Rumble Offers Joe Rogan $100 Million To Take His Videos To It’s Platform

by | Feb 8, 2022 | Headline News | 4 comments

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    Rumble, a video platform that bills itself as “neutral” and “immune to cancel culture,” has offered Joe Rogan $100 million to leave Spotify and use its services instead.

    Mainstream media outlets published a letter sent to podcast host Joe Rogan asking him to leave Spotify and distribute The Joe Rogan Experience through its service for $100 million, as it plans an ambitious public offering next quarter it hopes will value the company at $2 billion. In the letter signed by CEO Chris Pavlovski, Rumble offered Rogan “100 million bucks over four years” for his total library of shows—the same amount of money Rogan was reportedly paid by Spotify in 2020 when it became the exclusive publisher of his podcast—and promised “no censorship.”

    Spotify Will Begin Helping The Government Censor Content

    After promising to be free from censorship, Spotify began helping the ruling class censor Rogan and his guests under the guise of “misinformation.” Rogan is a statist who enjoys promoting the status quo and causing an uproar, however, no one should be silenced.

    Joe Rogan Backs Down And Vows To “Do Better” At Obeying The Rulers

    All people have the right to hear all information and make their own decisions. If we heard all information and not just government propaganda, we would all be free from the rulers that are trying to take over now.

    Animosity against Rogan and his show started building last month over misinformation about Covid-19 on his podcast. Musician Neil Young removed his music from the platform after asking Spotify to choose between him or Rogan. Young was quick to point out that he was not advocating for censorship, but that “private companies have the right to choose what they profit from,” just as he can opt to “not have [his]. -Forbes

    One should also ask if this is not a part of the greater divide and conquer psychological operation:

    Question everything and apply morality to determine what’s “true.” Use your critical thinking and discernment to figure out the truth. It won’t be just given to us.

    The only thing that is certain is that there is no freedom left, and the illusion that you have any should have crumbled away by now. Wake up, slaves, because this is not going to end well if you keep supporting those who rule over you and have one goal: complete ownership of humanity. If you haven’t figured out that this slave planet wants nothing more than to own you, you may have a difficult time navigating the coming years.


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      1. At the risk of sounding flippant and trollish, Neil Young sold half his rights away to a Big Pharma conglomerate. Rogan can get rich, but at the cost of selling out. We don’t know who or what will rule Rumble, for the unforeseeable future.

        • Joe Rogan should do it.

          • Rogan has bent-the-knee to the woke mob with his conduct these past weeks. I’m done with him. Just another jack off. Like Trump.

            Next freedom fighter up ……..

      2. Joe Rogan doesn’t care. Spotify removed 42 episodes shortly after he signed the deal with them, and he said he was fine with it. I’m sure he will stay where he’s at since he has a contract. He would lose a lot of money, plus probably be in some sort of legal jeopardy should he break those terms.

        It’s all about the money…not so much freedom of speech.

        Did you know that Joe did a show with one of the .gov doctors a year ago where he ranted about the paranoid conspiracy theorist anti-vaxxers? They should just take the jab, he said, because all vaxxes have adverse effects. Now he’s taking ivermectin and other “conspiracy theorist” treatments. New information forms new beliefs. Learn while you earn.

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