COVID-19: The Biggest Psyop In Human History

by | Jun 17, 2020 | Headline News | 12 comments

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    COVID-19 is rapidly being revealed as the biggest psyop in human history, while the mainstream media and the ruling class desperately try to cling to the narrative to force the New World Order upon us.

    In fact, in the CHAZ (Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone) which is anything but founded on the principle of voluntary cooperation, they have already instituted a government, for all intents and purposes, and have begun taxing people. The police chief in Seattle even admitted that what they are doing is extortion. Yes, they are finally coming out and admitting it: taxation is wrong, it’s theft, and it’s a violation of a human being’s right to the fruits of his labor:

    The mainstream media working for the government have attempted to put the public under mass hypnosis, but it’s coming undone at the seams.  More and more people are waking up and seeing the invisible chains they’ve put themselves in, and it could be a wonderful time for humanity going forward.

    As Jeff Berwick says in the above video:

    “One of the funniest things, kinda just to laugh at, this has been, like, for a century now, is commies. They always create the worst disasters. It’s actually not even all that funny when you think about it….people like Mao in China, killing like 100 million people. Stalin in the Soviet Union. But now in CHAZ, which is a 6 block area in Seattle that has been taken over by what they call themselves ‘anarcho-communists’ but they’re not even anarchists at all, they’re just commies. And, it’s just fun to watch. It’s just hilarious watching them just run out of food in like two days.”

    Anarchists reject a ruling class.  (‘An’ meaning without, ‘Archos’ meaning rulers) There is now a warlord ruling over the people in the communist state.  This brings Berwick to the point that this is just one gigantic psyop from the beginning.  This is meant to brainwash the public into wanting a ruling class to control them, extort them, and “save them” from warlords who will control them, and extort them.  The irony is simply incredible.

    “It’s all staged. It’s all Hollywood scripts basically. Most people haven’t figured it out yet. They actually think a lot of this stuff is real.”

    This entire situation is all scripted and not organic at all. Berwick says to look out for the number 33 as a way to recognize a psyop. They tend to always use that number as a way to make it known what they are doing without coming out and saying it.

    We should also recognize that all central banks are tenants of communism.  It’s the control of the money supply centralized in the hands of a few people.  This is why so many who are promoting freedom (such as Robert Kiyosaki) have suggested unplugging from the Matrix by removing your consent to use their fiat money.  If you don’t like cryptocurrencies, buy gold and silver.  There are ways around using their money and it’s a gigantic vote AGAINST your enslavement that actually holds weight, unlike an actual vote at a ballot box for the current system.

    The Establishment Doesn’t Fear Trump, And It Doesn’t Fear Bernie. It Fears You

    It’s a complete and total psyop and it’s unbelievable that some people are still falling for it. The United States has become a communist nation. As Berwick points out, the USSA is anything but a free country. “They’ve got about 20 different agenda with this lie,” adds Berwick. “You’d think people would start to catch on to this stuff!”



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      1. Jeff Berwick wants to see the U.S. fail and puts this crap on us to get us to fear our own government. Please don’t publish this Russian disinformation guy again.

      2. No society has existed without rulers, even in the animal world, some animals dominate others, without any officially elected ruler. Tribal and primative societies have frequently used the elders or the community to inflict punishment on those that violate their norms. Anarchy has never existed and it never will. It is supported by people who want to overthrow the current regime, usially with the intention and hidden agenda of seizing control themselves. Even in families, there is not anarchy. Parents don’t have children and just let them do what ever they want to do. I have no idea what would happen in such a family, and I really don’t have any desire to find out either. I guess that that is why the majority of people are willing to accept some form of government.
        Andrea Iravani

      3. COVID-19, in my opinion is another of many failed psy-ops. It can’t be considered a psy-op when they have failed to deceive the public. They have failed to deceieve the public in COVID-19.

