Democide: Government Killed Over 260 Million in the 20th Century, Poised to Kill Billions More in the 21st

by | Mar 16, 2012 | Alex Jones | 240 comments

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    The following documentary from Alex Jones ( details the various aspects of the behind-the-scenes plans of what many have dubbed the New World Order. In Blueprint of Madmen Jones explores everything from anti-terror legislation in the United States to restrictive global food production and distribution by the elite as a means of controlling the populations of entire nations .

    Most will ignore the message and attack the messenger, but it won’t change the evidence. There is a grand conspiracy afoot. Ignore it to your detriment.

    Alex reveals a host of statistics from ordinary life that have proven much more deadly. In short, these statistics make clear that terrorism is a complete hoax. It was deliberately created as a false alarm to secure funds for national security contractors building a Stasi state built to control the population through the power of “fear itself.”

    But what are the REAL threats our society faces?

    Alex turns the tables on the constant propaganda about a projected enemy. He documents proven academic research in Democide, or Death by Government, demonstrating that the real killers throughout history have always been in government. From Mao in Communist China, Stalin in the U.S.S.R., Hitler in Nazi Germany, Pol Pot under the Khmer Rouge and so many others, governments have killed more than 260 million people in just the last one hundred years.

    Through this important documentary, you will understand how history’s mega-killers are now poised to kill not millions but billions in a new age of dominance under world government. The elite psychopathic rulers, along with their technocratic Renfield minions, are pursuing a transhumanist vision where they seek to become gods while the masses of humanity are sacrificed in the name of saving the earth, all while risking our very planet in their destructive experimentation.

    Watch the Full Length Documentary: Blueprint Of Madmen (40 minutes)

    The documentary starts out with a humorous look at the state of affairs in America today, and then delves into the seriousness of the situation in which we find ourselves. 


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      1. The world ( and our govt) is a dangerous place.

        • SM: Had to give you a thumbs down just for “general principle” and local custom. 🙂

          • So many haters and sooo little time! 🙂

            • The originator of the field of study and the recognized world expert on democide is University of Hawaii Professor Emeritus R. J. Rummel. His groundbreaking book was Death by Government. He has a worthy website:


            • on Drudge Report this morning…

              Martial Law? Obama Issues Executive Order: ‘NATIONAL DEFENSE RESOURCES PREPAREDNESS’


          • Proof this is a Facebook Page

        • Our world is a dangerous place BECAUSE of our government.

          As I always say nothing in this world kills, rapes, destroys, steals, embezzles, deludes, lies, defrauds, poisons or pollutes more than government.

          Some would ask, “Why is this?”

          Governments are often put together by people for the good of everyone. The reason they fail is because the evil in humanity is attracted to the halls of power while at the same time humanity wants to revere the high and mighty. It is these two qualities that causes government to be the biggest threat to our safety, our security of our very lives.

          This is why America is special. We are supposed to have the first and last “Limited Government”. But, the evil among us do not like limits. Limits to their evil is, well, good. Consequently they have deluded the people, brainwashed them if you will, in to believing they have much more “authority” than they do.

          They’ve done this by reducing men to fictions or “persons” so that they can then say do this or do that and you think you have to because, well, the “person” has a label that you have been brainwashed into indentifying with.

          Throw off the chains of tyranny. Realize your freedom. Honestly, it doesn’t make it any easier but it makes your perception very clear. One of the tools of the evil ones is to make it all cloudy.

          “Under common law, I do not consent and I waive the benefits.”
          puts government back in the place where is should be, dictating policy and actions of trusts and corporations.

          Clear up the muddy waters of freedom. Realize what you are.

          • Right on. You are not a person, you HAVE a person. In fact, you have multiple persons: your social security number, driver’s license, gym membership, library card, etc. These all represent the “persons” you have. Each person has individual privileges and responsibilities attached to them. The driver’s license gives you the privilege of using the public ways in commerce, but it won’t get you into a gym or allow you to check out books at the library, the same as how a social security number will not get you into a gym. Each is a separate person.

            Persons are not people. This is the root of the confusion people have with the Citizens United ruling. Corporations are NOT people, but they are persons. Persons are fictional creations. You driver’s license, gym membership, social security number, etc., are fictional entities–persons. Whoever is the top guy in the Whitehouse has the person of the President. The guy who has the title of sheriff in your county has the person of the sheriff. Read this over and over. It’s important to understand this. You are not a person, you have persons.

            So with this revelation, read all those codes and statutes again of which you are obligated to obey. They all refer to “persons”. You are only the “person” the code refers to if you took on the role of that person. For example, the vehicle code in your state will only and ever talk about “persons”. A person in the vehicle code is someone with a driver’s license. So when you have a driver’s license, the “person” referred to in the vehicle code is the person of your driver’s license. If you don’t have a driver’s license then the vehicle code does not apply to you. Also, if you are not “driving” (i.e. using the public roads in commerce, i.e. hauling property or passengers or generally earning money from the use of the roads) then you are not in that person of your driver’s license. You are only the “person” on your driver’s license when you are actually “driving” (using the roads in commerce). Read this again and again until you get it.

            Once you grasp this, you can apply this concept to every so-called “law” you come across. If it references a “person”, what person are they referring to? Do you have such a person? If not, the code does not apply to you. Are you acting in the capacity of that person? If not, the code does not apply to you. The various codes, i.e. Penal Code, Civil Code, Vehicle Code, etc., only applies to you if you have a person that is subject to those codes and only if you are acting in the capacity of that person. Otherwise, codes do not apply to you!

            So who has to pay taxes? Taxpayers. What is a taxpayer? It’s a specific type of person. What kind of person? A person who is subject to the jurisdiction of the United States government. What kind of person is that? Someone who either lives within Washington, D.C., in one of the US territories or possessions (sucks being you if you live in Guam or Puerto Rico, etc.) or on a military base; someone who is a US government employee, including elected officials and administrative personnel; anyone who derives income from the federal government. Basically, anyone who accepts a privilege, benefit or opportunity from the government. This includes social security benefits, unemployment, food stamps, etc.

            So if you are not a person, what are you? Well, that’s easy: you’re an immortal living soul created in the image of God. Or if you want to get more down to Earth, you are a people (one of His people, one of The People, as in We the People). As soon as you reduce yourself to only and ever being a “person” then you are trapped in the illusion. Break the spell by realizing you are not a person, you are a people! Statutes and codes only apply to persons. If you are not a person, specifically not a person as defined by the subject code, you are not subject to that code.

            Watch this speech to open your horizons up to new possibilities:


            This is not optional. Everyone must know this, otherwise you will remain a slave because you don’t know you already are one.

            • Chumbawamba, thank you, this was educational.
              Can you recommend more study material?

            • Zen Monk:

              YouTube is your friend, my friend. To get a more in depth discussion of the “person”, search for “Rob Menard person”. Rob’s also got a lot of great videos so spend some time watching his stuff.

              To dig into the common law proper, including court procedure, the only comprehensive source I know is Bill Thornton’s work. Search YouTube for “Bill Thornton show me the law” for a very eye-opening discussion of sovereignty in the courtroom and challenging the IRS. You can get a full course on the common law at Bill’s site:

              Watch Michael Badnarik’s “Constitution Class” videos. Search on his name. Highly recommended. Just understanding what the Constitution really is as a document is critical (Bill Thornton goes into this in detail: it’s a common law trust).

              Doug Clifford is of a new breed of freedom fighters who just say “fuck you!” (literally, a lot) and tell the powers that be that their laws don’t mean shit. Doug teaches the practical application of sovereignty. Taking it from the theoretical or on-paper realm to the real world, where he’s tested his theories by going to jail many times when they didn’t work, figuring out what he did wrong and then piecing it together to find the correct way to interact with cops and government. Though he’s Canadian (as is Rob Menard) the principles are the same in any country where the laws are based on English common law. Again, search for his name on YouTube.

              An excellent website with great resources is:


              Supreme Law covers a lot of ground, with some of the best stuff on the IRS and understanding the structure of government. This guy has dug down into the bowels of the law and located, identified and documented its essence. Another high recommendation:


              Also, study the Bible. All Western law emanates from there. It is the source of all law in the West. I have heard it suggested that you read the Bible side by side with Black’s Law Dictionary 4th Edition. Whenever you come across a word you don’t comprehend, look it up in Black’s. It is prudent to look up words you are already familiar with because you might not realize there is a different meaning in the legal sense, which is actually the Biblical sense. Do the same with the US Constitution.

              This applies whether you believe in God or think you don’t. Atheist, Buddhist, whatever, doesn’t matter. The fact is our system of law originates there, and you must learn it to be truly free.

              Get to it.

            • Chum,

              I agree in principle with everything you have said. Hopefully it will wake up some of the sheep to who they are.

              Basically people, if you have a license or government number of any kind you are a slave owned by the corp.

              Get rid of them, learn to get by without them. Choose your PERSONS wisely and make sure the persons you use do not share your name and vital information.

              Many here will complain about how bad the corp is, but then turn around and slam those who tell them it is OK to walk away because they lack the courage and morality to do it.

              If you do not leave the corp, you have no right to complain about what it does. In fact, you have no rights at all and the corp will see to that.

              Until you have the courage be free, you have nothing to fight for.

            • I never really thought about it that way but all of my persons agree with you. Thanks for the post.

            • Chumbawamba, thank you very much for taking the time to write this detailed post. I greatly appreciate it.
              I just started studying all this and already had to pick up my jaw off of the floor several times. I knew we lived in a matrix, but I didn’t realize how deep the rabbit hole goes. It’s fascinating and terrifying at the same time.
              I did and do read Bible, but it would be interesting to reread it with Black’s Law Dictionary as you suggested.
              I do believe in God, the One and only, not man-made. Buddhism is not a religion per se, but a philosophy, thus, there is no dogma and no restriction about what one should or shouldn’t read (i.e. Bible). Expanding one’s mind is highly recommended and strongly encouraged though 🙂
              Again, thank you for your great advise.

            • Sadly, I don’t see much of any way to avoid being a corp slave to some degree. Unless you want to live in a box under a bridge, it is pretty tough to be a completely freeman except in your mind. If you use their FRNs, if you own a house (prop. tax), if you have a job (other than barter work you are beholden to IRS and SSN just to work) it is extrewmely difficult to remove yourself from the matrix.

            • Whoa! I triggered quite a discussion!

              Chum, that was an excellent narrative explaining “personage”. Quite excellent. May I take it and use it in whole or in part?

              What really makes me happy is that there are other people that are getting in here and “getting it”. The more of us that understand the actual terms reflecting on personage, the better it is for all of us, even those that don’t understand.

              Carry on!

            • NetRanger, have at it. Everything I write is into the public commons so feel free to use it and spread it around. I am only regurgitating what I learned from the giants whose shoulders I stood upon so that I could see farther.

              To the anonymous guy above, it’s not as hard as you think. I’ve been living the life now for 3+ years. You can still get by within the system and use the system when it suits you, but you just have to be careful to qualify your signature and reserve your rights when you enter into any agreement with the government. It can be done, because a sovereign can contract some of his rights without relinquishing his sovereignty.

              Also, we are discovering how we can own our property free and clear of everything, including property taxes. The illusion is broad and deep, and part of it is the myth that you have to pay property taxes. No, you do not. Property taxes were incurred because we never accepted the deed when we bought the property. The transaction was never completed, so the county is holding it in a trust of some sort and charging the occupants of the property a rental fee in the form of the property tax. That’s basically how it was explained to me, but it makes sense.

              Bottom line, the government does not own the land, We the People do. It is being held in trust for us, we just need to properly claim it.

              • In the UK, one only owns an Estate in Land, not the Land itself.
                All land ultimately belongs to The Crown.

                How equitable is that?

            • Chumba…I am the anonymous above.I have read a bit on freeing yourself from the gov corp including Netranger and Godscreation’s takes on it.Also Howard Freeman’s works…he actually put them to the test with the IRS and the courts.Everyone seems to have a different idea.Net says “I do not consent…”, GC says to reserve your rights as a sovereign, Freeman says to sign your”contracts” with “without prejudice UCC 1-207” below your signature.There seems to be a lot of opinions here. I have tried none of this in a real world setting.My house is paid for and I believe I have the deed. Are you saying I only have a copy of the deed and the real one is in the Recorder’s office? Because they sure as hell send me a tax bill every year.

