Joe Rogan Backs Down And Vows To “Do Better” At Obeying The Rulers

by | Jan 31, 2022 | Headline News | 25 comments

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    Amid controversy about misinformation and censorship, Joe Rogan, Spotify’s leading podcaster, has vowed to “do better” at obeying his master and complying with their propaganda. Rogan’s bow to the ruling class proves no one is really on the side of freedom except those who object to a ruling class to begin with.

    Joe Rogan admitted today that he doesn’t “always get it right” on his podcast and promised to “do better” going forward as Spotify scrambled to contain the growing backlash to the ex-Fear Factor host’s take on Covid-19 vaccines, according to a report by Deadline. The same day that CEO Daniel Ek announced adding content warnings and disclaimers to the streaming service, Rogan took to social media to “address some of the controversy taking place over the past several days” with Neil Young and Joni Mitchell pulling their tunes off Spotify. The duo has a big problem with Rogan’s vaccine “misinformation,” as Young called it.

    Use your own discernment and critical thinking, but it sure looks like Rogan and his podcast are nothing more than a psyop (psychological operation). And we are not the only ones who think this could be the case:

    Instead of sticking to liberty, freedom, and free speech, Rogan apologized for not being a good little slave for the ruling class. Self-proclaimed Neil Young fan Rogan said he was “very sorry” the iconic musicians felt they had to get off Spotify because of him.  “I most certainly don’t want that,” Rogan declared Sunday. Copping to the fact a lot of what he says on his hugely popular podcast is “not that prepared or fleshed out,” one-time self-described “moron” Rogan also thanked his $100 million paymasters Spotify for “being so supportive during this time and I’m very sorry that this is happening to them.”

    “If there’s anything that I’ve done that I could do better, it’s having more experts with differing opinions right after I have the controversial ones,” The Joe Rogan Experience host said, noting he agreed with Ek’s disclaimer and content warning plan. “I would most certainly be open to doing that. And I would like to talk to some people who have differing opinions on the podcasts in the future. I do all the scheduling myself and I don’t always get it right.”

    Translation: Sorry to disappoint you, master. I’ll obey and comply like all the other slaves.

    There is no freedom left, and the illusion that you have any should have crumbled away by now. Wake up, slaves, because this is not going to end well if you keep supporting those who rule over you and have one goal: complete ownership of humanity. If you haven’t figured out that this slave planet wants nothing more than to own you, you may have a difficult time navigating the coming years.



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      1. So he backed down.
        Apparently, in the end
        Fear was a Factor
        for Joe.

        • Sad

        • WTF! Sad

      2. Is that Neil Young
        or Don Imus ?

        • Dude He looks like Yoda! Lol

          • It is Yoda … I knew it was always NEIL!

      3. OK Niel Young, get off your knees, I know when I’m licked!

      4. I’ve never been a fan or anything else of Rogan, never even listened to any of his shows, that I recall anyway, maybe a few minutes excerpted from them, but I am most assuredly convinced now that he’s just another tool of the Deep State. If he wasn’t, then he would have stood up for his guests being able to say what they want to, and not interfere with their right to free speech, and certainly NOT apologize to his masters for ANYTHING, either real or imagined!
        So now that he’s outed himself as to his true colors and loyalties, everybody can just forget about him and stop listening to his show. I hope that his 11 million strong audience shrinks down to Neil Young’s, and soon! The phrase of “Go woke, go broke”, should be hitting him where it hurts him the most, not in his teeth or crotch, but in his fat wallet!!

        • Most of the Roganites fawn over his fanatical promotion of psychadelics and weed. He was shilling for Tesla Motors, so you know he is controlled opposition!

          • Rogan will be fine regardless of what happens.
            Dude is a millionaire.
            It’s his fans who will whine and cry about it.
            The word “fan” is short for “fanatic”.
            Fans get so emotionally invested they become radical and bordering on madness.
            That’s not healthy for the mind.

      5. To Neil:

        Hey Dude, was it due to taking too many drugs in your long forgot career, that you can’t see that the opinions of Rogan’s guests are not always his own?
        Since you can obviously read, and even comprehend what you read, somewhat, how about reading the data of how Christine Massey contacted 90 people and groups, all over the WORLD, asking for definitive proof of this virus, and not even just ONE of them would say that they had any!! Surely if someone did have proof of it, they would admit to it, wouldn’t they? All she got was lots of “Nos” and crickets to her well thought out questions!!
        And as far as the fake vaccines (clot shots!) go, how about reading the data set right from the military medical records about the 300% rise in cancers and miscarriages in the various branches of the armed forces, since the clot shots were mandated by the Goofball in Chief? And don’t forget about the 1,000% percent (that means TEN TIMES!!) increase of neurological injuries that forced the grounding of 82K+ pilots? Men and women who will be forever banned from flying personnel or dangerous cargoes for the rest of their life!! Those careers as pilots are now over and DONE WITH!!

      6. Just a little message for you cop hater’s. I know there are a lot of bad cops. But if it’s so bad why don’t YOU apply for that job huh? I’m no statist by ANY means but hey, someone has to police the assholes! Get your beech ass out there and join the force. Think about what it must be like dealing with the scum of the earth everyday all day. I would go nuts! It takes a special kind of person to do that job and 10 to 1 you ain’t it! I have cop friends and I tell you, they have the patience of Jobe and are good people. Of course you will have bad apples, it’s part of the job mentality gone wrong. You can move to portland if you want. Or grow some balls and join the force. Let’s see how you do after a couple of years. I am a volunteer firefighter (wildland) and I bet half of you would puss out in a bad situation (life in danger). Unless you walk a mile in a mans shoes you should just STFU.

        • It annoys me, that you are supposed to risk getting burned up, but they don’t cover the cost of your equipment, here.

          Also, that police are supposed to enforce mores, that are not necessarily Biblical sins.

          • All our equipment is paid for by the county. And ya, natural law is not the code of the police.

            • Our local branches engage in shouty, military-style chickenshit against civilians.

              I believe that absolute freedom requires us to put out our own fires, but no one is realistically going to DIY any of the usual conveniences.

        • Cop haters have ZERO problems calling the cops whenever a situation escalates beyond their comfort level or when they SNITCH on people.
          Look no further than the businesses that were advocating for defunding police.
          When those same buisnesses experienced numerous “smash and grab” robberies the buisnesses were publicly ASKING POLICE FOR HELP!!!!!
          You can’t make this shit up it’s so dysfunctional and bordering on full blown Schizophrenia.

        • “why don’t YOU apply for that job” I wanted to, but was informed that White Nationalists aren’t accepted. Also, America had no taxpayer-funded police before 1850, we didn’t need any. If the so called police in my crime-ridden town–they’re essentially just a UN occupation force–turned in their badges and stood down, we patriots could really clean house.

      7. So, it appears that Covid does cause impotence.

        • Covid, or working for too-big-to-fails.

        • Links?

      8. Everyone says they will stand up to the system until they actually get called out on it.

        They they back down.

        That’s why they win and we lose.

        It’s not going to change.

      9. Joe backed down for money, they always do.

      10. Who is JOE? Never heard of this Rogan Character till a couple months ago ad never really read anything that would interest me to do such. Sooooooo … I DON’T CARE!

      11. MONEY talks. Be skeptical of Joe Rogan.

      12. Money talks. Beware Joe Rogan.

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