Ruling Classes Prepare For The Next Plandemic

by | Aug 17, 2023 | Headline News

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    John Bell, the former United Kingdom testing czar said an avian flu pandemic could kill 15 times more people than the COVID-19 scamdemic, according to one projection.  The Oxford University Regius professor of medicine said in a recent interview that he would like the ruling classes of the world to work on three things to help “stop” the next plandemic.

    Here are the three things we should expect the rulers to do in order to further panic and control the public with another plandemic, according to a report by Politico:

    Mass Surveillance: The masters claim it’s for our own good of course, but humans need to be tracked and traced in order to make sure their next plandemic goes according to plan. The United States has been testing wastewater to track COVID, but it can’t be linked to the people who are sick, said Bell. So they will need a better way to ensure people are given faulty tests that tell them whatever the ruling class decides.

    The water testing scheme should be complemented, he said, by metagenomic sequencing capability, a technique that analyzes all genomic material in a sample and can identify pathogens never seen before. This method can also be used to identify other diseases, such as drug-resistant tuberculosis in a patient, who can then be treated immediately with the appropriate antibiotics.

    Develop a Routine Adult Vaccination Program:  This is going to take a massive propaganda campaign, especially considering people with common sense avoided the last mRNA jab the masters tried to force on the slave class. But in order to control people, they need to convince them to take the shots that they just created under the guise of stopping a plandemic. No country, from rich to poor, had such a program and adequate infrastructure in place when Covid hit, Bell said.

    John Bell, The UK’s former testing czar

    “You can imagine a place where people get summoned and get vaccinated against a wide range of different adult pathogens,” he said. That could be shots for respiratory syncytial virus, shingles, and other diseases. This public health infrastructure could also be used to deliver other regular treatments like injectable drugs to lower cholesterol, long-acting contraception, or long-acting antiretrovirals for HIV.

    Whistleblowers: The COVID “Vaccines” Are Causing Cancers & VAIDS

    Build a Clinical Trial Network in Africa: This is self-explanatory. The rulers want to test new vaccines on unsuspecting humans in Africa. These sociopaths are treating Africans like they own them and should be able to do with them as they wish. This is incredibly disturbing. “If you develop a vaccine in a company anywhere in the world, you might well want to test it in an African network partly because it may well be that’s where the pathogen appears first,” he said. It could also help fight vaccine hesitancy on the continent, Bell believes.

    Gee, why would anyone be “vaccine hesitant?” Remember, they are creating a vaccine to “protect” people against a disease caused by a vaccine. You just can’t make this up anymore.

    Bill Gates Helps Create A Vaccine That Will Help Prevent Polio Caused By Vaccines

    The network would also be useful in testing drugs for chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease, he said. “Africa has never been a source of clinical trial patients and functions, and they do have 1.4 billion people,” Bell said promoting the idea.

    We need to pay attention to what the psychopaths are planning. This is a dystopian future unless we all start to realize we don’t need to be ruled over by anyone.

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