Bill Gates Helps Create A Vaccine That Will Help Prevent Polio Caused By Vaccines

by | May 2, 2022 | Headline News | 10 comments


Billions of dollars have already been spent to “eradicate” polio in the developing world, and now billions more are being spent to eradicate the side effects of the eradication, which ironically enough include polio itself. Bill Gates is now helping to create a vaccine that will supposedly help prevent vaccine-induced polio.

This is nothing short of medical madness. As reported by Natural News, in order to eradicate the scourge of jab-induced polio throughout the third world, which he largely triggered by mass-vaccinating poor people with polio shots for the past 15 years, Gates is funding the creation of another one that will supposedly reverse that damage.

A report from NPR blames the rise of polio on oral vaccines that contain the live virus. In the United States and other Western countries, an inactivated virus is used. A new vaccine will reportedly prevent vaccine-derived polio. Do you know what else would prevent vaccine-derived polio? Not injecting people with a live virus.

The claim is that oral vaccines with the live virus are inexpensive and confer lifelong immunity. But how can this be the case when the shots themselves are causing people to contract polio? This is NPR‘s answer:

“Those who’ve been immunized with live virus can shed it in their stool, which can then spread through sewage in places with poor sanitation. If the virus stays weak, it can expose the unvaccinated to polio and give them immunity. But if it mutates and regains virulence, someone who isn’t vaccinated can become sick with vaccine-derived polio after contact with the contaminated wastewater.”

So doesn’t that mean the vaccinated are the super spreaders of polio? That’s what that reads. But later on, NPR blames the unvaccinated for not getting the shot that spreads vaccine-derived polio around.

One reason for this rise in cases, say polio experts, is that gaps in immunization in recent years have created more opportunities for the unvaccinated to become infected. “Vaccination campaigns have been certainly affected by the pandemic,” says Raul Andino, a virologist at University of California, San Francisco.

“The result of this pause and disruption [of vaccinations] can be seen in the close to tripling of [vaccine-derived polio] cases from 2019 to 2020,” he says, “and an increase in the number of outbreaks.”

The new vaccine designed to prevent vaccine-derived polio from Gates is already available under emergency use authorization by the World Health Organization (WHO). It just has not yet received full approval, much like COVID-19) “vaccines,” which means it is still technically in development.

You can’t make this stuff up anymore. It makes little to no sense and yet people continue to inject themselves with whatever the master tells them to upon command. The tyrants “eradicated” natural polio allegedly with vaccines, but now they have vaccine-derived polio to deal with.

Africa declared free from wild polio — but vaccine-derived strains remain


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    1. Anonymous

      A vaccine vaccination, sounds good to me.

      • Brockland A.T.


        ‘Gates must think people are really dumb to fall for such an obvious scam; like as if… oh w8…

    2. Back Satan!!

      Always grinning.
      Guy is such a creepy,
      evil little bastard!!!

    3. What????

      More “vaccines” to prevent
      potential damage done by
      having taken “vaccines” ?!?!
      As you mentioned, you just
      can’t make this up.

    4. Bye Bye

      We just need one all purpose
      jab that would immediately
      eradicate Kill Gates and all
      the evil globalists.
      Problem solved.

    5. Yep

      The only thing worse than
      these alleged “vaccines” are
      the number of brainwashed
      idiots who willingly line up
      to take them.

    6. Unreal

      It is mind boggling how this
      piece of garbage is still
      walking around freely after
      all of the damage done by
      his jabs and worse still – this
      psycho is creating even more
      ” vaccines”. smh

    7. Kennyg

      Whom ever falls for that….Oh well

    8. Spider25

      I want to thank the Shill Gates of Pharma Hell because I will never trust or get another vaccine for the rest of my days! A tetanus shot was my last one more than ten years ago!

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