short trip to the United Arab Emirates.

    The two war-mongering states are both ratcheting up the tensions and helping push the globe toward a third world war. Not to mention what Israel and the United States are doing to ensure war goes on.

    Putin hosted Raisi on Thursday as part of a blitz round of Middle East diplomacy that also included visits to the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia in efforts to raise Moscow’s profile as a power broker in the region, according to a report by Al Jazeera. 

    Putin has already placed the blame on the war in Gaza on the U.S. saying it is a failure of U.S. diplomacy and suggested Moscow could be a mediator in the decades-long Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

    Greeting Raisi at the Kremlin, Putin said it was important to discuss the situation in the Middle East, especially in the Palestinian territories.

    Raisi responded via a translator: “What is happening in Palestine and Gaza is, of course, genocide and a crime against humanity.”

    “It’s not just a regional issue, it’s an issue for the entire humankind,” he told Putin, adding that “it’s necessary to find a quick solution.” –Al Jazeera

    Democide: Government Killed Over 260 Million in the 20th Century, Poised to Kill Billions More in the 21st

    Governments are the heavyweight champions of genocide (democide) and will continue to kill billions of people until we mentally evolve beyond being their slaves. This war is going to expand if the rulers have anything to say about it, and we know it won’t be them doing the fighting. They will rely on the slave class to obey, kill, and be killed in order to control and keep their power.

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