            • JRS, I have read through an incredible amount of “freeman” literature that has been written over the past 30+ years. I have seen all the various ideas and schemes that various people have cooked up over the years, some being successful with it, others not.

              What I am seeing is that there are many ways to skin the cat. Sometimes people just get lucky and one thing will work for them that has failed countless others. There is a lot of misinformation out there, but there is also a lot of valuable information that leads to success if you do your homework and understand why some things will work while others won’t. And with 30 years of hindsight and learning what NOT to do, we who seek true freedom are finally, I believe, coming to a universal understanding of how to proceed without the usual peril associated with asserting one’s natural rights to be free.

              I think the most important discovery is that there is more than one system, and that’s where the confusion arises. Actually, it is one system, but there are multiple levels of systems within systems. You may unlock the door to freedom and walk through, only to find you have only escaped to a higher level system. To be truly free is to strip oneself of all Earthly appellations. Earth in a way is a prison, but we’re only here for a short time relative to our overall journey. The trick is to make the best of it, and always be fearless in what you do.

              As for your deed, you have the deed but you never accepted it. It is a part of the recording process. In order for you to be lawfully recognized as the owner of the property you must accept the deed, the final step in the recording process. Think of the deed as an outstretched hand: you never reciprocated and extended yours to seal the deal with a handshake. Once you do, you become the Grantor, and since the grantor has the right to grant the property to someone else, that means you are the owner. You can then grant the property back to yourself in fee simple, absolute ownership–and no property taxes. You were never taught this, but it is described in detail in Blackstone’s commentaries on English common law. That’s where Rob Ryder discovered the information.

              Study Rob’s stuff. The guy is awesome:


            • Chumba…Thanks for the info. I will check Rob out.

            • Unfortunately, this is simply not a silver bullet. It may possibly be the way they think, along with “admiralty law” and taking “silent judicial notice” of national emergencies, or “administrative jurisdiction,” as well as titles of nobility or sureties, blah, blah, blah.

              You are a slave because the system has enslaved you, and your co-slaves will not tolerate your escape from the system.

              I mean, fight the power and all, but don’t believe that your statement of non-personhood will ever carry any weight with those who wish you harm.

              The definitions may be sound, but it is their court system, their tax system, their licensing system, and their education system. You ain’t gonna change them.

              Best of luck.

            • Sounds real good in theory, too bad it is not reality. Reality is that you are what ever person the authorities say that you are and treat you as accordingly. You can tell them they have the wrong “person” but that will not change any out comes for you. Don’t be so naive.

            • I was with you until the religious part. We are who and what we are – the legal “persons” are legal constructs. Here we agree. I would love to divorce myself from my social security number, surrender the benefits and not pay the taxes. That seems fair and reasonable to me. However, I don’t know of any practical, realistic way to accomplish this. Courts and other government entities won’t listen to such arguments, and they have police and prisons to do their bidding. So, in the end, no matter how free we may think we are, they will come for us. Their armed servants won’t agree with your position, or they won’t let it stop them from doing their job.

              Thus, we must all put our money where our mouth is. They can bully us individually, but if we stand up collectively and tell them “NO” in no uncertain terms and in large enough numbers, I think we can effect change. I really want to. They want a significant portion of my earned income for 2012 – an amount that rivals what I paid in rent that year, and which severely cuts into my discretionary spending. Not only is this bad for me, but it’s bad for the economy as a whole, because it takes away the lifeblood of the economy before I can even spend it. When we spend, we support retailers and producers. When our income is taxed, we are less able to do this and the entire economy suffers as a consequence. Then there are the horribly wasteful ways that tax money is spent by the government.

              Join me in not paying these usurpers in Washington. Stand up and do more than talk and wish. Make change happen.

          • “Under common law, I do not consent and I waive the benefits.”
            puts government back in the place where is should be, dictating policy and actions of trusts and corporations.

            You are kidding, right?

            This will only get you into jail.

            The only way to oppose the government is to try and awaken as many law enforcement officers and people in the military as possible.

            Peaceful protests never work, except to help awaken some more people.
            If you are willing to sacrifice your liberty and/or life for that, good luck.
            I’d rather spread the word while staying free and help grow the anti-gov’t movement.

            • How do you think you educate cops? By talking to them. You get the conversation started by telling them you “Accept your oath and bond and hold you to it.”

              The oath? The one they swore to uphold the Constitution, the rules that govern the cops (not us). The Constitution is a deed, and in order for a deed to be in effect it must be acknowledged or accepted. Once you do, the oath they took is in proper effect.

              You may choose the path of conflict (“anti-gov’t movement”) but it is unnecessary and ultimately counter-productive. The peaceful path is the better approach. Fight with words. Use their law against them. We will prevail by remaining human, something they cannot be, because they are fictions (dead), and fictions cannot have any effect on the living. This may sound ridiculous to you, but it is the essence of the matrix, and it would behoove you to properly comprehend.

              A useful resource here is Background Studies in American Law:


            • Ranger is ignorant (not in an insulting way) to the reality and lost in a maze of misinformation concerning ones ability to avoid the corruption of the corp AFTER the confrontation has already begun and he is a rightless prisoner of war.

              Many people go to jail over those things. They look so good on paper and give the followers hope that they can be free, with the corps agreement, and stop the molestation’s of the corp after being captured.

              The time wasted on such pursuits is far better spent in removing yourself from the corp computers and contracts by non-use of the LEGAL PERSON. That means no license of any kind, and no contract through the Social Security franchise.

              If you provide a VALID (non-expired) drivers license or provide an SSN, you have pleaded guilty to any charge the corp pleases, as the action is against a DOCUMENTED CITIZEN of the corp, owned by the corp. By the time Ranger gets drug into court he will have no voice as a Man, and is not licensed to represent the fiction as is required by the court/corp.

              Why do you think the corp hates “illegal” aliens? Because they are not DOCUMENTED as corp property. ONLY the common law applies. No injury, no jurisdiction. They are Free People in a free country, like Ranger seeks to be.

              When the corp can not find In Effect documentation on you as a corp person under their jurisdiction, which can be form any federal State of Corp, you then have standing to claim Sovereign Immunity and can, in fact, force them to release you, depending on the degree of corruption of the so called judge.

              All that is required to be free is to live free. You don’t need, nor will you ever get permission to do so. If you have to ask for freedom, it is not attainable to you.

            • GC and others,

              If a man has a driver’s license, is he ALWAYS driving?

              If a man has a pilot’s license, is he ALWAYS flying?

              If a man has a birth certificate, is he ALWAYS a corporate slave?

              If a man has an SSN, is he ALWAYS a pauper?

              Of course not.

              And, you are correct, once you present a driver’s license or government issued ID you have then, essentially, testified that you have that person and are in that capacity. Right termed: rightless prisoner of war.

              You don’t hand the guy your license AND THEN notify him of your common law status. You state common law status and then you politely ask him or what what you are are lawfully required to do.

              This will not send you to jail. You are not resisting. Any cop that cuffs you for that will get a civil suit right up the ass in a jiffy. We can prosecute that right in admiralty court.

              You are correct about one thing for sure and that is that I am ignorant of much of this process. However, one thing I do know for sure, until you state that your standing under common law the legal and lawful presumption is that you are acting in the capacity of one of your corporate persons that must obey the code or statute they are attempting to enforce. The moment you mention common law and your lack of consent, experienced cops know the game has changed and they either break their oath or honor it.

              In fact, you may not even have to say that. When the Code Enforcement Officer says, “Sir, may I please have your driver’s license and registration.”

              You can reply with, “Officer, am I lawfully required to supply you with such documents?”

              Will that get you arrested? Surely not. If the officer says, “Yes you are!” – He’s dead wrong and has lied or just doesn’t know. There is probably some common law remedy for that. If he says, “No.” then what comes next? Have I tried this? No. Have others, yes. All one has to do is research it.

              The fact is, you don’t have to shed all your licenses, SSNs (after all, Barack has over 40 of them!), voter registration cards, etc, etc, to pick and/or choose when you use that person.

              For every single activity there is a common law alternative.

              Hunting – Foraging For Food
              Driving – Traveling
              Buying, Purchasing – Bartering, Trading

              This is the word magic they use to both brainwash and, subsequently, enslave you.

              And, Angry Citizen, if you never ask, they will *NEVER* *EVER* comply. Trying to work on this from the top down is just silly. They’ll never pay attention. But, when a few of the officers get disciplined, the area enforcement people will begin to understand.

              I have, so far, avoided the confrontations and have not needed this sort of thing. I won’t be able to forever. Once it happens, I will surely let you know who is correct.

            • Ranger said,

              “”If a man has a driver’s license, is he ALWAYS driving?

              If a man has a pilot’s license, is he ALWAYS flying?

              If a man has a birth certificate, is he ALWAYS a corporate slave?

              If a man has an SSN, is he ALWAYS a pauper?

              Of course not.”

              You are correct, but the presumption of the corrupted courts is YES. If you have any number, anything you do is connected to it in the eyes of the corp even if they make the connection on their own without your consent. Those are the same corrupted courts that support anything a “law enforcement” officer does, which is why they know no limits.

              While it is a work in progress, this is what I carry and will provide to any officer who stops me:

              Response to License, Registration, and Proof of Insurance Request

              I hereby Claim and Assert my Natural Right, as a Man created by the Almighty God, to silence, and choose to remain mute during this forced detainment.

              You have requested a Drivers License, Registration, and Proof of Insurance.

              I am traveling under my Natural Right to do so, which requires no license. The truck, and everything in or on it, is my lawfully obtained Private Property, not in dispute and privately held in Full Legal Title. It is NOT FOR HIRE, and is not required to be registered commercially, or for commercial use, with any corporation.

              I can not lawfully comply with your request for the items, as they are government property for use only on commercial or official business by statutory persons within your corporate jurisdiction.

              I claim God and Natural Law as the source of the Natural Rights being exercised. I invoke the Tennessee Constitution (1796 AD) as the Law in protection of My rights, immunities, and property, from corporations and other statutory creations, including yourself and the corporation you represent.

              No injury has occurred and no victim is present, thus it is self evident in Natural Law you are acting in a private/commercial capacity as an officer of a corporation, engaged in the business of revenue generation under color of law pertaining to statutory persons under privileged existence.

              I refuse any services, benefits, privileges, franchises, or contracts you may be offering, in favor of the Natural Rights and Immunities I already possess as a birthright and freely exercise under the protection of Natural Law.

              As there is no injury and I refuse any offer of contract, I do not feel compelled to provide you with any information that could be required to collect damages, or information required for purposes of contracting in commerce, or for any other commercial or statutory purpose.

              I am identified as one of “the People” and the source of the Law, in the Tennessee Constitution (AD 1796), Article I, Section I, and in the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States of America (AD 1787). No other identification is possible or deemed necessary by me.

              I now ask that you return this document and end your forced detainment so I can proceed unmolested in the course of my private business.

              I say no more.


              Any comments?

              I rely on Natural Law and God as the source of my rights to travel and own the property I am traveling in and with.

              The Constitution is invoked as Choice of Law for My protection from the “officer”.

              Other than claiming my rights through Natural Law and outside his jurisdiction, and refusing his commercial offers, I have nothing to say.

              I don’t know what to expect a cop to do when he gets the paper, but he will get nothing else from me.

              I think it very wise to Assert your claim of Natural Rights and then remain totally silent. The only evidence they can get is what you give them, so don’t give them anything at all.

              Having asserted my claim on Natural Rights, I am now in position to assert Sovereign Immunity should I ever be forced to appear before one of the corrupted corp courts.

              Hopefully, I will never get stopped, but given the need for the corp to generate revenue by commercial theft I suspect it will happen one day.

              Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will I ever exit the protection of my truck, which is my HOME on the road, lawfully speaking, and protected by the Bill of Rights.

              It may not be much, but it beats the hell out of carrying a license and paying tribute to a corrupted corp in order to exercise my rights.

              Unlike most here, I am willing to fight that fight when it comes to me. Much more willing than to be a slave who has to have permission.

              • God’s Creation,
                I may not try this under ordinary circumstances with State Patrol or Sheriff Deputy if I am stopped, but I sure will do it if any TSA/DHS officer tries to horn in on my right to travel without harassment. Thanks.