        Another attempted psy-op is John Bolton’s new book on Trump, which I will not read, but Sputnik reports that Bolton claims that Trump asked Xi Jin Ping for help with his election, but claims that Trump would not allow him to provide specific details of the election help sought by Trump, and also claims that Trump actually believed that Venezuela was part of the United States, and also claims that Trump thought that it would be really cool to invade Venezuela, even though Trump believed that it was part of the United States.

        John Bolton must be senile. It was John Bolton’s idea and Elliot Abrahm’s idea to invade Venezuela, and Marco Rubio’s idea.

        It is too bad that Trump trusted the wrong people. Kelly Ann Conway is the one that I blame for this. She has always been a died in the wool, hard line, pro-war, neo-con. She was the one that put Trump’s team together. Oh, I blame Jared Kushner too!
        Andrea Iravani

        • You have totally distorted what he said. lol as bugs bunny said…what a contramaroon

      4. To the author of this article – You are a complete and utter imbecile!



        Andrea Iravani

      6. Another huckster peddling his new book telling you (for the last ten years) to get out of the markets and fiat and get into pms and crypto.

        If you stayed in the markets instead, you have made a pile of fiat in the last ten years. But, go ahead, buy his tripe. It’s your choice.

        Cuz, ya know, it’s GONNA happen soon (like he told you for years and years)…or not.



        Vault 7 technology has been being used to terrorize and torture me, and destroy my life. All elected politicians including James Brunnquell Village of Grafton president, Jim Ott state rep., Alberta Darling state senator, Scott Walker former gov,, Tony Evers current gov., Wisonsin attorney generals Brad Schimel and Josh Kaul, Congressman Glenn Grothman, Seamtors Tammy Baldwin and Ron Johnson, Donald Trump, the FBI, The Pentagon, the Grafton Police, Laurie Rathke, with Ozauked County Human Services, Columbia St. Mary’s Ozaukee Hospital owned by Ascension Healthcare, The Medical College of Wisconsin, Luann Moraski MD. with MyMD in Mequon WI, Tammy Scmidt MSW, at Columbia St. Mary’s Ozaukee, Dawn Ritter counselor at Columbia St. Mary’s Ozaukee, Dennis Andersen MSW, with Mequon Clinical Associates, We Energies, AT&T, Sprint, Apple, Samsung, Google, Verizon, have all been notified that extreme hacking is being used against me, destroying multiple devices, appliances, my car, people remotely controlling appliances, lights, thermostat in my house, and neighbors breaking in, vandalizing, stealing, spying, stalking, and gas-lighting, and many new people moving in in the last 5 years, most of the men do not work in a middle class neighborhood, and did not work for years prior to the Shut Down. The majority of their wives do not work either. Since I am being terrorized since they have moved in, and my rights and property are being violated since they moved in, I take issue with that. All of the individuals that I have informed feel no sense of obligation to try to bring the sick and sadistic criminals that have commited this crime spree on my life to face charges, even though
        all of them are in position to do that, they prefer not to be bothered or inconvenienced, kind of like walking over a homeless person on the way to work, and bitching about them being in your way.

        Kerry Younge who I met in AA is a friend of the court, and therefore a government employee and counselor who told me that the government owns me in a text. I said what are you talking about? Slavery is illegal. He started to tell me that when the Federal Reserve was created that the government started to issue birth certificates. I said oh, the Redemption Strawman fraud.  For some reason, after i texted him that the FBI has prosecuted cult leaders for that and sent him the FBI information on the prosecutions, I never heard from him again. 

        strawman redemption cult fraud

        These are some instances below, the first from someone trying to perpetrate the fraud, the next from the FBI proving that it is illegal, followed by the Treasury, proving that it is illegal.