            • That is a damn fine document, GC. I am using it.

              I have read that you should always remain in your car, otherwise the cops consider it “abandoned property”. I learned this lesson the hard way last year.

            • I think most cops wouldn’t know what you gave them to read as they are as brainwashed as the rest of us. But I like your idea.

            • GC,

              I did think of one thing I would add at the beginning of your statement:

              “I accept your oath and bind you to it.”

              By saying this, you are accepting the oath of the cop and converting him from a police officer enforcing public (corporate) policy (i.e statutes and codes) to a peace officer operating under the Constitution. Now, he can only recognize violations of the Constitution. Of course, most cops probably know nothing of this, but it is fact.

              As I wrote above, a deed is not completed until it is accepted by the grantee. Well, what is an officer’s oath but a deed? In fact, it is, and under the common law you must accept their deed to put it into affect, otherwise it is incomplete. The way I have heard it described at a deeper level is that the officer has damned themselves for swearing an oath, and Jesus said to swear no oaths. But by accepting their oath, you save them from eternal damnation.

              So do a cop a favor and save his soul by accepting his oath. Maybe then he’ll feel obliged to uphold the Constitution with respect to your rights. If not, he’s a heretic and deserves nothing but contempt, which he will receive from his maker in due course.

            • Chum,

              The Officers Oath is to the corp. If you accept his oath, it grants him jurisdiction within his corporate duties.

              He has no Oath to Me or the People.

              The ONLY response is silence. Anything you say can an WILL be used against you. If you say nothing, other than the short statement asserting your Natural Rights, he will have nothing but that paper.

              The ONLY evidence you give to him is the evidence that supports your claim of Sovereign Immunity if the cop is dumb enough to take forceful action against you and you find yourself in the vipers den (court).

            • Chum and Ranger, or anybody else who may be interested, the document I posted up here was over a year old, and I have amended it a little based on new knowledge and chums suggestion.

              If anybody is interested in getting an updated (much better) document, send me an email by going to the link below

              www dot

            • No, you have to take a risk at some point. Stop cowering and start making a difference. You can’t expect revolution to be safe and easy. Stand up for what you believe in. Then try to reason with law enforcement. The more of us there are, the more reasonable we may appear. We can certainly overwhelm the system, which is at the core of what revolution is – standing up in significant force to make a macro-level change.

          • Hey Net Ranger. That was very nicely put. You know this whole thing makes me think of the X-files (no not aliens) but that the truth is out there! The little “black government” A government inside a government! Fox Mulder was on to something here. All we need now is to find the cancer man. Love Alex Jones!!! Don’t worry Mac Love you too:)

            • Shane,

              Its, essentially, shadow government where the shadow is cast over the real government so you cannot see it and a fake, corporate superstructure has been put in place to cover what they don’t want you to know.

              They’ve done this little by little since 1871 (and the Act Of 1871).

              While many of us may argue about the small points, on the basic points we all (Common Law Rights Advocates) agree on the basic points: you have rights that are being tread on because the corporate government presumes you have signed a batch of documents (licsenses, certificates and permits) and are thus required to obey “the law” which is actually “color of law”. They also presume that you do not know this. Only the superstructure shows, because, in your (our) lifetime, the “defacto” or “just the way its always been done…” is all that ever shows. What GC or Chum or I do will NEVER show up in a factual news report. Its always maligned and distorted so that the general public will never see beyond the shadow. The media is a willing accomplice of the corporation.

              Of course it is entertaining, much like the X-Files. However, the difference is that X-Files was fiction. They say, though, that the most entertaining things mimic reality in many ways.


              That is a fine document. I see this as the long version of “Under Common Law I do not consent and I waive the benefits.” Though I only skimmed it, I have considered carrying a similar document for backup. (…and also filing it with both the county recorder and the sheriff.)

              Your assertion of the presumption of the courts is correct. But, the problem is, they must positively connect you with a person by your admission or permission. They do this, often, with word magic and entrapment. Avoidance is difficult by design. Once the presumption is made, as you have said, it is difficult to reverse.

              So, my question is this: what has been your experience so far? Are you able to drive license free?

              To Everyone,

              Anyone that thought I meant that after you say “Under common law I do not consent and I waive the beneifts” will cause the clouds to roll away, the wind to stop howling, the birds to start chirping and harp music to start playing in the background is mistaken.

              Angry Citizen, I am talking to you. I look back at your comments and laugh. Not at you but myself. It should put it back in the box, but in reality, the damned thing will attempt to chew your arm off before you get it back in the box!

              The assertion of your rights will simply cause the corporation to “come down on you” in some cases. They will do their best to discourage your following of this course. But, the best fiction is never better the the worst truth on any day of the week. Hold true to the course and you will eventually exit the storm, so I am told. Your sails may be torn and you may have some bilge to bail, but, you’ll still be afloat.

              The statements I make are based more on education than experience of others. Once I finally do actually experience the real deal, I will certainly report it. However, since I’ve advertised my intentions, I’ve stopped wearing a seat belt and have been caught multiple times with nothing done. I’ve also, “accidentally”, run several stops with cops setting right there only to have them come shooting up behind me, talking on their radio and follow me for a few blocks, then leisurely turn off. Presumably they read the bumper sticker: “I do not consent and I waive the benefits.”

              Coincidence? Maybe. Imagination? Possibly. But, in my experience of driving for the last 32 years I’ve never violated a code or statute with an officer nearby and not received a ticket. No seat belt for two years (and no tinted windows) and multiple “accidental” violations makes me think that one of two things has happened: Policy Enforcement Officers suddenly started reading (bumper stickers) or, the word is out that I’ll attempt to do something “unorthodox”.

              But, to everyone, keep an open mind. Respect experience.

              Lastly, thank you Mac for this site and the bringing together of so much knowledge on EVERYTHING.

            • Ranger,

              I have not carried a Drivers License or registration in about 5 years. I have not been stopped by “law enforcement” , probably by luck rather than my meticulous following of the safety rules of the road (speed limit, yield, stop).

              Ranger, you should wear a seat belt for your own safety, not because it is “law”.

              Should any “officer” stop me, they will get my paper (outlined above), through a SMALL crack in the window and I will not speak a word to them.

              The truck I drive is not REGISTERED in any state database. While I do not carry proof, it is listed in the property of a Trust (unregistered with any corp gov), over which I am the Trustee and a beneficiary.

              Basically, if you want to be free you can be just by refusing to ask permission where it is not required. The important thing is to have a SHORT document that even the most brain dead officer can read in less than one minute.

              It is not your job to teach the law to the corp officers, it is your job to enforce the laws that restrict them.

            • “probably by luck rather than my meticulous following of the safety rules of the road (speed limit, yield, stop)”.

              Ah, so you follow the corp imposed safety rules of the road but not the others. Interesting!

            • anon,

              I drive safely because it is in my best interest to do so.

          • Just keep saying, “I am a man, I am an individual and I will not comply!!”

        • Amen to that, and without a doubt it will only continue to get worse as time goes by. So here’s the big question that I must ask which has puzzled me for some time now, what can we do about it? I’m sure there is no 1 simple correct answer to this question but honestly I’m feeling lost at the moment. The more I learn the more I fear for myself and my family and I’m sure others feel the same way. Even reading comments from articles on yahoo I realize that there are unmeasurable numbers of people that recognize the government has WAY overstepped its boundaries but what I don’t see is a plan to counter this atrocity being developed. I myself am guilty, reading and commenting and gathering info and making my preps to try to ensure the safety of my family but in no way will that halt the plans of these criminals. So what can be done, peaceful protests have no effect as we can all see through the occupy movement, but in no way am I advocating the use of violence. If the population is reduced by such drastic numbers I think it will only make us preppers stand out being the only population left alive (hopefully) making it easier for them to hunt us down. Maybe I’m just over thinking things (I have a habit of doing that) or maybe my tin foil hat is just on too tight cutting off circulation, sorry bout the rant people but my mind is just spinning at the moment, damn hamster can’t get that wheel turning, too many years of fluoride water catching up, j/k, but seriously I’ll shut up now.

      2. Nope I’m NOT Gonna say it….
        I like this place too much to be that silly…
        It took Rome 5 centuries to end,England even less(as an empire)At least no matter what happens to America(as I knew it)The worst that can happen is being killed(not w\o a fight,mind you).I do have faith that building a good relationship with God and applying what’s in the Bible on a personal level MAY(it depends what J.C. judges my actions as worthy of)get me “get out of jail card” no matter what.No matter if America goes the way of Athens,Rome or any other Empire.Taking care of what needs caring for,and not depending on others to do it for me goes a long way on that topic.
        Best to All,
        Hope you have food and a safe place to sleep tonight..

        • I do agree with your comment, yet, I just want to point out that being killed is not the worst that can happen to you. In fact, when you start digging deep into your thoughts, being killed is actually near the bottom of the list of “The Worst Things That Can Happen to You”. It took me years to understand this and a fair amount of personal pain, but I can attest that being killed is not the worst thing. Use your imagination and ponder upon the horrors that can be unleashed by these scum and your surviving some of them can be a true curse rather than a blessing, especially if in captivity.

          • You are right, I work in a Hospital ICU, many things worse than dying.

        • I second your motion 🙂

      3. I have said it numerous times and you can choose to accept it or keep those rose colored glasses on. There are simply too many of us and TPTB know this and have plans in place to get our numbers back to a sustainable level. As unpleasant as it is to hear, there are at least seven times more people on this planet than can be supported by sustainable agriculture. I am not a green and I don’t buy into any of their BS. However, I have read Malthus, and I understand the concept of carrying capacity. We have increased in numbers due to modern medicine and the use of fossil fuels. In the process, we have burned through resources which cannot be renewed and which would have otherwise lasted millenia with a smaller population and slower rate of extraction. If we continue on the present course, soon all resources will be exhausted and there will be a die-off that will kill even more than the coming great die-offs. No doubt, some among this audience will say “but all the population of the planet can fit inside the state of Texas with room to spare”. This is a gross oversimplification and ignores all kinds of issues related to sustaining a population of that size. The best we can do is realize what the game is, what the endgame will be, and plan accordingly.

        • Stand on Zanzibar – John Brunner

        • The premise that the world will run out of food and that people will passively die of starvation is just more propaganda. The US has the land and weather to grow enough food to feed the world seven times over. The Federal Government food policy is creating food scarcity, not to mention the five or six Big Agriculture conglomerates.

          • Nobody thinks any of us will go passively. Without western aid, Africa would be mostly a scarcely populated wasteland as it is. When the west can no longer provide the same level of support, nature will take its course.

            • Stop & think!

              If Africa stopped exporting flowers, green beans and other non-essential cash crops to the west, then Africans could eat like Kings.

              The exact same prioritisation of cash crops for export caused the Irish potato famine. Ships left Irish ports laden with Irish wheat, while the common people starved.

              Western “aid” is no such thing across large tracts of the African continent.


          • ^^^This^^^

            Nearly everything the “mainstream” (what I call the lamestream) puts out is designed to give them more power. “Information Design” is perceptual manipulation. You never get to see a clear picture of what is going on. You only get to see the truth through muddy water.

            There are threats to our planet’s environment. But, just like the main threat to humanity, it is government that drives itself to sit in that position.

            We need to put government back into its cage. It has a place and that place is to keep other large groups of people from hurting other large groups of people. Funny how government is really only necessary to protect us against other governments.


            This begs the question: Are humans stupid? Sometimes I truly wonder…

            • net ranger… sadly, yes , i dont think another word fits it better… they are stupid idiots….either stupid or evil

            • NetRanger said: “This begs the question: Are humans stupid?”

              I think most have just gotten too comfortable. Which breeds laziness, passivity, inertia, etc., etc., thus, resulting in being too lazy to think.
              Conclusion: I believe people are ignorant. Not lacking intellectual capacity per se, but the desire to learn and think critically.

            • Zen Monk,

              Your response is what I used to believe, however, at this point I actually believe that people have been trained to be stupid. How does one counteract that? It seems that, in some cases, its like a piece of malware on your computer. Not only does it infect other computers but it continually deludes the host that its needed and its good and that anything else is bad.

              …in that way FedCo continually keeps people thinking that the anti-war people and the anti-government people are bad and that they cannot have any credibility and if they seem credible, its a hat trick.

              Blind faith in anything creates a wall of ignorance that, in the upcoming times, will get you killed really fast.

            • “trained to be stupid” – yes, not born stupid.
              Though sometimes I am afraid our society will end up like the “Idiocracy” movie 🙁

          • You guys have a lot of land that you waste!! It’s just sitting there and no one seems to want to use it? Land production in the US could be huge!! Beyond what you can ever imagine. But it just doesn’t happen. Such a waste!!! I can’t speak for Europeans, but Oceania countries as well as lower South America (Argentina/Chile) are well and truly leading the world in food production.
            In many ways, I think the US farming industry needs to re-learn farming practices from scratch. The big Super Farms really broke the back of the farmer there and wiped out, the up and coming generations of producers. Its going to take a very big miracle to get back what you’ve lost, if ever.

            • The mega-farms use the land the most effectively. Much better than the average small-time farmer. Higher corn prices are bringing more and more land into active use. The government’s subsidies of ethanol have made food prices higher around the world.

            • Barn Cat ~

              Megafarms are only efficient at growing toxic, genetically modified frankenfoods that are bereft of nutrients.

              I’d rather deal with some inefficiency and eat REAL food that still contains vitamins.

              There is NO benefit to the practices of the megafarms – people are getting sicker and living shorter lives because of them. They are unethical, non-sustainable and flat-out unhealthy.

              It’s like being in the middle of the ocean and dying of thirst – we’re in the midst of all this stuff that looks like a cornucopia of food and we aren’t able to get nourishment.

            • The mega-farms are best at producing a lot of a very uniform product, that’s sellable according to uniform size, color, etc. They’re at the “sweet spot” for doing that, with the minimum amount of labor.

              They’re kinda like McDonald’s. Can you make a better burger than McDonald’s? Of course you can! A 10-year-old can. Now, can you make a burger that’s available all over the world, will be the same in Boston or Bangalore, served up in minutes, etc.? No, of course not. The home-cooked burger is a “boutique” burger, everyone does ’em differently* and there will be regional differences.

              The mega-farm produced highly uniform products. People have become used to buying green beans or apples or whatever, like they buy #6 machine screws. They get a product, and it’s always the same.

              But with all the people out of work, and the gardening movement just getting started, and the farmers markets growing, people are getting more into home-grown, more tasty and less uniform food. Bad news for Safeway, good news for good eating. The gov’t of course doesn’t like this, but the surest way to bring on the Revolution is to tell people they can’t grow their own damn food. So the gov’t is finding it just has to stand down on this matter. In fact, in my own town, the ban on chickens has been lifted, no roosters still, but hens are OK. Makes me wonder if I should learn to sex chicks and go into the pullet and capon business…..

              Small farms and gardens are more productive per acre of land, but are much more labor-intensive. They tend to be more fertilizer-intensive too, and just plain take a lot more attention. But if your garden is also much of your entertainment (better than soap operas) and relaxation (it’s fun to go out and just pull weeds and do stuff in the garden) then it isn’t irksome to do this unpaid work. And, some make a nice side income selling produce at farmer’s markets.

              So when you talk about how “productive” a way of farming is, you have to think about, productive in what way?

              *My favorite burger is what I call a “rifle range” burger because we used to make burgers after shooting at this one range, and it’s a burger with mayo on both buns and a slice of raw onion. The mayo makes the bun less dry and amplifies the taste of the onion. It’s probably best to eat at a rifle range, when there’s a little breeze making the wind flags flutter, since it probably results in pretty strong onion breath.

            • The mega farms are good at growing huge volumes of low quality product on small amounts of land using imported chemicals and energy.

              There is a way that God taught us to farm. You plant, you harvest, you move to different land for the next year. You plant, you harvest. Rinse and repeat x7. It takes 7 years for the land to refresh itself. This is sustainable.

              Mega farm production is not sustainable.

              I have seen VAST tracts of land in various places that could be used for food production, yet, it lays idle in scrub. No fences. Nothing. I’m talking 100s of 1000s of acres.

              The reason? You can’t use it to MAKE FIAT. You could probably run a truck farm and feed your family from it but you can’t make huge profits from it without loading down with chemicals and transporting water untold miles.

              Humans may not *BE* stupid. They simply *CHOOSE* stupid.

          • the US has the ability to feed 49 billion people ??

            a little evidence for that claim would be nice

            • I read today that Soros and other big players are buying up huge tracts of farmland and also grain companies here and around the world. Life will really suck when they decide to either not farm that land or ship all the grain elsewhere. There are many ways to take power and it seems that they have most of them covered.

            • John W:

              “If you control the food, you control the population.”

              ~ Kissinger

        • I don’t want to hear that any more than anybody else, but its true. Nature will realign our numbers with capacity, just like she does with lower animals. as far as the greenies thinking we are destroying the planet, fat chance. 10K years after we are all gone, a visitor to this planet will have trouble finding evidence we were ever here.

        • I dont agree at all.. The plantet can support much more psople that it does today. 10 times maybe more than 10 times. Ive been all over the world and in many places most people produce all their own food for themselves and their fammilies. But here in the USA there are too many lazy selfish people who only care for themselves. They would never plant their own garden or raise their own small animals for meat because OMG its work and it is grose. One hour of manual labor per day is just too much. It is better that others do it. They dont have any room in their yard because the garden would take up room for their lounge chairs on the grass and they spent years cultivatng that grass. so it is just the right color green. And well they just dont have the time anyways. They are too busy watching TV or surfing the internet of talking on the phone with their friends to sit down and grow their own food or even sit down and produce something. Anything at all.
          Face it Americans in general are Psychotic, delusional people living in a fantasy world on borrowed money.

          • I agree.
            The planet CAN support current population IF the whole population lives like our grand-grandparents did, and NOT like modern US.

            • You are so wrong it is laughable. If we went back to living like our great-grandparents did, the planet would only be able to support at most two billion humans. You are ignoring the role in supporting our 7+ billion population that is played by mechanized agriculture, modern fertilizers, modern irrigation heavily dependent on ancient non-renewable aquifers, modern transportation to get that food to market, and oil to underpin all these modern miracles of production.

              Or, if you meant living like our great-grandparents in the sense that we had horses for transport and small farms (40+ acres) on which to grow enough food to support ourselves, this idyllic paradise existed only dreams. Fact is, those “small” family farms required very large families to make them productive in the days before petroleum, it was back-breaking labor from before sunrise until sunset by all family members, and early death from all manner of diseases from living in unhygenic conditions from being around animal shit 24-7 was common. Now where are we going to get all those 40+ acre farms for every family in this country, along with all the animals required to work the farms? In the rest of the world?

              Prior to the use of oil, large areas of the country were unfarmable. The entire central valley of California was unproductive until the large dam and irrigation projects of the 30’s and even now large amounts of water are diverted from agriculture to feed the mega-cities of Southern California. The Great Plains region in the middle of our country was not farmed on a large scale until the ability to drill deep wells to tap ancient aquifers was devised. The Oglalla Aquifer which most of the Great Plains region relies upon is on the verge of being exhausted due to over-irrigation. When this is exhausted along with the aquifers which the Chinese rely upon to irrigate their crops, the results will be disastrous for the 7+ billion who inhabit the planet.

              The issues are far more complex than a simple assertion to live “like our great-grandparents”.

          • dear God in heaven

            why in the world would we want 3 BILION people
            in the United States ???
            I dont want 10x more people in my community
            we already have water shortages whenever there is a drought NOW

            and if you have any evidence to support your assertions
            please supply it

            • Santorum the Prolific wants 3 billion more people in the United States because God commanded him to be fruitful and multiply. I wonder if yeast cells in a vat of grape juice hear the same commandment too?

            • Yumm…homeade wine. At least those little yeast critters leave something good behind when they die.

          • You need to get a clue. How will people in apartments, condos etc. raise anything more than some salad items in containers? Ever hear of Winter when everything goes dormant? Farming for real is an art not a hobby. It makes more sense to leave most of that in the hands of those who know how while the rest do their jobs so as to buy from the pros.

            • They will have to turn the lawns and parking lots in their complexes into kitchen gardens, like people in Cuba did after USSR collapsed and could no longer supply them with oil.
              There are always option, we just may not like them, but they are there.

          • Now its 70 billion?

          • Okay–I’m calling a time-out.
            Hey, I am not fricking lazy–today, I made shelves for a closet–yes, I can use a miter saw– weed-eated, mowed, trimmed hedges, sprayed weed killer, fed shrubs/plants…and cooked dinner.
            But, I have tried growing things here and it ‘ain’t’ happening.
            My neighbor keeps trying every year with poor results, and wasted time.
            Not all of us live in the green, fertile delta valley…and maybe, just maybe, the owners of this pasture knew the soil was beyond help for growing anything and built houses here??

            • Where do you live JayJay and what did you try to grow?

        • Mistress, if all the land were used and the people proportionately distributes, there is space for 122 people per square mile. At 640 acres per square mile, thats enough for every single Man Woman and Child to have 5 acres of land on which to raise the things that support them.

          I say there is plenty of room and productive capacity for everyone to be here.

          You are correct in that the PTB need the population reduced so they can better control it. However, at no time will there be enough of them to control us if enough of the People wake up to the problem.


          • You sound like one of those little starry eyed commies that have no clue how the world really works. While everyone is playing farmer on their little five acre plots just who will be running the store, and producing everything else that makes the economy go round? Mao tried that little farm/steel mill nonsense as did Stalin the result was famines.

            • If you are talking about me. I grew up on a farm and the same farm is still in the fammily after many generations. Today I grow all my own food and produce all my own meat. I dont live on that farm. I have quite a small place today.
              Its not hard to produce today. In the 40’s we did not have the technology we have today. It was hard back breaking work that you needed large fammilies for. But not today. it is much eaisier. That same farm I grew up on that required 40 people to work it takes only 3 today. And the yeilds using heirloom products are 4-5 times greater than then.
              But my point was that the infrastructure does exist today that didnt exist in the 40’s. However all the resourses are WASTED on luxury and not on production.
              The bigest setback to self sustainability is the government and zoning. In many places they have made it illegal to grow your own food. Even thou you can. You cant live near your work. You are required to drive many miles to get to work and many miles to get back. The whold concept of zoning is flawed and will lead only to decay and disruption of the areas.

            • @Joe,

              I agree with you concerning the ease that land can be cultivated using modern methods. However, those modern methods include pesticides made from petroleum, petroleum for all manner of equipment, and water supplied by petroleum for many regions which are marginable without it. When that petroleum is gone, so will those modern means of production.

              I also agree with you about zoning. The root of most evils in modern society (urban sprawl, freeways full of traffic, obesity, high fuel costs) is due to two issues – overpopulation, and zoning. Zoning is particularly evil because it has racial discrimination at it’s roots. It was originally a means by which white society kept poor blacks from encroaching on their neighborhoods, but it continues to this day because affluent white society discovered that it works just as well at keeping poor white trash from encroaching on their neighborhoods.

            • John W,

              You sound like a brain dead moron. The point is merely that the “elite” do not NEED to eliminate BILLIONS of people. They are doing it for pleasure and ego satisfaction.

              That makes it PURE EVIL, rather than anything else.

            • They did that on collective farms, not family plots!

          • Spread the word. It is the only thing we really need to pay attention to:

            Thanks GC:


          • @moon.

            Personally I believe ithat the rumors that you cant grow enough food to feed yourself and your fammily in the typical urban fammily backyard is just a bunch of misinformation spread by Big Ag.

            • @Joe,

              This is a rumor that is pretty easy to reason out. First, how big is your family, or an average family? For the purposes of this discussion we will assume three people. How big is the average urban lot? According to, the size is 100×130 sq ft for a total of 13,000 sq ft. Subtract a house, garage, and driveway, and you are down to 6000 sq ft. Now, figure caloric need for three people for one year. Approximately 6000 calories x 365 = 2,190,000 calories needed. However, calories are not the whole story. Humans need protein to survive, and that means meat, eggs, or certain legumes high in protein. Now, do you live in an area where you have good soil, weather permitting year round gardening, and free of ordinances against micro livestock or vegetable gardens? Assuming you are, you have to make every single sq ft produce 365 calories. If you grow purely vegetables, you will need to come up with a source of protein or you will suffer a slow starvation. Turning some of that sqare footage over to chickens, or rabbits, or tilapia means you will also need to turn additional footage over to their food. You were planning to feed your animals, right?