        1.) Does anyone actually have control of their strawman?
        Since the government created the straw man, it is only right that the straw man live under the rules of it’s creator. But once the straw man has been redeemed, the government is no longer in control of the straw man. He is now controlled by the man using his right to private contracts.
        Meet Your Strawman – The Redemption Service > me…

        2.) Redemption / Strawman / Bond Fraud. … Individuals promoting this scam frequently cite various discredited legal theories and may refer to the scheme as “Redemption,” “Strawman,” or “Acceptance for Value.” Trainers and websites will often charge large fees for “kits” that teach individuals how to perpetrate this scheme.
        Redemption / Strawman / Bond Fraud — FBI › scams-and-safety

        3.) Institutional – Birth Certificate Bonds – TreasuryDirect › fraud
        Nov 8, 2017 · Birth Certificate Bonds … referred to as a “Strawman”) whose value is controlled by the government.

        Everyone in government has chosen to ignore it. The Grafton police refused to check the surveillance camera at the end of the street when I called them about the break ins. My smart meter from We Energies was also hacked and destroyed in Februrary 2016. 

        It appears that local governments, the local police, the military, the FBI, or Lockheed Martin may have control of the  CIA’s hacking tools which are being used against me to destroy me. I suspect that these hacking tools have been widely distributed to corrupt dark forces in the American governments and private contractor security companies like Lockheed Martin and Black Cube, written about in Mother Jones, ” Is Lockheed Martin Shadowing You?”

        I am one of the murder targets, for no reason other than the fact that the greedy homicidal maniacs and thieves thought that I was an easy target. It has nothing to do with politics, and everything to do with greed, barbarism, and psychopathy by the guilty parties. It started while I was unconscious in the hospital on March 27th, 2014 which involved the unconsented, uninformed, totally illegal surgery placing RFIDs, micro-chips, or sensors in my nose and ears, and also the illegal ovum theft. I awoke with excruating loud tinitus in my left ear resulting in extreme sleep deprivation. After my first phone was hacked in June of 2017, someone started using Directed Energy Weapons on me, that I believe may be specific to the frequencies in the illegally implanted devices. I suspect that cell towers are recieving transmission beams from satellites that are picked up by the illegally implanted devices, similar to, or perhaps specifically, Verichip pet implants,  heavily invested in by Wisconsin’s  former governor and Homeland Security Chief Tommy Thompson, who wanted to use them on people. They have been outlawed to use in people by the Wisconsin State legislature, over the fact that it would still be illegal at the Federal level over a number of class one felony violations. Anesthesiologist John R.Hall, from Austin, Texas believes that this sadistic surgery has been done on at least 300,000 Americans, which he has demonstrated on his website:
        I believe that this is to induce suicide, or to send them to Apple Stores, and then steal property, and the identity and sell it to a Jewish foreign national. Bayshore Mall is an abduction center. The Jewish Community Center in Shorewood has actively brought in Russian and former and former USSR Jewish imigrants since the fall of the USSR. In New Jersey, 45 government employees including 3 mayors in New Jersey were in collusion with 5 Rabbis to steal identities and sell organs of their victims on the black market in 2009.

        The second largest export from Wisconsin to Canada is “Medical Samples.”

        James Brunquell has been in the Grafton Wisconsin government and does not work any office hours at all and does not have voice mail at the village. He is a full time supervisor at Froedert Hospital affiliated with the Medical College of Wisconsin. He keeps running for office, even though he does not work in the Village government. He has been in the government since I moved here in 2000. 

        Kerry Younge, the one that told me that the government owns me is also a counselor in Grafton, and Friend of the Ozaukee County Court. 

        A Russian musician named Einnfalt, that I have never heard of wrote a song about me:
        Exhibit C God’s Will For Andrea Iravani on the CD entitled Terminal Dream. It was at first on Amazon for years, then on spotify. I emailed the musician and asked him who put him up to it. He did not respond. I believe that it may have been Charles Bauman, editor of Russia Insider, who is an America ex patriot, because at the end of the song, it keeps saying Charlie.