              These are some of the variables that you will need to consider if you think it is possible to feed yourself and several family members from an urban backyard.

          • Not all this land you speak of is accessible–it would require many acres of arable land turned into roads to just get to this unused land for houses, and, of course, gardens.
            I’m in Ky—I can take you to places that you might not be able to return to a main highway without a map.
            Now, what have we accomplished??

            More asphalt to heat this planet?

        • Moon, thank you for that post discussing population, sustainablility, and resources.
          So many– like those that quote the square footage of Texas and what it can hold– really don’t get it about the clean air, the water, and the arable land for food production.
          They fail to factor in draughts, floods, blights, bad seeds, freezing weather, chemtrails, etc.
          Thank you very much for touching on this misunderstood notion.

      4. It makes me sick how injust this place really is. The land of the free at the price of the enslaved. The more I learn the more impatient I get with this corruption.

        • Go put a bandaid on the boo-bo. What are you ten years old? life sucks and then you die. Life owes none of us anything. Whining like a little bitch changes nothing. I would bet you vote straight Dem. and will vote for Obama again this year.

          • What’s wrong with Democrats? I am registered “non- affiliated” but my dog is a Democrat. He gets free food, free housing and free healthcare.

          • Your a fool if you think voting for either is going to save this country. Besides that I made a statement, YOU are the one whining like a bitch about my comment.

      5. Most people have been told to reject Alex Jones outright, as a crackpot. His message is too hard for them to face; they would rather believe the big lie, or fixate on the next diversion.

        Most people cannot concieve of such things occurring, because of thier general good nature and niavete. They have been conditioned not to question what is happening, and they are so full of fear, they are afraid to know these things.

        “Mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.”- Thomas Jefferson

        One of these days they will find they sat around a little too long…

        • what are you doing about it JustMe? Sitting around writing sweet nothings about Alex Jones who by the way is definitely a crackpot. Jones has been running his big mouth for years about the coming doom and gloom, yet if you check him out almost none of it ever comes to pass. His gums are constantly flapping like one of those foot operated garbage cans that someone keeps stepping on over and over.

          • Guido,

            Doing about it? I have been seeking the truth on these kind of issues for a long time. Sweet notings? LOL. Just because I defended AJ does not mean I agree with his every take on every issue.

            Does he sound hysterical? Sometimes. But, he cites verifiable source information in most of what he talks about. Prove the documents he cited in the vid to be wrong, or fakes, etc.

            The things he talks about are long-term issues, most of which taken by themselves would likely be of little concern. But when the issues fit as parts of a larger pattern, cause for concern is un-avoidable.

            Is everything he talked about going to happen next Monday? Probably not. But, the people he talks about are masters of deception, and the Hegelian Dialectic. If even half of what he is talking about comes to pass, we are in trouble.

      6. I’ve yet to hear even One person who has identified the “Over-Population Problem” volunteer to leave. I guess that leaves us with Soylent Green or the OK Corral! Ladies and Gentlemen: ready, set, feuer.

        • MHM is not advocating such a thing, Just acknowledging a fact. Much of this world is basically uninhabitable by humans.

      7. I am pretty sure I’ve seen Alex Jones before .The more I listen to this guy ,the more he makes sense .
        The real problem facing the world is over population . No question about it.This planet we live in cannot sustain itself.Something has to give.
        Why does the

      8. I agree with “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress”. We have acted just like yeast in a vat of grape juice, consuming and multiplying until they run out of what sustains them and die-off in their own excretions. You would think that with brains we might have seen what is coming, but we don’t act as if we had one mind; essentially we act collectively as if we are mindless, with those who claim to lead us more interested in their own personal welfare and power, not that they could ever overrule the geological constraints that place a limit on resources.

        Government started out when agriculture was invented and the farmers became easy prey for random plunder of roving thugs. Deals were made with the more powerful of these bands for protection in return for payments of tribute (taxes), and government has not only become pervasive, but convinced the masses that government plunder and control is necessary and good. In the USA people are so convinced by regular elections that they control the government, a delusion that prevents them from recognizing their own enslavement, that they don’t even consider revolution.

        But as the economy contracts over and over again from lack of sufficient energy to fuel it, scarcity will be the new paradigm, and those in power will increasingly act ruthlessly to maintain their positions at the expense of the majority. This is a formula for revolution and death as we contend for survival, and if there is anyone left to write the history, government will be reported to have far exceeded all prior atrocities against citizens.

      9. I’ve heard that Denver will be the future NWO capitol of the US. True or not, I don’t know, but if they don’t aim a nuke at Denver, they may do something else. I’d like to think that it would spared in the destruction, but there are no guarantees.

        • This looks like my post, word-for-word, from another topic.

        • This looks like my post, word-for-word, from another topic.

        • sadly – theres a lot in that article that answered my questions re the Japan Quake. I’m convinced this guy is right about ALL he says but he’s right about the bit’s I considered key. 3/11 is a scarier version of 9/11 given the radiation fallout around the site.

          Japan always seems to cop it by being the test site or new weaponry. Hiroshima and now Fukishima.

          Will the US murder it’s own citizens? Your nation was built on the genocide of the original American people.

          Here’s a list of small scale experiments on US citizens. Once the line has been crossed it becomes just a question of scale.

          • sorry mystyped above:-

            I’m not convinced by everything this guys says. His key points do resonate truth though.

            We have the ability to feed everyone on the planet – fact is we choose not to.

            During the potato famine Ireland could have fed herself, her leaders preferred to collect huge profits for the ships of wheat and lamb the exported rather than feed it to the Irish people. This story of cash crops for exports while citizens starve has been repeated so often across Africa & the 3rd world it’s crazy.

            As women gain access to education the birth rate goes down and the general standard of living of a population rises. This has been shown all over the world across every culture.

            For those who believe in population control – educating a nations women works without the horrors of war and genocide. Hysterical “population control” fanatics and eugenists are not proposing the simplest, gentlest way to keep the human population in balance.

            Tptb put a lot of effort into preventing education and health being made priorities for their populations by indebted goverments via Austerity measures.

            In the US take a look at an elementary syllabus from the 1800’s and then one from todays public school. You’ll soon see the education argument applies to the US too.

        • @Darkside, “If this is true…” can be transposed with “most of this is true”! One of the greatest truths is this: THE LAWS OF PHYSICS and NATURE do not cease to exist for the support and convenience of murderous liars…even Zionist liars.

          I have been following “this stench” from the day it began. And the continuing “after shock/radiation effects” are being covered up faster than a herd of cats with the sh*ts on a sheet of glass. Alot of frantic activity that just keeps smearing crap into the eyes, ears, and minds of the sheeple at large.

          It is going to take some industrial strength windex used by some “truely professional window washers” before this story ever breaks out of “gold/silver plated tinfoil hat” territory.

          But that doesn’t mean you quit trying every single chance you get. Great link.

          • Yental, I believe the more frantically “they” try to cover something up, the more afraid of us “they” are.

            Unfortunately what I’m seeing lately is the utter disregard for public opinion. “They” have become so arrogant that our reactions don’t matter.

            Look at the rampant election fraud, Congress’s systematic destruction of the Bill of Rights, and Obama’s scorn for rule of law and the Constitution.

            Even though more and more people are starting to awaken, “they” just don’t seem scared. I find this arrogance more alarming than anything that has come before.

            We, as a general group, have given “them” no reason to have a healthy respect for us.

            Refusal to accept what is quickly becoming the status quo needs to be a loud, obnoxious everyday occurence – “they” need to be scared back into their closets because of the sheer number and utter rage of angry resistors.

            • @ Daisy, THEIR version of events hasn’t progressed exactly as planned, but THEIR hubris is still a very much “in our face” testimony to THEIR ultimate resolve.

              THEY still know and use to full advantage the undeniable fact that most of those THEY now literally rule/enslave…are perfectly content to remain in “wonderland”. “Wonderland” has been many decades in the “construction phase” and is now as complete as even the most jaded among THEM could have ever hoped for.

              Election fraud, juvenile forgeries of birth certificates, claiming credit for authorizing the killing of a long dead “boogey men”, disposing of all potential critics of that “victory”, jet fuel destroying steel reinforced concrete towers, etc. ad nauseam…that is the easy part of this puzzle.

              It is the still “missing puzzle pieces” that have OUR future, hope, and destiny written on the back of “them” that will decide OUR ultimate fate.

              Many of these “missing pieces” will never be put in place…at least not in time. The “hands” that hold these missing pieces are untouchable. Untouchable in “wonderland”.

              It would appear that “burning wonderland to the ground” has become OUR last…and possibly only hope. Keep fighting the good fight.

      10. A Soviet researcher came to the conclusion that the US lost about 10 million people in the Great Depression. Or 20 million I forget, it’s hard to dig up any info at all on his paper, but his research seems solid.

        Or take Dmitry Orlov’s observations during the collapse of the USSR, looking at old high school photos “That guy’s dead. … that guy’s dead…. he’s dead too…” Orlov notes that there can be a hell of a dieoff ongoing without anyone but the folks who work at the morgue noticing that much.

        I notice as a US’ian, a hell of a lot of people kicking off in their 50s and 60s which Biblically speaking is too soon, we’re supposed to get “three score and ten” which my parents sure didn’t get.

        We may well adapt to the low birthrate model of the First Nations people of North Americas. They adopted the children of vanquished enemies, were not too hung up on paternity because as non-farmers there was no land to inherit or shortage of land, and when all children of the tribe are “your” children, there is less of an urge to breed a ton of them of your own.

        • A big problem is that the parasite class are doing too much of the breeding.

          • But thanks to that and legal/illegal immigration, we so far do not have a problem many European countries are facing: the number of births is lower than the number of deaths, thus, population die off, not enough future workers produced to support the retired and elderly with their taxes.
            Of course the “quality” of our “replacement units” can be questionable at times, but that’s another story.

          • I have to agree with you but their vote is cheap! How about a lil Paddy drink. I miss my sailboat.

          • @Jimmy Carter

            And religious ignoramuses. Santorum the Prolific is a prime example of how we are breeding ourselves to death. Seven kids? And all of them more likely than not believing the same bullshit and having seven more when they reach physical maturity. Responsible people are being outbred by the ignorant and the stupid. And not only outbred; they are also outvoted and out-legislated. Truth be told, laws are only needed for the dumb, intelligient people will not do whatever is being legislated in the first place if it truly is bad, or will find a way to discreetly ignore the law if the law is bad.

            I do not advocate a die-off, I just point out its inevitability and the reasons why. Santorum the Prolific and his horde will just be unprepared fodder for what is to come. Stupid people do not prepare for what is coming and they will constitute most of the casualties. We are about to go through an evolutionary bottleneck of epic tightness. The stupid and the weak will fall by the evolutionary wayside. The wildcard in the deck is the role which biological weapons will play, because being intelligient, resourceful, and ruthless will not be enough. One will also have to possess the necessary genetic immunity from whatever is to come and there is no way to test for that beforehand. Separating one’s self from the rest of humanity by as much distance as possible will be the key to survival when the biological weapons are unleashed on us.

            • Most of the stuff that you wrote in this post is “stupid” as you put it. Why should Santorum not have 7 children? What’s wrong with that. He’s not asking you to raise them..
              Your mentality is why Europe is dying. They are being out bred and taken over by hordes of barbarian muslims while limiting themselves to 1 or no children. Being religious is not being an ignoramus. You live in a small selfish little world….

            • Ok, Guido, I’ll bite.

              The reason I have such a bone to pick with “religious ignoramuses” is because it is the religious that are breeding like rabbits and encouraging each other to do so while justifying it through their religious doctrines. It is not the rational who are having such enormous families with no consideration of how to pay for them. While Santorum the Prolific might be able to pay the costs associated with having seven kids (his income comes from the taxpayers by the way), those Muslims who are outbreeding non-muslim Europe are supporting their profligacy through transfers of wealth from European taxpayers. In America, one of the fastest growing ethnic groups is the Hispanic population. Part of this is cultural, but a large part has to do with most of them being Catholic and following Catholic doctrine concerning no birth control and repopulating the earth. You can come to your own conclusions as to how much of Hispanic profligacy is subsidized by the American taxpayer.

              As to my mentality, if the “hordes of barbarian muslims” are breeding like rabbits, is the answer of responsible people to breed like rabbits as well? In my humble opinion, the answer is to cut off the incentives and the subsidies which allow such irresponsible breeding. Short of this happening, the ruthless and uncaring laws of nature will deal with the excesses of humanity, and will deal with the hordes of ignorant and superstitious people who will perish when their unprepared asses run out of food. Maybe their God will have mercy and save some of them to repopulate the earth.

        • Just how did ten or twenty million people die during the Great Depression? Of what? No one starved especially on the farms and the country was mainly farms at that time and if you did not live on one yourself someone in your family or a friend did. There were even large farms still in the New York City limits at that time. The biggest dying events in US history were the Civil war and the Flu epidemic of 1916. Half a million for one and a hundred thousand for the other. Most of the great killings have always been at the hands of govt. or a foreign country. Want to guess what Obama nad Ayers have planned for us?

      11. Up until post – WWII, parents in Europe and the US used to have lots of kids because maybe half of ’em made it to adulthood. Maybe. As an example, a well-studied life is that of Adolf Hitler. His dad was about 20 years older than his mother, and as a minor gov’t official was his mother’s one chance. Adolf was babied because over time, none of his siblings made it. I believe there were 3 others, gone. Tod. That’s German for Dead. And these were middle-class people.

        So, you had to have tons of kids so some would make it and some of them, would support you in old age. But now we all make it, almost all. And Mother Earth groans.

        • We are accomplishing this through abortion.

          • Not fast enough and not the right kinds of people. Those who get abortions usually know they cannot take care of another child, rather than those who have no business raising a child. The tragedy is that abortion is even necessary in the first place. If effective foolproof contraception was freely available to both sexes and it’s use was encouraged, then abortion would be almost non-existent because it would be unecessary in the first place. I propose that the religious evangelicals and hardcore catholics be among the first to be eaten when the food is gone.

            • You know that you are a Nazi, don’t you?

            • Who do you think you are to set yourself up as a judge as to who should live or die? You have a day of reckoning coming but you probably won’t see it coming.

            • Terrible proposition, Moon.

            • Ok Guido, Larry from San Fran,

              How about a rebuttal based on the strength of your arguments instead of ad hominem attacks?

            • Godwin’s Rule, Moon. When you just haven’t got any mental ammo, invoke the Nazis.

              While I don’t plan to eat any Christians, myself, I do agree wholeheartedly with your statement about birth control.

      12. Who among us hasn’t at one tIme said outloud or thought to themselves that there are just too damned many people? Especially those of us who live in big cities. Generally speaking more people equal fewer opportunities per person and more competition for limited resources. Who wouldn’t want fewer people to compete against for their dream job or for seat at their favorite restaurant for that matter? Is it fair to blame those in a position to make it happen for wanting to reduce world population? If you look at the average IQ and educational levels of different regions of the world there’s a disturbing trend thats been developing for a long time where populations with lower IQ and less education are reproducing at a far greater rate than other more intelligent and better educated populations. Everyone is affected by the population explosion caused by those that shouldnt reproduce (for any number of valid reasons) but are too dumb to realize it. And its only gonna get worse. Ill bet most everyone could agree that human popultion growth needs to slow down to a more manageble rate. It would follow then that most would agree there are too many people on earth now to provide food, clothing, shelter, education, medical care etc for with available resources. So culling the population would seem a good thing, right? The problem is that most of us don’t see ourselves as being among those deserving of slaughter but we could sure pick a few or a few million who should be culled. Just not us. Besides, what else are the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds etc gonna write down on their Christmas wish list or their “to do” list?

      13. @ALL … I’ve got you all covered with my 12 gauge with 00 Buck-n-Ball Shot … “DON”T ANY OF YOU EUGENICS Death Panel CHEERLEADERS MOVE! OR SHTFPLAN -N- MAC SLAVO GET’S it!” You all need to step back from that “END THE WORLD POPULATION NUKE BUTTON!” sheeesh ;0P pssszzt

        WTF listen to yourselves … you all sound like your graduates of the Bill-n-Linda Gates Microsoft School of Global Eugenics and Soft Kill Panels!

        None of you “HAVE THE RIGHT to JUDGE WHO LIVES OR DIES!”


        With modern farming techniques, animal husbandry, fisheries knowledge there is no reason for any of this suffering!

        With modern education, birth control incentives, proper care for the elderly and in-firmed. Modern Social change programs the whole world cam / will develop a balance birth death ratio to match each individual society needs…








        There is a Better Way! None of this Suffering is Necessary! How can you people not see this!

        Fight the CAUSE … IMF NWO.CFR Globalist BANKER GREED!

        “GREED! Is the #1 number one Cause of our current global problems! Individual, Corporate and Government Greed!”

        Once Private Banking Freedom, Individual FREEDOM is RESTORED the World Over! Then we can find the proper healthier solutions to a better Earth Society Together as a Global Community!


        Stop the Illegal Wars! Prosecute the Corrupt Banker Globalists Politicians for Crimes Against Humanity! Rebuild the World into a Better Safer Cleaner place for humanity’s children and the other species who co-exist on this world with us all!


        • Sit down, shut up, and eat your textured vegetable protein.

        • nina, again you have hit the nail on the head… i mean come on guys…. snap out of your bloody daze….you know the truth .. stop ignoring it!

          • eeder, where you been brother. Good to see your still on the rock!!

            • Eeder ~ I’m happy as can be to see you back!!! 😀

            • kevin, yeah, im still here man… just been taking a break from it all and taking care of business in the neighborhood so to speak…. a few very uneasy days but the ptb seem to have bought a tiny bit more time…. how tiny is anyones guess…. stay the course freind.

          • EEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeedeeeer! ;0)

            Missed you Man!

            I’m pleased your Back!

            Charlie Mike! ;0) Continue Your Mission EEDER!

            We’ll See You on the FIRING LINE!

            GIVE EM’ HELL EEDER! ;0)

            • and nina may i add

        • nina

          Couldn’t agree more..

          First step is to rid the current mindset/matrix that most are locked in to.even here on this site.

          TPTB perpetuate the unsustainable planet scenario ad nauseum to justify the culling of us by 90%..and make us feel guilty about it..sheer nonsense!

          Screw these bastards..they are ramping up the playing cards full tilt…

          post on!!


          • Ignore the politics for a moment and look at history.

            Smale scale owner cultivation and agriculture (the family farm) is highest yield/acre. As homesteaders want a variety of food they tend to look after the soil by default using simple crop rotation etc. Homesteading yields low cash profits however for the corporate.

            Mono-agriculture tends to lead to degradation of the soil over time and monolith farms don’t yield the highest quantity of food per acre in the long term for all the “efficient modernity propaganda” bumph the public has been subjected to. Agribusiness corporate style yields huge cash profits.

            Stalin tried collectivisation of farms and serf labour – it failed and people dropped like flies from lack of food.

            US via corporate agriculture is collectivising farms & using serf labour. The environmental impact is well known, but the human cost is less well researched.

            The impact of corporate agribusiness is glaringly obvious in Africa where citizens regularly starve but huge cash, water and nutrient intensive crops are raised to flown to the West for profit (or debt repayments)

            China has bought a LOT of the American grain crop.

            Mechanisation means fewer serfs are required to till the land than in Stalin’s time.

            When serf’s are hungry they have a nasty tendency to rebel against their leaders. It was food prices out stripping the ordinary man’s income that triggered the Arab spring.

            The PTB have no respect for the rank and file of humanity. Our only value is how well we can be exploited towards meeting their own ends.

            Start joining the dots and you can see where the ptb thought processes are headed.

            • Look up something called Permaculture, turns out the serfs and so on didn’t know that much about farming. The foundational books of the Permaculture movement are Farmers of 40 Centuries and Topsoil And Civilization. It’s only very recently that people discovered that the soil is a living thing and you have to feed *it* to have healthy crops. As well as crop rotation, etc.

            • Domestic terrorist.

              I remember my Great Gran teaching me stuff that the new modern eco types are just now discovering. She and her husband knew exactly how to nurture their soil & 2 acres fed and kept several generations with enough surplus to pay the doctor, build my Granddads forge etc.

              Lots of the hints and tips she passed on are stored in my Noggin. I’ve chosen a location with the same sub-climate within the UK. My Mum is now 75 and it’s only now people have stopped telling her our family ways aren’t too old fashioned for words. She learnt herbs from her Great Aunts.

              Permaculture in our house is called “old school” or how “How Grandma Grace did it”.

              Interestingly my Mum has been comparing her text books with her own Dad’s and my son’s recently. Dumbed down is too polite a term for what she thinks has been done to the UK education system. Critical thinking is now extinct

        • Knowledge is Power: Learn the Truth of the DENVER INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT – A under ground FALLOUT city “D U M B” BUNKER for the IMF NWO CFR 1%, a place of safety while we Goyim Debt Slaves painfully die after being poisoned by Biological Weapons mass released upon us all by the NWO 1% Globalists!

          Conspiracy FACT! Where will you go when the bombs drop???

          • NinaO, there is still some “rare, difficult to find/authenticate” information floating around that implies that the “Denver hideout” may have been compromised by patriotic friendlies with the power, position, and knowledge to do so. Problem: I can’t verify this. However, if true, then alot of NWO “plan A’s” are getting ditched. This could very well modify THEIR “events” calendar and possibly even derail some of the more horrific aspects originally planned.

            As always…hope for the best and plan for the worst.

            • Denver is still secure Yental… Still Fully Operational! Two of the underground bases between Wash DC Capital Bunker Tunnels and the Denver Airport DUMB Tunnels were destroyed in a small under ground battle last year… they were intentionally imploded by the US AIR FORCE Security Forces Nuke Recovery Forces!

              They killed a NWO Illuminati Black OPS Group Transporting NUKES to Wash DC!

              Some say that the Earth Quakes last year east of the Mississippi we’re caused by the Nukes being Deliberately set off too destroy the TWO Under Ground DUMBS!

              I found two supporting stories of this happening… seems some of the US MILITARY Free America Patriotic Generals are Fighting the Illuminati IMF NWO CFR Secretly!

              They must be JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY or the White Dragon Society!

              that’s all I know…

            • @ BRUCE TUTVEDT is a NWO YELLOW COWARD. The “intel” that I reference has nothing to do with the “physical” existence of the facility at Denver. Rather a remotely activated “biological gift” in the air supply/exchange capacity of the facility…followed by measures to ensure those inside stay there. As stated, I cannot verify this, only hope for some measure of the potential authenticity of this particular “ghost”.

            • @yental … Roger That! It’s nice knowing the Fascist Enemy is being Denied Access too Resources! That makes a lot of sense also… when you put the rumors all together! Seems some battle lines have been drawn by various Heroic Constitutionalists Patriotic FREEMEN U.S. Generals and Industrialists, against the Evil Globalist IMF NWO CFR Illuminati U.N. Fascist trying to run The Free Republic of America into the Fascist Wall at 100mph!
              Thanks for the Intel @yentel!

      14. If the Georgia Guidestones are any indication of their plans they will be a LOT of dying in our future. They call for a sustainable world population of 500 million.

        • The Georgia guidestones are truly chilling.

          tpb always tell us what they are going to do. Trouble is normalcy bias, and a lack of understanding of the true nature of pyschopathy stops the sheeple from listening time and time again – until it’s too late.





          SLAVERY once RULED the WHOLE South … And Once again Slavery is BEIN’ FORCED UPON the FREE Good FOLKS of the State of Georgia , The United States of America and the WORLD!

          By Greedy Oligarchy IMF NWO CFR Fascist Greedy Bankers and their Goyim Government Slaves!

          Destroy the Georgia Guide Stones! FREE YOUR MINDS!

          • Who says they were put up by TPTB?
            Some Mr. Christian ordered them and paid for everything.
            Maybe someone was hoping for a new view on things (as it says they were sponsored by a group seeking the Age of Reason)? Maybe Mr. Christian was hoping that some people will stop and think? Or maybe the stones are “for later”? Who knows. They came without explanation but with instructions in 8 most common spoken languages.