        Let me know how placing all of your trust and your life in the hands of corrupt,control freak, predators with a history of pathological lying works out for all of you. Considering that Trump is the President and could not stop Pelosi, Schiff, and Bolton, my bet is that it won’t work out so well for any of you in either party, while the DNC is still standing, they look like absolute shit since they are totally full of shit and have decided to destroy every Americans life based on medical fraud in order to rob the treasury department of trillions of dollars, and the RNC looks just as shitty for allowing it to happen! So, there you have it, you look like shit and now have to either allow the corrupt psychopaths that are pathological liars control you and destroy you, or, if you turn on them, then they destroy you too. EITHER WAY,  YOU LOOSE! Now your families will be stuck living in the LEGACY OF SHIT that you have created! So, you have even DESTROYED YOUR OWN FAMILIES!

        Retreat and continue to expose corruption seems to be the only sane option.

        It’s Just Another Day In McCarthy Dahmerville!

        I place the current state of terrorism by the psychopathic  government, technology, and healthcare employees in America at level 9. 

        Andrea Iravani

      8. The zionist communist instigated NWO are trying to do what they accused Hitler of doing, world domination. At least the 3rd reich was vehmently anti-communist. Communism is a jewish philosopy. Marx was a jew.

      9. Black Lives Matter: the Big Lie

        While BLM turns a woman beater into a hero and martyr, the reality of who assaults and kills black people goes ignored. The reality is this: the vast majority of black people killed and harmed is done by other black people. For black women and girls, the majority of murders and rapes are down by black men.

        The numbers from the UN etc. speak volumes:

        Wars killed 5 million African children under age five over 20 years, says study (The Lancet)

        War in Congo kills 45,000 people each month (2009)

        It is reported that a husband or boyfriend kills a woman every six hours in South Africa

        According to the World Health Organization (WHO), violence affects millions of women in Africa. In a 2005 study on women’s health and domestic violence, the WHO found that 50 per cent of women in Tanzania and 71 per cent of women in Ethiopia’s rural areas reported beatings or other forms of violence by husbands or other intimate partners.

        In South Africa, reports Amnesty International, about one woman is killed by her husband or boyfriend every six hours. In Zimbabwe, six out of 10 murder cases tried in the Harare High Court in 1998 were related to domestic violence. In Kenya, the attorney general’s office reported in 2003 that domestic violence accounted for 47 per cent of all homicides.

        “Sexual violence is another problem. A local organization in Zaria, Nigeria, found that 16 per cent of patients with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) were girls under the age of five, a sign of sexual assault. In the single year 1990, the Genito-Urinary Centre in Harare, Zimbabwe, treated more than 900 girls under 12 for STDs. Such assaults, observes a WHO publication, put “African women and girls at higher risk of sexually transmitted diseases [including HIV/AIDS] than men and boys.”

        Black women disproportionately experience violence at home, at school, on the job, and in their neighborhoods. The Status of Black Women in the United States details these many types of violence. Black women face high rates of intimate partner violence, rape, and homicide.

        Black women face a particularly high risk of being killed at the hands of a man. A 2015 Violence Policy Center study finds that Black women were two and a half times more likely to be murdered by men than their White counterparts. More than nine in ten Black female victims knew their killers.

        And money from white majority countries given to Africa has been enormous and far exceeds the money made from slavery:

        According to the OECD, total aid to Africa since 1960 has been about $2.6 trillion in cash terms, which works out at about $4.7 trillion in 2013 prices (that is, taking account of inflation).

      10. Nazis have for decades been trying to get Rothschild puppets and stooges Winston Churchill and Bomber Harris statues removed and Black Lives Matter are doing the Nazis work for them. Next we need to get people to forget about the Holocaust, eugenics etc so we can do it again. A forgotten past is a bright future!

        • Yes Frank, I believe the war was about control of the money.

          Winston Churchill on the subject of fire bombing of civilian centers rather than industrial or military targets in order to kill as many Germans as possible:

          “You must understand that this war is not against Hitler or National Socialism but against the strength of the German people, which is to be smashed once and for all, regardless of whether it is in the hands of Hitler or a Jesuit priest.”

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