            • Someone named R. Christian, possibly a pseudonym for Rosicrucian.

        • I dunno who put those up, but I’ve seen beach park structures that are more sturdy. They need to be a lot bigger and sturdier.

          They just creep you guys out because they are right.

      15. A danger foreseen is half-avoided. – Cheyenne

        • Be prepared. – Boy Scouts 🙂

      16. All this came out 20 years ago, by the org. Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership. I have the DVD and the orginial VHS. The book is “Death by Gun Control. This is old news unless you have had your head in the sand.

        • JFPO is a good bunch. They’re one of the ones to support if you can at all. As the name says, they’re mostly Jews, who are frustrated that so many Jews in Hollywood, politics, the media, etc are anti-gun. They point out that they of all people should not be disarmed.

        • “…unless you have had your head in the sand.”

          You’re talking to about 250 million Americans. But, they can’t hear you. They’re turning up their TV sets while watching American Idle (No! That is *NOT* a misspelling!)

      17. When do we start?

        • VRF
          in my books nows as good a time as any… i dont see how prolonging this further is productive for anyone…someone pull the god damned plug for christs sake.

      18. I do agree with jones thoughts on this subject. He is starting to grow up and thats good to see. He helps some people to wake up to the corruption,so he is doing alot of good in that reguard, but his words are not gospel thats for sure. He is making MONEY, I recently heard him say(he was interviewing James Rawles) that he had a 50 cal. but the “ordinary person” couldn’t AFFORD one. Bob Chapman is a SCAMSTER. When MF Global blew up, on a small radio show, he was asked how much gold HE had acquired in the last year, after hesitating he said “ONE 1/10th coin in the last month”, and during that year he was screaming buy,buy,buy,buy,buy,buy-” I don’t care what the price is I’m always a buyer” buy,buy,buy,buy. Now he is silent about gold. Seller perhaps?. I cannot stand the sound of Chapmans voice anymore. For the hard core alex jones people out there, I would say search “william cooper on alex jones”.William cooper named “most dangerous radio host in america” by BJ clintbone.William Cooper didn’t make $hit, died poor. William Cooper DID have to send his wife and family out of the country. William Cooper DID GET KILLED(2 cops showed up at his house, 1 cop died gunshot, close range back to the head,cooper died the same way). I know at one time williams was convinced the earth had aliens from another world here. He later said a friend who was ex-military intelegence deseived him. Bob Chapman perhaps???????

        • mp3 of “behold a pale horse” . Also search William cooper predicts 911, and LISTEN to it, you will see that he predict it PERFECTLY!! if you search for broadcasts and listen to Alex Jones, and William Cooper on 911, you will see WHO the fear monger IS, and WHO the rational thinker WAS. I am posting all this to the people who blindly take everything AJ says as gospel. WC admited he was fed bad information by people he trusted as long time friends in the army intelegence, and he is now dead. HEY AJ- William Coopers broadcasts WERE HEARD IN TEXAS!!!! WHY LIE ABOUT THAT??? YOU SURE SOUND LIKE COOPER ON SOME SUBJECTS NOW!!!!WHATS UP WITH THAT??? NEVER LISTENED TO HIM AYE???? LIER!

          • Put a little HItler Stache on Alex…he looks like a NAZI doesn’t he???
            Or the HUMAN version of Eric Cartman…..

      19. Aaron Zelman and JPFO tallied up the 55 million deaths by genocide committed by governments upon civilian populations (mostly their own) in the 20th century. This number was greater then the combined deaths from wars. The 55 million did not include the civilians killed as a result of a military attack, just pure genocide.

        The capacity of people to murder other people makes me believe as a species we’re nothing more then animals with greater technology.

      20. kevin..

        Cooper was light years ahead of his time….
        and stated he would die on his front steps.publicly.

        He wasn’t afraid of the nwo at all..and exposed their agenda well before jones entered the limelight.

        Cooper’s videos are still accessible and well worth the time to watch and listen..

        Best read ever is his.. Behold a Pale Horse


        • Posse-I posted some links for people(waiting to clear spam) I have been “awake” a long time. I agree with your post 100%. I encourage people to download the mp3 of “behold a pale horse” and listen to it on the way to work or whatever.(for those who tell themselves they don’t have time to listen.

          • kevin..agreed as well

            The likes of Jones is a bit much for me..just a copy of the original..

            In fact..listening to Cooper many years ago shed the light for me as well..

            His exposes are now mainstream in the alt media..and confirmation of what he stated 20 years ago..

            Time to move on..getting the gardens ready for some non gmo foods for starters.


            • Alex is in it for the money. Don’t kid yourself. So is Jim Rawles.

      21. PLEASE stop pushing alex jones into our faces. we’ve got more important things to worry about.

        death comes knocking on everyone’s door sooner or later, there’s no avoiding it. one day you will die. inescapable fact. knowing this should empower each of you.

        there is NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT except die when it’s time. car crash, food poisoning, house fire, tornado, rogue government. the ways to die are endless.

        do ANY of you know why NOTHING has changed in our world (i mean despite obama’s promises)? the outer world doesn’t change if the inner world doesn’t change. in other words, real change cannot be effected to the external world until you FIRST change yourselves inside. AS WITHIN, SO WITHOUT. <do any of you know what that means? until you change yourselves first, the world will NOT change…at least not in the way you're wanting for it to change.

        alex jones is a proven disinfo specialist. stop spreading his bullshit here, please. alex jones has NO SOLUTIONS FOR ANY OF THE INFLAMMATORY CRAP HE PEDDLES beyond voting, and i think most of you know what voting gets you. it gets you bullshit like obama, bush, clinton, bush, reagan, etc…so forget about voting. forget about ron paul. turn your back on it and get busy with your lives.

        i turned away from people like alex jones years ago and i haven't looked back. it's made a HUGE difference in my life.

        AS WITHIN, SO WITHOUT. you cannot argue with universe.

        alex jones, however, CAN be argued back into his hole.

        no more alex jones on this website, please. mac, if you need more stuff to put on this site i can point you toward a LOT of other, beneficial stuff. you don't need alex jones muddying the waters here. you just don't need it.

        • Ron, I have to disagree with your point about Jones. While he’s not my favorite, he’s sure as heck entertaining, and in these days of 24-7 bread and circuses, most folks have to be entertained in order to listen.

          If his showmanship is what it takes to wake people up to what is going on around us, then more power to him.

          Your comment is defeatist as well. Maybe your ready to forget about what is going on in the world and go on your merry way waiting for a rogue lightning bolt or a guerilla sniper, but I, for one, refuse to give the NWO goons an easy time of it by quietly disappearing.

          Human responsibility demands that we educate ourselves and make a stand by educating others. Cockroaches tend to scurry away when the light is switched on.

          • Good mornin daisy. One quick thing. The quotes from the navy is that the enterprise is on its “final” journey, wouldn’t the final journey be when they are sailing BACK INTO port?

            • Good morning, Kevin!

              Yes, wouldn’t that be logical?

              Freudian slip, perhaps? I feel sorry for those sailors -I’m afraid they are going to be the next sacrifices on the Altar of Oil.

            • You two wouldn’t know a journey if you were members of a pipe laying union.

            • rich99- I lay MORE pipe then those lazy f*chers!

            • The USS Enterprise is on its last deployment and not its final journey. The carrier did “work ups” off the coast with an aggressor squadron which included a real Russian Aircraft. I seen it with my own eyeballs. I think it was a Su-21. The Enterprise will crossdeck and relieve one of the carriers on station. They did move another carrier in the Pacific closer to the Middle East Theather. Enterprise is the oldest of the nuclear carriers and will retire after this deployment. Keeping the US at 12 battle groups.

            • Feeling a little gay Daisy?

            • I didn’t know daisey’s uncle was ted kennedy!!

            • Star Trek is still on free boob tube.

            • Just because you want it to happen Daisy, won’t make it happen.

              Your first husband called last week. He says his issues are better.

              Come home.

            • Ships don’t make a journey sitting in their home port. U.S. naval ships are sovereign U.S. territory. Are you not American, have no knowledge of sea power or both.

          • Daisy

            What does make Jones credible is his excellent he himself regurgitates/interrupts way too much.

            Perhaps if he followed suit like Mac does here..only presenting the facts and let the guests finish their speak..

            If only..

            Enjoy the day..

            How’s the canning progressing?


            • Possee ~ I’ve often thought his 5 hour show could be condensed into an hour of worthwhile material! I agree – the guests are the reason I listen to him.

              I’m on the hunt for a pressure canner as recommended. 😆

        • I attacked jones in an earlier comment for different reason, but now I will defend him. This vid is a couple of weeks old, allready seen it. Instead of JUST saying he is dis-info, argue down something on this video that you disagree on. Did you WATCH IT????? Probably not. HEY MAC-Keep posting what you feel like needs to be posted. Your doin a good job. Citizen paul needs to start his OWN blog!!

        • PLUS 1 for sure. Alex is a nobody. Money is what he is about.

          • Minus 1 for jake. Jake is nobody. Trolling is what jakes about.

      22. REALLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      23. We “the people” have the right to replace any and all goverment.

        Hopefully this inherted document isn’t being used bitt by bitt as Tp at the white house!

        Sure seems so!

      24. It has nothing to do with Alex Jones, it really has to do with that governments of ALL nations are allowed to get away with corruption and illegal activities because most of the people have been taught to conform with authority. We as humans are conditioned to not question those in charge, to bow down to the “man” even when what is going on is wrong to any sensible rationale. Most people would rather mimic and go along with the crowd like a school of fish than think outside the box. Governments of the world depend on this basic human trait to control the masses. Governments are not interested in controlling those minorities that have minds of their own because they are too tiny in numbers to pose a threat.

        Have any of you ever wondered how sites like this and others are allowed to exist? It is because there are still not influential enough to sway enough people to actually act on what is preached or reported to truly do something about the state of affairs of the U.S. government or other governments. IF and when sites do become strong enough to move a large enough section of the population into doing something that is a threat to the status quo of those in control, those in power act to make a site or people shut their mouths.

        Governments are masters of intimidation and getting rid of threats to their power base. Someone like Alex Jones and others are still only listened to by a small number of people and the government knows this. If you get someone like Martin Luther King or other crusader that can actually move enough people to disturb and implement TRUE change, guess what happens?

        Look at the common politics of the United States and how a third party has not won since the 19th century. Look at Ross Perot when he was running in a virtual three way tie with Clinton and Bush Sr. and how he was “forced” out of the race because he was a collosal threat to the way things are. He only was allowed back in after he was irreverent enough to not actually win as president.

        Look at these dictators that take power in other countries and hold on to that power. Hitler was elected in the 30’s and people of Germany “loved” him. It was not until he lost that they wished they had never heard the name Hitler. You would think that this common mistake that people make over and over again that they would learn from it, but they don’t. People continue to elect leaders that are not for the people, only their own agenda and their close inner circles of friends and allies. The people are serfs and peons to them.

        It again all goes back to the way human beings are raised from day one and conditioned throughout their life. Look at how people behaved and choose to follow the flock and you see how easy it is for governments, all of them, to squeeze what they need out of the population. Until the masses are driven towards a common goal, change will not happen.

        Just for fun, and to prove my point, I suggest a little experiment. Sometime sit at the mall or somewhere that a lot of people walk by and observe just how conditoned everyone is. Watch the way they walk, the way they behave. Watch how they wait for others to cue them to talk, to move. Watch the body language of people. You will be amazed at how controlled by the actions and reactions of others govern the way people behave, think, and act. Hear the coversations that go on that have absolutely no importance at all to anything. What is sad is that these people have the misnomer that they are truly unique.

        Now, watch what I call the maverick. This is the person that doesn’t play by the rules. This is the person that actually has a mind of their own and thinks for themselves. A maverick sees what others don’t see. This person is the inventor, the person that stands out, the person that plans ahead and is ready for when SHTF. This person is the type of person that thinks and actually uses their brain for something other than mindless gibberish. The maverick wants to expand their knowledge base and learn. The maverick is what the government prays will never become the majority. The maverick has strong opinions and does not just accept something because others do.

        Everyone out there that thinks for themselves may be a small minority at the present time, but is slowly growing thanks to people that are willing to look outside the box. Articles like this at least make people think, whether someone agrees with this or not. Just look at the way the media makes people that prep as paranoid and out of touch, like misfits that have nothing better to do than plan for the end of the world.

        Just be thankful that we can read the other side of opinions and views that tap the unthinkable. Someday soon, the governments might start censoring everything as more people become mavericks and stop behaving and thinking like mindless automatons that have allowed ALL governments to ruin civilization like they have so “splendidly” done so up to now.

        Everyone out there that can think for themselves, be grateful you can, and that you are a maverick to the general population, the HERD.

      25. Alex Jones tells outright lies. He claims that the US military actively tortures civilians in Iraq. He claimed the Rush Limbaugh said the US torture of Iraqi civilians was OK because the troops have to blow off steam. Totally untrue. I don’t believe anything AJ says unless I believe his sources.

        • ummmm

          Barncat you may want to do a little research
          I think Jones was more correct than not in his assertions
          seems to be a LOT of evidence to back him up
          a quick hit on the Google turned up a LOT of sources

      26. If it is in March, it’s March 23. Don’t ask.

        • @PP True: It Usually Happens on a FRIDAY Late Afternoon!

          suggest Everyone has Enough cash on hand at home to cover three 3 months expenses , 6 months minimum supplies, food, meds, water and finish up their preps by the 23 MARCH 2012!

        • Many such dates have come and gone, so… I’m going to ask anyway, especially since you said “Don’t ask”.

          Why March 23rd?

          • greece defaults… officially… european banks have a bank holiday… then spain… then italy… then portugal… then ireland… then germany withdraws from the euro… the euro crashes… then the dollar crashes!

            then ww3… nukes fly and everyone dies… unless your a 1%!

            the 1% get to go live in their designer bunkers 100 feet under ground and play shuffle board, while us goyim debt slave serfs die from nuclear blast , fallout and biological warfare strikes around the globe on the earths surface , bye bye cruel world!

            DIDN’T obama send you THE R.S.V.P. CARD?

            Hmmmmmmmmmmm you must be on one of his bad naughty lists!

            ;0p pssszzt

            • Darn! I never get invited to any good parties.

      27. I don’t think this goes back as far as Hitler. This was all hatched in the mind of a bright little boy in Kenya, in the ’70’s. That’s right. This whole evil plan was hatched in the brain of one, Barrack Obama. Now his plan can come to full fruitation with his stealing of the 2008 election, thru fraud with his organization Acorn. Now the bills he writes will take away all our freedoms. He is so much like Adolf, he can even get his bitter enemies in the Congress to vote yes on these new laws that are turning our country to a police state.

        This November write in Pat Robertson.
        Turn on, Drop out!

        • That would be incorrect. The things AJ is talking about have been going on for the last 150+ years. Example: Are you aware of the forced sterilzations in the US in the early to mid 1930’s? That was before Hitler’s time. And in any case, America was sold out long before then anyway. All you see now is the bill coming due, and the enemy’s mask coming off…

      28. wait until the recall elections start yanking officials out of office in Wisconsin in a few months.People may realize it’s more fun to get rid of those in power than it is to replace them,with different faces on the same unamerican agendas. What goes around comes around and these days what’s fixing to come around really makes me smile.Why is it if Dick Cheney or George W. step foot out of this country they are in true danger of being arrested by the rest of the world for their war crimes against humanity,but nothing has happened here. No charges filed or arrests and convictions made. I thought we were supposed to be the ‘world’s leaders’. What’s up with this?

        • Um…If that article is correct, and I’m not mistaken, Montana is in the so-called “death-zone”, is it not?

          • YEP! ;0P montana is gonna feel some shock waves and get a few feet of ash dumped on it. make sure you shelter in a strong alpine load bearing designed structure so it doesn’t collapse on you… ash fallout and rain makes a very heavy cement. collapses normal homes.

      29. It took over 100 years for the moneymasters to completely bankrupt America. They know what is on the way.I’m afraid there is only one way they will be taken down and it isn’t voting. Just attended a gun show today and got several thousand more brass filled thingies for my stash.The time is approaching.

        • You’re not the only one.

          I’ve attended many, MANY gun shows over the years. The last one I went to was in a little town, literally, out in the middle of nowhere. Its a town of maybe 5,000. They have a very small community park and in that park is a 10,000 square foot community building. To say it was packed, was an understatement. I got there at about 11:30 and it was like swimming in humans. I had a friend that got there at 9:00 and he said it was that way then. I had another friend that was there a couple hours before it closed, at 3:00 and it was STILL that way.

          Now, that in and of itself was not all that alarming. But this is: The guns were streaming out of there!!! At any give time you could see people heading to their cars with guns. Many, many guns changing hands.

          Still, thats not alarming. What is alarming is that its been that way at the last three gun shows I’ve been too.

          I remember back in 2008 when the economy was crapping out. People were still buying guns like crazy. However, it wasn’t one quarter as bad (good?) as it is now.

          What the hell is going on?

        • Oh, and by the way, the plundering started in 1861, was put in writing in 1871 and then step after step became more and more onerous. The final step needed was exactly 100 years after the first official start of the plunder: 1971 when we went 100% off the gold standard and went fully fiat.

          Give a population enough fake progress and prosperity and they’ll let you steal them blind.

          America is the proof.

          • Net ranger- So true. whats funny is that all our lives they been telling us we are the richest nation ever to be on the earth. If the hatians could force the rest of the world (by the tip of a sword) to use monopoly money, THEY would be the richest nation in the history of nations.

            • Lol!

              Well, we started out as the richest nation. Now, if you were corrupt, where would you go? To the poorest nations? NO! The corrupt all came here.

              Now, we are still the richest nation! The richest in corruption. The richest in debt. The richest in sheople. Well, no, I think Europe has us beat, there (my perception).

              The richest nation on earth! The USA, Inc. !!!

            • They’ve also told us we are the “freest” too. But, in reality, we really are. It just that we contract it all away. (…see discussions above between GC, Chum and I…)

              The freedom is still there we just don’t participate in it much.

      30. i feel like throwing up…..blah…

      31. ” What good does it do a man if he gains the whole world, but looses his soul”?

      32. What can we do about this? As he said, your most likely already walking deadman. If I survive a SHTF senario will the generations after me be sterile?!

        • Change to a ALL NATURAL DIET, NON-GMO Foods, Grow a Garden, Hunt your own Meat! And the sterility is reversible… look into All-Natural Testosterone Herbal Remedies and buy yourself a Water Filter and Reverse Osmosis Water Filter! Only drink filtered water.

          Avoid ALL RADIATION! Depleted Uranium! Toxins Carcinogens!

          Stop eating the Fake Franken Foods, Stop Drinking Liquor, and stop getting the POISON Autistic Cancer causing FLU Shots! … Question everything your doctors try to poison you with! It’s your Only Body … Protect it From the NWO!

      33. Let me start by saying that the NWO is nothing new it was predicted in the Bible. Second I believe all teh people in this world are sustainable. God gave is dominion over it. He would not have put us here if there was no room. If we all worked and provided for ourselves, did not have to mortgage for our homes etc. I speak as soomebody who is now learning her lessons. If instead of buying the home I have now and “humbled” myself to buy a double wide guess where I would be…mortgage free. I had to have an appearance of middle class though, and now I wish I was not so vain. If I had started earlier to use coupons I would be better off a long time ago, being more frugal with clothes etc. It has taken the economic event for me to take a self inventory of what I shoulda coulda woulda did different. Now I know and hope to make changes to myself on a personal level so that I can just be a better person at home and in my community. I wish I could turn back time. I have leearned that being frugal is not something to feel embarressed about, but proud. I think seeing what is going on around me is changing me as a person.If less people lived off the system ( car payments, mortgages, credit cards) we would all be in a better place. We would not have been feading the beast so to speak. My grandma always said you get what you can afford. I thought that meant payments (LOL) she meant you save and then buy it (who would have thunk it) We became an instant gratification society. If we all worked and save, then bought what we NEEDED with money we saved, thier wouldn’t be these big banks etc. That is my humble opinion. Love your families, spend quality time with those you love, enjoy your friendhips, build new ones. Be humble yet strong in courage and faith. We are going to need to cling onto these things in the future. I pray that we will all find a solution to the evil in this world but the only conclusion I can think of is that it will be good that conquers evil, we must become loving, patient, and kind. I am not saying roll over on your backs, just sayin we need to look to God and be more God like to overcome this….sorry for the drawn out post just sharing some thoughts ( I am thinking out loud again LOL)

      34. Cross-stitched and framed in my curio cabinet…
        “For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul”

        One of my favorite quotes.

        • I suppose the person to ask that question too, is our illustrious Illegal-Alien CIA Puppet Prez Obsama Barack Obama!

          His Mother Definitely sold her soul to the CIA, and he did the same to Become a Illegal False CIA Puppet President of our Marxist-Fascist run Country, since he’s a Natural born Kenyan Citizen!

          Making him an ILLEGAL PRESIDENT!

          FIGHT THE NWO POWER!!!


        Obama Takes Control of “ALL” of the U.S. in Prep For W.W.III (done late on a Friday afternoon March 16th 2012, of course!)…

        … Part III suggests that the real purpose of this E.O. is to prepare for the coming collapse of Greece and the E.U. by transferring spending authority to the White House ahead of the collapse of the dollar.

        Everyone might wanna take their money out of their banks for a while… just too be safe! Buy some REAL .999 Silver!

        • This E.O.= we in deep shit!!

          • @Kevin ;0) Thanks for Your Support Big Guy! Tis’ Appreciated! And your right about william Cooper R.I.P!

            • The scariest word in that E.O. is “peacetime”.

          • Yep, not one mention of this E.O. in my local paper. In fact the BS and drivel is more then usual. Funny, they have a half page write-up on Sgt. Robert Bales. Every little detail of his life. Interviewed everyone from high school classmates, old football buddy that plays football for the patriots now, to his real estate agent. What he liked to do in highschool,criminal record, what he majored in in college, and the investment companies name that he worked for in florida. You name it. They wrote it. They sure do spend alot of time telling me he acted alone. Something smell fishey from reading this story in my paper, I think this guy was set up. Something else going on.

      36. I would recomend everyone keeping all your vehicles and gas cans topped off ALL this next week. You don’t want to start the race with no gas in the tank!!

        • yes kevin, good advice at the best of times…. and especially over the next short while.

      37. Join the NRA… need I say any more!!!

      38. I think this misses the mark. It isn’t “government” it is socialsim/Marxism/communism/fascism that kills people. The Swiss government hasn’t killed anyone in a couple hundred years and they might resent the biased view that it is “government” theat kills people. It is the philosophy of the people with power that kill citizens.

      39. google “MAGNETIC GENERATORS”

      40. and dont kid yourselves why B.O. slapped a new tarriff/regulations on china this week regarding rare earth minerals.

      41. …and GOD wept.

      42. Guys, This freeman thing is a myth. It may be true or have some basis in law, but the advice you are giving people is going to get them thrown in a cage. Any judge that you try this crap with will put you in a cage for contempt of court.

        The only way to be truly free is to get like minded individuals in power. Power=freedom.

      43. The US is the only nation founded on limiting the damage government could do by men familiar with “divine right monarchies” and coming from a history of feudal servitude.

        The documentary is exactly right. The modern nation state was designed to wage war – government, the army and the people. The trinity was defined by Clausewitz. Ironically, the model is out of date – modern armies can’t win wars against non-armies. Modern armies are too expensive. The modern state shifting from war focus to social democracy” to maintain the primacy of the old elites causes more harm than good.

        The Swiss model is more apt. Nations should break down into smaller more manageable units such that the failure of any one doesn’t impact inordinate numbers of people. Europe should be breaking into smaller states. Ditto for the US.

      44. The US Govt enjoys the unique distinction of having killed million in countries far away from home in distant continents. This process continues today and will till the US remains the only country in the world that stations more than half a million soldiers in a thousand bases around the globe.

      45. Has anyone noticed those Bertrand Russell quotes Jones uses are taken way out of context and therefore misleading? I must question the intention of someone using them in such a way. If we are to be intelligent inquiring minds then we should follow facts not miscontsrued ideas.

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